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Spectrum of Possibilities v Big Beautiful Baldwin 2013

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Big Beautiful Baldwin 2013 v Spectrum of Possibilities


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Spectrum of Possibilities v Big Beautiful Baldwin 2013

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Big, Beautiful Baldwin

A brief history


he occupation of Baldwin County’s rich Delta can be traced back approximately 10,000 years. Pre-Mississippian Native American cultures, often referred to as “mound-builders,” flourished in the area. To this day, a variety of burial, ceremonial and residential mounds along with an occasional artifact can be found along Baldwin County’s many waterways. The Spanish arrived in the area in 1519 when Alonzo Alvarez De Pineda sailed into Mobile Bay and named it Espiritu Santo. In 1540 Hernando de Soto traveled through a portion of Baldwin County. The town of Spanish Fort was the site for Spanish occupation. In time, the French and English would occupy Baldwin County, offering a variety of contributions to its rich history and heritage. Baldwin County is also distinguished as being a place where many battles were fought. Andrew Jackson, who later became the seventh president of the United States, and his Volunteers fought the Indians in Alabama during one of the fiercest attacks to occur in Baldwin County. The incident took place in August 1813 at Fort Mims (located in northern Baldwin County). Andrew Jackson crossed Baldwin County to effect the surrender of the Spanish commandant at Pensacola. During the War of 1812, at Fort Bowyer (now called Fort Morgan), the British attacked the fort prior to the ill-fated Battle of New Orleans. This attack was repulsed with a number of British casualties and the loss of the HMS Hermes. The fort was attacked again after the British defeat at New Orleans and was lost to the British on Feb. 12, 1815, but after the Treaty of Ghent was signed, the British were forced to relinquish it. Four years later, the 14th British Colony, Alabama, at last joined the original 13 American Colonies, which fought the American Revolution, and Baldwin County became part of the United States by inclusion in an American Territory. During the Civil War (1861-1865), Fort Morgan was again the site of a fierce battle in August 1864, when Federal Union Adm. Farragut entered Baldwin-Mobile Bay to seal off Confederate shipping from the Baldwin-Mobile Harbor. The Tecumseh, a Federal Ironclad, struck a mine and sank during the fighting in a narrow inlet where it still lies with its entombed crew near Fort Morgan. In the final days of the American Civil War, Baldwin County would see its portion of land engagements as Union Gen. Canby attempted to break through the formidable Mobile defenses. Numerous skirmishes occurred in the northern portion of the county. The Spanish Fort region went under siege, with Fort McDermott receiving approximately 48 hours of constant bombardment. On April 9, 1865, Union forces mounted a final assault on an area known as Fort Blakeley. This abandoned village turned earthwork fortress would see tragic, heavy fighting in the final hours of America’s bloodiest conflict. It is estimated a total of 4,475 soldiers were killed or wounded in this final engagement. However, Baldwin County was not only a place where battles were fought, but a place where futures were built along the tenants of diversity and a neighborly helping hand. France, Greece, Germany, Yugoslavia, Russia, Sweden, Czechoslovakia, many African nations, and dozens of other sources have contributed to the richness of its history. This melting pot of people built Baldwin County’s agricultural, commercial, manufacturing, tourism and fishing industries to make the county prosper and persevere during times of severe challenges and economic depression. Today, Baldwin County remains one of the fastest growing counties in Alabama. In 1990, 98,290 citizens resided here, in 2000 the county’s population was 140,415. The 2010 Census counted 182,265 citizens. Baldwin County’s rich history and diverse cultures have created a place welcome to all, for its strength is not only found among the plethora of abundant natural resources, healthy economy or beautiful beaches, but with the people who have carved out a place to live, prosper and continuously grow. — Courtesy of the Baldwin County Commission

Spectrum of Possibilities v Big Beautiful Baldwin 2013


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A colorful past

Big Beautiful Baldwin 2013 v Spectrum of Possibilities Special thanks to everyone involved in the production of this magazine.

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How Baldwin County got its name

Baldwin County is one of the largest counties east of the Mississippi River and 10 years older than the state of Alabama. First organized as a county in 1809, Baldwin County found itself situated within the confines of the Mississippi Treaty until Dec. 10, 1817. Thereafter, Baldwin County was absorbed into the Alabama Territory. On Dec. 14, 1819, Alabama entered the country as the 22nd state. Ironically, Baldwin County takes its name from a native of Guilford, Conn., who had never been to the county or anywhere else in the state. Abraham Baldwin graduated from Yale University after studying both theology and law at the young age of 17. In 1784, after serving as an educator and chaplain in the American Revolution, Baldwin moved to Georgia to take up the practice of law, where later that same year, he was elected to the Georgia State Legislature. Considered one of Georgia’s earliest progressive leaders, Baldwin is credited with assisting in the authorship of the Georgia State Charter and with the concept of a complete state educational system, which directly led to the founding of the University of Georgia. Baldwin served as the university’s first president. During the 20 years Baldwin spent in Georgia before his death, he had signed the United States Constitution at the Constitutional Convention and served in the U.S. House of Representatives and U.S. Senate during the presidential administrations of George Washington, John Adams and Thomas Jefferson. When Alabama was still considered the Alabama Territory, many of the county’s settlers, who migrated from Georgia, suggested the county be named after Baldwin to honor his life and accomplishments.

A dramatic move

An undercover scheme carried out in the dead of night is responsible for making the city of Bay Minette the county seat of Baldwin County. In the first days of the county, the town of McIntosh Bluff (now in Mobile County) on the Tombigbee River was the county seat. After being transferred to the town of Blakeley in 1810, the county seat was later moved to the city of Daphne in 1868. In 1900, by an act of the Alabama Legislature, the county seat was authorized for relocation to Bay Minette. However, the city of Daphne resisted relocation. In order to relocate the county seat, the men of Bay Minette devised a scheme. To lure the Sheriff and his deputy out of Daphne, the men prefabricated a murder. While the lawmen were chasing down the fictitious killer during the late hours, the group from Bay Minette stealthily traveled the 30 miles to Daphne, stole the Baldwin County Courthouse records and delivered them to Bay Minette, where the county seat remains to this day. — Courtesy of the Baldwin County Commission

Spectrum of Possibilities v Big Beautiful Baldwin 2013


Photo by Dragonfly Photography


North Baldwin

he northern portion of Baldwin County runs alongside the rich Tensaw Delta, where fertile soil, fresh water, plants and animals abound. Bogs, plus tremendous hunting and fishing opportunities continue to usher outdoor enthusiasts to the pristine forests. Blakeley State Park offers camping, hiking, delta cruises and a Civil War battlefield. The area also boasts such historic marvels as the Bottle Creek Indian Mounds, Bicentennial Park, Fort Mims historical site, Bartram’s Trail and many historic homes and buildings. Bay Minette and surrounding areas offer a small-town feel with community baseball, intriguing library programs

and a committed Chamber of Commerce. Shops sell unique items, artwork and nature mementos; a variety of clubs provide community involvement and hobbies. If you want down-home cooking or a tour of a historic home, you’ll find those in North Baldwin, too. Residents can stretch out for backyard barbecues and find plenty of room for the kids’ swing set. Visitors have plenty of options, as well. Whether your idea of heaven is snuggling up to a good book in a cozy B&B or trekking through the wilderness with a tent, backpack and walking stick, North Baldwin offers plenty for nature and history buffs.

We Finance Land – Contact – Joe Ellis or Brandon Simpson


209 E. 2nd Street • Bay Minette, AL

Spectrum of Possibilities v Big Beautiful Baldwin 2013

Photos by William Moore (clockwise from top left): North Baldwin boasts a variety of parks where you can take a cruise down the Tensaw-Mobile River Delta, try out some new skateboard moves, or see a battle re-enactment at Fort Mims.




Photo by Sherry Stimpson Frost


Eastern Shore

aphne, Fairhope, Spanish Fort and surrounding areas, nestled on the Eastern Shore of Mobile Bay, afford many options for residents and guests. Shopping, dining, couple and family activities, and natural beauties are in abundance. The Eastern Shore Centre, Bass Pro Shops, dollar stores and thrift shops, boutiques, department stores and specialty shops are a few of the options for shoppers on the Eastern Shore. Fine dining is available for special occasions and selective taste buds. Sports bars and casual dining

options also abound in the area, along with plenty of cultural restaurants including Chinese, Creole, Italian, Japanese and Mexican. Couples can enjoy nightlife, wine tastings, art walks and galleries, sunset cruises, birding, golf and tennis, spa treatments, ballroom dancing, concerts and plays. Families can choose activities like bowling, boating, camping and hiking, beach going, museum and historical site visits, plus trips to the movie theater, parks and playgrounds, splash pad and kidsâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; activity places. Natural wonders may be viewed from kayak, canoe, motor boat, pier, gazebo, park, landing or shoreline. The 5 Rivers Delta Resource Center and Gator Alley allow a close-up glimpse of local plant and animal life while tours and river cruises boast Kodak moments like viewing waterfowl and other creatures of the delta, Spanish moss-draped live oak trees and much more. If you’re in the mood for commercial entertainment, natural and historic wonders, or just a quiet place to enjoy a breath-taking view with a side of me time, the Eastern Shore has just the place for you.

Spectrum of Possibilities v Big Beautiful Baldwin 2013

Photo by Mike Odom

Photo by Mike Odom The bay provides plenty of water activities. (clockwise from top right): You can visit the duck pond in downtown Fairhope, take a stroll down Orange Street Pier, take a boat out for a spin and more.

Photo by Bob Nemens

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Photo by William Moore


Central Baldwin

he municipalities of Central Baldwin have a lot to offer visitors to our area. This middle region of Baldwin County with its rich, agricultural past, offers many produce stands where shoppers can find locally grown fruits and vegetables, products such as honey and preserves, plus baked goods, sausage and pickled items. Robertsdale, known as the â&#x20AC;&#x153;Hub of Baldwin County,â&#x20AC;? is the largest municipality in Central Baldwin. It was founded in 1905 by the Southern Plantation Corp. of Chicago and named for one of the officials of the corpo-

ration, Dr. B.F. Roberts. Youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll find parks and memorials such as Honeybee Park, Garrett Park and pavilion, Anna Belle Beverly Park, Baldwin Brothers Park, The Desert Storm Memorial and The Gordon Coley Memorial. The small-town vibe of Central Baldwin also makes the perfect setting for family events. The Honeybee Festival and Honeybee Run, Baldwin County Fair and the Robertsdale Rodeo bring opportunities for good, old-fashioned fun. For more about parks and events in Robertsdale, visit


Come Grow With Us!


( /(( $/"-/(''-+ '-/ /.*%#-,!/&")/')).,! '+*# "*#.-/(&-))/+-,*/-,+.% (.* /()-+$/#&,,',/ )).!', (.* /**'+,- $/-,/&.,-! (#.-/.,&,%.&)/.%-+$//,,/.!', (#.-//').%-$/+&/-,+.% ").%/'+!/.+-%*'+$//%'**/ .)-+* (.* / ,.,--+$/ +-/.*# (.* /"-$/").&,/+&%., Silverhill is located about three miles west of Robertsdale along Alabama Highway 104 and hosts Silverhill Heritage Day Festival, Silverhill Car Show and museums. Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s home to Wales West RV Park at 13650 Smiley St., which features the Wales West Light Railway and nightly activities like live bluegrass and potluck dinners; guests can ride the train year-round, or come for a special treat during certain times of the year, including Easter, Halloween and Christmas. Loxley, which is named for its founder John Loxley, still houses an old train depot just off the beaten path north of U.S. Interstate 10 and the Old Loxley Hotel, which is currently under restoration and is home to

Spectrum of Possibilities v Big Beautiful Baldwin 2013 17 Loxley Municipal Park, Loxley Civic Center and Cedar Street Park. Enjoy Baldwin County Strawberry Festival and City Rhythm Big Band. For more about events in the town of Loxley, call 251-964-7733 or visit Summerdale, also known as the â&#x20AC;&#x153;Sunshine of Baldwin County,â&#x20AC;? founded along the L&N Railway line in 1906, is home to Pioneer Park, Childrenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Splash Park and Alligator Alley. For more about Summerdale, visit Dig into the rich soil of Central Baldwin County, where cotton blossoms and Southern hospitality are in abundance.

Photos by John Underwood Central Baldwin offers many fun events throughout the year such as the Silverhill Car Show (above) and the Robertsdale Rodeo (right.)





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Photo by Bob Nemens

South Baldwin


nyone in the south part of Baldwin County will tell you, things are just a little different here. The pace is slower, the options more diverse — basically, if you’d like to shop till you drop or just lie back in a hammock until sounds of the ocean rock you to sleep, anything goes. Foley, Gulf Shores, Orange Beach and surrounding areas host staggering numbers of tourists, while maintaining that hometown, sweet Southern spirit. Craving a gourmet meal? Put on your best pair of flip flops and leave pretensions at the door. In the mood for burgers,

fries and shakes? They’ve got that, too. Exceptional retail shopping is abundant throughout South Baldwin. Foley, Gulf Shores and Orange Beach are home to specialty boutiques and unique shops. The Wharf holds concerts by world-renowned musicians, and bars and dives set the stage for local talent. Karaoke, dancing, billiards and games can be found at sports bars, eateries and night-life locations. Quiet, pristine rivers weave throughout South Baldwin, showering local plants and animals with fertile habitats. White sand and crashing waves deliver

in big beautiful Baldwin County Find a bargain. Taste farm-fresh produce. Experience nature. Ride the train. Smell the roses. See amazing balloons. Mayor John E. Koniar

Council Members J. Wayne Trawick • C. Rick Blackwell Vera J. Quaites • Charles J. Ebert III Ralph G. Hellmich

City of Foley 407 E. Laurel Ave. • PO Box 1750 Foley, AL 36536 251-943-1545 feelings of serenity, opportunities for water and beach sports and homes for fish, birds, crustaceans and reptiles. Whether you’re looking for a romantic stroll on a moonlit beach or a place where every member of the family will find something to satisfy their tastes, South Baldwin is the perfect place to dig your toes in. Apply plenty of sunscreen, partake in all the indulgences of a bountiful, beach vacation, or turn cell phones and laptops off and do nothing at all.

Spectrum of Possibilities v Big Beautiful Baldwin 2013

Photo by John Mullen

Photo by Robert Tarabella South Baldwin is bursting with annual events and outdoor wonders. There is the Hot Air Balloon Festival every June in Foley (above), sugar white beaches in Gulf Shores and Orange Beach (top right) and tons of waves to catch (bottom right.)

413 E. Laurel Ave. • Foley, AL 36353


Photo by Margret Hildreth

700 Whispering Pines Rd. • Daphne, AL 36526


Serving South Baldwin County Since 1916



Big Beautiful Baldwin 2013 v Spectrum of Possibilities


Photo by William Moore

Baldwin County sets the stage for historical wonders

If part of knowing where you’re going is knowing where you’ve been, a word that springs to mind is eclectic. Baldwin County melds a mixture of cultures, ideas and events that make up its past, present and future. The county holds a variety of re-enactments, festivals, shows and concerts to celebrate elements of the past. From antique cars to bluegrass music, history comes to life throughout the year. Since 1809, the county has seen many influences, administrations, businesses, communities, changes and improvements. Early on, Baldwin County was part of the Mississippi Territory and Alabama Territory. Alabama statehood followed in 1819. The county seat has moved from McIntosh Bluff to Blakeley, to Daphne, to Bay Minette. Skirmishes with Indian tribes, the War of 1812 and the Civil War have left their marks on the area. Famous battles include the Fort Mims Massacre, the Battle of Mobile Bay and the Battle of Fort Blakeley. Native American artifacts, Civil War weapons, Spanish names, German cuisine, Scandinavian flags, Antebellum homes, Depression Era tools, forts, mounds, crops, hurricane devastations — these remnants of the past are patchworks in a quilt that covers Alabama’s largest county.


Big Beautiful Baldwin 2013 v Spectrum of Possibilities


Old Daphne Methodist Church Museum

Housed in a 155-year-old church building, this museum features a varied collection of items that reflect the long history of Daphne — its businesses, homes and residents. It is home to a set of newspapers from the early 1900s called The Standard that display the character of early Daphne. Also featured are photographs, pottery, a jubilee display and numerous other relics that indicate what life in Daphne was like over the past 100 years. And the church building itself is an amazing piece of 19th century architecture that shouldn’t be missed. Location: 405 Dryer Ave., Daphne Hours: 1 to 4 p.m. Friday, Saturday and Sunday Cost: Free Contact: 251-621-9620

Fairhope Museum of History

Fairhope’s history museum is host to changing exhibits as well as permanent ones, which are mainly located on the first floor of the museum and depict Fairhope’s history: n The Fairhope Industrial Association and Fairhope’s Founders n The Volunteer Fire Department n The mayors of Fairhope n Fairhope’s children n Cottages and bungalows n People’s railroad n Local Native Americans n A display of the people of Fairhope n The town jail n The Forster family n Colonial Inn n Clay City n Fairhope’s African-American history The second floor of the museum is home to the original Town Council chambers. The museum also offers interactive projects for children and has files available for research projects. It also boasts a large collection of more than 250 pieces of historic pottery from the area. Every Tuesday at 2 p.m., the museum hosts a tea, where guests can enjoy a cup of Baldwin County tea, a cookie and hear a story from Fairhope history straight from a local resident. A $2 donation is requested for this event. Location: 24 N. Section St., Fairhope Hours: 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday Cost: Free Contact: 251-929-1474

Foley Railroad Museum

For 66 years, Baldwin County’s agriculture industry relied on a railroad system to transport goods from farms to the rest of the country. In 1971, the Louisville and Nashville Railroad ceased operations at its depot in Foley. Now, the depot houses the Foley

Foley Railroad Museum

Photo by Cathy Higgins

Railroad Museum, which offers exhibits about Baldwin County’s railroading and agricultural history. A 24- by 60-foot “O” gauge model railroad layout depicts the evolution of railroading in the 1950s, complete with three operating double track routes, 12 different railroads and several animated sites, along with representations of a fire station, a church, a bus station, a city park, a farm, a sawmill, a coal company and an oil refinery. The Foley Railroad Museum also features a train that carries children around Foley’s Heritage Park. Location: Foley Heritage Park, 125 E. Laurel Ave., Foley Hours: 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday Cost: Free Contact: 251-943-1818

Holmes Medical Museum

This museum is located in Baldwin County’s first hospital, which served the community from 1936 to 1958. The interior of the museum is practically unchanged from its hospital days, and on self-guided tours visitors can travel back in time to see how much medicine has advanced in the past 50 years. Antique surgical instruments, operating room machinery and even a human skeleton are on display. The museum also features a “medical quackery” display, depicting some of the experimental medicine practiced in the early 20th century. Location: 111 W. Laurel Ave., Foley Hours: 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday Cost: Free Contact: 251-970-1818


Note: The museum is located on the second floor of a building, and there is no elevator. Large groups should call ahead to make an appointment.

Baldwin County Heritage Museum

At the Heritage Museum, visitors can explore five acres and connect with local history in a tangible way. The museum’s mission is to preserve the culture of the farm communities of early Baldwin County by creating a home for historically significant buildings, documents and artifacts. It is not filled with elaborate antiques or expensive collections, but rather holds bits and pieces items used in the daily lives of men and women who lived in Baldwin County. The outside of the museum features a working windmill and more than 100 native species of plants. There are several buildings on the grounds. n The main building, built to represent a turn-of-the-century barn n The Haupt building houses vintage farm equipment, tools and machinery, including a 1911 Titan tractor n A working blacksmith’s shop n A 1908 church n A miniature potato shed n The old Miflin School House n A general mercantile store Location: 25521 Highway 98 E., Elberta Hours: 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Wednesday through Saturday Cost: Free Contact: 251-986-8375

Summerdale Museum and Archives

Summerdale Museum and Archives is housed in the Summerdale Community Hall on Jackson Street These are permanent exhibits: n Early 20th century desk once used by a state senator n Items from Civil War, Spanish-American War and both World Wars n Early 20th century pipe organ n Tin-type photographs from the 1800s n Native American pottery found on County Road 32 n Display honoring NASCAR great and Summerdale native Walter Ballard, who brought down items from his North Carolina collections n Potato patch honoring Summerdale’s potato history LOCATION: 300 W. Jackson St., Summerdale Hours: Varied Cost: Free. Donations accepted. Contact: 251-989-6202

Gulf Shores Museum

Spectrum of Possibilities v Big Beautiful Baldwin 2013

The Gulf Shores Museum is located in a building that dates back prior to World War II and was originally the beach house of Valerie Cole’s family


from Mobile. There are three permanent exhibits. n Portrait of a fishing village: tells of the lives of some of the earliest 19th century settlers along the Little Lagoon n Drawing a line in the sand: a commemorative exhibit created as part of the 50th anniversary celebration for the city of Gulf Shores in 2007 n Hurricanes: What you need to know: visitors can learn about hurricanes, where they originate, the devastation they create and how a community rebuilds following a hurricane Location: 244 W. 19th Ave., Gulf Shores Hours: 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. and 1 to 5 p.m. Tuesday through Friday; 10 a.m.-2 p.m. Saturday Cost: Free Contact: 251-968-1473

Orange Beach Indian and Sea Museum

Full of local artifacts and memorabilia from the area’s Native American and fishing heritage, this museum, housed in a 1910 schoolhouse, informs visitors about the challenges and achievements in the early days of Orange Beach’s fishing industry. The museum also features other permanent exhibits: n Indian and Sea Artifacts n Boating items n Early school days n Fishing items n Days gone by n Farming items Location: 25805 John Snook Drive behind City Hall complex, Orange Beach Hours: 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Tuesday and Thursday Cost: Free Contact: 251-981-8545 Note: Groups of five or more should make reservations by calling 251-981-6039

Black Education Museum

The Black Education Museum is located on the original site of the Eastern Shore Baptist Academy, which later became the Baldwin County Training School. It is now on the campus of W.J. Carroll Elementary School in Daphne. The museum chronicles the history of black education in Baldwin County, which began in 1882 when the Eastern Shore Missionary Baptist Association saw a need to educate African-American children. In 1916, the school was deeded to the Baldwin County Board of Education and became a public high school, providing an education for black students in Baldwin and other surrounding counties until the 1950s. Location: 1000 Main St., Daphne Hours: Call for an appointment Cost: Free Contact: Gartrell Agee, 251-510-0355


Big Beautiful Baldwin 2013 v Spectrum of Possibilities

Historical Attractions

Bicentennial Park

Located two miles south of Stockton on State Highway 225, Bicentennial Park gives visitors the opportunity to enjoy the natural attributes of the Mobile-Tensaw River Delta as they take in the beauty of the two-mile walking trail within the park. The park provides educational opportunities through displays starting with Native American culture circa 1780s and running through the settlement by Europeans in the 19th century. Tours can be arranged through the Baldwin County Department of Archives and History by calling 251-580-1897.

Fort Mims

On Aug. 30, 1813, a band of 700 Red Stick Creek Indians destroyed Fort Mims in northern Baldwin County and killed about 250 of those defending the stronghold. The attack outraged the U.S. public, which prompted military action against the Creek Nation. The struggle, which pitted the militaristic faction of the Creek Nation against white settlers and the southeastern militia forces, became part of the overall War of 1812 that saw the United States ultimately prevail against the British. During the last weekend in August each year, the Fort Mims Restoration Association commemorates the 1813 battle during a weekend-long re-enactment. The fort site is located off State Highway 59 in the Tensaw Community just north of County Road 80. For more

1813 Battle re-enactment at Fort Mims

information on visiting the site or details on the 200th Commemorative Anniversary event, visit the Fort Mims Restoration Association website at

Fort Morgan

On the other end of Baldwin County near the beaches lies Fort Morgan. The brick-and-mortar fortress located at the mouth of Mobile Bay served American forces during the Civil War, Spanish-American War and both world wars. Construction began in 1819 and was completed in 1834. Operated by the Alabama State Historical Commission, the site has an active living history program that interprets all the military periods and holds an annual event commemorating the Battle of Mobile Bay. The 479-acre site includes concrete artillery batteries, constructed between 1895 and 1904, and historic buildings dating from 1899 to 1910. Also located onsite is a museum that features a complete history of Fort Morgan. For more information on Fort Morgan, including hours of operation for the museum and special events, call 251-540-7202.

Bon Secour Natural Wildlife Refuge

The Bon Secour Natural Wildlife Refuge can take visitors back in time to view the Gulf Shores area as it was long before man interrupted the pristine nature of the Gulf Coast. The 7,000-acre preserve is a protected habitat for migratory birds and sea turtles. The small, but eager staff of the refuge offers a number of activities throughout the year, including free guided tours, restoration programs, the Coastal Cleanup project, bird banding and a bird fest for the serious enthusiast. The refuge office is open from 7 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Monday through Friday and is located at 12295 State Highway 180 in Gulf Shores. For more information, call 251-540-7720.

