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Patrick Roberts, of Wingo, Ky., covers his ears June 8, during a performance by the Omega Force Strength Team at the Superman Celebration in Metropolis. Roberts braced himself while a member of the team demonstrated his strength by blowing up a hot water bottle until it exploded.

(Above) Ben Johnsey, of Oakdale, hangs out with his brother’s dog, Smokey, June 4, at Kinkaid Lake Spillway in Murphysboro. Johnsey’s mom, Barb Harnagel, said it was their first time at the lake this year. “We don’t make it up here often,” she said. STEVE MATZKER DAILY EGYPTIAN

(Left) Senior pole vaulter Cody Doerflein clears a jump during practice April 27 at the Track and Field Complex. Pole vault coach Dan Digman said Doerflein looked good during the practice. “Cody has the 16th best jump in the nation after our competition last weekend at Auburn University,” Digman said. CHRIS ZOELLER DAILY EGYPTIAN

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Mike DeDecker, left, JuJu Kizeart, middle, both of Carbondale, and Tequire Lawrence, of Chicago, hang out during the Mike T. Basketball Tournament June 24, at Attucks Park. DeDecker and Kizeart played on the winning team in the adult division of the tournament. Attucks Park serves as a gathering place for young people in Carbondale’s northeast side.


Ike Hicks, of De Soto, picks beans from his garden June 19 at his home. Hicks’ farm, which he has turned over to his son and son-in-law because of his ailing knees, grows corn and beans that are picked up by a company in Mounds and sold in the region.

(Above) Keishaun Young hangs out on his family’s porch June 15 after playing with his sister, Jamerie Young, on their swing set. Keishaun and Jamerie were looked after by their grandparent’s, Larry Wooley and Gwen Bradsfield, while their parents were out. STEVE MATZKER DAILY EGYPTIAN

(Left) Zuchi Dorjgotov, a 2-year old from Carbondale, runs through water fountains June 26 at Attucks Park. Zuchi’s father Dorjgotov Altangerel, a sophomore from Chicago studying mining engineering, said he tries to bring his son to the park everyday. “There are not a lot of water parks in the area, so this is a nice alternative to the regular parks around here,” he said. CHRIS ZOELLER DAILY EGYPTIAN


Ross Bauer, of Murphysboro, thins out a grape vine Tuesday at Alto Pass Vineyards in Alto Pass. The vine will eventually produce chambourcin wine, which will be sold at the vineyard. Alto Pass Vineyard is in the process of building an indoor lounge area, said Julie Harvey, the vineyard’s marketing director. “It will be a great place to enjoy local flavors and socialize outside of the rowdy drunk crowd,” she said.


Shari Sweeney, of Carbondale, helps move a tomato trellis at her Greenridge Farm. Sweeney waters her organic vegetables from a nearby pond, but because of the drought the water level is well below average. Because fish and turtles live in the pond, Sweeney said she would stop using the pond if the water level continues to drop.


Spc. John Richardson, left, Sgt. Joshua Burch, center, and Sgt. William Medlin, wait in a Humvee July 29 at Lake Kyle in Fort Campbell, Tenn. The Army air traffic controllers of the 7th Battalion, 101st Aviation Regiment, helped direct Chinook helicopter crews during training to fight wildfires.

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Jonathan Hudson, of De Soto, watches his teammate bat May 21 during a Carbondale Junior Sports baseball game at the Carbondale Super Block Sports Multi-Complex. Hudson is on team Robinson Construction, which consists of 10-and-11 year-old boys from southern Illinois. “They are a good group of kids,” coach John Korte said. “I love working with these boys.”

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