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Daily Naval Historical Data April 1. Mon.-Aztec, American armed ship sunk in submarine zone-19]-7. 2. Tues.-U.S.S.Alliunce captured British Privateers Mars ancJ. Minerau off France-1781. D. Wed.-U.S.S. Constituti,on escaped from British Squadron off Massachusetts-l8l3. Thur.-Secretary of the Navy forbad serving intoxicating liquors in officers' rylsssss1914. 5 . Fri.-U.S.S. Cyane captured 5 slave vessels off coast of Africa-1820. 6. Sat.-North Pole discovered and reached by Robert E. Ferry, U.S.N.-1909. 7. Sun.-U.S.S. Lerington captured British) ship Eclwurd off Virginia capes-1776. Mon.-U.S. Navy captured Isiand No. 10, Mississippi River-l862. q Tues.-Naval Brigade from U.S.S. DaLe on expedition to Guaymas, routed enemy force --1848. 1 0 " Wed.-John Paul Jones sailed in U.S.S. Ranger to attack British ship Drake-1778. 11. Thur.-Treaty of Peace signed at Paris conciuding the Revolution-l783. 12. Fri.-U.S.S. Dolphin first vessel of "White Squadron"-1B88. 1 3 . Sat.-Count D' Estaing with French fleet sailed for United States-1778. L4. Sun.-Body of John Paul Jones found by General Porter-1905. 15. Mon.-Fort Pillow, Tenn. shelled by U.S. Monitor Flotilla-1 862. A

16. Tues.-Naval bombardment of Vicksburg, Adrniral Porter ran the batteries-l863. 17. Wed.-Captain Barry captured British ship E cltaarcl,first American prize-1777. 18. Thur.-Naval force under Cornmo'dorePerrv captured Tuspan-1847. 19. Fri.-Naval crew of Mongol,ia flred first gun in World War-1917. 20. Sat.-Norfolk Navy Yard abandoned by Union forces-1861. 2 T , Sun.-Landing party sent to seize customs house, Yera Cruz-19l4. force under Rear Admiral Mon.-Naval Fletcher captured Yera Cruz-19l4. Tues.-John Paul Jones raided Whitehaven. England-l778. 24. Wed.-Division of destroyers sailed for European waters-1914. Thur.-Naval ,{cademy made a military camp by General Butler-1861. Fri.-Fort Macon, Georgia captured by U.S. Navy-1862. 27. Sat.-First engagement of Spanish war, Matanzas, Cuba-1898. Sun.-U.S. Flag officially raised over Vera Cruz, Mexico-1914. 29. Mon.-U.S.S. Peacock sunk by British ship Emperuie'r-l814. 3 0 . Tues.-Navy Department established,Secretary of the Navy at its head-1798.

Shipping Notes ( Pr ospectiue Arri,uals and D epartures) SHIPS











27 Apr., San Francisco 15 Apr., San Francisco 27 Mar., San Francisco 6 Mar., San Diego


14 May

14 htay

7 May

9 May

L9 Apr

20 Apr

3 Apr

3 Apr


20 May, Manila 1 5 May, Manila zr) Apr., Manila 9 Apr., Manila

The Guam Recorder (1924 - 1940) Seventeenth Anniversary  

In partnership with the Micronesian Area Research Center, Guampedia is e-publishing the Guam Recorder. The Guam Recorder was a monthly maga...

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