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Filters out UVA, UVB and infrared heat rays

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Alabama Master Gardener’s Program Benefit wildlife with these improvements Alpacas can help your garden grow Prepare for severe weather season Going solar A happy, healthy home lawn Home updates that pay off Replace old batteries to protect home 5 ways to upgrade your home with tech Tips for houseguests and hosts Your home is your castle

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Alabama Master Gardener Program

The Alabama Master Gardener Program is a volunteer training program by which the Alabama Cooperative Extension System expands its outreach mission to the citizens of Alabama. This program represents an effective partnership between the land-grant universities of this state and motivated volunteers interested in educating their communities with research-based information. Master Gardeners are trained volunteers that offer the local community Reliable, Relevant and Reachable gardening information and education opportunities

• Reliable: Our gardening advice and programs are science-based. • Relevant: Our information is timely.

• Reachable: Call us for answers. The Master Gardener Helpline: 877-2524769

Home and garden improvements that will benefit local wildlife STATEPOINT When it comes to changing the world, your own backyard is a great place to start. As you make home improvements, consider their potential to benefit local wildlife that travel in and around your property. Here are a few important steps you can take. Plant Native Species By planning native species exclusively in your garden and yard, you will be promoting a healthy local ecosystem while providing proper nourishment and a natural habitat for visiting wildlife,

whether that be insects, birds or furry creatures. Because native plant species are meant to thrive in your local climate, they will require less maintenance, which means a beautiful yard with less stress. Prevent Bird Strikes You may not realize it, but your home poses a risk to birds. Window strikes are common among many species of migrating birds, and millions of wild birds are killed annually flying into windows. However, a simple home improvement project can make your home safer for birds. Birds can see certain light frequencies that humans can’t, so by applying UV decals and UV liquid to your

home’s windows and sliding glass doors, you can make windows visible to birds in a way that won’t obstruct your own view. “Protecting birds adds beauty to your garden, is good for the environment and most importantly, saves lives,” says Spencer Schock, founder of WindowAlert, a company that offers UV decals and UV Liquid. The UV decals and liquid from WindowAlert have been proven to effectively alter the flight path of birds to prevent window strikes. The coating will look like etched glass to the human eye, but be very visible to a bird. As UV reflectivity may fade over time, it’s important to replace the decals and liquid every four months. Application techniques can be found by visiting WindowAlert. com. Build a Bird house Add beauty to your yard with a wooden bird house. Find a design you love or get creative and craft your own, using your own home’s architecture for inspiration. A strategically placed bird house — either within three feet of a window or over 30 feet away — will help avoid bird strikes. Be a good neighbor — not just to the other humans. Make improvements to your home that will help protect both local and migratory wildlife.

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Corner of Hwy 31 & Hwy 90 in Spanish Fort

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Alpacas can help your garden grow

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Spring is coming, what are you using to fertilize your garden? Ever try alpaca beans? That’s polite newspaper talk for alpaca poo. That’s right, we know you’ve seen those bags of fertilizer stacked at the local hardware store and we all know what the cow on the front of the bag refers to. Turns out, alpacas produce a pretty good garden fertilizer too. Luckily, there’s a pack of alpacas in Baldwin County who are, ahem, amassing it for our gardens as we speak. Cheryl Bowen owns Humming Star Alpacas in Silverhill where her 20 alpacas produce more than 100 pounds of fur, referred to as fiber. The luscious, soft fibers are used to make pillows, socks, hats, gloves and sweaters. The herd also produces mounds of beans, so-called for their resemblance to coffee beans. As the beans cure and sit they break down and more closely resemble dark-colored soil, with little odor. Bowen said alpaca fertilizer does not have to cure before it is used and won’t harm or over fertilize plants. The alpaca fertilizer can be applied directly to flower and vegetable gardens, tilled into your soil or used as a top dressing. It can also be diluted for use with potted plants. The farm has a devoted following of gardeners who use the beans on a regular basis. “It really is good stuff,” she said. >>>>

Want to buy Alpaca Fertilizer?

