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COSMOGONIA Darwin vid eo

Apprentice installation



noun, plural lives   adjective –noun “conception, mental scheme,” from L.L. theoria , from Gk. theoria “contemplation, speculation, a looking at, things looked at,” from theorein “to consider, speculate, look at,” from theoros “spectator,” from thea “a view” + horan “to see” (see warrant). Sense of “principles or methods of a science or art (rather than its practice)” is first recorded 1610s. That of “an explanation based on observation and reasoning”


COSMOGONIA is a word used to define all systems of thought preoccupied in explain the origins of natural things. This work discusses how humanity through out time and culture has been developing its concept of life; how do we classify, perceive, understand and relate to it? One of the ways to classify life is by recognizing form and behavior. We have culturally established recognition patterns to distinguish the characteristics of things that have life and those that do not have. All that according a concept conditioned within the limits of a given time, it’s technological possibilities and intellectual reach. Nature is an immensely broad idea that may not be captured by us in a glance of time or technical evolution. Organically shaped to perceive and recognize only a minor fraction of the whole expression of energy surrounding us, a large part of the understand we built about life and how it came to exists, even considering the advent of contemporary instruments, is produced by the force of mental abstraction. To really be able to see and recognize life by knowing and experiencing it among all simulacrum and lifeless stimuli, among all artificial interferences is a idealized concept of a constant in expansion perception and sensibility, enabling us to be, maybe, closer to Nature and to acquire new dimension on the understanding of life and existence. By simply filming the melting down of plastic toy animals - some still and others animated by batteries trying to simulated a actual animal movement – and playing it in reverse as if, from that residual dark carbonized smoky matter made out of petroleum processed material , life could be extract, given birth to all kind of creatures in the most bizarre and artificial fashion. With that, the work intend to produce reflections about how do we relate to our own concept of life and how much of our human values linked to this concept became emotionally attached to empty forms of inanimate object. Using the theory of evolution as a symbolism the work suggest that we all created mentally, our inner realm of things that are selected and defined as worthy to be consider alive. But the questions to be raised are, what form of living thing are we becoming? What kind of world are we creating to our selves? How much of life are we really capturing?

LIFE    [kon-sept] –noun

1. A general notion or idea; conception. 2. an idea of something formed by mentally combining all its characteristics or particulars; a construct. 3.a directly conceived or intuited object of thought. –verb (used with object) 4.Informal . to develop a concept of; conceive: Experts pooled their talents to concept the new car. Origin: 1550–60; < L conceptum something conceived, orig. neut. of conceptus (ptp. of concipere ), equiv. to concon- + cep- (var. s. of -cipere, comb. form of capere to seize) + -tus ptp. ending Can be confused:   life concept, life conception, life inception.


COSMOGONIA - Darwin Apprentice  

video installation - three chanel

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