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HEY BUD, how’s growing?it Blooms + Flora specializes in creating unique, garden-inspired floral arrangements using the freshest of ingredients, sourcing locally, and seasonally whenever possible. For gifts, consider picking up locally-made, fairtrade home decor pieces, candles or gift baskets for anyone on your list. @bloomsandfloraCONNECT

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Guelph Chamber Commerce HOME

When I think of the word home, so many things pop into my mind. I think of the beautiful city of Guelph that I was raised in, and have the privilege to continue to live, work, and play in. I think of my family and my friends, I think of the many evenings I’ve spent cheering on our local sports teams, I think of the incredible people who make up our vibrant community, and of course, I think of the diverse and resilient businesses who have planted their roots here.

As we release our inaugural issue of our new digital member magazine, I want to thank you for popping by. We look forward to releasing quarterly editions of acorn online to tell the stories of local businesses in our community and to profile our members. As businesses in Guelph continue to grow and innovate, we can’t wait to share the people, the stories, the challenges, and the successes of the diverse set of businesses, from all sizes and sectors, who make our community a home. Grab a coffee, or something stronger, and enjoy reading about some fine Guelph businesses. - Shakiba Shayani President & CEO, Guelph Chamber of Commerce TO MEMBER MAGAZINE.

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THE CABIN OFFICE COMPANY Guelph Chamber of Commerce Magazine - HOME issue

Photo credit: The Cabin Office Company @thecabinofficeCONNECT

Whether it’s a backyard office, a home gym, an artist studio or a bunkie -The Cabin Office Company is helping you eliminate your commute and support sustainability in Guelph.


During the COVID 19 pandemic, Steve Reid had an epiphany. After 15 years of consulting in the engineering sector, he realized he was losing his passion for the field and was ready for something new. At the time, Steve was working from home and though he loved the flexibility, these arrangements came with their own challenges. With three young children at home, it was hard to find quiet space to work. Recognizing he wanted to continue to work from home but needed more space, Steve decided to build a fully furnished, residential grade office space in his backyard. Little did he know that this idea was solving a problem that many others in Guelph were facing. By April 2020 Steve had quit his full-time job and began building the very room he sat in for this interview. With the help of the Guelph-Wellington Business Centre, he set up a website, did some market research, and The Cabin Office Company was officially open for business. They had their first customer in August 2020 and the space was ready to show by October.




The company has a focus on longevity, but aesthetics are always top of mind. They use mostly natural products, and pine shiplap is their standard interior finish. The windows are high quality residential grade, and the exterior is usually done in wood but they recommend a metal siding if its facing a fence or property line. With heated flooring and some units even plumbed for water, these cabins are also a very convenient getaway. “Kids love having sleepovers there and if your guests are ok with climbing a ladder, it’s a peaceful guest house option.”

The Cabin Office Company builds office space, bunkies, guest rooms, home gyms, and backyard garden suites. Options include heated flooring as well as mini-split heating and cooling units for year-round comfort. Steve Reid said it takes about two weeks to build a single unit. In addition, The Cabin Office team has started to explore prefabricated units at their shop to help alleviate some of the time constraints that come with building during winter conditions and also allow the company to expand the range of their customer base.

The success of the Cabin Office Company reflects the adage “When you solve your problem, there’s a good chance you are solving the problem for others as well.” A cabin office can provide the best of both worlds. The flexibility of working from home, with the privacy and space needed to be efficient. Little did Steve know that his idea would resonate with so many others trying to navigate the new world of work where remote arrangements are becoming a common phenomenon.

q q THE CABIN OFFICE COMPANY Guelph Chamber of Commerce Magazine - HOME issue

In the first year of business, The Cabin Office Company built four units with Steve doing a lot of the work himself. Fast forward to almost two years later, and the company has expanded to hire four field crew, a full-time project coordinator, and designer. Steve still enjoys the flexibility of now being a work-from-cabin business owner and can’t believe how much the business has grown in such a short time.

The flexibility of working from home, with the privacy and space needed to be efficient.

Photo credit: Unsplash We sit down with Jeff Buisman to talk about Van Harten Surveying Inc., Guelph and how best to enjoy the view.

That same confidence, hard work, and determination has grown the reputation and client base of Van Harten over the years. When asked what things a homeowner needs to know before they reach out for a survey, Jeff answers “They need to understand ‘why’”. He expands, “What is it you want to do? Do you want to put up a fence, a building, split a property? Is it because you have a real estate deal? There is a lot of information in surveying, planning, and severing that is not easily understandable to the lay person, so we try hard to present it as clearly as possible. Communication is important.”

