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A Spiritual Connection AN INTERVIEW WITH

Gudrun Penselin

Balancing vata during the fall season Warm yourself from the inside out Healing your spirit with colour Discover the rainbow of energy


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Fall 2011 Guided Synergy Magazine 1


Body, Mind, Soul

‘The only guide for holistic healing in the Peace Country Region and Northern Alberta’

Fall 2011 5 Book Review by Carolyn MacCallum

In An Unspoken Voice: How The Body Releases Trauma and Restores Goodness

6 At Home in Nature

by Jennifer Worley

A spiritual connection

9 Book Review

On the cover At Home in Nature A spiritual connection by Jennifer Worley

Tastes of Autumn

Gluten Free Pumpkin Pie Pumpkin Corn Chowder

6 13

Warm yourself from the inside out


Gluten Free Pumpkin Pie Pumpkin Corn Chowder

14 Honey is Nature’s Antiseptic

Discover the rainbow of energy


by Susan Fitzgerald

A powerful healing agent

18 Balance Vata During the Fall Season

by Leslie Lovlin

Warm yourself from the inside out

21 Getting to the Sole of Pain

by Dr. Brett Hessel How foot dysfunction affects our bodies

23 Honouring Spirit

by Gwen Randall-Young It may be time to check in with your soul

25 Healing your Spirit with Colour

Healing your Spirit with Colour

The Best Place For Garbage: Essential Guide to Recycling with Composting Worms

13 Tastes of Autumn

Balancing Vata During the Fall Season

by Sarah Hardwood

by Leanne Van Wagner

Discover the rainbow of energy

27 Releasing Guilt and Worry

by Tanis McRae Focus on the amazing moments of NOW

30 Holistic and Natural Health Directory Fall 2011 Guided Synergy Magazine


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Fall 2011 Guided Synergy Magazine 5

VOLUME 7 ISSUE 3 Fall 2011 Editor Linda Warwick Senior Editor Susan Fitzgerald Graphic Designer Nancy Seiz Journalist Jennifer Worley Executive Assistant/Events Coordinator Chelsey Boyne Professional Photography Exposure Photos, Dreamstime Advertising Inquiries: Article Submission: Articles in Guided Synergy Magazine are copyrighted and must not be reprinted, duplicated or transmitted without permission. Freelance contributions are welcome for consideration. Refer to the article guidelines on our website for submission details at Please direct all inquiries to editorial@ The information provided in this magazine is informational only and should not be used as a substitute for the advice of a qualified and licensed practitioner or health care provider. Guided Synergy Holistic Lifestyles Magazine makes every effort to preserve the accuracy of the information it publishes. We cannot, however, guarantee them to be true nor held responsible for any errors or omissions. No guarantees are expressed or implied. Our readers and advertisers are health conscious individuals living a holistic lifestyle who use this magazine as a resource guide to find natural and holistic practitioners, products, services, courses, workshops & events in their region and beyond. Subscriptions available for $15/year plus GST. Visit or contact us at ON OUR COVER: Gudrun Penselin, M.Ed., M.Phys.Ed, Clinical Herbal Therapist, Certified Reflexologist, Bach Flower Practitioner, Certified Iridologist, Sclerologist, Light & Colour Therapist, BioPulsar Reflexograph Analyst. Photo shoot took place at the Grande Prairie Museum, which has been situated in Muskoseepi Park since the early 1970s, across Bear Creek from the City's Centennial Park. From this location, educational programs are developed, tours are organized and interpretive displays and temporary exhibits are designed and offered to Museum visitors. Guided Synergy Magazine 6410 98A Street Grande Prairie, Alberta T8W 2M9 780.538.3150


Cleansing Wellness Centre GRANDE PRAIRIE

How do I know that I need a colonic and improved digestive health? A variety of illness can be triggered by a toxic colon and relieved with colon hyrdrotherapy and improved digestive health such as: ◗ Allergies and Asthma ◗ Skin Conditions; Acne, Exzcema, Psoriasis ◗ Constipation/Diarrhea ◗ Arthritis/Joint Aches ◗ Attention Deficit Disorder ◗ Cognitive Dysfunction, Memory Lapses, Brain Fog ◗ Prostate Health ◗ Premenstrual Difficulties ◗ Acid Reflux, Heartburn, Indigestion ◗ Weight Problems, Poor Appetite ◗ Nausea ◗ Body Odor, Bad Breath ◗ Abdominal Bloating

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Spiritual Gratitude

“We are not human beings on a spiritual journey. We are spiritual beings on a human journey.” – Pierre Teilhard de Chardin


pirituality means different things to different people. Both “He was a real character” and “God rest his soul” refer to the spirit of an individual.

very often, I am grateful to her and to many others whom I have encountered along the way for their contribution to my spiritual growth.

Larry Trivieri, Jr., a leading writer and editor in the field of holistic and alternative medicine, states, “The most visible manifestation of spirit is nature, where we most fully encounter and interact with life’s primal energies in the forms of earth, water, fire, and air.” This might explain why so many Canadians—including me—love camping. Swimming in the water, feeling the sand between my toes, breathing in the moist air and sitting around the warmth of a campfire at the end of the day—all of these are behaviors that deepen my inner spirit.

Being consciously aware of the role of spirit in our individual lives can have an impact on our overall health. Research shows that the positive thoughts, comfort and strength we gain from religion, meditation and prayer can contribute to healing and a sense of well-being.

The heart of spirituality is discovering what gives meaning to our life. For some, spirituality is associated with religion. For others, it is a measure of personal growth in their relationships with their spouse, family, friends or community, or in their relationship with themselves. Sometimes it is through our relationships that we find the greatest opportunities for spiritual growth.

In this Fall issue, we asked our contributors to focus on spirit. I think we hit a home run. The result is an impressive collection of articles that promise to nurture your spirit in a meaningful way. Linda Warwick, Editor

I received The Simple Abundance Journal of Gratitude, written by Sarah Ban Breathnach, from my good friend Anne back in 1997. This book taught me how to take inventory of everything I am grateful for and, more importantly, to say the words “Thank you” more often. Although I do not connect with Anne


Contributors SENIOR EDITOR Susan Fitzgerald is a freelance editor, writer and researcher based in Vancouver. She works on everything from picture books to dissertations, and her work has appeared in publications ranging from community newsletters to academic journals. She is especially interested in environmental and social justice issues, language and literacy. JOURNALIST Jennifer Worley is a Calgary-based writer with more than 20 years in the media industry. She has written on a wide range of topics including health and fitness, travel and fashion. Her work has appeared in numerous publications including the Calgary Herald, Calgary Sun and Flare magazine. EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT/ EVENTS COORDINATOR Chelsey Boyne, born and raised in Grande Prairie, AB, is currently attending her second year of Hospitality and Tourism at the Grande Prairie Regional College with dreams to grow her own event planning company, Milestones & Memories. Recently, Chelsey was awarded the Queen Elizabeth II Golden Jubilee Medal for her community involvement and dedication to Grande Prairie’s first Interact Club that she chartered in 2008. PHOTOGRAPHER Exposure - Ellen MacCormac discovered photography and desktop publishing at 16 in her hometown of Souris, PEI. Living in Grande Prairie since 2003 she has taken an interest in media and community, and is now turning her creative thinking into advertising ideas for small business. Ear to the ground, heart with the earth, this mother of two strives to live inspired and connected. GRAPHIC DESIGNER Nancy Seiz is a freelance graphic designer residing in Calgary, AB with over 15 years experience in the media industry. Her career began at the Cambridge Reporter in her hometown of Cambridge, Ontario followed by the Canadian Press in Toronto, moving west to the Calgary Sun and finally the Calgary Herald. Since 2009, Nancy has enjoyed the flexible work-life balance of working from home while caring for her young family.

