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Dear Friends, One night in 1906, The Rev. John (affectionately known as “Papa”) Raker was riding a train from Reading, Pennsylvania, when he ran into James Fritz, a parishioner of Papa Raker’s from many years before. Papa Raker, a Lutheran minister, shared with James a deep desire to build a home for the needy, or as Papa would say for “the least of these.” James was so moved by Papa Raker’s vision that he handed Papa fifty cents, and became Good Shepherd’s first donor. After getting off the train, James walked six miles to his home because he had given the last of his money to Papa Raker. Some time later, James would remark that he still would have donated his last fifty cents even if that meant walking a hundred miles. This story about Good Shepherd’s founding and one man’s selfless act never fails to move me. Today, the world of charitable giving is far more complex than the transaction between Papa Raker and James Fritz. Helping to shepherd your gifts is Good Shepherd’s team in the Development Department, an outstanding group of fund-raising professionals guided by compassion and experience. You will meet them on page 10. Whether it’s planned giving, a gift through Sweet Charity or in response to a donor appeal, membership in one of our donor giving groups, or by attending a special event, your philanthropic support of our programs and services is vital. It was 111 years ago, it is today and it will be tomorrow. As we head into the fall and a season of thanksgiving, I want to thank you for your dedication and generous support. You have allowed us to be witnesses to ordinary people, like James Fritz, doing extraordinary things for “the least of these.”

Thank you.


Gary Schmidt, MA Chair, Board of Trustees Interim President & CEO

Caia Moran is a spunky 15 year old determined to handle whatever life throws at her. So far she has done just that.


Cover photograph: Randy Monceaux


Gala in the Garden Smashes Its Own Record Donors continue to give from the heart, making this elegant fundraiser more and more successful every year.


Stewards of Philanthropy Meet this outstanding team of fundraisers and the people who guide donors in the art and legacy of joyful giving supporting our mission.

Our Mission Motivated by the divine Good Shepherd and the physical and cognitive rehabilitation needs of our communities, our mission is to enhance lives, maximize function, inspire hope, and promote dignity and well-being with expertise and compassion.

12 Reflections

By Chaplain Kelly Brooks

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Navigating the choppy waters of adolescence has never been easy. “Fitting in” ranks high on the popularity scale. So when your appearance or self-identity is different, whether by choice or circumstance, it takes a lot of courage to just be you. Since she was born, fifteen-year-old Caia Moran of Stroudsburg has been dealing with physical and emotional challenges that would test the coping skills of any youngster. But with a little help from Good Shepherd, family and friends, Caia is building a foundation, brick by brick, for a future uniquely her own. Caia was born a month premature, clocking in at only five pounds, three ounces, and measuring 17 inches long. Caia also has craniosynostosis, a birth defect that occurs in about 1 in 2000 infants. Typically, the cranial sutures in a newborn’s skull are soft and pliable, allowing for a brain’s normal growth and development. Caia’s were fused. “They needed to do surgery but she wasn’t big enough,” says Bobby Jo Moran, Caia’s mother. “She needed to be 15 pounds.” In 2011, when Caia was nine months old, she had her first surgery, a front right cranial expansion. For the next year, Caia and her parents, Bobby Jo and Steve, shuttled back and forth to Penn State Health Children’s Hospital in Hershey every six months for observation. By the time Caia entered second grade though, she was plagued by headaches and memory problems. “She just wasn’t doing as well in school and was forgetting simple things,” says Bobby Jo. A diagnostic test revealed that Caia’s brain was pressing on her spinal cord. For the second time in her young life, Caia, now seven, was back in the operating room for a cranial vault reconstruction that involved reshaping the cranial bones using dissolvable plates and screws. Three days later, Caia went home, 4

but shortly after began leaking fluid from the incision in her skull. Caia was rushed back to Hershey. For Caia, the ambulance ride was the most frightening time. “I panicked because I didn’t know what was going on, and I like to know,” she says. “Things were happening too quickly for me.” Doctors diagnosed an infection. Caia was back in the operating room, this time to clean out the infected fluid and insert draining tubes. Caia remembers coming out of the surgery and asking for one thing. “I wanted Taco Bell,” she says with a twinkle in her eye. Caia returned home once again, but not long after, her body began rejecting the plates and screws by pushing them out towards the surface of her head. As alarming as this new development was, Caia was able to avert further surgery by simply having her head shaved and letting nature take its course without further complications. At Ramsey Elementary School where Caia was in second grade, her bald head made her a friend magnet. “No one really cared. There was no bullying. Everybody wanted to hang out with me,” says Caia, who sported a bandana at the time. “I had to stay inside during recess and got to choose one or two people to stay with me. Everybody begged me to stay. I chose two different people every day.” Since Caia could not put pressure on the back of her neck, friends stepped up and carried her book bag. “A lot of the way Caia was supported had to do with the community that Ramsey Elementary is,” says Bobby Jo. “It was fabulous. The PTA even put together a fund raiser which gave us the gas money to go back and forth to Hershey.” Caia’s popularity, however, could not make up the many weeks of school she missed


