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TUESDAY 15th May, 2018


SARA, FIU ink ‘info-sharing’ pact

…aimed at strengthening legal mechanism for court proceedings 09 PAGE

Rice, paddy exports up 12 from last year PAGE

…GRDB credits success to opening of markets in Mexico, Cuba

Mahaica vendor killed by intruder Minister of Natural Resources, Raphael Trotman and Minister within the Ministry of Finance, Jaipaul Sharma, being given an overview of Aurora Gold Mine by General Manager, Victor Rozon. Following a ministerial tour of the Aurora Gold Mine (AGM) in north-west Mazaruni last week, Ministers Trotman and Sharma expressed satisfaction with local content and safety measures being applied. The ministers were given a preview of the mining operations that is projecting a target of over 200,000 ounces of gold for 2018. AGM employs over 800 workers, 600 of whom are Guyanese. Local farmers and business outlets in the area who supply the mining operation with food and supplies are also benefitting. According to Minister Trotman, this dispels the claims in a local newspaper that the country loses billions of dollars in concessions to AGM, and there is lack of local content. However, the minister reiterated that companies receive concessions based on merit. (DPI photo)



…suspect arrested after leaving slippers, bicycle on scene

Girl succumbs following 13 highway crash PAGE

Suriname to regularise illegal Guyanese fishermen




GUYANA CHRONICLE Tuesday, May 15, 2018

TIGI, Teixeira lodge complaints against public officials with SARA TWO matters against sitting public officials here have been brought to the attention of the State Assets Recovery Agency (SARA), its Director Professor Clive Thomas disclosed on Monday. Professor Thomas who said “people are thiefing every day” noted that the complaints were lodged by Opposition Chief Whip Gail Teixeira and Transparency Institute of Guyana Inc. (TIGI). SARA’s director told reporters that the details of the complaints were not at his fingertips, but he recalls that TIGI filed a complaint in relation the US$18M signing bonus received from U.S. oil giant, ExxonMobil in 2016. There has over the past few months been much public discourse over the gov-

ernment’s handling of the US$18M which is currently lodged in a Bank of Guyana (BOG) account, and has since been invested in U.S. Treasury Bills and Canadian bonds where it is accumulating interest. “Well, there is, one person, and one organisation had referred cases to us involving matters related to the current administration,” said Professor Thomas, who also disclosed that the investigations into the complaints have not yet been examined. Asked to state what has caused the delay in the investigation of those matters, Professor Thomas said, “We have not started the investigation; we have a long list of matters, so it might be a question of time, priority… We have to establish a priori a crime was involved.”

He was quick to point out that SARA cannot on a willy-nilly basis investigate every accusation made to it. “We can’t just take every reference off the street and assume that it is some guilt involved there. If not, we lay ourselves open to pursuing vendettas…people may try to use the organisation in that way, so we have to be careful that we establish procedures for the establishment that it’s worth pursuing as an investigation but the law does not preclude us from that, from undertaking that kind of thing,” he declared. In this light, SARA is currently in the process of finalising a draft document containing procedures for the handling of such matters. Those procedures will be made public shortly and will serve as standard operational

guidelines for SARA; they are currently being vetted by international advisors to ensure it confirms to best practices. “…References have been made to issues that are in the press. A number of them are dated going back to years and those have come from the Chief Whip of the Opposition and Transparency International (TI) have referred to us the case of the US$18M signing bonus,” he said, while maintaining that his entity is seeking to establish a uniform mechanism to apply to every case referred to it. Professor Thomas said the establishment of standards to which SARA approaches and completes investigations must be done, noting that SARA as a public entity cannot operate without guiding principles. Mean-

President of the Transparency Institute of Guyana Inc. (TIGI), Troy Thomas

while, the SARA director has disclosed that persons in possession of stolen state assets can approach the entity to have same returned. However, Professor Thomas declined to mention whether his entity has received any such request. “Let’s say these are matters under consideration. I am not in a position to speak publicly about

Opposition Chief Whip Gail Teixeira

that matter as yet,” he told reporters, while reminding that under the SARA legislation, he is empowered to pursue cases seeking a settlement “if the conditions are appropriate.” “In other words to try and save the resources of the state in pursuing civil proceedings, if the person (s) or organisations agrees to a settlement; I have the powers under the act to do just that,” he stated.

Hard decisions to be made at Gold Board – chairman says in anniversary message CHAIRMAN of the Guyana Gold Board GHL Lall, has said that the body must

make hard decisions in order to continue fulfilling its obligations and the expectations of the public.

Chairman of the Guyana Gold Board GHL Lall General Manager of the Guyana Gold Board, Eondrene Thompson

Lall made the comments in a message on the occasion of the Guyana Gold Board’s 36th anniversary being observed today, May 15, 2018. “The Guyana Gold Board (GGB) stands at the crossroads, on this its 36th birthday. Given forceful championing and the right latitude, the GGB can rise to deliver on its obligations, as well as expectations. The time is now for hard decisions to be made at many levels, and with ap-

propriate resources identified, so that robust implementation can follow. In this way, the Gold Board can, and will take its rightful place as a significant national contributor and be recognised as such,” said Lall. He noted that the hard work ahead will only bring success through the unflagging support and efforts of “political stewards, sector participants, and a cohort of committed, and conscientious workers.” He said, “The work at hand and in the days ahead is known and measurable; and so, too, are the obstacles, regardless of the source or

Minister of Natural Resources Raphael Trotman

believed sophistication.” Also in a message, Minister of Natural Resources Raphael Trotman said the role of the Guyana Gold Board is not without challenges,“ and with prudent management and a commitment by all to utilise best practices within the industry, we are daily overcoming these challenges.” He spoke of the role that the Gold Board as a regulator in the natural resources sector would need to play given the country’s green development trajectory, and called for continued transparency and accountability. “As the minister with responsibility for the sustainable extraction of gold resources, I urge that transparency and accountability continue to guide every activity, as we grow from strength to strength,” said Minister Trotman. General Manager of the

Guyana Gold Board, Eondrene Thompson said that at this juncture, “while it calls for celebration it also calls for forward thinking because, without question our greatest accomplishments still lie ahead of us.” She said the Board has many success stories as well as its fair share of mistakes. “We’ve learned from our mistakes and celebrated our successes. Embracing change, having the courage to meet challenges and re-engineering have been core to our sterling contribution to the economy,” said Thompson. “There are a variety of factors that contribute to this success, among those are hardworking employees, doing what is right when no one is watching and dedication to delivering an exceptional customer experience,” said Thompson.


GUYANA CHRONICLE Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Army visited Lindo Creek prior to discovery of bodies …lawyers want testimony from self-confessed witness, Dwayne Williams

RETIRED Colonel of the Guyana Defence Force (GDF), Fitzroy Warde, said he along with other ranks had journeyed to Lindo Creek at least five days before the gruesome discovery was made, after self-confessed murderer, Dwayne Williams, disclosed that the notorious Rondell “Fineman” Rawlins gang, of which he was a part, had killed eight miners at a camp in the area. This is the first time a rank of the Joint Services, which comprises the Guyana Defence Force (GDF) and Guyana Police Force (GPF), has confessed to being at Lindo Creek prior to the discovery of the charred remains of the miners by owner of the camp, Leonard Arokium on June 21, 2008. Additionally, this is the first time the Commission was informed that the GDF and the Police had information about the Lindo Creek Massacre before June 21, 2008. Rear Admiral Gary Best, who was the Chief of Staff at the time, had earlier told the Commission that he had no knowledge of the Lindo Creek Massacre up until June 21, 2008, so did Sergeant Rodwell Sarabo – a detective, who had played a critical role in the investigation of the massacre. During the period June 6, 2008 and June 25, 2008, Retired Colonel Warde was the Task Force Commander for the Joint Services Operations in Kwakwani, Christmas Falls, Goat Farm and UNAMCO areas under the umbrella of Operations Restore Order. On Monday, when he appeared before the Lindo Creek Commission of Inquiry (COI) headed by Justice (Ret’d) Donald Trotman, Colonel Warde disclosed that 15-year-old Dwayne Williams, who was arrested after acting in a suspicious manner in Ituni, Region 10 on June 16, 2008, said he witnessed the murder of eight miners at Lindo Creek by ‘Fineman.’ According to Colonel Warde, Williams made the disclosure

in a caution statement at the Ituni Police Station the same day he was arrested. “Williams confessed of being a member of the Rondell Rawlins’ Gang and gave several accounts of the gang’s activities, that included the Luisgnan Massacre, the Bartica Massacre, Christmas Fall shootout with the Police, and the killing of men at a mining camp,” the retired Colonel told the Commission. Based on his analysis, Colonel Warde said Williams’ account matched activities which were carried out by the criminal gang and presented a “pictorial of the scene at Lindo Creek.” Williams reportedly told the then Task Force Commander, that ‘Fineman’ upon arriving at Lindo Creek had a conversation with the miners, and the following morning he woke up and began shooting at them– the miners. Further relating what he was told by the then 15-year-old, Warde said one of the shot miners was crawling on the ground when “Fineman” picked up a hammer and dealt him a blow to the head. “A skull found at Lindo Creek crime scene by the crime scene team of the Guyana Police Force was reported to have a hole consistent with Williams’ account,” the retired Colonel told the Commission. However, Williams reportedly did not specify the date on which this heinous act was committed. Additionally, he told the Commission that the Williams’ account of the shooting at Christmas Fall corresponded with the evidence at the scene. Under the guidance of Legal Counsel Roysdale Forde, who is representing the interest of the GDF, along with three other lawyers, the retired Colonel described several photos he had taken following a shooting incident at Goat Farm resulting in the death of two suspected criminals and following a similar incident at Christmas Falls where one member of the ‘Fineman’

Retired Colonel Fitzroy Warde (Photo by Samuel Maughn)

gang was shot dead by the police. The images showed burnt equipment and buildings at Christmas Falls along with a number of bullet holes on buildings and equipment in the area. Those photos were taken by Colonel Warde around June 10, 2008 – two days after the incident occurred. Other photos showed the two dead suspected criminals who were killed at Goat Farm, camouflage clothing belonging to the criminals, and items linked to former Agriculture Minister Satyadeow Sawh, who was assassinated in April 2006. However, while being crossed examined by the Commission’s Legal Counsel, Patrice Henry, the retired Colonel disclosed that based on the information he received from Williams, he along with a team of military officers visited Lindo Creek in search of the miners, but found nothing. “I went to Lindo Creek, I found the first camp Sir… (but) I didn’t go to the crime scene,” he said while fielding questions from Henry. According to him, the search was aborted at the first mining camp, after it was becoming late. They reportedly flew to the UNAMCO trail, and then trekked for about 45 minutes before

stumbling upon the first camp. The GDF reportedly had information about the camp’s location, based on conversations and contact with one of the miners, and a man who was familiar with the mining area. “There was an individual who was brought from Georgetown who said he knew where the camp was,” Colonel Warde said; however, he could not recall the name of the individual. Additionally, he could not recall the date he went into the Lindo Creek area, which is located in the Upper Berbice River, Region 10. In fact, the retired Colonel could not have recalled key information with respect to his contact with Williams, and actions thereafter. Henry: You can’t recall the date you went in? Colonel Warde: No Sir. Henry: And you said that this information you got was received in the presence of the police? Colonel Warde: Yes Sir. Henry: What is the name of the rank? Colonel Warde: I can’t recall sir. However, according to him, following his contact with Williams, a statement was sent to GDF Headquarters in Georgetown. Commissioner Trotman, in weighing in on the issue,

Retired Rear Admiral Best and former Chief of Staff Gary Best (Photo by Samuel Maughn)

questioned whether the GDF had seen any sign of smoke while conducting aerial survey and the retired Colonel responded in the negative. The Retired Colonel’s statement, however, contradicted those given by the then Chief of Staff and CID officer Sarabo, both of whom also appeared before the commission on Monday. Under oath, Best told the Commission that he departed Guyana on June 16, 2008 on travel duty and returned June 22, 2008. He said on or about June 20, 2008 he received a call from the Commander in Chief, then President Bharrat Jagdeo, informing him of the horrific deaths of eight miners at Lindo Creek. Best said the same day, he was informed by the Acting Chief of Staff Colonel Mark Phillips of the murdered miners. Sergeant Sarabo, who worked closely on the case, and was the last to appear before the Com-

mission on Monday, said he was present when Williams gave police at Georgetown a caution statement on June 16, 2008 after arriving from Ituni. He said the statement entailed details about the Luisgnan and Bartica Massacre. The detective said it was not until July 4, 2008 that Williams gave another statement, this time implicating himself and the ‘Fineman’ gang of committing the mass murder. That statement was made after the discovery was made, and according to Sarabo, it did not include anything about a hammer being used. Based on the variation in the statements reportedly given by the then 15-year-old, Attorney Forde and Attorney Leslie Sobers requested that Williams appear before the commission via skype. He is reportedly in the custody of the Police.


GUYANA CHRONICLE Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Melania Trump has kidney surgery itary Medical Center just outside Washington, and will likely remain there “for the rest of the week”. Last week, after rarely putting herself in the public eye other than in roles directly supporting her husband’s work, the first lady launched her “Be Best” initiative to help children counter bullying. The initiative was aimed particularly at Online bullying, and encouraged children to behave with more consideration and

Melania Trump AMERICA’S First Lady Mrs Melania Trump had a successful procedure to treat a benign kidney condition and is at Walter Reed medical centre, according to her spokeswoman.

The White House reported on Monday that Mrs Trump has been admitted to hospital, probably for the rest of the week, after undergoing a procedure to treat a benign kidney condition.

The first lady’s spokeswoman, Stephanie Grisham, said that the procedure was successful, and that there were no complications. Grisham said Trump is at Walter Reed National Mil-

kindness on social media platforms, although the accompanying literature ran into a plagiarism kerfuffle. She had previously won praise for hosting a lavish dinner at the White House for the state visit by Emmanuel Macron, France’s president. A statement was put out by the White House on Monday afternoon, saying: “This morning, First Lady Melania Trump underwent an embolisation procedure to treat a benign kidney condition.

The procedure was successful and there were no complications.” It continued that Melania Trump was at Walter Reed, “and will likely remain there for the duration of the week. The first lady looks forward to a full recovery, so she can continue her work on behalf of children everywhere.” Donald Trump was expected to visit his wife at the hospital later in the day, CBS TV reported. (The Guardian)

Deadliest Gaza violence in years kills 52 AT least 52 Palestinians have been killed and 2,400 wounded by Israeli troops, Palestinian officials say, on the deadliest day of violence since the 2014 Gaza war. Palestinians have been

protesting for weeks, but deaths soared on the day the US opened its embassy in Jerusalem. Palestinians see this as clear US backing for Israeli rule over the whole city, whose eastern part they claim. But US President Donald Trump hailed the move in a video message. He told the dedication ceremony that it had been “a long time coming,” adding: “Israel is a sovereign nation with the right to determine its own capital, but for many years we failed to acknowledge the obvious.” The US, he added, “remains committed to facilitating a lasting peace agreement.” There have been six weeks of protests at the Gaza border, dubbed the “Great March of Return” and led by Gaza’s Islamist rulers, Hamas. Hamas had always said it would step up the protests before Tuesday, when Palestinians hold their annual commemoration of what they call the Nakba, or Catastrophe. Hundreds of thousands fled their homes or were displaced following the founding of the Israeli State on May 14, 1948. On Monday, the Israeli

military said 40,000 Palestinians had taken part in “violent riots” at 13 locations along the Gaza Strip security fence. Palestinians hurled stones and incendiary devices, while the Israeli military used snipers, as black smoke poured from burning tyres. The health ministry, run by Hamas, said children were among those killed. The Israeli military said it had killed three people trying to plant explosives near the security fence in Rafah. Aircraft and tanks had also targetted military positions belonging to Hamas in the northern Gaza Strip, it said. Israel says the protests are aimed at breaching the border and attacking Israeli communities nearby. There were also violent clashes between Israeli police and protesters who raised Palestinian flags outside the new embassy. Several protesters were detained. Israel says the protests are aimed at breaching the border and attacking Israeli communities nearby. There were also violent clashes between Israeli police and protesters who raised Palestinian flags outside the new embassy. Several protesters were detained. (BBC)

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GUYANA CHRONICLE Tuesday, May 15, 2018

US agency, Moody’s, rates T&T ‘stable’ NEW YORK, CMC – The United States-based rating agency, Moody’s has given Trinidad and Tobago a BA1 rating with a stable outlook, citing “large financial buffers, high wealth levels and significant international reserves”. Moody’s said the stable outlook is based on the expectation that capital revenue related to asset sale will help reduce borrowing requirements, and lead to relatively stable debt ratios of around 64 per cent of gross domestic product (GDP). It said stable fiscal buffers limit down downside credit risks, along with “ample access to a relatively deep domestic financial market”. But the rating agency, in a statement, said Trinidad and Tobago could suffer a rating downgrade if limited fiscal consolidation leads to significantly higher deficits. It said a reduction in assets held in the Heritage and Stabilisation Fund (HSF) would undermine creditworthiness and lead to a downgrade. The agency said that the economic strength of the oil-rich twin-island republic was assessed as low because of the slow pace of growth, and the economy’s relatively small size. However, this was partly offset by high income levels. “Growth prospects,” Moody’s says, “remain subdued, given the sluggish recovery in the non-energy sector, while an increase in gas production and higher prices support activity in the energy sector.” It said that the score also reflected limited prospects of further economic diversification away from oil.

