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Frozen Seafood from Scandinavia

a e s From e t a l p to A delicious meal that tastes of the sea starts in the depths of the ocean and is based on thorough knowledge of the sea as a provider. Naturally much of our inspiration originates from Scandinavian cuisine and we follow culinary trends closely. We take the best from Scandinavia and make seamless crossover recipes to suit markets all over the world. Domstein Group is one of the leading fishery enterprises from the Nordic region. Domstein operations range from catch to sales, including both a fleet of fishing vessels and specialized facilities for each step of the refinement process. That makes us unique as we can offer a production flow from sea to plate. As our oceans are being seriously overfished it has become one of the most challenging environmental problems. Domstein Group will strive to contribute to a sustainable fishery and has introduced the policy to use MSC-labelled raw material. Domstein has been a fish supplier for almost a hundred years. Our aim is to be the best supplier of good, healthy ,environmentally friendly marine products. Our route to premium quality goes through modern production facilities. Demands on hygiene throughout the production process are rigorous. Nothing is left to chance, to us, hygiene is a matter of trust and confidence! Boasting its own laboratory, our Quality department follows approved quality systems, by which we can maintain full control of production. Our quality assurance systems follow stricter requirements than those laid down by the authorities. After all, our main competetive weapon is our quality. With all our refined products, weights, cuts, flavours and sizes can be modified to fit your various desires and preferences. We are fully capable of producing just about anything in our highly versatile processing facility. The packaging of our products in this broschure are only examples and suggestions.

Please enjoy the Domstein Seafood Collection!

Quality, safety and knowledge

From icy Nordic waters

n i e t s m o D e Th n o i t c e l l o C d o o f a Se Natural fish

HERRING (Clupea Harengus)

0201 Butterfly Fillets

Double 60-90 g 5,0 kg

0205 Butterfly Fillets

Single 30-60 g 5,0 kg

0207 Butterfly Fillets

Rolls, individually frozen 30-60 g 5,0 kg

SALMON (Salmo Salar) 0375 Salmon and Saithe Cubes

Individually quick frozen 3g 5,0 kg

0305 Salmon Cubes

Individually quick frozen 3g 5,0 kg

ALASKA POLLOCK (Theragra Chalcogramma) 0690 Alaska Pollock

Boiled, portions 100 g 5,0 kg

3508 Alaska Pollock Fillets

110-170 g 5 kg

3510 Alaska Pollock

Gratin bar 330 g 8,9 kg

Line fishing -

responsible fishing of Cod and Haddock • • • • • • • •

Selective fishing method with less bycatch Shorter distance from catch to market. All preparation is made in Norway Less strain on sea environment Significantly less energy consumption and emission of CO2 Specially developed bait from recycled fish waste for each species Own vessels operating the fishing Vessel name and catch area labeled for determination of origin Products marked with ”Domstein Sustainable seafood” insignia

SAITHE (Pollachius Virens)

COD (Gadus Morhua)

0605 Saithe Cubes

0725 Cod

Individually quick frozen 3g 5,0 kg

0628 Saithe Loins

Individually frozen 60-90 g 5,0 kg

0629 Saithe Loins

Individually frozen 120-140 g 5,0 kg

Portions 125 g 5,0 kg

0728 Cod

Loins, line-caught 70-100 g 5,0 kg

0729 Cod

Loins, line-caught 130-180 g 5,0 kg

0640 Saithe Fillets

Purse seine, MSC Individually frozen 80-120 g 5,0 kg

HADDOCK (Melanogrammus Aeglefinus) 0505 Haddock Cubes from fillet

3520 Saithe Fillets

Gratin bar 330 g 8,9 kg

Individually quick frozen 3g 5,0 kg

0529 Haddock

Responsible fishing for sustainable seafood

Loins, Individually quick frozen 80-140 g 5,0 kg

Working close to customer Breaded fish HERRING (Clupea Harengus) 0210 Butterfly Fillets Double 75-125g 5,0 kg

FLOUNDER (Platichthys Flesus) 4519 Flounder Fillets

Boneless without black skin 130-180 g 5,0 kg

51150 Butterfly Fillets

With dill, ovenbreaded 70-120g 5,0 kg

ALASKA POLLOCK (Theragra Chalcogramma) 2121 Fish Burgers

PLAICE (Pleuronectes Platessa) 4530 Plaice Whole Boneless without black skin 140-160 g 5,0 kg

Ocean fillet 85 g 3,0 kg

The Domstein flexibility We will satisfy all your needs Domstein is very responsive when it comes to our custumers needs and wishes. All our refined products can be modified to fit consumers preferences on different markets. Weights, cuts, flavours and sizes can be changed in many combinations. With our ready-meals you can even mix your own exciting flavours. The only limit to creative variation is one´s imagination. We are fully capable of producing just about anything in our highly versatile processing facility. Our effort is always to surpass your expectations. Customer is King with Domstein.

