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16 REPORTING A HATE CRIME! Stewart McCulloch has a positive experience reporting to the police 17 QUEER IN BRIGHTON Launch of the anthology of LGBT oral histories, essays and photographs 18 ZOE LYONS Hizzie Fletcher talks to one funny lady


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19 CABARET QUEENS A night with Davina Sparkle at The Queens Hotel 20 MISS JASON’S BIRTHDAY Miss Jason celebrates her 46th birthday at Legends 44 AS GOOD AS NEW Craig Hanlon-Smith celebrates the 40th anniversary of ABBA winning Eurovision in Brighton

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PRIDE ARTS & FILM SEASON 2014: FIRST EVENT ANNOUNCED After the success of the ICONS exhibition last year during Pride week, artists from the LGBT sector (and their supporters) will return to the Jubilee Library this summer for another creative extravaganza ) The event will bring together a collective of artistic talent to raise funds for Pride and the Rainbow Fund who they support with their fundraising.

Last year saw an auction of rare posters donated by The Keith Haring Foundation in New York City raise over £1,300 for the Rainbow Fund, the Brighton & Hove-based grant-giving fund for local LGBT and HIV/AIDS organisations. A further £600 was donated to Pride, raised via art sales and the private view event and was used to benefit the LGBT community in Brighton. This year’s exhibition is

titled Freedom to Live and will feature some outstanding LGBT artists from the South East. Other events to be confirmed, will feature as part of an expanded Arts & Film Festival launching on July 17 at the Freedom to Live Private View at Jubilee Library. The festival will cover multiaspects of LGBT arts, culture and lifestyle. Hizze Fletcher, organiser, says: “We were overwhelmed by the public interest that was generated around this event last year and it has motivated us to expand the Arts & Film festival this year. It will enable us to showcase the talents of the LGBT creative community (and their supporters) to a wider audience as part of a new community-driven Pride organisation.” Anyone interested in submitting to the Freedom to Live exhibition or getting involved in the art side of the festival via their own event should emailHizze: The exhibition will run at the Jubilee Library from July 18 to August 3.

Following a series of Freedom of Information exchanges it now emerges that the council's position is that last year they had converted the ) Last month the annual £25,000 grant to Brighton Pride was reinstated in the city budget for annual grant to Pride to a one off contingency fund which Pride could call on if required. When asked one year. This happened because the Conservative how this was communicated to Pride, the council and Labour Groups supported Pride and the LGBT community with an amendment to the Greens budget. say this was done verbally and there is no paper trail. Pride organisers deny they were aware that During negotiations the Green administration used the LGBT community as a bargaining tool, to try and they could call on this money. stop Pride receiving the grant. Whoever or whatever you believe, the Pride fiasco is typical of how too many decisions affecting the Cllr Geoffrey Bowden, a former trustee of Pride South East Ltd, an organisation that ceased trading city are made. Pride is the city's biggest event, bringing in £13million pounds to the local with debts of over £200,000 in 2012, spoke for the economy over a single weekend; it has an Green Administration. He lectured both Labour and Tory groups saying: “Pride is not a sacred cow”. The international profile and raises money for LGBT following day the Leader of the Council Jason Kitcat, organisations. tweeted that Bowden's speech was “very brave”. It is scandalous that Brighton & Hove Council continues to hand out or take away public money However, Cllr Kitcat bravely continues to refuse to answer a very simple question from Gscene: Did he, without first seeing an organisations financial accounts. A quick look at the Pride accounts will Cllr Bowden, any Green councillor or any senior council officer see the Pride accounts for the last two show that while the present model is effective for years before deciding to cut the grant and justify their fundraising, it is not necessarily designed for sustainability as its ultimate success depends on decision by saying Pride is now sustainable? tickets selling early in the year and the weather A look at the Pride accounts shows the financial being fine on the day. position of Pride continues to be very fragile. More significantly on July 26, 2013, eight days before last It may well be that rather than giving a long term annual grant to Pride the answer might be as simple year’s park event, Pride came within 24 hours of collapsing. If organisers had been able to call on the as cash flow help from the council in the two week £25,000 council grant the problems would have been lead up to the Preston Park event. Early Bird tickets for this years Pride are thankfully selling very well! less severe.


PRIDE TICKETS GO ON SALE IN BRIGHTON GAY VENUES ) Early bird tickets for Pride 2014 costing £12.50 are now on sale in a number of venues in the Gay Village including: • Doctor Brighton’s: 16-17 Kings Rd, BN1 1NE; • A-Bar: 11-12 Marine Parade, BN2 1TL; • Bar Revenge: 5-7 Marine Parade, BN2 1TA; • Charles Street: 8 Marine Parade, BN2 1TA; • Legends: 31-34 Marine Parade, BN2 1TR; • Nice N Naughty: 32 St James's St, BN2 1RF. For more information:

BRIGHTON PRIDE 2014 PARADE REGISTRATION OPENS ) The theme of this year's Pride Brighton & Hove LGBT Community Parade is The World’s A Disco. Dance along with 160,000 fellow revellers and spectators, take your partner by the hand and celebrate the music, dance and colour of the globe while remembering those LGBT people in 78 countries worldwide who are denied their LGBT rights and freedoms. Leave your imagination to run wild with costumes and floats celebrating the diversity of disco, the sauciness of salsa and the fabulous world of dance. From Bollywood to ballroom, calypso to country, dabke to disco, flamenco to fandango, and gumboot to guapacha, samba to street dance or tango to tap, for one proud day take a spin at the world’s disco. The World’s A Disco Community Parade will highlight not only the diversity of the world’s dancefloors but the plight of those across the globe whose basic freedom to live is denied. Campaigning under the theme Freedom to Live, the parade will include 78 placards representing those countries where homosexual acts are illegal as Pride Brighton & Hove stands beside our global LGBTQ brothers and sisters. As Kylie would say, “your disco needs you”. More importantly Pride Brighton & Hove in 2014 needs you. To register your Parade entry today for your 10% early registration discount, view: To register as a Parade Steward (and get a free ticket for the park) or volunteer to carry one of the 78 Freedom To Live placards representing the 78 countries where homosexuality is illegal, view:




Paul Elgood said: "It was very welcome that the Home Secretary took such an interest in the AIDS Memorial and the ongoing work of the Rainbow Fund. The visit was respectful to the memorial as a place of remembrance. The AIDS Memorial project enjoyed all-party support during its development, including from the constituency of MP Simon Kirby who hosted the visit today.” Earlier in the afternoon the Minister visited the Sussex Beacon charity shop on St James’s Street after meeting, along with Simon Kirby MP, police officers in John Street Police Station to discuss the reporting of hate crimes in St James Street, which is locally referred to as the Gay Village. The Home Secretary confirmed to Gscene that while the recording of hate crimes was improving slowly right across the country, there was still much more to do. Simon Kirby said: “I’m incredibly proud to represent Brighton Kemptown and its diverse community. I’m delighted to have been able to show the Home Secretary Brighton's exciting St James's Street area and to have discussed important issues including LGBT policing and hate crime. I am particularly pleased that she found time to pay her respects at the memorial and have no doubt that she will have left Brighton with a much better understanding of our LGBT community.”

THE GOLDEN HANDBAG AWARDS 2014 ) Tickets are now on sale for this year’s Golden Handbag Awards, hosted by Lola Lasagne, which take place on Sunday, June 22 in the Oxford Suite at the Brighton Metropole Hilton Hotel. There are a limited number of pre-booked VIP tables available seating 12 people costing £240. These are released on a first come first served basis. To book one of these call 01273 722 457 or email: If you’re not on a VIP table, unreserved single tickets can be purchased from Prowler, 112 St James Street, Brighton. These cost £20 each. Prowler don’t charge a handling fee for this service and all payments must be settled in cash. These seats are not reserved and are allocated on a first come, first served basis on the night. Online voting this year starts on May 7 at the legendary Golden Quiz Night at Charles Street. Voting will close on May 29. If you want to enter a team into the Quiz email:

) Simon Kirby, MP for Brighton Kemptown, has called on Brighton & Hove City Council to trial the pedestrianisation of St James’s Street, known to many as the 'Gay Village' in the Kemptown area of the city. He recently ran a survey among local residents and businesses to hear their views. He received many hundreds of responses with the clear majority of businesses and residents (70%) indicating they favoured some form of pedestrianisation of St James’s Street. Simon said: "The area is such an important part of our city that it is important we make the best possible use of the unique and diverse character. Whilst issues such as access for residents and the routing of bus services would need to be considered, I believe pedestrianisation could offer many benefits to residents, businesses and visitors alike.” Mr Kirby is suggesting the council trials the scheme between Easter and the Bank Holiday weekend at the end of May. He added: “I believe an initial trial period would allow a more informed decision about the long term future of St James’s Street.” SIMON KIRBY MP

) Theresa May was accompanied on the visit by Simon Kirby MP for Kemptown and Peacehaven, who introduced her to the sculpture of the memorial, Mark Romany Bruce, and Paul Elgood, chair of the Rainbow Fund, who commissioned the AIDS Memorial for the LGBT community in Brighton & Hove. Paul explained the role of the Rainbow Fund in funding small volunteer LGBT organisations in the city and the important role Brighton Pride plays in the fundraising process.



INCREASED POLICE PATROLS ON MADEIRA DRIVE ) Brighton Police have recently received increased reports of anti-social behaviour in the Dukes Mound area. In response to this, officers will be increasing high visibility patrols in the area which includes the Dukes Mound cruising area. PC Rich Bridger, LGBT Liaison officer, said: “Following an increase in reports of antisocial behaviour in the Madeira Drive area, officers will be increasing high visibility patrols. Anyone who witnesses any incidents should call 101. In an emergency always call 999.”



Home Secretary Theresa May laid red roses at the AIDS Memorial during a visit to Brighton to discuss hate crime issues with Sussex Police last month





ZOE LYONS JOINS THE RAINBOW FUND AS ITS FIRST EVER PATRON Award-winning comedian Zoe Lyons has been appointed as the first ever Patron of the Rainbow Fund ) The Rainbow Fund gives out grants to local LGBT/HIV volunteer-led groups providing frontline services to the LGBT community and works with Brighton Pride to distribute the £1 per ticket raised at the event to the organisations who need it most.


Zoe, who lives in the city, is well-known for her regular TV and stage performances on shows such as Mock the Week and the Wright Stuff and hosting Komedia's Bent Double comedy night. Zoe said: “I’m very honoured to be the Rainbow Fund's first Patron. I make no secret of the fact that I love living in Brighton. The city has historically had a strong LGBT presence and I feel it’s important to support that community. The Rainbow Fund provides essential grants for local LGBT voluntary organisations that might not otherwise survive thus making sure that people have access to frontline services they need in the city." Paul Elgood, Chairman of the Rainbow Fund, added: “We’re delighted that Zoe has agreed to be our first ever Patron. She is a strong role model for the LGBT community and will bring her very distinctive style to our work supporting a strong and vibrant local LGBT community sector. Her interests, especially those around LGBT older people and mental health, very much mirror our own. What is so great about the Rainbow Fund is that we’re lucky enough to have the resources to make a difference in the priority areas which we were established to support, and so we look forward to working with Zoe to continue this.”

The Rainbow Fund recently re-established itself as an independent grant-giving organisation after three years with the Sussex Community Foundation. During that time it gave out over £100,000 in grants to the city's LGBT/HIV volunteer-led groups. There are no salaries or expenses attached to any role at the Rainbow Fund so that the maximum amount raised is given out in grants each year to deserving LGBT groups and organisations. Award-winning comedian Zoe has been "selling her comedy wares" on the comedy circuit since 2004. In 2009, she was ranked 81st in the Independent on Sunday's Pink List of Britain's 100 most influential gay and lesbian people. Zoe has become a familiar face on TV with credits including Michael McIntyre’s Comedy Roadshow (BBC1) DAVE’s One Night Stand (Dave) and Don’t Sit In The Front Row (Sky Atlantic) and she also regularly appears on The Wright Stuff (FIVE) and Mock The Week (BBC2). As well as headlining comedy clubs across the UK, she is a regular visitor to the Edinburgh Festival. Zoe also works extensively abroad including Australia, New Zealand, the Far East and across Europe. After moving to Brighton in 2004 Zoe started running comedy night Bent Double at the Komedia, now a firm favourite on the Brighton scene. In her spare time she enjoys jogging along Brighton promenade and when she’s not jogging she is usually eating! More info about the Rainbow Fund:


) The Rainbow Fund has appointed Daniel Brookbank as its Independent Treasurer. The voluntary position will provide additional professional expertise and scrutiny for the Rainbow Fund's financial procedures and practices. Daniel Brookbank has worked extensively in the voluntary sector as well as the NHS, and will provide external scrutiny to all of the Rainbow Fund's financial processes. He is the current Chief Executive of the East Sussex Association Of Blind and Partially Sighted People. Paul Elgood, Rainbow Fund Chairman, welcomed the appointment, saying: “As we looked to the future we felt it absolutely critical to remain fully signed up to the principles of transparency and openness in all of our dealings. We need to give our donors the full assurance that their money is collected in a safe and timely way, and used in an appropriate manner. I have told Daniel that he is to act as a whistleblower should we

ever fail to live up to these principles. I’m delighted that the Rainbow Fund has attracted such high calibre interest. It really is an exciting time for the Rainbow Fund and the potential its work can do in supporting the local LGBT/HIV volunteerled groups and organisations.” Daniel added: “For 15 years I worked in the NHS running GP practices and latterly setting up one of the first clinical commissioning groups. I was particularly proud to have launched a programme of 'gay awareness' training in the city in the mid 1990s as it was obvious that a lot of LGBT people in those days were very wary of telling their GP anything very personal. Our scheme helped a lot of people access medical services in a new, safer environment. I took over at the helm of East Sussex Association Of Blind and Partially Sighted People in January 2011. I’m pleased to say that three years later it is going from strength to strength. “To be able to work with the LGBT community in the city I love ticks all the boxes for me. Brighton has always been my spiritual home and the LGBT community the heart of that so I’m very excited and honoured that they have chosen me.”

RAINBOW FUND APPOINTS LOCAL ACTIVIST TO FUNDRAISING ROLE ) Chris Cooke, community activist, has been appointed to Chair the Rainbow Fund's fundraising sub-committee. Chris has a wealth of experience in the local LGBT voluntary sector, including previously at the Sussex Beacon, and currently as an LGBT rep for Community Works.



Community Works helps organisations and individuals across the city make as big a difference as possible to local lives and issues. This can be anyone from community groups, voluntary organisations and volunteers, to businesses and public sector organisations. In fact anyone who wants to give their time, expertise and energy towards making Brighton & Hove a better place for everyone. In his new role at the Rainbow Fund, Chris will co-ordinate the smaller fundraising activities of the fund, such as collections at the bars and venues. He will also manage the volunteers who support the Rainbow Fund. Paul Elgood, Chairman of the Rainbow Fund, said: “We welcome Chris to the team, and hope that he will play an active role with our fundraising. Few people have the experience that Chris has working in the local LGBT community, which makes him ideal for this fundraising role.” Chris said: “I’m delighted to be joining the Rainbow Fund at this exciting time in its development. I hope my wealth of experience in the voluntary sector and extensive network of contacts in the LGBT community will be put to good use. I’ve long admired the great work the fund does and am thrilled to be part of the team as it moves forward.”







representatives, Chris Cooke and Gary Pargeter, have volunteered to facilitate the group which will have a special focus on helping volunteer-led and lesser funded LGBT organisations. The support group aims to bring organisations together in a safe space, help them get to know each other, network, share information and find a wide range of support. The group will be led by the needs of its members and with everyone's involvement there'll be plenty of opportunity to develop more ways LGBT organisations can benefit from meeting together on a regular basis. Gary Pargeter, Community Works LGBT rep, said: “On March 1 we had a get together of eleven organisations, and the response to the idea of a regular group meeting was really enthusiastic. It's clear that whilst some of our organisations know each other by name, many haven’t met in person and this is something which would be really useful for people. There's a strong interest in providing this kind of support by and for our volunteer-led and lesser funded organisations. People said that group should be accessible, safe and supportive, remain useful, manage its time well, and be equitable for its members. “Organisations that came along have already given a whole range of interesting ideas that could become part of the group – 'organisation speed dating', a 'resource bank' and resource sharing, information exchange, invited speakers, funding information, and much much more. There’s real strength in bringing people together and it's evident that amongst our organisations there's a whole range of insight, experience, expertise and support we can bring, share and benefit from. The more LGBT organisations we can involve the better it will be for everyone. We're hoping to hear more from a wide and diverse range of organisations." Their next step is to reach out to as many LGBT organisations as possible to gather more views and ideas, followed by an inaugural meeting to kick start regular meetings. If you haven’t already, get in touch with Gary and Chris. If you know of any organisation that would benefit, please tell them about this project. Get involved, give your thoughts, ideas and views. To complete a short on-line survey, view: For more info contact Gary at or 07846 464384

NEW PARENTS & FAMILIES GROUP ) One For All is a new social group for all LGBT parents and families. Organiser Syd Spencer, says: “I strongly believe that this group should be open to all LGBT parents and that it should not matter how someone became a parent.” Syd, who writes a regular column in Gscene on adoption and fostering, is planning regular meetings in central Brighton for coffee and a catch up along with activities for children at parks and soft play areas and there are plans for day trips and camping holidays in the future. There is no charge to join the group but there will be charges for days out and trips. Syd continued: "I am here to help, signpost, advice, discuss our experiences of becoming foster carers, adopters and most importantly spread the word. To contact Syd email:

) Beverley Knight and X Factor star Lucy Spraggan played a set of exclusive live performances celebrating the 40th birthday celebrations of London Lesbian & Gay Switchboard on Thursday March 6 inside the Palm Court at the Waldorf Hilton, London. The Queen, the Prime Minister David Cameron and Mayor of London Boris Johnson sent congratulations to the charity on its 40th Birthday. HM The Queen made a rare pronouncement about an LGBT organisation, she said: “Best wishes and congratulations to all concerned on this most special anniversary.”

) The LGBT Community Safety Forum are running a series of courses to give you basic counselling skills. The CPCAB Award in Introduction to Counselling will introduce you to practical initial counselling skills which can be used in everyday life as well as basic counselling concepts. Assessment is through a weekly journal and a portfolio which is built up during the course. The course tutor is Charles Baines, the course duration is 10 weeks and takes place every Tuesday from 9.30am-12.30pm at Dorset Gardens Methodist Church from May 6 to July 15. The cost of the course is £195 (£149 tuition fee plus £46 exam fee) and is covered by a grant from the Rainbow Fund.



