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- transaction that takes months completed in days

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- Gov’t probes alleged corrupt land deal between Bai Shan Lin and GGMC

Multimillion insurance company launched Chairman of John Fernandes Insurance Company, Christopher Fernandes, engaging Massy Country Manager Deo Persaud, Roy Prashad and Massy United Insurance Chief Commercial Officer Mark Sommerville in a lively conversation at the Pegasus Hotel after the launch of Massy United Insurance Limited on Tuesday night (Delano Williams photo) (full story will be available in Thursday’s edition)

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Pensioner killed in home 12



GUYANA CHRONICLE Wednesday February 3, 2016

Mothers in anguish over missing sons

By Leroy Smith

EVEN as the police Major Crimes Investigation Unit of the Criminal Investigation Department is said to be working behind the scenes to solve the disappearance of a footballer and his friend who have gone missing since September last year, the mothers of the men are desperately

fighting to have closure to the matter, and are asking persons with information to come forward and cooperate with the police. When the Guyana Chronicle contacted Desiree Williams and Carmelita Omeka Anderson for the first time in relation to the disappearance of their respective sons, they asked us to meet with them at the Kingston Seawall,

Missing since September 10, 2015: Clayton Anderson (L) and Ronson Anthony Williams (R)

where they were seated on the ground, along with a friend, as they pondered the next move.

FOOTBALL GAME In her recollection of the final moments she had spent with her son, Mrs Williams, the mother of 28-year-old Ronson Anthony Williams, said that on the night she had last seen her son, he had indicated that he was heading to a football game along with his friend Carlos Anderson, who has also gone missing. Asked what has been happening in her life since the disappearance of her son, Mrs Williams said that, over the last four months, she has been trying to come to grips with what her son could have possibly done so wrong that those responsible for his disappearance would want to erase him from society. “I would like to see my son’s body, or if he is alive, I would like to get down to

Mothers Carmelita Omeka Anderson (L) and Desiree Williams (R) speak with Chronicle Senior Crime Reporter Leroy Smith the truth of the story, to know why he disappeared and what he disappeared for. I would like to have justice, to be at ease; I am a woman in a lot

of pain,” Desiree Williams told this publication as she broke down in tears during her interview. The woman recalled that on the night she had last seen her son, he had come home to uplift two jerseys and a pants, and before he left, he had asked her if she was ok and had proceeded to kiss her on the forehead. This publication has been informed that several persons have since been questioned in connection with the disappearance of the young men. Asked why they waited for such a long time before coming forward with the news of the disappearance

of the two young men, the mothers said they first did not take it for anything, as they were of the view that the men had just decided to take a little cool-out away from home, and might have been chilling somewhere, as boys usually do. EXTREMELY WORRIED However, they became extremely worried after they did not hear from the men for days, and the calls to their phones were not being answered. Meanwhile, Carmelita Omeka Anderson, who was

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GUYANA CHRONICLE Wednesday February 3, 2016

UNDERHAND DEAL - transaction that takes months completed in days

- Gov’t probes alleged corrupt land deal between Bai Shan Lin and GGMC By Svetlana Marshall THE GUYANA Geology and Mines Commission (GGMC) was allegedly riddled with corruption under the old regime, with the Chairman and Commissioner reportedly colluding with Bai Shan Lin to secure a plot of land in the Mazaruni Mining District No. 3. The Guyana Chronicle was reliably informed that a process which usually takes months, and sometimes more than a year, was completed in seven days, much to the satisfaction of the trio. Reports indicate that, without any hesitation, former Chairman Clinton Williams and former Commissioner Rickford Vieira had allegedly moved to grant the Director of Bai Shan Lin, Hongbo Chu, a Prospecting Licence (PL) to operate in the Mazaruni Mining District. Less than seven days after, Chu reportedly converted the Prospecting Licence to a Mining Permit, paving the way for alluvial mining to be done, but not by him. Putting the transaction into context, a reliable source explained that, in 2011, GGMC had granted Brian Chase a Prospecting Licence to operate in the area, but despite being notified of the due date, Chase had failed to renew his Prospecting Licence, and in keeping with the laws governing the Commission, the land, which belongs to the State, was reclaimed. It is not clear when Chu, who is a naturalised citizen of Guyana, developed interest in the mineral rich area, but documents seen by this newspaper revealed that on October 9, 2015, Williams, Vieira and Chu affixed their signatures to a document that

paved the way for the latter to acquire the Prospecting Licence. This allowed him to mine gold and precious stones in the area for a period of five years. Though it appears legitimate from the outside

within seven days, converted the Prospecting Licence to a Mining Permit, before renting the plot of land to Joa Oliviera Nascimento. “The PL is large-scale, and they can’t do alluvial mining on a PL. In order to

Former GGMC Commissioner, Rickford Vieira

Former GGMC Board Chairman, Clinton Williams

looking in, the source said, the deal, which was signed and sealed in one day, ought to be food for thought. “This process normally takes months. Sometimes you apply, it takes more than a year, because it is a lengthy process and everyone knows that. GGMC is inefficient, they don’t deliver to the regular people; and for such a transaction to be signed off in one day, well, that is something strange,” the source posited. According to the source, to make matters worse, Chu,

do alluvial mining, and to give the gentleman a contract, he converted it in a matter of six days, which is record-breaking. Nobody can get that process done in six days at GGMC. So, (because of) the haste in which it was done, it had to be complete collusion with the Board. The Board would have had to see the process through,” the source explained. The receipt, which was also seen by this newspaper, indicates that Nascimento

The document which paved the way for the Director of Bai Shan Lin, Hongbo Chu, to be granted the Prospecting Licence was required to pay an initial sum of $5M, and subsequently $2M on a monthly basis. According to the source, Vieira and Williams were paid more than US$166,000 to facilitate this and several other transactions. “They were best of friends, but they became enemies because of greed.

The receipt which was given to Joa Oliviera Nascimento by Hongbo Chu to operate in the Mazaruni Mining District

Vieira collected the money but didn’t give Williams the full amount, so that is how the problem started,” the source told this newspaper. Less than two months after the Prospecting Licence was granted to Chu, Williams, being at the time the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the GGMC, moved a no-confidence motion against Vieira. On November 28, 2015 the Board, under stewardship of Williams, moved a no-confidence motion against Vieira and several senior functionaries within the Commission. Williams had said that Vieira had failed the Commission in many areas. Vieira was sent home, but his services were terminated

only last month. But while Williams moved a no-confidence motion against Vieira, the source said, Williams had pleaded with the Government not to have his (Williams) stint cut short. “Everybody knows why the Chairman was begging for that opportunity; it was because he had already taken (sums of) money from miners for some favours, and this is not the only one, so he had to complete and he did complete.” According to information reaching this newspaper, the Ministry of Natural Resources has launched an investigation into the matter, to determine whether any laws were breached in the process.

Mothers in anguish over missing sons From page 2 a stranger to Desiree Williams prior to September 10, 2015, said she never knew that her son Clayton Anderson and Ronson Williams were friends, though relatives knew of the acquaintance. She said that on the night that Williams went missing,

her son had informed her that he was leaving their Melanie Damishana home to pick up his girlfriend in Georgetown, but there has since been no contact with him. Ms Anderson said that even if she does not get justice for her son and Mr Ronson, she wants to ensure that other mothers who might have gone through the same

thing in the past are able to get justice. The women are calling on the friends of the young men to come forward and share the information they have, as both women are of the view that friends of these two young men have information that could help the police unravel this situation.

WANTED BULLETIN The Guyana Police Force on Thursday issued a wanted bulletin for one Gary Mervin Primo, called “Gary Talkout”, who is wanted for questioning in relation to the possible abduction of Ronson Anthony Williams and Carlos Anderson. According to the police, “Talkout” was born

on April 29, 1975 and is of African descent. His last known address is Lot 4 King Street, Republic Park, East Bank Demerara. Anyone with information leading to the arrest of this man is asked to make contact with the Guyana Police Force on telephone numbers 2272128, 227-1149, 225-6411, 226-7065, 911, or the nearest

police station. All information will be treated with strict confidence. Those desirous of making contact with the mothers of the young men for the purpose of information sharing are asked to dial 697-7738 or 678-1907 for Desiree Williams and Carmelita Omeka Anderson respectively.


GUYANA CHRONICLE, Wednesday February 3, 2016

China snow strands Sexually transmitted ‘nearly 100,000’ case of Zika in Texas THE first known case of the Zika virus being sexually transmitted in the US has been reported in Texas. The Centres for Disease Control and Prevention con-

firmed a patient was infected in Dallas County. A patient was infected after having sexual contact with someone who returned from a country where the disease

is present, Dallas County officials said. There is not yet evidence of Zika being passed on by mosquitoes in the US. (BBC)

Draft EU deal delivers reforms

DAVID Cameron says the draft deal aimed at keeping Britain in the EU will deliver the “substantial change” he has been demanding to how it is run. But the UK Prime Minister said there was “detail to be worked on” before a crunch summit on February 18-19.

Heavy snow has disrupted public transport in southern China, stranding tens of thousands of people outside a rail station, police say HEAVY snow has disrupted public transport in southern China, stranding tens of thousands of people outside a rail station, police say. The crowd outside Guangzhou station swelled to nearly 100,000 at its peak on Monday night, police said. Central China has experienced some of its coldest weather in years.

The rare snow has coincided with the run-up to Chinese New Year -- where hundreds of millions of Chinese travel home to see their families. Many trains from north and central China were delayed by the snow -- leaving passengers in the south stranded with no transport. More than 50,000 people still remained stuck outside

Guangzhou railway station on Tuesday, state media said. Local police said 5,200 officers had been deployed to maintain order. They urged passengers to check their train details online and avoid “blindly heading to the station to wait for trains”, saying this would exacerbate the overcrowding. Officials estimate nearly three billion trips will take place over the holiday season, in what is considered the world’s biggest annual human migration. Meanwhile, traffic jams had led to more than 400 people in Guangzhou missing their flights, Xinhua news agency reported. (BBC)

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The deal, which includes an “emergency brake” on migrant benefits, paves the way for the UK’s EU referendum to take place as early as June. EU exit campaigners said it did not come close to what the PM had promised. But the Prime Minister says it is a deal “worth fighting for” and he is launching a fresh round of diplomacy to persuade other EU leaders to sign up to it. Mr Cameron’s proposed four-year ban on in-work benefits for EU migrant workers could come into force immediately if the UK votes to remain in the union. But it would have to be agreed by other EU nations and it would be “graduated”, with more money from tax credits paid to migrants the longer they remain in the UK.





--says UK Prime Minister It says Mr Cameron’s demand to exempt Britain from the EU principle of “ever closer union” between member states would be written into a future treaty. There are also measures relating to protection for non-euro countries in the EU, a new way for member states to club together to block some new EU laws and on business regulations. Mr Cameron will visit Poland and Denmark on Friday, as he embarks on a whirlwind charm offensive to persuade the other 27 EU leaders to sign up to the Tusk package in Brussels on February 18-19. If Mr Cameron can get an agreement in February, he is expected to hold a referendum in June on whether Britain should remain in the EU. Mr Cameron has until the end of 2017 to hold a referendum. A July or September referendum remains a possibility but a repeat of last summer’s migrant crisis in the Mediterranean and eastern Europe could make Mr Cameron’s job of making the case for remaining in a reformed EU more difficult. A cross-party group of MPs, led by the SNP, has warned Mr Cameron against




UK Prime Minister David Cameron holding the EU referendum in June, arguing it will be too close to elections in Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, London and local authorities. Labour has said it will not block a June referendum. The Prime Minister said “more work” needed to be done to “nail down” details but added: “We said we needed to deliver in four key areas, this document shows real progress on that front.” He said the proposals were some “something worth fighting for”, and were good enough that he would back Britain joining the EU under these terms, if it was not already a member. He said Britain could have the “best of both worlds” by giving it access to the single market and a voice around the top EU table, while retaining its status as a “proud independent country not part of a superstate”. (BBC)



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GUYANA CHRONICLE, Wednesday February 3, 2016

Guatemala military rape trial starts

A trial has begun in Guatemala of two ex-military officers for human rights abuses against indigenous women during the country’s long armed conflict. Francisco Reyes and Heriberto Valdez are accused of allowing the rape and abuse of 11 women at the Sepur Zarco military base in the 1980s. The UN says rape was used as a weapon of war by the Guatemalan military. Such an offence has never before been tried in the country where the crimes occurred. In the courtroom the 11 alleged victims wearing traditional Mayan indigenous dress sat with their heads and