Blakeley State Park

Historic Blakeley State Park offers opportunities to tour a preserved Civil War battlefield, visit the site of one of the oldest towns in the state, and learn about the plants and animals that inhabit Mobile Bay and the Mobile-Tensaw River Delta. Visitors can examine more than five miles of Confederate and Union breastworks within the park that marks the site of the last major battle of the American Civil War. In addition, one can relive the beginning of Baldwin Countyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s heritage at the Blakeley town site in the park. While there were hotels, stores and churches serving about 4,000 people in the 1820s, the site has since been reclaimed by nature and is home to majestic oaks that line what were once busy streets. Beyond the historical attractions, Blakeley State Park

Photo by William Moore

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Westminster Village Live Among Friends

Westminster Village Life Care Retirement Community can replace all the headaches and fears of living alone with the good things life has to offer. You can make new friends, enjoy fine dining, learn to line dance, play bridge, or swim. Focus on what makes you happy!!! You can relax knowing that, should you need it, five star health care is only a phone call or short walk away. The best part is, we are more affordable than you think. What are you waiting for??

500 Spanish Fort Blvd, Spanish Fort, Al 36527 251.626.2900



Big Beautiful Baldwin 2013 v Spectrum of Possibilities

Historical Attractions

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offers the opportunity to camp and explore nature. Campers can enjoy both primitive camping and a first-class RV site with modern conveniences. Visitors can walk the nature trails and can enjoy the available river delta tours via the Delta Explorer. Historic Blakeley State Park is located at 34745 State Highway 225, north of Spanish Fort. For more information concerning park hours and costs please call 251-626-0798 or email

5 Rivers Delta

The 5 Rivers Delta Resource Center, located on the Causeway in Spanish Fort, is an 81-acre facility that offers visitors wonderful opportunities to examine Baldwin County’s waterways and wildlife. It is suited for both the casual nature lover who appreciates the quiet time found along a pristine walking trail as well as the enthusiastic grade school student who is anxious to see and feel all that the delta has to offer. The large exhibit hall presents information on plant and animal life through an exceptional collection of photographs and taxidermy specimens. The 90-seat theater routinely offers documentaries that are of interest to the entire family and focus on the local wildlife. The waterways of the delta and bay are accessible to visitors from the 5 Rivers site as well. At the Bartram Landing, kayakers can launch for free, and guided tours are also available. Daily excursions on the “Pelican” bring to life the delta estuary. The 5 Rivers Center is open Monday through Sunday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. and is located at 30945 Five Rivers Blvd. in Spanish Fort. For more detailed information call 251-625-0814. — Compiled by William Moore from a series of articles by John Jackson

Blakeley State Park

Photos by William Moore

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+.&-+.+--.),*#$.+-.*)"-*%)*.$- *.('.,"-"#,&+)*& #),). &%. .-&.,) --.,&%.,+. 




Big Beautiful Baldwin 2013 v Spectrum of Possibilities


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Get out and play in Big Beautiful Baldwin County! Time to pick your pleasure! With so much space encompassing rich ocean, luscious forests, plentiful rivers and various sports centers; there’s no excuse for staying indoors. Southern Alabama boasts a subtropical climate where average temperatures range from 90-degree summers to 60-degree winters. That makes Baldwin County a perfect place for year-round outdoor fun. The area’s typical, healthy precipitation keeps waterways flowing and filled with fish, amphibians and reptiles. Fishing opportunities abound in fresh- and salt-water areas. Boating pastimes are also common in lower Alabama. Enjoy motor boats, sail boats, yachts, jet skis, canoes, kayaks — pretty much anything that floats. Watersports include skimboarding, wakeboarding, kneeboarding, skiing, tubing, swimming, diving, snorkeling, scuba diving, parasailing — limits are only bound by your imagination. Hunting seasons satisfy bow and rifle enthusiasts, as well as wild game culinary fans. Folks can choose to hunt from the ground, tree stands, boats even with hunting dogs. Specialty stores offer amenities to bring modern aspects to tradition: hand and foot warmers, along with coolers, scent removers, thermal clothing and camouflage gear. Become one with nature in any of the campgrounds, parks and trails Baldwin County has to offer. Sites have primitive and modern camping options. Parks and trails offer places for hikers and bikers alike. Just pick your setting and go! Sports opportunities are in no short supply. Tennis courts and golf courses unite sporting areas with the beauty of the outdoors in Alabama. Don’t do without your Vitamin D. Get out, take in the sunshine and take some memories home with you.


Photo by Bob Nemens


Big Beautiful Baldwin 2013 v Spectrum of Possibilities

Water Sports


f you want to zip across the water, paddle through it or fly above it, you’ll find plenty of opportunities for all three along Baldwin County’s beautiful beaches. Nearly every marina in the area offers all three — from renting jet skis, kayaks or paddle boards. During the season, the skies over the Gulf blossom with parasails gliding through the air for stunning views. They can even hook you up with a license for a day. “You either have to have a vessel license or take a safety course that we give and all the other guys give that makes them aware of Alabama’s boating laws,” Rodney Jones of Skull Harbor at Hudson Marina said. “Their rental contract becomes their temporary boater’s license during the period of time they’ve got the boat rented. We detail all the Alabama laws and anything that’s specific to jet skis as far as safety issues.” Just about everywhere he turns, Jones can see a business that rents all kinds of vessels to visitors. The parasail flights are just as numerous. “There are as many parasail operations as there are jet ski operations,” he said. “You just have to have a captain’s license. It’s no different than operating a dolphin cruise boat.”

Stephen Bradford goes airborne on a skimboard at the Gulf.

Check out one of these businesses for watersport needs: Photo by C-Shelz Photography


n ABC Parasailing at Outcast Charter Docks Orange Beach, 251-981-9080 n Perdido Key Parasail Gulf Shores, 251-948-7433 n Skull Harbor Parasail Orange Beach, 251-981-4127 n Pleasure Island Parasail 27267 Perdido Beach Blvd. Orange Beach, 251-946-9000 Gulf Shores 251-747-3613 The Beach Club, 251-747-3613 The Pink Pony Pub, 251-946-9000 Behind Bahama Bob’s, 251-923-9636 San Roc Cay Marina, 251-974-5FLY (5359) n Blue Reef Watersports - Parasail Orange Beach, 251-504-7411 n Happy Harbor Orange Beach, 251-981-2026 Perdido Key, 251-980-6111 Oyster Bay, 251-968-7492 n Ike’s Beach Service Gulf Shores, 251-948-5737

n Orange Beach Parasail Orange Beach, 251-981-8359 n Orange Beach Watersports Orange Beach, 251-981-2527 n Flora-Bama Watersports Orange Beach, 251-980-5222


n Flora-Bama Watersports Orange Beach, 251-980-5222 n Orange Beach Watersports Orange Beach, 251-981-2527 n Ike’s Beach Servce Gulf Shores, 251-948-5737 n Happy Harbor Orange Beach, 251-981-2026 Perdido Key, 251-980-6111 Oyster Bay, 251-968-7492 n Pleasure Island Parasail 27267 Perdido Beach Blvd. Continued on page 32

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Award-winning Fish and Shimp Specialties Casual Family Atmosphere Reasonable Prices Senior Menu Available

Seafood Kitchen 138 West 1st Ave • Gulf Shores, AL • 251-948-7294



Big Beautiful Baldwin 2013 v Spectrum of Possibilities



  723-8,*+8.&6*273/ Authentic Southern Cooked

187045818.6744818.+52)& 18 5486/818!702/+818!+2*6, 18552*7,688.%7)&8565/ 1837'8!+2*6,8$630 18 $8.+52)&8 67/084 "4184%65837"7)78.06784 "418233"233-8$630

Live Music â&#x20AC;˘ Full Service Bar


     /+ 2  % 3/ 7 5 ! /04 2

Water Sports

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Orange Beach, 251-946-9000 Gulf Shores 251-747-3613 The Beach Club, 251-747-3613 The Pink Pony Pub, 251-946-9000 Behind Bahama Bob's, 251-923-9636 San Roc Cay Marina, 251-974-5FLY (5359) n Blue Reef Watersports - Parasail Orange Beach, 251-504-7411 n Skull Harbor Jet Skis Orange Beach, 251-981-4127


n Go Go Kayaks boat Gulf Shores, 251-540-7529 n Paddled by You - Kayak Rentals Orange Beach, 251-752-9250 n Perdido Paddle Board Co. Perdido Key, 251-597-7736 n Gulf Adventure Center at Gulf State Park Gulf Shores, 877-947-8434 or 251-948-9494


n Styx River Tube and Canoe Rental Robertsdale, 251-960-1161 â&#x20AC;&#x201D; By John Mullen

 - 7% / 7 065 5

 8.'8$*6, 268.05660  436-837 784,8%-'8(


(#(#  5/8$4,'#.70' 7)8#8&)

Amiee Stafford of Hazel Green and Sissy Schultz of Trussville parasail over the Gulf.

Photo by John Mullen


Hunting Licenses

Hunting licenses are easily obtained or replaced if lost. Purchasing a license can be done in one of three ways: 1) online at; 2) by calling 1-888-848-6887; 3) visit a retail vendor in your community.

Hunting Safety Course

People born on or after Aug. 1, 1977, must complete an approved hunter education program before being eligible to hunt. Alabama has two hunter education options: a traditional course with a written test or a CD-ROM/Internet-based course followed by a field day to test hunter safety skills. Visit for more information.

Where to Hunt

Alabama has 37 Wildlife Management Areas across the state, comprising 760,000 acres as well as 17 physically disabled hunting areas. Baldwin County is home to three Wildlife Management areas: the Mobile-Tensaw Delta, Perdido River and Upper Delta. The MobileTensaw Delta WMA is 51,040 acres and hunters can find waterfowl, big game, and small game hunting there. The Perdido River WMA is 17,625 acres of small and big game hunting in Baldwin County, north of U.S. Interstate 10, near Gateswood. The Upper Delta is located in north Baldwin County near Stockton and houses 42,451 acres of waterfowl, big game and small game hunting.

When to Hunt

Be sure to check out state regulations and hunting seasons online before embarking on a hunting trip. To be sure what you want to hunt is in season, check

What to Hunt

Baldwin County is home to alligators, mourning doves, deer, quail, waterfowl, turkey, and feral hogs available for hunting.

Baldwin Hunting Clubs

n Hollingers Creek Hunting Club is located in Baldwin County off of State Highway 112 close to the Florida state line. Find Hollingers Creek Hunting Club on Facebook for information. n Ram Horn Hunting Club is located north of I-10 on State Highway 112 and County Road 64 in the Gateswood Community located in Baldwin County. Visit for information. n Juniper Springs Hunting Club is located at 30858 Cemetery Road in Spanish Fort. Call 251-625-1310 for information. n Osprey Lane Hunting Club is located at 30333 Osprey Lane in Robertsdale. Contact the club at 251-960-1481. n Bearneck Hunting Club is near the Perdido River in North Baldwin County. Visit or call 251-990-9716 for information.

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Big Beautiful Baldwin 2013 v Spectrum of Possibilities


Gulf State Park Pier

Photo by Eric Mann


ith more than 660 miles of shoreline from Orange Beach to the south shore of Mobile County and Mobile Bay in between, Baldwin County offers a multitude of fishing opportunities for fishing enthusiasts at every level.

South Baldwin

FISHING THE GULF STATE PARK PIER Head to Gulf Shores and check out the 1,540-foot long, 20-foot wide pier at the Gulf State Park. The Gulf State Park pier has 2,448 feet of fishing space along its rails and is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Find more information at MARINAS n Zeke’s Landing Marina, 26619 Perdido Beach Blvd., Orange Beach, 251- 981-4007 n Orange Beach Marina, 27075 Marina Road, Orange Beach, 251-981-4207, n San Roc Cay Marina, 27267 Perdido Beach Blvd., Orange Beach, 251-981-7173, n Bear Point Marina, 5749 Bay La Launch Ave., Orange Beach, 251-981-2327, n Barber Marina, 26986 Fish Trap Road, Elberta, 251-987-2628, n Gulf Shores Marina, 1577 Alabama 180, Gulf Shores, 251-540-2628, n Homeport Marina, 200 E. 25th Ave., Gulf Shores, 251-968-4528, n Happy Harbor Marina, 27212 Marina Road, Gulf Shores, 251-968-2778, n Pirate’s Cove, 6664 Highway 95, Josephine, 251-987-1224, n Outcast Charter Docks, 28101 Perdido Beach Blvd., Orange Beach, 251-980-8410, n Cotton Bayou Marina, Orange Beach, 251-981-9466 n Hudson Marina, 4575 S. Wilson Blvd., Orange Beach, 251-981-4127, n ICC Marine, 2614 E. Second St., Gulf Shores, 251-968-6558 n Romar Marina, 26350 Cotton Bayou Drive, Orange Beach, 251-981-9771,

n Sportsman Marina, 27844 Canal Road, Orange Beach, 251-981-6247, n The Wharf Marina, 4830 Main St., Orange Beach, 251-224-1900,

South Baldwin

FISHING ON THE EASTERN SHORE OF MOBILE BAY The Eastern Shore of Mobile Bay is a popular fishing location. There are many locations available for fishing from the south end of the shore in Point Clear and Fairhope to the north in Daphne and Spanish Fort. The Eastern Shore is covered with boat ramps and fishing piers for anglers to use. MOBILE BAY JUBILEE One of the most exciting fishing events in Baldwin County every year is the jubilee on the upper Eastern Shore of Mobile Bay from Point Clear to slightly north of Daphne. The jubilee is the name used locally for a natural phenomenon that occurs sporadically along the shores of the Bay. Many species of crab and shrimp, as well as flounder, eels and other fish leave deeper waters and swarm in a specific, shallower coastal area of the bay. The Mobile Bay jubilee typically takes place between the months of June and September. Some years, the jubilee occurs several times during those months, usually in the pre-dawn hours. Sometimes the jubilee can cover up to a 15-mile stretch of coast on the Eastern Shore. According to the city of Fairhope’s website (www. a specific set of conditions must exist. “(Jubilees) usually only occur in the summer, usually in the morning before sunrise. The previous day’s weather conditions must include an overcast or cloudy day, a gentle wind from the east and a calm and slick bay surface. Also, a rising tide is necessary; a change to a falling tide will stop the jubilee. It takes a combination of all these conditions to produce the phenomenon.” Although similar events have happened elsewhere, Mobile Bay is the only place where the jubilee has been documented on a regular basis.

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General Baldwin County Fishing Info

WHAT KINDS OF FISH ARE FOUND IN BALDWIN COUNTY? Flounder: Flounder are abundant in and around structures like piers and dropoffs along the Eastern Shore. Speckled Trout: One of the most sought-after fish in Baldwin County’s waters can be found in the shallows of Mobile Bay. Redfish: Redfish are abundant around the mouth of Mobile Bay near Fort Morgan. Amberjack: Amberjack can be found all year, but peak from May until September. Amberjack are abundant around wrecks, reefs and gas platforms in Gulf waters off Baldwin County’s south coast. Grouper: Grouper can be found all year in the Gulf of Mexico off Baldwin County’s south coast. Whiting: Whiting can be found in the Gulf surf zone of coastal waters and off Gulf piers and lower portions of the bays, including lower bay piers. Mullet: Mullet, another popular fish in Baldwin County, are found near inshore artificial reefs and around oyster reefs and tidal river mouths. King Mackerel: King Mackerel can be caught along coastal and offshore Gulf waters, particularly around wrecks, rigs, obstructions, ledges, lumps and other structures from May through October. Seatrout: Seatrout live year round along Gulf beaches in March and in rivers and above the Mobile Bay Causeway in late fall and winter. Sharks: Sharks are commonly caught from March through November. To find a shark, go fishing around oyster reefs, bridge pilings, inshore artificial reefs, rock jetties and oyster reef areas on flooding tides. Red Snapper: Another popular fish in the Gulf of Mexico is the red snapper. Red snapper season is usually June through August. There are limits to how many red snapper can be caught, so make sure you know the limits before you fish. Red snapper can be found offshore around natural structures or artificial reefs. Blackfin tuna: Find blackfin tuna by trolling and jigging in offshore Gulf waters. They can be found from May through December with a peak beginning in late June through July. Yellowfin Tuna: Find yellowfin tuna in offshore Gulf waters from April through December with a peak in June and July. Wahoo: Wahoo can be found by trolling in offshore Gulf waters from May through October. SPECKLED TROUT IN BALDWIN COUNTY January to March: Find speckled trout in deeper rivers like the Tensaw River, Mobile River, Spanish River, Blakeley River, Bon Secour River and Fish River from January to March. April to August: Speckled trout are abundant off Point Clear, Fairhope, Fort Morgan, Bon Secour and Orange Beach. Triple tail (blackfish) can be caught in Mobile Bay during this time. September to December: Speckled trout and other fish migrate from Mobile Bay to deeper rivers like the Fish River, Bon Secour River, Spanish River and others to escape the colder weather.


WHY ARE SPECKLED TROUT POPULAR? The speckled trout population is large because the fish is very good at reproducing, according to the NOAA, which makes it relatively easy to find and catch. Speckled trout is also popular in the kitchen because of its excellent flavor and texture. World famous chef Emeril Lagasse wrote about it in his “Notes from the Kitchen,” “Speckled trout, … is the best eating fish in North America. Better than Pacific salmon or sea bass? Better than redfish or pompano? Yes, yes, yes!” HOW TO FISH Buy a fishing license: All you need to buy an Alabama fishing license is a valid driver’s license. A freshwater license is $12.10 and a saltwater license is $21.20. Fishing licenses can be purchased in probate offices in Bay Minette, Foley, Robertsdale or Fairhope and are also available at outdoor retailers and Walmart locations throughout the county. Buy a rod and reel: In order to catch a fish, you must have something to catch it with. Go to an outdoors retailer or sporting goods store and buy f ishing rod and reel. Retailers sell fishing equipment for saltwater, freshwater and all-purpose use, so you should have no trouble finding the perfect equipment for your needs. Most fishing charters offer their own stash of rods and reels for use, so check on that if you are taking a charter boat on a fishing excursion. Find a place to fish: There are hundreds of fishing spots in Baldwin County and an unlimited amount of Gulf and bay waters to explore. With so much fishing space it should be easy to find the right spot along the Eastern Shore in Fairhope, Point Clear, Daphne or Spanish Fort or off the county’s southern coast in Orange Beach, Gulf Shores, Bon Secour or Fort Morgan. LOCAL FISHING ORGANIZATIONS n National Association of Charterboats Owners and Operators, 4576 Walker Key, Orange Beach,, 251-981-5136, n Mobile Bay Kayak Fishing Association, 7311 Bay Road, Mobile, n Mobile Big Game Fishing Club, 27075 Park Drive, Orange Beach, n Orange Beach Fishing Association, 26619 Perdido Beach Blvd., Orange Beach, ON THE WEB n n n n n n


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aldwin County Alabama is a great destination for camping.

Historic Blakeley State Park On the Tensaw River delta in the 2,000-acre Historic Blakeley State Park are miles of trails connecting archaeological sites of Indian villages, an early French plantation, the 1813 town of Blakeley which served as Baldwin County’s first county seat and where one of the first weekly newspapers in the state, The Blakeley Sun, originated. At its peak the town had about 4,000 citizens when Alabama became a state in 1819. Ferry service to the growing town of Mobile ran weekly. And Blakeley is where the last combined-forces battle of the Civil War — which began with a Union assault on Spanish Fort four miles south — was waged. African-American forces played a major role in the successful Union assault. The Confederates were outnumbered 4-1 for the final assault, which ended late in the day on April 9, 1865, just as Generals Ulysses S. Grant and Robert E. Lee concluded their meeting in Appomattox Courthouse, Va. to end all hostilities. Extensive earthworks on which that battle of the Civil War was fought are still preserved and re-enactors still replay the Battle of Blakeley. For more on Blakeley’s Civil War history, visit: In addition to its multiple historic sites, Historic Blakeley State Park offers a variety of outdoor recreational opportunities. There are several different trails for hiking, some of which are also available for biking and horseback riding. More information about each trail and horseback riding at the park is available at

Blakeley State Park The park also offers a guided boat tour of the Delta (about two hours) aboard the Delta Explorer for wilderness trips. For a truly rustic experience, Harper Campground, located within the park, offers tent and pop-up campsites with fire rings and picnic tables with restrooms nearby, but no utilities are available. For more modern campers, Apalachee Campground within the park features large, secluded wilderness campsites with underground utilities. Able to accommodate the largest RV, the campsites at Apalachee Campground are designed with pullthroughs and also offer privacy from other campers and park visitors. To reach Historic Blakeley State Park from I-10, travel north along U.S. Highway 98 to U.S. Highway 31 and turn right. Continue along U.S. Highway 31 to Alabama Highway 225 and turn left. Travel 4.5 miles along Alabama Highway 225 to the park on the left. From I-65, take the Alabama Highway 225 exit and travel south along Alabama Highway 225 for 15 miles to the park, which is on the right. For more information visit: Other Public Campgrounds in Baldwin County with RV access include: Gulf State Park Campground in Gulf Shores has 496 improved sites with modern bathhouses. Gulf State Park Campground has 50-amp service, water and sewer hook-up. Fishing, boating and water skiing are steps away. Proximity to family theme parks, restaurants and live entertainment venues from small to large and local to International stars who often are booked at The Wharf in Orange Beach is a short drive away. Meaher State Park Campground has 11 campsites available on a 1,327 acres located just two miles west of Spanish Fort on U.S. 90/98 (Also known as Battleship Parkway or The Causeway to many locals). Seven sites offer 30-amp service, four sites offer 50-amp service. Varied wildlife includes large fishing birds and alligators as well as small endangered creatures such as the red-bellied turtle and abundant coastal fauna and flora. Other privately owned campgrounds and RV Parks in and near Baldwin County also include: Cypress Acres, Doc’s RV Park, Flip City, Foley RV, Fort Morgan RV Park, Gulf Breeze RV Resort Gulf Coast RV Park, Island Retreat RV Park, Lazy Lake RV Park, Luxury RV Park, Magnolia Springs RV Hideaway, Palm Lake RV Park, Southport Campground, Sun Runners RV Park, Wilderness RV Park and Wolf Bay Plantations.

Photo by Jill Clair Gentry

— By Tony Whitehead

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20115 State Hwy. 135 • Gulf Shores, AL 36542 • 1.800.252.7275

The Refuge Golf Course

Lakeside Cottages and Cabins

The Largest Pier on the Gulf of Mexico

Nature Center and Classroom

SAM’S ROOST NOW PELICAN AT THE PIER! ! N OPE Come enjoy our newest food venue right on the water!

Like us on Gulf State Park~Alabama



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ennis in Baldwin County Alabama is alive and well and growing, with numerous city maintained public courts and many clubs and hotels providing first-class accommodations for vacationing players and natives alike. High-school tennis in the area has had numerous players qualify as individual and teams. This spring, the Spanish Fort Toros boys tennis team, No. 1 singles Dallas Teague and No. 1 doubles team Teague and Barry Booth claimed the 2013 5A state championship. In 2013, players from around the county received collegiate scholarships to play tennis. Here are some of the available private clubs and public facilities offering access to tennis courts and facilities around Baldwin County as well as group and individual lessons. Some also offer structured league play for all ages and skill levels as well. Major tournaments are sometimes open to independent players, but United States Tennis Association membership is often preferred or required for participation. n The City of Fairhope's Stimpson field site on Morphy Avenue and Mershon Street offers six tennis courts and lighted walking track. Courts are available for reserva-

â&#x2C6;&#x2018;Ë&#x161;â&#x2C6;&#x201A; ø Ί Ă&#x; ÂŹ Ĺ&#x201C; Ć&#x2019;

tion or public play. Lessons and league play are also available. For more information, call Tom Kuhl at 251-990-0174. n The City of Foley offers tennis clinics throughout the year and during the summer at Mel Roberts (Cedar Street) Park. During the summer, two-week clinics are available. Classes are available for all ages and skill levels. Summer classes are limited to 10 per class. Cost for the class is $30. For more information about the tennis program or to sign-up for a tennis class, call 251-970-5020. n Karin Murphy is organizing youth team tennis in Foley. Contact at for more information. n The City of Robertsdale's Garrett Park at Pennsylvania and Palmer streets has four regulation size lighted tennis courts. For more information, call 251-947-8950.

Tennis Clubs

n Point Clear Inn, 17107 Tennis Club Drive, Fairhope, 251-928-7715, n Gulf Shores Tennis Complex, 2049 W. Second St., Gulf Shores, 251-968-1431,


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Spectrum of Possibilities v Big Beautiful Baldwin 2013


Tennis n Gulf Coast Tennis Club, 18948 Oak Road W., Gulf Shores, 251-943-8081, n Orange Beach Tennis Center, 4851 S Wilson Blvd., Orange Beach, 251-974-6387,

Tennis Courts

n W.O. Lott Park, Main Street, Daphne, Two lighted tennis courts, playground and picnic area, n Ulmer Park is located off Alabama Highway 138 West in Douglasville. The park has a pavilion, playground and one tennis court. Open 7 a.m to sunset. In neighboring Mobile County and Escambia County, Fla., numerous private clubs and public facilities are available offering group and individual lessons, as well as frequent structured play for all ages and skill levels. Major tournaments are often open to independent players, but United States Tennis Association membership is often preferred or required for participation. Some of the larger accomodating facilities include: n Mobile Tennis Center, 851 Gaillard Drive, Mobile, 251-208-5181,

Eye Care for the Whole Family

n Lyons Park Tennis Center, 180 Lyons Park Ave., Mobile, 251-694-1830, n Cottage Hill Gymnastic Center, recreational tennis courts, 1711 Hillcrest Road, Mobile, 251-666-0559, n Roger Scott Tennis Center, 2130 Summit Blvd., Pensacola, Fla., 850-912-4103,

United States Tennis Association Membership

Annual amateur membership in the United States Tennis Association is affordable with adult memberships starting at $44 for players 19 and older and junior memberships starting at $20 for players 18 and under. For more information see: membership.usta. com.