) Community Works LGBT


To enrol on the program email: with your full name and contact details. To download the course descriptor and student handbook, view:

MINDOUT VOLUNTEER FAIR ) MindOut, the LGBT mental health project, are holding a Volunteer Fair on Thursday, April 3 from 5-7pm. The event, which takes place in the Conference Room at Community Base, (South Wing entrance) 118 Queens Road in Brighton, will give you the opportunity to learn about the various volunteer roles available at MindOut including online support, peer mentoring and their antistigma events project. Experienced volunteers will be on hand to talk to you about their roles, share their personal experiences of volunteering and give you an idea of what to expect from volunteering at MindOut. Everyone is invited to attend. For more info:

David Cameron, Prime Minister, said: “I’d like to congratulate London Switchboard on its 40th anniversary and pay tribute to the volunteers and staff for their dedication and I wish you every success in the future.” Boris Johnson, Mayor of London, added: “I’d like to congratulate London Switchboard on reaching its 40th anniversary. It continues to be the first port of call for many people – a testament to the dedication of a small army of unpaid, unseen, passionate volunteers."


Brighton & Hove Community Works, the local voluntary and community sector support organisation, is setting up a regular support group for people involved in organising or running smaller LGBT organisations.


Nick Clegg, Deputy Prime Minister, said: "I want to congratulate London Switchboard on its 40th Anniversary. Since 1974, we’ve come a long way in this country towards achieving the equality that LGBT people have always deserved. Yet, every year Switchboard answers thousands of calls from people who still feel isolated by their sexuality. Whatever the issue, big or small, they know Switchboard is there for them.” Ed Miliband, Labour leader, concluded: “I’d like to congratulate London Switchboard on reaching their 40th anniversary. Switchboard is a remarkable organisation of volunteers, and I would like to pass on my thanks and best wishes to the team." Guests present included: Mark Gatiss, Myleene Klass, Pixie Lott, Jaymi Hensley, Kingsland Road, Nicholas MacDonald, Duncan James, Brian Paddick, Evan Davis, Darius Danesh and Henry Conway. London Switchboard volunteers answer 15,000 calls a year on a budget of just £75,000. For more information view: For free & confidential support & information call: 0300 330 0630 (daily 10am–11pm)



COMMUNITY TRAINING OPPORTUNITY CPCAB Award in Introduction to Counselling Skills Starts Tuesday 6th May for 10 weeks 9.30am–12.30pm each Tuesday Dorset Gardens Methodist Church, BN2 1RL

TUE 1st, 8th, 15th, 22nd, 29th: SWIMMING 12:20pm: Kemptown, lunchtime swim with Ian at quiet pool, £4.

TUE 1st, 8th, 15th, 22nd, 29th: YOGA 6pm: Hampshire Lodge, with Dan Noquet, all abilities, £3.

WED 2nd, 16th & 30th: MEDITATION 7.30pm: The Sussex Beacon, with Helen, free, no need to book.

FRI 11th: MOVIE NIGHT 8pm: For film & location see


This course introduces trainees to initial counselling skills which can be used in everyday life, as well as basic counselling concepts. Students are assessed through a portfolio of evidence.

1.50pm–5pm: The Sussex Beacon, £5. For available therapies and bookings see:

Students do not need any prior knowledge of the subject but a want to deliver learnt skills to the community would be favourable.

6.15pm & 7pm: Gala Bingo Hall, with Ian, admission £10.

This course will NOT train you to be a counsellor. However, it will allow progression to the CPCAB Certificates in counselling Skills Courses.

Spaces are limited to 15 and will be offered on a first come first served basis! For more infoformation or to sign up please visit: This course is being organised by the LGBT Community Safety Forum and delivered through Varndean College. This course has been funded by the RAINBOW FUND.

WED 16th: BINGO SAT 26th: HOLISTIC THERAPIES 1:50pm: THT Ship Street. Half hour session £5. For available therapies & bookings see:

WED 30th: SOCIAL GAMES NIGHT 7:30pm: Barley Mo Pub, Kemptown with Chris & Julia. For further information on all Peer Action activities nd how to get involved, please visit :






MAYOR HOLDS RECEPTION FOR GEMS ) Cllr Denise Cobb, The Mayor of Brighton & Hove, invited members of the Gay Elderly Men's Society (GEMS) to the Mayor’s Parlour last month. The Mayor chatted with the members and joined them for a cup of tea, sandwiches and cakes before drawing the winners of the raffle. Brighton GEMS is a social group for mature gay men, which aims to reduce isolation and provide a safe environment for members to meet and socialise. It was formed to enrich the lives of all gay elderly men who reside in Brighton & Hove and always welcome new members. Brighton GEMS has no religious affiliation.


GEMS meet every last Friday of the month from 7-10pm, 1st Floor, Dorset Methodist Church Hall (off St James St), Dorset Gardens, Brighton BN3 1RL. For more info about GEMS view:

) The Alternative Panto has been running in Brighton for the last 11 years. After every performance there is a bucket collection and this year the proceeds have been shared between the Sussex Beacon and the Alzheimer's Society. This year’s production, Cock Robin & His Very Merry Men, starred Lee Tracey, Phil Harliqueen, Simon Grant and Scott Virgo. Bucket collections this year raised £2,880 for the Sussex Beacon. Brian Ralfe, the producer was joined on his visit to the Sussex Beacon by local entertainer Jason Sutton aka Miss Jason to hand over the Beacon’s share of the money collected.

The Sussex Beacon charity offers specialist care and support for men, women and families affected by HIV. Open 365 days a year, they help people manage the everyday realities of living with this life-long condition that has no cure. Their inpatient and outpatient services help people living with HIV related illnesses, initiating new drug therapies or struggling with extreme side effects of HIV medication. The Sussex Beacon supports the whole person by addressing the physical, mental and social impact of HIV. For more info visit:


OLDER & OUT ) Older & Out provides an informal, warm and

friendly gathering space for older LGBT people at the Somerset Day Centre in Kemptown. The next event is at 1pm on Friday, April 25 with guest speaker Rose Collis, local author and historian who will be talking about the history of LGBT Brighton. The Somerset Day Centre is at 62 St James's Street next to St Mary's Church in Kemptown and has a rear car park situated off Lavender Street. The venue offers safe, comfortable surroundings and a warm and friendly environment. For more info about Somerset Day Centre: Or call: 01273 699000

DAVINA SPARKLES FOR SPORT RELIEF ) Local Brighton drag queens proved sparkling sequins and sport are perfect partners when they took to the seafront for their own Sainsbury's Sport Relief Mile last month.


FUNDRAISER FOR BRIGHTON WOMEN'S CENTRE RAISES £900 ) A sell out fundraiser in February raised £900 for Brighton Women’s Centre, who are currently celebrating their 40th year of providing essential services to vulnerable women. The night of comedy, music and cabaret took place at The Basement and was organised by Annabel Pribelszki. Artists included Hannah Brackenbury, Susan DeVere, Judith Theobald, David Stewart, Lara A King, Jan Allain Jay Walker and Clare Summerskill who headlined the event. The cheque presentation took place at the Dome, as part of the International Women’s Day celebrations. Their next fundraiser is for Brighton Pride, on Saturday, July 26. For more info:

It was handbags at dawn as six drag queens donned headbands, hitched up their frocks and put their best heels forward in a fight to the finish line. The purpose of the run was to encourage more people in Brighton to sign up for the Sainsbury’s Sport Relief Mile. Local favourite Davina Sparkle, said: “If we queens can get involved and run for Sport Relief, anyone can.

“It’s been a great laugh and I hope it encourages lots of people to sign up for the very worthy cause. Sport Relief is all about everyone getting active and having fun, whilst helping others. There are charities right here in Brighton that have benefitted from money raised through the events and I hope this year is even bigger and better!” As well as getting involved in the Mile the bejewelled beauties and Adonis Cabaret donated £1,000 to Sport Relief from a weekly raffle held by Adonis Cabaret.



BRIGHTON GAY MEN’S CHORUS TAKE PART IN ABBAVERSARY AT BRIGHTON DOME ) On Sunday, April 6, Brighton Gay Men's Chorus (BGMC) will join lifelong ABBA fanatic Christopher Green (Tina C, Ida Barr), to relive ABBA’s historic Eurovision Song Contest win on the very spot it happened, 40 years ago to the day. In this party performance lecture celebrating ABBA and their momentous triumph, you’ll discover more about the history of the group and their cultural significance, experience their finest moments on film and witness some extraordinary cover versions of the songs that didn’t scoop the coveted Eurovision prize that year. Marc Yarrow, musical director for BGMC, said: “It's truly wonderful for our members to be treading in the footsteps of such an iconic group as the really rather fabulous ABBA. It's an even greater honour to have been chosen to do so on the anniversary of their historic win at the Eurovision from which they shot to fame and fortune. We really are so very grateful!” More information about Abbaversary:

BGMC TO SING WITH RUSSELL WATSON ) Brighton Gay Men's Chorus (BGMC) reunite with best-selling British tenor Russell Watson at Brighton Dome on April 10. The chorus first met Russell during the BBC show Last Choir Standing. Russell, who was one of the judges, famously fought to keep the chorus in the game as they competed against acclaimed Welsh male choir Only Men Aloud who went on to win the show. Russell said: “If the guys want to come and join me we’ll do a number on stage together... I'm absolutely serious, that would be fantastic.” Adam Betteridge, a trustee for Brighton Gay Men's Chorus, said: “Last Choir Standing was a turning point in our development as a choir and as a charity. I'm sure I am not alone in remembering back then how moving it was to hear Russell so passionately fight to keep our chorus in the competition. I could hardly believe my ears when I got the call telling me that he had personally asked for us to join him on stage at the Brighton Dome!”


More information about Russell Watson's concert:

BGMC DATES FOR YOUR DIARY ) Brighton Gay Men’s Chorus: Nautical But Nice is part of Brighton Fringe Festival, May 2 & 3 at St George’s Church, Kemptown, raising funds for the Brighton branch of RNLI and Worthing charity Wolfram Syndrome UK. ) The chorus’ annual Jamboree, with fun & games and home-baked cakes, is at the Brighton Tavern on Saturday April 19, 11am–3pm. Everyone is welcome! If you’re considering joining BGMC, they’re always interested in hearing from prospective new members. Email:

Carol Ray Wedding Singer Congratulations on your engagement! You've got the ring and now the wedding planning... Having your first dance sung live adds that extra special touch and a singer is the perfect solution if you want live music but don't have the space or budget for a live band. Carol is an experienced performer and can tailor her set to suit your style and your guests whether you’re looking for Jazz, Swing, Motown, Soul, Pop or a combination.

Don’t be scared to ask for something different - it’s your special day after all! First Dance suggestions from Carol’s repertoire: • At Last (Etta James) • The First Time (Roberta Flack) • My Guy (Mary Welles) • Being With You (Marvin Gaye) • You Are The Sunshine of My Life (Stevie Wonder) • Let There Be Love (Nat King Cole)

For information, booking enquiries and to hear sample songs please visit:






SUN, SEA AND MONEY FOR THE BEACON ) Krissie Ducann hosted a fundraiser for the Sussex Beacon at Clouseau's Bar in Palm Mar village on the holiday isle of Tenerife last month. A mainly expat crowd raised an impressive £1,800. Pictured is Krissie Ducann, Paul Hart (organiser) and David Raven handing over the cheque to the Sussex Beacon fundraising team.

) The first ever Brighton Bear Weekender quiz was a huge success last month with the Camelford Arms packed to the rafters and all tables taken with eager quiz teams. Through the generosity of everyone present £343.20 was raised from the quiz, raffle and the selling of Brighton Bear Weekender merchandise. After a nail biting finish, the winning team missed out on the £300 prize and ended up with dozens of Ferrero Rocher instead. All monies raised go towards the costs of setting up this year’s Brighton Bear Weekender which takes place from June 20-22.

All money generated from the Brighton Bear Weekender is donated to the Rainbow Fund, who through their grants program make grants to local LGBT and HIV/AIDS organisations providing front line services to the LGBT community in Brighton and Hove. Brighton Bear Weekender organisers would like to thank the Camelford manager Mark Flood and all his team for making it such a great night. The Quiz will be repeated at the Camelford Arms on Thursday, June 19 prior to the start of the Brighton Bear Weekender.

SPEAKING VOLUMES PROJECT – ‘LET THE BOOKS DO THE TALKING’ New project gives HIV positive people the chance to share their stories and experiences of living with HIV without needing to publicly disclose their status. ) The Speaking Volumes project will be launched on World Health Day, Monday, April 7 2014, 5.30-6.30pm, Jubilee Library, Jubilee Street, Brighton, BN1 1GE. Speaking Volumes will be on display at the Jubilee Library for two months until June 7 and the stories will also be available online. Speaking Volumes is a flexible and responsive storytelling project, designed to give marginalised people a voice, and allow the public to hear the stories of the disenfranchised – with the aim of increasing understanding and reducing stigma. Working with HIV positive people living in Sussex to record their stories, the Speaking Volumes ‘living books’ will be on display in the Jubilee Library for two months, before moving onto other venues, enabling as many people as possible to engage with the material. The recordings will also be permanently available on the Speaking Volumes website. Lily Rose, a project participant, said: “It feels like we have been waiting for the chance to share our story for years.” The project not only helps to dispel stigma, it also provides a supportive space for people with similar issues to meet. As marginalised people are often isolated, a crucial element of the project is the development of support networks, which have already burgeoned. Angelina Namiba, a project participant, said: “Having HIV does not stop you from being a mum, does not stop you from having a relationship and does not stop you from working. All you need to do is get the right treatment, care and support and you can live as healthy a life as anyone else. Don’t let HIV define who you are. Take control.” Speaking Volumes is special because it is not only a community oral history or storytelling project, it is also a work of art. The presentation of the sound recordings in the Jubilee Library will be visually arresting and intriguing and will draw people in to engage with the project and listen to the stories. For more information visit: or contact Alice Booth, Project Director, on 07733 028434 or email: Speaking Volumes project 'Let the Books do the Talking', April 7–June 7, Jubilee Library, Jubilee St, Brighton, BN1 1GE.

BRIGHTON BEAR WEEKENDER LAUNCH NEW DESIGN FOR 2014 EVENT ) Brighton Bear Weekender launched this year’s new t-shirt and hoodie at the Camelford Quiz night last month. This year’s T- Shirt, in dark chocolate, features a brand new design for 2014 by the illustrator Nicholas Lucas. The burnt orange hoodie has

the traditional Brighton Bear Weekender logo on it. Hoodies come in medium, large and extra large sizes for £24 while the T-shirts are in the same size at £12. If you buy both together you get a free wristband for this year’s Brighton Bear Weekender which takes place between June 20-22. For more information view:


GSCENE 15 15




Wild Fruit and Legends all came out top of the class at the 22nd Annual Boyz Scene Awards staged at the Two Brewers in London last month. Legends won the Best Out Of Town Venue, South Coast while Brighton Pride received the award for the Best Pride, Festival or Outdoor Event in the Country.

BLAGSS tenpin bowling tournament at the Brighton Marina Bowlplex last month. It is one of the highlights on the LGBT community calendar and one of the few events that brings LGBT community groups and LGBT businesses together each year. In 2014 BLAGSS are supporting the Allsorts Youth Project and a bucket collection raised more than £140 for them. BLAGSS’ Bowling Team came out winners with 272 points, BLAGSS’ Tennis Team second with 251 points, and the Camelford Arms came third with 249 points. Top scoring male bowler was Chris from the Camelford Arms team and the top scoring female bowler was Lesley from BLAGSS Bowling Team. For more information on BLAGSS Bowling, view: ALLSORTS YOUTH PROJECT




) Twenty-five LGBT community groups and businesses took part in the annual

Paul Kemp, director of Brighton Pride CIC Company also received a Long Term Achievement Award for his nationally recognised Club Night Wild Fruit which has been running for the last 23 years. Paul said: “It is a great honour to receive these two awards but more importantly it puts a national spotlight on Brighton once again and hopefully will encourage more LGBT tourists to visit this fabulous city.” “I’d like to thank everyone who has helped deliver Brighton Pride and the Wild Fruit team who have worked tirelessly over the years to bring first class, cutting edge clubbing to Brighton and have helped shape a Pride event with an international reputation for excellence while still respecting its political roots."

OPEN REHEARSAL... ACTUALLY ) Want to join a choir? Brighton's Actually choirs are looking for new singers. Actually Gay Men's and Actually Gay Women's Choruses are holding an 'open rehearsal' on Thursday, April 17 to give anyone interested in joining a singing group or chorus, or anyone who hasn’t heard either choruses, the chance to see and hear what they do. There will be lots of information available about joining either chorus. No singing experience is necessary – they like to give everyone a chance! The choirs are also looking for non-singing members to help with PR/marketing, fundraising, production, lighting or helping out at rehearsals. If you’re thinking about joining a singing group or chorus, or want to be involved in a flourishing community group then this is a great opportunity to meet members of both choirs. They're a sociable bunch from all walks of life, who’ve had fun together over the years with plenty more planned (Watch this space!) The Actually Choruses are very music focused and repertoires are varied. They give people the opportunity to discover and enjoy pieces of music they would never have imagined singing. If you just want to go and have a listen, you’re also welcome. All they ask is for a donation on the door which will go to Actually to help them continue to grow.

For information about membership, non singing membership and volunteering, email: or visit the choirs websites: Actually Gay Men's Chorus: and Actually Gay Women's Chorus:


Actually Gay Men's Chorus and Actually Gay Women's Chorus open rehearsal, 7.50–9pm, Thursday, April 17 at St Andrew's Church, Waterloo St, Hove. Actually CIC is a not for profit Community Interest Company, registered in England No. 06845768 CAMELFORD ARMS


Pictured Miss Jason presents Legends manager, Jenna with their award. For full list of winners see:

Your next chance to see the Actually Gay Men's Chorus in concert is at One Night Only on Friday, May 9 at St Andrew's Church, Waterloo Street, Hove during the Brighton Fringe Festival.



“I hope that telling my story will give people the confidence to report all such incidences to the police”


relative of his told me he has never been in the army. After Williams’ arrest other people in the flats told me that they had received similar treatment from him in the past.”

WHEN IS A HATE CRIME NOT A HATE CRIME? Stewart McCulloch urges people to report all Hate Crime incidents to the police. By James Ledward ) At the end of January, Andrew Williams a 69 year-old grandfather pleaded guilty at Brighton Magistrates Court for using “threatening/abusive/insulting words/ behaviour to cause harassment/alarm/ distress”. Williams received a conditional discharge for 18 months, (six months of it the judge ruled reflected the homophobic element of the crime), he was fined £215 and received an 18 month restraining order until July 2015 to stay away from the victim. The victim, Stewart McCulloch is 47 years old and has lived in Brighton for the last seven years. Before living in Brighton he worked for years as a brick layer on building sites in London where he says he was always 'out' and never experienced any homophobia at work or in his private life.