while she was in the hospital after her third surgery. A visual tracking disorder and difficulty focusing mentally on one thing at a time further hampered Caia’s ability to progress. “She had a real tough time trying to get caught up,” says Bobby Jo. “The gap just started getting wider. In sixth grade, she was at a fourth grade reading level.” By the time Caia entered junior high and seventh grade, Caia’s reading and comprehension skills were holding her back more

and more. “I didn’t have many friends,” says Caia. “They just put me in the lower classes and a lot of kids picked on me. It was hard.” Responding to the stress, Caia began inflicting small cuts on herself. Non-suicidal self-injury, in Caia’s case cutting, is a way of coping with emotional pain, anger and frustration. A 2015 study in The Journal of Child and Family Studies found among 75 teens, those who were bullied or reported feeling victimized by bullying were more likely to injure themselves, and that depression intensified that association, according to an article on the American Psychological Association website. Bobby Jo was told that Caia needed to see a neuropsychologist. Bobby Jo had no clue how to find one until she started working as a secretary at Good Shepherd’s outpatient site in Stroudsburg. There she learned about Dr. Elona Suli-Moci, a pediatric neuropsychologist at Good Shepherd Rehabilitation Hospital in Allentown. “It’s like it was meant to be,” says Bobby Jo. “So one day, over lunch, I called.” Caia met several times with Dr. Moci for an evaluation, which revealed memory and attention deficits, as well as reading problems. Caia also had emotional and self-identity challenges. “It’s like Caia with her family (from left), father Steve, brother Raven and mother Bobby Jo. Patch, the kitten, is one of three beloved cats at home.


she can take a tangle of yarn but can’t untangle it,” says Bobby Jo. Caia began a six-week outpatient therapy program working with John Talley, a speech language pathologist at Good Shepherd in Stroudsburg, who helped with her memory, and organizational and coping skills she could use in school. Caia now has control over her self-harming behaviors and is doing better in school. Her innate sweetness and sensitivity to others extends to the LGBT community for which her rainbow-colored hair signals support. “It means that I love a person for who they are, not what they are,” says Caia. “I’m more accepting and understanding than most people. Everyone has their own lives, so you have to understand why someone acts the way they do.” As Caia’s self-confidence blossoms, she is making bold choices for her life. She admits to being a little anxious about starting 10th grade at Stroudsburg High School this fall, but is looking forward to taking classes at Monroe County Technical Institute and wants to learn masonry. “I like to build and be creative, and masonry lets me do the two things I love,” says Caia. If Caia has learned anything about herself, it’s how to be resilient. “I’m just going to let life throw whatever it wants at me,” she says.

A talented artist, Caia loves sketching.

Bobby Jo looks at her daughter with pride. “Caia knows who she is and what she wants,” she says. “Now she’s on the adventure to find out what that all is.” 7

Good Shepherd held its most successful annual Gala in the Garden fundraiser on Saturday, June 1, under the leadership of Gala Chairs Mike and Shelley Pessina, raising $329,000 for the Inpatient Pediatric Unit in Bethlehem. The presenting sponsor was Lutron Electronics. About 500 people attended the glittering event held in the Healing Gardens on Good Shepherd’s South Allentown campus. The evening began with cocktails and hors d’oeuvres before guests moved into the large, elegantly decorated tent for a sit-down dinner. Good Shepherd’s Interim President and CEO Gary Schmidt, noted that the unit is celebrating a decade of service to children and families. “It has been our honor and privilege to provide compassionate care and leading-edge pediatric rehabilitation to families from the Lehigh Valley and beyond,” said Gary. “Good Shepherd’s 20-bed unit is the only pediatric rehabilitation unit in the region, and it is truly a testament to


the organization’s long-standing mission and legacy of innovation. Thanks to the generosity of supporters like you, no child will ever be turned away from our pediatric programs because of an inability to cover their medical expenses.” The gala included the premiere of “Megan’s Story,” a film about the inspiring recovery of then 15-year-old Megan Miller who was paralyzed after a gymnastics accident. Megan, who doctors said had a 30 percent chance of any kind of recovery, spent four months in the Good Shepherd Rehabilitation Hospital Emily Howatt Pliskatt Pediatric Unit where her competitive spirit and loving care from her therapy team helped propel her to an astonishing recovery. Our thanks to the donors, sponsors and the volunteer Gala Committee, and our raffle prize donors: Susan Linski of Susan Bella Jewelry for two watches and ladies’ necklaces, and two $100 gift cards; RCN for an eero home Wi-Fi system, and Mike and Shelley Pessina for a Caseta smart lighting control system.