Most pro shops and sporting goods stores carry high end, high quality supplies. Retail outlets carry most basics and some extras located through out the county. â&#x20AC;&#x201D; By Tony Whitehead



Best Price & Quality Service M-F 8:30am - 5pm â&#x20AC;˘ Sat 9am - 12pm


18465 Hwy 104, Suite D â&#x20AC;˘ Robertsdale, AL


air P 1 Buy lasses Eyeg Free 1 Get

251-964-6733 or Toll Free 877-865-4362 25091 Hwy. 59 between Robertsdale & Loxley, AL


Big Beautiful Baldwin 2013 v Spectrum of Possibilities



hether you’re a resident or visitor you’ll find some of the most picturesque golf courses in the south in Baldwin County. From the northern tip of the county to the Gulf Shores, from east to west there is a course suited for everyone’s playing ability. And there are many beautiful courses to choose from. While you’re enjoying one of your favorite outdoor activities, you’ll want to absorb every bit of the scenery and relax in the grandeur of what golf in Baldwin County has to offer. Lush green fairways are the norm. Lakes, ponds and waterways make for a challenge, as all golfers know, but also add to the serenity of many of the courses. White sand in the greenside bunkers is a sharp contrast to manicured greens. Flora and fauna are everywhere. As you play your round enjoy the fairways lined with cypress, pine, dogwood, magnolia, oak and many other varieties of trees. Azalea bushes are spectacular and abundant, as are many other native plants. If a round of golf isn’t enough, you’ll find many courses offering excellent facilities with an emphasis on casual or fine dining, tournaments, lessons, vacation rentals and meeting sites. Several world class golf course designers have left their mark in Baldwin County, including Arnold Palmer, Jerry Pate and Earl Stone, to name just a few. If you haven’t yet experienced the variety, challenge, enjoyment and beauty that these golf courses offer, it’s time to give them a try. There’s a good chance that your first round won’t be your last. A true golfing experience to remember awaits you in Baldwin County.

Local senior Elaine Wood of Spanish Fort takes a swing at TimberCreek bunker.

Photo by Tony Whitehead

Orange Beach • 251-981-4653 9 Holes, Driving Range n Peninsula Golf & Racquet Club Gulf Shores • 251-968-8009 Earl Stone Design, 27 Holes, Driving Range n Quail Creek Golf Course Fairhope • 251-990-0240 18 Holes, Driving Range n Rock Creek Golf Course Fairhope • 251-928-4223 Earl Stone Design, 18 Holes, Driving Range n Soldiers Creek Golf Course at The Woerner Preserve Elberta • 251-986-8633 Scott Clark Design, 18 Holes, Driving Range Public Courses n The Golf Club of the Wharf n Cotton Creek Club at Craft Farms Gulf Shores • 251-968-7366 Gulf Shores • 251-968-7766 Carter Morrish Design, 18 Holes, Driving Range Arnold Palmer Design, 18 Holes, Driving Range n TimberCreek Golf Club n Cypress Bend at Craft Farms Spanish Fort • 251-621-9900 Gulf Shores • 251-968-7766 Earl Stone Design, 18 Holes, Driving Range Arnold Palmer Design, 18 Holes, Driving Range n Emerald Greens Golf Course Private Courses Gulf Shores • 251-968-3234 n Holly Hills Country Club 9 Holes Bay Minette • 251-937-8230 n Foley Golf Club 9 Holes, Driving Range Foley • 251-970-1444 n Lake Forest Golf Club 18 Holes, Driving Range Daphne • 251-626-9324 n Glenlakes Golf Club Open to the Public, 27 Holes, Driving Range Foley • 251-955-1220 27 Holes, Driving Range n Lakewood Golf Club Point Clear • 251-928-1406 n Gulf State Park Golf Course 36 Holes, Driving Range Gulf Shores • 251-948-4653 n Steelwood Country Club Earl Stone Design, 18 Holes, Driving Range Loxley • 251-964-4800 n Kiva Dunes Golf Course Jerry Pate Design, 18 Holes, Driving Range Gulf Shores • 251-540-7000 Jerry Pate Design, 18 Holes, Driving Range — By Bruce Cuddy n Orange Beach Golf Center

Spectrum of Possibilities v Big Beautiful Baldwin 2013 Š 2013 Alabama Power Company

Brought to you, in part, by Alabama Power.

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Big Beautiful Baldwin 2013 v Spectrum of Possibilities



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Photo by Dragonfly Photography

Whether land or sea, get close to nature in Baldwin County Baldwin County seems to be one of the increasingly few places in the country with more untouched earth than pavement. Quiet moments can be found in the midst of still mornings, bright middays and evening oases. Here in Baldwin County, you can find solitude, along with peace from noises of traffic, people, hustle and bustle. Youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll find marshlands along the delta, miles of nature trails and historic sites and a wealth of opportunities for primitive camping, hiking and hunting. Fertile soil feeds crops like corn, cotton, peanuts and greens. Hardwoods and pines cloak grounds. Vines stretch to find new spaces to caress with spiraling tendrils. Thick grasses and wildflowers cover fields and hillsides. Beaches and bay shores hold scurrying crabs, slow turtles and rare rodents. Inland and water creatures and birds grace hidden places, sometimes surfacing for us to catch a glimpse. When a tree falls in the forest, you might just hear it â&#x20AC;&#x201D; or that might be the sound of deadlines, appointments and time clocks breaking loose from your priority list as Baldwin County lulls nature lovers with its halcyon places.


Big Beautiful Baldwin 2013 v Spectrum of Possibilities


Nature Trails

aldwin County has an abundance of opportunities for the outdoor enthusiast. Whether it’s hiking, birdwatching, canoeing or just enjoying a picnic, there’s something for everyone — in every part of the county.

Graham Creek Nature Preserve

Located in southeast Foley, Graham Creek Nature Preserve consists of more than 480 acres managed by the city of Foley. It features wetlands, plant savannas and tide marshes and is situated along Graham Creek, which feeds into Wolf Bay. “In the springtime, wildflowers and carnivorous plants are in bloom with the white-topped pitcher plant being the highlight of the preserve,” said Foley City Environmental Manager Leslie Gahagan. “Their flower is a spectacular, star-shaped bloom with crimson petals and a yellow center. Also, grasspink orchids, daisies and colic root dot the savanna with colors of pink, white and yellow.” But that’s not the only time of year the preserve shows off its colors. “In the fall, pitcher plants still predominate,” Gahagan said. “But there are added blooms, including savanna sunflowers and meadow beauties that change the landscape to purple, gold and white.” DIRECTIONS Coming south on Alabama 59 to Foley, turn left onto County Road 12 and travel until you see Wolf Bay Drive and turn right onto it. Graham Creek Nature Preserve is on the right, at 23004 Wolf Bay Drive.

ACTIVITIES n Birdwatching n Wildlife viewing n Hiking (2-mile red trail, 3-mile blue trail, 6-mile green trail) n Boating/canoeing launch at Graham Creek. Paddling downstream for 2 miles leads to mouth of Wolf Bay, where paddlers can see shore birds and possibly dolphins. n Picnic area n Disc golf course COST: Free MORE INFORMATION n Call 251-752-WILD (9453) n Visit

Splinter Hill Bog

Located in North Baldwin County at the headwaters of Perdido River, Splinter Hill Bog spans 627 acres of longleaf pine and bog habitat that sports a variety of indigenous plant life, which hikers can see when winding their way along a trail. Splinter Hill Bog is managed as a nature preserve by the Nature Conservancy and the Forever Wild Land Trust. DIRECTIONS Take U.S. Interstate 65 exit 45 (Perdido/Rabun) and go west on County Road 47 for about 1.3 miles to the parking lot on the right or go another 1/10 mile to Splinter Hill Road, where you will turn right and go 4/10 mile to the parking lot on the left, across from Tuberville Lane ACTIVITIES n Biking n Birdwatching n Wildlife viewing This bird is being n Hiking banded at Fort n Horseback riding (bring Morgan’s annual your own horse) event on the Gulf COST: Free


Historic Blakeley State Park and Blakeley Addition Tract

Photo by Mark Robinson

Located near the site of the former town of Blakeley near Spanish Fort, Blakeley State Park offers 1,400 acres of undeveloped landscape. Its history includes Native Americans, European pioneers, early

Spectrum of Possibilities v Big Beautiful Baldwin 2013

Nature Trails

American settlers, Civil War soldiers and early farmers. Adjacent to Historic Blakeley State Park, the Blakeley Addition Tract is 420 acres of land managed by the Forever Wild Land Trust. The tract boasts upland pines and hardwoods and the Mobile Delta marshlands. DIRECTIONS From south and central Baldwin, take U.S. 31 North (Battleship Parkway) to Alabama Highway 225, where you will turn right and travel 4 1/2 miles. Historic Blakeley State Park is on the left. ACTIVITIES n Birdwatching n Wildlife viewing n Camping n Hiking n Hunting n Boat tours n RV campground COST: Parking fee MORE INFORMATION n Call 251-626-0798 n Visit


Lillian Swamp

Located just north of Lillian in Baldwin Countyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s coastal lowlands, Lillian Swamp consists of 1,452 acres of pine savanna managed cooperatively by the Forever Wild Land Trust, the Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources' State Lands Division and the Alabama Department of Transportation. Habitats include coastal marsh, freshwater marsh, cypress-tupelo forests, Atlantic white cedar forests and pine savanna, as well as several rare and federally listed species. DIRECTIONS Take U.S. Highway 98 to Lillian. Turn left onto Baldwin County Road 99/Boykin Boulevard and go about 1.7 miles. Turn left on Oak Street. The parking lot is on the right. ACTIVITIES n Birdwatching n Wildlife viewing n Hiking n Hunting

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Big Beautiful Baldwin 2013 v Spectrum of Possibilities

Nature Trails

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Perdido River Wildlife Management Area

Located along the Perdido River, these 18,000 acres of wetlands and uplands boast forested habitats that support an Atlantic white-cedar area within its unique blackwater stream corridor. That corridor is bordered by an upland pine-sandhill forest. DIRECTIONS Take County Road 64 north to Alabama Highway 112, where you will turn right and go about 7.5 miles and turn left onto Duck Road and go about 4/10 mile to check-in station. ACTIVITIES n Birdwatching n Wildlife viewing n Camping n Canoeing n Fishing n Hiking n Hunting

Weeks Bay National Estuarine Reserve Located along the Eastern Shore of Mobile Bay, the


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East Laurel Ave., Foley

Weeks Bay Reserve is part of the National Estuarine Research Reserves System, a national network of coastal reserves established as living laboratories for long-term scientific research and estuarine education. Supported by the Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and the Weeks Bay Foundation, these 6,000 acres are protected forest and marsh wetlands that teem with bog plants and wildlife. ACTIVITIES n Birdwatching n Wildlife viewing n Canoeing n Boating n Fishing n Hiking WEEKS BAY INTERPRETIVE CENTER n Open 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Saturday n Located at 1130 U.S. Highway 98 in Fairhope n Call 251-928-9792 n Visit

Eastern Shore Trail

The Eastern Shore Trail is a 32-mile multi-purpose hiking and biking trail that begins at USS Alabama Battleship Memorial Park and winds its way down to Weeks Bay, passing through Spanish Fort, Daphne, Fairhope and Point Clear. It offers sightings of wildlife, wild flowers and blooming landscapes. Entry on the trail can begin at any point, and kiosks of maps are dotted along the route. DIRECTIONS Pick an entry point along U.S. Highway 31, U.S. Highway 98 and Scenic Highway 98. ACTIVITIES n Hiking n Biking

Mullet Point Park

Located just south of Point Clear along Mobile Bay, Mullet Point Park was developed by Baldwin County Commission in 1975. It was named after the mullet, which prospers in local waters. The seven-acre park includes walking trails, a handicapped-accessible pier, picnic tables, restrooms, barbecue pits and a 24-hour boat launch. DIRECTIONS Follow Scenic Highway 98 to County Road 1. ACTIVITIES n Hiking n Biking n Boating n Canoeing n Picnicking â&#x20AC;&#x201D; By Cathy Higgins



rom historic Blakeley State Park on the Tensaw Delta in the north to the network of waterfront parks on Alabamaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Gulf Coast, Baldwin County is home to a large and wide variety of city, county, state and federal parks, wildlife refuges, hiking, biking and canoe trails. Dozens of family-friendly playgrounds, tennis and sporting complexes, eclectic bay-front hideaways and charming downtown locales are found throughout the length and breadth of the county, giving residents and visitors alike a rich array of parks to choose from.

Bay Minette

Spectrum of Possibilities v Big Beautiful Baldwin 2013

n Universal Playground, located next to the municipal pool at 1300 Bradley Ave., accommodates all children, complying with the Americans with Disabilities Act. The playground is made with rubber padding below all playing areas for fall protection, and the ramps are all made to handle dual wheelchairs. The park also has a wheelchair swing, a sidewalk surrounding the entire area and three slides. n Bicentennial Park is a 367-acre park dedicated to preserving the countyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s rich cultural heritage and history. It includes a two-mile nature trail, historical exhibits, and a working farm, highlighting Baldwin Countyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s 200-year history. Where: 51233 State Highway 225, Stockton â&#x20AC;&#x201D; two miles north of U.S. Interstate 10; When: 8 a.m to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Saturday; 12 to 4 p.m., Sunday; Contact: 251-580-1897 or 251-610-0006 n Latham Park, State Highway 59 north of Old Ganey Road n Propst Park, State Highway 112 west of Phillipsville Road n Kids Park, located at 303 McMillan Ave., was the former home of the Old Scout Cabin which was a popular hangout during the â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;70s. Built entirely by volunteers, this park is a wonderland for children with towers for climbing and exploring, swings, slides and a small area for toddlers to play. The park also has one tennis court, a pavilion (that can be rented), several picnic tables and restrooms. n Rex Courtyard, located on Hoyle Avenue in downtown Bay Minette, got its name from the Old Rex Theater once located in the same spot. The courtyard is a setting for weddings and receptions and nice place to sit and relax. n Blackburn Park, located on the corner of Hoyle Avenue and Railroad Street, is a beautiful place for weddings, receptions, picnics and reunions. The park has a water fountain in front of the gazebo, picnic tables and restrooms. n George B. Halliday Park, located on McMeans Avenue next to the baseball fields, has a small playground with equipment for children 5 and under,


with swings and a large pavilion (that can be rented). The restrooms are located at the concession stand in the ball park. The park is also home to Bay Minette Youth Baseball with T-Ball, Coach Pitch, Little League, Minor League and Babe Ruth. n O.C. Waters Park, located off Clark Avenue, offers three softball fields, a batting cage and a pavilion. n Ulmer Park, located off Alabama Highway 138 West in Douglasville, has a pavilion, playground equipment, swings, baseball field, basketball court and tennis court. n Brownwood Park, located in downtown Bay Minette off Hoyle Avenue, has a small playground, basketball court and baseball field. For parks information: 251-937-3338, cityofbayminette@, 611 McMeans Ave. For park rental and availability: 251-580-1891. Birthday Parties Only: $15 for two hours; $5 for each additional hour; Family Reunions, Baby Showers,Weddings and Other Events: $30 for two hours; $5 for each additional hour.

Spanish Fort

n Spirit Park, the cityâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s newest park, has eight lighted Continued on page 48

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Big Beautiful Baldwin 2013 v Spectrum of Possibilities


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tennis courts, three multipurpose fields for softball and youth baseball with climate-controlled press boxes, concession stand, picnic tables, pavilion, restrooms, walking paths and sidewalks. 30492 Emily Frances Lane; 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. n The Fort (Spanish Fort Kids Park), located at 30701 Ember Lane. Open 9 a.m. to dusk. For information, call 251-626-4884. n 5 Rivers Delta Resource Center, located on the Causeway at 30945 5 Rivers Blvd., is a “Gateway to the Mobile-Tensaw Delta” with an 81-acre complex of exhibit buildings, trails and waterfront vistas. Open 8 a.m.-5 p.m. daily. For information, call 251-625-0814. n Blakeley State Park, located at 34745 State Highway 225, includes 5.5 miles of unspoiled Civil War fortifications, nature trails, a quarter-mile of waterfront boardwalk with two observations decks on the Tensaw River, observation kiosk for birders, 31 primitive campsites, three major family picnic areas, including a large octagonal pavilion and boat tours of the Mobile-Tensaw Delta. Open daily from 9 a.m. to dusk. For information, call 251-626-0798. n Meaher State Park, located on the Causeway at 5200 Battleship Parkway E., is a 1,327-acre park with 56 new campsites, including bathhouse and laundry facilities, plus a 300-foot pier with a 200-foot “T,” making it an excellent spot for fishing. A self-guided walk on two nature trails includes a boardwalk with close-up views of the Mobile-Tensaw Delta. For information, call 251-626-5529. n USS Alabama Battleship and Battleship Memorial

Bohemian Park Photo by Mike Odom

Park, located at 2703 Battleship Parkway E., offers many opportunities to learn of our nation’s military history by touring the battleship, meeting crew members and viewing an extensive collection of military equipment. For information, call 251-433-2703. For parks information: 251-626-4884.


n Gator Alley, also called D’Olive Boardwalk Park, is located on North Main Street and features a state-of-theart boardwalk over D’Olive Creek. The park includes a butterfly garden and visitors have many opportunities for viewing a variety of wildlife, including alligators. n Bayfront Park, located on Bayfront Drive at Mobile Bay, has bay access, piers gazebo, pavilion and boardwalk connection to Village Point Preserve, with kayak and canoe access. For pavilion rental, call 251-626-5300. n Belrose Park, located on Belrose Avenue at Mobile Bay, has walking access to Mobile Bay, picnic area and sandy beach. n Centennial Park, located on Main Street across from City Hall, has a playground, picnic area, gazebo and restrooms. n Joe Louis Patrick Park, located on Johnson Road, has playground and picnic area. The park is adjacent to the Boys and Girls Clubs Softball Fields. n May Day Park, located on College Avenue at Mobile Bay, has bay access, playground, picnic tables, restrooms, beach, pier and boat ramp. n Park City Park has a playground, basketball court and grills. n S.B. Williams Park, on Johnson Road at Warren Drive, is used by local Boy Scouts for ceremonies and other activities. n Village Point Park Preserve, located on Main Street, has bay access, pier, sandy beach, nature trails, connecting boardwalk to Bayfront Park, pavilion with picnic tables, grills, restrooms, historic D’Olive Cemetery, Jackson’s Oak and State and National Champion Trees. n Al Trione Sports Complex, located at Whispering Pines Road, has four softball and baseball fields, four soccer fields, two football/soccer fields, three concession stands and restrooms. n W.O Lott Park, located on Main Street, has four baseball


fields, two tennis courts, one basketball court, two bocce courts, playground, picnic area, concession stand and restrooms. n Elizabeth S. Yelding Park, at the corner of Guarisco Street and Manci Avenue, contains a fountain, eternal flame and an oak tree. For parks information: 251-621-3703, 2605 U.S. Highway 98. All parks are open dawn until dusk except for Al Trione Sports Complex and W.O. Lott Park.


Spectrum of Possibilities v Big Beautiful Baldwin 2013

n Bohemian Park, located on County Road 48 a few miles east of Fairhope, features white sand beaches and gently-flowing pristine waters at the upper reaches of Fish River. On summer weekends, the park becomes a festive spot for barbecues, sunbathing and cooling off in several deep swimming holes complete with rope swings. Swim at your own risk, open dawn to dusk. n Mullet Point Park, U.S. Scenic Highway 98 n North Beach Park, located north of the Municipal Pier, is Fairhope’s premier beach park for walkers, runners, beachgoers and picnickers. n Municipal Pier, Rose Garden and Fountain, located at the west end of Fairhope Avenue, has been a favorite


destination for residents and visitors since its initial construction in 1896, two years after the city was founded. Includes restrooms, a small marina and restaurants The pier is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. n South Beach Park, located south of the Municipal Pier, has a short multiple-use cement loop trail along the shore, with benches and picnic tables among the trees. A small beach is found at the south end. n Knoll Park, fronted by Fairhope and Magnolia avenues, with one of the highest elevations in the area is a wooded park featuring dozens of wildflower species, which is being restored to a longleaf pine forest, with some existing pines more than 130 years old. n Henry George Park, on a grassy bluff above the Municipal Pier, is the site of Fairhope’s Fourth of July celebration and Baldwin Pops concerts. The Fairhope Veterans Memorial, honoring all veterans and their families, is located in the park and was dedicated in May 2013. n North Bluff Park, located at the north end of North Bayview Street and overlooking North Beach Park, is a perfect spot for viewing a bay sunset. It’s connected to the park below by a wooden staircase. Continued on page 50


Big Beautiful Baldwin 2013 v Spectrum of Possibilities


Continued from page 49

n Magnolia Beach Park, located between Laurel Avenue and Pier Street along South Mobile Street, has live oaks draped in Spanish moss and a multi-use path. Dog bags and receptacles are available. Two short piers, a butterfly sanctuary and a boat launch also help make this a popular daily destination. n Fairhopers Community Park, located along Church Street and Morphy Avenue, is a kid’s paradise with creative playground equipment. A gazebo offers shade. n Utopia Park, located on South Mobile Street, overlooks South Beach Park and features a bronze statue of educator Marietta Johnson, a large seahorse sculpture by Bruce Larsen and John Rezner, and several benches perched along the bluff. n Fels Toddler Park, located at Fels Avenue and Liberty Street, is a small neighborhood park with playground equipment and one picnic table. n Municipal Sporting Parks/Volanta Sports Complex, located at Greeno Road and Volanta Avenue, is the city’s 50-acre sporting complex with indoor and outdoor swimming pools, fitness center, disc golf course, seven baseball fields, five practice fields, youth football fields, football stadium, a gym, basketball and racquetball courts, picnic areas, playground, skate park and dog park. n Volanta Beach Park, located at the south end of North Mobile Street and Perdido Avenue, is a small park accessed by a long wooden staircase, with a trail through a wetland area, leading to a small beach. n Colony Nature Park, on Twin Beech Road east of U.S. Highway 98, is the city’s newest park, consisting of 40

acres with a grass trail leading through a variety of habitats including wetlands. n Founders Park, on County Road 44 just east of U.S. Highway 98, is a 25-acre sports complex, which includes five softball fields and about 15 acres of soccer fields. n Jasmine Park, located at Jasmine Street and Yupon Avenue, is a three-acre park in a residential area with playground equipment suitable for small children. n White Avenue Park, located at the west end of White Avenue at South Mobile Street, has a paved area leading to a pier with deck. n Nichols Landing, located at the west end of Nichols Avenue and South Mobile Street, has a gravel drive leading to exceptional bay views. For parks information: 251-990-0174.


n Municipal Park, located in downtown Loxley, has baseball fields, a walking trail, horseshoe court, pavilions and ultra-modern children’s playground. n Cedar Street Park, located at Cedar Street and Relham Drive, has a gazebo pavilion, picnic tables and children’s playground. For parks information: 251-964-2153.


n Oscar Johnson Park, located on Alabama Highway 104. n Edward Havel Park, located near First Street and South Avenue. n Paul C. Anderson Park, near the intersection of Broad Street and Silverhill Avenue. n Kids Park, Silverhill Kid’s park was built by the Land and Water Conservation grant program, with funds raised by the community in 2004. For parks information: 251-945-5198.