Jeff has gained a reputation of doing such a good job at this, that he now charges people for time to discuss severances. “I’m booked for two weeks solid.” His expertise and valuable Guelph Chamber of Commerce Magazine - HOME issue says....

Jeff tells another story about the founder of Van Harten who was asked to survey what was once the Eaton Centre, now known as Old Quebec Street Mall. “It was tough, but he was confident he could do it. It was during the recession, and he probably did around 30 reference plans for that project. It carried him through the recession.”

Literally I’m on the sidewalk. There was someone waiting for a bus and here I come out of the ground”, he chuckles to himself.


When longtime Guelph Chamber member, Jeff Buisman sits down to talk about Van Harten Surveying Inc., he has the enthusiasm of a kid with the professionalism of a leader in the Bestindustry.knownfor

surveying, Van Harten Surveying Inc. began in 1967 and has since grown into a team of over 70 people with 15 field crews over three offices - and expanding to include planning and engineering services. In a business based on accuracy, precision, and data, I was surprised at how creative, flexible, and adaptable this company can be. In our brief conversation, Jeff told story after story of extreme requests made by clients, and Jeff’s team meeting each challenge, which always led to another great story. While regaling me of a client that needed a survey of the roofs of some old factory buildings to put solar panels up (green wink to you, Guelph), he is reminded of one of the many, very cool projects at the University of Guelph that Van Harten has worked on. “Don’t quote me on the number, but they have several kilometres of service tunnels that go to various buildings, including heating, and a lot of these tunnels are walkable. I saw a ladder going up, and a latch at the top. I opened the latch and found myself outside. I was right where the buses parked.


@VanHartenSurveyCONNECT guidance through this tricky process, the costs involved, and the timelines, is a worthwhile investment for any client. When talking about pandemic implications to the business, Jeff says that they were, and still are, swamped with work. “Two years before COVID I could have done it in three weeks, now, I’d be happy for a survey in two months.” With clients like the University of Guelph, City of Guelph, Region of Waterloo, Hydro One, and many well-known builders, it’s no wonder Van Harten is so busy. With more and more people working from home during the pandemic, Van Harten saw a rise in business alongside the rise in real estate activity. “People were moving out of the city and needed a survey to sell or to buy.” With things moving online, Van Harten saw an opportunity to better connect with clients. Being able to share screens with clients means you can share information more easily and in real time. “It’s given us the ability to communicate more effectively with Whenclients.”asked what Jeff would like clients and potential clients to know, he responded with “I’d love the clients to know that we’re working hard to serve you well, to provide a good survey and solutions to challenges, and to give you appropriate advice.” It is precisely this kind of advice that is so valuable with zoning bylaws changing in the city of Guelph. However, Jeff says the changes he sees are good ones. “They are dealing with the weaknesses of the existing bylaws, and they are responding to the Ontario government policy. It’s important to make zoning flexible.”

Guelph Chamber of Commerce Magazine - HOME issue VAN HARTEN SURVEYING INC.


When asked about uniquely Guelph issues in the business, Jeff quickly shares an old graphic. He explains that in the 1970’s the City wanted to protect the view to the Church of Our Lady, and that view was very specific. It had to be the bottom of the rose window in the front, had to include certain elevations, and starting points, which they then had to interpret. I’d heard tales that there can’t be buildings made taller than the Church but in fact, the height restrictions are there to protect the view of the Church, so that everyone can have an opportunity to enjoy the view of the Church from different points of OnGuelph.asidenote, whenever I drive in from Toronto or back from the cottage, I too love seeing the Church of Our Lady. Though I don’t attend, it certainly feels very Guelph. Somehow that landmark feels like a message saying, ‘you’re home’. Although I could easily sit and listen to Jeff tell me more about underground tunnels and interesting projects, I had one more question for “Dohim.fences make good neighbours” I asked? “Yeah, fences do make good neighbours”, Jeff replied. q


Smells Successlike

Light a candle with us while we sit down with Kristy, owner of The Scented Market, to talk shoppe. It was 2020 and Kristy’s second business, The Scented Market, had been taking up more of her time. What began as a crusade to use healthier, more natural products in her own home, grew to an Etsy store run from her garage. She started creating her own candles which flourished into self-care line. “I was working 18-hour days in the garage and I was travelling and doing trade shows. When the pandemic hit I had a major pivot to rethink my brand.”