Fall 2011 Guided Synergy Magazine 3

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4 Fall 2011 Guided Synergy Magazine

Book Review

In an Unspoken Voice: How the Body Releases Trauma and Restores Goodness by Peter A. Levine, PhD Book Review by Carolyn MacCallum Available at The Rabbit Hole


f you are a therapist, body worker or trauma victim, or if you’re just interested in the mind–body connection, you’re likely to find In an Unspoken Voice one of the most fascinating books you’ve ever read. Dr. Peter A. Levine makes a strong argument for the idea that trauma is not a disorder (as in posttraumatic stress disorder), but is instead an injury to the body-mind. Rather than being a life-long burden, trauma can be healed. Levine is a psychotherapeutic comparative brain researcher with an interest in animal behaviour, especially as it relates to trauma. His research—spanning more than forty years—into the nature and cure of trauma in the human organism has culminated in this informative and illuminating book. Levine’s clear, entertaining manner, using case studies and plenty of examples from behavioural research, leaves you wishing you’d had him for Grade 10 Bio. It would have been a lot more fun. Levine devotes part of his book to tracing both the development of the nervous system as animals become more complex and the evolution of strategies used by organisms to cope with the dangers of their environment. From an early expression of development represented by jawless fish to its apex in mammals, each level has a characteristic strategy for responding to threats. However, as evolution has continued, higher organisms, including humans, have retained the earlier strategies. By comparing how different creatures cope with traumatic experiences, Levine shows how their adaptations have culminated in our human system for dealing with our environment. It is in these coping mechanisms that the roots of trauma lie. His theories take on here-and-now relevance when he describes applying them in real time to prevent his own trauma injury. Using his automobile accident as a framework, he walks the reader through the states of shock, disorientation and reorientation, showing where this natural process can go off the rails. When the body’s systems for rebalancing after a traumatic experience are interfered with, the

to help you heal your own trauma makes it a true gem.

experiencer can become stuck in one part of the process. Levine then takes us through six case studies, showing how re-engagement of the body’s survival mechanisms can bring about complete recovery, even from deep, decades-old traumatic wounds. In each account his warmth, wisdom and sheer humanity shine through. The book is worth reading just for the case studies alone, but its potential

Carolyn MacCallum is a former professional ballet dancer, a dance teacher, a certified massage therapist and a Rieki practitioner. She has had a lifelong interest in the interrelationship of physical, mental and emotional health. She is a certified instructor for the the Éiriú Eolas Stress Control, Healing and Rejuvenation Program (, which deals with anxiety and other health issues.

Helping you make the connection to Spirit Ruby taps into the Universal Energy and connects with your guides through the medium of Automatic Writing. Spiritual guides give you information about how to move forward in your life, and how to move through self limiting beliefs and old patterns. Ruby provides you with detailed information that expands the awareness of self!



Styles & Smiles Hair Designs 780.539.3898 9927A-100th Ave. Grande Prairie, AB

styles&smiles.indd 1

Moisturize, control and soften while imparting luxurious condition and shine. Babassu, Aloe, Flax Seed Oil penetrate with moisture renewal.

Guaranteed to keep YOU smiling! Fall 2011 Guided Synergy Magazine 5 11-07-11 3:40 PM

At home in

Nature A spiritual connection


udrun Penselin is sitting outside by a tree with her laptop. With a pressing deadline to complete her website, work is unavoidable, but she can’t seem to wrap her head around it while indoors.

Written by Jennifer Worley Photography by Exposure

spirit and the power of the plants to share what they have to share with us. If we have this gratitude and respect, they’re willing to share.”

Gudrun, 55, who lives on an acreage northwest of Wembley, is most at home in nature and makes a point of connecting with it almost every day, whether riding her Icelandic horse Demont, gathering plants for herbal remedies or going for a hike in the bush.

Gudrun was born and raised in Germany, but even as a teenager she knew she wouldn’t spend the rest of her life there. In her late teens she developed wanderlust after discovering a fascination with native cultures and their healing practices, fed by her travels to India and Canada. At age 25, with master’s degrees in physical education and education, she was anxious to make a fresh start and get her career underway.

She brings this deep connection and respect for the environment to her successful practice in Grande Prairie, where she guides clients on their journey to health. Her approach integrates various healing modalities, such as reflexology, herbal medicine, Bach flower remedies, light and colour therapy, iridology, sclerology and energy work.

She was also very determined to keep her own identity, and did not want to marry in Germany where she would have to give up her maiden name. Gudrun and her then boyfriend (now husband), Franz, had hitchhiked in Canada the previous summer, and so they decided to move west. First, however, there was the important matter of finding a job.

“What I’ve learned is to help people understand that we would not be here without plants,” she says. “The plants not only give us oxygen but they also provide us with materials we use for housing and clothing. They give us our medicines, our food—even for people who eat meat, cows eat the grass. The world wouldn’t be going around without plants.”

After a determined job hunt, an offer came in 1981 from the Grande Prairie and District Association for the Mentally Handicapped, where she was hired as a recreation coordinator. Later she moved into a position as a financial aid coordinator at Grande Prairie Regional College.

To show her gratitude and encourage others to do the same, Gudrun often shares a nutritious drink with her clients and students. It’s created from plants she has collected on her excursions and she fondly refers to it as “jungle juice.” “We drink it together in the form of a prayer, acknowledging and thanking the 6 Fall 2011 Guided Synergy Magazine

However, just as Gudrun had once been certain she would not stay in Germany, she now knew that despite her love of sports, physical education was not her calling in life. When she started raising a family— Gudrun has three children: son Oliver, 27, and two daughters, Yana-Lee, 25, and Lena, 22—her focus changed, but the pressure to generate some income remained. When she became a certified reflexologist in 1984 “out of curiosity,” her holistic journey, which

would involve many years of training and study, was set in motion. The fact that she homeschooled her children for a total of 13 years allowed her the freedom to travel, study and teach. In 1992, when Lena turned 2, Gudrun began her studies at Dominion Herbal College in Vancouver. While on a oneweek seminar at Crescent Beach, she had a profound experience that demonstrated the powerful connection that is possible between people and plants. On an early morning herb walk with her instructors, where she hoped to learn more about plant identification, she was fortunate to witness a fellow student communicating with plants. “We were standing in front of a plant and that plant moved towards him,” says Gudrun. “Sometimes when you see something, you dismiss it right away, but one of the instructors saw it too, and he commented. That was my first real exposure and it has never left me—it was as an extremely special event. That was just kind of ‘wow.’” This strong connection with the plant world continually draws Gudrun to Mexico, where she is inspired by traditional Mexican healers and their appreciation of the environment. Her quests have taken her to classes in the Mexican jungle south of Puerto Vallarta and to festivals in the state of Veracruz, where she was introduced to the temazcal (Mexican sweat lodge), a ceremony for the purification of the body, mind and spirit. “A lot of the healers in Mexico have a completely different understanding about the universe and plants and I’m always fascinated by that,” she says. Continued on page 8

