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When Apple first introduced the tablet known as the iPad, it sent shockwaves not only through the gadget world, but also the media world. The iPad has changed the way we work and, in most cases, play when it comes to using a "PC like" device. Now the world is anticipating the iPad 3, the device that Steve Jobs personally worked on before his unfortunate passing. The original iPad gave the user features that were typically on a bulky laptop, but also removed unnecessary features that were hardly used. Right off the bat, I challenge you to name the top five programs that you use on a daily basis on your laptop or desktop computer... GO! I am sure a few of the following are on your list: web browser, email application (i.e. Outlook, Thunderbird), instant messaging, word processing application (i.e. MS Word), and a spreadsheet application (i.e. MS Excel). All of these features come standard on an iPad or can be purchased for a small or moderate price, much like purchasing the software for your laptop or desktop. Apple then stepped it up and added a camera, a high resolution display, and the world of games and applications, or "apps", on the Apple App Store. With the operating system combined with the sleek and light weight tablet size, it become a very popular toy in the professional world as well as with students and kids of all ages. The second edition iPad, the iPad 2, got a more sleek design with some boosted hardware that it much faster. The software has not changed a great deal, but it is still impressive nonetheless. Apple did add a second camera for a new feature known as Face Time which allows users on a camera enabled Apple device to communicate through video messaging, another very "cool" feature that is being used quite commonly. The anticipated wait for the iPad 3 is here. In the month of March 2012, Apple will be presenting the new addition to their line. Certain websites have already reported the new tablet to have a retina display, a quad-core CPU, and 4G capabilities. Of course, this reported information are only rumors as Apple keeps details like this top secret. However, I am sure that somewhere Tim Cook is currently walking around with an iPad 3 in his briefcase. The iPad not only comes with a load of features, but manufacturers are also stepping it up when it comes to accessories. The accessories for the iPad are almost endless. Stores are already preplanning the launch of the new toy and waiting to unload the new toys that including cases, keyboards, and covers. Some other toys that have been a big help to the owners of the older generation iPads are stylus pens, a digital card reader for your photographers, crystal clear screen covers, back up battery supplies, and even pivoting iPad stands. Apple will stand above the crowd when it comes to the iPad 3 release in the same manner it did with the release of the original iPad and the iPad 2. However, do not expect competitors to take this lying down. Other companies such as Asus and Samsung are starting to make serious head


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