credit: The Scented Market 8

Quickly outgrowing her garage space, Kristy purchased her first commercial building on Edinburgh Road. “We had a grand opening in September 2020 and safely put through hundreds of people that first day.” Guelph showed up to support local and small business. The Scented Market now has four retail stores and wholesalers across Canada. “Guelph is where we manufacture all of our products that go to any of our retail stores across Canada, and we ship our products all over the world.” Kristy’s positive energy drove her business throughout the pandemic. “I try to live my life, both personally and professionally, KRISTY OWNERMILLER,OF Chamber

Leaning into her success, Kristy doubled her efforts on social media and built a commerce website “My business blew up during the pandemic.” With more people stuck at home, the more people were feeling the need for some selfcare. “Customers were wanting to enjoy these small pleasures and a chance to delight in natural pampering and to feel good again.”


of Commerce Magazine - HOME issue THE SCENTED MARKET

Magazine -

@thescentedmarketCONNECT 9

The Scented market offers a subscription service, corporate gifting program, loyalty program (bring in your clean empty jars/stamp card), and a refill program for their bowl candles. They also offer custom vessel filling so if you have a single tea cup from your grandmother, or any sentimental vessel, you can enjoy it everyday as a beautiful candle. Their products are vegan friendly, 100% soy wax with eco-friendly packaging. “It means a lot to us, and although in the grand scheme of things that may not make a huge difference, it’s about how a lot of small businesses can have a bigger impact together.”



It’s clear that Kristy pays close attention to what customers want. Taking the top-selling three scents of each location and making them the dominant lines for the cleaning products, bath and body products, and home products. Always invested in the details, Kristy gives each location its own signature scent. Guelph’s scent is called ‘Hometown’ (a nod to hers) and it smells like fresh baked bread. The Scented Market prides itself on giving back to the Guelph community that helped grow it. They try to donate to Guelph charities and organizations every month.

seeing positive energy in any situation.” I think when you’re in love with your business, I’m not selling you a product, it’s a lifestyle. I think what’s surprised me the most about my journey is one single candle can be so transformative.” When Kristy speaks of her social media presence (over 70K followers on Instagram and growing) she refers to it as her ‘community’. “It was the community that drove me to expand and decide new locations.” She frequently looks to them for new ideas for products and scents, always communicating with her community. Not surprisingly, The Scented Market was nominated for the Customer Service Award at our 2022 Guelph Awards of Excellence event.

Kristy never stops listening to her community and lists the Guelph Chamber’s Inspirational Women event series as her favourite. “I find a lot of passion and joy in bringing other women up and supporting women and listening to their stories. I think people just need to be inspired, to hear that it can be done and it is possible.” After all, a candle loses nothing by lighting another candle. q

By Ryan & Beth Waller | Sales Representatives, Home Group Realty Inc. featuring Blooms + Flora and Market Fresh Photo credit: Unsplash & Ellyn Lusis

In real estate, the months of May and June are usually the busiest of the year, followed by September and October. But with unusually high inflation, interest rate hikes, and other world events, both buyers and sellers are jittery. And rightfully so


Fast forward to late August 2022, we now have almost 300 houses available in Guelph for sale. Sellers, who planned to sell in early Summer are now advancing their plans and adjusting their expectations to meet the current market pricing. Buyers, who have more choice, are taking their time to make a decision and relieved that conditional offers are back in Guelph real estate. 10

Guelph Chamber of Commerce - HOME issue @ryanandbethwallerCONNECT

In early 2022, there were not nearly enough houses in the Guelph real estate market to meet demand. We were surprised by the number of buyers flocking in from the GTA to buy whatever they could and seemingly, at any price. At one point, there were only 25 available homes in all of Guelph in early January.


As we move into the Fall real estate market in Guelph, it seems as though we’re in an atypical time. Things just aren’t the same hustle and bustle of buyers, sellers, and open houses.

