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Santa Lucia Mission News November 3, 2013

Contact Santa Lucia Mission 46896 CA Highway One Big Sur, California 93920 office: 831-667-2310

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Vicar The Rev. Cynthia M. Spencer

Fall work day Nov 23, 2013 Schedule for the Day 10-12 work 12-1 lunch 1-3 work

Projects: • • • • • • • • •

finish shed( mini-church) move some items from flood plain for the winter raking and clearing debris & fallen trees trim trees & bushes by parking area on “El Camino Real” (the access road) clear River trail work on construction of new entrance sign prepare and clean up lunch bring lunch cut wood

There will be task leaders to help orient you to your job. Come 1/2 day or all day. We will appreciate any help. Families are welcome.

What’s in the news? Fall work day Nov 23, 2013 Health Center Fair booth Fall drive for warm clothes New mini Church Santa Lucia Day 12/13/13 Book Discussion starts soon hikes,Paul’s Meadow & inner tubes

to both adults and children. We also gave away 5 bags of food. We have now started a regular food give away each Tuesday for homeless and families in need.

Fall drive for warm clothes & blankets Santa Lucia is collecting Warm jackets and coats for adults and children of Big Sur. We are also looking for blankets, sleeping bags and tents. Carmel: there will be boxes for these items at All Saints in Carmel during the month of November. Big Sur: We will have boxes out in Big Sur during the month of December. As boxes fill, we transport them to Big Sur and offer them to community members in need.

Healthy Saints Hikes continue Please call the Mission office to confirm you are coming on Sat Nov 23 831-667-2310 The next Work Day is Saturday

February 15, 2014.

Dec 7, 2013 9-12 Saturday hike to Julia Pfeiffer State Park, Big Sur

Big Sur Health Center Fair Oct 8, 2013 Mother Cynthia, Alex Collard from All Saints and John Miller from Santa Lucia tended the church booth at this year’s Big Sur Health Center Fair. The BSHC offers free flue shots, readings on cholesterol and glucose, as well as hearing and eye exams. Alex was busy doing Zumba demos encouraging visitors to get active and be healthy saints! John was helping give out the 60 sweat shirts we gave

January 4, 2014 9-12 noon Saturday Garland Ranch Carmel Valley

Santa Lucia Mission News Santa Lucia’s Mini church It started out as a shed for a washer and dryer and the vicar’s storage items. Jesse Muson, a long time camper here, who is a licensed contractor, volunteered to plan and put up the “shed”. He kept telling us it was easier to work in 8 foot lengths and pretty soon the shed was 12’ x 16’. We were going to try to find a place some where in Big Sur to worship indoors, during the winter months. But

we all wanted to be here and realized that Jesse is building us a mini Church! Steve Hall, friend of Santa Lucia, made us 8 eight foot long benches to use for our larger summer weddings and some of them will do nicely as pews in the new shed/building/church. Mother Cynthia has a 3 ft square stained glass dove and a beautiful piece of teak to make an altar. Jenny Nobis is donating 2 dark wood cabinets to house the prayer books and hide the washer and dryer that the Harmers and Nachbars are donating. We are installing French doors and 6 other doors that will serve as windows which were donated by Reed Cripe, a member of All Saints who lives in Big Sur and is instrumental in beginning this renewed mission. The sweet sound of LaVerne McCloud’s voice on Sunday will be heard even better in side our new church.

Ok, all this sounds good, but we aren’t finished yet! We have insulation and dry wall to install, painting: primer, outside, trim and sheet rock. We still have to have a small deck as you walk out of the french doors and about 3 steps. There is landscaping to do. And the north wind is beginning to blow through the trees and around the mountains on the Big Sur. We could use your help to finish our church. Two days we know for sure are work days for the shed. They are: Saturday Nov 9th and Saturday Nov 23 (that day is also to work on the grounds). If you can come to help please, email Mother Cynthia at and let her know if you can come then or what other times you are available.

Book Discussion A book discussion group is forming in December or the beginning of the year. We will read The Four Elements: Reflections on Nature by the late John O’Donahue, an Irish priest, writer and poet. He speaks of Air as the breath of God, Water as tears of the earth, Fire at home at the Hearth of Spirit and Stone as the Tabernacle of Memory. We will share our thoughts as well as art, photographs, paintings or poetry that his work inspires in us. We may meet only once a month, allowing for creative time between meetings. Anyone is welcome to join us. Please call or email Mother Cynthia if you are interested.

“Like a tree planted by streams of water” psalm 1 November 3, 2013

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Santa Lucia Mission News either as a group site or on an individual site basis 6 months before any particular date.

Santa Lucia Day Celebration December 13,2013 5-9 pm Seccombe Hall at All Saints’ Church 9th & Dolores, Carmel Santa Lucia, St. Lucy, is, of course, our patron saint. Did you know that the Santa Lucia mountains were so named because they were “discovered “ by Spaniards on Dec 14, Santa Lucia being the closest Saint’s day. And this information from Kirsten Stembers, faithful long time Santa Lucia camper and nature, history guide on the Monterey Peninsula. You are all invited to join us for a service, dinner and party on Santa Lucia Day, Wednesday December 13th. Please put it on your calendar and come to celebrate with us.

Inner tubes coming back to Santa Lucia Campground During the winter months we will be purchasing new 44” reinforced rubber inner tubes to be used for floating down the river. During the time that Paul was the caretaker here we had them to use. They disappeared and were never replaced. Next summer we will keep them locked on a pole, as the Big Sur Campground does with theirs. We will require a deposit for use and return the deposit when the inner tubes are brought back. There will be no charge for their use. They will be stored in one of the sheds over the winter. If you would like to make a contribution of any amount to help purchase these it would be appreciated. They each cost $35. The pump is $50. If you want to contribute you may write a check payable to All Saints’ Church, and send it to: P.O.Box 1289, Carmel, CA 93921. Please add a note saying : inner tubes/Santa Lucia. Thanks.

Look for improvements at Paul’s Meadow. This smaller campground still has priority for use of members of All Saints or Santa Lucia. However, it will be released for general use

How can I help at Santa Lucia Mission? We actually have a small handout that answers this question ..You can request that it be sent to you, check the areas indicating the kinds of things you like to do, that we need doing. Then you will be called when we need help. If you are busy then, you just tell us to call next time. Many of you who get this newsletter are long time campers and it could be a delightful time to be able to work together with others who also love this place. To request our “How can I help at Santa Lucia?” handout call Mother Cynthia at 831-667-2310 or email to and it will be emailed or sent to you. Just now • come to help us finish our mini church • come to help close up and clean up the campground for winter • bring blankets, warm coats and jackets, sleeping bags and your old tents to distribute to those in need. • join us for an actively artistic book discussion

Have a Happy Thanksgiving • Thank you All Saints for helping us to become. • Thank you Santa Lucia Mission for your vision and faithfulness as we few gather at the River. • Thank you campers for making this a holy place for families to laugh and love and for making memories here that will bring you together and sustain you in difficult times. • Thank you, new friends of Santa Lucia for walking with us as we begin this journey to be a people of God’s Love from Rocky Point to Ragged Point all along the Big Sur.

We are thankful for you November 3, 2013

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Santa Lucia Mission News 11/2013  
Santa Lucia Mission News 11/2013  

Santa Lucia Mission Newsletter November 2013