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WEDNESDAY 16th May, 2018

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Eureka launches 02 Fast Track services

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EML’s William Boyle, right, cuts the ceremonial ribbon to declare open company’s Fast Track service with First Lady, Sandra Granger, centre, and Minister of Public Health, Volda Lawrence, left (Photo by Samuel Maughn)

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Minister of Natural Resources, Raphael Trotman



GUYANA CHRONICLE Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Eureka launches Fast Track services

THE Eureka Medical Laboratories (EML) on Tuesday launched its new Fast Track Services aimed at speeding up phlebotomy service delivery and targeting busy clients. The launching took place at EML’s office on Thomas Street, North Cummingsburg, and saw remarks coming from First Lady Sandra Granger; Minister of Public Health Volda Lawrence; and EML’s CEO William Boyle. The Fast Track Services has been fashioned to ensure minimal delay through the elimination of long queues, and for the benefit of on-the-go business persons such as executives and government officials. Extended services are offered from 07:00hrs to 22:00hrs daily, except on Sundays, and with the promise of top-notch security services and privacy. Delivering the feature address, Minister Lawrence said that the work of EML coincides with the ministry’s health vision to ensure Guyanese become more health conscious

and the healthiest in the Caribbean. She stated than many of today’s diseases are avoidable should more persons engage in timely check-ups with their doctors, an activity which the new Fast Track Services will help to support. Lawrence acknowledged that a healthy nation is crucial to the sustainability of the economy and, as such, commended Boyle and his staff for the high class service provision at the laboratory. “Fast Track is sending another message to all of us, irrespective of who you are or what job you do, that your health is important…they recognised that there is a need for faster, smoother and efficient service in order to keep all of us on track in a healthy way,” she said, later adding: “The Ministry of Public Health is appreciative of your efforts to reach our public more than halfway by offering

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First Lady, Sandra Granger (right) joins in the birthday celebration of Eureka Medical Laboratories’ (EML’s) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) William Boyle (centre) (Photo by Samuel Maughn)

No confession record


GUYANA CHRONICLE Wednesday, May 16, 2018

… no trace of alleged statement by Lindo Creek ‘main witness’

By Svetlana Marshall RECORDS presented to the Commission investigating the Lindo Creek Massacre showed that ex-member of the Rondell “Fineman” Rawlins’ gang, Dwayne Williams, made no reference to Lindo Creek while at the Ituni Police Station when he was arrested, as was told by retired Colonel of the Guyana Defence Force (GDF) Fitzroy Warde. When the retired army officer appeared before the Justice Donald Trotman-led Commission on Monday at the CoI Secretariat in Georgetown, he disclosed that Williams, who was 15 years old at the time, in a caution statement at the Ituni Police Station on June 16, 2008, said that he witnessed the murder of eight miners at Lindo Creek by Rondell ‘Fineman’ Rawlins, in addition to other massacres. “Williams confessed of being a member of the Rondell Rawlins’ gang and gave several accounts of the gang’s activities, that included the Luisgnan Massacre, the Bartica Massacre, the Christmas Falls shootout with the Police, and the killing of men at a mining camp,” the retired Colonel told the commission. Warde, who at the time was the Task Force Commander for the Joint Services Operations in Kwakwani, Christmas Falls, Goat Farm and the UNAMCO areas, under the umbrella of Operations Restore Order, said he was present when the

Retired GDF Colonel Fitzroy Warde

Deputy Superintendent Gary McAllister

GDF Attorney Roysdale Forde

The Commission’s Legal Counsel Patrice Henry

caution statement was taken from Williams. But on Tuesday, records from the Ituni Police Station presented to the Commission by Deputy Superintendent of Police Gary McAllister, revealed that on June 16, 2008, Williams made no statement about miners being killed by “Fineman.” McAllister, who has been a detective for the past 26 years and is now stationed at the Brickdam Police Station, said during the period April 26, 2018 and April 30, 2018, he was mandated to conduct physical checks at the Ituni, Kwakwani, Mackenzie and Wismar Police Stations, in addition to the ‘E and F’ headquarters, for records covering the month of June, 2008. Fielding questions from the Commission’s Legal Counsel Patrice Henry, the deputy superintendent disclosed that while at the Ituni

Police Station in Region 10, he checked for the station diary and crime book to determine if there was any record of eight miners being killed at Lindo Creek and found nothing. The Ituni Station Diary dated April 29, 2008 to August 15, 2008 was presented to the deputy superintendent by Henry, and in response, told the Commission that he recognised the book. Henry then asked the detective to turn to the page dated June 16, 2008. McAllister complied while explaining that there were three classifications: Checks made, Arrest made, and SO and Constable left. Henry questioned whether there was an indication of a caution statement being taken on that date, and was told no. However, he disclosed that Williams, who was identified as a teenager from the Vigilance Squatting Area, was ar-

rested by Constable Morrison for alleged possession of firearm and other offences. The record showed that Williams departed for Georgetown via a GDF helicopter at 17:45h with Constable Morrison. The deputy superintendent was then asked to turn his attention to the Ituni Police Station Occurrence Book, dated February 25, 2006 to April 9, 2009 and which he had retrieved from station. McAllister was then asked to check to see if there were any occurrences recorded for June 16, 2008 and

responded in the negative. “I haven’t seen any for the 16th June, 2008,” he told the commission. Over at the Kwakwani Police Station, which is located several miles away from Lindo Creek, the Deputy Superintendent said he found a Crime Book dated January 12, 2007 to September 9, 2013. On Page 7 of that book, Entry No. 2, McAllister said there exists a record of the murder of eight men during the month of June, 2008. He stated that the mass murder was

reported on June 21, 2008 by George (Leonard) Arokium; however, the entry was made on July 3, 2008. Dax Arokium, Cedric Arokium, Bonny Harry, Lancelot Lee, Horace Drakes, Compton Speirs, Clifton Wong and Nigel Torres, were the miners identified by Mr. Arokium to have been murdered. In keeping with his line of questioning, Henry then asked the detective to review the documents to determine if any report was made of a similar crime on June 16, 2008. According to Deputy Superintendent McAllister, the checks made at the Mackenzie Police Station, the Wismar Police Station, the Wisroc Outpost, the Mackenzie Police Station and the “E and F” headquarters revealed that there was no record of the mass murder or any relating information. When Roysdale Forde, the attorney representing the interest of GDF in the matter along with attorney Leslie Sobers, took the floor he put forward a similar line of questioning, however, he asked McAllister to locate the dates June 5 and June 6, 2008 within See page 9


GUYANA CHRONICLE Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Arokium questions motive to burn miners …sticks to theory that joint services ranks committed the act Owner of the mining camp, where the charred remains of the eight miners were found at Lindo Creek, George Leonard Arokium in his search for answers questioned whose decision

it was to destroy the “evidence” at the scene. Mr. Arokium, whose son Dax Arokium and Brother Cedric Arokium were among those killed at the camp, was the final witness

to appear publicly before the Commission investigating the massacre which occurred in June 2008. The charred remains of the miners were discovered by Mr. Arokium on June 21, 2008. After reading from a statement he had given to the Guyana Police Force back in June 2008 following the gruesome discovery, Mr. Arokium said he finds it difficult to believe that “Fineman” and gang after engaging in a shoot-out with police at Christmas Falls on June 6, 2008 would proceed to the camp at Lindo Creek and kill the miners when there was a heavy presence of Joint Services ranks at the UNAMCO Check point. The UNAMCO trail is used to access Lindo Creek from Ituni and Kwakwani.

In the words of Mr. Arokium, “Fineman” ought to have been a “really brave man” to kill and burn the miners in close proximity to the check point where the Joint Services was operating. “Fineman run go way, who killed the miners…Ok. I am assuming that Fineman killed the miners, I would very much like to know if Fineman has the logistical ability to try to burn those people …I am not too keen on how they died, and where they died, but I want to know who decided to try to get rid of the evidence, for what reason,” Mr. Arokium reasoned. According to the Diamond miner, the theory of “Fineman’s gang” killing the miners was put to him by the then Prime Minister Samuel Hinds. He objected to that assumption while reportedly making his suspicion known that it was the Joint Services ranks that were responsible. Mr. Arokium disclosed

George Leonard Arokium (Samuel Maughn Photo) that he and his son Dean Arokium are joint owners of a mining camp situated on the left bank of the Berbice River. Mr. Arokium stated that while he managed the “business,” it was his son Dax Arokium who managed the dredge operation at Lindo Creek. He recalled that in the month of June, Cedric Arokium, Bonny Harry, Berry Wong, Lancelot Lee, and

a small boy left for the camp in Lindo Creek. Two days after Compton Speirs and Horace Drakes joined them. Dax Arokium subsequently joined the crew. The workers, he noted, were expected to return in two weeks. Mr. Arokium then stated that on Wednesday June 18, 2008, he received a phone call from Yonette Torres from Kwakwani, who related that she received information that her son was shot in the interior. She called back the same day, and related the same story. “I told her I would try to make contact,” he recalled. The diamond miner said 10 minutes after the telephone conversation with Torres; he received a call from a blocked number. “The caller told me that soldiers shoot them boys and when they realised it was a mistake, they burn them. This caller was a male but I was not too familiar with the voice,” Mr. Arokium told the Commission. CONTINUE ON PAGE 5

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GUYANA CHRONICLE Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Arokium questions... The information received was disclosed to his other children. According to Mr. Arokium he then informed a Corporal Cooper who was at the time working at the Police Commissioner’s Office, and was told that no such report was received after enquiries were made. Concerned for the life of his miners, Mr. Arokium took a decision to venture into the interior with his friend “Rambo” who at the time had a dredge at 72km along the UNAMOC. They along with other miners left for the area on June 20, 2008. It was noted that upon arrival at Kwakwani, “Anthony” who was employed by “Rambo,” when asked if he had seen the eight miners, disclosed that they (the miners) were supposed to wash down the previous Saturday. After arriving at Rambo’s mining operation (72km) late, Mr. Arokium said he continued his journey to Lindo Creek on June 21, 2008. Once at 76km, Mr. Arokium said he and an individual name “Sham” headed by foot to the camp at Lindo Creek. “We arrived there around 7:45am and upon arrival I saw the camp in disarray, and one of the two shed camps which was covered with a tarpaulin had none. I didn’t not see anybody on the camp. I made further

checks and I discovered the remains of bodies together… only the bones and skulls were visible,” he told the Commission. According to him, he immediately returned to Rambo’s camp at 72km and related the horrifying news. They left that camp immediately, and it was while they were out, that Anthony reportedly made several disclosures. “He informed me that the mechanic and the small boy would normally go to the UNAMCO gate and chat with the Joint Services who were enquiring when they will wash down. He also mentioned that the security at the gate had knowledge of what went on. Anthony further said that there was another long hair Amerindian boy would be with the Joint Services,” Mr. Arokium said. It was at Kwakwani, that he contacted Dean and inform him of the terrible news. Mr. Arokium said once in Georgetown he spoke to the media personnel on the matter. He was also contacted by the then Prime Minister Samuel Hinds Secretary. He was visited by Commissioner of Police Henry Green, Prime Minister Samuel Hinds, and Home Affairs Minister Clement Rohee. “I cannot say what transpired in the interior, that is the truth,” Mr. Arokium reportedly told


the Commission based on the statement he had given to the police. While at Meten-meerzorg, Mr. Arokium recalled that the then Police Commissioner had done the questioning while the Prime Minister related a story to him about “Fineman” However, Mr. Arokium reportedly rejected the notion that it was the criminal gang who had crossed over from Christmas Falls as was told by the Prime Minister, and killed the miners. “Mr. Rohee didn’t really say anything, all he asked me…you have a gut feeling that the Joint Services killed these me, and I said yes sir.” Based on his knowledge of the geographical location of the Lindo Creek, Christmas Falls and the UNAMCO trailed, and the high presence of Joint Services ranks in the area, Mr. Arokium, said he does not believe it was the gang who had committed the act. Leslie Sobers, who along with Roysdale Forde is representing the interest of the Guyana Defence Force (GDF) in the matter, took the floor questioning Mr. Arokium on whether his suspicion that the Joint Services had committed the crime was based on hearsay. Mr. Arokium, who initially disagreed with Sobers, subsequently admitted that Torres and the

unknown caller had related to him what they had heard and not seen for themselves. However, Mr. Arokium told the Commission that the information received from Torres and the unknown caller corresponded with the

scene he met at Lindo Creek. The miners were killed and burnt, he posited. To further compound the situation, an Anthony Herber, who gave a statement to the Police, denied ever telling Mr. Arokium

that the Joint Services had enquired about the wash down or about his miners’ interaction with the Joint Services. In Herber’s statement which was read in his absence, he agreed to confront Mr. Arokium.