The Importance of a Staged Home IN TODAYS REAL ESTATE MARKET

Another option is to utilize some of Blooms + Flora’s seasonal arrangements in a planter outside the front of the home- at the front door, on the front porch, or in front of a garage. Lastly, an often overlooked but important item is a front door mat- quirky messages, different colours, and styles all add personality to a 11

RYAN AND BETH WALLER Guelph Chamber of Commerce Magazine - HOME issue


With more inventory and more days on market, it’s especially important to ensure that your home stands out over other homes- selling quickly and for top dollar. This is where curb appeal plays a significant role in selling a home. Curb appeal is the term used to define the way the house looks when a potential buyer first drives up to it from the outside, or, from the curb. If a home has curb appeal, that means it is attractive to the eye and inspires confidence in a buyer before they even step inside. Great curb appeal helps sell a home faster and for more money because of the positive impact it has on Whenbuyers.listing a house, we always visualize what it will look like in photos. Is there a “blank spot” at the front of the house that could use an accent piece? Does the house appear bland or lacking in colour? A quick stop into fellow Guelph Chamber member Blooms + Flora helps to ensure that curb appeal is maximized with our listings. As a regular shopper at Blooms + Flora, Beth is familiar with some of the best items.

Fresh wreaths for all seasons can be used to put on a front door. These add a splash of colour, and visual appeal to an otherwise blank door.


If you’re considering selling your home in Guelph and would like some advice, get in touch with Beth and Ryan Waller, Guelph Realtors - Home Group Realty Inc. @ryanandbethwallerCONNECT

One of the key messages we give to clients when they are preparing their house for sale is “we’re telling a story for buyers of what it would be like to live here.” So as a seller, it shouldn’t reflect their taste, but should reflect a modern, spacious home that appeals to potential buyers’ taste. This is where other Guelph Chamber member Market Fresh comes in: they offer a wide variety of home décor items in their Giftware Department that can easily be integrated into existing décor to add a modern feel. As renovators will tell you, kitchens and bathrooms sell homes. So, it’s important that we focus our efforts on selling the buyers in these areas.

Market Fresh has a number of kitchen accessories that compliment any kitchen. Starting with meal prep, they have cutting boards in different styles and shapes as well as charcuterie boards (made right here in Guelph!) and canisters. Beth and I always recommend that countertops are clear of “stuff”, but some stylish organization also goes a long way with a You’llbuyer.often find other great giftwares at Market Fresh including hand towels. Matching, clean, and complimentary hand towels are a subliminal draw for buyers in a bathroom. It gives a bathroom a sense of organization and cleanliness. q

house. Buyers like to know that the current owner appreciates the house and believe it or not, a nice, new doormat provides that confidence boost.



Small company,

CORRECT FIRE & SECURITY Guelph Chamber of Commerce Magazine - HOME issue BIG security.

Photo credit: Unsplash After 25 years in the business, Correct Fire & Security knows that customer service and industry knowledge is the best way to keep their good standing locked down. Safety and security is a growing concern for some Guelph residents - both commercial and residential. While we live in a relatively safe city, break-ins, thefts, and vandalism happen every year. Correct Fire & Security offer solutions for any budget. The most popular and widely recommended option is for a full monthly service - smoke detectors, Co2 and flood detectors, for 24-hour monitoring and immediate notification should something go wrong. Whether you are out of town or at work, you’ll have peace of mind knowing you will be contacted. Seniors and those living alone, may find this monitoring service extra reassuring. If you have concerns about home or fire safety, reach out to set up a home visit with Correct Fire & Security. “We will walk through the home or business with the individual and ask them what their concerns are. We will never sell you more than you need” says Robin Larkin, Owner of Correct Fire & Security. They also make sure that the homeowner feels empowered and comfortable enough to work with and use the technology. “Whether there are full maps or keypads and other technology that we need to go through, we make sure that the client completely understands how to use the equipment and that everything is set up properly for them. We make sure that the client feels empowered, safe, and has a complete understanding of our Robinservices.”alsomaintains a blog on their website which offers a wealth of information on fire and home safety - How often do you need to check your fire extinguishers versus smoke detectors? What should you do to protect your sheds and garages? This blog is full of sound advice from seasoned experts to make your home feel a little bit more secure. Correct Fire & Security have opened their first in-person store recently. Located in Elora at 3-54 Wellington Road 7 in Elora, the store offers customers an experience and opportunity to see the equipment firsthand and to talk to a knowledgeable employee. q @correctfireandsecurityCONNECT 13

Staycation forever A BRIGHTER WORLD Guelph Chamber of Commerce Magazine - HOME issue

Photo credit: Brighter World

A Brighter World has seen many trends come and go over the years - drapes pooling on the floor, window valances and tie-backs, big jacuzzi bathtubs, just to name a few. But one thing that never goes out of style? Great customer service.


@abrighterworldguelphCONNECT Fix that bathroom, paint the living room, finish your basement. No matter the reno, A Brighter World will make it a place you’ll want to staycation forever.


