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About us? A few years ago, Guest Music was born with the desire to encourage and deliver any live music event wherever necessary, betting on the quality and closeness of our artists and collaborate with the spreading of culture. Now, thanks to your confidence and our care to do things well done, we grow and we want to let you know GUEST MUSIC EVENTS. With this expansion of our platform we have the enthusiasm, drive and seriousness that characterize us to offer you new services that will surely make your celebrations unique and unrepeatable.

Catering, private rooms -small and large-, rooms in hotels, restaurants, musicians, entertainers, ... We have professionals who offer the most appropriate gastronomy for each event and with the ideal spaces to develop all kinds of parties. We offer our services to get the exclusivity of your celebration. The possibilities are endless and that is why we take care of all the details to make a different and unforgettable party and that day is as you had imagined: designing it in a totally personalized way, thinking at all times of the guests.

Catering Not only do we not comply with the highest quality of the product and service, but we simmer the styling and adaptation of the elements in the same environment, customizing the catering service to each celebration and taking into account that before the pleasure comes the sense of sight.

Rooms Huge places for a big celebration, smaller for more family gatherings, hotel or restaurant rooms where you will be very comfortable and feel at home ... These spaces are a summary of the main places where we work. Do not hesitate to contact us and Guest Music Events will just inform you of the possibilities for a special day.

Artists, musicians, groups ... We consider this to be our main asset: a long list of artists and formations that collaborate with us, some permanently, others punctually or even formations created specifically to respond to a specific musical demand. All this allows us to offer alternatives to any project, budget and circumstance: groups and musicians, some very consolidated and with a very recognized trajectory, and others still emerging, but all with a proven training and musical quality.

Celebrations Family events (communions, weddings, wedding anniversaries, ...)

We want to help in the organization of an unprecedented day that you want to remember full of magic and emotion, without neglecting originality, creativity and an updated design to our days. We have unique spaces made for you, catering menus created especially for you, floral decoration and our music. We work with musicians, dancers, groups, entertainers ... ask us and we will get them for you!

Celebrations Birthday of the 15 years old, of the 18, the 40, ...

We provide everything you need to make this anniversary really special. You have just to be longing to having a great time, we take care of the rest. Guest Music Events guarantees you a result that you will not forget. You will only have to be aware of your guests and think of a good desire when blowing the candles! Congratulations!!

Celebrations Birthdays and children’s parties

As content and pedagogical activities creators we offer both recreational and festive as well as cultural activities for the smallest of the family. We help you to celebrate very funny birthday parties, with joy and desire to have fun! Share a cake, snacks and drinks with family and friends. Live the moment, receive hugs, congratulations and enjoy the opportunity to dance with our music or laugh with our entertainers. Not every day is birthday, take advantage and celebrate it with Guest Music Events. Activities, attractions or shows, will make an unforgettable day that you wish it will not end.

Celebrations Surprise and themed parties

A special day is coming and there is Guest Music Events to help you out. Medieval? Halloween? Carnival? We get you everything you need for these celebrations: costumes of fear, of gentlemen, witches or ghosts!, a unique photocall where guests can show their best smile, the decoration specially designed for the occasion, makeup artists to cheer the party, a very very terrifying catering that you may not dare to try, and to liven up the atmosphere, a different music with our professionals.

Celebrations Retirement parties

A tribute to the person who retires and to his professional career is the act that we organize with love and joy. We look for a room according to your needs, we decorate it with great care, we offer you a special catering and we accompany it with some background musicians or, for the most fun-loving, with a group and ... to dance!

Celebrations Graduation Parties (degrees, university career end, ...)

At last, it’s time to graduate and we will help you with all the details for a perfect Graduation party. We will take care of offering everything you need to make it a success. You can choose from a long list of places, types of music and catering adapted to all the pockets, and from there your only concern will be to enjoy the party. We make sure it will be intense and full of emotions!

Companies Breakfast / Lunch / Summer Dinners, Christmas...

We have a range of proposals for this type of meeting with menus adapted to any budget. From a Christmas breakfast in one of your rooms without moving from work, to an informal dinner with a catering according to you on a summer terrace, or a meal set in a local or restaurant enjoying a background orchestra.

Companies Inaugurations business

The big day has arrived! Relaxed! Guest Music Events will help you to make this new stage a great start. Imagine your guests entering a red carpet and a group of musicians receiving them at the jazz rhythm or a magic showman waiting to surprise them, spectacular cocktails, a small tasting of products or a great cake with the logo of the company. These are just some proposals to present your business to future customers. We think which is the most suitable, and now there is only the opening of doors!

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