Fairhope Duck Pond at North Beach Park Photo by Mike Odom

n Honey Bee Park, located at 22780 State Highway 59, is the site of the annual Honey Bee Festival, which draws dozens of professional and amateur honey producers Continued on page 52

Spectrum of Possibilities v Big Beautiful Baldwin 2013


          970-1306 â&#x20AC;˘ 943-2755



Big Beautiful Baldwin 2013 v Spectrum of Possibilities


Continued from page 50

and their wares from the county and region, making this one sweet event each year. n Municipal Park Complex, located on 45 acres at Pennsylvania and Palmer streets, the park includes the J.W. Clark Softball Complex and the Dr. Amos Garrett Baseball Complex, with a total of four softball fields, two baseball fields, two concession buildings, two press boxes and restrooms. n Garrett Park includes four tennis courts, a softball and a baseball field, multi-purpose fields for soccer and youth football, pavilion with picnic tables and grills and a large children’s playground. n Gordon Coley Memorial Park, located at 22884 State Highway 59, honors men and women who have served in the U.S. armed forces. n Baldwin Brothers Park, located at 22494 State Highway 59, consists of a shaded walkway pergola that was donated in memory of brothers Joe, George and Bill Baldwin, who established a lumber business at the site in 1915. n Anna Belle Beverly Park, located at 22652 Chicago St., consists of a playground, pavilion and picnic facilities. For parks information: 251-947-8900.


n Foley Kids Park is a must for parents with young children and was built in March 2001 by volunteers and funded by donations from area residents and citizens. n Graham Creek Nature Preserve contains 484 acres of natural habitats including pine savannas, wetlands and tidal marshes, also features a canoe/kayak launch, walking and hiking trails, picnic areas and birdwatching and disc golf with interpretive signage throughout. n Wolf Creek Park, located south of County Road 20 on Hance Lane, is Foley’s newest park. The park is a work in progress until 2014, but is open to the public. Look for a canoe/kayak launch and a fishing pier — with more to come. n Heritage Park, located on East Laurel Avenue just off State Highway 59, includes the Foley Depot Museum, which is also the site of annual events such as Alabama Festival of Flavor and Let it Snow. n John B. Foley Park, located along State Highway 59 in downtown Foley, includes a fountain and plentiful trees and flowers and is the site of Barbeque and Blues Festival, Christmas in the Park, Art in the Park and civic activities such as the Chili Cook-Off. n Melvin Roberts Park, located along Cedar Street, is also known as Cedar Street Park and includes baseball fields, tennis courts, basketball courts, pavilion, playground and a nature trail with a gazebo.

n Max Griffin Park is the home of the first swimming pool in Foley, which was built in the 1950s. There have been numerous maintenance upgrades through the years. n Aaronville Park, located along South Cedar Street in the community of Aaronville, contains a swimming pool, softball fields, baseball fields and basketball courts. n Beulah Heights Park, located on the east side of Foley along South Michigan Avenue, includes baseball and softball fields, basketball and tennis courts, as well as playground equipment. n Evans Park, located south of Foley High School on the north side of Park Avenue, is the newest addition to Foley’s open spaces. n Soccer Park, located on the west side of Foley along U.S. Highway 98, includes soccer fields and a concession building, which is enjoyed by both city leagues and high school sports teams. For parks information: 251-943-8897; 251-970-5020


n Elberta Town Park, located at the intersection of U.S. Highway 98 and County Road 83, includes an outdoor restroom, newly renovated fenced-in kids’ park, benches, covered picnic tables and an open grass field.


n Lillian Recreational Park, located at 33914 Widdell Ave., is funded, constructed and maintained by community volunteer efforts. Open 7 a.m. to sunset. Includes 17 acres of walking paths and gardens, a kiddie park with playground and ball field. Movie nights, flea markets and various activities are held throughout the year. For more information, visit

Gulf Shores

n Meyer Park, a 12-acre park located within the heart of the city at 400 E. 22nd Ave., features picnic areas, playground equipment, open grass fields and horseshoe courts. n Wade Ward Nature Park, located at 500 Gulf Shores Parkway and just two blocks north of the main public beach, has pedestrian access to a pocket of wetlands via an elevated boardwalk with deck for views of a variety of wildlife, including otters, alligators and many migrating birds. n Wetlands Park, located at 19025 County Road 6, has an entrance for this walking/hiking park at the base of the water tower at the Gulf Shores Sportsplex. This gravel path loops around a fishing pond with benches, gazebos and a fishing pier. n Little Lagoon Pass Park, located at 1660 W. Beach Continued on page 57

Spectrum of Possibilities v Big Beautiful Baldwin 2013



#)$+*+$ ')"(&+* + ('+#)"')&+* *++ *+)' ()+'))#$&+* *+ %$$+ ( ')"&+* *++ (+)%#+%"(&+*

#$ %*(%'*))* ('*(*()&) !+*+)''(+ * #%) ('&+ +!!


#+ ($'&+ +!!


%%"+*# )&'(*(



Big Beautiful Baldwin 2013 v Spectrum of Possibilities


'&#( $#"% :


As heard on WAFB 1220 AM & Talk FM 1065

9056 MERRITT LANE â&#x20AC;¢ DAPHNE, AL â&#x20AC;¢ 25

Investment Advisory Services offered on a fee basis through Global Financial Capitol, LLC., an SEC Registered Investmen

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 $'$ '(# "!& '%"(( &# %' &%#(!$(!


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51-625-1226 â&#x20AC;¢ TOLL FREE 877-251-1984

nt Advisor. Only Jim Byrd, a licensed insurance professional and Investment Advisor, is able to provide investment advice.



Big Beautiful Baldwin 2013 v Spectrum of Possibilities

4Every day of life is a blessing. 4

bu!n bmcjt

assisted living (from $2,600)

memory care (from $3,900)

retirement, assisted living & memory care community

11626 US Hwy 90 Daphne, Alabama 36526 (251)

Spectrum of Possibilities v Big Beautiful Baldwin 2013


Continued from page 52

Blvd., is a great spot for taking in the sites and accessing the beach and includes parking, restrooms and outdoor showers. n Lagoon Park, located at 18068 Fort Morgan Road, has a deck overlooking the lagoon and provides a good resting point for cyclists, walkers and joggers on the 5.3-mile paved bike path and walking trail that winds between the trees north of Fort Morgan Road. It includes boat ramps and restrooms. n Johnnie Sims Park, located at 348 W. 19th Ave., on the outskirts of the Johnnie Sims Park sports fields and adjacent to the kids park and skate park. A pavilion provides a nice location for birthday parties, family reunion or outdoor gatherings. n Gulf State Park, located in the city of Gulf Shores, consists of 6,150 acres with two miles of sugar white sand beaches and includes a modern campground, cabins, cottages, back country trail, the largest fishing pier on the Gulf of Mexico, tennis courts, 900-acre lake, and an 18-hole golf course. n Bon Secour National Wildlife Refuge, located on Fort Morgan Road, has 7,000 acres of wildlife habitat for migratory birds, nesting sea turtles and the Alabama


beach mouse. n Morgantown Park, Fort Morgan Road For parks information: 251-968-1420.

Orange Beach

n Robinson Island was purchased by Orange Beach in 2003 to preserve it from development. Today the island is a sanctuary for birds and wildlife and is used by residents and visitors as a park/recreational area. The island and nearby Bird Island are favorite summertime destinations for area boaters and sun seekers, but the island also offers a habitat for sea birds and is a nesting area for wading herons and terns. n Waterfront Park, located at 26425 Canal Road, is a beautiful family park located on scenic Wolf Bay and includes a 400-foot fishing pier with covered pavilions and seating, picnic shelters with grills, restrooms, a paved walking path, a lighted kids park with slides, swings and climbing areas. For park information:; â&#x20AC;&#x201D; Compiled by Mike Odom






Laurel Ave. MANNING 207(U.S.W. Hwy. 98) Foley, AL JEWELRY






Big Beautiful Baldwin 2013 v Spectrum of Possibilities


Baldwin House %!#'% &%!

%&"()("%#' ('%(!)

$$$) & & (#' ()'(()) &"()) $$$$

â&#x20AC;&#x153;The best assisted living residence in Baldwin County.â&#x20AC;? 

%# '&)# &''(")&")%&) (''(!

512,20%6 206 &+(6 -5556 +/-2,46 24 40,6 4--5065--5*1640,6.4$565506*4--25, 120"56  6 40,6 .4$56 3'/6 ,4&%.35-16 20 "/++5%5#6++6(/&-65--5*16 4-56 20$/+$5,6 20 2*!-/$20%63.56 &4+23)6/(6+2(56(/-64+,'20 /&156 -512,50316 4+3./&%.6 3.56 %2-+16 4-5 1/*5'.4364'4)6(-/*63.56,4)3/,4)6'/- '.2+564'4)64361".//+#6/%53.5-63.56(4*2+) .416 535012$56 5!5-250"56 206 /!5-4320% 4112135,6+2$20%6-512,50"51#

)6*/3.5-6.416/1!2"56"4-5640,64++6/(63.5156"4-56%2$5-1 .4$56 "/**5035,6 3/6 *56 4/&36 3.56 .2%.6 &4+23)6 /(6 3.5 4+,'206/&156134((#6.5)6.4$56142,6./'6+/$20%640,620, 3.5)64-563/6*)6*/3.5-#6.5)6$21236/3.5-6(4"2+23251640,6.4$5 142,63.4363.564+,'206/&1561340,16/&364163.56513# )6*/3.5-6.41655062063'/6/3.5-6!+4"51640,60/0564-5 416%//,64164+,'206/&15#

56+/$20%+)6.4$56*/*64363.564+,'206/&15#66.4$5 550653-5*5+)62*!-5115,6'23.63.56'4)65$5-)/056'/-1 3/%53.5-6(-/*63.560&-15163/63.5623".5062316+256/0562% (4*2+)# 34((62164+'4)16/!506(-250,+)640,6".55-(&+#654+164-5 '5++6!-5!4-5,640,62035-51320%#634((6%/516/&36/(63.52-6'4) 3/6*5536055,16206%505-4+# )6*/3.5-6'4161/6.4!!)6206.5-632*564363.564+,'20 /&15#636'4163.56(2-13632*56120"56*)6(43.5-6.4,6,25,63.436 14'6.5-6+4&%.640,61*2+5#64-5640,6"/*!4112/061./'063/ *)6*/3.5-#6.56134((6$21235,6.5-62063.56./1!234+# 34((6216'/0,5-(&+6+/$20%640,65"5!32/04+#6.5)6+/$5 *)6*/3.5-640,63-5436.5-6'23.620,0511640,6&0,5-1340,20%# 6.4$561&".6-51!5"36(/-63.5*# .56"&--5036134((62163.5651365)/0,646,/&3#61!5"24++) 4)056 4-35-6 2146 )-46 +/-246 -40,26 .546 4/)4 2"/+565-3640,6525#

Photo by William Moore

If you find yourself longing for a place with a plethora of fun attractions, Baldwin County’s got what you’re looking for. Whether you want unique, local experiences or something on the traditional, tried and true side, you won’t be disappointed. The area’s newest and high-flying option is Hummingbird Ziplines in Gulf Shores. Soar over Lake Shelby in Gulf State Park, take in breathtaking views of the Gulf of Mexico, and fulfill thrill-seeking ambitions all at the same time. Gulf Shores also offers The Alabama Gulf Coast Zoo, where approximately 300 animals are waiting to run, jump, pant and slither their way into your heart. The Gulf Coast is also home to more fun-filled places. The Track offers visitors fast-paced fun with go carts and bumper boats, along with an extensive arcade. Adventure Island has putt putt, LAZER tag, go carts, bumper boats, even “volcano eruptions.” Waterville USA makes cooling off loads of fun. Enjoy waterslides, pools, lazy rivers and kids’ areas, stop for a snack, or rest in the shade. The Wharf in Orange Beach holds Spectra sound and light shows nightly at 8:30 and 10 during summer months. Alligator Alley in Summerdale allows visitors to feed alligators, plus enjoy them in their natural habitat at a safe distance, from boardwalk areas. Throughout the county, enjoy inflatables and fun zones, bowling, skating and skateboarding, arcades, miniature golf, splash pads, scuba diving, snorkeling and horseback riding. Check out this section for detailed information on fine art, holidays, annual events and much more. There will be plenty of time for rest, tomorrow.


Find your style of fun in exciting Baldwin County

Big Beautiful Baldwin 2013 v Spectrum of Possibilities

Annual Events


ig fun and big variety. Alabamaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s largest county brims with yearly events to suit family outings, couples excursions and visitor retreats. If youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re looking for outdoor festivals, Baldwin County offers Fairhopeâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Arts & Crafts Festival with visual pieces and handmade wonders in the streets of downtown in March. Foleyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Hot Air Balloon Festival lifts off with colorful fun on Fatherâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Day weekend, and the Shrimp Festival hits the Gulf Coast in October with scrumptious seafood, crafts vendors and live entertainment. And thatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s to name just a few.

North Baldwin

Summer n Hundreds gather at the site of the Fort Mims massacre to experience re-enactments that illustrate the tragic massacre that occurred Aug. 30, 1813. The commemoration weekend is always the last weekend of August. For more, visit Fall n A Bike Rally on Highway 225 in Stockton offers bikers and guests tasty goods from Bang-A-Langâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s BBQ, live music, motorcycle games and much more. Call 251-377-9932 for more information. n The Delta Dash is part 5k run, part obstacle course and part mud. Participants can run the course for fun or

in the competition where prizes are awarded to the top finishers. The event is at Lower Bryant Landing the last Saturday in September. Spring n The Old Town Bay Minette Arts Councilâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Spring Art Show is held annually on an evening in May. The free event displays visual-art items at Bay Minette Public Library. For more information, call 251-937-8090. n O Delta Day is an event in June, held at Lower Bryant Landing Pavilion in Stockton, where attendees may enter homemade rafts into river races at noon and 1 p.m. for a cost of $5, and rafts must be 10-by-12 feet and completely human powered. Lunch plates, a fishing tournament and silent auction are also a part of the fun. It is a memorable fundraiser honoring Leah Ann Overstreet, who was a teacher and became principal of Delta Elementary. Funds provide scholarships to senior band students. For more information, call Tina Covington at 251-580-0434. n RIDE YELLOW is in June. This massive, crazy bike ride attracts more than 700 cyclists from more than eight states. The ride raises money for local cancer charities. For more, go to n Bike-O-Rama is hosted by the Bay Minette Civic Club every spring on Highway 225 in Stockton. The event features motorcycle games, food, live music and more.

Burris Farm Market Est. 1986 Loxley, AL

Come visit where Christmas is always just â&#x20AC;&#x2122;round the corner!    

Christmas â&#x20AC;&#x2122;Round the Corner Collectable Ornaments         

398 Fairhope Ave. Fairhope, AL â&#x20AC;˘ 1-800-848-3247 â&#x20AC;˘ 251-928-8822

Photo Courtesy of Cheri Forte


Serving Fairhope Since 1904

â&#x20AC;˘Full Service Pharmacy â&#x20AC;˘Accessories â&#x20AC;˘Home decor 8:30 - 6:30 Mon. - Sat.

Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s more than just a pharmacy!

398 Fairhope Ave. Fairhope, AL â&#x20AC;˘ 1-800-848-3247 â&#x20AC;˘ 251-928-8822

Eastern Shore

Spectrum of Possibilities v Big Beautiful Baldwin 2013

Annual Events

Summer n Bay Rivers Art Guild offers Summer Art Camp every year. The 2013 camp will be July 8-12, 15-19, 22-26 and July 29-Aug. 2. Cost is $50 for the first class, $45 for the second class/sibling and $40 for the third class. Classes for ages 4 and up. Wear a smile with your play clothes so a dab of paint won’t matter. Art Camp is the time and place for creativity and imagination. Express yourself. Enjoy! Visit or call 251-621-0659 for more information and enrollment. n Grand Summer Ball: Benefits Thomas Hospital at Grand Hotel Marriott Resort, Golf Club and Spa 251-990-1512. n Sunday Sunset Series 3 p.m. every Sunday from June until Aug. 25. $5 per person at American Legion post 199 in Fairhope, 700 Mobile St. Post 199 also offers a Sunday Sunset Series of concerts on the beach. A different band will play each week. Although there is plenty of parking, guests can also choose to arrive by bicycle, kayak or boat. Fall
 n Baldwin County Home Builders’ Parade of Homes is Sept. 28-29 and Oct. 5-6; Visit; 251-928-9927. n Jubilee Festival, Sept. 28-29, 2013. More than 80 fine arts and crafts exhibitors, live local entertainment on the


festival stage in front of Daphne City Hall, unique festival food served at the festival food court, and activities for kids. Free admission. Main Street, Olde Towne Daphne,, 251-621-8222. n In October, enjoy the John L. Borom Alabama Coastal Birdfest: Birdwatching tours throughout lower Alabama area, reception, dinner, expo and more. Home base is 5 Rivers Delta Resource Center on the Causeway in Spanish Fort. Visit n Founders Day Concert, Baldwin Pops community concert: bring a lawn chair, picnic basket, family and friends. Henry George Park in Fairhope. Call 251-232-1013. n Dancin’ in the Streets Octoberfest by Sunset Rotary. German food and beverages on De La Mare Avenue, Fairhope. For more,, 251-895-6633. n Polo at the Point: Includes world class polo, food, champagne, divot stomping, tailgating fun, reserved seating, garden party attire, a hat parade, a silent auction and more, presented by Point Clear Charities. Sonny Hill-Clearwater Polo Complex, U.S. Highway 98, Point Clear. Visit or call 251-928-1777. n Grand Festival of Arts and Books is Oct. 5-6, 2013, Continued on page 62


“Education...with the Proper Foundation.”

Nursery School 2 & 3 Year-old Classes Kindergarten 4 & 5 Year-old Classes Elementary Grades 1-6 Jr-Sr High School Grades 7-12

Mentio this ad & sn ave

20 00


on 2013-2 014 New Registrati on!

Check Out Our Daycare Program: 6wks-3yrs y g y old 

Jim Robinson, Director/Principal

20774 County Road 12 S. • Foley, AL 36535

“A Ministry of Open Door Baptist Church”


Big Beautiful Baldwin 2013 v Spectrum of Possibilities

Annual Events

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Fairhope. Visit or n Oct. 31-Nov. 2, Angel Ride and Concert: motorcycle ride and live concerts at Oak Hollow Farm, U.S. Highway 98, Fairhope. For more, visit, 251-243-0365. Spring n Fairhope Arts & Crafts Festival offers more than 230 fine arts and crafts exhibitors, live local entertainment and unique festival food from March 14-16, 2014. BRATS shuttle service runs from shopping centers at Greeno Road and Fairhope Avenue. For more, visit In conjuction, enjoy the Eastern Shore Arts Center Outdoor Art Show March 14-16, 2014. n Spring Fever Chase, sponsored by Thomas Hospital and Wells Fargo Bank, will be March 15, 2014, and follows a scenic course along the bay and through neighborhoods of Fairhope. Both the 10k and the 2-mile races start at the intersection of Fairhope Avenue and Bayview Street. The Spring Fever Chase benefits local schools and children’s fitness programs. For more information, call 251-279-1684. 
 n Rolling on the River for Literacy benefits the Eastern Shore Literacy Council. The event will be at 5 Rivers Delta Resource Center on the Causeway, Spanish Fort. For more, 251-928-8300. n Taste of Rotary features local restaurants and guest serving their specialties. Soft drinks, beer and wine included. Fairhope Civic Center, 251-454-0921. n Baldwin County Home Builders Spring Tour of Homes is set for April 2014. Call 251-928-9927. n Spanish Fort Spring Showcase Car and Truck Show: Browse through hundreds of cars and trucks while listening to local musicians. It is free to attend with a small fee for parking. Fitzpen Place, 11247 U.S. Highway 31 Spanish Fort, 251-621-6665, n Delta Woods & Waters Expo will be at the 5 Rivers Delta Resource Center, Spanish Fort, 251-626-4884. n Earth Day Mobile Bay will be at Fairhope Municipal Pier Park. Visit n Daphne-Spanish Fort Kiwanis Club “Taste of the Towns:” 30 area restaurants participate in this event, which has live music, beverages, silent auction and door prizes. Benefits the Daphne High School Key Club, Spanish Fort High School Key Club and Bayside Academy Key Club. Also helps educational foundations and other community projects. 5 Rivers Delta Resource Center, 251-621-2996. n Bald Eagle Bash at Weeks Bay National Estuarine Resource Center. For information, call 251-990-5004 or visit n In early June, enjoy the Grandman Triathlon. The Springhill Medical Center Grandman begins with a 1/3mile swim in picturesque Mobile Bay and back beside the Fairhope Municipal pier. After the swim comes an 18-mile bike ride through the charming city of Fairhope. The ride begins with one steep hill and five miles of rolling countryside. The race to the finish line begins with a 3.1-mile run through the streets of Fairhope and along

the Bay. The Grandman benefits four worthy charities. Call 251-433-4220 or visit

Central Baldwin

Fall n Silverhill Heritage Day: The Town of Silverhill will celebrate its 30th annual Heritage Day Festival on Sept. 21, 2013. The event is annual, on the third Saturday in September at Gazebo Park and Paul Anderson Park at the corner of Alabama Highway 104 and County Road 55. While various versions of the festival have been put on through the years, Heritage Day was established in 1982 primarily to celebrate the town’s Swedish and Czechoslovakian heritage. Festivities begin at 9 a.m. with opening ceremonies, followed by the annual Heritage Day Parade at 10 a.m. The Festival will also include live entertainment throughout the day. Attendees will enjoy various arts/crafts booths, antique tractors and a small classic car exhibition. A children’s area will feature the ‘train,’ petting zoo and other activities. Entertainment will include Gospel music, bands, dance troops and other special music. For more information contact Silverhill Town Hall at 251-945-5198. n Annual Honeybee Festival: The 23rd Annual Honeybee Festival is scheduled for Oct. 5, 2013, at Honeybee Park in Robertsdale. The Honeybee 5k begins at 8 a.m., followed immediately by the 1-mile walk/run. The Festival itself will begin around 10 a.m., and will include arts, crafts, games and food. Of course, honey vendors and honeybee demonstrations will also be available. Spring n Baldwin County Strawberry Festival, Loxley: The 27th Annual Baldwin County Strawberry Festival is scheduled for April 12-13, 2014 at Loxley Municipal Park. The festival has grown from a few crafters and food vendors to more than 175 arts and crafts exhibitors, a dozen different food vendors, a carnival with children’s games, antique auto show, exhibits and live music. Fresh strawberries and strawberry shortcake are also available for sale at the event. Entertainment is scheduled from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. each day. The Strawberry Festival Car Show has also become an annual event with judging on Saturday and a cruise-in on Sunday. The event also features the South Alabama Antique Tractor and Engine Show on Saturday and Sunday.

South Baldwin

Summer n Spectra, a sound and light show is held nightly during summer months at The Wharf in Orange Beach. Free shows are at 8:30 and 10 p.m. For more, visit alwharf. com. n A variety of concerts at The Wharf Amphitheater in Orange Beach go on year-round. Some exciting concerts this year include: Alabama: Back at the Bowery Tour, 8 p.m., July 5; and Dave Matthews Band, 7 p.m., July 23. n The 16th Annual Jennifer Claire Moore Foundation Professional Rodeo is 7 to 10 p.m., Aug. 1 to 3. Cost of

Spectrum of Possibilities v Big Beautiful Baldwin 2013

Annual Events

adults $10, children 4 to 6 $6, under 3 free at the Foley Horse Arena. From bull riding to barrel racing to children’s activities, the Rodeo is fun for the whole family. The professional riders who compete in the Rodeo bring edge-of-your-seat skills and excitement. The Jennifer Claire Moore Foundation is celebrating the 16th year of this event with proceeds going toward youth programs. Contact Ashley Jones 251-971-3633 or n The 149th Anniversary of the Battle of Mobile Bay and Siege of Fort Morgan is 9 a.m to 4 p.m., Aug 3. All scheduled events are included in the regular price of admission unless otherwise noted. Visit Fort Morgan Historic Site, 51 State Highway 180 W., Gulf Shores. Federal and Confederate soldiers exchange artillery fire and infantry sharpshooting during the commemoration. Call 251-540-5257 to confirm dates and times of scheduled events or visit n SEC Beachfest is Aug. 15-18 in Gulf Shores and Orange Beach. It includes legendary coaches plus 5k and 1-mile fun runs, golf scramble, concerts and kids’ pier fishing. For more, visit Fall n Sept. 27, enjoy the Shrimp Festival Kick-off Party and Restaurant Challenge Winner Announcement. There’s also Piratefest at the Happy Harbor on Marina Road in Orange Beach, always the third full weekend of September. n October boasts the 42nd Annual National Shrimp Festival in Gulf Shores at the public beach Oct. 10-13. n Alabama Festival of Flavor is Oct. 19 at Heritage Park in Foley. It showcases Alabama’s culture and history through local food. For more, visit n Elberta German Sausage Festival is Oct. 26 from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. at Town Park (Main Street at State Street). The festival offers German-heritage inspired sausage, along with other foods, entertainment and craft vendors. Bring your lawn chair and spend the day. For more, visit n Nov. 7 through Nov. 17 is the famous Frank Brown International Songwriter’s Festival. Songwriters stream into town and fill venues from Pensacola to Gulf Shores. Spring n Elberta German Sausage Festival is a biannual event also held the last Saturday of March from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. n May events include Foley’s Art in the Park, held Mother’s Day Weekend in Heritage Park where local arts and crafts vendors sell their wares and guests enjoy food and entertainment. For more, visit or contact the Foley Performing Arts Center. n The 30th Annual Interstate Mullet Toss at the Flora Bama. Toss a fish to raise money for youth charities, always the last full weekend in April. n Enjoy the Second Annual LA Gumbo Festival the second full weekend in April at The Wharf. n Around for the youngsters? Look for the 14th Annual Kids Fishing Jubilee at Lake Shelby in Gulf State Park. Date to be determined.


n Events in May include the Third Annual American Volleyball Coaches of America sand national championships, the first weekend in May at Gulf Shores. n A well-known musical event is the Fifth Annual Hangout Music Festival, always the weekend before Memorial Day at Gulf Shores. n Orange Beach Billfish Classic Fishing Tournament is a May event at The Wharf. For more, visit n The end of May brings Thunder on the Gulf – Race Village at The Wharf. This Super Boat Grand Prix is held on the Gulf of Mexico in Orange Beach. For more, visit n June features the Ninth Annual LuLuPalooza all-day music festival at LuLu’s in Gulf Shores, always the second Saturday in June. n The Annual Gulf Coast Hot Air Balloon Festival is Father’s Day Weekend at Foley Sports Complex, 18507 U.S. Highway 98 W., Foley. For more information visit n The Perdido Key Chamber presents Flora-Bama Lounge, Package, & Oyster Bar Annual Shindig on the Sand Beach Concert on the third weekend in June. Break out the sunscreen and join in three days of music on the beach and throughout the bar. Featuring 70 musical acts and 200 musicians, find more at — By Jessica Jones

The Hot Air Balloon Festival takes place every year in June at the Foley Sports Complex.

