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Brittany Clarke, top, the swim school coordinator for the Saluki Swim Club, teaches a group of children how to swim with paddleboards Tuesday at the Pulliam Hall pool. The swim club is one of many groups that use the facilities. Clarke said she has been swimming at the pool since she was 7 years old. The SIU Board of Trustees announced a $1 million renovation plan for Pulliam Hall that includes removing the pool, but the proposal has yet to be voted on.

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he survivors of the Holocaust are either old or passed away, so it’s important we keep it in mind so it doesn’t happen again — Susan Pearlman a retired associate professor of early childhood education


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Jon Larkin, an SIU alumnus, is moved to tears as he reads off the names of child victims of the Holocaust in the Faner breezeway Wednesday. “Try reading those names,” he said. “You’d have to be heartless.”

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Police Blotter Aril 12 - April 18 Campus Robert McCullough, a student from Chicago, was arrested Thursday at Woody Hall for breaking a window. He was charged with criminal damage to state property and issued a Carbondale City notice to appear in court. David LaPlaca, a student from Orland Park, was charged Friday with disorderly conduct at Lentz hall. LaPlaca was issued a Carbondale City notice to appear in court and released on a personal recognizance bond. Campus police responded to two students Saturday who reported being battered by two unidentified suspects outside their dorm room at Schneider Hall. The victims did not require medical attention. The investigation continues. One suspect was described as a black male with short hair, no shirt and several tattoos on his chest and arms. The second suspect was described as a black male with short dreads, wearing all black with yellow lettering on the front of his shirt. Kelly Brown, a student from Hainesville, was arrested Sunday for a failure to appear warrant out of Jackson County on an original charge of retail theft. Brown was unable to post bond and was transported to Jackson County Jail.

Angelo B. Gengo, a student from Chicago, was arrested Sunday for aggravated battery at Neely Hall. Gengo was transported to Jackson County Jail. The victim, also a student, did not require medical treatment.


Residential burglaries were reported at the following locations. All are still under investigation. 500 block of South Ash Street 600 block of West Elm Street 300 block of West Cherry Street 300 block of South Forest Street 800 block of East Grand Avenue 500 block of South Poplar Street 400 block of West Cherry Street 1000 block of East Grand Avenue 600 block of North Allyn Street 500 block of West Cherry Street Police arrested DeMarcus Watson after reporting to two vehicular burglaries on the 600 block of West Elm Street. Watson was arrested and taken to Jackson County Jail. Police responded to two vehicular burglaries on the 700 block of East Grand Avenue and the 300 block of South Illinois Avenue. Both are still under investigation.






Ella Herges and Katie Gehrt took first place in the women’s double buck saw at the 60th annual Midwestern Regional Foresters Competition Friday and Saturday at the University of WisconsinStevens Point

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Why the baggy-pants ban is a good thing


think it’s this: rules are like fences — and we people put them up not because bad people won’t hop them — but because good people will abide by them and know that they are good. And someone seemed to think that knowing we were being good was a good thing.



hat this lawsuit probably will do instead is return to Amazon the power to monopolize the e-book market through predatory pricing to the detriment of publishers, authors and, ultimately, readers.

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oward Blumenstock, of DeSoto, receives a haircut Wednesday by Mickey Finn, of DuQuoin, at Mick’s Barbershop in DeSoto. Blumenstock said he has been getting his hair cut in the same location for 65 years. “It is an up and down business, but I enjoy it everyday,” said Finn, who has owned the shop for 20 years.


e’re talking about a time when women weren’t liberated nor could vote. We’ve come a long way since then, and Steve Martin is quite clever, so it was very entertaining to watch. — Fred Betz former department of foreign language and professor emeritus of German





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No, We Ain’t Gonna Take It by Todd Santos

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Jumbles: MUSTY SIXTY NIBBLE FACTOR Answer: When he put the finishing touches on his book about clocks, his wife said this — IT’S ABOUT TIME

Aries — Today is an 8 — Finish a job carefully, and think about the larger impact. For the next month, cash flow improves and it’s easier to make money. Check results and celebrate!

Cancer — Today is an 8 — Team projects thrive, and it’s party time. Your natural social skills get a boost. Balance studies with socializing and delicious flavors.

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Pisces — Today is a 9 — There could be friction with an authority. You’re going to need your best communication skills, with some help from an analytical person. Stay respectful.

With seniors Haley Gorman and Mallory Duran-Sellers leaving at the end of the 2012 season, SIU coach Kerri Blaylock announced Wednesday her first new signee to the softball program for the start of the 2013 season.



A 39-5 defeat of Ole Miss and a first place finish in the annual AllFools tournament, hosted by the team March 31, concluded the year. It was the second year in a row the club had won All-Fools. Pearce, a freshman from Plainsfield studying aviation technologies, said the team performed well all year because of its ability to focus when it mattered most. “When we need to get down to

Michelle Glenn, of Mattoon, signed to Saluki Athletics as the newest addition to the softball team. Glenn attended Land Lake College, a National Junior College Athletic Association school, and helped the Lakers to a 43-10 season finish, along with a fifth-place finish in the national championships.

According to Saluki Athletics, Glenn was named a 2011 NJCAA All-American and NJCAA Academic All-American. Glenn holds a .403 batting average with 54 hits, three doubles, four triples and 24 RBIs. After she graduated in 2010, Glenn’s high school career stats at

Mattoon High School were the top in the state. Glenn helped her high school team to three top-two finishes in sectionals with an overall record of 89-18. She held a .460 batting average her senior year, and she was named an All-State honorable mention, Decatur Herald & Review

All-Area honoree, Mizuno Super 60 team, and a three-time Big 12 AllConference selection. Glenn will make her first appearance in the fall of 2012.

business, it’s what we do,” he said. “We do what we need to do when the time comes.” Lowery said many of the team members formerly played high school football before switching to rugby. This can be an advantage to the players because of the similarities between the two games. “Football was based off of rugby,” he said. “You use a similar skill set, but there are also differences. Tackling is the same and there is kicking in both, but passing is different.” In rugby, forward passes are

illegal, whereas the forward pass is a pinnacle element of football. Marco Orozco, a freshman from Plainsfield studying business administration, said he only started playing for the SIU club rugby team this semester, but he was immediately drawn to the group because of the team’s welcoming character. “I’m new to the game; I’m a rookie,” he said. “I decided to play rugby because my older brother played at ISU. He told me that it was a great time and that I should try out, and ever since I’ve been loving

it. When I came for the first time, everyone was really friendly and it’s just a great atmosphere.” Lowery said the team always welcomes new players. “Anyone can make a good rugby player,” he said. “If a person is good enough to run, catch, pass and kick, they’re golden.” Orozco said anyone that enjoys a competitive atmosphere will enjoy the sport, but the true feel of the team can only be experienced by trying it out for yourself. “You’ll notice it right when you

get on the field,” he said. “They’ll welcome you with open arms, like they’ve known you for awhile. If you really want to see for yourself, you’ve got to come out. You’ll just fall in love right away.” The team’s last event of the season is during Alumni Weekend on May 5, where the current team will scrimmage its graduated former members.

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Freshman rugby player Eric Snyder unwraps a bandage for a wound he reopened Tuesday during rugby practice at the SIU Intramural Fields. With the team’s season coming to a close, elections for new officers will be held Friday.



Junior first baseman Chris Serritella runs during practice Tuesday at Abe Martin Field. Serittella has a .384 batting average with nine home runs throughout the season.

Senior outfielder Jordan Sivertsen runs during practice Tuesday at Abe Martin Field. Sivertsen has a .307 batting average with eight home runs throughout the season.

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