Fiscal strength was rated as moderate, because “debt burden and debt affordability indicators do not fully capture the heavy reliance of Government revenue on the energy sector, and on capital revenue such as asset sales, which cannot be sustained over an extended period. “On balance, the country’ rising debt burden is offset by low foreign-currency debt and moderate debt affordability indicators. “The government has accumulated savings in the Heritage and Stabilisation Fund of around 27 per cent of GDP, which it has used to help finance the government deficit, limit the increase in debt, and keep interest costs down.” Moody’s said the country’s susceptibility to event risk is very low because of limited liquidity risk, but that foreign exchange shortages and emergence of a parallel market for US currency were indicators of downward pressure on the exchange rate. “External pressures, however, are contained given a robust international reserves position of nine months of imports and an External Vulnerability Indicator (EVI) of 19 per cent,” it added. Last week, Finance Minister Colm Imbert said that the country’s economy has turned around, but urged continued discipline and production in order for the oil-rich twin-island republic to experience growth and recovery in 2018. Imbert, presenting the mid-year review to Parliament, told legislators, “We are moving into an era of macro-economic stability, which is now underpinning our recovery.”

Capleton granted bail for alleged rape KINGSTON, Jamaica, CMC – Popular entertainer, Capleton was offered bail when he appeared in a Corporate Area court on Monday after being arrested and charged with rape. Capleton, whose real name is Clifton Bailey, was arrested on the weekend by detectives assigned to the Centre for the Investigation of Sexual Offence and Child Abuse (CISOCA). It’s reported that early Saturday, Capleton hired a female hairdresser who met him at a hotel in the business district of New Kingston. The police report that while at the hotel, he forcibly had sexual intercourse with the woman. When he appeared in court, the judge who offered bail amounting to J$200,000 (One Jamaica dollar=US$0.008 cents) ordered the entertainer to refrain from contacting the complainant. Meanwhile, Capleton’s attorney, Christopher Townsend has been critical

Capleton of the police in their handling of the matter. In an interview with Radio Jamaica on the weekend, Townsend said there are also issues involving the complainant. “I can also confirm that there is also a dual investi-

gation, because the young lady who made the report is also being investigated for extortion, so that investigation is ongoing,” Townsend said. “We anticipate that she will also be in custody shortly. I am quite concerned,

because it certainly demonstrates that there is one side of the police force that is blind to what the other side is doing,” he added. Capleton is known for songs such as ‘Jah Jah City’, ‘The Day will Come’ and ‘Good in her Clothes’.

Fourth man gunned down - as Sheron empire bloodbath continues THE bloodbath in central Trinidad which began with the killing of millionaire real estate and used-car dealer Sheron Sukhdeo two months ago, continued on Sunday with the killing of one of his employees. Kerwin Beckles was shot dead in Chaguanas at around 22:00h. Beckles was among a group liming at Madhoo Crystal Place Recreation Bar near the New Settlement Savannah. He was crossing the road when he was shot multiple times. He died in the backseat of a friend’s vehicle on the way to hospwital. A doctor at the Chaguanas Medical Centre pronounced him dead on arrival there. The killings began with the murder of Sukhdeo on March 26. He was shot dead outside the home of his in-laws. Sukhdeo’s neighbour,

Joshua Plaza, 21, was killed on April 22. Two weeks later, someone shot and killed Sukhdeo’s brother-in-law, Philip

Bassant. On May 5, Beckles wrote on Bassant’s Facebook page: “RIP mi brother, all ready rest up

till we meet again.” Police say the killings are linked. No one has been arrested for any of the homicides.


GUYANA CHRONICLE Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Steady progress WHAT took place in May, 2015 represented a significant watershed in the history of modern Guyana politics. First, it was the first time that a coalition party, representing a platform for national unity contested national and regional elections, since 1966, and won. Second, the majority results, although very slim for the victorious A Partnership for National Unity (APNU)+Alliance for Change (AFC) party, recorded a message, that was quite clear enough to the nation–that Guyanese finally recognised the need for a new political understanding that had been long overdue for a nation that has been experiencing ethnic challenges for the last 50 years and more, and that it was time to depart this dangerous shore. At least, two former ministers from the defeated Peoples Progressive Party/ Civic(PPP/C) party, acknowledged post-election opinions

along such lines. Undoubtedly, there may have been other party-affiliated persons of a similar view, that although expressed in private, perhaps out of timidity and party loyalty, were afraid to speak in public. There was euphoria, as the general nation expressed huge sighs of relief, after emerging from over two decades of a nightmare that had left its unimaginable damage to the national socio-economic structures, while undermining the important institutions of state. It was evident that a huge, unbearable burden had been lifted from the nation’s shoulders; its citizens had been disrespected in unimaginable ways; materially and psychologically as they witnessed their country’s resources mismanaged, unheard of, in the wider CARICOM. It was a new day, and Guyanese basked in its arrival, as evidenced by the spontaneous response that they gave

by taking full control of their respective communities, by participating in the national clean – up exercise. What was quite clear was that the Guyanese people wanted a new day, and a new life, with an entirely different understanding of governance, with leaders listening to their concerns, and not discriminating against any citizen on the basis of race. For them, government must mean working together with all citizens, irrespective of ethnicity and party affiliation, for the common good, giving everyone a fair share of the national pie; and a sense of belonging to their country with deep-rooted patriotism. It was with this understanding that the coalition government accepted the mandate of the people, all the people that is, from whatever region of Guyana; with the solemn responsibilities to govern this nation, in accordance with the wishes of the people.

There was a nation to lead and govern; a nation to mend; a nation to rescue from the precipice; and a nation to be healed. This was the solemn task that the coalition has undertaken since 2015, despite the challenges from the many quarters, allied with the political opposition, bent on perpetuating the old order. Despite the many criticisms, there is a new Guyana that is on the rise, and has risen, with so many national programmes that have been renewing communities with roads and bridges; electricity and water for the first time; empowerment initiatives designed to make communities and their citizens employable; a minimum wage that has risen by 50 percent; and Old Age Pension increase by 49 per cent and reduced costs for house lot. Specifically, the nation’s agriculture, long held hostage to the traditional cash crop culture, is gathering pace for

the exponential transition to agro-processing. The recent UNCAPPED exhibition, with its display of natural products derived from Guyanese agriculture produce, and other types held in Region Three, has revealed the overwhelming potential that such a new vista holds for Guyanese farmers and other business types. Besides, as a groundbreaking project, there are now six radio stations broadcasting to hinterland regions and their communities; and large-scale roads and bridges construction, designed to

effectively reduce the material distance between those regions and coastal Guyana. There are also large-scale agriculture projects, coupled with agro-processing facilities that will usher in community self-sufficiency. There are so many, numerous bright examples of a country that is on the move, but it is a mission for the betterment of country and citizens that must continue; one which the current coalition government must resolved to ensure, not only for this generation, but for future ones.

Lincoln Lewis sets record straight on bauxite privatisation Dear Editor, HAVING read the article “Brassington defends Rusal bauxite deal” (SN 14th May, 2018) it is incumbent to make known the undermentioned facts which would aid in putting context to statements reportedly made by Winston Brassington, former Head of the Privatisation Unit: i. The reported 19-man committee of stakeholders that supposedly was to guide decision-making on the way forward on the bauxite industry was cosmetic. Decisions on this industry, including the workers’ welfare, were made and implemented even before the said committee completed its work. ii. As it relates to the Linden Mining Enterprise (LINMINE), the bauxite reserves together with the plant were all sold to Cambior for the price of US$1.00. iii. Globally natural resources reserves remain the property of the State. In put-

ting our bauxite reserves into the sale to Cambior it carried up the value of LINMINE. When Cambior placed LINMINE on the market, which included Block 37-the largest proven resource in the location- it brought the company a windfall profit. (The APNU+AFC government must revisit the issue on ownership of natural resources). iv. The management of the Bauxite Industry Development Company (BIDCO) invited the Head of the Jamaica Bauxite Institute to advise on the way forward as to how Guyana should treat with its reserves and other bauxite related resources. Arising from this engagement, a recommendation was put forward that all bauxite reserves and surveys be put under BIDCO and whenever any company needs to acquire and commence operation in any area, an application be made to BIDCO which will consider same, determine availability and under what conditions. This

recommendation was disregarded by the Government in its determination on the future of bauxite. v. The Opposition, under the leadership of Desmond Hoyte, was represented by Patrick De Freitas on the privatisation of LINMINE. De Freitas objected to a number of issues, among them was the inclusion of the bauxite reserves in the privatisation deal. This led to him being thrown off the committee under the guise that the Government could not sustain the cost of his presence. vi. The statement that only RUSAL was interested in investing in Berbice is untrue. The employees of the Berbice Mining Enterprise (BERMINE) had formed a company and made a specific bid for BERMINE. The Government never responded to this, not even by acknowledgement much less engagement. This bid was placed into the box at the Privatisation Unit by Keith Payne, the employees’

company secretary, who was accompanied by me. It was after this bid was made that then President Bharrat Jagdeo visited Everton and subsequently the Kwakwani mines, where workers were offered redundancy payment and house lots (which many never received), in order to pave the way for the assets of BERMINE to be included into the Aroaima operations which were taken over by RUSAL. vii. There is agreement with Brassington that RUSAL did not bid for the Berbice operations. In fact, these operations were given away to RUSAL in preference to the local workers who had set up a company to take over BERMINE. viii. Brassington’s use of the argument that the decision to give the Berbice operations over to RUSAL was influenced by socio- economic considerations must not ignore the foregoing equally as the undermentioned. a. Every tonne of bauxite

produced by the state-owned industry was sold. In fact, the state-owned companies have never been able to produce enough to meet market demands. The argument where emphasis is being placed that the market was difficult for the companies is deceptive, for even the low grade bauxite had a market. b. The rejection by the government to entertain local ideas, includes allowing the workers to invest their Pension Plan, then worth in excess of G$2.5B (the single largest pool of money owned by African labour). This Plan at the behest of the government was broken up leaving the workers at pensionable age without a pension, and their socio-economic circumstances worse off. c. The promise by the Jagdeo government to make Linden, Ituni and Kwakwani the industrial corridor for Guyana, a new economy after bauxite, never materialised for want of the fact that it did not move beyond

a speech. d. The issue of subsidised utilities must not ignore that electricity and water were deferred wages negotiated for by the unions, and that the turbine of the steam plant that provided cheap and reliable electricity was taken away from Linden and placed at Versailles, West Bank Demerara (WBD). The state of bauxite, RUSAL’s role and presence in Guyana, Brassington’s role as head of the Privatisation Unit, the PPP/C Government and the socio-economic impact on the workers and committees affected, must factor in the aforesaid as we seek an understanding of the industry and the decisions made pertaining to it. Where errors were made, maturity requires acknowledgement, moving to correct, and seeking not to repeat them. Regards Lincoln Lewis


GUYANA CHRONICLE Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Social Cohesion Day was an inspiring event Dear Editor, DESPITE a late verbal invitation issued at 4:30pm for me to attend the Social Cohesion Day observances on May 11, 2018, I decided to follow the passion in my heart and soul and attend. At the core of my personal philosophy lies the belief that social cohesion is essential to national unity, something that is sadly missing in our society. This is why I commend this Government for introducing a Ministry of Social Cohesion that could possibly heal the wounds in our society. I believe in one world society where people are judged, not by the colour of their skin but by the contents of their character. This can only be achieved if there is unity among our people, the ability to see beyond race and class. I was moved when President David Arthur Granger announced the establishment of the Ministry under Honourable Minister Amna Ally and

I immediately pledged, with all my strength, passion and fervor, to support this ministry in whatever way I can. Therefore, I always strive to attend and give my full support to events that foster social cohesion and bring to the fore their importance in our society. Minister Ally often invited me to functions held by her ministry, but this changed when the ministry changed hands to fall under the portfolio of Minister George Norton. I do not know if it is his staff’s fault, but it hurts me that Minister Norton seems to sideline me or invite me as an afterthought to events that promote peace and harmony. I recall that when Minister Norton took over the ministry, he invited me and my colleague at the Universal Peace, Pastor Ronald McGarrell, for a lovely discussion. But after that, I only got two calls to attend events. On one occasion I was invited just five minutes before the start and on the other occasion 15 minutes

before. This was humiliating to me, but because of the importance of the events, I set pride aside and made it my duty to be there. On one occasion, I “gate-crashed” one of Minister Norton’s functions at the Umana Yana because the issue he was dealing with was vitally important to me as a strong advocate for universal love and harmony. Nevertheless, apart from being taken aback by the late invitation when I attended the recent social cohesion event at the National Cultural Centre, I found that it was well organised and artfully stage-managed to ignite patriotism in the hearts of the audience. The skills of the students, actors and actresses were most pertinent and well-refined. It was brilliant, well programmed and choreographed, and it stirred the nationalistic emotions of even the most hardened detractors of the government of the day. They were moved by the uplifting philosophies that were shared at the event, on community,

unity and national cohesion. It was a noble attempt to show in an artistic way, that no single race or group of people can move Guyana forward alone. In fact, none of the people who were here for millions of years or hundreds of years, or those who came in between, or those who just arrived, can move Guyana forward by themselves. But together, if we are able to join forces and pool our strengths, we can uplift Guyana and take it to greater heights. I was profoundly moved by this vision. It brought tears to my eyes because I am a true patriot of my country and people and even the universe and all humanity. This is the spirit that moves in this vessel of God that I carry as a body, the power of the spirit that moves my mind and my pen to call for a cohesive community, God’s willing. The message of Minister Norton and also of the Honourable Prime Minister and First Vice President Moses Nagamootoo, was truly

riveting and could move the conscience of our haters and unpatriotic individuals. The event featured a theatrical scene depicting two lovers, an Amerindian young lady and young man of mixed descent. This was heartrending because it highlighted the reality that inter-racial relationships exist in our country and these could foster love and peace among people from different backgrounds. I truly am pleased with this programme and it is my hope it was recorded so that digital recordings could be sent to all the schools in this country. There should be many uplifting shows like this throughout the country to help to educate our students, our youths for the good of our future, our Guyana. Guyana has no place for racism, political prejudices or contempt for our culture. Good or evil, respect or disrespect originates in the home. Youths exposed to wholesome values could even help to change the mindsets of

relatives in their homes. In a sense, this would be children-up education instead of the traditional adult-down way of educating. Think of the remarkable social change we could bring about in this way. Our country, our people will become wiser and develop as an example to all the Caribbean and around the world. Once again, congratulations to Minister Norton, his coordinator and organisers of the programme, and in particular the National School of Dance that displayed true talents. I am grateful to have been invited, even at the last minute, for which I put aside other appointments to show respect for love, harmony and cohesion. Mr. Minister or staffers of the Ministry of National Cohesion give me more notice please; I am prejudiced in favour of your Ministry. Regards Hajji Roshan Khan Snr.

