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GUU election handbook 2017 general election: 02.03.2017 9AM-7PM


President’s Welcome



4 thinking of running for board? 5 candidate checklist 6 B.O.M. Family Tree 16/17 7 Board of management 8&9 map of the union 10 key dates and times 11 election rules Email addresses: - - - - - - - - - - -

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The Union

THINKING OF RUNNING FOR BOARD?                                    Glasgow University Union is more than just a building at the foot of University Avenue. It is a collection of many things; students, bars, activities and facilities, but at the heart of it all is the Board of Management, who are the creative and strategic backbone of the Union. Because of this, being a member of the Board of Management is a fantastic and fulfilling position, which you can benefit greatly from, while also giving back to an institution which has been a vital part of the University for over 125 years. Not only this, but you can implement your own vision for the Union while you’re on board, and get funding for projects as well as support to start new traditions, club nights, policies, events, and so much more. SO if you’re even a little bit keen to find out more about running for the Board of Management, the roles up for grabs are:

- Present Student Member (1 and 2 year positions) - Conveners of Libraries, Games, Entertainments and Debates - Assistant Honorary Secretary & Honorary Secretary - President If you want to know more, or talk to someone experienced who could give you an insider account of what each role entails, please send an email to and you will be directed to the right place. Alternatively, message our facebook page ( or check out our website at for more emails and contact details! There are usually Board Members in GUU at all times, so if you want to talk to them in person ask for them at the Porter’s Box. It really couldn’t be easier. Remember, ANY UNION MEMBER CAN RUN FOR ANY POSITION!

The Union


CANDIDATE CHECKLIST                                    If you’re running for the Board of Management, you’ll have a few things to get sorted before you embark on the adventure. - A Proposer and Seconder: two people to put you up for election, with the only caveat being they have to be GUU Members. It looks good if these people are involved in the Union in some way, as if your position is contested, one will have to do a speech for you convincing students why you should be elected in Hustings. - Manifesto: this is a list of ideas and commitments you’re saying you’ll do, help, or be a part of if you were to be elected for your preferred position. They’re usually around 300 words, but an extended version can be uploaded on your campaign facebook page. - Facebook campaign page: it’s not necessary, but most people running for election to the GUU Board of Management make a campaign page on Facebook. The main reason is to make people aware of your plans, share ideas and your manifesto, and also to try and win a popularity ‘likes’ contest. May the odds be ever in your favour. Lots of previous board members’ pages are still active online, so have a wee snoop to find them and get more ideas. - Army of campaigners: get as many of your pals on the campaign trail as possible; it makes a real difference to have lots of people supporting you on Election day, sharing your Facebook page, and generally harrassing their friends to come down and vote for you on the day. Your active supporters will be imperative in the success of your campaign, so lock down friends early! - Campaign materials: T-shirts and flyers being the most important, any and all campaign materials can help remind people to vote for you, with hats, banners, posters and balloons being popular too. Try to decide on an original colour scheme for these to make them instantly recognisable! - The Official stuff: by 23rd February you MUST accurately fill out a nomination form, which must be picked up from and returned to the Porter’s Box at GUU. Failure to do so will result in disqualification from the process. It’s also essential that you’re a GUU member, obviously. So there you have it - there’s room to be creative and think outside the box, and social media presents a massive opportunity to release campaign videos, pictures, and so on. Get organised, be proactive but most of all enjoy it, because even if you aren’t successful, it’s an extraordinary experience which you’ll never forget.


Board of Management

B.O.M FAMILY TREE 16/17                                    Honorary Secretary Blair Lockwood

President - Fergus Greig

Assistant Honorary Secretary - Liseli Sumbwanyambe

Conveners: Entertainments: Elsa Brotchie Debates: Doug Jack Libraries: Anna Ireland Games: Hannah Karim

Present Student Members

Board of Management


THE BOARD OF MANAGEMENT                                    You may think they just swan about in polo shirts with radios, pretending to be important and quite often skipping the Beer bar queue, but the student Board of Management are all elected to positions by you, the members, to run the Union and make it the best place to be on campus. Here’s a run down of what each position does, to keep you in the know and so you can say HIYA when you see them about. President: The President is the chairperson and spokesperson for the Board of Management, liaising with students, university management, professional services, the wider public, media and alumni in a wider outreach role. Honorary Secretary: The Honorary Secretary’s role essentially involves running and being responsible for everything that happens within the building. Being the principle licence holder and responsible for organisation of Freshers Week and Daft Friday, this is no easy task. The Honorary Secretary is also responsible for disciplinary matters. Assistant Honorary Secretary: The third executive board member is responsible for the smooth running of the Board of Management and all its activities. From organising meetings to making sure that we are all doing our job, this is a busy task. The Assistant Hon Sec is also the primary contact for all affiliated clubs and societies. Convener of Debates: The convener is in charge of the debates committee and organising debates events. This includes organising contingents to go to debating competitions all over the U.K - and sometimes all over the world - as well as setting up show debates to mark certain dates or occasions. Convener of Games: The games committee is run by this convener. They are responsible for running the weekly Monday night pub quiz as well as different setting up different games during monthly events. This committee also run the unions month of games in February which has a whole host of various competitions. Convener of Libraries: This convener runs a committee that put together the monthly G-You magazine and also arranges guest talks and interviews. This includes running weekly open meetings for the magazine, where anyone can bring in their ideas for G-You. They also maintain the Union libraries as study spaces for members. Convener of Entertainments: The Entertainment Convener has the main role of running the weekly open mic night on Fridays and organising special promo open mic nights throughout the year.They also have the responsibility of booking acts for freshers week and DJ’s for club nights or events. PSM (Present Student Member): This group of board members form a range of operational committees in the Union. The main committee channels are Services, PR and Events. PSMs have a range of jobs and they help in the Union in whatever capacity that might be needed. Suggestions and inquiries should best be made to these board members to point you in the right direction (


Map of the Union

Map of the Union



Getting Involved

KEY DATES & TIMES                                     

Take note of these details - they’re essential knowledge in your campaign to take over the world of GUU this election season:

12 February, 9am - Notice of election 20 February, 9am - Start of election nominations 23 February, 5pm - End of election nominations 24 February, 9am - Notice of election (who is running for what) 1 March, 7pm - Hustings (If needed) 2 March, 9am-7pm - General Election 6 March, TBC - GUU AGM and position handover

Key Dates


ELECTION RULES:                                      1. During the period of election, no member may actively canvass votes on behalf of him/herself or any other member within the Union building. 2. This is included, but is not limited to, the distribution or other display of promotional material within the Union, both on Union property on persons within the Union, and the active attempt to gain votes by the persuasion of members. 3. No material enticement may be offered to voters by candidates or their campaign team, either within or out-with the Union; this includes money, alcohol or other gifts. However, the Honorary Secretary will tolerate the giving out of sweets so long as there is no litter at the end of the day. 4. No candidate may use any property of the Union for the production of campaign matter to the material detriment of the Union, or in any such way as might give them advantage over other Union members who do no have the same access to the Union’s facilities. 5. No member may actively canvass on behalf of him/herself or any other member on any public GUU-affiliated pages on social media websites, e.g. GUU’s Facebook page. 6. No person may in any way take advantage of any position they may hold within the Union to gain advantage for any candidate in an election.

Election Handbook 2017  
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