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Photo | Cheryl Hemric

Photo | Cheryl Hemric

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Photo | Cheryl Hemric

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WELCOME · · · · A LETTER from the PRESIDENT· · · ·

Welcome to the first in a series of annual reports I plan to present to the citizens of Guilford County during my presidency. I arrived at GTCC on September 1, 2011, aware that the Board of Trustees had gifted me with an exceptional opportunity to lead one of our nation’s most committed community colleges. My initial challenge was to build upon the presidency of Dr. Donald W. Cameron and carry forward the initiatives he began with the support of our students, faculty and staff. At the same time, it was necessary to help drive GTCC through a period of unprecedented growth that found the college serving almost 44,000 students during the 2011-2012 academic year. You can imagine my surprise as one of the country’s leading community colleges when I learned that one of my first assignments was to welcome President Barrack Obama to our Jamestown Campus (October 18, 2011). After his visit to the GTCC Children’s Center, the President delivered a major address to an invited audience at the Ragsdale Family YMCA.

The Interim Presidency of Executive Vice President Rae Marie Smith after Dr. Cameron’s retirement allowed me to immediately pursue several high priority initiatives related to GTCC’s local and regional leadership in workforce training. My team immediately reinforced our position as one of the national leaders of Completion by Design, the Gates Foundation program that focuses on the retention and graduation of older students, by hiring an executive director. GTCC’s ongoing initiative to improve retention was additionally supported by a $100,000 Walmart PRESS for Completion grant. The college was awarded a second grant of $245,000 (September 2011) from Duke Energy funded an upgrade to the G3000 Integrated Avionics System enabling our expanding aviation program to train 50 avionics specialists for regional aviation companies. Grants from the Joseph M. Bryan Foundation and the Golden Leaf Foundation additionally supported one of GTCC’s most historic programs. The aviation program received another boost when the Honda Aircraft Company Inc. announced (October 11, 2011) that it would build its Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) facility at Piedmont Triad International Airport. A few months later (April 21, 2012), I responded that GTCC would construct a 41,000 square foot classroom building at Piedmont Triad International Airport to house new and expanding aviation programs. Since my appointment coincided with the retirement of several administrators we moved to fill key positions in some

of our major divisions. We have also added Radiography and Mechatronics to our list of programs. GTCC continued to expand its leadership in Workforce Development and Advanced Manufacturing. The college was once again summoned to help protect Americans as had previously done during the Cold War by providing courses for air raid personnel and training in bomb shelter construction. GTCC trained a Homeland Security class and utilized a portion of the grant to train our staff in safety procedures. Our award-winning students, faculty and staff demonstrate GTCC is in action as an active community leader. As my first report on the operational status of our institution for the academic year 2011-2012, I thank the citizens of Guilford County who have supported GTCC through bond referendums at the polls and contributions to the GTCC Foundation. We gratefully acknowledge the continued support of the Guilford County Board of Commissioners, the members of the NC Legislature and the city governments of High Point, Jamestown, Greensboro and Oak Ridge. Thank you from America’s Community College.

Dr. Randy Parker

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Board of Trustees

Coy O. Williard, Jr., Chair

Jarvis Harris, Vice Chair

Susan Alt, Secretary

Dr. Janice Brewington

Robert A. Bruggeworth

James H. Bryant III

Edith Chance

J. Patrick Danahy

Shirley T. Frye

Charles A. Greene

Mary L. Jarrell

J. Robert Landreth, Jr.

Darren Lipman SGA President and Ex-officio

(Trustee photos by Scott Burnette)

· · · · A MESSAGE from the GTCC BOARD CHAIR · · · · The twelve members of GTCC’s Board of Trustees faced a huge chore in 20102011 when we were tasked to select the institution’s 7th president. The retirement of long-term President Dr. Donald W. Cameron of 20 years of distinct leadership, created more than its share of anxious moments. Who could possibly replace this charismatic leader? We embarked on a rigorous national search and pursued the research process according to the rules of the State Board of Community Colleges and were at times overwhelmed by the response. GTCC’s national reputation was a huge selling point.

To make a long story short, we found the right match for this crucial appointment in Dr. Randy Parker. Trained as a professional engineer with an exceptional record as an innovative community college administrator and a civic champion, his resume exceeded our expectations. Dr. Parker directed a multi-campus institution, established early college high schools, understood the process of county and state funding, demonstrated knowledge of the curriculum and the social needs of students. Additionally, he was a proven economic developer with an extensive background in logistics.

4 | GTCC | Creating Successful Futures

The following pages detail the accomplishments during his first year as president of America’s Community College. I believe that you will agree with me and the Board that Dr. Randy Parker is a superlative leader. Please read on and thanks for your support of Guilford Technical Community College.

Coy O.. Willard, Jr.

Foundation Board of Directors President- Jim Bryant Vice President - Kip Blakely Secretary - Dr. Randy Parker Treasurer - Marcia Sears Regan Dr. Lundee Williams Amos Harry Boody Susan Bright D. Hayes Clement, Jr. Steven J. Frost Charles A. Greene David Griffin Edward A. Johnson Paul H. Livingston, Jr. Judy Miller Adnan M. M. Mjalli, Ph.D. James F. (Jim) Morgan David Norbury George Ragsdale R. Timothy (Tim) Rice Sylvia Samet Steve Showfety Jeanne Tannenbaum

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6 | GTCC | Creating Successful Futures

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DR. RANDY PARKER SUCCEEDS PRESIDENT DONALD W. CAMERON Dr. George R. (Randy) Parker, president of Vance-Granville Community College, has been selected to succeed Dr. Donald W. Cameron as president of Guilford Technical Community College effective Sept. 1, 2011. “Our Board is confident that Randy Parker’s success as a visionary community college president combined with his professional training as an engineer and college administrator plus his exceptional record of business and civic involvement is the perfect fit for our great and growing institution,” said Coy O. Williard, Jr., chair of the GTCC Board of Trustees. “Dr. Parker is the first to acknowledge that it is impossible to replace Don Cameron, but we are firmly convinced that he is the leader with the energy and the skills to extend our vision for GTCC.” “It is an honor to be selected by the Board to lead GTCC, one of our state’s flagship institutions of higher education,” said Dr. Parker. “I look forward to working with the Board, GTCC’s dedicated faculty and

staff and the community to build on and continue GTCC’s legacy of excellence and success in teaching, student learning and economic development partnerships.” Dr. Parker has presided at Vance-Granville Community College in Henderson, N.C., since 2004. Prior to his current position, he served as vice president of instruction and student services at Lenoir Community College in Kinston (19812004). He received an associate degree in mechanical drafting and design technology from Lenoir Community College, a bachelor’s degree in engineering technology from UNC Charlotte, a master’s degree in mechanical engineering and a doctorate in higher education administration from North Carolina State University. Dr. Parker began his community college career as a general engineering instructor and worked professionally in the engineering industry. As a community college administrator, he has provided leader-

ship in all phases of community college governance including budgeting, curriculum and personnel. He comes to GTCC experienced in the establishment of early middle college high schools and logistical programs associated with the North Carolina Global TransPark Authority. He is a tireless fundraiser for his institution’s Foundation. “With Dr. Parker’s experience and expertise, we won’t miss a beat,” Williard said. “I speak for all of our trustees when I say that it has been an honor to have worked with Don Cameron. The Piedmont Triad Region, the state and the nation have benefited from his heart-driven commitment to students, his innovative programs, superior organizational skills and productive partnerships with business and industry. We are grateful for his service and excited that he and Jayne will continue as viable members of the Guilford County community. We look forward to welcoming Dr. Parker and his family to Guilford County.”

