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WORLD AIDS DAY 2023 What’s on in Brighton & Hove in the run up to and on World AIDS Day - Friday, December 1

The Brighton AIDS Memorial Project is a remembrance project showcasing the stories and history of the AIDS epidemic in the Brighton & Hove area. The project is proud to display two UK AIDS Memorial Quilts featuring Brighton names. Alongside the display are stories from these quilts which give a glimpse into the lives of some of the individuals featured.

) BRIGHTON AIDS MEMORIAL CANDLELIGHT VIGIL in New Steine Gardens, Brighton on Friday, December 1 at 6pm. All are welcome to attend the remembrance event of those we have lost to HIV/AIDS in Brighton & Hove. There will be a reading of the names and a candle light vigil. Space will be available for anyone seeking quiet moments of reflection Information: worldAIDSdayBH The annual Brighton AIDS Memorial Vigil is hosted by the Brighton & Hove World AIDS Day Community Partnership. New names to be read (in addition to those read in previous years) can be emailed to susshivchap@ by midnight on November 26, or can be added to the list at the New Steine Gardens Memorial Space between 4 - 5pm on the day of the vigil. ) COMMUNITY LUNCH with Lunch Positive on Sunday, November 26 from 12.30pm (lunch 1pm) at Community Rooms, Dorset Gardens Methodist Church, Dorset Gardens, BN2 1RL. An open invitation to the whole community to spend time together over an enjoyable community lunch as part of the city’s World AIDS Day activities. Provided by Lunch Positive volunteers. No charge, donations welcome. Information: |

) Display of UK AIDS MEMORIAL QUILTS featuring Brighton names from Monday, November 27 - Sunday, December 10 at Jubilee Library, Jubilee Street, Brighton BN1 1GE.

You can find the Brighton AIDS Memorial project on Instagram and Facebook and Queer Heritage South website: Information: brightonaidsmemorial@

Pink Singers awarded £94,625 by National Lottery Heritage Fund

UK Jewish Film Festival to return with LGBTQ+ strand

The funds will be used to archive and celebrate the 40-year history of the LGBTQ+ choir.

From retrospective screenings, to fun and insightful documentaries, this year’s LGBTQ+ Film Programme will play host to three feature films and a programme of short films examining a broad range of Jewish LGBTQ+ identities.


Leading the Charge: Herpes Cure Research Group aims for better future


Latest HIV data shows unequal progress towards ending new cases by 2030, says Terrence Higgins Trust

Beginning on Reddit and expanding rapidly to Facebook, Herpes Cure Research Group has brought together over 20,000 passionate members from around the world.

Sexual health charity Terrence Higgins Trust reacts to new HIV data for England, released by the UK Health Security Agency.



Are you having difficulty coming to terms with an HIV diagnosis?

Mauritius Supreme Court legalises homosexuality

Terrence Higgins Trust and partners to provide in-person and online workshops to help deal with diagnosis and gain the knowledge and tools to live well with HIV.


The Supreme Court of Mauritius declared the country’s ban on same-sex intimacy 'discriminatory' and 'unconstitutional'.



was the venue for the 2023 event to announce the grants that have been approved by the Brighton Rainbow Fund (BRF) independent grants panel. BRF distributes funds raised within the community as grants to local LGBTQ+ and HIV projects. This year has been challenging for fundraisers, particularly for Brighton & Hove Pride. Attendance to Pride was this year severely affected by the double whammy of appalling weather and the decision by GTR, the train operators, to not run ANY trains on the Saturday of Pride weekend. The BRF event was hosted once again by Lola Lasagne who generously returned to Brighton from their new home in Manchester to show their continued support for BRF. The first part of the evening was to recognise fundraising achieved by community events and venues, which BRF distributes as grants. Pride Fundraising Champion certificates were presented to Brighton & Hove Frontrunners, Legends, Club Revenge and Brighton & Hove Pride for fundraising over Pride weekend, and Fundraising Champion certificates to Brighton Bear Weekend and the Fallen Angel for fundraising at Brighton Bear Weekend and through the year.

The grants were then announced. Each group were presented with a certificate, and then asked to give a short description of their supported project, and the benefits that the BRF grant will bring. Scene will be running a series of articles over the next few

months showing how the grant money will be used by each project. ) All photos by Michael Stone from

Nick Ford Photography

) For all pictures CLICK HERE





All about community. Words by Gary Pargeter, volunteers and members ) At Lunch Positive we’re so pleased that the global theme of this year’s World AIDS Day is Let Communities Lead. It speaks to everything we are as a charity, and all of our ways of working. Our work is the much needed continuation of support by and for people living with HIV that started when HIV first hit our community four decades ago, and remains invaluable to this day. It brings people together for supportive friendship, fellowship, peer-support, and provides access to services and support that are often otherwise not reached. Crucially, people living with HIV are at the heart, meaningfully and actively at the centre of our organisation and services. People living with HIV drive all of our work, as trustees, volunteers and helpers, staff, and people using services whose experiences, opinions and voice are pivotal. Everything we do is built upon volunteering, and we’re hugely grateful to have received the Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service,

recognising the quality, impact and hundreds of thousands of hours given by our volunteers over the years. Lunch Positive services and projects have evolved from the work of the unique Brighton Open Door Project, founded in the mid-1980s, and alongside our 1-1 and smaller group support, we are immensely proud to still provide the largest regular social and support gatherings of people living with HIV in Brighton & Hove. As one of our members recently said “It’s more than lunch. It’s a whole community that we don’t have elsewhere, it’s been transformational”. As people living with HIV, some for decades, others more recently diagnosed, we have a wealth of lived experience to share for mutual benefit. Through the conversations we share with each other at our weekly lunch clubs, within befriending, and at our Tuesday drop-in gatherings, we know that there is much to celebrate in the successful medical care and treatment for HIV. Yet still many people

come along with poorer health, both HIV related and generally. They look to be part of this unique supportive peer community to overcome social isolation, share friendship, and cope on a day to day basis. The gap in society between those that ‘do have’ and those that ‘don’t’ widens. Financial disadvantage can greatly impact people living with HIV on low and constrained income, of which we are many. Sharing a healthy meal, takeaway food, our HIV food bank and crisis home outreach are frequently described as ‘lifelines’, and never more than at these times of increased living costs. Social attitudes towards HIV have undoubtedly changed for the better, but we are far from living in an HIV-stigma free society. Negative attitudes towards HIV continue to be experienced by many people in the widest range of settings, and these can be hurtful, distressing and damaging. So often we hear examples of these as part of our sharing at Lunch Positive, where in response as people being together we find empathy, self-empowerment and renewed resilience. This year we were proud to present at the British HIV Association Conference on the research undertaken by University of

makes all the difference. I can’t thank everyone enough for the kindness and friendship people have shown. The help from the support worker getting my housing sorted was life-saving. Slowly, I’m putting life back together again and I couldn’t have done it without you.”

“It’s like the family I lost, and I know that I am valued and have a purpose, which makes the world of difference.”

