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63rd Baldwin County Fair 2013



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63rd Baldwin County Fair 2013


63rd Baldwin Fair Fair Manager’s Message

The Baldwin County Cattle & Fair Association and agency sponsor, the Alabama Department of Agriculture, will host the 63rd continuous Baldwin County Fair. In 1950, local farmers and businessmen opened the fair on Palmer Street, in Baldwin County’s hub city of Robertsdale. The fair was relocated to its present site on Fairground Road in 2008. The mission of the organization in 1948 was to inform the public about the importance of agriculture as a livelihood and preserve the cattlemen and farmer’s way of life. John M. McMillan Jr., a Baldwin County native from Stockton, is serving his first term as Agriculture Commissioner, was former Commissioner of the Alabama Department of Conservation & Natural Resources and for 20 years was vice president of the State Forestry Association. He is married to Kathryn Turner, whose father, Frank Turner, was Baldwin County’s Cooperative Extension System agent during the first fair. McMillan’s excellent leadership strengthens our fair and the role of all Alabama Fairs in highlighting the role of agriculture, education and good family fun. The present Baldwin County Cattle & Fair Association board members continue that commitment to agriculture, representing farmers and businessmen from Stockton to Orange Beach. Board members are Kyle Baggett, Samuel Jenkins Sr, Elmer McDaniel, Robert (Bob) McMillan, Neil McMillan, H. L. Buddy Long and Alec A. (Tumpsie) Trione; George Campbell is president, F.B. Ellison is vice president, and I serve as secretary/ treasurer. Thank them for their dedication and service to the fair, when you see them on the fairgrounds. Today, 26 county fairs in Alabama promote agriculture sponsored by various groups, operating under similar guidelines from the State Fair Board. State Fair judges visit all fairs, gathering information on the Creative Arts Competitions of canning, cooking, crafts and sewing as well as community and livestock exhibits. Our fair displays new classes for antiques scrap booking, photography and for tablescapes in the horticulture class. The Cooperative Extension System coordinates this program with our fair volunteers, spending many hours registering, displaying and placing the premium ribbons on entries. Congratulations to Bobbie Lane, from Spanish Fort, for having been chosen as this year’s “Volunteer of the Year.” She is a busy businesswoman, volunteering her time and talents with many other civic groups. Bobbie is a dedicated volunteer to the fair’s projects, and everybody enjoys her delicious cakes during coffee break time. The South Alabama Antique Tractor and Engine Club will organize a parade beginning at 10 a.m. on Saturday, Sept. 21, starting at the c o l i s e u m

and ending at the Robertsdale Honeybee Park. Excitement spreads quickly with the roar of restored farm tractors coming up the highway, delighting the owners and bystanders. The Myers International Midway will offer “PAY ONE PRICE” specials on Tuesday and Wednesday of Fair Week. Everyone will pay $10 at the gate to receive an armband for unlimited rides, Photo courtesy of Mark Robinson and no passes will be honSonny Hankins, manager of ored those nights. The Sweet Potato the Baldwin County Fair Cook-Off, Senior Citizens Kazoo Band, Rockinettes, and Tim Brown Entertainment are the special entertainment “in the house” on Thursday, which is Students and Seniors Citizens Day. Returning this year will be the Emerald Coast Garden Railway Club & West Florida Railway Museum Electric Train exhibit in the coliseum. The Rodeo is a longstanding event on Friday and Saturday nights. The cowboys travel from all over the south to enter the Rodeo events, beginning with a patriotic salute and grand entrance in the Arena. It’s so much fun to see the arena filled with children of all ages running in the “calf scramble.” Fairground entertainment will be the Tiger Encounter, “Close Encounters of the Exotic Kind,” featuring white and tabby tigers performing daily and the Pony Express Petting Zoo. The Baldwin County Archives and History Department will have museum displays themed “Baldwin at War” in the coliseum. The Cooperative Extension System presented Food Preservation & Canning, and Gardening & Backyard Landscape workshops during the summer to encourage creative art entries at the fair. Ms. Mertis Childress attended both workshops and will be presenting a booth on “Backyard Bounty.” So, with all Baldwin County’s bounty, I want the Fair to offer something special for everyone.

See you at the Fair!

63rd Baldwin County Fair 2013


From The Office Of

John McMillan

Alabama’s Commisioner of Agriculture and Industries Welcome to the Fair! Throughout the five-year Great Recession when millions of Americans — and a significant number of Alabamians — lost their jobs, one sector of our economy continued robust with growth: agriculture. Today in Alabama, more than $70 billion or about 40 percent of our state’s economy comes from farming, agribusiness and forestry. More than a third of Alabama families earn their living from this business sector, according to a 2013 John McMillan economic impact study by the Alabama Agribusiness Council and the Alabama Cooperative Extension Service. With worldwide demand growing each year for poultry, beef, pork, grains and fiber, it’s a strong testimony for Alabama farm families that they have risen to the challenge by dramatically boosting productivity. By 2050, we must double our current output to meet a rapidly growing world population. Alabama agriculture continues to thrive despite the challenges of unpredictable weather, high fuel costs, and so many other obstacles. We at the Alabama Department of Agriculture and Industries are committed to serve the farmers and protect the consumers of this state. Every fall, Alabama’s fairs and livestock exhibitions provide our state’s best entertainment for the entire family. Fairs provide good family fun, are educational, and highlight the important role of agriculture in Alabama. Best wishes to all who help coordinate these events. Thank you for your continued support of Alabama farmers and agriculture! Sincerely,

John McMillan State of Alabama Department of Agriculture & Industries Richard Beard Building 1445 Federal Drive Montgomery, Alabama 36107

Published by Gulf Coast Newspapers Jessica Jones Paige Renka Melinda Hankins

Editor Graphic Designer Event Coordinator


Table of Contents 63rd Fair Manager Update ................................................................ 3 Commissioner of Agriculture ........................................................... 4 Alabama Cooperative Extension System ........................................ 6 Board of Directors ............................................................................. 9 Schedule of Events and Attractions ........................................... 9-12 Baldwin at War: Museum Displays ........................................... 15-16 Close Encounters: Lion and Tiger Show .................................. 18-19 Baldwin Country Contributions during WWII ........................... 21-22 The Childress Family .................................................................. 27-28 A Look at Last Year’s Fair .................................................... 30-31, 33 South Alabama Antique Tractor and Engine Club ........................ 34 Volunteer of the Year ....................................................................... 36 Rules, Regulations and Premiums ................................................. 40 Exhibits Departments ................................................................. 41-45 Livestock Exhibits and Kiddie Pedal Rules and Regulations .. 45-46

Advertiser Index Alabama Holster & Gun Co ................................ 30 Amelia & Verla Title Services, Inc. ....................... 17 Baldwin Cattlewomen/Cattlemen ...................... 20 Baldwin Feed & Seed ........................................... 20 Baldwin Tractor & Equipment .............................. 24-25 BC EMC ................................................................ 19 Burris Farm Market .............................................. 14 Campbell Hardware ............................................. 35 City of Foley .......................................................... 20 City of Robertsdale .............................................. 5 Collector’s & Shooters Club Gun Show ........... 29 Crop Production Services .................................. 17 Ebert Agency, Inc. ............................................... 38 Elberta Coop ....................................................... 32 ES Shoe Hospital ................................................. 23 First South Farm Credit ...................................... 14 Foley Implement/Sunsouth ............................... 29 Franklin Farm & Seed .......................................... 13 Gruenloh & Associates, P.C. .............................. 26 Helena Chemical ................................................. 26 Hoss Mack, Sheriff .............................................. 23 Loxley Auto Parts & Hardware ............................ 17 Mack Funeral Home & Crematory ...................... 31 Mike’s Saw & Cycle ............................................. 13 Morgan’s Ice ........................................................ 31 Myers .................................................................... 48 Parkway Equipment ............................................ 35 Piggly Wiggly ........................................................ 7 Racine’s Feed, Garden & Supply ......................... 8 Remax Bob Shallow ............................................ 2 Riviera Utilities .................................................... 26 Robertsdale Dental ............................................. 37 Robertsdale Feed, Seed & Supply ....................... 18 Robertsdale Livestock Auction, Inc. .................. 17 Robertsdale Power Equipment .......................... 30 Skipper Realty ..................................................... 32 Tim Brown Ent./Xtreme Xterminating ................ 20 Tim Russell Probate Judge ................................ 23 United Bank ......................................................... 47


63rd Baldwin County Fair 2013


As Host City... The City Administration & Citizens of Robertsdale


You To The 63rd Annual Baldwin County

September 24 thru September 28 City Of

The Hub of Baldwin County Mayor: Charles Murphy Council: Sue Cooper, Joseph Kitchens, Ruthie Campbell Paul Hollingsworth, Brent Kendrick City Clerk: Shannon Ellison City Attorney: Ken Raines Chief Financial Officer: Ann Simpson Chief Of Police: Brad Kendrick Public Works Director: Scott Gilbert City Engineer: Greg Smith

63rd Baldwin County Fair 2013



೥೾ೌഁ೗೉೎ϟ೦೏ೕ೎೔೙ϟೲೆೆ೉ഀംϟ ϴϏϵ೤ϟ೥೙೒೎ംംϟ೶೔೒ംം೔ϟ ೥೾೙ϟ೰ ϟ ೉೎ംം೔೔ംϓϟ೤೯ϟϟϴϱϲϏϰϟ ೷ംೌം೐ೈ೏ ೏೎ംംϟϗϵϲ϶ϖϟϮϴϰϒϰ϶ϰϱϟ೏೒ϟ ϮϵϯϒϴϏϏϵϐϮϳϴϒϲϏϱ϶ϟം೘೔೔ϑϟϵϵϵϵϟ ೩೤೻ϟϗϵϲ϶ϖϟϮϴϰϒϰϵϯϲϟϟ ϟ ϟ

