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December 2019

HEALING THROUGH SHAVASANA Our Health & Fitness column tells us more about one of Yoga’s most important poses (p. 12)

COVER: VISITING THE HOT SPRINGS IN KRABI In addition to the Emerald Pool, the province of Krabi is famous for its natural hot springs, which offer numerous health and skin benefits. In this issue, we explored a local resort and its access to the coveted water sources. (p. 04)



An exquisite feast at Boathouse Chef’s Table If you are looking for a dining experience like no other, then check out the Captain’s Table at Boathouse Phuket, on Kata Beach. A tailor-made menu based on your culinary expectations, and paired with a great selection of wines from all around the world awaits. Read our review to find out!


The joy of shopping local at Expo Market We often hear tourists complaining about unfair pricing when shopping in Phuket, but one of the main reasons is that they visit the places that are considered touristic. Expo Market is a shopping venue in Phuket Town which can be seen as a giant indoor market, offering affordable clothes and accessories, as well as a few souvenirs.


Getting to Know: Freddy Vassallo Split between a strong passion for music and his love for food, Freddy Vassallo is the owner and chef behind Da Sandro Phuket, an Italian restaurant located in Kathu. He is also one of the founders of the hip-hop group Southside, and a future judge on the upcoming TV show, Show Me the Money 2.


I cannot believe it is already the end of the year! Since we’ve taken over the operations of the magazine, we barely had time to go shopping, and we now have to find gifts to place under the Christmas tree. We are also approaching the new year, and with it, the new decade; while Phuket and Thailand are currently facing multiple challenges, let’s hope that the new year brings a breeze of happiness and those famous quality tourists that we’ve heard so much about; now would be a good time for them to show up - Kamin




Life is a beach Every month, we cover our selection of three stunning beaches that can be visited in Phuket. With so many places to choose from, our team tries to provide a


Xana Sunday Brunch The Guide Phuket reviewed one of Phuket’s most popular brunch experiences and was impressed by the large options of food on offer, including the

good mix between the popular ones and the less

famous tuna ritual, as well as the activities provided to

crowded ones, so that each and everyone can find

children to have a good time on Bang Tao beach.

their own happy place.


Google Stadia: Is this the future of video games? Google Stadia has launched its beta version in several countries last month, so our team took a deeper look at what many people consider to be the future in gaming. While it is currently not available in Thailand, many reviewers based in the US and Europe had the chance to play around with the system and to give us some feedback.


The Guide to Thai language New to Phuket or simply never took the time to learn


How much is a piece of land worth in Phuket Depending on its location, land value in Phuket can

this beautiful language? We’ve got you covered!

move drastically, from the affordable sub-district such

Ourguide to the Thai language will bring you new

as Ao Maphrao and Sapam to the extremely expensive

content monthly

Patong, which is at the top of our list.



A short trip to the hot springs in Krabi can be a great activity to do during the extended New Year holidays, as the region is located approximately four hours from Phuket. We recently took a trip to the Wareerak Hot Spring Retreat in Krabi for a well-deserved staycation.



spa attendants explained to us how to properly use the hot springs. Each station comes with three natural baths, each with its distinct temperature, ranging from 42 to 54 degrees Celsius. The water source is over 40 years old, rich in calcium, and with a neutral pH of 7, making it ideal for skin treatments and rejuvenation. The resort’s spa offers several massages and treatments as well as half-day and full-day programs that can be booked Wareerak Hot Spring Retreat is a small

But Wareerak is not famous for its room;

in advance. Those programs combine

resort located in the Khlong Tom district

we came here for one thing, and one thing

meditation, yoga, Thai massage, and

in Krabi province, which is well-known for

only, and that is the access to the natural

hydrotherapy to provide you with a

offering access to its very own hot springs;

hot springs located on the land of the

complete sense of relaxation and well-

a real privilege, as the public hot springs

resort. Several stations could be found a

being. You can choose to receive your

can be overcrowded with Chinese buses

few meters away from our room, and the

massage at the sala or within the comfort

arriving by the hour. We checked-in at 3:00 pm in our

Thai décor was contrasted with a Japanese


Futon-style bed positioned in the center

The resort is quite close to one of Krabi’s most famous attractions; the Emerald Pool,

of the room, encompassed with ancient

which receives its name thanks to the color of the beautiful lagoon. The pool is located

redwood flooring and wooden furniture. A

within the Khao Pra Bang national park, so you have to pay a fee (THB 200) to access

nice addition was the outside bathtub on

the venue. From the parking lot, you will have a short walk (approximately 20 minutes)

the terrace, which still offers privacy as we

before reaching the water. This is not the best place to take a swim, considering the

were located on the second floor of the

large number of tourists, but the trip is worth it to add some pictures to your collection.