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8 | GTCC | Creating Successful Futures

Photo courtesy of the White House

Photo | Cheryl Hemric


GTCC | 2011-2012 President’s Report | 9 Photo | Cheryl Hemric

Some days on our campus, you never know who may show up. Our campuses are the perfect venues for all types of political figures. We’ve had local, state and federal officials visit the college, and Governor Beverley Perdue is a routine guest at Guilford Technical Community College. This time was a little different. On October 18, 2011 we were honored with a visit from the 44th President of the United States: Barack Obama. During his visit, President Obama hosted a roundtable event with educators and student teachers in the GTCC Children’s Center. He also rallied a crowd including GTCC

faculty, staff and students at the Ragsdale YMCA. President Obama said, “…How well we do as a country is going to depend on how well we train our young people. And it starts early. So we’re at a terrific early childhood education program here at the community college.” Members of the discussion panel were: • Anna Hartgrove – Director of the GTCC Children’s Center • Mary Skrabec – Department Chair for Early Childhood Education • Linda Witte Phillips – High School Teacher, Ragsdale High School • Craig Preston Babcock – Elementary School Teacher, Millis Road Elementary School

10 | GTCC | Creating Successful Futures

• •

Shelby Elizabeth Kroh – GTCC Early Childhood Student Tyresse Wade – GTCC Early Childhood Student.

As the President sat down for his discussion with the group of teachers and soonto-be teachers, he talked about how cuts to education at the state and local level have become an alarming trend: “One of the concerns that I’ve had over the course of the last several months – in fact, the last couple of years – are the layoffs that we’ve seen in education and the cutbacks we’ve seen in education all across the country. States and local governments are under a big crunch. And at precisely the time when we need to be emphasizing

Photo | Cheryl Hemric

education and putting our resources into education, we’re seeing cutbacks all across the board. Teachers are losing their jobs. Schools are having to cut back on vital programs that are helping young people.” After the 20-minute panel discussion, President Obama visited the Ragsdale YMCA where he addressed a maximum capacity crowd to discuss employment and the role of education in the nation. While this was an invitation-only and ticketed event, the GTCC faculty and staff of the Early Childhood Education Program as well as Guilford County Schools (GCS) teachers were special guests. These constituents were able to be seated behind the President during his speech.

School children from Millis Elementary School, located across the street from GTCC, lined High Point Road to wave to the President as he departed the YMCA. It was both a thrill and an honor to have President Obama on our campus. One student exclaimed, “I have never been so proud to be a GTCC student as I am today.” GTCC strives to provide the best quality education and opportunities to its students. GTCC creates successful futures and is a place where even presidents want to visit.

About the Children’s Center The Guilford Technical Community College Children’s Center opened in March 1979 as a laboratory school for the Early Childhood Education Department. The center is licensed by the Division of Child Development and Early Education and has a five-star rating. Our Children’s Center is located on the beautiful Jamestown Campus in the Service Careers building. Enrollment is open to children of students, staff and faculty as well as children of the community. We accept enrollment for children between the ages of six weeks and five years. The center currently has an enrollment of more than 80 children at this time.

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On Tuesday, June 5, 2011, GTCC held a viewing session of the transit of Venus as the planet crossed over the face of the sun, appearing as a black dot. The event was a rare occurance with only six other transits having been recorded in history (1639, 1761, 1769, 1874, and 2004). Astronomy Professor and Director of the Cline Observatory, Tom English, provided guests with high tech telescopes and other equipment to view the transit safely. Protective sunglasses were also made available and the GTCC Culinary Department provided snacks for the event. On Friday, September 30, 2011, GTCC hosted it’s annual Astronomy Day with guest lecturer Francis Halzen from the University of Wisconsin at Madison. Halzen spoke on Ice Fishing for Neurtrinos at the South Pole. After the lecture attendees looked to the sky by enjoying the opportunity to look through the telescope at the Cline Observatory.

Photo | Cheryl Hemric

Photo | Tom English

12 | GTCC | Creating Successful Futures

BAUERLINE SPEAKS AT GTCC On November 9, 2011, GTCC hosted best selling author Mark Bauerline on our Jamestown Campus. The event was standing room only as crowds gathered for the event. Bauerline gave a lecture and spoke to students about his book, “The Dumbest Generation.” This book was part of an all-college read in which students not only read the book but also looked at various aspects of the digital age we live in. The lecture was so well received it was standing room only. Bauerline took questions from students and held a book-signing afterwards. Baurline also spoke at the Greensboro Public Library later that evening. The event was sponsored by the GTCC English Department, the GTCC Bookstore, and the GTCC Foundation.

Photo | Cheryl Hemric Photo | Cheryl Hemric

GTCC | 2011-2012 President’s Report | 13 Photo | Cheryl Hemric

Photo | Cheryl Hemric

14 | GTCC | Creating Successful Futures

GTCC ANNOUNCES NEW INNOVATIVE PROGRAMS One of GTCC’s main objectives is to develop and implement relevant curriculum programs needed by the business community. As technology evolves and occupations become more about knowledge than muscle, innovative programs of study are imperative. Today, GTCC continues to evolve with two new programs: Advanced Manufacturing and Radiography. Advanced Manufacturing is a hybrid of mechanical and electronics engineering that integrates electronics, mechanics, pneumatics, hydraulics and computer control. The program teaches students the significant skills needed to go directly to work in a high-skilled, high-demand and high-paying job. The program will be open to 32 students and offers an associate degree in applied science in advanced manufacturing technology. Radiography is a healthcare profession that uses radiation to produce images of the human body. The Radiography program began in Fall 2011 and offers a two-year associate degree in applied science. The course of study includes one semester of general education courses and five semesters of radiography courses. It is a limited enrollment program.

GTCC | 2011-2012 President’s Report | 15

PROGRA Associate in Applied Science


General Studies (available online*) Pre-Major Art Education Pre-Major Business Administration (available online*) Pre-Major Business Education / Marketing Education (available online*) Pre-Major Communication Studies (available online*) Pre-Major Criminal Justice (available online*) Pre-Major Elementary Education Pre-Major English (available online*) Pre-Major English Education Pre-Major Health Education Pre-Major History (available online*) Pre-Major Middle Grades Pre-Major Nursing Pre-Major Physical Education Pre-Major Political Science (available online*) Pre-Major Psychology Pre-Major Social Science Secondary Education (available online*) Pre-Major Special Education Pre-Major Social Work Pre-Major Sociology

Associate in Fine Arts

General Studies, Drama Concentration Pre-Major Music

Associate in Science

General Studies Pre-Major Biology and Biology Education Pre-Major Chemistry and Chemistry Education Pre-Major Engineering Pre-Major Mathematics


General Studies, College Transfer Readiness

Accounting Advertising & Graphic Design Air Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration Technology Architectural Technology Associate Degree Nursing (Integrated)* Automotive Systems Technology - Ford Option* - GM Option* - Generic Option Aviation Management / Career Pilot Technology - Aviation Management Option - Career Pilot Option Aviation Systems Technology* Aviation Electronic (Avionics) Technology* Biotechnology Business Administration (available online*) - Human Resources Management - Import / Export Compliance Option Civil Engineering Technology Computer Information Technology (available online*) Computer Integrated Machining Computer Programming (available online*) Computer Technology Integration - Database Management Concentration - Geographical Information Systems - Mobile Device Development Construction Management Technology Cosmetology * Criminal Justice Technology (available online*) Culinary Technology Cyber Crime Technology Dental Hygiene* Early Childhood Education Electrical/Electronics Technology Electronics Engineering Technology - RF Technician Option Emergency Medical Science* - Bridging Program Emergency Preparedness Technology Entertainment Technology - Sound Engineering Option - Sound and Lighting Option - Performer Option - Management Option Fire Protection Technology General Occupational Technology Global Logistics Technology