ϟ ೶ೕ೓೾೎ϟ೩ϑϟ೺೉೎ೇ೾೒ഁϟ ೦೏ೕ೎೔೙ϟ೨೘೔ം೎೓೉೏೎ϟ೦೏೏೒ഁ೉೎೾೾೔೏೒ϟ ೶೾೎ഁ೒೾ϟ೺೾ೌ೔೏೎ϟ ೤ഁ್೉೎೉೓೔೒೾೔೔೉ೖംϟ೤೓೓೉೓೔೾೎೔ϟ ೦೾೔ೈ೙ϟ೥೾೎೎೉೎ೇϟ ೤ഁ್೉೎೉೓೔೒೾೔೔೉ೖംϟ೶ೕ೐೐೏೒೒೔೔ ೤೓೓೉೓೔೾೎೔ ೬ϟ ೶ം೒ം೎೾ϟ೯೏೎ೇϟ ೤ೇം೎೔ ೤೓೓೉೓೔೾೎೔ϟ ೷ഃ೓೗ೊ೏ೈϢ೦೿್ം೘ೊ೏Ϣ೧೐ೖ೏ೕ೚ϰϟ ೦೾೒೏ೌ೙೎ϟ೥೉ೖ೉೎೓ϟ ೵ംೇ೉೏೎೾ೌϟ೨೘೔ം೎೓೉೏೎ϟ೤ೇം೎೔ϟ ೫ೕ್೾೎ϟೱೕ೔೒೉೔೉೏೎ϓϟ೧೉ം೔ϟϙϟ೫ം೾ೌ೔ೈϟ ೥ം೾ೕϟ೥೒೏ഁ೿ംഀೋϟ ೵ംೇ೉೏೎೾ೌϟ೨೘೔ം೎೓೉೏೎ϟ೤ೇം೎೔ϟ ೩೏೒ം೓೔೒೙ϓϟ೺೉ೌഁೌ೉ೆം ϙϟೱ೾೔ೕ೒೾ೌϟ೵ം೓೏ೕ೒ഀം೓ϟ ೧ം೎೉೓ംϟ೫ംೕ೿೾ഀೈϟ ೸೒೿೾ ೿ ೎ϟ ೵ംೇ೉೏೎೾ೌϟ ೨೘೔ം೎೓೉೏೎ϟ ೤ೇം೎೔ϟ ೩೏೒ം೓೔೒೙ϓϟ ೺೉ೌഁೌ೉ೆംംϟ ϙϟ ೱ೾೔೔ೕ೒೾ೌϟ೵ ം೓೏ೕ೒ഀം೓Ϭϟ ೫೏್ംϟ೪೒೏ೕ೎ഁ೓ϓϟ೪೾೒ഁം೎೓ϟϙϟ೫೏್ംϟೳം೓೔೓ϟ ϟ ೦೙೎೔ೈ೉೾ϟ೪ϑϟ೮೎೏೗ೌ೔೏೎ϟ ೵ംೇ೉೏೎೾ೌϟ೨೘೔ം೎೓೉೏೎ϟ೤ೇം೎೔ϟ ϳϒ೫ϟϙϟ೼೏ೕ೔ೈϟ೧ംೖംೌ೏೐್ം೎೔ϟ ೤್ംೌ೉೾ϟ೰ഀ೪೒ം೗ϟ ೵ംೇ೉೏೎೾ೌϟ೨೘೔ം೎೓೉೏೎ϟ೤ೇം೎೔ϟ ೩೏೏ഁϟ೶೾ೆം೔೙ϓϟೳ೒ം೐೾೒೾೔೉೏೎ϟϙϟೳ೒ം೓ം೒ೖೖ೾೔೉೏೎ϟ ϟ ϟ ೸೉೿೏ೌϢ೚೐ೖϢೕ೐Ϣ೐ೖ೓Ϣ೪೿ೊ೓Ϣ೺೐್ೖ೏ೕഃഃ೓೔Ϟϟ ϟ

ϟ ϟ

ϟ ೰೉ೋംϟ೰ഀ೴ೕംം೎ϟ ೵ംೇ೉೏೎೾ೌϟ೨೘೔ം೎೓೉೏೎ϟ೤ೇം೎೔ϟ ೫೏್ംϟ೪೒೏ೕ೎ഁ೓ϓϟ೪೾೒ഁം೎೓ϟϙϟ೫೏್ംϟೳം೓೔೓ϟ ೭೾್ം೓ϟ೰೉ೌം೓ϟ ೵ംೇ೉೏೎೾ೌϟ೨೘೔ം೎೓೉೏೎ϟ೤ೇം೎೔ϟ ೦೏್್ം೒ഀ೉೾ೌϟ೫೏೒೔೔೉ഀೕೌ೔ೕ೒ംϟ ೰೾೒ೇ೾೒ം೔ϟϟೲഁ೏್ϟ ೵ംೇ೉೏೎೾ೌϟ೨೘೔ം೎೓೉೏೎ϟ೤ೇം೎೔ϟϟ ೩೾್೉ೌ೙ϟϙϟ೦ೈ೉ೌഁϟ೧ംೖംೌ೏೐್ം೎೔ϟ ೤್೾೎ഁ೾ϟೲೕ೔ೌ೾೗ϟ ೸೒೿ ೿೾೎ϟ೵ംೇ೉೏೎೾ೌϟ೨೘೔ം೎೓೉೏೎ϟ೤ೇം೎೔ϟ ೨ೌ೉೚೾೿ം೔ೈϟೳೈ೉ೌೌ೉೐೓ϟ ೸೒೿ ೿೾೎ϟ೵ംೇ೉೏೎೾ೌϟ೨೘೔ം೎೓೉೏೎ϟ೤ೇം೎೔ϟ ೤೎೔ೈ೏೎೙ϟ೺೉ೇೇ೉೎೓ϟ ೵ംೇ೉೏೎೾ೌϟ೨೘೔ം೎೓೉೏೎ϟ೤ೇം೎೔ϟ ೤೎೉್೾ೌϟ೶ഀ೉ം೎ഀംϟ ೮೉್೿ം೒ೌ೙ϟ೭ϑϟ೺೉ೌೋ೉೎೓ϟ ೵ംೇ೉೏೎೾ೌϟ೨೘೔ം೎೓೉೏೎ϟ೤ೇം೎೔ϟ ೤ೇ೒೏೎೏್೉ഀϟ೦೒೏೐೓ϟ ϟ ೵೉ഀೋϟ೽೾೐೾೔೾ϟ ೵ംೇ೉೏೎೾ೌϟ೨೘೔ം೎೓೉೏೎ϟ೤ೇം೎೔ϟ ೦೏೎೓ೕ್ം೒೒ϟ ೶ഀ೉ം೎ഀംϟ ϙϟೳ ം೒೓೏೎೾ೌϟ ೩೉೎೾೎ഀ೉೾ೌϟ ೰೾೎೾ೇം್ം೎೔ϟ ϟ ϟ ೺ೊ೔ೋϢ೐ೖ೓Ϣ೘ഃഀ೔ೋഃϢ೿ೕϢ


೤೯೤೥೤೰೤ϟ೤ϙ೰ϟ೤ ೤ೱ ೱ೧ϟ೤೸೥೸೵ೱϟ೸ೱ೬೹೨೵೶೬೷೬೨೶ϓϟ೤ೱ ೱ೧ϟ೷೸೶೮೨೪೨೨ϟ೸ೱ೬೹೨೵೶೬೷೼ϓϟ೦ೲ೸ೱ೷೼ϟ೪ೲ೹೨೵ೱ೬ೱ೪ϟ೥ೲ೧೬೨೶ϟ೤ೱ ೱ೧ϟ೸೶೧೤ϟ೦ೲೲೳ೨೵೤೷೬ೱ೪ϟ

ϟ ೷ೈംϟ೤ೌ೾೿೾್೾ϟ೦೏೏೐ം೒೾೔೉ೖംϟ೨೘೔ം೎೓೉೏೎ϟ೶೙೓೔ം್ϟ೏ೆೆം೒೓ϟംഁೕഀ೾೔೉೏೎೾ೌϟ೐೒೏ೇ೒೾್೓ϓϟ್೾೔ം೒೉೾ೌ೓ϓϟ೾೎ഁϟം೑ೕ೾ೌϟ೏೐೐೏೒೔ೕ೎೉೔೙ϟം್೐ೌ೏೙್ം೎೔ϟ೔೏ϟ ೾ೌೌϟ೐ം೏೐ೌംϟ೗೉೔ೈ೏ೕ೔ ೒ംೇ೾೒ഁϟ೔೏ϟ೒೾ഀംϓϟഀ೏ೌ೏೒ϓϟ೎೾೔೉೏೎೾ೌϟ೏೒೉ೇ೉೎ϓϟ೒ംೌ೉ೇ೉೏೎ϓϟ೓ം೘ϓϟ೾ೇംϓϟೖം೔ം೒೾೎ϟ೓೔೾೔ೕ೓ϓϟ೏೒ϟഁ೉೓೾೿೉ೌ೉೔೙ϑϟ



63rd Baldwin County Fair 2013

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63rd Baldwin County Fair 2013




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Students: cut out this ticket to receive FREE Student Admission and $5 OFF Armband Valid only on Student Night, Thursday Sept. 26th • See page 11 for Thursday Events & Schedule


63rd Baldwin County Fair 2013


2013 Baldwin County Cattle & Fair Association Board of Directors Kyle Baggett, Auburn, AL

H.L. (Buddy) Long, Orange Beach, AL

George Campbell, Robertsdale, AL

Elmer McDaniel, Robertsdale, AL

F.B. Ellison, Robertsdale, AL

Robert (Bob) McMillian, Stockton, AL

A.B. (Sonny) Hankins, Robertsdale, AL

Neil McMillian, Stockton, AL

Samuel Jenkins, Daphne, AL

Alec A. (Tumpsie) Trione, Daphne, AL

Welcome To The 63rd Baldwin County Fair 19477 Fairground Road • Robertsdale, Alabama 36567 251.947.3247 • Fax: 251.947.3471 Email:

SCHEDULE OF EVENTS & ATTRACTIONS Subject To Change Through Sept. 23rd Sept. 24 - 28


Adults $6 Children (Under 12) FREE FREE PARKING Fair Parade • Tractors & Horseback Riders Saturday, Sept. 21, 10 a.m. • Highway 59, Robertsdale, Alabama

63rd Baldwin County Fair 2013



Exhibitors Registration & Exhibit Set-Up Friday, Sept. 20 Monday, Sept. 23

10:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. 10:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.