Cost: $8 per 5 gallon bucket, bring your own bucket $15 per front end loader bucket, or $20 for two front end loader buckets. Bring your own truck. Pickup at the farm in Silverhill. Call to schedule an appointment at 215-214-8224. Follow Humming Star Alpacas on Facebook for updates on farm events. 8 Spring Home & Garden 2019

Prepare now for severe weather season UAB NEWS BIRMINGHAM, Ala. — The physical, emotional and financial toll severe weather can inflict is overwhelming. The South, Midwest and even some Western states often experience tornadoes. Devastating floods and lightning deaths can happen almost anywhere in the United States. March is the traditional beginning of severe weather season in the South, and Gov. Kay Ivey has declared Feb. 17-22 as Severe Weather Awareness Week in Alabama. The National Weather Service and experts at the University of Alabama at Birmingham want everyone to use this week as an opportunity to review or create their severe weather plans, alter them if needed and properly plan for the coming season. “This is the perfect time to make sure you have all of the items on your severe weather checklist on hand and in working order,” said Randy Pewitt, executive director of Emergency Management at UAB, a National Weather Service-recognized StormReady university. “Preparation now will make a tremendous difference later. It’s not a matter of whether or not we will have severe weather. It’s going to happen. Let’s be as prepared as we can be.”

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8 questions to ask before going solar at home

10 Spring Home & Garden 2019

STATEPOINT With a growing number of homeowners looking to save money on power bills and help the environment, rooftops across America are taking on a new look, as more homes are dotted with solar panels. But it’s important to ask the right questions before installing them on your home. “While there are tremendous benefits to solar energy, consumers should be sure they are working with a qualified provider, getting a quality product that’s customizable and right for their home and situation,” says Doug Robinson, CEO of LGCY Power, a solar provider. “There are great resources out there such as that will walk you through the process of determining what solar is right for you.” To help make the right decision, Robinson suggests asking your energy consultant the following questions: What are your credentials? Learn whether you’re working with a company with expertise in the field — how long has it been in business and how many solar installations has the company performed to-date? You should also do your research about the company’s track record in satisfying customers. Do you have a national presence? Local operations don’t necessarily have the resources or partnerships with solar panel manufacturers to be successful long-term. Sticking with national companies can be a safer bet. Which manufacturers do you use? Ensure the equipment manufacturer will be around long enough to honor its warranties. Find out what brand of panels, inverter and batteries you’ll receive and if there are third-party reviews or tests of them to verify their quality. What financing options are available? One size does not fit all so there should always be multiple options when it comes to financing. In some cases, you can even get solar systems for free. The key is researching options to find what’s best for you and your situation. If there aren’t financing options, that is a sign that you

should walk away and find another solar provider. Are there tax incentives available? Your energy consultant can help you identify what federal and state tax incentives are available to you. Taking advantage of tax breaks can help make the upfront cost of solar installation more manageable. How long will it take to begin realizing savings on my energy bill? It depends on your market and the size and type of system you get. Some consumers see an immediate savings and some see more long-term savings. On average people can save about 30 percent on their energy bill. There are >>>>

ways to customize a system that will accommodate the individual needs of most consumers and in some cases, you can even get a solar system installed at no cost to you. How does maintenance work? Find out how often your system requires maintenance and if it is covered by a warranty. What are the next steps? What is the process from signing the agreement to installation? How long does this take? To learn more about going solar at home, visit or call 844-4392717.

Why use Solar Energy?

Solar energy is not only a smart move for the planet, it’s a smart move for your wallet, with the potential to save your household considerable money over the long run. But making an informed decision is crucial. Ask the right questions for the greatest benefits. Spring Home & Garden 2019 11


18 HP† Single Kohler 5400

42” Stamped Deck

Hydro, Foot-Operated (Tuff Torq K46), Manual PTO




22 HP† Twin Kohler 7000

46” Stamped Deck

Hydro, Foot-Operated (Tuff Torq K46), Manual PTO



24 HP† Twin Kohler 7000, Cub Connect™

54” Fabricated Deck w/ Nose Roller

Hydro, Foot-Operated (Tuff Torq K46), Electric PTO




ALL THE FEATURES OF THE XT1 PLUS EXCLUSIVE PERFORMANCE PACKAGE • Heavy-Duty Front Wheel Bearings • Winter Performance Battery • Premium Comfort Seat with Armrests

• Multi-Trac Tires • Differential Lock Control Option • FastAttach™ Blake System Option


22 HP† Twin Kohler 7000, Smart Choke

42” Stamped Deck

Hydro, Foot-Operated (Tuff Torq K46), Manual PTO, Bumper, Armrests




24 HP† Twin Kohler 7000, Smart Choke

46” Stamped Deck

Hydro, Foot-Operated (Tuff Torq K46), Electric PTO, Bumper, Armrests



679cc EFI Cub Cadet Twin, Push Button Start

46” Fabricated Deck

Hydro, Foot-Operated (Tuff Torq K46), Electric PTO, Bumper, Armrests


25 HP† Twin Kohler 7000, Smart Choke, Cub Connect™

54” Fabricated Deck w/ Nose Roller

Hydro, Foot-Operated (Tuff Torq K46), Electric PTO, FastAttach™ Brush Guard, FastAttach™ Blade System”, Armrests


