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The Guam Recorder

things are possible of attainment if we are orrly ward, determined to scale all heights, until we determined upon success. stand at last on the mountain peak of success. Ignore the obstacles and they are already half So, let us climb ever onward and upward, 0vercome. Longfellow says, though the rocks be rugged to our feet, and harsh to our hold. Let us regard the scars that every "We have not wings, we cannot soar, hard experience must leave on our lives as But we have feet to scale and climb badgesof our scholarship, remembering that "God By slow degrees; by more and more gives His best scholars the hardest lessons," and The cloudy summits of our time." that the rougher the journey, the sweeter the And the climbing is glorious work. There is successat the end. such an inspiraiion in every step forward, sueh And when at the summit. we are able to look a thrill of self-satisfaction in each rock left below down and see how the very jaggedness of the us that we share in part the mountaineer's ex- rocks has been our supreme source of assistance, ultation as he mounts higher and higher toward we may say, while we are grateful for the victory the glittering peaks above him. If we have a we have at last achieved over every difficulty, prize ahead of us that is worth striving for, and that we are thankful most of all that the rocks heep our eyes persistently fixed upon it, no were so rugged. obstaclesin our pathway can daunt us. Instead. Oh, pause not, then - nor falter, every hardship encounteredspurs us on to greate,r For Fate is in your hand; effort. and fires us with a firmer determination tr-.r Climb, ever, - onlvard, - upward, conquer anything-everything-that lies before To where your feet r'vould stand; LIS. The rocks are rough and rugged, But, laying aside all thought of reward at the But victory is sublime; end, it is well worth while to climb the rocks in Step bravely, boldly forward, our pathway for the sake of the character developAnd climb, and climb. and climb ! ment it brings to r-rs. The influence upon our iives of every victory we gain cannot be over.Junior Valedictory Address estimated, and what we acquire in self-control, ,.THE GRATITUDES'' in persistence,in earnestness,and in all those By Lourcles S. Torres sterling qualities that make the true man and woman, is worth every effort, it matters not holv We have many things to be grateful for at difficult or how prolonged it may be. Character this hour. is developedand strengthened through the buffet1. Grateful are rve for these medals and diploings of Fate just as the swimmer develops his mas, for they will always inspire us to future muscle by battling against the tide. achievements. If we can be sure that tve are climbing - earn2. Grateful are we to our instructors for they estly, steadfastly climbing - no rock that can have taught and guided us wisely. possibly confront us can be too rugged for us to 3. Grateful are we to the citizens of Guam for pass. the support they have given for our education. Our climbing so far has been easy, and the few .1. Grateful are we to our parents and relatives rocks we have encounteredin the ascent have been for the sacrifices they have made for our not hard to surmount. Well-informed guides have lvelfare. picked out the srnoothest places for our feet, and 5. Grateful are we to the Seniors of our School, have pointed out the heights above us so enthufor they, by precept and example, have siastically that it has been only a pleasure to seek us to follow in their footsteps. trained them. But the time is fast approaching when 6. Grateful are we to the undergraduates, for each of us must press forward alone. The rocks the;' 6lrrn helped us to learn to be future ahead look rugged and steep, but rve have been leaders. schooledto the ascent, like the rnountaineer in his climb, and we need not fear to step boldly for(Continued on page 36)

The Guam Recorder (1924 - 1940) Seventeenth Anniversary  

In partnership with the Micronesian Area Research Center, Guampedia is e-publishing the Guam Recorder. The Guam Recorder was a monthly maga...

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