GUYANA CHRONICLE Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Strengthening ties with India AFRICA, particularly West Africa, and India have been the territories which have largely peopled Guyana together with the Amerindian peoples. Owing to this historic contact, Guyanese find it easy to deal with people from those continents and they in turn, find Guyanese easy with whom to have rapport. Therefore, when Mr Satya Paal Singh, a Minister from the Government of India paid us a four-day visit last week, we embraced him with friendliness and goodwill. Mr Singh had a fruitful four-day visit and was able to meet the diaspora at the Pegasus Hotel and spoke with the leaders of government and the opposition, having useful and enlightening exchanges. But the highlight of his visit was his meeting with President Granger. At that meeting, many matters of importance to Guyana, especially economic, were discussed. President Granger took the

opportunity of opening the discussions with the sugar industry. He pointed out that the industry was still innately profitable but it needed injections of capital and upgrading of its technology. Guyana possesses many pluses for an investor, one of them being it has a skilled and able labour force that could immediately go into production. The President iterated that Guyana was open to cooperation with the Indian Government in every aspect of the Industry and also welcomed investors from India, not only in sugar but in all other fields. India is the largest sugar producer in the world and Indian companies have invested in other countries, for example, in neighbouring Brazil. Indian entrepreneurs are fully au fait with all aspects of the industry and could certainly help us in marketing, an area where for generations we have depended upon the British and European markets to our detriment. It should be mentioned that India

has developed on its own a number of new sugar technologies which they would be able to put at our disposal. President Granger then went on to remark: “We are happy to be able to contemplate co-operation with the Republic of India, particularly in the area of technology...our relations are very deep and wide and collaborating on environmental issues and energy development are very, very important to us at this time. Guyana can learn a lot from India.” Minister Singh responded that India is very happy to assist Guyana in this field, noting that they have accumulated considerable experience and have even developed technologies in harnessing solar, hydro and wind power. The Minister also spoke of the possibility of India helping Guyana to strengthen its security sector by offering training in forensic science and of police officers. President Granger responded that this is an area where Guyana could benefit significantly.

As a former colony, Guyana, like the rest of the West Indies, was indoctrinated to think that the Mother Country Britain and Europe were the pinnacle of human civilsation and were the only examples worthy of emulation. And at Independence, when the West (including the United States) began to offer “developmental aid” of many kinds, as colonials we felt it was almost a divine blessing. At this time, India and China, two enormous ancient countries, had freed themselves from Western interference and had again achieved equilibrial conditions so that they could embark upon national development. Their growth and development were very rapid and they achieved surpluses. They also began to offer assistance to poorer countries and though such aid was more altruistic than former Western aid, Guyanese and West Indians felt that Western assistance was preferable.

Today, the situation has changed and the West itself now goes to the East in search of wealth as they did in the times of Columbus and Vasco da Gama, and even to get certain technologies from Japan. Now, Guyanese are very appreciative to be offered Indian and Chinese assistance and are beginning to seek after it. Minister Satya Paal Singh kept strictly to his portfolio but his visit also had a foreign policy dimension. Guyana for many years has had to suffer a baseless border claim for most of its territory and having a friend like India would certainly be an asset. India

is a very influential country internationally and throwing their support behind us would be of much advantage. It could also help to stiffen the Commonwealth’s support for Guyana since India has nine-tenths of the Commonwealth’s population and a great deal of its territory. Minister Satya Paal Singh’s visit was far more than a routine one-he has further strengthened our much valued friendship with India; important economic issues were raised including the possible revivification of the sugar industry; and there could be positive foreign policy reverberations from it.

The United States must change course Community must play pivotal role in supporting families in Guyana Dear Editor,

MAY 14, 2018 is yet another date that will go down in the history of the people of Palestine as another tragic date. It has followed a long line of dates since 1948, when the state of Israel was established by force of arms. At the same time, hundreds of thousands of Palestinians were forcefully thrown out of their homes and their lands seized. That was how Israel was born. At the time of writing, the day is not yet over, but 41 Palestinians were killed so far and some two thousand injured as Israel, with the support of the US, has taken another step to seize all of Jerusalem as the capital of the State of Israel. I have not known another people in recent history that has suffered such open and blatant injustice and humiliation as the people of Palestine. The US opening of its embassy in Jerusalem is tantamount to rubbing salt in an open wound. The whole population of Palestine is living in open air prisons in the Gaza and on the West Bank of Jordan. Much more than one million are living in refugee camps in Jordan, Lebanon, Syria and other countries in the Middle East and the world. All the possibilities for a just settlement and a two-state solution have been undermined by Israel with full support of the United States. The establishment of the US embassy is the most tragic event and it will continue to escalate the crisis and cause even more Palestinians lives. It is so tragic to see the US, the most powerful country in the world that fought a civil war to end slavery in the US; that has a glorious

anti-colonial history as it’s more than 200 years ago it liberated their land from British colonialism. It was the US opposition to colonialism that prevented the invasion of Egypt in 1956 Suez Canal Crisis. A country with such a history is today fully supporting the oppression in Palestine. In a way it is a departure from the history of the United States. Unfortunately, the world democratic and peace forces have been so weakened that no one is raising their voice at the dehumanisation that is taking place in that tortured land. Many countries around the world have been muzzled by fear of economic sanctions and even destabilisation. This is so because of the enormous influence that Israel wields in the United States. Often one is left to wonder who is more influential with the US Senate and Congress, the President of the US or the Prime Minister of Israel. Even though it is quite late, it is still possible for the United States to change course on this issue and become a force for peace and justice instead of being the main supporter of the apartheid Israeli regime. The people of Palestine are bleeding, as many are being killed openly while others are just dying slowly in poverty and frustration. It is time for all peace loving and democratic-minded people in Guyana and the world to make their voices heard, against the worse human rights issue in the world today. Regards Donald Ramotar, Former President

Dear Editor, MAY 15TH is observed as International Day of the Family. The theme for 2018 is ‘Families and inclusive societies’. A family can be defined as a group of individuals related by blood, marriage or adoption. The family is the single most important influence in a child’s life. Children depend on parents and family to provide for their needs. The family is important for three critical areas: the protection and care of the child, the holistic development of the child and preparing the child to contribute to society. Family members teach each other, serve one another and share life’s joys and sorrows and are an institution for the replication of norms and values. The community must also play a pivotal role in supporting families in Guyana. A community centre should be available in every community in Guyana, so that families can be supported or be involved in volunteering activities and opportunities. Community centres can help families build camaraderie and forge lasting bonds. They provide services such as counselling for those who need it, in essence creating a safe zone or place of refuge for families. The wider society can get involved by being on the lookout for signs of deteriorating fami-

ly-based care and quickly step in to provide support or report abuse. In Guyana there are 749 children who are separated from their biological families and are living in institutional care as a result of various circumstances, including physical and sexual violence which made their family environment unsafe. Actions to benefit children must begin where they are, that is, in their family. These actions should also aim to strengthen the families’ capacity and willingness to provide adequate care and build community protection systems to guard against and respond to abuse and exploitation. The most immediate and long-term needs of children are best met by supporting and strengthening the family that they do have rather than by replacing it. Families should have recreational activities which do not have to be expensive. For example, simply staying at home one night and playing simple games can strengthen the family bond and relationships. Let us work together to create a Guyanese society where every child will grow up in a safe family, community and society. Regards Hasani Tinnie Monitoring and Evaluation Officer ChildLinK


GUYANA CHRONICLE Wednesday, May 16, 2018

MOPI CORE making a difference in communities Dear Editor, OVER the weekend I was sent a video by a good friend of mine on Facebook. The video is part of a newscast of a very famous television station in Guyana that spread lies and tries to deceive the people. This very television station is linked to one of the worst newspaper in Guyana that peddled almost 75 per cent lies against the government daily. Anyway, I do not look at that newscast neither do I read the worst times lies newspaper. I decided to open the link and the headline for that particular news item which says “CORE WORKERS BEING USED TO GET GOVERNMENT MONIES INTO PRIVATE POCKETS”. I am not surprised at the headline, as I said before and will say again, that the television station and its agent newspaper are not worthy of watching or reading. How can the workers being used when they are being paid to do a job? I agree the workers pockets are private, so when they draw their salaries I do believe that they put their monies into their private pockets. What amazes me is that not only the two gentlemen who are high political leaders in the PPP’s Region Six administration, blundered or lied to the nation but also a letter writer did same. It is unfortunate when people try to lie to this nation and the nation is awakening to not accepting it. It was carried, as if those very people want to let the nation believe that they are fighting for them, but they are trying to betray them in believing the lies they are spreading about this government and CORE. One of the PPP people said that they don’t know who really takes care of CORE, which ministry. He even went on further to say that the Ministry of Communities and the Ministry of Public Infrastructure denied knowing about CORE workers. Well, that’s a fat lie, why would a ministry that takes care of CORE across Guyana deny its own responsibility? At every group launched in the various regions throughout Guyana, it is being made public via the media, while another one of the persons on the newscast is calling for CORE to fall under the region just like the CIIP workers. So, if one is to listen carefully they will realise that both gentlemen are trying to deny knowledge as to which ministry CORE

falls under, but yet want it to be just like the CIIP workers that fall under Ministry of Communities. It was a nice piece of laugh at the end because according to those PPP persons they don’t know who takes care of CORE, but fighting for them to fall under CIIP. It begs the question as to who are they fighting for CORE to fall under CIIP? Are they begging the hospital admin for CORE to fall under CIIP? What was more laughable is when one of the persons started to talk about the payments for those CORE workers. They want people to believe that the workers’ salaries are being paid to the Volunteer Coordinator and then he pays them. That’s laughable because those workers are not working under any or no personal contractor but under a Ministry. How would almost 20 workers’ salaries be paid to one man when all of the workers are contracted to the Ministry? It is sad that the PPP is calling for workers to be paid a minimum wage, but yet for all, the same PPP guys are saying that the salaries for CORE workers are too high. The entire PPP is losing it and it seems that it is spreading fast across Guyana. The facts of CIIP are that PPP created that arm for votes. They used to hire their very own and get them at elections time to weed and clean places for their public meetings and rallies. They use to get those very workers putting up posters and distributing flyers in a house to house style, etc. In Region Five, CIIP workers are working less than two hours day manually, most of the times they sit and chat. I have made several complaints about CIIP workers esp. in the PPP-managed NDCs. The facts are that CORE falls under the Ministry of Public Infrastructure. CORE has been doing a fantastic job whether when they are slashing road shoulders, street corners or playfields, etc. CORE also multi-tasks not only slashing but they are enhancing surroundings and public spaces. Workers do the painting of schools, kiddies corners, religious buildings, cleaning of drains, etc. In Region Five, CORE workers are highly praised for their work because they are committed and ensure that the communities are enhanced. In Region Five also workers are being used to help various organisations be it government, religious,

sports, private citizens (elderly, disable and poor) by saving thousands of dollars, and I can say millions of dollars per year when it comes to school, health and other government compounds within the regions. So those who want to discredit CORE must do a countrywide check, not because it’s better than CIIP will make you want to bad mouth it. I understand and the country knows that the PPP is ‘bad-mouthing’ every

development taking place, although they are enjoying a clean and green environment in a better Guyana today under this APNU+AFC Government, which they couldn’t have done in 23 years. I urge the ministers of Public Infrastructure to strengthen CORE in the days to come by ensuring that it’s bigger and better. I have already told Minister David Patterson as to how CORE can further help as such

little things can make the entire PPP get crazier. I do hope that the Hon. Minister will use that and let us make Guyana clean and green in small ways by having our communities\ villages being enhanced. For those who want to cuss out the Government and MOPI, especially CORE, here is a little saying for you that will go a long way “the eyes are useless if the mind is blind”. Progress breeds

enemies and the entire PPP mind has been blinded to the development countrywide and the good works of CORE and this government. Guyana let’s cooperate as we work together with this government for a better Guyana and “A Good Life For All”. Regards Abel Seetaram Regional Councillor Region Five