Ecology and development can blend if man realises he is part of nature’s mechanism Dear Editor IN today’s world situation mankind faces an ecological crisis of the worst nature. Goaded by the industrial revolution and the developments in the field of science and technology, pressurised by mounting population and poverty, and governed by the materialistic tendency, man has converted the biosphere into a nosophere (diseased world), ignoring other units of creation. By indiscriminately cutting down forests; by converting grasslands into areas of habitation; by leveling and tunneling mountains; by changing landscapes, destroying ecosystems, generating chemical and radioactive pollution, producing non-biodegradable matter, endangering plant and animal species, the dumping in lakes, rivers and oceans of sewage and industrial wastes, man has disturbed the balance of nature and created conditions which, if not altered for the better, can prove to be disastrous for humanity. Marching on the development path, man goes on pillaging and plundering the natural resources without caring in the least

whether these are renewable, as quickly as they are being depleted. The fact that life in all its varied forms and manifestations is interdependent and interrelated was emphasised by ancient sages, centuries before ecological problems became a matter of serious concern. Sages and seers who lived in close proximity with nature were aware that any disturbance in the biological equilibrium between different organisms and their environment,would surely affect the quality of life, or may even destroy it. They sensed the rhythmic flow of energy in every object of nature – in heavenly bodies, rivers, oceans, plants, animals, insects and birds – and stressed the need for the preservation of life in its various moulds. From the fundamental premise of the oneness of existence ensued a reverential attitude towards the object of nature and a holistic view of life and progress. The 12th century Saint Francis of Assisi acclaimed the planet and its entities as brother and sister. “Praise be to you, my Lord, with all your creatures, especially Brother Sun, who is beautiful in splendor, Sister Moon and

the stars, Brother Wind, Sister Water, which is useful and humble and chaste, Brother Fire, from which we get light” Hindu Scripture speaks of the Cosmic Order (Rta) which is rooted in the changeless reality. At its bidding the wheel of time moves, celestial bodies march on their determined course, wind blows, water flows, days and nights follow each other in an unending cycle. The sages were so enraptured by the grandeur of the physical phenomena that they crystallised nature-images into human forms and invested them with divine attributes, thereby bringing nature closer to man. Pope Francis has also warned the world about our abuse of Mother Nature: “This sister of ours cries out to us because we have inflicted harm on her by our irresponsible use and abuse of the goods with which God has endowed her. We have come to see ourselves as her lords and masters, entitled to plunder her at will.” The Rig Veda says that the earth is conducive to the welfare of man if he adheres to Cosmic Laws. The judicious use of oceans, forests and atmosphere, the key components of the earth’s envi-

ronment, is the sine qua non for preserving its ecosystem and saving life. In the Hymn to the Earth (Bhumi Sukta) the sages pray: “Whatever I dig up of you, O Earth, may you of that have quick replenishment! O Purifying One! May my thrust never reach right into your vital points, your heart. May your dwellings, O Earth, free from sickness and wasting, flourish for us! Through a long life watchful, may we always offer you our tribute.” The Earth, the bearer of treasures, the source of food, the abode of man; of rivers and forests, plants and animals, is the mother of all finite beings. Squandering the earth’s resources, destroying plant and animal life, or pilfering with environmental conditions is, therefore, ignoble and contemptible. We pray for peace and harmony, not only between man and man, but also between all other forms of life upon earth and other elements of the Cosmos. Peace, being the key to progress and development and the essential requisite of a happy life, the Shanti Mantra (peace incantation) is recited at the beginning and end of all Hindu rites and ceremonies

to establish a force-field of peaceful energy in the environment. ‘May the peace and tranquility from the celestial and upper region, from mid region, from the earth, from plants, from nature’s storehouse, from divine knowledge, from every source may that peace and only peace come unto me.’  To the Hindus, the Earth is not an object for exploitation, but a mother for adoration. The tradition of worshipping it (Bhoomi Poojaa) before using it in any manner continues to this day. The Sun being the principal source of light and energy for all forms of life on the Earth is also adored in many ways. Man, the key figure in the ecological cycle, has the insentient mind of inanimate beings, the vitalic mind of the plant kingdom, the conscious mind of the animal kingdom, besides having his own self-conscious identity which yearns for progress and development. He is a microscopic manifestation of the universe having in him all the five elements which constitute the latter. The earth provides his body with strength, steadiness and heaviness; water with odour,

softness and smoothness; fire with heat, glow and vision; air with dryness, transparency and tactility; and, ether with agility and olfaction. The eye has the elementary principle of fire; ear that of ether; nose that of the earth; tongue that of water; and, skin that of air. Like the earth’s surface, the human body consists mostly of water and is affected by tides, moon and other cosmic bodies, seasons and other processes of nature. It contains nearly every mineral and chemical which exists upon the earth. Mankind will have to return to nature’s bosom and partake of its bounties in the manner of a child who lovingly and gracefully gets the best of the Mother. Development is just not a matter of the fulfillment of economic goals, but the total growth of all aspects of human life in their organic unity. Ecology and development can blend if man realises that he is a part of nature’s mechanism, and that his destiny lies not in degrading its resources, but in making a judicious use of them. Regards Pt. R. Balbadar     


GUYANA CHRONICLE Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Suriname to regularise illegal Guyanese fishermen NEWS out of neighbouring Suriname is that the Minister of Justice and Police there, Mr Stuart Getrouw has agreed to grant legal status to those Guyanese fishermen living and operating there illegally. “We are pleased that you are frank about the illegality; we are working on it because we cannot just take you out of the country. You need us and we also need you,” Getrouw was quoted by the Surinamese daily, Starnieuws, as saying last Friday during a meeting with the fishermen. The minister has also given the go-ahead for the men to return to sea the following day, and his word that their safety will be guaranteed both aerially and on the ground by way of coast guard patrols. The announcement was reportedly met with mixed emotion, as everyone at the meeting was in agreement that they needed to get back to work, but were more afraid of what awaited them if they dared.

Said Hemanlall Ramsarran, one of whose vessels was involved in the April 27 mayhem: “The minister said they will have aerial support and boats in the water; I am hoping we can get enough to guarantee the safety of everyone, because every day the boats were docked we lost money. “But lives are more important, so safety comes first.” The decision to grant the Guyanese an amnesty of sorts is reportedly in recognition of their invaluable contribution to the Surinamese economy, more particularly the fishing sector which contributes some $45M annually to the country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP). Reports are that of the approximately 6,500 persons employed in the Surinamese fishing industry, most are either Guyanese or have Guyanese roots. Chairman of the Surinamese fishermen’s coop, Mr Willem Mohamedhoesein puts the number of illegals in the Surinamese

Suriname’s Minister of Justice and Police, Mr Stuart Getrouw comforting one of the Guyanese fishermen at Saturday’s meeting (Photo by René Gompers courtesy of Starnieuws)

fishing industry closer to over 80%. ON HIGH ALERT He was quoted in Monday’s edition of Starnieuws as saying that he is pleased with the way the Surinamese authorites have handled the matter, in that they’ve put safety measures in place to protect fishermen, whether Guyanese or not. The

presence of the Navy, the Coast Guard, the police and helicopters, he said, is clearly visible, particularly the Nieuw Amsterdam police station where police are on high alert. Mohamedhoesein made the point that while the Surinamese fishermen are generally not interested in going to sea, the Guyanese are the mainstay of the industry and

are needed to be able to continue the economic activity, so that the sector does not collapse. According to Starnieuws, the first fishing boats set sail on Saturday, and are now obliged to put together a crew list as mandated by the fishermen’s cooperative, the Visserscollectief.  The Maritime Authority of Suriname also has the crew list of vessels that go to sea, says Mr Mark Lall, secretary of the fishermen’s cooperative. He says that with a crew list, it can safely be assumed that there will no longer be any confusion about who is or is not on the intended vessel.  Starnieuws said that after the pirate attack of April 27, it was an uphill task for the authorities to find out who exactly was on the attacked boats.  Up to now, it has been assumed that there were at least 20 people on the four vessels. Five fishermen survived the brutal attack off the coast near the Wia Wiabank. There are four corpses, three in Suriname that have not yet been identified, and one in Guyana, where the family has already confirmed who it is. It is assumed that there are still

Chairman of the Surinamese fishermen’s coop, Mr Willem Mohamedhoesein (Photo courtesy of Starnieuws)

11 fishermen missing from the attack. The newspaper quotes Lall as saying that the presence of the coastguard and defense in inland navigation has somewhat restored a sense of security among fishermen, and that the expectation is that in the coming days, the other vessels will also depart for the sea again.  Lall says that the Surinamese authorities have not given up the search for the missing fishermen, as the coastguard and defense are still on the lookout, as are the fishermen who are setting back out to sea.

Mahaica vendor killed by intruder …suspect arrested after leaving slippers, bicycle on scene By Rabindra Rooplall TWO days before his birth anniversary, a father of three of Lot 25, Belmonte Mahaica, East Coast Demerara (ECD) was stabbed to death in his yard on Monday during a suspected robbery. Dead is 34-year-old Fareez Yassem. The fruits and vegetable vendor was stabbed more than a dozen times about the body and was found lying in a drain by his wife and neighbours crying out for help. The suspect, who left behind a bicycle and slippers at the scene of the crime, is in police custody assisting with investigations. He admitted that the bicycle and slippers found at the scene were his, but is unable to give an alibi as to his whereabouts at the time of the killing. The man’s death has left the community, his friends and relatives in a state of shock. The body is currently at the Lyken Funeral Parlour awaiting a

Dead: Fareez Yassem

post-mortem examination. Reports are that the man, who was a former employee of Banks DIH Ltd., was stabbed five times in the back with a sharp object, four stabs to the neck, two stabs in the jaw, three to his left arm and other lacerations about the body. When he was discovered, he was wearing a

pair of short grey pants, three gold rings, one gold band, one gold chain and one stud gold earring. Guyana Chronicle was told that about 02:00hrs on Monday, the vendor who plies his trade on the Mahaica, ECD Public Road was awakened by a strange sound emanating from a bond in the lower flat of his two-storeyed wooden house. He decided to venture into the yard to inspect the bond when he was confronted by the perpetrator who attacked him with a sharp instrument. His wife was then awakened upon hearing the rumble outside. She then heard her husband cry out “Ow bai, aww bai, ow” at which point she realised he was not in bed so she rushed out and started to shout for him but got no answer. She then called out loudly to her neighbour and when they responded, Yassem was found motionless in a drain in their yard. She had told neighbours

that it was unusual for her husband to venture outside during the wee hours of the morning. In an interview with this publication, one relative called “Jason” said he had locked up his home and moved out of the area because of the negativity and crime in the community. “I had asked him what he was doing for Mother’s Day and he tell me that he gal na feel to go nowhere, so I said alright man, leff am for a next day and we will carry them out another day,” he said while noting that Yassem sold his supplies from a stall in front of his supermarket. He described Fareez Yassem as a man who worked hard and who had little time to waste, especially around rum shops or anything that was not developing his family. “When his wife was hollering for help, all the man them was drunk and in bed and is only the wom-

A cordoned section of the yard where the vendor’s body was found in the drain. (Adrian Narine photo)

an dem come out,” Jason said while reflecting on what Yassem wife had told him. Adding that he had previously warned Fareez Yassem not to ever venture outside his house when it was so late in the night, Jason who is the owner of a supermarket, said that he was previously robbed and would never venture into his yard alone if there is anything amiss, since bandits are always lurking in the darkness. “This area is known for thieves; people house does get break in often, all that police do is just come and take fingerprints and the rest is

history. People need to be made an example, thieves getting away with too much in this country, and when people decide to react, then people in authority saying something, but when people getting robbed daily no one in authority is heard condemning anything or making anyone an example, but is only time…,” another relative said. One resident said: “Another young life gone, a man who makes an honest living and the senseless killings continue by those who have no respect for life and who wants to live from the sweat of others.”


GUYANA CHRONICLE Tuesday, May 15, 2018

SARA, FIU ink ‘info-sharing’ pact …aimed at strengthening legal mechanism for court proceedings By Ariana Gordon THE State Assets Recovery Agency (SARA) and the Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) on Monday signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to facilitate the sharing of information between the two agencies. Director of SARA, Professor Clive Thomas, told reporters that the signing of the MOU which is in keeping with best practices will solidify cooperation between the two entities. He disclosed that the signing of the agreement was not long in the making, while noting that the two entities had an implicit understanding. “We have a lot to do by working in common. We also work in common with similar organisations, such as the Revenue Authority, the Securities Council, and the Lands and Survey to ensure they coordinate and support or activities,” he said. Monday’s signing of the MOU, which took place in SARA’s boardroom, Main Street, was aimed at establishing a formal mechanism for joint support. “We were given the support before… the formal mechanism would primarily ensure the legality in terms of any court proceedings,” said the SARA head, who explained that there has been information sharing in the past but having the information is not enough, as in court proceedings the information must be submitted in the form of evidence. “Therefore we must have a legal basis on which we transfer that information to them. The movement in this direction is an important step in the building of a legal foundation, for seeking to recovery both the assets of the state and also preventing money laundering and terrorist financing,” Professor Thomas reasoned.

He said SARA and the FIU are mandated by both international law (convention) as well as domestic law to cooperate, because both entities share the same set of goals which relate to the reduction of corruption both as a national good and as an international obligation. Professor Thomas explained that the increasing tendency globally is the recognition that the fight against corruption is the fight for the welfare and well-being of the broad masses of the population of the entire globe. He noted that public corruption has been identified as the single biggest deterrent to development. “Assets that are taken unlawfully from the state and returned back to the people of the state constitute an increasing amount of resources for their welfare. Our target at this point in time is to bring cases to the court in the third quarter of this year, which means right after the end of June,” he stated. SARA’s Director said too that his agency’s fight against corruption is supported by several international agencies. Last week, SARA officials interacted with representatives of the FraudNet firm and the Caribbean Institute of Forensic Accounting who are working with the entity to identify and retrieve Guyana’s assets held overseas. “We are working hand in hand with them to recover some state assets which have been unlawfully removed from the State of Guyana,” said Professor Thomas. He said efforts are increasingly being made to encourage symbiotic relations among anti-corruption agencies to ensure justice is achieved. BEST PRACTICES Meanwhile, Director of the FIU Matthew Langevine described the signing of the

MOU as in keeping with international best practices. He, like Professor Thomas, said the aim of the MOU is to foster cooperation and allow for the sharing of intelligence between the two agencies, thereby ensuring effectiveness in the execution of their

arrangements are in place and are relevant stakeholders and authorities within the AML/CFT framework are involved,” said Langevine. The FIU Director said too that critical to his entity’s mandate is ensuring that as the custodian of personal

agreements or arrangements with domestic agencies for the sharing and or exchange of information. He reminded that Guyana is in the midst of its fourth round of mutual evaluation preparation and satisfying the requirements of the process is of importance to Guyana, as such the second Finan-

lishment of his unit more than 25 intelligence reports were submitted to the Special Organised Crime Unit (SOCU), an arm of the Guyana Police Force (GPF). He explained that while those reports were submitted amendments to the relevant legislation were necessary, as the old legislation indicated that cases were

(From left) Directors of the FIU and SARA, Matthew Langevine and Professor Clive Thomas sign the MOU for information sharing on, Monday (Delano Williams photos)

respective functions. The FIU acts as the national reservoir of financial information has recognised importance of having access to the “widest possible range” of information that can help us promote and intensify its mandate. This includes facilitating the detection and deterrence of money laundering, terrorism and other financial and serious offences. “The quality of the intelligence product expected to be produced by the FIU must be of the highest quality that sufficient supports the work of the law enforcement agencies. It therefore cannot operate in isolation but must ensure collaborative

information, data protection is critical. It means therefore that the sharing of information must be done in a structured manner. “This MOU would ensure that our respective agencies conduct their statutory duties in a safe and responsible manner,” he stated, noting that money laundering and terrorist financing are connected to other serious offences though they may take different forms. Langevine stated that the legal basis of the MOU is vested under Section 9 (4) (n) of the Anti-Money Laundering and Countering the Financing of Terrorism Act (AML/CFT), to enter into

cial Action Task Force’s (FATF) recommendation which requires that there be cooperation with AML/ CFT efforts amongst all relevant stakeholders here. The FIU Director also pointed to recommendation 29, which speaks to the need for the FIU being able to demonstrate its effectiveness in sharing its intelligence product with all relevant authorities. The FIU was established under the APNU+AFC coalition government is aimed at detecting money laundering and terrorist financing among other financial and serious offences. Langevine also disclosed that since the estab-

to be tried summarily and ought to have been completed within six months of the investigations. “This affected many of the cases that were under review,” he said, and assured that those cases were not abandoned by SOCU. “They are still getting legal advice and direction on them. We have continued to provide intelligence reports since that amendment which was completed in September last year, and so, since then in excess of five new cases under the revised legislation are under continuous investigation,” the FIU Director disclosed.

