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The Guam Recorcler

The Deceived Fisherrnan

of young men (tautau mona), lvho v,tereplaying a game called "Guauho" in the form of a circle similar to the "Mulberry Bush."

By Pri,ncirtal Manuel Charfauros, Cook School

The flsherman was now almost overtaken by his partner u.ho had been pursuing, and he went Once there were two compadres (one being right into the circle of players with a dash. Being sponsor of the other's child), who rvere supposed in the circle his partner, who was very close to have iived in the old viliage of Umatac. Upon behind, shouted, "Guauho, guauho, tuguanho ! meeting' one day at worh on a farm, they agreed hasajun tuguanho, pau lulumog, pau lansahi, pau to go fishing with torches and spears (sulu) that aacho, pau mati." (Play guauho, play guauho, night. my partner ! I can detect my partner by the scent In the evening as they r'vere making prepa- of moss, sea-weed,rock, and lowtide). rations for their fishing trip, one of them bawled The young men seeing the nelvcomer in a great at the other to awake him at low tide at the time fright in their midst prepared to,defend him with to start out. "Yes, don't worry," shouted back all their might. The fisherman'senemy,who was the other, and both retired. one of their fellow-men, lvas not allowed to touch The hour to start flshing was soinetime after him, and rvhen he persisted by trying to enter the midnight. At lon' tide there came a voice bav'l- circle of players, the young men sprang upon him ing at the other "Pare !, (short for compadre). and soon had him vanquished. It was now dawnIt's time to go fishing nornv. tr'ind me on the ing, and the flsherman was allorved to leave with way." The man that was being awakened of uirtold gratitude. course recognizedthe voice to be his corlpadre's' and he foliowed behind as soon as he vras read-l,. On reaching th*outhern shore of llmatac Bay, he sar,v his partuer ahead already flshing. He Ifriving in Guam sLarted to fish also and tried to catch up with him in order to fish along together, but his partner ieemeclalways to be at abouLthe same distance Oh, the dogs of Guam ave a lvond'rous race, Ne'er seen in any other place. fi'om him and never looked back. Passing 'round the point at the opening of the You can blow your horn 'til your face is blue, bay without catching a single fish, he pauseclfor But they sirnply lie and stare at you. a moment to watch his partner, noticing at They simply lie, and stare, and starethis bime that he was picking somethirtg from They've lots of time-hit them if you dare I the water and saying "Bulahomo ! bulahomo!" (packed full) as he put it into his basket. This And the fowl of Guam is a r,vonderful thing, was repeated again and again, but the things he E'er seen at rest, or on the wing. put into the basket were sea-slugs. You siep on yollr brahes 'til your toes are blue, The fisherman was now certaiu that his partner glare at you. r,vasnot his cornpadre, and he began to think of But they only squawk, and hor,v he could dodge him without being noticed. Or down the road they'li madly race. He pretended to fish along, but he was so panic- Slor,ving you down to a funeral pace. stricken with fear that he could hardly walk. At tast he reached the Toguan Bay where a The piglets grunt, and the ducks they waddle, river of the same name empties. "IJere's my Unruffled b)' any such foolish twaddle chance rl.ow," thought he, and he looked at his As the frantic squall of a motor horn, partner. Seeing he was at the same distance as For they've owned the isle since they were born. before and was not looking back, he thrust his ten pounds each time I drive, torch into a hole on a rock and ran in the dark I lose following the river. Then he quit the river and But the soulful beasts live on, and thrive. -M. Juttp followed a course which brought him to a group

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