GUYANA CHRONICLE Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Religious body calls on the church to focus more on the family

ALL religious organisations are being called upon to dedicate a sermon to family policies for inclusive societies as the importance of a socially comprehensive and family-oriented society needs to be addressed. This is according to Chairperson of the National Commission for the Family, Mrs. Sandra Hooper, in her remarks in observance of International Day of Families on Tuesday. The event was held at the Marriott Hotel under

Chairperson of the National Commission for the Family, Mrs. Sandra Hooper

the auspices of the Ministry of Social Protection and Social Services Department. Under the theme, “Families and inclusive societies”, Mrs. Hooper said stable and cohesive families are needed now more than ever in society. Adding that roundtable discussions were held in several regions to provide an environment where issues related to families can be discussed, the Chairperson said such deliberations that affect families include: Suicide, pover-

ty, parental supervision, gender based violence, child abuse, limited male participation, and the underachievement of boys. “These challenges, coupled with the rapidly changing technologies, can prevent the family from executing its functions effectively,” she said. Further, she said that the Commission continues to engage parents through its outreach activities with Parent-Teacher Associations (PTA) in Georgetown as a means of strengthening the Guyanese family. “The National Day of Families allows us and our country to focus on families, in the manner

in which we as a society can provide the requisite support for families to realise their potentials,” the National Commission for Family Chair said. Therefore, she said that the social service department of the Ministry of Social Protection has designated one month, from May 15 to June 15, 2018, as International Month of Families. She explained that during the month, the ministry will embark on activities which will encourage and strengthen families. Director of Social Services, Whentworth Tanner said that family is about encouragement, understanding, comfort, advice, morals, ideals and

patients. He said these things make people feel secure and happy, although many other things may be going on in their lives. “A functioning family is a microcosm of a functioning society; parents and children have to work together in order to build a functioning family, in the same manner each of us has to do our part to create and sustain a functioning society,” Tanner said. The 2018 observance of the International day of Families focuses on Sustainable Development Goal 16, relating to the promotion of peaceful and inclusive societies for sustainable development.

GUYANA CHRONICLE Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Motorcycle bandits rob doctor A 61-YEAR-OLD medical doctor of South Ruimveldt Gardens, Georgetown, was on Monday robbed of her valuables, shortly after she had made a withdrawal from a bank on Camp Street. Reports stated that the bandits blocked the path of her car on Norton Street, Georgetown. The pillion rider dismounted, pointed a gun to her head and relieved her of her purse which contained her cell phone, $600,000, ID card, bank cards, passport and driver’s licence. They then rode away. No shot was fired during the robbery. Police have launched an investigation into the matter.

No confession...


From page 3

the Kwakwani Crime Book. When McAllister checked both the Crime Book and Station Diary from that station for the period reuested, he found nothing. It was on June 5, 2008 that a party of police officers led by the then Crime Chief Seelall Persaud, went into Christmas Falls. On June 6, 2008 at Christmas Falls, the police were engaged in a gun battle with the notorious ‘Fineman’ resulting in one of the criminals being shot dead. Christmas Falls is within the Upper Berbice River, Region 10 and the Kwakwakni Station is within close proximity when compared to other stations. No-

tably, the majority of the team had journeyed from the Police Headquarters, Eve Leary. Forde while turning the Commission’s attention back to Page 7 of the Kwakwani Crime Book, questioned McAllister on whether entries are made in a sequential manner. Though the deputy superintendent said that is usually the case, he agreed with Forde that the entries made in the Kwakwani Crime Book based on the record at Page 7, did not occur within a sequential manner. As Forde attempted to prove his case that reports were

Eureka launches Fast Track ...

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this health service.” Boyle thanked his team, the stakeholders and clients for the unwavering support demonstrated over the years and urged that the standards at EML continue to improve to international levels. He indicated that with a small additional fee, members of the public will be able to utilise the new service which will see a convergence of data, payment and sample collections being completed by one technician. This simple structure, he explained, will allow for greater efficiency and timeliness when it to comes to clients who work in hectic fields. Boyle revealed that a recent partnership with the oil industry has allowed for the laboratory to embark on a new venture, of providing Eureka Atlantic Offshore Medical Services (EAOMS) to the upcoming petroleum sector.

“We are going to be providing occupational health and services to the oil industry and, of course, to others as well. This entity will afford Guyanese and others the opportunity to have state-of-the-art medical services,” Boyle commented. In addition, he told of plans to have new exotic tests being done in Guyana in the next few weeks, which will include Vitamin D, folic acid, basic metabolic panel (BMP) and more, all at an affordable cost. Meanwhile, in her brief remarks, Mrs. Granger revealed that since the early years of the company in 1995, she has been one of the laboratory’s earliest clients and which gave her first-hand experience of its quality of service. She pointed out that EML is unique as it is the only privately-owned medical laboratory which provides service to six of the 10 administrative regions of

not recorded in a sequential manner by the police, Commissioner Trotman intervened; stating that McAllister was being crossed examined and grilled on documents that he did not prepare. In the words of Justice Trotman such a move was “unfair.” In response, Forde said: “I am asking him about entries that are in the book and the sequence of entries that are in the book, and the sequence of entries that relate to the very substantive issue…” He then questioned the credibility of the crime book on the basis that reports were not recorded in a sequential manner.

Guyana. The First Lady also praised the efforts of the laboratory to get involved with the oil and gas sector, and singled out Boyle as an individual who steps out of his way for the benefit of others. At the same event, Boyle received words of congratulations from his co-workers and EML’s stakeholders, for being awarded the 2018 Ansa McAl Entrepreneur Laureate for his outstanding performance. This Anthony Norman Sabga Caribbean Awards for Excellence (ANSCAFE) ceremony took place on May 12, 2018 in Jamaica in the presence of Chairman of the ANSA McAL Group and Foundation and Patron of the Awards, Dr. A. Norman Sabga.

But the commissioner held fast to his position. Meanwhile, when Sergeant Rodwell Sarabo – a detective who worked closely with the Lindo Creek Massacre Investigation – reappeared before the commission on Tuesday, he disclosed that when Williams was arrested by Constable Morrison, the teen made an oral statement while being cautioned. Williams reportedly told Constable Morrison that he was there when ‘the police shoot-up them boys on Christmas Falls’. No mention, however, was made of Lindo Creek at the time.

In addition, EML celebrated its 23rd Anniversary while Boyle also celebrated his birthday and was showered with well wishes. After being surprised with a cake to mark this milestone, Boyle and First Lady, Sandra Granger performed the traditional cutting of the cake. EML which provides a wide range of medical tests in the departments of haematology, microbiology, serology, endocrinology and clinical chemistry, has several branches countrywide and one in St. Vincent. The company has scored a series of firsts in the past, such as the first laboratory to be accredited by ISO standard; the first to open a psychodiagnostic centre and the first solar powered medical facility.


GUYANA CHRONICLE Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Some aspects of dancehall music, crime, violence and youth By Ronald Austin Jr IN December 2009, the University of the West Indies announced the findings of a study on violence and dancehall conducted by Dr. Donna Hope-Marquis.

This study was carried out among 300 15-24 yearolds in Jamaica. Not only did the study show no correlation between dancehall music and violence, Dr. Hope-Marquis declared “The results were so insignificant that they could not

be used as a guiding principle”. These results killed the noise on this issue. So should we say that was the end of the debate? I think not. We cannot dismiss the influence of some aspects of dancehall music on the youth. Since crime and vi-

olence are most associated with this constituency in the Caribbean, I find the dismissal of this connect between some aspects of dancehall music, crime and violence, to be incredulous. I have been ridiculed by friends for playing dance-

hall music in my car. I have been admonished for listening to ‘sick music’, as some describe it. They ask ‘how could you understand what is being said by those mad men’? There are many who believe that dancehall music is directly linked to crime and once you listen, you are automatically seen as part of a particular ethos. Not every dancehall song is laced with vulgarity and violent content, Exhibit A: ‘I am blessed’ by Mr. Vegas. That is another issue. Be that as it may, please note that the article speaks to some lyrics, there is no broad brush being applied. Further, I have defended this simple pleasure by saying that I cannot be so easily influenced, I have attended strong institutions and I grew up under good parental leadership. In my case, that has worked for me. Can everyone boast of this lack of fear of being influenced? I think not. In the absence of robust parental interventions and stable and steady values, music will always have an impact on the mind, some aspects of dancehall music are no different in this regard. Let us examine the lyrics of the song ‘Banger’ released by Sheldon Lawrence, also known as ‘Aidonia’ on December 2, 2016: ‘We no listen when chatty mouth chatty mouth chat. Me saw off shotgun, the shotty mouth chop. Just, plat up ya head, shot a chop it out back. Badman no tek style dawg, you haffi know that’. The lyrics, documented here, contain the glorification of death and reinforces violence as a means of settling disputes. In strained circumstances, poor institutional structures, when this meets the ear of persons who cannot discern careful judgment, who would dare argue that this can have no influence. Some dancehall musicians are the leaders of a dangerous sub-culture that captures fragile minds. To present a case of them having no responsibility for what their listeners do is to suggest that they have

no effect on the behaviour of their fans. So why do companies pay millions to procure their services for advertising and how come they drive taste in clothing and more? Constantly absorbing ‘Informa fi dead’ and ‘murda dem and shub dem inna ground’, cannot be a simple engagement that has no impact on the behaviour of impressionable minds. It is the validation of criminal sub-culture. Not everyone has the luxury of being exposed to institutions that give them good values which are adopted. For the unlucky few who gravitate to dancehall music, this is often their only guidance. The United Nation’s Office on Drugs and Crime (UNOC) reported that three of the top 10 for most murders per 100, 000 inhabitants were Caribbean islands. This report also stated, “Nearly one in three said they had lost someone to violence. Guns are used about twice as often in robbery and three times as often in assault in the Caribbean as compared with the global average”. ‘Bust me gun inna yuh face’ and ‘lay them body out inna morgue’ pounding in the ears of our youth consistently and intensely has to have some backlash. I say reopen the investigations and studies, try other methodologies, something might be uncovered. I am aware that some lyrics in dancehall music are not the only source for the reinforcement of violence. Many youths are exposed to violent movies and the internet is the frontier for all manner of negative portrayals. However, I maintain that music has its special ability to motivate for positive and negative reasons. The solutions to solving this unprecedented surge in crime in the Caribbean have got to be fraught with an evidence-based approach. The national conversations have been exhausted in my view. It is time to revisit, from an academic standpoint, the correlations between some aspects of dancehall music, crime, violence and our youth.


