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Welcome to the 2019 Fall Product Program! The Fall Product Program combines educational activities with troop money-earning opportunities. Girls can sell both in-person and online: nuts, candy, magazines, candles, tumblers, and more! It is a great opportunity for girls to begin building their entrepreneurial, communication, and teamwork skills while raising money early in the troop year to fund activities and adventures. This program introduces girls to the 5 key skills they will perfect during the upcoming cookie program and throughout their lives: goal setting, decision making, money management, people skills, and business ethics. Girls earn exciting recognitions and troops earn 15-20% of every dollar! Why Girl Scouts Sell Fall Products Girl Scout Fall Product entrepreneurs learn valuable skills that set them up for success in life, while earning money to fund activities like troop travel, camping, community service projects, and more. The Girl Scout Fall Product Program also helps finance our movement, helping the council maintain over 17 properties and deliver comprehensive programs to girls throughout the year. Troops must participate in both the GSEMA Fall Product and Cookie Programs to receive approval for additional money earning activities during the troop year. Girls who participate in both programs earn the crossover program patch!

GSEMA Top Entrepreneur 2018 Abigail, a Girl Scout Daisy from troop 82124 in Waltham, sold 252 items in the 2018-19 Fall Product Program. Abigail earned $273.30 for her troop! Way to go Abigail, you are a G.I.R.L. (go-getter, innovator, risktaker, leader)!


Table of Contents New for the 2019 Fall Product Program Fall Product Calendar Five Easy Steps to Getting Started with the Fall Product Program

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Troop Proceeds & Troop Recognitions Troop Treasure Service Unit Fall Product Mentor Bonus Girl Recognitions

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How Girls Participate Fall Product Donation Program Ordering Fall Products Product and Recognition Delivery and Distribution

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Financial Management ACH Payment Schedule Helping Girls Reach their Financial Goals Procedures for Handling Product/Money and Managing Finances

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NEW for the 2019 GSEMA Fall Product Program •

Fall Product Program theme: Leap Ahead and Create your own Path.

GSEMA is going green and simplifying the paperwork process. Troop Fall Product Coordinators will complete and submit their Volunteer Fall Product Agreement and Troop Bank Account Form online!

Going Green x2! All magazine orders (new and renewal) are collected online—no more paper order forms!

New products: Coconut Whole Cashews, Dark Chocolate Pretzels with Peppermint Chips, and Thin Mint Almonds.

One link for buying nuts, candy, magazines, and more online

Order and shipping email notifications from Ashdon Farms and QSP for online customers

The Community Caring product reflects GSEMA’s top selling item: Fruit Slices!

Participation in the Fall Product Program earns a troop’s entry into the December COBS (Council Organized Booth Sale) lottery! Troops that sell 10+ items during the Fall Product Program will be entered into the lottery to win one of 30 December COBS opportunities to get a head start on the 2019-20 Cookie Program.

Back by popular demand •

Help your SU earn a cash bonus! Service Units earn a cash bonus of $20 for each troop that sells $750 or more during the fall program.

Troop Treasure! Troops have the opportunity to earn additional recognition items.

GSEMA pays for 50% of customer shipping costs for online orders over $30!


GSEMA Fall Product Program Calendar Before the Program begins: 9/5 Fall Product program online Prep Talk (via Zoom) – topics covered: How to get started, How to log into Unify 9/11 Fall Product Program online Prep Talk (via Zoom) – topics covered: How to get started, How to log into Unify During the Program: 9/16 Unify database registration emails send to Girl Scouts registered for MY20, Troop Fall Product Program Coordinators, and Service Unit Fall Product Program Mentors 9/17 Fall Product Program online prep talk (via Zoom) – topics covered: How to submit nut and candy orders, Girl Recognitions, Product delivery Wrapping up the Program: 10/21 Deadline for: • registering girls to participate in the Fall Product Program • submitting Troop Bank Account Forms, Troop Fall Product Coordinator Agreements, and Recognition Opt-out Forms 10/23 Deadline for entering paper order card sales into Unify (10 PM) 10/28 Deadline for any late online only fall product customer orders 11/1 ACH from troop bank account 11/14-15 Fall Product and recognitions delivered to Service Unit Fall Product Mentors for distribution to troops

Stay in the know during the Fall Product Program! GSEMA Communications During the Fall Product Program Fall Product Program weekly Sunday emails

Our Sunday weekly emails will remind volunteers about upcoming deadlines and provide helpful tips for a successful program.

