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June 2, 2013


Speaking in the Power of the Spirit by Maurice Dyer

Pentecost is about the birth of our Church and the spirit moving in the disciples. This caused them to take the show on the road to share the story of Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection. We can learn from this story. The spirit calls us out into the world to spread the good news; we must do two things in order for our message to be understood by others. One, we must actually go, and two; we must listen to the context that people live in and truly open up enough to let the Holy Spirit do the connecting. We have two ears and one mouth. That’s how it’s supposed to be. We have twice as good a chance of connecting if we allow the Holy Spirit to work through our ears rather than our mouth.

Scripture Lessons Today 1 Kings 8:22-23, 41-43 Psalm 96:1-9 Galatians 1:1-12 Luke 7:1-10

Creating a Caring Communiiy By Robin Denney

Maurice Dyer, our missionary to South Africa, has a blog! His blog “How it’s Going” can be found at: He will continue to keep us updated through his blog about his journey, the ministry he’s involved with, and the lives of the people he goes to live among, listen to, and serve. By subscribing to his blog, or his email list, you can keep up with him, learn from him, and continue to be a support to him through your prayers. Maurice will be living and working at the Holy Cross Monastery and School in Grahamstown South Africa.

You can join his email list by contacting him at: Donations to support Maurice’s mission can be sent to: The Episcopal Diocese of El Camino Real Memo: Maurice Dyer 1092 Noche Buena St. Seaside, CA 93955

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Speaking to Jesus By Robin Denney

Throughout the Gospels most of the people who Jesus encounters, challenges, heals, or ministers to, don’t seem to get who he is. A few declare Jesus to be the Son of God, but most don’t have that kind of faith. In the Gospel reading today we meet a Roman centurion who seems to get it. Even though he has never met Jesus, he has both faith and humility when he sends friends to speak to Jesus and ask for healing. He doesn’t need to see Jesus, he understands that Jesus’ authority comes directly from God, and he believes. We too can trust that if we speak to Jesus and ask for his healing, he will lead us down the path which leads to wholeness. Wholeness does not always include physical healing, but it always includes the power and peace of the Holy Spirit.

Speaking in the Power of the Spirit with Love By The Rev. Rick Matters

I write from a continuing education retreat on Long Beach Island, New Jersey. After eighteen years of continuous annual retreats, one of our members chose to leave our retreat community this year. As you might imagine, the rest of us feel a mixture of sadness or anger by his abrupt resignation. As we process our feelings, we have ventured to be more honest and vulnerable than ever before. As we speak in the power of the Spirit who surrounds us, our retreat community is being made new. (I like telling the others that we are being reformed!) We are also being renewed by our honest and faithful speech. Our relationships can be made new and renewed, or even reformed, by speaking in the power of the Spirit. In Luke 7:1-10 the Jewish elders spoke highly of the centurion. The centurion spoke with incredible humility and honesty. He said to Jesus, “only speak the word, and let my servant be healed.” And, of course, Jesus spoke words of healing and reconciliation. To whom might God be calling you to speak in the power of the Spirit?

This Bible study is based on a synoptic and chronological study of the four Gospels. Together we will study and learn from the Jesus’ life and ministry and learn more about being disciples. Starting: When: Time: Wherea:

June 5, 2013 Wednesday mornings 10:30 – 11:45 a.m. All Saints’ Church in Grant Hall

To learn more plese contact Greg Troxell,


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Highlighted Events JUNE 7-9

Living Water, Spiritual Retreat at Santa Lucia


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All Saints’ Book Club


Mother Cynthia’s Birthday Party


Palestrina Ensemble


Friends of Epiphany Dinner

Speaking in a Big Way By The Rev. Rick Matters

I keep reversing the name of our fundraising event and saying “Big Bites,” instead of “Small Bites for Big Hunger.” Maybe this is because it feels like we took a big bite out of hunger this past month. Participants are still talking about how much fun they had. The committee is talking about how we made $18,000 for our outreach ministries. We are all still thanking the merchants who supported us: Le St. Tropez, Basil, La Balena, Tarpy’s, Patisserie Boissiere, and Cypress Inn, as well as Cima Collina, Ventana, Chesebro, Scheid wineries, and Trio Carmel for the selection of wine and olive oil. As we reflect this week on how God is calling us to speak in the power of the Spirit, let us continue to tell people how “Small Bites for Big Hunger” put our faith into action. We demonstrated to others in big way what it means to serve as disciples of Jesus Christ.

Telling Someone You Admire By The Rev. Rick Matters

Last Wednesday Theodore Richard Herold was born. He is the second child, born to my second child. I’m thrilled and feel like telling everyone. It’s fun to tell people such good news. I still remember the enthusiasm with which an aunt told me she won over a million dollars in a lottery. On the other hand, we have been put off or down right offended by people trying to convert us to their brand of the Christian faith.

Friends of Epiphany Dinner Saturday, June 22 “Many Cultures, Many Nations, All Children of God” is the theme for the 2013 Friends of Epiphany Dinner.

Despite such negative experiences, sharing the Christian faith is as easy as talking about happy events, like the birth of a child or grandchild. You do not have to have memorized the Bible. You do not have to prove why the Gospel is true. God will convince people, so you don’t have to. Simply tell someone you admire that Jesus Christ means a lot to you. You only need to speak the truth in love. If nothing else, simply invite someone to come to All Saints’ with you.

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Diocesan Day of Discovery—The Commission on Ministry’s annual Day of Discovery is coming up on Saturday, June 8, from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. at St. Paul’s, Salinas.  This is the first requirement in the ordination process, but it’s also a valuable experience for lay people who are considering more intentional discernment about their call to ministry.  The day will include new information about the opportunity for licensed lay ministries, a way  to help people focus on and train for a particular area of ministry in their parish. Register by e-mailing: by tomorrow, June 3. There is a $10 fee for lunch and materials.


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The Weekly 06/02/13  
The Weekly 06/02/13  

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