GUYANA CHRONICLE Wednesday, May 16, 2018

World Bank to redraft Petroleum Commission Bill

THE World Bank has committed an expert to help Guyana redraft its Petroleum Commission Bill, Minister of Natural Resources Raphael Trotman has said. This was disclosed following a meeting between the Minister of Natural Resources and the World Bank’s Country Director for Caribbean Countries and Latin America, Tahseen Sayed, and a technical team, at the Ministry’s Duke Street office on Tuesday. Minister Trotman explained that the Bill, which was before a National Assembly Select Committee, has been delayed to facilitate input from the World Bank. “Those inputs came at the end of February. So, we discussed with them today (Tuesday) moving forward. They have committed to providing an expert to do the redraft,” Minister Trotman explained. The Bill was first laid in the National Assembly in May 2017 and gives title to an Act to provide for the establishment, and functions of the Petroleum Commission of Guyana and for related matters. The cost for the redraft will be covered by a World Bank US$20M loan, secured by the Minister of Finance, Winston Jordan. Minister Trotman noted that the World Bank “is also looking at retroactive financing … even before we get moneys from the loan.” He said a redrafted or an entirely new Bill will be presented to the National

Assembly by June 2018. The expert has reviewed the current bill and is redrafting it, taking into consideration stakeholder inputs and those of the World Bank. The minister assured that stakeholders will be consulted before the redrafted Bill is presented to the National Assembly. Amid criticisms late last year that the Bill made provision for too much government control, Trotman had announced that government will revisit the legislation with the aim of ensuring that it illustrates transparency and is inclusionary. “Government has chosen to pause the implementation of the Petroleum Commission Bill, so that we can receive all fit and proper proposals that may be out there,” Trotman had told the National Assembly during the budget debate. He said then that “this moment will not come again and how we prepare to manage this resource, in particular, will determine the long-term future of the country; so I will recommend to Cabinet that the format is changed from the standard semi-autonomous one to make the Commission more independent and inclusive, so that it can enjoy national support”. The parliamentary opposition, the People’s Progressive Party (PPP) had said that the Bill must be properly scrutinised. Opposition Member of Parliament Irfaan Ali back in June 2017, when the legislation was sent to the Special Select Committee of the National Assembly, explained that “the independence of the

Petroleum Commission is vigorously challenged in numerous sections” thereby affecting its ability to operate in a fair, open, objective, and non-discriminatory manner, as envisioned in Section 6 subsection 1. Under Section 8 of the Bill, he said the power of the minister to give directions to the Commission shows that the Commission would be incapable of working without the intervention and control of the minister. He contended that under Section 8, the minister is allowed to provide policy guidance and give direction to the Commission regarding the size of the establishment, the employment of staff and the terms and conditions of employment, the provision of equipment and use of funds, among other things. However, Trotman had maintained that the Petroleum Commission of Guyana Bill 2017, which was sent to a Special Select Committee for bi-partisan deliberations, was the subject of extensive consultation on the legislation which provides a legal framework for regulating and monitoring the sector. Trotman said the legislation, which provides a legal framework for an efficient, safe, effective and environmentally responsible exploration, development and production of petroleum in Guyana, was drafted by the Oceanic and Natural Resources Advisory Commission of the Commonwealth Secretariat then sent to the government for extensive consultations.

Minister of Natural Resources, Raphael Trotman


GUYANA CHRONICLE Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Guyana to tap US$1.7M from World Bank … to build capacity in oil and gas sector

GUYANA is expected to access an advance from a US$20M World Bank loan to build capacity in the oil and gas industry by June. Minister of Natural Resources, Raphael Trotman,

said the government would like to access an advance of US$1.7M but needed to “urgently” establish a Project Implementation Unit (PIU). The PIU, spearheaded by the Ministry of Natural Resourc-

es, must include a coordinator, financial director and have procurement capacities among other requirements. “Once those are in place we can receive the advance, and the larger tranche (por-

tion) will be forthcoming towards the end of the year,” Minister Trotman explained to members of the media following a meeting with World Bank officials at his office on Tuesday. The loan will be used to build oil and gas capacity in three important areas. “Strengthening the regulatory framework, working with the government on the issues of bringing the gas to shore and the other one is just general capacity-building,” he further explained. Funds will also be used to build the capacity of the Guyana Revenue Authority (GRA) and other institutions that will monitor cost recovery and similar measures in the oil and gas industry. Minister Trotman was joined at the meeting by Minister within the Ministry of Natural Resources, Simona Broomes, when they met with the World Bank’s Country Director for Caribbean Countries and Latin America, Tahseen Sayed, along with other technical experts to discuss the loan which was secured by Minister of Finance, Winston Jordan.

istry of Finance to support micro-fiscal and financial sector reforms “which we believe are extremely important to anchor the boom of the oil discovery that is coming to Guyana”, Sayed noted. Minister Trotman stated that the World Bank will be the country’s primary financial institution in the development of the oil and gas industry. In addition, last month government announced that Ministers and Members of Parliament are to be the target audience of a high-level workshop on May 21, 2018 being facilitated by the World Bank. Minister of State Joseph Harmon had told reporters that Guyana had applied to the World Bank for a US$20M loan to aid in capacity-building for the country’s budding oil and gas sectors. As part of that request, two experts from the financial institution will travel to Guyana to conduct the workshop. The workshop, according to Harmon, will focus on the Sovereign Wealth Fund (SWF), its fiscal arrangements, rules and best

World Bank’s Country Director for Caribbean Countries and Latin America Tahseen Sayed

porters at a press conference that the money is to be used for oil and gas development, and that one aspect is the examination of legislation that would be required to be put in place to improve the country’s architecture for the sector. The minister stated that Guyana lacks legislative and other framework for the new sector, and noted that the government is working assiduously to ensure that mechanisms are in place in time for first oil, come 2020. “We have no direct legislation like local content, SWF (Sovereign Wealth Fund), Petroleum Commis-

Ministers of Natural Resources Raphael Trotman and Simona Broomes met with technical experts from the World Bank in relation to a US$20M loan to build capacity in the oil and gas industry

Sayed noted that the World Bank’s International Development Association (IDA) has “significantly increased more than three-fold the allocation for Guyana” from mid-2018. IDA is the concessional financing window of the World Bank. Guyana’s allocations now stand at US$85M over a three-year period, Sayed explained. The US$20M loan is part of this allocation, she added. The World Bank has been working with the Min-

practices, along with other matters pertinent to the oiland-gas sector. Harmon said, too, that Finance Minister Winston Jordan, in his briefing to Cabinet last Tuesday, reported that the World Bank has also offered to provide assistance by way of workshops for the Department of Energy. It was Minister Jordan who first announced that Guyana will benefit from the US$20M loan from the World Bank. He had told re-

sion Bill, Petroleum Fiscal Regime legislation,” he said, adding: “And plus, we don’t have people to draft them. So, under this loan, we have to bring people to help us draft these pieces of legislation.” Guyana’s petroleum regime is governed by the Petroleum (Exploration and Production) Act 1986 (PEPA), and the Petroleum (Exploration and Production) Regulations 1986, among other regulations.


GUYANA CHRONICLE Wednesday, May 16, 2018

368 to receive house lots by November Director of Projects at CHPA, Omar Narine, offered that the works will include construction of roads, drains and culverts, along with the installation of pure water distribution networks. “We intend to start in the first week of June with a completion date of Novem-

Chief Executive Officer of CHPA Lelon Saul (at centre) signs several contracts for infrastructural works at Providence and Peter’s Hall. Also in photo are Director of Projects Omar Narine and Procurement Manager Kendra Levans

By Telesha Ramnarine THREE hundred and sixty-eight beneficiaries will be able to access their house lots by November this year, following the signing of a number of contracts on Tuesday for infrastructural works at Providence and Peter’s Hall, East Bank Demerara. Chief Executive Officer of Central Housing and Planning Authority (CHPA) Lelon Saul signed the contracts with the various contractors in the Ministry of Housing Boardroom on Brickdam. The total cost of the investment is nearly $546M

and for works at Peter’s Hall, agreements were signed with Chung’s Global Enterprise ($77,729,355), Eron Lall Civil Engineering Works ($128,888,606), GuyAmerica Construction ($79,515,117) and Colin Talbot Contracting Services ($71,132,683). For the completion of works at Providence, contracts were signed with KB&B Contractors ($48,500,980), H. Nauth and Sons ($64,741,622), and Romell Jagroop General Construction Services ($75,294,758). In brief remarks, Saul said the CHPA is committed to improving the physi-

cal infrastructure within the housing areas, and urged the service providers to adhere to the terms and conditions of the contracts. “If you fail to; of course, as an agency, we will be forced to take whatever appropriate action should you default. I want to make this quite clear.” He pointed out that the entire procurement system was fair; was done in the public and open tender. “Those who would have satisfied the criteria were deemed suitable to execute the works,” he said, adding that the contracts were overseen by the National Procurement and Tender Board.

Guyanese man on cocaine charges A 47-year-old Guyanese man, Derrick Patterson, was remanded to Her Majesty’s Prison at Richmond Hill, Grenada, when he appeared in court on Monday on a charge of possession of cocaine. Patterson was nabbed by the Drug Squad in the Springs’ area. He was charged with `Trafficking of a Controlled Drug’ after a total of 2.325 kg of cocaine with a street value of $232,500 was found in his possession last week. The accused, who is an Evaluation Supervisor by profession, appeared before Chief Magistrate Tamara Gill, at the St. George’s No.1 Mag-

istrate’s Court. He was represented by attorney-at-law,

Derrick Patterson

Darshan Ramdhanny, who is also a Guyanese. Patterson, who was visiting the island at the time of his arrest, was residing at Captain Harris Apartments in Grand Anse, St. George. THE NEW TODAY understands that officers attached to the Drug Squad of the Royal Grenada Police Force (RGPF) intercepted a vehicle travelling in the vicinity of Springs, on May 2, in which Patterson was the driver. The vehicle was searched and the drugs were found in a plastic bag. Patterson was scheduled to reappear in court on Tuesday, May 15. (NEW TODAY)

GDF warns against unauthorised use of emblems

THE Guyana Defence Force (GDF) has warned that it is against the law to use any of its military decoration, badge, emblem, wound stripe, or any such military paraphernalia which resembles the aforementioned. This is strictly prohibited by law and does not accrue any special privilege or immunity from the State, GDF said in a release. According to the GDF, members of the public are strongly advised to desist from displaying any such items on their person or property, inclusive of motor vehicles, clothing, bags, buildings, etc. “Persons desirous of using these items for any bona fide public performances, stage plays, skits, etc., must first seek approval in writing from the Guyana Defence Force before so doing. Persons found in contravention of this law are liable to be prosecution by the civil authority,” the GDF warned.

ber. Five-month contract duration is more than adequate to have these works completed. We worked with the contractors previously and they performed well,” Narine said. He observed that the project will not only affect the beneficiaries positively

but will have a huge impact on the ‘supply market’ in terms of sand, stone, pipes, culverts and other construction materials. “So I would just like to inform the private sector to meet with this demand when this project commences.”


Police reopen Bonasika outpost

THE Guyana Police Force on Monday reopened the Bonasika Police Outpost which was closed since 2008 due to its then deplorable state. The renovated structure is now manned by a police corporal, two regular ranks and three who reside in the Bonasika community.

GUYANA CHRONICLE Wednesday, May 16, 2018

In a release police said Divisional Commander ‘D’ Division Senior Superintendent Rishi Das, along with Deputy Superintendent Patrick Todd and other ranks, visited the outpost and ensured everything was in place, including a boat and engine. The Bonasika Outpost was commissioned in the year 1985.