Fall 2011 Guided Synergy Magazine 1

From page 6

“One of the most valuable messages I am able to share with my clients back home is that we honour this Earth and that we treat it with respect and with gratitude.” Gudrun was able to share her knowledge of Bach flower remedies with the Mexican healers on one of her recent visits. The remedies take their name from Dr. Edward Bach, a medical doctor in England who developed them in the 1930s, having earlier become disenchanted with conventional medicine, which he felt was primarily symptomatic. “He developed the Bach flower remedies because he observed that our emotional state and our spirit are really what determine our physical body. We can’t really see our physical body in isolation of emotions,” she explains. “It’s true—that is definitely how I practice as well.” Gudrun interpreted the work of Dr. Bach in her 1998 publication, Bach Flowers Unfolding, which has proven very helpful in teaching clients about the healing properties of plants. Whatever therapies Gudrun uses, a connection to the environment is never far away. Colour and light therapy, for example, which she employs with clients to correct physical and emotional imbalances, is equally effective when used with plants. That’s why she drapes fabrics in colours specifically chosen for their vibrational frequency over the plants she harvests. “The coloured material (natural fibre) hung over the plants that I am drying will interact with the vibrational frequencies of the plants and, therefore, I use the material to enhance, purify, concentrate or soften the properties of the plants.” After 25 years of helping others reach their full potential, Gudrun is only now able to appreciate a trip she made to India

Common plants Gudrun Penselin believes that plants and trees are our friends; always there for us and willing to share if we treat them with respect. She gathers plants for her herbal treatments and nutritional needs and she frequently shares her bounty and knowledge with her students. Those who join her on her popular herb walks learn more about nature’s abundance. Some are surprised to discover that many plants commonly thought of as weeds are much more nutritionally rich than many cultivated vegetables. 8 Fall 2011 Guided Synergy Magazine

Gudrun ads resin from a tree to the coal in her smoke vessel, traditionally used in the performance of cleansing/purification rituals with smoke.

when she was 19 years old. Instead of buying Christmas gifts one year, her family had decided to sponsor a child in India. The experience of corresponding with that child influenced her to travel there, and a program she saw on television inspired her to write to Mother Teresa. The nun replied with an invitation to visit the Missionaries of Charity. Gudrun’s trip spanned six months, during which she travelled to various parts of India, including Calcutta, where she spent time with Mother Teresa and lent a hand at a facility housing mentally handicapped adults and orphaned children. Communication was difficult since neither spoke the other’s language. “I now understand that I am very blessed to have met this woman in person, to have spent some time in the areas she was working,” says Gudrun. “She didn’t work with plants but she worked with the heart and soul of the people, and it was also not for anything external. In that sense I am doing the same—however, in Here are a few things you might learn about common plants if you took a walk with Gudrun: Horsetail: Used to strengthen connective tissue such as ligaments, horsetail is also beneficial for joints, hair and bones. It can be taken fresh by blending into a drink, or dried, by steeping it and drinking it in an infusion. Stinging nettle: The stinging sensation Gudrun experiences when she gathers stinging nettle without gloves is something she enjoys, even though it can last for more than twenty-four hours. She hangs the plants to dry and once they reach the

a quieter, not so public way.” As Gudrun hurries to finish her website for the International Iridology and Integrative Healthcare Congress in Cincinnati this October, where she will be speaking and presenting a workshop, she is reminded of how important it is to appreciate the things that give her joy: her children, being outside with plants and her passion for teaching and helping others. Oh, and one other thing: “When I create medicines, or make ointments and creams—ahhh! It’s like a musician who just wrote a nice piece of music.” ✽ Jennifer Worley is a Calgary-based writer with more than twenty years in the media industry. She has written on a wide range of topics, including health and fitness, travel and fashion. Her work has appeared in numerous publications including the Calgary Herald, Calgary Sun and Flare magazine. proper crispness, she strips off the leaves and places them in a jar. Stinging nettle is rich in vitamins A, B, E and C, as well as in calcium and potassium. Chickweed: Almost everyone is familiar with this abundant plant. Gudrun says it’s a very mild herb and, therefore, very gentle in its actions. It’s also a good source of vitamin C. Gudrun frequently adds freshly picked chickweed to a salad or her jungle juice. Chickweed is very useful as a remedy for itchy skin. Dandelions: Don’t kill that dandelion! This nutrient-rich green is good for the digestive system and the gallbladder.

Where to get compost worms

Book Review

The Best Place for Garbage: The Essential Guide to Recycling with Composting Worms

Where to Get Worms in Alberta Once you’ve got your bin and bedding ready, you’ll need at least half a pound of worms (about 800 to 1,200). Red wigglers, to be precise. If you know people who are already vermicomposting, they may be able to give you some. If not, you can purchase worms at the following places:

by Sandra Wiese Book Review by Sarah Hardwood


n North America, we typically deal with garbage in two ways: burn it or bury it. Sandra Wiese—environmentalist, author and teacher—advocates burying it, but not in the way or place you might assume. In her fabulously practical and funny vermicomposting guide, The Best Place for Garbage, she shows us how we can easily divert a great deal of our garbage from landfills—not only food waste but also other once-living stuff that worms love to eat: old Daily Herald Tribunes (they’re printed with soy-based ink, FYI), raked leaves, cardboard, sawdust. Apparently the buggers will even eat certain brands of duct tape! Wiese’s book is indispensable for answering all the questions that you, as an eager rookie, might not even know you have. “If you are not the nurturing type, if all things green do not already thrive under your touch, if baby animals do not inexplicably recover with your careful ministrations, if people far and wide are not miraculously cured by your homemade soup, then you will have a LOT of questions,” she says. Luckily, composting with worms isn’t rocket science. But there are many websites preaching lots of vague, contradictory or illogical dos and don’ts that can scare the squeamish or completely intimidate a beginner. The Best Place for Garbage h e l p s

Red Wigglers Edmonton Edmonton, AB 780.668.6581 Hand-harvested; pick-up only (call a day in advance to arrange) 1 lb. = $50

enthusiastic newbies sort out the crap, so to speak. Wiese covers everything: what to use for worm bins and bedding, worm chow, maintenance, population control, troubleshooting, harvesting the castings (worm poop) and what to do with them (a.k.a. “bartending for plants”). She outlines how you can vermicompost outdoors as well, but I wouldn’t recommend trying that through the winter in Alberta. Red wigglers are much less effective in frozen form.

Vermiculture Canada Site 8 Box 23 RR 2 Tofield, AB Phone: 780.662.3309 Toll-free: 1.866.225.5036 1 lb. = $68 USD

Wiese is a small-scale commercial worm composter with a simple dream—that someday the statement “I have worms” will not cause wrinkled noses and the reaction “I hope the doctor can give you something for them!” According to Alberta Environment, compostable stuff makes up 40 to 60 per cent of Alberta’s waste stream. With statistics like that, it’s easy to understand why Wiese so passionately promotes vermicomposting and why so many people are eager to start. Her guide is indispensable for anyone wanting to get involved. Five dollars for the e-book version is money well spent. Sarah hails from a ridiculously small logging and mining town in central BC that fills her with nostalgia and an affinity for the unusual. She now happily illustrates, teaches, writes and designs in Grande Prairie, Alberta.

