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Democratic congressional candidate Bill Enyart speaks Thursday at the Paul Simon Public Policy Institute. This was the first speech of the Pizza and Politics series at the institute. David Yepsen, institute director, said he wanted to do this early with all three candidates so students and staff could have an opportunity to get involved with the campaign. “We’re about civic engagement and encouraging people to get involved,” Yepsen said. Carol McCann, a thirdyear law student from Olmsted, said there were mostly students at the event. “These kinds of events are more about getting a feel of the candidate and establish a point of contact with these candidates,” McCann said.

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SIU parking division employee Mrs. Tyner writes out warning tickets Thursday by Pulliam Hall. Tyner said it would be the last day warnings would be issued, and students should contact the division if they have any concerns.

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Police Blotter August 31

Carbondale Police The Carbondale Police Department responded Saturday to a report of a motor vehicle burglary at the 300 block of West College Street. Officers learned an unknown suspect entered a vehicle and stole property sometime between 3 a.m. and 4 p.m Saturday. The burglary of a motor vehicle in the 600 block of West College Street was reported Saturday. Carbondale City Police responded and found a suspected had stolen property between 9:40 a.m. and 8 p.m. Friday. City police received a report of a residential burglary that occurred between 10 and 10:20 a.m. Saturday in the 400 block of West Cherry Street. The suspect is unknown, according to police reports.

DPS Crime Log Criminal damage to vehicle property was reported at 4:18 p.m. Tuesday. The incident took place on lot 23 and no suspects have been identified. Marquita A. Funches, 18, from Chicago, and Teaira B. Howard, 19, from Chicago Heights were arrested

at Evergreen Terrace Tuesday for fighting at 6:00 p.m. Both students were issued citations. Neither student required medical treatment. Criminal damage to state property was reported at the Agriculture Building at 11:42 a.m. Monday. No suspects have been identified. Bradley A. Bauer, 23, an SIUC student from Gillespie, was arrested at 1:34 a.m. Sunday at Mill Street and Illinois Avenue for driving under the influence of alcohol, possession of under 30 grams of cannabis and parking where prohibited. Gillespie posted bond and was released. Christian H. Washington, 23, a non-SIUC student from Carbondale, was arrested at 6:51 p.m. Sunday in lot 13 on a failure to appear warrant out of Jackson County on an original charge of driving on an expired driver’s license. Washington was transported to the Jackson County Jail. Garret V. Israel, 22, an SIUC student from Crystal Lake, was arrested at 12:06 a.m. Saturday at Lincoln Drive and Clocktower Drive for resisting and obstructing a police officer. Israel was released on personal recognizance bond. Dean L. Merritt, 18, an SIUC student from University Park, was arrested at 2:03 a.m. Saturday at

Schneider Hall for assault after threatening a 19-year-old SIUC student with a butter knife. The victim was not injured. Merritt was transported to the Jackson County Jail. Ronald Greenwood, 22, a nonSIUC student from Carbondale, was arrested at 3:24 a.m. Saturday at Evergreen Terrace for possession of under 30 grams of cannabis. Greenwood was issued a notice to appear in court and was released. A 20-year-old suspect, a nonSIUC student, was involved with a case that was given a referral at 6:16 a.m. Saturday at Mae Smith Hall on the a charge of domestic battery, theft of an Apple iPhone and criminal trespass to state property. The suspect has not yet been located, according to police reports. The 20-year-old victim, a SIUC student, did not require medical treatment. Criminal damage to property was reported at 5:41 p.m. Sunday at lot 80. No suspects have been identified. An 18-year-old suspect, a nonSIUC student, was involved with a case that was given a referral at 2:25 a.m. Saturday at Mae Smith Hall on the charge of domestic battery. The 19-year-old victim, an SIUC student, did not require medical treatment.












hey still remember where they started, and it shows they appreciate where they started. It’s a humbling experience to know they are here.

— Andrei Tejada Veterinary technician



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THE Daily Commuter Puzzle

22 23 25 26 28 31 32 34 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 44 45 46 47 50 51 54 57 58 59 60 61 62 63

DOWN 1 Casual farewell 2 “Once __ a time...” 3 Inexperienced beginner 4 Employ



by David L. Hoyt and Jeff Knurek

5 Lombard and Burnett 6 Foe 7 Yahtzee cubes 8 Happy __ clam 9 John Boehner’s title: abbr. 10 Lousy 11 Invisible emanation 12 Eskimo __; ice cream treats 13 Finales 19 Jeer at 21 Ascend 24 Night light 25 Trot or gallop 26 Actor Sandler 27 Narrow boat 28 Lunch spot 29 Generous 30 Poke; elbow 32 Advantage 33 “__ Miserables” 35 Look searchingly 37 __-Cola 38 Money 40 Stingy person

Thursday’s Puzzle Solved

Unscramble these Jumbles, Unscramble these four four Jumbles, Unscramble these Jumbles, tofour each square, one one letterletter to each square, onetoletter each square, to to form four ordinary words. form four ordinary words. to form four ordinary words.


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©2012 Tribune Services, ©2012 Tribune MediaMedia Services, Inc. Inc. All Rights Reserved. ©2012All Tribune Media Services, Inc. Rights Reserved. All Rights Reserved.