Villa Suite, a 60 sqm. accommodation overlooking the lush vegetation surrounding the resort. The traditional

villa. of your room, which we thought was a great idea. The next day, we headed for breakfast, which is served in their only restaurant; the breakfast itself was rather basic, but in line with the price we paid, and it provided several healthy options to go along with the theme of the resort. Wareerak Hot Springs Retreat can be found at 18 Moo 7, Khlong Tom Nua, Krabi. The path that leads to the resort is not clear, so you will need a GPS to make sure you reach your destination. You can find more information on their website at



LIFE IS A BEACH With more than 30 beaches to choose from, the island of Phuket stands for its nickname, which is the Pearl of Andaman. Whether you seek to experience the tranquillity of Mai Khao Beach or prefer to mingle among the crowd on Patong Beach, our handy guide will help you find the perfect spot to get the suntan you’ve been dreaming of.




Every month, our team selects for you the top 3 beaches you should visit while staying in Phuket. All of them have their pros and cons, so we try to provide a good mix between the popular ones and the less crowded ones. Mai Khao Beach: Located north of Phuket International Airport, Mai Khao Beach is a lovely beach to escape the crowds. The long stretch of sand seems to go on and on, while the soft sand and clear waters are stunning. Mai Khao Beach is almost always empty, which gives the beach a very deserted feeling, even during high season when some of the island’s other beaches are crowded. Ao Yon Beach: Ao Yon is a tiny beach located near Cape Panwa, and approximately 10km from Phuket Town. The local neighborhood is rather sleepy, which means the beach is tranquil and perfect for relaxing. The bay is usually filled with boats and yachts, so swimming here can often be challenging. However, it’s a great beach to relax with a book or watch the sunset from. Karon Beach: Located on the island’s west coast, Karon Beach stretches as far as the eye can see. It’s a favorite amongst tourists, and within close proximity to Patong. During certain times of the year, the current can be rather rough here, so always best to exercise caution before going for a swim.

WHAT TO DO WHEN A JELLYFISH STINGS YOU? Let’s face it: this is certainly something you’d prefer to avoid when enjoying a day at the beach, but the Andaman Sea contains its fair share of the translucent animal. Below is a quick recap on the symptoms one can suffer from a sting and the best way to treat someone suffering from it. Remember that you should always call for a lifeguard to assist you should you be in pain after getting out of the water.



Severe pain on the wound, back, trunk or head;

Bring the injured person out of the sea to a safe place;

Restlessness or confusion;

Call an ambulance (Tel. 1669);

Sweating, chills, nausea or vomiting;

Have the person remain still to prevent the spread of toxin;

Palpitations, chest pain or chest tightness;

Pour vinegar continuously over the wound for at least 30

Breathing difficulty, rapid breathing or panting;

seconds (do not use fresh water).



AN EXQUISITE FEAST AT BOATHOUSE CHEF’S TABLE On Tuesday, November 19, The Guide Phuket team was invited to discover the Captain’s Table dinning experience at the legendary Boat House Phuket, under the helm of Executive Chef Jonathan Bruell and his fantastic culinary team.



The first main course was voted as our favorite, as Chef Jonathan served us with a butter-poached American lobster with saffron risotto. The fresh sea delicacy was naturally sweet and wonderfully seasoned, and the world’s fanciest spice has never let down any dish by adding its unique fragrance. The risotto was cooked to perfection – not too soft, not too tough, and not too soggy. The chef also played with the texture by using a piece of crusty chicken skin to create an interesting combination. This plate was served with The Aldridge Twynham Chardonnay, from Boat House Phuket has unveiled a new

salmon with beetroot, fulfilled by the

South Eastern Australia, which enhanced

culinary sensation, opening their very own

flavors of lemon caviar. The glossy cured

the flavors of the dish even more!