Sussex and the impact of our work, and to share the many example of why our community led work is needed and so highly valued. In the words of one of our members, Simon: “When I joined Lunch Positive I was at the very depths of life. I had tried to kill myself and was still getting the care of a psychiatrist. I had given up on life and had no interest in taking

my HIV meds. The accommodation I was in was so poor, I know it sounds daft but just a simple thing like not ever being able to shower myself in order to be clean and having no heating sometimes got me so depressed and feeling ashamed, I couldn’t sleep and then I slept all day. “Coming to Lunch Positive where I know I’m accepted and wanted,

And from one of our volunteers, Michael: “I had always felt so low about my HIV, and how difficult I found it to cope. I always felt I’d failed. Now I’m involved with other HIV+ people I feel so much better about myself. It’s like the family I lost, and I know that I am valued and have a purpose, which makes the world of difference. I love it when everyone is together, talking and making the best of life, and I’m eternally grateful to be a part of making that happen.” Please look at our website and help us spread the word of our services, think about volunteering with us, and consider making a donation to help us continue this invaluable grassroots community work. Thank you. D LUNCH POSITIVE WITH WINNIE BYANYIMA, DIRECTOR OF UNAIDS

Loneliness charity Together Co partners with Brighton City Girl

Marriage equality in Ukraine explored in new film shot by Ukrainian LGBTQ+ activists during the war

The Brighton & Hove-based charity Together Co has been chosen as Brighton Girl's charity partner, helping the loneliness charity to connect with new communities across Brighton & Hove.

The documentary, Marriage (In)equality in Ukraine, shot during the Russia-Ukraine war, is now available to view online.


Celebrating the Victoria Fountain renovation

A celebration to mark the completion of the Victoria Fountain restoration project and its return to the Old Steine was held on October 12.


Contributions sought for 2024 Lesbian Lives conference

The Centre for Transforming Sexuality and Gender at University of Brighton is seeking contributions for next year's Lesbian Lives conference, which will take place at the university from March 22 - 23, 2024.



India's top court declines to legally recognise same-sex marriage in a landmark ruling

The landmark ruling was streamed live across the country and to crowds gathered outside the court.


Bears at The Fallen Angel with Brighton Bear Weekend on November 4

Gear up for a night of furry fun, laughter, and some great music, all in aid of Sussex Beacon and Brighton Rainbow Fund.



Helping overcome drug and alcohol challenges. Words by Gary Smith, LGBTQ+ Worker

service, needle exchange and have specialist mental health nurses. We support you whether you want to stop, reduce or simply use more safely. We also provide a Family & Carers Service (FACT) for concerned others, who may benefit from support around the substance use of a partner, friend or loved one. From people’s first contact with us, we hope to provide a space to explore the challenges faced, and with the understanding from an LGBTQ+ perspective.

) At times, living life as a LGBTQ+ person can seem like the most wonderful thing. A diverse community where we can find acceptance, to support each other, to know that others understand who we are. However, sometimes life can throw challenges our way. Some of these are unique to our diverse community. At these times it can be helpful to have the support from someone who understands the challenges.

whom have gone on to become volunteers themselves.

Change Grow Live (CGL) provides tailored drug and alcohol support to adults in Brighton & Hove who identify as LGBTQ+. We offer 1-to-1 support from recovery coordinators and a variety of online and face-toface groups to help motivate and support people to address substance misuse, whether that be abstinence or reduction.

“Change Grow Live provides tailored drug and alcohol support to adults in Brighton & Hove who identify as LGBTQ+”

To self-refer or refer someone else is quick and easy by using our online form or you can contact us by phone (01273 731900), Monday to Friday, 9 – 5pm and until 7pm on Thursdays. Alternatively register in person at our office at Richmond House, Richmond Road, Brighton BN2 3RL.

We provide a community detox alcohol programme, a prescribing

D brighton-hove-recovery-service/info

We have well established links with a wide range of LGBTQ+ services and support networks in the city. In recent years we have had the emergence of chemsex and in response to this we have created effective connection with other agencies ensuring people accessing the service get the holistic support they need. A number of people accessing support are living with HIV and many have been supported to attend HIV services like Lunch Positive, and other services in the community. Some of

We have discovered that a number of individuals from the trans community struggle to access drug and alcohol services due to various factors. As a result of this finding we have attempted to rectify this by engaging with other organisations and subsequently a significant amount of our clients now identify as part of the TNBI community.

Of course, a dedicated LGBTQ+ team is not always required from someone needing help. However, we hope by offering a tailored programme of support, people who have previously been reluctant to ask for help can feel they have one less barrier to overcome.



Brighton & Hove LGBTQ+ Switchboard’s Trans and NonBinary Link Service and Grief Project to host joint event for TNBI community members with Priss Nass on Trans Day of Remembrance on Monday, November 20. ) Brighton & Hove LGBTQ+ Switchboard’s Trans and Non Binary Link Service and Grief Project are holding a joint event on Trans Day of Remembrance for its TNBI community members. This Trans Grief and Solidarity event includes poetry, spoken word, arts & crafts, food and drink. The evening is by and for trans, non-binary and intersex community members; Swithboard kindly asks that cis allies do not attend. Exploring the themes of collective grief, solidarity and community through a creative lens, Switchboard will be joined by artist and performer Priss Nash to perform some spoken word and facilitate a creative writing workshop. Uncensored, Unfiltered, Unapologetic and Oversharing; Priss is a Brighton-based poet/spoken word artist telling their stories through verses, bars and pars. Priss’ work covers a range of hard-hitting subjects with a focus on race, trauma, identity and mental health. Offering an extremely personal and uncensored viewpoint through their poetry, Priss’ work and performances often push for real and tangible change by making audiences question their own biases and prejudices. Stemming from a musical background

and a love for hip-hop, Priss often incorporates rhythmic flow and rapping into their performances in view of some of their favourite poets being rappers as they believe “hiphop is just poetry with 808s”. This event takes place on Monday, November 20 from 5.30 - 8pm at Community Base, 113 Queens Rd, Brighton BN1 3XG. The venue is wheelchair accessible with lift access and guests will have access to a disabled toilet, non-gendered bathroom facilities and a quiet balcony area. Switchboard asks that you do not bring animals to the event, and wear minimally scented clothes. If you

would like to discuss any other access requests or requirements, please email The event is sober space, so Switchboard asks that you do not bring alcohol or substances into the venue. Programme: 5.30-5.45pm: refreshments, nonstructured craft and discussion spaces. 5.45-7:15pm: Priss Nash facilitated workshop. 7.15-8pm: Sharing of poetry, food and drinks.

“Offering an extremely personal and uncensored viewpoint through her poetry, Priss’ work and performances often push for real and tangible change by making audiences question their own biases and prejudices.”

Unlimited Intimacy: New group exhibition frames 1980s and 1990s as a politically charged time for LGBTQ+ histories and movements

This is... #DaleyPop

Unlimited Intimacy is showing until November 18 at Vane in Gateshead.

Our pop music reviewer and influencer Dale Melita shares his favourite pop tracks!