Fair Hours Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday Friday Saturday

3:00 p.m. - 11:00 p.m. 3:00 p.m. - 1:00 a.m. 12:00 Noon to 12:00 Midnight

Fairground & Coliseum Events Showtimes Posted

Tiger Encounter: Rare White & Golden Tabby Emerald Coast Garden Railway Club & West Florida Railway Museum Baldwin County Dept. of Archives & History: “Baldwin At War” Baldwin County Heritage Museum, Daphne Museum, Fairhope Museum, Foley Museum, Fort Mims Museum, Fort Morgan Museum, Gulf Shores Museum, Historic Blakeley Park, Orange Beach Museum & Stockton Museum Five Rivers Delta Center Animal Display South Alabama Antique Tractor & Engine Club Exhibits: Antique Tractors and Engines; Blacksmithing; Corn Shelling; Sugar Cane Press; Slab Cutter Saw, Kids Tractor Pull & Country Kitchen Pony Express Pony Rides & Petting Zoo Baby Chicks & Duck Pond Sweet Potato Cook Off Tim Brown Entertainment Kazoo Band & Rockinettes “Road Show” Pysanky Egg Exhibit 4-H Heifer Show & 4-H Horse Show Bo Campbell Productions Rodeo Myers International Midways Opens at 5:00 p.m. and closes no earlier than 11:00 p.m.


Creative Arts Exhibits

Arena Area Barnyard Exhibits


63rd Baldwin County Fair 2013


This Year’s Theme

Baldwin’s Bounty Tuesday & Wednesday, Sept. 24th & 25th Fair Gate Opens 3:00 p.m.

Pay One Price Day! $10 Day = Admission & All Midway Rides FREE (All Over 36” Tall) Includes All Rides & Entertainment FREE No Passes Honored

5:00 P.M.

South Alabama Antique Tractor & Engine Club Show in Arena

5:00 P.M.

Kiddie Pedal Tractor Pull in Arena

5:00 P.M. Street Fair Music & Food

Myers International Midway Opens Outside Plaza

Thursday, Sept. 26th Fair Gate Opens 3 p.m.

Students & Senior Citizens Day Students & Senior Citizens Admitted FREE 12 p.m. until 6 p.m. FREE Student Admission and $5 OFF Armbands (Good on Student Night Only) Admission: Adults $6 - Children (Under 12) FREE $20 Arm Bands For Unlimited Midway Rides 4:00 P.M.

Sweet Potato Cook-Off in Coliseum

Susan & Leonard Kichler, Sponsors; Alabama Cooperative Extension System, Coordinators; Alabama Sweet Potato Association; Baldwin Co. Board of Education, Family & Consumer Science; Farmers Federation & Sweet Potato Growers

5:00 P.M.

Myers International Midway Opens

5:00 P.M.

Kazoo Band Performance in Coliseum

Sarah Duncan, George P. Thames Senior Citizens Center Manager, Robertsdale, Alabama Sandy Stillman, Band Leader, Jerry Sides, Assistant Leader Jean Sobol, Wilson Hilton, Sharron Ellison, Kathleen Bender, Linda Ferrell, Emily Cohron, Jean Fontaine, Eddie Bedwell

5:00 P.M.

4-H Heifer Show, Eugene Fernandes, Volunteer Arena & 4-H Horse Show, Sherry Sturma, Volunteer Arena

5:30 P.M.

Rockin-ettes in Coliseum

George P. Thames Senior Citizens Center members: Rebecca Hayes-director, Barbara Lagley, Claudia Barbee, Ann Brun, Birgie Peterson, Dot Thorn and Sherry Gibson

6:00 P.M.

South Alabama Antique Tractor & Engine Club Show in Arena

6:00 P.M.

Kiddie Pedal Tractor Pull in Arena

Street Fair Music & Food

Outside Plaza

63rd Baldwin County Fair 2013



Friday, Sept. 27th

Fair Gate Opens 3 p.m.

Admission: Adults $6 - Children (Under 12) FREE Midway Rides - 5 p.m. – 10 p.m. - Tickets Only Midnight Madness Midway Rides - 10 p.m. - 1 a.m. $20 Arm Bands For Unlimited Midway Rides 5:00 P.M.

Myers International Midway Opens

5:00 P.M.

Kiddie Pedal Tractor Pull in Arena

7:00 P.M.

Bo Campbell Rodeo Productions in Arena Announcer: Clint Allemand and Clown: Huck “The Cajun Kid”

8:30 P.M.

Calf Scramble in Arena

11:00 P.M.

Coliseum Closes

1:00 A.M.

Midway Closes

Street Fair Music & Food

Outside Plaza

Saturday, Sept. 28th Fair Gate Opens 12 Noon

Admission: Adults $6 - Children (Under 12) FREE $15 Arm Bands For Unlimited Midway Rides - 1p.m. to 5 p.m. Midway Rides - 5 p.m. until Close - Tickets Only 1:00 P.M.

Myers International Midway Opens

5:00 P.M.

Kiddie Pedal Tractor Pull

7:00 P.M.

Bo Campbell Rodeo Productions in Arena Announcer: Clint Allemand and Clown: Hunk “The Cajun Kid”

8:30 P.M. 11:00 P.M. 1:00 A.M. Street Fair Music & Food

Calf Scramble in Arena Coliseum Closes Midway Closes Outside Plaza



63rd Baldwin County Fair 2013


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63rd Baldwin County Fair 2013


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63rd Baldwin County Fair 2013

Submitted by Tammy Kinney

Baldwin County Heritage Museum’s Baldwin County Fair collage features WWI and WWII items.

Baldwin at War

Museums to display war memorabilia inside Coliseum Baldwin County Heritage Museum

The Baldwin County Heritage Museum presents WWI-WWII Baldwin County Memories for the Baldwin at War fair exhibit. Over the years, BCHM has become the home for many pieces of memorabilia from military families. With the mission to preserve the early family and farm heritage of Baldwin County, volunteers and staff have created an exhibit to highlight the impact of military life in Baldwin County from WWI to WWII. This exhibit is not intended to reflect the political issues of war, but instead to allow one to view how family life was involved in the wars and military influence. After the fair, the exhibit will be on display in the museum until BCHM’s Veterans Day Program on Sunday, Nov. 10.

63rd Baldwin County Fair 2013



The Old Methodist Church Museum of Daphne

“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it,” wrote George Santayana, poet, philosopher and cultural critic. Other poets of all generations and decades have despised the fog of war and tried through written words and images to remind the reader of the inherent horror in war’s outcomes, either win or lose. All lose. The Old Methodist Church Museum of Daphne, a curator of Baldwin County history, offers a look into the fog of war through the eyes of poets who lamented and railed against all war. One of the museum’s documents on loan is a poem written by Walker Dee Wallace, a resident of Daphne and Fairhope, who penned, “Tramp, Tramp, Tramp,” from a trench in the Argonne Forest fighting in World War I, the “war to end all wars” as it was to become known in later years. Santayana’s words fall mute on the ears of the dead, and the living. Presented in our display for the Fair are poems representing the best minds of the generations of poets surrounding the two World Wars. The museum staff hopes that reading and reflecting on these messages will inspire Baldwin County citizens to think critically about the waging of war.

Fairhope Museum of History

The Fairhope Museum of History will add several easels to the History Display at the Baldwin County Fair. It will have 24 photos of young men and women who were going off to World War II. Some made it back and some did not. Each photo will be accompanied by a paragraph, telling the subject’s story — where they went and the type of service they did. These often evoke a strong sense of respect for the sacrifices these young Fairhopeans made.

Fort Morgan State Historic Site

Fort Morgan State Historic Site’s exhibit at the 2013 Baldwin County Fair will focus on a little known part of Baldwin County’s military history. The exhibit will feature visuals and texts which recount the September 1814 and February 1815 battles of Fort Bowyer (Fort Morgan’s predecessor on Mobile Point). Many people have never read about these battles, as their significance and occurrence have been overshadowed by larger events during the War of 1812. The Battle of Fort McHenry in Baltimore, Md. overshadowed the first battle, while the second battle was doomed to obscurity by the Battle of New Orleans. However, both battles hold significant places in American history. The defeat of the British Navy and Royal Marines during the September battle forced the British to seek an alternate route to the city of New Orleans, one which left them exhausted and in a perilous position by the time they met Andrew Jackson’s forces outside of the city. The second battle during the following February ended with a defeat for the United States, but it occurred one month after the engagement in New Orleans and was the last Battle of the War of 1812. Along with historic images and visuals that will be displayed, Fort Morgan will display a 32-pound carronade from the HMS Hermes. A unique artifact, the cannon was removed to Fort Bowyer after the HMS Hermes was evacuated and destroyed by her crew after the conclusion of the September 1814 battle. The carronade is one of the few large scale artifacts in known existence from the two battles and has not left the site since its salvage near the mouth of Mobile Bay nearly 200 years ago.

Military Automobiles and more

A veteran of Operation Enduring Iraqi Freedom and Operation Iraq Freedom 2003-2004, Military Police Cpl. Carl Lejsek of Silverhill, is also a military historian as a hobby. He owns a 1971 Vietnam 2 1/2 Troop Carrier Truck, usually called a Deuce and Half, that he restored, and a 1951 M38 Willys Military Jeep he restored. He participates in parades, displays, living histories and attends WWII reenactments; he also portrays a Civil War soldier (blue and gray) in certain times of the year. He will be setting up a military display with memorabilia and his Jeep this year at the Baldwin County Fair in Robertsdale. n




63rd Baldwin County Fair 2013

Robertsdale Livestock Auction, Inc.

