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Thursday, August 5, 2010

SIUC Summer

COMMENCEMENTS August 6-7, 2010 — Shryock Auditorium 5 p.m., August 6 — Graduate School 8 a.m., August 7 — Undergraduate degrees Candidates for Degrees

The following lists contain the names of candidates for degrees, the granting of which is contingent upon successful completion of all requirements for the degree. (*) An asterisk to the right of the name indicates membership in the University Honors program (undergraduate students only). (**) A double asterisk to the right of the name indicates the person is a candidate for multiple degrees. University Academic Honors listed to the right of the name are as follows for undergraduate students: (†) cum laude................................................ 3.500–3.749 (‚) magna cum laude.................................... 3.750–3.899 (Â) summa cum laude ................................... 3.900–4.000 The grade point averages above apply firstly to all work taken at Southern Illinois University Carbondale and then in the case of transfer students, to the total work as an additional, but secondary qualification.

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Upcoming Calendar Events Carbondale Community Sale · 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. Aug. 21 · SIU Arena parking lot #18 · Sponsored by the Rotary Club of Carbondale - Breakfast, and Carbondale Chamber of Commerce · Vendor spaces still available. See: or call: 888-378-2672.

2010 Community Senior Honors

· Seniors around the community will be honored. There will be dinner and entertainment. · 5 p.m. Aug. 20, Carbondale Civic Center, $25 admission · Sponsored seniors will recieve a love token · For more details call 521-7424.

SIU vs. U of I

· There will be a SIU football game against U of I at 6:30 p.m. Sept. 11 in Champaign · Bus will load at Ewbank Insurance/ Immanual Lutheran Church parking lot on Walnut Street in Murphysboro. · The bus will leave at approximately 1 p.m. Bus fare/ticket is $65. · If interested, please contact Darrell Ewbank at 687-4921.

Graduation Guide

Thursday, August 3, 2010



-HDQLH1DNLPD$NDPDQWLSociology Dr. Robert D. Benford An Ontological Explication of Electronic Benefit Transfer as an Institutional Mechanism of Reification and Relations of Ruling


Electrical and Computer Engineering Dr. Constantine I. Hatziadoniu Harmonic Modeling and Simulation of Non-Linear PWM Inverters in Distributed Generation Systems


Economics Dr. Scott D. Gilbert Dr. Kevin Sylwester Essays on Household Demand for Credit Cards, Bankruptcy and Over-Spending


Philosophy Dr. Sara G. Beardsworth Experience, Time and the Subject: Deleuze’s Transformation of Kant’s Critical Philosophy


Psychology Dr. Benjamin F. Rodriguez The Speaking Cognitions and Attention Scale: An Empirically Derived Measure of Public Speaking Anxiety


Education/Health Education Dr. Mark J. Kittleson Pregnancy Related Experiences of Bangladeshi Immigrant Women Living in a Major US Metropolitan Area


Business Administration Dr. Siva K. Balasubramanian Dr. John H. Summey The Effect of 3D Virtual Environments on Consumer Perceptions and Purchase Intent


Economics Dr. Scott D. Gilbert Essays on Imperfections in Money and Capital Markets


Molecular Biology, Microbiology and Biochemistry Dr. Sophia Ran Regulation of VEGFR-3 Expression Lymphangiogenesis in Normal and Inflamed Tissues


Education/Curriculum and Instruction Dr. Lynn C. Smith A Comparison between Taiwanese ESL Learners’ Perception and Production of English Pronunciation


Molecular Biology, Microbiology and Biochemistry Laurie A. Achenbach Identification of Genes Induced Under Anaerobic Benzene-Oxidizing Conditions in Dechloromonas Aromatica Strain RCB


Psychology Dr. Kathleen Chwalisz Overcoming Rural Cultural Barriers to Service Delivery: The Perspective of Informal Caregivers


Psychology Dr. Patrick J. Rottinghaus Dr. Jane L. Swanson Personally Satisfying: Using Personal Style Scales to Enhance the Prediction of Career Satisfaction



Molecular, Cellular, and Systemic Physiology Dr. Brent M. Bany The Effect of the Conceptus on Endometrial Angiogenesis and Immune Cell Populations during Implantation


Philosophy Dr. Douglas R. Anderson Dr. Stephen T. Tyman Phenomenological Pragmatism: Freedom as the Immanent Transcendence of Desire in John Dewey

Psychology Dr. Meera Komarraju Culture Counts: Improving Non-Cognitive Assessment for Predicting Retention and Academic Success in a Sample of African American College Students Mass Communication and Media Arts Dr. John D. H. Downing Advertising a Virtual World: A Content Analysis of Chinese and U.S. Video Game Advertisements


Education-Educational Administration Dr. Saran Donahoo An Exploratory Study of the Relationship between Online Instruction and Faculty Development among Teacher Education Faculty


Business Administration Dr. Siva K. Balasubramanian Dr. Terry Clark Social Contextual Influences on Consumer Behavior: The Impact of Group Composition and Coviewing Context on Recall of and Attitude toward Placed Brands


Education-Health Education Dr. Judy C. Drolet Physicianâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Experiences with Death and Dying: A Phenomenological Study


Sociology Dr. Jennifer L. Dunn Multiple Axes of Social Location and Transpeople: Interrogating the Concept of â&#x20AC;&#x153;Intersectionalityâ&#x20AC;?


