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o other activity in Phuket will give you such a burst of adrenaline and excitement as the Flying Hanuman series of aerial rides through the treetops of a forest on a Katu hillside. This is an eco-friendly and completely safe adventure for kids as young as four and thrill-seekers as old as eighty. Zip lines, sky bridges and Flying Fox rides send you zipping through the upper canopy of trees at up to 60 kilometers an hour. You can make the experience “extreme” or relaxing….. just tell your guide how you want to play it. Flying Hanuman is all about adrenalin and fun!




ere at our stable we offer you the greatest experience.Let your work worries and the pressure of modern society gradually fade away and nature take over. Whether a beginner or an experienced rider we have the right horse and the right program for you. Our knowledgeable staff will match you with horses that suit your riding skills. We offer more than 20 Australian, Appaloosa, Thai horses and ponies for riding, our horses and ponies are professionally trained and friendly; whether you are a novice or an experienced rider you will have great fun with us. Tel. 076 324 199

ince opening in 1991, Phuket Simon Cabaret has established itself as a market leader of professional entertainment venue. For sheer entertainment, our set designs are outstanding, costume extravagant and the performers glamorous ! In the exclusive, luxurious and intimate theatre with hi-tech sound and lighting equipment. Our show is truly international featuring modern and traditional acts from around the globe in English and alternative languages. You will arrive relaxed but will leave confuse as our performers are more of a man than you will ever be and even more of a woman too !


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iscover paradise at TSLC 230,000 sqm megaplex with extensive world-class sport facilities & leisure activities for everyone. Recently opened in Nov 2011, TSLC is a destination in itself. Get rejuvenated at Thanyapura Spa; Experience Divine’s signature dishes and drinks created from fresh local organic ingredients; Entertain yourself at Booster Bar with live sports on big screen. Tree Club service available for kids below 10 yrs old. Open 8am-8pm daily. For more info, contact T: 076 336000 | E:



lue Elephant Cooking School has recently opened its Phuket branch where you can participate in one of our world famous cooking classes. Learn how to cook Royal Thai Cuisine with experienced chefs who will take you step-bystep through each recipe. Enjoy a tour around the local market where we will show you what are the popular ingredients of Thai food. When the cooking is all over you can sit and enjoy all of you hard work. Morning and afternoon classes are available starting from 2,800 THB++ per person.



huket Butterfly Garden is the largest and most desirable butterfly garden in Thailand. In operation from 1990, it has become a magnificent place for families and loved ones to enjoy. Imagine the natural beauty that surrounds you as you walk in a tropical garden surrounded by an abundance of flowers and butterflies. Phuket Butterfly Garden is simply heaven on earth. 8000 butterflies per month inhabit the lush green tropical garden, enabling it to be a place of fun, tranquility and pleasure. Discover their secrets, search for hidden eggs, watch as they sip nectar and witness the emergence of new butterflies.

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his is Phuket’s Mega show; it’s a cultural spectacle on the grandest of scales, complete with armies of warriors, vast troupes of dancing girls and elephants that literally rise up into the sky. The show takes place in the evening with a delightful dinner buffet. The park is the perfect family destination, rain or shine, offering a wonderful walking street with loads of traditional Thai handicrafts and colorful souvenir shops, exciting outdoor shows, fun arcade games and a tempting variety of delicious local foods. Located at Kamala Beach, mini buses run back and forth picking up customers from their hotels.



reated by mystic Taoist sages, Tai Chi has been valued since ancient time for its refined art of self defense and positive effect on health. The Concept of harmony with nature is reflected in the slow , rhythmic movements practiced within fluid, changing moments The momentary release of worldy concerns calms the body and stills mind. Mon, Tue, Thr Sat Morning

09:00–10:30am 10:00–11:30am

Tel.+66 81 728 9980



ot yoga, the most popular yoga for men and women. It is the best 90 minutes workout, toning your muscles and getting you in shape fast! Beginners are welcome and it’s challenging for advanced practitioners, your instructor will guide you through the postures to provide you with the best workout ever. Sweat, detox and lose fat. No more stress, aches and pains. Kata Hot Yoga class is like a gas station, you gain energy instead of losing it. After the class you will feel amazing with a big smile full of vitality, wanting to come back for more. Get a healthy mind and a healthy body. Kata Yoga studio at the beach in Kata. NOW 3 CLASSES DAILY 9.00-10.30 17.15-18.45 19.15-20.45

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The Haunted Mine

A journey down the mine, but there’s only gold for fools. This is a ride into the fire-filled depths of the earth and beyond... ENTER AT YOUR OWN RISK…!

Jett and Jin

Join Jett and his cat Jin as they snap into their selfmade jet-packs and take off to make it in time for school. Feel the adrenaline pumping as you blast off with them. Outflank those cars as you fly by on the highway. Experience the thrills of this explosive adventure and above all: don’t be late for school!

Cosmic Coaster

Cosmic Race

This futuristic voyage will transport you to another planet! Speed through landscapes that you’ve never seen before, as you’re thrown from the highest cliffs, plummeting to the depths of an unknown, alien world...

Become a racing car driver and take part in an incredible race where you will feel an influx of adrenaline when flying at maximum speed through the streets of this futuristic city.

Snow Ride

Race through snowcovered mountains, over shaky narrow bridges and through dangerous bat caves. This is one wild, icy ride that will give you both thrills and chills.

Journey thru the Center of the Earth

This exciting new film follows adventurers as you are plunged into a strange new world beneath the Earth’s surface where you embark on an amazing voyage and find incredible beauty amidst grave danger.

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Getting to Know

Mark Manajira

Attorney at Law Chula Company Limited Story By Vicky Gregory


IFE in Thailand can sometimes be confusing for overseas visitors and foreign residents and never more so than when dealing with the Thai legal system and the Thai police. Obvious language problems are always there but, more importantly, cultural differences can be quite bewildering, even to long-term residents. Great to hear then of a new service that is being offered by the Law Chula Company in Phuket. Law Chula was established on Phuket in 2007 but Khun Mark has provided legal professional services under the name of “Mark Attorney International Law Office” in Phuket since 1997 and has already developed a wide experience of the island workings and a wide base of satisfied clients. I was recently lucky enough to meet with the delightful Mark Manajira, the Owner and Lead Attorney at Law Chula, and he explained the aims of this new and very welcome service. Mark is a proud adopted son of Phuket and his family has owned a small hotel here for very many years. A law graduate from the prestigious Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok, he worked for a few years in Bangkok and also managed a two year stint of work and study in New York, before finally settling down in Phuket. He observed the problems experienced by foreign visitors with the Thai legal system and consulted with clients and colleagues before coming up with a really innovative and long overdue method to ease some of these concerns. Mark is a man of great integrity and a real concern that visitors should get only a very positive feeling from their visit here and should not be frustrated or confused by their legal rights and obligations. His

‘Your Legal Protection and Prosperity Partner’ solution was to launch a ‘Prepaid Legal’ service that offers a basic 15-day service term with three levels of coverage – Silver, Gold and Platinum tiers. The new scheme works like an insurance policy for holiday visitors, giving them 24-hour cover by phone, e-mail or in person with a trusted and highly experienced Thai lawyer with whom they can communicate easily in the English language. As most island residents have learned, the safest and smoothest resolution to legal disputes is to act quickly and

to secure the best possible advice and the very best translation of Thai language documents. Rates and services are clearly spelled out in their bright new website “” and the fees are certainly a very small price to pay for such peace of mind! Law Chula have already launched this ‘Prepaid Legal’ service in Phuket, Phang Nga and Krabi provinces and Mark is working on extending this service to include foreign residents, who would require year-by-year coverage.

Lifestyle / 15

The old adage that “prevention is better than cure” was never more relevant and, as a foreign resident myself, I would be happy to join such an innovative new legal protection service system. Following on from this new legal service, Mark has also set up another really useful post management system for both short and long term residents. The ‘Phuket Postbox (PPB)’ is operated by My Box Co., Ltd., also owned by Law Chula Company and located at the same address. They provide a very reliable month-by-month service with a variety of facilities tailored to recipients’ needs. Over the last twenty years the pace of development in Phuket and the south have brought many benefits, but also quite a few problems and miscommunications. From the beginning Mark and his colleagues experienced numerous problems that should not have been allowed to happen to their clients. Damage, loss and personal rights issues were often the result of seemingly small issues of post going astray or not being dealt with in a timely fashion. Failure to understand the correct implications of of-

ficial documents, particularly in the case of foreign clients and foreigners married to Thai nationals have so often resulted in unnecessary litigation that should never have been allowed to escalate to legal disputes. Phuket Postbox provides the perfect postal solution for those busy people who demand privacy and ease of communication whilst feeling secure on their frequent travels. The recipient will obtain basic services when renting out a postbox, including swift notification of incoming documents and there are many additional services that the postbox holder can also sign up for at a small additional cost. The recipient may also instruct PPB to scan, destroy, translate, forward or settle bills and services as notified. Recipients can pick up documents and postage at the office every day, except Sundays, from 8.30 am - 5.00 pm and you can check out their full range of rates and services at their website, www.

Mark Manajira is a really nice guy. Dynamic and interesting and with a real desire to make life a whole lot easier for foreign residents and tourists and definitely a tried and trusted friend to keep on your speed dial.

Mark Attorney Internation Law Office 17/20 Moo 5 Pra Phuket-Kaew Rd. Tumbal Ka-thu. Amphur Ka-thu. Phuket 83120 Tel & Fax. 086-471-4594

Live every Sunday at Sunset Pjae Stanley Band Funky Blues and Jazz

Mai Khao Beach, Phuket Telephone:(66) 763-8888

SALA’s North Coast Crab and Seafood Bake

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with the regular visitors to the island. This quiet bay nestled at the foot of high hills has a fine strip of sand and a handful of pleasant eateries are situated just off the beach.

With a vast array of different beaches on Phuket’s coastline why stick to just the one nearest your hotel? Take a look here at the choices available.

Laem Singh Beach

Layan Beach

Layan Beach This is a small and relatively unknown beach, nestled in a shallow bay at the northern end of Bang Tao. You get there by following the small road that winds right through the back holes of the Banyan Tree Golf Club. Layan Beach is more of a bay Mai Khao Beach than a beach, and although very picturesque Mai Khao Beach the water is quite shallow; great for families North of the airport is a beach to really but if you fancy a real swim it’s not the place get away from it all. Mai Khao beach is very, to go. very long, and very straight, so it misses the Bang Tao Beach cozy feeling enjoyed by many of the other beaches on the island, but the sand and water here are just as stunning plus it’s almost empty! The place feels deserted even during high season when the beach umbrellas are five deep on Patong.

Bang Tao Beach

Laem Singh Beach Laem Singh Beach is small and very popular; it is located between Surin and Kamala. To reach the beach you need to walk down a short, rocky trail that is clearly signposted. If you are lucky and it’s not too crowded then Leam Sing Beach is absolutely stunning.

