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Harmony Chinese Takeaway Review: Giving you a lovely Chinese cuisine Bournemouth is such a lovely town and Southbourne, its suburb, is beautiful as well. And within Southbourne lies a Chinese takeaway that most people loved, it is the Harmony Chinese Takeaway. The foods were freshly prepared and were piping hot even when you got home. Experience their well-known generosity with their delicious cuisine with large sized portions. There will come a time where you will find Harmony Chinese Takeaway in a busy state and you will have to wait a few more minutes for your order, but it's certain that all will be worth once finished. Every staff was polite and friendly and you won't encounter any major problems with them. For many years, several people have been eating on this takeaway and Harmony hasn’t faced any major complaints yet with regards to its food and service. The food was cooked within the right amount of time and was remarkably tasty. Travelers were amazed and view Harmony as the best-kept secret in the town of Bournemouth. Every visit is worth your money and you'll never be disappointed. People are attracted to Harmony Chinese Takeaway's traditional Chinese takeaway and affordable yet delicious foods. Its effort in providing lovely Chinese cuisine is admired by locals as well as tourists. Customers can't help but to come back again after trying out the food of Harmony. Reviewers claim that every meal was such a lovely experience. The staff was always working hard to provide the best to their customers and it's evident in their welcoming service and top quality food. It was also considered as an excellent Chinese takeaway shop and the people appreciate its simple surrounding. They also make sure to provide a prompt service even if they were swamped with lots of orders. Every family could enjoy the food of this beautiful takeaway. Harmony is head and shoulders above the rest of takeaways in their town, from its staff to its food, everything is at its finest.

Harmony Chinese Takeaway Review: Giving you a lovely Chinese cuisine