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63rd Baldwin County Fair 2013



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63rd Baldwin County Fair 2013

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63rd Baldwin County Fair 2013







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63rd Baldwin County Fair 2013

An in-depth look stemming from this year's museum display theme, Baldwin at War: Baldwin County contributions during WWII By John Jackson Today the United States is actively involved militarily in Afghanistan and Iraq. American soldiers die almost each week performing their duty and have done so for several years now; yet the U.S. presence in those two countries garners limited attention by the local news media, and recently, has only made it onto our television screens in light of the political ramifications of the conflict. As the conflicts continue, the American attention span seems to drift away from the danger that our

soldiers endure daily and, unless we have a family member directly involved, we tend to forget there is a war being waged and people losing their lives in the name of the United States and for the many ideals our nations represents. Sixty-five years ago, however, the United States, in general, and Baldwin County, in particular, was completely immersed in a war that had engulfed the entire planet, affecting every corner of the globe in one way or another. And in the local press, World War II was brought to life each week with the stories of local

heroes both in the armed forces and in civilian life that contributed to the final victory. Before the war ended, a large percentage of Baldwin County residents were affected in some manner by the war. Many had joined the armed forces and had seen much action in two theaters of war. Those that remained behind in Baldwin County found abundant means to support the war effort through volunteer work and mandatory efforts such as rationing and the planting of victory gardens. A glance through the pages of The Baldwin Times reveals the

63rd Baldwin County Fair 2013

depth to which the war in Europe and the Pacific had penetrated the daily lives of residents of this quiet coastal community. In all, Baldwin County sent about 2,500 of its men and women to serve in the military during World War II. Sixty of those valiant men and women never returned. During the four years of the struggle, the pages of the local newspapers brimmed with the accounts of the service of young people from small communities like Perdido, Bon Secour and Bay Minette. Many of the service men and women from the county served quietly and solidly as they paved the way for an allied victory. A weekly column published in the Baldwin Times highlighted the achievements of these men and women in uniform. One report from the “Baldwin Boys in the Service” column underscored the contribution of Alvin Jewell, 23, who was an aerial gunner in a B-17 bomber crew that had been operating in the Mediterranean Theater. According to The Times, Jewell had just been awarded an air medal for “meritorious achievement in aerial flight” and had completed more than 10 combat missions over enemy territory in what must have been harrowing circumstances. The article pointed out that he had been promoted to staff sergeant, further demonstrating his commitment to duty. The news of Jewell and his accomplishments was but one of many that demonstrated the personal sacrifice that touched the lives of Baldwin County residents in the mid 1940s. Other Baldwin County natives were destined to greatness and notoriety because of their endeavors in the field of battle. Ira P. Swift, who


grew up in the Bon Secour community, rose to the rank of brigadier general by war’s end, acquiring both the Silver Star and the Bronze Star for gallantry in action in the allies’ push toward Germany in the closing months of the European campaign. Swift had grown up in Bon Secour the son of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Swift, who had made a name for themselves with the operation of the Swift Lumber Company and their open hospitality to locals and guests alike. While Baldwin County soldiers were fighting throughout the world, those at home contributed w i t h scrap metal drives and strict rationing. The onset of war in 1941 signaled the beginning of war production and limited access to certain products for the private sector. As the supply of food stuffs was rerouted to the soldier the average American had to make do with less. And, to ensure the process was equitable for each family, the U.S. government issued ration books and tokens for the purchase of items deemed essential to the war effort. Products such as gasoline, tires, sugar, meat, silk, shoes and nylon among others were regulated by the federal government. County residents received the coupons and could monitor the rationing calendar with a front page update issued in The Baldwin Times each week. The calendar featured the stamp

BALDWINCOFAIR.COM number and the expiration date for each stamp that allowed the purchase of items such as processed foods, meats, sugar and gasoline. In addition to the product rationing that was mandatory, civilians readily initiated scrap drives to collect much needed materials that could be recycled into usable items for the nation’s armed forces. For example, a scrap paper drive conducted by the Bay Minette Cub Scouts netted a large amount of waste paper for recycle in spring 1945. Members of Den 2, Pack 41 collected the waste paper that was delivered to a paper mill in Mobile for processing. The young men that participated included Douglas Barlow, Thad Sellers, James Payne, Leo Stamant, and Bill George Cruitt. They were assisted by their Den Mother, Mrs. J.J. Chancelor and by scouts Edward Barlow and Benford Cruitt. By August 1945, the war was won, the men and women of the armed forces came home, and life slowly drifted back to normal, at least as normal as it would become having been changed forever by the defining conflict of the 20th century. Men and women – families of Baldwin County – had worked in unison to make every effort to be victorious against an enemy that everyone felt sure would envelope the world with evil, had they their way. The Second World War permeated every level of American society affecting families from all walks of life, and those families responded. Each year, as we commemorate Veterans Day, we should remember those who fought and those who raised hopes through their sacrifice at home. And when we do, we should also think of those who today have members of their family in the line of fire wherever they may be in the world. And remember they too have devoted to giving their all for the beliefs and the ideals of our nation. n


63rd Baldwin County Fair 2013


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Baldwin County Fair Association Sandy and I have been enjoying the fair for many years!

Tim Russell Judge of Probate

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63rd Baldwin County Fair 2013



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63rd Baldwin County Fair 2013

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63rd Baldwin County Fair 2013



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“Riviera Salutes the Baldwin County Fair�



63rd Baldwin County Fair 2013

This photograph of the Childress family was taken at HT and Dovie’s 50th wedding anniversary. FRONT ROW: Carl, HT, Dovie, Pearl and Carolyn. BACK ROW: Sue, Ted, Calvin, Paul, Mary, Ace, Ruth, Rube and Bob.

Baldwin County's family traditions

The Childress Family In 1992, Hermie Thompson (HT) Childress came to Baldwin County to check things out. He had heard about the great farm land, and he wanted to see things for himself. Since Ma, Dovie Lee Hayes, was pregnant in 1923, they were unable to start their journey until 1924. HT and wife Dovie came to Loxley, Alabama in October of 1924 from Thorsby in Chilton County, Alabama. They traveled two covered wagons built by HT. The wagons were pulled by the family's two mules. HT rented a railroad box car, and put their furniture in one end and their cattle in the

other end of the car. Friends HT met on his earlier trip in '22 met the train in Summerdale, and took their belongings to their home, east of Loxley. During the day, the children and the dogs would run alongside the wagons. They left Thorsby and traveled for seven days and six nights to their new home. They passed through Maplesville, Selma (camped the first night), Camden, Tunnel Springs, Monroeville, Frisco City, Uriah (camped by the bridge on Little River), Stockton, and camped the last night south of Bay Minette in a churchyard south of the Faulkner State Jr. College. They

arrived in Loxley as school was closing. School children ran out yelling, “the circus is coming to town,” and someone said “no, it's the Childress family.” They passed the school and went east 1.5 miles to their new home. Children making the trip were Ruth, Paul, Calvin, Ted, Rube, Mary, Ace, Bob and Sue. Nine were born in Chilton County. Carl (Shorty), Carolyn and Pearl were born in Baldwin County. HT bought 80 acres of land and an old house for their home. The first year they planted cucumbers and sweet potatoes on their cleared land.

63rd Baldwin County Fair 2013 They made enough money the first year to buy a model T automobile, a second-hand truck and a tractor. Year two, another 40 acres of land was purchased. HT built a house just like the one they had left in Chilton County. He was not only a good farmer, but also a good carpenter. In 1942, the house east of Loxley burned. HT and Dovie moved the family to town. HT rented a house until he could build another. HT was active in many businesses. He operated a skating rink and movie theater on Highway 59, where Citizen's Bank sets today. After he was appointed by Baldwin County officials to be Justice of the Peace for the town of Loxley; he operated his office out of the theater building. According to daughter Carolyn (White), HT wanted all his children to be successful, and even though he did not have much money, he helped them all in any way he could. Ted graduated Auburn in '37. After graduation, HT knew a man from Conecuh County who helped Ted get a job as Assistant County Agent. Ted bought his farm in Summerdale in 1939, and his brothers helped him farm it until he quit the Extension Service in 1945. He and wife Dorothy moved to Orange Beach in 49. Dorothy's first cousin, Dr. Amos Garrett, a well known dentist in Robertsdale, sold them the property. All the sons of HT and Dovie were farmers, except Carl. After being in the service in WWII, and serving on an air craft carrier in the Pacific, Carl returned home to work at Brookley Field in Mobile. Bob was at D-Day in the Atlantic off the coast of France during the war. He returned home to Loxley to farm. After graduating Auburn and Emory Dental College in Atlanta, Ace joined the Navy and served in WWII. Ace was a dentist in Foley for many years and also had farm land. Several of the girls, Ruth (Gray), Mary (Brock) and Carolyn (Hobbs/White) married farmers. Pearl, the youngest, married a successful shrimper, and she and her husband, Lindsey Burroughs, live in Loxley in the old home place. Two other brothers to HT, Ben and Cliff, came to Baldwin County from Chilton County. One brother, Phil, and sister, Alma, stayed in Chilton County, but many of their children and grandchildren moved here. Cliff lived with HT and Dovie until he married Ella Barganier. Cliff and Ella built



HT’s brother Cliff also came to Baldwin County from Chilton County. Pictured are he and his wife Ella with their two children, Doris (Stapleton) and Julius.

a house just like Hersel Gray, Calvin and Elizabeth, Ben and Callie, and Ted built the same house at his farm in Summerdale for his beloved farm hand Albert Grimmling and family. Alec Linnecx, a well-known Baldwin County builder, built all the houses. The houses are still the same, with some additions. Children of Cliff and Ella are Julius and Doris (Stapleton). Ben married Callie Hayes, sister to Dovie. Their children were Hobson, Minnie (Ray), Duel, Ola (Wallace), Inez (Davison), Bill, Same and Joe. Many were farmers also. Mertis Childress (widow of Duel) is 95 years old, and still contributes to the great life of Baldwin County citizens by attending and contributing to every Baldwin County Fair. At one time, the Childress families owned and farmed more than 5,000 acres of land in Baldwin County. They row-cropped, raised cattle, hogs, and Rube and Mary's husband Brock had dairies. They also liked to hunt and fish. Brothers and brothers-in-law were charter members of the Baldwin County Hunting Club in north Baldwin. It is still in operation. The many ancestors of these three brothers have been very active contributing to the great life in Baldwin County. They have become teachers, nurses, lawyers, real estate brokers, a pro-

The families continue to get together for family reunions, first at Cotton Bayou in Orange Beach and now at Aliligator Alley in Summerdale.

fessional football player (Joe, an allAmerican at Auburn, played with the St. Louis Cardinals for 10 years), commercial shrimpers and many business owners. The families continue to get together for family reunions. For years, they would meet at Ted and Dorothy's on Cotton Bayou in Orange Beach. For the past three years, Ted's grandson, Wes Moore, has held the reunion at Alligator Alley in Summerdale where Ted's old farm is located. This year, 102 relatives enjoyed good food and fellowship, and all look forward to next year. n


63rd Baldwin County Fair 2013


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October 26-27, 2013 • Feb. 8-9, 2014 • May 3-4, 2014 July 19-20, 2014 • Oct. 25-26, 2014 Baldwin County Fairgrounds Coliseum Building

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(look for the yellow/black CASC Gun Show signs)

200 Tables

“Baldwin County’s largest & best-ever Gun & Knife Show� Modern & Antique Firearms, Knives, Ammo, Shooting Accessories, Etc.


