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26 from complete destruction. As a result of the caving in of the earth from the great shocks, from the schooi of Santa Crtz in a line parallel to tlie river, twelve or fourteen holes opened in the ground, from which issued salt water and sand, In various other parts of the city great cracks appeared in the ground, from which gases issued, which, perhaps, hidden in the bosom of the earth, were the cause of the epidemic that then desolated the city; for this is shown from the fact that after these gases were thrown out the pest disappeared. There u'as only one fatal accident; it was the case of a woman of Inarajan, who happened to be near the river Talofofo, u'hen a great sea wave roliing over the road carried her off and she was never seen again. A person of this town had the curiosity and patience to count the earth shocks that occurred from the 25th of January to the 11tir of March, and he gives the number as 150. -ML. SM. A party of Caroline Islanders came to Guam frorn Satawal, 450 nautical miles SSE of Guan, saying that their island had been inundated by sea waves follorving -GR. Oct. 19331nn. 110 and 115. bhe earthquake. 1862. On the first of Ju1y, about ?:48 a.m" (the rnoment when the clock was stopped by the earthquake), a small but sufficiently perceptible vertical moveinent *'as felt, and soon terrible oscillations in a N-S direction follqwed, whi<lr caused the fall of many tile roofs. The earthquake iasted approximately for forty-five seconds. -ML. SI{. GM. Oct. 27, 1862. 1863. On December ?th, a little after three o'clocl<in the morning, a strong and long earthqquake consisting of vertical movements, aroused the inhabitants of this town. -ML. SM. 1866. On June 24, aL abottL 1:25 p.m., there was an earthqu ake simila r to t hat of 1863. S}I. -ML. 1870. On May 13th, at 3:27 p,m", tv,ro terrible verticai earthquake shocks were felt, which if they had been horizontal would have caused great damage to the stone buildings. There was an interval of about ten seconds between the shocks. 1892. May 16. At 9:10 p.m., the time shown by a stopped clock, there was a terrible vibratory movement which caused the people to ieave their houses. It was follorved by a very brusk oscillatioi'r from I'I to S and also E to W, in which direction it ended, as shown by pictures which were sv.ung to the west in the l-rouses. The earthquake lasted 60 seconds. Tiles of the masonry houses fell and some rn'alls were cracked. A league from the town there were some smalJ sinkings of the ground. The coast receded to the reefs, but, fortunatel-l' dus to its slow return, it dicl not pass iis ordinary line. If it had come back with a rush it would have dragged the in'hole village of San Antonio into the surf. That night there were three more small quakes, east to west, and others on the foliowing days. -ML. SM. 1893. February 17" At 1:30 a.m., three strong vibratorv shocks accompanied by subterranean noise. Iluration two minutes. Barely perceptibie shocks continued throughout tn" o3*r". in MoR. vE. March 18.189s.

The GucLmRecord,er 1902. September 22. Lt Il:.24 a.m., three heavy shocks and one light one, lasting in aII 21/z and 3r/z minutes, "during which time the island acted like a ship thrown on her beam ends in a heavy sea." Light aftershocks a t 1 : 0 0 ; 2 : 4 7 ; 6 : 1 4 ; 7 : I 4 ; 9 : I 7 ; a n d 1 0 : 4 4 p . m . Se ve n other shocks, time not noted. News of the earthquake was brcught to Manila by the station ship ',Justirr" and the following is a resume of the account ',vhich appeared in the Manila Times of October 7, Ig0Z. On September 22, at 11:15 a.m., a terrible subterraneous noise was heard, after which the earth began to tremble lightiy until the real earthquake, which, as it lasted 45 seconds, u'as long enough to overthrow everything and terrify not only the natives but the Americans also. With one or two exceptions, all the stone buiidings in Agaiia suffered considerably and will need much repairing. Some of the houses were completely ruined. One house in particular sank 2 feet at one end, presenting a very curious picture, and many of the houses are distorted all out of proportion. Walis 18 and 20 inches thick swayed to and fro, cracked, and came to the ground; tile roofs came dorvn on all sides; the ground opened in many places and spouted out salt -water frorn the cracks; at, Piti these crevices gave forth gases of a characteristic odor; huge rocks.*'ere dislodged from the hillsides and produced great landslides; rnany bridges were thrown dcwn, pre-.-enting the passing of vehicles behveen the citl' ef Agafla and the port of Piti, some 5 miles distant, r.vl-relethe N'arehouses are situated; telephone connection was also interrupted owing to the faiiing of inany of the posts. The casualties reported were only flve natives injured. On the trsland of Saipan, also, masonry buildings were shattered. After the earthquake the r,vhole island seemed to be in vibration; lvhen the "Justin" left for &Ianila more than 100 smali earthouakes had been felt. From the other isiands ar-rd even from other points of Guam outside of Agaiia no ne*,s has been received rrp to the present. The damage was estimated to amount to 2b0,000pesos. - SM . 1902, September 23. At 4:05 and 8:20 a.m., light shocks. At 12:45 p"m., two light shccks and one heavy. ,(There was an almost continuous tremor of the earth during the afternoon, i'ioi noiiceable apparently excepr ro persons cn floors of buildings elevated above the ground. Several quite marked shocks in the evening."-seaton Schroeder, Commandant. -CA. 1902" "Ever gince the earthquake of the 22nd,, a tremor or trembling of the earth occurs at intervals varying flom one to firre minutes. No mention of this was nrade jn our dail5' reports h,efore, for the reason that at first we thought it was all imagination, but without a doubt it is a fact. As man;,- other persons reported to us that they have felt tremors quite plainly and in the same r'vay." (Unsigned.) -CA. 1902. September 30. At j0:30 a"m., light shock. ,,Trenr-

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