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Materials Science and Engineering From Raw to Revolutionary


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“ The Stone Age, the Bronze Age, the Iron Age ... materials have always been and will continue to be most critical for advances in technology.”

Dr. Naresh Thadhani, Professor and Chair, MSE

Thank you for your interest in the School of Materials Science and Engineering (MSE) at the Georgia Institute of Technology. We welcome the opportunity to give you a look at this versatile and enabling discipline, which is revolutionizing technologies related to energy, environment, health and human welfare, infrastructure, security, communications, transportation, and more. You will see what is unique about our program based on the depth and breadth of our undergraduate curriculum, and the richness and diversity of the research expertise of our world-renowned faculty. You will learn about a program, that is structured to encourage participation in hands-on research, co-ops and internships, and real-world design projects – all to prepare you for infinite career prospects in virtually all industry sectors as an entrepreneur, innovator, consulting engineer, or research scientist. So, come join us in our pursuit of envisioning, predicting, designing, and developing materials to meet the societal challenges of today and tomorrow!

What is Materials Science and Engineering? Who better to explain MSE than students who are studying it: “ MSE is having an understanding of the materials that make-up everything, allowing one the flexibility to do almost anything.” Erin Flynn (1st year) “ MSE is improving the materials we use every day to improve our lives and our future.” Zac Robbins (2nd year) “ Chemistry + Physics + Engineering = MSE. The science makes every class exciting and the application teaches me how to change the world one molecule at a time.” Robert Kiblinger (3rd year) “ MSE is not just the study of materials, but the way materials affect individuals throughout their daily lives. It is a type of engineering that can provide a broad range of needs, comfort, convenience, and safety to the consumer. MSE is the definition of progress.” Sean McGaha (5th year)

Why study MSE? Look around – some combination of materials science and engineering went into every single manufactured thing you see. MSE is the only discipline with both “science” and “engineering” in its name, and it’s an area with infinite applications.

“ At the heart of MSE is innovation and invention, from inception of an idea to finally unleashing its potential as a functional material.”

Jan Toro, Norway, 3rd year

“ Everything in electronics used to be huge – now it keeps getting more and more miniaturized and going into nanoscale … and materials are at the heart of it.”

Dr. Rosario Gerhardt, Professor, MSE

• Career Prospects With a B.S. degree in Materials Science and Engineering, you will be equipped to enter a recession-tolerant industry sector with average starting salaries of $70K/year. Many of our students also go on to graduate studies or medical school. • Broad Options An MSE degree is interdisciplinary – it bridges mechanical, chemical, electrical, biomedical, nuclear, and aerospace – giving you the skills to work in numerous industries and allowing you to pursue an advanced degree in almost any field.

Kimberly-Clark, Amazon, The Coca-Cola Company, Boeing, Intel, NASA, and 3M are just a few of the companies that have hired our recent graduates.

Why study MSE at Georgia Tech? A degree in Materials Science and Engineering from Georgia Tech holds great promise for a fulfilling and fascinating career – not just because of what you are studying, but where you are studying, how you are learning, and who you are learning from. • Top-Ranked Program at a Top-Ranked University Georgia Tech is ranked as the nation’s No. 7 public university, our College of Engineering is ranked No. 5, and the MSE undergraduate program is ranked No. 4. • One of the Largest Programs in the Nation Our world-renowned faculty members focus on practically all classes of materials, including metals, ceramics, polymers, fibers, composites, textiles, nanostructures, and bio-enabled/biomimetic materials, so your classroom instruction and research experience will only be provided by experts in the field. • Hands-On Research For pay or class credit, you will be able to conduct cutting-edge research with professors and other students using state-of-the-art technology and lab equipment in practically every area of materials.

“ The student-to-faculty ratio is great. It’s easy for us to go into their office and talk to professors about problems we had in class or anything related to possible research that we’re doing with them.”

Brian Chu, Arkansas, 4th year

“The MSE General Scholarship has greatly benefitted me because it obviously brought down the cost of college, so it’s less my family has to worry about.”

Tiera Lee, Georgia, 1st year

• Affordability Because of Georgia Tech’s cost in relation to graduates’ earnings, ranks us No. 1 in the nation for annualized return on investment in higher education. Numerous scholarships, awards, grants, and loans are also available for students who meet eligibility requirements. • World-Renowned Faculty With faculty who specialize in all classes and forms of materials, you will have access to some of the broadest expertise and best brains in the discipline. Our low student/faculty ratio allows you to develop personal relationships with your professors and ensures you get the guidance you need.

• Co-ops and Internships Georgia Tech’s internship and co-op programs have relationships with more than 1,000 employers worldwide, so you will have a wealth of opportunities to integrate practical experience with your classroom lectures.

“ The opportunities that I’ve been able to have at Georgia Tech with co-op and internships have given me experiences into what large aerospace companies actually do and have definitely given me a leg up as far as finding the networks to get the jobs I want. “

Ben Sullivan, Florida, 4th year

38 Faculty...300 Students

• Networking and Mentoring Whether you want to make professional contacts or meet students with similar interests, there are many ways to get involved, including our MSE Industry-Student Mentoring Program; Material Advantage, the MSE professional society student chapter; the Phi Psi Fraternity, Society of Plastic Engineers; and MSE intramurals. • Flexible Degree Options You can specialize in the area that most interests you by choosing a concentration in biomaterials, polymer and fiber materials, or structural and functional materials. We offer three certificate programs and a business option (in partnership with Tech’s Scheller College of Business), plus opportunities to earn a co-op/internship, research, or international plan diploma designation.

“ What I like about MSE is the small class sizes that really give you the opportunity to get to know professors and other students within your class.”

Kay Adams, Pennsylvania, 2nd year

Campus Life at Georgia Tech Prestigious academics may be your main reason for considering Georgia Tech, but you can also look forward to an awesome campus life. With more than 400 student organizations, an active arts and culture scene, 57 sororities and fraternities, 17 NCAA Division 1 athletic teams, intramurals, and more, there are countless ways for students to have fun, pursue their passions, and serve the community – often while complementing their academic endeavors.

Atlanta Georgia Tech’s traditional, residential campus, set on more than 400 wooded acres, is located in an international city that’s a hub for business, government, media, sports, arts, and entertainment. Atlanta is No. 3 in the nation for Fortune 500 headquarters, and Tech and its students both contribute to and benefit from the economic and cultural vitality of the metro area.

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