FILM: All That Heaven Allowed: an intimate portrait of Rock Hudson

LGBTQ+ people ‘still being denied basic rights’, says mother of Matthew Shepard

The documentary places Hudson’s contribution as one of the last great stars of the studio system and celebrates his enduring legacy as a cinema icon who helped change the public perception of AIDS.


Nominations open for Gaydio Pride Awards 2024 with Hilton

The 2024 ceremony will be dedicated to recognising and celebrating the efforts made to better LGBTQ+ lives in the UK


The mother of Matthew Shepard, an American gay man who was murdered 25 years ago, said LGBTQ+ people in the US are “still being denied basic rights”.


Queer East to tour of UK cities

Queer East will "push boundaries and challenge expectations and labels commonly associated with queer communities".


Drag race star Kate Butch to battle Zombies and Vampires alongside Crudi Dench at Pleasance Theatre

Trans pro gamer Emma ‘Emzii’ Rose wins prestigious award at inaugural ESI Film Festival

The documentary follows the life of a pro gamer Emma ‘Emzii’ Rose - showing her experience of being a trans woman in the gaming and esports space. Drag Queens vs Zombies sees Kate Butch and her drag frenemy Crudi Dench putting on a spectacular cabaret show which gets crashed by the undead, while Drag Queens vs Vampires takes the pair to Transylvania for the Eurovision Song Contest with a supernatural AirBNB host.


Yousef Palani found guilty of murdering two gay men in Ireland


Steve Brown gears up for exhibition of stunning artworks at Brighton Box

Palani was sentenced to life in prison for the murders and also received a 20-year sentence for assaulting a third man.


Brighton & Hove charities celebrate one of the UK's largest befriending networks

The exhibition launches on Wednesday, November 15 from 6pm and at the launch, Brighton Box will be raising funds for local HIV charity the Sussex Beacon. Following the launch, Affinity Bar on St James's Street will be hosting the Official Afterparty from 8.30pm.


Together Co and Time to Talk Befriending have more than 600 volunteers combined and run befriending services in Brighton & Hove.


HIV CHAPLAINCY Active within community. Words by Reverand Heather Leake Date. ) Connecting and working with other people and with community groups is an enjoyable part of both my HIV Chaplain and HIV Pharmacist roles, and is essential to delivering an effective service (which I hope I do!). In both positions the needs of the person living with HIV and/or their loved one(s) are paramount, and it’s hugely helpful to be able to refer or signpost someone to people and organisations that I know personally, such as Lunch Positive for food, peer support, volunteering and befriending, Terrence Higgins Trust for benefits advice, and the Sussex Beacon. By 2024 more than 70% of people accessing local HIV services will be over the age of 50, so the Sussex HIV Chaplaincy and Lunch Positive recently co-hosted a successful Ageing Well with HIV networking event as part of the city’s annual Ageing Well Festival. It brought together a wide range of statutory and voluntary services along with potential service users and was a great example of partnership working. It’s always a privilege when people feel safe enough to share their personal stories with me; whether it’s chatting over a meal at the lunch club, visiting someone in the Sussex Beacon, or keeping in touch with someone by phone and text for several years. When

asked what the Chaplaincy meant to him, Ed said “It brought sunshine in my darkest hour”. The Chaplaincy offers a free, confidential service to anyone affected by HIV, regardless of their faith background: a listening ear, a friendly face and a supportive voice for anyone with emotional or spiritual issues related to their HIV status or that of someone close to them. You can get in touch by phone/text/WhatsApp on 07867 773360 or email susshivchap@gmail. com.

As Chaplain, on behalf of the Brighton & Hove World AIDS Day Community Partnership, I am responsible for the safekeeping of the list of names to be read at the World AIDS Day Candlelight Vigil, which is always held in New Steine Gardens on December 1 at 6pm. The Vigil is primarily intended to remember people with a local connection who died with HIV (not necessarily as a result of it), but proof is not needed. Initially, due to stigma or confidentiality concerns, some people just gave first names or nicknames, but now it’s more usual for someone’s full name to be listed. It’s never too late to add someone. To submit a name, please email the details to me at susshivchap@gmail. com by midnight on November 26. Please include the correct pronunciation (especially if it may be unclear to a reader). Late entries can be made at the Lunch Positive marquee in New Steine Gardens on December 1 before the Vigil, but advance notice is preferred. I also organise the annual World AIDS Day Service of Remembrance and Hope at Dorset Gardens Methodist Church. This year’s service (shared with the Village MCC) is on Sunday, December 3 at 6pm; all are welcome.

people who had been on the show in the past and new people who wanted to take part.


The time is now! Words by Josh Sharples, Sue Hunter, Tony McGraff, Stephen Hart and David Fray. ) Perhaps one of this city’s best, (or depending on your view, worst), kept secrets, is that we host the only radio programme dedicated to people living with HIV, and it is also for people affected by HIV. Doesn’t that mean everyone? Yes, we think so.

Our podcast, with its national and international reach, expands the show’s influence far beyond Brighton & Hove. We strive to have as many of our communities as possible represented in our guests and news features and discussions.

The HIV Hour is broadcast on 97.2 FM in the Brighton & Hove area and on DAB+ radio. Whilst there are other podcasts produced for people living with HIV, the show is currently the only one that is broadcast on radio.

At the end of July 2023, the HIV Hour show took part in the first Zero HIV Sigma Day in Brighton & Hove and encouraged our audience to attend the first Stigma March in London.

Our audience has gotten to know us over the years and trusts us as a source of news and support. We inform listeners about local and national services and how to make healthy lifestyle choices. We talk about stigma and the importance of education and sharing up-to-date information. We have built up a good rapport with healthcare providers and service providers, with many coming forward to ask to come onto the show and engage with our audience. At national HIV conferences, we have been applauded by healthcare professionals for reaching into people’s homes such as in rural areas where internet connectivity is patchy.

In October we were thrilled to be given a grant by the Brighton Rainbow Fund to do exactly this, meet our audience in their natural habitat, (so to speak). After all, we broadcast into their homes, it is only right that we meet them in places where they access services. So we aim to visit Lunch Positive, (including their outer Brighton services), the Worthing Hub, the Sussex Beacon and the Lawson Unit Patient Panel and others. So please get in touch with us and join us on the show. Please email us at, we would love to hear from you. HIV HOUR WITH GARY PARGETER FROM LUNCH POSITIVE (CENTRE)

We have a small team of volunteer presenters and producers that is quite a good representation of most of the communities that we aim to reach. All our presenters are living with HIV and are local to Brighton, Hove and Worthing, with one of our presenters representing communities in London.

We were thrilled to be invited to take part in the recent Ageing Well with HIV Community Lunch where we met

It was good to meet our audience in places where they meet, and that is what we have planned for the next year, to outreach to our audience and invite them to join us in talking about the HIV issues they want discussed.

Shaun Le Sheep due to return to Farewell Event with baa-rilliant transformation after being vandalised

Shaun Le Sheep, designed by Sara Pope and sponsored by Plus Accounting, was sadly removed from the trail for repairs but is currently undergoing a transformation to make it auction-ready.