Gala Committee member John Eureyecko and his wife Donna, with gala co-chairs Shelley and Mike Pessina

Erica Spontak

Terry Weida, Gala Committee member, and Tony Roman

Megan Miller with her parents Doug and Brenda


By now, the “Faith and Fifty Cents” story of the first donation to Papa and Mama Raker’s mission to serve “the least of these,” is a familiar one. In the years since its founding in 1908, Good Shepherd’s mission has, in deed and spirit, remained the same, strengthened by countless gifts large and small. In fundraising, there is no small gift. Collectively, all gifts have a big impact on helping our patients and residents enjoy lives of greater independence. Behind the scenes, the Good Shepherd Development Department works with you, our donors, to sustain our mission. As stewards of your gifts, we build partnerships with our donors and hold sacred the trust you have placed in our hands. As shepherds of your philanthropy, you can be confident that your gifts will be at work according to your wishes and in the most meaningful and impactful ways.

We recently welcomed some new talent to our outstanding team of fundraisers. Joining Senior Planned Giving Officer Jeannette Edwards (below, left), are Senior Major and Planned Giving Officers Gregory Wilson, CAP,® and Kimberly Stolarik. As a chartered advisor in philanthropy, administered through The American College of Financial Services, Greg brings a unique graduate-level of expertise in all facets of fundraising. Kimberly’s 17 years working in higher education included a focus on major and planned gifts. Jeannette has more than 20 years of fundraising experience and 10 years in banking. She has been with Good Shepherd since 2007. As experts in philanthropic planning with a highly specialized set of skills and a passion for mission, Jeannette, Greg and Kim guide donors in giving strategies that assure them their gifts will have the greatest impact and leave a joyful legacy of caring.

On behalf of all us in development, thank you. Sincerely,

David F. Lyons, CFRE Vice President, Development


For information on major gifts and planned giving, call the Development Department at 610-778-1075.

Your Good Shepherd Development Team* Standing, from left: Kimberlie Marko Development Assistant JoAnn Frey Special Events & Volunteer Manager Vicki Rigby Director, Digital Strategy & Donor Engagement Jeannette Edwards Senior Planned Giving Officer David F. Lyons, CFRE Vice President for Development Kimberly Stolarik Senior Major & Planned Giving Officer Gregory Wilson, CAPÂŽ Senior Major & Planned Giving Officer Andrew Block, MPA Director of Government Relations & Development Seated, from left: Dianne Spengler Corporate & Foundation Relations Specialist Karen Kaniper Administrative Assistant, Volunteers Pamela Moclock Gift Processor & Data Entry Clerk Elizabeth McDonald Editorial Manager, Sweet Charity *Not pictured: Alicia Moyer Annual Fund & Sponsorships Officer


“You will be enriched in every way for your great generosity … for the rendering of this ministry not only supplies the needs of the saints but also overflows with many thanksgivings to God.” 2 Corinthians 9: 11-12

— by Chaplain Kelly Brooks By the crunch of the leaves under our feet, it tells us that the change of the season is upon us and fall is here. I am quickly reminded of soft warm sweaters and fluffy scarfs on a cool day. I am more significantly reminded of the season of thanksgiving and gratitude. Not only am I thankful for my family and friends, but for the multitude of people who have been an integral part of my life journey. These are the people we can all numerate that have appeared in our lives to bring hope and clarity, grace and empowerment. But, I am most grateful for God’s love and grace that has followed, led and walked beside me all my life. It is God who has weaved people throughout my life to be reminders of the goodness of God. I am also fortunate that every day, when I look around, I see the amazing staff I am blessed to work with. Staff who is compassionate and kind. Staff that go the extra mile to care for our patients, residents and families. Sometimes they are the comforter and listener, and other times it is the simple things that they do, like bringing water or a