Education/Curriculum and Instruction Dr. D. John McIntyre Parent Engagement and Cultural Capital: Negotiating Culture in a Multicultural/Multiethnic School

Psychology Dr. Michelle Y. Kibby Poor Reading Ability as a Risk Factor for Alcohol Use in College Students


Dr. Jane L. Swanson Fostering Organizational Wellbeing: A Longitudinal Examination of Physical and Attitudinal Correlates in Worksite Health Promotion


Economics Dr. Scott D. Gilbert The Essays on Money and Finance: The Case of Selected South Asian Countries


Anthropology Dr. Izumi Shimada Interpreting Cultural and Sociopolitical Landscapes in the Upper Piura Valley, Far North Coast of Peru (1100 B.C. - A.D. 1532)


Philosophy Dr. Anthony J. Steinbock Encountering the Enemy: An Inquiry into the Limits of Generativity


Psychology Dr. Margaret Stockdale Explicit and Implicit Gender Bias in Workplace Appraisals: How Automatic Prejudice Affects Decision Making


Rehabilitation Dr. Mark R. Dixon Functional Investigation of and Treatment Strategies for the Near Miss Effect in Gamblers



Education/Health Education Dr. Judy C. Drolet Clinical Services Providersâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; Behavioral Intention to Provide the Intrauterine Device (IUD) Measured by the Theory of Reasoned Action


Zoology Dr. Donald W. Sparling Response of Avian, Arthropod, and Vegetation Communities to Mid-Contract Management in Conservation Reserve Program Tall Fescue Monocultures

Psychology Dr. Lisabeth A. DiLalla The Contribution of Nonshared Environmental Factors to Differential Parental Discipline: A Twin Study


Sociology Dr. Rachel B. Whaley Assessing the Impact of Economic Marginalization, Gender Inequality, and other Exogenous Factors of Social Disorganization on Female Property Crime Offending Across U.S. Cities: A Racially and Ethnically Disaggregated Analysis


Business Administration Dr. Wallace N. Davidson Bank Certification Effect on CEO Compensation


Business Administration Dr. Steven J. Karau The Influence of Emotional Intelligence on the Negotiation Outcomes and the Mediation Effects of Rapport, Negotiation Strategy, and Judgment Accuracy



Business Administration Dr. Suresh K. Tadisina Dr. Gregory P. White Online-Reverse-Auctions and the BuyerSupplier Relationship: The Effects of OnlineReverse-Auction Design on Supplier Commitment and Supplier Trust


English Dr. Mary L. Bogumil Ghostly Faces and Liminal Spaces: Landscape, Gender, and Identity in the Plays of Marina Carr


Chemistry Dr. Gary R. Kinsel Matrix-Assisted Laser Desorption/Ionization (MALDI) Target Modification for Enhanced Proteomics Analysis and Plasma Polymer Characterization by MALDI Mass Spectrometry



Economics Dr. Kevin Sylwester The Effects of Real Exchange Rate Undervaluations upon Growth and Development


Applied Physics Dr. Aldo. D. Migone Study of Gas Adsorption on As-Produced and Modified Carbon Nanotubes


Molecular Biology, Microbiology, and Biochemistry Dr. Yin-Yuan Mo MiR-145 is a Tumor Suppressor in both Tumor Progression and Metastasis

Zoology Dr. Eric M. Schauber Individual-Based Modeling of White-Tailed Deer (Odocoileus virginianus) Movements and Epizootiology Psychology Dr. Benjamin F. Rodriguez An Examination of Social Anxiety, Relationship Support, Self-Esteem, Personality Traits, and Motivations for Online Gaming and Internet Usage



Daily Egyptian



Speech Communication Dr. Elyse L. Pineau At the Mercy of Ruin: Performative Sites/ Sights of Landscapes and Loss


Engineering Science Dr. Kambiz Farhang Multi-Scale Dynamics of Mechanical Systems with Friction


Business Administration Dr. John H. Summey Willingness to Reward or Punish Brands as Moderators for the Brand Personality Dimension of Social Responsibility


Political Science Dr. R. Keith Snavely Analysis of Local Government Innovation in China


Education/Curriculum and Instruction Dr. D. John McIntyre The Development of an Instrument to Measure Teacher Education Candidatesâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; Dispositions


Education/Educational Psychology Dr. Nancy A. Mundschenk The Technical Adequacy of the Core Skills Algebra Curriculum-Based Measure for the High School Level


Business Administration Dr. Wallace N. Davidson Essays on Corporate Governance and Delaware Incorporation