Top ‘D’ Division officials and other ranks at the reopening of the outpost


GUYANA CHRONICLE Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Cop fined $250,000 for traffic-related offences

A SERVING member of the Guyana Police Force (GPF) was on Tuesday fined a total of $250,000 after pleading guilty to a series of traffic-related offences, before Principal Magistrate Judy Latchman at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court. Rawle Welcome, 25, of South Ruimveldt, confessed that on May 6, 2018 at Vlissengen Road, Georgetown, he rode motor cycle CH 1682 in a dangerous manner. He further confessed to five other charges which stated that he rode the cycle without being the holder of a driver’s license; the cycle was uninsured; it did not have a road licence; it was uncertified for road use; and also he did not have on a helmet on the same day in question. According to reports, Welcome was

riding along Vlissengen Road with a female pillion rider when he attempted to overtake another vehicle on the outer lane. He, however, lost control and crashed into the side of the vehicle and fell onto the road surface. Both Welcome and the pillion rider received injuries to their faces and bodies. Magistrate Latchman in her ruling considered the prevalence of such offences in today’s society. “You ought to know better” the magistrate said, as she pointed to the fact that Welcome is a police officer and should respect the law while setting a better example to civilians. The magistrate ordered Welcome to pay a fine of $250,000 bail and cautioned him “not to do something like this again!”

Police say he had gun and ammo in crotch CHRISTOPHER Rogers appeared on Tuesday before Magistrate Judy Latchman on a gun and ammunition charge. It was alleged that on May 13, 2018 at Sussex Street, Georgetown Rogers had five .38 ammunition shells in his possession, without being a firearm licence holder at the time. It was further alleged that on the same day at Sussex Street, Rogers had in his possession one .38 revolver without being the holder of a licence. The 28-year-old man denied the charges read out to him in court. According to the report, on the day of question the police were on patrol duty when

they saw motor car HC 461 heading west on Sussex Street. The police became suspicious and as a result they stopped the vehicle, asked the occupants to step out, and a search was carried out. Attorney-at-Law Dexter Todd, who represented Rogers, told the court that he felt his client was targeted by one of the persons who were doing the investigation, since Rogers’ friends were placed on station bail, but not his client. Prosecutor Arvin Moore objected to bail due to the seriousness of the offence. Bail was refused and Rogers was remanded to prison until May 22, 2018.

Rawle Welcome


GUYANA CHRONICLE Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Man, 55, jailed for sexually assaulting girl, 9 By Lisa Hamilton MORRIS Fernandes, 55, has been sentenced to seven years in prison after he was on Tuesday morning convicted of sexually assaulting a nine-year-old girl. The decision was handed down after Fernandes appeared at the Sexual Offences Court of the Georgetown High Court, before Justice Jo-Ann Barlow and a 12-member jury. According to the indictment, between October 1 and 31, 2016, in the County of Demerara, the defendant engaged in sexual activity with a girl child under age 16. Two weeks ago the jury found him guilty of the crime with a majority verdict of 10 to two. During Tuesday’s appearance, a report from Probation Officer Shaneila Wilson revealed that Fernandes financially assisted the child with her education which resulted in her performance improvement at school. However, according to the report, during the period of the alleged assault, the head teacher of the virtual complainant’s primary school observed the child’s withdrawal from her peers. The child’s impact statement outlined that after she was assaulted by the accused, she felt confused and her grades declined. “Before it happened, I was all happy and alive. I studied for all my tests until they finally paid off in Grade Four. I was very proud of my ability to do such things. I lived on until [the accused] interrupted. I felt so horrible and terrified, my grades went down…. I had sleepless nights stressing about what I had to do to bring my grades up again,” the statement read. Following the observance of ‘Child Abuse Week’ at her school, she was able to reveal what happened to her but her mother did not readily believe her story.

Convicted: Morris Fernandes Seeking to protect her mother’s feelings, the child recanted her complaints made to the authorities, claiming “I lied”, but after being pressed further on another occasion she indicated that the act did indeed occur. Fernandes, in relation to the same virtual complainant, was convicted by the court with an 18-months sentence in relation to a similar offence. In handing down her sentence, Justice Barlow told the court that although Fernandes is convicted for the lesser offence of sexual assault which carries a maximum of 10 years; this does not take away from the gravity of the act. “It is sad because you who know better, failed to do better, and in doing that you failed a child, a very young child, and circumstances such as those are aggravating circumstances,” Barlow said. The judge began with a sentence of eight years but deducted one-year on the account that Fernandes assisted the virtual complainant with her education. She added that Fernandes should be exposed to treatment and counselling programmes for sexual offenders, and advised that further support be provided to the young girl. The State was represented by Abigail Gibbs and Narissa Leander while the defence lawyer was Tiffany Jeffrey.


GUYANA CHRONICLE Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Woman remanded for attempted murder of cop

DAYS after 25-year-old Maryann Daby allegedly discharged several rounds in the compound of the Guyana Motor Racing & Sports Club (GMR&SC) at Thomas Lands and later pointed her firearm at a police officer, she was on Tuesday charged and remanded to prison on a string of charges, including attempted murder. Daby, who is the finance manager of United Commodities, appeared before Principal Magistrate Judy Latchman at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court for discharging a firearm to commit mur-

der and possession of an unlicensed firearm and ammunition. Particulars of the first charge alleged that on May 13, 2018 at Albert Street, Thomas Lands, Daby discharged a firearm at Police Constable Christopher Kissoon with intent to commit murder. This is an indictable offence. The court further heard that on the same day, Daby had a .32 pistol in her possession along with six rounds of .32 ammunition to which she holds no licence to carry. She denied the two charges when they were read to her. Her attorney, Mark

Waldron explained to the court that his client is a licensed firearm holder since 2014, however she had updated her licence to a 9mm pistol in 2018, to which she is still to attain. Waldron further stressed that his client was tested for gunshot residue but that no spent shells were found in the GMRSC compound. Police Prosecutor Inspector Arwin Moore told the court, that on the day in question Constable Kissoon approached Daby after she was seen firing several shots in the air. When the officer approached Daby she placed

the gun to his forehead and pulled the trigger. However the gun was empty. To the astonishment of those present, while the facts were being read in court, Daby’s aunt blurted out, “He (Kissoon) should have dead.” Moore objected to bail being granted to the woman, citing the seriousness of the charge and the fact that she was not licensed to carry the .32 pistol. The magistrate ruled in the prosecution’s favour and remanded Daby to prison until May 23. Her attorney however indicated that he will be applying for bail at the High Court.

Maryann Daby


GUYANA CHRONICLE Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Stakeholders meet, mull solutions to trucking lumber –– recommend logs be transported by river, not road

By Vanessa Braithwaite A HIGH-level multi-stakeholder meeting was held in Linden on Tuesday to discuss the indiscriminate movement of lumber trucks which have been the cause of numerous accidents on the Soesdyke-Linden Highway over the years. Only recently there was a fatal accident involving a lumber truck on the Soesdyke-Linden Highway. Present at the meeting

speed at which the vehicles sometimes travel while transporting logs. Another concern is that the trucks are often overloaded, fetching tonnes of logs that are not securely strapped down. And in the event of a break-down at nights, many are not only poorly illuminated, but are oftimes parked around a turn on the highway, which poses great danger, resulting in fatalities. Regional Chairman Morian dwelt more on the

that lumber trucks are only permitted to use the roadways by day. Minister Yearwood argued, however, that the regulation at reference is not being enforced, and that this is where the problem lies. “The problem we have is not putting regulations and laws and policies; is the enforcement,” she said, adding: “We seem to be more reactive rather than proactive. When something happens, everybody in gear; then

Stakeholders, including government ministers, at Tuesday’s meeting in Linden were: Minister within the Ministry of Natural Resources Simona Broomes; Minister within the Ministries of Communities Valerie Patterson-Yearwood; Member of Parliament Jermaine Figueira; Regional Chairman Renis Morian; and representatives of the E’ Division, Municipal and Regional Councillors, representatives from the Guyana Forestry Commission (GFC) and other officials. Minister Broomes urged that the discussion be a solution-based one, since the issue is of paramount concern, while Figueira said: “There is no highway in this country that would have experienced the loss of so many lives throughout Guyana like the Soesdyke-Linden Highway.” He urged stakeholders to utilise the forum as a way forward, since the situation at hand needs to be dealt with expeditiously, as the trucks pose an imminent danger to road users. Several concerns were highlighted surrounding the trucks traversing the highway at nights and even during the day, such as the

destruction of community by-roads, since Linden is the gateway to many of the country’s mining areas. A BURDEN ON THE COMMUNITY He said that with many of the roads running through farming communities, the farmers are saddled with the expense of repairing them while the truckers get off scotch free. Similar sentiments were echoed by Regional Councillor Charles Sampson, who said the reason Region Ten’s roads are always in need of repairs is because of the lumber trucks. “Logging trucks have been destroying our roads for years; something has to be done to reduce the impact of those logging trucks,” he said. “If we do roads today, tomorrow the logging trucks destroy our roads.” Some stakeholders were adamant that the lumber trucks only use the roads between 06:00h and 18:00h. Commander of E’ Division Anthony Vanderhyden said that this is a regulation that has long been in place, and

there is a lull after things return to normal. until something happen again.” She also revealed that logs are now being transported by container trucks, and that this is what is helping to destroy the roads even faster. The officials tried to establish which agency is directly responsible for enforcement, and while fingers were pointed at the GFC, Deputy Commission of Forest, Gavin Agard said that such a role is not under the purview of his agency. NOT UNDER GFC Said he: “The movement of logging trucks are not under our purview; we can only alert the traffic regulators. GFC encourages all stakeholders to be complaint and cooperative, especially those travelling the Soesdyke-Linden Highway... “Forestry does not have the mandate to tell loggers to stop travelling.” This was corroborated by Minister Broomes, who also rose to the Commission’s defence. “In terms of

transporting the logs with the trucks and all of that, it has nothing to do with Forestry,” she said. “Forestry doesn’t have a department of traffic; they don’t deal with vehicles and all of that. They deal with the trees and the forest, so I wanna put that out there. Natural Resources is not responsible for no road.” The GFC has been long calling upon stakeholders in the forestry sector to fully comply with traffic regulations, explaining that non-compliance will leave the Commission no choice but to refer them to Law Enforcement. This has been communicated to them via various correspondences and notices at GFC outposts. Compliance includes the use of illuminators, not overloading, not speeding, and not driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol. Linden Traffic Inspector Shawn Massey spoke of the difficulty the police have in putting measures in place to deal with some of the concerns being raised. A case in point is the Highway’s speed limit of 100 km per hour, which applies to all classes of ve-

the Highway during the day-time, and called on the GFC to only process trucks between certain hours to prohibit them from driving at nights. With forestry being a 24-hour agency, Agard explained that if processing were to be confined within a stipulated timeframe, then there will be a huge buildup of trucks in Linden. “Where will they park?” he asked. He believes, however, that given the good relationship between the GPF and the GFC, something can be worked out, and that further fruitful engagements can allow for better cooperation in tackling the issue. RECOMMENDATIONS Several recommendations and solutions were raised at the meeting. One of the main ones was the return of lumber being transported down the Demerara River. Prior to the construction of the Soesdyke-Linden Highway in the mid-60s, the logs were sailed down the river and as a result of this, several sawmills were operating along the river.

which is a huge impediment to the smooth flow of traffic. It was recommended that a cleared plot of land in West Watooka be used for the trucks to park between 07:00 and 09:00h, until the traffic is free. Councillor Sampson noted that the weight of the trucks is having a negative effect on bridge which connects Linden to seven other regions. Recommendations were also made for the Linden bypass and back roads to be repaired so that trucks can utilise them and contribute to maintaining them rather than destroying outlying roads and highways. MP Figueira also recommended that another meeting be held with the loggers and the various logging associations, as well as the Ministry of Public Infrastructure, which has responsibility for the Soesdyke-Linden Highway and main thoroughfares in Linden. It was highlighted that the loggers play an integral role in the community’s moving forward since they have families to feed as well. Agard revealed that the truck drivers prefer to drive at night, since the heat

An overweight lumber truck that lost control on the Amelia’s Ward access highway last week and almost reversed downhill hicles. But for a heavy-duty truck driver, driving at this limit is too fast for transporting logs, and therein lies the dilemma. “Even if they drive at 60, is a very fast rate of speed,” Massey said. “The law doesn’t specify what class of vehicle; it just say 100 km. We cannot stop a lorry driving at 100 km, because he is committing no offence,” he added. He also made it known that no law stipulates that trucks can only traverse

There are still wharves, one of which is at Dallawalla, that can be operated if the regulation is enforced. This recommendation was made by both Ministers Yearwood and Broomes. In addition, it was also recommended that the Linmine Secretariat get integrally involved in the process, since the concern was raised of the trucks traversing the Wismar-Mackenzie bridge during peak hours in the mornings and afternoons,

of the sun tends to destroy tyres faster. They also have a stipulated time to reach to the sawmills during the day before they can be paid for the lumber, thus they travel at nights. It was also highlighted that it would be more expensive for the loggers to transport the logs via river as opposed to road. Regional Chairman Morian is expected to convene a meeting with them soon.