Kamala Beach

Kamala Beach Kamala is a 3-kilometer long beach situated in the middle of Phuket’s west coast which has undergone recent developments to its main street, but the beach remains largely unchanged. Behind the beach lies a growing village with two distinct communities; Buddhists by the beach and Muslims further back at the foot of the encompassing mountain range.

Bang Tao Beach has in recent years seen a lot of development with many 5-star luxury resorts in the area but the beach reNai Yang Beach mains very pleasant. At certain times of the Nai Yang Beach year swimming can be dangerous due to the Patong Beach Just south of the airport is Nai Yang, a strong tides. At the northern end of the beach The most famous beach on the island charming beach with a unique atmosphere the coral creates good opportunities for snor- is the center of entertainment, restaurants, all of its own. With just a scattering of ho- keling. shopping and hotels. tels and bars to entertain the few that stay Patong is indeed a famous beach with there, Nai Yang is as relaxed as they get. beautiful soft sands and warm clear water. Ever dreamed of eating seafood right on the But right behind the beach is the hustle and beach? This is your spot. bustle at the center of Phuket’s tourism business. Here the hotels, restaurants, entertainment and bar areas, street bazaars and shops are crammed in a colorful and lively mix that Surin Beach typifies a Thai tourist beach town.

Surin Beach Surin Beach is located between Bang Tao Nai Thon Beach and Kamala beach. It is one of most beautiful Nai Thon Beach beaches on the island with fine white sand and A little further south from Nai Yang is emerald sea. The beach can have rather strong Nai Thon, possessing a similar feel to its big winds which make it ideal for windsurfing. A brother, Nai Thon has long been a favorite lot of popular resorts surround this beach.

Paradise Beach Paradise Beach is a little beach just 5 minutes south of Patong. To get there follow a small cement road up to the hill through the jungle. It is a nice small beach with white, soft sand and large rocks flanking either side.

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Kata Noi Beach

Karon Beach Karon is another of the beautiful, westcoast beaches that have made Phuket famous. This beach is the first main stop south of Patong, and is separated from Patong by a large headland. A quick 10 minute drive connects the two.

The beach is backed by the green of CasuaJust south of Kata Beach is Kata Noi, rina trees and coconut palms, acting as shade a smaller beach with only a few hotels and to the restaurants that now line the beach. little other development. The beach is superb Yanui Beach Yanui Beach is a small bay, 10 minutes for snorkeling as many fish inhabit the rocks north from Leam Phrom Thep. It offers kayand corals along the headland to the south. aking and snorkeling with equipment hire, Ao Sane Beach Ao Sane beach is a small bay and is lo- both off the beach itself and around the small cated to the north of Nai Harn beach. To get island about 500 meters distant. The beach is to this beach you need to go through The not so long and the sand is beautifully soft Royal Phuket Yacht Club. Ao Sane is a very and rarely crowded. It is also a favorite bathing and sunbathing location. small, rocky beach but it is peaceful.

Kata Beach Kata is certainly one of the most beautiful of Phuket’s beaches; a half-moon crescent of white sand lining a bay cut Nai Harn Beach deep between two green headlands. Crystal clear waters and soft coral offers ex- Nai Harn Beach cellent snorkeling and just outside the bay Nai Harn is one of the more isolated lies a small rounded island that seems to beaches, nestled at the southern tip of the iswave its coconut haircut to those on the land in a bay defined by headlands and islets. beach.

Ao Yon Beach

Ao Yon is another peaceful beach ideally suited for watching the sunset. It is located near Cape Panwa, 10km from Phuket Town. Although quiet with beautiful emerald sea this beach is not really suitable for bathing or relaxing as the bay is usually full of boats and yachts.

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Activities c

search of money and food.

Phuket Town Phuket Town is small but incredibly interesting, a potpourri of different cultural influences, of markets and shopping centres, restaurants and other entertainment facilities. Anyone spending a few days on Phuket Island should take time to visit, be it for sight-seeing, cultural or historical interest, or shopping.

O ON The Island I

t’s a big island, offering all manner of things to do. It’s surprising that so many holiday makers, who are trying to get away from it all, soon get bored with that dreamy combination of a perfect beach, a comfortable hotel room and great food. After a few days, most people want more. They want to go places, to see how the local people live and to experience new things. Happily, with Phuket being a large island, about 50 kilometres long, there are all sorts of interesting things to do here. Below we offer some suggestions.

Zoo well dressed and remaining quiet, Mum and Dad; keep the kids on a leash and always be culturally sensitive.

Elephant Trekking The wild elephant population of Phuket was wiped out last century, but has been replaced in recent years by an influx of animals for the tourist trade. Today there remains just a few hundred elephants on Phuket Island, all domesticated, most working in tourism. Indeed, riding an elephant is

Bungy Jump

Patong Beach

Crowded Beach, Quiet Beach - Find the one that suits you Spend most of your holiday in Patong and you might think the beaches of Phuket are crowded. While Patong buzzes with people and activity, there are many other beaches to which one can escape in complete solitude. You just have to drive. As one moves away from Patong the beaches become progressively quieter. By the time you get

Phuket’s only zoo is small, but pleasant, displaying some of Thailand’s almost vanished wildlife. Their tigers are fed well enough that one can sit with them and have a photo taken. We recommend going early or late, to avoid the tour buses that arrive mid morning and mid afternoon. It is in a small road off the east side of Chao Fah Road, about half way between the town and Chalong’s 5-way intersection. The turnoff is well signposted and easy to find.

to the top of the island you’re guaranteed kilometres of sand to yourself, even in peak season, so remember crowded beach, quiet beach; the choice is there.

Visiting Wats – Buddhist Monasteries All Buddhist Monasteries are open to the public during the day, and visitors are usually welcome. Since these are active holy places of worship, and the residence of monks, visitors should show respect in keeping

an experience not to be missed. The lumbering monsters are incredibly agile. Taking an elephant ride helps to keep the beasts employed, fed and out of the cities, where many can be taken by destitute owners in

Consider yourself adventurous? Got real guts? If you haven’t tried bungee jumping yet, you should take the ride to the top with a big rubber band around your ankles and fight the internal struggle that every jumper meets when standing 54 metres above the ground. Logic might tell us it is quite safe, but another part of our body screams “No! Don’t jump!” But with their friends at the bottom, waiting expectantly, most people manage to throw themselves off and experience a rush like no other.

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Cultural Village Cultural shows featuring skilled Thai dancers from the different regions of the country, martial arts demonstrations, elephant rides and Thai dinners are all brought together at Phuket’s original cultural garden; there is also an attached orchid farm for all the budding botanists out there.

Created by mystic Taoist sages, Tai Chi has been ee en valued value ued d since ancient time for its refined art of self defense effense and positive effect on health. The Concept of harmony rm mony with nature is reflected in the slow, rhythmic movements ve ements practiced within fluid, changing moments the he e momentary release of worldy concerns calmss the body and stills mind.

Mon, Tue, Thr : 09:00 – 10:30 am Sat, Morning : 10:00 – 11 : 30 am The Tai Chi Center Phuket Kamala Nathong House 99/148 Moo 3, Kamala Beach, Phuket 83150 Tel.+66 81 728 9980 Email : oo com www taichiphuket com

Jungle Trekking With most of the rainforest on Phuket long since eaten up by rubber plantations, it is not so easy to find ideal trekking grounds. Again, it’s best to sign on with a company providing this service. Often they take their trekkers right off Phuket into neighbouring Phang Nga province, where some beautiful areas of forest remain.

View Points Phuket’s most famous view point, Laem Phrom Thep at the very bottom of the island, is on the ‘must see’ list for every Thai visitor to the island. Thus it attracts a fleet of tour buses and cars each evening as people come to witness the sun fall into the Andaman Sea. Indeed, it’s often a spectacular sight, but there are many quieter places. The view point on the hill behind Kata Noi attracts fewer people and when the heavens turn red, the view from any of the beaches can also be spectacular.

Spas; massage and herbal steam rooms Health resorts, spas and herbal saunas are proliferating, and some fine examples offering a wide range of treatments are now found on Phuket. Thailand has its own traditional herbal saunas, and there are several local ones around the island. While many large resorts now feel they are incomplete without a spa, there are also several independent establishments.

20 / Watersports & Activities

Watersports & Activities / 21

the way to go. Traditional longail boats are available from most beaches. They are always available at Chalong Bay or Rawai Beach where a range of these fun craft is limited. A speedboat can take you on a private tour of Phang Nga Bay with time to spare for swimming, snorkeling and a picnic lunch on a quiet island. Speedboats vary in price and quality, from a WATER TAXI, to cheap craft from local operators off the beach in Chalong and Rawai.

one will see incredible numbers of reef and pelagic fish and have a good chance of encountering shark, turtles, rays and whale sharks. Manta rays are common, the coral is exceptionally varied and colorful and the water is incredibly clear, warm and calm. To enjoy this underwater fantasyland one needs join a Boat Cruising live-aboard trip, readily availFor those who want the ulable through many operators on timate experience in Phang Nga Phuket. Bay there is only one way take an overnight cruise and enjoy Sailing the most beautiful times of day, The Andaman Sea is fast sunset and early morning, in this catching up to such traditional sea and mountain wonderland. sailing grounds as the Carib- There are a number of charter bean and Mediterranean with a boats available with captain, reputation for excellent cruising crew, great cooking and fresh and sailing. The winds are good seafood from local fishing craft. during many months of the year, Again, a major charter agent the anchorages are located in like Asia Marine can find the spectacular scenery, the waters right craft. are warm and clear and the locals are especially friendly. Asia Self-drive Tours Marine operates a full fleet of If you want to see Phuket bare-boat charters here and pri- you simply have to rent either vately owned yachts are avail- a car or motorcycle and drive. able through the major charter The island is large and public company. transport does not reach many

Longtail and Speedboat Rentals For those who want to enjoy Phang Nga Bay, or some of the many small islands in private style, renting one’s own ‘longtail’ or speedboat for the day is

can ask questions along the way. out of Phuket. There is no betIt’s easier than one might think. ter way to appreciate the inner world of strange geographic formations, plant and animal Koh Samui The second of Thailand’s life of Phang Nga Bay than to tropical resort islands is not far be paddled quietly through its away, yet the atmosphere of caves and lagoons in sea canoes. Samui, which basks in an en- This is a more satisfying tour of tirely different ocean, is low- Phang Nga than the junkets to key and laid-back compared to James Bond Island. Phuket. One can drive across the Thai peninsula in four hours, then catch the hourly car ferry to Samui. But the easiest way is via the regular daily flight with Bangkok Airways just a half an hour’s flight. This is also a rewarding way to stop off on the way back to Bangkok. Check BKK AIR schedules, which vary with the seasons.

beautiful beaches and places of interest. The first thing to do is drive the west coast road that takes you to all of the major beaches of Phuket. These range from crowded Patong to remotely quiet Nai Thon Beach and a couple of other small, hard-tofind ones without names. To see more of the region drive right off Phuket into Phang Nga province or on to Krabi. All routes in these provinces pass through magnificent scenery, and accommodation Sea Canoeing can be found in all directions. With reason, this is now one Pick up some maps and go. You of the most popular day tours

Cruise Paradise Aboard the Isabella Rose

A luxurious way to experience the wild beauty and breath-taking oceanic scenery of Phuket is aboard a fabulous cruising motor yacht such as the Isabella Rose through the region’s leading boating specialists Asia Marine. The Isabella Rose is a magnificent 65ft Princess Fly Bridge Cruiser ideally suited to the Andaman waters with huge deck for relaxing and sunbathing, as well as substantial shaded and protected entertaining areas.