PPP councillor under fire for ‘racial’ remarks PEOPLE’S Progressive Party (PPP) Councillor, Bishram Kuppen, was on Monday reprimanded for making what was considered to be a racially inciting statement against the Mayor and City Council (M&CC). The M&CC recently took a decision to remove vendors along Alexander Street and Kuppen was subsequently quoted as saying,

publicly, that he thought the move was ethnically motivated. Town Clerk Royston King, during his announcements at the statutory meeting, said Kuppen’s statement can affect the work of the council and undermine its authority. He said the councillor did not do a proper investigation as African vendors were also among those removed.

Kuppen said it was the vendors themselves who reported this to him and that upon checking, he indeed saw that those arrested included only East Indians. “I didn’t see any other race,” he maintained. Kuppen recalled that he also saw that two African vendors, one selling near a bakery and the other operating a mobile hardware store, were allowed to re-

main while the others were moved. Mayor Patricia ChaseGreen said Kuppen’s statement was intentional and racial and she added that councillors should aim to bridge the racial gap instead of widening it. The Town Clerk said at any level, it is wrong for a respected councillor to make such a statement publicly. “That statement

could not be justified. And I am taking it very seriously. Is it Mr. Kuppen’s intention to start some racial disturbance? What is his hidden agenda? Even if in his own heart he perceives this might be a racial movement, why would a councillor make such a statement in public? It’s beyond me. And it is not true,” King told the Chronicle.

PPP Councillor, Bishram Kuppen


GUYANA CHRONICLE Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Come back next week …SOCU tells Ashni Singh, Brassington FORMER head of the National Industrial and Commercial Investments Limited, Winston Brassington and former Finance Minister Dr. Ashni Singh Monday morning walked into the headquarters of the Special Organised Crime Unit (SOCU) without being questioned and was told to return next week. During their visit, former Prime Minister Sam Hinds and a handful of supporters were on hand picketing with placards. Singh and Brassington are already on GY$6 million bail each on charges of misconduct in public office in connection with the alleged sale of three tracts of land valued more than $900M without regard to the valuation process.

The former Finance Minister said the charges of misconduct in public office for the sale of the East Coast Demerara lands that were laid against him and Brassington are baseless. Meanwhile, their attorney, Anil Nandlall said although SOCU invited his clients, they were not entertained but were told instead to return next week. “This here is a human rights tragedy, and it’s unfortunate that organisations of civil society such as the Private Sector Commission, the Guyana Human Rights Association, Transparency International, Red Thread, the Guyana Bar Association, the Guyana Women’s Lawyers Association and organisations of like type are silent on this matter,” Nandlall said.

He continued: “Civil society needs to condemn what is taking place; today it is Ashni Singh and Winston Brassington, tomorrow it’s going to be you, or anyone else, when the rights of one free man is taken away, the rights of every free man is threatened.” He said his clients have no duty or obligation to turn up at SOCU because they have already been charged; their visit is voluntary since they don’t want to be uncooperative. One of the forensic audit reports on the operations of NICIL suggests that under the PPP administration, NICIL engaged in malpractices, and had made poor decisions on behalf of the people of Guyana. The

Former Finance Minister, Dr Ashni Singh (left), Attorney Stanley Moore and former CEO of NICIL,Winston Brassington in the compound of SOCU (Adrian Narine photo)

audit which was conducted by former Auditor General, Anand Goolsarran had recommended criminal

and/or disciplinary actions against all those responsible for the interception of State revenues totalling

$26.858B, in violation of the constitution. Goolsarran had said that several laws were broken.

Samuels breaks up rum drinking prison gang By Leroy Smith A NUMBER of prison inmates at the New Amsterdam Prison located at Penitentiary Walk, New Amsterdam, Berbice, would be transferred to other prisons across the country as the prison administration moves to break up the open lawlessness that was displayed last weekend, when some of them posted images on Facebook of them drinking rum. Speaking with the Guyana Chronicle last evening, Director of Prison (ag) Senior Superintendent Gladwin Samuels, said the development is indeed worrying to the administration of the prisons and immediate steps were taken to address the issue. He further stated that over the next few days a number of other measures would be taken to ensure the practice does not continue. In the photographs which surfaced, inmates were seen relaxing as they drank and posed with high-end liquor and some amount of cannabis and other contrabands. As for the liquor, it is clear that those could not have been smuggled into the facility by persons visiting the inmates, since it would have been uncovered at the checking point at the prisons. Last evening Samuels explained that already some of the prisoners were separated from the areas at the location

New Amsterdam prison inmates indulge in high-end liquor

that they were being house. He continued, “Arrangements are being worked on with the police in ‘B’ Division to improve the level of security at the prisons.” Over the years a number of prison officers would have been placed before the courts for facilitating the smuggling of contrabands into the prison cells for inmates. Those contrabands, in instances, were intended for and in other cases delivered to suspects on remand for murder, cocaine trafficking, armed robberies and other serious crimes. Also on Monday, the

Ministry of Public Security issued a statement informing that is was aware of the development at the New Amsterdam Prison. The ministry noted that the mobile phone which was used to upload the photographs to social media has since been confiscated, and that the authorities have already launched an investigation. It is unclear whose name the sim card being used in the phone is registered to, and added to that it is also unclear who might be the person(s) supplying these mobile devices which are Turn to page 11 ►


GUYANA CHRONICLE Tuesday, May 15, 2018

All infrastructure Man charged for complete for Linden killing “Catty” housing units

– bidding process to commence this week SIXTY Lindeners are one step closer to owning their own home constructed by the Central Housing and Planning Authority (CHPA) as the bidding process for contracts is to commence this week. Minister of Communities with responsibility for housing, Valarie Patterson--Yearwood, told the Guyana Chronicle on Monday that all infrastructure including the grading of roads, the provision of water and electricity as well as the clearing of the land have been completed for the commencement of construction of the single unit houses. Sixty of these--30 flat houses and 30 on stilts--will be built in Amelia’s Ward new housing scheme. While it was the ministry’s intention to construct duplexes in Linden, further consultation with residents highlighted their preference for the single housing units. CHPA has

already prequalified owners for the houses and according to the minister, as each house is completed, the owner will be able to move in. The flat housing units cost $5.3 while the elevated ones cost $6.3 M. “We already prequalified persons since last year, people were carrying their letters to the bank…as we complete building, people will move in,” Patterson--Yearwood said. As it relates to the housing units to be constructed at Wisroc, Wismar, Linden, she said that the process is currently at getting the lands transferred from the Wisroc Housing Cooperative via the Guyana Lands and Survey Commission. “The Co-op was defunct, so they had to form a sub-committee and through that committee, a registration process was done. The matter is now with Lands and Surveys; when that is transferred, we are ready to do,” Patter-

Samuels breaks up... within the prison walls and in the hands of prisoners with credit and the facilitation of data plan. A number of inmates, including some at Camp Street and Lusignan often make Facebook posts and change their profile photos and statuses from their jail cell. There are also some within the walls with active WhatsApp and Instagram accounts. The Public Security

Ministry said it was extremely disappointed that alien and other materials inclusive of drugs and liquor find their way into the various prisons. The release while not pointing any fingers directly to anyone, said that there can be no doubt that prison wardens and prisoners are in collusion and that contributed to the Sunday’s development. Further, the release stated, that such

son--Yearwood said. Priority was given to youths and government workers in Linden as scores of residents flocked the Linden CHPA Office with their applications. During a Linden outreach, Patterson--Yearwood said that she along with her team were prompted to undertake this housing unit project, given the demand for turnkey homes, not only in Linden but countrywide with their research seeing approximately 8500 individuals expressing serious interest. This, she said, will cut infrastructure cost on the government. The CHPA has inducted millions of dollars into constructing housing units across Guyana. The first set of houses built at Perseverance, EBD, by CHPA has been sold out. Several other communities across Guyana are expected to benefit. From page 10

kind of misbehaviour by culpable prison wardens will be dealt with very seriously, following the conclusion of an investigation which has already been launched. The ministry is confident that the investigations will reveal who the officers are, even as the ministry promised to feed the public with the information when the probe is concluded.

POLICE have charged a 34-year-old man with the murder of Seon Waldron called “Catty” who was found floating in the Mahaicony Creek on May 8, 2018. The suspect is expected to make a court appearance today. Waldron’s sister said that after realising her brother was missing and heading out in search of ‘Catty’ and

not finding him, she made a report at the Cove and John Police Station. Later upon following up the case, a person said that there was a body floating in the Mahaicony Creek. They then left and went to the location that they were told about and found Waldron floating next to a koker in the vicinity of Strath Campbell Village,

Mahaicony, ECD. The badly decomposed body was taken out of the Mahaicony Creek. An autopsy was conducted on Wednesday morning, witnessed by Waldron’s sister. The autopsy confirmed that the man was strangled and had suffered blows to the body. Seon Waldron was employed as a labourer at a cattle farm in Mahaicony.


GUYANA CHRONICLE Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Two of four pumps down in Georgetown THE Mayor and City Council (M&CC) on Monday heard that two of the City’s four pumps are down at the moment, and that City Engineer Colvern Venture has no idea when they will be back up. At the fortnightly statutory meeting at City Hall, Councillor Bishram Kuppen

asked for an update to be provided on the working condition of the pumps, owing to the fact that two were reported down at a previous statutory meeting. Venture stood up to say that although assuring the Mayor last Friday that the pumps are all in working condition, two pumps developed

an oil leak issue during the course of Sunday night. The Riverview koker and the JP Santos koker are the ones down at the moment and Venture disclosed that the hydraulic oil which leaked is very expensive. “We can’t really control these things,” he said, adding that although he is not

City Engineer Colvern Venture

able to say when the kokers will be in working condition again, they are working to

have them back up as soon as possible. Mayor Patricia ChaseGreen noted that the rainy season is here and that residents depend heavily upon these two pumps. She called for an assessment report to be presented to her by Thursday. Councillor Kuppen said because there will always be rainfall, the City Council ought to look at acquiring more pumps. “They previously said the two pumps were out and here I am finding out again that they’re still down. But the planning here is not very good. They should have had backup pumps that you could hook up to a trailer so that if certain areas have problems, you move them

there. But of the four critical pumps we have, two are not working.” Kuppen further said that he was not satisfied with the explanation offered by the City Engineer. “A lot of times we are getting excuses here and I don’t buy in to that. We all know there are money problems in the council but the council has to have priorities, and prevention of flooding is priority.” Town Clerk Royston King offered that while the City Engineer tried to protect himself by not offering a specific time period by which the pumps would be back up, the two pumps should be back up in another week’s time.

Rice, paddy exports up from last year …GRDB credits success to opening of markets in Mexico, Cuba FOR the period January – April 2018, Guyana has exported 139,501 metric tonnes of paddy, rice, and rice by-products amounting to US $57.7Million. This surpasses 2017’s export of 120,811 metric tonnes equivalent to US $47M and General Manager of the Guyana Rice Development Board, Nizam Hassan has credited this to the opening up of new markets in Mexico and Cuba. Hassan noted that Guyana had not exported to the Cuban market for a number of years. However, the amount now being exported has increased by more than one hundred per cent. He explained, “In 2017, we exported 15,512 tonnes, which was supplied from just one miller-exporter. Thus far, we have two millers that have been given contracts to export to Cuba. So far for this year, we have exported 37,418 tonnes valued at US$18.9 Million and we still have more to send. We definitely have already more than 100 per cent over the 2017 figures.” Hassan added that with the projected increase of consumption, there has been increased production activity. “These two markets have helped the exports to grow as well as to stimulate interest that has encouraged the farmers to return to cultivation. The FAO has reported that the global consumption of rice is projected to increase in 2018, and with that, we’re seeing some amount of increased activity on the production

GRDB’s General Manager, Nizam Hassan

level, also the interest by the millers. And this is of course followed by the export of paddy, rice and it’ by-products.” Hassan further said. The GRDB board has heightened efforts to further garner more markets for farmers, millers, and the stakeholders involved in the industry by introducing a new rice variety. ‘GRDB 15’ can give as much as 20 per cent more than the current high yielding variety ‘GRDB 10’ which means more bags per acre. After seven years of research, the GRDB officially unveiled the ‘GRDB 15’ in April this year. Last week Guyana Chronicle reported that in less than a year, Mexico has purchased more than 174,875 tonnes of paddy from Guyana and will soon move to the importation of white rice from this country. The exportation of Guyanese paddy to Mexico was birthed out of a visit to that country by Prime Minister

Moses Nagamootoo in October, 2015. During the Open Governance Global Summit in Mexico City in 2015, Prime Minister Nagamootoo met with Mexico’s Agriculture Minister, Jose Calzada, and a decision was made to accelerate the process of allowing Guyana’s rice into the Mexican market. In a letter to Prime Minister Nagamootoo on Tuesday, Mexico’s Ambassador to Guyana, Ivan Roberto Sierra-Medel, expressed deep satisfaction in the progress made since the October 2015 meeting. Ambassador Sierra-Medel said official statistics from July to December 2017 have revealed that more than 113,525 tonnes of paddy from Guyana was exported. It was noted that in March 2018, a second business mission by GRDB and Go-Invest went to Mexico. From January to April 2018, more than 39,850 tonnes of Guyana’s paddy Turn to page 17 ►


GUYANA CHRONICLE Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Lack of enforcement of corruption laws a problem – GRA official THE lack of enforcement of the country’s anti-corruption laws has resulted in Guyana’s inability to effectively address corruption here, Head of Legal Services Unit, Guyana Revenue Authority (GRA) Lancelot Wills, said on Monday. Speaking at a collaborative training programme for staff of the GRA held at the Guyana Post Office Corporation (GPOC), Wills made it clear that while there is no “paucity of laws” there are still high levels of corruption. “It’s not for the paucity of laws that we fail so miserably on the various metric and scales of anti-corruption. It’s for the lack of enforcement,” he said, while noting that Guyana is traditionally known for never being short on laws. “We are short on its implementation and enforcement,” said the head of the Revenue Authority’s Legal Unit as he made reference to the Integrity Commission Act. Wills told the GRA staff at the training facilitated by the State Assets Recovery Agency (SARA) that laws help to curtail acts of corruption. He stressed too that by enforcement of the laws and regulations, the imposition of sanctions will serve as a deterrent.