Former military commissioner Heriberto Valdez Asij is accused of sexual violence and slavery faces covered. their heads. In solidarity, other womThe two defendants, en in the room also covered Francisco Reyes Giron and

his regional commander, Heriberto Valdez Asij, are accused of allowing their troops to rape and abuse the women at the military base. Both have denied any wrongdoing. The base, near Sepur Zarco in eastern Guatemala, was being used as a “rest and recreation base” for troops fighting left-wing guerrillas in the Guatemalan highlands. At a pre-trial hearing the women told the judge that their husbands had been murdered by the soldiers. Then, a few weeks later, they came back for the women, they said. Soldiers raped them and burned down their houses

and crops, and forced them to move into shacks outside the military base. Every two or three days, each woman was allegedly made to report for three-day shifts at the base where they were forced to cook and clean, and where they were systematically raped by the soldiers. The women endured the shifts for 10 months in 198283. But some were not released from bondage until the military base closed in 1998. Bringing the case to trial has been tortuous. The victims are now in their seventies and eighties. They speak no Spanish, only the Mayan language,

Q’eqchi. Supported by women’s’ rights and advocacy groups, the women and five male witnesses decided to come forward with their stories in 2011. The two ex-military officers were arrested in June 2014 and the case initially went to trial in October. But it was put on hold because of challenges by the defence. A UN report has described how the Guatemalan military used rape and sexual violence as a weapon of war during almost 40 years of the armed conflict which ended in 1996 with a peace accord. The trial is expected to last 40 days. (BBC)

Jamaica goes to polls on Feb 25 JAMAICANS will go to the polls on Thursday February 25, 2016, in an early general election announced on Sunday night by Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller at a rally of her ruling People’s National Party (PNP). Parliament will be dissolved on Friday, February 5, and Nomination Day is set for Tuesday, February 9. This will be the country’s 17th general election since universal adult suffrage in 1944. Elections are constitutionally due by December, but Simpson Miller said the PNP is ready now.

She said her party is committed to a “peaceful campaign.” Simpson Miller is seeking a second consecutive term, after becoming Jamaica’s first female Prime Minister during a previous 18-month period in office that ended in 2007. “If you want keep Jamaica moving up, stay with the People’s National Party,” Simpson Miller said. “One good term deserves another.” She will face a challenge from the main Opposition Jamaica Labour Party (JLP), led by former Prime Minister Andrew Holness, who led Jamaica for just over two months before his party lost

the December 2011 elections, when the PNP won 42 of the 63 seats in the House of Representatives. Of the seats won by the PNP, 15 were won with a margin of 1,000 votes or fewer, seven of which scraped home with under 300 votes. Three of the JLP’s 21 seats were won with fewer than 300 votes. T h e P N P ’s s l a t e o f candidates, which was announced on Sunday evening, includes 21 first-timers, 13 women and six people who have run unsuccessfully in previous general elections. (Caribbean News Now)

Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller at a recent rally of her ruling People’s National Party (PNP)



Nigel Williams

Editorial: 227-5216; 227-5204

Editorial Nomination race for U.S. presidential candidate

GUYANESE at home have an interest in what is taking place in the United States (U.S) probably more than what is taking place in any other Western country. It is reasonable to think that this interest is because of the large Guyanese population living there; because that society is seen as the bastion of democracy; because of its superpower status; and because of its global socio-economic and political impact. Thus when, on Monday in Iowa, the process began to elect the presidential nominees from the Democratic (D) and Republican (R) parties, Guyanese and others sat up and paid attention. Amongst the field are the so-called establishment candidates, Mrs. Hillary Rodham Clinton (D) and Mr. Jeb Bush (R). When persons made known their desire to run last year, the names Clinton and Bush were seen as heirs apparent to the nominations, and some felt it would have been an easy walk or coronation parade for these two persons. In our December 12, 2015 editorial, ‘The U.S. Presidential election and terrorism’, it was made known that “a day can be a lifetime in politics, and a statement can build or reverse the fortunes of a politician.” Monday night’s elections proved so. Mr. Donald Trump, whom prior to E-Day the polls had shown was the Republican frontrunner, proved otherwise. Trump was trounced by Texas State Senator Ted Cruz (R). The former received 24 percent of the votes, while the latter received 28, and Bush mustered three. Marco Rubio, (R) Florida State Senator and the youngest contender, captured 23 percent of the votes. Digging deeper into the numbers, Trump received more votes in Iowa than any presidential Republican candidate ever, outside of Cruz. Having attracted global attention and condemnation for his positions on Muslim and immigration issues, which also saw the British Parliament debating a motion to ban him from entering that country; and having never run a political campaign or contest before, Trump’s placement cannot be ignored. Known for his bombastic style, those who initially felt he would have imploded have been confounded. And in spite of his newness to the political scene, he is capable of mounting a serious political campaign, even surprising persons with his gracious acceptance speech. Cruz, whom it is felt has his own problem with constitutional legitimacy to run as president, given that he was born in Canada to a mother of U.S citizenship, also proved that he is a force to be reckoned with by being able to man a good ground game that proved to his benefit. This gentleman has, time and time again, also changed his position on immigration reform and treating with the millions of undocumented persons presently residing in the U.S.

GUYANA CHRONICLE, Wednesday February 3, 2016

Illicit administration of cricket must come to an end!

Dear Editor,

IT IS a pleasure for me to say that I fully endorse every line of the letter written by Claude Raphael and published in the Stabroek News of 28th January, 2016 under the caption “There must be free and fair elections and proper accountability if order is to return to cricket.” Like Mr. Raphael, I have been involved in cricket, in Berbice, for 52 years -- since 1964. I am thoroughly disgusted with the state of the administration of our beloved game, and yearn for a change for the better. The illegal Guyana Cricket Board has once again staged an Annual General Meeting -- there was no involvement of the Cricket Ombudsman -- on January 24, 2016, in contravention of the Cricket Administration Act of 2014. This Act became law in 2014, after it was passed in Parliament and was unanimously supported by the then ruling PPP and leading opposition APNU+AFC political parties. The Guyana Cricket Board has nevertheless continued to flout the law and the will of the people. In 2010, the Demerara Cricket Board was split into two factions after a dispute involving expenditure on the GCB, and after the Assistant Treasurer of the GCB had acid thrown in his face. They injuncted each other, and the matters are still pending in the Guyana High Court. Officials of the Berbice Cricket Board (BCB) decid-

ed that they would not be attending meetings of the Guyana Cricket Board unless a forensic audit was done for presentation at the Annual General Meeting in early 2010, and until the factions of the Demerara Cricket Board had come together and held one Annual General Meeting, with both factions fully represented. This meeting was announced, but unknown to the other faction, the faction now active on the Guyana Cricket Board went ahead with a supposed Annual General Meeting hours earlier than scheduled and at a different venue. This was followed by the supposed AGM of the Guyana Cricket Board without the forensic audit and the legal representation of the Demerara Cricket Board. Apart from one representative of the Berbice Cricket Board -- who was later suspended for one year for breaking ranks, attending that AGM, and voting at the elections – the BCB was not represented. With ten representatives present -- nine from Essequibo and one from Berbice -- and four short of a quorum of fourteen, those present went ahead and elected office bearers, which included members of the injuncted Demerara Cricket Board. This trend has continued. It should be noted that this AGM did not have a quorum, to begin with, and should have been postponed. Its action resulted in an injunction of the GCB by the Secretary of the BCB, which

The Democratic field presented its own excitement. When Mr. Bernard “Bernie” Sanders, Independent State Senator from Vermont, entered the race, he was seen as a long shot. Initial polls showed him at 40-50 percent down, and it was felt that the self-proclaimed socialist who is calling for a political revolution could not pull it off at all. Monday night had to have created a situation wherein heads will be scratching, and some may even roll. While Sanders’s campaign has secured financing primarily from small donors, and the Clinton juggernaut is seen as unbeatable, even bringing in personnel who worked on President Obama’s campaigns, the two contenders are a virtual tie. Both candidates, with results not yet officially declared, are at a 50 percent tie -- Clinton (701) and Sanders (697). Iowa runs a caucus, i.e. system of local gatherings wherein voters decide on the candidate(s) to support and select delegates for nominating conventions. Delegates are awarded based on Proportional Representation. Republicans had 30 delegates up

resulted in establishment of the now defunct Interim Management Committee. The matter is still pending in the High Court. Caricom stepped in on two occasions and held meetings with the WICB, GCB, the stakeholders and the Government of Guyana present. Memorandums of Understanding were drafted by the WICB and sent for signature by all parties. However, because the facts were different from what had been agreed to, the Government of Guyana and the stakeholders could not sign on either occasion. After twenty hearings with all parties contributing before a Select Parliamentary Committee in 2014, the Government of Guyana drafted and passed the Cricket Administrative Act of 2014. Because of their disagreement with the Cricket Administration Act of 2014, the GCB injuncted the Government of Guyana, but its injunction was thrown out. It injuncted the Cricket Ombudsman, but its injunction was thrown out. It also injuncted the Attorney General and the Minister of Sports of the previous administration in 2014. Following the Berbice Cricket Board’s Annual General Meeting of December 2015, when a Guyana Cricket Board-sponsored presidential candidate was defeated, two Berbice clubs, one headed by the defeated presidential candidate and the other headed by the suspended member of 2010, came together and

injuncted the executive members of the BCB under the pretext that the clubs of the current and immediate past presidents were not affiliated to the BCB when they voted at the BCB’s December 2014 AGM. As a result, the BCB Secretary has been ordered to submit monthly reports on the activities of the Board to the court, which has also banned the executives from holding meetings. All of this despite the fact that the clubs involved were admitted to membership of the Berbice Cricket Board. The Rose Hall Town Youth and Sports Club was admitted to membership in 1992, and the Young Warriors Cricket Club was similarly admitted in 2003. In August, 2015, the GCB failed to obtain a British visa for the Berbice Under-15 cricketer Kevin Sinclair to tour England with the West Indies Under-15 Team. They gave up on their effort seven days before the other two Guyanese cricketers departed for England. They did not even inform the BCB of his selection. The GCB discontinued the vital 3-day 1st Division competition in 2010. In September, 2015, the GCB announced that a four-day semi-professional league would commence in December, 2015, but played a poorly organised eight-team 50 overs’ national competition instead, without involving the BCB. In 2015, the GCB announced that another pillar

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for grabs, with Cruz scoring 8 and Trump and Rubio 7 each. On the Democratic side with 52 delegates up for grabs, Clinton is said to secure 30 and Sanders 21. Three of Clinton’s delegates were won by the toss of a coin. Yes, with the toss of a coin! And this is so given that, in three precincts, the votes were virtually a tie between her and Sanders, and a way was found to break the tie. Demographics, ground-game, momentum, finances, caucus vs primary, candidates’ messages, and ideological/ values leaning of states also play into the dynamics of the candidates’ polling and votes. The fluidity of the situation can see anything. The nomination process is far from over. Next Tuesday, February 9th, it is New Hampshire which will run a primary (i.e. a state-wide voting process through secret ballot). Presently, the polls are showing Sanders (D) and Trump (R) leading the respective fields.


GUYANA CHRONICLE, Wednesday February 3, 2016

Cool Square murder Harmon, Hughes in another good gesture witnesses ‘disappear’

IN THE COOL Square murder trial ongoing before Justice Priya Sewnarine-Beharry and a 12-member jury in the High Court, several witnesses testified on Tuesday that, after numerous attempts, they could not locate two witnesses. As such, submissions were made for the depositions to be admitted and tendered as evidence in the case. The testifying witnesses, among whom were Detective Sergeant Rodwell Sarabo, Miguel Sands, Detective Constable Deonarine; and Communications Officer attached to the Chambers of the Director of Public Prosecutions, Nazeela Rahaman, told the court that they had exhausted efforts to locate the two witnesses who were scheduled to testify in the trial. The missing witnesses are Tiana Cumberbatch, ex-girlfriend of the accused, and Linden Shirley, then security guard attached to the Cool Square Hotel. The witnesses said they checked and re-visited the addresses given by the court to locate the witnesses, but their efforts were unsuccessful. Notices were placed in the newspapers, radio messages were announced and advertisements on television were also placed, without success. The murder of businessman Imtiaz Roopnarine, called ‘Bobby’, of Mandela Avenue, Georgetown, took place on January 24, 2013 at the Cool Square Hotel in Marigold Street, West Ruimveldt Georgetown. Roopnarine was reportedly robbed and shot in the head during the ordeal. The victim was said to be wearing several pieces of expensive jewellery

Murdered: Imtiaz Roopnarine at the time.   After being shot, Roopnarine, 47, had run to the back of the hotel, where he collapsed and died near a septic tank. He had been preparing to leave the hotel moments before the incident. The assailant had reportedly escaped with a gold-and-diamond chain worth $500,000, one gold band worth $700,000, and other jewellery, all priced at a total of $2,200,000. Leon Duncan, called ‘Whistle’, of Willemstaad Road, Festival City, North Ruimveldt was subsequently arrested and charged for Roopnarine’s murder He has pleaded not guilty to the charge before Justice Sewnarine-Beharry and a 12-member jury which was empanelled at the High Court last month. The case is being presented by State Prosecutors Stacey Goodings, Tuanna Hardy and Orinthia Schmidt, and the Defence Attorney is Mark Waldron.

