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The Guam Recordet' tin was discontinuedon February 15, 1924. The first edition of the Guu,m Recarder was MONTIILY MAGAZINE OF GUAM published in March 1924 under the editor,shipof Director Lieut. Comdr. P. J. Searles,(CEC), U. S. Navy, Captain Jaines T. Alexander, U.S,N., and under the businessmanagementof Mr. W. W. Governor of Guam Rolvley. Its main office was in the basement Editor of the building situated on Lot No. 4, on the Lieut. Comdr. Harold B. Edgar, U.S,N. corner of Dr. Hesler and Padre streets, Associate Editors just east of the former Officers'Club. During the Helen Edgar Herme Wakefield first nine years of publication,the paper was operStaff atiirg as a private enterprise under the ownership J. A. Crisostomo, Nat.Y,1c, U,S,N. of }fr. Rowley, printed by the Guam Press AssoPrinting Department ciation, until October 2, 1933, when it was purF. G. Guith, Frtr.1-c, U.S.N. R. F. Blaz, Printer chased and subsidized by the Naval Government Subscription Rates of Guam. The present Guam Recorder Offlce is To United States and Possessions,one year, $1.00 T o foreign countries, one year, $1.50 in the southr,vesternlower room of the Governlocal news stands, 10 cents per copy ment Flouse. The print shop is occupying the western portion of the Government building Nb. 4, southrvest of the Government House. With this, the two hundred and sixth edition, One of the most interesting features of the The Guam,Recorder completes its sixteenth year. Government administration was Our purpose is to stimulate every young man and early [6"rican the publication of a four-page organ called The wornan towards becoming intelligent and useful News Letter. The flrst edition of "Tlre citizens. We want the people to becorne better Gttctn't, llews Letter," containing articles of purely acquaintedwith the art of living together, and to GtLa.m local neu's, written in Spanish and English, was developthat friendly neighborly spirii that is espublished on February 29, 1908 by Governor sentiai towards the building of community spirit. Edward J. Dorn, Captain, U. S. Navy. It was This paper belongs,not to us, the editors alone, the first periodical published in Guam, and the but to every person in Guam. It is a medium of forerunner of Th,e Guum Recorcler. The prepa- geiting together ancl of expressing our ideas" ration of this paper was made in the Governor's We feel sure that you rvill be with us in giving Office, His Excellency, the Governor as Editor, this publication your fuii attention, interest and assisted by his clerical staff, the former and pres- cooperaiion. ent chief clerks to the Governor, Messrs. Atanasio T. Perez and Jose Roberto, respectively. The Errors. \Ve make them sometimes. If you printing was done by the Federal Government Print Shop housed in a very small lean-to at the have cause for complaint, rvrite us. We will do western end of the Government House kitchen, our part. Give us credit for the intention to deal under the management of John Henry Bell, fairly.



Anniversary Seventeenth

Prtr.Lc, U. S. N., and later on by C. C. Butler, Prtr.2c, U. S. N. The rnagazine, although published at irreguriar intervals, continued until December 1921 when the use of the Federal Government Printing Press was denied and the Janu:rr1' 1922 issue was published in mimeographedform. Thereafter, the island remained without an advocate of good will until the Inf ormation Bulletin, a single-faced, loose-leafed edition, containing brief information on vital statistics of the island, came into existenceon June 15,1922. This bulle-

Aur Plutforrn. The aim of this paper is to give busy, earnest people a digest of all the really important developments in island progress; in condensed,clean and orderly, yet sprightly and entertaining forrn. The editorial comment is written more from the personal point of view, but "with nialice toward none and charity far a11," never with the idea of forcing conciusions on ol.u: friends, but rather of stimulating thought and discussion.

The Guam Recorder (1924 - 1940) Seventeenth Anniversary  

In partnership with the Micronesian Area Research Center, Guampedia is e-publishing the Guam Recorder. The Guam Recorder was a monthly maga...

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