Photo by Robert Tarabella


Big Beautiful Baldwin 2013 v Spectrum of Possibilities


Holiday Happenings

aldwin County is a magical place anytime of year, but holidays add an extra glimmer as our southern Alabama county calls a colorful cast of characters to life. Below are highlights:

New Year’s

eastern shore n Fairhope’s New Year’s Eve celebration, band starts playing at 8:30 p.m. at corner of Fairhope Avenue and Church Street, fireworks and a ball drop at midnight and more. 8 p.m. until midnight. South Baldwin n New Year’s Eve celebration counting down the New Year at noon with kids in mind at LuLu’s in Gulf Shores. n The Wharf in Orange Beach holds a family-friendly New Year’s Eve celebration. n Polar Bear Dips on Jan. 1: 28th Annual Polar Bear Dip at the Flora-Bama; Third Annual Polar Bear Dip at the Hangout presented by Gulf Shores Kiwanis.

Memorial Day

Eastern Shore n Baldwin Pops’ Memorial Day Concert is held Memorial Day at 6:30 p.m. at Henry George Park in Fairhope. Visit South Baldwin n Fort Morgan Memorial Day Tribute is Memorial Day at 9 a.m. at 51 Alabama Highway 180 W. in Gulf Shores. Call 251-540-5257.

Independence Day

Eastern Shore n City of Fairhope fireworks display over Henry George Park; includes concert by the Baldwin Pops. central baldwin n Fireworks on the 4th in Robertsdale at Garrett Park 8:30 to 8:45 p.m. and in Summerdale at Pioneer Park 8:45 to 9 p.m. South Baldwin n City of Gulf Shores fireworks display over the Gulf of Mexico. n Annual Fireworks at The Wharf event Wednesday, July 3 and Thursday, July 4.


North Baldwin n Annual Halloween Haunted Trail is in late October. with rides beginning at 7 p.m. at Baldwin County Bicentennial Park, 51233 State Highway 225 in Stockton. Admission is $5 per person, children under 3 free. Eastern Shore n Christ the King’s The Haunted Forest in Daphne is in late October. Tickets are $10 in advance at Christ the King Church office and $12 at the door. Concessions are available. Call 251-656-4715 or visit for more information.

Central Baldwin n Magnolia Corn Maze is from late September through early November. Hours are Fridays 5 to 8 p.m., Saturdays 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. and Sundays 12 to 5 p.m. at 15275 County Road 49 S., Summerdale. For more, call 251-605-7216. South Baldwin n Annual Scarecrow Fest is free to groups and families, requires RSVP to reserve frame and hay. Held at Coastal Art Center in Orange Beach in early October, activities at the Scarecrow Fest include live music, pumpkin painting and carving, marshmallow roasting and hot dog dinner, trebuchet water-balloon launch, cake walk, prizes and fun for the entire family. For more information, call 251-981-2787 or visit n Uptown Foley Halloween Party is on a Thursday evening in late October and includes free games and treats. Held along Orange and Laurel avenues in Foley, it features a costume contest for all ages, a food court, cakewalk, spook house, face painting, inflatable jump houses and more. For more information, call Linda Hula, 251-943-1300. n BooLu’s Annual Haunted House at LuLu’s in Gulf Shores on Oct. 24-31. n Hillcrest Farms Corn Maze is through Oct. 31, 9 a.m. until 6 p.m. Adults are $5, children 3-12 years, $3. It’s located on State Highway 98 West between Lillian and Elberta.


North Baldwin n Christmas Fest is the first weekend in December in Bay Minette and features food, arts and crafts vendors, live music and more. n Stockton’s Christmas Homes Tour is in early December. n Christmas on the River is 3 p.m., Dec. 7, 2013, at Lower Bryant Landing in Stockton. The boat parade will start at 6 p.m. and Santa will arrive by boat. Call 251-937-3234. Eastern Shore n Fairhope's Annual Lighting of the Trees is a free event in downtown Fairhope. Entertainment is provided and Mrs. Claus will be passing out candy canes. 5:30 to 8 p.m. with tree lighting at 6 p.m. n Fairhope’s Christmas Open House is in mid-November n Christmas by the Bay is in mid-November at Fairhope Civic Center. Call 251-928-4585, ext. 101. n The Third Annual Movie on Fairhope Avenue is Nov. 23, on Fairhope Avenue. This free event will feature the movie "Polar Express" at 6:30 p.m. Refreshments are available. n Jingle Bell Run is at 8 a.m. the first Friday in December starting at Daphne City Hall. Call 251-639-9722. n Parades: Daphne, 6 p.m. the first Friday in December, Main Street; Fairhope, 7 p.m. on the first Friday in

Spectrum of Possibilities v Big Beautiful Baldwin 2013

December, Downtown Fairhope; Spanish Fort, 9 a.m. on the first Saturday in December, Eastern Shore Centre n Concerts: Baldwin Pops Winter Wonderland, Daphne Civic Center, 251-988-1260; Eastern Shore Chorale Society Christmas Concert, Fairhope United Methodist Church, 251-223-2585 or; Eastern Shore Chorale Society Messiah Community Sing, Trinity Presbyterian Church in Fairhope, 251-223-2585 or Central Baldwin n Parades: Robertsdale, first Saturday in December at 6:30 p.m.; Silverhill, first Friday in December at 7 p.m.; Loxley, second Saturday in December at 10 a.m. South Baldwin n Marjorie Snook, a pillar of the Foley community, elaborately decorates her Victorian home on George Younce Road in Foley every Christmas. She puts the decorations and lights up the day after Thanksgiving, and they stay up until New Yearâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Day. Families are welcome to drive by the house anytime during the season. n Christmas In The Park is in early December with free admission at Heritage Park, downtown Foley. The event includes carol singing, cocoa sipping, lighting of the Christmas tree and a special visitor, Santa Claus. For more information, call Linda Hula, 251-943-1300. n Second Annual Coastal Christmas celebration in Gulf

Shores and Orange Beach from Nov. 1 to Jan. 1. n A Classical Christmas Concert is Dec. 5, 2013, from 7 to 9 p.m. at the Summerdale Municipal Complex. n Trim-A-Tree is each holiday season at the Foley Art Center; it includes locally made arts and crafts items that make lovely Christmas gifts. n The Annual Foley Christmas Parade is the second Saturday of December from 10 to 11 a.m. in downtown Foley with the Let It Snow event directly following. n Let It Snow is the second Saturday of December from 11 a.m. until 3 p.m. with free admission in Heritage Park in Foley. The event includes live entertainment, inflatable obstacle courses, storytelling with Mrs. Claus, childrenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s art village and snow. Concessions available for purchase. For more information, call Linda Hula 251-943-1300. n Second Annual Merry Market at the Orange Beach Events Center on Dec. 13. n Santa parachutes into the Flora-Bama on Dec. 14. n TBA: 28th Annual Alabama Gulf Coast Chamber of Commerce Lighted Boat Parade; Gulf Shores Christmas Parade and Open House; City of Gulf Shores Breakfast with Santa; Billy Clausâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; visit to LuLuâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s, Santaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s snow-allergic brother gives toys to kids and takes wishes to bring to his more famous brother.

Holiday Happenings


â&#x20AC;&#x201D; By Jessica Jones

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Big Beautiful Baldwin 2013 v Spectrum of Possibilities


Live Music

f you are looking for live music you have come to the right place. There are venues to kick back and enjoy a live band all across Baldwin County. From our own active local music scene to regional and national acts, you can find a fit to your musical tastes throughout the county. Here are a few places you may want to check out.

The Amphitheater at The Wharf — Orange Beach

The Amphitheater at The Wharf is the only place in the county where you can catch national headlining bands throughout the year. Recent artists to grace the stage have been Kings of Leon, Kenny Chesney, Taylor Swift, Brad Paisley, Miranda Lambert, Willie Nelson, Dave Matthews and Kid Rock. The Amphitheater shares the Wharf Resort with a full-service Marina, a shopping area, restaurants, a movie theater, as well as the South’s tallest Ferris wheel. Where: 23101 Canal Road, Orange Beach Phone: 251-224-1020 Web:

Pirate’s Cove — Elberta

Delight in some live music while enjoying some great food and beautiful scenery at Pirate’s Cove — a marina, restaurant and a great place to catch some local bands. There’s live music two to three times a week at Pirate’s Cove, featuring mostly local musicians. Pirate’s Cove also has great hamburgers. It is open seven days a week, and breakfast, lunch and dinner are served.

Where: 6664 County Road 95, Elberta Phone: 251-987-1224 Web:

Rhythm and Ribs — Gulf Shores

Just as its name states, Rhythm and Ribs is the place to go for some great Southern food and music on the Gulf Coast. Musicians featured are typically from the South, including local and regional artists. Three to four times a week, you can catch musicians from various genres on stage at Rhythm and Ribs. Try the food, too — you can’t go wrong at the roadhouse-type venue. Where: 2420 E. Second St., Gulf Shores Phone: 251-948-7427 Web:

Pate’s Country Music Hall — Foley

This country music venue is fun for the whole family. Adults and children come to dance, clap and sing along. No smoking or alcohol is allowed. Where: 14965 Alabama Highway 59, Foley Phone: 251-943-4710 Web:

The Record Bar — Daphne

The Record Bar is a funky little bar where you can hear some great local and sometimes regional musicians. The bar is perfect for up-close and intimate concerts, plus they mix a mean martini. Typically there are musicians playing once or twice a week there, often on Thursday, Friday or Saturday. If you are in the area, it’s a place you will want to check out. Where: 1203 U.S. Highway 98 Suite 4E, Daphne Luke Bryan and a fan at Phone: 251-621-8300 The Wharf Amphitheater Web:


f you would rather see many artists all at once, then one of Baldwin County’s music festivals is for you. There are three festivals highlighting national, regional and local musicians throughout the year.

The Hangout Music Festival — Gulf Shores

Photo by Mark Robinson

Located on the sandy white beaches of Gulf Shores, Hangout Fest is a truly unique experience. Featuring many top national acts, the three-day event is worth checking out. The 2013 line-up included Stevie Wonder, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers and Kings of Leon. Tickets sell out fast for this event so get them early if you plan to attend. Where: Gulf Shores beaches When: May 2014 Web: Admission: General admission is $189 for early birds and up to $250 for the three day pass.

Spectrum of Possibilities v Big Beautiful Baldwin 2013

Live Music

Frank Brown International Songwriters Festival â&#x20AC;&#x201D; Multiple Locations

This 10-day event features some of the best songwriters from around the country and beyond. During this festival, you can catch nearly 200 Grammy award winning and new up-and-coming songwriters. The Frank Brown Festival is at multiple venues throughout Pensacola, Orange Beach and Gulf Shores. The festival is named after Frank Brown, a night watchman at the legendary Flora-Bama bar for 28 years. Festival attendees can enjoy an up close and personal concert experience and are often able to learn the stories behind the songs as told by the original author. Where: Multiple venues When: Nov. 7-17, 2013 Web: Admission: Varies by venue, most are free

L.A. Songwritersâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; Festival â&#x20AC;&#x201D; Fairhope

â&#x20AC;&#x201D; By Kaylea Saucier

Another sellout and beautiful weather graced the 2013 Hangout Festival in Gulf Shores.

The Lower Alabama Songwritersâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; Festival is a three-day event featuring Eastern Shore, Lower Alabama and Nashville songwriters. Nearly 40 songwriters come together to participate in this festival. Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s a great place to explore some of Baldwin Countyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s own local musicians and those from surrounding areas.

ELECTRIC CO-OPS WERE CONSTRUCTED WITH LINES, POLES AND THE FOOLHARDY NOTION THAT WE ALL PROSPER BY HELPING EACH OTHER. Today, the spirit of community that coops were built upon continues to thrive. And as members we



can all lend a hand to one another by saving energy. Learn how at


The event is open to the public and proceeds benefit a local charity organization. Where: American Legion Post 199 When: Sept. 12-14, 2013 Web: Admission: $15 a day

Photo by Mark Robinson



Big Beautiful Baldwin 2013 v Spectrum of Possibilities


Fine Arts

he bounties of fine art across the world offer audiences entertainment, enlightenment and inspiration — Baldwin County also brims with an array of possibilities for art lovers. Whether you’re a fan of theater, dance and other performance-driven forms; one with an ear for sweet notes that drift from instruments and voices; or full of passion for painting, sculpture, pottery and woodworks, you can find a place among like-minded people here in Alabama’s largest county.


David and Royce Fore display their ballroom dancing moves on the beach.

Photo by Jessica Jones

n Pate’s Music Hall: Saturdays, 7 to 9 p.m., doors open at 5:30; 14965-A Highway 59 N., Foley; 251-978-2462 or 251-978-7317. n Argentine Tango by the Bay: Tuesdays, 7 p.m. Southern Edge, 251 Greeno Road S., Fairhope;; A milonga is held every second Tuesday at Mobile’s Holiday Inn Skyview Lounge. n Moonlight Chasse’ Ballroom Dance Society: First and third Mondays, of the month, 7 to 10 p.m. Fitzpen Place, 11247 Alabama Highway 31, Spanish Fort; 251-377-4069,, 251-625-3137; Admission for non-members is $10, $7 with membership, $5 for students with college identification. n Ballroom dancing lessons by Ryan Duvall: First and third Fridays, 6:30 to 7 p.m. with dance following; Free; PZK Civic Center, 17933 Alabama Highway 104, Robertsdale; 251-979-9571; Admission is $5. September

through November, dance to the music of Scott Langholff. Soft drinks and coffee will be furnished. Bring finger food. n Foley Senior Center Dances: First and third Saturdays, 7 to 10 p.m.; 304 E. Rose Ave., Foley; 251-943-1877; $5 for members, $7 non-members. n James P. Nix Center Famous Cabaret Dance; Second and fourth Thursdays; 1 Bayou Drive, Fairhope; 251-929-1447.


n Baldwin County Youth Orchestra: Director Leroy Hughes leads the nonprofit organization in multiple performances. The group works to educate, promote and enrich the community by building relationships through musical awareness, performance and tutelage. Programs include strings, wind and jazz ensembles, beginner band and music camp., 251-979-6834. n Snook Youth Club: The club offers dance, violin and other educational enrichment opportunities. 1391 S. Cedar St., Foley; 251-943-1483. n American Legion Post 199 Guitar Jams: Fridays, 7 p.m.; Free; Also check the Legion Bar for Saturday Nite Jam hosts, starts at 8 p.m. 700 S. Mobile St., Fairhope; 251-928-9132, n Coastal Chorale: Under the direction of conductor Doug Brasell, the group has several shows each year, including a Christmas production. Auditions are open to the public and members are all volunteers who pitch in to handle marketing and advertising, ticket sales, stage setup, lighting and sound design. 915 N. Pine St., Foley;, 251-943-8030. n Eastern Shore Choral Society: Under the direction of Mary Katherine Kilgore with Joe Rambo as accompanist, the ESCS performance year begins in early September. There are two performance seasons, fall and spring, with a major concert program presented at two concerts each season. In addition, the organization hosts a free musical Messiah Sing event during the Christmas season. 155 S. Section St., Fairhope; n Sunday Sunset Series: Post 199 is launching a Sunday Sunset Series of concerts on the beach. A different band, with its own unique music, will play each week. Although there is plenty of parking, guests can also choose to arrive by bicycle, kayak or boat. 3 p.m., Sundays from June until August; $5 per person. American Legion Post 199, 700 Mobile St., Fairhope. n Music and a Movie in the Park: Music begins at 6 p.m. with a movie following at dusk, each Friday in May and June. Heritage Park, 125 E. Laurel Ave., Foley; n Music at Meyer Park: Guests may bring blankets, chairs, friends and family to enjoy these free concerts throughout the summer. 400 E. 22nd Ave., Gulf Shores; 251-968-1172,

Spectrum of Possibilities v Big Beautiful Baldwin 2013


ake a splash this summer at one of Baldwin County’s many splash pads. Three municipalities operate splash pads in Baldwin County. The newest, located on the corner of Pennsylvania Street and Park Avenue inside Garrett Park in Robertsdale, recently began its second season of operation. All of the splash parks are open to the general public at no charge.

Fine Arts

n South Baldwin Community Theatre: Tickets cost $10 for adults, $5 for students and children younger than 2 are free. 2022 W. Second St., Gulf Shores; 251-968-6721, n Summer Tide Theatre by drama students at the University of Alabama: A month of performances every spring, Tuesdays through Saturdays at 8 p.m. Musical theater. Shows vary per year. $20 adults, $15 children, group rate available. George C. Meyer Performing Arts Center, 2022 W. Second St., Gulf Shores; 251-968-6721. n Theatre 98: Season tickets are $60 (four-play season); $40 for students; single admission: $18 ($20 for musicals and classical productions); $12 single ($14 for musicals and classical productions) for students. 350 Morphy Ave., Fairhope; 251-928-4366.

Visual Arts

n Bay Rivers Art Guild: Monday through Thursday, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.; Friday 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.; Members’ Open Studio; Viewing galleries, classes and camps offered. 1704 Sixth St., Daphne;, 251-621-0659. n Coastal Arts Center of Orange Beach: Gallery hours are Monday through Friday, 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., Saturday 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.; 26389 Canal Road, Orange Beach; 251-981-2787. n Eastern Shore Art Center: Tuesday through Friday, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., Saturday 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.; viewing galleries, classes and camps offered. 401 Oak St., Fairhope; 251-928-2228, n First Friday Artwalk: Visit all the art galleries Fairhope has to offer. Walk begins at the Eastern Shore Art Center. Wine and refreshments served at select locations. Every first Friday except December, 6 to 8 p.m.; free; downtown Fairhope; 251-928-2228. n The Old Town Bay Minette Art Trail: Maps of the Art Trail are available in front of the Bay Minette Public Library where the trail begins and ends. The trail winds around the Baldwin County Courthouse past downtown businesses, parks and neighborhoods. The artwork along the trail is donated by local artists and students and will be changed periodically.


Splash Pads



Bay Minette Bay Minette operates the county’s oldest splash pad, opening in 2000. Located on the corner of McMillan Avenue and Fourth Street at the Bay Minette Kid’s Park, the pad operates from mid-May through Labor Day and is open from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. daily during the peak summer months. Visit Foley Tanger Outlet, on Alabama Highway 59 in Foley, opened its “water fountain” splash park area and carousel shortly after the facility was renovated in 2007. The park also operates during normal business hours, from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. Monday through Saturday and from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Sunday. Visit GULF SHORES Located in the center court of the Pelican Place at Craft Farms on Gulf Shores Parkway. Contact Pelican Place at 251-968-3638 for hours and days of operation. ROBERTSDALE The Robertsdale splash pad, which features a baseball theme and includes a bear motif in honor of the local high school mascot, began operations on Memorial Day Weekend last year. During the summer months, the pad operates daily from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m., returning to limited use at the beginning of the school year until October. Visit Summerdale Summerdale’s splash park is located just south of Pioneer Park on Northwest First Street. The park is open from April through Oct. 1 from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. daily during peak summer hours. Visit

n Baldwin Writers Group: Third Saturdays; Membership fees are $15 per year. Daphne Public Library; n Pensters Writing Group: Second Saturdays, 10 a.m. to noon; Membership fees are $20 per year. University of South Alabama Baldwin County, 111 St. James St., Fairhope;

Spanish Fort The Eastern Shore Centre, located off of Alabama Highway 181 at Interstate 10 in Spanish Fort, has operated its splash pad since the complex opened in 2004. The pad is open to the public during normal business hours, 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. Monday through Saturday and from noon to 6 p.m. on Sunday. Visit

— By Jessica Jones

— By John Underwood


Big Beautiful Baldwin 2013 v Spectrum of Possibilities


Baldwin County Fair

very year for five days beginning on the last Tuesday in September, a 50-acre field located just a short distance east of Highway 59 in Robertsdale is transformed into a magical place, filled with lights and sound, and rides, games and entertainment for all ages.

A mother and son have fun on the Ferris wheel.

The history

Established in 1948, the Baldwin County Fair is the longest running county fair in the state, said A.B. “Sonny” Hankins, who has served as fair manager since 2004. “Through fires, hurricanes, terrorist attacks and deaths, we have never failed to put on a county fair in 63 years,” Hankins said. But the fair hasn’t always been in its current location. After beginning in Silverhill, the fair moved to Robertsdale in the early 1950s, where it operated from a location on Palmer Street for more than 50 years. In the beginning, under the guidance of former mayor J.D. Sellars as fair manager, the facility hosted a variety of livestock shows and other events. It was also popular with politicians, Hankins said, hosting every campaign kickoff rally for former Gov. George Wallace beginning in 1963. But in 2004, the Baldwin County Cattle and Fair Association was looking to expand the facility and purchased 50 acres of land with that idea in mind.

Growing pains

“We had simply run out of space,” Hankins said. The old facility operated on 10 acres of land, part of which the association allowed the city of Robertdale to use for tennis courts, baseball fields and other facilities. “We only had about seven acres of space for the fair. We needed a facility we could use, not just one week out of the year, but all year round.” The group also saw a need to build a facility that could be used as a primary shelter in case of a major storm, Hankins said. “We had just come through Hurricane Ivan (in 2004) and Hurricane Katrina (in 2005), and there was no place in Baldwin County at that time where people could go to find shelter,” Hankins said.

A new building

So, with the help of the Federal Emergency Management Agency and the Baldwin County Commission, the Cattle and Fair Association applied for a grant to build a $13 million state-of-the-art shelter, capable of

File Photo

sustaining 200-mph winds and housing up to 3,900 people, nearly 2,000 on a long-term basis. The project also included a 78,000-square-foot, 2,200-seat arena, which was completed in February 2007. That September, even though the coliseum was not yet available for use, the first Baldwin County Fair was held at the new facility. For more information about the fair or using the building for an event, call the fair office at 251-947-3247 or visit the fair website,

The 63rd Annual Baldwin County Fair

The 63rd Fair will be Sept. 24-28, 2013, at 19477 Fairground Road in Robertsdale with gates opening daily at 3 p.m., noon on Saturday. The coliseum is open for entertainment and exhibits and the annual Baldwin County Fair Rodeo is Friday and Saturday, Sept. 27-28 2013. General admission is $6 for adults, free for children 12 and under. Parking for the fair is always free, Hankins said. — By John Underwood

Spectrum of Possibilities v Big Beautiful Baldwin 2013


 !! ! !!  ! ! !!!!  !!  ! !! !! !!! ! ! !   ! ! ! ! ! ! 5)3;&5*42;42:;46+:;67;8.)8-7;96 24;,59;'&'$';$1;1!;830;'(';;$1 (' :7%:/68..-; 0*963 ; 42:; 7*++:9"; !2:/; 5*4; 83-; 9::97; .5/84653; ,59; 42: (1&1&$; 63; (!1#; )642; +83-; 64:+7; .5/8..-; 95)3; 830; $1; '1&$ '$ ; 1$&; /*4; 45; 590:9#; )98%%:0; (11; 086.-"; *963 ; 42:; 7*++:9; +53427# /84/2;(''; '$;(11(&;53; ($;)642;!1;! ;(11(";!84/2 !2:,;*/-;53; &4*065;$:3";135-;*/-7;46%7;830;,85964:;(1!'1&";60:57;830 9:/6%:7;53.63:;84;))) 9::97/5+9:/6%:7#;)9 /5+;830;,5 4/5+ 9::97;5,,:97;8; 9:84;7:.:/4653;5,;,9:72;0:.68:9-;830;428);830;7:..;64:+7";; 1;1 ;830;)642;3:89.-; ;-:897;: %:96:3/:#;):;+8:;7*9:;5*9;('1;!'!1;67 42:; :74; 53; 42:; %.83:4";$2:9:; 89:; 8; 896:4-; 5,; :.6; 7.6/:0; +:847; 830; /2::7:7#; ,9:72 78.807;830;7830)6/2:7#;7%:/68.4-;::97#;)63:7;830;7%69647;45;/2557:;,95+#;8.53 ;)642;8 )60:;896:4-;5,; 95/:9-#;0869-#;738/7;830;0:.6;8:9-;64:+7#;455" &$1(;&'$'$ ;830;;&$(;!&$1(;&1('!1 -5*;)6.. ,630; 64; 84; ::9-; 9::97; 7459:"; ::; ::3; %98/46/63 ; ,59; 3:89.-; ; -:897"; *9 ,96:30.-#; /8963 #; 2:.%,*.; 748,,; )6..; +8:; 7*9:; -5*9; 725%%63 ; : %:96:3/:; 67; 53:; 45 9:+:+:9";135-;42:;(11(&;'1(1!1&;,95+;42:;+63*4:;-5*;)8.;63;42: 0559";

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     42:; %:9,:/4; 6,4; ,59; 694208-7# 8336:97896:7#;8-;725):97;830;+59:"



22245 Hwy 59, Robertsdale, Al 36567


75 S Section St., Fairhope AL 36532

(251) 928-8029

12255 Lillian Hwy., Pensacola, FL 32506






Big Beautiful Baldwin 2013 v Spectrum of Possibilities

Prudential & ('"($"$'

6351 Monroe Street, Daphne, AL 36526 â&#x20AC;˘ 251-626-2030 %(&%!''%!'%$( %'!("%!( '#"$'!(# '#(''#( (( &&"$'(

(#!'%$&"($'(#!'%$&"(  ("%!($'( ( ("#'(#'&$'#'!('#&'("#(  #!'%$&"(&%"%&"( %("%!(&$(#'"$'!('%$&$&'(#'&$'#'!(&%("%(#&!&$& %( #!&!'('!(%!'#(&'%'(&$(% ("&&"$& %( (#!'%$&"("( &%( #$%&$

#' %&' '!&'$#!&%' &#' %&#!#!$%"%'&$'&#!$!&' $%"&# &%!"$' " #'&$'#!$!&'%&'!&'# "'&$&#"' ' %%'$%' $&%&' " # $#'&&%'#&"%' $"%' %!'&#'$%'#&&#' ' &''&$# $"%'"&'"%'& "%'%& &#'"%! ' '$&$ &%!"$' " #'&$'#!$!&' %!"%&#'! '#&!'!&'$'"%'&&"% !&' $"%' %!'&$'#!$!&'"%#!' %'$' &##"&'!&%'$%' &# & %'!&'&&!$!" %#' '"!#'"&%!#'"%' &##" %$"#'% && $$"$""!'$%' &$'&&"&%&             


Photo by Mark Robinson

Immerse yourself in the unique flavor of Baldwin County The odds are, no matter how far you roam, you’ll find no other place like Baldwin County. History has blessed the area with influences from the French, Spanish, English, German, Native Americans and many more. Immigrants from across the globe have made Baldwin County their home, while native cultures remain in cohabitation. Mardi Gras is a celebration unique to this and several other Southern cities. Beautiful and portable artworks “float” down the street as revelers throw goodies to those lining the road sides. Balls harken back images of grand parties and black-tie affairs, and general feelings of frivolity and happiness abound. Feasting is a big part of that happy feeling, and nobody cooks quite like Southerners. We create dishes from Gulf seafood, local produce — and add bacon grease, ham hocks and garlic to everything. Well, we spice it up in our own special way. Our own, special way even applies to our muscadine wine, agriculture and pet-friendly places. Baldwin County is unlike any place you’ve ever been. And likely, at the top of your list of Places I Can’t Wait To Get Back To.