Juris Doctor

Ronald Joseph Comparin, Jr. Law

David Ryan Kwok Law

Michele Lee Stephens Law

MASTER OF LAWS Michael Edward Wurl Law


Kendra J. Belleville Accountancy Dustin Michael Birdsong Accountancy Teilla Lynniece Bransford Accountancy Mitchell Darsel Channell Accountancy Rachel Meagan Crowell Accountancy Laura Beth Hayes Accountancy Fresnel Medessi Houecande Accountancy Mallory Suzanne Howell Accountancy Ling Li Accountancy Christine Marie Lintker Accountancy Dominique T. Nettles Accountancy Jason W. Ramsey Accountancy Chelsie Rae Romines Accountancy Laura Thorkelson Wong Accountancy

MASTER OF ARCHITECTURE Hemanta Chitrakar Architecture Jason Allan Epley Architecture Jessica Louise Green Architecture

Thursday, August 5, 2010 Charnsmorn Rean Hwang Forestry Kohki Ishii Mechanical Engineering Matthew Alan Jeffers Mechanical Engineering Nelia Nikki Johnson Rehabilitation Counseling Mariona Neleta Jones Professional Media and Media Management Studies Bhanu Kaini Mechanical Engineering Kedar Maheshwar Katre Electrical & Computer Engineering Kyndall Rae Kaufman Plant and Soil Science Oluwatosin Akin Kayode Medical Dosimetry Binita KC Geography and Environmental Resources Muhammad Zarak Khan Electrical & Computer Engineering Aniruddha Shriram Khedlekar Electrical & Computer Engineering Muwoong Kim Rehabilitation Administration and Services Sandeep Koppa Balasubramanyam

Electrical & Computer Engineering Sara Clark Koropchak Plant Biology Dhawala Kovuri Computer Science Edward Sebastian Kramer Mechanical Engineering Amber Lee Kuzma Behavior Analysis and Therapy Marsha Louise Lamczyk Communication Disorders and Sciences Gary Martin Leuty Physics I-Hung Li Electrical and Computer Engineering Amy Katherine Loukus Behavior Analysis and Therapy Jagadish Kumar Maripi Computer Science Randi Jo Marquis Medical Dosimetry Andrea Lynn Martin Communication Disorders and Sciences Jenna M. Mattingly Behavior Analysis and Therapy Autumn Nicole McKeel Behavior Analysis and Therapy Lindsey Diana Millar Food and Nutrition Danielle Marie Morgan Medical Dosimetry Derek Keith Morgan Medical Dosimetry Venkata Naresh Mudhireddy Electrical & Computer Engineering Zubedah Nanfuka Professional Media and Media Management Studies Aparna Natarajan Molecular Biology, Microbiology, and Biochemistry Kelsey Therese Nave Mathematics Kelly Michelle Neubert Professional Media and Media Management Studies Jodi Elizabeth Nuernberger Behavior Analysis and Therapy Pamela Tia Orange Rehabilitation Administration and Services Thelge Buddika Udaya Kumara Peiris Mathematics Ian Michael Pendergast-White

Graduation Guide Forestry Vardhman Jain Pukhraj Jain Electrical & Computer Engineering Scott William Reader Animal Science Alyssa Anne Rider Food and Nutrition Aisha Ross Rehabilitation Counseling David Michael Rossiaky Professional Media and Media Management Studies Nicolas E. Sarkany Civil Engineering Ashley Elizabeth Satorius Molecular Biology, Microbiology, and Biochemistry Christopher Allen Schroth Psychology Cassidy Maria Scoggins Food and Nutrition Ramgopal Sekar Electrical & Computer Engineering Sarah Nicole Sheffer Food and Nutrition Deepti Ramesh Shetty Computer Science Pathiranage Lochana-Pabakara Siriwardena Mathematics Kurt Thomas Smith Zoology Anthony Scott Tate Plant Biology Mital M. Tejani Medical Dosimetry Julie Ann Thole Medical Dosimetry Christina Tram Truong Medical Dosimetry Trent Roger Tuthill Manufacturing Systems Kristina Kay Vargo Behavior Analysis and Therapy Bala Maruthi Naresh Veeramalla Electrical & Computer Engineering Vishal Viswambharan Rehabilitation Counseling Cody Michael Wade Professional Media and Media Management Studies Sheryl Marie Westbrook Professional Media and Media Management Studies Drew Brandon Whittier Medical Dosimetry Alyssa Nicole Wilson Behavior Analysis and Therapy Stephanie Nicole Worrell Medical Dosimetry Vanessa Marie Worsley Behavior Analysis and Therapy Toun Loin Wu Civil Engineering

MASTER OF SCIENCE IN EDUCATION Denis Gilles Albert Health Education Krishna Balasubramanian Workforce Education and Development Timothy Michael Jerry Bartels Educational Psychology Terri Lynn Benson Curriculum and Instruction Bernard Brown, Jr. Workforce Education and Development Kristen Marie Cassidy Curriculum and Instruction Andres German Castillo Workforce Education and Development Chen Chen Educational Psychology Serina Ann Cinnamon Morrison Curriculum and Instruction Robbie Gale Cochrum Kinesiology