A Brighter World specializes in a diverse mix of painting and home renovations and have become known for their customer service. They regularly receive emails from customers saying how impressed they were with the work, the cleanliness and the accuracy of budget and timeline, says Cathy Kelly, coowner of A Brighter World. “We’re honest with our customers which sometimes can result in a lower cost than estimated for the client”, which had in fact happened twice just the week this interview took place! “Just know I’ve got your back and I’m treating your money and your budget


“We’re a team who works well together and we don’t take that for granted because it doesn’t feel like work sometimes.”

“Because the two things that matter most - the budget and timeframe will be more realistic if you hire a professional. There is the knowledge, experience, and skill you only get from years of being in this business.”

A BRIGHTER WORLD Guelph Chamber of Commerce Magazine - HOME issue like it’s my own.” Cathy handles all of the project coordination including orders, inspections, drawings, permits, facilitation, and works directly with all clients. It’s the team however, that she attributes the most success to. “We’re a family”, Cathy says and goes on to read a testimonial that had come in that morning, which applauds their professionalism and the wonderful relationship the team has with one another.

When asked about upcoming trends, Cathy thinks decor is still pointing towards light, bright, and simple. Feature walls, made even more popular with Zoom meetings, are still a hot trend says Cathy. “It looks great in person and for video-conferencing.” During the pandemic they noticed an “We’re a part of community”greatersomethinginthis uptick in renovations to family rooms and basement living spaces, perhaps a reflection of more time spent together as a family during the pandemic. A Brighter World joined the Guelph Chamber of Commerce in 2016. They originally joined to be associated with an established organization in the community, but now Cathy enjoys learning through the events and hearing about other businesses. “I like the fact that the Chamber is looking out for small businesses with any kind of “We’reissue.”a part of something greater in this community.”

q What customers need to know:

Timeline - “If they need it by Christmas we should be booked by now. Estimates take so much time because we want to be as accurate as possible.”

Budget - “They need to know what they can spend, we aim to be accurate for our customers.”

Why should you hire a Pro?

A: We are lucky because we are well established, and we’ve had a lot of organic growth with our marketing over the years. We’ve recently been more focused on growing our team, so we’ve put a lot of our marketing dollars towards getting our name out there and getting people thinking about this as a great career option. Our goal is always to provide the best service and all of our employees embody that goal. I think our customers feel and appreciate that. I know that we’ll do whatever it takes to make sure that our customers are taken care of and that they’re happy with their experience from the time they call us to the time they pay their invoice.

Q: What can you tell us about the secrets of your success?

A: Pre-book your services! We can pre-book up to three years out. We follow up with our prebookings and just let them know- ‘Hey, we have you on the schedule in two weeks, we are just making sure this appointment works for you.’ We definitely always recommend that. Also, most of us know to clean your eavestroughs regularly to reduce the risk of property damage, but you should also consider getting your windows professionally cleaned for the same reason. Regular, professional cleaning can help considerably extend the life of windows - which is one of the biggest expenses in your home.

Q: What advice can you give to customers?

Guelph Chamber of Commerce Magazine - HOME issue

A: During the pandemic, we boosted all of our cleaning protocols and we had less people in work trucks to make sure employees could distance. We would pre-screen customers before we came to their property to protect those in any kind of risk group. We worked hard at keeping our team and our customers safe. We felt lucky that we were able to continue to work throughout the pandemic, and we were happy that we were able to keep all of our employees employed during that time.

Q: Were you able to take advantage of the rapid kit distribution that the chamber offers at all?

Q: What are the things customers should know or ask before they reach out? Why should you hire a pro?

Danielle from Huber Window Cleaning clears up some answers with the Guelph Chamber.



Photo credit: Huber Window Cleaning

Q: Did you have to make any pandemic pivots?

A: Yes! Yes, we did! That was fantastic because the Chamber had them readily available very quickly and very early, so I made sure I jumped on that immediately. That was definitely very helpful for our business.

Q: Tell us a little about your business. A: We are a window cleaning company based out of Guelph. We serve within an hour radius of our home office. We’ve been in business since 1973, so 49 years this year. We service residential and have clients that are property managers and new construction home builders - so pretty much anything with glass! On top of window cleaning, which we’re really known for, we also offer eaves trough cleaning and pressure washing of exterior surfaces such as siding, decks, cement, or patios.