GAIME GAIME GAIME (c) 2012 Tribune Media Services, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

41 Running contest 43 One-__ camel; dromedary 44 Rat or hamster 46 Back tooth 47 Shapeless mass 48 Gray wolf

49 Not at one’s post, as a G.I. 50 Green citrus 52 Grew old 53 Jewels 55 Run up a tab 56 Wild canine 57 Greek letter

Com so e colu 3-by (in b cont digit For how Sud

Unscramble these four Jumbles, www THAT SCRAMBLED WORD GAME THAT SCRAMBLED WORD GAME one letter to each square, THAT SCRAMBLED WORD GAME by David L. Hoyt and JeffThe Knurek © 2012 Mepham Group. Distributed by David L. Hoyt and Jeff Knurek by David L. Hoyt and Jeff Knurek Tribune Media Services. All rights reser to form four ordinary words. Find us on Facebook






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16 17 18

ACROSS Ballerina’s skirt Fragrant wood MA’s __ Cod Gorillas Licoricelike flavoring Destroy Muscle quality Took into custody again Most common conjunction City around the Vatican Pile up Poet Dickinson Juicy Fruit or Black Jack Come __; find Deep valley Actor Willem Braid of hair Young dog Soon Chin fissure Relinquish Cow’s remark Cursor mover Stove Moral values More impulsive Neighbor of Mexico: abbr. Caffè __; order at Starbucks Accuse Mother __; rich ore deposit Inferior horse Keep a __; avoid attention Rim Woodwind Lady Abound Courageous Put forth, as one’s energy Tallies up

3 4

by Jacqueline E. Mathews

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Now arrange the circled letters

arrange the circled letters NowNow arrange the circled letters the surprise answer, as Nowtoto arrange letters toform form thecircled surprise answer, form thethe surprise answer, as as suggested by the above cartoon. to form the surprise answer, as suggested by the above cartoon. suggested by the above cartoon. suggested by the above cartoon.

answer here:

(Answers tomorrow) (Answers tomorrow) (Answers tomorrow) (Answers tomorrow) Jumbles: HYPER PARCH WANTED TAMPER PARCH WANTED TAMPER Jumbles: HYPER Jumbles: HYPER PARCH WANTED TAMPER Yesterday’s Yesterday’s Jumbles: HYPERAfterPARCH WANTED TAMPER Yesterday’s he pitched a perfect game, he — Answer: Yesterday’s After he pitched a perfect game, he — Answer: After he pitched a perfect game, he — Answer: pitched A a perfect Answer: After heTHREW PARTY game, he — THREW AAPARTY THREW PARTY THREW A PARTY

Aries — Today is a 5 — Don’t worry about the end result; focus on the process right now. Your work is more interesting for the next several weeks. Compromise is required.

Cancer — Today is a 7 — Your creativity feeds your soul. Inject a good dose of imagination, and the result will speak for itself. Revel in the feeling. Notice the small details that you missed before.

Libra — Today is a 7 — You can see from a new perspective. Make big changes. Follow your dream. Provide leadership. Conditions are really in your favor, but don’t take them for granted. Remember your manners.

Capricorn — Today is a 7 — Find the perfect balance between work and play today. There are new opportunities for income, but don’t count your chickens yet. Your partner appreciates your effort. All ends well.

Taurus — Today is a 7 — You’re naturally attractive and inspiring. Don’t get involved in a controversy that you can’t resolve right now. Work takes on a spiritual nature. Accept encouragement. Fantasies

Leo — Today is a 6 — You’re reaching a turning point in your education. Add a touch of your own personality to the project to increase its worth. Take a walk in nature for inspiration.

Scorpio — Today is an 8 — Money is available now. Traveling on foot or riding a bicycle helps you make new friends while getting exercise. There’s no need to go crazy while shopping. Access patience.

Aquarius — Today is an 6 — Don’t let doubts get in the way. Go the extra mile, with help from your friends. Fantasies abound (for better or worse). Invest cautiously, not impulsively.

Gemini — Today is a 7 — Let passion come into full bloom. Your partner has the answer. Balance new work with old responsibilities. Use the energy for your own good. There’s no time for gossip.

Virgo — Today is a 7 — Turn outdated and broken junk into art, or sell it. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. You can do what you set out to accomplish. Get help as needed.

Sagittarius — Today is an 8 — Time to reinvent yourself and be surprised by the results. Investigate the improbable, and document your decisions well, but act from the heart. Invest in your business.

Pisces — Today is an 8 — Take action towards an achievable goal. Don’t trust the latest gossip. Settle on a positive attitude and score extra points. You’re very persuasive now.


Saluki wide receiver David Lewis catches the ball for a first down Thursday against cornerback DJ Bland of Eastern Illinois University. The catch led to tight end MyCole Pruitt’s touch down in the second quarter, closing the gap to 21 - 28 at the half. TIFFANY BLANCHETTE DAILY EGYPTIAN

Senior defensive specialist Bailey Yeager bumps the ball Wednesday during women’s volleyball practice at Davies Gymnasium. The team competes this weekend in St. Louis at the Billiken Invitational, where it will play the University of South Alabama Friday, and St. Louis University and Valparasio University Saturday. SARAH GARDNER DAILY EGYPTIAN

Daily Egyptian 8/31/12  
Daily Egyptian 8/31/12  

The Daily Egyptian for August 31st, 2012