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Ideas for Your Troop Meeting Sing a Song

Girl Scout songs are used to both tell our history and express our values, friendships and joy of being a Girl Scout. Sing Can a Girl Scout Make New Friends to your own tune! Can a Girl Scout make new friends? Yes we can, yes we can! Can a Girl Scout lend a hand? Yes we can, yes we can! Can a Girl Scout be a leader, Guiding all who look and see her? Can a Girl Scout be a leader? Yes we can! Can a Girl Scout learn new things? Yes we can, yes we can! Can a Girl Scout play and sing? Yes we can, yes we can!

Host a Ceremony

We’re proud of our Girl Scouts and we know you are to. Girl Scouts has many ceremonies to both honor girls and participate in important yearly celebrations. Try your hand at a Moving On to New Adventures ceremony. Moving on to New Adventures Bridging is an important transition in a Girl Scout's life. It's a defining moment when a girl becomes aware of her achievements and is ready for new adventures and responsibilities. Celebrating this change should be fun, personalized, and memorable for everyone involved. And most of all, it should be designed by the girls in true partnership with adults. Bridging ceremonies usually take place at the beginning or end of the Girl Scout year and can have three parts: 1. Opening: Guests are welcomed and the tone is set. 2. Main section: The ceremony is explained and the girls celebrate moving from one level to the next. 3. Closing: Girls can participate in friendship circles and thank their guests. 4. Each of the ceremony's parts offers plenty of room for the girls' creativity and individuality. The ceremony should always focus on paying tribute to Girl Scouts as they move forward.

Great ways to end your meeting

Girl Scout Friendship Circle: Girls stand in a circle. Each girl crosses her right hand over her left. Then she holds hands with the person standing on either side of her.

Can a Girl Scout make a difference, Change the world and make it listen? Can a Girl Scout make a difference? Yes we can!

Girl Scout Friendship Squeeze: One person in the friendship circle starts the friendship squeeze. When you feel your hand squeezed, you put your right foot into the circle and then squeeze the hand on the other side of you. Everyone is silent as the friendship squeeze is passed around the circle. It stands for friendship with Girl Scouts everywhere. Once everyone has felt the squeeze everyone says: “Goodnight Girl Scouts!” and turns to the right under their right arms never letting go hands until they are facing out.

Can a Girl Scout share and swap? Yes we can, yes we can! Can a Girl Scout reach the top? Yes we can, yes we can! We are Girl Scouts look and see us! May look small, but just believe us! Together we can do amazing things!

Weather Scavenger Hunt List

Search for weather related clues outside. Materials: Scavenger hunt lists, bags, pencils and paper Take your group on a weather scavenger hunt to see how many weather-related things they can find. Use the list of clues provided or modify it for your group. Some of the clues don’t require any weather background, but others do. Divide into teams and give each team a clue sheet, a bag, a pencil, and one to two sheets of paper. Explain to the kids that they can put some of their “weather finds” in their bags. But for the clues they can’t collect, they should draw or describe what they see on their blank sheets. Set a time for all the teams to meet back at the starting point. Then have each team show and explain what they found for each clue. Afterward, have each team return any “finds” to where the items were found. Note: Before sending the group out, make sure to set your own scavenger hunt guidelines, such as: “Do not pick flowers, reach under logs with bare hands or wander away from the rest of the group. Weather Scavenger Hunt List 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.

Something bending toward the sun. Something hiding from sunshine. Something that may become part of a cloud. Something that tells you the wind is blowing. Something left by the rain. A sign of an animal used in folklore to “predict” he weather. A bad place for a person to seek shelter during a lightning storm. A place where icicles might form.

9. A place where weather has damaged a building. 10. A good place for a person to seek shelter during a tornado. 11. Sign of an animal that likes rain. 12. A place to go where it’s cool. 13. A place where rain has moved the soil. 14. A place that gets little sunshine. 15. Something that bends in the wind. 16. Something that won’t bend in the wind. 17. Something that reflects lots of sunlight. 18. Something that absorbs lots of sunlight. 19. Something that will soak up rain.

20. Something that makes rain splatter. 21. Something that protects people from rain. 22. Something that uses sunlight, wind, or water to work. 23. Something that smells better after a rain shower. 24. A good windbreak. 25. Something shaped by wind or water. 26. A sign of lightning damage. 27. Something the color of the sky. 28. Something the color of snow. 29. Something that would make snow melt.

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The Golden Link - July/August 2019  

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The Golden Link - July/August 2019  

Activities and news stories about Girl Scouts of San Jacinto Council

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