MINISTER of State, Joseph Harmon, and Alliance For Change Chairman Nigel Hughes, on Tuesday donated over $40,000 to the Den Amstel Primary School Choir to help offset expenses for that choir’s participation in the Region Three (Essequibo Islands-West Demerara) Republic Day celebrations. Community Development Field Officer in the Ministry of the Presidency, Aurdell Glasgow, on the Minister and Mr Hughes’s behalf, presented the cheque to the choir’s lead singer, Shania Miller. The money is intended to cover the cost of uniforms for choir members for the Mash-

Aurdell Glasgow handing over the cheque to the lead singer of the Den Amstel Primary School Choir, Shania Miller (Ministry of the Presidency photo) ry School Choir has histor- gramme, a release from the ramani programme. ically been a top performer Ministry of the Presidency The Den Amstel Prima- in this category of the pro- has said.

$61M fine for ganja trafficking MAGISTRATE Rhondell Weaver on Tuesday sent a strong signal to drug traffickers by imposing a multi-million-dollar fine on Puran Persaud, called ‘Andy’, who was found guilty of trafficking 92 lbs of cannabis sativa. Sergeant Racquel Mars had submitted that the defendant must be called to lead his defence, as his caution statement, which was deemed admissible by the court, had indicated that he had knowledge of the crime. Attorney Mursalene Bacchus had earlier made a no-case submission, but this was overruled by the court. Inspector Grace Bristol and Sergeant Althea Soloman, prosecuting for the police, had led evidence which revealed that the taxi driver had in his possession 92 lbs of ganja for the purpose of trafficking. Puran Persaud, 32, of Lot 62 Rosignol, West Coast Berbice, was intercepted at Bath Settlement, West Coast Berbice on January 26 with 25 parcels containing the illegal substance. Questioned about the multi-coloured bag containing the illegal substance, he had told police that it was owned by a fisherman from Cotton Tree Village, West Coast Berbice. In handing down sentence at the Blairmont Magistrate’s

Illicit administration of...

From page 6

of our cricket development -the annual Senior Inter-County Tournament between Essequibo, Demerara and Berbice -- was being discontinued effective in 2015. The GCB has not given the BCB a blind penny for cricket development or any other program since 2010 -all of this nonsense when our regional Test team sits at the bottom of the world rankings. With a Secretary clearly serving in a conflict of interest situation as a paid Director of the WICB and a leading member of the Guyana Cricket Franchise, the Guyana Cricket Board

has been invading Berbice and influencing clubs with gifts of “gold, frankincense and myrrh”, to the extent that a leading member of the injuncted executive committee of the BCB had signalled his intention to attend the GCB AGM of January 24th, 2016 in contravention of the court’s order. The intention of this secretive and illegal body is to strengthen the hand of the GCB. This body has already broken up the Demerara Cricket Board, and is determined to do the same with the BCB. Its intention is likely to remain in office at all cost and by any means necessary. The absence at the Car-

icom meeting of the Minister of Education Responsible for Sport, or that minister’s representative, when the meeting was held to discuss possible restructuring of the WICB; and the attendance of the Junior Minister for Sports at the Presentation and Awards Function of the Guyana Cricket Board have been noted with deep regret and consternation. Why should I attend and address your function if you have injuncted me? Is our Government showing two faces at the same time? I therefore respectfully request the intervention of our President, His Excellency Brigadier (Retd.) David

Granger, into this matter, which has been ongoing for six long years. This group is fully supported by the embattled WICB. The future of our national pastime is at stake. Yours faithfully MORTIMER GEORGE Former Secretary, BCB 1987 Life Member, BCB. 2008 Hero Award Recipient, BCB. 2014 Inductee, BCB Administrators Hall of Fame. Author of The Guide and The Phenomenon - 75 Years of Berbice Cricket, published in 2014.

Court, Magistrate Weaver said she was sending a strong signal to those with similar intent, thus she was imposing a fine that was three times the street value of the narcotics. Initially, Puran was jointly charged with Liana Ramsundar and Puran Ramoo, but the case against those two was dismissed.


GUYANA CHRONICLE Wednesday February 3, 2016

From left: Mr.Clayton Hall; Ms Dela Britton; Minister of Natural Resources, Mr Raphael Trotman; Ms Abiola Henry, Mr Aseef Balmacoon and Mrs Euliene Watson, after the induction ceremony

Closed Areas Committee members installed -charged to implement commitments made to small miners

MINISTER of Natural Resources, Raphael Trotman, has on Monday inducted the members of the Closed Areas Committee, and has charged them to ensure that lands awarded to small and medium-scale miners by the Guyana Geology and Mines Commission are higher-yielding lands. A release from the Ministry of the Presidency said Minister Trotman told the Committee to treat as priority the commitment the Government made at the Small Miners Conference held on January 15, 2016 at the Arthur Chung Convention Centre (ACCC) -- to

have lands identified for allocation to small miners, and to address the backlog of pending applications. He also made it clear that all processes must be just, equitable, and transparent. The Committee will be chaired by Attorney-at-Law Ms Dela Britton, who also serves on the Public Utilities Commission; and will include Ms Abiola Henry; Ms Euliene Watson, Technical Officer, Mining, Ministry of Natural Resources; Mr Clayton Hall, Ministerial Advisor, Ministry of Natural Resources; Mr Aseef Balmacoon, and a

representative from the Guyana Lands and Surveys Commission. It was noted that the Minister of Natural Resources appoints the Committee and sets its mandate to effectively treat the complex and specialised matters concerning Closed Area/State Reserve management and allocation. By regulations, the Committee is mandated to carry out specified functions assigned by the Minister, and to advise and guide the Minister accordingly.

Containers of milk refused entry FOUR containers containing three different brands of evaporated and condensed milk were refused entry into Guyana last month after authorities found they did not meet prescribed standards. The Government Analyst Food and Drug Department, in a press statement, said the milk was not of the standard required by the Food and Drug Regulations of 1977 and the International Food Standard Codex STD for milk fat products (CODEX STAN 280-1973) Codex Alimentarius. The statement said that, in all the rejected products, milk fat was substituted with various forms of vegetable fat, and the department had collaborated with the Guyana Revenue Authority (GRA), Customs Department, in discovering the problem. Best Liat sweetened condensed milk, Global sweetened condensed milk, Tastu sweetened condensed milk and Tastu evaporated creamer were the rejected products. According to the prescribed standard, they contained less than the required amount of milk solids and milk fats. “Evaporated milk shall contain no less than 25 per cent milk solids and 7.5 per cent milk fat; while condensed milk, or sweetened condensed milk, shall contain no less than 28 per cent milk solids and 8 per cent milk fat,� the statement said. The department is advising food importers to ensure milk imported is in compliance with the prescribed standards of the Food and Drug Regulation or the International Food Standard Codex Alimentarius.


GUYANA CHRONICLE Wednesday February 3, 2016

Release the audits, Jagdeo urges - says guilty comrades must face the consequences

By Ravin Singh OPPOSITION Leader Bharrat Jagdeo has added his voice to calls for the Government to release the findings of the $133M forensic audits which were embarked upon by the Coalition Government upon its assumption to office last year. Jagdeo, a two-term President under the People’s Progressive Party (PPP) Administration, reiterated this call on Tuesday at a press conference at the party’s Freedom House headquarters, Robb Street. While in Opposition, the parties, A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) and the Alliance For Change (AFC), were very vocal against corruption, accusing the then PPP Administration of indulging in highly corrupt practices, which that party has always challenged. Just last year, Guyana’s ranking on the Transparency International Corruption Perception Index List moved slightly in a positive direction, although the country has still been listed in the very corrupt category. The 2014 results revealed that Guyana remains behind its Caribbean Community (CARICOM) counterparts, ranking 124th out of 175 countries. The only CARICOM nation that ranks below Guyana is Haiti, which placed at 161. And while the APNU+AFC coalition campaign highlighted its anti-corruption credentials, it had committed to expose acts of corruption, seen in some quarters as quite glaring. Audits were to be conducted into almost 30 state agencies, national projects and funds. The Government is, however, yet to reveal the findings of these audits, most of which were conducted by Ram and McRae Chartered Accountants; Nigel Hinds Financial Services, and Dr Anand Goolsarran.

DELIBERATION Just recently, Minister within the Ministry of Finance, Jaipaul Sharma, who has responsibility for the audits, revealed that Cabinet has commenced deliberating on some of the forensic audit reports that were compiled after a number of State agencies had been audited. “Every week, we’re delivering one to the Cabinet for discussion and so forth. So, as we proceed, we review and discuss with Cabinet,” Minister Sharma has said. Mr Jagdeo has, however, reiterated the PPP’s call -- on Monday -- for Government to release the audits, since this will not only promote transparency, but taxpayers’ money which was spent would not go to waste. He charged that Government should give these reports on the audit findings to newspapers, television stations, and any public medium which could publicize the information. “Put up a website and put up the audits, since we are calling for transparency,” Mr Jagdeo charged. He said that if any of these audits reveal that someone has broken the law, then the judicial arm of the State should become operational. TAKE ACTION “But the first thing that it starts with is releasing the audits, because, to do these audits they used our money. Then take action against anyone who has violated any of the provisions,” he asserted. However, this call comes with a condition. According to the Opposition Leader, the PPP is calling for the investigations to be done professionally, and for there to be no witch-hunting, since that party will refuse to cooperate with the executing agency. “Once it is not a witch-hunt and there are real issues,

and the investigations are done professionally, then any member of the PPP who have to face the court for any alleged wrongdoing; they have to face the consequences once the investigation is done professionally,” he told reporters. Last Monday, former Public Service Minister under the PPP Administration, Dr Jennifer Westford, and the Personnel Manager who Opposition Leader served under her, MargaBharrat Jagdeo ret Cummings, were each placed on $4.8M bail on multiple charges of fraud. It is alleged that they stole $638M. They are accused of withdrawing the money -– property of the State -– over a four-year period. With Dr Westford being still a Member of Parliament (MP) for the Opposition PPP, the Opposition Leader was quizzed on whether these charges against her had tainted the party’s image. He declined to respond, stating only that the matter is before the court; and while he has sought and was in receipt of explanations for Westford’s allegations, he could not speak about it at Tuesday’s press conference because the justifications are part of her defence. “At some point in time, she will have to speak on these matters directly. We have already asked that it happens without prejudicing the court case,” Mr Jagdeo stated.

Remanded prisoners misbehave in court

THREE remanded prisoners on Tuesday behaved in a disorderly manner towards ranks at the Linden Magistrate’s Court, resulting in Magistrate Clive Nurse adjourning the court’s proceedings. The unrepresented prisoners, who are on trial for robbery under arms, had their case adjourned to March 1. This resulted in their creating a ruckus as they voiced frustration over the continuous delay of their case. Guyana Chronicle was on the scene when the prisoners began hurling insulting remarks at the ranks, in process disrupting the peace of the court’s proceedings. The ranks were forced to remove the prisoners from the holding room and take them to the prisoner’s van. In process, the prisoners uttered expletives, threatening language, and behaved violently whilst being confined in the prisoner’s van, even though they were handcuffed.