Open to Public: Saturday 9 am to 5 pm ~ Sunday 10 am to 4 pm Admission: $7.00 Adults ~ Age 12 & under FREE For Info Call: 334-279-9895 or 334-322-8818

63rd Baldwin County Fair 2013



A look at last year’s fair:

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63rd Baldwin County Fair 2013

Funeral Home & Crematory

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63rd Baldwin County Fair 2013



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More photos from last year’s fair:


63rd Baldwin County Fair 2013

63rd Baldwin County Fair 2013



Photo by Mark Robinson

Members of the South Alabama Antique Tractor & Engine Club.

South Alabama Antique Tractor & Engine Club By Ken Frost In most agricultural areas of the United States, there always seems to be an interest in collecting and restoring antique farm tractors and machinery. Baldwin County is no exception to this phenomenon, and in 2007, a small group of farmers, machinists, agriculturists, truck drivers, heavy equipment and boat operators and others got together to form the South Alabama Antique Tractor and Engine Club. This nonprofit organization now has more than 155 members, many of whom are retired, while some still work full time jobs. Many are native to Baldwin County and remember agriculture here in south Alabama in the 30s, 40s, 50s and 60s, while some are transplants from the rich agricultural areas of the Midwest. Their ages range from over 80 down to teenagers. The Club’s main goal is to help preserve the rich culture of agriculture from the past in our area, by showing and operating restored agricultural ma-

chinery. Club members take great interest in locating antique tractors or engines and restoring them to their original condition. Sometimes these machines have a special meaning to the club member as it was his or her dad’s or grandfather’s tractor or engine. Usually members transport their tractors and engines to 20 or more festivals or parades per year. Some shows are bigger than others, for example the County Fair at Robertsdale and our Annual Plow Day at Summerdale. There will be a large display of antique tractors, engines and blacksmithing at this year’s County Fair in Robertsdale. Raffle tickets for a nicely restored 1951 Ford 8N tractor will be on sale for a $1 donation per ticket. A drawing will be held at our 2014 Annual Plow Day with net ticket proceeds to be divided equally between the Disabled American Veterans and St. Judes Children’s Research Hospital. For more information on SAATEC go to n



63rd Baldwin County Fair 2013



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25091 Hwy. 59 Between Robertsdale & Loxley, AL

251-964-6733 or Toll Free 877-865-4362

63rd Baldwin County Fair 2013



Baldwin County Fair volunteer of the year

Photo by Mark Robinson

Bobbie Lane By Jessica Jones “I'm in the community – I just help with whatever,” the words rang out from Bobbie Lane as she smiled warmly. Selected as this year's volunteer of the year by the organizers of the Baldwin County Fair, Lane is a star manager of Tupperware and has been a member of the Cattlewomen's Association for 42 years. She's served as president of the Association and helps with the Junior-Senior Beef Cookoff. A Spanish Fort resident since 1963, Lane has also volunteered with the Baldwin County Fair for more than 30 years, judging baked goods and canning. She arrives at the Fair on Mondays to help with set up, then judges goods on Tuesdays. She said that during baked goods judging, she notes the texture of the product, making sure it isn't dried out. She also judges for overall presentation, and of course, taste. She volunteers at the Catfish Roundup in Stapleton, with Catholic Social Services, at the young farmers' Safety Day Camp, helps with school

essays on beef and volunteers as a judge with the 4H Club. She helps with blood drives and blood pressure checks and is a member of a Mobile Mardi Gras organization. Baldwin County Fair organizer Melinda Hankins said that Lane has been helping out since before she started working with the Fair. “She's a volunteer that just pops up everywhere,” she explained. “She's always on time and accurate.” Lane said she has attended cake decorating class, and many other ventures, always going along with friends to different activities. “It's just friend going with friend – that's how I do everything, how I get into a lot of trouble,” she laughed. She said that's her favorite part of the Tupperware business, as well. She enjoys meeting new people, educating and sharing. “I enjoy helping people, sharing recipes to help people save money and time so that they can do things they want to do,” she explained. “Young people do more fast food, but they can save money eating at home. I still put up peas and fresh vegetables and things you need in your life. I like

Volunteer of the year, Bobbie Lane with Fair manager Sonny Hankins.

to reach the younger generation and teach them about agriculture or it will be lost. I just share – it's an opportunity to make people's lives better.” She said she often hears a similar response from those around her, “Y'all are the mothering type, you've got a lot of information to share with other people.” Lane said that's one thing she's learned through her work with Tupperware. “We all help everybody to be successful,” she divulged. “I've got a lot of good friends.” She said her strong desire to help others has always been a part of her life. “My family is more family-oriented – we do a lot of things together,” she revealed. “There are seven children and we all still do things together: holidays, vacations. I just do anything anybody asks me to do.” She likes to go to the mountains, on cruises and any kind of travel with her family, she said. “Basically, I just like to have fun,” she beamed. “A lot of times, I don't think of it as work. I work hard, but I play hard, too.” n



63rd Baldwin County Fair 2013

Dewey Northcutt Heifer Show Judge

Photo by John Underwood

Children at last year’s fair check out the livestock.

Heifer Show will demonstrate children’s work with animals By Jessica Jones Eugene Fernandes is orchestrating the Baldwin County Fair’s first Heifer Show in 19 years. He has been working with six children, five girls and one boy, ages 9 through 15. Each child is responsible for one animal, helping raise it and learning about the animal and its needs, he said. The heifers will be displayed and judged during the Fair, and children will be on hand to answer questions from the judge and members of the public. “Spectators get to see animals worked in the arena,” he revealed. The program is open to anyone in Baldwin County, he said, and eligible calves for this year were born between January 2012 and July 2013. Since heifers are not sold in this show, some of these animals will also be eligible for next year’s show. He said this is a wonderful teaching tool for children because “there’s a responsibility.” “Animals are very fragile when it comes to noises and running around them,” he explained. “They (children) identify parts of the animal to the judge.” Two families have their own heifers, and the other participants help with three of Fernandes’ animals. “I help them get comfortable with the animals by letting them touch them,” he noted. “They need that human contact.” Fernandes said he started raising livestock when his own children joined 4H Club. His son and daughter were involved for about 10 years, he said. He works with Baldwin County Livestock through 4H and hopes that fair attendees will take an interest in the program and join for next year. The group can accommodate children working with a variety of animals, such as goats, steer and chickens if there is interest in those areas, he divulged. n

The Baldwin County Fair will hold a Heifer Show at 5 p.m. on Thursday with a variety of heifer breeds going before experienced show cattle raiser, Dewey Northcutt. Raised in Rosinton, Northcutt attended Auburn University, earning a degree in Agriculture and Vocational Education. He now holds an annual calf sale through San Oaks Farm at the Auburn campus each March; last year, calves went out to 10 different states, he said. He has served as livestock judge in Houston, Fort Worth, Louisville and Montgomery; and Northcutt will judge the Baldwin County Fair Heifer Show for the first time this year. He said he has raised show cattle for more than 30 years, beginning with the 4H and FFA when his children were young. He said they traveled to the Midwest to buy animals, then they raised them and have had many winners. In judging a show, he explained, there are numerous things that make a winner, such as conformation, width, show appearance and structure. “Most important in the case of heifers is the breading ability and reproduction ability of that heifer,” he explained. While he raises Angus, Maine Anjou and Simmental cattle, he judges shows with a wide variety of breeds. “I’m semi-retired and raising show cattle mainly because I love to do it,” he said. n

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63rd Baldwin County Fair 2013




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63rd Baldwin County Fair 2013


Jumpers only show WHEN: Show starts at 5 p.m., Sept. 26 Entry close date Sept. 23 Cost: $15 per class Contact: Sherry Sturma 251-233-4483 for entries Jumper classes are held over a course of show jumping obstacles, including verticals, spreads, double and triple combinations, usually with many turns and changes of direction. The intent is to jump cleanly over a set course within an allotted time. Riders are scored by faults, the lower the score the better. Tied scores will go back for a jump off where you ride a more difficult course and the cleanest round with the best time wins.

Schedule of classes:

• Class 1-2 Baby Jumpers Division 1 Ground poles - 2 different set courses. Open to all beginner riders. Participation ribbons to all riders. • Class 3-4 Baby Jumpers Division 2 Cross rails - 2 different set courses. Open to all beginner riders. • Class 5-7 Hopeful Jumpers Division Junior Riders (17 & under) Fence height 18” to 2’. Class 7 to be timed. • Class 8-10 Hopeful Jumpers Division Adult Riders (18 & over) Fence height 18” to 2’.

Class 10 to be timed. • Class 11-13 Puddle Jumpers open to Junior Riders (17 & under) on horses or ponies Fence height 2’3” to 2’6”. Class 13 to be timed. • Class 14-16 Puddle Jumpers open to Adult Riders (18 & over) on horses or ponies Fence height 2’3” to 2’6”. Class 16 to be timed. • Class 17-19 Low Jumpers open to All Riders Fence height 2’6” to 2’9”. All classes timed. • Class 20-22 Jumper Division 1 open to All Riders Fence height 2’9” to 3’ spreads up to 3’3”. All classes timed. Jump off round if needed. • Class 23-25 Jumper Division 2 open to All Riders. $45 entry 80 percent pay back Fence height 3’3” to 3’6” max spreads to 4’. All classes timed. Jump off round if needed.