Worms @ Work Mark and Pat Allen Calgary, AB Phone: 403-730-3405 Fax: 403-730-3465 1 lb. = $80

Earth’s General Store 9605 - 82nd Avenue Edmonton, AB 780.439.8725 Place an order before Wednesday so that they can ensure enough worms are reserved. Pick your worms up at the store over the next few days (Thursday to Sunday). 1 lb. = $84 Dirt Willy Ecology and Bait Farm Ltd. 53116 Range Road # 210 Ardrossan, AB 780.922.6080 1 lb. = $70 collect on Greyhound

Fall 2011 Guided Synergy Magazine 9

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Holistic Conference & Retreat Grande Prairie, October 14-15, 2011


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Clinical Hypnotherapist with 10 years experience


Who’s the boss? You or the overeating? You or the smoking? You or the pain? When you want to be the boss . . . Contact Power Strategies for Life




Michelle Golany, Naturopath, RNP Certified NES® Practitioner Practitioner of Humanitarian Service Diagnostic Lab Testing BY APPOINTMENT ONLY



MAIN 1126, 9909-102 St. 214 Place North, Grande Prairie, AB Services covered by most health insurance plans

“Caring For You...

Naturally!” Fall 2011 Guided Synergy Magazine 11 TrintiyNatHealth_FAL11_SIX R.indd 1

11-06-27 2:22 PM



Synergy Join Our Team Today! Account Executive, Guided Synergy Magazine Do you have sales experience? An interest in the Holistic Community? Excellent people skills? Then we have a job for you!

Instructors & Performers Belinda Ward 532-9399 Vikki Potter 539-2137

We are looking for individuals to work from our Grande Prairie and Calgary offices. Please forward all resumes to

ood ender Empower Yourself to Heal

Learn to heal yourself and others through several modalities

Drop-In Healing Circles Individual Healing Sessions Wellness & Corporate Workshops Calendar

Sessions by Appointment Only Call 780-518-9530 to book. For more information visit: • Dates, locations & pricing subject to change. Call, email or check online @ Google Calendar, Facebook and “The Healing” for updates!

Emotional Healing | Energy Work | Quantum Touch | Workshops 12 Fall 2011 Guided Synergy Magazine

Art, clothing, jewelry, crystals, books, tarot, incense and singing bowls to express yourself and all your metaphysical needs.

10024A-100 Ave. Grande Prairie, AB I 780.538.9950

Tastes of Autumn Pumpkin Pie

(wheat-free, egg-free, gluten-free and dairy-free) Ingredients Crust: 1 1/2 cups gluten-free all purpose baking flour 1 teaspoon salt 1/2 cup vegetable oil 2 tablespoons french vanilla soy creamer

Pumpkin Corn Chowder Ingredients 2 cups onion, diced

Pie Filling:

2 cups green pepper diced

2 cups canned pumpkin

2 cups red pepper diced

1 cup french vanilla soy creamer

1/3 cup jalapeno pepper diced

3/4 cup brown sugar

2 tablespoons Spectrum Safflower or Spectrum Canola Oil

1/4 cup cornstarch

4 cups pumpkin peeled and cut into 1/2-inch cubes

1 tablespoon dark corn syrup

2 tablespoons garlic, minced

1 teaspoon ground cinnamon

4 cups Imagine Organic Vegetable Broth

1/2 teaspoon ground ginger

1 pound cut corn (fresh or frozen)

1/2 teaspoon ground nutmeg

1 tablespoon chili powder

1/2 teaspoon salt

1 teaspoon ground cumin

1/8 teaspoon ground cloves

1/2 teaspoon Hain Pure Foods Iodized Sea Salt 1/4 teaspoon black pepper


1 cup Soy Dream Beverage (Original flavor) or milk

Preheat an oven to 425 degrees F (220 degrees C).

1/3 cup freshly chopped cilantro

Stir together all purpose gluten-free flour and 1 teaspoon salt. In a separate bowl, whisk together the vegetable oil and soy creamer until creamy. Pour oil mixture into flour mixture, stir with fork until blended. Pat the crust into the bottom and sides of a 9-inch pie pan. Bake for 15 minutes in preheated oven. Remove and set aside.

1/4 cup freshly chopped parsley

Decrease oven to 350 degrees F (175 degrees C). Place pumpkin, soy creamer, brown sugar, cornstarch, corn syrup, cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, salt, and cloves in a blender. Blend until combined. Pour into prebaked pie crust. Place foil around the edges of the pie crust and bake for 60 minutes or until a knife inserted 1 inch from crust comes out clean. Cool pie on counter for 2 hours then refrigerate overnight before serving.

Directions In a large pot, saute the onion and all of the peppers in Spectrum Safflower or Spectrum Canola Oil 5 minutes to soften. Add the pumpkin and garlic and saute for an additional 5 minutes stirring often. Add the Imagine Organic Vegetable Broth and bring the mixture to a boil. Cover the pot, reduce the heat to low, and simmer for 25-30 minutes or until the pumpkin is just tender. In a food processor (or blender) place 3/4 cups of the cut corn, add 1 cup of the cooking liquid from the pot, and process to form a chunky puree. Add the pureed mixture, the remaining corn, chili powder, cumin, Hain Pure Foods Iodized Sea Salt, and pepper to the pot, and simmer the soup an additional 5 minutes. Add the remaining ingredients and stir well to combine. Recipes provided by Allrecipes,, the world’s largest social networking site for food enthusiasts. Fall 2011 Guided Synergy Magazine 13

Honey is Nature’s Antiseptic

A powerful healing agent H

oney—it’s nothing new. It’s been used medicinally for thousands of years all over the world, especially for the treatment of wounds, burns and skin conditions. Ancient writings record its healing properties. But as the use of antibiotics rose around the Second World War, honey fell by the wayside. Now, though, as more and more bacteria become resistant to antibiotics, renewed interest in this old remedy has led to a number of scientific studies on its medicinal value. Most of these studies support what the ancients knew: Honey is a powerful antiseptic and healing agent. What is it about honey that makes it so useful? First, its acidity and high sugar content deter the growth of microbes. Second, when it comes into contact with body tissue, an enzyme in honey releases hydrogen peroxide, a sanitizing agent. Finally, honey contains compounds that promote healing and tissue growth. As a result, honey has been found to be effective even for chronic wounds that haven’t responded to other treatment. It kills bacteria and reduces infections, pain, swelling, healing times and scarring. And as a bonus, honey doesn’t irritate the skin as some topical antiseptic medications do.

– Written by Susan Fitzgerald Part one of a three-part series on the benefits of honey and pollen recommended by Ginette Paradis, Paradis Valley Honey Ltd.

14 Fall 2011 Guided Synergy Magazine

Reconnective Healing® Schedule your appointment with a trained practitioner.

Parri Ulrich


Reconnective Healing Practitioner™

promotes the sales and marketing of real estate that:

• Preserves natural resources • Protects air and water quality • Produces less toxic pollution/waste • Utilize readily renewable resources • Utilizes recycled materials • Promotes energy conservation • Promotes energy efficiency • Promotes environmental awareness • Reduces annual energy costs • Promotes good design and quality, • Reduce construction associated waste • Uses adaptable materials that can be reused or recycled.

For additional information


An Enlightening Spiritual Journey Unfolds In Waves Of Blue Light

Helps leave the world a better place for future generations

C: 780.933.JANE(5263) P: 1.877.742.1177 F: 1.866.851.8167

Life is never what people expected it to be. Still they yearn to find life’s purpose as they tread on the path to enlightenment. Capturing spiritual essence in prose, pictures and poetry, Waves Of Blue Light reflects the inner journey of M.J. Domet, whose personal experiences have led her to teach others the meaning of enlightenment. Reflecting on the guidance she has received on her path, her honest rendition of her life lovingly invites readers to look into her heart and soul, empowering them to heal their own.