After becoming a volunteer at Terrence Higgins Trust, Stewart appeared on their float on the Pride Parade in 2013. Stewart lives in Theobald House, a block of mainly council flats located between Brighton Station and London Road. He says his neighbour Andrew Williams saw

him on the Pride Parade and just 4 days later on Wednesday, August 7 aggressively abused him at the doorway of Theobald House, where they both live, calling him among other things, a “fucking queer” and “shit stabber”. Stewart called the police who responded within 30 minutes and took his statement. They interviewed and then arrested Andrew Williams who was bailed to appear at Brighton Magistrates Court on September 7. Mr Williams failed to appear on September 7 and a warrant was issued for his arrest. He appeared in court on December 2, pleaded guilty to the earlier non-appearance on September 7, but not guilty to the threats against Stewart. He was bailed to appear in front of magistrates on January 28. He changed his plea to guilty when he appeared on January 28. I asked Stewart if it ever occur to him to not report the incident to the police. He said: “I have worked on building sites all my life as an ‘out’ gay man and never experienced any forms of homophobia. Nobody has ever called me a 'shit stabber'. I find it completely unacceptable. If I did not report it, it would just empower Williams to do it to someone else who lives in the flats.” During the time it took to get the case to court in January, Stewart claims that Williams attempted to intimidate him. I asked if he ever had second thoughts about seeing the prosecution through. He said: “Andrew Williams tells residents in the flats that he is ex-army and served in the SAS. He does this to intimidate people but a

“I see many people on the scene lack confidence to take incidents like this forward because they think the police will not take them seriously. I now tell people to remember that this is a crime, that in my experience the police take these crimes very seriously and I hope that telling my story will give people the confidence to report all such incidences to the police.” The only mild criticism Stewart has is that the Crown Prosecution did not prosecute this case as a Hate Crime from the start. However, the judge made it very clear that six of the 18 months of the conditional discharge were for the homophobic element to the charges. There is more than one way to skin a cat. This judge was informed and sensitive to the clear homophobic issues of the case. However, I have listened to cases being prosecuted as Hate Crimes when the sitting judge has been less sympathetic and unexplainably found against the victim. The important thing here is that a prosecution was secured and the clear homophobic element was reflected in the judgement. However, it is every victims right to insist that even if the case is not prosecuted as a hate crime that it is recorded as one in official police stats. Stewart wants to thank his friends who supported him through the prosecution. Ben Macklin drove from Canterbury for the court hearings and fellow residents Phil and John who supported him at the court appearances.

information ) The Police LGBT Liaison Team in Brighton are PC Rich Bridger and Rory Smith. They both have Facebook profiles and a page – usernames: PC Rich Bridger and LGBT Caseworker Rory Smith, and Brighton and Hove LGBT Police Team. Tweet @PoliceLGBT. ) Social media should not be used for reporting incidents. If you are the victim of a Hate Crime call 101, or if it’s an emergency call 999.


QUEER IN BRIGHTON BOOK LAUNCH ) Queer in Brighton is a lottery-funded heritage project celebrating and promoting the life of the LGBT community in Brighton & Hove. Their new anthology, a collection of oral histories, essays, creative writing and photography was launched at the Jubilee Library in Brighton in February. The evening was hosted by Amy Lamé and featured readings from the anthology and a performance from Brighton-based Qukulele, the UK’s first and only queer ukelele band. The anthology is co-published by New Writing South, Pink Fringe and Photoworks, priced £12.99 and available online at


“Brighton is a cultural potting shed for all art forms”

Bent Double is about to enter its 10th year, how did it start? “Chris Green had run a gig at Komedia very successfully for years called Screamers. It was a mixed night of stand-up comedy and varietytype acts and was very much aimed at a gay audience. When he decided that he didn't want to do it any more, Komedia approached me to run a night and Bent Double was born. The show is more stand-up comedy-based than Screamers was, but I’ve always tried to book acts that I think the predominately gay crowd will enjoy. The gig is a joy to host and I’m very proud of the loyal following it has. The greatest compliment for me is when other acts tell me it is one of their favourite gigs to play.” How has Brighton/the comedy industry changed in that time? “Brighton has become a mini hub for comedy over the last 10 years. Not all the new little clubs survive sadly but there are tons of great comedians coming out of Brighton. As standup has become more popular over the years I guess it’s only natural that this city should be nurturing comedic talent. Brighton is a cultural potting shed for all art forms.” You do a lot of gigs around the UK and beyond, what do you miss about Brighton when you're away? “I travel a lot and spend a lot of weekends away and I miss home so badly at times. I can't tell you the feeling of relief I get every time my train pulls into Hove station. I miss the sea. I think I’d find it really hard to move away from the sea now. I just feel very lucky to live here, in an easy going city, mere minutes from the Downs, an hour to London and sea lapping at the edges... what is not to like?"

ZOE LYONS Funny lady, funny woman, funny girl! Hizzie Fletcher gets up close and personal with Zoe ) This month's cover star, Zoe Lyons, created a huge buzz on the comedy circuit in 2004 when she won the Nivea Funny Women Award 2004 and reached the finals of Channel 4's So You Think You're Funny Award in the same year. As a result she’s become a highly sought after act on both the national and international circuit as well as being a regular on BBC 2's Mock The Week and Michael McIntyre's Comedy Roadshow. Zoe takes a sideways view of life, picking out the many absurdities and turning them into hilarious routines which she delivers with tremendous energy. Although Zoe's career has taken her well beyond her Brighton home she has kept her allegiance to our community with her Bent Double comedy night, which is almost in its tenth year. Bent Double is held on the first Sunday of every month, bringing some of the

biggest names from the comedy circuit to entertain the ‘up for it’ crowd at Komedia. This night of fun and frolics, hosted by Zoe, offers a brew of comedic delight, a fabulous line up every time and is a favourite on the Brighton gay scene. How and did you get you get into comedy? “I did my first gig just over 10 years ago now. I had been to uni and then drama school and I was really struggling to work out what it was I wanted to do with my life. I had always loved watching comedy and I always had this thought that I’d try stand up at some point, I just didn't know how to go about it. I started to go to open mic nights to watch new comedians and eventually got the nerve to give it a go. After my first gig I knew I had found something that I wanted to pursue and that was it... I was away.”

What advice would you give to anyone wanting to enter a career in comedy? “There is no career path or real structure to this job. I’ve basically ‘winged’ it for the past 10 years. If you want to get on you have to gig a lot. Do every gig, do good gigs... do really crappy gigs... do them all because it’s the only way you learn and get better. Don't try and copy your comedy heroes on stage - you have to be yourself and that’s a lot easier said than done! Also, never agree to do comedy at someone's birthday party!" Where do you see yourself in five years? "It's the travel that will ‘do you in’ in the end with this job so I’ll need to branch out and try other things. Perhaps writing more for others or a bit of radio. Like I said, there’s no career path as such, so I just hope my comedic wings keep flapping! I also want to be celebrating Bent Double’s 15th Birthday, of course.’

BENT DOUBLE ) First Sunday of every month at the Komedia, 44-47 Gardner St, Brighton, BN1 1UN.


CABARET QUEENS Sparkling cabaret and dinner at the 'Queens' by James Ledward ) Following the success of Davina Sparkle's, cabaret and dinner event at the Queens Hotel in January, Davina returned to the 'Queens' on March 7 to introduce a new lineup of artists including drag queens Sophie and West End star Wezley Sebastian to complete the lineup of entertainers. The Queens Hotel is perfect for this type of event. On arrival you are welcomed in the hotel lobby with bubbly and canapes giving you a perfect chance to chat and meet the other diners before descending to the function room below. We started with carrot, orange and coriander soup followed by a fabulous rack of lamb, cooked to perfection and quite simply the best I have tasted for quite some time, all served with seasonal vegetables and roast potatoes. For vegetarians a brie and beetroot tart option was offered. Dessert featured a lovely lemonade cake served with sorbet, followed by coffee and mints.

The meal was first class, the service as always was excellent, and I can't recommend it highly enough. Bottles of house wine were just £15; the top priced bottle of white wine was a French Sancerre La Fuzelle at £35; and the top priced bottle of red, a Chateau Lyonnat Lussac Saint Emilion, was £39. Champagne prices started at just £19 rising to a Dom Perignon Brut at £190. After dinner a glamorous Davina Sparkle hosted the evening’s entertainment. Sophie's observational patter was very funny and engaging and Wezley was on top form to the delight of the audience. This was as good as anything you would get in the West End and at just £29.50 per person was excellent value for money. People keep complaining to me there is nothing new to do in Brighton. These cabaret dinners are new and innovative and provide a great evening out without the hassle of having to go up to London.

Cabaret Queens ) Friday April 4: Divas & Dudes At the next cabaret dinner, Davina will be introducing an evening of adult fun and humour featuring top comedian Geoff Jukes and male vocalist O.M.T. ) Friday May 16: Queens Davina introduces brilliant drag sensation Topsie Redfern and the queen of visual comedy Bella Berserk. ) Friday June 6: Music Hall Cabaret Celebrate the 70th anniversary of D-Day with the oldest swinger in town, Maisie Trolletteand Miss Jason, who lead a right old Music Hall knees-up, 1940s style. To reserve a place call the Queens Hotel bookings hotline: 01273 321222.


MISS JASON’S BIRTHDAY @ LEGENDS ) Legends was full to the rafters last month to help Miss Jason celebrate her 46th birthday. Friends came from far and wide; Storrow flew in from Thailand, Shaun Mitchell drove up from Bournemouth, Gerry Sexton came from Luton and Angel arrived from Halfway to Heaven. There were producers, directors, actors and thespians around every corner. Davina Sparkle, Maisie Trollette, La Voix, Sandra and Alan Jay joined Miss Jason on stage to entertain the guests before Jason went ‘straight’ to mingle with guests. DJ was internationally acclaimed DJ Paul Rudd. It was just like the good old days!





A-BAR ) ONE FOR THE DIARY Wed is the OPEN MIC PIANO BAR with Mark Hodge; sing your favourite tune with Mark or just listen at 9pm. ) REGULARS Fri is LIVE MUSIC at 9pm, check out for the line-up. Sat is PRE-CLUB with drink promos. ) FOOD bar food served Mon–Sat noon–7pm (last orders 6.30pm); Golden Handbag-award winning Sunday roasts served from noon–5pm (last orders 4pm), to book call 01273 696691. ) DRINK DEALS house wine £12 every day; double-up on spirits for an extra £1.50 on Fri & Sat. Wed & Thur are cocktail nights from 9pm; buy one get other half price. ) OPEN Sun–Thur 12pm–midnight; Fri & Sat 12pm–2am. Unrivalled sea view, large heated smoking terrace and all big sport events. Check out the A-Bar’s new website:

l DR BRIGHTON’S 16-17 Kings Rd, BN1 1NE Tel: 01273 208113 BARS Dog friendly seafront bar, DJs & pool table l A-BAR OPEN: Mon–Thur 3pm–12am, Fri & Sat 11-12 Marine Parade, BN2 1TL 1pm–2am, Sun 1pm–12am Tel: 01273 696691, DRINK PROMOS: Sun–Thur all day, Fri & Sat Seafront bar with sun terrace & food from 1–7pm OPEN: Sun–Thur 12pm–12am, Fri & Sat l FUNKYFISH BAR 12pm–2am Marine Parade, BN2 1TL DRINK PROMOS: Mon–Sun, all day. Tel: 01273 698331, l BAR 7@CRAWLEY Seafront facing bar, mixed clientele 7 Pegler Way, Crawley, RH11 7AG OPEN: daily from noon Tel: 01293 511177 l LEGENDS BAR Bar & lounge with top cabaret 31-34 Marine Parade, BN2 1TR OPEN: Sun & Wed 6pm–12.30am, Thur–Sat Tel: 01273 624462, 6pm–2.30am Bar with regular DJs, cabaret, food & seafront DRINK PROMOS: Wed 6–9pm, Thur all night facing sun terrace l BAR REVENGE OPEN: daily 11am–5am 32-34 Old Steine, BN1 1EL DRINK PROMOS: wine promos Mon-Fri till Tel: 01273 606064, midnight Seafront bar with DJs & live music l MARINE TAVERN OPEN: daily 12pm–2am, till 6am Fri & Sat. 13 Broad St, BN2 1TJ DRINK PROMOS: Mon-Sun, day & night Tel: 01273 681284, l BULLDOG Friendly bar with regular quiz nights 31 St James's St, BN2 1RF OPEN: Sun–Thur 11am–12am, Fri & Sat Tel: 01273 696996 12pm–2am DRINK PROMOS: Wed & Thur 7-11pm Two floor venue with DJs & cabaret l PARIS HOUSE OPEN: daily 11am–very late 21 Western Rd, BN3 1AF DRINK PROMOS: Mon, Tue & Thur 3–7pm & Tel: 01273 724195 11pm–12am; Wed 3–7pm; Fri 3–7pm & 9–11pm; Sat 10pm–12am; Sun all French style cafe/bar day–12am OPEN: daily from noon l CAMELFORD ARMS 30-31 Camelford St, BN2 1TQ Tel: 01273 622386, Dog friendly, traditional food pub OPEN: daily from noon l CHARLES ST 8 Marine Parade, BN2 1TA Tel: 01273 624091, Bar with food, top cabaret, regular DJs & sun terrace OPEN: daily from noon DRINK PROMOS: Mon–Sat 5–9pm, Tues, Thu & Fri 9pm–close, Sun 8.30pm–close DWV WED (23) & THUR (24)

Information is correct at the time of going to press. Gscene cannot be held responsible for any changes or alterations to the listings

BULLDOG ) EASTER Open 111 Hours from Thur (17)-Tue (22). Sun (20) Easter CABARET special with Maisie Trollette & Dave Lynn at 5pm, KARAOKE till 2am and DJ Grant Knowles in the bar at 10pm. ) REGULARS Tue (1, 8 & 15) is POPTASTIC with DJ Lee; (22 & 29) is REGGAE with DJ Micklos at 9pm. ) Wed is DIVA RUSH with DJ Marcia, all drinks £1.99 when select artist plays & traffic lights go green, 10pm–2am. ) Thur is RELEASE DJ Grant Knowles at 10pm. ) Fri DJ Grant Knowles at 10pm, then CABARET in top bar at midnight: Rose Garden (4), Barrie Kruger (11), Miss Jason (18) & Dave Lynn (25). ) Sat DJ V John at 10pm, DJ Lil Alex at 3am, and KARAOKE upstairs at 10pm. ) Sun CABARET at 5pm: Drag With No Name (6), Son of a Tutu (13) & Cassidy Connors (27). ) Mon is DJ Marcia’s GLITTER BALL 70s/80s tunes 10pm. ) DRINK DEALS Mon, Tue & Thur 3–7pm & 11pm–midnight; Wed 3–7pm; Fri 3–7pm & drinks £1.99 9–11pm; Sat 10pm–midnight; Sun all day–midnight. Drinks include: pints from £1.95, double spirit & mixer from £2.30, bottles from £1.85 (Terms & conditions apply). ) OPEN daily from 11am–very late. )

l POISON IVY 129 St James's St, BN2 1TH Tel: 01273 604076 Drag hosts & karaoke 7 nights a week OPEN: daily from 11am DRINK PROMOS: Tue, Thur, Fri & Sat all night; all day & night on Sun l QUEEN’S ARMS 7 George St, BN2 1RH Tel: 01273 696873 Karaoke & cabaret bar OPEN: Sun–Thur 12pm–12am, Fri & Sat 12pm–2am DRINK PROMOS: Every day l ROYAL OAK 46 St James’s St, BN2 1RG Tel: 01273 621093 Dog friendly bar, cask conditioned ales, cabaret, food & beer garden

OPEN: Mon–Thur 12–11pm, Fri & Sat 12pm–1am, Sun 12–10.30pm l SUBLINE 129 St James's St, BN2 1TH Tel: 01273 624100, Men only cruising bar, regular DJs & themed nights OPEN: Wed–Sat from 9pm, Sun from 8pm DRINK PROMOS: Wed & Sat l THREE JOLLY BUTCHERS 59 North Rd, Brighton, BN1 1YD Tel: 01273 608571, OPEN: Mon–Sat from 12pm, Sun from 1pm Dog friendly central food pub l ZONE 33 St James’ St, BN2 1RF Tel: 01273 682249, Friendly bar, live music, karaoke & cabaret OPEN: daily from 10am DRINK PROMOS: every day

BAR 7 CRAWLEY ) ONE FOR THE DIARY Wed (23) & Thur (24) CABARET special with DWV (Detox,

Willam & Vicky Vox); ticket only, £40 general admission, £60 meet, greet & photo. ) REGULARS Sat DJs: Waynsie RudeBoy (5), Missy B (12), Beach Party with DJ

Waynsie RudeBoy & Gabbie (19), Claire Fuller (26); entry free b4 11pm, £3 after. ) Sun (6 & 13) KARAOKE COMPETITION heats; (20) the Final. ) Fri free b4 11pm /£3 after with DJs Little Rob (4), Kirsty Anderson (11), Cozmo (25); CABARET Lucinda Lashes & DJ Tragic (18), free b4 10pm, £5 after. ) DRINK DEALS 6–9pm on Wed; all night Thur. ) OPEN Sun & Wed 6pm–12.30am, Thur–Sat 6pm–3am. )



CAMELFORD ARMS ) EASTER Thur (17) is £300 BIG CASH EASTER QUIZ at 9pm. ) Good Friday (18) hot cross buns & regular menu, GOOD FRIDAY CLUB at 6pm. ) Sun

(20) free Easter Eggs, roasts noon till gone, BEAR BASH & free raffle at 5pm. ) REGULARS Thur is the £300 BIG CASH QUIZ at 9pm. ) The FRIDAY CLUB is at 6pm. ) Sun free RAFFLE every week at 5pm; Sun (6) BEAR BASH at 5pm;

Sun (13) PALM SUNDAY party at noon. ) FOOD home-cooked menu & manager's specials served Mon–Fri 12–3pm &

6–9pm; Mon Bank Holiday (21) served 12-9pm; Sat 12–9pm; Sun roasts & select menu served noon–till gone! ) Wed is SENIORS' LUNCH served 2–3.30pm, two courses for £5.50. ) OPEN daily from noon. The Camelford is the most dog-friendly pub in town.


l BASEMENT CLUB@LEGENDS Nightclub below Legends Bar & Hotel OPEN: Wed & Fri–Sun from 11pm ENTRY: free entry daily DRINK PROMOS: Wed, Fri & Sun all night l ENVY Nightclub above Charles Street OPEN: Mon ENTRY: £1.50 DRINK PROMOS: Mon all night l FUNKYFISH CLUB 19 Marine Parade, BN2 1TL Tel: 01273 698331 Club with DJs playing 70s/80s/90s funk/soul classics OPEN: Fri, Sat & Bank Hol Sun 10pm-late ENTRY: Fri & Bank Hol Sun free, Sat £5 DRINK PROMOS: Fri & before 11pm on Sat l REVENGE 32-34 Old Steine, BN1 1EL Tel: 01273 606064, Nightclub with top DJs & PAs (student friendly) OPEN: Tue from 11pm, Thur, Fri & Sat from 10.30pm ENTRY: Sat free/£5/£4 NUS Tue £1/£2, Thur free/£4/£3, Fri free/£5/£4 DRINK PROMOS: Tue, Thur, Fri, Sat all night