Watersports & Activities / 23

You and your guests will safely cruise the serene waters of Phuket in style aboard this world-class yacht. As you would expect from such a yacht, she comes with all the equipment and facilities and is available for day tours or overnight charters.

Space: The vast fly-bridge is wonderfully set up for a relaxing and highly sociable entertaining space. There is an additional entertaining area down in the cockpit as well as a sunbathing area at the bow.. It also incorporates a generous sitting area and a dinning table.

Performance: Powered by twin V10 MANs, the Isabella Rose is a powerful but gentle cruiser: Helped by her sleek lines and cutting-edge design make she will make any journeys, fast, comfortable and quiet.

Fore Deck: The foredeck ideally fitted for sunbathing, relaxing and en¬joying the sea and beautiful islands surrounding you. Comfortably accommodating eight people, it is also a welcoming area to lay back and let your thoughts wander.

Aft Deck: The aft deck is large and comfortable and will suit perfectly for alfresco dining. Here again entertainment has been well soothed out and you will be able to accommodate your guests around a spacious seating area. There’s also a hydraulically controlled bathing platform that can be raised or lowered to accommodate lifting and recovery of the tender or help swimmer to get wet.

The saloon: The salon down below is light and welcoming, thanks to the large windows on both sides that fill the saloon with natural light. The saloon incorporates a two-seater settee facing a generous U-shaped sofa and a separate dining adjacent to the galley.

Fly-bridge: Whether underway or at anchor, the flybridge will provide you a wonderful and relax way to enjoy either al fresco dinning or sunbathing depending on the time of the day and your mood. A Bar and a grill will complete this already perfect image and make sure you never in need of anything.

The Cabins VIP Suite: The VIP cabin in the forepeak is tastefully decorated and is the epitome of maritime comfort. A large double bed, master bathroom with shower and ample wardrobe space.

Master Suites: The Starboard VIP Suite has an island double . Alike the master Suite there are huge hanging lockers, drawers, a dressing table and controls for the aircon and sound system. The shower has a trifold door.

Guest Cabins To port the guest cabin has twin singles and a Maid’s cabin has 2 bunk beds .The bathroom immediately to port doubles is used as the dayhead. The open-plan saloon means it’s not too hard to access.

Crew: Separate crew quarter, means maximum privacy. The separate aft cabin is big enough to harbor two single berths, a washbasin and a head.

Please contact: Asia Marine Phuket - Thailand Tel: +66 76 239 111

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HOTELHIGHLIGHTS PATONG Amari Coral Beach Resort +66 (0) 76 340 106-14 Andaman Beach Suites Hotel +66 (0) 76 341 879-83 B-Lay Tong +66 (0) 76 344 999 Banthai Beach Resort +66 (0) 76 340 850 Centra Ashlee Hotel Patong +66 (0) 7634 9800-7 Deevana Patong Resort & Spa +66 (0) 76 341 414-5 Duangjitt Resort & Spa + 66 (0) 76 342 090-4, 340 310-1 Le MĂŠridien Phuket Beach Resort v+66 (0) 76 340 680-5 Holiday Inn Resort Phuket +66 (0) 76 340 608-9 Horizon Beach Resort Hotel +66 (0) 76 292 526-30

KATA BEACH Alpina Phuket Nalina Resort and Spa +66 (0) 76 370 999

Patong Resort Hotel +66 (0) 76 340 551-4 Impiana Privete Villas +66 (0) 76 330 770

The9th Floor Residence +66 (0) 76 344 987 The Royal Paradise Hotel +66 (0) 76 340 666 The Nap Patong +66 (0) 76 296 631-4 Thara Patong Beach Resort & Spa +66 (0) 76-340 520 Impiana Resort Patong, Phuket +66 (0) 76 340 138

Merlin Beach Resort +66 (0) 76 294 300 Mercure Patong +66 (0) 76 302100 Novotel Phuket Resort +66 (0) 76 342 777 Patong Bay Garden Resort +66 (0) 76 292 914-5 Patong Merlin Hotel +66 76-340 037-41 Patong Paragon Resort & Spa +66 (0) 76-290-555 Royal Pawadee Village Hotel +66 (0) 76 344-622 Safari Beach Hotel +66 (0) 76 341 171-4 Salathai Resort +66 (0) 76 296 631 Sawaddi Patong Resort +66 (0) 76 343 444

KARON BEACH Hilton Phuket Arcadia +66 76 396038-44 Horizon Karon Beach Resort & Spa +66 (0) 76 284 555 Karon Beach Resort +66 (0) 76 330 006-8 Karon Sea Sands Resort +66 (0) 76 286 464 Karona Resort & Spa +66 (0) 76 286 406-10 MĂśvenpick Resort & Spa +66 (0) 76 396 139-48 Marina Phuket +66 (0) 76 330 497 Phuket Orchid Resort +66 (0) 76 396 519-23 Ramada Phuket Southsea +66 (0) 76 370 888 The Front Village +66 (0) 76 398 200-5

Capannina Inn +66 (0) 76 284 450 Club Med +66 (0) 76 330 455-60 Ibis Phuket Kata Hotel +66 (0) 2 659 2888 Kata Beach Resort +66 (0) 76 330 530-4 Kata Plam Resort & Spa +66 (0) 76 284 334-8 Katathani Phuket Beach Resort +66 (0) 76 330 124 Sugar Palm Resort & Spa +66 (0) 76 284 404 The Beach Boutique House +66 (0) 76 333 113

Two Chefs Bungalows +66 (0) 76 284 155


Centara Grand Beach Resort Phuket +66 (0) 76 201 234

Amora Beach Resort Phuket +66 (0) 76 324 021-2 Bangtao Beach Resort +66 (0) 76 270680-5 Banyan Tree Phuket +66 (0) 76 324 374 Angsana Laguna Phuket +66 (0) 76 324 101

Watersports & Activities / 25

HOTELHIGHLIGHTS Dusit Laguna Resort Hotel +66 (0) 76 324 324 Mövenpick Residence +66 (0) 76 396 139 Outrigger Laguna Phuket Resort & Villas +66 (0) 76 336 900 Laguna Beach Resort Phuket +66 (0) 76 324 352

SURIN BEACH Amanpuri +66 (0) 76 324 333 Ayara Hilltops Boutique Resort&Spa +66 (0) 76 271 271 Courtyard Phuket at Surin Beach +66 (0) 76 303 300 The Surin Phuket +66 (0) 76 621 580

The Vijitt Resort Phuket +66 (0) 76 363 600 The Royal Meridien Phuket Yacht Club +66 (0) 76 381 360-6

NAIYANG & NAITHORN Dewa Phuket +66 (0) 76 372 300 Indigo Pearl +66 (0) 76 327 006-9 Naithon Buri Beach Resort +66 (0) 76 318 700 Naiyang Beach Resort +66 (0) 76 328 300 Trisara +66 (0) 76 310 100

The Imperial Adamas Beach Resort +(66) 76 316 000 L’esprit de Naiyang Resort +66 (0) 76 510 032-5 Airport Resort & Spa Naiyang Beach +66 (0) 76 327 771-4 Kasalong Phuket Resort +66 (0) 76 205 208-10

MAIKHAO Twinpalms Phuket +66 (0) 76 316 500 www. twinpalms-phuket .com

RAWAI BEACH & NAI HARN All Season Naiharn Phuket Hotel + 66 (0) 76 289 333 Friendship Bungalow +66 (0) 76 288 996 Goden Tulip Mangosteen Resort & Spa +66 (0) 76 289 399

Serenity Resort & Residences +66 (0) 76 371 900

Cape Panwa Hotel, Phuket +66 (0) 76 391 123-5 The Kantary Bay Hotel, Phuket +66 (0) 76 391 514 Radisson Resort Phuket Panwa Beach +66 (0) 76 602 500 Sri Panwa, Phuket +66 (0) 76 37 1 000

PHUKET CITY i Pavilion Phuket Hotel +66 (0) 76 210 445-7 Katina Hotel +66 (0) 76 223 111-9 Phuket Merlin Hotel +66 (0) 76 212 866-70 Rome Place +66 (0) 76 223 560 Royal Phuket City +66 (0) 76 233 333 Sino House Phuket Hotel +66 (0) 76 232 494-5 The Metropole +66 (0) 76 215 050


KAMALA BEACH Aquamarine Resort & Villa +66 (0) 76 310 600 Cape Sienna +66 76 337 300 Kamala Beach Estate +66 (0) 76 324 111-4 Kamala Beach Hotel & Resort +66 (0) 76 279 580-5


Sala Phuket Resort and Spa +66 (0) 76 338 888 Anantara Phuket +66 (0) 76 336 100 Renaissance Phuket Resort & Spa +66 (0) 76 363 999 JW Marriott Phuket Resort & Spa +66 (0) 76 338 000 Holiday Inn Resort Phuket Maikhao Beach +66 (0) 76 603 699

Thanyapura Retreat +66 (0) 76 336 000 www.

Holiday Inn Resort Phi Phi Island +66 (0) 75 627 300 Khao Lak Seaview Resort & Spa +66 (0) 76 429 800 La Flora Resort & Spa (Khao Lak) +66 (0) 76 428 000 The Racha Tel. +66 (0) 7635 5455 The PARADISE KOH YAO Boutique Beach Resort & Spa +66 (0) 76 584 450 The village coconut island +66 (0) 76 352 148 Zeavola Resort +66 (0) 75 627 000

Thanyamandra +66 (0) 76 336 000 www.

26 / Hotels & Accommodation

Phuket’s Top Tourism Representatives Stage ITB Asia Trade Show

By Baz Daniel

Every year ITB Asia mounts the Trade Show for the entire Asian Travel Market bringing together representatives from every country and every sector of the booming travel and tourism industry across Asia and the Pacific. The three day spectacular features delegations, displays and events from almost one hundred Asia-Pacific countries and has been growing rapidly year upon year, as the region’s exceptional tourism growth continues to power upwards.

Left: Suraphol Svetserani - Governor of TAT, Bhurittg Maswongssa, Jamreon Thipayaphongthada – Vice Governor of Phuket


The list of countries mounting exhibits this year ranges from as far afield as Botswana, Finland, Croatia and Iraq as well as the more expected Asia Pacific nations and so it is vital to Phuket’s continuing tourism success to make a major impact at this event. As the major Business-to-Business tourism platform, sales and networking event in the region a strong representation of Phuket’s excellent tourism product will be presented by the elite delegation of local delegates in attendance.