16 | GTCC | Creating Successful Futures

Healthcare Management Technology Heavy Equipment and Transport Technology - Medium/Heavy Duty Truck Hotel & Restaurant Management Human Services Technology - Substance Abuse - Mental Health Industrial Systems Technology Information Systems Security Manufacturing Technology Mechanical Engineering Technology - Drafting and Design Option - CAD Support Option Mechatronics Medical Assisting* Medical Office Administration (available online*) Networking Technology (available online*) Office Administration (available online*) Paralegal Technology Pharmacy Technology* Physical Therapist Assistant* Radiography* Simulation and Game Development (available online*) Surgical Technology* Surveying Technology Telecommunications and Network Engineering Technology Turfgrass Management Web Technologies

Associate in General Education Diploma

Accounting Air Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration Technology Architectural Technology Carpentry Collision Repair and Refinishing* Construction Management Technology Cosmetology Culinary Technology Dental Assisting* Early Childhood Education Electrical/Electronics Technology - Electrical Construction - Master Electrician Electronics Engineering Technology Furniture Upholstery

AMS of STUDY Heavy Equipment and Transport Technology - Medium/Heavy Duty Truck Industrial Systems Technology Machining Technology - Machinist Manufacturing Technology Mechanical Engineering Technology - Drafting and Design Medical Transcription* (available online*) Pharmacy Technology* Practical Nursing (Integrated)* Surgical Technology* Telecommunications and Network Engineering Technology Turfgrass Management Welding Technology


Accounting Advertising and Graphic Design - Computer Graphics - Photography Air Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration Technology - Air Conditioning - Comfort Systems Design - Commercial Control Systems - Control Systems - Heat Pumps - Heat Pump Service - Refrigeration - Year-Round Comfort Systems Architectural Technology Automotive Systems Technology - Generic Option Aviation Management / Career Pilot Technology - Aviation Management Option - Career Pilot Option Aviation Systems Technology - Airframe and Powerplant Option - Airframe Rating Option - Powerplant Rating Option Basic Law Enforcement Training Business Administration - Human Resources Management (available online*) - Professional Selling Carpentry - Basic & Advanced Civil Engineering Technology Collision Repair and Refinishing*

Computer Information Technology

- Basic Certificate (available online*) - Operating Systems Construction Estimation Construction Supervision Cosmetology Culinary Technology Early Childhood Education - Early Childhood Administration - Early Childhood School-age - Infant-Toddler Care Electrical/Electronics Technology - Basic Wiring Skills - Basic Electrical Construction - Industrial Electrician - Advanced Construction Electrician - Photovoltaic Installation Electronics Engineering Technology - Basic Electronics Emergency Preparedness Technology Furniture Upholstery - Furniture Upholstery - Sewing Heavy Equipment and Transport Technology - Medium/Heavy Duty Truck Human Services Technology - Mental Health Technology - Substance Abuse Prevention - Substance Abuse Treatment Industrial Systems Technology - Packaging - Troubleshooting - Controls Machining Technology - Basic Conventional Machining - Intermediate Conventional Machining - CNC Set-Up - CNC Operator Manufacturing Technology - Basic Manufacturing Mechanical Engineering Technology - CAD Certificate - CAD / BIM Certificate Medical Office Administration (available online*) - Hospital Billing and Coding (available online*) - Medical Billing and Coding (available online*) - Electronic Medical Records (available online*) Networking Technology - Routing (available online*) Occupational Education Office Administration - Software Applications

Paralegal Technology - Bankruptcy - Corporate Business - Real Estate Plumbing Surveying Technology Telecommunications and Network Engineering Technology - Basic - Advanced Turfgrass Management - Landscape Design - Landscape Maintenance Web Technologies - Basic Certificate - Advanced Certificate Welding Technology

* Indicates a limited enrollment program

Photo | Cheryl Hemric

GTCC | 2011-2012 President’s Report | 17

18 | GTCC | Creating Successful Futures

Photo | April Wright

GTCC LEADS THE WAY IN WORKFORCE DEVELOPMENT GTCC is synonymous with workforce development in Guilford County. Many people know our name, but few know the depth of our contribution to the Piedmont Triad area.

training, web design, public speaking and project management are examples of these courses. A variety of personal enrichment classes such as sewing, cake decorating and ballroom dancing also are offered.

Workforce development drives our many programs and initiatives at GTCC. Downsizing and other economic factors have convinced thousands to turn to Guilford Tech. Training citizens to become employable is our reason for existence. As in our name, we focus on the “community.”

Our Economic Development office markets to and attracts new companies who are considering moving to Guilford County. These organizations know an educated workforce is the key to success. GTCC provides onsite training specific to the companies’ products and processes using their equipment. This division also helps to train (or retrain) workers at area companies that are expanding some portion of their business.

GTCC provides first-step type enrollment programs: Basic Skills, Adult High School and GED. Developmental classes prepare students for college-level work or credentials that will empower them be employable. Since displaced workers cannot afford the time required for an associate degree, the Quick Jobs program offers numerous ways to become occupationally trained in 90 days or less. Continuing Education The Continuing Education Division offers a multitude of non-credit courses dedicated to helping people upgrade their skills and achieve certification. Microsoft Office

In addition, Continuing Education provides customized training for organizations in Guilford County or internationally through our Global College. Center for Business & Industry The mission of the Center for Business & Industry (CBI) is to contribute to the ongoing development and growth of Guilford County’s workforce to enable the region to compete in the global economic environment. The CBI is prepared to assist

Guilford County residents, businesses and industries to develop your most valuable asset: your people. Through our Corporate Training initiatives, the CBI at GTCC is ready to partner with Guilford County businesses and industries to define, prepare and deliver training in a variety of leadership, teamwork, customer service, and technical skill areas. Software skills can be trained in your facility using our Mobile Computer Application Training lab (MCAT). Clients can also support training programs through online courses via Ed2Go Pro. The Small Business Center The Small Business Center provides assistance to local entrepreneurs and small businesses through seminars, workshops, confidential counseling and more. Popular topics include financing opportunities, marketing, business plan development and cash flow management. The annual Small Business Summit is a great opportunity to get expert advice on starting and growing your business the right way.

GTCC | 2011-2012 President’s Report | 19

Nursing Assistant 1 Program GTCC was fortunate to receive a grant from the Piedmont Triad Partnership to expand our Nursing Assistant I Program. We were able to add two new labs and classrooms. This has helped 155 more nursing assistant students graduate in the last six months than in the previous year. Quick Jobs Quick Jobs with a Future offers a wide variety of affordable courses “in 90 days or less” at convenient times and locations. All training is designed to provide the skills needed to enter or re-enter the workforce. Training areas include: Accounting, Auto, Customer Relations, Health Insurance Billing, Medical Receptionist, Nursing Assistant I, Pharmacy Technician, Warehouse Technician, Welding and more. The North Carolina Career Readiness Certificate The North Carolina Career Readiness Certificate (CRC) is a state initiative that allows citizens to earn a portable skills

credential, ensuring the job seeker’s skill level to employers. The focus of the certification is workplace skills in reading, math, and locating information. Human Resources Development Human Resources Development (HRD) is a workforce development program that offers a variety of workshops in assessment, employability skills training and career development counseling for the unemployed and underemployed. Our goal is to increase the individual’s chances for employment through developing job search skills such as resume preparation, job interviewing, networking and job retention training. JobsNOW JobsNOW “12 in 6” is a workforce development initiative designed to benefit North Carolinians who have lost their jobs due to recent layoffs and plant closures. The initiative offers community college programs in 12 careers, each requiring less than six months to complete.