12 12

ChapStickÂŽ. They have expertise and wisdom beyond comprehension. They can imagine and design adaptive tools for greater independence or skillfully stretch a muscle to become more flexible. But most of all they hold out hope. Hope for healing, hope for peace and grace. They celebrate the smallest progress and healing, like the slightest wiggle of a finger. They understand what is needed to help our patients feel whole and cared for. They motivate and empower our residents and patients to be the most independent they can be. Moreover, they hold their hands when setbacks occur. These people are gifts from God. They bring with them a special quality, that when gathered with others, creates an unstoppable team of healing. Papa and Mama Raker knew what they were doing when they created a place where all are accepted for who they are and their abilities. This includes the staff. Modeled after Jesus, they are invited to come be part of a family we call Good Shepherd. They change lives with their presence and become part of the integral group of people that impacts our life journey. Life is full of blessings and gratitude, from the smallest to the biggest life-changing moments. I hope and pray that, if you need these remarkable healers and care givers, you will get to experience their hand-holding kindness and you will also see the beauty that God created them to be.

What are the blessings that surround you? We need to count them daily instead of once a year. We need to celebrate them with the same love and grace that God offers to each of us. If we look closely enough, we can see the smallest of cherished moments even in the midst of trials and tribulations. These are the hope builders that lift our spirits and remind us that God is working through, within and around our lives. We need to be open to new blessings that God brings our way, peeking into our lives like sparks of light.


ife is full

of blessings and gratitude, from the smallest to the biggest life-changing moments.�

13 13

Women’s Giving Circle Celebrates 10th Anniversary The Women’s Giving Circle celebrated 10 years of philanthropy supporting Good Shepherd’s mission serving children and adults with disabilities on Thursday, June 20, at Gather Meetings & Events in Emmaus. Sixty-eight women came together for an evening of elegant hors d’oeuvres, dessert and camaraderie organized by Wendy Body. Anne Baum is this year’s chair. In the ten years since the group’s founding by a core of eight women, members have raised $560,000 for Good Shepherd programs and services ranging from a wheelchair-accessible van for long-term care residents to enjoy community outings to nursing and therapist scholarships. At the event, the Women’s Circle awarded $65,000 to the Neurology Rehabilitation Clinic expansion to help people who suffer from neurogenic bowel and bladder as well as other neurological disorders. The gift included funds raised in tribute to former Women’s Circle members, the late Esther Rowland and Judy Body. For information on becoming a member, visit and “Ways to Give” or contact Dianne Spengler at or 610-776-3559. Top: Wendy Body. Middle (Left-Right): Merrilee Durrwachter, Susan Connelly, Rosie Hulbert. Bottom (Left): Connie Challingsworth and Jill Kearney.


1908 Raker Society Donors Gather for Annual Luncheon Members of the 1908 Raker Society donor group gathered on Good Shepherd’s south Allentown campus on Friday, June 7, for their annual luncheon. Frank Hyland, executive director, shared personal memories of the late Rev. Dr. Conrad Raker, and updated the group on the organization’s achievements and future. After lunch, Amanda Kleckner, regional manager of pediatric rehabilitation, gave a demonstration of the Trexo Plus, a robotic exoskeleton that helps children with mobility problems learn to walk again. Good Shepherd is a Center of Excellence and is partnering with Trexo Robotics in clinical trials. The 1908 Raker Society is open to anyone who has included Good Shepherd in their will or estate plans. Donor support has played a vital role in helping Good Shepherd invest in new technologies so children and adults with disabilities can enjoy lives of greater independence. Visit us at and Ways to Give to learn more about the 1908 Raker Society, or contact Jeannette Edwards at or Greg Wilson, CAP ® at or 610-778-1075.

The All-American Picnic Residents, family members, staff, and volunteers gathered for the annual All-American Picnic at the Good Shepherd Home-Bethlehem on Friday, June 21. The weather broke just in time to fire up the grill for hamburgers accompanied by a variety of salads, chips, deviled eggs, fruit, and dessert. Thank you to the recreational therapy team for organizing the picnic and all those who contributed to its success.





Dr Yaha Acevedo-Santiago Randy M. Bahnck Ms. Hailee Banko-Young Mrs. Anne Baum Mrs. Marian C. Beatty Mr. Neil Bielenberg Mrs. Wendy G. Body Mr & Mrs. Michael A. Bonner, III Mrs. Carolyn Bryce Ms. Nicole E. Burkholder Ms. Duanne M. Castellani Jessie Christman Mr. Michael Confer Ms. Karen Geller Good Shepherd Good Shepherd Hamburg Staff Good Shepherd Outpatient Neuro Staff Good Shepherd Raker Staff Good Shepherd Raker 3 Staff Good Shepherd Raker Residents Good Shepherd Rehab 4 Staff Thomas Jefferson Laura Kocsic Mr. Eric Kosalko Miss Megan Miller Kalei Pietraszkiewicz Derrick Redcay Jane Storch Ms. Judith Wagner Christopher Watts William C. Watts, Jr. Edwin J. Zajac, Jr.

