3rd Marianas History Conference

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Personal Correspondence Ayuyu, Emilio Aldan 2014 Suruhanu, Traditional Healer and cultural practitioner Guam, February 22. Castro, John S. 2013 Cultural Practitioner, Saipan November 22. Nanguata, Jessica 2013 Former employee of Rhino Beetle Eradication Project, December 5.

--Moñeka De Oro is a daughter of the Marianas currently living in Tinian teaching social studies at the high school. Chamoru ways of knowing and the natural environment is what she is most passionate about. She is a pursuing a master’s degree from the University of Guam’s Micronesian Studies Program, where her research focuses on traditional Chamorro healing arts. Much of her energies are spent working towards the healing of the Chamorro people, the land and ocean. De Oro’s scholarship, community organizing and artistic endeavors are geared towards creating a peaceful, prosperous, reunified and interdependent Marianas Island nation.

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