Head of Legal Services Unit, Guyana Revenue Authority (GRA), Lancelot Wills

“Corruption is not to be tolerated,” he said. “What is required of every Guyanese is an anti-corruption posture. The target of corruption is not only government officials; that is not the case. Corruption is everybody’s business because it takes away the resources of the state that could be used for development,” he stated. The GRA official said too that, “If we ask persons to do things, we have to do them ourselves and what is required of every Guyanese is an anti-corruption posture; not one that compromises another’s integrity or self.” Wills stressed that an upright posture must not be

Deputy Director, SARA, Aubrey Heath-Retemyer

compromised for that which is considered to be a norm, so the “enforcement of the laws therefore is what is required.” He called on the media to engage in more investigative journalism, as it would also aid in exposing corruption and form part of a deterrent mechanism. Meanwhile, Deputy Director of SARA Aubrey Heath-Retemyer, noted that corruption has been “very pervasive” here, while making it clear he is not being sensational. In his opening remarks to the GRA staff, he said that between 2010 and 2014, Guyana lost $28 to $35B in procurement fraud, $90B in capital flight and at least $100B to the underground economy.

Girl succumbs following highway crash ARIANA Hughes, one of several children who were among adults injured in an accident on Sunday along the Soesdyke-Linden Highway, has succumbed to her injuries. She died while receiving medical attention at the Georgetown Public Hospital (GPC) on Monday, while her mother and sister are still fighting for their lives. The news of the child’s death did come with its controversy, as before it was confirmed that she had died, hospital personnel miscommunicated to the relatives that it was her sister, Jada Enmore,

who had succumbed. That saw Jada’s father posting her photo on social media informing that she died, only to be told later that it was a mix-up in the names. On Sunday, the children were travelling in a car with their mother when she lost control of the vehicle and slammed into another car before careening into a minibus loaded with people. The two were heading in different directions, the bus west and the car east. The impact resulted in extensive damage to the vehicles involved and several persons who were pinned in the minibus had to be rescued.

When the passengers were rescued, they were taken to the Diamond Hospital where the badly injured were treated, stabilised and transferred to the Georgetown Public Hospital (GPH). At the hospital, persons who were in the minibus related that they saw the car moving out of control but the driver of the minibus had little options, although he attempted to evade and avoid a collision. The minibus was transporting persons who had gone for an outing at a creek along the Soesdyke-Linden Highway.

Staff of the GRA participate in an anti-corruption training facilitated by SARA on Monday (Samuel Maughn photo)

“It is a fact; you may not want to accept it,” he said, noting that Guyana could have been way more advanced had it not been for corrupt practices. Heath-Retemyer said there is need for greater vigilance in the policing of corrupt practices, to in the future minimise its effects. “If there is no corruption,

there is nothing to retrieve. It’s much easier to close the door on corruption than going after stolen wealth. We are in the process of doing that. It’s costing us a lot of money and a lot of time and if we can prevent it in the first place, it’s far better,” he said. Noting that corruption is endemic, SARA’s

Deputy Director stressed the need for every citizen to take up their role and responsibility to eradicate the scourge. He discouraged the use of “shortcuts and loopholes” around rules and regulations while indicating that if citizens continue to do so, “we would never fix corruption.”


CHRONICLE, Tuesday May 15, 2018

Karasabai Village needs help

…wants Government officials to pay more visits By Lisa Hamilton MEMBERS of the community of Karasabai in the South Pakaraimas of Region Nine are seeking guidance and assistance from the Government on how they can improve their livelihood. In a sit down interview with the Guyana Chronicle on Sunday, two representatives of the community told of the challenges they face relating to unemployment, communication, transportation and more. Although they thanked the government for assistance they have received to date, many of the villagers are still requesting a more steady presence of government officials visiting the area. The Amerindian community is home to over 1,200 residents with most from the Makushi tribe and the site is hundreds of miles from the city. For six years, village representative 23-year-old Marlon Edwards has been volunteering his time and resources, to find new ways of generating revenue to the community. He says he faces a high level of unemployment. Edwards said that while several youths in the community have received favourable Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC) results, many times it comes without rewards as very few jobs are available.

These conditions contribute to a significant percentage of migrants from the community to neighbouring Brazil, which is separated from the village by a narrow river. Explaining this, Edwards said: “This is because there is nothing for them to do in the community. Upon graduating from primary and secondary

He underlined that Karasabai is a two-hour drive from Lethem with transportation available only three days a week, costing G$6,000 return while transportation to Georgetown costs some G$30,000. As such, Lee-Bing says that it puts a heavy financial strain on residents to source

to assist them in what way we could,” he said. Answering to what motivates their efforts, Edwards said: “I have been doing this voluntarily because I have a passion for helping others… so I’ve been doing it on my own with whatever little resources I have, sometimes spending my own money.”

Village Representative, Marlon Edwards (left) and Projects Coordinator, Ronald Lee-Bing

Villagers of Karasabai

schools you have to be waiting very long to get a job response.” Meanwhile, projects coordinator, Ronald Lee-Bing who met Edwards some three months ago spoke on transportation issues and the isolation of the village due to limited access to modern means of communication.

these travel fees to complete simple business matters like Birth Certificates and National Insurance Scheme (NIS). “The people there have a lot of small problems that they have to come out to Lethem to address. So, we took it upon ourselves whenever we go in and we’re coming back to Georgetown, we try

The two revealed that Minister within the Ministry of Indigenous Peoples’ Affairs, Valerie Garrido-Lowe frequents the community approximately every three months and has assisted in several ways. Some of these include the provision of black giant chickens through the Hin-

terland Development Black Giant Poultry Programme. In addition, they told the story of a young woman who was able to visit the city for the first time at age 18 after she expressed an interest in becoming a nurse, and the two stepped in to make her dream a possibility. “We took the necessary information, took it to Minister Garrido-Lowe and she was instrumental in getting her accepted into the nursing programme,” Lee-Bing said. However, the men are now seeking further assistance to address other issues which still linger in the community. “One of my pleas right now is to have more government officials visiting the community on a regular basis to address issues at hand. Right now we’re looking for guidance, assistance and looking forward to collaborating with the different

agencies,” Edwards said. Some of the outstanding needs include solar panels, inverters and batteries to help maintain wifi supply at the Karasabai Primary School, and a Karasabai radio station for members to be up-to-date with the news. Although there are more concerns and while awaiting assistance, the men are now encouraging farmers in the village embark into peanut cultivation as there is market for such in the capital. The villagers are also being encouraged to plant cassava for the production of a new organic cassareep product and for the sale of cassava bread and farine in Georgetown. Clay brick block-making on a commercial scale is another venture the community has embarked upon, hoping to provide a larger income to families as they await support.

World Bank officials pleased with MOE project implementation THE World Bank commended the works of the Ministry of Education and reaffirmed its commitment to providing further assistance during a courtesy call on Minister of Education, Nicolette Henry on Monday. Visiting the department’s Brickdam office were World Bank Regional Director, Tahseen Sayed Khan; Country Manager for Guyana and Jamaica, Galina Sotirova; Senior Country Officer for Guyana and Suriname, Pierre Nadji and World Bank Education Specialist for the Caribbean, Hongyu Yang. The World Bank noted that its funded projects conducted by the ministry are now moving at a much faster rate under the guidance of Minister Henry. The officials expressed satisfaction with the relations shared between the two parties and assured Henry that future support will be rendered should the ministry request it.

Regional Director, Tahseen Khan updated that plans are going smoothly for a Systematic Country Diagnostic (SCD) to be done in Guyana in addition to the production of a Country Strategy. The SCD is aimed at identifying key challenges and opportunities for a country to accelerate development while the Country Strategy provides strategic framework for engagement with the country. Khan assures that the Education Ministry will be included within the SCD which will help the World Bank to identify and correct weak areas in the education system and provide further assistance. Another matter discussed was the World Bank-funded Secondary School Improvement Project (SSIP) recently launched in the country of which its progress was also applauded by the officials. Meanwhile, Minister Henry took

the opportunity to highlight the need for additional attention to be placed on the Special Education Needs (SEN) programme which the Ministry actively pursues. Just last month, the SEN Unit hosted a public awareness programme to shed light on the challenges of children faced with autism spectrum disorder. The representatives noted this interest and participated in discussions on how the financial institution can better assist the Ministry through technical support in the areas of training, project management and implementation. In addition, Khan acknowledged that Guyana’s unique terrain presents challenges to the use of technology in the delivery of education and affirmed her commitment to ensuring that companies within the ‘Silicon Valley’, a term synonymous to ‘high-technology areas’, can assist.

Minister of Education, Nicolette Henry (left) welcomes World Bank Regional Director, Tahseen Sayed Khan (right) in the presence of other officials during a courtesy call on Monday.


CHRONICLE, Tuesday May 15, 2018

Caribbean Adventists to meet here –– to talk ‘peaceful coexistence’

A FOUR-day religious liberty congress is to be held here from Wednesday to Saturday, and see delegates from across the Caribbean meeting to deliberate on matters relating to peaceful co-existence. The congress is an initiative of the Caribbean Union Conference of the Seventh-day Adventist (SDA) Church, and anticipates a turnout of over 1,200 locals and 75 delegates from some 15 Caribbean countries. Guided by the theme, ‘Peaceful Co-existence: The Challenge for Diversity’, matters pertaining to religious liberty, liberty of conscience, religious tolerance

and human rights will be on the forefront for dialogue. The opening ceremony and subsequent sessions will take place at the Central SDA Church on Church and Oronoque Streets. The final day of the congress will see a grand Festival of Liberty and Parade, beginning at the Jubilee Park from 15:30hrs, and proceeding to the Central SDA Church. President David Granger is expected to deliver remarks at the opening ceremony, while Minister of Legal Affairs, Basil Williams will be present at Saturday afternoon’s parade. In addition, religious leaders from several denom-

inations within the country have been invited to participate in the event, and among them are: President of the Guyana Hindu Dharmic Sabha, Dr. Vindhya Persaud; Executive Member of the Central Islamic Organisation Of Guyana (CIOG), Omar Haniff; and First Assembly of God’s Rev. Winston Assanah. During the four-day meet, a panel of lawyers will facilitate discussions on topics surrounding religious freedoms such as the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) community, and international conflicts. Executive Secretary of the Guyana Conference of

SDA’s Pastor Exton Clarke (Photo by Samuel Maughn)

SDA, Pastor Exton Clarke told the Guyana Chronicle

that it is hoped, through the congress, to tackle many of

the avoided issues in society which influence religious freedom. “The issue of religious liberty is one that is an ongoing challenge; the issue of conscience, conviction and how we really bring balance to our rights as a people as against the rights of other,” Pastor Clarke said, adding: “As a church, we believe that we must strive to exhibit the highest level of tolerance and acceptance of people across differences, and that is what the focus of this programme will be.” This is the second time the Religious Liberty Congress is being hosted in Guyana. The first was held in 2006.

Joint Services still to hand in statements on Lindo Creek CRITICAL statements taken from at least 24 Joint Services ranks who operated in the Upper Berbice River area, in Region 10 during June 2008, are yet to be submitted to the Commission investigating the Lindo Creek Massacre, despite several requests. On Monday, when Rear Admiral Gary Best, who was the Chief of Staff of the Guyana Defence Force (GDF)

during the period, appeared before the Commission, the CoI Chairman Justice (Ret’d) Donald Trotman asked of him to use his “good offices” to help retrieve those statements. After reports flooded the local newspapers with allegations that the Joint Services was responsible for the Lindo Creek Massacre, Best, on June 25, 2008 ordered an investigation into that alle-

gation. Major Andy Pompey had spearheaded the investigation and handed over his report to the then Chief of Staff. According to Best, a copy of the report which suggested that the miners may have been victims of a deadly robbery or may have been killed because they were suspected to be informants of the Joint Services, was also handed over to the then Commissioner of Police

Seelall Persaud. He noted, however, that the statements which were given by the members of the Joint Services were all handed over to the Guyana Police Force (GPF) to assist with their criminal investigation. Justice Trotman informed Best that for some time the Commission has been requesting those statements. He questioned if the GDF had kept copies of the state-

ments and was told no. “At the moment it is puzzling to the commission that those transcripts are eluding the commission although they have been requested. And, there does not seem to be any indication that they are being made available to the commission to find out the truth of the circumstances surrounding the deaths,” Justice Trotman said during the public hearings.

Best committed to using his “good offices” to assist in locating the documents but maintained that they were handed over to the police. Roysdale Forde, the attorney who is representing the interest of the GDF, told the Commission that the legal team working on the case also requested the statements from the Guyana Police Force, but is yet to receive same.

Enterprise residents uneasy after consecutive fires

– growing concern over suspected arsonists RESIDENTS of Enterprise, East Coast Demerara (ECD) are uneasy since two houses in the area have been destroyed by fire in two consecutive days. Although the Guyana Fire Service is yet to conclude their investigation into the matter, residents of the area have not ruled out arson, because, in one instance, one of the houses had no electricity yet the fire started in the living room. The house, which is owned by a man called “Kada”, went up in flames on Friday evening, but according to neighbours, it had no electricity and at the time of the fire, there was a power outage. Said one neighbour: “Around 7:30pm I looked

out the window and see lights flashing in Kada house; you know, like when you walk around in a room with them phone light. So I peep out and see the fire coming from the living room, and before I know it, the fire spread. I rush down to move my cars after I see it getting out-of-hand.” The fire service was alerted, but by the time they got to the scene, most of the house had already been destroyed. Some of the neighbours who witnessed the fire, said none of the occupants of the house was home at the time; that the owner never showed up until Saturday. Many want to know, “Why would someone do this to Kada?” Why it is so hard to fathom, they say, is because Kada is a humble

fellow, who spends most of his days in the rum shop or with friends. And while his niece and her children lived at the house with him, neighbours said they haven’t seen her or her children quite a few days now. Suspicion began to grow because, prior to Kada’s house being destroyed, a house which was occupied by Vickram Sookraj, a fisherman, and his sister was also razed by fire just the day before. Persons believe that the two incidents are connected, because, according to Sookraj’s neighbour, three men showed up at the house early Thursday, asking for a taxi driver from the area who is popularly known as “Pumpkin”.

All that’s left of ‘Kada’s’ house after the fire

The men reportedly met Sookraj’s sister, and enquired about Pumpkin but she denied knowing him or of his whereabouts. According to the neighbours, the men did not leave immediately, but instead went upstairs to

“make sure” she was telling the truth. After the men left house, the fisherman’s sister reportedly smelt smoke, and when she ran out, she saw that the house was on fire. Residents in the neigh-

bourhood reportedly formed a bucket brigade and tried to extinguish the fire but to no avail. One neighbour said Sookraj arrived long after the house was gutted. He reportedly had just arrived from sea. Persons from the community believe that it’s the same men that set Kada’s house on fire, because they were allegedly back in the area on Friday afternoon, again asking for Pumpkin. This publication was told that persons in the neighbourhood are on high alert, because they believe that the men might come back to finish what they started. “We report it to the police; so, until we hear back something, we will watch out, just to be on the safe side,” said a resident of the community.


GUYANA CHRONICLE Tuesday, May 15, 2018


GUYANA CHRONICLE Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Several held with illegal guns ABOUT 01:10hrs on Sunday police ranks on a mobile patrol in ‘A’ Division arrested an occupant of a public transportation vehicle after an unlicensed .38 revolver with five live rounds were found on his person, during a search of the vehicle at Sussex and Smyth Streets. Meanwhile, about 0l:12hrs also on Sunday,

police in ‘C’ Division arrested a 33-year-old labourer of South Vryheid’s Lust, ECD at Victoria Road, Plaisance, ECD with an unlicensed .32 revolver with two live rounds and a spent shell concealed in his crotch. An improvised pistol was also found in a haversack he was in possession of. Additionally, police in ‘F’ Division on Sunday

about 10:45hrs detained a 38-year-old housewife of Carabese Hill, Bartica and subsequently her 42-yearold husband following the discovery of an unlicensed single barrel shotgun and twenty-five live cartridges at their mining camp, located at Big Hope Backdam, Waini River. The suspects are all currently being processed for court.