Team App

GSEMA will provide real-time program updates and reminders via Team App. Download Team App on your smartphone or device, or view online at

In a Nutshell

All troops receive one In a Nutshell guide with their fall materials. In a Nutshell is a general overview of the Fall Product Program. This online guide is a one-stop shop for all fall program policies and procedures. It will be updated as necessary throughout the fall season.

Online Fall Product Troop Guide


Five Easy Steps for Getting Started in the 2019 Fall Product Program All girls and volunteers must be registered Girl Scouts for the 2019-20 membership year, and volunteers must have a current and approved GSEMA CORI background check. 1. Complete the required paperwork (available at • Troop Fall Product Coordinator Agreement • 2019-20 Troop Bank Account Form (Once troop submits the bank form for the 2019-20 Fall Product Program they do not need to submit it again for the Cookie Program.) • Caregivers must complete a 2019-20 Annual Girl Permission Form. The troop leader keeps this paperwork in their files; it is not submitted to council. 2. Gather girl materials. • Service Unit Fall Product Mentors will provide Troop Fall Product Coordinators with: o In a Nutshell o Order cards (new this season: the order card will include online instructions) o Money envelope o Receipt booklet • •

Please visit a GSEMA office to pick up additional materials. If you need to be introduced to your Service Unit Fall Product Mentor, please email

3. Participate in a Fall Product Program Prep Talk and review Unify tutorials. • Join the Product Program team for a live one-hour Prep Talk to learn how to get started, what’s new in the program, and what to expect! o September 5 at 10 AM or 8 PM (use these links to join) o September 11 at 12 PM or 7 PM (use these links to join) o September 17 at 11:30 AM or 7:30 PM (use these links to join) • Unify tutorials – quick online topical videos created by Ashdon Farms/QSP to guide you through all important tasks in Unify. These are located on our webpage and in Unify.


4. Set troop goals and hold a family meeting. • One of the most important aspects of the Fall Product Program is working with girls to develop a troop activity plan for the Girl Scout year, create a budget, and set Fall Product goals to fund the plan. • Conduct a Fall Product Program training meeting with girls and families. - Discuss what programs, trips, and activities the girls want to participate in. Visit for ideas. - Working with families is key for the success of the troop! - Work with the girls to set troop and individual goals. - Use the GSEMA Troop Budget Plan spreadsheet to help create your budget. - Review selling opportunities (paper order cards and online) - Ask families for help during the Fall Product Program season, and guide them through setting up their Girl Scout’s online shop in Unify. - Communicate key dates and deadlines with families. - Remind families that girls need to be registered for the 2019-20 membership year in order to participate in the program. - Invite the girls to make a fun video together to post on their online shop! - Provide each girl with a Fall Product Program order card and a money envelope, to be used in any way the troop decides. 5. Log into Unify. • Unify is the Fall Product ordering system. Volunteers use Unify to place orders, review recognitions, run reports, and view their troop’s progress. Girls and families use Unify to create their goals, send ecards, sell product, and more! • All girls registered for the 2019-20 membership year will receive an email invitation to sign up for Unify on September 16. • Girls who register after September 16 will receive an email within 48 business hours of registering. • Volunteers will receive registration emails within 48 hours of submitting the required paperwork. Once the profile is set up the Coordinator is ready to start entering orders. If Coordinator paperwork is submitted after September 16, registration emails will be sent on a rolling basis (please allow 48 business hours from time of submission).


Troop Proceeds •

Troops earn 15% of every dollar sold for both online and in-person sales.

Junior, Cadette, Senior, and Ambassador troops may choose to opt-out of the girl recognition program to earn an additional 5% of each dollar sold. o

Troops opting-out of recognitions are not eligible for theme patches


Every girl in the troop must sign the Opt-out Form and return it to GSEMA by October 21, 2019. Send forms by email at, fax to 978809-3488, or mail to Travis Sammons, GSEMA, 143 Abbot St, Andover, MA 01810.