GX54 D

26 HP† Twin Kohler 7000, Smart Choke

54” Fabricated Deck w/ Nose Roller

GT Hydro, Foot-Operated (Tuff Torq K62 with Diff Lock), Electric PTO, FastAttach™ Brush Guard, Armrests







WALK-BEHIND MOWERS SC 100 hw SC 100 h SC 300

159cc Cub Cadet OHV 160cc Honda® GCV 160 OHC, Recoil start 159cc Cub Cadet OHV

Push, 21” 3-IN-1, High Rear Wheels Push, 21” 3-IN-1, Low Rear Wheels FWD, 21” 3-IN-1


SC 300 hw

159cc Cub Cadet OHV


SC 500 hw

159cc Cub Cadet OHV

SC 500 z

159cc Cub Cadet OHV

SC 500 eq

FWD, MySpeed, 21” 3-IN-1, High Rear Wheels RWD, MySpeed, 21” 3-IN-1, High Rear Wheels RWD, MySpeed, 21” 3-IN-1, Front Caster Wheels RWD, MySpeed, 21” 3-IN-1, High Rear Wheels 4WD, 21” 3-IN-1, High Rear Wheels RWD, MySpeed, 28” 3-IN-1, Front Caster Wheels Wheeled String Trimmer, 22” Dual Line Cut


SC 700 h

159cc Cub Cadet OHV, Electric Start, Quiet Engine 190cc Honda, Recoil Start

CC 600

195cc Cub Cadet OHV, Electric Start

ST 100

159cc Cub Cadet OHV

12 Spring Home & Garden 2019

269* 299* $ 299* $

329* 399*








899* 349*


CC30 H

30” RIDER MOWER • 30” Cutting Width • LED High Illumination Headlight • Foot-Controlled Hydrostatic Transmission

ONLY $1499*

Step up to the ultimate all-around mowing experience 3 Next-level comfort 3 Superior speed and control 3 Best-in-class cut quality** 3 Enhanced strength and durability • Tubular steel frame for enhanced durability; maintenance-free spindles • Quick knob-adjust lap bars; ergonomic soft-touch rubber overmolded hand grips • Premium Kohler® and Kawasaki® V-Twin OHV engines • Strongest warranty in its class***

3-year unlimited hours warranty and limited lifetime warranty on frame and fabricated deck shell*** ZTI 42

22 HP† Twin Kohler KT7000

42” Stamped Deck

ZTI 46

22 HP† Twin Kohler KT7000

46” Stamped Deck

ZTI 50

23 HP† Twin Kawasaki FR69IV

50” AeroForce™ Fabricated Deck

ZTI 54

24 HP† Twin Kohler KT7000

54” AeroForce™ Fabricated Deck

Dual EZT 2200, Premium Seat, Front Tires; 11” x6”-5”, Rear Tires: 20”x8”-8”, LED Headlight, Floor Mat, Ergo Grips, Removable Floor Pan Dual EZT 2200, Premium Seat, Front Tires; 11” x6”-5”, Rear Tires: 20”x8”-8”, LED Headlight, Floor Mat, Ergo Grips, Removable Floor Pan Dual EZT 2200, Premium Seat, Front Tires; 11” x6”-5”, Rear Tires: 20”x10”-8”, LED Headlight, Floor Mat, Ergo Grips, Removable Floor Pan Dual EZT 2200, Premium Seat, Front Tires; 11” x6”-5”, Rear Tires: 20”x10”-8”, LED Headlight, Floor Mat, Ergo Grips, Removable Floor Pan









ALL THE FEATURES OF THE ZT1, PLUS: • AeroForce™ fabricated decks with reinforced leading and trim • Powerful Kawasaki® V-Twin OHV engines • Stronger transmissions ZT2 50

23 HP† Twin Kawasaki FR69I

50” AeroForce™ Fabricated Deck

ZT2 54

23 HP† Twin Kawasaki FR69I

54” AeroForce™ Fabricated Deck

ZT2 60

24 HP† Twin Kawasaki FR730

60” AeroForce™ Fabricated Deck


SX 42 3,199*

SX 46 3,499*



SX 50 3,699*


SX 54 3,899*


Dual EZT 2800, Premium Seat w/ Armrests, Front Tires; 13” x6.5”-6”, Rear Tires: 20”x12” -10”, LED Headlight, Floor Mat, Ergo Grips, Removable Floor Pan Dual EZT 2800, Premium Seat w/ Armrests, Front Tires; 13” x6.5”-6”, Rear Tires: 20”x12” -10”, LED Headlight, Floor Mat, Ergo Grips, Removable Floor Pan Dual EZT 2800, Premium Seat w/ Armrests, Front Tires; 13” x6.5”-6”, Rear Tires: 20”x12” -10”, LED Headlight, Floor Mat, Ergo Grips, Removable Floor Pan