ESSE Berlin (Singapore) are the organizers of ITB Asia 2012 and have announced that they will increase the overall exhibition floor space by fifteen per cent compared to last year and move to level four of the massive Suntec Singapore Events Center after a record performance in 2011. (This part has to take out as the venue for this year is Marina Bay The Guide Phuket is proud to Sands hotel, Singapore) be selected to publish this special editions featuring the 2012 ITB The Phuket Tourist Association will send Asia event, as well as for the World a large and high - powered delegation to this Travel Mart 2012 Edition which year’s event including most of the key mov- we will publish in November. ers and shakers in the local industry.

Left: Bhuritt Maswongssa, Phonganant Suwannakarn, Vichit Na Ranong, Juthaporn Reangronasa, Somboon Chirayus,

Both these special editions are distributed to a very wide international audience of travel industry decision makers and travel partners and serve to promote the Andaman region to the global tourism market.

Hotels & Accommodation / 27

After more than 10 years of creating and managing premier weddings and events in Thailand, Oriental Events is proud to offer our unique production services for your special occasion.

Indian Wedding–Theme parties –Product Launch–Anniversary –Birthday party


– Bangkok – Chiang Mai

Contact us at: Hotline Telephone: +66 (0)81 895 5664 Email:

28 / Hotels & Accommodation

Kids stay, play & dine free at Phuket’s Summer Family Festival 2012


usit Thani Laguna Phuket in cooperation with Laguna Phuket resort complex joins the ‘2012 Summer Family Festival’, featuring programmes and privileges designed exclusively for children. The five -and-a-half month carnival of fun is designed to satisfy both parents and our VIK (very Important Kids!). The festival

commences on 15 May and runs until the end of October 2012. It is valid for children aged up to 12-years-old and registered guests only. (Other terms and conditions apply.) The festival’s centerpiece is open from 23 June to 25 August, when Canal Shopping Village at the heart of the Laguna resort complex is transormed into a carnival playground, with a BBQ Beer Tent providing parents with a place to relax and socialise while their children enjoy themselves and make new friends at Kidzsole Flying Trapeze, the bouncy castle and trampoline, little chefs cooking classes and games in the Kids Lounge. This

year, the Kids Fun Zone team will organize outings to an amusement park at weekends for a nominal extra cost of THB 750 per child, including transportation. Children will enjoy free dining and drinks (unlimited courses from kids’ menus) at the restaurant, as well as kids golf lessons or selected tour programmes when accommpanied by a paying adult. Staying at our family friendly resort during the festival period, guests travelling with children will automatically earn numerous privileges. To find out more or enquire about latest promotions, please email or call +66 (0)76 362 999 ext. 7603

Holiday Inn Mai Khao Offers Meeting Package H

In addition, you can enjoy 15% discount for all treatments at our signature Tea Tree Spa. oliday Inn Resort has launched an exceptional meeting deal “Free Meet- For a unique event experience, creative dining experience can be arranged as followed: ƒ Themed coffee breaks starting from THB 300 net per person** ing Package” where the meeting room and ƒ Lunch packages starting from THB 450 net per person** many other benefits are free. Only hotel acƒ Dinner packages starting from THB 550 net per person** commodation at THB 2,499 net per room ƒ Room rates at THB 2,499 net per room per night** for single occupancy and THB 2,899 per night has to be paid for a minimum 10 rooms with 2 consecutive nights stay on net per room per night** for double occupancy single occupancy. The package is available **Prices are inclusive of 10% service charge and 7% VAT. Terms and conditions apply. until 31 October 2012. The Free Meeting Package is inclusive of the following FREE items: ƒ FREE meeting room ƒ FREE breakfast buffet ƒ FREE wired/wireless internet ƒ FREE meeting stationery and LCD projector with screen ƒ FREE morning and afternoon coffee breaks with homemade cookies ƒ FREE coffee and tea during the meeting ƒ FREE late check-out until 2:00pm

Hotels & Accommodation / 29

RE KÁ TA Club on the beach Seafood Beachfront Restaurant Also offering healthy food options with a modern twist. Open everyday from 11am-11pm. Daily Happy Hour from 5pm-7pm (50% off).

Boathouse Wine and Grill French and Thai cuisine at its best with Chef Maitre Cuisinier de France Jean-Noël Lumineau at the helm. The new rooftop Sunset Lounge is perfect for a few drinks before dinner. ‘Best of Excellence’ Wine Spectator award winning cellar. The impressive wine list comprises over 800 different labels. Restaurant is open everyday from 6.30am-11pm. Daily Happy Hour from 5pm-7pm (50% off). 182 Koktanode Road, Kata Beach Phuket 83100 Tel: +66 (0) 76 330 015

Martini & Manicure Ladies Night Every Thursday night from 6pm. Free express manicure and free martini for all ladies. 50% all beverages all night long for all. DJ Jamie O’Rourke, cocktail flaring and fire show. Spa Whole range of massages including heavenly 4 hands massage. Decleor facials, body scrubs, Esthederm sun treatments, and more. 20% discount daily from 10am-2pm.

184 Koktanode Road, Kata beach, Phuket 83100 +66 (0) 76 330 421

Tired of recurrent pain? Solve the problem in a few days with laser treatment : Back pain, sciatica, neck, shoulders, spine, lumbago, pain in foot, hand, wrist, ankle Golf & Tennis Elbow,

Stop Smoking in 5 days with Laser : Save your health, your money, Easy, little effort!

Laser for pain treatment : Treatment of all local pain, fresh or old

30 / Food & Restaurants

Prime steak in premier surroundings B

odega & Grill, Mediterranean steakhouse impresses its guests with its talk-of-the-town steak menu. Led by Executive Chef Mirko Cappa with over 20 years of culinary experience, Bodega & Grill’s selection of hot and cold starters, premier steak, fresh seafood, homemade pastas, risottos and paellas make it the perfect venue for a romantic evening dinner. Bodega & Grill offers 13 different cuts of steak which can be cooked to meet individual preferences, with the Tomahawk Steak being our mouth-watering signature dish. Premium char grilled steaks in portions of 1.2kg are presented on large cast iron skillets resting on wooden platters. Guests may select their own steak knives from a distinctive selection featuring different designs for specific cuts of meat, adding to the restaurant’s unique dining experience. The wine list is both diverse and exclusive, allowing us to pair the very best wine with our delectable fare. Bodega & Grill is open seven days a week for lunch from 11.30am – 2.30pm and for dinner from 6pm – 11pm. The dress code is smart casual and reservations are recommended. Please email or telephone 076 324 101 for reservation enquiries.

Two Chefs Wine Dinner

Trendy Two Chefs restaurant at the Kata Center Wine staged a most enjoyable wine tasting with a selection of World Class Wines and four-course dinner on 24th May 2012.

Food & Restaurants / 31

Let’s do Brunch! Sunday Brunch

Twinpalms Every Sunday from 12.00-15.00 The place to see and be seen is the Sunday brunch at The Oriental Spoon. A highly fashionable international crowd browse the abundant food offerings from fresh seafood and cold water NZ oysters, to sushi and sashimi.

• • •

3,490++ THB per person including a bottle of champagne per couple 1,490++ THB per person including a bottle of wine per couple 1,190++ THB brunch only

Tel : 076 316 577

Sunday Lunch

Vijitt Resort Every Sunday From 12.00-15.00 Enjoy our expansive mouthwatering Seafood Buffet, Sushi, Live cooking stations, BBQ, Western and Thai hot dishes, and our all you can eat Home Made Desserts. • 999 THB net per person with free flow soft drinks. • 1,299 THB net per person with a bottle of wine per couple. • 2,999 THB net per person with a bottle of champange per couple.

Tel : 076 363 600

Food & Restaurants / 33

Let’s do Brunch! The Mare Restaurant Centara Grand Beach Resort Phuket

Sunday Brunch

The Two Chefs Saturday Brunch is not an ordinary brunch, it is a brunch with carefully chosen home made specialities ith the scandinavian flavours that you miss from home. With their own smoked salmon, moked prawns a large variety of meat and a lot more for only 395 THB and if you add an extra 300 THB you get to drink as much Carlsberg Draught beer or wine as you like.

On the first Sunday of each month from 12.00 – 15.00 Try some of the signature dishes such as Alaska King crab, Pan fried foie gras, roasted lamb, homemade pizza & pastas and an assortment of fresh seafood. You are also welcome to enjoy our water park with jumping cliff, lazy river and water slides! • THB 990 nett per person including free flour soft drinks, water, coffee & tea • THB 1,390 nett per person including a bottle wine per couple • Free for children under age 5 and half price for children ages 6-12

Every Sunday from 11.30am – 16.00pm Come and indulge on Roederer Champagne or a wide variety of wines whilst Trisara’s Kids Club welcomes all children with complimentary snacks. Reservations are essential as we limit the number of guests to keep the brunch intimate. • 3,800++ THB per person including a bottle of Louis Roederer Champagne Brut for two • 2,900++ THB per person including a bottle of your choice of sparkling, white, rose or red wine for two.

Tel. 076 330 065

Tel: 0762-012-34 or email; Tel : 076 310 100

Saturday Brunch

Two Chefs Every Saturday from 12.00-15.00


34 / Food & Restaurants By Baz Daniel

Terrace Grill outside

Phuket Airport Steak Out!


HERE’S little doubt that a large number of hungry visitors and locals regularly rampage around the airport environs saying to themselves, “Now where can I get a really excellent steak, cooked to perfection, with all the trimmings in this neck of the Phuket woods?” Certainly many of the visitors who do this are the tourists who choose the Dewa Phuket Resort situated on Nai Yang Beach to the immediate south of the airport as their Phuket holiday residence. Indeed, so close to the runways is the Dewa Resort that also many stop-over visitors transiting through Phuket or about to leave early the next day also stays here.

