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Dear subscriber, This special issue to accompany GUP Magazine #37 has its origins in the notion of an adventure with a camera. In the Spring of 2012, Duncan Meeder, owner of Foto Henny Hoogeveen in Lisse, The Netherlands, made the American photographer Jock Sturges an offer he could not refuse! Bemused and even a bit skeptical at first, Jock Sturges eventually could not let go of the Rolleiflex Twin Lens Reflex 6x6 that he was presented with. After four months and hundreds of rolls of film, the result was a beautifully designed book. Jock Sturges was kind enough to have a word with our Chief Editor to explain how the project evolved and, more in general, to elaborate on his way of seeing the world. We thank both Duncan and Jock for the opportunity to showcase to our subscribers a number of images that arrive from The Rollei Project publication. Flip to page 39 for the interview with Jock Sturges in Chinese. 请看39页Jock Sturges 访谈录中文版 The editorial team GUP Magazine, 2013

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Leica Boutique Lisse | The Netherlands |

The Body and The Lens An interview with Jock Sturges by Erik Vroons

Anette and Auregan; Montalivet, France, 2012

阿内特和奥勒冈; 2012 年于法国蒙塔利韦

For over 30 years, Jock Sturges (1947, USA) has been working with adolescents and their families, both in his native California and at a nudist resort on the Atlantic coast of France. The highly aesthetic portraits that resulted from these sessions are an expression of the trust he has established over the years with his models and are therefore best to be seen as collaborative projects, as pictures ‘made’ together instead of simply ‘taken’ by the photographer. Jock Sturges was in The Netherlands recently to sign the limited edition copies of his new book made with the Rollei Camera Corporation, and GUP Magazine had the opportunity to speak with him in an extended interview.

What is the title of your new book and how did it all come together? JS: The book has been named ‘The Rollei Project’ and was entirely the idea of Duncan Meeder of Foto Henny Hoogeveen in Lisse. Duncan is an expert on collectable Rolleis and Leicas as well as an entrepreneur on the world stage. I was very happy when he proposed this project as it is one of the nicest compliments I have received in my career as a fine art photographer. This motivated me to work exceptionally hard to reward his trust. Four months and hundreds of rolls of film later, Duncan and I sat down and edited this book. Editing books is always agonising because of all that must be cut away to arrive at a final choice but in this instance it was a particular trial. We are both very pleased with the result! >>

Asta; Montalivet, France, 2012

阿斯塔; 2012 年于法国蒙塔利韦

Asta; Montalivet, France, 2012

阿斯塔; 2012 年于法国蒙塔利韦

Auregan; Montalivet, France, 2012

奥勒冈; 2012 年于法国蒙塔利韦

Camilla; Montalivet, France, 2012

卡米拉; 2012 年于法国蒙塔利韦

"Leave people be. They are magnificent as they are!”

Kate and Sandy; West Palm Beach, Florida, 2012

凯特和桑迪; 2012 年于佛罗里达西棕榈滩

"The season of childhood is brief after all. So brief"

Kayla; Seattle, 2012

卡拉; 2012 年于西雅图

Lilliana, Anna Lily and Juliet; Hollywood, California, 2012

利利阿纳、安娜莉莉和朱丽叶; 2012 年于加利福尼亚好莱坞

Maya; Seattle, 2012

玛雅; 2012 年于西雅图

The Rollei Project 禄来项目

Jock Sturges 乔克·斯滕格斯

Jock Sturges and the Rolleiflex 2,8 FX Platinum In 2012, Foto Henny Hoogeveen, importer and distributer of Rollei products in The Netherlands and Asia, launched a very special limited edition of 108 Rollei Rolleiflex 2.8 FX “Platinum” cameras. These cameras have a unique serial number and are produced in four different colours. The serial numbers start at ‘J 01’ through ‘K 25’ and carry a special engraving on the platinum. The cameras come with a signed book plus an original signed print of 1 of 4 different photographs – all drawn from work done by Jock Sturges during the spring and summer of 2012 with the legendary Rollei twin lens reflex. These exceptional cameras are available at Foto Henny Hoogeveen or via representatives.


Jock Sturges 和禄莱双反 2,8 FX 铂金相机 2012年,Foto Henny Hoogeveen,一家禄莱产品在 荷兰和亚洲的进口和发行商,开始做一期关于108架 禄莱双反2.8 FX “铂金相机的限量版相机。 这些相机 都有独一无二的序号,共有四种不同的颜色。 序号从 J01到K25, 在铂金相机上刻有特殊图案。 所有相机都附送一本签名书, 和四幅Jock Sturges签 名照片中的一幅。这些照片均为Jock Sturges在2012 年春夏用禄莱双反相机拍摄的。这些优质相机可以在 Foto Henny Hoogeveen公司或其他的代理商处买 到。

Jock Sturges(乔克·斯滕格斯)

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Foto Henny Hoogeveen | The Netherlands |

GUP special #3 - Jock Sturges  

This 64 pages special is exclusively produced for subscribers to GUP Magazine. It comes, free of cost, with GUP#38 and is fully dedicated to...

GUP special #3 - Jock Sturges  

This 64 pages special is exclusively produced for subscribers to GUP Magazine. It comes, free of cost, with GUP#38 and is fully dedicated to...