Several ranks tried to calm them down, but they continued to create a ruckus. Two of them began to kick at the door as the ranks tried to close it, and even urged a rank to come closer so they can kick him in his face. “Stop close this f**ing door in hay! Don’t do stupidness, boy, before I kick ya up in ya f**king face!” one prisoner told the police. The prisoners showed no respect for anyone, or fear of the consequences of their action. “You close this f**king door and a bet ya today, today a getting charge again!” the prisoner told a police rank. The police ranks had to resort to using their batons as the prisoners began to get uncontrollable. “Y’all get me suffering in jail for something me ain’t do and every time people come to court is a set ah unnecessary time wasting, a set ah f**king unnecessary time!” another prisoner said. The mother of one of the prisoners, who re-

portedly is also an officer of the law, blamed the policemen for the way her son was behaving. “Hello! Please don’t speak to my son like that! He is not a dog, is y’all causing he to behave like this!” she admonished. The prisoners were taken to the Mackenzie Police Station, where they are expected to be charged for their disruptive behaviour.


GUYANA CHRONICLE Wednesday February 3, 2016

This Week

50 Years Ago FIRST Guard of Honour by the Guyana Defence Force (GDF), on February 4, 1966, for Her Royal Highness Queen Elizabeth II as she disembarked the Royal Yacht Britannia at Sprostons Wharf. The Guard Commander was Major Ramon Sattaur, and the Subaltern was Second Lieutenant Ulric Pilgrim. Lieutenant Colonel Pope is behind Major Sattaur. Photo provided by Colonel (rtd) Carl Morgan The report was presented to the Labour Government on June 29, 1951. It recommended: 1. Universal adult suffrage, with all persons 21 years and over having the right to vote.

The Constitutional Commission of 1950 The advent of the mass-based political struggle in Guyana By Tota C. Mangar THE movement for political emancipation gained considerable momentum after the Second World War. In British Guiana, the formation of the Political Affairs Committee (PAC) in 1946 and the emergence of intense working class struggle in the form of the 1947 Bauxite Workers Strike and the 1948 Enmore Workers Strike were tangible manifestations of this development. In 1945, Secretary of State for the Colonies, Oliver Lyttleton, conceded that ‘the declared aim of British policy is to quicken the progress of all coloured people towards the ultimate goal of self-government’. In relation to constitutional progress, he emphasised that “an increasing measure of responsibility should be extended to the several units of the British Caribbean territories, whose political development must be pursued as an aim in itself, without prejudice and in no way subordinate to progress towards Federation.’ Influenced by this disclosure, on August 25, 1948, Theophilius Lee moved a motion in the Legislative Council for a Commission to be appointed to inquire into the desirability of making the Legislative Council a wholly elected body based on universal adult suffrage. Persistent agitation on the constitutional front was complemented by the fact that unions were emerging under mil-

itant, progressive leadership. It was against this background that Governor Woolley announced in the Legislative Council that the Secretary of State had agreed to appoint an independent Constitutional Commission. Its terms of reference, released in October, 1950, required the body: ‘To review the franchise, the composition of the Legislative Council and the Executive Council, and any other related matters in the light of the economic and political development of the colony, Tota C. Mangar and to make recommendations.’ The Commission was comprised of Sir E.J. Waddington as Chairman, Professor Vincent T. Harlow and Dr Rita Hinden. The Waddington Commission arrived in British Guiana on December 15, 1950 and commenced its work in earnest. After several sittings involving individuals and organisations, including a delegation from the Peoples Progressive Party (PPP), formed in 1950, the Commission departed the colony to prepare its final report.

2. A Bicameral Legislature with a life of four years, comprising (a) A House of Assembly of 24 elected members and 3 ex-officio members, namely the Chief Secretary, the Attorney-General and the Financial Secretary. The House to be presided over by a Speaker appointed by the Governor from outside the Legislature. (b) A State Council comprising nine members, six to be appointed at the discretion of the Governor, two on the recommendations of the six elected Ministers, and one appointed after consultation with the independent and minority party members. 3. There would be an Executive Council consisting of the Governor as Chairman, with a casting vote; the six elected Ministers, the three Colonial Office appointees in the House of Assembly, and a member of the State Council. 4. The Governor would hold reserve veto powers for use at his discretion in the interest of “public order, public faith and good government”. This new Constitution was introduced via the British Guiana Order in Council of 1953. While it was an advancement over the previous one, it was promptly criticised by the architects of the incipient anti-colonial movement. Dr.Jagan argued that it was just another tactic of the British imperialists to perpetuate exploitation and maintain the old order; while Mr LFS Burnham claimed that: “It succeeded in illustrating that indeed the State is an instrument designed to maintain the dominance of the ruling class, and that there is no advance to be gained except by relentless and determined struggle.” The die had been cast. The working people had acquired a new concept of themselves and had won the sacred right to the vote. This was the essential precondition for mass-based political mobilization, and with the General Elections of 1953 under an unpopular Constitution just around the corner, the stage was set for the enactment of a liberation struggle that would test the mettle of the people, their leaders, and the imperial power.


GUYANA CHRONICLE Wednesday February 3, 2016

Eddy Grant to receive Lifetime Achievement Award AN international music festival and an awards show are slated for Guyana’s 50th Independence celebrations, and celebrated icon Eddy Grant is set to receive a Lifetime Achievement Award then. Guyanese musicians from 19 different countries

will return home to be part of the show. The Guyana Music Fest is billed for the National Stadium on April 30, and the awards ceremony is slated for the National Cultural Centre. The events are being staged by a group called Guyanese Canadian Artistic

‘Good to go’ remanded over ganja plot By Clestine Juan PORK-KNOCKER John Rodney of One Mile Squatting Area in Wismar, Linden appeared on Tuesday before Chief Magistrate Ann McLennan at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court, charged with cultivation and possession of marijuana. The 51-year-old defendant, also known as “Good to go”, pleaded not guilty to the charges, one of which stated that on January 31, at 14 Miles Issano, Upper Mazaruni, he had in his possession 1,196 grammes of marijuana. He also pleaded not guilty to cultivating the illegal substance. Representing the defendant was Attorney-at-law Mark Conway, who urged the court to consider the special reasons given by the defence for bail to be granted. Conway said that on the day in question, his client was not found in the vicinity of the plants, nor was his campsite nearby. However, Police Prosecutor Deniro Jones revealed that police ranks acting on information received went to the defendant’s 14 Miles Issano campsite and found the illicit substance after they had conducted a search. Subsequently under caution, Rodney reportedly took the police to another camp nearby, where ranks found John Rodney several small buckets hanging from the roof with the marijuana inside. Jones pointed out that the defendant told the officers he had “placed them inside to dry”. Magistrate Ann McLennan remanded the defendant to prison on grounds that the reasons given to the court were not considered as special reasons. The matter has been transferred to the Bartica Magistrate’s Court for February 18.

Incorporated. The organisers said Eddy Grant has agreed to accept the award, but there is no confirmation that he would perform at either of the events. “The annual events will provide a platform for all of Guyana’s musical talent,

at home and abroad, to be showcased in the local environment; and (would) seek to promote Guyana’s musical potential and reward those who have made a significant contribution to the music scene,” the organisers have said in a statement.

Eddy Grant


GUYANA CHRONICLE Wednesday February 3, 2016

Guyana offered support to fight Zika

By Svetlana Marshall CARICOM, UNICEF and Brazil have offered Guyana support in the fight to prevent the spread of the Zika virus here. That support was offered on Tuesday when the ministers and other officials from the Ministries of Public Health and Foreign Affairs met with regional and international stakeholders to discuss collaborative efforts to stave off the Zika virus. Among those present were UNICEF Representative to Guyana and Suriname, Marianne Flach; Director General of the Foreign Affairs Ministry, Audrey Jardine-Waddell; Deputy Head of Mission of the Brazilian Embassy, Sabinie Popoff; and Programme Manager of Health Sector Development at CARICOM, Dr Rudolph Cummings. The meeting was held

one day after WHO declared the Zika virus a public health emergency of international concern. The regional and international representatives gave assurances of their support to Guyana, which has to date recorded only one case of the Zika virus. Public Health Minister Dr George Norton has stressed the importance of all relevant stakeholders being involved in addressing the public health concern. The Public Health Ministry, through the Vector Control Services Department, currently has a schedule of fogging exercises for eight of Guyana’s 10 administrative regions, with the remaining two regions to be added soon. House-to-house activities and the distribution of mosquito nets continue. Director of Vector Control Services, Dr Horace Cox, has said that there will very soon be intensified surveil-

Public Health Minister Dr George Norton spearheading the stakeholders’ meeting lance at ports of entry, and public education materials will be distributed. He stressed the importance of community participation, and urged persons to prevent themselves from being bitten by mosquitoes and to eliminate possible breeding sites of mosquitoes. The Zika virus is transmitted by the Aedes Aegypti and

Aedes Polynesiensis mosquitoes. The Ministry of Public Health is urging persons to wear light coloured clothing which cover their bodies, arms and legs; apply insect repellent to exposed parts of their bodies, and use household insecticide sprays, coils and candles to avoid being bitten by mosquitoes. Additionally, all efforts

should be made to control possible breeding sites around the home, such as open black tanks, tires, plant containers, and other vessels which harbour fresh water. The Zika virus is considered a self-limiting disease, with symptoms lasting from four to seven days. It appears as a very moderate disease, with fever, headache, joint

and muscle pain, rash, and sometimes swelling of the limbs. Some persons may also experience vomiting, diarrhoea and abdominal pain. Pregnant women especially are advised to sleep under a mosquito net, since the Zika virus causes some abnormalities in developing foetuses.

Pensioner killed in home SIXTY-THREE-year-old Ramroop Rameshwar, a pensioner of Parika Sea Dam, East Bank Essequibo (EBE), was on Monday night robbed and killed at his home. He had worked as a cleaner at the Hydronie market, EBE.

His screams of “Murder!” and “Help!” went unanswered by neighbours, who chose to call the Parika Police Station. However, the police also did not respond until the following morning. The father of one, who had lived alone for decades,

was discovered gagged and bound at the entrance of his home. Residents in the area said he had recently been seen with lots of gold jewellery at the Parika market,

Wednesday February 3rd, 2016 - 13:30 hrs Thursday February 4th, 2016 - 14:00 hrs Friday February 5th, 2016 - 14:00 hrs

Dead: Ramroop Rameshwar where he had been seeking to sell the items. It is believed that this may have been the motive behind the robbery/ murder. His son, Annand Rameshwar, said a neighbour called him at 06:30 a.m. on Tuesday and told him that she had heard the screams of his father. “She said he was hollering for ‘murder!’ and ‘help!’ but

when she peep outside she didn’t see anything,” the son said. This son explained that his father had had a collection of gold jewellery that amounted to almost $3M. One woman said the dead man had borrowed $3,000 from someone, and was seeking to repay the debt, which had probably prompted him to sell his jewellery. After separating from his wife in 1975, he never remarried, and had only his son, who later moved on with his life. “Someone must have targeted him after they heard he was selling so much gold,” one man said. Another resident in the area disclosed that a call was made to the Parika Police Station and a report was made. However, the police visited the scene the following day, when the body was discovered at the door. “I know something was wrong when I see the top half of the door open so early in the morning… Then when we check, we realise

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GUYANA CHRONICLE Wednesday February 3, 2016

Adams-Patterson holds 2nd outreach in Linden MINISTER within the Ministry of Communities, with responsibility for housing, Mrs Valerie Adams-Patterson, on Tuesday held her second public day within two weeks in Linden. Accompanied by a team from the Ministry of Communities, the Minister held a consultation with several stakeholders, visited the fields, and then met with the residents in an effort to reduce within the system the number of active applications from Linden. On her previous visit, the Minister had informed the residents that there are currently no low-income house lots available in Linden, and only a few middle and high income lots remain. She also said that the available lots were not owned by the Ministry, but by the National Industrial and Commercial Investments Limited (NICIL), the Lands and Surveys Commission, and the town’s municipality. She met with representatives from these organisations and from the Guyana Power Light on Tuesday in an effort to have some of the lands transferred over to the Ministry, so that lands can be allocated to persons with applications dating back to the 1990s. The minister and her team visited several communities in Linden, and were successful in earmarking 20 lands. These will be allocated to persons with applications in the 90s and early 2000s. The minister explained to the eager residents that priority must

Minister Valerie Adams-Patterson be given to persons with earlier applications, since it would not be fair to sideline them for others applying during later periods. Minister Adams-Patterson placed her signature and an appointment date on the applications of those persons, giving them assurance that allocations will be made earliest.