Not a small proportion of these visitors enjoy the Terrace Grill’s selection of fine imported meats, fresh seafood and abundant complement of salads, vegetables and desserts when they are in residence. The Terrace Grill sits beguilingly upon its eponymous terrace surrounded by greenery, a stone’s throw from the susurrating waves breaking onto Nai Yang Beach and offers diners a quiet, airy indoor/outdoor space in which to enjoy the wholesome

good value fare to be had here. Our own evening there started with a sundowner drink poolside, in Madame’s case a glass of sparkling 7Cascine Spumante Brut- Pinot-Chardonnay from the Italian Veneto region, which is available by the glass, while I savored a cold glass of Cantine Lenotti Pinot Grigio, one of five whites, five red wines and a rose that are conveniently available by the glass. Bottles of vino start from just 1,450 baht and we subsequently delighted in a Little Yering Pinot Noir from Yarra Valley for that price and very fine it was too! We enjoyed starters of the Andaman Duo, comprising a delicate serving of grilled scallop on mango chutney and seared tuna loin on tomato salsa fresh from the ocean close by and gratinated asparagus with crabmeat and Hollandaise Sauce. The focus at Terrace Grill is very much upon the excellent selection of meats from beef, to lamb, to pork and the Chef constantly searches for the best meats available. Imported cuts range from sirloins to T-bones, to tenderloins, to rib eyes and both grass fed and grain fed varieties are on offer. Bores often mount tiresome debates about the relative merits of grass versus grain cud-

Food & Restaurants / 35

Michel Bachmanm Operations Manager Food & Beverage Dewa Phuket

chewing in their bovine dinner fare, but at the end of the day it’s mango on puff pastry with ginger Grand Marnier. The Terrace Grill ticks all the right boxes…good food, good largely a matter of individual taste preference, much like whether wines, reasonable pricing and a beguiling environment. And hey, you prefer Lady Chatterley to or Lady Ga Ga. While Madame happily attacked her New Zealand lamb cutlets you are also assured of catching your flight in the morning! cooked perfectly medium rare as she had requested, I sought out Dewa Phuket the lighter fare on the menu and thoroughly enjoyed a Tasmanian salmon steak, with plenty of vegetative complements selected from 65 Moo 1, Tambon Sakoo the “help-yourself” salad bar, plus a baked potato. Amphur Thalang, Phuket 83110 Thailand We did manage to save a little space for the delicious dessert Tel: +66 76 372300 offerings…in Madame’s case the signature dish of dark chocolate Fax: +66 76 372399 mousse with Thai chili to her liking and I richly enjoyed the baked

36 / Food & Restaurants



Pongsak Tiamsuttikarn (The owner World Class WInes) and Marie Fleury (General manager of Boathouse)

HE unrivalled Boathouse Wine & Grill with its award-winning wine cellar hosted Francis Ford Coppola's winery for yet another successful wine & food event. Coppola's winery is a family run business which produced it first vintage in 1977 in California's Napa Valley. The dinner was enjoyed by locals and tourists alike, most agreeing that the Cotton Club 1984 Zinfandel paired with the black Angus strip steak and Pinot Noir reduction was the highlight of the night. Boathouse arranges several events per month for food, wine and art lovers alike. Please contact us at for further details on our events program.

David Berman and Claire Connell

Mr. Kenneth and Mrs. Mallika Gilham

King crab cannelloni wrapped in Par Parma ham, Aged Parmesan & balsamic vinegar

From Francis Coppola winery: Mrs Wendy Putman, President wolesale wine & food and Ms. Emily Putman Director of International Sales

Tenuta dell’Ornellaia Wine DinnerAt Mare Restaurant

Giovanni Mazzoni, (3rd from right) Export Area Manager of Tenuta dell’Ornellaia and Nopparat Mookda, (3rd from left) Marketing Executive of Wine Gallery recently held an exclusive wine dinner of the leading fine quality wines of Tenuta dell’Ornellaia. The dinner was held at Mare Restaurant at Centara Grand Beach Resort Phuket.

The culinary flair of a five course dinner and innovative new flavors for a truly gastronomic experience were created by Sandro Aguilera, (right) Executive Chef and MatteoVerini, (left) Italian Chef at the resort.

Fish with black olives of Taggia, cherry tomota, potatoes, pinuts marjoram ligurian style. Red wine Ie Serre Nuove 2009 ice cream, poached pear & soft ginger cookie

Mr Giovanni Mazzoni

Food & Restaurants / 37


The best-known bar on Bangla Road, Patong, "Margarita Bar" was closed on May 31st with a massive thank you party for everyone who has supported them over the years. But the good news is the same owner and his partner, Khun Detpaiboon Pahupanto and Khun Pornwan Luangkhot, will be launching their new venture around August called "the Red Hot Club" after renovations are completed.

38 / Food & Restaurants



HUKET is world famous for the number and quality of its restaurants, bistros, cafes and bars. From the heady heights of beachside fine dining, to authentic and inexpensive local cuisine; from international five star restaurants featuring cuisine from every country around the globe, to renowned barbeques, brunches and buffets…..Phuket has them all in spades! The GUIDE PHUKET is proud to announce the launch of the new restaurant guide book which will provide a highly accessible and reliable “road map” to all this delicious eating titled “100 Delicious Restaurants” or “Aroi 100 Raan” in Thai. One of the most often repeated words you will hear in the Thai language, is “Aroi” which means “delicious” and this word has become the inspiration for our new restaurant guide which, as the name suggests, features one hundred of the very best restaurants where the abundance of Phuket’s electrifying dining can be experienced and enjoyed. The one hundred featured restaurants represent a broad sampling of styles, cuisines and most importantly price points, as it is abundantly clear that you do not have to spend a great deal of money in order to enjoy sensational food in Phuket! Prices for a meal ranging from 50 up to 5,000 Baht are all featured in the new guide, emphasizing the democratic nature of great dining in Phuket and the fact that good food is meant to be enjoyed by everyone on this lovely island.

T This exciting proj project oject is the he re result esult of co cooperation ration between The Phuket Provincial Administrative Organization and the Phuket Tourist Association, and is published by the Guide Phuket magazine.

Food & Restaurants / 39


East 88 Beach Lounge is Phuket’s coolest restaurant and bar located right by the sea within Serenity Resort & Residences. Lounge or dine in style and enjoy the view over Chalong Bay while being pampered by our team, food, drinks and cool vibes. “Special events, theme evenings and happenings” Happy hour from 17.00 – 19.00h. Free use of pool facilities for customers. Tel. 076 371 900 Location: Rawai


This place offers the best pizza in Phuket, by far, with good choice and quality ingredients. Mario, the boss, is “al forno” making pizza himself. The pasta dishes are also perfect, We recommend the 4-cheese penne, seafood spaghetti ‘scoglio’ red sauce or tagliatelle with porcini mushrooms. There is also a great variety of fresh and cooked salads for the lighter option. Tel. 076 284 318 Location: Kata

TWO CHEFS International

We are proud to introduce our delicious food - imported juicy steaks, fresh seafood, pasta, modern Thai food and much more. Enjoy your food in one of our nice restaurants with a good glass of wine from our extensive international wine list. We also serve breakfast, lunch, texmex menu, and Saturday Brunch. Open Daily 0800 - 2400. Kata : 076-28 41 55 Kata Centre : 076 33 00 65 Karon : 076-28 64 79 Location : Kata, Karon


Small batch, handcrafted beer served with freshly made food. What else could you ask for? A relaxed atmosphere and good prices? Ok you got it! Open daily for lunch and dinner this is Patong’s only micro-brewery. Tel. 076 366 753 Location: Patong

40 / Food & Restaurants


French specialities; snails, white asparagus, scallops, saffron sauce and an excellent pork hock or a rack of lamb with goat cheese, also large choice of Bretain Crepes, salty or sweetie Bertrand is the king of sauces, and Lek always welcomes you warmly. Tel. 076 613 098, 089 588 9517, 084 842 6233 E-mail: Location: Saiyuan Road, Rawai


The cuisine here is refined. Stand out dishes include the tuna carpaccio and tuna tartare, ribeye and tenderloin beef. My personal favourite is the wagyu tartare, just a little bit spicy to help compliment the flavor of the meat. For fish lovers there is the excellent snowfish, and for Asian food there is a variety of dishes including Massaman curry. A great choice of wine, friendly welcome and beautiful surroundings. Location: Patong Beach


Giogiorne Italian & Thai Restaurant in Kata Beach serves a range of delicious Italian and Thai delights. Located on Kata Road just before the Kata Palm resort. The restaurant is open from 10.30am – 23.00 daily. Tel. 076 330 679, 081 797 0679 E-mail: Location: Kata


The 9th Floor Bar & Restaurant, Patong’s highest ‘open-air’ restaurant on the top floor of the Sky Inn Condotel, is a hidden treasure dedicated to the enjoyment of fine, fresh Mediterranean, Alpine and Thai food, a comprehensive list of some of the best wines available, beautiful well-trained waitresses and a warm, elegant ambience reminiscent of a sophisticated members’ club. Tel. 076 344 311 Location: Patong



Seafood & Thai Cuisine

International & Thai

The amazing waterfront location with a stunning view of Chalong Bay... day or night. Outstanding for locals and visitors for an idyllic setting outdoor and indoor eating areas. Served a unique style of seafood barbeque. Tel. 076 381 212 Location: Chalong Bay

SALA BUA International

Where East Meets West; this stylish restaurant serves creative food right at the waters edge. Tel: 076 430 138 ext. 8301

SALA Phuket Restaurant offers an exceptional blend of mouthwatering international cuisine and scrumptious traditional Thai delicacies. Serve fresh seafood, exceptional international cuisine and Thai favourites. Tel. 076 338 888

Location: Maikhao


In the same concept as the iconic Singapore Waterfront restaurant, famous Indochine and European dishes are served. Open 17.00 to 23.00 hours with Sunday Brunch starting at noon.

Location: Patong Beach

Location: Kalim Beach

Food & Restaurants / 41

“All the flavours of typical Italian cuisine with the atmosphere of Italian festive days” Open daily from 11am till late Phone / Fax: +66 (0) 76 284318 30/9 Kata Road T.Karon A.Muang Phuket 83100 THAILAND

“We are just a few steps away from Kata Beach, one of the most attractive beaches in Phuket” Phone / Fax: +66 (0) 76 284450 98/84-85 Kata Rd., T.Karon, A. Muang Phuket 83100 THAILAND

42 / Food & Restaurants

Phuket’s Koffee Culture Keeps on Growing!

You know that feeling? I

t’s 11am and it’s getting hot outside. You need a really good cup of coffee, possibly a naughty Apricot Danish, the latest newspapers and maybe a place to log onto the ‘Net, all in a nice relaxing environment with friendly staff. Where do you turn in Phuket? Well, the short answer is: “an increasing number of places” as Koffee Culture has taken off big time around the island and there are more and more great locations for f super coffee and food with all the creature comforts of the finest coffee shop that you might find back home. Here are three great coffee locations to get you started on the Great Phuket Koffee Hunt.

Food & Restaurants / 43

RE KÁ TA’s Cafe and Boutique – Cool Coffee in Kata Trendy RE KÁ TA Beach Club on Kata Beachwelcomes you to designer fashions, beachwear, glasses, hats, cosmetics and accessories. the most exciting addition to KATA’s coffee and shopping culture! Shop for fabulous labels such as 83990 Tenue De Plage, Hartford, Come over to our brand new café and boutique, next door to the entrance to the Beach Club and enjoy the delicious selection of teas, LTJ Arthur Beachwear, Pain De Sucre Swimwear, La Chemise Trocoffees, refreshing smoothie plus pastries, croissants, cakes and tasty pézienne and many more. snacks freshly baked every morning. RE KÁ TA Café……the coolest cool in Kata. We have an unbelievable menu of coffee cocktails to chose from 184 Koktanode Road, Kata Beach, Phuket and Movenpick ice cream too! (Next to Boathouse) Enjoy the light, airy indoor and outdoor seating where you can Contact: Tel: +66(0)76 330 421 access the free WiFi or watch the world go by. Then browse around Email: the boutique section with its chic and colorful selection of imported

DELISH by Name…Delicious by Nature I

f you are searching for an ideal place to meet up with friends, have a business meeting, check your email or just relax and enjoy great food and service, then Delish Cafe is it. Only 2 minutes from Chalong Circle, this Mecca for espresso addicts has ample off-street parking and is in a peaceful garden setting away from the busy Rawai traffic. The Cafe is air-conditioned and also has outdoor tables and there is even a supervised playground next door. Delish Cafe produces virtually all food and beverage onsite using fresh ingredients. The features are: • Some of the best espresso coffee available on Phuket, freshly made juices, ice teas

and coffees, fresh fruit smoothies and shakes; • Home-baked delicious cakes, cupcakes, muffins, croissants, biscuits, savory tarts, frittatas, tortillas; • A big range of breakfast items, including the freshest eggs, home-made muesli pancakes. Sausages, hash browns, roasted vegetables and more. • Fresh salads, hamburgers and toasted sandwiches for snacks or lunch. Delish also specializes in producing great cakes for catering and parties and catering for groups can be either onsite or at the customer’s venue. The staff is well-trained and very friendly – so that every visit is enjoyable.