Aerial view from Måløy, Norway

Different packaging methods - perfect for branding IQF - Individually Quick Frozen Easy for user to pick one piece at a time. Wetpack Packed fresh and wet straight into an airtight polybag and carton box. Carton well is primarily used for foodservice products. Cartonboard box is best suited for single portions and can be used for both microwave and traditional oven cooking. Ideal for gratins, Janson´s Temptation and other dishes. Foilbox is suitable for single or multiple portions, and preferably used for traditional oven cooking. Perfect for larger gratins, pies and other dishes. Laminate bag is best suited for multiple portions. This kind of packaging is ideal for any kind of mixture, such as wok or more traditional mixtures. Plastic bowl is suited for single portions and is adapted for microwave ovens. It can be used for ready meals such as soups and wok or more traditional mixtures

Breaded and pre-fried fish COD (Gadus Morhua) 0731 Fish Burgers

Cod, round 70 g 5,0 kg

0742 Cod Fillets

Crispy baked 150 g 5,1 kg

0749 Cod Panettas

ECO-certified 50 g 5,0 kg

0744 Fish Crispy

Cheese crusted 50 g 5,0 kg

3534 Cod Nuggets In Beer Batter Tempura 30 g 5,0 kg

Customized packaging for private branding

HighlyFrom flexible icy production Nordic waters HERRING (Clupea Harengus) 0250 Salted Herring

2400 Butterfly Fillets

Oatmeal breaded 70-100 g 5,0 kg

Double 80-130 g 5,0 kg

ALASKA POLLOCK (Theragra Chalcogramma) 3587 Fish Burgers

0671 Fish Burgers

With no added gluten 70 g 5,0 kg

3579 Fish Burgers

3590 Ocean Panettas

Ocean Fillet 80 g 3,0 kg

3583 Ocean Fillets

With organic breading 50 g 5,0 kg

3592 Panetta

Crispy baked 85 g 4,25 kg

From Alaska Pollock Fillet 50 g 5,0 kg

0654 Filled Alaska Pollock

3585 Alaska Pollock

Ocean Fillets 130 g 6,0 kg

With organic breading 130 g 5,0 kg

With shrimp sauce 150 g 5,0 kg

HADDOCK (Melanogrammus Aeglefinus) 0550 Haddock Loins Tempura

70-100 g 5,0 kg

Serving suggestion Haddock Loins picture right or for Fish´n´ Chips

Chef ´s Choice

SAITHE (Pollachius Virens) 0638 Saithe Loins

Marinated 60-90 g 5,0 kg

0652 Saithe ”Smögen” Crispy baked

80 g 5,0 kg

0658 Fish ”Smögen”

ca 50 g 5,0 kg

0641 Saithe Fillets

Purse seine 100-150 g 5,0 kg

3530 Baked Fish

For Fisn´n´Chips ca 55 g 2,5 kg

0645 Saithe Panettas

50 g 5,0 kg

0647 Filled Saithe With Leek and Black Pepper

135 g 5,0 kg

0649 Filled Saithe Cordon Bleu

135 g 5,0 kg

3535 Saithe Nuggets Cheese flavoured

ca 30 g 5 kg

0672 Saithe Mexican

ca 80 g 5 kg

0657 Filled Saithe

With gorgonzola 150 g 5,0 kg

ATLANTIC SALMON (Salmo Salar) 0373 Salmon Cake

3209 Filled Salmon

0382 Salmon Schnitzel

3586 Salmon

90 g 5,0 kg

140 g 5,0 kg

With dill-sauce 135 g 5,0 kg

Crispy baked 140 g 5,0 kg

3595 Salmon Nuggets

30 g 5,0 kg

Accessories 3098 Newspaper Style Fish´n Chip Cones

Exceeding European standards

500 pcs

The natural taste of the sea GREATER ARGENTINE (Argentina Silus) 0905 Greater Argentine Frilettes

50 g 5,0 kg

0906 Greater Argentine

Crispy baked 80 g 5,0 kg

0990 Greater Argentine

Ready-fried 70 g 5,0 kg

FLOUNDER (Platichthys Flesus) 4550 Flounder Fillet

Pre-fried 130-180 g 5,0 kg

PLAICE (Pleuronectes Platessa) 4580 Plaice ”Smögen”