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Coen Jackson for High Court trial … remains on $300,000 bail for alleged sexual predation of school-aged girls

FORMER Bishops’ High School teacher, Coen Jackson was on Tuesday committed to stand trial at the High Court for engaging in sexual activity with a child under the age of 16 while being in a position of trust. Principal Magistrate Judy Latchman at the Georgetown Magistrates’

Court presided over the paper committal against Jackson, 39, of D'Urban Street, Lodge. Magistrate Latchman, after finding sufficient evidence against Jackson, committed him to the High Court on Tuesday. He will remain out on $300,000 bail. According to reports the offence allegedly took place

at D'Urban Street, Lodge, between December 2010 and May 2011. The former Bishops’ High School Business and Economics teacher stands accused of sexual predation of school-aged girls. He was arrested when the matter first came to light but was later released. Jackson has always denied the allega-

tions levelled against him, but admitted to having two relationships with former students of the senior secondary school. Several persons have reportedly given statements which indicate that they were victims of Jackson’s sexual grooming. The matter was investigated by the Ministry of

Education and the Childcare and Protection Agency (C&PA) and handed over to the police. The Ministry of Education had also found that the Bishops’ head teacher, Winifred Ellis’s chiding of the female students on the matter was out of place and had recommended that she be reprimanded.

Coen Jackson


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GUYANA CHRONICLE Wednesday, May 16, 2018



GUYANA CHRONICLE Wednesday, May 16, 2018

GUYANA CHRONICLE Wednesday, May 16, 2018



GUYANA CHRONICLE Wednesday, May 16, 2018

GUYANA CHRONICLE Wednesday, May 16, 2018



GUYANA CHRONICLE Wednesday, May 16, 2018

CARICOM doesn’t want ICC to fix Windies cricket – Gonsalves By Colin Benjamin

PRIME Minister of St Vincent and the Grenadines and Chairman of the CARICOM subcommittee on cricket, Dr Ralph Gonsalves, is clearing the air on some misconceptions surrounding the latter organisation’s entreaty for a meeting with the International Cricket Council (ICC). According to Gonsalves, CARICOM had approached the ICC in a bid to ensure there was an understanding about what the heads of government were trying to achieve with its intervention in West Indies cricket. “All that we are doing with the ICC with respect to their position as the international body responsible for the superintendence of world cricket is to indicate to them broadly what our position is,” said Gonsalves in an interview with “We (CARICOM) are moving to set up a legislative framework for the governance of West Indies cricket, this public good which has been run by a private entity,

with an insufficient responsiveness and responsibility to the people – that’s what it is in a nutshell. The 2015 Barriteau report, had as one of its suggestions, the abandonment of the West Indies Cricket Board, now called Cricket West Indies. The willingness of CARICOM to follow through with the report led to the suggestion that the organisation wants to take the reins of West Indies cricket. Gonsalves points out that this is also a misconception. “The governments are not interested and won’t be involved, in ‘running West Indies cricket’- that is for the relevant stakeholders in our region.” While saying the Heads of Government do not intend to take over West Indies cricket, Gonsalves continues to champion the idea that Cricket West Indies (CWI), as a private entity, cannot continue to operate in the way it has. “The current (CWI) situation really allows for one man or a small group of people to administer this game in a manner that has a lot of irratio-

nality about it and the mode of management, the governance, has created a lot of dissonance and distraction,” he said. “When you have that level of dissonance and distraction, they (CWI) can become a limiting force and they can metamorphose quite easily into anti-developmental attitudes; and I think that is happening currently,” Gonsalves explained. The prime minister has while pointing to the inadequacies of the CWI, pointed out that he is not pointing fingers at any particular person within the organisation. Gonsalves also wants to make it clear that, unlike popularly banded about, CARICOM is not targeting the head of Cricket West Indies, Dave Cameron, but rather the system of governance the organisation fosters. “Notice I’m not talking about any individual person. An individual person in such a board structure depending on how they carry themselves will either make worse or ameliorate the governance arrangements which are inadequate,” he said.

Edghill off to Portugal for training and internship GUYANA’S National Women’s champion Chelsea Edghill departed the USA for Portugal, to participate in a training and internships programme. The talented racquet-wielder who plays on the intercollegiate circuit in the USA went to Portugal on May 13 in a bid to improve her skills. As part of her quest to explore professional engagement which will last for 6-7 weeks, she will play and train with high-level players and coaches and will campaign under the club’s banner. Edghill will take a break to represent Guyana at the 2018 South America Games in Cochabamba Bolivia from May 28 to June 8 as a member of the women’s team along

with Natalie Cummings and Trenace Lowe. Her stint will continue after she travels back to Portugal to continue training and internship duties until July 2, 2018 then will depart in preparation for participation at the Central America and Caribbean Games Barranquilla Colombia. She was invited by Mrs Celeste Araujo, the Director of Sports at Club Ponta Do Pargo Madeira Portugal. Araujo will also serve as trainer along with Mr Gilberto Garrido, the Club Manager who saw her play in the nationals of the inter-collegiate championships. Club Ponta Do Cargo Madeira Portugal are the 2018 division two league champions in Portugal. 15:45 hrs Castle North

American Racing Tips Belmont Race 1 Equal Rights Race 2 Truly A Moon Shot Race 3 Lion In Wait Race 4 Panama Ed Race 5 My Roxy Girl Race 6 Andretta Race 7 La Moneda Race 8 Benevolence South Africa Racing Tips Scottsville 08:20 hrs Majestic Glory 08:55 hrs Querari Viking 09:30 hrs Star Evolution 10:05 hrs Into The Groove 10:40 hrs World Mission Irish Racing Tips Punchestown 12:45 hrs Mr Fiftyone 13:15 hrs Robin Des Foret 13:45 hrs El Vasco 14:15 hrs Santiago De Cuba 14:45 hrs Awayinthewest 15:15 hrs Authorative

English Racing Tips Newton Abbot 09:00 hrs King Calvin 09:35 hrs Posh Totty 10:10 hrs Oskar Denarius 10:45 hrs Mick Thonic 11:15 hrs Does It In Style 11:45 hrs Vivaldi Collonges 12:15 hrs Earth Prince York 09:20 hrs Hamada 09:55 hrs Orion’s Bow 10:30 hrs Harry Angel 11:05 hrs Give And Take 11:35 hrs Commander Ham 12:05 hrs World Order 12:35 hrs Reverend Jacobs Yarmouth 09:10 hrs Emblazoned 09:45 hrs Sula Island 10:20 hrs Raven Banner 10:55 hrs Sanam 11:25 hrs Salt Whistle Bay 11:55 hrs Muthraab Aldaar 12:25 hrs Ubla 13:00 hrs Blessed To Empress


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29 Days to go …


Germany World Cup squad omits Mario Gotze as Joachim Low signs new contract

ARIO Gotze was not included in Germany’s preliminary World Cup squad announced yesterday by the German football federation (DFB), which also revealed a contract extension for coach Joachim Low through the 2022 World Cup. Low, who had been linked with a move to Arsenal to replace Arsene Wenger, had been under contract through Euro 2020 and said that he is driven by the idea of “developing and furthering a team which sets it sights on the highest goals.” “The planning horizon over four years is ideal, I’d like to think, especially because there might be some changes in the squad after the 2018 World Cup,” Low said. Sources told ESPN FC in March that Low was Arsenal’s leading candidate to take over after Wenger’s 22-year reign, but the new deal may complicate the Premier League club’s plans. Gotze was Germany’s 2014 World Cup hero when he came on as a substitute in the final against Argentina and scored the winner in the 113th minute, but has had troubles this season with Borussia Dortmund. “It wasn’t his season,” Low said of Gotze. “He did not show what his qualities are. He just did not have the form. I hope that he can have a fresh beginning at Dortmund after the break. It’s a difficult decision.” Gotze will be the first player to score the winner in a World Cup final and then not return for the following World Cup since 1978, when Gerd Muller did not return to the West Germany squad after scoring in 1974. Nine other players from Germany’s winning 2014 squad will be on board as the Nationalmannschaft eye back-toback trophies this summer. The 27-man preliminary squad must be reduced to 23 by June 4.

Bayern Munich goalkeeper Manuel Neuer was also included even though he has not played since undergoing surgery on his left foot in September. Neuer, who broke his left foot three times in the past year, has resumed training with his club and, last week, Bayern coach

Jupp Heynckes said he could feature in the DFB Pokal final against Eintracht Frankfurt on Saturday. He is among four keepers included in the 27-player squad that will open a training camp in Italy next week. “We were in constant

communication,” Low said. “Neuer is back in full training and we want to see and judge him in the training camp. Both sides are aware of their responsibilities. “We will be open and honest after the training camp, and without match practice, you can’t go into

a tournament. But right now, things look good. He’s our captain and we hope that he can go into the tournament 100 percent fit.” Bayern attacker Sandro Wagner, who moved from Hoffenheim to Bayern in January to increase his chances of playing at

the World Cup, was not selected despite scoring eight league goals for the Bundesliga champions in 14 matches. Low instead selected Stuttgart’s Mario Gomez and uncapped Freiburg striker Nils Petersen, who scored 15 league goals this past season -- a record eight as a substitute and five from the penalty spot. Although uncapped at senior level, Petersen was the top scorer at the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro in 2016, when Germany won the silver medal. “We had to make a decision, and it was made in favour of Gomez and Petersen,” Low said. “I know that those players are just very disappointed because they worked hard for it. Sandro has shown his class when with the team.” Dortmund’s Marco Reus, 28, could play in his first international tournament since Euro 2012 after missing the World Cup in 2014 and Euro 2016. Others on the outside looking in will be injured Liverpool midfielder Emre Can, Dortmund midfielder Julian Weigl and forward Andre Schurrle and Arsenal defender Skhodran Mustafi. Despite Wagner’s absence, Bayern are still represented by seven players -- Neuer, Mats Hummels, Jerome Boateng, Joshua Kimmich, Niklas Sule, Thomas Muller and Sebastian Rudy. Four Premier League players -- Chelsea’s Antonio Rudiger, Manchester City’s Leroy Sane and Ilkay Gundogan and Arsenal’s Mesut Ozil -- were named to the preliminary squad. A further five players from abroad -- Real Madrid’s Toni Kroos, Juventus’ Sami Khedira, Paris Saint-Germain’s Kevin Trapp and Julian Draxler and Barcelona’s Marc-Andre ter Stegen -- also made the cut. G e r m a n y ’s f i r s t match in Russia will be against Mexico in Moscow on June 17. They will also play Sweden and South Korea as part of Group F.