Century 21 Grande Prairie Realty Inc. 10828-100 Street, Grande Prairie, AB T8V 2M8

To purchase copies of the book for resale, please fax Xlibris at 610.915.0294 or call 888.795.4274 x. 7879. Check your local bookstore or visit or About the Author Living on a farm in northern Alberta, Canada, with her husband, M.J. Domet is the mother of two and a grandmother of one. She teaches several spiritual workshops including Reiki and Deep Healing Emotional Energy. Her other passions include riding horses and writing. This is her first book.

Denise Ouellette Certified Dream Coach Holistic Practitioner Reiki Master/Practitioner

 Reiki/Coaching Blend Shamanic Reiki Chakra Clearing Jade Stone Massage/Reiki Combination

Don’t miss the Western Canada book tour sponsored by Guided Synergy Magazine from August through November 2011.

Wellness Life Coaching

 #101 9856 97 Ave Grande Prairie, AB


Host a book launch in your city! Contact Guided Synergy Magazine at 780.538.3150

Reconnect the mind, body & soul WavesofBlueLight.indd 1

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10 Fall 2011 Guided Synergy Magazine

Spring/Summer 2011 Guided Synergy Magazine 11

Balance Vata During the Fall Season Warm yourself from the inside out F

all is a time of change. As the leaves turn their autumn colours and temperatures start to drop, you may find yourself craving warm foods and bringing your heavier sweaters out from the back of your closet. These behaviours are not just due to the change in the weather; the shift in season brings with it an energetic change as well. According to the Ayurvedic healing practice, our very constitutional make-up changes as the seasons do. Thus, we should follow our desire to eat different foods or wear different clothes in order to maintain balance. At this time of year, when the weather is relatively cool and dry, the vata dosha, which is named for the Sanskrit word for “wind” and is connected to the element of air, is more present. When it is in balance, vata increases our creativity and mental

alertness, but when it is out of balance, it can cause anxiety, worry or mental restlessness. So what should we do to keep our constitution in balance as summer turns to fall? As always, Ayurveda focuses on both lifestyle and diet. Every day, warm some oil—olive, almond, sesame and castor oil all work well—and give yourself a self-massage. Pay special attention to your joints. Consume foods that are warm and grounding. Add warm spices to your dishes, such as ginger, nutmeg, cinnamon, cumin, cardamom, horseradish, coriander, garlic, cloves, sea salt and fennel. Fruits such as grapes, olives, avocado, melon, mango, figs, papaya, berries and coconut are suitable. Eat plenty of vegetables, including sweet potato and yam, peas, green beans, beets, artichoke, carrots, peppers, squash and

eggplant. For proteins, focus on fish, eggs, white meat and any type of nut. Relax with comforting drinks such as spiced tea, warm water, warm juices and warm milk or milk alternative. And, of course, a regular yoga and meditation practice will help you stay in balance throughout the year, no matter what the season. Leslie Lovlin is an Ayurvedic spa specialist, wellness counsellor and member of the Natural Health Practitioners of Canada. She has more than a decade of experience as a natural health practitioner. A long-time resident of northern Alberta, Leslie is passionate about educating her clients on the many ways to live a balanced lifestyle. She is the founder of Yemanja Wellness Studio.

♦ Hatha Yoga ♦ Gentle & Stress Reduction Yoga ♦ Group & Personalized Yoga ♦ Customized Classes for Seniors (Small Class Sizes) Tuesday & Thursday 5:30 pm • 7:15 pm Saturday • 10:00 am

Find your confidence, your strength and your flexibility. yogaforeverybody 1_6_1.indd 1

Level 1-III and other modalities • Calgary Sept 30 – Oct 2 • Edmonton Nov 4 – 6 • Grande Prairie Nov 18 – 20

11-07-06 2:06 PM

NINA GART, Director Tel: 604-459-8646

Laurie Marshall, ssyt, iyt

780.518.7291 10108 – 104 Avenue Grande Prairie, AB

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Catch Your World Of Dreams ✴

✴ Kimberly ✴ Astrological Consultations and Guidance Meditation Workshops and Events ✴ Unique one of a kind Gifts and Keepsakes


Believe in the Power of YOU!

Work At Home United your life, your dreams, your business! Looking for entrepreneurs serious about changing their financial future. Mildred Carroll

250.827.3884 • M2SIX.indd 1

11-07-13 4:08 PM

Fill Your Plate (Lose Weight)

Affordable, Family-friendly, Back to Basics: Your Health & Wellness Solution! Evelyn Lemire, Certified Nutrition Wellness Specialist & Coach



Are you... Tired, Stressed, Depressed or just not feeling well? What to do... Quantum Biofeedback A COMPLETE HEALTH ANALYSIS AND BALANCING OF • Vitamin and Mineral Deficiencies • Hormone Imbalances • Toxins/Fungi/Parasites • Allergies/Food Sensitivity • Mental/Emotion Block • ADD/ADHD And so much more!

Serving the Peace Country for 20 years! Niki Lucas, Homeopath/Biofeedback Specialist • 780.296.5373 Co-operators Square building • 320-9804 100th Ave. • Grande Prairie, AB NikiLucas FALL11_SIX.indd 1

11-06-21 10:18 PM

Fall 2011 Guided Synergy Magazine 19


Where we specialize in therapeutic massage. Gift certificates available. Call to book your appointment today!

MASSAGE THERAPY (Assessment & Evaluation) • Relaxation • Therapeutic

Learn to use your whole brain to make quantum leaps in personal development and growth. ync® Hemi-Sshop Work


• Deep Tissue • Pregnancy

• Pain Relief • Stress Relief

• Bowen Therapy • Whole Leaf Teas • Nature’s Sunshine • Reflexology and Products • Biofeedback Testing • Spiritual Consultations • Reiki

HEALTH HINTS Monthly information evenings. First Tuesday of the month at 7 p.m.

Massages are provided by Registered Massage Therapists

Tea Room & Products

Grande Prairie's best selection of whole leaf teas


Monday -Thursday 9-8 p.m. Friday 9-5 p.m. Saturday 9-3 p.m.

Access your right and left brain with Hemi-Sync® in a 2-day workshop and explore the best of both sides of YOU!

Discover YOUR energy and make it work for YOU. Beth also offers individual one-on-one sessions and monthly drop-in meetings at

Experience for yourself what this 2-day workshop will reveal about what lies within you. Discover YOUR energy and make it work for YOU. Hemi-Sync® is a focused, whole-brain state, where the left and right hemispheres get assistance to work together in a state of coherence. Different signals are used to facilitate deep relaxation, focused attention or other desired states. Hemi-Sync® • Allows both hemispheres of your brain to function in symmetry, synchrony, harmony and unity • Peak YOUR human performance • More than 50 years of research • Quantum leap from where most people are operating now • Zen Buddhist monks take decades of meditation practice to achieve the results you will get in 15 minutes

780.402.3292 9506-100 Street Grande Prairie, AB

Sacred Essence It’s All About Love

♦ Colour Energy Workshops Empower Yourself!!! Take the Colour Energy Personality Test. Attain more clarity of yourself, your partner, your family or co-workers.

♦ Guided Meditation Awaken your spirit with the sound and vibration of the unique singing Crystal Bowls.