L. Mergelsberg Carl and Kathleen Bahnck Butz Elementary School Nazareth Area High School Ms. Sally Gammon Dr Karen L. Beatty and Mr. Frank Ausilio Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Bielenberg Ms. Sally Gammon Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Bonner, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Gerard Bryce Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Keaveney, Jr. Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund Mr. Kurt D. Scott Mr. Bruce A. Hay, II Mr. Herbert Geller Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Schopf Mary Alice Heffner Dr. and Mrs. Joseph B. Lennert Estate of Gwendolyn Bushart Rev. and Mrs. John W. Johnson, Jr. Dr. Michael J. Pechulis, DPT Mr. and Mrs. Gerard Bryce Ms. Melva L. McArdle L. Mergelsberg Mr. George A. Germak Mrs. Audrey J. Breitfeller Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Straub Mr. David E. Haines Anonymous Mr. and Mrs. William J. Wagner Mr. and Mrs. Terry E. Allison Mr. and Mrs. Terry E. Allison Mr. Guy D. Posten

IN HONOR OF THE 70th Birthday of…


Robert Flicker

Mrs. Helen S. Breidegam Mrs. Marta Lajmi Mr. Piotr Murczek Mr. Robert Pensyl Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Smith Mr. Harry Ziff

IN HONOR OF My Daughter…


Ms. Karen Geller

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IN HONOR OF the Wedding of..


Alexandra & Mitchell for the Sciame Family

Mrs. Elaine Rappaport-Bass


Gilbert Funeral Home, Inc.



Ms. Colleen Abruzzi Mr. Harold S. Ashworth John J. Baranko Mrs. Ruth J. Beers Joseph W. Benzak, Sr. Ruth E. Benzak

Mr. and Mrs. Amos W. Banko, Jr. Ms. Susan Beil Annunziata Curatola Ms. Josephine DeAngelis Mrs. Pauline T. Evans Mr. and Mrs. John D. Faisetty Gilbert Funeral Home, Inc. Ms. Deborah Holets Mr. and Mrs. Edward G. Kavcak Raymond and Lorraine Leaswitch Mr. and Mrs. David M. Loikits Ms. Angeline M. Meyers Mr. Peter Scarlese Mr. and Mrs. Donald J. Scatton Ms. Anna L. Seier Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Sommer Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Wachter, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Zweifel Mrs. Lisa M. Ashworth Mr. and Mrs. Leslie A. Matthews Ms. Margaret Schneider Mr. David J. Benzak Mr. David J. Benzak

We thank the generous families and friends who honor their dear ones with memorial gifts and living gifts of honor. These gifts help support Good Shepherd’s mission of service to people with disabilities, many who otherwise could not afford the therapies or long-term care they need.



Mrs. Judith M. Body Mrs. Carol Carpenter Ms. Marilee Falco Mrs. Sharon P. Faul Ms. Carrie L. Fellon Anonymous Miss Jane Fisher Mrs. Susan L. Galius Ms. Marna Hayden Mrs. Sandra Kuhns Ms. Michelle A. Landis Ms. Dolores A. Laputka, Esq Margie Bridges Mrs. Marion S. Stout Dr. Thomas V. Brislin, DO The Benevity Community Impact Fund Craig L. Krumwiede & Alison Lewis Mr. and Mrs. Joseph C. Mack, Jr. Dr. and Mrs. Mark E. Moran Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Shore John and Judy Weichel Dr. John M. Brndjar Mrs. Elizabeth S. Brndjar Kathleen Brooks Ms. Eileen Fra Buffy Mr. Dennis K. Wood Corrine Burkholder Mr. Lloyd I. Hartman Gwendolyn Bushart Mr. and Mrs. Dale H. Bushart Ms. Sandra Dain Nancy M. Hilt Mr. and Mrs. Thomas O. Martin Mr. and Mrs. Daniel M. VanEenwyk Mr. and Mrs. Douglas J. Wessie Louis J. Chomo Mrs. Patricia M. Chomo Gurney Clemens Ms. Barbara M. Bauer Mrs. Madeline S. Cressman Ms. Donna R. Cressman & Mr. George P. Boyer John J. Damhosl, Sr. Mrs. Betty Jane Damhosl Mrs. Rosemarie A. Davis Mr. Jeffrey W. Davis Brian Dennis Ms. Diane Dennis Dorothy E. Derrico Mr. and Mrs. Terry Brokenshire Juliano Family Ms. Mary F. Kelly Ms. Jean D. Madea Mr. Tan V. Nguyen Paul L. Edinger, Jr. The Ann R. Edinger Charitable Fund Mrs. Margaret L. Felver John R. Felver Robert A. Ford Mr. Lawrence D. Sheridan Carl W. Frantz Mr. and Mrs. Evan Slotter