Captain’s Table. Located on the second

salmon was nicely seasoned with a mix of

floor of the restaurant, the exclusive chef’s

saltiness and sourness. The dish was paired

Another highlight of the night was the

table comes with a separate kitchen, where

with the pleasing Villa Martina Pinot Grigio

tender sous vide pork loin, served with

Executive Chef Jonathan prepares some

Friuli, from Italy.

a Brazilian black bean cassoulet. The

jaw-dropping dishes based on your inputs and the availability of fresh ingredients. To warm up the palate, the chef introduced us to the Parmesan and truffle brûlée. This simple, yet extraordinary appetizer, is served in an eggshell. The savory crème brûlée blended perfectly with the umami of the truffle. The cheese crumble on top balanced the texture of the whole dish, which was paired with the bubbly Zonin Prosecco DOC Italy. We continued with a perfect slice of cured gorgeous cut of pork was slowly cooked to keep the meat moist and juicy. The seasoning was pleasing in every bite, while the full-flavor cassoulet provided with interesting notes and textures. La Playa Cabernet Sauvignon, Colchagua Valley, Chile was our wine of choice to accompany this creation. We finally indulged in a cherries jubilee and raspberry parfait to complete the dinner, which brought a sweet ending to an incredible dining experience, alongside a sweet Moscato d’Asti, Castello del Poggio, from Piedmont, Italy. This splendid culinary experience suits well for any occasion, whether you are looking to impress your loved one or celebrate with your friends and family. Reserve your seats at Boat House Phuket by calling +66 76 330 015 or email




AT XANA BEACH CLUB One of Phuket’s most popular brunch experiences is back, and it is definitely worth it! Located within the grounds of the magnificent Angsana Laguna Phuket, Xana Beach Club has quickly become a must-visit destination for its excentric parties and delicious brunches, reinvented every year to please the palate of the local gourmands. This year’s edition of the Xana Sunday Brunch is a feast for the senses, offering a spectacular spread of Thai and international delicacies your stomach will thank you for. From the Mexican tacos to the BBQ area perfecting those tender rib eyes, lamb cutlets, and fresh lobsters, to the cheese and cold cuts selection alongside a pasta buffet served a la minute, you will not spend one minute without succumbing to temptation. The buffet lines come with a selection of mezze served at your table and pass around foie gras to complete the dining experience. An hour into the brunch, you will witness the coveted Tuna Ritual, where a 30 kilos tuna is brought from the sea to the sushi and sashimi station to be prepared under the knife of the skillful chef and his team. You won’t get tuna sashimi any fresher than this on the island, so make sure to grab a couple of plates before returning to your table. On the other side of the complex, you will find the desserts section as well as a kids’ zone, which provides activities such as face painting and games for children to enjoy. You may want to bring your swimming suit to chill out in the 35-meter long swimming pool or reach out to the pristine water of Bang Tao beach. The Xana Sunday Brunch is available every Sunday from 12:00 noon to 3:30 pm and costs THB 2,700.- net per person with a free-flow of soft drinks, or THB 3,900.- net if you choose the free-flow of wines, spirits, cocktails, and sparkling. For more information and booking, feel free to call them at +66 76 358 500 or email at WEB:



The place to eat, drink and be seen. Even the most experienced food lovers will be delighted at the staaons oering a diverse cuisine. The 76Bar Drink & Dine can take you from lunch to the early hours, thanks to its relaxing indoors or its roooop bar with a sophisscated seleccon of cocktails and ďŹ ne wines.

+66 (0)76 343 111

HEALING THROUGH SHAVASANA ‘How can I heal myself if a world is such a mess?’, one may say. The truth is healing is a life long journey. It’s personal, slow and uncomfortable. One of the things that makes yoga very special is that the practice is a reflection of how you live and breath your life. Acknowledge the subtle energy that

understood as a symbol for the circle

off somewhere else than being fully

you can receive and create within

of life . The yin and yang, the rise

conscious to the present moment.

yourself, as the guru Paramahansa

and fall, the birth and death, and the

Notice your own thoughts by pulling

Yogananda quoted “Change yourself

becoming and letting go. The practice

your attention back to inner focus.

and you have done your part in

allows you to go deep into a healing

As a beginner, imagining of your

changing the world”.

state of meditation as you lay down

favourite flower, trying to focus on

on your back, completely soft and

one thing than switch one thing to

As we are familiar with asana that

surrender. Your inhalation is to feed

another. Observe your own thoughts

they are mimicking of natures and

the body— flowing energy that we

-- whatever that comes to you, do not

animals, we generally begin from the

call prana, the exhalation arises to

judge. Before finishing your practice,

ground first and slowly make our way

letting go of your dead parts or thing

descend those energies into your

to standing. Each asanas may planned

that doesn’t serve you.

psyche then seal the observations with

to gradually build into the peak pose,

a gratitude. Notice again of the space,

and eventually mellow it down to more

Shavasana is known to be one of the

your body, your mind and your feelings.


hardest of the practice, yet the most

Just like anything has to come to an

important practice of all the postures.

end, we rather embrace the closure

It is normal for the mind to wander

than to sorrow about the endings.

