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When this issue of the Recorder reaches you, the Schoolsof Guam will have passedtheir thirtysixth milestone since Guam became a possession of the United States. For the flrst six years of the presence of Americans in Guam some feeble attempts at the establishment of schools were made but with no apparent success. In 1904 a beginning was made. There were schools in Agafla and Asan. The first teachers lvere two clerks and one Marine who were diverted from their regular duties for a part of the day, and three native girls who knew enough of the English language to teach the beginners. Since 1904 each year has shown progress in educationalopportunities and standards. In every community there is now a school with its orn'nstaff of native teachers. This means that every boy and girl in Guam has the opportunity of schooling through the sixth grade, near his or her home. In addition, there is now a well established Junior High School course in Agafla giving opportunity to ali who show themselves qualified for further study. Here, along with academic studies, the student is taught the worth of industry in the Industrial Arts sections. But, this is not all. This year is the first that has offered a complete High School course as a definite part of the Guam school program.

Graduation Frogram -

Junior and Senior

Iligh School 1. ProcessionaiMarch, The Junior Graduating Class 1940

Navy Band

2. Triumphal March from "Aida" (Song) The Junior Graduates in honor of the Senior Class Accompanist, Thomas J. Johnston 3. WelcomeSong-------TheGraduating Class 1940 Accompanist, Antonia P. Mufla Flora L. G. Cruz Salutatorian Junior Graduating Class 1940

4. Our Resolutions-

5. Violin Duet, "In Old Madrid"----------Thomas J. Roberto and Pedro T. Limtiaco Accompanist, Antonia P. Mufla ClassAstrologist -- -- -- ------------Jose M. Guzman President, Junior Graduatins Class 1940 17 Vocal Solo, "Little Sir Echo"-- - ---Serifina S. Pangelinan Accompanist, Tomas F. Sakai Piano Solo, "Valse des Fluels' P. Mufia ----------Antonia

Roy C. Smith Sclool,'Anigua


ssnsfrusfsd 1925

The Guam Recorder (1924 - 1940) Seventeenth Anniversary  

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