Ferrel and Gertrude George Mr. William D. George, II Sally A. Gurskey Ada V. Guyer Mr. Herman R. Hackman, Jr. Annamarie Hardy Dorothy Hartman Anita Hermany Mary E. Hildebeidel Mr. Dennis J. Hinger Helen Hudak Tobias J. Jacobs Julius Kalmar Anna M. Kinzler Eugene W. Klinger Anita Koppenhaver Mr. Cyril J. Lendacki Jim Maul Dina C. Michael Mrs. Anna M. Minner Margaret Mohap Valerie A. Morton

Mr. James W. George Ms. Carolyn M. George Ms. Denise Mensinger Mrs. Marion Mensinger Ms. Carol Sue Guyer Mr. and Mrs. Albert G. Bennett Mrs. Nancy G. Allender Mr. Lloyd I. Hartman Ms. Kathleen J. Kraftician Mr. and Mrs. Alan Abraham, CPA Abraham, Borda, Corvino, Butz, LaValva, PC Dr. and Mrs. Hugh M. Carlin Cetronia Dental Associates, PC Mr. and Mrs. Jon D. Chandler George and Nicole Dimopoulos Mr. and Mrs. Jack H. Harper Mr. and Mrs. Alexander R. Maschke Ms. KimAnn Meyers Peter and Carol Noga Ms. Audrey Ohl Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Pechulis Mr. and Mrs. Richard T. Regits Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Sindoni Mr. and Mrs. William D. Traynham Ms. Anna G. Butrie Dr. and Mrs. Alvin H. Hinger Mr. and Mrs. Lamont M. Levan Mr. and Mrs. Harold K. Rohlfing Mr. David Kiehn Ms. Anne Marie Grattan Mr. and Mrs. Jack Worsley Mrs. Mildred Foster Mrs. Alice C. Winter Mrs. Ruth E. Scott Sherry Koppenhaver Mr. and Mrs. David Pantone Anonymous Mr. Thomas E. Michael Mrs. Marjorie H. Klotz Mrs. Paulette M. Zundel Mr. and Mrs. Walter J. Stiver, Jr. Lloyd and Sally Wimberly Ms. Jane Johnson 17



William F. Mosser, III Mr. and Mrs. Carl R. Lynn Michael J. Nagle Ms. Nancy D. Peluso June B. Nestor Mrs. Janis S. Beidleman Mr. and Mrs. Gerald J. Fabian James and Barbara Kintz Mr. and Mrs. Russell H. Scott Mr. and Mrs. Mike Smith Ms. Lisa Yonosh Ms. Rachel Neumeyer Mrs. Shirlee Neumeyer Charles R. Patterson Easton Suburban Water Authority Gladys Portlock Mr. and Mrs. James L. Portlock Clarence and Ruth Reitz Mr. and Mrs. Donald L. Henry Esther R. Rowland Mrs. Carol Carpenter Ms. Marilee Falco Ms. Carrie L. Fellon Anonymous Mrs. Susan L. Galius Mrs. Debra A. Gault Ms. Marna Hayden Mrs. Sandra Kuhns Ms. Michelle A. Landis Mrs. Helene M. Schaefer James and Donna Schaefer Mr. Kenneth J. Schaefer James and Donna Schaefer R. Richard Schall, PhD Ms. Donna Hartman Anna Schaum Carol and Ray Dennis John Schaum Carol and Ray Dennis Marion E. Scheuerman Mrs. Alice C. Winter Mr. Mark P. Sneff Dr. Howard Allentoff Mr. and Mrs. Paul Baiada Ms. Deborah Bilak Mr. Andrew B. Block and Dr. Christine K. Block Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Bonner, III Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Bowman Mr. and Mrs. Drew Carlson Mr. Robert Cucuel Ms. Peggy Frederick Mr. and Mrs. Robert Gallagher Mr. and Mrs. Robert Giannetti Mr. and Mrs. Mark Hopper Mr. Frank J. Hyland Ms. Gerry Johnson Geckle Ms. Jane Johnson



Mr. Mark P. Sneff Jack Sockin Sparky Richard W. Spengler Betty Spitzer Donna C. Stauffer Mr. Thomas J. Szep Alfonso Taibi Mrs. Anneliese Tunnhoff Mr. Paul Tunnhoff Helene Tyndall Ms. Janet Washburn Frank A. Weber, III Rebecca L. Fair Williams Reverend Paul J. Xander Ms. Karen E. Youngdahl