Shavasana or corpse pose, can be

This article was written by Vasucha Hongyok. Make sure to follow her pages on Facebook at and Instagram @vasuchayoga.



We offer the classic range of mass building machines alongside several weight lifting dumbells and barbells for you to use.

Keeping your heart in good shape is certainly important. You can train your cardio on our numerous treadmills and elliptcials.

The outside garden is the perfect place for a good old Cross Fit whether you plan to train on your own or with a group from the fitness.

A fitness center is a great place to make new friends who share the same goals as you do. Just ask away and our members are happy to help.

Fit Gun Gym Open daily from 8:00am to 10:00pm (closed on Sunday) Located in Kathu, Phuket, on the way to Kathu Waterfall +66 85 145 4442

keep pushing! Open daily from 4:00 pm ll 11:00 pm. Closed on Wednesday.

Phuket’s favorite Italian restaurant, serving high-quality food since 2009. Specialized in home-made, fresh pasta, meats, and seafood, just like in Italy.

Located in Kathu, near Loch Palm Golf.

HQ BEACH LOUNGE KAMALA HQ Beach Lounge is located at the northern end of Kamala Beach. It features a tranquil atmosphere, which makes it perfect to enjoy a bit to eat while watching the sunset refreshing cocktail, or rent a beach


chair, cabana or a unique beach nest.

Catch Beach Club is Phuket’s most exciting and


fashionable beach club. The hottest spot on Bang

across the Andaman Sea. Sip on a

Tao Beach, Catch Beach Club boasts a full-on party atmosphere and offers up the region’s best DJs in addition to a well-stocked bar. Enjoy a tasty brunch package while lazing by the pool. < WEB:


Stylish and iconic, Cafe Del Mar is Phuket’s

A stylish oceanfront beach club

areas for maximum entertainment value. Spend

with a superb restaurant & lounge,

some time in the dining venue, swimming

Dream Beach Club is a unique venue

pool, on the dance floor or in the VIP seating and

that curates a tropical lifestyle

alfresco lounge by the beach. Check the beach

experience. Expect world-class DJs

club’s roster of activities, and note, there is a large

and the very best in food and drink.

parking area available on-site.


WEB: >

answer to Ibiza. With a prime location on Kamala Beach, the beach club is divided into different

XANA BEACH CLUB BANG TAO XANA Beach Club boasts a stunning location. The venue features a 35-meter pool, state-of-the-art sound system, a variety of tropical cocktails and a delicious food menu. Enjoy the best that Phuket has to offer from day to night at XANA. The beach club features beach loungers, poolside daybeds and VIP cabanas which can accommodate up to 10 people. WEB:



Be ready for a gargantuan feast, as Chef Ponchan unveiled a new menu for Thong Dee - The Town Bistro. THONG DEE THE KATHU BRASSERIE 110/25, Soi Bangthong Kathu, 83120 Phuket Open Tue-Sun 16:00 to 22:00

(12:00 to 22:00 on Sundays)

THONG DEE THE TOWN BISTRO 58 Ratsada Rd, Phuket Town, 83000 Phuket Open Tue-Sat 12:00 to 23:00 For reservation, please call +66 (0)84 309 1198

INDOOR MARKET SHOPPING AT EXPO IN PHUKET TOWN If you love markets as much as we do, but cannot stand the heat of the tropical sunshine, a visit to Expo in Phuket Town is in order, as the venue provides an indoor market with cool AC and a solid roof in case of sudden rain on the island.



snacks relevant to the island of Phuket, a trip to Expo is not a bad idea, especially considering that the prices are made for locals rather than for tourists. You can get yourself a good quality T-shirt for THB 120, and a pair of trousers for THB 300. The place is also well-known to sell school uniforms to many students around the island, with such shops usually located nearby the entrances of the Expo Phuket. Finally, the market has a large section of shoes, whether we are talking flip-flops or something more conventional Located on Chanacharoen Road, right

wallets, and baseball caps. Having said so,

for a meeting with a client; you will fork

across the road from the Novotel Phuket

you can still find vendors that specialize

anywhere between THB 80 to THB 500,

Phokeethra, Expo Phuket or Expo Market

in souvenirs, for the most part, located

depending on the style and the quality you

is set on over 10,000 square meters of

toward the center of the venue. Whether

are looking for.

land and is one of the largest indoor

you are looking for small sculptures,

markets of the island. It comes as a great

candles and incent sticks, and even

You will also find a small food court at the

addition to Phuket’s numerous openair markets, especially considering the weather can be too hot on some days.

grid-like fashion, where each intersection


welcomes a new shop to explore.