Fisherman’s Way Business Garden, Rawai, Phuket.

“To receive a 10% discount off our delicious food menu mention The GUIDE Phuket to our staff Phone: +66 7638 4680

44 / Health & Beauty

What is Rooibos Tea? Red Enchantment from South Africa

Boncafe Phuket Tel: (076) 355-600-1 455-457 Yaowalard Road, Mooban Samkong, Talardyai, Amuphur Muang, Phuket 83000 Tel: (076) 524-099 E-mail:,

Finally, after centuries of discovery, the world outside of South Africa gets to indulge in the delightful rooibos or red tea. And they are liking it ‌ a lot. Rooibos tea is derived from the red bush plant which can be grown only in a certain part of South Africa. It is pitched more as an herbal drink than real tea as rooibos does not share the same origin as other teas. The red tea produced from it does not even contain caffeine. In fact, rooibos or red tea is rich with antioxidants, minerals, Vitamin C and Vitamin E. Rooibos is steadily gaining popularity worldwide. This will of course result in more studies that will further confirm the claimed health benefits which now include relief of tension, digestive problems and allergies. No wonder why it is the new tea of choice for millions of the world’s health conscious consumers. To save you from the burden of storing and brewing tea leaves, Rooibos is now a part of our collection of Bontea Signature products at every Boncafe branch nationwide. Rooibos tea is best enjoyed without milk or sugar but you can add a slice of lemon or an amount of honey to taste.

Health & Beauty / 45

A Spa with men in We are the 1st luxury spa for men located among peaceful nature about 200 meters away from Kathu community area, only 10 minute from Phuket town and 15 minute from Patong Beach Hiranyikara is the perfect soothing haven to hide away from the city’s turbulence, where you can indulge yourself in the various relaxing spa and health treatment to soothe your pains, calm your mind and up lift your spirits.

Further information pls. visit or send me an e-mail at TEL.+66 (0) 76 203280-1 , MB + 66(0) 81 370 0202

46 / Health & Beauty

Spa Cenvaree at Centara Grand Beach Resort Phuket Takes Thailand award for Best Luxury Emerging Spa


PA Cenvaree at Centara Grand Beach Resort Phuket has been named Country winner for Thailand as Best Luxury Emerging Spa in the World Luxury Hotel Awards 2012. The awards are based solely on guest voting and are pre“Competition amongst spas sented in different categories in Thailand is intense, this beon a country and a global ba- ing the spa capital of Asia,” sis. says Chris Bailey, senior vice president for sales and marCentara Grand Beach Re- keting at Centara Hotels & sort Phuket opened only in Resorts. 2011 and is a five-star resort located at the most secluded “We are therefore delighted part of Karon Beach. that after being open for only a Taking its design theme from the island’s Sino-Portuguese heritage, the resort has direct access to the beach and is set around a landscaped water park.

“We believe this illustrates global basis and are based on the success of this new resort, on-line voting by guests. and the growing strength of our Spa Cenvaree brand.”

The World Luxury Hotel Awards is a recognised global For more information and organisation providing luxury reservations, please contact hotels with recognition for tel. +66 (2) 76 201 234 their world-class facilities and year, our spa at Centara Grand service based on votes cast by Beach Resort Phuket has won guests. this prestigious award, which Awards are presented to is based entirely on guest satluxury spas in 10 different isfaction. categories on a country and

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Best Luxury Resort Spa in Thailand Indigo Pearl’s Coqoon Spa honoured at World Luxury Spa Awards


NDIGO PEARL is delighted to announce that its Coqoon Spa has just been awarded Thailand’s ‘Best Luxury Resort Spa’ at the 2012 World Luxury Spa Awards. Acknowledged as the world’s leading luxury spa awards, winners are voted for by spa guests from across the globe, recognising spas that continue to raise the bar and offer travellers world-class services, facilities and experiences. “We are delighted with the news. Since opening in February 2011, our ‘Garden of Eden’ style spa has continued to receive the highest industry accolades, a public endorsement of our continued endeavour to offer service excellence,” says Kelly Lewis, General Manager of Indigo Pearl. For reservations, please email or call +66 (0)76 327 006

The Many Faces of Lemongrass July to September brings heavy rains to Thailand and often mosquitoes follow in abundance. Lemongrass is known to be the best natural mosquito repellent and fortunately the 55 different varieties of this grass grow naturally in Thailand. Lemongrass is an extraordinary grass as it is not only used as a repellent but often the fragrance of the oil is extracted and used in perfumes and spa products as well. Lemongrass is better known by westerns as Citronella and is famous for its calming effect that relieves insomnia or stress. The scent of Lemongrass is therefore quite commonly found in candles and aroma therapy. Studies have shown that the Lemongrass provides lots of health benefits in particularly its antifungal and antibacterial properties. It is also an effective diuretic when consumed as a tea. Lemongrass is a good cleanser that helps to detoxify the liver, pancreas, kidney, bladder and the digestive tract. It cuts down uric acid, cholesterol, excess fats and other toxins in the body while stimulating digestion, blood circulation, and lactation; it also alleviates indigestion and gastroenteritis. It is said that Lemongrass also helps improve the skin by reducing acne and pimples and acts as a muscle and tissue toner. Also to reduce blood pressure, just make a concoction by boiling some lemon grass leaves, let it cool for a while and drink the liquid. Lemongrass and cuisine There is no cuisine in the world that uses Lemongrass as much that of Thailand, so it’s no wonder that Thai cuisine is considered to be so healthy. Let’s not forget the aroma that’s so fresh and with a sweet lemon side to the taste. Flu Fighting Benefits When you get caught in the rain and start to feel flu symptoms Tom Yum Koong soup is the best natural way to prevent and fight colds and fevers. Tom yum is characterized by its distinct hot and sour flavors, with fragrant herbs generously used in the broth. The basic broth is made of stock and fresh ingredients such as Lemongrass, kaffir lime leaves, galangal, lime juice, fish sauce and crushed chili pepper Considerations for using Lemongrass Lemongrass oils, like any other essential oil, should not be used by those who have sensitive or highly damaged skin, as it can cause irritation. Before

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applying the oil, be sure to test it on a small section of your inconspicuous skin, such as along the hairline on your neck. If you do not see a negative skin reaction in 14 hours, you can apply the oil in other areas of your body. Clearly Lemongrass is a miracle herb in many ways and Thailand is blessed indeed in having it as one of its indigenous plants.

Story by Emmanuelle Ghobert Emmanuelle Ghobert started her voyage of creative discovery by specializing in the hospitality sector and in particular the wonderful world of French gastronomy working for seven years producing wonderful French cuisine. But after her initiation into the world of creativity, she branched out from food to beauty as it were. She became entranced by the world of beauty and appearance and general good health and decided to study for a Masters Degree in Cosmetology. She remarks that cosmetology keeps on evolving and developing through time and advances in modern science and technology are continuing to have a huge impact on the world of beauty and the treatments designed to enhance and capture it. Cultural influences are also important in cosmetology and with globally instantaneous communications, we now inhabit a world in which learning from every country and culture can be assimilated and applied here in Phuket to produce the most wonderful results in pursuit of beatification

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SpaHighlight LET’S RELAX SPA Relaxing the mind and revitalizing the body seems to be what everybody needs nowadays, after a hectic schedule, a busy lifestyle and a stressful city living. But when and how can you afford to take time off to free yourself from so much stress and take time to relax your body and revitalize your senses with your busy lifestyle? At Let’s Relax, you can let loose, reward yourself, indulge , relax and enjoy the fineness pleasure of pampering yourself. Tel. 076 346 080

THE OASIS SPA PHUKET The ultimate spa experience where treatments are created combining ancient secrets and advanced discoveries in beauty and wellness. Luxurious Spas designed with a Thai atmosphere to allow clients to enjoy superior service without unnecessary formality. Open 3 Branches in Phuket Laguna, Bang Tao Phuket Kamala Phuket Kata Phuket Tel. 076 337 777

PROVOLUTION CENTER PHUKET Provolution Center Phuket is the Phuket wellness center of Michael & Orranut Stephens offering reiki energy therapy, intuitive card reading, meditation classes, reiki certification, and free personal development books and downloads.

Tel. 081 446 7714

RARINJINDA RarinJinda Wellness Spa is one of Thailand’s leading wellness spas with expertised therapists and latest spa technologies.RarinJinda Wellness spa offers clients wellness, good health and luxurious pampering in a spa sanctuary. RarinJinda is an urban spa fully equipped with all of the latest spa technology and facilities of the highest international standards, yet deeply rooted in the Thai massage and healing traditions. RarinJinda is an oasis of health and wellness in Thailand’s tourist capitals, located adjacent to the back of Jungceylon Shopping Center Tel. 076 366 724, 076 366 800-2

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SpaHighlight VARA SPA


At Vara Spa, from the moment you step through the doors, you become the center of our attention. Every element has been carefully designed for your comfort. Indulge in sensuous soothing and pampering which will completely revitalize and recharge both your mind and your body. Vara Spa where Thai local wisdom matched with Western contemporaryideas creates immaculate beauty and skincare.

5 Star Massage in Patong is a unique, elegant, modern and comfortable salon where the very well-trained staff offer a complete range of massage and beauty treatment services at reasonable prices. 5 Star Massage is French owned and managed. All the massage girls are certified from massage schools in Thailand and only offer authentic massage services that will make you leave refreshed, revitalized and rejuvenated. Open Daily 10.00-23.00 and offering great value for money. Tel: 089 535 4637

Tel. 076 34 3 444



Indulge your body, mind and spirit. Located in peaceful surroundings, Hiranyikara is the perfect, soothing haven to hide away from the city’s turbulence, where you can indulge yourself in the various relaxing spa and health treatments to soothe your pains, calm your mind and uplift your spirits. It is an ideal place to recharge your batteries after a long hard day. With our range of spa services we can pamper you with our highly experienced male therapists.

Welcome to SenSes where international health and beauty has been taken very seriously since July 2004. Luxurious treatment rooms, professional staff, a vast range of high quality, natural products and treatments for all forms of pain and stress relief will leave you refreshed, rejuvenated and ready for a most interesting beauty experience.

