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( MODULO 9 ) Guillaume Pinon

( MODULO 9 ) Guillaume Pinon

Daily routine of Mouhcine 5:30

Wake-up, wash his face and pray

7:00 to 8:45

Put order in his cell and wait for the door to be opened

9:00 to 9:45

Prepare the breakfast for the inmates, have his breakfast, clean the kitchen

9:45 to 10:15

Have to a walk outside, stay on his own eaning against the wall

10:15 to 12:30

Study Spanish at the school.

12:30 to 13:00

Go back to the kitchen to prepare the lunch

13:00 to 13:30

Have his lunch inside of the kitchen

13:30 to 14:00

Clean the kitchen


Return to his cell, number 50

14:00 to 17:00

Stay in his cell


Pray for the second time


Nap for half an hour

15:45 till 17:00

Pray for the third time

!7:00 to 18:15

Go back to patio, discuss with the other inmates

18:15 to 18:45

Pray for the fourth time, but this time within a group, inside of a room


Back to the kitchen to prepare the diner

19:00 to 19:30

Dine inside of the kitchen

!9:30 to 20:00

Clean the kitchen


Return to his cell

20:15 to 20:30

Fifth and last pray of the day

21:00 until......

Watch the movie of the night and go to bed.....

Watch TV


ouhcine is from a Moroccan city called Fez. He is thirty years old, a ferven gful part in his daily life.

On the 23rd of June 2011, he was arrested inside of a boat (una Patera) full of immig of hashish were found. His sentence could reach up to 12 years imprisonment.

Before taking secretly the decision of leaving his country to go to the ÂŤNorthÂť, Mouh

Coming from one of the lowest social class, he spent his whole life in one of the poo new life (maybe in Norway where people are nice as he said), to find a new place to family, send the money for the treatment for the diabetes his mother suffers from. It needs.

Once locked inside of the police headquarters’ cell, Mouhcine felt like a wild animal

cate with the officers as he did not know a single word of Spanish. He tried in Englis

which he did not understand. Mouhcine was scared. He thought about his dreams, hi

When he finally arrived to the prison of Malaga, he barely owned something, no spa

belief in his religion maintained him sane. He wanted to call his family, but could no brother who was aware of his venture to Europe. Their mother must not know about

After six months in the prison, despite of participating in the daily routine of the mod worst. On the one hand, he has not been able to conceive the reality of the situation,

aware of the prison system as a remand detainee from Morocco with few Spanish wo

from this extreme experience to eventually be free and achieve his dream of having a

All the information are from an interview done inside of the Modulo 9, the 27th of

nt Muslim believer, praying five times a day. Religion has always been a meanin-

grants, being accused of not only immigrants’ traffic but also drug traffic, as 40 kg

hcine was an unauthorised touristic guide, as he can speak French and English.

orest areas of the town. His dream was to leave clandestinely in order to start a live, a new job and eventually to have a family. Also he would financially help his would be such a privilege and a pride for him to be able to provide for his family’s

l trapped into a cage. It was his first experience of prison. He could not communi-

sh but they did not allow him to express himself. He was asked to sign a document

is family, and his mum who is ill.....

are clothes, no friend and no knowledge of the language. He was alone. Only his

ot afford to buy a phone card. With the help from inmates, he managed to reach his his problem.

dule and taking Spanish classes, his state of mind has not improved. It has gone being accused of a crime which he fully rejects. On the other hand, he is now

ords and no money to pay a lawyer. He believes one day his god will save him

a life like any other person.

f September 2011, from 10:00 to 11:30 am

Page 138-139: Today is an important day for Mouhcine. After four months in the Modulo 9, he is finally going to be able to receive some information about his case. He is waiting for his turn. An ultime pray towards the sky to bring him luck.

Page 140-141: He has just been told by the legal adviser that he may be sentenced for twelve years.

«I want and dream about freedom.»

«Afraid of missing the present.»

«They put me between brackets.»

«Only an inmate knows the value of Freedom.»

«The Present makes Mankind insane.»

«Only God will be able to judge me»

«To play with Mohamed, Shadia and Yasmine, my three children. It’s the best in the world.»

«My life, like a black cat, in a dark room, and the person looking for the cat is blind.»

(MODULO 9)  

During three months I was allowed by the inmates of the module 9 of Malaga prison, to take photographs of their daily life. This is an intim...

(MODULO 9)  

During three months I was allowed by the inmates of the module 9 of Malaga prison, to take photographs of their daily life. This is an intim...