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Since Apple OSX Lion it's dire! We have TWO Apple's, a MacBook Pro and a 24" iMac for our small company. We sang the praises of Apple for over THREE years. We bought them in Spain and took them back to the UK for a year. Since Lion we have had nothing but problems. We came to China with the MacBook Pro and were going to buy another, but instead bought a Sony Vaio. WHY? The MacBook Pro became unusable and had to be restored. The Time Machine backups didn't work as the last one was corrupt. Why was it corrupt? Because the HDD filled up with who knows what. We deleted all the files and should have had 150 Gb free, but NOTHING was free. It seems to be a documented problem on the Apple forum. It's the same for our 2 Tb external drive. Apple's file system is in my opinion flawed. Until that's fixed we will NOT be buying another Apple. Furthermore, I would NOT recommend any organisation to go through what we have been through. Several month's later we still haven't recovered all our emails! Also, I had to rebuild the MacBook from scratch, which you expect with MS, but don't expect with Apple. I posted a blog on the Apple site as I wanted help, but none was forthcoming. I don't think users with small numbers of files will get this problem, but we have 15 years worth of data and move it round a lot. I think that causes problems, as we ended up not having permission to open our own data! How ridiculous can you get? Finally, there is a bug in Apple's Mail, since every time you paste text in, it shoots it to anywhere that you don't want it and it takes 5 minutes to get it into the correct place, sometimes having to retype it. Also, with Lion, you have in some instance twice as many keystrokes as with Snow Leopard to get to where you need to be. That is NOT progress! The idea should be that staff have greater productivity, but with the new Lion Apple OS and the latest Mail update, our productivity has gone down to a fraction of what it was. No, Apple, in my opinion, is now NOT for even smaller organisations. I am now retired and sick of all the hassle with Apple. Such a shame that they lost the plot with their latest OS! My reply to a PC PRO article was dated Saturday Feb 4 7 people out of 10 found this comment useful.

Since Apple OSX Lion it's dire!  

Our disappointment with Apple's latest OSX called LION.

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