REVIEW: 'Simply Barbra' simply amazing!

Stormy Daniels to help Daddies and Himbos find love in season 2 of 'For the Love of DILFs'

For The Love Of DILFs follows two new groups of single Daddies and Himbos, as they pack their bags and move into DILF Mansion in search of love


Dannii Minogue calls on LGBTQ+ young adults to volunteer for Just Like Us’ Ambassador Programme

Brian Butler finds a legend re-created

"Be the representation you never had."



Winter Warmer at The Two Brewers to raise funds for LGBTQ+ homelessness charity, akt

Activism, Brighton and me

Hosted by Miss Chamonix Aspen, Winter Warmer is an evening of variety entertainment featuring the fabulous Miles Elliott, Pam Ford, SheChoir-London and Amaya Napa.


"We campaign on Brighton’s roads, we kiss on the beach, we embrace on the Pier, we dance down the streets." Words by Xantippe Steele.



Working in partnership towards ZERO HIV stigma, ZERO new HIV infections and ZERO deaths from HIV ) The Martin Fisher Foundation (MFF) continues to work in partnership with other HIV organisations in Brighton & Hove towards ZERO HIV stigma, ZERO new HIV infections and ZERO deaths from HIV. Our aim, to work collaboratively and support shared HIV prevention and treatment goals across the city, is gaining momentum year on year as we move towards ending new HIV transmissions and eliminating HIV stigma by 2030. July 21 of this year saw the launch of the world’s first International Zero HIV Stigma Day. The event, held in Jubilee Square in Brighton & Hove, was organised by the Towards Zero HIV Taskforce, a partnership between Brighton & Hove City Council, University Hospitals Sussex NHS Trust, MFF, the voluntary sector, including Terrence Higgins Trust and Lunch Positive, and members of the community. The joyous and sometimes moving event united people and communities, raised awareness and provided opportunities to tackle HIV stigma head-on. Of course, HIV stigma doesn’t stop at Zero HIV Stigma Day – there is still work to do to continue our

efforts to make HIV Stigma a thing of the past: • Talk openly about HIV, no more whispered conversations. While it is important to respect the confidentiality of individual people, talking openly about HIV as a longterm health condition will help minimise stigma. • Challenge HIV stigma when you see or hear it, direct people to resources with up-to-date information such as our website. • Sign up to be an HIV Ally – MFF will keep you updated with local activities and information, visit our website and sign up: www.martinfisherfoundation. org. We want EVERYBODY to know that if everyone tests for HIV, commences HIV treatment if diagnosed, or accesses effective HIV prevention if negative, then we can end new HIV transmissions. In 2022 we created a concise animation which has been viewed over 26,000 times. The animation was co-produced with clinicians, HIV community workers, members of the public and people with HIV and is being used in healthcare education, on websites,

and in school education packages. It’s completely free – can you help us get to 100,000 views by sharing widely?! To encourage self-testing our digital vending machines remain available at eight locations across the city. Tests are free and confidential – you can choose either a 20-minute rapid HIV self-test or an STI screen to return in the post. In the last 12 months, 2,500 kits have been dispensed with users reporting confidentiality, privacy and instant access as the main benefits. Due to the high prevalence of HIV in Brighton & Hove, and because we’re a Fast Track City, local NHS services have received funding from the government to implement opt-out HIV testing in the Emergency Department since April 2022. From the start we worked closely with community groups to ensure anyone newly diagnosed would be quickly linked in to support services. We have identified seven new people living with HIV who may not otherwise have been diagnosed and are now able to access daily treatment and unable to pass the virus on to anyone else. In parallel we’re running a testing pilot in eight GP practices in the city where anyone having a blood test is routinely offered an HIV test. All these projects have been important in normalising HIV testing and reducing HIV related stigma. Co-designed by the community and clinicians, the EmERGE mHealth apps

“HIV stigma doesn’t stop at Zero HIV Stigma Day – there is still work to do to continue our efforts to make HIV Stigma a thing of the past.” worked with the Terrence Higgins Trust and clinicians to develop a PrEP app. Operational for nearly two years with over 600 users, user feedback is very strong.

form an integral part of care pathways for those living with stable HIV and for those taking PrEP. Both apps provide the user with access to important health data, appointment scheduling, interactive calendar, medication details and a two-way messaging service allowing direct contact with healthcare professionals at the clinic.

In both cases, Core and PrEP, user visits to the clinic are reduced thereby Initially working with communities relieving capacity for those in greater across Europe, the ‘core’ app now has need. As a result, Brighton & Hove over 800 users. The technology is highly Sexual Health services have never had secure and confidentiality remains at a waiting list for potential PrEP patients. the centre of the service provision. These innovations could not have Now that PrEP is approved on the been achieved without community NHS, many sexual health providers are involvement. experiencing waiting lists and capacity constraints. EmERGE mHealth Limited D WINNIE BYANYIMA SELF-TEST VENDING MACHINE

A0 sized portrait in the window of my place of work, Jubilee Library, couldn’t have been any bolder!

STANDING STRONG WITH MORE TO ME THAN HIV ) More to Me than HIV is a grassroots community art initiative that aims to normalise people living with HIV through portraiture. We have nearly 30 people who have shown their faces publicly and shared the information that they are living with HIV. We have exhibited 24 large-scale portraits at Jubilee Library for World AIDS Day 2021 and in the London Lighthouse Gallery for the whole of June 2022. This year we were thrilled to be invited to exhibit our portraits again in Jubilee Library for Zero HIV Stigma Day in July, which was a fantastic opportunity to show positive futures for people living with HIV. Not only were our portraits on display in the library, and featured on local ITV Meridian News, but three of our members were on stage to talk to the public about their journeys and hopes for the future. With the HIV Outpatient clinic, the Lawson Unit, moving to the brand new hospital this year, there has been talk about displaying our portraits in the hospital, and not necessarily in the HIV department. If the whole point of our exhibition is to be open about our information, then why not inform everyone that living with HIV is not scary anymore? For our activist members, sharing that they are living with HIV is not much of a challenge as they are used to speaking publicly about their lives. However,

for others, the stigma that often surrounds HIV can be debilitating and difficult to navigate, not knowing how people are going to react, based on outdated information from fear-based campaigns in the 1980s.

“This year we were thrilled to be invited to exhibit our portraits again in Jubilee Library for Zero HIV Stigma Day in July.” This is one person’s journey which we hope will be inspiring. “Although I have never been ashamed of my HIV status, I had only spoken up during HIV+ groups and conferences: this I wanted to change. Having my

“I am very proud of the More to Me than HIV project and was extremely pleased that it would go on to be exhibited beyond the original project: displayed at Jubilee Library as part of Worlds AIDS Day 2022. “As with most things scary, once the fear was faced - coming out as HIV+ at work - I quickly found the fear vanish and the strength I have always had about being positive that I was positive increased. For all of us within the HIV+ community, it is always our right about how open we are to family, friends and our wider circle, but none of us should feel fear or shame about our HIV+ diagnoses. “There is still prejudice and misunderstanding about what HIV is, but I like to think the More to Me than HIV project has gone some way to break down the misinformation left over from the 1980s and has helped others to stand strong and say, ‘there’s more to me than HIV’.” ) To learn more about us, please visit or email

INTERVIEW: Trans comedian Jordan Gray to land at Brighton Dome with smash hit show, 'IS IT A BIRD?'