Mardi Gras has become a tradition in Baldwin County. Here members of the Shadow Barons throw goodies to the crowd in a Daphne parade.

Photo by Art Chauvin


Mardi Gras

merica’s very first Mardi Gras celebration was held in the French colony of Mobile in 1719, according to the Encyclopedia of Alabama. Baldwin County followed suit, and continues today, the modern tradition of parading from atop elaborate floats and throwing MoonPies, beads, doubloons, stuffed animals and trinkets to eager crowds. These free displays bring masked revelers riding horses or standing atop floats (trailers constructed with multiple-level decks and decorated with papier mache, usually depicting the organizations’ theme for that year). Crowds line up on both sides of the street, and the floats are pulled by trucks along the parade route. Some cities offer roadside barricades. Balls, float buildings and other parties are held by Mardi Gras organizations. Traditional Mardi Gras balls include dining, alcoholic beverages and dancing. Apparel consists of Costume de Riguer: for men, black tails, white pique bow tie, shirt and vest, mother of pearl cufflinks and black leather or patent leather shoes; for women, formal, floor or ankle length dresses are required and some organizations limit

styles, not allowing slits or cutouts. David Cooper, former president of the Mobile Carnival Association and locally known as “Mr. Mardi Gras,” wrote, “A King’s History of Mardi Gras,” which explains how area residents can feel proud of a colorful (i.e., purple, green and gold) past. An article based on his Mardi Gras history can be found at or in the 2013 Mardi Gras season Arts & Entertainment section.

Festive facts:

n Beads became throw items in the 1920s. n MoonPies became a throw item in 1956. n Doubloons, or plastic coin throws, were invented in 1960. n Mardi Gras is based on Roman celebrations of spring and fertility, such as Lupercalia. n Fat Tuesday is followed by Ash Wednesday, the first day of the Catholic Lenten season. n Mardi Gras colors, purple, green and gold, have specific representations: justice, faith and power, respectively.

Spectrum of Possibilities v Big Beautiful Baldwin 2013

Mardi Gras

While Mardi Gras balls and organization parties require invitations from members, parades and the following events are open to the public: n Mardi Gras Dance with John and Jim Admission $12 per person, tickets available at the door. Orange Beach Event Center at the Wharf. For more information, call 251-981-3440. n Mardi Gras at the Wharf March 2, 2014 from 4 to 8 p.m. The Wharf, Main Street in Orange Beach The Wharf will host two parades. The Children’s and Pet Parade will go up and down Main Street at The Wharf beginning at 4 p.m. and is open to all who would like to walk in the parade. The Wharf will provide throws. There is no need to pre-register; just show up at the lineup on the north end of Main Street. The Float Parade at the Wharf will begin at 6 p.m., featuring floats from the area Mardi Gras Krewes. The Wharf will also have other family fun and activities before and after the parades.

Fat Tuesday Future Dates n 2014 - March 4 n 2015 - Feb. 17 n 2016 - Feb. 9 n 2017 - Feb. 28 n 2018 - Feb. 13 n 2019 - March 5 n 2020 - Feb. 25

Baldwin County’s 2014 Mardi Gras parade schedule

Photo by Eric Mann

north baldwin n Mystic Revelers


Baldwin County holds some unique parades such as The Haven’s Mystic Mutts.

Photo by Eric Mann

March 1, 12 p.m. • Bay Minette EASTERN SHORE n Apollo’s Mystic Ladies Feb. 21, 6:45 p.m. • Daphne n The Haven’s Mystic Mutts Feb. 22, 2:30 p.m. • Fairhope n Knights of Ecor Rouge Feb. 22, 7 p.m. • Fairhope n Krewe of Early Readers (the “Children’s Parade”) Feb. 28, 9 a.m. • Fairhope n Maids of Jubilee Feb. 28, 6:45 p.m. • Fairhope n Order of Persephone Feb. 28, 6:45 p.m. • Daphne n Shadow Barons March 1, 6:45 p.m. • Daphne n Krewe of Mullet Mates March 2, 2 p.m. • Mullet Point, A child looks on at the County Road 1 n Loyal Order of the Firetruck Mystic Mutts parade. March 2, 2:29 p.m. • Daphne n Order of Mystic Magnolias March 3, 6:45 p.m. • Fairhope south baldwin n Mystical Order of Mirams Feb. 28, 6:30 p.m. • Orange Beach n Foley Parade March 1, 11 a.m. • Foley n Mystics of Pleasure March 1, 5:30 p.m. • Orange Beach n Gulf Shores Mardi Gras Association Parade March 4, 10 a.m. • Gulf Shores n Orange Beach and Gulf Shores Mardi Gras Parades March 4, 2 p.m. • Orange Beach, Alabama Highway 161 — By Jessica Jones


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aldwin Countyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s seafood industry traces its history back to Native Americans who fished its creeks, rivers, bays and coastal waters for a natural bounty that was an important and protein-rich source of food for them, according to Avery Bates, vice president of the Organized Seafood Association of Alabama. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Many of our families in the business go back several generations and are carrying on a critical way of life and culture,â&#x20AC;? he said. â&#x20AC;&#x153;We depend on this bounty from the sea, as do the many restaurants, seafood retailers and wholesalers that are part of the industry, not just in Alabama, but across the country.â&#x20AC;? The seafood industry in Alabama provides more than 10,000 jobs, and its annual economic impact has been estimated at $335 million a year, according to the Alabama Seafood Marketing Commission. â&#x20AC;&#x153;The Alabama seafood industry is vital to the economy of coastal Alabama,â&#x20AC;? said Chris Blankenship, director of the Marine Resources Division of the Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources, who serves as the commissionâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s program administrator and is based in Gulf Shores. â&#x20AC;&#x153;The hard-working men and women that catch, unload, process, ship and sell local Alabama seafood have been a vital part of the community for generations.

â&#x20AC;&#x153;When people buy local products, whether it is seafood, produce or other goods, it supports the local economy and keeps the money circulating in the local community,â&#x20AC;? Blankenship added. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Besides the economic benefits, local seafood is just fresher and tastes better than imported seafood.â&#x20AC;? In March 2011 Gov. Robert Bentley created the ASMC, which is comprised of persons from all aspects of the seafood industry. â&#x20AC;&#x153;We have fishermen, shrimp processors, oyster processors, crab processors, fish dealers, seafood retailers, restaurants, chefs, consumers, charter boat operators, regulatory personnel and elected officials,â&#x20AC;? Blankenship said. â&#x20AC;&#x153;All of these people are working together to promote the seafood industry and to help get the word out about the quality and availability of Alabama gulf seafood.â&#x20AC;? For information about the Alabama seafood industry, visit and The ASMC website has a list of seafood retailers and wholesalers in Baldwin County, as well as an extensive list of seafood restaurants throughout the state, searchable by city. â&#x20AC;&#x201D; By Mike Odom

    17111 Scenic Hwy. 98 Point Clear, Alabama

251-928-8477 Making Homemade Candies, Pickles, Preserves & Jams Since 1952

FREE PRALINE WITH AD (One per customer, per day) Exp: 10/31/13

Retail only

BAY MINETTE n Streetâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Seafood and Produce Market 251 U.S. Highway 31 S. 251-937-2664 n The Outdoorsman 38255 State Highway 225 251-937-0019 BON SECOUR n Shuttâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Safe Harbour Seafood 5832 Heritage Circle 251-949-7442 DAPHNE n Market By The Bay 29145 U.S. Highway 98 251-621-9664 FAIRHOPE n Windmill Market 85 N. Bancroft St. 251-517-5444 FOLEY n Fresh Market 7525 B State Highway 59 251-955-5550

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GULF SHORES n Fresh Market Seafood Bait Tackle 15849 B State Highway 180 W. 251-967-1732 LOXLEY n Flopperâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Foods 13045 County Road 64 251-964-4567 ORANGE BEACH n Fresh Market 26650 Perdido Beach Blvd. 251-974-2070 SEMINOLE n Uncle Bubbaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Country Store 32450 U.S. Highway 90 251-946-2667

Retail and Wholesale BON SECOUR n Aquila Seafood Inc. 17309 River Road 251-949-6658 n Billyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Seafood Inc. County Road 10 West


251-949-6288 n Bon Secour Fisheries Inc. 17449 County Road 49 S. 251-949-7411 n Safe Harbour Seafood 5822 Heritage Circle 251-949-7442 DAPHNE n Hazels Market 26751 U.S. Highway 98 251-626-9939 FOLEY n Foley Fish Co. 321 S. McKenzie St. 251-943-3474 n Joe The Shrimp Man 6382 Cook Road 251-978-0717 GULF SHORES n Blalock Seafood Market 1911 Gulf Shores Parkway 251-968-581

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Chicken Swap


at. Every 3rd S


251-947-5252 HRS.: 7:30-5:30 M-F; 7:30-3:30 SAT 21353 HWY 59


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ORANGE BEACH n Blalock Seafood Inc. 24822 Canal Road 251-974-5811 SUMMERDALE n Seafood and Shrimp Outlet 429 State Highway 59 S. 251-989-6731

Wholesale only

BON SECOUR n Carson & Company Inc. 16749 River Road 251-949-7474 DAPHNE n Fresh Seafood 9910 Milton Jones Road 251-626-1106 ELBERTA n Wallace Seafood Trader Inc. 27497 County Road 20 251-987-5125

Oysters are a popular seafood item on the Gulf Coast. Many restaurants serve them a variety of ways such as fried, baked or raw on the half-shell.

Photo by Jessica Jones

ROBERTSDALE n Hub City Seafood 23028 State Highway 59 251-947-9555

SUMMErDALE n American Seafood 429 Highway 59 S. 251-989-6731



aldwin County has a rich agricultural history. Many older folks grew up on farms, and they all remember the L&N railroad that transported crops from Baldwin County all over the country. Now, however, many of the farms have been sold, and housing developments have popped up in their stead. Nevertheless, you still don’t have to look far to find giant farms that produce commodities like corn, soybeans, beef, cattle or cotton, and farmers markets around the county overflow with fresh produce from small growers who sell locally. Here’s a month-by-month guide to what you can expect to be in season in Baldwin County, but don’t be surprised if you can’t always find these crops at these times — when warm winters, late cold snaps or hurricanes hit Baldwin County, our farmers have to make adjustments in planting times and might not even have a crop that year, depending on the severity of the weather. A farmer’s growing partner is Mother Nature, and she’s not always the most reliable.

Baldwin County produce

Winter (December to February) Greens (kale, mustard, collard, turnip, salad), carrots, sweet potatoes, winter squash, cabbage, spinach, hydroponic lettuces Spring (March to mid-June) Blackberries, blueberries, cucumbers, new potatoes, peaches, snap beans, strawberries, summer squash, sweet potatoes, hydroponic lettuces Summer (Mid-June to mid-September) Bell peppers, blackberries, blueberries, cantaloupes, cucumbers, eggplants, figs, lima beans, muscadines, okra, pears, peaches, snap peas, Southern peas, sweet corn, sweet potatoes, tomatoes, watermelons Fall (Mid-September to November) Bell peppers, cabbage, cucumbers, lima beans, kumquats, persimmons, pecans, pumpkins, satsumas, snap beans, Southern peas, sweet potatoes

Find it here

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If days and hours are not listed, the market is a year-round brick-and-mortar business or farm that has normal business hours n Allegri Farm Market: County Road 64 in Daphne n B&B Pecan Company: South Greeno Road in Fairhope n Barbara the Tomato Lady: Corner of Fairhope Avenue and Church Street in Fairhope; Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays from 7 a.m. to 2 p.m. n Bee Natural Farm: Twin Beech Road in Fairhope; Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays from 10 a.m. until sundown. n Ber’s Preserves: County Road 87 in Elberta n Burris Farm Market: Alabama Highway 59 in Loxley n Cassebaum Farms: County Road 91 in Lillian n Chicago Street Farmers Market: Heritage Park, corner of Alabama Highway 59 and U.S. Highway 98 in Foley; Fridays from 3 to 6 p.m., early June to early July. n Elberta Farmers Market: State Street in Elberta; Saturdays from 8 a.m. until noon, early May until mid-July


Photo by Jill Clair Gentry

and October until first frost (usually in early December) n Fairhope Outdoor Farm Market: North Bancroft Street and Magnolia Avenue in Fairhope; Thursdays from 3 to 6 p.m., mid-May to early July and late September to early November. n Fidler Farm: Harris Lane in Silverhill; sells peaThe Windmill Market Produce Club nuts by the honor provides families with fresh, local system at farm seven days a week produce each week. from mid-August to mid-November; closed on Sundays from mid-November to mid-August. n Country Wagon Farm Market: U.S. Highway 31 in Spanish Fort. n Glenda’s Krafty Kitchen: Sells jellies, jams, pickles, relishes by appointment from home; contact 251-446-8274; also at the Fairhope Farmers Market, Gulf Shores Farmers Market and Atmore Farmers Market. n Gulf Shores Farmers Market: Gulf State Park Beach Pavilion parking lot, Saturdays from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m., year round except for the second week in July until the second week in September. n Hastings Beef Farm: Pine Grove Road in Bay Minette; organically certified grass-fed beef; contact 251-937-8728 to order by the quarter or side. n Hazel’s Market: U.S. Highway 98 in Daphne n Loxley Farm Market: Alabama Highway 59 in Loxley n Krupinski Farm: Foley; contact 251-943-1495 n Perdido Vineyards Winery: County Road 47 in Perdido n Sweet Home Farm: Specialty dairy and cheese products; Schoen Road in Elberta.

Food co-ops and CSAs

n Chasing Fresh L.L.C.: Delivers locally grown produce to homes, businesses and restaurants in Mobile and Baldwin counties on Tuesdays and Fridays. Contact 251-550-9600. n End of the Road Farm: Delivers fresh produce grown using organic practices, honey and free-range eggs. Contact 251-284-3430. n Seasons in the Sun Farms: Hydroponic farm, garden center and CSA program provider. Contact 251-423-4381. n Windmill Market Produce Club: Weekly produce offerings from Baldwin County and other Gulf Coast farmers. Contact 251-990-8883. — By Jill Clair Gentry


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Regional Recipes

n Baldwin County, the food is a mix of Southern tradition and Gulf Coast flare. Don’t be surprised to find these regional favorites on almost any restaurant menu or at the supper table at a neighbor’s home.

Shrimp and grits

Gumbo is a popular soup that is prepared in a variety of ways throughout the Gulf Coast.

Photo by Jessica Jones

Shrimp and grits is a Gulf Coast favorite and can be found on restaurant menus from breakfast to dinner. Although there are many takes on the dish, the basics stay the same: fresh Gulf shrimp, stoneground grits, spices and sausage, bacon or ham. Servings: 4 Time: 45 minutes Ingredients 4 cups water Salt and pepper 1 cup stone-ground grits 3 tablespoons butter 2 cups shredded sharp cheddar cheese 1 pound shrimp, peeled and deveined 6 slices bacon, chopped 4 teaspoons lemon juice 2 tablespoons chopped parsley 1 cup thinly sliced scallions 1 large clove garlic, minced Preparation Bring water to a boil. Add salt and pepper. Add grits and cook until water is absorbed, about 20 to 25 minutes. Remove from heat and stir in butter and cheese. Rinse shrimp and pat dry. Fry the bacon in a large skillet until browned; drain well. In grease, add shrimp. Cook until shrimp turn pink. Add lemon juice, chopped bacon, parsley, scallions and garlic. Saute for three minutes. Spoon grits into a serving bowl. Add shrimp mixture and mix well. Serve immediately.

Fish tacos

Fish tacos certainly aren’t unique to the Gulf Coast, but they are best here because we have fresh seafood locally available. Use your favorite fish or even crawfish or shrimp to make these tasty tacos. Servings: 4 Time: 20 minutes Ingredients Spice rub 1 teaspoon cumin 1 teaspoon paprika 1 teaspoon cayenne

1 teaspoon oregano 1 teaspoon black pepper 1 teaspoon sea salt Fish tacos 1 cup diced pineapple 1 avocado pitted and diced ¼ red onion ¼ cup sliced radishes Juice of 1 lime, plus wedges for garnish ½ cup chopped cilantro Salt and pepper to taste Coconut oil Fish filets 1 tablespoon of the spice rub 4 corn tortillas, warmed 1 cup finely shredded cabbage Preparation Spice rub Mix all spices in a bowl. Reserve one tablespoon of the mixture for the fish, and save the rest in an airtight container. Fish tacos Mix together the pineapple, avocado, onion, radish and the juice of one lime in a small bowl. Stir in cilantro and salt and pepper to taste. Heat a grill or stovetop pan over medium heat. Drizzle a light coating of coconut oil over the fish and rub the spice over both sides of fish. Cook fish on one side undisturbed for 4 minutes. Flip and cook other side for another 4 minutes. Remove from pan. Break fish apart with a fork into bite size chunks. Divide among warm tortillas. Top with cabbage and pineapple salsa. Serve with wedges of lime.


There are many varieties of gumbo along the Gulf Coast — gumbo cook-offs are common around here. You’ll

Spectrum of Possibilities v Big Beautiful Baldwin 2013

Regional Recipes

probably never taste the same gumbo twice, which is a good thing. Here’s one way to make it. Servings: 4 to 6 Time: 2 hours and 30 minutes Ingredients 3 large boneless skinless chicken breast halves Salt and pepper 1/4 cup vegetable oil 1 pound smoked sausage, cut into 1/4-inch slices 1/2 cup all-purpose flour 5 tablespoons butter or margarine 1 large onion, chopped 8 cloves garlic minced 1 green bell pepper, seeded and chopped 3 stalks celery chopped 1/4 cup Worcestershire sauce 1/4 bunch flat leaf parsley, stems and leaves coarsely chopped, plus chopped leaves for garnish 4 cups hot water 5 beef bouillon cubes 1 14-ounce can stewed tomatoes with juice 2 cups sliced okra (fresh preferred; frozen OK) 4 green onions, sliced, white and green parts 1/2 pound small shrimp, peeled, deveined and

cooked Preparation Season chicken with salt and pepper. Heat oil in heavy bottomed Dutch oven over medium-high heat. Cook chicken until browned on both sides, remove and shred. Add sausage and cook until browned, then remove. Sprinkle flour over the oil and add 2 tablespoons of margarine and cook over medium heat, stirring constantly with a whisk, until brown, about 10 minutes. Let roux cool. Return Dutch oven to low heat and melt the remaining 3 tablespoons margarine. Add onion, garlic, green pepper and celery and cook for 10 minutes. Add Worcestershire sauce, salt and pepper to taste and 1/4 bunch parsley. Cook, stirring frequently, for 10 minutes. Add 4 cups hot water and bouillon cubes, whisking constantly. Add chicken and sausage. Bring to a boil, then reduce heat, cover, and simmer for 45 minutes. Add tomatoes and okra. Cover and simmer for 1 hour. Just before serving, add the green onions, shrimp and chopped parsley. — By Jill Clair Gentry

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Pet-friendly Places

he old adage says a dog is man’s best friend. But there are plenty of businesses in Baldwin County that also like well-behaved dogs. Baldwin is definitely a pet-friendly county. There are four fenced dog parks that allow our four-legged friends to run and play without a leash. There are also a host of restaurants and even hardware stores that welcome socialized dogs. “Pets are fine as long as they are under control,” said Karl Mueller, manager of Pirates Cove Marina south of Elberta. “They just can’t be in the restaurant. “They can play on the beach. We don’t mind if (the owner) lets them off the leash, as long as they obey. We get people all the time bringing their pets.” That attitude of allowing well-behaved pets is the norm, rather than the exception. Most restaurants with outdoor seating will allow pets. The Southern Grind at The Wharf in Orange Beach has a special shaded area outside designated the “Pooch Porch.” In Fairhope, leashed dogs are welcome at the outside tables at several restaurants, including Panini Pete’s, according to dogfriendly. com. And it’s not just restaurants that welcome pets. It’s not unusual to see dogs inside Lowe’s and Home Depot, as long as they are leashed and under control.

Unleashed and unrestrained

Sometimes, owners want to give their dogs a chance to run and play in a wide-open setting. To that end, Daphne, Fairhope, Gulf Shores and Orange Beach all have dog parks. Each is open from sunrise to sunset and has separate areas for large and small dogs. The areas are fenced.

Most have benches for tired owners and water stations. There is no fee to use any of the dog parks. Daphne does have the added stipulation that all dogs must be vaccinated and have a license on their collar. n Daphne Dog Park (at Al Trione Sports Complex), 8600 Whispering Pines Road, Daphne n Fairhope Dog Park, 701 Greeno Road and Volanta Avenue, Fairhope n Gulf Shores Dog Park, 260 Clubhouse Road and West Second Avenue, Gulf Shores n Unleashed In Orange Beach Dog Park, 27920 Canal Road (use Sportsman Marina parking lot), Orange Beach

Etiquette tips for dogs at outdoor restaurants

n Make sure your pooch is well-behaved around other people, especially children. n Leash your four-legged friend and keep him or her from socializing with other diners or employees, unless welcomed. n Try to keep your dog close to your table or chair so he or she is not in the waiter’s path. Dogs are not allowed on the chairs or tables. n Bring your own doggie bowl or ask the waiter for a paper or plastic bowl or cup for water if necessary. Pets are not permitted to eat or drink out of restaurant glasses or dishes, unless they are disposable. n Remember to tie your dog to your chair and not a table. A dog tied to a table can result in spilled drinks or food if he or she is strong enough to make the table move. n Always call ahead or ask first to make sure an establishment allow dogs at their outdoor tables.

Participants start the 2-mile Doggie Fun Run. The fundraiser for the Baldwin County Humane Society is held in November.