Pensioner killed in home

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what really happen… He was found with his mouth gagged, hands tied behind his back, and feet bound… Is like he wiggled and crawled his way to the door before he dead,” a concerned resident explained. Rameshwar’s house is 20 minutes’ walking distance through a maze of shacks built on the Parika sea shore. The police have cordoned off the man’s home and intend to process the crime scene with the intention of solving the case. The body is at the Ezekiel Funeral Home awaiting a post-mortem.

The shack which Ramroop Rameshwar was killed in at Parika seashore

PATIENCE The minister and team were flocked by residents eager to be allocated house lots and titles for lots they have already paid for, and in some cases built on. Men, women, youths, young professionals, and single parents were among those who used the outreach to voice their concerns in the hope of getting favourable response from the Minister. She, in turn, requested that residents of Linden be patient, as the system cannot be changed overnight. “I am no miracle worker. I came and meet the system one way, and I’m trying to change it,” she said. She said that out of all the regions in Guyana, Region 10 was the only region that had no available land, and her mandate is not only to change this, but to provide the necessary amenities in the schemes where lands will be allocated. “When you get these lands, you must get light and water too, unless you want to go in with a flambeau lamp,” she remarked. Minister Adams-Patterson said she had made representation for Region 10 so that budgetary allocations would be given to make these provisions possible. The minister disclosed that there are currently 25,000 active applications within the system, and she pledged to work assiduously to have lands given out to the people before the completion of 2016.


GUYANA CHRONICLE Wednesday February 3, 2016

Fostering of excellence vs. perpetuation of mediocrity By: Akola Thompson CURRENTLY, there is the ever-growing belief that the ideal of academic excellence and opportunities belongs only to the elites, something which they jealously guard from poorer folks. While some of this may be true, excellence is

hard work, and not a birthright. Excellence is spending hours grunting over course materials, trying to understand rather than have someone hand you the answers. Recently, the University of Guyana’s Academic Board removed the number of sittings at CSEC for entry into the institution.

UG registrar Dr. Nigel Gravesande said that the move was made because of the belief that “access to tertiary education must always be seen as a fundamental right, and not (as) a privilege.” When I first heard of the university’s decision, Education Minister Dr. Rupert Roopnaraine’s statement

that he would consider himself a failure if, at the end of five years, UG is “not a thriving university that can meet international standards” came to mind. While I know Dr Roopnaraine is not directly involved in every going-on at the university, with this recent revelation, I think he might as well accept defeat with not even a year into his promise. We are clearly moving further away from achieving the goal of international standards. If anything, UG should be looking to incorporate more rigid admissions’ requirements, given that the current prerequisites are already lax. Entry requirements are there for a reason, particularly to ensure applicants are not accepted into programmes they are not prepared for. Therefore, in their attempt to provide students on their tenth sitting at CSEC their fundamental right to a university education, they are lowering the already low standards of the university, whose accreditation is spotty in most cases and non-existent in some. Frankly, there are at the moment more important matters to be dealt with than admission requirements. Admissions, I was made aware, are higher than they have been in years. Despite raising of the tuitions, for sustainable improvements yet to materialize, admissions have continued to rise while our standards have continued to drop, and ac-

creditations are being lost. The university has reached a stage at which one can just decide that one wants to be a student and that’s that. Anyone familiar with the UG application process knows that admission solely depends on grades, and for some programmes, even good grades cannot get them in because of the overwhelming amount of students already applying. So, definitely, UG cannot argue that the move was to get more students into college. To even be considered to attend other colleges which meet up to international standards, one would have to (1) have good grades, (2) write an admission letter and essay detailing why one is worthy of attending the institution (3) have recommendations, and maybe even go through an interview process. Upon acceptance, if a student cannot reasonably keep up with a course, that student is either kicked out or put on probation. I have never heard of such an instance at UG. Its sole purpose seems to be, despite academic achievement, to keep students enrolled so as to keep the influx of monetary gains. As a second-year university student, I do not believe that this is the way to go. With UG’s already slack admissions’ standards, I share classrooms with students who are not up to par. As a result, lectures

are not completed as fast as they should be, submission dates are constantly being pushed back, and the fail grades for each course are high. Someone made the claim that the move was one seeking inclusion of those who might not have been given a fair chance due to economic status. This opinion, I believe, is flawed, as this recent step by the university, in my opinion, will not help those who are economically or academically challenged. Instead, they will spend money on a degree that is not respected or accepted by employers here or overseas. Or, they will find themselves paying off student loans with the clerical job they might be lucky to find upon graduation, with their framed certificate hanging on the wall above their heads. I know that students do not learn at the same pace, and schools - especially universities -- tend to have ‘one size fits all’ courses, but this is not the way to go. The university does not need slacker admission standards; what it needs are a complete revamping, and new and innovative courses aimed at students who, like me, would rather write novels than read them, and create rather than analyse. We cannot be excellent in all areas, we all need a little mediocrity in our lives; just not in supposedly academic institutions hoping to become internationally recognised.

GUYANA CHRONICLE Wednesday February 3, 2016



GUYANA CHRONICLE Wednesday February 3, 2016

Minibus bursts into flames

A ROUTE 45 minibus caught fire on the Eccles Public Road, East Bank

Demerara in the midst of heavy Tuesday morning traffic.

Owner of the bus, Suegolam Kalicharran, said he and his son were

passengers at the time of the incident. “When the driver was in the traffic, we heard a sparking sound and saw smoke. We then disconnected the lug nut from the batteries, but by then there was a fire, and the

bus, which had half tank of gas, was on fire. People in the area assisted with buckets and other stuff to try and extinguish the fire,� he said. No one was injured but the minibus was completely destroyed, although

residents formed a bucket brigade and extinguished the fire. Kalicharran lamented that he had recently refurbished the bus and was heading over to the Demerara West Coast when the bus caught afire.

The bus on fire on the Eccles Public Road on Tuesday


GUYANA CHRONICLE Wednesday February 3, 2016

M&CC warns against construction on thoroughfares THE CITY Engineer’s Department of the Mayor and City Council (M&CC) on Monday had cause to remove the pickets installed on the parapet by Singh’s Roti Shop, at the corner of Carmichael and New Market Streets, Cummingsburg, Georgetown. The M&CC is urging business owner not to carry out any form of construction on the City’s thoroughfares without requisite permission from the City Engineer’s Department, according to its acting Public Relations Officer, Debra Lewis. During a visit around the city, she said, it was observed that Singh’s Roti Shop had installed metal pickets on the pavements in front of the premises. According to City Engineer Colvern Venture, the owner was not given any permission to do the construction. Ms Lewis explained that the owner of the building had requested permission in writing to install the metal pickets on the parapet. After receiving an application from the business owner, the Engineer’s Department had reportedly conducted a site visit to determine the suitability of the location for the pickets. “The permission was not granted based on the advice of the engineers that the installation of pickets would result in serious traffic hazards, since the area is at an intersection. Also, motorists desirous of parking have to do so in the carriageway, which can result in accidents,” Ms Lewis underscored. According to the City Engineer, the actions of the owner could result in harm to pedestrians and motorists. However,

The metal pickets installed at Singh’s Roti Shop being removed by M&CC workers from the pavements in front of the premises the owners still disregarded the recommendation of the Council and went ahead and installed the pickets. The Council wants to impress upon prospective builders in the City to seek permission of the municipality before they begin construction. This permission must be given in writing

Lawyers set for addresses to jury DEFENCE and prosecution lawyers in the Seelall Pharbu manslaughter trial will make their final addresses to the jury today. Thereafter, Madam Justice Jo-Ann Barlow will fix the time when she would sum up the case to the jury before handing the case over to them for consideration and verdict. Last Monday, Madam Justice Barlow admitted in evidence an alleged statement the accused had made, claiming that he was the licensed owner of a gun which had gone off accidentally while he was attempting to clean the weapon. The jury heard that Pharbu had unlawfully killed Premaul

Rampersaud, called ‘Romel’, on Sunday, November 13, 2011. Defence counsel Mr Glenn Hanoman had objected to the statement, which had led to the judge holding a voir-dire (a trial within a trial) to determine the issue. During the trial, witnesses testified that, on the day in question, they had heard two bangs, which had left Rampersaud dead and the accused armed with a gun. The result was that Seelall had subsequently been indicted by the State for manslaughter. Prosecutrix Miss Shonette Austin is conducting the case for the prosecution. The hearing is continuing.

by the City Engineer’s Department. It is illegal to construct or place anything on the Council’s thoroughfares without the permission of the Council. The Council has the right to remove any construction that is not duly authorised.

25 years for raping girl, 16 JUSTICE Navendra Singh has handed down a 25-year sentence to Colin Bess for raping a child under the age of 16. A 12-member jury in the High Court on Tuesday found Bess guilty of the charge, reportedly committed on April 2, 2013. The case was held in-camera. When asked by Justice Singh what he had to say, Bess told the court, “I am innocent of this charge.” Justice Singh, in response, told Bess that he should be protecting children.


Ally honoured as peace ambassador

MINISTER of Social Cohesion, Amna Ally, was on Sunday bestowed with the Universal Peace Federation Award and the title of Ambassador of Peace for her work in fostering social cohesion and national unity. National Chairman of the Universal Peace Federation, Roshan Khan, remarked that the Ministry of Social

GUYANA CHRONICLE Wednesday February 3, 2016

Cohesion plays a pivotal role in creating an enabling environment for unity and harmony in Guyana. He appealed to the nation to support the new Administration's social cohesion plan for the good of the country. According to a Ministry of the Presidency release, Mr Khan also said that every Guyanese should work

Minister of Social Cohesion, Amna Ally, receiving the Peace Ambassadors' Certificate from Chairman of the Universal Peace Federation, Roshan Khan, as Pastor Ronald McGarrell, Secretary of the Federation, looks on (Ministry of the Presidency photo) tirelessly to eliminate barriers that create disharmony, and embrace the Minister and her Ministry's efforts to eliminate inequalities and divisions. In addition, the leaders of the Federation have said that one of the main goals of the award is to propagate world peace with the intention of fostering unity among mankind. Ambassadors are identified based on their roles and contributions to society. Awardees are usually recognised for their commitment to promoting reconciliation, building peace, initiating mediation processes, and promoting harmony.

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Latin America population to reach 625 million - by 2016, says ECLAC

BY MID-2016, the number of inhabitants in Latin America will rise to 625 million, more than six million above the estimated total population in mid-2015, according to the latest population projections made by the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC). This figure represents almost twice the population registered in 1975, when there were 316 million inhabitants, according to the most recent publication by the Demographic Observatory. Latin America’s population continued growing up to 512 million inhabitants in 2000, and it is estimated that it will rise to 680 million in 2025 and 779 million in 2050. The document also indicates that by mid-2014, 612 million people lived in the region, of which 310 million were women, while men accounted for 302 million. That same year, the total population growth rate, which represents an observed variation as the result of births, deceases and migration movements, was 11.4 for every thousand people at a regional level. By countries, the greatest rates were in Guatemala (20.8), Panama (16.4) and Bolivia (16.1). Additionally, Latin America’s ageing index was 41.1 people of 60 years and over for every 100 people under 15 years old. Cuba (113.8), Uruguay (87.9) and Chile (73.5) had the highest indexes; while on the opposite end were Guatemala (18.6), Haiti (20.0) and Honduras (21.5). The report also states that by mid-2014, life expectancy at birth rose to 74.8 years on average in the whole region, with national variations that fluctuated between 62.6 years in the case of Haiti and 81 years in Chile. On the other hand, the 2014 global fertility rate -- understood as the average number of children born to a woman who, during her fertile life, was subjected to 2014 fertility rates by age -- was 2.1 in the whole region. In the analysis by country, the rate was below two in the cases of Cuba, Chile, Brazil, Costa Rica and Colombia; and over three in the cases of Guatemala, Bolivia and Haiti. In this edition, the Demographic Observatory dedicated a special chapter to analyse the drop in infant mortality in recent decades, in which there was more progress than expected. In that sense, the report recalls that the projections made in 1990 indicated that, in 2015, Latin America would have a rate of around 29 deaths of children under one year old for every 1,000 born alive. However, current estimates show that this rate would have dropped in 2015 to 19 deaths on a regional average, with variations from 5.4 in Cuba to 41.3 in Haiti.


By mid-2016, the number of inhabitants in Latin America will rise to 625 million, more than six million above the estimated total population in mid-2015, says ECLAC


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Abusive Harbour Bridge man had gambling debt

TULSI Persaud Jr, who passed away on Monday night in a private city hospital after drinking a poisonous substance, is alleged to have owed a debt on his vehicle, which he had reportedly pawned through his gambling activities.