Dorset Gardens Methodist Church in Brighton proudly hosts its first samesex marriage

IS IT A BIRD? brings together Jordan’s love of superheroes, her strong Essex roots, and her life as a transgender woman in an hour of raucous comedy that resonates within and far beyond the LGBTQ+ community.


Snowing Me, Snowing You! Brighton's LGBTQ+ Rainbow Chorus share details of winter concert

Dorset Gardens Methodist Church in Brighton proudly hosted its first same-sex marriage on Saturday, October 7. Dariusz Plata and Ben Parrish walked down the aisle after a national vote to allow same sex couples to wed.


Join Rainbow Chorus on Saturday, December 9 at St Georges Church in Kemptown as they entertain you with a blizzard of classics and festive treats plus a light dusting of ABBA!


MIKA to bring Apocalypse Calypso tour to Brighton Centre in 2024

Platinum-selling artist MIKA has announced the UK dates of his highly anticipated tour.



Scene talks to Romany Mark Bruce, sculptor and painter responsible for the Brighton & Hove AIDS Memorial and the James Ledward Friendship Bench ) Romany Mark Bruce, Ireland

born and Brighton-based, is a highly accomplished sculptor and painter whose work has attracted both national and international acclaim. Romany is responsible for creating and designing the striking TAY sculpture, the Brighton & Hove AIDS Memorial, which is an iconic landmark in Brighton where our communities gather to mark the annual World AIDS Day on December 1.

Earlier this year, the James Ledward Friendship Bench – situated by TAY in New Steine Gardens – was unveiled. The bench, designed by Romany, is the perfect spot to take the weight off the feet and reflect. We asked Romany what inspired the bench’s bold design. “I first met James in 2007 when he invited me to submit a proposal for the Brighton & Hove AIDS Memorial Commission. We worked closely together on all aspects of the project for two years and James became a good friend, spending many hours having tea and chats in my studio. “The design of James’s memorial bench was inspired by his many colourful short sleeved shirts, in particular one I remember him wearing on the very last occasion I

Having originally trained as a lawyer, specialising in brain injury and clinical negligence, this obsession with the brain, the body and how the muscles work has had a huge influence on Romany’s figurative abstract impressionist pieces, both in art and sculpture. His latest works display his detailed focus with abstract expressionism as well as the powerful impact of colour

in art. Painting with palette knives, Romany describes himself as, ‘a sculptor who paints.’ With a distinctive style and talent that has attracted art critics throughout the world, Romany’s artistic influence continues to develop with ongoing projects. His art was also chosen to feature across Paris for the Paris Metropolitan Exhibition. How did the exhibition in Paris come about? “I was one of a group of TAY - THE BRIGHTON & HOVE AIDS MEMORIAL

Romany said: “The inspiration behind TAY was the AIDS ribbon, and my aim was to make the sculpture a positive one, suggesting optimism. Two figures soar upwards, one representing the male sex, the other all other sexes.”

saw him before his death.”


international artists asked to submit paintings to Contemporary Art Station. Their aim is to showcase artists whose work reflect the latest trends and developments in contemporary art. My painting (UN)SEEN, from my latest collection, was chosen to be shown in the Paris Metro, along with the work of 40 other artists.” Early 2024 promises more exciting

releases from Romany, including a painting to be auctioned for Francesco’s Foundation. Why did he choose this charity to benefit from the sale of one of his works? “For the last 30 years I have concentrated on supporting HIV and AIDS charities. I learned about Francesco’s Foundation at the same time that I was working on my latest

collection of paintings, (UN)SEEN, where I explore the way we interact with our environment, and the impact of rolling news, social media and how it impacts on our behaviour. “Francesco committed suicide as the result of cyber bullying – those in the LGBTQ+ community are four times more at risk of death by suicide. The Foundation helps prevent other teenagers from being tormented, cyber bullied, gossiped about, and/or discriminated against.

“The design of James’s memorial bench was inspired by his many colourful shirts” “The charity’s mission resonated with me in a powerful way. Growing up in Ireland in the 1970s I remember the loneliness and utter desolation I felt at the time as a consequence of bullying and feeling different. I can only imagine how more damaging it would have been if social media had been part of my life then.” Keep your eyes peeled for Romany’s new art book, Sculpting Colour, coming spring 2024. D (UN)SEEN ON PARIS METRO


THE SUSSEX BEACON A Year In Review. Words by Scott Davidson ) It has been a busy year for the Sussex Beacon, the Brighton-based charity supporting and caring for people living with HIV. The Beacon’s Inpatient Unit remains very much in demand, adapting to meet the changing needs of service users over the years. Meanwhile, its Community Services Team has been extremely busy, pioneering new ways of addressing the likes of self-stigma, whilst strengthening its offering to ensure more people than ever living with HIV across Sussex have access to key services. In March, the Community Services Team held a ground-breaking drag workshop, Drag Queen For A Day (DQ4ADAY), which focused on addressing and eradicating selfstigma and low self-confidence, by removing the participants’ protective HIV mask, replacing it with a mask that lets them see and interact with the world in a completely different way. The Beacon recruited a selection of drag artists, most of whom live locally, to mentor the workshop participants, people living with HIV experiencing

self-stigma and low confidence levels. It was determined that the measure of the workshop’s success would be increased self-confidence and an attitude of ‘well if I did this, then I can surely do that’. The post-DQ4ADAY feedback was unequivocal in its praise. Alan Spink (Community Services Team Supervisor) was invited to deliver a presentation on DQ4ADAY at the 25th Annual NHIVNA Conference in Birmingham, in June. Members of the team also participated in a three-day exhibition. Other highlights of the year include: • The creation of caseworker hubs in Crawley and Hastings. • The Sussex Beacon proudly supported the Terrence Higgins Trust-led Fighting HIV Stigma And Proud March, Vigil and Rally in London in March. Beacon management, community services and fundraising teams attended the event. • Having also supported July’s Zero HIV Stigma Day at Jubilee Square, the Sussex Beacon Women & Families Group was excited to present an

on-site event, where women living with HIV met the authors of Our Stories Told By Us: Celebrating the African Contribution to the UK HIV Response. One of the authors, Angelina Namiba, spoke at the Zero HIV Stigma Day vigil. Glowing feedback was received from all event participants. • Staff and volunteers from the Sussex Beacon battled the elements to march in the Brighton & Hove Pride Parade, attracting great attention thanks to their colourful placards bearing slogans including ‘HIV Stigma Is A Drag’, ‘HIV Stigma Is A B*tch’ and ‘HIV Stigma Sucks’. With the Sussex Beacon’s services increasingly in demand, the Community Services Team highlights two case studies, where their work has proved invaluable in 2023: ‘Alex’ One of the Beacon’s case workers has spoken of ‘Alex’, a man in his 50s, living with HIV and multiple physical and mental health issues. Over a period of time, the case worker has developed a rapport and a degree of trust with ‘Alex’, working alongside ‘Alex’’s GP, the Housing Association, Brighton & Hove Council and the local MP regarding a range of serious issues.