Show rules

1. Hard hats are required at all times while mounted. Must be approved (USEFor USPC) safety helmets with harness fastened. 2. A current coggins (taken within 12 months) must be shown before a number will be issued. 3. Attire: must wear breaches and tall boots with polo shirt. Jackets are

not required. Jumping vest may be worn, but not required. 4. Horses and ponies may cross enter. Riders may ride more than one mount per division. 5. Riders must ride all three classes per division to be eligible for awards in the division. Riders may choose to only ride one or two classes in the division, but will not be eligible for awards. 6. Riders that will be in a jump off will be allowed to walk the course. Prior to the start of the class, gates will be open for 15 minutes.

Classes will be scored accordingly

• Refusal or run out - 4 faults for each - 12 fault elimination • Knockdown - 4 faults for each - 12 fault elimination • Timed classes will not have a set time, but will be placed by the quickest time. Placement in each division will be by the least amount of faults and the best time. • Jumpers Division 2 - will be placed 1st-6th and money to be paid 80 percent of entries in this division. 1st: 40 percent; 2nd: 30 percent; 3rd: 20 percent; and 4th: 10 percent Warning: under Alabama law, an equine activity sponsor or equine professional is not liable for any injury to or death of a participant in equine activities resulting from the inherent risks of equine activities, pursuant to the equine activities liability protection act. n

The Kazoo Band from the George P. Thames Senior Center in Robertsdale will perform during the Baldwin County Fair The members of the band are as follows: Sandy Stillman - Band Leader Jerry Sides - Assistant Leader Jean Sobol Wilson Hilton Sharron Ellison Kathleen Bender

Linda Ferrell Emily Cohron Jean Fontaine Eddie Bedwell Sarah Duncan - Sr. Center Manager

63rd Baldwin County Fair 2013



Baldwin County Fair General Rules, Regulations & Premiums

The Baldwin County Fair (held at the Baldwin County Coliseum) is scheduled to start on the last Tuesday of September and end the following Saturday.

All articles and products for exhibit or competition in the fair must be registered on Friday, 10:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. or Monday, 10:00 am - 6:00 p.m. All items on display are entered in the name of the grower, maker, or owner, unless the Fair Management has approved otherwise. The Fair will furnish competitive judges and their decisions are final. Judging is scheduled for Tuesday, September 24th, at 9:00 a.m. Only judges and their assistants are allowed in the Fair building during the selection process. In any class where entries are made by only one exhibitor, the Fair will award one premium. The decisions of the judges are final. Exhibitors are limited to one entry in each class. All winners are awarded ribbons or cash premiums. Premiums are only awarded for articles listed in this catalog. Except as noted the premium awards are: 1st Place - $5 2nd Place - $4 3rd Place - $3 Premium checks are mailed within 30 days following the last day of the fair. Anyone not receiving a check within 30 days should contact the Fair Office. Entries found to perpetrate a fraud are automatically disqualified and no premium shall be awarded, regardless of the judges’ decision. All entries must be original & completed within the previous 12 months. The Fair reserves the right to judge the suitability of the entry. Agronomy exhibits must have variety identification labels attached. The entries are not returned and become the property of the Baldwin County Fair. Exhibitors must claim their property at the end of the Fair. All Exhibits must remain on display for the entire period of the Fair. All special rules in other departments are equally binding as their general rules.

The Fair shall take every precaution for the safeguarding of exhibits. However, it should be understood that exhibits are entered in competition for premiums and that the owner assumes all responsibility for any loss or damage that may occur.

mediate (I) – ages 11 to 13; Elementary (E) – ages 6 to 10;

The Baldwin County Fair, owner of the Fair Grounds, will not be responsible or liable for accidents occurring upon any part of the said Fair Grounds, Concession Booths, Agriculture Building, Stock Barns or any other building, or tents. The management will undertake reasonable precaution in an endeavor to prevent any accidents.

amateur – A person who engages in an event or activity as a pastime rather than a professional – hobbyist.

Parking on the Fair Grounds is free. The Baldwin County Fair, the owners of the Fair Grounds, are not responsible for said autos, trucks, or other vehicles or their contents, etc. while parked on the fair grounds, in the Agriculture Building or Stock Barns, etc. Management will endeavor to guard against loss or damage by using responsible precautions.

agronomy – The application of soil and plant sciences to land management and crop production.

class – A group of like exhibits that are judged together: a sub-category of a department – same as lot. class Number – The number assigned to each class or lot. Department – A generalized category of exhibits or a group of classes/lots. entry – An eligible exhibit that is entered and judged. exhibitor – Owner of the exhibit as shown on the entry form.

children are forbidden to play near or around the agriculture exhibits, commercial displays, concession booths, or stock barns. Parents/guardians are responsible for behavior of minors under their care.

exhibition Number – A permanent number that is assigned an exhibitor.

Professional entries will be entered in the professional category.

Horticulture - The cultivation of plants.

Decorations/Booth exhibits:

Booth space shall be 8’x8’. (Additional space see management.) All decorations must be freestanding and removed after the event. Use of nails, screws, staples, self adhering tape are prohibited. No decorations leaning against walls or columns. No open-flame candles or balloons are permitted. No landscape plants are permitted in the Coliseum. No portable fish ponds, fountains, or water prone exhibits allowed. No cooking shall be allowed on premises without approval of management. No alcohol or tobacco given away in exhibits. No exhibit booths shall be used that would encumber or cut off view of other exhibit booths. All booth space users shall clean up and remove all garbage after event is over. No smoke machines shall be used in buildings. Any and all other exhibit material not mentioned in these requirements, that are deemed harmful to the building or other booth space, by management, shall not be used. DEFINITIONS age Groups – Adult (A) – 19 years & over; and Senior (S) – ages 14 to 18; Inter-

Handbook – A book that contains rules and regulation regarding entries in the Baldwin County Fair. Professional – A person who engages in an event or activity for monetary profit. A skilled worker who practices some trade or handicraft. A creator of great skill in the manual arts. A person who teaches and/or instructs a particular craft or skill.

REGISTRATION & PICKUP DAYS Friday & Monday, September 20 & 23rd Entries accepted 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Following Week Pickup entries 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. NOTE:

Please note changes to creative arts handbook entry listings.


DEPARTMENT A ANTIQUES Rules • Must be at least 50 years old. • Will be judged on rarity, craftsmanship, beauty, and age. • Entry limited to 15”. Lot A1. A2. A3. A4. A5. A6. A7. A8. A9. A10. A11. A12. A13. A14. A15. A16. A17. A18. A19. A20. A21. A22. A23. A24. A25. A26. A27. A28. A29. A30. A31. A32. A33. Rules

Musical Instrument Needlework Photograph Advertising Item Lamp Glass Item Milk Glass Carnival/Depression Glass Cut Glass Pressed Glass China Pottery Article Dolls Jewelry Clock/Watch Camera Bank Handcraft Item Small Tool For Hand Use Kitchen Item Metal Article Toy Item of Wood Clothing Leather Item Document - (Paper, Magazine, Newspapers must be protected) Eye Glasses Figurine Gloves Handkerchief Telephone Silver Etc.


• Entries must be suitably framed or matted. Framed pictures must have hanging wire attached. • Exhibitors are allowed only one picture per class in any category. • Include your name, address, and phone number on the back of each entry.

63rd Baldwin County Fair 2013


• Judges reserve the right to reject all articles that possess no artistic or educational value. • Entries exceeding 42”x 42” may be entered if space permits. Adult Class Entries: Drawing A33. Pastel A34. Pencil, ink, charcoal or marker Painting A35. Acrylic A36. Oil A37. Watercolor Youth - All Ages Class Entries: A38. Drawing A39. Bead Art A40. Collage A41. Foil A42. Mixed Media A43. Other A44. Pastel A45. Pencil, ink, charcoal, marker or crayon A46. Sculpture in the Round A47. Sculpture Relief Painting A48. Acrylic A49. Oil A50. Watercolor


• Additional Award - Best of Show $50.00

Youth - All Ages Class Entries A51. Articles in leather A52. Bread dough A53. Candle wicking A54. Candles A55. Ceramics A56. Clay A57. Constructed woodcrafts A58. Counted cross stitch A59. Crochet A60. Dream catchers A61. Earrings A62. Embroidery A63. Hair barrettes A64. Hair bows A65. Individual exhibit A66. Knitted belt A67. Knitting A68. Lamp A69. Latch hook A70. Mobiles

A71. A72. A73. A74. A75. A76. A77. A78. A79. A80. A81. A82. A83. A84.

Other Paper maché Pillow Potholders Quilt Sand bottle art Shawl Shell craft Toboggans Miscellaneous Other Crafts Gourd painted Bracelet Necklace Handmade Doll

Adult Class Entries: Afghans A81. Knitted A82. Crochet A83. Misc. Other Christmas A84. Decorations A85. Tree Skirts A86. Stockings A87. Religious A88. Tree Ornaments Crochet A89. Table Cloth A90. Doily A91. Crochet sweater or blouse A92. Crochet baby Items Embroidery, Cross Stitch & Needlepoint A93. Punch Embroidery A94. Liquid Embroidery A95. Ribbon Embroidery A96. Candle wicking A97. Crewel items A98. Counted cross stitch A99. Stamped cross stitch A100. Holiday decorations needlework A101. Baby Items - needlework A102. Needlepoint A103. Tatting Dolls A104. Porcelain A105. Other Hand Woven Work A106. Baby blankets A107. Woven Baskets A108. Place mats A109. Rugs Other Decorative Artwork A110. Aprons A111. Decoupage A112. Bathroom accessories A113. Bath towels A114. Hand towels

63rd Baldwin County Fair 2013

A115. A116. A117. A118. A119. A120. A121. A122. A123. A124. A125. A126. A127. A128. A129. A130. Knitted A131. A132. A133. A134. Pillows A135. A136. A137. A138. A139. Quilts A140. A141. A142. A143.