) EASTER Open through the night Sun (20) into Bank Holiday Mon (21). After 1am on Mon pay £5 to cover the whole day, otherwise entry is £15 as normal. (No Earlybird on Bank Holiday Mon). ) REGULARS Every Wed is NAKED DAY all day (no towels to be worn). ) DRINKS licensed bar 7 days a week; Sun–Thur 11–1am and Fri & Sat 11–2am. ) OPEN For listings visit:





CHARLES STREET BAR ) ONE FOR THE DIARY Sat (19) is the STARS OF THE SILVER SCREEN annual Drag Ball with giveaways & prizes for those that dare to drag, DJs Lil Alex, Grant Knowles & Leeroy at 9pm, free entry. ) EASTER Thur (17) MAD COW TEA PARTY Easter Special: Joan Bond’s Easter Egg Hunt, tea pot cocktails, 'drink me' shots, pumping tunes, gorgeous décor at 9pm, £1 b4 10pm, £2 after. ) Good FRUITY FRIDAY FIX (18): hunky topless bunny boys, Easter Eggs, DJ Leeroy dance/funky house at 9pm, free entry. ) Easter Sun (20) CABARET at 7.30pm with Drag With No Name. Bank Holiday Mon (21) cabaret Lady Imelda at 7.30pm, then Sally’s ROCK & ROLL BINGO. ) REGULARS Wed is QUIZ WITH NO NAME with Drag With No Name, crazy entertainment & cash prizes at 9pm. Wed (30) is final quiz. ) Thur is the MAD COW TEA PARTY: Alice in Wonderland décor, tea pot cocktails, shots, hostess Joan Bond at 9pm; drinks from £1, win bar tab for the night, entry £1. ) FRUITY FRIDAY FIX with DJ Leeroy dance/funky house at 9pm. ) Sat is BOYS IN THE BAR allmale DJ line-up Lil Alex, Grant Knowles & Leeroy on rotation at 9pm, free entry! ) Sun CABARET at 7.30pm: Dave Lynn (6), Bitch N’ Sync (13), Mrs Moore (27); TRANNY ROCK & ROLL BINGO with Sally Vate & rolling jackpot at 8.30pm. ) FOOD 12–8pm Mon–Sat; two for £6.95 on select mains; 2-for-1 gourmet hotdogs at Dog Tails on Tue. Sunday Lunch: home roast beef, chicken or veggie served 12–7pm, £6.95, or two for £10. ) DRINK DEALS All drinks 50% off Mon–Sat 5–9pm, & Sun from 8.30pm right after the show; Thur MadCow drinks from £1 9-close, Mon Studio150 all drinks £1.50 10.30pm–close. All deals excl sparkling wine & cocktails & not in conjunction with other offers. Cocktails: two for £8 on Tue & Fri 9pm–close. Regular drink deals and promos run over Easter Weekend. ) OPEN daily from noon. )


l THE BRIGHTON SAUNA 75 Grand Parade, BN2 9JA Tel: 01273 689966 Gay sauna with licenced bar OPEN: Mon-Thu 10am–1am, Fri 10am then 24hours to Sunday night 1am ENTRY: standard £15, weekend pass £20 (3 days), under 25s £5 Mon-Thur LICENSED BAR: Sun–Thu 11am–1am, Fri & Sat 11am–2am

l TBS2 84-86 Denmark Villas, Hove, BN3 3TJ Tel: 01273 723733, Gay sauna in Hove with licenced bar OPEN: 10am-11pm every day of the year ENTRY: £14 standard, £10 with VIP membership, £20 weekend pass, £5 under 25s every day


l A-BAR Tel: 01273 696691 FOOD: Mon–Sat 12–7pm; Sun roast 12–5pm

ENVY @ CHARLES STREET ) EASTER Thur (17) is MAD COW TEA PARTY Easter Special: Joan Bond’s Easter Egg Hunt, tea pot cocktails, 'drink me' shots, pumping tunes, gorgeous décor at 9pm, entry £1 b4 10pm, £2 after. Mon (21) Special STUDIO 150 student night with regular drink specials, open extra late for the Bank Holiday. ) REGULARS Mon is STUDIO 150 student night with singles or bottles for £1.50 all night, entry £1.50. ) DRINK DEALS Mon Studio150 all drinks £1.50 10.30pm–close. ) OPEN

l BAR REVENGE FOOD: free pizza on Sunday l CAMELFORD ARMS Tel: 01273 622386 FOOD: Mon–Fri 12–3pm & 6–9pm; Sat 12pm–8pm; Sunday roast & select menu 12pm–till gone; seniors' lunch Wed 2–3.30pm l BETTY LA LA’S 22 St James’ St, Brighton, BN2 1RF Tel: 01273 693444, FOOD: Tue–Sun 12pm–late l CHARLES ST Tel: 01273 624091 FOOD: Mon–Sat 12pm–8pm; Sunday lunch 12pm–7pm l LEGENDS BAR Tel: 01273 624462 FOOD: Mon–Sat 12–5pm; Sunday lunch 12–3pm l NEW STEINE BISTRO 10/11 New Steine, Brighton, BN2 1PB Tel: 01273 681546, FOOD: every eve 6–9.45pm for last orders l PARIS HOUSE Tel: 01273 724195 FOOD: French platters every day l ROYAL OAK Tel: 01273 621093. FOOD: Mon–Fri 12pm–3pm & 6–9pm; Sunday roasts 12pm-gone. l THREE JOLLY BUTCHERS Tel: 01273 608571 FOOD: daily 12pm–3pm & 6–9pm; Sunday lunch from 1pm


l BAR REVENGE Wheel of Fortune

Karaoke: Harry or Lou Bag 8pm l BULLDOG Poptastic: DJ Lee 10pm l MARINE TAVERN Nat’s Quiz 9pm l POISON IVY karaoke l QUEEN’S ARMS Q Factor Auditions 9pm l REVENGE Naughty Pop: DJ Trick 11pm


l A-BAR open mic with Mark Hodge 9pm l BAR REVENGE DJ Dana 9pm l BASEMENT CLUB@LEGENDS Ice: DJ Claire Fuller 11pm l BRIGHTON SAUNA Naked Day 11am l BULLDOG Diva Rush: DJ Marcia 10pm l CHARLES ST Quiz With No Name: Drag With No Name 9pm l POISON IVY Karaoke l QUEEN’S ARMS Betty Swollocks’ Challenge Karaoke 9pm l ROYAL OAK Andrew’s Big Quiz 8pm l SUBLINE Backlash: retro night 9pm


l BAR REVENGE Girls On Top warm-up: DJ Kelly L 9pm l BULLDOG Release: DJ Grant 10pm l CAMELFORD ARMS Big Cash Quiz 9pm l CHARLES ST Mad Cow’s Tea Party: with Ms Joan Bond, tunes 9pm l POISON IVY karaoke l QUEEN’S ARMS Fag Machine 9pm l REVENGE Girls On Top: main floor DJs Alpha, Lady Lola, Missy B; inDecent DJs Jonesy & Kubu in box bar 10.30pm l SUBLINE Leathered 9pm







) EASTER Fri (18) & Sat (19) are BANK HOLIDAY PARTIES with regular DJs,

) ONE FOR THE DIARY Sun (20) is SHAKE THAT! Easter Bank Holiday party with funky house/tech house/ electro/dance, free entry & drink deals, at 9pm. ) REGULARS Fri is the 70s/80s/90s REVIVAL party night with funk/disco/dance/pop at 10pm, free entry. OLD SCHOOL SATURDAY with funk/grooves/disco/dance/house classics at 10pm; entry £5. ) DRINK DEALS Fri all night shots £2, Jagerbomb £2.50, bottles from £3; Sat drink deals and free shot before 11pm. ) OPEN Funky Fish Bar is open daily from noon. )

happy hours and free entry. Sun (20) is a BANK HOLIDAY REFLEX with DJ Adam Rice spinning 80s tunes at 8.30pm with happy hour 1–7pm. ) REGULARS FUNKY FRIDAY with DJ Nick Hirst at 9.30pm, free entry. ) SEXY SATURDAY with DJ Tony B is at 9.30pm, free entry. ) DRINK DEALS Sun–Thur all day and Fri & Sat from 1–7pm: Fosters & Carling £3.15 a pint, large Smirnoff & mixer £4, large Smirnoff & energy drink £5. Buy two cocktails for £11 from Sun–Thur. ) Free game of pool every day with every round of drinks purchased during happy hour. ) OPEN Mon–Thur 3pm–12am; Fri & Sat 1pm–2am; Sun 1pm–12am. )


l A-BAR live music 9pm; pre-club music l BAR 7@CRAWLEY DJ Little Rob 6pm l BAR REVENGE Shameless warm-up: DJ Alex Baker 9pm l BASEMENT CLUB@LEGENDS Fastforward: DJ Peter Castle 11pm l BULLDOG DJ Grant Knowles 10pm; cabaret: Rose Garden midnight l CAMELFORD ARMS Friday Club 6pm l CHARLES ST Fruity Fri Fix: DJ Leeroy 9pm l DR BRIGHTONS Funky Fri: DJ Nick Hirst 9.30pm l FUNKYFISH CLUB 70s/80s/90s Revival: DJ Aky 10pm l LEGENDS BAR Rewind: DJs 9pm l POISON IVY karaoke l QUEEN’S ARMS Camp Attack 8pm l REVENGE Shameless: DJs Trick & Lee Harris 10.30pm l SUBLINE Steam 9pm l ZONE live music: Jennie Castelle 9pm


l BAR 7@CRAWLEY DJ Waynsie

RudeBoy 6pm l BAR REVENGE DJ Fifilicious 9pm l BASEMENT CLUB@LEGENDS Fusion: DJ Peter Castle 11pm l BULLDOG DJ V John 10pm; DJ Lil Alex 3am; karaoke 10pm l CHARLES ST Boys In The Bar: DJs Lil Alex, Grant Knowles, Leeroy 9pm l DR BRIGHTONS Sexy Sat: DJ Tony B 9.30pm l FUNKYFISH CLUB Old School Sat: DJ Aky 10pm l LEGENDS BAR Pre-Fusion 7pm l PARIS HOUSE live jazz 4pm; TC’s Joyful Noise: DJ Kenny 9pm l POISON IVY karaoke l QUEEN’S ARMS cabaret: Peter Davis 4.30pm; Betty’s Karaoke 6pm; Ultimate Party 9pm l REVENGE Sweet Revenge: DJ Alex Baker & Trick + DJ King K 10.30pm l ROYAL OAK cabaret: Krissie DuCann 9.30pm l SUBLINE Men’s Room: DJ Screwpulous 9pm l ZONE live music: Gabriella Parish 9pm


l BAR 7@CRAWLEY Karaoke Competition Heat 6 6pm l BAR REVENGE acoustic music 4.30pm; Karaoke Queens: LouBag & Smithy 7.30pm l BASEMENT CLUB@LEGENDS Pop!Candy: DJ Claire Fuller 11pm l BEDFORD TAVERN Piano Bingo 5pm l BULLDOG cabaret: Drag With No Name 5pm; karaoke; DJ Grant 10pm l CAMELFORD ARMS Bear Bash/Raffle 5pm l CHARLES ST cabaret: Dave Lynn 7.30pm; Tranny Rock & Roll Bingo: Sally Vate 8.30pm l LEGENDS BAR cabaret: La Voix 3.30pm l POISON IVY karaoke l QUEEN’S ARMS cabaret: Rose Garden 6pm; karaoke 7.30pm l SUBLINE Come in Your Pants: DJ N.U.D.E, underwear party 8pm l THREE JOLLY BUTCHERS live jazz 3pm l ZONE live music: Collusion 6pm; karaoke 8pm


l BAR REVENGE Quiz with Liz 8.30pm l BULLDOG DJ Marcia’s Glitter Ball 10pm l ENVY Studio 150: student night 10pm l LEGENDS BAR Miss Jason’s Monday Madhouse 9.30pm l POISON IVY karaoke l QUEEN’S ARMS karaoke 9pm


l BAR REVENGE Wheel of Fortune Karaoke: Harry or Lou Bag 8pm l BULLDOG Poptastic: DJ Lee 10pm l MARINE TAVERN Nat’s Quiz 9pm l POISON IVY karaoke l QUEEN’S ARMS Q Factor Audition 9pm l REVENGE Naughty Pop: DJ Trick 11pm l THREE JOLLY BUTCHERS live music: The Pickin Circle 8pm


l A-BAR open mic with Mark Hodge 9pm l BAR REVENGE DJ Dana 9pm l BASEMENT CLUB@LEGENDS Ice: DJ Claire Fuller 11pm l BRIGHTON SAUNA Naked Day 11am







) EASTER Mon (21) is EASTER MONDAY CABARET with Titti La Camp at

) FREE ENTRY to the Basement Club every day. ) EASTER Thur (17) is EASTER SPECIAL with DJ Ben Castle playing chart/ house, and a lot of Easter goodies. ) Sun (20) is EASTER POP!CANDY with DJ

3.30pm, then it’s Miss Jason’s MONDAY MADHOUSE at 9.30pm. ) REGULARS Fri is REWIND with DJs spinning 70s/80s/90s Motown, disco/soul/ funk at 9pm. ) Mon is Miss Jason's MADHOUSE at 9.30pm. ) Sat is PREFUSION with DJs at 7pm. ) Sun CABARET at 3.30pm: La Voix (6), Miss Jason (13), Lizzy Drip (20) and Davina Sparkle (27). ) FOOD gourmet burgers, salads, specials and cream teas served Mon–Sat 12–5pm. Lisa's Sunday Roasts served 12–3pm with top quality locally sourced meat, poultry & vegetarian options. ) DRINK DEALS Mon–Fri 11am–midnight, buy any bottle from the quality wine list and get the second half price. ) OPEN daily from 11am–5am. Heated smoking area, free entry and all-day terrace. )

l BULLDOG Diva Rush: DJ Marcia 10pm l CHARLES ST Quiz With No Name: Drag With No Name 9p l POISON IVY karaoke l QUEEN’S ARMS QA’s 22nd Birthday Cabaret: Kitty Litter 8pm l ROYAL OAK Andrew’s Big Quiz 8pm l SUBLINE Backlash: retro night 9pm


l BAR REVENGE Girls On Top warm-up: DJ Kelly L 9pm l BULLDOG Release: DJ Grant 10pm l CAMELFORD ARMS Big Cash Quiz 9pm l CHARLES ST Mad Cow’s Tea Party: Ms Joan Bond, live tunes 9pm l POISON IVY karaoke l QUEEN’S ARMS Fag Machine: alt cabaret night 9pm; open 12pm l REVENGE Girls On Top: main floor DJs Alpha, Lady Lola, Missy B; inDecent DJs Jonesy & Kubu in box bar 10.30pm l SUBLINE Leathered 9pm



l A-BAR live music 9pm l BAR 7@CRAWLEY DJ Kirsty Anderson 6pm l BAR REVENGE Shameless warm-up: DJ Alex Baker 9pm l BASEMENT CLUB@LEGENDS Fastforward: DJ Peter Castle 11pm l BULLDOG DJ Grant Knowles 10pm; cabaret: Barrie Kruger midnight l CAMELFORD ARMS Friday Club 6pm l CHARLES ST Fruity Fri Fix: DJ Leeroy 9pm l DR BRIGHTONS Funky Fri: DJ Nick Hirst 9.30pm l FUNKYFISH CLUB 70s/80s/90s Revival: DJ Aky 10pm l LEGENDS BAR Rewind: DJs 9pm l POISON IVY karaoke l QUEEN’S ARMS Camp Attack 8pm l REVENGE Shameless: DJs Trick & Lee Harris 10.30pm

Claire playing recent/classic pop. ) REGULARS Fri is FASTFOWARD with drink promos & DJ Peter Castle spinning dance /chart. ) Wed is ICE with DJ Claire Fuller playing chart/house/r&b. ) Sat is FUSION with DJ Peter Castle playing house/chart sounds. ) Sun is POP!CANDY with DJ Claire Fuller playing recent/classic pop. ) DRINK DEALS Wed £2 drink deals all night, special shots £1.50; Sun drinks from £2. ) OPEN Wed & Fri–Sun 11pm. Closed Mon, Tue & Thur (excl 17). ) Legends will host your party from £150, call 01273 624462 for more info. )

l SUBLINE Dry Clean Only: formal night 9pm l ZONE live music: Back Beat 9pm


l BAR 7@CRAWLEY DJ Missy B 6pm l BAR REVENGE DJ Fifilicious 9pm l BASEMENT CLUB@LEGENDS Fusion: DJ Peter Castle 11pm l BULLDOG DJ V John 10pm; DJ Lil Alex 3am; karaoke 10pm l CHARLES ST The Boys In The Bar: DJs Lil Alex, Grant Knowles, Leeroy 9pm l DR BRIGHTONS Sexy Sat: DJ Tony B 9.30pm l FUNKYFISH CLUB Old School Sat: DJ Aky 10pm l LEGENDS BAR Pre-Fusion 7pm l PARIS HOUSE live jazz 4pm; TC’s Joyful Noise: DJ Kenny 9pm l POISON IVY karaoke l QUEEN’S ARMS cabaret: Cosmic Stars 4.30pm; Betty’s Karaoke 6pm; Ultimate Party 9pm

l REVENGE Sweet Revenge: DJ Alex Baker & Trick + DJ King K 10.30pm l ROYAL OAK cabaret: Jenny Castell 9.30pm l SUBLINE Men’s Room: DJ Screwpulous 9pm l ZONE cabaret: Sally Vate 9pm


l BAR 7@CRAWLEY Karaoke Competition: Heat 7 6pm l BAR REVENGE acoustic music 4.30pm; Karaoke Queens: LouBag & Smithy 7.30pm l BASEMENT CLUB@LEGENDS Pop!Candy: DJ Claire Fuller 11pm l BEDFORD TAVERN Piano Bingo 5pm l BULLDOG cabaret: Son of a Tutu 5pm; karaoke; DJ Grant 10pm l CAMELFORD ARMS Palm Sunday party; Raffle 5pm l CHARLES ST cabaret: Bitch N’ Sync 7.30pm; Tranny Rock & Roll Bingo: Sally Vate 8.30pm



QUEENS ARMS ) ONE FOR THE DIARY Wed (9) is QA’S 22ND BIRTHDAY PARTY Cabaret with Kitty Litter at 8pm. ) EASTER Sun (20) double CABARET with Sandra at 6pm & Trudi Styles & Piano Man at 9.30pm. ) Mon (21) CABARET with Lola Lasagne at 6pm, followed by KARAOKE. ) REGULARS Sat CABARET at 4.30pm: Peter Davis (5), Cosmic Stars (12), Auntie Robbie (19), Misty Lee (26); BETTY’S KARAOKE at 6pm; ULTIMATE PARTY at 9pm. Sun CABARET at 6pm: Rose Garden (6), Davina Sparkle (13), Dave Lynn (27); KARAOKE at 7.30pm. See listings for all other regular events. ) OPEN daily from noon.