Tel. 076 20 3 280

Tel: 076 271 373 – 4

The Art of Relaxation

Open every day from 10am until midnight

5 Star Massage and B Beauty ty y SSalon l Address: 225 Rat-U-Thit 200 Pee Road (opposite Holiday Inn Resort) Mobile: 089 535 4637 (Isabelle), 083-395-7877 E-mail:

52 / Property

Property Review

Phanason offers the Park Condominiums in Patong Phanason has launched luxury condominiums inspired by a “building in the park” concept on 18 rai of landscaped land. With panoramic views of Patong Beach and surrounded by landscaped greenery and natural beauty, the Park Condominiums offer 1,027 units in seven storey, resort-style low-rise buildings. Standard one bedroom units start with a living space from 40 square meters plus wide balconies. Pre-sale promotion with built-in furniture, kitchen, colorful wallpaper, standard air conditioning, with special discount for 200,000 baht Free!! Reservations for 10,000 baht only for the unit price 1.99 million baht during July 1-15, 2012. For more information please contact Tel.076 345675 , 076 345679

Phanason’s new Grand Ville Bangjo Project Phanason Group launched their new Phanason Grand Ville Bangjo project on 115 rai of land from June 1st to 15th 2012. Reservations at the special offer pre-sale price can be made for only 5,000 baht on houses priced at 1.8 million baht. The new project offers various layouts and modern conceptual designs in a green atmosphere surrounded by natural beauty. The utility space starts from 60-175 square meters, with living area of 36 to 54 square quare yards.

For more information please contact: Phanason Grand Ville Bangjo 076 – 276 012-3, 076 – 313 633-4

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PropertyBuyerGuide PHANASON RESORT LAEM-HIN Type: Caribbean House Area: Laem-Hin Price: 5.9 Million THB Contact: T. 076 373 290-1

PHANASON CITY CONDOMINIUM Type: Condominium Area: Phuket Town Price: 960,000 THB Contact: T. 076 612 648-9


C E N TA R A G R A N D S U N DAY FA M I LY LU N C H Looking for a family-friendly place to spend your Sunday afternoons? Mare Restaurant at the Centara Grand Beach Resort Phuket is proud to present the Phuket’s most extensive “Sunday Family Lunch”. Come and enjoy this spectacular lunch every first Sunday of the month. Savor a fabulous meal accompanied by our music band from 12.00 PM to 03.00 PM. Finished with lunch? Your whole family is invited to enjoy our swimming pool, kids pool, lazy river, jumping cliff and water slides! 990 THB net per person included softs drinks, water, coffee & tea 1,390 THB net per person with one bottle of red, white or rose wine per couple

T. 084 543 543-5 076 31 91 94

Free for children under age 5 & half price for children ages 6-12

Valet parking services provided. Limited booking for 80 persons. To join us, please make a booking in calling the 076 201 234 or send email to


We look forward to seeing you!

Type: Condominium Area: Chao Fa Road Price: 1.7 Million THB Contact: T. 076 22 33 44 076 22 44 55 E. info@thelightcondo. com

CENTARA GRAND BEACH RESORT PHUKET 683 Patak Road, Karon Beach, Muang, Phuket 83100 T : +66 (0) 7620 1234


F : +66 (0) 7620 1235


E : W W W . C E N TA R A . C O . T H

Radenska Promotional Party

Radenska promoted their pristine Three Hearts brand on June 2nd at Opus One restaurant with a special dinner and Girls Gone Wild summer collection 2012 fashion show by Me & Malisa Dressing Room. Phuket VIPs and celebrities sampled the premium still and sparkling imported natural mineral water during the event

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Thanyapura Stages Soccer Match

Thanyapura Sports and Leisure Club staged a friendly soccer match between government officials from the Sports Authority of Thailand and representatives of the national media during the 2012 National Phuket Youth Games held there recently.

Khun Kanokphand Chulakasem, (3rd from right) Governor of Sports Authority of Thailand (SAT) was welcomed by Virapol Cholvibul, (3rd from left) Director of Sports - Sales & Marketing of Thanyapura Sports and Leisure Club's (TSLC)

THANYYAMUNDRA 102 Moo 6 T. Khaosok, Panom, Suratthani 84850, Thailand T: +66 (0)77 395 036 F: +66 (0)77 395 036 Central reservations contact details T: +66 (0)76 336 000 | F: +66 (0)76 336 069 | E: Facebook address

Thanyapura Carnival T Thanyapura Sports & Leisure Club (TSLC) welcomed (T eeveryone to visit their Sports Facilith ties with fun games ti aand challenges and a chance to win speccial prizes for many oof the activities held oon Saturday 2nd June at their annual Ju ccarnival.

Indigo Pearl Charity Effort

Indigo Pearl Resort’s General Manager, Resort Manager, GM secretary, HR team, PR team, Engineering team and Landscape team all visited Burmese children on 24th May to donate muchneeded school materials and help fix the school’s leaking roof.

Dream Hotels Helps Needy Children Mrs. Lyubov Li, Vice President of Maikhao Dream Hotels & Resorts (first from the left), Mr. Wittanu Chumsuwan, Group Human Resources Director (second from the left) and Ms. Thanyaporn Thirawat, Public Relations Manager (third from the left) recently distributed 108 scholarships worth a total of 247,000 baht to the needed students witht the intention to help children in Phuket from being abused, to assist less-fortunate children such as a day-care center, a shelter home, a mobile teaching project, a case follow-up project and the milk-powder project in Phuket with welfare, health care to give a better educational opportunity at Prince of Songkla University, Phuket Campus. Maikhao Dream Hotels and Resorts contributed 108 scholarships to support needy students of ChildWatch Phuket Association on 23rd May 2012

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Amway China Celebrates with Luxuri- Serenity Resort & Residences Phuket ous Gala Dinner at Phuket FantaSea The world's largest direct sales company, Amway China, invited over 16,000 of their top sales delegates to be flown directly to Phuket for their annual corporate sales meeting, held at Phuket FantaSea

together with its guests, sponsor school uniforms for children at the Watsawang Arrom School in Rawai on 12th June 2012.

Get out and Discover! At Renaissance Phuket Resort & Spa June 07, 2012, Phuket media, expats and hotel guests of Renaissance Phuket Resort & Spa were invited to join an exclusive event at The Lounge in order to celebrate the launch of Renaissance Hotels’ global initiative ‘Get Out and Discover’. The event featured cool music from ‘Jub & the Gang’, the regular band of Phuket’s Saneha Restaurant. This event is held simultaneously along with numerous other Renaissance Hotels from around the world with a total of 30,000 hotel guests across the globe joining together in order to experience these unforgettable and

unexpected moments of discovery that “GET OUT & Discover” that brings to life Renaissance Hotels’ first-ever global advertising campaign: “Live Life to Discover.”


08 1606 1594

Dusit Thani Laguna Phuket welcomes new Villa Sales Manager Dusit Thani Laguna Phuket recently announced the appointment of Ms Kanittha Jeensrikong as its new Villa Sales Manager. Ms Kanitthas’ responsibilities include leading sales of luxury beachfront Pool Villa products; maximizing sales through multiple channels; planning sales and marketing stragtegies; and redesigning the Pool Villa website. Prior to her present appointment at Dusit Thani Laguna Phuket, she worked as a Sales & PR Manager at Sala Phuket Resort and Spa.

Absolute World Group Promotes Mike Hall to Managing Director Asia Pacific Inline with the recent completion of their Bali operation and continued expansion throughout Asia Pacific, the Absolute World Group are delighted to announce the promotion of Mike Hall, the Group’s current General Manager for Thailand, to Managing Director Asia Pacific. Mike Hall joined the Absolute World Group in February 2011 and has worked alongside the Group’s strategic Management team to spearhead a range of exciting initiatives from new sales operations to lead generation programs to resort openings, whilst managing an extensive sales force across Asia.

Wine Connection Launches New Bar and Grill in Kata Wine Connection continue their innovative energizing of Phuket’s dining and entertainment scene with their opening of a new Wine Bar and Grill at the Kata Night Center in the Kata Night Plaza. The new Bistro features brick walls, comfy leather sofas, metallic chairs and rustic wooden tables all in a cozy yet trendy retro-industrial chic mélange. The delicious combination of great European and Thai cuisine, live weekend DJ, plus their famously huge, cost-efficient selection of wines and draft beers will undoubtedly make this new Bistro the “in place” to dine out and have fun in southern Phuket.

Super-Luxury Avista Resort is Launched Thailand-based hospitality group Avista Hotels and Resorts has launched its ultra-luxurious Avista Hideaway Resort in Patong. They offer extreme luxury with lavish Duplex and Jacuzzi suites, a private beach club, three-themed swimming pools, butler service and cutting-edge technology.

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TEX MEXICAN BUFFET Experience White Box Everyday Special Unlimited Tapas + half bottle of Wine Price

990 baht

WHITE BOX RESTAURANT RSVP : 076 346271, 076 680410


The Sunday Sundowner Every Sunday From 6 pm (happy hour 5 pm – 7 pm) Burger buffet & Salad Bar Price 350++ EAST 88 BEACH LOUNGE Email

Sports Summer Camps at TSLC from 25th June to 17th August, 2012 Thanyapura Sports & Leisure Club (TSLC) is offering a wide range of sports activities and camps for both kids and adults of all levels beginning 25th June onwards at TSLC. The “Learn to Swim” programs are available for children of all ages. Train tennis with our PBI coach Travis on plexi-cushioned courts for all levels. Or join the Brazilian Soccer School summer camps. For those who like a variety, we have a Multi Sports Summer Camp (9th July- 3rd August) ranging from a mix of sports and fun games from track and field, soccer, water sports, tennis fun, beach volleyball, soccer, table tennis, mixed martial arts, gymnastics, badminton, chair ball, and outings to Jungle Splash and nature walks. Please contact TSLC’s activities desk for a detailed program. Tel: 076 336 000 Email:

Ratri Italian Bar & Grill Promotion Tuesday & Friday Beach BBQ Come and join our popular BBQ Buffet Dinner every Tuesday & Friday (19:0022:00 hrs; from THB 1,190 per person). We offer the finest selection of salads, pizzas, pasta, shawarma, Thai food dishes, rotisserie selections, a sushi and sashimi counter and much more. Sweets include the chocolate fountain with selections of fresh fruit, tiramisu, desserts by BAKE Bakery & Thai desserts. Call 076 316 567 for reservations.

Sunset Happy Hour (6pm-7 pm) All cocktails at 150 Baht and Local Beer at 70 Baht, Sangria @500 Baht a jug, nice range of free canapé Pizza + Salad + Beer+ Tiramisu @ 420 Baht Buy 2 Portion of Pizza get 1 free Weekend Band night (7 pm-10pm) Buy 2 Beer get 1 free Pizza (buy 2 pizza get 1 free) 10% discount when you buy wine by bottle For more information please call 076 333 538.