If there is one thing that westerners have some difficulties to understand when

The shopping center is open daily from 10:00 am until 9:00 pm and is built in a

arriving in Thailand is that (almost) everything should be bargained here; it’s a Expo Phuket is focused on fashion and

tradition, especially at markets that sell clothing and other souvenirs (you would

accessories, with the majority of the

not try to negotiate on food). As a rule of thumb, consider what price would make

vendors providing pieces of clothing,

you happy, and start the negotiations slightly below that price. A THB 300 shirt, for

such as T-shirts, shorts, skirts, and other

example, could easily be bought for THB 200. Give it your best smile and you’re all set!

accessories like glasses, leather belts, back of the venue, with prices starting at THB 20-25 for a snack and THB 45-50 for a full meal. The food court comes complete with a small arcade area, as well as some karaoke booths, though most of the songs available are in the Thai language. Overall, while Expo may not be the first place that comes to mind when we are thinking shopping spree, it offers a good level of convenience and the location makes it ideal to pop by over the weekend to increase your collection or when looking for a specific item. Expo Phuket is located on Chanacharoen Road, across from Novotel Phuket Phokeethra, and is open daily from 9:00 am till 10:00 pm.






LIMELIGHT AVENUE PHUKET TOWN Located on Dibuk Road, this indy shopping mall recently celebrated its 4th anniversary. The mall offers a good mix between clothing shops, restaurants, souvenir boutiques and grocery store on two separate floors while providing regular events to keep the crowd, consisting mainly of locals, entertained. It shares its parking lot with the now-famous Phuket Indy Market on Thursdays and Fridays, so make sure you go there early on those dates if you wish to get a parking spot, as the market takes over from 4:00 pm. < WEB:

TURTLE VILLAGE MAI KHAO The exclusive shopping destination for the best dining and shopping on Mai Khao Beach. Cuisine choices match wonderfully with the gift, souvenir, antique and clothing selections. Outlets include Bill Bentley Pub, the only English pub on Mai Khao


Beach; The Coffee Club; Swensens; Supermarket Turtle Mart; Jim Thompson; Narai Phand; Private Collection; Ferera; Paul Ropp; Anita; Eleph; Marie

Patong has its own shopping center, by the

France Van Damme; Unique Art; Tanya Living; Basil;

moniker of Jungceylon. The mall opened in

Phuket Happiness Trip; Cashmere Hut; Joy Isomare;

2006 and covers an area of 200,000 square

Bangkok B.P. Pharmacy, while the new phase include

meters. It is well-known for its full-size wooden

the like of 7 Eleven, Pizza Company, Etam, OVS, Anello and Esprit.

boat, located in the central atrium, linking the various buildings together. Plenty of places to shops, including local and international brands,


and a large avenue filled with restaurants and places to relax under the shades. WEB: >

While Villa Market is known for its imported products, which please foreigner living on the island and looking for comfort food from home, the Chalongâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s venue is much larger than just a regular supermarket, and offers some restaurants, a DIY store named HomePro, a Banana IT store for all your computer needs, and several other clothing and souvenir shops. It is also home to a large market every Tuesdays, where locals love to stop by and grab some delicious food before heading home. Beware of the limited parking spaces on that day.


CENTRAL PHUKET, PHUKET TOWN Central Phuket is the largest shopping center of the island and goes into the top 3 largest shopping malls in Thailand, comprising of two separate buildings: the long-standing Central Festival, which opened in the 90s, and the newly built extension Central Floresta, which opened

Brand-name clothing and sports accessories at bargain prices, this is the brand promise of Premium Outlet. Apart from numerous Thai brands, other international names can be found on sale, including Lacoste, Guy Laroche, Leviâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s, Lee, Adidas and Nike and feature discounts of up to 70%. It is open daily

its doors in September 2018. Both buildings offer a combined area of 185,000 square meters

from 10:00 am to 9:00 pm and can be found on

and host more than 700 different shops, from luxury watches and clothes to everyday items.