140 g 5,0 kg

Gratins - Schlemmerfilets ALASKA POLLOCK (Theragra Chalcogramma) 0662 Almond Fish

Portion 160 g 5,12 kg

3547 Fish Bordelaise

600 g 9,0 kg

3555 Fish au Gratin Orange

400 g 5,2 kg

3556 Fish au Gratin TexMex

400 g 5,2 kg

3558 Fish au Gratin Bordelaise

Organic, portion 160 g 5,12 kg

3559 Fish au Gratin Bordelaise

Organic 400 g 5,2 kg

SAITHE (Pollachius Virens) 3521 Fish Bordelaise

Portion 160 g 5,12 kg

3524 Fish Bordelaise

400 g 5,2 kg

3525 Almond Fish

Portion 160 g 5,12 kg

3554 Fish au Gratin

With caviar and dill 400 g 5,2 kg

Large Gratins - 1/2 Gastronorm Half Size ATLANTIC SALMON (Salmo Salar)


3620 Salmon Pie

3600 Fish Pie

SAITHE (Pollachius Virens)

HERRING (Clupea Harengus)

3650 Saithe Loins

0271 ”Janson’ s Temptation”

1,8 kg 5,4 kg

With broccoli and cheese cream 1,8 kg 5,4 kg

2,4 kg 5,4 kg

With potatoes, spiced herring and creamy sauce 2,2 kg 6,6 kg

3660 Saithe Loins

With seafood sauce Serving suggestion picture right 1,8 kg 5,4 kg

Chef ´s Choice

Retail-ready consumer packages These are examples of our flexible packaging. All retail-ready to use if you don´t need a private brand with your own profile and label. 2100 Domstein Herring Butterfly fillet Wetpack 300 g x10 3 kg

7425 Domstein Cod Fillet Line-caught Wetpack 400 g x10 4 kg

6069 Domstein Cod Fillet Breaded, Crispy baked Line-caught 85 g 4pcs x10 3,4 kg

6205 Domstein Mackerel Fillet Wetpack 400 g x10 4 kg

Appetizing Food solutions

7100 Domstein Cod Fillet Individually quick frozen Line-caught 1 kg

Unique recipes and flavours Jansons frestelse (”Janson’s temptation”) is a traditional Swedish casserole made of potatoes, onion, spiced herring, bread crumbs and cream. It is commonly included in a Swedish julbord, but can be eaten on other occasions as well.

6746 Enghav Fish au Gratin

6079 Enghav Filled Saithe

With shrimp and dill sauce 350 g x8 2,8 kg

With onion sauce 135 g x16 2,16 kg

2710 Enghav ”Janson´s Temptation”

6080 Enghav Filled Cod

With potatoes, spiced herring and creamy sauce 350 g x8 2,8 kg

With cheese and broccoli 135 g x16 2,16 kg

6741 Enghav Fish au Gratin

6101 Enghav Fish Pie

With dill sauce 350 g x8 2,8 kg

With macaroni Serving suggestion picture right 450 g x10 4,5 kg

Domstein Café Line A new exciting line of portion products designed for café and fastfood establishments You get: • • • • • • • • •

Fast preparation, minimizing waiting time 3800 Well tasting, nutritious, low fat, trendy dishes 350 g x6 Highest quality raw materials and thorough recipes 2,1 kg Consistent quality with each and every served meal oup Food prepared from base, we have cooked, you just heat up and serve ood S f a e S Cook the exact amount of portions needed, nothing in the bin - good economy and Deliver restaurant quality dishes with limited cooking facilities Fish Unique recipes - not available retail - developed by Scandinavian, distinguished chefs Products delivered frozen with a shelf life of 5 days refrigerated


n, e almo S Sauc h s t l i e s w s nne Mu a Pe t & s e a s e P Che

350 g x6 2,1 kg


ith tin w a r au G dill Fish and e c u a ne S itewi h W

350 g x6 2,1 kg

Domstein Sverige Domstein Sverige is part of Domstein Group with head-office located in Måløy, Norway. Our operations range from catch to sales, including both a fleet of fishing vessels and specialized facilities for each step of the refinement process. We are certified in compliance with ISO 22000, ISO 14001 and FS 22000.

Production plant in Kunghamn, Sweden

Domstein Sverige AB

Box 23 ‌• Guleskär 2 • SE 456 21 Kungshamn • Sweden Tel: +46 (0)523 - 708 00 • Fax: +46(0)523 - 327 26 E-mail: •

Working close to our customers Comprehensive production resources and large market share doesn´t have to mean a big conglomerate. Our sales organization is small and efficient. We always try to work closely with our customers to meet varying demands and wishes.