The program is an initiative of Governor Beverly Perdue to create new jobs and to put Carolinians back to work. CBI Programs • Adult Education / Basic Skills • Adult High School Diploma • Compensatory Education • Computer Programming • English for Speakers of Other Languages • Adult Basic Education • GED (High School Equivalency Diploma) • Certified Nursing Assistant • Computer Technology • Corporate Training • Career Readiness • Defensive Driving • Human Resources Development • Jobs Now • Motorcycle Safety • Personal Enrichment • Quick Jobs • Real Estate • Small Business Center Photo | Norris Greenlee

Photo | April Wright

Photo | April Wright

20 | GTCC | Creating Successful Futures Photo | April Wright

Photo | April Wright

OFFICERS COMPLETE HOMELAND SECURITY CLASS The Transportation Security Administration honored the second group of local TSA officers for their educational achievement at Piedmont Triad International Airport on June 12, 2012. Seven officers fulfilled the requirements to earn a TSA Certificate of Achievement in Homeland Security. A ceremony in which certificates were presented to the officers was held at Piedmont Triad International Airport at the TSA office, 7029 Albert Pick Road. Honorees were West Cooper, Russell Evans, Paula J. Hodges, Angela C. King, Amanda Malley, Scott M. Reed and Pedro Vincenty.

TSA, a part of Homeland Security, has established a program with Guilford Technical Community College so employees can enroll in an associate degree program. The Transportation Security Administration is partnering with community colleges to provide the Transportation Security Officer workforce at airports throughout the nation the opportunity to work toward a TSA Certificate of Achievement in Homeland Security and/ or Associate Degree in Homeland Security or a related field.

GTCC class on Jan. 25, 2012. They were: John Balas, Amy Daughety, Steven Daly, Robbie Davis, Willard Simmonds and Matthew Miller. The associate program allows officers to enroll in higher education courses at or near their duty station and enables them to enter a higher education program with fewer obstacles for completion. A goal of the program is to be in all major airport hubs by fall 2014.

This is the second class in which GTCC has participated in the training. Six people graduated from the inaugural

GTCC | 2011-2012 President’s Report | 21

22 | GTCC | Creating Successful Futures


Connie Buterbaugh

Darren Lipman

Kenneth McAdams

Josh Hudson

Lathia Hairston

Michael Grant

Connie Buterbaugh of Jamestown was selected to participate in the Student Leadership Development Program. During the year-long commitment, 30 students from the North Carolina Community College System participated in the program to develop and broaden leadership training opportunities and to better prepare students for professional and civic responsibilities.

and also on their written essay regarding their education and career goals. Lipman combined his passion to serve others and care for his school environment by reviving an inactive Gay-Straight Alliance organization on campus.

Through various workshops, speakers, interactive seminars and activities, students learn the fundamentals of leadership and are then challenged to put their knowledge to work through group and individual projects. The program is sponsored by the N.C. Community College System.


Buterbaugh was SGA vice president for Clubs (2011-2012) and graduated from GTCC in spring 2012.


Darren Lipman received the 2012 Crumley Roberts Next Step Scholarship. Lipman was awarded a $1,000 check and an iPad. The scholarship recognizes North Carolina community college students who transfer to a four-year college or university within the state. Next Step Scholarship entrants were judged on their community involvement

Brittany Jones

Lipman graduated from GTCC on May 10, 2012 and was president of the Student Government Association. Josh Hudson, a Collision Repair student from Greensboro, received the CCC Michael Salvatore Memorial Student Repair Technician scholarship awarded by the Collision Repair Education Foundation in Hoffman Estates, Ill. The scholarship is worth $2,000.

................................... Kenneth McAdams of Pleasant Garden and Michael Grant of High Point, recent graduates of the HVAC program, are “top of the class’’ award-winners. McAdams was selected by Malco Tools annual student recognition program. He received a tool from the company, which is a leading manufacturer of tools for heating, ventilating and air conditioning. Only graduates of a certified HVAC course are eligible for the awards.

Grant was selected by Klein Tools and received a set of the company’s tools. The company also donated a tool display board for a GTCC classroom.


Brittany Jones of Greensboro and Kathleen Mohre and Lathia Hairston, both of High Point, received the Developmental Education Scholarship in honor of George Fouts. The scholarship is awarded to one or more deserving students who are currently enrolled in a developmental education course or have taken one in the past. The recipient is chosen based on academic performance, character and service to the college and the community.


Connie Buterbaugh of Jamestown and Darren Lipman of Asheboro were listed in USA Today for being named to the national Coca-Cola Community Academic Team. Buterbaugh, a Coca-Cola New Century Scholar, was named a Gold Scholar, receiving a $2,000 scholarship. Lipman was named a Bronze Scholar and received a $1,000 scholarship.

GTCC | 2011-2012 President’s Report | 23

2011-2012 STUDENT AMBASSADORS Danielle Austin Connie Buterbaugh Ike Chambers Elizabeth Crocker Lathia Hairston James Harvell Arimxay Pereira Tyler Price Lisa Young

ADVERTISING & GRAPHIC DESIGN STUDENTS WIN ADDY AWARDS Valecia Hopper, an advertising and graphic design student from Greensboro, won three ADDY Awards including “best of show” and gold awards for her poster advertisement, “The Farmer’s Market.” She also won a silver award for her advertisement, “Hunger.” The ADDY Awards is an annual design competition for professional and student designers. Six other GTCC students also won awards: Jordan Younce of Greensboro – two silver awards for “Teardrop Photography and “Starbucks Equals Love;” Amber Adams of Greensboro – a silver award for “Illustration T-Shirt Design and a bronze award for “Addiction Ad Series;” Kat Lamp of Greensboro – a silver award for “ALS Awareness Campaign;” Beth Walker of Advance – silver award for “Lego Clue Game;” Adriana Vargas of Rural Hall – two bronze awards for “Latin Rhythm” and “Christmas for the City.”

24 | GTCC | Creating Successful Futures

GTCC WINS AT SKILLSUSA North Carolina SkillsUSA Conference Competition Sixteen students from GTCC finished in first place at the SkillsUSA North Carolina State Conference competition in Greensboro, receiving a ribbon and medallion. The conference attracted more than 1,650 competitors from 111 schools, including 54 from GTCC.

First place: • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Valecia Hooper of Greensboro, Advertising Design Brian Perunko of Stem, Automotive Technology Colby Myers of Elkin, Aviation Maintenance Technology Amber Kallam of Burlington, Criminal Justice James Ziglar of Oak Ridge, Crime Scene Investigation Amanda Orndorff of Jamestown, Crime Scene Investigation Kyle Szuts of Oak Ridge, Crime Scene Investigation Shaun Delp of Gibsonville, Collision Repair Painting Kirsten Cleveland of Kernersville, Fantasy Hair and Makeup Mary Hope of Greensboro, Men’s Haircutting Markita White of High Point, Nail Care Mara Norris of Greensboro, Culinary Arts Ally Hege of Lexington, Food and Beverage Service Amy Lowe of High Point, Commercial Baking Christopher Faulkner of Randleman, Power Equipment Technology Linh Tran of Greensboro, Related Technical Math

Third place:

National SkillsUSA Leadership and Skills Conference

Fifteen GTCC students advanced to the SkillsUSA National Leadership and Skills Conference in Kansas City, Mo.