“The Beacon’s Inpatient Unit remains very much in demand, adapting to meet the changing needs of service users over the years.” has also provided ‘Jen’ with one-toone support, helping her apply for disability benefits and access grants, thereby further assisting ‘Jen’ to care for her disabled child. Looking ahead …

Having experienced considerable selfstigma and being nervous about going to the Sussex Beacon, ‘Alex’ now visits the Beacon for case work. He even makes items to be sold in their shops. ‘Alex’ is now interacting with other people living with HIV, is more confident and less afraid to live his life. ‘Jen’ Established 10 years ago, the Sussex Beacon’s Women & Families Service plays a vital role within the community. The service’s case worker

A reception is due to be held at the Houses of Parliament in January, celebrating the Sussex Beacon’s 30 years of service to the community, hosted by the Sussex Beacon’s local MP. Additional caseworker hubs are has explained how ‘Jen’ is now quite planned in new locations including settled, a year after moving to the area Worthing, Eastbourne and Brighton while suffering self-stigma and feeling city centre. Plans are underway for a quite isolated. At the time she didn’t second DQ4ADAY workshop, which the know any other women living with HIV. Sussex Beacon hopes to hold in 2024. ‘Jen’ started to attend the Beacon’s Women’s Group for peer support from other women living with HIV, since making friends with some women in the group. Increasing her confidence and self-worth, the group has become a key support network for her.

As the needs of its service users continue to change, the Sussex Beacon stresses it will always adapt to ensure it continues to provide the support and care to people living with HIV, for which it has become so well known and loved.

The group’s Women & Families worker


Stigma also makes people too scared to test – but not getting a test doesn’t change the result and means you’re living with HIV and not getting treatment. Our Positive Voices volunteers are doing an incredible job of tackling stigma by sharing their lived experience in schools, and other organisations. If you’re living with HIV and interested in joining the team, or booking a talk at your workplace, visit their webpage.


A World AIDS Day message from Terrence Higgins Trust ) Friday, December 1 is World AIDS Day. With every ribbon we remember those we’ve lost to HIV.

and relieving pressure on the NHS. Every day that passes is a missed opportunity, that’s why it’s high time we expand it.

Many of those who died from AIDSrelated illnesses in the early days of the epidemic were deliberately forgotten due to the stigma and discrimination that was rife at the time. That’s why it’s so important to pay tribute and give thanks to our forbearers who have fought for 40 years of progress. We have made tremendous progress around HIV which wouldn’t be possible without their contributions. The activists, doctors, nurses, friends, grieving partners and every single person who has worked for and volunteered for HIV charities across the UK to get to where we are today.

We also need to make PrEP available outside of sexual health clinics for more people to access it including groups other than gay and bisexual men. Our Brighton & Hove team has been at the forefront of this mission to get PrEP to the people who need it most through their PrEP2U scheme, which removes the barriers to the HIV prevention pill by taking sexual health clinics out of the equation. Every Monday and Thursday we open our doors to people who want to start on PrEP. During an appointment we offer a full HIV and STI screening, advice, information, vaccinations for HPV and Hep A/B, and of course PrEP to take home.

People on effective HIV treatment can’t pass it on to their partners. PrEP, a free pill that protects you from HIV, is now available in sexual health clinics across the UK. It used to take weeks to get the result of an HIV test, but now it can be done in the comfort of your own home using a self-test – with just minutes to wait before finding out your status. The UK is in a time of hope as we work to end new cases of HIV by 2030 and we will do everything we can to achieve this life-changing and historic goal – because we owe it to those who shoulders we stand on. This opportunity, which would have been unimaginable in the 1980s is possible because we have all of the tools to do it. But we’re currently not doing enough to maximise them. We need to urgently expand the highly successful opt-out HIV testing programme to all 32 areas where HIV prevalence is high in England. In just 16 months, more than 3,000 people have been found with HIV, hep B and hep C in London, Manchester, Brighton and Blackpool alone. This pioneering scheme is saving lives, saving money

We also can’t make ending HIV transmissions a reality without ending the stigma around HIV and the devastating impact it has on the lives of people living with HIV. It’s felt every time someone is cruelly rejected on a dating app because of their HIV status, in a hospital when someone takes extra precautions while taking blood, or when HIV is the punchline of a joke.

There is a clear disconnect between the reality of living with HIV in 2023 and the public’s knowledge and awareness. Tackling HIV stigma needs to be a priority – everyone needs to play their part through shouting about the advancements we’ve made in the fight against HIV and challenging misinformation about the virus. Because we will never end the HIV epidemic without ending the stigma.

“It’s so important to pay tribute and give thanks to our forbearers who have fought for 40 years of progress.” Take action to support people living with HIV and end new cases in the UK by 2030. Fundraising is one of the best ways you can help. Any amount of money you raise through marathon running or taking on a challenge is going to make a big difference. Our charity provides free HIV testing to people across the UK – one test costs us £15, which means you can help 135 people find out their HIV status by raising £2,030. Our community fundraising team are here to help you. If you have any questions or just would like a chat about ideas, email and they’ll be in touch. Together we can be the generation that ends the HIV epidemic and eradicate the stigma associated with the virus for good. HIV, times up! D



Brighton & Hove’s LGBTQ+ choirs to come together once again for the annual World AIDS Day Concert on Friday, December 1. Words by Ian Groves. ) Brighton & Hove has long had a vibrant and dynamic musical community from all across the city. The LGBTQ+ community contributes to this through its many groups and individual performers, from their own shows, participating in other shows and as soloist, from a chorus of 100 to drag queens, from churches, theatres to bars and restaurants. At this very moment, Actually Gay Men’s Chorus, Brighton Gay Men’s Chorus and Rainbow Chorus are busy planning Brighton & Hove’s annual musical community event, the World AIDS Day Concert, to raise money for local HIV charity, Lunch Positive. An annual event, the concert will bring together the choruses – with Qukulele, Resound and Rebelles – to present an evening of musical entertainment, hosted by Jon ‘Shoutyman’ Borthwick, for all to enjoy. Working around their own busy rehearsals for Christmas, the team has been booking a compere, light and sound, and a signer, as well as making arrangements for front of house, bucket collections, ticket sales and marketing… in fact making a list and checking it a lot more than twice!