The unlicensed shotgun and 25 cartridges

The unlicensed .32 revolver, two live rounds and improvised pistol found at Plaisance

The unlicensed .38 and five rounds found in Smyth and Sussex Streets

Tightening up on timber trucks THE Guyana Forestry Commission (GFC) is urging all vehicles transporting timber products such as logs, to desist from doing so after 18:00hrs along the public roadways. The warning was issued as part of an ongoing collaboration between the GFC and the Guyana Police Force (GPF) to ensure the roads are accident free. The GFC said that all

vehicles transporting forest produce must carry reflectors, and they must be positioned in such a way that they are clearly visible from a distance to road users travelling behind such vehicles. It was noted, too, that reflector cones must be carried permanently on such vehicles and they are to be properly used when the trucks have to be unavoidably parked on the public

roadways. There have been a number of vehicular accidents in recent years, mainly along the Linden/Soesdyke Highway, some of which ended tragically after heavy laden log trucks collided with smaller passenger vehicles. In some cases the heavy trucks being parked without reflectors along the highway were attributed to such accidents.

Miner remanded on ‘snatch’ charge A MINER was Monday remanded to prison by Principal Magestrate Judy Latchman on a simple larceny charge. It is alleged that on May 8, 2018 at Georgetown, Peter Waldron stole one gold chain worth $71,000, property of Deon Persaud. The 28-year-old man pleaded not guilty to the charge.

According to the evidence presented in court by the police prosecutor, the virtual complainant was waiting for transportation when the defendant snatched the chain. An alarm was raised and Waldron was positively identified and held. Bail was refused by the magistrate and Waldron was remanded to prison until June 11th, 2018.

Rice, paddy exports... had been shipped to Mexico. “In less than a calendar year, Mexico has purchased more than 174,875 tonnes of Guyanese paddy. As a result of the active trade, Mexico has become the largest individual destination for Guyanese paddy,” Mexico’s Ambassador reported to Prime Minister Nagamootoo. Additionally, in response to the growing interest in the importation of Guyanese white rice, Mexico has issued phyto-sanitary

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clearance for the processed grain. Back in 2015, Prime Minister Nagamootoo had visited Mexico with the aim of securing markets for rice farmers here, who were severely affected by the loss of the Venezuelan rice market. To date, his visit continues to bear fruit. In April, the GRDB reported that over 530,000 tonnes of paddy is projected to be produced, based on reports of higher yields.

This is up nine per cent from the 488,833 tonnes that were projected for the first crop of 2018. At the time, statistics had indicated that 310,748 tonnes of paddy equivalent to 201,986 tonnes of rice was harvested for the year. It was noted that 51,280 hectares of the 87,539 hectares sown has been already harvested and according to GRDB General Manager Nizam Hassan, the figures bode well for the industry.


GUYANA CHRONICLE Tuesday, May 15, 2018

GRDB trial adjourned to July 3 THE magistrate’s proceeding into the trial against six former high-ranking officials of the Guyana Rice Development Board (GRDB), is adjourned until July 3, as attorneys for the defendants moved to the High Court to permanently stay the hearing at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court. The six officials charged and accused of alleged fraudulent omission are: former General Manager of the Guyana Rice Development Board (GRDB) Jagnarine Singh; former Deputy General Manager of GRDB and People’s Progressive Party Civic (PPP/C) member Madanlall Ramraj; General Secretary of the Rice Producers Association (RPA) and PPP/C Member of Parliament, Dharamkumar Seeraj; former Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Amerindian Affairs and PPP/C

Member of Parliament, Nigel Dharamlall; former General Manager of the Guyana Oil Company (GUYOIL) Badrie Persaud; and the Deputy Permanent Secretary Finance in the Ministry of Agriculture, Prema Roopnarine. They are charged with failing to make a proper entry into a register of a company, with the intent to defraud $362M from the entity’s Republic Bank account. On Monday, defence attorney Glenn Hanoman told the court that they were yet to receive a ruling for his application made at the High Court for a stay in the matter, and which will halt the proceedings into the case being heard before City Magistrate Leron Daly. The lawyer had moved to the High Court, after Special Organised Crime Unit (SOCU) prosecutors failed to hand over forensic audit

reports substantiating these allegations. Although being ordered by the magistrate to present the report to the court, the

SOCU prosecution did not do so which could hold the SOCU in contempt of the court, after failing to adhere to the magistrate’s orders.

Attorney Hanoman disclosed that the matter at the High Court would come up on June 6 before Acting Chief Justice Roxanne

George-Wiltshire, and requested time to report back to the magistrate’s court on the outcome. Magistrate Daly ad journed the matter until July 3 for report on the High Court’s ruling. In May, 2017 the six officials made their first appearance in court and were indictably charged; they were released on $500,000 bail each with reporting conditions. The six denied that in 2011, they omitted to enter some $52M in the GRDB ledger; they also denied that they omitted to enter a sum of $77.3M into the said ledger. Other charges read that between the years 2014 and 2015, the sums of $130M, $9.7M and $145M were respectively omitted from the GRDB register. The accused all pleaded not guilty to this charge as well.

Rainy weather halts Speightland roadworks THE main access road in the community of Speightland in Mackenzie, is benefiting from a massive upgrade and residents are expressing their satisfaction, despite the works being temporarily halted as a result of the inclement weather conditions. The farming community is located aback of the old aluminum plant and residents have been suffering tremendously as a result of the deplorable state of the road. It is being constructed to the tune of $7.1 M by Associates Construction Company. One of the company’s managers, Ronal Lewis, told the media that everything is in place for completion, and asphalting will commence as soon as the rainy weather has passed. While public transportation does not ply Speightland’s route, residents expressed how difficult it was to even convince taxi drivers to transport them, since they often complain about traversing the huge pot holes and ungraded slushy road. Resident Shonette Fiedtkou expressed to this publication her daily trials having to convince taxi drivers to transport her. “It was a struggle and I, along with other residents, are finally happy

The Speightland access road being repaired

that the road is being done. We are now looking forward for it to finish, [and] we are happy that it was placed on the budget and it was considered,’ Feidtkou said. Associates Construction Company was also awarded the contract to complete massive repairs to Amelia’s Ward Main Street. Residents of Cinderella City have longed complained of the stress of also engaging drivers to ply their route. Hence, they were forced to walk a long distance to access transportation. In addition to the Amelia’s Ward main street, other roads that will be done are Toucan Drive main road, River Side Drive road, Stanley Road in the Wismar Hill Primary School area; the ballfield road; the teachers’ compound main access road; and the post office road in Wismar. Out of the $3.4B budget, $322.5M has been allocated for public

infrastructure in Region 10. Regional Executive Officer, Orrin Gordon, said that 21 regional projects have been awarded, while 18 tenders are open and waiting to be awarded. ASPHALT PLANT TO PUSH FOR ROAD DEVELOPMENT With a portable asphalt plant available in Linden that is currently being assembled at the Christianburg area, road construction in Linden in 2018 is expected to be expedited. The plant is fully automatic and computerized and is being powered by a low emission generator and will produce one hundred and sixty tonnes of asphalt per hour. With asphalt being available right in Linden, the cost of roadworks is expected to be lower and therefore surplus funds can be used to construct and repair more roads.

GUYANA CHRONICLE Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Custom brokers body wants slice of local content ...Trinidad firm gets the first jump THE local custom brokers’ association is seeking an audience with the Ministry of Natural Resources in an effort to increase their members’ involvement in the upcoming oil and gas sector. President of the Guyana Customs House Brokers Association (GCHBA), Sean Dublin, told the Guyana Chronicle that the local body was keen on meeting the relevant authorities on the specific matter of local content. Dublin explained that the association was especially concerned that a foreign company had reportedly been able to establish itself here and was receiving contracts ahead of Guyanese, to provide the service to oil company, Exxon Mobil. “It is our understanding that a company from Trinidad and Tobago has already set up a customs brokers company here and is getting contracts from Exxon,” Dublin said. He believes that Guyanese companies should be able to provide such a service ahead of an outside agency. “That (contract) should have gone to Guyanese.” Dublin argued, stating that the service was available in Guyana, and where possible

shortcomings exist in relation to the service needed by Exxon, the company should provide some training and assistance in that regard. Given the association’s concerns about local content regarding the customs field, Dublin said a correspondence was addressed to Natural Resource Minister Raphael Trotman last week and the body was awaiting his response with great anticipation. Dublin said that he intended to address the fact that Guyana was moving into a new business environment due to the oil sector, and the area of customs brokerage had to be upgraded. He believes that the customs body should be able to work in conjunction with the Guyana Revenue Authority and Exxon Mobil to better integrate local operators. He said custom brokerage agents must receive the relevant training or exchanges that would allow them to function effectively in the emerging oil sector. That is, he said, to make agents aware of what it is that will be needed by Exxon, the manner in which it must be transported and other such related information. Custom brokers may be

employed by or affiliated with freight forwarders, independent businesses, or shipping lines, importers, exporters, trade authorities, and customs brokerage firms and are involved with managing the movement of cargo. It is an activity that is bound to increase, given the emergence of this new multi-billion dollar oil sector. The discussion regarding local involvement or local content in and around the oil sector is growing louder as Guyana draws closer to its 2020 marker and more companies and individuals continue to seek opportunity in the new sector. It was said that Exxon Mobil should play a greater role in helping locals prepare for the oil sector so that they would be better able to serve the company and benefit from their operations. The company has since promised to provide its local content plan. It was mentioned that among the areas that could be improved for local content could be the targeting of specific skills and supply chains that are most relevant for development. The provision of data and information on future plans could also help with planning and designing local areas to benefit the oil sector.

Trio in bacchanal on Seawall A MAN on Monday appeared before a city magistrate for assaulting his wife and a man whom he suspected was having an affair with his wife. It is alleged that on May 10, 2018 at the Kingston seawall, Lorel Gill unlawfully assaulted Seon Meredith and Telisha Dazzle causing actual bodily harm. According to information presented by the police prosecutor, Gill went to the seawall and saw his wife with the virtual complainant. As a result, he attacked the man with a knife, stabbing him to the lower part of his feet. Gill told the court that he didn’t attack Meredith with

any knife. He said he saw his wife in a compromising position in his car and he became annoyed. He said at the time he felt like fainting. Magistrate Judy Latchman placed him on $120,000 bail. Seon Meredith and Telisha Dazzle were also charged for unlawfully assaulting Lorel Gill causing actual bodily harm. They both denied the charge. Meredith told the court that the defendant always suspected him of having an affair with his wife but it was nothing of the sort. He said on May 10, 2018, Telisha told him she wasn’t feeling well but wanted to go and

buy greens. She asked him to take her with her husband’s car. As such he decided to take her to the seawall so that she could get some fresh air. Soon after the husband came and started to behave ignorant and attempted to stab him. He told the court if he hadn’t pulled back the seat he would have been a dead man. The magistrate heard that Meredith gave Gills several cuffs to the left side of his face which caused a slight swelling. Telisha is said to have given Gill several kicks about his body. They both were placed on $30,000 bail each. The matter was put down to May 21, 2018.



CHRONICLE, Tuesday May 15, 2018

CHRONICLE, Tuesday May 15, 2018



CHRONICLE, Tuesday May 15, 2018

White, Williams cop best overall titles at GAPLF’s Intermediate/Masters Championship By Michelangelo Jacobus AMID much straining, effort and even injury, Guyana’s top bodybuilders competed at the highest level on Sunday when they gathered in the auditorium of the St. Stanislaus College for the Guyana Amateur Powerlifting Federation’s (GAPLF) Intermediates/ Masters Championships. The best overall male lifter was newcomer, Bjorn Williams while Runita White copped the distaff accolade. In a cozy family-like atmosphere, the athletes were cheered on by fans and their colleagues alike as several records fell during the day. Among the record-breakers were Junior powerlifter, White, who continues to make waves in the fraternity. She, along with Nadina Taharally, Colin “Mr Clean” Chesney, Noel Cummings, Martin Webster, Ede Tyrell and Bjorn Williams set new standards in their respective categories. Williams, a relative newcomer to the powerlifting scene, competed in the 105 kg class and copped the best overall male powerlifter award along with the Overall Unequipped Intermediate title by accumulating a Wilks points total of 376.488. He also set a new record in the 105kg Raw Open Deadlift (282.5 kg). White Noise! White, competing in the 84+ kg category, was the overall Unequipped Junior and Overall Unequipped In-

termediate winner; she picked up right where she left off earlier this year at the Novices Championships. She set new national records for the Squat (165 kg), Bench Press (67.5 kg) and the Deadlift (195 kg) along with her total weight lifted (427.5 kg); her total Wilks Points was 350.849. The deadlift record set by White on Sunday is the heaviest weight ever lifted by a woman in Guyana and is an unofficial FESUPO (South American Powerlifting Federation) record. The official record is 188 kg lifted by Judith Reitmann of Uruguay back in December of 2017 in Argentina. Records Nadina Taharally was the female Overall Masters winner and bettered her own records in the 72kg Masters 1 category. Her new records were set in the Squat (135 kg), Bench Press (70 kg), Deadlift (165 kg) along with her total (370 kg). Meanwhile, Jackquelyn Toney, competing in the Masters 84 kg set a new Deadlift Open and Masters 1 Raw record by lifting 145 kg. Veteran powerlifter, Martin Webster, despite hobbling about due to a hip injury, managed to set records in the Masters 1 and 2--105kg Raw categories. His Squat of 200 kg and Bench Press (130 kg) are now the Master 1 and Masters 2 records while his Deadlift of 183 kg is also now the national Masters 2 record.

Guyana’s oldest bodybuilder and now second oldest powerlifter, 70-year-old Noel Cummings continued his good showing in the arena, tumbling records in the 66kg Masters 4 Raw, Squat, Bench Press, Deadlift and total weight. He squatted 120 kg, bench pressed 87.5 kg, deadlifted 150 kg, while his total weight lifted was 357.5 kg. Chesney, competing in the 120kg Equipped Masters 1 category, grunted and strained his way to a new Bench Press record of 232.5 kg. Among the major sponsors of the event were Fitness Express, Cultronics, Buddy’s Gym and Trophy Stall. Male Winners The male winners are as follows: Overall Winner: Bjorn Williams Unequipped Masters Overall Winner: Noel Cummings Equipped Masters Overall Winner: Colin Chesney Unequipped Intermediates Overall Winner: Bjorn Williams Equipped Intermediates Overall Winner: Fawaz Rampertab Female Winners The female winners are as follows: Overall Winner: Runita White Overall Masters Winner: Nadina Taharally Overall Equipped Winner: Junica Pluck Overall Unequipped Winner: Runita White

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U.S. high court ...

to take the same bets that are legal in other states in our country,” New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy, a Democrat, said in a statement. The federal law at issue had effectively prohibited sports gambling in all states except Nevada and, to a limited extent, Delaware, Montana and Oregon. In addition to New Jersey, five other states - Connecticut, Mississippi, New York, Pennsylvania and West Virginia - already have sports betting laws in place that would allow them to move quickly, according to a Fitch Ratings report. Industry analysts have said that dozens of states might legalise sports betting if legally permitted. From back page

McCullum believes ...

that people are turning up and watching T20 not just at games but also on TV - society’s changing, isn’t it? People don’t have four or five days to commit to Test cricket. “They might watch the first session, and the last session on day five if it’s tight, but they’re not going to... then you strip it back a level as well and you think domestically, how can teams around the world afford to even exist?” “Long, long-term, I see a T20 franchise as owning players, and I don’t see them releasing those players to play for their nation in a Test match.” (Omnisport).