• • • • •

Amanda Weiss of Kernersville, Advertising Design Gary Crouch of Eden, Aviation Maintenance Technology Jonathan Hoy of Greensboro, Carpentry Joshua Hudson of Greensboro, Collision Repair Painting Roberta Trent of Greensboro, Men’s Hair Cutting Daniel Barnett of McLeansville, Telecommunications Cabling Josh Johnson of Oak Ridge, Collision Repair Technology

Fourth place: • • • •

Josh Stanley of Greensboro, Collision Repair Technology Amber Nelson of Winston-Salem, Cosmetology BradleyThompson of High Point, Fantasy Hair and Makeup Ty Warren of Greensboro, Telecommunications Cabling

Second place:

Fifth place:

Beth Walker of Advance, Advertising Design Stephen Olsen of Raleigh, Aviation Maintenance Technology Shuntia Wright of High Point, Cosmetology

Dillon Pritchard of Randleman, Collision Repair Technology Terrance McCollum of High Point, Telecommunications Cabling

Students earning silver medals: • • • • •

Valecia Hooper, Advertising Design Amanda Orndorff, Crime Scene Investigation Kyle Szuts, Crime Scene Investigation James Ziglar, Crime Scene Investigation Amber Kallam of Burlington, Criminal Justice

Students who placed 9th or higher in their respective fields. • Colby Myers • Delp Shaun • Endya Whitfield • Mara Norris • Linh Tran • Amy Lowe • Markita White • Ally Hege • Christopher Faulkner • Brain Perunko

GTCC | 2011-2012 President’s Report | 25

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GTCC PRESIDENT WINS MAJOR AWARD FOR COMMUNITY COLLEGE LEADERSHIP Dr. Randy Parker, president of Guilford Technical Community College, received the I. E. Ready Distinguished Leader Award for 2012, presented by the College of Education at North Carolina State University. “Randy Parker’s significant record of leadership on the local, state and national levels contributed to his selection as the president of GTCC,” said Coy O. Williard, Jr., chairman of the GTCC Board of Trustees. “His energy, foresight and leadership skills already have established him as an understanding, committed leader in Guilford County.” The award was established in memory of Ready, the first president of the N.C. Community College System, and is presented annually to a leader who has rendered distinguished service in the community college sector. The recipient is recognized for “innovation in the community college system and for the impact

a single motivated leader can exert on the regional community in support of the initiatives of the Department of Leadership, Policy and Adult and Higher Education at North Carolina State University.” Parker was cited for his leadership during the completion of his doctoral program with the N.C. State University faculty and for his accomplishments at Vance-Granville Community College. He was commended for creating innovative curricular pathways in the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) curricula and establishing partnerships with UNC institutions in the engineering, math and science curricula. The awards committee noted the collaborative partnership he formed with the Frank Hawkins Kenan Institute of Private Enterprise at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and the National Science Foundation to offer the nation’s

first Associate in Applied Science Degree in Global Logistics Technology. The committee acknowledged Parker’s leadership to revise the FTE (Full Time Equivalency) formula that funds the community college system. Parker was a prime leader in creating and expanding the early college high school programs through a crucial partnership with K-12 schools. Three of these programs are housed on GTCC’s Jamestown, High Point and Greensboro campuses. Since becoming president of GTCC in September 2011, Parker has worked to engage young adults to pursue and participate in higher education. He is presently presiding over the Gates Foundation Development Education Initiative (DEI) that targets developmental education at GTCC and the institution’s leadership of the Completion by Design (CPD) initiative, funded by the state and the Gates Foundation.

GTCC | 2011-2012 President’s Report | 27


Matthew DeSantis

Claire Hunter

Sue Brown

Elizabeth Clodfelter

Diane Hankins

David Mayers

LaToya McCandies

San Juan Timmons

Mary Woefel

Rankin Barnes

Bryan Orr

Deborah Flowers

Melissa Maley

Amanda Rivers

Matthew DeSantis, assistant professor of political science at GTCC, has been named Club Advisor of the Year. DeSantis is the advisor for the GTCC Political Science Club. DeSantis previously taught political science at High Point University, the University of Texas at El Paso, Furman University and the University of Florida. Each member of the club nominated DeSantis, according to Berrilyn Cross, director of student life at GTCC. Comments from the nominees included: “He worked tirelessly to promote and advance the club; he is an extremely informed person who is always looking for new ways to help the club; he never hesitates to offer advice and is loaded with extra information about our field; he educates us on current events as well as campus events; and he has showed that politics can be interesting and rewarding.” DeSantis has presented his research on politics and social movements at a variety of national conferences, including the American Political Association. His work also has been published in peer-reviewed journals.


Claire Hunter has been named the nation’s most outstanding teacher in developmental education. She received $500 and a plaque.

The award comes on the heels of Hunter being named the Outstanding Developmental Educator of the Year by the North Carolina Association for Developmental Education. She received $300 and a plaque, recognizing her for her contributions in helping students achieve their educational desires. “Claire Hunter is an exceptional educator as evidenced by her lifelong commitment and dedication to teaching developmental students,” said Marie Cook, chair for the student development and learning department. “She richly deserves this award,” said Brenda Kays, vice president of student learning and success. “Claire is a true asset to this institution.” A teacher for 33 years, Hunter started working at GTCC in 1980 as an adjunct instructor. She moved to Greensboro in 1977 from Bergen County, N.J., where she grew up. Hunter is a graduate of Ladycliff College and has a master’s degree from New Jersey City University. Her honors also have included the Laura Thomas Award, which is presented by the North Carolina Association on Higher Education and Disability for service to students with disabilities, and the GTCC’s President’s Award. She received both awards in 2005.


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Seven employees at GTCC received the President’s Award during the 2011 Excellence Day Ceremony for faculty and staff. Each recipient received a plaque and a $500 stipend. The recipients were: • • • • • • •

Sue Brown Elizabeth Clodfelter Diane Hankins David Mayers LaToya McCandies San Juan Timmons Mary Woefel


Five instructors at Guilford Technical Community College received the college’s annual “Excellence in Teaching Awards.” Each received a trip to the National Institute for Staff and Organizational Development conference or $750 towards any national conference of their choice plus a $100 stipend The recipients were: • • • • •

Rankin Barnes of Winston-Salem, an instructor in automotive technology Bryan Orr of Kernersville, an instructor in computer technology Deborah Flowers of Greensboro, an instructor in medical assisting Melissa Maley of High Point, an associate professor of religion Amanda Rivers of Climax, an associate professor in English.

Photo | Cheryl Hemric

BOBBY ALLISON NEARS 300 COACHING WINS Most coaches would be pleased to close the basketball season with a 23-8 record and compile a 79-16 record in three years with a new athletic program. Not coach Bobby Allison of the GTCC Lady Titans. “This past season was by far my worst ever as a head coach,” Allison said. “We finished third in the conference and were seeded third in the regional tournament.”

GTCC won its opening tournament game but lost to nationally-ranked Patrick Henry Community College in the second round. Allison was runner-up for coach of the year in the Carolinas-Virginia Conference. Allison’s record as a women’s basketball coach now stands at 294-35, including his years as coach at Mohawk Valley Community College in Utica, N.Y. He took over the GTCC Lady Titans at the

start of its second season of women’s basketball. In previous years, Allison led GTCC to records of 29-3 and 27-5 and was twice named Conference Coach of the Year. Allison’s teams have attained national ranking, an accomplishment for a young program.