A video of Persaud (not related to the owners of the Toolsie Persaud company) lashing out at a policeman at the Demerara Harbour Bridge went viral on Facebook. Some have claimed that he ingested poison after the bullying he had received

on Facebook after the video was posted, but Persaud’s close relatives have said that he had been addicted to gambling and his death is not related to the video posted online. Mr Persaud had reportedly attempted suicide twice in

the past. According to some of his close relatives, Mr Persaud had been in the habit of gambling large sums of money and he had reportedly recently pawned his Toyota Tundra for $500,000 in order to pay off debts. The Guyana Chronicle

- had pawned vehicle

was reliably informed that the man had been involved in gambling bets, some of which he had lost, and he had made desperate attempts to borrow money from relatives to reclaim his vehicle. However, the relatives whom he had approached did not offer him any assistance, and that is reportedly the reason why he has ended his life. The video was posted on social media last month end, and featured him hurling abuses at a police officer who was directing traffic at the Demerara Harbour Bridge(DHB). Commuters gathered as the man continuously hurled abuses at the traffic rank and persons in the vicinity. The man’s actions were recorded over a 10-minute period. The video attracted thousands of views and dozens of comments on social media, with most persons condemning his ac-

Tulsi Persaud Jr hurling abuses at a traffic rank at the Demerara Harbour Bridge in an incident that occurred several weeks ago tions and many believing he was from the Toolsie Persaud Company, hence they suggested that his actions were typical of rich folks trying to get privileges.

Another evaluation for murder accused MURDER accused Ali Mohamed, who allegedly bludgeoned his elderly bedridden father Mohammed Suleiman to death at their home, was last week ordered by Magistrate Fabayo Azore to undergo another psychiatric evaluation. Prosecutor Stephen Telford explained that, almost a year ago, the defendant was ordered to have this done after his attorney had contended that his client was not competent to stand trial. However, since January 20 last year, the State’s psychiatrist, Dr Bhiro Harry, has been unable to see Mohamed. Telford said that Dr Harry is allowed to visit the court only once a month, and he requested that another report be made for the accused to see the doctor. The magistrate ruled in favour of a new report, which will be heard on February 29. According to reports, Suleiman had been bedridden for over three years, suffering from a stroke. On January 15, 2015, at their Providence Public Road home, Mohamed’s sister called on him to receive his medicine, but he retaliated by arming himself with a piece of wood, with which he dealt his sister several lashes, causing her to run out of the house. The accused is said to have run into the bedroom of his bedridden father and committed the act for which he is charged. Suleiman was taken to the Diamond Diagnostic Centre before being rushed to the Georgetown Public Hospital, where he succumbed to his injuries.


GUYANA CHRONICLE, Wednesday February 3, 2016


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GUYANA CHRONICLE Wednesday February 3, 2016

GUYANA CHRONICLE Wednesday February 3, 2016



GUYANA CHRONICLE Wednesday February 3, 2016

GUYANA CHRONICLE Wednesday February 3, 2016



GUYANA CHRONICLE Wednesday February 3, 2016

GUYANA CHRONICLE Wednesday February 3, 2016



GUYANA CHRONICLE Wednesday February 3, 2016

GUYANA CHRONICLE Wednesday February 3, 2016



GUYANA CHRONICLE Wednesday February 3, 2016


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Windies U19s beat ... From Backpage

65 in 32.5 overs after being sent in to bat by Bangladesh with Saleh Ahmed, skipper Mehidy Hasan and Ariful Islam claiming two wickets each. Bangladesh lost Pinak Ghosh in the first over, but an unbeaten 34 from Joyraz Sheik steered the hosts to an easy victory in the 16th over. Bangladesh ended the league with three successive wins and will now play surprise qualifier Nepal in the first quarter-final in Mirpur on February 5, while another qualifier Namibia, who knocked out defending champions South Africa, will take on India on Saturday in Fatullah for a place in the semi-finals. Saleh said the comfortable victory had made him and the rest of the team hungry for more. “We not only want to defeat Nepal in the quarter-final, but also win the semi-final and the final. We want to be the world champions,” he said. Namibia captain Zane Green rued his team’s bad batting but vowed to put up a better show against India. “It was not our best batting performance and a total of 65 was always going to be too little to defend,” he said. “We should have added at least 100 more runs to make it competitive. “But we will stay positive against India and will not back down.”

South Africa finished third in the group after a 10-wicket rout of Scotland in Cox’s Bazar, the first win in the tournament for skipper Tony de Zorzi’s men. Electing to field, South Africa bowled out Scotland for 127 with Dayyaan Galiem, Wiaan Mulder, Sean Whitehead and de Zorzi taking two wickets each. The South Africans raced to victory in 29 overs without losing a wicket as openers Kyle Verreynne and Liam Smith returned unbeaten with identical scores of 64 not out and in a similar number of deliveries (87). In the Plate Championship quarter-finals, South Africa will play Ireland tomorrow and on the same day, Scotland will meet New Zealand. “It was good to bounce back in the tournament,” de Zorzi said. “We still have a job to do in the matches coming up so it was good to get a win under the belt. “The guys have shown immense character and responsibility, knowing that we have a lot of people to play for at home. We could not get the results we wanted but we still wear our colours with pride and honour. “We are definitely determined to win the Plate Championships. The boys know we have a job to do.”

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PMTC, Force XI ladies take top honours in Orealla Outreach Volleyball tournament

THE Port Mourant Training Centre’s (PMTC) Volleyball Club proved that they are a force to be reckoned with by winning the Berbice Volleyball Association’s (BVA) organised Orealla Outreach Volleyball Competition which was played over the weekend in the riverine community of Orealla on the Corentyne River. From the outset of the final the PMTC boys were in control, led by some power hitting and set play from the likes of captain Davendra Latchman, Adrel Moore, Joshua Jagmohan, Ian Bagot, Trevon McRae, Luen David and Tevon Khan. They completely blew open the Strikes-gate before they could have shut it and outshone them in every aspect for the easy win. The PMTC’s only blemish was a loss to Albion United in a preliminary game while for their part 3 Door Strikes’ only loss was to PMTC in the final. The other coastland team were the No.53 Survivors. Earlier, PMTC smashed past Falcons of Orealla 20-10

teams participated with seven from the Orealla/Siparuta area. To compete in the competition the team undertook the arduous journey with some five other teams - four males and one female - from the coastland that took them more that 100 miles with over 60 miles being up the Corentyne River. The PMTC contingent made sure that their laborious undertaking was not in vain as they took top spot by steamrolling fellow coastlanders, De Edward’s Three Door Strikes in the final 20-13, 20-7. The female segment saw two Orealla teams forcing their way into the final with Force X1 A defeating Force X1 B, 15-10, 15-4 to win with ease. Five other female teams namely Siparuta, Reggae Girls A and B, Falcons and the lone Winners of the female competition, Force XI, strike a pose after coastland team Black Birds receiving their trophy from BVA president Levi Nedd. participated and were earlier in their semi-final game whilst gae Boys A, Force X1 B, Force played unbeaten with victories blown away in the round-robin Three Door Strikes had to pull X1 A and Siparuta, losing over No. 53 Survivors, Force segment. At the end of the competition out all the stops to edge past to  Albion at 13-15, with Si- X1 C, Reggae Boys B and Siparuta 20-19 in a thriller. paruta ending runners-up in Falcons with Falcons being the winning PMTC teams and PMTC had defeated Reg- that group. 3 Door Strikes had the runners-up.  Some 11 male runners-up 3 Door Strikers were

presented with their trophies by Toshao David Henry and president of the BVA Levi Nedd. The winning female Force X1 ‘A’ team and runners-up Force X1 B teams were presented with their accolades by Toshao Henry, Nedd and assistant organiser Kishan Persaud. There was also an Under-19 male competition which was won by PMTC as they defeated both Orealla and No 53 Survivors. Earlier PMTC defeated a combined Orealla/Siparuta male team in an exhibition game while the combined Orealla/Siparuta female team won against Black Birds in an exhibition match to get the activity started. There were also exhibition games for the females U-19 and U-15 males with Orealla/Siparuta taking on their counterparts from the coast. The occasion was dubbed as history-making by Toshao Henry, president Nedd and the hundreds who gathered. Toshao Henry served the first ball and also represented one of the teams in the competition.

English clubs spending passes one billion pounds By Martyn Herman LONDON, England (Reuters) - English clubs took their spending on players for the season soaring past one billion pounds on Monday, but the biggest signing on transfer deadline day was that of a manager as Manchester City confirmed Pep Guardiola will take over this summer. A relatively quiet final day for Europe’s mid-season transfer window saw the biggest deals done by mid-table Premier League clubs. Everton shelled out £13.5 million to bring Senegal striker Oumar Niasse from Russian Premier League club Lokomotiv Moscow while Stoke City shattered their club record by signing French midfielder Giannelli Imbula from Porto for £18.3 million shortly before the window closed. Deloitte said the £175 million ($252.42M) spent by English clubs was the highest for a January transfer window since the £225 million spent in the 2010/11 window. Manchester City, who spent £100 million in the summer to bring in Kevin De Bruyne and Raheem Sterling, did not add to their squad in the window but

power of the Premier League’s smaller clubs. Spanish giants Barcelona and Real Madrid enjoy a huge financial advantage over their La Liga rivals while Bayern Munich have a similar advantage in the Bundesliga. However, in the Premier League, where a new three-year £5.1 billion television deal kicks in next season, the world’s top talent is within reach of all 20 clubs, levelling the playing field to a certain extent. That spending power also ensures an element of unpre-

Everton have signed Senegal striker Oumar Niasse from Lokomotiv Moscow in a £13.5 million deal. Guardiola is unlikely to be the only big-name arrival at the Abu Dhabi United Groupowned club in July. City’s current manager, Manuel Pellegrini, stunned a pre-match news conference on Monday by saying he would leave the club on June 30. Shortly afterwards, City announced that Bayern Munich manager Guardiola, one of the world’s most respected coaches who won 14 titles in four years at Barcelona, including the Champions League twice, had agreed a three-year contract. His arrival will more

give weight to the Premier League’s claim to being the most attractive league in the world. City’s rivals sat up and took notice, with Liverpool manager Juergen Klopp saying Guardiola was on a mission to conquer Europe. “Pep won everything in Spain, nearly everything in Germany, so I think he wants to win everything in England; that is clear.” SPENDING POWER While Guardiola will have a huge war chest to add to the squad in the summer, he might be surprised by the spending

dictability and sees champions Chelsea flirting with the relegation zone this season and outsiders Leicester City challenging for the league title. Unfashionable Stoke, who sit ninth in the Premier League, broke their transfer record when signing Swiss forward Xherdan Shaqiri from Inter Milan in August for £12 million but blew past that figure with the capture of Imbula on Monday. Relegation-threatened Newcastle United spent a reported £25 million on En-

gland internationals Andros Townsend from Tottenham Hotspur and Jonjo Shelvey from Swansea City. Fellow strugglers Sunderland also made a clutch of signings while Watford, Bournemouth and Norwich City have all been busy. Ominously for fans of bottom club Aston Villa though, not a penny was spent to boost their seemingly hopeless task of avoiding relegation, leading to speculation about the future of manager Remi Garde.

Raina to captain Rajkot IPL team, Hodge named as coach NEW DELHI, India (Reuters) - India limited-overs specialist Suresh Raina is to captain the new Indian Premier League (IPL) franchise in Rajkot, the team announced yesterday, while confirming Australian Brad Hodge as the side’s coach. Pune and Rajkot were unveiled as the new teams in the lucrative Twenty20 competition, in December, replacing Chennai and Rajasthan, who were handed two-year suspensions for

their involvement in an illegal betting scandal. “Suresh Raina is a remarkable player with an impeccable record in all formats of the game,” franchise owner Keshav Bansal said in a statement, announcing the team would be called the Gujarat Lions. “His extensive experience combined with his great leadership skills will help us in putting together a winning strategy for the team.” Having played for three IPL teams, Hodge is famil-

iar with the popular tournament. Back home, the 41-year-old captained Adelaide Strikers in this year’s Big Bash League (BBL), while also taking on an assistant coaching role. “We finalised Brad Hodge as the team coach on the basis of his successful contribution to the Australian national team and his excellent stint in the IPL,” Bansal said. “I am confident that our team will benefit immensely from his guidance and mentorship.”