LX 48 $ 5,199*

LX 54 $ 5,499*

LX 60 $ 5,699*






• 24 &25 HP† Kohler, 24” HP†† Kawasaki V-Twin OHV • 48”, 54”, 60” fabricated decks • 3-year limited warranty / no-hour limit; 4-year / 500-hour limited warranty***

S 48 S 54 S 60 SX 48 SX 54 SX 60 $ 4,399* $4,699* $4,799* $5,799* $6,099* $6,299*

Product Price – Actual retaiI prices are set by dealer and may vary. Taxes, freight, setup and handling charges may be additional and may vary. Models subject to limited availability. Specifications, programs and prices are subject to change without notice. Images may not reflect dealer inventory and/or unit specifications. ** Based on testing and evaluation conducted with The Ohio State University of cut appearance in side discharge, mulch and bagging modes of current model Cub Cadet ZT1 54, John Deere Z355 E, Toro TimeCutter SS 5000, Hustler RAPTOR 52, Ariens ICON X 52 and Husqvarna Z 254 conducted on 5-7, June 2018. The Ohio State University does not endorse or promote Cub Cadet or any of its products and services. ††† Built using the highest quality components sourced locally and globally † As rated by Kohler, all power levels are stated in gross horsepower at 3600 RPM per SAE J1940 as rated by engine manufacturer. †† As required by Kawasaki, horsepower tested in accordance with SAE J1995 and rated in accordance with SAE J2723 and certified by SAE International. *** Limited Warranty. For full warranty details, visit or your local dealer. © 2019 Cub Cadet 773-07254-2 01/2019




• Oversized lap bars with comfort grips • 24 HP†† Kawasaki V-Twin OHV • 48”, 54”, 60” fabricated decks • 4-year / 500-hour limited warranty***

• 22, 23 HP† Kohler; 679 Cub Cadet EFI; 21.5 HP” professional-grade Kawasaki FR 651V • 42 stamped; 46”, 50”, 54” fabricated decks • 3-year / no-hour limited warranty (limited lifetime fabricated deck shell warranty)*** $

• Premium adjustable 18” high-back seat with armrests, ball bearing seat slide • Larger, tougher tires


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A Happy, Healthy Home Lawn BY ELLEN HUCKABAY County Extension Coordinator Baldwin County Extension Office

importance is the sharpness of the mower blades. Whether you use a reel or rotary mower, maintaining the cutting blades is of utmost importance. Dull mower blades rip the top of the grass leaf blades leaving an uneven edge, causing them to turn brown, Spring is in the air! Spring also means that our lawns will and giving the lawn an overall dull appearance. Sharp mower be waking up from their winter naps, coming out of winter blades cut grass leaves cleanly, ensuring rapid healing and redormancy and greening up. For homeowners, this means it is growth. time to get prepared for the vigorous summer growing (and Mow your lawn often enough that you don’t remove more mowing!) season ahead. than 1/3 of the green leaf tissue at a time and continue mowing If you have not had your soil tested in the last three or four every 5 to 7 days throughout the growing season. For centipede years, a good place to start is by sending in a soil sample. use the lowest setting on your lawn mower that you can use Results from your soil test will give you information on soil pH, without scalping your lawn. One of the biggest mistakes I see lime requirements, and soil nutrient levels of phosphorous, people making in their lawns is mowing centipede high like St. potassium, calcium, magnesium, manganese, and zinc. In Augustine. Centipede likes to be mowed as close to one inch as Baldwin County, soil testing kits can be picked up in several possible, while St. Augustine is happiest at a mowing height of 3 locations. Boxes are located at the Baldwin County Extension to 4 inches. Bermuda grass can be mowed as low as ½ an inch, Office, the Elberta Co-op, the Gulf Coast Research and Extension depending on the variety; and zoysia likes to be mowed at a Center in Fairhope, and other businesses around the county. height of 1 to 1 ½ inches. Contact your local Extension agent for information on taking, Compaction is a big problem that we see in home lawns sending, and interpreting a soil test. every year as well. Compacted soil is like a sponge that has While these summer-like temperatures make it tempting been compressed with the water squeezed out of it. Roots to fertilize your lawn, avoid that temptation and wait until cannot grow into compacted soil, and water cannot penetrate April or May to feed your lawn for the first time this year. And a compacted soil surface and get the water to the roots where by all means, definitely do not use a “weed and feed” product grass and plants can access it. The solution to compaction is on your lawn! We have already missed the window to apply a aerification; specifically, hollow tine aerification. Once your pre-emergent product for early summer weeds (make a note to grass has fully greened up in April, you can aerify your lawn. do that in mid-February next year), and it’s too early to fertilize. Equipment can be rented for DIY-ers or you can hire a lawn Giving our warm season grasses a dose of nitrogen fertilizer right maintenance company. Core aerification removes cores of now could set them up to be killed by a late frost. compacted soil from the soil profile, which improves air and It is not too early, however, to begin regular mowing if the water movement into the root zone. After aerifying, a light weeds and grass are getting tall. Mowing is the most important top-dressing with organic matter (compost) will smooth the soil maintenance practice for a good quality lawn, but it is also surface and improve the nutrient and water holding capacity the most overlooked. Get your lawn mower in tip-top working of the remaining soil. Aerification can be done once a year, or condition now to prevent tedious setbacks in later spring. more, during the summer growing season; but don’t aerify if your Change the oil if needed and fill the gas tank. Of particular lawn is drought stressed or during spring green-up or winter

