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ATtri.I 19/t0 9. Presentation of the Graduating Class


Garrido, Jesus B. San Nicolas, Vicenta M. I. Johnston Guerrero, Manuel C. Santos,,Enrique S. -- ----Agueda Princinal Guzman, Jose M. Taitano, Barcelisa C. Haniu, Fidela B. Taitano, Catherine M. 10. Presentation of Tenorio, Jose G. Diplomas----------Governor: James T. Alexander Ifara, Jesus C. Herrero, Regina S.N. iferlaje, Isabel C. 11. "Climb Though the 'J.;'dingco,Ruth L. Rocks be Rugged"----_---------Richard F. Taitano Imaizumi, Jose D. Indalecio, Emeteria C. Ulloa, Evelyn R. Valedictorian Senior Graduating Ciass 1940 Leon Guerrero, Francisco B. Ulloa, Paul D. Leon Guerlero, Glolia C. Untalan, Pedi'o L. G. 12. "My Boat is Waiting Here Yokoi. Jose O. for Thee" (Song)The Undergr.arluates Accoripanist. ThornasJ. Johnston Senior iligh School Graduates 13. Presentation of Medals Chaplain Par-rlG. Linau'eaver Valedictorian.- ----------Richalcl F. Taitano 14. "The Gratitudes' Lourdes S. Torres Salutatorian ,-----ConsolacionC. San Nicolas Valedictorian Junior Graduating Class 1940 Atoigue, Alejandrina lVL Qtritugua, Ana P. Cruz, Jose P. fioberto, MercedesD. 15. "God Bless Pangelinan,Francisca B. Rosario, Jose L. America" (Song) The Graduating Classes Santos, Rosa B. and Audience Accompaniedby the Navy Band Senior Valedictory Address 16. "We Cheer and March Arvay" (Song) The Graduating Classes1940 n'cLIMB,THoucH THE RocKs BE RUGGED" Accompanist, Antonia P. Mufla By Richurd F. Taitutto 17. Exit 1t/Iarch-------Band -------------Irlavy 'Iourists in mountainous regions at e often fascinated by the feats of daring performed by r Junior High School Graduates the natives. Up, 'Jp, up-over rocks that seem Valedictorian----------------Lourdes S. Torres impassableto the beholder, they climb with agility Salutatorian---,----------------Flora L. G. Cruz and easeto the highest point accessible,clinging to the smallest edge of rock, and finding a footAflague, Rosa S.M. Leon Guerrero, Pedro C. hold upon ledges that are scarcely perceptible. Aguigui, Delfina T. Limtiaco, Pedro T. It not seem remarkable to them. They are does Aguon, Isabel T. Lrl.iitti,Maria C. schooledto such efforts from their earliest years, Anderson, Joaquina A. i\facDonald,James B. and it has become as second nature to them. Anderson, Soledad B. I{ufla, Antonia P. Sometimes their hands may be torn in grasping Blas, Maria C. Pablo, Jose C. some sharp bit of rock, or their feet may be cllt Borja, Jose S. Pangelinan,Serafina S. b;z contact with its keen edge, but they do not Borja, Antonia S. Pereda,Jose P. heed Their it. eyes are on the goal ahead, and Perez,John A. Camacho,Nuncia E. pay little they but attention to the rocks that they Pet:ez,Tomas P. Crisostomo, Maria L. pass. They not do even question whether or not Punzalan,Antonio A. Colner, Howard U. tlrey can surmount the diflfrcultiesin the way; they Cruz, JesusH. Quan, Juan C. I'now they must surmount them, and nothing reReyes,Ignacio M. Cruz, Jesus P. rnains to be said. Iieyes, Rita R. Cruz, JoseD. Cruz, Jose P. I{oberto, Thomas J. In our daily lives we, too, are climbing toward Cruz, Jose T. Rosario, Joaquina L. some longed-for goal. The obstaclesin our path Cruz, Juliana R. Sakai, Tomas tr'. often look as fierce and irnpassable as the rocks Dueflas, tr'ranciscoS. Sanchez,Juanita C. in these mountain gorges, but if we have properll. Flores, RemediosB. Sanchez,Maria C. schooledourselvesfor the climb, we know that ali

The Guam Recorder (1924 - 1940) Seventeenth Anniversary  

In partnership with the Micronesian Area Research Center, Guampedia is e-publishing the Guam Recorder. The Guam Recorder was a monthly maga...

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