Rachel Lee Cody Educational Psychology Jessica Kaye Conyers Recreation Rebecca Countryman Workforce Education and Development Andrew Mark Croxell Workforce Education and Development Cory Maria Dack Recreation LaVorgia Renâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Ya Danley Workforce Education and Development Kyrus Dewoin Daugherty Recreation Kristal Marie Deming Curriculum and Instruction Kayleigh Marie DePriest Curriculum and Instruction Susan Caroline England Workforce Education and Development Matthew Justin Epperley Educational Psychology Lauren Marie Esker Educational Psychology Timothy Estes Educational Psychology Jayme Lee Frey Workforce Education and Development Elizabeth Jayne Geiselman Curriculum and Instruction Jennie Kipp Gintoli Higher Education Caitlin Jo Grither Educational Psychology Aaron Rebecca Hankins Curriculum and Instruction Dayna Marie Heil Educational Psychology Andra Lynn Hicks Special Education Gregory Allan Hollmann Curriculum and Instruction Jami Nicole Jackson Educational Psychology Beth Ann Johnson Curriculum and Instruction Meagan A. Johnson Curriculum and Instruction Gilbert Kalonde Workforce Education and Development Robert Kent Karnoski Workforce Education and Development Douglas James Laumbattus Workforce Education and Development Ashley Jennette Launius Curriculum and Instruction Sei Yeon Lee Recreation Gary Enrique Letona Workforce Education and Development Sakou Locke Workforce Education and Development Wen-yu Lu Curriculum and Instruction Amanda Kathryn Marggraf Special Education Patricia Ann Martens Workforce Education and Development Marcia Ann Mason Workforce Education and Development Seth Alan McCoy Curriculum and Instruction Erin Noel Miles Curriculum and Instruction Aaron Jamiel Murphy Recreation Pamela Marie Nicolaides Curriculum and Instruction Ryan Edward Olson Recreation

Emmanuel Obemeata Oyathelemi

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Workforce Education and Development Young-ho Park Kinesiology Zachary Michael Pietrantoni Educational Psychology Eric Rolf Pleiss Higher Education Joyce Lynn Pryor Curriculum and Instruction Jennifer Ann Rabideau Educational Psychology Meghan Kristine Reid Kinesiology Diane Louise Reynolds Health Education Robin Edward Ricket Workforce Education and Development Samantha Lynn Sambursky Kinesiology Stacye Alline Saunders Educational Psychology Anne Elizabeth Sill Curriculum and Instruction Russell Alan Slatton Workforce Education and Development Debra Kay Smith Curriculum and Instruction Ha-Yee Teska Workforce Education and Development Stephanie Karess Webster Curriculum and Instruction Elisa Beth Whittier Health Education Charles Willard Workforce Education and Development Molly Jeanne Williams Curriculum and Instruction Joshua Dene Wright Recreation

MASTER OF SCIENCE IN PHYSICIAN ASSISTANT STUDIES Evelyn Marie Blanchard Physician Assistant Studies Carolyn Marie Brunner Physician Assistant Studies Ruchi Rani Chabra Physician Assistant Studies Erin Leigh Dunn Physician Assistant Studies Jill Ann Franklin Physician Assistant Studies Naarah Lynn Hauenstein Physician Assistant Studies Andrew Elliott Hosman Physician Assistant Studies Matthew Dale Hughes Physician Assistant Studies Jennifer Cafi Hunter Physician Assistant Studies Lucas Wade Jones Physician Assistant Studies Bethany Joy Mumbower Physician Assistant Studies Amy Marie Omahen Physician Assistant Studies Natalie Rose Pawlowicz Physician Assistant Studies Scott Walter Reaney Physician Assistant Studies Jessica June Reed Physician Assistant Studies Katherine Anne Tetrault Physician Assistant Studies Kelsi Ryan Walters Physician Assistant Studies Amanda Rae Wittnam Physician Assistant Studies


Eric Vaughn Johnson Social Work Benjamin Nicholas Mullineaux Social Work Larry Ray Shipp Social Work


Daily Egyptian

Graduation Guide

Thursday, August 5, 2010 Terry Lynn Shirley Social Work Ambrose Aaron Utin Social Work



