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The Plants of Guam By E.H. Bryu,n,Jr. PART XXVI The Legume Family, part 3, papilionatae This subfamily contains the peas, beans, and related grollps which have an irreguiar flower, in which the upper petai (standard) is large and folcls around tire other petals in the bud, the two lateral petals (rvings) are abotit equal, and the two lower petals are solnewhat united to form a keei, which enclosesthe stamens and pistil. There are more than forty representatives of this grottp in Guam. They include several which are cultivated for their edibie bezrnsand pods. A complete key to this group i,votildbecomevery technical and difficult for ihe person rvho is not a trained botanist to use. The foilowing is a very artificial tabulation of characters, omitting technicalities and small dist{nctions, which may help to separate some of the species. 1. Leaves simpie (with one leaflet).-2. 1'. Leaves compound (with more than one lea11et.-3. 2. Tree with leathery, oblong leaves, up to 12 by 5 inches; flov,'ersr,vhite;pod lalgc, hcartcdttli,s. shaped,1-seeded."Buoy"" Imocat"Tttts 2'. Erect, branching shrub, leaves oblong-ovate, 2 to 5 inches long, 1 to 2 inches ro,'ide;florvels ' small, yellow-green,an zig-zag rachis, hidden by iarge brownish bracts; pod 1/2 inch long, swollen, 2-seeded. Flemi,ngiu strobiliferu. 22. Shrubby herb, leaves thin, 2 to 5 inches long, oblong-ovate,acnte tip, rouncledbase; flowers smail, pale green or purple; pod cnrved, segmented,1 inch long. Tick-trefoil, tomates* gangeticurt'. Desmocliulrz aniti,utis-aniti. 23. Spreading, prostrate herb, leaves t/2 to 2 inches long; flowers pink-purple; pods segmerrted, 1/2 inch long, crowded, pubsecent. AIE sicar pus numrnulurif olius. 3. Leaves with one pair of leaflets; slender wiry herb; leaflets lanceoiate, acute, up to 1 inch iong; flowers small, yellow; pod slender,of 2 Zorn'in di,pltylkt. to 6 prickly segments. 3'. Leaves with more than three leaflets.-4.

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Leaves wibh three leaflets.-1l. Leaves odd-pinnate (with a terminal leaflet).-6. Leaves even pinnate.-5. Vine with pink flowers and flat pods containing round, scarlet and black seeds. Abrus preccttorius. l,orv, l-Lairy,branching shrub; 2 or 3 pairs of leaflets,I to 2 inches long; peanut. Aruchis h,ypogctea. Tree, leaves r,vitir 20 to 40 pairs of leaflets; l:Lrgewhite flor,vers;long slender pods (ttp to 2 feetby 1/2 inch). Sesbaniap1randiflorc". Srnall tree or shrubs with cylindrical or in{lated pods.-7. Shrubby herbs with 9 to 19 leaflets,and flat pods.-9. Glabrous herb rvith 31 to 41 leaflets crow-ded on 1 to 2 inch leaf rachis; jointed pod. A eschynom,ene intLicu. Clirnbing shrubs rvith 3 to 7 leaflets.-l0. Small tree; branchesvelvety; 15 to 21 almost scssile,circular, gi'ay pubescentleaflets, 1 to 1-l/2 indnes long; pod like velvety string of bends; flor.vclsyellor"t. Sophoru tantentoscr,. Pubescentshrubs with 5 (or 3 to 7) narrow leaflets, 2 ta 5 inches long; floi,"rersyeilov', niarked with purple; pods inflated, 2 inches long. Cr otcLlurictqwinquefolin. Weedy shrubs; 5 to 7 leaflets,not over t inch; flovlers reddish; pods numerous, cylindrical, like minnte sausages.-8. Leaves a.cuteor tapering at apex; pods much curved, not over 3/5 inch long, with 6 to 8 Indigof era suff'raticosa. seeds. pods nearly straight, apex; rounded at Leaves intervals, about 1 inch at slightly swollen Inctigof 12 erutinctoria. seeds. long, with 8 to Leaveswith 13 to 19 leaflets,long-oblong,3/4 to 1-L/2 inches long; flowers rather large on long, lax, terminal racemes. T enhrosi,ahookeriana.

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