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Former T&T, Aston Villa defender FA Cup final ball Samuel dies in car crash to feature names of 137 goalscorers (REUTERS) - Former Aston Villa and Trinidad and Tobago defender Jlloyd Samuel was killed in a car crash in England yesterday morning, the Trinidad and Tobago Football Association (TTFA) said in a statement.

The 37-year-old made close to 200 appearances for Villa and also represented Bolton Wanderers and Cardiff City. “We’ve received some terrible news that former national defender and exAston Villa and Bolton Wanderers player Jlloyd

Samuel died in a car crash this morning in England,” the TTFA said in a post on Facebook. “According to reports, Jlloyd was returning home after dropping his kids off to school and collided with an oncoming vehicle. His

Former T&T, Aston Villa defender Jlloyd Samuel dead at 37. vehicle caught fire and his body was discovered burnt. “The Trinidad and Tobago Football Association and his former national team mates at this time extend deepest condolences to his family members both in the UK and here in Trinidad and Tobago.” Samuel represented England at youth level before earning two senior caps with Trinidad and Tobago.

(REUTERS) - The names of 137 goalscorers from this season’s FA Cup campaign will feature on the ball that will be used for the final between Manchester United and Chelsea on Saturday, the English Football Association (FA) said yesterday. United playmaker Alexis Sanchez and Chelsea winger Willian are among the names to be included as part of the FA’s ‘Ball for All’ initiative to celebrate players from different divisions across the country that took part this season - the 137th edition of the competition. “Over 3 000 goals have been scored in this season’s competition, from all levels of the football pyramid,” FA’s director of professional game

relations Andy Ambler has said. “The 137 goalscorers from across the country are representative of all who have contributed to this season’s competition.” Other names on the ball will include Wigan Athletic’s Will Grigg, who scored the winner as the third-tier League One side shocked Premier League champions Manchester City in the fifth round. Liam Pullen, a player for Chipping Sodbury Town, scored the National League Step 6 side’s first-ever FA Cup goal this season and has also been named on the ball, which he will present ahead of kickoff at Wembley on Saturday.


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Warriors overcome Harden’s Rockets in game

Kevin Durant tallied 37 points for Golden State Warriors JAMES Harden’s big 56. But Golden State used performance was not enough an extended run in the third to lead the Houston Rockets quarter to take a 13-point past the Golden State lead with two minutes, Warriors on Monday. 23 seconds remaining in Harden totalled 41 points the period. Houston never and seven assists but the regained the lead as the Warriors took home a 119- Warriors cruised to the win. 106 victory in Houston to Golden State are now 25-3 take a 1-0 lead in the Western in their last 28 playoff games Conference finals. and are showing no signs Golden State and Houston of slowing down with their headed into half-time tied at versatile weapons.

Kevin Durant tallied 37 points to lead Golden State while Klay Thompson added 28. Houston guard Chris Paul finished with 23 points and 11 rebounds in his first career conference finals game. Golden State knocked down 13 three-pointers in the game and shot 52.5 from the field. Harden carried the Rockets offensively in game one. He tallied 24 first-half points and finished the game with 41 on 14-of-24 shooting. Durant scored from all over the floor Monday, totalling 37 points. He hit three threepointers, attempted six free throws and attacked the rim with ease. Trevor Ariza was limited by foul trouble all game, picking up his fifth with 9:35 to play in the third quarter. He registered 23 total minutes, finishing with eight points on three-of-eight shooting. Luc Mbah a Moute did not

help the Rockets off the bench. He failed to score, shot 0 of six from the field and registered a minus-14

for the game in 17 minutes of action. Stephen Curry broke up a pass, chased down the

loose ball and found Andre Iguodala for a breakaway dunk midway through the third quarter.


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Ireland fall short on Test debut despite Pakistan wobble IRELAND’S historic Test debut ended in a five-wicket defeat, but only after they had given Pakistan a major scare on the final day at Malahide. The tourists ultimately prevailed with a degree of comfort, reaching a target of 160, thanks largely to Imamul-Haq’s unbeaten 74 and 59 from Babar Azam.

his overnight score of 118. Pakistan’s subsequent wobble left the match fascinatingly poised, but Imam and Babar restored order and the chase was completed before tea, allowing Pakistan to look ahead to facing England, while Ireland reflect on a promising first venture into the Test arena.

Ireland fought back superbly though, taking three quick wickets to bring the contest to life. Tim Murtagh had Azhar Ali (2) caught at first slip and bowled Asad Shafiq (1), either side of Sohail (7) departing to an excellent Ed Joyce catch in the gully off Rankin. However, debutant Imam and Babar maintained their composure to combine for 38

runs before lunch and their alliance continued well into the afternoon after the latter was dropped by Andrew Balbirnie off Murtagh on nine. Babar was eventually run-out by Balbirnie and Pakistan captain Sarfraz Ahmed (8) fell lbw to Stuart Thompson, but the second Ireland rally came too late and top-scorer Imam fittingly contributed the winning runs. (Omnisport)

SCOREBOARD PAKISTAN 1st innings 310, Ireland 1st innings 130 IRELAND 2nd innings (o/n 319 -7)

Imam-ul-Haq made a fifty on Test debut to steady the chase and set up a five-wicket win for Pakistan. (Sportsfile/Getty Images)

However, Pakistan had crumbled to 14-3 in yesterday’s morning session, raising the prospect of a stunning Ireland victory after the hosts had been made to follow-on. Mohammad Abbas finished with a five-for and match figures of 9-110 as Ireland were dismissed for 339 having resumed on 319-7, the dangerous Kevin O’Brien failing to add to

O’Brien’s hundred, which will go down in the history books as his country’s first in this format, kept Ireland alive on day four, but he departed to the first ball he faced yesterday, edging Abbas to Haris Sohail at slip. Abbas swiftly removed Boyd Rankin (6) and Tyrone Kane (14) to return second-innings figures of 5-66.

Ed Joyce run-out Faheem Ashraf 43 William Porterfield c Sarfraz Ahmed b Mohammad Amir 32 Andrew Balbirnie lbw Mohammad Abbas 0 Niall O’Brien b Mohammad Amir 18 Paul Stirling lbw Mohammad Abbas 11 Kevin O’Brien c Haris Sohail b Mohammad Abbas 118 Gary Wilson c Haris Sohail b Mohammad Amir 12 Stuart Thompson b Shadab Khan 53 Tyrone Kane b Mohammad Abbas 14 Boyd Rankin b Mohammad Abbas 6 Tim Murtagh not out 5 Extras: (b-1, lb-20, nb-2, w-4) 27 Total: (all out, 129.3 overs) 339 Fall of wickets: 1-69, 2-69. 3-94 O’Brien, 4-95, 5-127, 6-157, 7-271, 8-321, 9-332. Bowling: Mohammad Amir 29.2-9-63-3, Mohammad Abbas 28.3-10-66-5 (nb-1), Rahat Ali 23-3-75-0, (w-2), Faheem Ashraf 18-3-51-0, (w-1, nb-1) Shadab Khan 30.4-7-63-1.

PAKISTAN 2nd innings

Azhar Ali c Paul Stirling b Tim Murtagh 2 Imam ul-Haq not out 74 Haris Sohail c Ed Joyce b Boyd Rankin 7 Asad Shafiq b Tim 1 Babar Azam run-out Andrew Balbirnie 59 Sarfraz Ahmed lbw Stuart Thompson 8 Shadab Khan not out 4 Extras: (nb-5) 5 Total: (five wkts, 45.0 overs) 160 Fall of wickets: 1-2, 2-13, 3-14, 4-140, 5-152. Bowling: Tim Murtagh 16-3-55-2, Boyd Rankin 12-1-57-1 (nb-3), Stuart Thompson 11-4-31-1 (nb-2), Tyrone Kane 6-1-17-0.

Narine, Russell cameos strengthen KKR playoffs bid KOLKATA, India, (CMC) – Both Sunil Narine and Andre Russell played minor but important roles as Kolkata Knight Riders beat Jofra Archer’s Rajasthan Royals by six wickets here Tuesday, and inch closer to securing a place in the Indian Premier League playoffs. Choosing to bowl first at Eden Gardens, the hosts restricted Royals to a mediocre 142 all out off 19 overs, with Jos Buttler top-scoring with 39, opening partner Rahul Tripathi chipping in with 27 and Jaydev Unadkat, 26. Buttler, who faced 22 deliveries and struck five fours and two sixes, put on 63 for the first wicket with Tripathi, before the innings went into decline. Pacer Russell was excellent in a three-over spell, claiming two for 13 including the wicket of

Archer, who was deceived by a slower ball in the 18th over and taken by Shubman Gill coming in from long leg.

while Australian opening partner Chris Lynn topscored with 45 and captain Dinesh Karthik, an unbeaten 41.

Sunil Narine started the chase with four consecutive boundaries ©(BCCI)

Narine finished with one for 29 from his four overs. When KKR chased, Narine gave them a rousing start, belting a pair of fours and sixes in a seven-ball 21,

Left-hander Narine smashed the first ball of the innings from off-spinner Krishnappa Gowtham over the mid-wicket ropes, pulled the second over

square leg for four and before clearing long on for his second six. He belted the fourth delivery over cover for yet another boundary and was looking ominous when he perished to the second ball of the next over from England seamer Ben Stokes, miscuing a pull to cover. However, Lynn faced 42 deliveries and counted five fours and one six as he added 48 for the fourth wicket with Karthik, to pull the innings around for 69 for three. When Lynn fell in the 16th over, Russell arrived at the crease with 27 runs required from 28 balls and punched two fours in 11 not out, to get KKR over the line with two overs left. The victory left KKR third on 14 points while Royals remained on 12 points and in fourth.

Ozil and Gundogan’s Erdogan photos cause German furore

Mesut Özil (L) presents President Erdogan with his Arsenal shirt.

THE German Football Federation (DFB) has criticised its internationals Mesut Özil and Ilkay Gündogan for posing in photos with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. The two German-born players, both of Turkish origin, gave Mr Erdogan signed shirts at an event in London on Sunday. Gündogan wrote: “For my honoured President, with great respect.” Mr Erdogan is campaigning for re-election. Özil plays for Arsenal and Gündogan for Manchester City. Both players are preparing for next month’s FIFA World Cup in Russia, in which Germany is among the favourites. Turkey did not qualify. Many German politicians have also criticised the footballers, questioning their loyalty to German democratic values. DFB president Reinhard Grindel said: “Football and the DFB defend values which are not sufficiently respected by Mr Erdogan. “That’s why it’s not good that our international players let themselves be manipulated for his electoral campaign. In doing that, our players have certainly not helped the DFB’s work on integration.” DFB director Oliver Bierhoff said: “Neither one of them was aware of the symbolic value of this photo but it’s clearly not right, and we’ll be talking to them about it”. In his youth, before entering politics in the 1990s, Mr Erdogan played football semi-professionally for an Istanbul team, Kasimpasa. Mr Erdogan, in power for the past 15 years, is seeking re-election in a snap poll on June 24. His Islamist-rooted AK Party has cracked down hard on opponents, especially since the July 2016 coup attempt by military officers. Turkish police have arrested more than 50 000 people accused of links to US-based Islamic cleric Fethullah Gulen or to Kurdish separatists. They include opposition activists, journalists, teachers, lawyers and other public servants. Mr Erdogan has also purged the military, police and judiciary, putting many state officials on trial. He has created a powerful presidency since winning an April 2017 referendum on constitutional changes, enabling him to dominate parliament and control the judiciary. A prominent Turkish-origin MP in Germany, Sevim Dagdelen, tweeted: “It’s crude foul to pose with the despot Erdogan in a luxury hotel in London and dignify him with the title ‘my President’, while in Turkey democrats are persecuted and critical journalists are detained.” She is deputy leader of the left-wing Die Linke group in the Bundestag. (BBC Sport)