14 Spring Home & Garden 2019

dormancy. On the Gulf Coast, March is not the time to apply herbicides to grass. The first pre-emergence herbicide application of the year should have been applied in mid-February; but with our weird February temperatures, that window for pre-emergence application is easily missed. You can make a pre-emergent application in April, once your grass has completely greened up. And you can follow that with another pre-emerge application and post emergent product in June. There are many effective preand post- emergent herbicides that can be purchased. ALWAYS read the label to make sure the product is safe to use on your type of grass and will kill the weeds you have. If you need help identifying weeds, bring a sample by the Extension office and an agent or Master Gardener will help. You can also email and text photos of weeds to us. Photos should be clear and a close-up of the entire leaf, flowers, and the entire plant. I know I’ve already said it, but I can’t say it enough, NEVER use a weed-and-feed product on your lawn. Herbicide applications and fertilizer applications should be separated. And while you may think you’re saving time using a 2-in-1 product, you’re actually wasting money because some of these products can actually damage or kill your centipede or St. Augustine grass. Following these simple steps will help your lawn be happy and healthy for many years to come. If you have more questions, please feel free to call the Baldwin County Extension Office at 251-937-7176 or the Master Gardener Helpline at 1-877-252GROW (4769).


WAGYU Beef Delicious and Healthy

(251) 943-6328 Monday - Saturday 9:30 am - 5:30 pm 116 W. Laurel Ave., Downtown Foley, AL Spring Home & Garden 2019 15

Home updates that pay off STATEPOINT Whether you’re remodeling for a fresh take on an old style or contemplating a new build, there are choices you can make that will definitely pay off, say experts. To add value to your project, consider these recommended tips from Stephen Quick of Stephen Alexander Homes, builder of the 2018 Coastal Virginia Magazine Idea House. Lighting Once an afterthought, lighting takes center stage in a home’s design. “Consider your lighting needs at the start of the project. Wait too long and it can become expensive to move or add lights,” advises Quick. When planning lighting basics, think of the design as a whole: choose your decorative lighting fixtures at the same time you choose recessed. A large fixture throws a lot of light, so keep adjacent recessed lights to a minimum. Dimming capabilities are a must, and Quick recommends using “smart” dimmers like Hubbell’s iDevice to customize the dimming range. The control offered by these dimmers means you can use larger statement lighting pieces with many bulbs to create amazing, but not overwhelming, spaces.

Hwy 104, Robertsdale, AL

1/4 Mi. West of Hwy. 59 M-F 7:30-5:00 • Sat 7:30-4:00


“Your Complete Garden Center” Wide Selection

Flowering Annuals & Perennials Flowers, Roses, Vegetable & Bedding Plants, Herb, Flower & Vegetable Seeds, Ferns & Flowering Baskets, Caladiums Bulbs Large Selection of Fruit, Citrus & Ornamental Trees

LONGLEAF PINE STRAW We accept Ups Drop Off Packages FREE. Visit


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16 Spring Home & Garden 2019