♦ Healing Circles (drop in) Experience energertic shifts that can lead to emotional & physical healing.

♦ Quantum Touch Accelerate the healing process. Learn how to activate your body to heal itself.

Check website calendar for dates, times, locations.

Ongoing Workshops & Personal Healing Sessions

Leanne VanWagner

Intuitive Healer Color Energy™ Consultant, Reikimaster Teacher, Chakra Balancing, Certified Life Coach, Quantum Touch Instructor

Visit for more information

780.882.2584 ♦ l 403.973.8124

Your Beaverlodge & Elmworth Connection

Come visit the cabin in the woods

20 Fall 2011 Guided Synergy Magazine Haley's CometFALL11 half.indd 1

11-07-13 SACRED 6:37 PM ESSENCE_FALL11_QRTR.indd 1

11-07-06 3:41 PM

Dr. Brett Hessel, Chiropractor

Getting to the Sole of Pain T

How foot dysfunction affects our bodies

he first patient I saw as a newly minted chiropractic intern was a middleaged woman with severe headaches. After a thorough physical exam, I diagnosed a dysfunction in the upper cervical facet joints (located in the neck) as the cause. I proudly presented my exam results and diagnosis to my senior clinician for approval before starting treatment.

What is pronation?

After patiently listening to my presentation, he asked if I had assessed the patient’s foot function. Confused, I answered no. She had headaches, not foot pain. He bluntly told me that headaches and neck dysfunction are sometimes only a symptom of an underlying, and seemingly unrelated, problem.

Supination, also known as underpronation, is the opposite to pronation where the feet don't roll inward enough. Wearing the wrong type of shoe will lead to painful shins and joints, or even injury.

So we checked the woman’s feet. They were very flat, which affected her posture and gave her an abnormal gait. This created mechanical problems that ultimately caused her headaches. Once we treated her feet, her headaches improved significantly. To this day, I regularly check my patients’ feet to look for any hidden causes behind their symptoms. One of the most common foot dysfunctions I see in my practice—and one that up to 68 percent of the population suffers from to some degree—is overpronation. Overpronation means that your foot flattens excessively when you are walking. There are various reasons why this can happen, so a full assessment is recommended to identify the specific causes. A frequent reason for overpronation is tight calf muscles. When your calf muscles are tight, your ankles don’t move through their full range of motion. This can cause a chain reaction of problems. You may compensate by turning your feet out, or “toeing out,” in order to improve ankle motion. Unfortunately, this generates a lot of stress in your foot, which can contribute to increased pronation, bunions and calluses. Toeing out can also increase pressure on the inside of your knee, causing pain. Your knee can rotate inwards, making you appear knocked-kneed, and over time this can lead to excessive wear of your knee joint.

Pronation is the inward (medial) roll of the foot and in particular the heel and arch which occurs naturally at the heel strike as a cushioning mechanism. Overpronation is when the feet roll inward too much.

– Source:

Together, toeing out and inward knee rotation can make your hips rotate outward, causing tight hip muscles, hip pain or leg pain. If one hip rotates outwards, that leg may appear shorter than the other, and if the difference in length is great enough, your back may try to compensate, causing back pain. Even though overpronation and poor ankle motion might not be painful, they can trigger a number of problems and have a negative effect on your quality of life. The first step, then, is to identify the nature of the dysfunction. Restoring normal function to your ankle and foot can go a long way to improving problems in other parts of your body. A pioneer in the treatment of foot problems was Mahlon Locke, a medical doctor who practiced in small-town Ontario in the 1930s. Dr. Locke believed that many cases of arthritis were due to fallen arches, and that specific manipulation of the foot

joints could reduce arthritis and joint pain. He felt that restoring normal foot motion created a chain reaction of improvement. He used arch supports, special shoes, medications and physical therapy to help restore the arches. His results were so amazing that he regularly treated 200 to 300 patients a day. Today, a number of practitioners— chiropractors, massage therapists, reflexologists, podiatrists, chiropodists, physiotherapists and medical doctors— can all help restore normal foot function. Techniques such as yoga and osteopathy and simple practical approaches such as wearing proper footwear and regular stretching can also significantly improve the function of our feet. In our quest to treat the body holistically, we should look for the cause of the pain, rather than just treating the symptoms. A careful assessment of our feet and how they affect the function of t h e rest of our body is a good place to start. Brett Hessel, DC, CAFCI, graduated from the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College in Toronto and the Acupuncture Foundation of Canada Institute (AFCI) for medical acupuncture. Brett has also trained with the AFCI for traditional Chinese medicine and with the China Shanghai International Acupuncture Training Centre. Brett and his wife, Jennifer, currently operate the Grimshaw Chiropractic Care Centre in Grimshaw, Alberta, and the Northwest Wellness Centre in Grande Prairie, Alberta.

Fall 2011 Guided Synergy Magazine 21



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Download and install a free QR Code reader for your mobile device.

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1. Open the QR Code reader 2. Take a picture or scan the QR Code with your mobile device 3. QR code will take you to


cti onne itual C A SpTEir RVIEW WITH lin IN ense AN P n Gudru

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ME 201 VOLU NUARY 3 TIL JA Magazine AY UN d Synergy DISPL Fall 2011 Guide


An ad campaign that fits your budget is good business sense.

BOOK NOW FOR WINTER Deadline: November 1, 2011

Spiritual and Medium Readings  Certified Life Coaches in: • Emotional, Mental, and Spiritual Matters • Help with Work and Business Related Decisions

• Traumatic Childhood Memories Physical and Nutritional Training  Spirit Paintings  Third Degree Reiki Practitioners 

Pat 780.897.5507 Bryce 780.897.6969

Counselling Solutions

Tending the Roots of your Well Being

“Connecting Mind, Body & Spirit Together as One”

Trinity Readings

In Person • Get Togethers • By Phone

Spirit Stone

Spiritual support for yourself or friends to guide you through the transition of change. Shipping available in North America. To order stones please contact Tracy.

Tracy Kosolofski 780.933.2370 780.532.2370

Professional Counselling and Hypnotherapy       

personal transition/transformation anxiety/depression stress reduction/relaxation chronic pain/fibromyalgia/IBS sleep disorders grief addictions

Video counselling available

780.296.1312 Joanna Moen

Counselling Therapist, B.Ed., M. Couns Psy., CCHT

Professional Confidential Effective Safe

If you desire to create positive changes...

22 Fall 2011 Guided Synergy Magazine Counselling Solutions.indd 1

11-06-22 9:46 PM

Gwen Randall-Young


Gwen Randall-Young, Psychologist

Honouring Spirit

It may be time to check in with your soul

ealth consciousness has gone mainstream. You can scarcely open a magazine or newspaper without seeing an article about things that affect your health, whether negatively or positively. The field of alternative health is rapidly expanding and is no longer so “alternative.” For many, healthy living has moved beyond just eating well to a complete lifestyle. Some are looking even further, to anti-aging. We want to live longer, feel better and look great for as long as we can. This is all good. We are learning to honour and care for the bodymind. However, no matter what we do, our journey through this lifetime continues. Despite all our care and planning, time brings changes. If we identify primarily with our bodymind, we may be thrown off by these changes. There is more to us than our body and mind. We are also spirit. Perhaps we need to increase our emphasis on that part of our being, in addition to the physical. If, instead of focusing completely on the physical, we identify more strongly with spirit, we may scarcely be aware of changes to our physical or mental abilities. In fact, it may be that a lively spirit keeps the body younger and the mind more active. Those individuals who seem truly ageless are the ones who allow their spirits to explore. Like curious puppies, they know that there is always something interesting around the next corner. Just as it is vital that we feed the body, it is important that we feed the spirit, give it space to roam freely and allow it to take the lead more often. With age, our soul becomes more deeply aware of itself. As a child grows, selfawareness gradually develops away from egocentricity and towards awareness of self-in-world. The back yard that was once the child’s whole “outside world” loses significance as a wider world opens up.