A recent United Nations report shows that there is a clear path to ending AIDS, highlighting that ending AIDS is a political and financial choice, and that, already, some communities are achieving extraordinary results. But some are being held back by funding shortages, legal constraints, and crackdowns on civil society and on human rights, obstructing the progress of HIV prevention and treatment services. The theme of the World AIDS Day 2023 is a call to action to enable and support communities in leading the efforts to end AIDS through being involved in planning, financing and supporting HIV services and safe spaces. This concert shows the power of the musical community to support HIV services in Brighton by raising money for Lunch Positive. Lunch Positive, a community led and locally based HIV charity, offers an HIV lunch club, weekly drop-in, befriending scheme and opportunities to socialise with other HIV+ people across Brighton and beyond, creating spaces where everyone feels

comfortable, valued and included. In addition to also providing advice and information, wellbeing support, and an award winning volunteering programme, it’s a great way to make new friends and to find peer support at what can be difficult and challenging times living with HIV.

“This concert shows the power of the musical community to support HIV services in Brighton by raising money for Lunch Positive.” Set in the beautiful St Mary’s Church, Kemptown, the concert will start at 7.30pm on Friday, December 1, allowing those who wish to attend the Candlelight Vigil in New Steine Gardens plenty of time to get to the church at the top of St James’s Street. All performers are giving their time free of charge, and all profit from the sale of tickets, as well as a bucket collection on the night or online giving, will be donated to Lunch Positive. Please watch our Facebook page (Brighton & Hove’s World AIDS Day Concert) and the various chorus pages for further details and links to ticket purchases.


Vibrant research programmes. Words by Professor Jaime Vera ) The Sexual Health and HIV Research Group within Brighton and Sussex Medical School (BSMS) supports a vibrant research programme focused on four interlinked research themes: HIV and sexually transmitted infections prevention and treatment; ageing and comorbidities; development of new models of care, and implementation of injectable antiretrovirals to treat HIV. We also have partnerships in South Africa, Uganda, Colombia, Ethiopia and Zambia where some projects mirror those in the UK, while others focus on important regional challenges such as the impact of climate change on HIV drug resistance and HIV management. Locally we continue working in partnership with clinicians from the NHS trust, and community organisations supporting sexual health care across the city to co-design research studies that address important problems currently faced by our patients and local health services. We have several projects focusing on the development and evaluation of innovative models of care and interventions for people with HIV with comorbidities such as cognitive impairment and frailty, including the Orange Clinic. Another project that continues making

a significant impact to the city is the implementation of vending machines distributing HIV and STI tests across several locations in Brighton including Jubilee Library and both university campuses. The machines provide STI testing kits for people without symptoms who want to check their sexual health or HIV status. The machines contain self-sampling swabs and blood sampling equipment which will be tested for chlamydia, gonorrhoea, syphilis and HIV when

returned through the post to the Sexual Health Clinic. The BSMS Sexual Health and HIV Group continues designing and delivering research co design with communities with direct impact to patients and policy makers. If you are interest in knowing more about current research projects or would like to participate you can contact us here: www.bsms.


) Community HIV Specialist Services (CHIVSS) provides care for people in Brighton & Hove and West Sussex. People can be referred in by their clinic or self-refer. Primarily we provide clinical care in people’s homes and we also provide sign posting to other services and charity organisations. We regularly attend Lunch Positive in Brighton to represent the service and take their service out to our patients who cannot travel. This has been invaluable for our street homeless and hostel patients by tailoring the service to fulfil their specific needs. CHIVSS was also present at the Ageing Well with HIV event, which was a great opportunity to raise awareness and network with other services. We have attended the Worthing Hub Christmas meal, the Garden Party and the weekly hub. We actively supported the Zero HIV Stigma Day of Action and have connected with the Brighton Fast Track City Group. CHIVSS is supporting the development

of peer supporters and the start of a lunch and support club in Worthing.

“Primarily we provide clinical care in people’s homes and we also provide sign posting to other services and charity organisations.” We work with the Sussex Beacon Community Team to enhance our mutual patients care needs. CHIVSS also works with the food hub providers, providing online vouchers were required. We also provide

education to nursing homes, nursing and medical students ensuring up to date knowledge and access to information and services. Working collaboratively with Community Services enhances CHIVSS service, supports our patients to attend or receive services. Ultimately providing better care for living well for long with HIV.

On a weekly basis in clinic, we have: • Lunch Positive offering a place to talk and supporting people to overcome isolation, access their lunch club and other community support services. • Peer Mentoring, offering support in tackling stigma and isolation and promoting empowerment. • Terrence Higgins Trust offering support with housing and welfare, social support and counselling.

A BRILLIANT OUTLOOK The new Lawson Unit. Words by Zoe Adler and the Lawson Unit Team ) In June this year the Lawson Unit finally moved! After years of planning and numerous changes of date, we finally packed our bags, boxes, house plants and artwork and moved into our brand new purpose built clinic. The new clinic is situated on the sixth floor of the Louisa Martindale building in the Royal Sussex County Hospital and boasts fantastic views across Kemptown and the sea. The move posed numerous challenges but also opportunities. At times it felt like a house move with a VERY large family! Over 2,400 patients and a lot staff. The team were amazing and worked flat out, including over an entire weekend to ensure the clinic was ready to open its doors to the first patients with the usual Lawson Unit welcome on Monday morning. The move has brought us into the main hospital and has meant that for the first time we are co-located with inpatient services. This has given us excellent opportunities to educate and support each other, with the team in the Lawson Unit educating the team on the ward about how best to care for and support people living with HIV who are inpatients. It has supported the work of the A & E department in its opt out HIV testing from which we have found seven new HIV diagnoses that may not have been tested otherwise. The ward has also been a great support to our team, sharing equipment and knowledge to support our staff and to improve patient

experience and flow through the hospital. With the fresh start and new space, we felt it was important to open the doors to our wider community. We are lucky to have such amazing support for people living with HIV in the city and wanted to continue these great relationships by working more closely together.

• The specialist Psychology team have also increased their activity in clinic, supporting patients with their mental health and supporting staff through supervision. It has been a real privilege to welcome everyone into the new space and feedback so far has been mostly positive. It has been of great benefit to us having all the additional expertise of other organisations in clinic with us. We hope that we have managed to take the important parts of the Lawson Unit with us and continue to build a clinic that works excellently for everyone that access it.