American Racing Tips



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Race 5 Dighton Race 6 First In Class Race 7 Love You Dearly Race 8 Z Lovelee Linda South Africa Racing Tips Kenilworth 08:40 hrs Magnificent Seven 09:15 hrs Magic Mary 09:55 hrs Tease 10:30 hrs River Cam 11:05 hrs Moon Rock English Racing Tips Sedgefield 09:00 hrs For Jim 09:30 hrs Boss Des Mottes 10:00 hrs Francky Du Berlais 11:00 hrs Tickerty Boo

11:40 hrs Canadian George 12:10 hrs Dame Nellie 12:45 hrs Bayshore Freeway Chepstow 12:15 hrs Mayfair Madame 12:50 hrs Maypole 13:20 hrs Happy Escape 13:50 hrs Tifl 14:20 hrs Pink Phantom 14:50 hrs Tilsworth Lukey 15:20 hrs The Way You Dance Irish Racing Tips Killarney 12:40 hrs Elysian Plains 13:10 hrs Aiselas 13:40 hrs Agent Zigzag 14:10 hrs Triple Sec

11:30 hrs General Mahler

14:40 hrs Camile

12:00 hrs Master Debonair

15:10 hrs Scarpeta 15:40 hrs Law Girl


CHRONICLE, Tuesday May 15, 2018

29 Days to go

Portugal need Cristiano Ronaldo to lead this team on deep run How they qualified AFTER losing the opening game of UEFA World Cup Qualification Group B against Switzerland in Basel, Portugal won all their remaining matches to top the group and qualify automatically for Russia. After that initial setback, which Cristiano Ronaldo missed through injury, Portugal scored 32 goals and conceded just two in the next nine games. Ronaldo and Andre Silva struck up a superb partnership, scoring 24 goals between them. Biggest strength Fernando Santos has instilled an iron will to win and an enormous unity of purpose since taking over in September 2014, with the team winning 20 and losing only one of 24 competitive matches under the veteran coach. The Selecao regularly made deep runs into major tournaments in recent history -- five semi finals or better in nine tournaments this century -- but were always seen as mentally brittle at crunch time. Not anymore. Portugal’s players have fully bought into the mantra of first and foremost making themselves difficult to beat, with the Euro 2016 triumph strengthening their belief in this approach and fortifying the newfound winning mentality. The fierce competition for places among a talented generation has not dented an impressive togetherness within the squad.

Biggest weakness A reliance on veteran players could prove their undoing. Portugal have lost only two competitive matches since the 2014 World Cup, and both times Cristiano Ronaldo was missing through injury. If the opposition manage to nullify him, the Selecao  will struggle for goals. At the heart of defence, 35-yearold Pepe is arguably at least as important for Portugal’s chances of going far, the form and fitness of the centre-back crucial, especially as

he will likely be partnered by either Bruno Alves (36) or Jose Fonte (34), both of whose better days are behind them. As mentioned above, Portugal’s traditional free-wheeling and flamboyant style of play has been replaced by a more defensive-minded approach, meaning creativity is in short supply. Ricardo Quaresma (34), despite being mainly used off the bench by Santos, has supplied more than double the number of assists by any other Portugal player in the last four years, and is likely to

be key to unlocking the opposition.

Projected XI Star player Look no further than Portugal’s greatest ever player, Cristiano Ronaldo. After a poor start to 2017-18, critics were lining up to write the obituaries on his extraordinary career. But since the turn of the year, the Real Madrid superstar has been unstoppable. He has obliterated the records for Portugal’s national team (148 caps, 81 goals and counting) but remains as hungry as ever to further burnish his legacy. If the Selecao are to follow up their debut tournament victory in France two years ago with something special at this World Cup, Ronaldo will be at the heart of it.

Prediction The two times Portugal qualified for a World Cup in Europe, they reached the semifinal (England 1966 and Germany 2006), but matching that achievement appears a long shot. An over-reliance on Cristiano Ronaldo and Pepe, along with the fact that too many key players have had disastrous seasons -- Andre Silva, Raphael Guerreiro, Adrien Silva, Joao Mario -- has seen Portugal regress since winning the European Championship two years ago. They should get out of the group, and once there, a favourable match-up in the round of 16 makes a quarter-final appearance doable, though the run will end there against France or Argentina.


CHRONICLE, Tuesday May 15, 2018

Russian region, rushing to finish World Cup stadium, offers food for work By Gabrielle Tétrault-Farber MOSCOW (Reuters) When authorities in Russia’s Nizhny Novgorod region realised their soccer World Cup stadium wasn’t quite ready, they tried to entice local municipal workers to help them finish it — in exchange for free food and lodging. The stadium, one of 12 venues in Russia for the June 14-July 15 World Cup, will host six matches during the competition, including a quarter-final and England’s group stage match against Panama. Moscow hopes hosting the world’s most prestigious soccer tournament will allow it to present a positive image of Russia at a time of soured relations with the West over

everything from the war in Syria to the poisoning of a former spy in Britain. The appeal by Nizhny Novgorod’s sports ministry — asking for unpaid help in the final run-up to the competition — evokes memories of the Soviet era, when the authorities would sometimes draft in students to help gather bumper harvests. It also shows how World Cup preparations in some places are running close to the wire. In a letter seen by Reuters, the regional sports ministry asked the heads of local districts to nudge municipal sports facilities into sending their employees to help finish building Nizhny Novgorod’s 45,000-seat World Cup stadium. Offering them three meals a day, housing and work

Waugh set to quit as Australia’s national selector

Mark Waugh MARK Waugh has decided to step down as Australia’s national selector following the conclusion of his contract in August. It is believed that the former batsman has decided to move out of his role because of growing involvement as a television commentator.The 52-yearold, who came on board as national selector in 2014, and is the T20 Chairman on the selectors’ panel, completed his four-team member alongside Trevor Hohns, Greg Chappell and the national coach. The other change in the selection panel after the Newlands ball-tampering scandal was the resignation of head

coach Darren Lehmann, who was subsequently replaced by newly-appointed coach Justin Langer. Waugh’s final tour with the Australian side as a national selector will be the tour to England and Zimbabwe in June and July where they will play five One-Day Internationals and one T20 in England in June, before a two-match T20 series in Zimbabwe. Waugh recently signed up with Australia cricket’s official broadcaster Fox Sports and is currently in India doing television duties for Star Sports in the ongoing Indian Premier League. (

tools, the ministry said the extra muscle was essential to ensure the stadium was ready

enlistment of additional labour,” says the letter, signed by regional sports minister

An interior view shows the Nizhny Novgorod Stadium, which will host matches of the 2018 FIFA World Cup, in Nizhny Novgorod, Russia April 28, 2018. REUTERS/Sergei Karpukhin/File Photo

for its April 15 inauguration. “Unfortunately the level of the stadium’s readiness for the inauguration requires the

Sergei Panov. “I ask you to send employees from physical activity facilities and other institu-

tions in the field of physical culture and sport (10 people) to Nizhny Novgorod for the completion of construction and general service works at the stadium from April 6 to 14 (inclusively).” It was unclear how many towns and cities had answered the ministry’s call and sent workers, but the appeal appears to have been successful, as the stadium hosted its first soccer match on April 15 and has held two others since. Both the regional authorities and Stroytransgaz, the stadium’s general contractor, said they were aware of the letter’s existence, but that it had been “improperly worded”. The regional sports ministry told Reuters the letter was in fact meant to call on sports centres to assemble a team of engineering special-

ists to maintain the stadium. “There are some 40 physical activity facilities and other major sporting venues in the region whose employees have accumulated good experience in operating sporting facilities,” the ministry said. “In the future, it will be necessary to form a proper team to operate the stadium.” The head of a sports complex in one small town outside Nizhny Novgorod told Reuters he had received the ministry’s letter, but had decided not to oblige. “I’m responsible for the people who work here,” he said, declining to be identified for fear of repercussions at work. “Who will be responsible for them there (at the stadium) if something happens? Of course it would the person who sent them.”

Salah breaks record as Liverpool secure top-four spot MOHAMED Salah set a new Premier League scoring record as Liverpool sealed a place in next season’s Champions League with an emphatic victory over Brighton, and manager Jurgen Klopp believes the forward can “still improve so much”. It was an impressive Liverpool performance on a perfect sunny afternoon at Anfield and Klopp’s side lingered long after the final whistle, soaking up the celebratory atmosphere with the Champions League final against Real Madrid to come on 26 May. “Two weeks’ break is perfect for us,” said Klopp. “We will be ready for the final. This group of players really deserve it. They keep moving to the next level.” Salah was the centre of attention as he was feted on his side’s home pitch after the match. There was the Golden Boot for Premier League’s top scorer to be presented, the club’s player of the year trophy too. The forward was clearly moved,

Mohamed Salah has scored 44 goals in 51 games for Liverpool in all competitions this season

and he shared the moment with his wife and young daughter. It was his record goal that set the Reds on course to blowing Brighton away. The opener, a low finish from Dominic Solanke’s pass, was his 32nd goal of the campaign - the most by a player in a 38-game Premier League season. Dejan Lovren doubled the lead by powerfully heading in Andrew Robertson’s cross and after the

break it was more of the same - Liverpool continued to dominate. Solanke smashed in his first goal for the club off the underside of the bar, having met Salah’s lay-off at the end of a strong run, while full-back Andrew Robertson also got his first Liverpool goal, sweeping in from close range with five minutes to play.Liverpool would have slipped out of the top four had they lost and Chelsea beaten New-

castle, but they made sure the Blues’ result - a 3-0 defeat at St James’ Park - was irrelevant. Victory meant the Reds matched their fourth-place finish of last season - they would have moved up to third had Tottenham not edged a thrilling 5-4 win at home to Leicester - while Brighton ended their first topflight campaign since 1983 in the safety of 15th. (BBC Sport)


GUYANA CHRONICLE Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Celtics draw first blood against LeBron’s Cavs in Conference finals

THE Boston Celtics claimed game one of the Eastern Conference finals with a 108-83 win over the Cleveland Cavaliers. Boston made a hot start, outscoring Cleveland 36-18 in the first quarter, and never looked back as the Celtics drew first blood in the NBA playoffs on Sunday. The Celtics led the Cavaliers 61-35 at half-time, marking the largest ever deficit by a LeBron James team in a playoff game. When the Celtics selected Jaylen Brown third overall in the 2016 NBA Draft many wondered how long it would take for him to make an impact. Known as an intelligent player with a high motor, Brown struggled to shoot and score at California.

Jaylen Brown scored 23 points with eight rebounds for Boston Celtics on Sunday. But that has not stopped the second-year professional from quickly becoming

one of the brightest young stars in the league. Brown continued his dominant

Serena Williams coach confident she’ll play the French Open PARIS (Reuters) - Serena Williams’s coach Patrick Mouratoglou said he was confident that the 23-time grand slam singles champion would take part in the French Open this month.

The 36-year-old Williams, who has not played on clay this season, withdrew from the Madrid and Rome tournaments because she was not ready to compete. “Serena will play the French Open to win it. Can she do it? Serena can achieve anything - after being her coach for six years, I’m even more sure of that statement,” Mouratoglou said in an interview

with tour organisers WTA on Monday. The Frenchman, however, admitted she returned too soon after her pregnancy, which resulted in early exits in Indian Wells and Miami in March. “After her pregnancy, Serena had to rebuild her body. When she arrived at the Mouratoglou Tennis Academy, around April 30, we realised that she was not ready yet,” said Mouratoglou. “The time she lost after the delivery, with all the medical issues she had to go through, was missing.” The French Open starts on May 27.

postseason by scoring 23 points with eight rebounds on Sunday. He has also

become an athletic, lockdown defender. It is only a matter of time before he becomes a house-hold name. Someone should have reminded Cleveland that their sweep of the Toronto Raptors was not the end of the road this postseason. After a long layoff, the Cavaliers looked to be sleepwalking while shooting just 36.5 per cent from the field and 15.4 per cent from three-point range. The Cavaliers fell behind by 18 after the first quarter, and trailed by around 20 most of the game. James finished with 15 points, nine assists and seven rebounds, and Kevin Love added 17 points, but someone needs to wake this team up if they are going to

reach their fourth straight NBA Finals. The Celtics were among the NBA leaders in team defence all season. Head coach Brad Stevens was a defensive savant while raising Butler’s basketball program to a new level. Defense can sometimes be a bit tame in the NBA these days, but Boston continued to prove it has a place in the league. The Celtics also run a lot of offensive sets. Sure, they still use isolation offence, usually with Terry Rozier, but overall their ball movement creates spacing. Boston had four players score at least 16 points. Despite a number of key injuries, this well-oiled machine keeps plugging along.

Banned Bancroft cleared to play club cricket

Opening batsman Cameron Bancroft has scored 402 runs in eight Test appearances for Australia

Serena Williams of the U.S. hits a shot as her coach Patrick Mouratoglou looks on during a training session ahead of the Australian Open tennis tournament in Melbourne, Australia, January 11, 2017. REUTERS/David Gray

AUSTRALIA batsman Cameron Bancroft has been cleared to play club cricket while serving a ban for ball-tampering. Bancroft was banned for nine months by Cricket Australia (CA) for using sandpaper on the ball during a Test against South Africa in March. The 23-year-old has been given special dispensation to play for Willetton in Western Australia. Then-skipper Steve Smith and vice-cap-

tain David Warner were also given yearlong bans over the incident. Under Western Australia Premier Cricket rules, any ban by CA applies to club cricket. The 16 Western Australia clubs voted to allow Bancroft to play at a meeting on Monday. Warner and Smith are also free to play with their club sides in New South Wales who do not automatically enforce bans by CA.(BBC Sport)


CHRONICLE, Tuesday May 15, 2018

Apollo Super Bash fund-raiser set for Saturday TORONTO, Canada – The second annual Apollo Cricket Club Super Bash fund-raising six-a-side fiveover round-arm softball knockout competition, organised by former Guyana captain Damodar Daesrath, is set for Saturday, May 19 at Keele Top, North York, Toronto. According to Daesrath, who also represented Canada at the international level, some 16 teams are slated to participate with 14 already confirmed for the big holiday weekend. Daesrath also revealed that the number of sponsors have significantly increased from las year and among those on board are Canadian Surplus Guyana (Prem Punwasi), Caribbean Heat Restaurant (Alex), Caribbean Lime (Gangaram), JDG

Tooling, 24-hour Glass System (Sham), T & S Enterprise (Tyrone Madramootoo), IR Construction (Iqbal Rahaman), Dant Powder Coating (Andrew), Tropical Nights Restaurant (Nigel), S&G Glass Insulation, Suraj Singh & Hamlet (Gordon) and Trophy Stall Canada (Roger Sunich). Patrons attending will also be entertained throughout the day with Imperial Vibes and Illusions Entertainment providing the music. Entrance fee per team is $150 (Canadian) with the winners guaranteed $1500 (Canadian) and a trophy. Incentives will also be awarded the Most Valuable Player (MVP), player scoring the most runs, bowler with the most wickets, team registering the highest score, bats-

man with the highest individual score, batsman hitting the highest score in the final and the bowler taking the most wickets in the final. In last year’s final, underdogs, Steelcity Warriors upstaged Assassins to claim top honours. Entering the final as firm favourites with an experienced six-man squad, which included Daesrath; former Guyana and West Indies Under-19 batsman, Hemnarine Chattergoon and former Berbice player, Loaknauth Ramsuchit who was at the helm, Assassins could only muster 48 all out in 4.5 overs after electing to bat first. Steelcity Warriors raced to the required total with three deliveries to spare, losing two wickets in the process. (Frederick Halley)

Fulham beat Derby County to reach playoff final (REUTERS) - Fulham beat Derby County 2-0 (2-1 aggregate) at Craven Cottage on Monday to move into the final of the Championship playoffs where they will play Aston Villa or Middlesbrough. Second half goals from Ryan Sessegnon and Denis Odoi earned Fulham the victory as they seek a return to the Premier League which they were relegated from in 2014. Derby have now missed out in the playoffs three times in the past five seasons. The playoff final will be held at Wembley Stadium on May 26. Villa host Middlesbrough on Tuesday and lead 1-0 from the first leg. Fulham attacked from the outset but Derby keeper Scott Carson frustrated them throughout the first half with a series of fine saves. A one-handed effort kept out a strong header from Fulham’s Serbian striker Aleksandar Mitrovic and Carson was at his best again to keep out a powerful drive from Aboubakar Kamara. But Slavisa Jokanovic’s side finally got reward for the efforts two minutes after the interval when 17-year-old Sessegnon showed great composure to drive home a leftfoot shot from inside the area. ulham attacked from the outset but Derby keeper Scott Carson frustrated them

Derby’s Andreas Weimann goes down under a challenge from Fulham’s Ryan Sessegnon leading to appeals for a penalty Action Images via Reuters/Tony O’Brien

throughout the first half with a series of fine saves. A one-handed effort kept out a strong header from Fulham’s Serbian striker Aleksandar Mitrovic and Carson was at his best again to keep out a powerful drive from Aboubakar Kamara. But Slavisa Jokanovic’s side finally got reward for the efforts two minutes after the interval when 17-year-old Sessegnon showed great composure to drive home a leftfoot shot from inside the area. The decisive goal came in the 66th minute when Belgian Odoi beat Carson with a brilliantly angled header from a corner. Fulham head to Wembley for the first time since they lost the FA Cup final to West

Ham in 1975. “This club needs this kind of happiness,” said Jokanovic, “After 43 years we will play at Wembley and it is an important achievement for us. We deserve this victory and a chance to reach the Premier League. The players showed great belief and confidence and it is credit to my players,” he said. Derby boss Gary Rowett felt his team had been too nervous. “I think our composure let us down tonight, we made far too many mistakes on the ball, we looked a bit edgy to be honest,” he said. “They outplayed us in the second-leg and they more than deserve to go through.”