Brighten your Days

A: We always recommend to our customers when they’re researching a company to ask about a safety certificate and that they’re insured, with a minimum of $2 million liability. You must make sure they are insured since there is some risk involved in this industry. I always recommend people to read Google reviews as well.


Q: Why did you choose to join the Guelph Chamber?

A: We joined the Chamber because it’s always great to say you’re a Chamber member, it gives your business some credibility and networking opportunities. The Chamber membership offers workshops, networking, events, and skill-building which has been so beneficial. We’ve made so many great contacts through the Guelph Chamber. One off the top of my head is Lynn from the Guelph Storm. We’ve been working with her for a few years now and it’s been a fantastic and collaborative opportunity. The Guelph Chamber definitely opens doors that maybe we wouldn’t have been able to find on our own. q

Q: What are you most excited about in this new role?

A: I’m really looking forward to working closely with the Guelph community and getting to know the people who make our community what it is. I have such a love for this city that I call home and working for an organization that builds the community through business is exciting to me.

A: It’s hard to pick just one – there are so many awesome local eats. But Baker Street Station tops my list. Their atmosphere, patio, and of course their food is unmatched.

Q: As many of us know, patio season is still in full-swing in the fall here. What’s your favourite patio?

A: The Wooly. No matter what the occasion or the weather, I love meeting up with people on the Wooly’s patio.

A: The golf course. I call Wildwinds Golf Club home, but there are plenty of local courses that are great to play.

Guelph Chamber of Commerce Magazine - HOME issue MEET OUR TEAM 14 • You have


Q: Where do you feel most at home?

question about your membership • You have a question about the benefits of membership • You’re looking to get more out of your membership • You’d like to refer a new member to us (and save some money while you’re at it) • You’re looking for a golf partner! matt@guelphchamber.com519-822-8081ext.7CONNECTWITHMATTIF: 18

Q: What is your favourite place to eat in Guelph?

Q: What do you love about golf?

A: I love the challenge. It’s a fun sport, but it’s not an easy one. It’s the only sport where there’s no limit as to where your skill level can go. I started golfing with my dad when I was six, so I basically grew up on the course. Being able to be outside with my friends and enjoy some friendly competition is a bonus, too. It’s definitely my happy place. a

Our Ace in the Hole Matt, our new Business Development Representative sits down with us to tell us where he feels most at HOME.

Pour drinka WITH JANE WIELHORSKI Our favourite politicophile, newshound, and Executive Assistant to the CEO, Jane, loves our local distilleries and breweries. Read, mix, and sip on her latest recipe. MIX q 1 1/2 ounces of Spring Mill Distillery’s Traditional Straight Whiskey q Juice of 2 clementines (or to taste) q Dash of orange bitters q Ice q Garnish with a slice of clementine 15 SPRING MILL STRAIGHTTRADITIONALDISTILLERY’SWHISKEY We ask our Chamber team where takeoutinfavouritetheirplaceGuelphisforfood? “Park Eatery” ELLYN LUSIS DESIGNERGRAPHIC “Einstein’s Café” ISOBEL SHEPHERD PROGRAM & EVENT COORDINATOR “Bread Bar” MARKUS MCDANIEL FINANCE & MANAGERDATABASE POUR A DRINK WITH JANE PLEASEDRINKRESPONSIBLY 19

And just like that... WE CELEBRATE THE BEST OF BUSINESS IN GUELPH (and our 195th birthday)


By Amanda Henry After a two-year hiatus due to the pandemic, we were thrilled to be back in-person for our well-loved Guelph Awards of Excellence event in June. It’s not every day you gather with over 300 business and community leaders to celebrate the extraordinary people who build our community, the businesses who are innovating to respond to emerging challenges, and those working to better the Guelph community. It’s also not every year you turn 195 years old. Yes, that’s right – we kicked off the celebrations of our 195th anniversary (we look good for our age, don’t we?!). We know there is no community without the business community, and for almost two centuries, the Guelph Chamber been an essential component to the business Congratscommunity.toallofour finalists and our recipients at the 2022 Guelph Awards of Excellence. Thanks for making Guelph a better place to call home. See you at the 2023 Guelph Awards of Excellence, and here’s to another 195 years.


Hey Guelph! Our next acorn online issue will be our HOLIDAY issue. ’Tis the season to feature your business, services and products to our members. Reach out and connect with us so we can do the ‘humble bragging’ for you. To learn more or to be a part of our online magazine, contact Let humbleus brag for you.

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