Quick tends to use lighting with a classic foundation, but loves to play with the eclectic. Adding a bold piece that is “whimsical” in an unexpected area offers a surprising focal point, he says. “We’ve relied on Progress Lighting for twenty years,” says Quick. “Especially in the past few years, as they’ve taken giant leaps in design.” Stephen Alexander Homes incorporate “lifestyle focus” open floor plans as their signature look. Now, they are pioneering a new trend in home culinary spaces. Pantries are re-imagined to not only be practical, but a spot to display the homeowner’s hobbies and interests. Think useful collectibles like olive oils, wine or beer. Lighting this room properly is a must, as the light needs to be functional, yet have an added element of drama to showcase the hobby. Beyond mere dollars and cents, make style choices based on the manufacturer rather than the component. As a builder, Quick starts with a “basket” of necessary elements, but it’s how they are applied that ultimately makes the design special. Consider engaging an interior designer. Even with a smaller remodel budget, hiring an expert who knows which brands give you the most bang for your buck is worth their fee. You’re more likely to end up with the look you want at a price that is worth the investment. Paint Paint is one of the biggest design tools at your disposal. “A new coat of paint sets the tone for everything. Choosing the perfect colors can be hard, but paint companies are on target with the latest trends within the color spectrum, adding colors that hit the mark to give your spaces a fresh look,” says Quick. And if you don’t like the color once it’s on the walls? “Don’t be afraid to change it. Paint is not expensive. It’s more expensive to keep a look you don't like.” For design ideas, visit When making home updates, think of those projects that will pay off the most.

Recycle old batteries to help protect your family and home STATEPOINT Is it time to finally declutter your junk drawers, closets, attic and basement? If these areas of your home contain used batteries, you’re in good company. One in five consumers store some or all of their used batteries from the past year, according to a recent Nielsen study conducted on behalf of Call2Recycle. Whether it’s electronics packed away in the attic or boxed toys in the basement, old batteries are everywhere. As part of your de-cluttering efforts, experts say it’s worthwhile to take the time to gather used batteries and properly recycle them. “Responsible ownership of technology products extends to end-of-life management of the batteries that power those products,” says Carl Smith, CEO and president of Call2Recycle, Inc. “By properly recycling those old batteries, consumers can help protect people and property.” From old power tools to cordless telephones, cameras, e-readers, tablets and cellphones, many people don’t know what to do with the dead batteries inside their electronics. Indeed, more than half of individuals throwing away battery-operated electronic devices leave the battery attached.


To safely and easily recycle the batteries you find, Call2Recycle recommends the following steps: 1. Tape: Protect the ends/terminals with non-conductive electrical, duct or clear packing tape. 2. Bag: Store the taped batteries in a clear plastic bag that closes. 3. Drop: Recycle your rechargeable batteries at a convenient Call2Recycle drop-off location, including retail partners The Home Depot, Lowe’s and Staples. It’s an easy task to complete while running everyday errands. Eighty-six percent of the U.S. population lives within 10 miles of a Call2Recycle drop-off location. To protect your family and home, take the step of recycling your used batteries. It’s a simple way to make a positive impact on the environment and keep the people and property you love safe. >>>> More information about proper battery disposal can be found by visiting


of the


Burners that last...and last Cast stainless steel burners

All proceeds benefit Baldwin Humane Society animal shelter!

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Superior durability; solid performance and quality are the hallmarks of the Cape Fear Series.

It just may be the world’s finest gas grill. The ultimate stainless steel gas cooking system. The Wilmington Grill ‘Cape Fear’ lineup of grills is designed and built to last a lifetime. Backed up with a life-time burner warranty and a 7-year warranty on all other workmanship. Cast stainless steel burners deliver consistent high quality, performance and durability . . . Even in the harsh environment of the coast.

Showroom Open Mon-Thurs 7am to 5:30pm 24831 Canal Rd. Orange Beach, AL 36561


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5 Ways

5 ways to upgrade your home with new tech STATEPOINT New technology has the power to make your home safer, more comfortable and better suited to your family’s needs. So, if you’re planning to make some home updates, consider these great ideas for incorporating the latest technologies.


Smart Lock

Give your neighborhood watch group a deserved break and consider investing in smart lock technology. You’ll be able to control your home’s entry points from anywhere through a compatible app, which will also notify you of possible break-ins and tampering. Whether you have guests staying at your place and need to let them in before you get home, or you forgot to lock your front door before leaving the house, a smart lock can offer you convenience and peace of mind.


Full sound

No matter the size of your home, you can create the ambiance of a concert hall with the latest technology. Even the slimmest electronic pianos today have the potential to retain a sophisticated keyboard touch and authentic timbre of a grand piano. For example, the new design of the Casio Privia PX-S1000 keyboard, reproduces the individual response characteristics of each of the 88 keys on a grand piano and its Bluetooth audio playback feature allows you to connect to your device and play along with your favorite songs. 18 Spring Home & Garden 2019


Climate control

Heading to the airport but forgot to adjust your thermostat? Want your home to be a comfortable temperature when you arrive home from work? Next-generation, smart thermostats offer you the ability to get a better handle on climate control while potentially lowering your utility bills.


The right light

You can set the right mood for the right occasion in every room of your house by creating programmed scenarios through a smart lighting system. A smart lighting app can also improve home security, making your home looked lived in while you are away.