Jacob Edward Abbott † Sarah Elizabeth Adams Lila D. Adkins Jason Louis Antoine † Olivia Jean Bateman † Carina A. Beck Skye Edward Bergeson Vernetta Marie Bowens Austin Brooke Boyd Moriah Faith Bradley Rachel L. Brown Timothy James Bunselmeyer Patrick Anthony Bunyon Khalia Iyan Maria Burgos Jennifer Leanne Burns Brock Austin Butler Kevin James Calderwood Gretchen Lynne Cavaletto Nicholas G. Chovanec Dustin Leon Clinton Derek Michael Conley Mario A. Cordon Lee Edward Deans Kelsie Danielle Deppen Laura Elizabeth Durbin Brian M. Elslager Manuel Flores Kerie Jo Fowler Nathan Paul Genis Michael Francis Giliberto Joseph Paul Gordon Spenser Garrett Greenberg Adrianne Denise Ashley Griffith Timothy John Gugerty Austin Charles Hanner Amy Rose Hanselmann Kendall Dale Harris Jack P. Hasselbusch † Nicholas Lee Hatfield Amber Rose Hayes Amanda Herring Michael Aaron Holder Samuel Sherman Holley Freddie McKinley Holliday Jillian Renee Howard Megan Sue Howie Anthony Thomas Hultz Tracie J. Humble Creighton Alexander Jackson Nicholas Wayne Jones Nicole Marie Jostes Michael Steven Justich Jimmy Kateeb Todd Kelly Kinkade Melissa Mae Knowles Ellen Ann Longbucco Daniel McNeil Lutz James P. Manne Brendan Keenan Mayer** Simon James McAnnalley Dalton Joseph McGee Karla Renae Miller † Mary Kathleen Miller Joseph F. Mirabella IV Andrew Murray Mitchell James Mitchell Melissa Elizabeth Mitchell Kristina Mary Palacios Bradley Taylor Palm Shelby T. Pals Ashley Constance Panniero † Jennifer Lynne Peyton David Robertson Pickard ‚ Gabriel E. Raney Stephen Thomas Richardson Jean Marie Rieckenberg Rachael Marie Roache Rachel Nicole Roberts Stephanie Tanesha Robinson Daniel Robert Rohlman Came’ra Patrice Rudd Jasmine Natasha Russell Mary Kathleen Ryan † Kristen Rashael Scott

Dana M. Seliga Scharles Melvin Sharpe-Crosby Trushita Sunit Sheth Lloyd Kerry Sims Richard Mason Sloan ‚ Kolin Kristine Smith Steven J. Sorrell Justin Michael Stofferahn † Emily Marie Sunblade † Lacey Marie Sutton Marcus Allen Swift Timothy Andrew Syoen Elaine Lorean Thomas John Martin Torphy Ann Rae Troester † Evan Matthew Tucker David Paul Vaccaro Lacey Jo Vercellino Daniel Thomas Wakolbinger David R. Walls Derek James Ward** David Wayne Welker† Jordan Leah Wenzel † Stephen David White Tracette Monique White Nathan Donald Wilkening Allison Marie Willard Craig Erin Williamson Britni Ashley Wingerter Akiko Yamada †** Gareth Isaac York ‚ Thomas James Zweidinger

%$&+(/252) ),1($576 Jenna Elise McNair † Scott Charles Pellico† Matthew L. Signaigo Randon Coy Swearingian

%$&+(/252) 086,& Ryan Eugene Ham Christa Janel Sangster

%$&+(/252) 6&,(1&(

Amanda Renee Anderson James Matthew Anderson Jeremy Clayton Birkey †* John-Kevin Charles Corcoran Shiana Dior Gregory-Thomas Cynthia May Ann Harlow Stephanie Janell Head Troy Del Jordan Ellen Marie Krumholz Michael Gavin McGeady Charah Katie McKinzie Krista Dawn Mette Sarah Iris Meyerson Amanda Christine Nelson Meagan Marie Oestry Stanley Gerod Pearson, Jr. Stephanie Marie Ratajczyk Shanta Renee Richardson Molly Anne Ritzheimer † Marty Dewayne Rodgers Whitney D. Roland Tida Ann Roobsawang Erica Yvonne Dodt Raymone Antonio Fleming Shenetra Sheri Franklin Grant Michael Gale Seth Henry Rosenberg Kristyn Rossetti Kathryn Elizabeth Segretario Katie Mae Smith Muda S. Smith Patrick Vernon Smith Chelsea Renee Stewart Renata B. Sturdivant Alex Joseph Wahl Jayme Leigh Wamsley Derek James Ward** Kailyn Elise Webb † Tariq LaMont Whitaker James Edward White, Jr. Bryan Scott Wyrich Akiko Yamada †** Angela Marie Zehnle


Thursday, August 5, 2010


ASSOCIATE IN APPLIED SCIENCE Chad A. Buss Michael Anthoney Carroll ‚ Sarah Angelica Davis ‚ Jennifer June Dixon Joshua Randall Dunn Clare Nicole Ford Mary Katherine Frerichs** Christopher Michael Harper Megan Ashley Juarez Alyssa Renee Nail Tami Lynn Poettker  Amanda L. Ranck Nicole A. Scheer Tia Danielle Thompson Alison Mindi Tomlinson † Gayl Renee’ Whitby


