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April 1910


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Inventor of the telephone. TAXI SERVICE Amsterdam, Holland-nine feet above sea level. Lafayette, Nash and Dodge Cars On land-the first battle of the Marne, Sept., 1914, on ihe sea, Jutland in 1\{ay 1916. Potatoes. At your seraice Day and Night Minnesota with 15 per cent of the total. France, a tax on rent payers, another on the COURTEOUS CHAUFFEURS landlord who collects. Fronr 1-1/2 to 5 pints per day varying v,,ith exerciseand high temperature. The pensioning of college professors. The cat no-the dog eighteen times. Importer of General Merchandise The sense of touch, due to its soft, smooth surface. STORES IN The plural is "axes." San Antonio, San Nicolas, and San Ramon An alarm bell or warning signal. The stomach of a 40-pouncl dog has three American and Japanese Beers times the capacity of a 150-poundman. Good Island Liquors in About one third, another third use chop Baza's Bac. at San Antanio sticks. At the age of four years. AGENT - ]IXAYES BISCUIT. YOKOIIAMA P. T. Barnum, the famous showman. Stamp collecting, a blot or blur makes a stamp more valuable to a collector. ,1":.***{.":-*"1.**t*{+,{4,f*t*'l*{.'l.f+1,iâ‚Źl+{+tr$X+*{$ia+l+r!{rr}ri++'*el+l+r}r!e.?rlelr About $18.00 per year:, except in states { .:$ which have and added state tax. In 1930 census,11,000,000 out of 3?,000,000 *..--adult r'vomen earned part or all of their DTRECT TMPORTER i: f,k livelihood. . :!of The exercising of governmental powel ir"- '"1 +- United States, Phiiippine, Chinese respective of legal authority. :l



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SEISMOGRAPH RECORDS Earthquake shocks rec,rrded by the seisrlograph at tlie Government House, Guam. 11 February 9:04:40 n r n * E-W 20 Febrnary 5:29:34 a,m.* hI-S 21 February 2:11 :09 p.m.* E-W 4 March 7:42:06 a.m.'F N-S 5 March 7:09:02 p.m. E-W '3 Perceptible in Guam Note: Total shocks recorded since 31 December 1938: 712, of which 41 were perceptible in Guam.



Japanese Merchandise

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1147 San Nicolas Street and 1061 Padre Palomo Street Agana ^ Dry Goods and Groceries Asahi and Kirin Beer also Many Standard Brands of Whiskies and Liquors



The Guam Recorder (1924 - 1940) Seventeenth Anniversary  

In partnership with the Micronesian Area Research Center, Guampedia is e-publishing the Guam Recorder. The Guam Recorder was a monthly maga...

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