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624462 22 Marine Tavern mm 13 Broad St, BN2 1TJ 01273 681284 23 Nautilus Lounge m 129 St James’s St, BN2 1TH 24 New Steine Hotel & Bistro mmm 12a New Steine, BN2 1PB 01273 681546 25 Paris House mm 21 Western Rd, BN3 1AF 01273 724195









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26 Prowler m 112-113 St James’s St, BN2 1TH, 01273 603813 27 Queen’s Arms m 7 George St, BN2 1RH 28 Railway Club m 4 Belmont, Dyke Rd, BN1 3TF 01273 328682 29 Regency Tavern mm 32-34 Russell Sq, BN1 2EF 01273 325 652 30 Revenge m 32-34 Old Steine, BN1 1EL 31 Three Jolly Butchers mm 59 North Rd, BN1 1YD 01273 608571 32 Trading Post & Cup of Joe’s mmm 28 St George’s Rd, BN2 1EE 01273 698873 33 Velvet Jacks mm 50 Norfolk Sq, BN1 2PA 34 Zone m 33 St James’s St, BN2 1RF ARDEN S



































































MARIN 15 Dental Health Spa m 14–15 Queens Rd, BN1 3WA 01273 710831 16 Engleharts m 49 Vallance Hall, Hove St, BN3 2DE 01273 204411 17 Fallen Angel m 24 Grafton St, BN2 1AQ 18 Glamorous Brighton m 24 Grafton St, BN2 1AQ 19 Grosvenor Bar m 16 Western St, BN1 2PG 01273 438587 20 HITZone Hove m Unit 23, Waterside House, Basin Rd N, Hove, BN41 1UY 21 Legends Bar, Club & Hotel mmm 31-34 Marine Parade, BN2 1TR 01273





1 Affinity Bar m 129 St James’s St, BN2 1TH 8 Brighton Sauna m 75 Grand Parade, BN2 9JA 2 Bar Broadway m 01273 689966 10 Steine St, BN2 1TE 01273 609777 9 Brighton Tavern m 99-100 Gloucester Rd, BN1 4AP 3 Bar Revenge m 01273 680365 5-7 Marine Parade, BN2 1TA 10 Bulldog m 31 St James’s St Mews, BN2 1RF 4 Barber Blacksheep m 11 Camelford Arms mm 18 St George’s Rd, BN2 1EB 30-31 Camelford St, BN2 1TQ 01273 623408 01273 622386 12 Charles Street Tap mm 5 Bedford Tavern mm 8-9 Marine Parade, BN2 1TA 30 Western St, BN1 2PG 01273 624091 CHU RCH 739495 01273 ST 6 Brighton Birdcage m 13 Centre Stage mm 35 Gloucester Rd, BN1 4AQ 11-12 Marine Parade, BN2 1TL 01273 01273 624010 688 826 7 Brighton Box m 25 Dukes Lane, Ship Street, BN1 14 Curzon m m 1BG, 01273 722 036 7 Rock St, BN2 1NF, 01273 697054





























































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AN ADVERT THIS SIZE COSTS £125. FOR ALL RATES, GET IN TOUCH! Unisex Hairsalon 18 St Georges Road, Kemptown, Brighton BN2 1EB

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as they are to explore their spirituality without judgement. 01273 515572 or l MindOut Independent, impartial services run by and for LGBTQ people with experience of mental health issues. 24 hr confidential answerphone: 01273 234839 or email and out of hours online chat l Navigate Social/peer support group for trans, non-binary & intersex, AFAB, FTM, transmasculine & gender queer people. Every 2nd Friday of the month from 6-8pm (currently on Zoom) at Possability Place, Windlesham Venue, BN1 3AH (formerly Space for Change). l Peer Action Regular low cost yoga, therapies, swimming, meditation & social groups for people with HIV. contact@ or l Rainbow Families Support group for lesbian and/or gay parents. 07951 082013 or l Rainbow Hub Information, guidance and hate incident reporting services for LGBTQ+ communities in Brighton, Hove, and Sussex. Based at the Ledward Centre, Jubilee Street, BN1 1GE. Call 07714 782585 or visit l Some People Social/support group for LGB or questioning aged 14-19, Tue 5.30-7.30pm, Hastings. Call/text Kerrie Tolley-Cloke 07874 637593 or email somepeople@ l TAGS – The Arun Gay Society Social Group welcome all in East & West Sussex Areas. Call/Text 07539 513171. More info: www.tagsonline. l Victim Support Anyone seeking help can contact our free 24/7 Supportline number on 0808 16 89 111 or get in touch via the website A range of tools to help people cope and move forwards after crime can be found at l The Village MCC LGBTQ+ affirming church worship and pastoral care in Kemptown. See, or call 07476 667353 for details.

HIV Prevention, Care & Treatment Services l AVERT Sussex HIV & AIDS info service 01403 210202 or l Brighton & Hove CAB HIV Project Money, benefits, employment, housing, info, advocacy. Appointments: Tue-Thur 9am-4pm, Wed 9am-12.30pm Brighton & Hove Citizens Advice Bureau, Brighton Town Hall. 01273 733390 ext 520 or www. l Clinic M Free confidential testing & treatment for STIs including HIV, plus Hep A & B vaccinations. Claude Nicol Centre, Sussex County Hospital, on Weds from 5-8pm. 01273 523388 or l Community HIV Specialist Service NHS nursing team supporting patients with HIV in the community and offering free HIV training for groups across Brighton & Hove and West Sussex. www. l Lawson Unit Medical advice, treatment for HIV+, specialist clinics, diet & welfare advice, drug trials. 01273 664 722 l The Martin Fisher Foundation STI HIV self-testing kits via digital vending machines available from: Jubilee Library, Wellsbourne Centre, Portland Road (between Wish Park Surgery and Kamson’s Pharmacy), BMEC Partnership Centre, Prowler and Brighton Sauna. www. l Substance Misuse Service Brighton & Hove Recovery Service manages and delivers the adult drug and alcohol services for the city. Change Grow Live (CGL) provides tailored support to adults in Brighton & Hove who identify as LGBTQ+. CGL offers 1-to-1 support, a variety of online and face to face groups. They offer LGBTQ+ specific groups via the peer-led Speakout group and have established links with a wide range of LGBTQ+ services. To refer to the service, email or phone 01273 731 900. More info: www.changegrowlive. org/brighton-hove-recovery-service/info l Sussex Beacon 24-hour nursing & medical care, day care 01273 694222 or l Terrence Higgins Trust Brighton & Hove For more info about these free services go to the THT office, 61 Ship St, Brighton, Mon–Fri, 10am–5pm 01273 764200 or, For people living with HIV: • HIV support services: Info, support & practical advice • Welfare rights advice: find out about benefits • Counselling from qualified counsellors for up to 12 sessions Health Promotion in Brighton & Hove: Provides services for men who have sex with men, anyone from African communities, sex workers of any gender, and trans or non-binary people. • Visit clinic for free fast HIV & STI testing with results in <10 mins • Free condoms and lube • Confidential info and advice on sexual health & HIV • Face2Face for gay/bi men; negotiating sex, chemsex, newly diagnosed • Tailored support for sex workers, trans people and African communities • Outreach - say hello online and in person for info, condoms & lube, and HIV/STI testing at Brighton Sauna, Boiler Room Sauna, Amsterdam, Charles Street Tap, and Legends bar. For details please check l Sexual Health Worthing Free confidential tests & treatment for STIs inc HIVA; Hep vaccinations. Worthing-based 0845 111345645

National Helplines l National LGBT Domestic Abuse Helpline at and 0800 999 5428 l Switchboard 0300 330 0630 l Positiveline (Eddie Surman Trust) Mon-Fri 11am-10pm, Sat & Sun 4-10pm 0800 1696806 l Mainliners 02075 825226 l National AIDS Helpline 08005 67123 l National Drugs Helpline 08007 76600 l THT AIDS Treatment 08459 470047 l THT direct 0845 1221200

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