Mrs. Marie Lohwasser and Family Mr. and Mrs. James Lyons Mr. and Mrs. Rich McMullen New Hanover United Methodist Church Mr. Robert Ossakow Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Oyler Dr. Carolyn Pearce Mr. Ronald J. Petula Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Rambo Mr. and Mrs. Rich Raymond Cole Recruitment Team FOX Rehabilitation Mr. and Mrs. Matthew A. Savino Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Shultz Ms. Dana M. Smith Mrs. Ruth Thom Mr. and Mrs. Marcus Thomas Trappe Family Dental Associates, LLC Mr. and Mrs. James Twiford Mrs. Tove H. Twiford William & Mary History Graduate Students Women’s Ministry NHUMC Ms. Elizabeth Young Mr. and Mrs. Howard J. Lasner Mr. Dennis K. Wood Mrs. Mary Ann Spengler Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Saks Mr. and Mrs. Van T. Jordan Mr. and Mrs. Bruce C. Schmauch Mr. and Mrs. James Sentiwany, Sr. Alois J. Yandrisevits Mr. and Mrs. Harold R. Peters, Jr. Ms. Terri L. Eyer Ms. Terri L. Eyer Mrs. Mae E. Clay Mrs. Rita M. Granitz Mrs. Sylvia H. Weber Mrs. C. Louise Fair Mrs. Susan Xander Mr. Carl R. Youngdahl, Jr.

Gifts were received from February 11 through June 11, 2019. 18

Royal Court King: Tom Nestor.............. Lords of the Court Joe Grunt* Felix Rodriguez Joshua Cryder Queen: Jennifer Pyle........... Ladies of the Court Patricia Graff Sarah Niles Karen Geller

Residents of the Good Shepherd Home Raker Center in Allentown did not have far to travel for this year’s ball on Thursday, May 30. With the help of associates and volunteers, 84 residents, nearly all in wheelchairs, were personally escorted across the street to the south Allentown campus where a massive tent set up for the Gala in the Garden fundraiser, doubled as the ball’s venue for 249 attendees. Appropriately, this year’s theme for the ball was Home Sweet Home, and that’s just what it felt like as residents enjoyed dinner and dancing with family and Good Shepherd associates. “I hope we have the ball here again next year,” exclaimed one happy resident, who liked the convenience and close proximity to home.

*Joe passed away on June 25. See In Memoriam, page 22.

Thank you to Metro Beauty Academy for beautifying the residents; Steve Kline and Metz Culinary Management for preparing dozens of delicious meals; Coca Cola Bottling Company of the Lehigh Valley for donating the soda and Wegmans for donating the table floral arrangements; Good Shepherd associates and volunteers; and the recreational therapy team for the many hours planning and organizing the event. 19

Colleen Abruzzi She was fearless, a fighter and an amazing sister. So recalls Dennis Abruzzi about Colleen Abruzzi, who passed away at age 55 on April 28, after seven years as a resident of the Good Shepherd Home Raker Center. “She loved her family and friends,” says Dennis. Born in Allentown, Colleen worked as an assistant to the editor at Scuba magazine, a Rodale Press publication, moving to Savannah, Georgia with the magazine’s editorial office. “She was a very independent lady who had no fears of taking on new challenges,” says Dennis. Colleen was in her mid-30s when she started having symptoms from multiple sclerosis. The disease spread rapidly, says Dennis, forcing Colleen to return home to live with her parents. “She loved Savannah,” says Dennis. “If not for the diagnosis, I think she would have stayed.” Colleen moved to Good Shepherd when her parents were no longer able to care for her. It was a wrenching decision, but one that afforded Colleen a life with new friends and experiences. “We can’t say enough about Good Shepherd. It was her home,” says Dennis. “They just embraced her and made her feel part of a family, caring for her with such a tender hand.”

Tribute gifts may be made to the Good Shepherd Home Raker Center by using the envelope in this issue or at

Conchita Collazo Love will find a way. For Conchita Collazo, love found its way through the radio. Conchita was a frequent caller on the B-104 request line for a nighttime top 40 program hosted by deejay T.J. Trembly. Many calls and off-air conversations later, a romance blossomed. Eventually, the two met and became engaged. Their shared dream came to an end, though, on June 5 when Conchita, a resident of the Good Shepherd Home Raker Center, passed away at age 50. Born and raised in Allentown, Conchita loved music and had a beautiful soprano voice, says her sister Noemi Torres. Conchita’s love for children drew her to work at a day care for many years. But her nieces and nephews took center stage in her heart. “She adored them,” says Noemi. “They were her life.” In 2015, Conchita began showing signs of ALS. Her Pentecostal faith became stronger after her diagnosis, says Noemi. When Conchita needed a greater level of care, Conchita moved to Good Shepherd. With her dazzling smile, kind heart and sparkling eyes, Conchita left a lasting impression on all who knew her. ”She fought as hard as she could,” says Noemi, “and there were moments she wanted to give up, but she didn’t. She took it day by day and stood strong.”