As we age and soul awareness grows, there is a similar shift away from self-inworld towards spirit-in-eternity. There is a profound letting go of the old world, of a more limited way of seeing things. Like the back yard, this Earth loses significance as we catch glimpses of yet another world beyond the familiar. Just as there are those who are reluctant to venture far from the security and familiarity of their own back yard, so there are those who cling to the security of the physical world, fearful of the unknown beyond. But it is important to pay as much attention to our spiritual health as to our physical wellbeing. When we are aligned with spirit, it is not such a big deal when the body begins to change and our lives shift to a stage of less “doing” and more “being.” Spiritual health, however, is not just for those who have plenty of life experience and maturity. It is important throughout life. When we look upon a newborn as a precious soul who has just happened to manifest in a tiny body, we are honouring that soul. When we teach our children that we are all part of something much bigger, more profound than we can even imagine, we open their hearts and mind to the world beyond computer games and all that they see around them. Awareness of the big Spirit, or the oneness that holds us all, allows us to move beyond the limited world of ego. And it brings responsibility; it humbles us and encourages us to honour others. If we find ourselves caught up in the busyness of life, stressed out, in conflict with others or simply unsatisfied with our lives, these are signs that we have been neglecting our spirit. The well of ego constantly needs refilling. The well of spirit is endless, abundant, nurturing. Have you checked in with your spirit lately? It just might be time. Gwen Randall-Young is an author and award-winning psychotherapist in private practice in Sherwood Park, Alberta. Fall 2011 Guided Synergy Magazine 23

Presented by

Pure Potentials Wellness Inc.

New Roots Herbal’s CHILL PILLS promote wakeful relaxation by increasing alpha wave production. CHILL PILLS also provide quick and effective support for the nervous system and reduce the physiological effects of extreme stress such as anxiety, nervousness and the fight or flight response. CHILL PILLS provide your body with the essential nutrients it needs to relieve stress without any of the side effects common to prescription drugs. Try CHILL PILLS and start facing the day with a smile.

Prairie Mall 780.539.4339 1.877.539.4339

One Day Tradeshow & Conference Saturday Sept 10, 2011

Health Hut_FAL11_QRTR.indd 1


11-06-21 2:05 PM


16615 - 109 Ave, Edmonton, AB


9 a.m. - 6 p.m. Doors open at 9 a.m.

Tickets: $15 Call or book online



Join us for this amazing one day event!

We have over 80 fabulous exhibitors. Take in some of the exciting workshops offered - Including “The 4 Key Steps to Rebalancing Your Life” with Chopra Certified Teacher Jacki McLenaghan.

Jacki McLenaghan

Founder, Pure Potentials Wellness Inc.

First 500 people receive a grab bag and their name entered in a draw for a chance to win one of two complete wellness retreat packages – Including overnight stay at the Juniper Hotel & Bistro (Value of $1,200)

Wellness Inc.

24 Fall 2011 Guided Synergy Magazine Pure PotentialsFALL11 1/2.indd 1

11-07-11 11:43 AM


NOVEMBER 1, 2011 Contact

Healing your Spirit with Colour Discover the rainbow of energy C

lose your eyes and imagine that it’s a warm summer day. You’re walking barefoot through a forest. Dappled sunlight filters through the leaves of the trees. Inhale the warm essence of the forest. As you wander the path, you feel the urge to sit down and be enveloped by the woodsy energy—and perhaps have a nap. Now follow that path out of the forest into an open meadow. You step into the bright yellow-and-white sunlight. Do you feel a different energy? Are you invigorated? No nap here!


Root chakra: body/physical intelligence


Sacral chakra: social/creative intelligence


Solar plexus chakra: knowledge/mental intelligence


Heart chakra: empathy/feeling intelligence


The energy that you’re feeling in your imagination is colour energy.

Throat chakra: communication/leadership intelligence

Colour is part of the electromagnetic spectrum—it’s energy that we can see. Each colour produces a unique frequency of energy. How these frequencies affect our physical, mental and emotional states is the subject of colour energy theory.

Brow chakra: fantasy/intuitive intelligence

In the book Colour Energy, Inger Naess explains how colour influences our energy level, relationships, sex life, health issues, profession, finances, and so on. Inger describes the seven levels of colour intelligence as aligned by our chakra system. See chart. We should strive for balance on all levels. Our body wants to be in balance and tells us what is required for healing (although sometimes we don’t get the message). We are made up of energy, so it makes sense to look at this aspect in our quest for balance. About six years ago I was diagnosed with an anxiety disorder. At the time I was quite relieved to find out that there was something I could do to deal with the sometimes overwhelming feelings of panic and anxiety. I started taking Celexa, which alleviated some of the symptoms some of the time.

Indigo Violet

Crown chakra: visual/spiritual intelligence

of a women’s shelter. As the participants become aware of the colours in their own personalities and those of the other group members, there was an energetic shift in how they related to each other. Clarity and understanding evolved and they began communicating from a different perspective. We know what kinds of things we can do to achieve balance mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. But ask yourself this: What are you doing for yourself energetically? A lifelong resident of the Peace River Country, Leanne Van Wagner has discovered miracles, transformation, change, wonder and peace in every area of her life by following a holistic path with grace and ease. Leanne is a Reiki master teacher, quantum touch practitioner, Color Energy™ facilitator, certified life coach and intuitive healer and is the founder of Sacred Essence.

The results showed that the highest colour in my colour blueprint is violet. I soon learned to recognize that when my violet energy is out of whack, I’m stricken with panic and anxiety. I can now deal with my “disorder” simply by bringing in more of a different colour energy or lessening the violet ray in order to restore balance. I’ve been off the anxiety medication for over two years now. It’s so empowering to know that I am in charge of my own healing, that I can make my own changes and my own choices. In my work, I have seen the effects of colour energy on group dynamics. I recently did a colour energy workshop with six employees, a supervisor and a manager

Then, in the spring of 2009, out of curiosity I attended a colour energy workshop— unaware of just how profoundly it would change my life. Taking the Colour Energy Personality Test not only introduced me to a new modality, it opened up a world of new possibilities for me. Fall 2011 Guided Synergy Magazine 25

empowering you to live your best life!

Join Brenda at the

Experience the Peace Holistic Conference & Retreat

She is leading a ‘Gifts from Within’ Workshop on Saturday, October 15 where you will learn three simple principles to help you achieve extraordinary outcomes in your life. Brenda is also the keynote speaker for lunch delivering her inspiring ‘Awakening the Dreamer, Changing the Dream’, a transformative educational experience that empowers participants to respond to humanity’s current situation with action and informed, grounded optimism about our future.

Personal Success Coaching is an investment in yourself, to create the life you desire Transformational coaching is really about giving you the tools for living a better life. We all strive for success in different areas of our lives, whether it be personal or professional. Sometimes obstacles – change, circumstances, even confidence – can serve as roadblocks to reaching our potential. Brenda’s role as your coach is to empower you to identify your goals and values, help you formulate a plan for success, provide motivation and objectivity and hold you accountable to your vision. She will be your guide… a stepping stone… to help you change the very behaviours holding you back from reaching your full potential. And she’ll be your greatest ally! Brenda offers different levels of coaching packages, tailored for your schedule, requirements and budget. Contact Brenda today to create your plan for success.