CHEF ALAN ROMANO EARNS TWO AWARDS Alan Romano makes cooking fun – in the classroom and on television. His persona is just as warm as the delightful food he prepares. Many charitable and professional organizations have benefitted from Romano’s generosity. He is happy helping others. He also loves competitive culinary events. Romano has won more than a dozen awards in culinary competitions and many more than that for his service to charitable and culinary organizations. He recently received two honors in the culinary world: • The Cutting Edge Award from the American Culinary Federation was presented at the ACF Southeast Regional Conference in Winston-Salem. This award recognizes industry leaders and supporting agencies for leadership and service to the culinary profession. • The American Academy of Chefs recognized his “outstanding service and dedication” to the Academy by giving him a plaque. The award was presented at their regional dinner held at Old Town Country Club in Winston Salem.

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COMPLETION BY DESIGN: GTCC LEADS NATIONAL INITIATIVE Guilford Technical Community College is the lead school among five North Carolina community colleges selected for Completion by Design, a national initiative funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to increase completion and graduation rates for low-income students ages 18 to 26. Davidson County Community College, Central Piedmont Community College, Martin Community College and Wake Technical Community College are among a cadre of schools from four states chosen for the five-year program. The five colleges will share a $495,000 grant from the Gates Foundation to launch the project. “GTCC and its partners are thoroughly committed to the retention and completion of our students through innovative practices and the data collection that measures success,” said Ed Bowling, executive director of Completion by Design at GTCC. “Completion by Design builds on those practices.” The initiative aims to build on proven existing practices already underway at a number of progressive community colleges. These institutions are committed to addressing the needs of today’s students by focusing on new approaches to key events during students’ educational experience, from the first time they connect to the college through completion.

Community colleges presently serve nearly 11 million students. Enrollment has surged as the recession has caused many Americans to return to school. Community colleges also are evolving to serve students who often are older and work full time or part time while attending school.

Solving this problem is important for our students, our economy and our country. A report from the Georgetown University Center on Education and the Workforce forecasts that 63 percent of jobs will require at least some postsecondary education by 2018. The report also shows that without a dramatic change in course the labor market will be short 3 million educated workers during the next eight years. Under GTCC’s leadership, the five designated North Carolina colleges will analyze best practices within higher education and initiatives the institutions have developed to determine how these processes and procedures can be spread to the entire North Carolina community college system.

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation established the Completion by Design project to proceed in three phases beginning in June 2011: •

The first phase will be a one-year planning period in which the participating colleges will examine their own data to identify loss points and design strategies to address them.

Phase two will be an implementation period during which the colleges will implement the strategies.

The final stage will focus on policy implications and changes, and broadening the project for national impact.

Ed Bowling of High Point was named North Carolina executive director for Completion by Design. His duties will include working with his counterparts in Texas, Ohio and Florida where the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation also has funded Completion by Design Initiatives. Their mission will be to devise and implement new approaches to make the college experience more responsive to today’s student, according to the foundation. Previously, Bowling was coordinator of GTCC’s Developmental Education Initiative grant. Prior to that, he was a reading adjunct in Developmental Education and a time-limited instructor at GTCC. A native of Indiana, he moved to North Carolina in 1988 to work for Wachovia Bank, where he spent nearly14 years and became senior vice-president and manager of investment product development and solutions.


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Photo | Antionette Hinton

HOMELAND SECURITY GRANT PROVIDES TRAINING TO CAMPUS POLICE With more than 15,000 students spread across four campuses, Guilford Technical Community College’s Campus Police has a big task in protecting the students, faculty and staff.

the case.

“That’s why I want to get all of the training I can for our officers,” said Chief Jerry Clark.

“We had our telephone operators trained about how to handle calls of a threatening nature,” said Sgt. Aaron Smith, one of the officers trained in how to deal with bombs in two courses at the Energetic Materials Research and Testing Center at New Mexico Technical Institute in Socorro, NM.

Whether it is a bomb threat, campus shooting or terrorism threat, Clark has been alert to the potential catastrophes that could occur on a community college campus, he said. His department was faced with a bomb threat in August 2011, resulting in an arrest. Clark said training of four GTCC officers through a grant from Homeland Security contributed to the solving of

“Our officers knew what steps to take and how to begin the investigation,” Clark said.

Other training courses included a how first responders handle incidents involving explosives and how to deal with prevention and response to suicide bombing incidents.

32 | GTCC | Creating Successful Futures

“With terrorism threats on the increase other bizarre happenings that impact public safety, the GTCC Campus Police searched for training that would address these issues,” Clark said. Sgt. J.T. Williams, who has worked on the GTCC Greensboro Campus after spending 30 years with the Greensboro Police Department, participated in some of the training. “As a first responder, these courses have prepared me to prepare for, respond to, attempt to prevent and recognize a possible attack by use of improvised explosive devices, weapons of mass destruction, dirty bombs, chemical and biological radiological and nuclear explosives,” Williams said.

GTCC AWARDED $100,000 WALMART PRESS FOR COMPLETION GRANT Guilford Technical Community College was selected as one of 15 community colleges in the nation to win a $100,000 Walmart PRESS for Completion Grant. Sponsored by the Walmart Foundation and administered by Achieving the Dream, the grant will enable GTCC to better engage faculty – particularly adjunct faculty -- and staff in important campus-based reform efforts to improve student completion rates. “Student success is our highest priority. To that end, we must provide the firstclass support services, highly trained

faculty and committed staff members necessary to create the roadmap to this success,” said Dr. Randy Parker, president of Guilford Technical Community College. “Guilford Technical Community College has met high standards of practice and performance and is well-positioned to tackle one of the toughest community college reform challenges our nation is facing: engaging more full-time and adjunct faculty and staff in student success efforts,” said Rachel Singer, vice president of Achieving the Dream, Inc.

The grant will include a 27-month process during which GTCC will receive technical assistance and support from Achieving the Dream. In addition, GTCC has agreed to serve as a peer coach and to be active in the learning community among the other 175 plus colleges in the larger Achieving the Dream National Reform Network. Ultimately, at least 100,000 students stand to benefit directly and 3.75 million indirectly from the collective work of the selected colleges.

DUKE ENERGY AWARDS SECOND GRANT TO AVIONICS PROGRAM The Duke Energy Community and Technical College Grant Program has awarded Guilford Technical Community College a $245,937 grant to support the “increasing capacity of avionics technicians for Honda Aircraft and the Triad aviation industry’s cluster partners program.” Dr. Richard Pagan, division chair of transportation technologies at GTCC, said the grant will fund upgrades to avionics equipment acquired through a Duke Energy grant of $243,958 three years ago. The upgrade will meet the current industry standards for systems, avionics and electrical production associates, he said. A small portion of the grant also will be used for professional development of the avionics staff, Pagan said.

The first Duke Energy grant helped establish the training program for avionics technicians at GTCC’s Aviation Center II building at 819 Radar Road near the Piedmont Triad International Airport. “Initially GTCC will provide training for Honda Aircraft personnel in support of the on-going development of the HondaJet and associated technologies with the upgrading to the G3000 integrated Avionics System,” Pagan added. “The first Duke Energy grant provided funds for the Garmin 1000 Avionics system.” GTCC’s avionics program plans to train approximately 40 to 50 avionics specialists annually for local and regional aviation companies.

“We are excited that Duke Energy has partnered with us in establishing an aviation electronics program that is second to none in the nation and one that will meet the aviation industry needs,” Pagan said. “With the additional grant, we can catapult the aviation electronics program to the next level of providing training in the latest avionics equipment available. With the addition of a second faculty member and this grant, we are well-positioned to move forward in being the central training facility for avionics.”