Troop Treasure Troop Fall Product Coordinators have the opportunity to earn recognitions, too. There are three levels of troop recognitions:  Troop sells $350 or more online: Coordinators earn the MyPatchCreation patch. Coordinators will receive an email once the troop reaches the milestone.  Troop sells $750 or more online: Coordinators earn the Volunteer patch.  Troop sells $1,000 or more in total sales: Coordinators earn a personalized t-shirt. New this season! Participation in the Fall Product Program will earn the troop entry into the December Cookie Booth lottery. Troops that sell 10+ units during the Fall Product Program will be entered into the lottery to win one of 30 December COBS opportunities in the 2019-20 Cookie Program.

Service Unit Fall Product Program Bonus Service Units have the opportunity to earn the following cash bonus during the Fall Product Program! Service Unit must have a Mentor in place by August 1 to earn this bonus. Here is how you can help make that happen: •

The Service Unit will earn $20 per troop in the SU with $750 or more in total sales.

Service Unit Fall Product Mentors also earn the Fall Program volunteer t-shirt when they volunteer by August 1.


Girl Recognitions The Girl Scout Fall Product Program always includes the important component of a goaloriented recognition program designed to help girls understand the ideas of setting and achieving goals that benefit their troop, while recognizing their individual efforts. •

Complete girl recognition program details are provided on the insert of the Fall Product order card.

Recognitions are cumulative. For example: If a girl sells 30 Nut/Candy items she will earn the 30+ level recognition, the 20+ level recognition and the 12+ level recognition.

Orders must be entered into Unify by October 23, 2019, for the orders to count toward recognitions.

How Girls Participate In-person Orders • Girls use paper order cards to collect nut and candy orders and payment from customers. • Girls/caregivers or Coordinators enter orders in Unify by October 23. Coordinators collect payments from girls and deposit into troop bank account. • Nut and candy product will be delivered to Service Unit Fall Product Mentors on November 14/15 for delivery to customers before Thanksgiving. • GSEMA recommends that Coordinators review all orders entered into Unify to verify accuracy and confirm that the troop has collected the proper amount of funds to pay for the orders entered. Online Orders • Girls and their families log into the Unify database starting September 16, where girls can safely sell online to customers. • In Unify girls: • Create their own online store. They can upload photos and videos to share goals and make sales pitches.


Send friends and family ecards or text invitations to shop their online stores. New this year, there is 50% off shipping! just one link for all product offerings. GSEMA pays for 50% of • Share invitations to shop their stores via social customer shipping costs for all media. online orders over $30. • Create their own MyCreationPatch mascots. • Track sales and view and select recognitions. • Customers browse and pay for their order online. Orders can be shipped directly to them, or they can choose to have the order delivered in-person by the Girl Scout before Thanksgiving. (The customer must choose the “Girl Delivery” shop when shopping online for the girl delivered option.) Girls registered for the 2019-20 membership year will receive an email invitation to Unify on September 16, via their caregiver’s email. If a girl registers after September 16 registration emails will be sent on a rolling basis (please allow 48 business hours from time of registration to when email is sent).

Fall Product Donation Program Community Caring Program Girls can invite their customers to make donations to the Community Caring program when selling both in-person and online. For each $6 donation, one can of (new this season) Fruit Slices is donated to the Greater Boston Food Bank. GSEMA will collect all Community Caring orders and facilitate the donations on the girls’ behalf at the conclusion of the program. Girls earn a special Share patch for collecting 3+ Community Caring orders. Alternative Community Caring option: Service Units may choose to donate all of their troop’s donation cans of Fruit Slices locally, instead of the Greater Boston Food Bank. The Mentor must let the Product Program team know by October 18.


Ordering Fall Products: Entering Paper Ordercard Orders into Unify Once the Coordinator is ready to enter the girl’s paper ordercard orders: 1. Log into Unify. 2. Choose the Manage Orders tab from the top ribbon.

3. On this screen you will see the names of all the girls registered into the troop, select each girl individually by clicking on the pencil icon to the left of her name. 4. Enter the girl’s order by adding the number of items of each product in the box on the right of the product name:

5. Click Save at the bottom of the screen to save the order into Unify. Note: Product order must be entered into Unify before recognitions can be calculated. Online orders do not need to be entered manually.