l LEGENDS BAR cabaret: Miss Jason 3.30pm l POISON IVY karaoke l QUEEN’S ARMS cabaret: Davina Sparkle 6pm; karaoke 7.30pm l SUBLINE Come in Your Pants: DJ N.U.D.E, underwear party 9pm l THREE JOLLY BUTCHERS live jazz 3pm l ZONE live music: Forester 6pm; karaoke 8pm

l l l l l

BULLDOG Poptastic: DJ Lee 10pm MARINE TAVERN Nat’s Quiz 9pm POISON IVY karaoke QUEEN’S ARMS Q Factor 9pm REVENGE Naughty Pop: DJ Trick 11pm


l BAR REVENGE Quiz with Liz 8.30pm l BULLDOG DJ Marcia’s Glitter Ball 10pm l ENVY Studio 150: student night 10pm l LEGENDS BAR Miss Jason’s Monday Madhouse 9.30pm l POISON IVY karaoke l QUEEN’S ARMS karaoke 9pm

l A-BAR open mic with Mark Hodge 9pm l BAR REVENGE DJ Dana 9pm l BASEMENT CLUB@LEGENDS Ice: DJ Claire Fuller 11pm l BRIGHTON SAUNA Naked Day 11am l BULLDOG Diva Rush: DJ Marcia 10pm l CHARLES ST Quiz With No Name: Drag With No Name 9pm l POISON IVY karaoke l QUEEN’S ARMS Betty Swollocks’ Challenge Karaoke 9pm l ROYAL OAK Andrew’s Big Quiz 8pm l SUBLINE Backlash: retro night 9pm




l BAR REVENGE Wheel of Fortune Karaoke: Harry or Lou Bag 8pm

l BAR REVENGE Girls On Top warm-up: DJ Kelly L 9pm

PARIS HOUSE ) REGULARS Sat is free LIVE JAZZ at 4pm; then it's TC'S JOYFUL NOISE with DJ Kenny at 9pm, free entry. ) FOOD platter of French food to share & large carafe of wine £15. ) OPEN








) ONE FOR THE DIARY Fri (25) special performance from cabaret supergroup DWV, HOGP & host Rubyyy Jones, tickets from Revenge website. SHAMELESSmain floor DJs Lee Harris & Trick club/mash-ups; POWDER ROOM in box bar; double-up for £1, all main line drinks £2.50 b4 midnight, Jagerbombs £2.50 all night, entry free with pass b4 midnight, £5/£4 NUS. ) EASTER Thur (17) Easter GIRLS ON TOP: guest DJs Maze & Masters and Jonesy, Alpha, Lady Lola & Missy B; £4 b4 midnight/£5. ) Fri (18) GAYDIO v REVENGE: DJs Lee Harris, Phil Marriott & Trick; free with pass b4 midnight, £5/£4 NUS. ) Sat (19) ALL STAR RESIDENTS' PARTY: DJs Alex Baker, Smithy & King K; double-up for £1.50, all main line drinks £2.50 b4 midnight, Jagerbombs £2.50 all night. ) Sun (20) DSD HIGHER Roof Terrace Party with DJs Paul Coals, Chris Barker & Queen Josephine at 5pm; £3 b4 6pm, £4 b4 7pm, £5 after 7pm; GIRLS ON TOP Neon Party: UV lights & DJs Alpha, Lady Lola, Missy B & Jonesy; drinks from £1.50, no mainline drinks more than £2.50, entry £4 b4 midnight/£5, DSD Higher party goers stay on for free. ) REGULARS Sat SWEET REVENGE: DJs Alex Baker & Smithy, free/£5/£4. ) Tue is NAUGHTY POP: DJ Trick; £1 with flyer/£2. ) Thur is GIRLS ON TOP with DJs Alpha, Missy B & Lady Lola + inDecent DJs Jonesy & Kubu; free/£5/£4. ) Fri is SHAMELESS with DJs Trick and Lee Harris fresh pop/guilty pleasures, free/£5/£4. ) REGULAR DRINK DEALS Sat drinks £2.50 b4 midnight, Jagerbombs £2.50 all night, double up for £1.50 all night; Tue bottles of Fosters & shots from £1.50, all other drinks £2; Thur drinks from £1.50; Fri double up on spirits for £1 all night, Jagerbombs £2.50 all night, drinks £2.50 till midnight. All drink specials exclude champers & doubles (excl doubling up). ) OPEN 11pm Tue; 10.30pm Thur, Fri & Sat. Free entry passes from Bar Revenge or from

Lou Bag at 8pm. ) REGULARS Wed with DJ Dana spinning pop/punk/ska/indie/alt/dub-step/chart. ) Thur is GIRLS ON TOP Official Warm-Up with DJ Kelly L at 9pm. ) Fri is SHAMELESS Warm-Up with DJ Alex Baker at 9pm. ) Sat is SWEET REVENGE Warm-Up with DJ Fifilicious at 9pm. ) ACOUSTIC SUNDAY live music 4.30pm; KARAOKE QUEENS with LouBag & Smithy at 7.30pm. ) Mon is QUIZ WITH LIZ with cash prizes at 8.30pm. ) DRINK DEALS 2-4-1 cocktails Sun–Fri 5–9pm; bottle of house wine £7.99 Mon; drinks from £1.99 Wed; Thur after 7pm; from £2.49 Sat & Sun; all shots £1.99 Sun–Wed. ) OPEN daily from noon–2am & till 6am on Fri & Sat. ) Free Revenge discount passes on Thur, buy a drink for free entry on Fri & Sat b4 midnight. ) l BASEMENT CLUB@LEGENDS Easter Special: DJ Ben Castle 11pm l BULLDOG 111 Hour Weekend: Release: DJ Grant 10pm l CAMELFORD ARMS Big Cash Easter Quiz 9pm l CHARLES ST Mad Cow’s Tea Party Easter Special: Ms Joan Bond’s Easter Egg Hunt & tunes 9pm l ENVY Mad Cow’s Tea Party Easter Special: Ms Joan Bond’s Easter Egg Hunt & tunes 9pm l POISON IVY karaoke l QUEEN’S ARMS Fag Machine: alt cabaret night 9pm l REVENGE Easter Girls On Top: main floor DJs Alpha, Lady Lola, Missy B; box bar DJs Jonesy & Kubu with guests Maze & Masters 10.30pm l SUBLINE Leathered 9pm


l A-BAR live music 9pm l BAR 7@CRAWLEY DJ Tragic & Lucinda Lashes 6pm l BAR REVENGE Gaydio v Revenge

warm-up: DJ Alex Baker 9pm l BASEMENT CLUB@LEGENDS Fastforward: DJ Peter Castle 11pm l BULLDOG 111 Hour Weekend: DJ Grant Knowles 10pm; cabaret: Miss Jason midnight l CAMELFORD ARMS Good Friday Club 6pm l CHARLES ST Good Fruity Fri Fix: DJ Leeroy, topless bunny boys, Easter Eggs 9pm l DR BRIGHTONS Funky Fri: DJ Nick Hirst 9.30pm l FUNKYFISH CLUB 70s/80s/90s Revival: DJ Aky 10pm l LEGENDS BAR Rewind: DJs 9pm l POISON IVY karaoke l QUEEN’S ARMS Camp Attack 8pm l REVENGE Gaydio v Revenge: DJs Lee Harris, Phil Marriott & Trick 10.30pm l SUBLINE Steam 9pm l ZONE live music: Stone & Street 9pm


l BAR 7@CRAWLEY Beach Party: DJs Waynsie RudeBoy & Gabbi 6pm

l BAR REVENGE DJ Fifilicious 9pm l BASEMENT CLUB@LEGENDS Fusion: DJ Peter Castle 11pm l BULLDOG 111 Hour Weekend: DJ V John 10pm; DJ Lil Alex 3am; karaoke 10pm l CHARLES ST The Stars of the Silver Screen Drag Ball: giveaways/prizes for those who dare to drag + DJs Lil Alex, Grant Knowles & Leeroy 9pm l DR BRIGHTONS Sexy Sat: DJ Tony B 9.30pm

l FUNKYFISH CLUB Old School Sat: DJ Aky 10pm l LEGENDS BAR Pre-Fusion 7pm l PARIS HOUSE live jazz 4pm; TC’s Joyful Noise: DJ Kenny 9pm l POISON IVY karaoke l QUEEN’S ARMS cabaret: Auntie Robbie 4.30pm; Betty’s Karaoke 6pm; Ultimate Party 9pm l REVENGE All Star Residents Party: DJs Alex Baker & Smithy + DJ King K 10.30pm





ROYAL OAK Church Street has moved to The Royal Oak, 46 St James’ Street, Brighton. ) ONE FOR THE DIARY Wed is Andrew’s BIG QUIZ at 8pm. ) REGULARS Sat is CABARET at 9.30pm: Krissie DuCann (5), Jennie Castelle (12), Jason Lee (19), and Lola Lasagne (26). ) FOOD served by Golden Handbag winning chefs: Mon–Fri lunch served noon–3pm & evening menu 6–9pm; Sunday roasts served noon till gone. ) DRINK DEALS A wide selection of local cask conditioned ales served daily. ) OPEN Mon–Thur noon–11pm; Fri & Sat noon–1am; Sun noon–10.30pm. Check out The Royal Oak’s spacious beer garden! l ROYAL OAK cabaret: Jason Lee 9.30pm l SUBLINE Men’s Room: DJ Screwpulous 9pm l ZONE cabaret: Sally Vate 9pm

Trudi Styles & Piano Man 9.30pm; karaoke l REVENGE DSD Higher Roof Terrace party: DJs Paul Coals, Chris Barker, Queen Josephine 5pm; Easter Girls On Top v inDecent Neon party: DJs Alpha, Lady Lola, Missy B, Jonesy 10.30pm SUNDAY 20 l SUBLINE Spume Easter Foam Party 8pm l BAR 7@CRAWLEY Karaoke l THREE JOLLY BUTCHERS live jazz 3pm Competition: Final 6pm l BAR REVENGE acoustic music 4.30pm; l ZONE cabaret: Maisie Trollette 6pm; Karaoke Queens: LouBag & Smithy 7.30pm karaoke 7pm l BASEMENT CLUB@LEGENDS Easter MONDAY 21 Pop!Candy: DJ Claire Fuller 11pm l BAR REVENGE Quiz with Liz 8.30pm l BEDFORD TAVERN Easter Bonnet l BULLDOG 111 Hour Weekend: DJ Parade & Drag Race Fundraiser for Sussex Beacon: parade 1pm; race 2pm; Piano Bingo Marcia’s Glitter Ball 10pm l CHARLES ST Bank Holiday cabaret: Lady 5pm; cabaret 7.30pm Imelda 7.30pm; Sally Vate’s Rock & Roll l BULLDOG 111 Hour Weekend: cabaret: Bingo Maisie & Dave Lynn’s Easter Special 5pm; l ENVY Bank Holiday Studio 150: student karaoke; DJ Grant 10pm l CAMELFORD ARMS Easter Sunday Bear night 10pm-extra late l LEGENDS BAR Easter Monday Cabaret: Bash/Raffle 5pm Titti La Camp 3.30pm; Miss Jason’s Monday l CHARLES ST Easter Sunday Cabaret: Madhouse 9.30pm Drag With No Name 7.30pm l POISON IVY karaoke l DR BRIGHTONS Reflex Bank Holiday l QUEEN’S ARMS Easter Cabaret: Lola Special: DJ Adam Rice 8.30pm Lasagne 6pm; karaoke l FUNKYFISH CLUB Shake That! Bank Holiday Party: DJ Aky 9pm-late l LEGENDS BAR cabaret: Lizzy Drip 3.30pm TUESDAY 22 l BAR REVENGE Wheel of Fortune l POISON IVY karaoke l QUEEN’S ARMS cabaret: Sandra 6pm; Karaoke: Harry or Lou Bag 8pm

l BULLDOG 111 Hour Weekend: Reggae: DJ Micklos 10pm l POISON IVY karaoke l QUEEN’S ARMS Q Factor 9pm l REVENGE Naughty Pop: DJ Trick 11pm l THREE JOLLY BUTCHERS live: The Pickin Circle 8pm


l A-BAR open mic with Mark Hodge 9pm l BAR 7@CRAWLEY DWV (Willam, Detox & Vicky Vox): ticket only event 6pm l BAR REVENGE DJ Dana 9pm l BASEMENT CLUB@LEGENDS Ice: DJ Claire Fuller 11pm l BRIGHTON SAUNA Naked Day 11am l BULLDOG Diva Rush: DJ Marcia 10pm l CHARLES ST Quiz With No Name: Drag With No Name 9pm l POISON IVY karaoke l QUEEN’S ARMS Betty Swollocks’ Challenge Karaoke 9pm l ROYAL OAK Andrew’s Big Quiz 8pm l SUBLINE Backlash: retro night 9pm


l BAR 7@CRAWLEY DWV (Willam, Detox & Vicky Vox): ticket only event 6pm

l BAR REVENGE Girls On Top warm-up: DJ Kelly L 9pm l BULLDOG Release: DJ Grant 10pm l CAMELFORD ARMS Big Cash Quiz 9pm l CHARLES ST Mad Cow’s Tea Party: Ms Joan Bond, tunes 9pm l POISON IVY karaoke l QUEEN’S ARMS Fag Machine: alt cabaret 9pm l REVENGE Girls On Top: main floor DJs Alpha, Lady Lola, Missy B; inDecent DJs Jonesy & Kubu in box bar 10.30pm l SUBLINE Leathered 9pm


l A-BAR live music 9pm l BAR 7@CRAWLEY DJ Cozmo 6pm l BAR REVENGE Gaydio v Revenge warmup: DJ Alex Baker 9pm l BASEMENT CLUB@LEGENDS Fastforward: DJ Peter Castle 11pm l BULLDOG DJ Grant Knowles 10pm; cabaret: Dave Lynn midnight l CAMELFORD ARMS Friday Club 6pm l CHARLES ST Fruity Fri Fix: DJ Leeroy 9pm l DR BRIGHTONS Funky Fri: DJ Nick Hirst 9.30pm








) ONE FOR THE DIARY Sun (20) is CABARET with Maisie Trollette at 6pm, followed by KARAOKE at 7pm. ) REGULARS Fri is LIVE entertainment at 9pm: Jennie Castelle (4), Back Beat (11), Stone & Street (18) and JJ & Jul (25). Sat entertainment at 9pm: Gabriella Parish (5), Sally Vate (12 & 19) and Miss Jason (26). Sun is live music at 6pm: Collusion (6) and Forester (13); KARAOKE follows at 8pm. ) DRINK DEALS all day and night every Mon, Wed & Thur. ) OPEN daily from 10am.

begin at 10pm, entry £4 mems/£7 guests. ) REGULARS Fri (11) is DRY CLEAN ONLY: free in suits/formal wear, £3/£5 in casual gear. ) Fri (25) DIRTY TACKLE monthly sportskit night, free in kit/£3 mems/ £5 guests. ) Sat is MEN'S ROOM with DJ Screwpulous; members free till 11pm. ) Sun is COME IN YOUR PANTS underwear party with DJ N.U.D.E. ) Wed is BACKLASH retro tunes and prices. ) Thur is LEATHERED with free lockers. ) DRINK DEALS Wed select drinks £3 all night for members; Sat cheap drinks for members ) OPEN Wed, Thur, Fri & Sat from 9pm, Sun from 8pm. Closed Mon & Tue. l FUNKYFISH CLUB 70s/80s/90s Revival: DJ Aky 10pm l LEGENDS BAR Rewind: DJs 9pm l POISON IVY karaoke l QUEEN’S ARMS cabaret: Miss Jason 9.45pm; Camp Attack l REVENGE Live Show: DWV, HOGP & host Rubyyy Jones; main floor DJs Lee Harris & Trick + Powder Room 10.30pm l SUBLINE Dirty Tackle sportskit night 9pm l ZONE live music: JJ & Jul 9pm


l BAR 7@CRAWLEY DJ Claire Fuller 6pm l BAR REVENGE DJ Fifilicious 9pm l BASEMENT CLUB@LEGENDS Fusion: DJ Peter Castle 11pm l BULLDOG DJ Grant Knowles 10pm; DJ Lil Alex 3am; karaoke 10pm l CHARLES ST The Boys In The Bar: DJs Lil Alex, Grant Knowles, Leeroy 9pm l DR BRIGHTONS Sexy Sat: DJ Tony B 9.30pm l FUNKYFISH CLUB Old School Sat: DJ Aky 10pm l LEGENDS BAR Pre-Fusion 7pm l PARIS HOUSE live jazz 4pm; TC’s Joyful Noise: DJ Kenny 9pm l POISON IVY karaoke l QUEEN’S ARMS cabaret: Misty Lee 4.30pm; Betty’s Karaoke 6pm; Ultimate Party 9pm l REVENGE Sweet Revenge: DJ Alex Baker & Trick + DJ King K 10.30pm

l ROYAL OAK cabaret: Lola Lasagne 9.30pm l SUBLINE Men’s Room: DJ Screwpulous 9pm l ZONE cabaret: Miss Jason 9pm


l BAR REVENGE acoustic music 4.30pm; Karaoke Queens: LouBag & Smithy 7.30pm l BASEMENT CLUB@LEGENDS Pop!Candy: DJ Claire Fuller 11pm l BEDFORD TAVERN Piano Bingo 5pm l BULLDOG cabaret: Cassidy Connors 5pm; karaoke; DJ Grant 10pm l CAMELFORD ARMS raffle 5pm l CHARLES ST cabaret: Mrs Moore 7.30pm; Tranny Rock & Roll Bingo: Sally Vate 8.30pm l LEGENDS BAR cabaret: Davina Sparkle 3.30pm l POISON IVY karaoke l QUEEN’S ARMS cabaret: Dave Lynn 6pm; karaoke 7.30pm l SUBLINE Come in Your Pants: DJ N.U.D.E, underwear party 8pm l THREE JOLLY BUTCHERS live jazz 3pm l ZONE karaoke 7pm


l BAR REVENGE Quiz with Liz 8.30pm l BULLDOG DJ Marcia’s Glitter Ball 10pm l ENVY Studio 150: student night 10pm l LEGENDS BAR Miss Jason’s Monday Madhouse 9.30pm

l POISON IVY karaoke l QUEEN’S ARMS karaoke 9pm


l BAR REVENGE Wheel of Fortune Karaoke: Harry or Lou Bag 8pm l BULLDOG Reggae: DJ Micklos 10pm l CHARLES ST Dog Tails l DR BRIGHTONS Twisted Tue l MARINE TAVERN Nat’s Quiz 9pm l POISON IVY karaoke l QUEEN’S ARMS Q Factor 9pm l REVENGE Naughty Pop: DJ Trick 11pm


l A-BAR open mic with Mark Hodge 9pm; l BAR REVENGE DJ Dana 9pm l BASEMENT CLUB@LEGENDS Ice: DJ Claire Fuller 11pm l BRIGHTON SAUNA Naked Day 11am l BULLDOG Diva Rush: DJ Marcia 10pm l CHARLES ST The Final Quiz With No Name: Drag With No Name 9pm l POISON IVY karaoke l QUEEN’S ARMS Betty Swollocks’ Challenge Karaoke 9pm l ROYAL OAK Andrew’s Big Quiz 8pm l SUBLINE Backlash: retro night 9pm