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GTCC HONOR R President’s Society Mr. and Mrs. Norman Samet Tobee Kaplan Davis Furniture Industries AT&T, North Carolina Bank of America Neil Belenky Brady Trane Service, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. James H. Bryant III J. Patrick Danahy Barry Frank Mr. and Mrs. Steven J. Frost Dr. Lee Kinard

Chairman’s Circle

Bank of America Charitable Foundation Community Foundation of Greater Greensboro Alan W. Cone The Duke Energy Foundation Foundation for the Carolinas Golden Leaf Foundation The Grainger Foundation High Point Dental Society Al Lineberry, Jr. Novant Health, Inc. Old Dominion Freight Line, Inc. Marcia S. Regan Mr. and Mrs. Norman Samet Samet Corporation Writers’ Police Academy

Mr. and Mrs. Paul H. Livingston Jr. Leroy Stokes

Legacy Donors

The Joseph M. Bryan Foundation Duke Energy Foundation Foundation for the Carolinas Golden Leaf Foundation Steve and Judy James Gladys Sears Koury Corporation Tom Davis Fund Weaver Foundation The Anonymous Fund Don and Jo Cline Community Foundation of Greater Greensboro Cone Health Cone Health Foundation Dow Corning Corporate Giving Dr. and Mrs. Stuart B. Fountain High Point Community Foundation Miller Brewing Company Mr. and Mrs. George Ragsdale Mr. and Mrs. Norman Samet Save The Montagnard People Foundation, Inc. Tannenbaum-Sternberger Foundation, Inc. TCDI Wells Fargo

Dean’s Circle

Brady Trane Service, Inc. Cone Health Mrs. Tobee Kaplan Lorillard Tobacco Company Pearson Education The Earl N. Phillips, Jr. Family Foundation SJ Edwards Foundation Tannenbaum-Sternberger Foundation, Inc. TIMCO Aviation Services TransTech Pharma

Director’s Circle

Anonymous AT&T Bank of America BB&T Neil Belenky Amy Brown Mr. and Mrs. James H. Bryant, III Carolina Bank Ed Clement D.H. Griffin Wrecking Co., Inc. D.S. Miller, Inc. J. Patrick Danahy Davis Furniture Industries Domer & Company, Inc. Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund

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Barry Frank Mr. and Mrs. Steven J. Frost Gladys Sears Trust David Griffin Guilford County Dental Society High Point Bank High Point Citizens Police Academy Alumni Asc. Nancy Lyles Kester KI/Krueger International, Inc. Lee Kinard Sandra Kirkland Dr. Paul Kwon, DDS PA Landmark Aviation Angela Leak Mr. and Mrs. Paul H. Livingston, Jr. George W. Lyles III Janette McNeill Leonidus Yale Miller, Jr. National Automobile Dealers Charitable Foundation Dr. and Mrs. Randy Parker Alan Pike Praesage Ms. Rae Marie Smith Tulsa Community Foundation VF Jeanswear Limited Partnership Mr. Lee Lyles Webster

Scholar’s Circle

Action Greensboro Aetna Foundation, Inc. Dr. Lundee Williams Amos Anonymous Ms. Angela K Broadus Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Bruggeworth Patricia Cates Samuel Chinnis Therese Coon David Eisenberg GTCC Nursing Class H.P. Chapter NCSMA Hagan Davis Mangum Barrett Langley Hale Lisa Koretoff LAMB Foundation of NC, Inc. Leslie Enterprises, Inc. Lexair Electronics Mr. and Mrs. Tim Martin Cheryl K. Menzies Mr. and Mrs. James F. Morgan

Parker Hannifin Foundation Jackie L. Pettiford Christy Ridgill Bernice W. Skirboll Mary Skrabec Lois Smith Lynda Snider Leroy Stokes Mary West Dr. Alison Wiers Clarence E. Young, Jr.

Faculty Circle

J. G. Allen Anonymous Anonymous Anonymous Carol Ashbaugh Joseph Badick Joshua Baker Howard Barber Rankin E. Barnes Larry Belton Susan A Benz Michael D. Benz Janet Bost Morris Boswell Ed Bowling Patricia Bradley-Freeman Susan Bright David R. Brown Jimmy Brown Sandra Brown Johnnie Bryant Joann Buck Mr. & Mrs. Larry Byrum Dr. and Mrs. Donald W. Cameron Lorrie Campbell Kimberly Cannon Malinda Carmon Connie Carroll David Carruthers Jerry Clark Mr.. and Mrs. Don Cline Myles Cohen Pamela Coldwell Marie Cook Stephany Cousins Ron Cox William Crawford Brenda Cronin

ROLL of DONORS Berrilyn Cross Jerry Cummings Davidson County Dental Society Shawn Dee Sheila M. Dennehy Nicki Dodd Velina Ebert Douglas Ecklund Peggy Pfaff Edwards Thomas English Chanda Fausphoul Darlinda Finch Timothy Fitts Audrey Floyd Deborah Fondow Ginger Foust Keith Gardiner Terence Garraway Dr. Beverley Gass Terrence Gilbert Michael Gray Dr. Jacqueline Greenlee Greenway at Fisher Park Daniel Grigg GTCC Nursing Class of 2011 GTCC Dental Faculty Mark Hagenbuch Robert Halpin Tonia Hamilton Clinton Harris Anna Hartgrove Cheryl Hemric David Herrick High Point Dental Society Hilco Transport, Inc. Rita Honda Margot Horney Claire W. Hunter R. Wayne Hutchins Sonia Johnson Janie Johnson Alice Jordan Robert Kantlehner Randall J Katz Brenda Kays Eugene Kearns Janice Keimig Debra Kelton Cynthia Kiger Melissa Kinney Dr. Ed Knight Craig Koretoff

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HONOR ROLL OF DONORS CONTINUED Michele Garrett Samuel Gaskins Dona George Zacary Goldstein Krystal Gossett Charles Grimes June Guralnick Brian Haderlie Diane J. Hagler Mary Hall Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Hands Diane Hankins Aleta Harper Stephanie Harris Daphne D. Haverkamp Thomas Hefner Christine Henry High Point University - School of Education Joyce Hill Deborah Hill Patrick Holyfield Kenneth Honstetter Cheryl S. House Clyde Hunt Ednalyn K. Hurley Mark J. Imbus Jean Jackson Zachary Jackson John Jacobson Kimberly Jeffries Paje Jernigan Ronnie Johnson Sheila Johnson Linda Johnson Mitchell Johnson Karen Diane Jones Carolyn Jordan Kimberly Jordan Maheshkumar Joshi Linda Justice Anjeannete N. Kalbaugh Sharon Kalbaugh Cynthia Kane Bonnie Kelton Stephanie Kennedy Joyce L. Key Mr. & Mrs. Jerry L. Kinney Phillip J. Kirk, Jr. Claudia Kirk Betty E. Kittner Don Knight Shannon Kreuser Leona M. La Perriere Margaret Lalonde