Product and Recognition Delivery: November 14 and 15 The Service Unit Fall Product Mentor will be accepting delivery of Product and recognitions on November 14 or 15. They will notify you when they are ready for pick up. Picking up product & recognitions: Before you pick up your product order and girl recognitions for your troop, print the reports listed below from Unify. These will show you what you should be picking up. o T2 Troop Order – Nuts, Candy, Mags and More o T2 Troop Order – Recognition report from Unify. Be sure to re-count product and recognition’s BEFORE you leave pick up location and BEFORE signing off on a receipt. If you notice anything missing or broken alert your Mentor at that time.

Distributing Product and Recognitions to Girls Before sorting product and rewards for your troop, print the reports listed below from Unify. These reports will show you what each girl ordered and what recognitions she earned. o G2 Girl Order – Nut, Candy, Mags & More o G2 – Girl Order Rewards Do not allow any pickups until you have sorted product and recognitions for everyone. Communicate with families a date, time, and location of pick up. Be sure that parents/guardians recount their Girl Scout’s order and recognitions BEFORE they leave pick up location and BEFORE signing receipt. Be sure the girls have their Girl Scouts order form so that they can deliver the correct items to their customers! NOTE: MyPatchCreation patch and personalized t-shirt recognitions will be mailed out to the girl by the fall vendor. When girls reach the levels to earn these items she is notified via email to create the patch and personalize t-shirt. Girls who earn the Crossover patch will receive it in the spring of 2020, after the conclusion of the Cookie Program.


Fall Product Financial Management Troop Bank Accounts and Financial Responsibility for Fall Products Each troop participating in the Fall Product program must establish and maintain a troop bank account. This account will be used to deposit all Fall Product payments collected, retain troop proceeds and make the (ACH) Fall Product payment to the council. Each troop must submit a Troop Bank Account Form to the council as part of getting started in the program. This account information will be collected online and will also be confirmed by Troop Fall Product Coordinators who will take financial responsibility for their troop’s Fall Products. To start an official troop checking account: •

GSEMA requires two non-related, registered, and background-checked (CORI) adults to be signers for the group/troop checking account.

Select the bank and branch location that the troop will use. (Be sure to ask about free checking accounts for nonprofits!)

Request Troop Bank Account Authorization.

GSEMA will send a signed authorization letter by mail to the person listed as the first signer on the account.

Both signers must be present to open the account at the bank, and need to bring the authorization letter and personal identification.

Collecting Fall Product Payments Collecting payments is part of the Fall Product program process. Doing this well starts with keeping good records. The receipt booklets and receipts from Unify can help with keeping track of cash payments. Be sure to use them to document when girls/families pick up Fall Products from the troop and when payment is made. Keep track of deadlines well in advance, and make deposits frequently into the troop account. Troop Payment for Fall Products The council will direct debit troop bank accounts for Fall Products via ACH. The schedule for this debit is on page 15. Several days prior to the debit date, each troop will receive an email confirming the amount to be debited. On the debit date, the debit will automatically be put through by the council. The amount of the debit will be the cost of the Fall Products minus the troop proceeds. Remember that checks deposited to the troop bank account are not immediately available to the troop and require a two day clearance time. Funds must be fully available on the day of the ACH debit.


Fall Product Payment Schedule GSEMA will be conducting a prenote on the troop bank account before the debit date. A prenote is a zero dollar transaction that is sent to a bank through the ACH network. The prenote will verify the accuracy of the routing and account numbers; no charge to your account will be made at this time. Balance Due as of Date

Debit Date

% of Balance Due to Be Debited from Troop Bank Account

October 28

November 1


Any rejected ACH transaction will be re-run automatically two days later at 80% of the original debited amount. If the payment is rejected again, the troop will be unable to participate in the Cookie Program until original debit amount is paid in full by Bank/ Treasurer’s Check or Money Order sent to or dropped off at a GSEMA office. Troops that fail to pay their balance by the due date may result in the Coordinator’s release of volunteer appointment and may result in collection action. Delinquent Payments The council will address delinquent payments if payment is not made by a caregiver who has taken responsibility for fall product. In order to receive council assistance and remove troop financial responsibility and repercussions, troops must complete and submit a Delinquent Account Form to Travis Sammons at Include the supporting documentation: Signed Annual Permission Form. Signed receipts for fall product (either printed from Unify or from the receipt booklet, and signed by the person who received the product). Any other documentation of communication between the troop and the individual. Paperwork must be submitted by October 23. •

Never pay the balance of a delinquent caregiver or family.