Beefed up entertainment

You can go beyond a standard home theater and gaming area with the installation of a projector that offers a great quality picture, long lasting-brightness and a fully connectable interface. The SLIM Seris of LampFree Projectors from Casio, for example, require little to no setup time and provide projection at maximum brightness in as few as five seconds, for a truly immersive home theater experience.

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Great tips for houseguests and hosts STATEPOINT Whether you’re a houseguest or a host, there are easy ways to ensure that everyone enjoys their time with family and friends. Check out these tips for an easy stay: A Helping Hand Hosts are often bogged down by tasks and chores. Make yourself useful. Keep areas you are using clean and offer to help around the house. If you’re the host, don’t be shy about delegating simple tasks to your guests. Most guests will appreciate the opportunity to make their stay less stressful on you. Comfort is Key When extended family or friends get together, ensure everyone has a comfortable place to sleep. A must-have for both travelers and hosts is a highquality air mattress that’s compact and 20 Spring Home & Garden 2019

easy to inflate, and these days, some brands have elevated their offerings to luxury standards, helping to create a more comfortable night’s rest. For example, Intex offers a range of comfortable airbeds with impressive features, such as a headboard, raised bed height (up to 24 inches), built-in USB chargers, a plush dual air pillowtop system, various sizes and supports to choose from and more. Their airbeds provide enough comfort and luxury that guests may even consider extending their stay. Worried about the time and energy of set-up? With internal electric air pumps, these high-quality, durable airbeds take just minutes to inflate and deflate, saving families both time and energy. That means more time spent enjoying each other’s company and making memories. And they’re super easy to stock up on, available online or in-store at most major big box retailers.

Snack Time Beyond main meals, there are breakfasts, snacks and other meals to consider. Guests and hosts should work together on this one to ensure that there are foods and beverages on hand that meet everyone’s dietary needs and restrictions. Hosts should ask their guests in advance if there are any allergies, sensitivities or particular foods to avoid. Children can be particular about food, so knowing if there are any favorites to stock the fridge and pantry with can also be helpful. As a guest, consider packing your own snacks to take with you. You can also help your hosts by letting them know of any issues in advance: from peanut allergies to medical restrictions. Whether you are traveling or staying put, with a bit of preparation you can make sure everyone feels comfortable, so that you can focus on making great memories together.

Beautiful Plants Great Prices Expert Advice

Conveniently located, Elberta Farmer’s Cooperative has been serving the area since 1949. We offer the highest quality plants and gardening supplies at competitive prices. Stop in today and see Deena for all you need to succeed!

Huge Plant Inventory • Large Variety Garden Seed • Encore Plants • Bonnie Plants 24-4-18 50% slow release fertilizer, great for all turf types • Fox Farm organic fertilizer products

ELBERTA FARMERS CO-OP 13320 Main St. • Elberta, AL • 251-986-8103 Mon.-Fri 7:30am-5:00pm • Sat. 7:30am-12:00pm


Your home is your castle: How to protect it through the years STATEPOINT For many people, owning a home is the American dream, and the single biggest financial investment they will ever make. With the stakes so high, in addition to picking out the perfect property, it’s critical to have the right insurance. While homeowners may start out with the right amount when they first purchase their home, over time, their policy can become outdated. Why? One big reason is inflation. “Labor and building material costs go up over time, which means that if your home were destroyed by a fire or natural disaster, for example, and you had to rebuild it in today’s dollars, it would very likely cost much more,” said Bob Buckel, vice president and product manager, Erie Insurance. “That’s why we recommend that all homeowners get ‘guaranteed replacement cost’ coverage.” In addition to making sure your insurance keeps up with inflation, experts also recommend homeowners reach out to their insurance agent when: You remodel 2019 is expected to be a popular year for remodeling, according to the Leading Indicator of Remodeling Activity. Whether it’s putting on an addition or finishing the basement, be sure the extra square footage and finishes are listed on your policy. Why? If something were to happen (think: fire, water damage, etc.), you’ll want your insurance policy to provide enough funds for everything to be repaired or replaced. You make changes to outdoor space The same is true with any remodeling to your outdoor space. The addition of an in-ground pool or fence can add value to your home. There are also liability concerns associated with certain equipment, such as a swimming pool or trampoline. Unfortunately, at least 148 22 Spring Home & Garden 2019

children drowned in swimming pools last summer and many more were injured, according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission. You’ll want to make sure you’re properly covered in the event of an accident. You install a security system You may qualify for a discount on your insurance if you’ve recently installed a security system. One study by the Electronic Security Association (ESA) looked at the 10 largest insurance companies and found many offer worthwhile premium discounts.