THREE JOLLY BUTCHERS ) ONE FOR THE DIARY Thur (10) is COMEDY night at 8pm, free entry. ) REGULARS Tue (8 & 22) is live bluegrass and old-time country with The Pickin Circle at 8pm, free entry. ) Sun is The JAZZ ROAST at 3pm, free entry. ) FOOD served 12pm–3pm & 6–9pm; two burger meals £15. Sunday lunch

served from 1pm. ) OPEN from 12pm Mon–Sat, 1pm on Sun. Private function room available for parties, call 01273 608571. )



l BAKERS ARMS 77-79 Commercial Rd, BH2 5RT, TEL: 01202 555506 l BAR VENTANA at CUMBERLAND HOTEL East Overcliff Dr, BH1 3AF, TEL: 01202 556529 l BRANKSOME ARMS 152-154 Commercial Road, BH2 5LU, TEL: 01202 292254 l DYMK 31 Poole Hill, BH2 5PW TEL: 01202 318566, Modern bar mixed-age clientele DRINK PROMOS: Mon, Tue, Wed & Fri all night FOOD: Tue free cheese platters from 5pm OPEN: daily from 3pm l SAUNABAR 140 Commercial Rd, BH2 5LU TEL: 01202 552654 l 2930 THE TRIANGLE CLUB 29-30 The Triangle, BH2 5SE TEL: 0845 496 2934, l EASY TIGER 27 The Triangle, BH2 5SE TEL: 01202 554195, l XCHANGE 4 The Triangle, BH2 5RY, TEL: 01202 294321


l HAMPSHIRE BOULEVARD 1 Hampshire Terrace, Southsea TEL: 2392 297509 l OLD VIC 104 St Paul’s Rd, Southsea TEL: 02392 297013, l TROPICS SAUNA 2 Market Way, PO1 4BX TEL: 02380 296100, OPEN: 7 days a week from 11am


l ISOBAR 100c St Mary’s St TEL: 02380 222028 Modern bar, decked garden l LONDON HOTEL 2 Terminus Terr, SO14 3DT TEL: 02380 710652, Friendly bar with regular cabaret, DJs & food OPEN: Mon-Wed 12-11pm, Thur 12-12.30am, Fri & Sat 12-1.30am, Sun 12-11.30pm FOOD: Mon-Sat 12-3pm & Sun roasts 12-3pm DRINK PROMOS: Mon-Wed all day l TITANIC Simnel St, SO14 2BE TEL: 023 8021 1879, OPEN: daily fom 12pm FOOD: Mon 12-3pm; Tue-Sat 12-3pm & 6-8.30pm; Sunday roast 12-3pm l EDGE Compton Walk, SO14 0BH TEL: 02380 366163, Club with 2 floors & 3 bars l PINK BROADWAY SAUNA 797/80 East St TEL: 02380 238804,


BOURNEMOUTH l DYMK Wine Club PORTSMOUTH l OLD VIC Quiz 8pm SOUTHAMPTON l EDGE video jukebox 11pm l TITANIC Book Club & Roll Play 6.30pm


BOURNEMOUTH l DYMK DJs Ami, Jay & Bailey PORTSMOUTH l OLD VIC NUS night 7pm SOUTHAMPTON l EDGE Bar 150: DJs & karaoke 10pm l TITANIC Trantastic 7pm


BOURNEMOUTH l DYMK Miss Jason’s Bona Balls Bingo with DJ Grace Lightning 9pm PORTSMOUTH l HAMPSHIRE BLVD karaoke till 2am

l OLD VIC karaoke 8pm SOUTHAMPTON l EDGE Pop!: DJ Neil Sackley 11pm l LONDON HOTEL Karaoke Cruising: Lucinda Lashes 8.30pm


BOURNEMOUTH l DYMK Drag hostess & DJ Lucinda Lashes PORTSMOUTH l HAMPSHIRE BLVD DJ till 3am SOUTHAMPTON l EDGE Get Some: DJs 10pm l LONDON HOTEL Fairylea: DJ Ruby Roo 9pm; cabaret: Tammy Twinkle 10.30pm


BOURNEMOUTH l DYMK DJs & video wall PORTSMOUTH l HAMPSHIRE BLVD DJ till 3am SOUTHAMPTON l EDGE The Big One: DJs 10pm l LONDON HOTEL Guilty Pleasures: DJ Neil Sackley & cabaret James Bedford 10pm


BOURNEMOUTH l DYMK Sun Service: Lea Martin & CJ 3pm; Drag DJ & hostess Cassie 9pm; cabaret: Jennie Castelle 10pm PORTSMOUTH l HAMPSHIRE BLVD karaoke till 2am SOUTHAMPTON l EDGE Refuel: DJ 11pm l LONDON HOTEL Miss Penny’s Sun Market 8pm; cabaret: Davina Sparkle 9.30pm







l ONE FOR THE DIARY Easter: open till 2am on Good Fri (18) & Sat (19). Miss Penny’s EASTER SUNDAY MARKET (20) at 8pm, followed by double CABARET with Lucinda Lashes and Eva La Diva at 9.30pm. l REGULARS Sun is Miss Penny’s SUNDAY SERVICE at 8pm & CABARET at 9.30pm: Davina Sparkle (6), Scarlette Diamante (13) & Candy Slag in Drag (27). l Thur is Lucinda Lashes’ KARAOKE CRUISING at 8.30pm. l Fri is FAIRYLEA with DJ Ruby Roo at 9pm & CABARET at 10.30pm: Tammy Twinkle (4), Mary Mac (11), Drag With No Name (18) & Tiara Thunderpussy (25). l Sat is GUILTY PLEASURES with DJs at 8.30pm: Neil Sackley & CABARET: James Bedford (5), Tiny (12), Lucinda & CABARET with Saski (19) & Dazza (26). l DRINK DEALS 20% discount on all drinks Mon–Wed. l FOOD traditional pub food Mon–Sat noon–3pm; Sunday lunch noon–3.30pm. l OPEN daily from noon. l l LONDON HOTEL Fairylea: DJ Ruby Roo 9pm; cabaret: Mary Mac 10.30pm

SOUTHAMPTON l EDGE Bar 150: DJs & karaoke 10pm



BOURNEMOUTH l DYMK Karaoke Queens: Lucinda Lashes 9pm PORTSMOUTH l HAMPSHIRE BLVD DJ till 2am SOUTHAMPTON l TITANIC games night 6pm

BOURNEMOUTH l DYMK DJs & video wall PORTSMOUTH l HAMPSHIRE BLVD DJ till 3am l OLD VIC DJs all night SOUTHAMPTON l EDGE The Big One: DJs 10pm l LONDON HOTEL Guilty Pleasures: DJ Tiny 10pm



BOURNEMOUTH l DYMK Wine Club PORTSMOUTH l OLD VIC Quiz 8pm SOUTHAMPTON l EDGE Mates Rates: video jukebox 11pm l TITANIC Book Club & Roll Play 6.30pm


BOURNEMOUTH l DYMK DJs Ami, Jay & Bailey PORTSMOUTH l OLD VIC NUS night 7pm SOUTHAMPTON l EDGE Bar 150: DJs & karaoke 10pm


BOURNEMOUTH l DYMK Miss Jason’s Bona Balls Bingo with DJ Grace Lightning 9pm PORTSMOUTH l HAMPSHIRE BLVD karaoke till 2am l OLD VIC karaoke 8pm SOUTHAMPTON l EDGE Pop! DJ 11pm l LONDON HOTEL Karaoke Cruising: Lucinda Lashes 8.30pm


BOURNEMOUTH l DYMK Drag hostess & DJ Lucinda Lashes PORTSMOUTH l HAMPSHIRE BLVD DJ till 3am SOUTHAMPTON l EDGE Get Some: DJs 10pm


BOURNEMOUTH l DYMK Sunday Service: Lea Martin & CJ 3pm; Drag DJ & hostess Cassie 9pm; cabaret: Nicolette Street 10pm PORTSMOUTH l HAMPSHIRE BLVD karaoke till 2am SOUTHAMPTON l EDGE Refuel: DJ 11pm l LONDON HOTEL Miss Penny’s Sun Market 8pm; cabaret: Scarlette Diamante 9.30pm


BOURNEMOUTH l DYMK Karaoke Queens: Lucinda Lashes 9pm PORTSMOUTH l HAMPSHIRE BLVD DJ till 2am SOUTHAMPTON l EDGE Pop!: DJ 11pm l TITANIC games night 6pm


BOURNEMOUTH l DYMK Wine Club PORTSMOUTH l OLD VIC Quiz 8pm SOUTHAMPTON l EDGE video jukebox 11pm l TITANIC Book Club & Roll Play 6.30pm


BOURNEMOUTH l DYMK Miss Jason’s Bona Balls Bingo with DJ Grace Lightning 9pm PORTSMOUTH l HAMPSHIRE BLVD karaoke till 2am l OLD VIC karaoke 8pm SOUTHAMPTON l EDGE Pop!: DJ 11pm l LONDON HOTEL Karaoke Cruising: Lucinda Lashes 8.30pm


BOURNEMOUTH l DYMK Drag hostess & DJ Lucinda Lashes PORTSMOUTH l HAMPSHIRE BLVD DJ till 3am SOUTHAMPTON l EDGE Get Some: DJs 10pm l LONDON HOTEL Good Friday Fairylea: DJ Ruby Roo 9pm; cabaret: Drag With No Name 10.30pm


BOURNEMOUTH l DYMK DJs & video wall PORTSMOUTH l HAMPSHIRE BLVD DJ till 3am l OLD VIC DJs all night SOUTHAMPTON l EDGE The Big One: DJs 10pm l LONDON HOTEL Guilty Pleasures: DJ Lucinda with Saski 10pm l TITANIC Trantastic 7pm


BOURNEMOUTH l DYMK Sunday Service: Lea Martin & CJ 3pm; Drag DJ & hostess Cassie 9pm; cabaret: Pink tribute 10pm PORTSMOUTH l HAMPSHIRE BLVD karaoke till 2am SOUTHAMPTON l EDGE Refuel: DJ 11pm l LONDON HOTEL Miss Penny’s Easter Sun Market 8pm; cabaret: Lucinda Lashes & Eva La Diva 9.30pm







l ONE FOR THE DIARY SUNDAY SERVICE is Lea Martin & CJ’s Broadway & West End & Musical afternoon at 3pm; DJ and hostess Cassie at 9pm, followed by cabaret at 10pm: Jennie Castelle (6), Nicolette Street (13), Pink tribute act (20) and Drag With No Name (27). l REGULARS Mon is KARAOKE QUEENS cheap drinks & DJ Lucinda Lashes at 9pm. l Tue is WINE CLUB complimentary cheese platter from 5pm. l Wed DJs Ami, Jay & Bailey house tunes, £1.99 drinks. l Thur is Miss Jason’s BONA BALLS BINGO with DJ Grace Lightning, cash jackpot, free entry, 9pm. l Fri with Drag Hostess & DJ Lucinda Lashes, £2 shots. l Sat DJs spin commercial pop and Video Wall.. l DRINK DEALS Mon cheap drinks all night; Wed: house spirits & mixers, shots, bombs & Carlsberg bottles £1.99 all night; Fri £2 shots all night. l OPEN daily from 3pm-1am. l


BOURNEMOUTH l DYMK Karaoke Queens: Lucinda Lashes 9pm PORTSMOUTH l HAMPSHIRE BLVD DJ till 2am SOUTHAMPTON l EDGE Pop!: DJ 11pm l LONDON HOTEL Easter Mon chillout l TITANIC games night 6pm


BOURNEMOUTH l DYMK Wine Club PORTSMOUTH l OLD VIC Quiz 8pm SOUTHAMPTON l EDGE video jukebox 11pm l TITANIC Book Club & Roll Play 6.30pm


BOURNEMOUTH l DYMK DJs Ami, Jay & Bailey PORTSMOUTH l OLD VIC NUS night 7pm SOUTHAMPTON l EDGE Bar 150: DJs & karaoke 10pm l TITANIC St George’s Day Patriotic Dress Party 7pm


BOURNEMOUTH l DYMK Miss Jason’s Bona Balls Bingo with DJ Grace Lightning 9pm PORTSMOUTH l HAMPSHIRE BLVD karaoke till 2am l OLD VIC karaoke 8pm SOUTHAMPTON l EDGE Pop!: DJ 11pm l LONDON HOTEL Karaoke Cruising: Lucinda Lashes 8.30pm


BOURNEMOUTH l DYMK Drag hostess & DJ Lucinda Lashes PORTSMOUTH l HAMPSHIRE BLVD DJ till 3am SOUTHAMPTON l EDGE Get Some: DJs 10pm l LONDON HOTEL Fairylea: DJ Ruby Roo 9pm; cabaret: Tiara Thunderpussy 10.30pm


BOURNEMOUTH l DYMK DJs & video wall PORTSMOUTH l HAMPSHIRE BLVD DJ till 3am l OLD VIC DJs all night SOUTHAMPTON l EDGE The Big One: DJs 10pm l LONDON HOTEL Guilty Pleasures: DJ Dazza 10pm


BOURNEMOUTH l DYMK Sunday Service: Lea Martin & CJ 3pm; Drag DJ & hostess Cassie 9pm; cabaret: Drag With No Name 10pm PORTSMOUTH l HAMPSHIRE BLVD karaoke till 2am SOUTHAMPTON l EDGE Refuel: DJ 11pm l LONDON HOTEL Miss Penny’s Sun Market 8pm; cabaret: Candy Slag in Drag 9.30pm


BOURNEMOUTH l DYMK Karaoke Queens: Lucinda Lashes 9pm PORTSMOUTH l HAMPSHIRE BLVD DJ till 2am SOUTHAMPTON l EDGE Pop!: DJ 11pm l TITANIC games night 6pm


BOURNEMOUTH l DYMK Wine Club PORTSMOUTH l OLD VIC Quiz 8pm SOUTHAMPTON l EDGE video jukebox 11pm l TITANIC Book Club & Roll Play 6.30pm


BOURNEMOUTH l DYMK DJs Ami, Jay & Bailey PORTSMOUTH l OLD VIC NUS night 7pm SOUTHAMPTON l EDGE Bar 150: DJs & karaoke 10pm





ALBUMS Blimey, we’ve been inundated with tunes this month as the players that be get their bounce back for a summer of hot soundtracks. ) First the magnificent Don't Be Leftout (Mixed by Matt Tolfrey & Ryan Crosson) on Leftroom. A Visionquest / Leftroom hybrid, this house compilation has more bounce than a bunny on Sunny D. Best you hop on board! ) As has the deep grooves of krankbrother - Recollective on Defected. The equivalent of a weekend of festival action in one compilation, this should have you grinning from ear to ear. ) Also highly recommended is the underground essential that is Catwash Beats Vol 3 on Catwash Records, the gritty electronica of Traumer’s Takt on Herzblut and the complex minimalist soundscapes of The Phantom’s LP 1 on Silverback Recordings. Spring is definitely getting its clever groove on.

) As for those glories happily feeding our tune addiction is the brilliant 5 Years of No19 Music on No19 Music. Never has bliss been programmed so effectively. ) For hands in the air all hip like, it has to be Sonny Fodera’s After Parties & Aeroplanes on Cajual; a definite fly high wonder. ) As are stunners Shades of Gray Unlock the Rhythm on Beef, the intriguing electronic and house of Kito Jemepre Objects on Fata Morgana and the delicious Shinedoe’s Illogical Directions on Intacto. You shall become smitten with these we promise. ) Finally it has to be the deep, deep house beauty that is David K Out Of Range on Souvenir Music. Sometimes albums just grab you and, as is the case with Mr K, make you wish you’ll never lose their embrace. Hold tight and enjoy. Catch Queenie & Wildblood at DSD Higher, The Brighton Music Conference and Home Service on Radio Reverb.

DJ PROFILE Okay folks - fed up with all the seriousness a chilly winter spreads around? Feel the need to bounce around like loons to a multitude of party tunes? Then look no further than towards the lovely Rupert, the fabulous Ruby Roo to those in the know. Queenie catches up with him (between his countless gigs!) and tries to work out exactly how many tracks he can squeeze into an hour, is overjoyed by his fave song of all time and still wondering what determined his choice of stadium venue… Where do you play? Mondays at Club Envy, Brighton, 10.30pm; Wednesdays at Charles Street Bar, Brighton, 9pm; Thursdays at Mad Cow, Charles Street (with Lil Lee) 9pm; Fridays at the London Hotel, Southampton 9pm; Saturdays at the Hampshire Boulevard, Portsmouth 10pm; Sundays at cabaret Charles Street Bar, 7.30pm. DJing style? It’s a little mental – I’m a ‘radio edit DJ’ so there’s lots of tunes packed into every hour! Currently I play plenty chart, r&b, Motown and disco, but it depends on the gig, the venue and the occasion etc. All time favourite song? Janet Kay Silly Games Which tune always fills up (or rescues) your dancefloor? Older Beyonce and Whitney tracks, current tunes by Nicki Minaj and Pitbull, and the crowd seems keen on people like Clean Bandit and Macklemore.

W&Q’S APRIL SOUND ADVENTURES ) FANTASTIC MR FOX ft Denai Moore On My Own Black Acre A tune to knock your socks off. Jamie xx approved. WB & QJ loved. ) MARK WILKINSON & MIKALIS House Music Baby Kidology Hifi delivers a remix masterclass as local boy Mikalis does us proud. ) LA FLEUR Kattflickan (Art Of Tones Remix) Power Plant Us + You + La Fleur + sunshine = summer loving all night long. ) ILLYUS & BARRIENTOS Do Anything You Wanna Glasgow Underground Sensational deep tech house bass bouncer that insists on a wiggle. ) S&M ft Dnae Too Much Not Enough Principal Sophisticated house music that will sauce you up. ) PATRICK TOPPING Boxed Off Hot Creations Hip house that will get your soul nodding till the early morn. ) WAIFS & STRAYS Don’t You Stop EP Madtech Chunky deep house that delivers a right proper thrill. ) LULA CIRUS She Loves Me (PBR Streetgang Remix) Culprit A slice of Culprit’s Above The City: Rooftop Rising EP worth grabbing. ) APES Two Thousand Six Church Seriously wonderous techno deserving of any 5am dancefloor moment. ) FUR COAT There's No Time (wAFF Warehouse Mix) Hot Creations Deep, dark devilish house that will have you hooked within minutes.