Nassr Saleh Alnajrani ‚ Omar Saeed Alzahrani Richard Ashitey Amarh Clinton John Amber Corey Joseph Badder Jessica Renea Baggett-Woolf Alexandra Kay Bann ‚ Shiana Patris Beasley Brian Alan Beerup Ashleigh Nicole Bell Leaha Benyam J oseph Fredrick Bernhardt † Andrew Lee Bevis Michael B. Blaylock Michael Brian Blunk Brian James Bombarda Ashley Rachelle Bonner † Edward Darrin Brackett Jeffrey Glen Brady Katherine Marie Breen Aracelly Brito Nicholas Scott Brothers

Anthony Joseph Brown Johna Scarlet Brown  Teofilo Bruno III Christopher Marc Carlson Jeanette Rose Carsella † Donel Lamar Choice Christine Clemons Kyle Robert Clodfelter ‚ Joshua Ryan Cochran † Joseph John Coffey James Charles Connell Natasha Marie Crain† Megan Renee Crane † Duriel Demetrius Crittenden Michael James Crom Phillip Thomas Crow Karen Joan Crowley Cory William Cunniff AunDria Cherie Cyrs Paul Thomas D’Angelo Kimberly Ann Davenport Ashlea Dawn Deal ‚

Daily Egyptian Jeffrey Charles Dees  Devin Scott Deisher † Reid Albert DeLeon Christine Elizabeth Deters Andrew David Dunn Mark T. Dykes Christy Robin Eads Joel Thomas Eggemeyer Stacey L. Esch Tamika Shantel Fair Thomas James Feener Neil DeWayne Flannery Patricia Lynn Flores St. Clair Leon Francis † Shawn Kierre Gaines Brandon Paul Garnett Paul Alan Gober Mark Angelo Greenlee Theresa Jane Groves  Francisco J. Guevara Matthew David Ham ‚ Renea Katherine Harbert ‚*




Daily Egyptian

Angela Earnestine Hathaway Amy Elizabeth Hazelwood Shane Steven Healey † Casie Marie Heisler † Heather Lynn Henderson Christopher Robert Hewitt Brenda Marie Hileman Jeff Matthew Hollenkamp Robert Ernest Lee Hollis-Brau, Jr. Kent A. Howerton Jennifer Lynn Ihle Megan J. Imbayan Mark Allen Ingersoll Natasha Domonique Inniss Kaylee Marie Jaros Brian Jenkins § April Shantell Jones Tara Elizabeth Jones Willie Maurice Jones Sarah Margaret Joyner † Lawrence Joseph Kane † Sean Robert Kelly Robert Marion Kerby III Eric Damon Kersey Jessica Yvette Kilpatrick Felicia Anne King † Tabatha Nicole King Geoffrey Scott Kinney Reed Anthony Koester Adrian Kolodziejski † Nathan Anthony Konieczki Brian James Kornelius Adam Sanders Kurjanski Zivko Kuzmanovich Christina Ann Renae Landin Joshua Caleb Lardi Ali Danielle Lindsey Tony Lindsey Andrew David Lippert Maria Nicole Longsworth † Misty Ann Losch Eric Brett Lundquist † Paul Wayne Magarity Jeffrey Peyton Mangin Kent Manning

Benito Carlos Martinez III ‡ Ivan Alberto Martinez, Jr. Sherry R. Martinko Brendan Keenan Mayer** Evan Paul McDaniel Andrew Scott Mekeel George Underhill Menninger Zachary Michael Metcalf † Valerie Lynn Michonski † Morgan Michelle Mifflin Laura Yvonne Mohr magna † Mallori Lauren Mummert ‚ Daniel Muro Nicholas Nolting Myers  Ewa Myslinska † Katie Ann Niebrugge  Jennifer Lynn O’Donnell Timothy Brendan O’Leary † Eric Thomas Owens † Faye Carruthers Payne Daniel I. Pease Stephanie Lynn Pfund Brandi Victoria Pitter Tasa Proctor Aimee Lynn Quire † Zachary Chase Radtke † Mirella Ramirez Justin Tyler Ray Sophia Maria Ray Kendra Paige Redick Richard J. Reich Maria C. Reyes Patrick J. Riccolo ‚ Heather Rene Robertson Regan James Robinson † Michael Wesley Rodman ‚ Sandra M. Rodriguez Nicholas Walter Rosa Robert Brandon Russell Dong-Gil Ryu Athena Nicholista Sandravelis Steven Carl Sandschafer † Michael Scott Schaffer † Gary Alan Schmitz †

David Randy Schneider Brian Michael Schottman Ashley LeeAnn Schultz Teckolar Seals Duane Elvis Seay Melissa Ann Shepard Rose Marie Sherwood Steven J. Shields Robert John Shilney Stephen Joseph Shink Emily Ann Shuler ‚ Pete W. Siebert Âe Denver Venoy Singletary Trevor Lee Sipe Jamie Liane Skinner  Frank Winston Skyler Smody Joshua Adin Smrt Liza Brooke Sprague John Ryan Squires Cheryl Anne Stahl Clayton Lee Stambaugh † Keith Allen Steele Matthew Robert Steele Frederick Daniel Stenson Albert LaFayette Stephens, Jr. Kacey Beth Stephens Thomas Edward Styczynski Garrett Cody Summers Mohamed Taha Taldnouni † Rodney Taylor † Angela Marie Thompson Jared Keith Thompson Walter J. Thurmond Hannah Laine Tolan † Judith Enid Toro John David Tourtelot Crystal Dawn Vest †* Danielle Jean Walker Victor Antonio Walker Michael A. Walsh Brooks Alexander Watson Shelby Watson Jesse Lee Weaver ‚ Austin Gabriel Weeks Kimberley Diane Welch