CRICKET QUIZ CORNER (Wednesday May 16, 2018)

COMPLIMENTS OF THE TROPHY STALL-Bourda Market & The City Mall (Tel: 225-9230) & CUMMINGS ELECTRICAL COMPANY LTD-83 Garnett Street, Campbellville, Georgetown (Tel: 225-6158) Answers to Monday’s quiz: (1) Guatam Ghambir (498 runs; HS: 76) (2) Jasprit Bumrah (20 wkts; BB: 3/7) Today’s Quiz: (1) What was the result of the just-concluded one-off Test between Pakistan & Ireland? (2) Who were the two captains involved in this historic Test? ANSWERS IN TOMORROW’S ISSUE


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It feels amazing, says National Powerlifting record-holder Runita White By Michelangelo Jacobus

AFTER her record-breaking heroics in the Junior 84kg category last Sunday at the Guyana Amateur Powerlifting Federation’s (GAPLF) Intermediates/Masters Championships, Runita White spoke to Chronicle Sport about her achievements and how it feels to be in this position right now. Looking back on the day of the event she noted; “I was excited, overwhelmed and just happy but after that, I was in a state of shock (after setting the new records). I have great trainers (Martin Webster and Andrea Smith) who constantly push me towards achieving my goals as it relates to powerlifting, I was in shock that my body did what it did. “Of course, there’s a mind factor behind it and prior to the day of the competition and on the day, I told myself that my goal was to deadlift 405lb (183.705kg). Obviously, I sold myself short because I went out there and did 430lb (195kg) instead.” Touching on the records she set, White pointed out; “Going into the competition I wasn’t aware that I would be breaking that many records, to be honest. Then after doing squats, I went over to Martin and he said, ‘Your job isn’t done yet. You’re going to have to break the bench press and deadlift record in

order to break the total record’; so, it was no longer me just going out there, lifting heavy and being happy that I just got a lift. I now needed to be strategic and careful to receive a good lift from the judges to make the total record.”

breaking records and paving the way for me, it would be rude”. White. who deadlifted 195kg (430lb) in the Raw (Classic) 84kg category, set an unofficial FESUPO (South American Powerlifting Federation) record. “Even though the lift is an

Runita White powers her way to a National Dead Lift Record (195kg) in the Junior b84kg Category at Sunday’s GAPLF Intermediates/Masters Championship. She also set an unofficial FESUPO (South American Powerlifting Federation) Record.

The ever-humble White acknowledged the great female powerlifters who all set the standards in Guyana; “if I didn’t say thank you to women like Dawn Barker and Kimberly Mars-Loncke who were great powerlifters on that platform,

unofficial FESUPO record, it’s an amazing feeling to know that I did something like that.” Up next for Runita is the GAPLF’s Raw Nationals Championship; to this order she revealed that she will be training consistently in order to give a

Buttler gets surprise call-up to England Test team (REUTERS) - Jos Buttler was handed a surprise England recall yesterday as new national selector Ed Smith announced his squad for the first Test against Pakistan at Lord’s, which starts on May 24.

mate Jack Leach broke his left thumb in the nets last week. Bess has played 16 firstclass matches, impressing with both bat and ball, and Smith said the 20-year-old had made a fine start to his career.

Jos Buttler during his last spell in the England Test team - Reuters

Buttler returns to the squad for the first time since December 2016 after a series of impressive knocks in the Indian Premier League (IPL), including a record-equalling fifth consecutive half-century for the Rajasthan Royals on Sunday. Somerset spinner Dom Bess has been called up for the first time, after his team

“With Jack Leach missing out due to injury, the selection panel wanted to invest opportunity in a young spin bowler,” Smith said in a statement on the England and Wales Cricket Board website here. “Dom’s strong form, character and all-round abilities presented a compelling case for selection.” Buttler plays as opener

for the Royals, but is likely to slot into England’s middle order. “The selection panel feels that this is the perfect moment to reintroduce Jos to Test cricket, where he has already enjoyed some success, including a stint playing as a specialist batsman at number seven,” Smith added. “Jos is playing with great confidence and flair, and he will bring unique qualities to the Test team.” James Vince has not been included in the 12-man squad following his disappointing Ashes series. England will play two Tests against Pakistan, with the second starting on June 1 at Headingley. England squad for the first Test against Pakistan: Joe Root (Yorkshire) captain, James Anderson (Lancashire), Jonny Bairstow (Yorkshire) wicketkeeper, Dom Bess (Somerset), Stuart Broad (Nottinghamshire), Jos Buttler (Lancashire), Alastair Cook (Essex), Dawid Malan (Middlesex), Ben Stokes (Durham), Mark Stoneman (Surrey), Chris Woakes (Warwickshire), Mark Wood (Durham)

better performance at the championship. White, who is also a member of the GAPLF administration, is also encouraging more women to join the sport. “It’s a dream of mine to have a full flight of 16 women competing at a meet. Could you imagine how awesome that would be?” She pointed out; “Years ago only one or two women used to be on the platform and now we have many more. In the 72kg category we have 6 women who compete. This means that we’re making improvements”. Complete list of records set at GAPLF’s Intermediates/ Masters Championship: Runita White Squat (165kg), Bench Press (67.5kg) and the Deadlift (195kg) along with her total weight lifted (427.5kg) 84+kg Junior and Open Raw Records Unofficial FESUPO 84+kg Deadlift record

Official FESUPO Record Holder Judith Reitmann of Uruguay (188kg Deadlift) Nadina Taharally Squat (135kg), Bench Press (70kg), Deadlift (165kg) and total (370kg) - 72kg Open and Master 1 Raw Records Jackquelyn Toney Deadlift Open and Master 1 Raw Record 145kg 84kg Open and Master 1 Total Record - 335kg Martin Webster 105kg Raw Master 1 and Masters 2 records - Squat (200kg), Bench Press (130kg) 105kg Masters 2 Record Deadlift (183kg) Noel Cummings 66kg Masters 4 Raw- squat (120kg), bench press (87.5kg), deadlift (150kg), total weight (357.5kg) Bjorn Williams 105kg Raw Open Deadlift Record Colin Chesney 120kg Equipped Master 1

Bench Press Record Deonarine Dutt Squat 200kg, Deadlift 195kg and total 492.5kg, (74kg Masters 1) National Records Vijai Rahim National Equipped 74kg Open Deadlift record 287.5kg Franklyn Brisport-Luke 66kg Equipped Masters 2 Records Squat = 147.5kg Bench Press = 72.5kg Deadlift = 160kg Total = 380kg Guest Lifters Blossom Babb 84kg Open Raw Deadlift Record Tineisha Toney Squat, Bench Press, Deadlift and Total 63kg Female Junior Raw Records Vijai Rahim 74kg Open Equipped Deadlift Record Carlos Petterson 93kg Open Equipped Deadlift and Total Record

Meusa, Persaud take top spots in Clash of Champions Chess tourney THE Guyana Chess Federation (GCF) over the weekend ended the May Open Clash of Champions Chess tournament. Taking first place was National Coach & National Chess Champion CM Wendell Meusa on 5.5 points from 7 games. The Swiss manager chess programme placed Meusa ahead of Roberto Neto who finished on 5.5 points as well. Meusa went down in round 6 to Loris Nathoo in what was considered the game of the tournament. Both players played strongly and were in time trouble before Nathoo secured his point in a basic King & Pawn vs King endgame. 

Wendell Meusa

Roberto Neto also held Meusa to a good draw in a King’s pawn end. Neto with the Black pieces defended solidly and neutralised Meusa attacks with some simplifying exchanges thus bring the endgame to a draw. In the seventh round, Meusa with the White pieces went for the solid London System but saw some stiff resistance from Calvin Giddings of GUYOIL. Giddings who missed a winning chance in the middle game lost in the endgame as Meusa converted a small advantage in a good Knight &

Rook vs Bad bishop & Rook endgame. Roberto Neto returned to chess tournaments with a solid performance. He defeated the in-form Glenford Corlette with some strategic chess and eventually a hidden combination blow after Corlette bravely sacked his Queen to force checkmate in 2. However, he overlooked a tactical defensive idea that Neto immediately latched onto after the Queen sac. Third was Glenford Corlette who continues to show a lot of improvements. He took down Nathoo with some solid chess, pressing forward slowly to secure his win. Even though he lost to Meusa and Neto, Corlette finished on 5, while Nathoo finished on 4.5, Calvin Giddings 4, Davion Mars 3.5, Marcelius & Pasqual Cornelius, Ghansham Allijohn and Jaden Taylor (of St. Stanislaus College) all finished on 3 points each. Saeed Ali wrapped up 1 point and 12-year-old Savir Gookul did not get off the mark. In the women’s section, the more experienced Attorney-at-Law Yolander Persaud, played undefeated in a double round-robin clash. With FM Maria Thomas & CM Sherifa Ali opting for rest and examination, Ms. Persaud showed her dominance as she defeated Waveney Johnson, Chelsea Juma & Sasha Shariff (Juma & Shariff attended CARIFTA Chess Championships) twice with both colours as she booked her place in the females team for Batumi Georgia. They all finished on 3 points but taking 2nd was Chelsea Juma of St Stanislaus College, followed by Sasha Shariff of Marian Academy and Waveney Johnson of Christ Church.  More chess tournaments

will continue this week at St Stanislaus College as Saints Chess Club, with assistance from Wendell Meusa Chess Foundation, Guyana Chess Federation and National Sports Commission, hosts the third Saints Chess Championship. This event is scheduled to run from May 17 to 19, 2018. Round 1 kicks off at 16:00hrs on the 17th. There will be two sections - Invitational and Open.

Yolander Persaud

The Invitational will see Guyana’s top junior National champion Joshua Gopaul, Ghansham Allijohn, Jaden Taylor, Ethan Lee, Keon Scott, Akili Theophil and defending Saints champion Jorrell fighting to win. The Open section is set to have other kids from Saints Chess Club, Marian Acdemy Chess Club, Noah Gonzales of Mae’s School, Albouystown (Open Mind) Chess Club and Christ Church Secondary School Chess Club. This event is open to children in primary and secondary schools. Interested persons can contact Mr Wendell Meusa on 664-0124 for more information.

GFF partners with Hits and Jams for CONCACAF Caribbean Women’s Group-E Qualifiers THE Guyana Football Federation (GFF) has partnered with promotional group Hits and Jams Entertainment to stage the CONCACAF Caribbean Women’s Group-E Qualifiers as part of the Guyana Carnival Celebrations. The partnership will result in the tournament being part of the calendar of activities for the inaugural festivities.   President of the GFF, Wayne Forde, stated that the opportunity to collaborate with Hits and Jam Entertainment to be a part of the Carnival Calendar of Activities is historic. Forde added that team preparation for the event is at an optimal level and that he is confident in the team winning the group and progressing into the next round.   Meanwhile, Hits and Jams Entertainment Chief and Director of Guyana Carnival, Kerwin Bollers, said, he is elated to continue the partnership with the GFF, stating that collaboration is the perfect opportunity to display the Guyanese culture through sports. He further added that the hope is for the partnership to aid in the development of the sport.    Guyana will host the trio of Bermuda, Barbados and Suriname in the 23-team tournament from May 23 to 27 at the National Track and Field Centre, Leonora.

From left, GFF president Wayne Forde, Hits and Jams’ Kerwin Bollers and Technical Director Ian Greenwood

CARICOM doesn’t want ICC to fix Windies cricket – Gonsalves

Edghill off to Portugal for training and internship

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Guyana’s National Women’s champion Chelsea Edghill St Vincent and the Grenadines Prime Minister, Dr Ralph Gonsalves

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