Ultimate dream gig? It used to be on a luxury yacht in Monaco harbour, but now it’s in a football stadium in India… I have no idea why! Tune you wish you’d never played? Anything at all by Cher Lloyd – I played a track of hers at Brighton Pride 2009 I think, which still haunts me even though I’ve tried to block it from my memory! Guilty pleasure? Marks & Spencer’s chicken and stuffing sandwiches with an iced Starbucks mocha latte. Mmmmmmmm!!! Your best ever gig? There’s been a few… The first ever Friday night I played in Copenhagen, an amazing pool party in Italy, the last Friday before Xmas 2013 in Southampton and the third Saturday in November last year in Portsmouth. If my memory serves me correctly lol! Tell us a secret! I hate being bald and wearing glasses!

RUBY ROO TOP 5 TUNES ) DAVID GUETTA ft Skylar Grey Shot Me Down Parlaphone/Warner ) ZEDD ft Hayley Williams Stay The Night Interscope ) CLEAN BANDIT ft Elizabeth Troy Heart On Fire Bang Tidy/Atlantic ) DJ FRESH v Jay Fay ft Ms Dynamite Dibby Dibby Sound Capital XTRA ) BOB SINCLAIR and Raffaella Carra Far L’amore Yellow Productions





COMICS ) This month sees the release of the much anticipated Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Taking story cues from the excellent Ed Brubakers‘ run on Captain America, The Winter Soldier sees Steve Rogers (played again by the amazing Chris Evans) trying to find his place within the modern world whilst facing an enemy he never expected: Rogers’ old WW2 sidekick, James ‘Bucky’ Barnes, back from the dead as the dangerous Winter Solider. In celebration of the new film, let’s take a look at the greatest storylines to feature within the pages of Marvel and why they need to be read. The comic that brought Rogers into the modern world is The Avengers #4 released back in March 1964. Originally the face of WW2 superheroes, Captain American had many adventures under the ownership of Timely Comics before disappearing with a lacklustre last few issues in the late 1940s. To bring Cap into the modern world, superstar writer Stan Lee and legendary artist Jack Kirby gave Captain America a series finale that took place within a flashback during the final days of WW2. After falling from a drone plane into the North Atlantic, Rogers spent the next few decades within a block of ice thanks to the super solider serum in his blood which kept him alive. He was discovered in 1964 by the Avengers and soon became the team’s leader due to his WW2 experience, strategic thinking and peak human abilities. Kirby and Lee created an interesting dynamic for Rogers as a survivor of the brutality of war; he is now a hero haunted by past memories and struggling to find his place in 1960s’ society. This dynamic is always a part of the Captain character, be it within the Marvel films, comics or even animation. It’s now his defining trait of which most stories leads on from. Since his reintroduction, Captain America has made a lot of friends; none more so than Iron Man and Thor, both leading Avengers from the team’s inception. The 2006-2007 Marvel event Civil War took that friendship and ripped it apart in every which way down to its core. After the devastation wrought from the crossovers Avengers Disassembled (2004-2005) and The House of M (2005) the Avengers were in a vulnerable state. The premise of Civil War involves the introduction of a Superhuman Registration Act in the USA after a superhuman disaster that kills 600 innocent people, 60 of whom were children. The act causes heroes and villains alike to take sides in the upcoming war. Both sides have a leader; Cap on the side of against and Iron Man on the side of pro registration. After both sides take huge and questionable risks, Cap surrenders after they clash in the centre of New York realising that the war has caused huge damage to innocent civilians. Civil War is an entertaining crossover that has fantastic art throughout and flows easily from character to character. I won’t spoil the ending but it’s brilliant!

GAYMING ) Whilst it’s easy for me to list the greatest and best Captain America storylines, things get a little bit more difficult when I try to choose the best video games featuring the Super Soldier. The first few games to feature Rogers were universally met with negative to mixed reviews. Games such as the amazingly titled Captain America in: The Doom Tube of Dr Megalomann and Spider-Man & Captain America in Doctor Dooms Revenge were alright but were nothing to write home about. ) The third game released was 1991’s Captain America & the Avengers by Data East and was a much better title than those that came before it. I featured this game in the best Avengers video games run down back in November 2013 but I feel it deserves another mention as it’s just a fun game to play. Taking control of one of four Avengers (Cap, Iron Man, The Vision and Hawkeye) you battle your way left to right defeating the armies of the Red Skull whilst facing some of the Avengers greatest enemies such as Klaw, The Wizard, Ultron, The Grim Reaper and The Mandarin. Other Avengers like Wonder Man, The Wasp and Quicksilver also appear when a special power up is collected allowing them to temporarily assist the players with a super attack. Whilst the game is nothing special it looks great, like a walking comic book and put simply it’s a huge amount of fun to play, with both the Mega Drive and SNES ports being the best versions to play after the original arcade release. ) Shockingly it took 20 years for the next video game to appear in 2011 as Captain America: Super Solider by Next Level Games; a video game adaptation of the feature film Captain America: The First Avenger. The story takes place during, in between and around the events of the movie detailing Steve Rogers’ adventures against the Red Skull and HYDRA all over the planet. The game takes many cues from the Arkham Batman series of games especially with its free flow combat system, which is both highly athletic and features a highly tuned array of counter and shield attacks. Caps’ famous unbreakable Vibranium Shield can be used in numerous ways such as taking down multiple enemies at once, solving puzzles, deflecting attacks and scaling high walls. Even though the game was met with many mixed

reviews it remains a fun stylish action adventure game that you can pick up now for a very low price. It still looks and sounds great with crisp graphics and a hummable soundtrack. There’s also a brilliant feature with many of the film actors reprising their roles such as Chris Evans and Hayley Atwell; Steve Rogers and Peggy Carter respectively. ) NOTABLE MENTIONS: The excellent Marvel v Capcom fighting series, the Ultimate Alliance series and the online free to play Marvel Heroes.





Kings Road, Brighton Box office: 0844 847 1515 ) MIRANDA HART (Tue 1–Wed 2). The award-winning Queen of Comedy is doing stand-up for the first time since her hit series Miranda aired on the BBC. Expect silliness, attempts at song & dance and secrets shared. ‘Imagine Dawn French at her best. But taller’ Financial Times. ) MANIC STREET PREACHERS (Wed 9). Their album Rewind The Film ‘Continues a run of material that might be the band’s best since the early 1990s’ Guardian.


Madeira Drive, Brighton 01273 673311 ) SOPHIE ELLIS-BEXTOR (Mon 14) Fresh from a stint on Strictly Come Dancing, pop’s silvertongued starlet returns to the stage to perform pop hits Murder On The Dancefloor and Catch You plus tracks from the new hit album Wanderlust, which features the indie gem, Young Blood.



together. Learn tips and tricks for great vocals before taking part in a performance in the Café Bar.



DOME New Road, Brighton Box office: 01273 709709 ) AN EVENING WITH DAVID SEDARIS (Thu 3). With sardonic wit and incisive social critiques, David Sedaris has become one of America’s pre-eminent humour writers. The great skill with which he slices through cultural euphemisms and political correctness proves that Sedaris is a master of satire and one of the most observant writers addressing the human condition today. ) SINGALONGA-ABBA (Sun 6). Step away from the hairbrush and let Lorraine Bowen guide you through a day of singing ABBA,

Gardner St, Brighton Box office: 0845 293 8480 ) BENT DOUBLE (Sun 6). An irreverent night of fun and frolics hosted by Zoe Lyons (Mock The Week and Michael McIntyre's Comedy Roadshow). This month’s line-up comprises Tania Edwards, Russ Peers, Georgia Thorp and headliner Tom Allen.

EMPORIUM 88 London Road, Brighton ) RAGROOF TEA DANCE (2–5pm, Sun 6). Authentic vintage music, dance displays, dance lessons and tea & cake! Everyone is welcome and encouraged to learn lead and follow so you choose what you want to be, rather than be dictated to by gender! Advance booking is essential. ) ENDGAME (Tue 8 Apr–Sat 10 May). The Emporium Repertory Company presents possibly Samuel Beckett's bleakest of black comedies. Three generations, trapped together with nowhere to

) FAKE BUSH DIVASTATION! (Fri 25 & Sat 26) Miss Fake Bush, has been gently coaxed out of semiretirement to create a special new show where she inhabits a bizarre lunar landscape with unexpected guests who help perform new versions of Kate classics.

JUBILEE LIBRARY Jubilee Street, Brighton ) SPEAKING VOLUMES (from Mon 7) is a storytelling project where the life stories and experiences of HIV positive people can be heard on an mp3 player in a hollowedout book, illustrated with an image of the speaker. These Speaking Volumes form a library of stories and the launch is in connection with World Health Day.

LATEST MUSIC BAR Latest Music Bar, Manchester St, Brighton, 01273 687171 ) HAVE A WORD (Tue 8). This month performers are: David Broadus a novelist and poet from New York now happily settled in Hove where he writes daily; Nicolas Collins reading from his just-published collection of poems Washing the Duvet; Alexander Johnson an abstract artist/DJ showing images of his work set to music and discussing the artistic process; Michaela Ridgway, poet and founder of PigHog Press reading from her collected works. ) STAND UP TO EATING DISORDERS (Thu 24). Men Get Eating Disorders Too was founded by recovered bulimia sufferer Sam Thomas. This event showcases the work of the charity with a mix of special guests. Host and main act, Dave Chawner, is a rising star on the stand-up comedy circuit will sharie his experience of anorexia.

MARLBOROUGH THEATRE 4 Princes St, Brighton ) HAMBURGER QUEEN (Fri 4). Scottee welcomes you back for a final super sized helping of his infamous talent show for fat people. Scottee is joined for the Brighton heat by guest Lorraine Bowen. Over three heats and a grand finale, a gang of plus size punters will be whittled down in a game show designed to find the perfect fatso. Each contestant will endure three rounds: Trend (flaunt your fat fashion), Taste (your signature dish served to our celebrity judges) and Talent (light entertainment for heavy weights). Head judge is international plus size model and ‘British bombshell’ (Vogue) Felicity Hayward! HAMBURGER QUEEN


escape, attempt to make sense of their co-dependant situation. ) THE SPACE (Thu 10). Quarterly arts event hosted by Lisa Holloway with exclusive special guest interviews with Glastonbury Festival organiser Michael Eavis and leading visual effects artist May Leung who has worked on films including Hunger Games: Catching Fire, The Dark Knight Rises, Harry Potter & The Half Blood Prince and Inception. ) SIGNOR BAFFO & MRS MCMOON (Fri 18 & Sat 19). Two family treats for Easter: an invitation to Mrs McMoon's house for a tea party mixed with fun and madness; and the lovable and eccentric chef Signor Baffo throws opens the doors to his interactive café to serve up generous helpings of silliness, mischief and adventure.



Couldn't Hang) is British folk at it's best: “One of the best kept secrets in British roots music”.


GULLIVERS HOTEL 12a New Steine, Brighton Tel: 01273 681546, ) TERRY HORTON (May 1–Aug 1) is a self taught Brighton based artist, mainly working with oil on canvas. He is a qualified further education teacher, teaching painting, drawing, life drawing and




) UNDONE SHORTS (Wed 9). Three works in progress: The Rise & Demise Of Fancy Chance - a window into the mundanely epic life of Fancy Chance through pop songs and dance; La Bouche explores drag performance, sexuality, queer shame, gender and otherness; and Jonny Woo – Last Exit, inspired by Last Exit To Brooklyn, Jonny re-imagines Selby’s brutal American novel and sets it against a backdrop of social unrest in late 1960s East London.

UNHOLY TRINITY St Andrews Church, Waterloo St, Hove, advance tickets from: ) Three sinfully good acts at a redundant church - that can only mean... one Unholy Trinity Gig! (Fri 25). Sarah Clarke & Sue Tyhurst with mesmerising vocal harmonies, this established duo play folky, bluesy originals and covers on guitar, bass, keyboard and accordion; Peter Faulkner & Tom Lockyer engaging songsters from Lewes with keyboards, guitar and gorgeous vocals; and Naomi Bedford “an English Emmy Lou” & Paul Simmonds (The Men They



NEW STEINE HOTEL 10 & 11 New Steine, Brighton Tel: 01273 681546, ) FUNKY RED DOG: DOG HEADS (May 1–Jun 3) After a successful winter exhibiting work in Brighton and London, Funky Red Dog presents a collection of new work and some classics, including his iconic DogGirl images. Using a scalpel and can of spraypaint, Funky Red Dog creates wonderfully complex layered images of a surreal breed of half human, half dog, presented in beautiful surroundings, as though they are a portrait of royalty from an undiscovered land.

Devonshire Park, College Road, Eastbourne, BN21 4JJ ) UNITED VISUAL ARTISTS exhibit an installation of their varied practises (Fri 18 Apr–Sun 22 Jun). UVA art practice use design processes to combine a wide range of disciplines including sculpture, installation, live performance, and architecture. Drawing upon their studies in programmable architecture, they’ve developed a body of work for Towner using light, installation, print and screen. To create these temporal installations, they employ strategies devoid of traditional architectural materials to multiply, fill and divide spaces, constructing volumes and deforming them dynamically.




Bee’s Mouth, 10 Western Rd, Hove omotions ) Frockabilly presents DIABLO (Sat 5), a night of devilishly good rockabilly with DJ Lonesome M (Frockabilly/Honey Hush/Dixie Fried). Expect throat-tearin', footstompin', wangy-twangy rockabilly & rockin' blues boppers played at a pleasantly loud volume. Wear what you like; dance how you like; kiss who you like! Free, 9pm–2am. Next date for your diary is Friday May 2.

9 North Pallant, Chichester, PO19 1TJ, ) NICHOLAS SINCLAIR: ARTIST PORTRAITS (Wed 30 Apr–Sun 22 Jun) in the De'Longhi Print Room. Photographer Nicholas Sinclair has been capturing the major figures in contemporary British art for more than 20 years. The result is a compelling collection of portraits of artists photographed in their studios surrounded by their work and materials. This exhibition includes a broad selection of artists, many of whom feature in the gallery's own collections such as Frank Auerbach, Peter Blake, Richard Hamilton, John Piper and Paula Rego. It includes previously unseen colour photographs of Sir Anthony Caro, Albert Irvin, John Hoyland and Gillian Wearing as well as contact sheets showing the working process behind the finished portrait.



watercolours courses at Sussex Downs College. Terry has done commissioned portraits in San Francisco and Vancouver, and is currently working on three commissioned portraits for Brighton based people. Some of his original paintings and limited edition prints are on sale at Taylor Made Frames in Brighton.

Royal Pavilion Gardens, Brighton, ) This month I’ve sourced a quartet of shows to experience in Sussex, beginning with FROM DOWNS TO SEA: A SLICE OF LIFE (Sat 5 Apr–Sun 15 Jun) with works selected from the Arts Council Collection by the local community, which speak about daily life experiences, living on the outskirts of a big city. Includes seascapes by LS Lowry and Jeffrey Camp, rural scenes by Peter Doig and Edward Burra, and urban images by Carel Weight and David Redfern. The exhibition will surely encourage the visitor to reflect on their own personal responses to the art that they see.

29 Tarrant Street, Arundel, ) PIERS OTTEY: THE LAST MOUNTAIN PAINTINGS (Thu 3–Sat 26). The exhibition is made up from the last Zermatt Swiss mountain alpine paintings that Piers Ottey will paint, from an ongoing series he began six years ago, all on show having been completed in 2014. The paintings augmented by a 'code' of colours often seen around the edge of each canvas, which form a diary, a record of all the colours used to make the image and in the order they were made and used, primary red and blue forming his initial drawing. ) Also on show at the same gallery, FOCUS ON ORIGINAL PRINTS (Thu 3–Sat 26) includes contemporary original printmaking by Kate Boxer, Tom Hammick, Jim Dine, Patrick Caulfield, Tracey Emin and the Chapman Brothers, amongst others. All of the works executed with printmaking methods including dry point, etching, lithograph, woodcut and screenprint.




TOM AT THE FARM Dir: Xavier Dolan Stars: Xavier Dolan, Pierre-Yves Cardinal, Lise Roy Plot: A grieving man meets his lover's family, who were not aware of their son's sexual orientation. Word on net: “For a while, it's like a Pasolini picture gone potty.” ) “Dolan's most mature, complex and strangely romantic film to date.” ) “Ponderous, overwrought and more than a little pretentious.” ) “A bonkers and chilling romp clearly inspired by Hitchcock.”

STARRED UP Dir: David Mackenzie Stars: Rupert Friend, Jack O'Connell, Ben Mendelsohn Plot: A troubled and explosively violent teenager is transferred to adult prison where he finally meets his match - a man who also happens to be his father. Word on net: “Delves into the sociology of hellish subculture, where prisoners and staff alike coexist in this dehumanising environment.” ) “For the most part this is furiously compelling stuff, convincingly mounted and superbly acted.” ) “Like its characters, never loses face, never compromises its bloodily earned hard man cred, yet its real agenda is one of compassion.”

THE LEGEND OF HERCULES Dir: Renny Harlin Stars: Kellan Lutz, Gaia Weiss, Scott Adkins Plot: Betrayed by his stepfather, the King, and exiled and sold into slavery because of a forbidden love, Hercules must use his formidable powers to fight his way back to his rightful kingdom. Word on net: “Promises, and

delivers, muscular guys in skimpy clothes fighting and howling, plus large-scale digitally enhanced battle sequences.” ) “A misfire so complete that even when you think you have a handle on all the ways it can be bad, it pulls out another one that's even worse.” ) “When awfulness reaches a certain point, it achieves unintentional hilarity.”


Dostoevsky novel, about a man who is driven insane by the appearance of his doppelganger. Word on net: “Its visual comedy and offhand surrealism make it a mild pleasure.” ) “Ayoade's care with the movie's craft is loving and infectious.” ) “A very odd, genuinely offbeat film that crackles with imagination.” ) “Does offer some dark amusement along the way but is more likely to baffle than beguile.”

Brosnan, Tuppence Middleton Plot: A divorced couple scheme to recover the retirement money that was stolen from them. Word on net: “The movie's indulgeable while not really being much cop.” ) “There's herbal teas that hit harder than this film.” ) “There's only so much humour you can squeeze out of Pierce Brosnan's dicky prostate.” ) “A cast of national institutions gamely play the fool but the result isn't that fun.”

HALF OF A YELLOW SUN Dir: Biyi Bandele Stars: Chiwetel Ejiofor, Thandie Newton, Anika Noni Rose Plot: Focusses on the lives of four people during the struggle to establish an independent republic in Nigeria.

ALSO OUT... ) Ricky Gervais co-stars with Tina Fey, Salma Hayek, Ray Liotta and Lady Gaga in MUPPETS MOST WANTED. While on a grand world tour, the Muppets find themselves wrapped into an European jewelheist caper headed by a Kermit the Frog look-alike and his dastardly sidekick. ) Teen sci-fi DIVERGENT set in a futuristic dystopia where a girl seeks to break free from her homogeneous society that divides people based on human traits. Kate Winslet is one of the grownups.