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Vardy double keeps Leicester out in front

LONDON, (Reuters)-Jamie Vardy scored twice, including a breathtaking volley, as Premier League leaders Leicester City beat Liverpool 2-0 at home yesterday to stay three points clear of the chasing pack led by Manchester City. City ground out a 1-0 win at second-bottom Sunderland thanks to Sergio Aguero's 12th goal in his last 10 league games to set up a blockbuster clash between the two leading clubs this weekend at the Etihad Stadium. Faltering Arsenal failed to win for a fourth league game in succession as they suffered a night of frustration at home to Southampton in a 0-0 stalemate. They slipped to fourth, behind north London rivals Tottenham Hotspur who cruised to a 3-0 win at Norwich City with Harry Kane twice on the scoresheet after Dele Alli had given the visitors the lead after two minutes. Fifth-placed Manchester United's Old Trafford goal drought ended with a 3-0 win against Stoke City with Jesse Lingard, Anthony Martial and Wayne Rooney all on target. Leicester have 50 points from 24 games, Manchester City have 47 with Tottenham and Arsenal on 45. United have 40. Bottom club Aston Villa's hopes of avoiding relegation suffered another setback when they had Jordan Ayew sent off after 17 minutes for elbowing Aaron Cresswell before slipping to a predictable 2-0 defeat at sixth-placed West Ham United. Bournemouth gained three vital points with a 2-1 victory at Crystal Palace, moving them seven points above the bottom three, while Swansea City are five points clear of the drop zone after drawing 1-1 at West Bromwich Albion.

Global Technology win GHB’s Stag Beer Seven-a-Side Mixed tournament THE Global Technology-sponsored team last Sunday won the Guyana Hockey Board’s, Stag Beer-sponsored Seven-aSide tournament which was contested at the St Stanislaus ground, Carifesta Avenue. Apart from winning the tournament, the team also took home a share of the $100 000 first prize and two cases of STAG beer, while the runners-up 704 Sports Bar took home silver medals, $20 000 and two cases of STAG beer. Although staged in 2016, this tournament was the 2015 version which was postponed due to weather, but the club intends to stage its 2016 edition later this year. Hikers will now turn their focus to prepare for their Junior Indoor Tournament also to be staged later this year. In the final of the tournament, the much anticipated game saw 704 Sports Bar

Global Technology players celebrate their victory after winning the GHB’s Stag Beer-sponsored Mixed Seven-a-Side hockey tournament last Sunday. and Global Technology ended Jason DeSantos put his and 1 point respectively to after a first-half blitz, led by side further ahead in the round out Group A. AntoGlobal’s Jamarj Assanah, first minute of the second nio’s Grille dominated Group who scored in the 6th and 7th half with a clinical strike. B to qualify as the top team minutes. Stefan King opened Although 704 Sports Bar with 10 points, while Global the proceedings in the 3rd created several goal-scor- Technology qualified second minute. Allana McCullock ing opportunities they on 7 points with Jai Signs put her side up four on the were all repelled by na- & Designs, Java Coffee Bar stroke of halftime with a tional goalkeeper Medroy and Sonic Boom ending on 5 penalty corner strike. Scotland to preserve his points, 5 points and 0 point side’s 5-0 advantage to the respectively. final whistle. The tournament atIn the crossover semi- tracted 100 of Guyana’s finals, both second-place best male and female playteams turned the tables on ers that bullied off the their higher ranked coun- year in fine style by repterparts with narrow vic- resenting 10 corporate tories. Global Technology sponsors in the one-day upset Antonio’s Grille 2-1 competition. through a Jason DeSantos Group A comprised AMP double, while 704 Sports Air Conditioning, C & F Bar got the better of Cell Meat Centre, Global TechPhone Shack Plum 1-0 nology, Cell Phone Shack through a Mark Sargeant Plum and Elegance Boutique, strike. In the third-place while in Group B there were playoff Antonio’s Grille 704 Sports Bar, Antonio’s edged Cell Phone Shack Grille, Jai Signs & Designs, Plum thanks to a Shane Java Coffee Bar and Sonic Lennox Blackmoore Samuels double. Boom. in round two, in the process In the round robin stage The tournament, which denied Guyana a chance of its of the tournament Cell Phone is unique to the local scene, first world title. Shack Plum was the only is mixed in two ways. FirstHe engaged in his last team to emerge with a per- ly, teams are made up of professional battle in June fect record of four wins from both men and women with 1986 when he defeated four matches, while Global the requirement that no Wayne Harris to be crowned Technology qualified for the more than three outfield Guyana’s super weltersemifinal in second place players must be of the same weight champion. Blackwith 9 points. Elegance Bou- sex and secondly the teams moore turned to training after that and assisted `Vitique, C & F Meat Centre must be made up of a mixcious’ Vivian Harris to a and AMP Air Conditioning ture of players from differworld title in 2002. ended on 6 points, 1 point ent clubs.

Manchester United rekindle glory days with 3-0 win over Stoke NOTABLE DATES

LONDON, (Reuters)-Manchester United reminded their fans of a bygone era after a superb performance gave the winners of a record 20 English league titles a 3-0 home win over Stoke City in the Premier League yesterday. Jesse Lingard and Anthony Martial struck in the first half and Wayne Rooney was on target after the interval, scoring his 99th league goal at Old Trafford and taking his Premier League tally in January to five goals and two

Wayne Rooney scored his 99th league goal at Old Trfford.

assists. The result kept United in the hunt for a top-four finish, while it also eased the pressure on Dutch manager Louis van Gaal. Before the kick-off, fans paid tribute to the club’s players and staff who perished in the Munich air crash on Feb. 6 1958 as the Stretford End unveiled a giant flag showing the victims’ images and the famous chant “We’ll never die.” In line with the adventurous philosophy which spurred United to win a haul of trophies under former manager Alex Ferguson, they finally reverted to the attacking football that had been missing under Van Gaal. But the heavily criticised 64-year-old could finally afford a smile as a fired up Rooney, backed by a fluid support cast of Lingard, Martial and Juan Mata, fired on all cylinders.

COUNTER-puncher Lennox Blackmoore won a 10-round fight against Trinidadian Michael Drayton on February 2, 1975 at the National Sports Hall. The 24-year-old Blackmoore was ahead on points when the final bell was sounded. The talented Guyanese lightweight earned his sixth victory against Drayton and reeled off nine more wins, inclusive of the Commonwealth title, before his next defeat. He won the national lightweight title in June 1975 after knocking out Green in the 14th round. Blackmoore was 13-1 when he met Jonathan Dele on October 1, 1977 in Lagos, Nigeria and captured the Commonwealth title after defeating the Nigerian. The orthodox boxer then challenged WBA super lightweight champion Aaron `The Hawk’ Pryor in June 1981. Pryor won the bout by a TKO


GUYANA CHRONICLE, Wednesday February 3, 2016

CPL announces record applications for CPL Player Draft 2016 A RECORD number of local and international stars have been officially registered for the HERO Caribbean Premier League (CPL) Player Draft which takes place on February 11 in Barbados. Commenting on this year’s record list of applicants both in the West Indies and across the world, Director of International Cricket for CPL, Tom Moody said: “Some of the leading names in world cricket have signalled their intention to join the biggest party in sport at the CPL, so this year’s competition is sure to be our most exciting to date. “Outside of our ‘marquee’ players, there are international players of the highest standard including a host of World champions, and a myriad of players who continue to entertain and enrich the global game. “It is without doubt our most competitive roster and it is exciting to see such a high standard across the established and emerging nations around the world. That players from 14 nations have entered the Draft illustrates the global reach of the CPL, and with a sizeable increase in the West Indies contingent which is up by over one-fifth this year, it is clear that the T20 game is growing from strength to strength.” Amongst the list of West Indies talent who are in the frame for the six franchises this year are stars of the calibre of Chris Gayle (a winner of the inaugural competition with Jamaica Tallawahs back in 2013), West Indies World T20 captain Darren Sammy and Lendl Simmons. Darren and Dwayne Bravo are set to join the number one ranked T20 international bowler Samuel Badree, as well as Sunil Narine and Kieron Pollard, who was such a driving force in Barbados reaching last year’s final before being edged by eventual winners Trinidad & Tobago. To supplement the outstanding pool of local talent on display, some of the biggest names in international cricket will bid

to join the five marquee players - Faf du Plessis, Martin Guptill, Brendon McCullum, Kumar Sangakkara and Shane Watson - who were confirmed last week. Among the assembled overseas stars is a 34-strong South African contingent headed by prolific top order batsman Hashim Amla, leg-spinner Imran Tahir and fast bowler Morne Morkel. There is sure to be a strong Pakistan presence in the tournament, which takes place from the end of June until the beginning of August, with one of the stars of last year’s CPL for Barbados Shoaib Malik included among a plethora of big names including Shahid Afridi, Misbah-ul-Haq (who has played in both St Lucia and Barbados to date) and left-arm fast bowler Wahab Riaz. Across the continents, there will be seven Bangladeshis (including Shakib Al Hasan who is one of the finest all-rounders in world cricket), while there will also be seven Afghanistan players which is indicative of their recent rise in the shortest format of the game. Sri Lanka, currently ranked third in the T20 team rankings, will have 20 representatives in the frame including legends Tillekaratne Dilshan and Lasith Malinga who will be looking to join their compatriot Sangakkara. There will be 23 players from Australia in the Draft, including a blend of experience in Brad Haddin, Brad Hodge and Michael Hussey allied to a crop of up-andcoming talent, and a further 11 New Zealanders, including the likes of Nathan McCullum. Of the current ICC World T20 player rankings, nine of the top 20 batsmen could be set to feature in this summer’s CPL: du Plessis (fourth place), Guptill (fifth), Gayle (seventh), Zimbabwe’s Hamilton Masakadza (eighth), Afghanistan’s Mohammad Shahzad (ninth), Dilshan (13th), Brendon McCullum (15th), Watson (17th) and Umar Akmal (18th). Four of the top five bowlers in the T20 rankings are

CRICKET QUIZ CORNER (Wednesday February 03, 2016) Compliments of THE TROPHY STALL-Bourda Market & The City Mall (Tel: 225-9230) & AUDREY’S TASTY SNACKETTE-176 Charlotte Street, Georgetown (Tel: 226-4512) Answers to yesterday’s quiz: 1977 (WI vs PAK) 1988 (WI vs PAK) Today’s Quiz: How many wickets Wes Hall took in Tests? Which WI has scored most ODI runs without hitting a century? Answers in tomorrow’s issue

… Tom Moody hails ‘most competitive roster’ in CPL history

Tom Moody

also in the frame with the list headed by West Indian leg-spinner Badree, Afridi (third), Sachithra Senanayake (fourth) and Graeme Cremer (fifth), with Malinga (seventh) and Tahir (ninth) also among the leading lights in contention. With coveted spots up for grabs from the ICC Americas region, there is sure to be a lot of interest across North America as

players from Canada (seven) and the USA (10), who recently competed in the NAGICO Super50 competition, all aiming to book one of the six coveted places. England (two), Ireland (two), Scotland (two) and Netherlands (one) will be the European representatives hoping to secure a place in the CPL. Sixteen of the 157 West Indies players to register have

already been retained ahead of the draft, leaving 141 eligible for selection on draft day. This is 25 more than the 116 who vied for spots at last year’s Draft and represents a 22% increase. Coupled with an 18% increase in international player registration, this is further illustration of the CPL’s growing stature as one of the foremost tournaments in T20 cricket.

Beginners Table Tennis ongoing at National Gymnasium THE ongoing Ministry of Education-Department of Sport/ National Sports Commission/ Guyana Table Tennis Association (GTTA) Beginners’ Table Tennis Coaching Programme is ongoing at the National Gymnasium with several positives beginning to show forth. Several persons are grasping the understanding of the sport and its principles, according to the GTTA. The course, which commenced on Monday, January 18 and will conclude on February 12 at the National Gymnasium, Mandela Avenue, currently engages students from 30 secondary schools in central Georgetown. The programme attracted 17 schools for the first session, namely Christ Church, Dolphin, School of the Nations, New Campbellville, North

Some Marian Academy students during a session Georgetown, North Ruimveldt, Queen’s College, Marian Academy, St George’s, St John’s College, St Rose’s, Tucville, Kingston, Queenstown, Sophia Special School, St Barnabas Special School

and Freeburg, with over 275 students. Schools expected for the second session are: Bishops’ High, St Joseph, Tutorial, St Mary’s and Central High; Brickdam, Charlestown, Lodge,

East Ruimveldt, Richard Ishmael and South Georgetown, St Stanislaus College and David Rose. The coaches are Xenophon Goliah, Michael Kellman and Linden Johnson.