Thursday, August 5, 2010 Alison Elizabeth Wendt Chelsea Marie Wenell † Michael Daniel Wertz Taylor Lee Westbrook Steven Lawrence Whyde John F. Wolstenholme Christopher Wilson Woodruff Troy S. Woods Erica Anias Wright Kyle Lee Wright Rumi Yamaguchi Danielle Lynn Zmaila


Olusegun N. Alli Kevin Jeffrey Alling Faisal Khaled Almaashoug Ahmed Abdulaziz Alzamzam Christopher John Andrews Kathleen Dawn Angel Sherrita Gabrielle Bailey Danielle Jo Bibula † Bridget A. Blankenship ‚ William Johnson Boatright Shana Nicole Brown Lynne A. Butler Dawn Michelle Cavaness Charise M. Coleman Jacob A. Costello Steven John Crabill Jonathan Mihel Dandridge Jared J. Day † Darin Dale Drummond Ian R. Elrod Frank Esparza Colin Michael Finn Andres Javier Gallegos Juan Octavio Garcia Alexander Christopher Gaskin Elizabeth Toyin Giwa Brandon George Goeke Andrew Christopher Griffin Andrew Steve Grzeszczak

Graduation Guide

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Daily Egyptian


For the answers to todayâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s puzzles, check out!






By Nancy Black and Stephanie Clements Today's birthday â&#x20AC;&#x201D; Two sides of your personality seem to war between themselves. As the year progresses, you use strength of will to bring the two closer together. Take advantage of your abundant good fortune to make the most of each lucky situation you encounter. Aries (March 21-April 19) -- Today is a 5 -- You're not a Doctor Doolittle, Push-Me/PullYou kind of person. Say what you want clearly, and hold steady despite shaky ground. Taurus (April 20--May 20) -- Today is a 5 -- You'll be tossing ideas around before you hit upon something that will work. Logic wins out over enthusiasm in this case. Gemini (May 21--June 21) -- Today is a 5 -- A little thought in the beginning makes love flow freely all day. Keep the conversation rolling and save actions until after suppertime. Cancer (June 22--July 22) -- Today is a 7 -- Although there's plenty to do at home, you need to get out to discover your luck today. You may run around, but it's productive. Leo (July 23--Aug. 22) -- Today is a 7 -- If you plan a trip, take advantage of competitive pricing. There's no need to pay top dollar when hotels are competing for your business.

Complete the grid so each row, column and 3-by-3 box (in bold boarders) contains every digit 1 to 9. For strategies on how to solve Sudoku, visit Level: 1


Level: 1

3 4


Virgo (Aug. 23--Sept. 22) -- Today is a 7 -- Today's mission requires balancing your own self-esteem against the excitement of your partner or associate. Go with them on an adventure.

3 4

Libra (Sept. 23--Oct. 22) -- Today is an 8 -- You go back and forth several times with your partner to decide what actions to take. Compromise by incorporating both effort and imagination. Scorpio (Oct. 23--Nov. 21) -- Today is a 7 -- Co-workers bounce around like children with a new toy. You may feel like you're doing all the work. You'll get credit when it matters. Sagittarius (Nov. 22--Dec. 21) -- Today is a 5 -- You have a perfect vision of how to deliver love to your favorite people. They reciprocate, and you're surprised at their methodology. Capricorn (Dec. 22--Jan. 19) -- Today is a 5 -- The world is calling you, and you want to be in the social flow. Surprise, surprise! Someone at home has other ideas. Negotiate for an acceptable compromise. Aquarius (Jan. 20--Feb. 18) -- Today is an 8 -- Work may take you away from home today. If you travel, confirm reservations along the way. But if not, you can still get a lot done. Pisces (Feb. 19--March 20) -- Today is a 6 -- An associate has worked hard to gather the essential resources. Now it's up to you to use them imaginatively to accomplish as much as possible.

The Duplex by Glenn McCoy


Unscramble these four Jumbles, one letter to each square, to form four ordinary words.

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by Mike Argirion and Jeff Knurek


Answer: IT

Now arrange the circled letters to form the surprise answer, as suggested by the above cartoon.