Photo by William Moore

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Perdido Vineyards: Muscadine wines and history abound


The Vineyard is now a 90,000 gallon winery with cold fermentation and temperature controlled storage.

he search for a good bottle of wine in 1971 led Jim Eddins to start Alabama’s first winery in 1979. The Perdido Vineyards has grown to a capacity of 100,000 gallons and currently produces 18 wines and 13 varieties of vinegar. Eddins returned from Vietnam and the Marine couldn’t find a bottle of wine for his Italian wife Marianne. When he discovered the Bartels Winery in Pensacola, Eddins founded a 50-acre vineyard in Perdido to grow native muscadines. He continued to sell the crop until a death in the Bartel family shattered the winery. Suddenly, Eddins was sitting on a crop and had nothing to do with the fruit in the field. He decided the best thing for him and his family was to build a winery right in the middle of the crop. The only problem — there had not been a legal winery in Alabama since Prohibition. But getting started wasn’t easy. With the help of local legislators, Eddins pushed for the passage of the Alabama Native Farm Winery Act in 1979. The law authorized wineries, but mandated that 75 percent of the fruit or produce had to be grown in Alabama. That requirement actually encouraged Eddins to expand his wine varieties. His varieties of white and red muscadines are harvested just once a year. But the warm climate of south Alabama fosters fruit all year around. “The muscadines are harvested in August,” said Eddins. “Satsumas come in September. Sugar cane is cut in November. Apples and pears are harvested in the spring. Blueberries are in June. So whatever is in season, that’s what we are working on at that time.” He also works on creating mead, a wine made from honey. In 2002, the winery expanded to making gourmet

Photos by Dragonfly Photography

Perdido Vineyards makes their wine from native Scuppernong and Muscadine grapes.

vinegars from wines. “We have an open house every day and give tours all the time,” said Eddins. Perdido Vineyards focuses mainly on sweet and dessert wines. But they do offer a dry white wine (Magnolia Springs) and a dry red (Ecor Rouge). The Perdido Vineyards is licensed and designated Bonded Winery-Alabama No. 1 (BW-AL1). There are currently about 20 wineries in the state, but it has taken a while to get to that point. The third one did not start until 2000. You are invited to visit Perdido Vineyards, located at exit 45 of I-65. They are open 10 a.m. until 5 p.m. daily for free tours and tastings. In addition to wines, you can learn about and taste gourmet wine vinegars to complement your culinary delights. No appointments are required, but if you have a large group, they ask you to please call 251-937-9463 in advance. — By William Moore


Big Beautiful Baldwin 2013 v Spectrum of Possibilities

Twenty-Eighth Judicial Circuit

Baldwin County Courthouse 312 Courthouse Square, Suite 22 Bay Minette This circuit comprises the geographical limits of Baldwin County and is composed of five circuit court judges, two district court judges, one circuit clerk and one district attorney. The Circuit Court hears all civil matters where the amount in controversy exceeds $10,000, all criminal prosecutions involving felony offenses and family court matters. The Circuit Court has concurrent jurisdiction with the District Court and in all civil matters where the amount in controversy exceeds $3,000 but does not exceed $10,000, exclusive of interest and costs. Additionally, the Circuit Courts exercise appellate jurisdiction over cases appealed from the District Courts, Probate Court, Baldwin County Municipal Courts and certain administrative and municipal boards.

Circuit Court Judges:

The District Court has original jurisdiction over criminal misdemeanors, hold preliminary hearings in felony prosecutions, and can receive guilty pleas in felony cases not punishable by death. The two district judges exercise concurrent jurisdiction with the Circuit Courts in juvenile matters and in civil actions where the amount in controversy does not exceed $10,000; furthermore, the district judges have exclusive jurisdiction over all civil actions where the amount in controversy, exclusive of interest and costs, does not exceed $3,000, which are considered “small claims cases.”

District Judges: Michelle M. Thomason Courtroom #7 251-972-8573 251-972-6815 fax

Circuit Clerk: Jody Wise Campbell 312 Courthouse Square, Suite 10 Bay Minette

Robert E. Wilters, Presiding Judge Courtroom #8 251-580-2570 251-937-0346 fax

J. Langford Floyd Courtroom #5 251-937-0237 251-580-1690 fax

Carmen E. Bosch Courtroom #2 251-937-0235 251-937-0315 fax

Jody W. Bishop Courtroom #8 251-937-0290 251-937-0236 fax

C. Joseph Norton Courtroom #4 251-937-0273 251-937-0225 fax

Baldwin County sheriff: The sheriff’s office is the principal law enforcement agency for Baldwin County. The sheriff serves as an officer of the courts and is responsible for service of court papers and documents. He also maintains the Baldwin County Corrections Center which houses up to a total of 649 inmates.

Scott P. Taylor Courtroom #3 251-580-1647

District Attorney: Halle Dixon Elected in 2010 Administrative Office 101 Hand Ave. Bay Minette 251-937-3274 Sheriff Huey “Hoss” Mack Elected in 2006 Administration Office 310 Hand Ave. Bay Minette 251-937-0210

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Legislative Delegation

State Sen. Marc Keahey

(D) - State Senate District No. 22 Elected to the State Senate in 2009 Represents all or a portion of the incorporated municipalities of Bay Minette and Daphne; the unincorporated communities of Little River, Blacksher, Tensaw, Lottie, Latham, Vaughn, Stockton, Crossroads, Bromley, Malbis, Plantation Hills, Ellisville and Belforest. State Address: Alabama State Senate, Room 721 11 S. Union St. Montgomery, AL 36130 334-242-7843

State Sen. Trip Pittman


State Rep. Alan Baker


(R) - State Senate District No. 32 Elected to the State Senate in 2007 Represents all or a portion of the incorporated Baldwin municipalities of Bay Minette, Daphne, Elberta, Fairhope,Foley, Gulf Shores, Loxley, Orange Beach, Perdido Beach, Robertsdale, Silverhill, Pittman Spanish Fort and Summerdale; the unincorporated communities of Latham, Stockton, Rabun, Perdido, Phillipsville, Whitehouse Fork, Crossroads, Pine Grove, Gateswood, Clear Springs, Stapleton, Rosinton, Elsanor, Seminole, Belforest, Marlow, Point Clear, Barnwell, Magnolia Springs, Lillian, Josephine, Miflin, Bon Secour, Fort Morgan and Ono Island. State Address: Alabama State Senate, Room 738-B 11 S. Union St. Montgomery, AL 36130

(R) - State House District No. 66 Elected to the House in 2006 Represents the incorporated municipality of Loxley; the unincorporated communities of Perdido, Phillipsville, Pine Grove, Gateswood, Clear Springs, Loxley-Ellisville and Stapleton State Address: Alabama House of Representatives, Room 538-D 11 S. Union St. Montgomery, AL 36130 334-242-7600


State Rep. Harry Shiver

(R) - State House District No. 64 Elected to the House in 2006 Represents all or a portion of the incorporated municipality of Bay Minette; the unincorporated communities of Little River, Blacksher, Lottie, Tensaw, Rabun, Latham, Vaughn, Stockton, Crossroads, Whitehouse Fork and Bromley. State Address: Alabama House of Representatives, Room 526-D 11 S. Union St. Montgomery, AL 36130 334-242-7745


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FOLEY MEDICAL WEIGHT LOSS AWADHESH K. GUPTA, M.D. Diplomate American Board of Internal Medicine

1440 N. McKenzie St., Foley, Alabama â&#x20AC;˘ 251-970-3400


Big Beautiful Baldwin 2013 v Spectrum of Possibilities

Legislative Delegation

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State Rep. Joe Faust

(R) - State House District No. 94 Elected to the House in 2002 Represents all or a portion of the incorporated municipalities of Fairhope, Robertsdale and Silverhill; the unincorporated communities of Malbis, Faust Belforest, Plantation Hills, Point Clear, Barnwell, Marlow, Elsanor, Rosinton, Seminole and Lillian. State Address: Alabama House of Representatives, Room 524-C 11 S. Union St. Montgomery, AL 36130

Elberta, Foley, Gulf Shores, Orange Beach, Perdido Beach, Robertsdale and Summerdale; the unincorporated communities of Barnwell, Magnolia Springs, Lillian, Joesphine, Miflin, Bon Secour, Fort Morgan and Ono Island. State Address: Alabama House of Representatives, Room 532 11 S. Union St. Montgomery, AL 36130 334-242-7723 251-937-6048

Baldwin County Legislative Constituent Services Office

State Rep. Randy Davis

(R) - State House District No. 96 Elected to the House in 2002 Represents all or a portion of the incorporated communities of Daphne and Spanish Fort; the unincorporated communities of Bromley, Stapleton and Malbis. State Address: Alabama House of Representatives, Room 538-B 11 S. Union St. Montgomery, AL 36130 334-242-7724

Stephen E. Pryor, Director


Jennifer Hutto, Administrative Assistant Telephone - Toll Free in Baldwin County Calling from - North Baldwin County: 251-937-9561, Ext. 2240 Calling from - Central Baldwin County: 251-943-5061, Ext. 2240 Calling from - Eastern Shore: 251-928-3002, Ext. 2240

State Rep. Steve McMillan

(R) - State House District No. 95 Elected to the House in 1980 Represents the incorporated municipalities of


Baldwin County Commission Frank Burt Jr.

Mayor: KENNETH D. UNDERWOOD Council Members: BOB HOLK, DOTTY JOHNSON, JIM MAY, TOM WEBB, BEN DYKEMA Town Clerk: KAREN S. BIEL P.O. Box 890, 12191 Magnolia Springs Hwy


(R) - District No. 1 - North Baldwin County First elected in 1989 Municipality: City of Bay Minette Communities: Little River, Blacksher, Latham, Vaughn, Stockton, Redtown, Lottie, Rabun, Perdido, Carpenter, Blakeley, Burt Jr. Bromley, Cottage Hill, Pine Grove, Whitehouse Forks, Crossroads, Dyas, Phillipsville, Vangordon, Stapleton and Steelwood Baldwin County Commission Administration Building 312 Courthouse Square, Suite 12 Bay Minette Phone: 251-937-0395 • Fax: 251-580-2500 • Email: Staff Contacts: County Administrator David A. Z. Brewer Office: 251-580-2550 • Email: Records Manager Anu Gary Phone: 251-580-2564 • Email:

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The 8195 Hwy. 59 Foley, Ala.

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Vintage toys, puzzles, games, clothes, incense and of course TIE-DYE Everything.







Big Beautiful Baldwin 2013 v Spectrum of Possibilities

Baldwin County Commission

Continued from page 86

Robert E. “Bob” James

(R) - District No. 2 Eastern Shore Elected in 2010 Municipalities: James City of Spanish Fort, City of Daphne and City of Fairhope Communities: Belforest, Historic Marlow, Fish River, Barnwell, Battles Wharf, Point Clear and Montrose Baldwin County Commission Fairhope Satellite Courthouse 1100 Fairhope Ave. Fairhope Auxiliary Office: Baldwin County Administration Building 312 Courthouse Square, Suite 12 Bay Minette Phone: 251-990-4606 • Fax: 251-580-2590 • Email: Staff Contact: Office Administrator Lisa Pearson Phone: 251-990-4606 • Email:

Tucker Dorsey

(R) - District No. 3 Central Baldwin County Elected in 2010 Municipalities: Town of Loxley, City of Robertsdale, Town of Silverhill, Dorsey Town of Magnolia Springs and Town of Summerdale Communities: Gateswood, Clear Springs, Rosinton, Elsanor and Seminole Baldwin County Commission Central Annex 22251 Palmer St. Robertsdale Phone: 251-972-8502 • Fax: 251-972-8503 • Email: Auxiliary Office: Baldwin County Administration Building 312 Courthouse Square, Suite 12 Bay Minette Staff Contact: Building Projects Coordinator Nancy Strube [Central Annex] Phone: 251-972-8555 • Email:

Honorable Charles F. “Skip” Gruber

(R) - District No. 4 South Baldwin County Elected 2006 Municipalities: City of Foley, Town of Elberta, City of Gulf Shores, Gruber City of Orange Beach and Town of Perdido Beach Communities: Historic Marlow, Fish River, Magnolia Springs, Bon Secour, Oyster Bay, Miflin, Josephine, Ono Island, Fort Morgan and Lillian Baldwin County Commission Foley Satellite Courthouse 201 E. Section St. Foley Phone: 251-943-5061, Ext. 2804 • Fax: 251-972-6842 • Email: Auxiliary Office: Baldwin County Administration Building 312 Courthouse Square, Suite 12 Bay Minette Staff Contact: Office Administrator Jeanie Bonifay Phone: 251-943-5061, Ext. 2801 • Email:

Federal and State Representatives U.S. Sen. Jeff Sessions

Elected to the Senate in 1997. In January of 2011, Sen. Sessions was appointed to be the ranking member of the Senate Budget Committee. He also serves on the Senate Committee on Armed Services. Committee on the Judiciary, Committee on the Environment and Public Works and the Committee Meetings/Hearings Schedule. Montgomery office: 7550 Halcyon Summit Drive, Suite 150 Montgomery, AL 36117 Phone: 334-244-7017 Washington, D.C. office: n 326 Russell Senate Office Building Washington, D.C. 20510 Phone: 202-224-4124 n 304 Russell Senate Office Building Washington, D.C. 20510 Phone: 202-224-5744 • Fax: 202-224-3416


U.S. Rep. Jo Bonner

U.S. Sen. Richard Shelby

Elected to the Senate in 1986. Sen. Shelby serves as the ranking member of the Committee on Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs and is a member of the Committee on Appropriations as well as the Special Committee on Aging. He also serves on several subcommittees: Economic Policy, Financial Institutions, Housing and Transportation, International Trade and Finance and Securities and Investment.

Montgomery office: n FMJ Federal Courthouse 15 Lee St., Suite 208 Montgomery, AL 36104 Phone: 334-223-7303 • Fax: 334-223-7317 Washington, D.C. office: n 304 Russell Senate Office Building Washington, D.C. 20510 Phone: 202-224-5744 • Fax: 202-224-3416


Alabama’s First District Elected in 2002. Rep. Bonner announced an Aug. 15 resignation. Gov. Bentley to set special election. Congressman Bonner is a member of Alabama’s seven-person House delegation. He serves on the House Appropriations Committee, Commerce, Justice Bonner and Science subcommittee, the Defense subcommittee, and the Financial Services subcommittee. In January of 2011, he was named chairman of the House Ethics Committee. Washington, D.C. Office: n 2236 Rayburn House Office Building Washington, D.C. 20515 Phone: 202-225-4931 • Fax: 202-225-0562 Baldwin County Office: n 1302 N. McKenzie St. Foley Phone: 251-943-2073 • Fax: 251-943-2093



Randy McKinney

Commercial and Investment Real Estate is the same way Give me a call.

They both require a license but sometimes in aviation you need more training, more knowledge and more experience.

They are a lot alike.

General Aviation and Real Estate... Spectrum of Possibilities v Big Beautiful Baldwin 2013 89


Big Beautiful Baldwin 2013 v Spectrum of Possibilities

Board of Education

The Baldwin County public school system includes all public schools in the unincorporated and incorporated areas and is governed by a seven-member county board of education, elected from single-member districts, one of which, its president, serves as the chief executive officer.

Dr. Alan T. Lee Appointed June 2010 251-937-0308

The county board of education employs a superintendent who serves as its chief administrative officer in order to effect the policies adopted by the county board of education.

Baldwin County Public Schools Administrative Complex 2600 N. Hand Ave. Bay Minette, AL 36507 251-937-0306

David Cox District 1 251-605-4583

David Tarwater District 2 251-625-0812

Elmer McDaniel District 3 251-947-5955

Norman Moore President District 4 251-943-5842

Superintendent of Baldwin County Public Schools

Angie Swiger District 5 251-609-2873

Robert Callahan, Jr Vice President District 6 251-289-9050

Shannon Cauley District 7 251-621-6642

Public School Directory Baldwin County Public Schools Administrative Complex 2600 N. Hand Ave., Bay Minette 251-937-0306

DISTRICT 1 Baldwin County High 1 Tiger Drive Bay Minette 251-937-2341 Bay Minette Elementary 800 Blackburn Ave. Bay Minette 251-937-7651 Bay Minette Intermediate 600 Blackburn Ave. Bay Minette 251-580-0678

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Spectrum of Possibilities v Big Beautiful Baldwin 2013

Faulkner State Community College A Great Education, A Lot of Fun

Alabama’s Lowest Tuition More than 100 majors to choose from Academic courses guaranteed by state law to transfer to any Alabama university Courses to fit your busy schedule: • 1, 2, and 3 days a week • Nights and weekends • Internet courses

Apply today!

Come for a campus tour and meet our friendly faculty, staff and students. Scholarships and financial aid are available.

1-800-381-FSCC (3722) or 251-580-2100

Bay Minette - Fairhope - Gulf Shores Faulkner State provides equal educational opportunities to and is open and accessible to all qualified students without regard to race, color, creed, national origin, gender, or disability with respect to all of its programs, activities, or employment.



Big Beautiful Baldwin 2013 v Spectrum of Possibilities

Public School Directory

Continued from page 90

Bay Minette Middle 1311 W. 13th St. Bay Minette 251-580-2960 Delta Elementary 10251 Whitehouse Fork Road Extension Bay Minette 251-937-3657 North Baldwin Center for Technology 505 W. Hurricane Road Bay Minette 251-937-6751 Perdido School 23589 County Road 47 Perdido 251-937-8456 Pine Grove Elementary 43980 Pine Grove Road Bay Minette 251-937-0453 Stapleton Elementary 35480 Harriot Ave. Stapleton 251-937-2038

DISTRICT 2 Daphne East Elementary 26651 County Road 13 Daphne 251-626-1663 Daphne Elementary 2307 Main St. Daphne 251-626-2424 Daphne High 9300 E. Lawson Road Daphne 251-626-8787

Daphne Middle 1 Jody Davis Circle Daphne 251-626-2845

Silverhill Elementary 15800 Fourth Ave. Silverhill 251-945-5188

W.J. Carroll Intermediate 1000 Main St. Daphne 251-626-0277



Elberta Elementary 25820 U.S. Highway 98 Elberta 251-986-5888

Loxley Elementary 4999 S. Magnolia St. Loxley 251-964-5334

Elberta Middle 13355 Main St. Elberta 251-986-8127

Robertsdale Elementary 1 Cub Drive Robertsdale 251-947-4003

Foley Elementary 450 N. Cedar St. Foley 251-943-8861

Robertsdale High 1 Golden Bear Drive Robertsdale 251-947-4154

Foley High 1 Pride Place Foley 251-943-2221

Rosinton Elementary 19757 County Road 64 Robertsdale 251-964-5210

Foley Intermediate 2000 S. Cedar St. Foley 251-943-1244

South Baldwin Center for Technology 19200 Carolina St. Robertsdale 251-947-5041

Foley Middle 200 N. Oak St. Foley 251-943-1255

Central Baldwin Middle School 24545 Highway 59 Robertsdale 251-947-2327 Elsanor Elementary 23440 U.S. Highway 90 Robertsdale 251-947-5401

Magnolia School 1 Jaguar Loop Foley 251-965-6200 Summerdale School 400 E. Broadway St. Summerdale 251-989-6850

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Spectrum of Possibilities v Big Beautiful Baldwin 2013



Big Beautiful Baldwin 2013 v Spectrum of Possibilities

Public School Directory

Continued from page 92

Swift Consolidated 6330 Bon Secour Highway Bon Secour 251-949-6422

DISTRICT 5 Gulf Shores High 600 E. 15th Ave. Gulf Shores 251-968-4747 Gulf Shores Middle 450 E. 15th Ave. Gulf Shores 251-968-8719 Orange Beach Elementary 4900 Wilson Blvd. Orange Beach 251-981-5662

DISTRICT 7 Rockwell Elementary 10183 Highway 31 Spanish Fort 251-626-5528 Spanish Fort Elementary 30900 State Highway 225 Spanish Fort 251-626-9751 Spanish Fort High 1 Plaza de Toros Drive Spanish Fort 251-625-3259 Spanish Fort Middle 33899 Jimmy Faulkner Drive Spanish Fort 251-625-3271


Private School Directory

Fairhope Elementary 408 N. Section St. Fairhope 251-928-8400

Bayside Academy 303 Dryer Ave. Daphne 251-338-6300

Fairhope High 1 Pirate Drive Fairhope 251- 928-8309

Central Christian School 17395 State Highway 104 W. Robertsdale 251-947-5043

Fairhope Intermediate 2 N. Bishop Road Fairhope 251-928-7841

Christ The King School 1503 Main St. Daphne, AL 36526 251-626-1692

Fairhope Middle 2 Pirate Drive Fairhope 251-928-2573

Eastern Shore Christian Academy 9078 Lawson Road Daphne 251-621-8229

J. Larry Newton School 9761 County Road 32 Fairhope 251-990-3858

Marietta Johnson School 8 Marietta Drive Fairhope 251-928-9347

St. Patrick School 23070 State Highway 59 N. Robertsdale 251-947-7395

Colleges/Universities Directory Faulkner State Community College 1900 S. U.S. Highway 31 Bay Minette 251-580-2100 440 Fairhope Ave. Fairhope 251-990-0444 Fortis College 914 N. McKenzie St. Foley 251-970-1460 Huntingdon College 1903 Main St. Daphne 251- 626-7877 University of South AlabamaBaldwin County 10 N. Summit St. Fairhope 251-928-8133 United States Sports Academy 1 Academy Drive Daphne 251-626-3303 South Alabama Beauty College 906 N. McKenzie St. Foley, AL 36535 251-943-3366

Online Degree Programs Columbia Southern University 21982 University Lane Orange Beach 1-800-977-8449

Spectrum of Possibilities v Big Beautiful Baldwin 2013



Big Beautiful Baldwin 2013 v Spectrum of Possibilities

Baldwin County Officials

Probate Judge

Tim Russell The probate judge in Baldwin County is a publicly elected representative of the people for the administration of the Probate Court, License Office and the “Recorder’s” Office — for official public recordation of documents. Main Office: 220 Courthouse Square Bay Minette Phone: 251-937-0260 • Fax: 251-937-0252 Satellite Offices: n 22251 Palmer St. Robertsdale Phone: 251-943-5061 ext. 4054 • Fax: 251-970-4097 n 1102 Fairhope Ave. Fairhope Phone: 251-928-3002 ext. 4645 • Fax: 251-580-2594 n 201 E. Section Ave. Foley Phone: 251-943-5061 ext. 2863 • Fax: 251-580-2588

Baldwin County Revenue Commissioner

Teddy J. Faust Elected 2009 The Revenue Commissioner’s Office is responsible for mapping,

appraising and assessing each parcel of property and then collecting tax based upon each parcel’s assessed value. These property taxes support the state of Alabama, Baldwin County, Baldwin County public schools, hospitals, law enforcement, fire departments and municipalities. Main Office: 1705 U.S. Hwy 31 S. Bay Minette Phone: 251-937-0245 • Fax: 251-937-0388 • Email:

Baldwin County Coroner

Stanley Vinson Elected in 2010 Phone: 251-970-4051 • Email: The coroner is responsible for the determination of the cause and manner of death of a person who dies and is not under medical care. All traumatic deaths, such as murder, suicide, accidental, motorvehicle and drowning are required by law to be reported to the coroner. Any person who may have died of natural causes, but was not under a doctor’s care, by law, must also be reported to the coroner’s office. It is the final responsibility of the coroner to execute and file a Certificate Of Death with the Baldwin County Health Department (251-947-3618). The coroner must also review and certify all persons who desire to be cremated at the time of their death. In order to determine the cause and manner of death the coroner may request an autopsy be conducted by the Alabama Department of Forensic Sciences located in Mobile; 251-471-7026

City Info Bay Minette, AL 36507 Bay Minette City Hall 301 D’Olive St. • 251-580-1619 • Mayor Robert “Bob” Wills, City Council: District 1, Danleigh Corbett, District 2, Kathy Dobbins, District 3, John W. Biggs, District 4, Dollie Mims, District 5, Chris Norman, City Clerk Rita Findley, • Bay Minette City Council meets the first and third Mondays at 6 p.m. at city hall. Work sessions are held at 5 p.m. the same days. North Baldwin Utilities 25 Hand Ave. • 251-580-1626 • Alabama Power Baldwin EMC John F. Rhodes Civic Center 301 D’Olive St. • 251-580-1619 Bay Minette Area Senior Center 300 N. Hoyle Ave. • 251-580-8484 Bay Minette City Library 205 W. Second St. • 251-580-1648 • Douglasville Community Center 812 W. Hurricane Road • 251-580-1637 Bay Minette Police Department Police Chief Clarence Crook, 300 N. Hoyle Ave. No. 4 • 251-580-2559 Fire Department Stations Fire Chief Michael Minchew, • Bay Minette • 251-580-1618 Area Volunteer Fire Departments: Pine Grove, 42245 Pine Grove Road • 251-937-4034 Rabun, 47860 Rabun Road • 251-937-8747 Stockton, 54090 Alabama 59 • 251-937-8810 Whitehouse Fork, 11104 Whitehouse Fork Road • 251-937-0862 Crossroads, 36625 State Highway 225 • 251-580-0090 Stapleton, Alabama 59/U.S. 31 and County Road 39

Lottie, 59591 Jack Springs Road • 251-577-6623 Perdido, County Road 27 Tensaw, 12164 Union Town Road • 251-580-2646 North Baldwin Infirmary 1815 Hand Ave. • 251-937-5521 • bay minette municipal airport 3 miles southwest of town 11981 Airport Road • 251-937-2900 •

Daphne, AL 36526 Daphne City Hall 1705 Main St. • 251-621-9000 • Mayor Dane Haygood, City Council: District 1, Tommie Conaway, District 2, Pat Rudicell, District 3, John L. Lake, District 4, Randy Fry, District 5, Ron Scott, District 6, Robin LeJeune, District 7, Joe Davis III, City Clerk Rebecca Hayes, • City Council has work session at 6:30 p.m. on the second Monday of each month and regular meetings at 6:30 p.m. on first and third Mondays. Daphne Utilities Board, (water, sewer and gas), 900 Daphne Ave. • 251-626-2628 Daphne Civic Center 2603 U.S. 98 • 251-626-5300 • Daphne Public Library Whispering Pines Road and U.S. Highway 98 • 251-621-2818 • Daphne Parks and Recreation Department 2605 U.S. Highway 98 • 251-621-3703 • Daphne Senior Center 2605 U.S. Highway 98 • 251-621-3703 • Continued on page 98

Spectrum of Possibilities v Big Beautiful Baldwin 2013

Supporting the Foley community for more than 25 years. UTC Aerospace Systems is one of the worldâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s largest suppliers of technologically advanced aerospace and defense products employing more than 40,000 people worldwide with approximately $12 billion in annual sales. The Aerostructures Foley facility employs 800 people. It is the largest employer in the city of Foley and the largest manufacturing company in Baldwin County.