Inspired Awareness |

6 one-hour sessions

Ideally two sessions per month, plus additional support that includes unlimited telephone and email access, with a 72 hour response time, to your coach.

Empowered Growth |

12 one-hour sessions

Ideally two sessions per month, plus additional support that includes unlimited telephone and email access, with a 72 hour response time, to your coach.

Success Now! |

24 one-hour sessions

Ideally two sessions per month, plus additional support that includes unlimited telephone and email access, with a 72 hour response time, to your coach.

Contact Brenda today to discover how can help you create your best life. 26 Fall 2011she Guided Synergy Magazine

What people are saying... “Brenda is a wonderful woman and an awesome coach! I was blocking myself from a BIG goal I want to achieve in life, allowing my fear to stop me. I worked with

Brenda for a few minutes and she got to the bottom of the fear. She helped me work through it and then put a positive emotion in its place. I highly recommend Brenda to anyone who is looking for a coach who can help them uncover and resolve their issues and achieve success.

- Cybil Smith coached by Brenda in 2011

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Tanis McRae, BEd, Intutitive Healer

Releasing Guilt and Worry Focus on the amazing moments of NOW

or many of us, guilt and worry are the main causes of stress and ill health. We are wracked with guilt over experiences that happened years ago, and we spend a great deal of time and energy worrying about the future. Finding a way to alleviate both of these insidious emotions would singlehandedly improve our health. In order to heal things that have happened in the past, we must be aware that all healing occurs in the eternal moment of now. Emotions cannot be remembered or anticipated; they can only be experienced in the moment of now. If an incident in your past still makes you angry, sad or hurt, then it exists not in the past for you, but in the moment of now.

The good news is that because you still have emotions around this experience, you can heal its effects. When you resolve the emotions and integrate the experience, you disassociate from the feeling. Then, when you recall the experience, you remember the details but are no longer affected by the emotions. However, unlike other emotions, guilt and worry do not exist in the moment of now. Guilt is felt over something you have already done or not done—it is a consequence of a decision that you made in the past. The only way to alleviate the guilt would be to change the experience itself and that, of course, is impossible at this point. The consequence has occurred and life has carried on. You can make reparation or apologize, but you cannot change your original decision. I say guilt is like trying to catch a fish after you have left the river. Guilt cannot be resolved in the moment of now because it does not exist there. And because we only have the moment of now, guilt is really an illusion. This means we are constantly trying to resolve something that does not exist. The same is true for worry. When you worry, you try to solve problems that aren’t here yet, to anticipate a scenario and prepare yourself for the emotions around it. However, the experience will occur or it won’t, and, if it does, you will feel those emotions whether or not you’ve spent time worrying about the possibility beforehand. I say worry is like trying to catch the fish before you get to the river.

Like guilt, worry does not exist in the moment of now. When we worry, we are in an illusion, anticipating an event that hasn’t happened yet—and might not ever happen. We spend our energy worrying about the possibility and cause ourselves undue hardship. Once again, trying to resolve or heal an illusion is impossible. Both guilt and worry exist only in the brain. The brain is the only place that the past and the future exist—everywhere else it is only now. So if guilt and worry do not exist in the moment of now, how do we move through and release them? The best strategy for staying out of the illusion of guilt is to ask yourself, “Is there anything I can do right now that will help me resolve how I feel around this incident?” If there is, do it! If there isn’t, then forgive yourself, make a commitment to choose differently next time the situation appears and move on. For worry, I have found it very helpful to send a different energy to the thought that is forming in my head. If I find myself worrying, I stop myself from imagining negative outcomes and instead surround the person or situation with a pink light (which represents love to me). Then I tell myself that no matter what happens I am strong enough to handle it and give myself permission to think about something else. In this way, I begin the process of retraining my brain to send positive rather than negative energy. Both of these strategies have been very successful for me. I can now recognize the energy we call guilt and worry and move out of them with ease. I can get out of my head and take in all those amazing moments of now. Tanis McRae, BEd, Intuitive Healer, is passionate about teaching people how to heal themselves. In addition to Tanis’ professional teaching background, she has numerous certifications including Reiki, spiritual psychology, facial reflexology, quantum touch and energy therapy. She is the owner of The Healing I in Grande Prairie, Alberta. Fall 2011 Guided Synergy Magazine 27



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Danny & Ginette Paradis

 Natural honey is an excellent antibacterial

 Honey helps wounds heal faster

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By consuming honey & pollen, you are supporting beekeepers whose bees pollenate the crops that feed the world.

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“I see her as a healer and friend to those around her and the Earth itself, and am constantly inspired to strengthen my own commitment to living a life based in Love, and the singular dedication to the much needed healing of this Earth and its people.” – Lana Schramm


SERVICES OFFERED: • Complete Health Assessment • Herbal Medicine • Reflexology • Bach Flower Remedies/ Therapy • Light-/Colour Therapy • Iridology • Sclerology • Biofeedback (Bio-Pulsar Reflexograph)


All workshops held in Grande Prairie, AB and surrounding area


OUR BODY – THE BIGGER PICTURE Movie Night with health related topics: First Tuesday of every month September 6, October 4, November 1 and December 6, 7-9:30 pm

INSTRUCTOR: Gudrun Penselin, M.Ed., M.Phys.Ed, Clinical Herbal Therapist, Certified Reflexologist, Bach Flower Practitioner, Certified Iridologist, Sclerologist, Light & Colour Therapist. Gudrun is available for speaking and teaching engagements.

UNFOLD TO YOUR FULL POTENTIAL Introduction to Bach Flowers  September 10 & 11, 9 am – 5 pm

Over 25 years of experience as a practitioner and teacher. Author and publisher of “Bach Flowers Unfolding”

TAKING STRESS REDUCTION INTO YOUR OWN HANDS Introduction to EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) September 12, 6:30 – 9:30 pm

WORKSHOPS/COURSES are offered on a continuous basis in any of the healing modalities listed. All classes are experiential and interactive with a focus on relevancy, practicality and fun.

HEALING FROM THE RAINBOW Introduction to Light & Colour Therapy  October 26, 6:30 – 9:30 pm HANDS ON FEET Reflexology for Beginners and Advanced Students  November 4, 3-9 pm; November 5 & 6, 9 am – 5 pm

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Love Yourself, Heal Your Life! ® Workshop based on the philosophies of Louise L. Hay

Transforming your thoughts and life through: · Magic of Mirror Work · Forgiveness · Inner Child Healing · Affirmations

Affirmations to Empower You! In this workshop you will experience the Wish® and transform your thinking to manifest the life you deserve!

Heal Your Life! ® Life Coach Based on the philosophies of Louise L. Hay

One-to-one consultations to guide you into making positive life changes! This is an action and solution oriented process.

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Leslie Lovlin Certified Ayurvedic & Panchakarma Specialist

Cooking and Nutrition Classes Panchakarma Detox Therapy Vedic Astrology Readings Ayurvedic Massage & Spa Treatments Ayurvedic Life Skills Consulting

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Ayurveda is one of the most important global systems of natural body-mind medicine. Fall 2011 Guided Synergy Magazine 3

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