Calligraphy Ceramic Copper tooling Gourd-painted Household accessories, i.e. kitchen, etc. Stained Glass Leather items Macramé items Faux Stain Glass Mobiles Pine needle weaving Plastic craft Pottery Tole Painting Toy-handmade Wall hanging-decorative Baby articles Sweater Miscellaneous Items Poncho


Hair barrettes


• Clearly label all collections. All Ages Class Entries Art A158. Driftwood Art A159. Feather A160. Miscellaneous A161. Pine cone decoration A162. Pine needle art (non-woven) A163. Sand painting Educational A164. Insect Collection A165. Leaf Collection A166. Rock/Gem/Mineral collection A167. Sea Shell collection


Decorative Embroidery Pieced Quilted Other

Handmade $30 $20 Pieced $30 $20 Appliquéd $30 $20 Hand quilted $30 $20 A144. Machine quilted $15 $10 A145. Baby $30 $20 A146. Lap quilt $30 $20 A147. Other $30 $20 Shirts Decorated A148. T shirt or sweat shirt A149. Regular shirt A150. Vests A151. Other appropriate apparel–blouses, etc. Wood A152. Sculpture-(scroll) A153. Woodcraft A154. Wood Burning A155. Woodworking A156. Woodcarving A157. Bird House/Feeder Other Crafts A158. Handmade jewelry – necklace A159. Handmade jewelry – bracelet A160. Handmade jewelry – earrings A161. Handmade jewelry – other A162. Embroidery



$10 $10 $10 $10 $ 5 $10 $10 $10

All Ages Class Entries A168. Achievements A169. Birthdays A170. Family / Heritage A171. Holidays A172. Seasons A173. Weddings A174. Vacations / Trips

SEWING Rules • Premiums Awarded: Adult 1st Place - $8 2nd Place - $6 3rd Place - $4 Youth - Intermediate and Senior 1st Place - $5 2nd Place - $4 3rd Place - $3 Adult Class Entries: A175. Active Sportswear A176. Blouses A177. Bonnet or Hat A178. Children’s Dress Clothes A179. Children’s Play Clothes A180. Dress A181. Dressy Apparel – (formal dress long/ short or skirt and blouses) A182. Dress with jacket A183. Jacket or Coat A184. Other

A185. A186. A187. A188. A189. A190. A191. A192. A193. A194. A195. A196.

Pants Shirt Shorts Skirts Sleepwear-gowns, pajamas, robe Smocked baby garment Smocked bonnet Smocked children’s dress clothing Smocked garment Suits – includes skirt or pants, Jacket and blouse Purse

Youth - Intermediate Class Entries: A196. Apron A197. Blouse or shirt A198. Dress A199. Handbag A200. Other A201. Pants A202. Shorts A203. Skirt A204. Suit Youth - Senior Class Entries: A205. Blouse or Shirt A206. Dress A207. Other A208. Pants A209. Shorts A210. Skirt A211. Sleepwear A212. Suit


Community OMMUNITY E Exhibits XHBITS C Baldwin County Clubs Only C1. C2. C3. C4. C5. C6. C7. C8. C9. C10. C11. C12.

School & Education Exhibits Civic & Public Service Governmental Exhibits Armed Forces Veterans Organizations Religious & Church Youth Groups Extension Homemakers and Community Club 4-H FFA FCCLA Other Clubs (not listed)

Rules: Clubs may use any of the following subjects for an exhibit:


◆ Recreation ◆ Foods and Nutrition ◆ Food Preservation ◆ Clothing ◆ Safety ◆ Health ◆ Housing, energy & environment, furnishings ◆ Family relationship & child development ◆ Family resource management ◆ Gardening 1. Exhibits are judged as follows: 1. Theme originality & consistency 15 2. Educational value 25 3. Quality of material and workmanship 40 4. Attractiveness of arrangement 10 5. Presentation 10 Total ......................................... 100 2. Premium Awards: * Best in Show Award $125.00 1st Place - $100 2nd Place - $ 75 3rd Place - $ 50 3. Clubs whose exhibits meet all the judges’ requirements will receive an entry premium of $25.00. Clubs that win premiums will not receive an entry premium. 4. 4-H, FCCLA, Scout Troops and FFA Clubs are judged separately. Any youth clubs other than 4-H, FCCLA, FFA and Scouts are judged as a group. 5. All clubs and groups are invited to exhibit in the education area. (1) 8’ table provided. Exhibits must be free standing. 6. Each club/community exhibit and/or livestock entry will receive TWO gate passes. – No Exceptions and No rain checks!

DEPARTMENT F FOOD PREPARATION & PRESERVATION BAKING Rules: • Package all baked items with transparent wrap on a paper plate. • Bring one third cake, pie, or

63rd Baldwin County Fair 2013


bread with a slice cut and wrapped for judging. • Bring six cookies or candies wrapped for judging. • Products baked with a mix or prepared pie crust are not eligible for judging. • Label your product (example: banana bread, chocolate chip cookies) • Age Categories: Adult (19 & up), Senior (14-18) & Intermediate (11-13) Adult Class Entries: Cakes F1. Angel food cake, un-iced F2. Bundt-iced or un-iced F3. Chiffon cake F4. Decorated Cakes F5. Date cake, un-iced F6. Fruit cake, un-iced F7. Layer cake with icing F8. Loaf cake with icing F9. Pound cake F10. Sourdough cake F11. Spice cake Candies and Cookies F12. Bars and squares F13. Divinity F14. Drop Cookies F15. Fudge F16. Other Candies F17. Peanut Brittle F18. Pralines F19. Rolled Cookies Other Baked Goods F20. Cheese straws F21. Cinnamon Rolls F22. Danish pastry F23. Quick Bread F24. Muffins Yeast Breads F25. One-third coffee cake F26. One-third fruit bread F27. One-third nut bread F28. One-third strudel F29. One-third Swedish tea ring F30. One-third loaf, bread machine, (white & rye) F31. One-third yeast bread, rye F32. One-third yeast bread, white F33. One-third yeast bread, whole wheat F34. One-third loaf bread F35. Six rolls

F36. Sourdough breads F37. Whole Wheat Cheese Pies F38. Apple F39. Sweet Potato F40. Pecan Other Breads F41a. Fruit Bread Youth - Intermediate Class Entries: F41b. Brownies, six F42. Candied Nuts F43. Candy, six pieces F44. Cheese straws F45. Cupcakes, six F46. Divinity, six pieces F47. Drop cookies, six F48. Fudge, six pieces F49. Muffins, six F50. One-third coffee cake, yeast F51. One-third loaf bread, quick F52. One-third loaf bread, yeast F53. Other cookies, six F54. Peanut Brittle F55. Popcorn Balls F56. Sourdough bread F57. Yeast rolls, six F58. Chocolate Chip Cookies, six F59. Oatmeal Cookies, six F60. Date Cookies, six F61. Peanut Butter Cookies, six F62a. Cinnamon Rolls Youth - Senior Class Entries F62b. Biscuits F63. Brownies F64. Candied Nuts F65. Cheese Straws F66. Cupcakes F67. Divinity, six pieces F68. Drop cookies, six F69. F70. F71. F72. F73. F74. F75. F76. F77.

Fudge, six pieces Muffins, six One third layer cake, iced One third loaf, quick bread One third load, yeast bread One third pound cake One third yeast coffee cake Other cakes Other candy

63rd Baldwin County Fair 2013 F78. F79. F80. F81. F82. F83. F84. F85.

Popcorn Balls Other cookies, six Peanut Brittle Rolls, six Chocolate Chip Cookies, six Peanut Butter Cookies, six Oatmeal Cookies, six Cinnamon Rolls

CANNING Rules: • Standard pint or quart canning jars with rust free rings are required. • Half pint jars are acceptable for jams or jellies. • Label product on side of jar. • Jars with fabric & decorations are not eligible for judging. • Judging Criteria: • Quality of Product • Quality of Pack • Quality of Liquid • Appearance of Jar • Age Categories: Adult (19 & up), Youth - Senior (14-18) Adult & Youth - Senior Class Entries: Canned Fruits F85. Blackberries or Dewberries F86. Blueberries F87. Figs F88. Other Fruits F89. Peaches F90. Pears F91. Plums Canned Meats F92. Beef F93. Fish F94. Pork F95. Poultry Canned Vegetables F96. Beets F97. Butter Beans F98. Carrots F99. Corn F100. Green or Wax Beans F101. Mixed Vegetables F102. Okra F103. Other Vegetables F104. Peanuts F105. Peas – English F106. Peas – Field F107. Potato - Irish F108. Potato - Sweet



F109. Pumpkin F110. Sauerkraut F111. Soup Mixtures F112. Spices F113. Squash F114. Tomato Juice F115. Tomatoes F116. Peppers F117. Other Vegetables Dried Foods F118. Dried Fruit F119. Dried Herbs F120. Dried Vegetables F121. Other Foods Jelly F122. Apple F123. Blackberry or Huckleberry F124. Blueberry F125. Elderberry F126. Grape F127. Pear F128. Pepper F129. Plums F130. Other Jellies F131. Scuppernong/Muscadine F132. Strawberry Pickles and Relishes F133. Beet Pickle F134. Bread and Butter Pickles F135. Cinnamon Stick Pickles F136. Chow Chow F137. Corn Relish F138. Dill Pickles F139. Pickled Okra F140. Cucumber or Tomato F141. Green Tomato Pickles F142. Hot Pepper Pickles F143. Other Pickles F144. Peach Pickles F145. Pear Pickles F146. Relishes - Fruit F147. Relishes - Vegetables F148. Salsa F149. Sauces F150. Squash Pickles F151. Sweet Pepper Pickles F152. Sweet Pickles F153. Pepper Sauces Jams or Preserves F154. Blackberry Jam F155. Other Jams F156. Peach Jam F157. Pear Jam F158. Strawberry Jam F159. Marmalade F160. Fig Preserves F161. Other Preserves F162. Peach

F163. F164. F165. F166. F167. F168. F169.