Bypass Road, not far from the Toyota Dealership.





GOOGLE STADIA: IS THIS THE FUTURE OF VIDEO GAMES Earlier in November, Google released Google Stadia, a cloud gaming service not yet available in Thailand. A good analogy to such service would be to compare it to a website like Netflix, which allows you to stream movies and TV series directly from the Internet to your platforms of choice, such as your TV, your phone, or your computer. You don’t need to own a DVD player anymore, nor do you need to go to a physical store to rent a DVD; everything is done directly from the Internet. Google Stadia applies the same principle, but for video games instead of movies. Now, Google is not the precursor of this technology, as the first instances were demonstrated in the early ‘00s, with companies such as G-Cluster, Onlive, and Gaikai, but Google has some considerable advantages that may help it succeed where


others have failed in the past, such as

servers and delivered from the Internet.

high-quality servers and a high bandwidth

According to Google, you will need a

necessary to handle all the computing

minimum of 10MB/s to enjoy games at


720p with 60 fps, and 35MB/s for the full experience, which is 4K HDR video at 60

It’s all about your bandwidth!

FPS, with 5.1 Dolby surround sound.

To enjoy the platform fully, you need to

Thanks to the Stadia app, you will be able

have a solid Internet connection, as all

to test your Internet speed and receive

operations are done remotely on Google

recommendations as to what settings you’ll


be able to play your games

games to play them. The Pro

with. The Stadia controller,

subscription at USD 10 per

which is optional as you can

month will allow gamers to play

use the system with existing

at 4K with HDR

controllers or with your mouse and keyboard, also connects


Integration with other services

to the Google server directly through Wi-Fi, so your upload

One of the key selling points of

speed must also be taken into

Stadia was its integration with


other services, mainly YouTube. We are still waiting to see how

What games are we talking

this will pan out, but you could

about and how much should I

technically watch a YouTube

expect paying?

video about your favorite game, and click on “Join in Stadia” to

During launch last month,

start playing exactly where the

Google Stadia included 22

video left off.

games, such as Assassin’s

Netflix The website itself does not need any introduction, but it is always good to know that it is an option in Thailand. The standard

Creed Odyssey, Destiny 2, Final

This type of interaction would

package will cost you THB 280 per month, or THB 350 is you

Fantasy XV, Mortal Kombat 11,

also help streamers, who

want to experience your movies and series in HD.

and Red Dead Redemption 2.

currently need to use several

Another 14 titles are planned to

softwares and materials to

be released before the end of

properly record their games

the year, including Borderlands

and commentaries. Stadia could


Da Font Looking for a killer font for your next project, or willing to enhance those gorgeous Christmas E-cards you’re sending every year? Da Font is a font library where you can download thousands of fonts through different categories. WEB:

3 and Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2.

facilitate the whole process, while at the same time offering

If you are currently living in

some new levels of interaction

a country where Stadia is

with their fans.

available, it will cost you a onetime fee of USD 130 for the

Google Stadia is still in beta,

controller and the Chromecast

and many options still need to

TV dongle, a USD 10 per month

be worked on to reach what

subscription to their service,

was initially promised, but it

while each game should cost

succeeded so far in offering

between USD 20 to USD 60.

something new that has the potential to revolutionize the

All Recipes It’s easy to get lost in culinary madness; luckily for us, websites

In the future, Google plans

gaming industry in the years to

to change its business model

come. We can’t wait to put out

by offering a free, basic

hands on the device and try it

website is free to use, and provides feedback from users as well.

subscription where one would

out in the coming months.


like All Recipes makes it easy to browse through thousands of recipes, such as Thai classics to homemade Italian pizzas. The

just have to purchase the



Congratulations! You’ve just been Phuketified!

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Whether you are looking to book a hotel to plan ahead your journey, fancy a cozy restaurant to impress your loved one, or simply search for general information, news and events about Phuket, we got you covered! WWW.PHUKETIFY.COM Do you own a business in Phuket? Contact us on our website or Facebook page to advertise your venue for free!



