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Greetings Future UAlbany Scholar,

I am delighted that you are considering the University at Albany, State University of New York for your future academic home. On behalf of the Office of Intercultural Student Engagement (ISE), let me be the first to welcome you to campus and to showcase a little of what we have to offer during this exciting transition in your life’s journey. We know that the importance of a comfortable, safe and supportive developmental home can never be overstated and this is part of what we strive to offer the members of our community. This valuable resource guide is meant to provide you with a quick snapshot of the kinds of campus services, events, programs, activities and community engagement our University has to offer for the LGBTQ+ community should you choose UAlbany. As an office we oversee many academic and personal support service spaces for you to engage with in your time here like the Multicultural Resource Center (MRC), The Interfaith Center (IFC) and the Gender & Sexuality Resource Center (GSRC). In fact, the GSRC will celebrate 10 years of being on campus in 2019. We know that oppression and identity are interconnected and no matter what space you find yourself in we hope that you are feeling connected and empowered. ISE is thrilled to have the opportunity to assist you in forming your social support network, connecting to our larger community and engaging each other and the world in regard to social justice issues from an intersectional lens. So, whether you are planning to come through for an identity group dialogue, internship, intergroup dialogue or just stopping through to hang out, we look forward to seeing you throughout the year!

D Ekow King, M.A. (He, Him & His) Director, Intercultural Student Engagement University at Albany, CC B91 (O) 518-442-5565 (F) 518-442-5589 “Form your Family, Connect to our Community”

Office: 518-442-5015 Coordinator

Courtney D’Allaird Campus Center B91 Pronouns: They, Them, Theirs 518-442-5580 cdallaird@albany.edu

academics our campus

The University at Albany is home to many out LGBTQ+ Faculty across departments. Check out more on our webpage www.albany.edu/lgbt

Brian Hong-An Tang

Assistant Professor Department of Atmospheric & Environmental Sciences

Kate Henley Averett, Ph.D. Assistant Professor Department of Sociology

Affiliate, Department of Women’s, Gender, & Sexuality Studies

Prashanth Rangan, Ph.D. Associate Professor RNA Institute Department of Biological Sciences

Check out our Interactive Google map or Mobile App for all our campus has to offer: Gender Inclusive Housing, Gender Inclusive Restrooms, Student Clubs, LGBTQ Advisory Committee, Map of Allies, etc. www.albany.edu/lgbt/ Download our app!

Department of Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies

Eric Keenaghan Associate Professor Department of English

The Department of Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies offers the B.A. in Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies. Students may also pursue various graduate degrees or a LGBT minor within the department. The Department is proud to welcome a new faculty member, Wen Liu, whose areas of research are in LGBTQ Studies. www.albany.edu/womensstudies/fac-liu.shtml For more information about the department contact: Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Humanities - 355 Phone: (518)442-4220 Email: wsoffice@albany.edu

The app is available for both iOS and Android!

Transgender, Non-Binary, and Gender Non-Conforming students are welcome in any bathroom they like and to use a preferred name across campus and on ID cards. Here at UAlbany you will find many knowledgeable and empowering classroom and extracurricular activities across campus that affirm all gender identities. Please contact us with any questions.

community pride

What does the GSRC provide?





Students may apply to work in the GSRC.












a year



Student volunteers complete

2800+ hours of

community service a year




of UAlbany


Identify as LGBTQ+!*



*Great Dane Welcome Survey

How has the GSRC at UAlbany impacted students on campus? “The GSRC has provided me with opportunities and experiences that have helped mold me into the LGBT leader I am today. My experience on campus as a queer black woman has been great! Most of the groups on campus are actually really inclusive and discuss LGBT topics respective to their group!” -Rain Robertson, 4th Year Transfer Student “The GSRC has impacted my experience by providing a safe and welcoming environment to spend my free time, providing events that helped me connect with other LGBTQ+ students, and has been the place where I met and built most of my college friendships.” -Abby Waldow, 1st Year Student

“There’s something about the environment and setup of the GSRC that helps it naturally become a safe space to relieve stress. When I go back home, I feel pressured to hide or tone down my queerness. But when I am on campus, I can always count on the individuals in the center to embrace and encourage me to be my most authentic self. You’ll always see me in there when I need to take a power nap on the most comfortable beanbag chairs known to man. ” -Elliott Garcia, 3rd Year Student

Quick Contacts for Questions

Residential Life Middle Earth Jameelee S. Ford Hotline


picture taken at Lavender Celebration

Make meaningful lifelong connections with other students across campus as well as find faculty and staff that will support your research interests and passions.

UAlbany is the Alma Mater of Harvey Milk ‘51. You will find LGBTQ+ and Ally Alumni all over the world.

We are steps away from the New York State Legislature and the only SUNY campus with a Gender & Sexuality Concerns Director in Student Govenment.

QUEER PEERS A program designed to connect LGBTQ+ students in the

community to build connections and a welcoming environment. Join us!

Students can attend National and Regional Conferences like the Northeast LGBTQ Conference and Creating Change.

Assistant Director 518-442-57 7 7 Jford2@albany.edu *Operates when classes 518-442-5875 are in session

Counseling and Student Health Psychological Services Services Graciela Desemone, MD Robert Cardom, Ph.D. Staff Psychologist rcardom@albany.edu 518-442-5800

Staff Physician/ Medical Director gdesemone@albany.edu 518-448-5454

LGBTQ+ Concerns UAlbany Police Committee Chairs Department Sarah Nolan Senolan@albany.edu Benjamin Weaver beweaver@albany.edu

The GSRC also provides Safe Space training: This sticker indicates faculty, staff and students across campus that have participated in a standardized training on LGBTQ+ identities and are able to provide support and advocacy.

Jennifer Baldwin Inspector Jbaldwin1@albany.edu Jeremy Eveleth University Officer jeveleth@albany.edu 518-442-3130

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GSRC UAlbany Campus Brochure  

Welcome to UAlbany and the GSRC! This program for current and prospective LGBTQ+ and Allied students at UAlbany features a glimpse into camp...

GSRC UAlbany Campus Brochure  

Welcome to UAlbany and the GSRC! This program for current and prospective LGBTQ+ and Allied students at UAlbany features a glimpse into camp...