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10 Ribera Maldonado refused to stop long enough to pick them up. Padre Juan Pobre jumped overboard and swam ashore in order to assist the poor sailors, and it is pleasing to relate that all were rescued by the Jesus Mario in 1602. It is not unpleasing to relate that Maldonado lost his ship and his life by wreck before he was able to reach Manila.

The Guo"m Recorder

Church vestmentsmade in China. Cotton and cotton goods from Bengal, Coromandel and Malabar. Persian and Chinese rllgs. Jewelry and jewels from the Orient, including rings, bracelets, earrings, necklaces, rosaries, cruciflxes, etc., set with diamonds, rubies and pearls. "A golden bird from China", seizedat Acapulco Guam as a Port of Call in 7767 as an illegal article of trade. Although Magellan discovered Guam in 1521, Jewel studded sword-hilts. and although many ships followed his route, startAliigator teeth, plain or mounted with gold. ing with Alvaro de Saavedra in 7527 and VillaWomen's combs; in !767 the Sun Caflos carried lobos in 7542, it was not until June 1668 that a 80,000. royal order was issued requiring all west bound Fans, ivory castanets, copper cuspidors, nugalleons to put in at Guam. The order further merous articles of ivory, jade and jasper. required that during the month of June beacorr Sandalwood.. flres were to be kept burning on the highest points Brass tooth picks and paper balloons. of Guam and Rota. T3ronzethimbles and eyeglasses. The galleons always lay to offshore while water Earthernware and porcelain. and fresh provisions were taken on board, and Chocolate from Guayaquil and tea from China. passengers and cargo landed. In 7674 a storm Manila Cigars. arising, the then visiting galleon had to put to Spices and "drugs", including clove, cinnamon, sea without her captain, and actually proceeded pepper, musk, borax, red lead, camphor and nutto Manila leaving the unfortunate man behind. lltA0 The Spanish crown orcleredabout 34,000pesos Animals including a white deer sent as a present annually from Mexico to Guam as "situado" and "socorro", or "subsidy" and "relief". Of this sent to the King of Spain in 1746. amount the Governor officially got 3,000 pesos. Slaves. The course of the east bound galleons was far to There follor,v accounts of the four captures of the north of Guam and, consequently, the island galleons made by the British. The first is taken was not a port of call for vessels bound for from Francis Pretty's account of the voyage of Acapulco. Thomas Candish. The second is taken from For over two centuries practically all passen- Woodes Rogers account of his voyage around the gers, cargo and money for Guam were carried in rvorld. The third is taken from Richard Walter's the Spanish galleons. account of Anson's voyage. The fourth has been pieced together from several sources and tells of Cargo the exploit of two ships of Admiral Cornish's Among the many articles carried by the command" galleons were: Other gaileons were pursued or attacked, but feur were captured by the Britist^. onlyr Gold from the Orient to Mexico. The flrst Englishman to capture a Manila Silver from Mexico to the Orient. galleon was the "Worshipful Master Thomas gauzes, Chinese silks, Cantonesecrepes, veivets, of Trimley in the Countie of Suffolk Candish grograins, taffetas, damask, brocades. Esquire", as he is described by Francis Pretty, (one galleon Stockings carried over 50,000), chronicler of the event. cloaks, robes, skirts, bodices, kimonos. Bed coverings and tapestries. Candish (Note: Also known as Cavendish) Flemish laces and Spanish cloth. went to London in his youth and early made the Table linen and handkerchief of Chinese work- acquaintance of Sir Walter Raleigh as well as of manship. some of Drake's veterans. Inspired by their

The Guam Recorder (1924 - 1940) Seventeenth Anniversary  

In partnership with the Micronesian Area Research Center, Guampedia is e-publishing the Guam Recorder. The Guam Recorder was a monthly maga...

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