Chanderpaul forced to retire, but commitment to Guyana still strong By George Dobell

SHIVNARINE Chanderpaul has insisted he has not retired from domestic cricket and intends to resume playing for Guyana within a couple of weeks. In an episode that sheds light on the sometimes toxic relationship between the West Indies Cricket Board and Caribbean players, Chanderpaul has expressed resentment at being obliged to announce his international retirement in order to gain a No Objection Certificate to play in the Masters Champions League currently taking place in the UAE. Chanderpaul, 41, has not played international cricket since May 2015 and was omitted from the list of contracted WICB players in December. “I was given a No Objection Certificate by WICB with a clause in it that I retire on the 23rd,” Chanderpaul told ESPNcricinfo. “If I didn’t announce my retirement they would have taken it back.

“I have spoken to Guyana already. I know the chairman wants me to go back and play. “They have a game against Trinidad starting on February 12. Then Barbados, then Windward Islands, Leeward Islands and Jamaica. Those are games that I’ve talked to them already about going back to play. I’ve not retired from firstclass matches. I’ve retired from international games. “I wasn’t being picked to play for West Indies anymore and there was nothing else for me to do. So I decided I would come out here to the UAE and play some cricket.” While Chanderpaul earns a modest fee per match for representing Guyana, it is dwarfed by the rewards on offer - around $30 000 for just over two weeks involvement with the MCL. “I don’t have a contract with anybody. No local boards; no West Indies board. I’ve been playing for Guyana because the coach and chair-

man saw the value of having me around as a player. They pay me a match fee and I play and try and help the young fellas as much as I can. “Anything is possible in life. You can go into retirement; you can come out of retirement. It is my choice. I’m definitely still hungry to play. It’s something I’ve done most of my life. There is still passion and hunger to play.” Criticising the “brute force and ignorance” of unspecified former players, Chanderpaul is currently enjoying the stress-free - and lucrative - environment provided by the MCL. Irritation lingers, however, at the manner in which his international ‘retirement’ was handled, with no recognition given to his illustrious record for the West Indies or the fact that he is contracted neither to the board or Guyana. “You can’t (chose the way you go); not with those guys,” he said. “It’s the way we’re

being treated. It’s still going on and it’s not changing. We’re being treated like that and worse sometimes. That’s how it goes. “Some of the past players had better times in their career. They don’t want to change. They want to stay the same way; have the same attitude. “But you can’t bring the same thing to the table every time because you’re not going to go anywhere. We’re not going forward. We’re just going down. They’re creating some problems. “As much as you’re saying we have past players, they are the ones who are creating the problem because they have their ways - their old ways - and there’s brute force and ignorance and they’re still carrying it around and still expecting things to go the same way. “You feel much better just coming out here to play (in the MCL); without all the stress, without all the other stuff that’s going on.”


GUYANA CHRONICLE, Wednesday February 3, 2016

Major League Baseball franchise academy for Guyana? By Stephan Sookram MOVES are afoot between a Major League Baseball (MLB) side and the Guyana Baseball League (GBL) to set up an academy and training centre in Guyana, according to president of the local chapter Robin Singh. Singh spoke exclusively to Chronicle Sport yesterday confirming that MLB side the Baltimore Orioles, an American professional baseball team based in Baltimore,

Maryland are interested in developing a facility that will house and nurture talent as well as hone players’ skills. According to Singh, who spoke of discussions with the franchise, “If you (GBL) get your land we will build an academy here; it will not be an academy for Guyanese only but we will have guys coming from Venezuela, Colombia, the Dominican Republic to train here, because it’s a location that’s cheap in terms of cost of living and

No player was forced to retire - WICB

ST JOHN’s, Antigua – On Tuesday (January 26), the West Indies Cricket Board (WICB) issued a statement regarding issuing of No Objection Certificates (NOCs) for four players from the region regarding their participation in the new Masters Champion League (MCL)). The NOCs were granted on the basis that the players were well aware of their decisions to retire from international and therefore allowing them to be eligible for participation in the inaugural tournament. The MCL is an approved tournament of the International Cricket Council (ICC) and the rules clearly state that the participants, to be eligible, must have retired from international cricket. The players who were granted the NOCs are Tino Best, Krishmar Santokie, Fidel Edwards and Shivnarine Chanderpaul, all of who were sent the rules after which they all issued official letters of resignation. The following is an excerpt of a note from the Operations Department of the WICB “We wish to advise that the MCL is for players who have announced their retirement from International cricket. Kindly advise by 16:30hrs Eastern Caribbean Time on Saturday January 23, 2016 in writing if you have retired from International cricket. Should you not indicate by the deadline, we will be forced to revoke any NOC, issued for the tournament.” The Operations Department’s reason for sending that note was to ensure that the players were aware. The tournament has since started and will end on Saturday, February 13. Chanderpaul last played for the West Indies in May 2015 in a series against England in the Caribbean. In the first Test in Antigua where the game was drawn, Chanderpaul had 46 and 13 runs in the home team’s two innings. In the second Test in Grenada where England won by nine wickets, he scored 1 and 7 runs in the two innings. In the third Test in Barbados where West Indies won by 5 wickets, he scored 25 and 0 runs in the two innings. He was not selected for the Australia series in the Caribbean; the West Indies tour of Sri Lanka or the recently concluded tour of Australia. Chanderpaul now plays with the Guyana Jaguars in the 4-Day PCL and the NAGICO Super50.

... GBL in the process of securing land

This is one of the more modern designs for a baseball academy; most recently used by the Chicago Cubs for their Dominican academy. It features the same 4-field layout that is being discussed by the GBL and the Baltimore Orioles and could possibly be the layout used here

the weather is beyond great all year round.” He noted that the fran-

train) here. They (the Orioles) see this as an expansion from the Dominican Republic,”

of land to build not only a baseball facility but other recreational facilities.”

“The chance to open an academy like that here can’t be missed. It’s a window of opportunity that we are in because of our local talent,”GBL President Robin Singh GBL president Robin Singh chise is willing to fund an all-weather surface with lights with his organisation asking specifically for a school and dormitory for those persons who are preparing for international tournaments. One such country that has already benefited from facilities of this nature is the Dominican Republic, in which the Orioles as well as several other teams (Chicago Cubs, Cleveland Indians and the New York Hockey) have set up camps and Singh hopes that Guyana can be another. “So we will have basically subsidised training at a high class facility; a dedicated field for Guyana and then three other fields for the international players who would come and play (and

contended the GBL boss. Moving to discussions on the land, he noted that they had secured land from

He continued, “If you visited the Dominican Republic’s baseball academies, it’s like a Five-Star

“You could be a world class star earning $20M a year and they send you back to the academy to sharpen you up to move forward.” - GBL President Robin Singh the previous government close to elections but based on ethics, he humbly declined the land, stating that they would restart the process after the election period. Currently, the body is in talks with the new government about the possibility and location of the facility, Singh saying “We’ve restarted the process of acquiring a decent-sized, 20 plus acres

resort. It is held to a very high standard; you have dorms for kids but then you have high-end facilities because you have multimillionaire players coming to train at them as a player, not as a coach.” Those facilities, the GBL boss noted, are not only for new talent but for established players, adding, “You could be a world class star earning $20M a year and they send

you back to the academy to sharpen you up to move forward.” “The chance to open an academy like that here can’t be missed. It’s a window of opportunity that we are in because of our local talent,” the administrator contended, adding, “They’ve seen the local talent. They have actually looked at guys’ raw talent from here and said, ‘Well, that’s a nice little place to pick players up in the future.” He noted that it is going to benefit them in the future because whoever has the academy here in Guyana has first call at the talent. The Orioles compete in Major League Baseball (MLB) as a member of the American League (AL) East division. The Orioles experienced their greatest success from 1964 to 1983 and have won a total of nine division championships (1969–1971, 1973– 1974, 1979, 1983, 1997, 2014), six pennants (1966, 1969–1971, 1979, 1983), three World Series championships (1966, 1970, 1983), two wild card berths (1996 and 2012),

No player was forced to retire - WICB

Windies U19s beat Zimbabwe to reach Super League quarter-finals THE West Indies took the last quarter-final spot in the ICC U19 Cricket World Cup Bangladesh 2016 with a thrilling, but controversial, two-run win over Zimbabwe yesterday that gave the Caribbean side second place in Group C, behind England. Zimbabwe, chasing the West Indies’ 226 for nine, began the last over needing just three runs to win with one wicket in hand amid mounting tension in Chittagong. But, West Indies seamer Keemo Paul whipped off the bails before sending down the first ball, catching non-striker Richard Ngarava out of his crease. The decision was referred to the TV umpire who declared Ngarava run-out. The last-wicket incident proved an anti-climax to what had been an absorbing do-ordie contest between two valiant teams attempting to nail a quarter-final berth. The match was produced by ICC TV and aired around the world by 15 broadcasters Zimbabwe, in their runchase, were reduced to 147 for six following a four-wicket haul by fast bowler Alzaari Joseph, before Adam Keefe (43) and Wesley Madhevere (21)

led a remarkable fightback by adding 62 runs for the seventh wicket. Shamar Springer, who had top-scored with 61 in the West Indies innings, turned his team’s hero with the ball by dismissing both batsmen to finish with two for 16 in four overs. The West Indies will take on the winner of today’s last league match between Pakistan and Sri Lanka in the fourth quarter-final in Fatullah on February 8, while Zimbabwe will play Canada in the Plate Championships quarter-final in Cox’s Bazar on February 5. We s t I n d i e s c o a c h Graeme West admitted it was a tight match: “It got very tight and we knew that this was a game that was always going down to the wire. A bit of nip and tuck. It (the finish) was certainly not something we had envisaged. “I can imagine what they (Zimbabwe team) must be going through now. I feel sorry for them because they got themselves into winning positions and then we pulled it back. I share their disappointment. “Our objective was to progress to the quarters and doing that after a tense game

West Indies U19 players celebrate their victory over Zimbabwe. (ICC photo) was very pleasing. We are still not there and have to take care of the little things that we are not doing right at the moment.” Zimbabwe coach Stephen Mangongo said he was happy with the way his side had fought in the match. “I am proud of my boys. Restricting

the West Indies for 226 on a batting-friendly wicket was a good performance and we were up for the chase. And like any other games, we lost quick wickets under pressure. “I am disappointed with the way the game ended. I have debriefed the boys in

the dressing room and they were all crying. We have explained that technically the run-out is legal. We left it to the last man and we should not have done that. It was a hard lesson and they have learnt it the hard way.” Meanwhile, Bangladesh

topped Group A with an eight-wicket demolition of second-placed Namibia, ending the match in Cox’s Bazar in one session itself. Namibia was dismissed for

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Contracts to be inked tomorrow for `Hostile Terrority’ boxing card LOCAL boxers who are expected to appear on the Guyana Boxing Board of Control ‘s (GBBC) `Hostile Terrority’ boxing card set for the Giftland OfficeMax Mall, Liliendaal, East Coast Demerara on February 20, will tomorrow ink their contracts in the office of the president Peter Abdool situated in High Street, Georgetown. According to the GBBC’s match-maker and chief professional referee Eion Jardine, Mandessa Moses, Aneille Norville, Imran Khan, Quincy Gomes, Revlon Lake and Dexter Marques will put their signatures to their contracts to oppose their opponents, some of whom are Guyanese. There will also be two foreign boxers, Panamanian Israel Hivrogo, Venezuela’s Fredy Beleno and Barbados’ Miguel Antoine. Moses will match gloves with Norville in the lone female

bout of the evening in a four-round bantamweight contest, while `Magic’ Khan takes on Gomes in a six-round lightweight bout. Lake faces Antoine in an eight-round welterweight bout and Marques will do battle with Venezuela’s Beleno in a 10-round flyweight affair. Panamanian Hivrogo will face with United States-based Guyanese Elton `The Coolie Bully’ Dharry in a 10-round contest which will be the main bout on the four-bout card. According to Jardine, Dharry will be using the bout as a warm-up for a Commonwealth title fight which is billed for right here in Guyana on May 20. Admission to the venue is $5 000 for ringside and $2 000 for the outer side.

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