Michael Seip, Jr. Michael Seip was the unofficial hall monitor at the Good Shepherd Home Raker Center, always on the move in his motorized wheelchair, often in the wee hours of the morning, absorbing every tidbit of news possible. Michael lived with determination and moxie up until his passing on February 17 at age 48. “He was a fighter from the very beginning,” says his father, Michael Sr., recalling how Michael, who had cerebral palsy, was not expected to live a day. But live he did; through 14 surgeries to release the constricted muscles in his legs, and one long summer spent in a body cast with a rod between his legs to keep them apart. Michael was 20 years old when he moved to Good Shepherd, where he took up competitive bowling and traveled with the Good Shepherd team to Connecticut. Michael was particularly proud of winning a gold medal at the United Cerebral Palsy Athletic Association’s national championship games. Communicating was a challenge, but as technology changed over the years, Michael adapted, making lots of friends at Good Shepherd. “He wanted everybody to be his friend,” says his father. Many people were.

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Maria Burke When you’re the daughter of an Italian mother and an Irish father, a love of good food and a big heart are bound to be in the DNA. Maria Burke inherited both, along with a strong streak of independence. These were the qualities that carried Maria through some challenging times, not the least of which was multiple sclerosis, which started when Maria was in her teens. ““Her body provided the total opposite of what her spirit longed to do,” says her cousin, Regina Bogle. Maria, age 65, died on May 11 surrounded by loving care givers at the Good Shepherd Home Raker Center, her home since 2011. Born in Philadelphia, Maria was a devout member of the Franciscan Missionaries of Jesus Crucified, called to serve through kindness and prayer. Maria was devoted to her family which included Trina, her canine companion for several years when Maria proudly lived in her own apartment in Horsham. “I think Trina offered physical closeness, unconditional love and the opportunity for Maria to love unconditionally,” says Regina. Maria also found unconditional love among her Good Shepherd family. “I think the people at Good Shepherd really loved her,” says Regina, “and there were some who were totally and utterly devoted to her.”


Joseph Grunt He had an insatiable thirst for Coca Cola, asked countless women to marry him and although unable to walk, he never met an obstacle to keep him from having a good time. With his trademark jack-o-lantern grin that spread from ear to ear, Joe Grunt was a beloved resident who lived at the Good Shepherd Home Raker Center for nearly 61 years. His passing on Tuesday, June 25, at age 80, left many heartbroken, but grateful for the gift of having known him. Born in Newark, New Jersey, Joe lived with cerebral palsy but maintained an impish sense of humor and appetite for life that was infectious. He was the consummate ladies man. “Uncle Joe was married to everybody,” said his niece Pam Greenhut, referring to Joe’s endearing habit of proposing to women he fancied. Joe came to live at Good Shepherd in August 1958 when he was 19 years old. His parents’ search for a facility suitable for their son was fruitless until a colleague of Joe’s father recommended Good Shepherd. It was the answer to a prayer. As a resident, Joe took advantage of everything offered. He joined the bowling team, went shopping at the mall, attended Philadelphia Eagles training camp and IronPigs ball games, took a trip to Walt Disney World, dined in restaurants, and much more. The annual resident ball was a favorite event for Joe. At his last ball on May 30, Joe was named a lord of the royal court, adding to his pedigree of having been named king in 1995. “Good Shepherd not only provided a bed for my brother, but a life,” said Joe’s brother, Richard, at a memorial service held at the Raker Center. “For the most part he was happy. It’s a tribute to the residents and staff. It wasn’t just a place to live, it was a home with love.” Joe’s motorized wheelchair took him many places, but one of his favorite hangouts was by the Coke machine outside the Good Shepherd cafeteria. Here, Joe pressed passersby to buy him a Coke, until he discovered that cafeteria staff would fill up his beverage bottle for free. Joe was loved and loving to family, friends and his care givers, who formed close and lasting bonds. One resident summed it up when he said of Joe, “He was the best resident in all of the United States.”

Tribute gifts may be made to the Good Shepherd Home Raker Center by using the envelope in this issue or at


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