UTC Aerospace Systemsâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; economic impact to the community is more than $60 million.



Big Beautiful Baldwin 2013 v Spectrum of Possibilities

City Info

Continued from page 96 Police Department 1502 U.S. Highway 98 • 251-621-9100• Fire Department Stations Main Station No. 2, 28280 N. Main St. • 251-621-2802 Volunteer Station No. 1, 1707 Sixth St. • 251-621-2801 Station No. 3, 8945 Lawson Road • 251-621-2803 Station 4, 30150 Green Court • 251-621-2804 Belforest Stn., 25490 County Road 54 West • 251-626-8020 Health Care Facilities Mercy Medical, 101 Villa Drive • 251-621-4200 • Infirmary Eastern Shore Diagnostic and Surgery Center, 7101 U.S. Highway 90 • 251-626-8400 Eastern Shore Urgent Care, 29710 Urgent Care Drive • 251-626-3782 •

Elberta, AL 36530 Elberta Town Hall 13052 Main St. • 251-978-8807 Mayor Marvin Williams, 13431 County Road 87 • Home: 251-986-5176 • Cell: 251-978-8807 Town Council: Place 1, Alma Doege, • 251-986-5201 Place 2, Jim Hamby, • 251-752-5848 Place 3, Michael Hudson, • 251-752-1339 Place 4, Betty Wood, • 251-986-5101 Place 5, Don Koontz, Sr., • Cell: 251-223-6654 Town Clerk, Sandy Germany, Home: 251-943-5956 • Cell: 251-747-0536 Lisa Salter, 24852-A N. Rolling Green Drive • 251-747-0493 • Elberta Town Council holds a work session on the third Tuesday at 6 p.m. The council meeting follows after a short break.

Riviera Utilities 700 Whispering Pines Road, Daphne • 251-626-5000 Fairhope Civic Center 161 N. Section St. • 251-990-0130 or 251-929-1479 James P. Nix Senior Activity Center 1 Bayou Drive • 251-928-2835 Fairhope Public Library 501 Fairhope Ave. • 251-928-7483 • City Recreation Department 803 N. Greeno Road • 251-928-7270 City swimming pool Fairhope Municipal Sporting Parks U.S. 98 at Volanta Avenue Fairhope Police Department 107 N. Section St. • 251-928-2385 Fire Department Stations 251-990-0143 • Leo Keller Station 1, Ingleside Drive Roy White Station 2, Thompson Hall Road Les Bung Station 3, H.L. “Sonny” Callahan Airport Barnwell, 8587 U.S. Highway 98 • 251-928-9732 Health Care Facilities Thomas Hospital 750 Morphy Ave. • 251-928-2375 • American Family Care 10040A County Road 48 • 251-517-805

Foley, AL 36535

Public Works Chief Tim Bragg, 9237 A Co. Road 99 • Cell: 251-747-7179

Foley City Hall 407 E. Laurel Ave. • 251-943-1545 • Mayor John Koniar, City Council: District 1/ Council President, J. Wayne Trawick, District 2, Vera J. Quaites, District 3, Ralph G. Hellmich, District 4, C. Rick Blackwell, District 5, Charles J. Ebert III, • Foley City Council meets first and third Mondays at 5:30 p.m. A work session precedes the regular meetings, beginning at 4 p.m.

Riviera Utilities 413 E. Laurel Ave. Foley • 251-943-5001 baldwin EMC 19600 Highway 59, Summerdale • 251-989-6247

Riviera Utilities 413 E. Laurel Ave. Foley • 251-943-5001 baldwin EMC 19600 Highway 59, Summerdale • 251-989-6247

Elberta police department 13062 Main St. • 251-986-5300 Elberta fire department 13120 Illinois St. • 251-986-5805 •

police department 200 E. Section Ave. • 251-952-4010 fire department 120 W. Verbena Ave. • 251-943-1266

Police Chief Stan DeVane, P.O. Box 277 • Cell: 251-923-8639

Elberta civic center • 251-986-5995 Elberta senior center 24488 Kichler Circle N. • 251-986-2470

Fairhope, AL 36532 Fairhope City Hall 161 N. Section St. • 251-928-2136 • Mayor Tim Kant, City Council: Jack Burrell, Rich Mueller, Diana Brewer, Mike Ford, Kevin Boone, City Clerk Lisa A. Hanks • City Council has work sessions at 4:30 p.m. on second and fourth Mondays of each month and regular meetings at 6 p.m. those days. Fairhope Public Utilities (water, sewer, natural gas and electric) 161 N. Section St. • 251-928-2136

foley civic center 407 E. Laurel Ave. • 251-943-1545 foley senior center 304 E. Rose Ave. • 251-943-1877 foley public library 319 E. Laurel Ave. • 251-943-7665 south baldwin medical center 1613 N. McKenzie St. • 251-949-3400

Gulf Shores, AL 36542 Gulf Shores City Hall 1905 W. First St. • 251-968-1125 • Mayor Robert Craft City Council: Place 1, Joe Garris Place 2, Carolyn Doughty Place 3, Philip Harris Place 4, Jason Dyken Place 5, Steve Jones City Clerk Wanda Parris • Gulf Shores City Council has a work session at 4 p.m. on the first and third Monday. The regular meetings are the second and fourth Continued on page 100

Spectrum of Possibilities v Big Beautiful Baldwin 2013

There’s plenty to

Smile About Cost Plus We’re locally owned! Three generations in the Baldwin County grocery business. We employee approximately 200 people who live in your communities; we support local charities, schools, organizations and area chambers of commerce. Our personnel is friendly, courteous and knowledgeable ... we’ll treat you like family! We have an experienced butcher on staff to answer questions and cut fresh meat daily. Selection: We have over 300 labels of wine and a surprising number of micro beers to choose from. We also offer a large selection of deli items to choose from.

As Always

Our Cost Plus 10% Hwy. 59 S. Foley / 251-970-1480 • 903 Fairhope Ave., Fairhope / 251-928-0239 • 1087 N. Hickory St., Loxley / 251-964-6272



Big Beautiful Baldwin 2013 v Spectrum of Possibilities

City Info

Continued from page 98 Monday at 4 p.m. Baldwin EMC (power), 21801 University Lane, Orange Beach • 251-989-6247 Gulf Shores Utilities (water, garbage), 149 E. 16th Ave. • 251-968-6323 Erie H. Meyer Civic Center 1930 W. Second St. • 251-968-1173 Harry Roberts Community House and Senior Center 300 E. 16th Ave. • 251-968-1434 Thomas B. Norton Library 221 W. 19th Ave. • 251-968-1176 • David L. Bodenhamer Recreation Center 310 W. 19th Ave. • 251-968-4420 City Swimming Pool at the Bodenhamer Center

Magnolia Springs, AL 36555 Magnolia Springs Town Hall 12191 Magnolia Springs Highway • Phone: 251-965-9888 • Fax: 251-965-9889 • Mayor, Kenneth D. Underwood, P.O. Box 890 • Cell: 251-979-5570 Town Council: Place 1, Dotty Johnson, P.O. Box 890 • Home: 251-965-7851 Place 2, Jim May, P.O. Box 890 • Home: 251-943-2881 Place 3, Bob Holk, P.O. Box 890 • Cell: 251-978-0920 Place 4, Tom Webb, P.O. Box 890 • Home: 251-965-6228 Place 5, Ben Dykema, P.O. Box 890 • Cell: 251-213-4703 • Magnolia Springs Town Council meets on the fourth Tuesday at 5 p.m. There is a work session on the second Tuesday at 5 p.m. Riviera Utilities 413 E. Laurel Ave. Foley • 251-943-5001 baldwin EMC 19600 Highway 59, Summerdale • 251-989-6247

Gulf Shores Police Department 220 Clubhouse Drive • 251-968-2431 Gulf Shores Fire Rescue Fire Station 1, 1921 W. First St. • 251-968-7422 Fire Station 2, West Beach and 11th Fire Station 3, 12105 Alabama 180 (Fort Morgan Road) Oyster Bay, 4590 County Road 6 • 251-968-6161

baldwin county sheriff’s office 251-937-0202 Magnolia springs volunteer fire department 14809 Gates Ave. • • 251-965-7808

Health Care Facilities South Baldwin Medical Center-Gulf Shores Urgent Care Center, 101 E. 15th Ave. • 251-962-1250 Thomas Hospital Urgent Care Center, 1140 Gulf Shores Parkway • 251-968-2273

Orange Beach City Hall 4099 Orange Beach Blvd. • 251-981-6979 • Mayor Tony Kennon, City Council: Place 1, Al Bradley, Place 2, Jeff Boyd, Place 3, Jerry Johnson, Place 4, Jeffrey H. Silvers, Place 5, Joni Blalock, City Clerk Cathy Constantino, • Orange Beach City Council meets the first and third Tuesday at 5 p.m. There is a work session at 5 p.m. on the second and fourth Tuesday.

Jack Edwards National Airport 3190 Airport Drive • 251-967-3968 •

Loxley, AL 36551 Loxley Town Hall 1089 S. Hickory St. • 251-964-5162 • Mayor Billy Middleton Town Council: Jeffrey T. Knight Wallace A. Sabin Michael Allegri Kathrine Q. Breeden Richard L. Teal Town Clerk Melissa Lawrence • Regular meeting is the second Monday of every month at 6 p.m., work session, the last Monday of every month at 6 p.m. Loxley Utilities 1089 S. Hickory St. Riviera Utilities 413 E. Laurel Ave. • 251-943-5001 Baldwin County EMC 19600 State Highway 59, Summerdale • 251-989-6247 • Loxley Civic Center Municipal Park Drive • 251-964-7733 • 251-747-0263 City Recreation Department 251-964-2153 Loxley Police Department 2139 E. Relham Ave. • 251-964-5400 Fire Departments Loxley Fire Department, 1089 S. Hickory St. • 251-964 5696 Styx River Fire Department, 251-960-5103 Elsanor Volunteer Fire Department, U.S. Highway 90, Elsanor • 251-947-4803 Rosinton Fire & Rescue, 20300 County Road 64 • 251-964-6663 Seminole Fire Department, 251-946-2213 Stapleton Volunteer Fire Department, 36275 Alabama 59, Stapleton

public library 12440 Magnolia Ave. • 251-965-2305

Orange Beach, AL 36561

Orange Beach City Public Works 4500 William Silvers Parkway • 251-974-5681 Orange Beach Civic Center 23101 Canal Road • 251-981-6629 Community Center 27235 Canal Road • 251-981-6028 Recreation Center 4849 Wilson Blvd. • 251-981-6028 Senior Activity Center 26251 Canal Road • 251-981-3440 Orange Beach Public Library 26267 Canal Road • 251-981-2923 Police Department and Jail 4480 Orange Beach Blvd. • 251-981-9777 Fire Department Administrative offices, 4099 Orange Beach Blvd. • 251-981-6166 Fire Station 1, 25853 John Snook Drive • 251-981-6398 Fire Station 2, 27280 Canal Road • 251-981-2635 Ono Island Fire Department, 251-980-5147 Health Care Facilities Orange Beach Walk-In Med Care, 25405 Perdido Beach Blvd. (Winn-Dixie Shopping Center) • 251-964-7425 American Family Care, 25775 Perdido Beach Blvd. • 251-974-3004

Perdido Beach, AL 36530

Perdido Beach Town Hall 9212 County Road 97 • 251-962-2200 • Mayor Patsy Parker, Town Council: Place 1, Al Thompson, Place 2, William Kelley, Place 3, Ronnie Resmondo,

Spectrum of Possibilities v Big Beautiful Baldwin 2013

City Info

Place 4, Patty Larsen, Place 5, Dennis Kaiser, Town Clerk Lynn Thompson, • Town Council meets at 6 p.m. on the third Tuesday. A work session is held on the second Tuesday at 6 p.m. Riviera Utilities 413 E. Laurel Ave. Foley • 251-943-5001 baldwin EMC 19600 Highway 59, Summerdale • 251-989-6247 baldwin county sheriff’s office 251-937-0202 perdido beach volunteer fire department 8450 Escambia Ave. • 251-9661-7116

Robertsdale, AL 36567 Robertsdale City Hall 22647 Racine St. • 251-947-8900 • Mayor Charles H. Murphy, • 251-947-8903 City Council: Joseph Kitchens Sue Cooper Ruthie Campbell Paul Hollingsworth Brent Kendrick City Clerk Shannon Ellison, • 251-947-8915 • Meets the first Monday of every month, work session at 5 p.m., regular session at 6 p.m.; and the third Monday of every month at 8 a.m. Department of Public Works 22650 E. Chicago St. • 251-947-8950 Alabama Power Baldwin EMC 19600 State Highway 59, Summerdale •251-9896247 • PZK Hall 17933 State Highway 104 • 251-947-8973 G.P. Thames Senior Citizens Center 22651 E. Chicago St. • 251-947-8973 Robertsdale Public Library 18301 Pennsylvania St. • 251-947-8960 Robertsdale Police Department 23335 N. Chicago St. • 251-947-2222 Robertsdale Volunteer Fire Department 22575 St. Paul St. • 251-947-8941

Silverhill, AL 36576 Silverhill Town Hall 15965 Silverhill Ave. • 251-945-5198 • Mayor Timothy C. Wilson Town Council: Shirley Stephens Wayne Gruenloh Jared Lyles Mike Allegri Jr. Bert Jones City Clerk Patricia Bankester, • Meets the first and third Mondays of every month, work session 6 p.m., regular meeting, 6:30. Riviera Utilities 413 E. Laurel Ave., Foley • 251-943-5001 Baldwin EMC 19600 State Highway 59, Summerdale •251-9896247 • Water: Town of Silverhill Garbage: inside the town limits is the Town of Silverhill; outside of town limits is Baldwin County Solid Waste Sewer: Baldwin County Sewer Service 14747 Underwood Road (County Road 24), Summerdale


251-971-3022 • Oscar Johnson Memorial Library 21967 Sixth St. • 251-945-5201 Silverhill Police Department 22030 Sixth St. • 251-945-5200 Silverhill Volunteer Fire Department 22031 Sixth St. • 251-945-3252

Spanish Fort, AL 36527 Spanish Fort City Hall 7581 Spanish Fort Blvd. (U.S. Highway 31) • 251-626-4884 • Mayor Michael M. McMillan, City Council: District 1, R. Curtis “Curt” Smith, District 2, Dennis Dismuke, District 3, Bobby Fortenberry, District 4, Clewis “J.R.” Smith Jr., District 5, Mary Brabner , City Clerk Mary Lynn Willliams • City Council has work sessions at 5 p.m. on the first and third Mondays of each month preceding the 6 p.m. regular meetings those days. The work sessions meet at City Hall at 7581 Spanish Fort Blvd., and the regular meetings at The Gathering Place, Spanish Fort Methodist Church Prodisee Center, 6530 Spanish Fort Blvd. Riviera Utilities 700 Whispering Pines Road, Daphne • 251-626-5000 • Spanish Fort Police Department 30500 State Highway 181 No. 618 • 251-626-4914 Spanish Fort Fire Department 251-626-8876 • Firehouse 1, 7580 Spanish Fort Blvd. Firehouse 2, 10628 U.S. Highway 31

Summerdale, AL 36580 Summerdale Town Hall 502 W Lee Ave. • 251-989-6202 • • Mayor David Wilson Mayor Pro-Tem Norma Wilson-Giles Place 1, Myles Bishop Place 3, Mary Carolyn McDaniel Place 4, Travis Townsend Place 5, Cheryl Wallace Stewart • Summerdale Town Council meets the second Monday at 6 p.m. A work session is held at 6 p.m. the Tuesday prior to the council meeting. baldwin EMC 19600 Highway 59, Summerdale • 251-989-6247 summerdale community center 300 West Jackson • 251-989-6626 marjorie younce snook public library 202 W. Broadway • 251-989-2011 summerdale police department 502 W. Lee Ave. • 251-989-6446 summerdale volunteer fire department 105 W. Broadway


Big Beautiful Baldwin 2013 v Spectrum of Possibilities

Directory of Churches First Baptist Loxley

1050 N. Alabama St., Loxley 251-964-5261 Sunday Sunday School 9:45 a.m. Worship 11 a.m. Evenings 5 p.m. Wednesday Evenings 6:30 p.m.

First Baptist Orange Beach

Photo by Mark Robinson

Assembly of God First Assembly of God

1701 Highway 31 S., Bay Minette 251-937-9030 Sunday 10:30 a.m. 6 p.m. Wednesday 7 p.m.

Gulfway Church

541 Cotton Creek Drive, Gulf Shores Rodney Mauroner Sunday 10 a.m. Wednesday 6:30 p.m.

Baptist First Baptist Church of Fairhope 300 S. Section St., Fairhope 251-928-8685 Sunday 8:30 a.m. 11 a.m. 6 p.m.

First Baptist of Lillian

34421 Barclay Ave., Lillian 251-962-2180 Sunday Bible Study 9:15 a.m. Worship 10:30 a.m. Evening 5 p.m.

4773 Bay Circle, Orange Beach 251-981-4288 Sunday 10:30 a.m.

New Hope Baptist

8702 Dixon Road, Bay Minette 251-937-1244 Sunday Sunday School 9:45 a.m. Worship 11 a.m. Wednesday Bible Study 6 p.m.

Jubilee Baptist

9264 Pleasant Road, Daphne 251-621-7095 Sunday Sunday School 9:30 a.m. Worship 8:15 a.m. 10:45 a.m. Wednesday Bible Study 6 a.m.

Open Door Baptist Church

20774 County Road 12 S., Foley 251-943-1693 Sunday Sunday School 9:30 a.m. Worship 10:30 a.m. 6 p.m. Wednesday 7 p.m.

Silverhill First Baptist Church 15898 Silverhill Ave., Silverhill 251-945-5182

Styx River Baptist

22254 Old Brady Road, Robertsdale 251-978-8539 Sunday Sunday School 10 a.m. Worship 11 a.m. Prayer Meeting and Bible Study 6:30 p.m.

Catholic Shrine of the Holy Cross

612 Main St., Daphne 251-621-9793 Rev. Lito Capeding Mass Times Saturday 5 p.m. Sunday 9 a.m. 6 p.m.

St. Lawrence Catholic Church

370 S. Section St., Fairhope 251-928-5931 Mass Times Sunday 8:30 a.m. 11 a.m. 5:30 p.m.

Church of God Loxley Church of God

5220 S. Hickory St., Loxley 251-964-6604 Sunday Life Group 9:30 a.m. Worship 10:30 a.m. Evening 6 p.m. Wednesday Kids 6 p.m. Bible Study 7 p.m.

South River Park Church of God

10993 County Road 32, Fairhope 251-928-7005 Sunday Sunday School 9:30 a.m. Worship 10:30 a.m. Wednesday Bible Study 7 p.m.

Lutheran Ascension Lutheran (LCMS)

8888 County Road 64, Daphne 251-626-7500 Sunday Worship 8 a.m. Sunday School 9:15 a.m. Worship 10:30 a.m.

Photo by John Rininger

Spectrum of Possibilities v Big Beautiful Baldwin 2013

Directory of Churches

St. Paulâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Lutheran Church

400 N. Alston St., Foley 251-943-6931 Sunday Bible Study 8:30 a.m. Worship 10 a.m.

Methodist Jubilee Shores United Methodist UMC

17261 Highway 181, Fairhope 251-928-9133 Sunday Sunday Worship 10 a.m. Wednesday Youth Group 6 p.m. Small Groups 6 p.m.

Gulf Shores United Methodist UMC

1900 Gulf Shores Pkwy., Gulf Shores 251-968-2411 Sunday Worship 8:30 a.m. 9:45 a.m. 11 a.m.

Orange Beach United Methodist

28751 Canal Road, Orange Beach 251-981-6751 Sunday Contemporary 8:30 a.m. Sunday School 9:30 a.m. Traditional 10:30 a.m. Wednesday Prayer Meeting 6 p.m.

Spanish Fort United Methodist

6690 Spanish Fort Blvd., Spanish Fort 251-626-1334 Sunday Traditional Worship 9 a.m. Sunday School 10 a.m. Contemporary Worship 11 a.m.

Summerdale United Methodist

402 W. Jackson St., Summerdale 251-989-6281 Sunday Sunday School 9:30 a.m. Worship 10:30 a.m. Bible Study 6 p.m. Wednesday Bible Study 6:15 p.m.

Non Denominational New Life in Christ Church

102 E. Berry Ave., Foley 251-943-2225 Sunday Worship 10:30 a.m. 6:00 p.m. Wednesday 7:00 p.m.

Calvary Chapel Fairhope

21111 State Highway 181, Fairhope 251-928-4414 Sunday 10:00 a.m. Wednesday 7:00 a.m.

Church of Inner Light

(also known as Angels Nest Wedding Chapel) 43530 Jones Road, Bay Minette 251-689-9805

Healing Waters Church

13150 Jaycee Road, Bay Minette 251-580-5174

Grace Fellowship PCA

19470 County Road 6 W., Gulf Shores 251-968-5302 Sunday Sunday School 9:30 a.m. Worship 10:30 a.m.

Fairhope Community Church

329 S. Greeno Road, Fairhope 251-990-4442 Pastor David L. Stookey Sunday Sunday School 9 a.m. Church 10:15 a.m. Wednesday 6:15 p.m.


First Christian Church of Robertsdale

22621 Racine St., Robertsdale 251-947-7772

Lifeway Community Church 16373 Thompson Road, Loxley 251-960-5433

The Word of God Revival Center 312 Powell Ave., Bay Minette 251-937-3799

Presbyterian Christ Presbyterian Church

8450 Whispering Pines Road, Daphne 251-621-9444 Sunday Sunday Worship 10:30 a.m.

First Presbyterian in Gulf Shores

309 E. 21st Ave., Gulf Shores 251-968-7720 Sunday Contemporary 8:30 a.m. (blue jeans welcome) Traditional 10:45 a.m.

Swift Presbyterian

23208 Swift Church Road, Foley 251-943-8367 Sunday Worship 8:00 a.m. (In Historic Chapel) Sanctuary 10:00 a.m.

Faith Family Fellowship

7100 Spanish Fort Blvd., Spanish Fort 251-626-1379 Sunday Sunday School 9:15 a.m. Worship 10:30 a.m. Sunday Night and Wednesday Activities Photo by Carol Brooks


Big Beautiful Baldwin 2013 v Spectrum of Possibilities

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Spectrum of Possibilities v Big Beautiful Baldwin 2013


Everything you could ever want from a Gulf vacation. From the moment you first arrive at our quaint Gulf-front village, you’ll realize you’re somewhere special. Perhaps it’s the smiles that come from our sincere, southern-inspired service. Or the secluded white sand beach with tropical turquoise water and balmy saltwater breezes. It could be the elegance of our Gulf-front condos and cozy lakeside cottages, with access to an endless list of activities and upscale amenities not offered at other gulf resorts. Perhaps it is something less tangible. Perhaps this is just a special place that touches the heart and calls you back time and again. 866-430-2759 SPECTRUM BEACH CLUB MANAGEMENT LLC



Big Beautiful Baldwin 2013 v Spectrum of Possibilities

40 Years

and Still Going Strong! Since 1973, that is how long Wolf Bay lodge has been serving the South Baldwin communities our seafood and steaks. What began as a bait shop in the 1940â&#x20AC;&#x2122;s slowly expanded to serve sandwiches and then full menu dining. Many of our recipes came from the ladies who worked in the restaurant and lived in the community. These recipes include some of our favorites -seafood gumbo, stuffed crab, stuffed shrimp or flounder, and our famous salad dressings. The seafood is complimented by certified Black angus steaks for the absolute best of the land and sea. accompanied by our extensive salad bar, those recipes, our staff, and now, two locations allow us to bring our fare to locals and tourists alike. If you havenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t been to Wolf Bay lodge, now is the time to find out what our locals and tourists from around the United States have known for forty years.

great gulf coast fare!


Wolf Bay lodge foley 20801 Miflin Road foley, al 36563 251-987-5129

Wolf Bay lodge oRange Beach 26619 Perdido Beach Blvd., orange Beach, al 251-965-5219

We make it happen with you in mind...

Lake Forest Yacht Club On Mobile Bay Daphne, Alabama 251-626-9329

Excellence. One of the Top in the Nation. Right Down the Street. By focusing on quality care for patients and doing whatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s right, we have received national recognition. The Joint Commission recognizes South Baldwin Regional Medical Center for achieving excellence in performance on its accountability measures during 2011 for Heart Attack, Heart Failure, Pneumonia, and Surgical Care. So what does our being a top performer in using evidence-based care mean for you? Peace of mind in knowing that our local care is top in the nation. Find out more at our website:

Out of 3,400 hospitals submitting accountability measure data to The Joint Commission, South Baldwin Regional Medical Center was one of only 620 to meet or exceed the target rates of Heart Attack Heart Failure performance for 2011.

Top Performer on The Joint Commission Key Quality MeasuresTM 2011

Pneumonia Surgical Care

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