สี ขาว See Khao สี ดำ� See Dam สี เหลือง See Leuang สี สม้ See Som สี แดง See Daeng สี เขียว See Khiao สี ฟ้า See Fah สี เทา See Thao สี ชมพู See Chompoo สี ม่วง See Muang สี น้ ำ� ตาล See Namtaan สี เงิน See Ngern สี ทอง See Thong

White Black Yellow Orange Red Green Blue Gray Pink Purple Brown Silver Gold -


ใหญ่ เล็ก ใหม่ เก่า

Big Yai Small Lek New Mai Old Gao Beautiful Suay Ugly Naa Gliat Good - Dee Bad Mai Dee Easy Ngaai Difficult Yaak Hot Ron Cold Yen Kind Jai Dee

สวย น่าเกลียด ดี ไม่ดี ง่าย ยาก ร้อน เย็น ใจดี

Adjectives (cont’d)

ก่อน Gon สาย Saai กว้าง Gwang แคบ Khaep ยาว Yao สั้น San บาง Bang แข็งแรง Kaeng Raeng สู ง Soong เตี้ย Tiia เงียบ Ngiep เสี ยงดัง Siang Dang ใจด�ำ Jai Dam

Early Late Wide Narrow Long Short Weak Strong High Low Quiet Noisy Mean -

How to use Thai adjectives? In the English language, we are used to placing the adjective(s) before the noun they affect; for example, you would say a black car, cold weather or a beautiful person. However, in the Thai language, the adjective is placed right after the word they modify the

รถสี ดำ� ) Rot See Dam (litt. car color black), cold weather would be (อากาศเย็น) Aagat Yen (litt. weather cold), and a beautiful person translates to (คนสวย) Khon Suay (litt. person beautiful). It can take a bit of time to get meaning of. As such, a black car would become (

used to it, but placing the adjectives correctly is an important step in improving your Thai language skills.




From concerts to kitchen, the life of a Phuket rapper who cooks with his heart – Freddy Vassallo

If you’ve listened to hip-hop in Thailand, you must have heard of ‘South Side’ and the familiar face of Italian-Thai mix crew member ‘Freddy V’. In this issue, we talk about his life from the days he was a teenager holding a mic in front of thousands to the day he came back to his familyowned restaurant to spend a simple but peaceful life on the island of Phuket. And now, he’s getting ready to shine on TV again; not as a performer this time, but as one of the

Patong, hotels in Laguna, and some others in Kamala as well. I grew up delivering gelato to the kitchen of the most prestigious hotels in Phuket. Once I graduated from Dulwich (now British International School), I continued my musical journey while studying at the Journalism and Mass Communication Faculty, in Thammasat University. I spent about 10 years with


the band going around the country for concerts under

Tell us a bit more about yourself

back to Phuket to be with my mother and marry my wife.

My name is Federico Vassallo. I grew up in Patong before

My mother loves cooking and while I was in Bangkok, in

moving to our current house in Kathu. Back in the days in Patong, my family and I made Italian gelato in front of Soi San Sabai. My father brought two gelato machines to Phuket in 1994. We were one of the very first Italian ice-

Thaitanium Ent until I wanted to settle down and came

2009, she decided to open an Italian restaurant in Chalong named Da Sandro. When I came back to Phuket in 2015, we decided to move

cream in Patong.

Da Sandro from Chalong to Kathu, as it is much closer to

We sent our home-made ice-cream to several places such

decided to go to Italy to learn the secrets of the trade, as I

as Mom Tri’s hotels, Kata Group hotels, restaurants around



our house. I had no experience in cooking back then, so I also hold an Italian passport

How was the Italian culinary journey? I learned cooking with Chef Gualtiero Marchesi, who is very well-known for modern Italian cuisine. I started with a two-month course in basic cooking, cutting vegetables and butchering, then I had another two months of working experience. As I have an Italian passport, I could work in restaurants there, so I applied for several internships in local restaurants. I could experience the kitchen work, from washing dishes, cleaning the kitchen to making bread, pasta, and sauces. As I prefer southern Italian food, I moved from Napoli to Sicily and spend my life like a local. All the restaurants I chose to work with were over a hundred years old, which made me experience the core of real Italian cuisine. What is the strong point of Da Sandro? A lot of things we do in our restaurant, such as bread, pasta, ravioli, etc. are homemade and follow our traditional family recipes. The atmosphere is cozy and friendly, and the food isn’t pricey and provides great value for your money. Da Sandro is a restaurant where you can eat any day of the week, not a special place where you can only go once a month. It’s a family restaurant. My mother and I are always here. We talk to our guests and know what they like; Da Sandro is 10 years old now and our regulars keep coming back. Back to Hip-Hop with Show Me the Money Thailand Season 2 P’Day, from Thaitanium, was looking for a rapper to be his partner and to be a producer in the show. While I enjoy living in Phuket, when P’Day asked me to join the show, there was no way I’d say no to him as he is one of my mentors. Thaitanium is my family and I owe them a lot. Show Me the Money Thailand [SMTMTH] will only be about rapping. The battles will allow people to show off their skills. I also set up an event organizing team called “Roii”, which organizes events in Phuket and across southern Thailand to offer the new generation an opportunity to join our hip-hop family, either as rappers, MC or B-Boy, graffiti artists or DJ. This helps support my mission to promote hip-hop in Phuket and the south of Thailand.