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FOUNDATION SCHOLARSHIPS Scholarship Awarded Account Total Baseball 16 $21,437.49 Brentwood Presbyterian Endowed 3 $4,000.00 Buchanan Hocket Surgical Technology 16 $1,600.00 Chi Chi Sigma GTCC Chapter 1 $150.00 Coble Aviation Scholarship-student 3 $2,000.00 Cole Morton Endowed Scholarship 1 $800.00 Cosmetology Program Support 2 $60.00 DAS (Disability Access Services) 1 $314.60 Davidson County Dental 1 $200.00 Dental Assisting 1 $500.00 Dental Hygiene Scholarship 3 $2,000.00 Dental Hygiene Endowed 1 $250.00 Dental Scholarships - General 1 $400.00 Developmental Ed Endowed 3 $3,000.00 Dr. James B. Howell Endowed Scholarship 2 $1,100.00 Dr. Stuart Fountain Endowed 3 $3,000.00 Faculty Association Scholarship 3 $1,500.00 Fire Science Program 1 $650.00 Friends of Margaret Cain 1 $200.00 General Scholarship 23 $19,021.97 Grainger Scholarship 9 $9,000.00 GTCC 50th Anniversary Golf Tourney Scholarship/TCDI 34 $29,752.40 GTCC Athletic Basketball Support 1 $254.33 GTCC Scholarship Fund 1 $125.00 Guilf/ Co. Hotel/Motel Restaurant Assoc. 3 $750.00 Guilford College Volunteer Fire 1 $375.00 Guilford College Volunteer Fund 1 $375.00 Guilford County Dental Society Scholarship 4 $1,400.00 Hardin, Jean A. Endowed Scholarship 3 $1,500.00 Henry Forlaw Endowed Scholarship 3 $2,968.40 High Point Dental Society 1 $400.00 HW Kiser Jr. Scholarship 2 $2,250.00 Jimmy Gleen Memorial Scholarship 2 $3,000.00 John W. Suits Endowed Scholarship Fund 1 $700.00 Jones, Clarence & Opal Endowed Scholarship 2 $1,500.00 Joseph M. Bryan Culinary Award 3 $3,000.00 Konica Manufacturing Endowed 3 $3,213.00 Martha Bumgarner 1 $2,500.00 Media Credit Professionals (Misc. One Time) 1 $250.00 Men’s Basketball 15 $24,670.65 Miller (Janice) Memorial End. Scholarship 3 $3,000.00

Photo | Coretta Montague

Scholarship Awarded Account Total Professional Construction Estimators Association Endowed 2 $1,250.00 Quick Jobs 43 $10,048.20 Robert A. Williams Airframe/ Powerplant End. Scholarship 2 $1,000.00 Samuels/Schena Dental 3 $1,500.00 Sandra Benz Endowed Scholarship 1 $2,500.00 Sandy Powell Endowed 1 $450.00 Student Ambassador 10 $14,480.00 Tannenbaum-Sternberger 4 $7,000.00 Thomas and Lucille Williams 2 $1,000.00 Triad Region Austin Healey (Misc. One Time) 1 $1,250.00 Upholstery Scholarship 1 $300.00 Venable Scholarship 4 $4,000.00 Volleyball 7 $3,000.00 Well Spring LPN Endowed Scholarship 6 $5,625.00 Well Spring RN Endowed Scholarship 3 $1,875.00 Wexford Wells Endowed Scholarship 2 $750.00 Wm Hough Scholarship 1 $1,400.00 Women’s Basketball 11 $48,903.94 TOTAL: 284 $259,499.98

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Guilford Technical Comm




Number of Students


Unduplicated Headcount


FTE (Full-Time Equivalent)


Associate of Arts 250 15.7% Associate of Science 17 1.1% Associate of Applied Science 827 51.8% Associate of General Education 42 2.6% Associate of Fine Arts 4 0.3% Diploma 204 12.8% Certificate 252 15.8% Total 1,596 100%

Basic Skills


Graduates with Multiple Credentials

Corp. & Industry Training


A.A., A.S., A.A.S.


Diploma 390 Certificate 69 Transfer 898

Continuing Education

Personal Enrichment Unduplicated Headcount 7,325 Unduplicated Headcount


Budget FTE


Non-Budget FTE


Total Individuals Served


Total FTE


PERSONNEL Administrators


Faculty – FT


Faculty – PT


Staff - FT


Staff – PT


Total 1,523




Student Orientation H

Male 43% Female 57%

African-American 45.9% Asian/Pacific Islander 3.4% Caucasian 41.1% Hispanic 4.3% Native American 0.9% Two or More Races 1.1% Other 0.1% Unknown 3.2%

Photo | Norris Greenlee

Photo | April Wright

Full-Time 58.1% Part-Time 41.9% Average Age 28 Average Class Size

22.5 students

Average Credit Hours Carried

10.75 credit hours

GTCC | 2011-2012 President’s Report | 39

GTCC FACTS AND HIGHLIGHTS HISTORY • 1958: Founded as Guilford Industrial Education Center • 1965: Became Guilford Technical Institute • 1983: Became Guilford Technical Community College

SERVICE AREA Guilford County, North Carolina. Population 495,279.



GTCC offers the Associate of Arts, Associate of Science, Associate of Fine Arts, and Associate of Applied Science degrees. Within those degrees are college transfer plans in more than two dozen programs that allow students to make the transition to a four year college or university. Within the associate of applied science degree there are more than 100 technical degrees, diplomas and certificates to prepare students for direct employment in the workforce.

2011-2012 Annual Tuition for full-time students

Guilford County

Browns Summit




Oak Ridge

GTCC Aviation

GTCC Small


Business Center





GTCC Greensboro Campus




Jamestown High Point Jamestown Campus



GTCC FOUNDATION The GTCC Foundation Scholarships awarded in 2011-2012 was $259,499.98.

91% of 2009-2010 A.A./A.S. graduates transferring to UNC-System schools completed their first year at the 4-year level with a 2.0+ GPA.

INITIATIVES • Completion by Design

High Point Campus


1,104.00 4,176.00 1,024.00 174.20

GTCC is currently involved in three broad scale initiatives:



In-State Out-of-State Books Fees



GTCC Cameron

• • • •

Pleasant Garden


40 | GTCC | Creating Successful Futures



Guilford County

• AtD/Wal-Mart PRESS for Completion • North Carolina’s Back-to-Work Program.


GTCC | 2011-2012 President’s Report | 41


42 | GTCC | Creating Successful Futures

CONSTRUCTION UPDATES Plans for the construction of GTCC’s Aviation Building III are underway. Located on Radar Road in Greensboro, the new 41,000-square-foot-facility will accommodate the aviation program’s growing enrollment and allow for additional programs. Currently, the college conducts classes at the T.H. Davis Aviation Center (36,000 square feet of classrooms and labs, plus a 12,000-square-foot hangar), located at 260 N. Regional Road, as well as the Aviation Center II building (64,000 square feet), located at 819 Radar Road. Aviation III will house GTCC’s Aviation Management and Career Pilot programs and additional classrooms for customized

industry training. The design of the first classroom was completed this year. Aviation III is expected to open in Spring

2014, with classes beginning for the Fall semester in August 2014.

The Donald W. Cameron Campus completed phase I of site work. The new 100acre campus, located at 1117 NC Highway 68 in Oak Ridge, will be the college’s fourth campus. The campus will be home to the Center for Business and Industry, which will house the North Carolina Center for Global Logistics. The expected completion date is Spring 2014. The 97,500 square feet space will be used for academic programs and will include a 250-seat auditorium for conference-style events.


Jamestown Campus

601 High Point Road | Jamestown

Greensboro Campus

3505 E. Wendover Avenue | Greensboro

High Point Campus

901 South Main Street | High Point

Small Business Center

1451 South Elm Eugene St | Greensboro

T. H. Davis Aviation Center 260 Regional Road | Greensboro

Donald W. Cameron

Northwest Campus | Greensboro

Aviation Center #2 819 Radar Road

GTCC | 2011-2012 President’s Report | 43

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Profile for Guilford Technical Community College

GTCC 2011-2012 President's Report  

GTCC 2011-2012 President's Report