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Thai Silk


Long one of Thailand’s Most of this comes from most famous products, silk the craft centers of Chiang weaving is still one of the major Mai and again Thai skills crafts in many rural areas. The show through in a great varivariety of materials available in Phuket is wide and varies both in design, from the traditional to modern to plain colors, and quality; 2-ply is thin and light, 3-ply or more becomes heavier and more expensive. Tailors, jewelry and souvenir shops in all areas carry silk. Many shops will tailor modern dresses or shorts from silk at a fraction of the price you would pay back home. ety of items that can be both novel and creative or entirely traditional. Buddha images are one of the standards, but you can find figurines of all kinds and many other offbeat items for home decoration. Thailand makes some great teak furniture, though only a little is available in Phuket.

Ceramics The two major centers for ceramic production are the well-known Chiang Mai, and Ratburi west of Bangkok. They produce an amazing range of wares from very traditional Thai and even Chinese tableware and decorative items to modern home decor items, the biggest of which you’ll need a truck to move. Some of these more modern items are creative and interesting. There is a fair range spread around the island, but you’ll have to drive and hunt to find it all.

Instant Antiques This sounds like a contradiction, but this is now a thriving new industry in Thailand that arose in response to the overwhelming demand for beautiful old things and the short supply. Originally, cunning entrepreneurs crafted and carefully ‘aged’ wood,

bronze and stone artworks to sell off as genuine antiques. But they produced such beautiful things that demand grew, and the industry came out into the open. Today whole villages of skilled workers produce beautiful objects of art that appear ancient, but which are sold cheaply as ‘reproductions’. This makes ‘antiques’ available to everyone and takes the pressure off the genuinely old things. Best of all, virtually no-one can tell the difference between the real thing and the reproduction that you place in your home.

Custom Tailoring This is definitely bargain country in Phuket. Tailors can import their wares easily to Phuket and their overhead costs are low. Skills range from excellent to barely adequate, so look carefully and you can go home with both quality and real savings. It is important to start with a tailor early in your visit because at least two visits will be required, and those who are a little more finicky should plan on three visits to get things just right. Allow two or three days between each visit.

Turtle Village The Exclusive Shopping Destination on Mai Khao Beach For the best dining and shopping on Mai Khao Beach. Cuisine choices match wonderfully with the gift, Souvenir, antique and clothing selections. Bill Bentley Put- the only English pub on Mai Khao Beach, The Coffee Club, Swensens, Supermarket-Turtle Mart, shop at Jim Thompson, Narai Phand, Tanya Living, Kashmir Gallery, Thai Souvenir, Triumph, Surfers Paradise, Esprit outlet, StarBlu, A.Prime Custom Tailor, Tara-Leather products, Island Paradise, Private Collection, J&P Gems, Red Coral, Green Angel Beauty Salon, Mt. Sapola, World Travel Service Ltd. Sorts your trips. Turtle Village is open daily from 10.00 am. Until late

Central Festival Phuket - Phuket Town With over 120,000 square meters bursting with prime shopping opportunities and world-class products it is easy to see why this consummate one-stop shopping and entertainment complex is so popular amongst Phuket residents and visitors. With a large selection of shops, restaurants, coffee shops, plus a supermarket and cinemas you can enjoy the largest, most complete shopping and entertainment complex in southern Thailand.

Jungceylon -

The Guide Phuket recPatong Beach ommends: Located centrally in PaMister Singh’s Fashtong Beach is the newest ion Gallery, Patong Beach, addition to the growing trend of shopping malls in Phuket. ‘Jungceylon‘ was the old

Lifestyle / 61

name for Phuket when it was still a prosperous port town and trading in the region was at its peak. This shopping mall retains a lot of the old history of Phuket in its architecture and style and is a joy to visit for this alone. The choice of goods is world-class, comprising well over 300 shops with ample car parking space, restaurants, bars, cinema and bowling alley along with everything else you could possibly need for a busy day shopping.

Weekend Market - Phuket Town The Jatujak (or JJ) weekend market in Bangkok is world famous but few people realize that there is an equally good alternative here in Phuket, albeit on a smaller scale. Situated opposite the Naka Temple (which is also worth a visit) outside of Phuket Town, just 5 minutes from Central Festival on the Chao Fa West Road lies Phuket’s equivalent to Bangkok’s JJ Market. Here you will find all manner of things for sale from seemingly useless second-hand household junk and cute little trinkets to garden ornaments, clothing and ideal presents for all your friends and family. There is also an abundance of food and drink stalls to keep the energy levels up whilst you wander around. The market starts in the afternoon and goes on until the evening time when it can get really very lively.

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Call Center


EFFECTIVE : Now 27 October 2012

































































































































Phuket Town: 076 225 033-5 Phuket Airport: 076 205 401-2 Suvarnabhumi International Airport: 02 134 3888-89 (ticket) Check-in Domestic: 02 132 0342-54 Check-in International: 02 132 0331-39




076 372 600


076 281 273


076 248 334-6


086 689 6819


02 299 1990-29

Czech Republic 076 076 249 400 ext 1501, 3330 USA

076 342 270


02 273 0022-44


076 378 365


076 234 452

Master Card

02 299 1990-2


076 330 530-4


076 237 156

Diners Club

02 238 3000


076 273 511


076 380 000


001 800 000 900 09


076 610 407

United Kingdom

076 318 188


Muang District Police Station

216 856

Phuket Airport

327 230-37

Tourist Police

219 878 or 1155

Tourism Authorities (TAT)

211 036, 212213

Kamala Police Station

279 058

Bangkok Phuket Hospital

254 421-30

Kathu Police Station

342 719/21

Mission Hospital

237 220-9

Thalang Police Station

311 123

Patong Hospital

340 444

Phuket Provincial Immigration Office

212 108 or 221 905

Phuket Tourist Association

610 365-6

Phuket Deep Sea Port

391 155

Phukiet International Hospital

212 853

Phuket Post and Telegraph Office

211 020 or 216 951

Vachira Phuket Hospital

211 114

64 / Transportation

These taxi motor cycle drivers are easily identified by their special colored jackets showing the location of their home base. Many have the word ‘taxi’ written in English on this jacket. Do not take a taxi from anyone who is not wearing one of these jackets.

ow much of Phuket have you actually H seen? Wouldn’t you like to explore some more? Well, here we list some of your options for getting around the island’s highways and byways.

To and from the airport Airport transfers are relatively simple. The airport is at the far north of the island, some 30 kilometers from Phuket Town and even further from most of the popular beaches like Patong and Karon. It is best to use one of the two official transport companies with booths right inside the arrival lounge, you can’t miss them. Private Airport Limousines or minibuses are available to get to the major beaches at the south or west of the island. Metered taxis are also available and are cheaper than the airport limousines, as are ‘private’ taxis but we suggest you avoid these since problems have been known to occur. The Airport Bus is a cheaper alternative as long as you are not in a rush. Ask at the airport for their current departure schedules and pricing. Car rental is available and companies, such as Budget and National have offices located in the airport.

Airlines in & out of Phuket A multitude of airlines now run scheduled flights to and from Phuket and during high season chartered flights are also available. Budget airlines such as Air Asia, Nok Air and One-2-Go Air all run convenient and economical flights to other provinces throughout Thailand.

is the ‘song taew’; a truck converted to carry passengers in the back on two long benches. They are usually colorful with a sign on front showing where they are going. These vehicles leave from a set stop by the fresh produce market in Phuket Town, reaching every major beach area on the island. They run approximately every hour but there are no fixed schedules, and they run when there are sufficient passengers. When leaving the beach areas to head back to town they usually cruise slowly around the streets picking up passengers. Songtaews are slow but cheap with the fare from Phuket town to Patong now set at just 25 THB per person!

‘Tuk-Tuks’ If you want your own private taxi, look for a tuk tuk, a tiny mini-truck converted in the manner of the bigger song-taews mentioned above to carry about four (or more!) passengers. The tuk-tuk gets its name from the noise its little engine makes. There are fleets of these in all major tourist areas and they will take you anywhere for a price. The going rate for the relatively short ride between Patong and Phuket town can be as much as 450 THB, one way! You can attempt to bargain but don’t expect much movement on their prices and be aware that at night the price of tuk-tuks shoots up. You can also rent one of these tuk-tuks for the day. Expect to pay around 2,000 THB or more. This can be a good way to get about the island if you prefer not to drive yourself.

Motorcycle Taxis

These will be a new experience for many people and are a convenient, yet There are few buses on Phuket and the nerve wracking, way to get around. All main form of transport from beach to town fares must be negotiated before the ride.


Renting a Motorcycle Motorcycles, big and small, can be rented all over the island and are a popular choice for many tourists. Zipping around with the breeze in your hair is tempting for anyone but do be careful, the hospitals here see a never-ending stream of foreigners arriving with skin missing from arms and legs, or sometimes worse. The accident rate on Phuket is one of the highest in Thailand, with 90% of road accidents involving motorcycles! Note that Thai law requires the driver to carry a valid license at all times and all riders to wear helmets – even though most Thais (including the police!) ignore the regulations. Also motor cycle lights must be turned on at all times, including during the daytime! The police occasionally enforce all these laws, so beware. The real danger in Phuket is this: NONE of the motorcycles rented here have insurance. If you rent one and cause damage you will be held fully responsible, with some greedy owners charging significantly more than the real cost of the damage. Be extremely cautious!

Renting Your Own Car Since Phuket is quite a large island, renting your own car can be one of the most pleasant ways to get around and it gives you freedom to go where and when you want. Renting is easy; private rental cars are readily found in every beach area and major rental companies operate in most resorts. When renting private vehicles from the side of the road be aware that few of these vehicles have insurance and this can prove disastrous in the event of an accident. Renting a car allows you get off the island and see the beautiful, neighboring provinces of Phang Nga and Krabi. The roads are good and the scenery spectacular, making for a great day out.

Transportation / 65

Timetable EFFECTIVE : Now 27 October 2012































































































































Days 246




























Days 357

Phuket Reservation Call 0-7636-0444 Monday - Sunday, 0800 - 1700

Regional Buses The long distance bus station is in Phuket Town is directly across from the Royal City Hotel. From here both air-con tour buses and cheap, ‘orange crush’ buses leave for destinations north, south and east. There are regular services to Bangkok, Krabi, Surat Thani, Nakorn Srithammarat, Trang, Haad Yai and other minor provincial capitals. Most of the tour buses to Bangkok leave around 5pm arriving in Bangkok about 6am the following morning. Tickets can be purchased either at the bus station or through travel agents.

Transport by Boat Regular ferry boat services from Phuket run only to the Phi Phi Islands, Koh Yao Noi and Krabi. There are unscheduled boats to Koh Bon, Racha Yai and Koh Yao Yai. You can get to Koh Lanta by changing boats at Koh Phi Phi. Most people get to the other smaller islands by renting their own speed boats or port may be, enjoy exploring the island, there is plenty to see and do, more than you even by chartering yachts. Whatever your chosen mode of trans- might have realized. Happy hunting!

The Guide Phuket July 2012 issue  

The Guide Phuket is an exciting publication aimed at providing monthly for tourist & local expats easy access to key information on Phuket....

The Guide Phuket July 2012 issue  

The Guide Phuket is an exciting publication aimed at providing monthly for tourist & local expats easy access to key information on Phuket....