If you are considering purchasing a house in Phuket, it is important

What about the most expensive land in Phuket?

to understand the variation in the prices of land based on the area. After all, the old saying “Location, location, location” applies

Without any surprises, Patong receives the crown of the chart, with

everywhere, and Phuket is by far no exception.

a land value THB 160,273 per square meter, or a vector 25 times higher than the cheapest land. Its value has increased rapidly over

Luckily for us, the folks at the Agency for Real Estate Affairs

the years as the building land became scarce; in 2015, Patong’s land

conducted a land survey in mid-2018 to understand the value of

value was estimated at “only” THB 115,403 per square meter.

each sub-district of the island. The results were staggering! Here is the handy list (per sq.m.) Where is the cheapest land in Phuket? •

Sapam & Ao Maphrao: THB 6,423

If you are looking for the best deals, then you will have to travel to

Ao Po & Ao Kung: THB 10,907

the east coast. Sapam and Ao Maphrao, in the middle and north of

Koh Sirey & Rawai: THB 12,815

the island respectively, are at the bottom of the chart, with a land

Ao Makham & Mai Khao: THB 16,027

value of THB 6,423 per square meter. Other areas on the east coast

Chalong: THB 17,299

can be found at the bottom of the list, such as Ao Po, with a value

Nai Yang: THB 19,239

of THB 10,907 per square meter, and Koh Sirey, at THB 12,815 per

Bang Tao & Surin: THB 22,451


Kata & Kamala: THB 32,054

Karon: THB 38,478

Patong: THB 160,273

Surprisingly, the picturesque village of Rawai, near Nai Harn beach, offers similar value to Koh Sirey, with a land price of THB 12,815 per square meter.




VILLA SALIKA Rawai, Phuket 5 Bedrooms Large swimming pool For rent

WHATâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;S ON GUIDE

OUR NOVEMBER FAVORITE MOMENTS IN PHUKET From a beautiful art exhibition at Art@Chaofah to discovering the Great Wines of Italy, The Guide Phuket ventured into several stunning venues around the island to capture the diversity of what makes Phuket a truly unique place on Earth. Do you have any plans for the festive season yet?

On November 23, 2019, The Guide Phuket attended the Great Wines of Italy - Asia Tour 2019 at The Nai Harn Phuket, with the participation of wine critic James Suckling.

///////////////////////// On November 8, 2019, Anantara Layan Phuket Resort inauguarated its brand new restaurant, titled Age. Age takes you on a culinary journey along the most exquisite meats and the finest locally caught seafood, paired with the very best wines from around the world. The restaurant is open daily from 6:30 pm to 10:30 pm



On November 20, Phuket local press

Mai, who worked alongside his talented

were invited by JW Marriott Phuket

team to show and guide us in preparing

Resort & Spa to attend a Thai northern

four stunning and authentic Chiang Mai

food cooking class at their Ginja Taste


restaurant. From the classic Khao Soi to the more Thanks to Marriott International, we

advanced Nam Prik Ong and Laab Kua,

were introduced to our teacher of

all the dishes we prepared that day were

the day, Chef de Cuisine Kritphan

made from scratch using quality, fresh

Jitmanowan, from Le Méridien Chiang



Art@Chaofah, second edition, was hosted at the Ramada Plaza Chao Fah on November 20, 2019, under the theme “Old & New, yet Classic”, by artist Kriangrat Tabpabut.




Profile for The Guide Phuket

The Guide Phuket - December 2019  

The Guide Phuket is a lifestyle digital magazine with over 10 years existence and based in Phuket, Thailand. The magazine is in English and...

The Guide Phuket - December 2019  

The Guide Phuket is a lifestyle digital magazine with over 10 years existence and based in Phuket, Thailand. The magazine is in English and...