Coverage from Erie Insurance could cost about $30 to $70 per year.

You start a home-based business Whether you have a side hustle or draw a full-time income from a home-based business, you may not have the right coverage in place. For example, if you’re selling LuLaRoe clothing and there’s a fire, your merchandise might not be covered since typical policies don’t always cover home-based businesses. You’ll most likely need an incidental business endorsement.

You acquire valuables Homeowners insurance covers your belongings, but generally only up to a certain dollar amount per item. So, if you acquire an expensive item, such as an engagement ring, a fur or a valuable artwork, you should talk to your insurance agent about adding special coverage. You may also need to provide a receipt or appraisal.

Spring is here,

now is the time to plant! WIDE VARIETY



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Since 1931



21353 HWY 59 • HRS.: 7:30-5:30 M-F; 7:30-3:30 SAT

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The deals are in overdrive on select new Kubota RTV X-Series utility vehicles!


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Baldwin TractorZ100&KOMMANDER Equipment

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22463 State Hwy. 59 S Robertsdale, AL 36567 Baldwin Tractor & Equipment 251-947-4171 22463 State Hwy 59 S Robertsdale, AL 36567 251-947-4171


Baldwin TracTor & EquipmEnT $0 Down, 0% A.P.R. financing for up to 36 months on purchases of select new Kubota Z100 Kommander Series equipment from participating dealers’ in-stock inventory is available to qualified purchasers through equipment be shown. financed. 0% A.P.R. interest is available repayment term at 0% A.P.R. requires 60 payments of Optional $16.67 permay$1,000 Kubota Credit Corporation, U.S.A.; Tractor subject to installment credit approval. Some Baldwin & Equipment to customers if no dealer documentation preparation fee is charged. Dealer charge for document preparation fee shall be in exceptions apply. Example: 36 monthly payments of $27.78 per $1,000 accordance withfinanced. state laws. Inclusion of ineligible equipment may result in a higher blended A.P.R. 0% A.P.R. and low-rate financing 251-947-4171 | 22463formay State Hwy 59 Swith customer not information. be available instant rebate offers. Financing is available through Kubota Credit Corporation, U.S.A., 3401 Del Offer expires 3/31/19. See us or go to more Amo Blvd., Robertsdale, ALTorrance, 36567CA 90503; subject to credit approval. Some exceptions apply. Offer expires 12/31/2016. See us for details on Optional equipment may be shown. these and other low-rate options or go to for more information. Optional equipment may be shown.

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22463 State Hwy. 59 S. Robertsdale, AL

© Kubota Tractor Corporation, 2019

© Kubota Tractor Corporation, 2016




Baldwin Tractor & Equipment

*$0 Down, 0% A.P.R. financing for up to 36 months on purchases of select new Kubota Z100 Kommander Series equipment from participating dealers’ in-stock inventory is available to qualified purchasers through Kubota Credit Corporation, U.S.A.; subject to credit approval. Some exceptions apply. Example: 36 monthly payments of $27.78 per $1,000 financed. Offer expires 3/31/19. See us or go to for more information. Optional equipment may be shown.



© Kubota Tractor Corporation, 2019

22463 State Hwy 59 S Robertsdale, AL 36567 251-947-4171

Baldwin Tractor & Equipment

*$0 Down, 0% A.P.R. financing for up to 36 months on purchases of select new Kubota Z100 Kommander Series equipment from participating dealers’ in-stock inventory is available to qualified purchasers through 22463 Kubota CreditState Corporation, U.S.A.; subject Hwy 59 S to credit approval. Some exceptions apply. Example: 36 monthly payments of $27.78 per $1,000 financed. Offer expires 3/31/19. See us or go to for more information. Robertsdale, AL 36567 Optional equipment may be shown.


*$0 Down, 0% A.P.R. financing for up to 36 months on purchases of select new Kubota Z100 Kommander Series equipment from participating dealers’ in-stock inventory is available to qualified purchasers through Kubota Credit Corporation, U.S.A.; subject to credit approval. Some exceptions apply. Example: 36 monthly payments of $27.78 per $1,000 financed. Offer expires 3/31/19. See us or go to for more information. Optional equipment may be shown.


22463 Hwy. 59 So., Robertsdale, AL • 251-947-4567 •

OPEN 5 PM MON.- FRI. 7 AM SAT. 7 AM - 12 PM

© Kubota Tractor Corporation, 2019

© Kubota Tractor Corporation, 2019

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Spring Home and Garden 2019  

Your Gulf Coast guide to spring gardening, home improvement and more.

Spring Home and Garden 2019  

Your Gulf Coast guide to spring gardening, home improvement and more.