Preserves Pear Preserves Plum Preserves Strawberry Preserves Watermelon Rind Preserves Other Apple Butter Pear Butter


Rules • Amateur Horticulturist may enter examples of their accomplishment. • All entries should be pest and disease free. • Label entries with the common and botanical name (example: Split leaf Philodendron: Monstera deliciosa). • Judging Criteria: • Color, vigor and general appearance • Presentation • Uniqueness of plant selections Specimen House Plant Class H H51. African violet H52. Fichus H53. Peace Lily H54. Etc. Specimen Patio Plant Class L (Minimum 8-inch. container with maximum height of 7 feet including container). H55. Citrus H56. Shrubs H57. Trees H58. Etc. Hanging Baskets (No Ferns)Class M (Minimum 8-inch container) H59. Heartleaf philodendron H60. Pothos H61. Etc. Container Gardens, Novelty and Display Class N (Minimum 8-inch container) H62. Annual display H63. Herb garden

BALDWINCOFAIR.COM H64. Topiary H65. Perennial Display H66. Etc. Cut Flowers - Class O • Entries must be displayed in suitable containers. H67. Aster Hardy Michaelmas Daisy) H68. Cardinal’s Guard H69. Celosia: Sub Color H70. Chrysanthemum H71. Celosia (Spider Flower) H72. Cornflower H73. Dianthus H74. Gerbera Daisy H75. Marigolds – 1 Spray H76. Pentas – 3 Spray H77. Petunia – 1 Spray H78. Phlox Perennial – 1 Stalk H79. Salvia H80. Sunflowers H81. Verbena – 3 stems H82. Zinnia H83. Flowers from Bulbs H84. Ginger H85. Etc. H86. Spider Lily H87. Roses Floral Design - Class P H90. Tablescapes

AGRONOMY Rules • Entries must be the product of the current calendar year. • All entries must have labels/tags attached clearly identifying the variety name. All Ages Class Entries: H1. Best 5 lbs. Bahia Grass Seed (all varieties) H2. Best Citrus Fruits (satsumas, kumquats, lemons-6 or more) H3. Best display of garden products (5 or more products) Exhibit of livestock All livestock entered will be shown as an “Exhibition Entry.” An “exhibition entry” will consist of a “pen of animals.” One pen shall consist of no less than 3 and no more than 5 head of uniform type animals of the same species. All awards will be given per pen not in-

63rd Baldwin County Fair 2013


H4. H5. H6. H7. H8. H9. H10. H11. H12. H13. H14. H15. H16. H17. H18. H19. H20. H21. H22. H23. H24. H25. H26. H27. H28. H29. H30. H31. H32. H33. H34. H35. H36. H37. H38. H39. H40. H41. H42. H43. H44. H45. H46. H47.

Best Category of Irish Potatoes Best Category of okra (6 or more pods) Best Category of peas any variety Best tomatoes (6 or more) Biggest pumpkin Biggest watermelon Banana Pepper (sweet) Banana Beans Bell Pepper Butter Beans Cabbage (1 head) Chili Peppers Chinquapins Corn – 8 ears – any variety Cucumbers Eggplant Eggs (6) Figs Gourds Grain sorghum Grapefruit Hot Pepper Honey-pint jar Jalapeno Peppers Japanese Persimmons (6 or more) Japanese Radish Kumquats Lemons Oats Onions Oranges Ornamental Vegetables Other Fruit Peanuts Pears Pecans - Quart jar All shell varieties Peppers Pomegranates Satsuma Scuppernongs Soybeans - Quart Jar Any variety Squash Sweet Potatoes (best dozen/any variety)

dividual. No intact male animal will be allowed on grounds for exhibit judging. Due to limited space only 1 pen entry per person per farm. • $5.00 per poultry entry • $75.00 per pen of cattle • $75.00 per pen of goats


Wheat - Quart Jar Any variety H49. Winter Squash H50. Muscadines H51. Millet H52. Other H53. Pumpkin H54. Comb Honey H55. Okra (6 pods) H56. Watermelon H57. Nuts *Additional horticulture products allowed.

DEPARTMENT F PHOTOGRAPHY PREMIUMS AWARDED TO AMATUERS ONLY. PROFESSIONAL WORK FOR SHOW ONLY! Rules • Exhibitors are permitted to show only one picture per class in any one category. • All photographs must be mounted on 8”x 10” construction paper or stronger paper. • Photographs exceeding 20”x 24” are acceptable if space premits. • Additional Premium * Best Photo in Show $25 All Ages Class Entries: Black and White P1. Animals P2. Floral P3. Other P4. People P5. Scenic Color P6. Animals P7. Floral P8. Other P9. People P10. Scenic • $10.00 per head for goats • $5.00 per entry for rabbits • $25.00 per pen of exotic animals • $10 per head for sheep • $50.00 per hive (protective) apiary • Due To Accommodations, No Registration for Swine

63rd Baldwin County Fair 2013 Livestock Exhibitor Code of Conduct The Baldwin County Fair is committed to responsible animal care and treatment. This Code of Conduct outlines what is expected of livestock exhibitors in the handling and exhibiting of all animals at our fair. This Code has been developed to meet the following objectives: • To ensure the health and well-being of all animals at the fair. • To demonstrate an accurate and responsible animal care message to the public. • To maintain the integrity of all livestock competitions, displays and sales. • Livestock and poultry must be transported to and from the fair in accordance with all humane transport regulations and standards. • Loading and unloading must be undertaken using proper equipment and procedures. • All animals must be treated and handled in a responsible manner. The well-being of the animals shall take precedence over the demands of owners, sellers, buyers, organizers, sponsors and officials. • The care of all animals must be as consistent as possible with their normal schedules and standards. High standards of nutrition, health, sanitation, environment and safety must be met at all times. • Livestock should be prepared with proper training, fitting and grooming prior to the fair. Excessive disciplining of animals at the fair is unacceptable. • Exhibitors are expected to provide adequate training for anyone handling their livestock. Untrained individuals, including fair personnel and visitors should not be permitted to handle animals or equipment. • Exhibitors should take every opportunity to enhance public awareness, education and appreciation of proper livestock management and handling practices. Rules and Regulations for Goats, Sheep, Poultry and Rabbits • The judging of all animals will be judged on accomplishments. • All animal exhibits will stay on exhibit for the full duration of the fair. Removal of the animals before the designated dismissal time will result in forfeiture of awards, unless approved by a fair official. • All individuals exhibiting live ani-


mals are required to register their exhibits at the livestock registration table on Monday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. the week of the fair. Contestant numbers and stall/pen cards will be assigned at this time. • If the animal does not fall into a specific recognized breed, it will be classified in an “Other” breed category. The same limit applies in this category (*See specific breed limitation) • Stalls/pens, water and bedding will be provided by the management. Each exhibitor will be responsible for furnishing their animal’s water and feed devices and for keeping his/her area clean and neat during the fair. • General care, grooming, cleaning stall and feeding of animals will be the responsibility of the exhibitor with assistance only from a parent, guardian or fellow exhibitor. • Exhibitors and parents offering guidance are expected to demonstrate courtesy and respect toward all livestock, peer exhibitors and all individuals in the fairgrounds. Anyone exhibiting inappropriate behavior may be disqualified and/or asked to leave the premises. • All animals must be the actual property of the exhibitor and registered at the fair under his or her name, not a group or farm name. Should any entry be found to be otherwise entered, any award by judges will be forfeited. • In the event there is but one entry in a class, the placing shall depend on the merit of the entry and the award made at the discretion of the judge. • Each exhibitor is encouraged to fill out a fact sheet about their exhibits to be displayed for additional interesting information about the particular animal or breed. Specifics for Goats and Sheep 1. Exhibits must be does or ewes only. NO BUCKS, RAMS OR WITHERS ALLOWED. 2. The exhibitor may register up to 6 entries in the goat/sheep division. 3. Goats and ewes can be placed in stalls together as long as they are of the same breed and size is not an issue. Each goat or ewe will be judged as a single entry. Specifics for Poultry 1. The exhibitor may register up to 3 chickens per breed. 2. Chickens may be a hen, rooster or a combination. Grouped by recognized breed. There will be a limit of 3 breeds that can be entered. 3. Each exhibitor entering more than 1

BALDWINCOFAIR.COM and up to 3 of a breed will place them in the same pen. Each pen will be judged as a single entry. 4. Exhibits of turkeys will be limited to a gobbler, hen or breeding pair of a recognized breed. 5. Exhibits of quail will be a limit of 6 per pen by recognized breed. 6. All other fowl for exhibit not mentioned will be classed the day of registration. Specifics for Rabbits 1. Each exhibitor member can exhibit a doe with or without litter and a buck from a recognized breed. No limits on the number of breeds. 2. Each pen will count as a single entry. Kiddie pedal tractor pull rides Safety requirements: • The contestant must be able to pedal the tractor with his or her feet without assistance. • Contestant must wear shoes. Closed toe, with rubber soles is recommended • Contestant must not touch wheels and must keep feet on pedals while pulling • Contestant must remain seated on tractor during the pull • SAFETY of the child is a concern we need to address Guidelines: • All contestants will be given two chances to get the sled moving from the starting line • The pulling tractor must stay between the lines while pulling. If the tractor crosses one of the side lines, the pull is over and the pull will be measured to where it crossed the side line. • Contestants will be disqualified for backing up, jerking the tractor or stomping the pedals • Boys and girls will pull together. • Weigh-in of contestants will be at registration: Class A 0-40 pounds, Class B 40-55 pounds, Class C 55-70 pounds. • Contestant must be present when it is their time to pull or be disqualified. PARENT OR GUARDIAN MUST SIGN RELEASE AND MUST BE PRESENT DURING PULL • In case of a tie, a pull-off will be held. Club will provide tractor & sled. The pull area should be roped off to keep spectators, parents, etc. out of the way. Prizes - Prizes will be given in each class. Each contestant should receive a ribbon. Winners will be determined by the tractor club judges and will be final. n



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63rd Baldwin County Fair 2013

63rd Baldwin County Fair 2013




TUESDAY & WEDNESDAY: 5pm Midway Opens $

10 Day = Admission & All Rides Free





5pm Midway Opens


$5.00 STUDENT COUPON--     

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5pm - 10pm Midway Opens TICKETS ONLY! 10pm-1am MIDNIGHT MADNESS Arm Bands $20 Unlimited Rides

SATURDAY: Midway opens at 12:00 noon 12:00 noon until 5:00 pm Arm Bands……$15.00 5pm until Closing - RIDE WITH TICKETS ONLY!

2013 Baldwin County Fair Guidebook  
2013 Baldwin County Fair Guidebook  

Your official guide to the annual Baldwin County Fair in Robertsdale, Alabama. The event's 63rd annual installment runs September 24 - 28, 2...