Flashback: The jubilant Steelcity team and supporters after their resounding victory last year.

Success enforcers makes dream start in GSL Unity Cup SUCCESS Enforcers destroyed Good Hope by a massive 118 runs in the Guyana Softball League Unity Cup. Enforcers batted first and rattled up a huge 174-5 in 10 overs. They then restricted Good Hope to 82  in eight overs, as the bowlers enjoyed a good day on their home ground in front of a small crowd. In the other match played before the ground became waterlogged, Success Warriors showed off their allround ability by hammering Hope Warriors by 113 runs in another good day for the Success boys. Warriors batted first and send a strong message to the others by making a good score of 165-7 in their 10 overs. In reply, Hope Warriors were dismissed for 52 in 9.3 overs, as their batsmen struggled to come to grips with the Warriors’ bowlers. Meanwhile, the other areas were unable to make a start due to the inclement weather. Additionally, the quarter-finals of the tournament will have special prizes for teams making it that far. The registration will continue in

each area. Prizes being offered are as follows: Male Open Champion -- $50,000, plus a Unity Cup and championship rings; Female Open Champion -- $25,000 and one Unity Cup; Masters Champion --$20,000 and one Unity Cup. MVP--trophies and one package, which includes electronic accessories. A special prize is also on the cards for the representative who garners the most teams. Other promotional items will also be given on the spot to sport fans as the team goes to various grounds.   Meanwhile, to get more details on the tournament persons can contact the following representatives: West Demerara – Ravendra Ramgobin – 2761381; Premnauth Bimchan (Pampalam)– 670-9982; Rawle Higgins – 667-6374; East Bank Demerara/ Georgetown – Nadir Baksh (Gas)– 672-0378; Lower East Coast Demerara – up to Enmore as well as East Bank/ Linden – Rafman Ally – 654-2233/ Darmin Ramnarine – 642-3165; Upper East Coast--Herman Persaud – 643-3033.

Former sprinter Campbell recovering from ‘bleed in the brain’

Darren Campbell won Olympic gold in the 4x100m relay in 2004

(REUTERS) - Britain’s former Olympic champion Darren Campbell says he is “relieved to be alive” after suffering a bleed in the brain, the BBC reported on Monday. Campbell, who won gold in the 4x100 meters relay at the 2004 Olympic Games, said he had a pituitary apoplexy - a bleed into the gland at the base of the brain. The 44-year-old had a seizure last Tuesday at home and was rushed to hospital. “I nearly died,” he told the BBC. “You have to give thanks. That is how close it was.” “When they first told me I was on a ventilator, I didn’t believe them. I’ve got other people filling in blanks. If you can’t breathe by yourself, you are not in a good place. I have to be relieved as I nearly died,” he said. Campbell remains in hospital while he recovers but said he hopes to be released on Tuesday.


CHRONICLE, Tuesday May 15, 2018

O’Brien makes history as Ireland turn around historic Test KEVIN O’Brien scored Ireland’s first Test century to bolster hopes of at least avoiding defeat in their debut in the five-day game against Pakistan. Ireland resumed day four on 64-0 in their second innings having been forced to follow-on by the visitors, who reduced the hosts to 157-6 to seemingly put them in position for an emphatic victory. Mohammad Amir, having been troubled by a knee injury on day three, looked back to fitness and form on Monday and did much of the damage with figures of 3-57. But Amir and the rest of the Pakistan attack were frustrated by the brilliance of O’Brien, who forged a pivotal partnership of 114 with

A magical moment: Ireland’s first Test century came from Kevin O’Brien (Getty Images)

Stuart Thompson (53) and an unbroken one of 48 with Tyrone Kane (8), staying unbeaten on 118 to guide Ireland to 319-7 at the close on an historic day at Malahide. Ireland therefore lead by 139 going into the final

day, with a draw and even a victory still within their grasp after being applauded off the field by Pakistan at stumps following O’Brien’s magnificent effort. Opener Ed Joyce (43) was run out by Faheem

Corinthians pair in 23-man Brazil squad for Russia

vGremio centre half Pedro Geromel and Corinthians pair Cassio and Fagner were the surprise inclusions in Brazil’s 23-man World Cup squad on Monday.

RIO DE JANEIRO (Reuters) Gremio centre half Pedro Geromel and Corinthians pair Cassio and Fagner were the surprise inclusions in Brazil’s 23-man World Cup squad on Monday. The three were the only homebased players in a squad that will go to Russia as joint favourites having lost just one game in 19 since Tite took over in 2016. The only country to win the World Cup five times, Brazil kick off their World Cup campaign against Switzerland on June 17 before playing Costa Rica and Serbia in Group E. Gremio defender Geromel has just two caps but was outstanding in leading the Porto Alegre side to the Copa Libertadores last season. “Gremio have played at a high level for the last two years,” Tite told a packed room of reporters at the Brazilian Football Confederation. “Geromel has been great during that whole period.” The former Gremio and Corinthians coach, who was tasked with revamping the country’s reputation after their 7-1 mauling by Germany in the 2014 World Cup semi-final, said he had not decided who will fill the void

left by Dani Alves. The defender was ruled out last week with a knee injury. He selected Fagner of Corinthians and Danilo of Manchester City to replace the Paris St Germain right back and said both were up to the task. “Of course we are going to miss him but other paths and opportunities arise,” Tite said. “I have the same confidence in them as I had in Dani.” Left back Filipe Luis, who recently returned to the Atletico Madrid side after fracturing his tibia, was selected as back up to Marcelo. PSG striker Neymar, who was been out with an injured foot since Feb. 25, was also named in the squad as he is expected to be fit by early June. Cassio, who has just one cap, was selected as the third goalkeeper behind regulars Alisson (Roma) and Ederson (Manchester City). Brazil’s players are to meet in Rio de Janeiro on May 21 for a week of training before heading to London, where they will be based at Spurs’ training ground. The Brazilians will play friendlies against Croatia in Liverpool on June 3 and Austria in Vienna on June 10.

Ashraf before Andy Balbirnie went for a duck five balls later as Ireland made a dreadful start to the day. The prospect of defeat loomed ever larger after Amir dismissed any doubts over his ability to produce pace by sending Niall O’Brien’s (18) off and middle stumps careering out of the ground, before then claiming the scalp of captain William Porterfield (32). O’Brien’s arrival at the crease prompted the first signs of Ireland resistance but wickets continued to tumble around him until Thompson joined him in the middle. Their defiance ensured Ireland would not only avoid an innings defeat but

also give their own attack something to bowl at in Pakistan’s second innings. And, though a ripper from Shadab Khan removed Thompson, O’Brien proved immovable, his belligerent strokes keeping the scoreboard ticking before he wrote his name in the history books by sneaking two through point to bring up his hundred. O’Brien and Kane withstood pressure from Amir, Rahat Ali and Mohammad Abbas late in the day, and Ireland go into the last three sessions with the unexpected dilemma of deciding how long to bat before attempting to bowl Pakistan out to seal a seismic shock win.

Reggae Boyz head coach signs four-year contract - JFF THEODORE Whitmore, head coach of Jamaica’s senior team, has signed a four-year contract with the Jamaica Football Federation (JFF). The contract takes effect from June 1, 2018, and runs until December 31, 2022. Details of the terms have not been disclosed. The agreement was signed following a meeting with JFF President Michael Ricketts. A statement from the JFF said both parties are satisfied with the terms and conditions of the contract and “now look forward to planning and executing in preparation for the senior team’s engagement in upcoming games and tournaments.” The agreement between the JFF and the coach officially ends the impasse that went public in early April when Whitmore suddenly quit saying protracted contract negotiations with the JFF had left him embarrassed and humiliated. “The sequence of events surrounding my contract negotiation with the JFF and which has become a public issue, have left me extremely humiliated and is the cause of painful emotional scars to my personal, reputation and standing in the international, regional, local football community and the wider public,” Whitmore said in his letter of resignation.

SCOREBOARD PAKISTAN 1st innings Azhar Ali c William Porterfield b Boyd Rankin 4 Imam ul-Haq lbw Tim Murtagh


Haris Sohail c William Porterfield b Stuart Thompson


Asad Shafiq c Andrew Balbirnie b Boyd Rankin 62 Babar Azam c Paul Stirling b Tim Murtagh


Sarfraz Ahmed c Paul Stirling b Stuart Thompson 20 Shadab Khan lbw Tim Murtagh


FaheemAshraf cNiallO’BrienbStuartThompson


MohammadAmir cNiallO’BrienbTimMurtagh 13 Mohammad Abbas Not Out Rahat Ali

Not Out

4 0


1b 10lb 4nb 0pen 2w


(96.0 overs) 310 decl


Fall of Wickets : 1-13 Ali, 2-13 ul-Haq, 3-71 Sohail, 4-104 Azam, 5-153 Shafiq, 6-159 Ahmed, 7-276 Khan, 8-304 Ashraf, 9-306 Amir Bowling: Tim Murtagh 25 - 5- 45 - 4, Boyd Rankin 21 - 3 - 75 - 2 (1nb), Tyrone Kane 20 - 2 - 86 - 0, (1nb), Stuart Thompson 22 - 4 - 62 - 3, ( 1w 2nb), Kevin O’Brien 6 - 1 – 20- 0, (1w) IRELAND 1st innings Ed Joyce lbw Mohammad Abbas


William Porterfield b Mohammad Amir


Andrew Balbirnie lbw Mohammad Abbas 0 Niall O’Brien lbw Mohammad Abbas


Paul Stirling c Babar Azam b Faheem Ashraf


Kevin O’Brien c Imam ul-Haq b Mohammad Amir


Stuart Thompson b Shadab Khan


Tyrone Kane c Babar Azam b Shadab Khan


Gary Wilson

Not Out


Boyd Rankin c Sarfraz Ahmed b Mohammad Abbas


Tim Murtagh c Imam ul-Haq b Shadab Khan


Extras 8b 1lb 0nb 0pen 1w


Total (47.2 overs) 130 all out Fall of Wickets : 1-5 Joyce, 2-5 Balbirnie, 3-5 Porterfield, 4-7 O’Brien, 5-36 Stirling, 6-61 Thompson, 7-61 Kane, 8-73 O’Brien, 9-107 Rankin, 10-130 Murtagh Bowling: Mohammad Amir 10 - 5 - 9 - 2 ( 1w), Mohammad Abbas 11 - 4 - 44 - 4, Rahat Ali Ashraf


0 18 - 0, Faheem

5 - 2 - 18 - 1, Shadab Khan

13.2 - 3 - 31 - 3.

IRELAND 2nd innings Ed Joyce Run Out Faheem Ashraf


William Porterfield c Sarfraz Ahmed b Mohammad Amir


Andrew Balbirnie lbw Mohammad Abbas

Theodore Whitmore

Just over a week later, news emerged that the differences between the coach and the JFF were ameliorated by virtue of the Intervention of Jamaica’s Sports Minister Grange. Whitmore, reports said, had agreed to an offer of US$6,000 per month plus perks. “I am very pleased with what transpired at today’s meeting between myself, the JFF and the minister. Recently I tendered my resignation and I must tell the public that I am here to withdraw it based on what transpired in today’s meeting,” Whitmore said then.(SportsMax)


Niall O’Brien b Mohammad Amir Paul Stirling lbw Mohammad Abbas Kevin O’Brien Not Out

18 11 118

Gary Wilson c Haris Sohail b Mohammad Amir 12 Stuart Thompson b Shadab Khan Tyrone Kane

Not Out

Extras 1b 18lb 1nb 0pen 4w

53 8 24

Total (122.0 overs) 319-7 Fall of Wickets : 1-69 Joyce, 2-69 Balbirnie, 3-94 O’Brien, 4-95 Porterfield, 5-127 Stirling, 6-157 Wilson, 7-271 Thompson To Bat : Murtagh, Rankin Bowling: Mohammad Amir 25.2 - 8 - 57 - 3, Mohammad Abbas 25 - 9 - 54 - 2, Rahat Ali 23 - 3 - 75 - 0, (2w), Faheem Ashraf

18 - 3 - 51 - 0, (1w 1nb) Shadab

Khan 30.4 - 7 - 63 - 1.

White, Williams cop best overall titles at GAPLF’s Intermediate/Masters Championship -Webster, Taharally, Cummings tumble records

L-R: Best Overall Male winner, Bjorn Williams and Best Overall Female winner, Runita White.

Noel Cummings was among the record-breakers on Sunday at the GAPLF’s Intermediate/Masters Championship.

McCullum believes Test U.S. high court paves way for states to legalise sports betting cricket will cease to exist By Lawrence Hurley WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday paved the way for states to legalise sports betting in a defeat for the major American sports leagues, endorsing New Jersey’s bid to allow such wagering and striking down a 1992 federal law that prohibited it in most places. The court upheld the legality of a 2014 state law permitting sports betting at New Jersey casinos and horse racetracks and voided the federal Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act. Some states see sports betting, like lotteries,

as a potentially important source of tax revenue. The ruling, which sent shares in gaming companies and casinos higher in brisk trading, takes the United States a step closer to legal sports betting in numerous states, perhaps nationwide, rather than just in select places such as Nevada, home to the gambling capital Las Vegas. The current illegal sports betting market is worth billions of dollars annually. “New Jersey has long been the lead advocate in fighting this inherently unequal law, and today’s ruling will finally allow for authorized facilities in New Jersey Turn to page 22 ►

Brendon McCullum can see T20 franchises owning players in years to come and does not expect them to be allowed to feature in Test cricket.

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FORMER New Zealand captain Brendon McCullum believes Test cricket will cease to exist in the future due to the increasing pulling power of Twenty20. McCullum spoke of his love of the longest format of the game in an interview with Cricket Monthly, but does not expect it to be around forever. “I firmly believe that Test cricket won’t be around in time, because there’s only so many teams that can afford to play it,” he said. “I’m also a realist Turn to page 22 ► TUESDAY, MAY 15, 2018

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