Make sure to keep records of any and all types of communication with adults responsible for product (e.g., emails, receipts, etc.). In the unfortunate event that a caregiver/family becomes delinquent, these documents will become necessary for submitting complete information with the Delinquent Payment Form. 14

Helping Girls Reach their Financial Goals Before girls begin selling Fall Products, it’s important that they have a clear plan, as well as individual and troop goals. One of your opportunities as a volunteer is to facilitate girl-led financial planning, which may include the following steps: 1.

Set goals for money-earning activities. What do girls hope to accomplish in the Fall Product program? In addition to earning money, what skills do they hope to build? What leadership opportunities present themselves?


Create a budget. Use a budget worksheet such as the GSEMA Troop Budget Plan spreadsheet that includes both expenses (the cost of supplies, admission to events, travel, and so on) and available income (the group’s account balance, projected Cookie Program proceeds, and so on). Use this to help plan your troop budget and Fall Product Program year.


Determine how much the group needs to earn. Subtract expenses from available income to determine how much money your troop needs to earn to meet their goals.


Make a plan. The troop can brainstorm and make decisions about its financial plans. Will Fall Product and other product programs—if approached proactively and energetically—earn enough money to meet the group’s goals? If not, which moneyearning activities might offset the difference in anticipated expense and anticipated income? Will more than one money-earning activity be necessary to achieve the troop’s financial goals? In this planning stage, engage the girls through the Girl Scout processes (girl-led, learning by doing, and cooperative learning) and consider the value of any potential activity. Have them weigh feasibility, implementation, and safety.


Write it out. Once the group has decided on its financial plan, describe it in writing. This will be helpful not only for the girls but for family volunteers to see how much money the girls are earning and how it’s helping the girls fund their adventures!

Procedures for Handling Product/Money and Managing Finances Product/Money-Handling • Treat all product as if it is money, as your troop is financially responsible for it. •

When caregivers pick up ordered product, be sure to have them count the product before they take possession. Once counted, have them sign off in agreement using either a Unify printout (recommended report: “G2 Girl Order – Nuts, Candy, Mags &


More”) or receipt from receipt booklet. The agreement should document quantities, product, and payments. Keep this with your records in case of any questions or issues. •

When accepting cash payments from girls/families, be sure to make a written/typed receipt for both the troop and the girls/families. This is good practice for everyone involved and will make for easier bookkeeping.

Deposit all sales proceeds into the troop bank account as soon as possible, ideally within one day. When depositing money in ATMs, be sure to obtain receipts for all transactions. You are responsible for the money when it is in your possession.

When counting money, be aware of your surroundings and do your best to count it out of public view.

Keep discussions on how much money has been earned at an event private for troop discussion and only when not within earshot of the public.

Accept only cash/credit card as tender. When your troop accepts checks for payment, you are taking responsibility if the customer has insufficient funds. We do not recommend accepting personal checks for this reason. However, girls should only accept check payment from customers that are close friends and family and the check should be made payable to the girl’s caregiver to be deposited into the caregiver’s account and then the caregiver can write one check from their account made payable to the troop.

If any checks are received, be sure to deposit them immediately into the troop bank account so they clear before payment is due to the council.

Managing Finances • Each troop is required to set up and use its own troop bank account for purchasing and selling Girl Scout products. • Deposit all sale proceeds into the troop bank account as soon as possible; we recommend within one day. When depositing money in ATMs, be sure to obtain receipts for all transactions. You are responsible for the money when it is in your possession. • If any checks are received, be sure to deposit them immediately into the troop bank account so they clear before payment is due to GSEMA. • Make sure to keep records of any and all types of communication with adults responsible for product (emails, receipts, etc.). In the unfortunate event that an adult/family becomes delinquent. 16

Never pay the balance of a delinquent parent or family. If a family does not pay for the product that they received, complete a Delinquent Payment Form as soon as you are aware of the situation, and submit it to GSEMA. The delinquent person is responsible for the payment, not you or your troop; otherwise, your troop will be considered responsible for the balance due.