Thursday, August 5, 2010 Ivan Richard Guthrie Sarisa Louvenia Hall Rachel Marie Harvel ‚ Amanda Brooke Hilderbrand ‚ Jaehee Hong Justin Charles Hvidston James Ryan Jackson Sarah Lenisha Johnson Shequeta Jones Sean T. Kane James Daniel Kass Armon S. Kelly Jesse Kim Craig Lars Koenigstein Christopher Wayne Large Melanie Ann Maple Maxfield J. Marchlewski Shanin Mattew Marshall Chanel L. Martin Mariella A. Martinez Adam Joseph Nuger Nathan Andrew Palmer Nicholas William Reuscher Julian J. Rios Gabrielle D. Roberison Chandra Jennine Roberson Adam Joseph Roddewig Melody Dawn Rowe † Michelle Christine Rusin  Jonathan Christopher Saam Jeffrey Scott Schirmer Maxwell D. Schloemann ‚ Gregory Michael Shaw Alexander J. Skaggs Adam Paul Smietana Daniel Scott Smith Kolby Ray Smithpeters Nathaniel Allen Snoddy Colin Shaun Spratt Kyle S. Strohl Michael Kenneth Sullivan Darnisha Thompson Jessica Marie Tucker Richard Thomas Underwood Andrew Jonathan Vukovich Brock L. Wallace James Richard West Sarah Louise Wetzel Darren White Jessica Lee Anne Whitlow Cydney Brooke Wiggs Vincent William Wilcher Sidney Augustus Williams Travis Jack Williams Kristin Leigh Willis Michael K. Wons Robyn A. Worley Teneshkia Michelle Wright Joel Phillip Zurliene

&ROOHJHRI(GXFDWLRQDQG +XPDQ6HUYLFHV BACHELOR OF SCIENCE Rasheedat O. Adelekan Brent E. Adkins Marijune B. Alarcon Thomas L. Atkinson Autumn N. Austin Kevin Jerome Bacot Anita Lee Baines Kevin S. Banker † Brandy Banks Maria Theresa Barlow Nina Marie Barron

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Thursday, August 5, 2010 BACHELOR OF SCIENCE

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Farewell DE, ye hardly knew me DIANA SOLIWON Daily Egyptian

A few weeks ago on a Thursday, I got into a car accident and aside from some brief neck pain, survived the experience without incident. I still wanted to visit my little sisters, who lived 5 hours away, but between the wreck and the fact I promised the photo desk I’d cover the weekend because the other shooters were out of town, making a decision was not easy. Do I go to Kansas City to see my family because after I move to the East Coast in 2 weeks, I’ll probably never make the drive again? Kansas City. The DE. My life. The DE. I left. I just did that. I did not tell anyone until I came back and I did not say I was sorry. And it was OK. No one needed a photo, or help with a contact, or keys to unlock the newsroom, or to tell me they quit, but good luck finding someone to take over their budget. It made me realize that having held almost ev-

ery job in the newsroom, I truly care about this paper. But I had to let it go. Someone else was in charge, someone else was taking care of it, and someone else would be here after them. It’s a proven fact of the world that a lot of work goes into producing something in print. But something tells me the DE doesn’t care about that. This paper was here long before me and will be here long after (ish). It demands to be placed on a newsstand, day after day, regardless of what that takes. And every day it’s supposed to be, it is. So if I could interview a physical entity of the DE, it would probably go something like this: Did you know I like walks? Sunlight? A fresh tomato with my eggs on Sundays-are-fun days and breakfastfor-dinner days when I do not have to work from noon to midnight? Did you know that someone or something has been transferring phone calls to ext. 253 for the last five years,

and that it is actually busy signal and not a call? That carpet from the 80s is actually not a nice thing to do to a windowless room with lots of clunky, old desks that will never be moved and therefore prevent the funkfest of a floor from ever being properly cleaned — ever? That I actually rented an apartment and never signed a lease to live in the newsroom? That designers always have the food? That other than my lovely partner, sometimes the press guys were the most eye candy I’d see for five nights straight? (Except the bald one.) Did you know that only a moment stopped me from staying in Norway to teach snowboarding — SNOWBOARDING! — instead of offering my soul up to you? But who am I kidding. I took the DE like the muscle relaxers for my whiplash ... with pleasure and a slight sense of delirium. The truth is that I am now embarking on an amazing adventure. It turns out

when you give yourself to something, it pays you back with an internship in Washington D.C. Like, a paid one. Hopefully, the DE will continue to provide unsuspecting journalism students with the greatest lesson in humility and reward their SIUC experience has to offer. I promise, it will teach you things. Like everyone deserves context. If you’re not stressed, you’re not working hard enough. Estrogen is probably the worst slug for a jump on a story about women in the minority ever. A community’s memory lasts way longer than most of us have been alive. That can be a good and a bad thing. And if you demand it, Eric will give you 75 cents. Unbeknownst to the ink on this page, I have learned these things. It’s time for me to pack up my little basket of lilies and life lessons and find another desk in this unforgiving, fantastic line of work. I cannot wait. Farewell DE, ye hardly knew me — but took care of me just the same. Seeeerrrviiiice!

Daily Egyptian 08/03/10  

The Daily Egyptian student newspaper for 08/03/10.

Daily Egyptian 08/03/10  

The Daily Egyptian student newspaper for 08/03/10.