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April 19/+0 3 to 6 2 Lo 4 2 to 6 6 by 8 3 to 6 3 to 6

23 yellow, in flat topped racemes yellow, 3/5 inch white or pale purple pale blue or blue'and white pink-purple, white or red light blue or lilac

3 by I/4 brown hairs 2toBby l/a cylindrical 18 to 36 by 2/5

small, edible 3to6 dark brown edible

4bv1/2'nat 5_by 4/5, flat 4 to.10 .by 4t5, 4 wings

Phaseolus radiatus, mung bean, mongos Vi,gna lutea, accLnca,nmalulasa V'igna sinensis uar sesqui,Tted,uli,s

a,?u'"n*l,"Ir:!m;;!tri;i,ilf,#* 3 to 6, , brown or white partitions between seeds

Sophora tomentosa Linnaeus, seacostlaburnum. Shrub or small tree, 3 to 12 feet high, with gray veivety branches. Leaves odd-pinnate, 15 to 2L leaflets, almost sessile,oLrovoidor nearly circular, gray-pubescent, about I to 7-l/2 inches long. Illowers yellow, petals 3/4 inch long, in erect, stout, ter'minal racc,mes. Pod 3 to 6 inches long, velvety, greatly constricted between the 6 to B seeds,resembling a string of fuzzy beads. Dr. Safford states that the plant is sparingly found on the sandy beachesfietween Pago and Talofofo; probably intro,duced. All parts of the plant are bitLer and yield a poisonousalkaloid called sophorine, said to have medicinal value. It is found in the tropics of both hemispheres, near the sea.

Dotichos faUmU, chuchumeco Psphocarpustetragonolobus, si.gadiltas-

mature, twisting and dehiscing its 20 to B0 grayish seeds. By some authorities called a native of tropical America; by others, of tropical Asia; norv widespread in the tropics of both hemispheres. Of some value as a forage plant.

Fleminglia strobilifera (Linneaus) R. Brown. An erect, branching shrub, 6 to 8 feet high, the small branches velvety; bark chocolate-brown. Le:rves simple, oblong-ovate,base rounded. Z Lo b inches long, I to 2 inches wide. Flowers in axillary or terminal racemes on zig-zag rachis, 2 to 6 inches long, the dwarfed cymes of small flowers hidden by large, folded, persistent bracts, rvhich become light brown; petals yellow-green, tinged with purple. Pods less than l/2 inchlong, Crotalaryiaquinkuef oli,a Linnaeus, cascabelesor: slvollen, containing 2 seeds. Noticed principally cascct't'r,etas, rattle-pod. An erect, branching, near Agafia Spring. Widespread in southeastern rather coarse annual herb, 4 or 5 feet high, r,vith Asia and Malaya. greenish stem, marked with longitudinal grooves. Medicugo denl,iculata Willdenor,v. bur-clover. Leaves with 5, or rarely 7, linear-lanceolate, alAn annual herb, prostrate or spreading, with rnost sessile leaflets, 2 to 5 inches long by I/4 to radiating, branched stems, up to 16 inches long. 3/4 inch wide, pubescent beneath. Flowers in Leaves with two prominent, tooth-like stipules at terminal racemes,with yellow petals, of which the the base of the stem-plasping leafstalk which standard is marked with purple-brown. pod inllated, boat-shaped, about 2 inches long by B/4 bears three obovate or ovate wedge-shapedleaf_ to 1 inch wide, containing 30 to 40 seeds. A lets, up to 3/4 inch long, minutely toothed on the common roadside weed, native in India and outer curve. Short axillary panicles of Z to 6 small yellow flowers, the calyx with five long Malaya. teeth. Pod spirally twisted, indehiscent, with Crotalaria saltiana Andrews, fomerly called many seeds, its margin feathery with many Crotalariu stri,ata, rattle-box. An erect shrub, 2 hooked spines. A common weed found in lawns, to 5 feet high, with robust branches, covered rvith meadows, and waste places. An immigrant from fine short hairs. Leaves thin with three leaflets, Europe and Asia, where it is found naturally. oblong-ovate, wedge-shapedat base, 2 to 3 inches Attempts have been made to grow alfalfa, long, smooth above, paler and obscurely silky Meclicago satiua Linnaeus, apparently without beneath. Florn'ers yellow streaked with red, 20 much success. to 50 in terminal or lateral racemes,6 to IZ inches long. Pod 7-1/4 to 2 inches long, yellow when (Continued on page [1)

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