If your troop’s ACH payment is returned for insufficient funds, GSEMA will charge a $20 fee.

Troop overpayments of $10 or more will be reimbursed; credit balances less than $10 will not be refunded.

In the event of a robbery or a fire at home or in a vehicle that affects product or product money for your troop, a claim should be filed with the owner’s homeowner or auto insurance for reimbursement. Also, submit a copy of the police report/insurance documentation to GSEMA.

Money collected for product payment should only be used for activities associated with your Girl Scout troop and is not for personal use.

Troop proceeds are to be used for Girl Scout activities, items, and programs.

A troop with an outstanding Fall Product balance will not be eligible to receive girl recognitions until the full balance has been paid.

Do not actively solicit donations for your troop or for any other organization. Cash collected during the Fall Product Program must be allocated for the Fall Product Program Community Caring Program. Girl Scouts cannot accept cash donations specifically for their troop.

To remain in good standing with GSEMA, all adults must pay all balances due within the payment schedule. Any adult with an outstanding debt to GSEMA will be unable to continue as a Girl Scout volunteer.

Please also read and follow the procedures in Volunteer Essentials, Chapter 5: Managing Group Finances.


Nut/Candy Offerings

GSEMA Fall Product 2019

There is a gift, treat, or snack for everyone in this year’s nut and candy selections! Product

Girl Nut Card

Online Girl Delivered

Direct Ship to Customer



Yes Yes Yes Dulce de Leche Owls $6 Box Yes Yes Yes Fruit Slices $6 Can Yes Yes Yes Dark Chocolate Mint Penguins $6 Box Yes Honey Roasted Peanuts Yes Yes $6 Can Yes Yes Yes Peanut Butter Bears $6 Box Yes Yes Yes Chocolate Covered Raisins $7 Can Yes Yes Yes Dark Chocolate Peppermint Pretzels* $7 Can Yes Yes Yes Deluxe Pecan Clusters $7 Box Yes Yes Yes Almond Butter Cups $7 Box Yes Yes Yes English Butter Toffee $7 Box Yes Yes Yes Dark Choc, Caramel Caps with Sea Salt $7 Box Yes Yes Yes Whole Cashews $8 Can Yes Yes Yes Thin Mint Almonds* $9 Can Yes Yes Yes Coconut Cashews* $9 Can Yes Milk Chocolate Covered Pretzels Yes Yes $9 Tin Yes Yes Yes Mint Treasures in Girl Scout Tin $10 Tin No No Yes Dill Pickle Peanuts $6 Can No No Yes Buffalo Ranch Pretzel Trail Mix $7 Bag No No Yes Cranberry Nut Mix $6 Can No No Yes Honey Roasted Mixed Nuts $10 Jar No No Yes Donation Item $6 Can Yes Black Forest Trail Mix No No $7 Bag Yes Butter Toasted Peanuts No No $6 Can Yes Caramel Treasures No No $9 Tin Yes Hot Cajun Crunch No No $6 Can Yes Salt & Pepper Cashews No No $8 Bag Yes Salsa Mix No No $6 Can Yes Chocolate Covered Almonds No No $8 Can Yes Almond Cran Orange Crunch No No $7 Bag Yes Jumbo Cashews No No $20 Tin Yes Gourmet Caramel Corn with Nuts No No $15 Tin Yes Gourmet Nut Blend No No $20 Tin Yes Mocha Cups No No $7 Box Yes BBQ snack mix* No No $7 Can Dark Chocolate Covered Pretzels No No Yes $6 Can * new items for 2019 Items can be ordered "in person" from a girl, online and delivered by the girl, online and shipped direct Items can only be ordered online and shipped direct to the customer

Gluten Free? Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No No No Yes No No Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes No No Yes Yes Yes Yes No No No

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2019 Fall Product Program Guide | GSEMA  

Fall Product Program Reference Guide for volunteers.

2019 Fall Product Program Guide | GSEMA  

Fall Product Program Reference Guide for volunteers.

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