Dir: Steve Pink Stars: Kevin Hart, Michael Ealy, Regina Hall Plot: Follow two couples as they journey from the bar to the bedroom. Second movie adaptation Word on net: “Only when the of David Mamet's Sexual Perversity protagonists' lives are at stake in Chicago. and bombs drop - does the piece truly come alive.” ) “'Screen adaptation of a novel that explores class and culture with great dignity.'” ) “Film’s chief problem is that it seeks to overdramatise a period of history that does not need any extra drama added.” ) “Can’t always sustain the personal- ) HONOUR is an intriguingWord on net: “Closer to Mamet's political balance of the book.” sounding Brit thriller. Paddy rancorous vision of dueling Considine stars as a hit man who hormones than the 1980s screen LOVE PUNCH takes a job for a family seeking the version.” ) “While this version Dir: Joel Hopkins 'honour killing' of a young woman. lacks the subtlety of the original, Stars: Emma Thompson, Pierce it delivers enough raunchy humour to be far more entertaining.” ) “Hart aces his many showcase moments, not so much stealing the ) Darren Aronofsky directs movie as occasionally letting the Russell Crowe, Jennifer Connelly other actors possess it for a and Anthony Hopkins in biblical while.” ) “Hart turns an spectacle Noah. essentially crude wingman into the ) To win two tickets to the Odeon conscience of the film's torturous, Brighton send the answer to the nettled discourse on romance.” following question on a postcard along with your address to: Gscene THE DOUBLE Film Competition, 111 Western Rd, Hove, BN3 1DD: Which Hollywood Dir: Richard Ayoade director played Noah in the sixties epic The Bible: In the Beginning? Stars: Mia Wasikowska, Jesse Eisenberg, Chris O'Dowd Plot: Comedy, loosely based on a MARCH COMPETITION: DIAL M FOR MURDER.







ST MICHAEL’S CHURCH High St, Lewes, tickets: Lewes Tourist Info Centre or on the door. ) THE BAROQUE COLLECTIVE SINGERS (6pm, Sun 13), conducted by John Hancorn, are performing Schütz’s St Matthew Passion, with soloists including Nick Pritchard and Andrew Robinson.

CONGRESS THEATRE Eastbourne, 01323 412000, ) THE LONDON PHILHARMONIC ORCHESTRA (3pm, Sun 27), conducted by Timothy Redmond, play Berlioz, Ravel and Beethoven, with violinist Matthew Trusler in Saint-Saëns’ Violin Concerto No 3.

FESTIVAL PREVIEW Classical music highlights in this year’s festival (May 3-25), kick off with pianist Angela Hewitt playing Bach’s The Art of Fugue at Glyndebourne (May 4). ) Baroque and jazz meet with the Louis Sclavis Trio and Ensemble Amarillis (5 May). ) Sir Harrison Birtwistle’s music is celebrated with a production of HEWITT

Weir, Gaspar Cassado and the Piano Trio in B major by Brahms. ) MAGDALENA REISING and THE BLUE CAFÉ JAZZ (7.30pm, Fri 25) perform an eclectic mix of Scottish folk, Polish melodies and jazz standards.



his chamber opera, Down My The Greenwood Side at Harvey’s Depot in Lewes (May 9-11). ) And his Orpheus Elegies are performed by counter-tenor Andrew Watts, with lute songs by Purcell and Dowland, in the Royal Pavilion Music Room (May 11). ) Harry Bicket and The English Concert are joined by soprano Lucy Crowe for a concert of Mozart, including Exsultate, Jubilate, at St George’s Kemp Town (May 9). ) The New London Consort explore The Tempest in Musick at the Dome (May 16), ) The Elias String Quartet continue their Beethoven project which they began last year, with two concerts at All Saints Church (May 3 & 17).


the more substantial works – the Western Wynde Mass, and Gaude, Gaude, Gaude Maria Virgo – and interspersed them with a number BY NICK BOSTON of shorter motets and anthems. Short Ride in a Fast Machine. This The opening Gaude, Gaude is perhaps the most successful here, is a great orchestral showpiece, and the six part motet, Spiritus and its energy and humour is ) First, music from American Sanctus Procedens is given a composer, JOHN ADAMS (b.1947). irresistible. Here, the driving rhythms do not always feel totally convincing reading. However, there I saw his opera, Doctor Atomic, which centres around the physicist secure, but the drive to the finish are some problems of blend overall here. The boy trebles produce a is convincing nevertheless. The J Robert Oppenheimer, and the rest of the disc is then given over pleasant sound, but are not build up to the first test of the uniformly secure particularly at the to Harmonielehre – which is a atomic bomb. An unlikely ‘story’ top end of the range. Equally, there really a three movement symphony. for an opera perhaps, but then are some quite strong and Composed in 1985, it was perhaps Adams has carved somewhat of a individual lower voices which stick one of the earliest large scale niche for tackling political and out of the texture at times. I orchestral works to emerge from controversial topics in his operas suspect there are some budding minimalism. Again, it contains the (Nixon in China, and The Death of solo voices here amongst the men, same elements of drive, energy and Klinghoffer, for example). I was but that’s not necessarily an asset power, achieved from Adams’ absolutely blown away by the in this repertoire. relentless use of the clever intensity and drama of the music, Chaconne CHSA0401 combination of slow moving and also the central performance of harmonies against fast, repetitive Gerald Finley as Oppenheimer. rhythms, with hypnotic results. However, transferring the music Chandos CHSA5129 from this to an ) A live screening from the Royal orchestral ) Relatively little is known about Opera House (Mon 28) of The symphony, as the life of the English Tudor Winter’s Tale, a ballet with music Adams did in composer, JOHN SHEPPARD by Joby Talbot, and choreographed 2007 to produce (c.1515-1558), and a lot of the by Christopher Wheeldon. Cast his Doctor music that survives is incomplete. includes Lauren Cuthbertson, Atomic Symphony, was a tricky However, the music we do have Edward Watson and Sarah Lamb. move. Yet for me, the music still shows what a skilled writer he was, In a range of local cinemas, holds the energy, and the second particularly in combining and including: Duke’s at Komedia, movement in particular (titled drawing on Brighton; the Odeon Cinema, Panic) is truly terrifying. Adams chant with Brighton; Cineworld Eastbourne; transcribes the stunning aria Batter choral textures. and the Connaught Cinema, My Heart, Three-Person’d God, He also made Worthing. Check for times. which Finley made his own, for especially solo trumpet here, and it almost imaginative use works. Overall, the work stands as of the soprano/treble voice, a coherent symphony, and it is creating beautifully soaring lines energetically performed here by the which rise wonderfully out of the Royal Scottish National choral textures from time to time. Orchestra, conducted by Peter The Choir of St John’s College, Oundjian. They follow this with Cambridge, under Andrew Adams’ popular concert work, A Nethsingha, have recorded two of ) You can also see Susanna Phillips, Danielle de Niese and Matthew Polenzani (Mon 28) in Mozart’s Così Fan Tutte from the Metropolitan Opera in New York, conducted by James Levine at ST LUKE’S CHURCH Duke’s at Komedia - check other Queen’s Park Road, Brighton, cinemas for dates and times. ) THE MEDITERRANEA TRIO (7.30pm, Fri 4) play music by Judith

) The Hilliard Ensemble join the City of London Sinfonia, under Stephen Layton, and the Brighton Festival Chorus at All Saints Church for a concert of Tavener, Bryars and Pärt. With the Hilliard Ensemble set to retire later this year, this is one not to be missed (May 21). ) The concert finale in the Dome promises to be a treat – pianist Jean-Efflam Bavouzet with the Philharmonia Orchestra, and Brighton Festival Chorus once again, in Bernstein, Ravel and Stravinsky, conducted by John Wilson (May 24). ) Lunchtime concert highlights include the great pianist Jonathan Biss, the Jubilee Quartet, the Aquarelle Guitar Quartet, baritone Benjamin Appl, and viola player Rosalind Ventris.



For all details, go to Next issue I’ll pick highlights from the equally rich Fringe programme ( Reviews, comments and events: Email:


AS GOOD AS NEW Forty years of ABBA: at least one of us is crying for joy, says Craig Hanlon-Smith prostitutes in Lloyd Webber musicals, or as 1960s Swedish equivalents of Mumford & Sons.

) On April 6, 1974, the landscape of international popular music changed forever. ABBA won the Eurovision Song Contest with Waterloo, the recording of which promptly blew up the richter scale and became one of the biggest selling singles of all time. Although as yet without their trademark helicopter, ABBA had made their Arrival and the world sighed as though we had always been waiting for these Visitors. ABBA purists (or Tigers as I prefer to be known) will tell you that the fabulous foursome released their first recording in 1972 and whilst I am more than happy to enjoy this truth for I too was born in 1972, I like to think we that we were conceived at the same time but that’s me; they did not use the name ABBA until preparations for the song contest in 1974, that said they were not unknown. All four had enjoyed significant success across Scandinavia either as solo artists, singing

And whilst their 1973 Phil Spector-style stomper Ring Ring failed to qualify for the 1973 Eurovision finals (a superior composition and recording to the eventual winner in my humble opinion, performed beneath the catchy header Bjorn, Benny, Agnetha & Anni-Frid), was a hit across Europe and in some southern African states; success which gave them the confidence to press on, paint the world and use all colours and one year later in 1974, everyone listened when they started to sing. In the pale light of the morning following that Eurovision win in April, the roundabout was

just beginning and along with Bjorn, Benny, Agnetha and Anni-Frid we were all about to get on the carousel of ABBAmania and what’s more it all started here. Not just in the United Kingdom ladies and gentlemen but within the city walls of the dull little town formerly known as Brighthelmstone - Brighton. Looking at the ridiculous extravaganza that is Eurovision today, it is almost impossible to believe that the Brighton Dome concert hall once played host to this event but these times were nothing special. Leading lady Katie Boyle sailed through her role demonstrating a personal style in peach chiffon and the only special effect of the evening was an illuminated scoreboard which by 10.30pm was repeatedly flashing ‘SWEDEN’. And whilst our fair city by the sea almost ended the career of Olivia Newton-John on the same night (another time), ABBA played their cards, dealt an ace and when all is said and done Brighton became a significant milestone in the ABBA story. And as if that wasn’t enough to get

GSCENE 45 your Brighton rock all sticky, there’s more. The gay connection. ABBA’s international appeal transcended the boundaries of age and gender, no artist who shifts records in the hundreds of millions is only ever playing to the stalls. As local cabaret artiste Stephen Richards aka Lola Lasagne outlines; “I know, as a performer, that an ABBA song will lift the mood of any night and I think they were a bridge between the rock groups and disco scene that were prevalent at the time”. But by mid-1979 the gays were taking a much closer peek at our Swedish cousins, thanks in no small part to the disco cyclone that is Voulez-Vous. A few months later when Agnetha bemoaned a lonely life of gazing into the night desperate for a man after midnight set once more to a disco thump, the Gayometer exploded; ABBA had come out. By the time Lay All Your Love On Me hit the decks twelve months later, laden with the disco driven pathos of ‘I wasn’t jealous before we met, now every woman I see is a potential threat‘, we were kicking Gloria Gaynor to the floor and tearing the bra off Donna Summer whilst dressed up in ABBA wigs. We needed no other icons. Committed ABBA obsessive and adopted Brightonian Tom Spearman-Black has his own theories likening the story of ABBA to that of the gay community itself; “For years ABBA were languishing in ridicule, no one thought they were coo. [ABBA] are perhaps the musical equivalent of Miami Beach... the gays moved in, tarted it up, and now everyone wants a piece.” Superfan Scott suggests “The [gay] connection is a bit exaggerated and perpetuated by the media. Mind you, there is drama that goes along with ABBA’s music and their own personal story.” Relationship meltdowns are certainly a universal theme and would explain an enduring broad appeal; all people need love. Even in their early happier days of marital bliss ABBA wrote and sang of broken hearts and relationship tragedy. SOS is almost Chekhovian in its desperate ‘Where are those happy days they seem so hard to find‘ and Dance - While The Music Still Goes On from the Waterloo album begins ‘Oh my love it makes me sad, why did things turn out so bad?”.

“Looking at the ridiculous extravaganza that is Eurovision today, it is almost impossible to believe that the Brighton Dome concert hall once played host to this event”

Even a more chipper melody such as Take a Chance On Me is concerned with unrequited love and watching relationships from the sidelines. So just what is it with gays and the forlorn approach to love stories? Scott: “We all love a bit of drama. Who doesn’t want to give Agnetha a big hug in 'The Winner Takes It All' video and tell her everything, including her eyeshadow, is going to be okay?” For a time of course, everything was not ‘okay’ for ABBA and by the early 1980s they were slipping through our fingers. Do not be fooled by the apparently glib Super Trouper, though its production shamelessly manages to suggest the trite irrelevance of disposable pop, whilst bouncing you around the wedding anniversary dance floor this is a song that shares a blistering tale depicting the inevitable breakup of one of the most successful pop-groups in musical history; ‘I was sick and tired of everything… wishing every show was the last show‘ and knifing into the wound the developments of new relationships from outside the group: ‘The sight of you will prove to me I’m still alive‘ - ABBA’s Yoko Ono moment. And despite the solo projects and ventures into musical theatre for 10 years, there was an ABBA void; no smiles, not a single word, long awaited darkness had fallen. Since 1992 with the release of ABBA Gold, successful cover versions of their songs, tribute acts, international celebrity samples, stage musicals and a record breaking film stuffed with Oscar nominees, ABBA have proved themselves to be

an uncompromising force not consigned to the history book on the shelf. Fellow Tiger Tom Spearman-Black links the ABBA/gay connection much more closely to the 90s revival and their inclusion in the gay culture classics Priscilla Queen Of The Desert and Muriel’s Wedding: “Aren't we all that slightly overweight girl, wanting ABBA to take us away to somewhere special?” Whatever the reason for their enduring appeal, 40 years on ABBA are very much still alive, setting the pace and as present as ever. Having shifted squillions of units worldwide, more than half of those crazy-world figures since they stopped recording new music, ABBA are well and truly up there amongst the dice throwing gods of popular culture. But don’t take my word for it, should you be a non-believer look it up in The Bible; ABBA means ‘God’. And in May of this year, as we bemoan another European partner ignoring our chanson efforts consider this: in Brighton at the 1974 Eurovision Song Contest, the British voting jury awarded ABBA and their Waterloo “nil points”. Bjorn, Benny, Agnetha and Anni-Frid, on behalf of those individuals we’re sorry they didn’t believe but say thank you for the music. I for one am both grateful and proud. Thanks to Stephen, Tom & Scott for taking part. And this article is loaded with ABBA lyrical references but then if you’re a TIGER you’ll know that. Follow Craig on Twitter @CraigsContinuum

46 GSCENE ) Beechwood Speaker, computer and phone compatible, £50 (Pussy, 3a Kensington Gardens, Brighton, 01273 604861)


) HOW TO SURVIVE A PLAGUE (Network DVD). This absolutely spellbinding documentary is comprised mostly of archive video filmed in New York in the mid 1980s to the mid 1990s at the height of the AIDS pandemic. Footage of early ACT UP (AIDS Coalition to Unleash Power) meetings gives an incredible sense of almost being present as history is made. The film charts the progress of ACT UP, its successes, its failures, its mistakes in a way that's as concise as it is lucid. From getting drugs fast tracked to patients, to destructive schisms within the organisation, to the bitter realisation that early strategies were naive and counterproductive, it really feels that this is a fair and unpartisan telling to the story. If it sounds dull and slightly worthy it isn't. The movie is peppered with some great moments of cinema: an activist addresses a meeting of academics and movingly confers upon them honorary ACT UP membership; playwright Larry Kramer rails against in-fighting by shouting: “Plague! We're in the middle of a f***ing plague and you behave like this”; a poetic curse is put on George Bush Sr during a funeral; a condom is put over the entire house of right wing nutjob Senator Jesse Helms “to stop unsafe politics”. If you don't cry at least twice there's probably something wrong with you. ) ROMA (Eureka blu-ray). Fellini's film is a potted biography of the city, a series of vignettes filled with a life-affirming, bawdy vivacity. Various episodes include a young man from the country who comes to live in Rome during WW2, there's a brothel that resembles an asylum, some ancient frescoes are discovered underground, a film crew gets caught in a traffic jam. Although some find it disjointed, I thought it a fantastically entertaining work of pure cinema. A segment set in a 1940s Italian music hall, which focuses more on the rowdy audience than the performers, is an atmospheric delight. The weakest part is a clerical fashion show which simply takes too long to make its obvious point, but apart from that it's all great fun. And Nino Rota's beautifully simple theme, like many of the film's images, stays with you for days.

) Rubberised Ceramic Bathroom Tidy, £50 (Edited, 3 Gardner Street, Brighton, 01273 604006,

) Olive Tray comes with trash can for pips, £14.99 (England at Home, 22b Ship Street, Brighton, 01273 205544)

) Cufflinks made from recycled coloured pencils, £29.95 (Appendage, 35 Kensington Gardens, Brighton, 01273 605901) ) Liquid Silk water-based lube, 250ml for £9.50 each or three for £22.95; ID water-based lube from £4.99; Cockrings from £1.50 (Prowler, 112-113 St James's Street, Brighton, 01273 683680)

) Fine Bone China Folkland Mugs, £14.95 (in house space, 28 Gloucester Road, Brighton, 01273 682845)



we are but days away from our first same-sex marriage, I shall”; he thought, using a non-emergency number he happened to notice emblazoned across a bus shelter “I shall call upon the law enforcement services to support peace in our land, and report the street preacher’s breathing of hell fire and damnation upon gay-people, and do my duty if not to God, then at least to Sister Mary and the Queens of England”. The gay boy initially happened upon a kindly sheriff, who took down all relevant details reported to him and assured the gay boy that he too could hear the angry cries of the preacher woman and this would most definitely be looked into. Taking the matter most seriously, some days later the gay boy was invited into the bowels of a local police station, and asked to make a formal report. Times, dates and quotations were exchanged along with reference numbers and a promise of swift action should the lady be seen again.

And as jolly as a Yuletide fairy straddling a Nordic spruce, the gay boy skipped down the steps into the land of plenty in search of some lunchtime refreshment. At almost 42 he was of course no more a boy than he was heterosexual but make no mistake about it, he was as gay as the winter has been wet. Gay gay diddledy gay gay. And so our protagonist headed out onto the main highway with a song in his heart and a rumble in his tummy. The song was a show tune and the rumble as insignificant as the day extraordinary until the shadow of Leviticus crept forth as a thief in the night. A thief of unbroken hearts.

Now let it be known: no one had died, no one was wounded, and not a hair on the head of the gay boy had shrivelled in anticipation or fear of the former. The gay boy had though felt, in his heart and conscience that the preaching was aggressive, the choice of language violent and therefore had the ability to incite hatred and reprisal. Furthermore the preacher woman’s comments had drawn an excited crowd, had been met with high-fives, bear hugs and street calls of hallelujah and praise be and the gay boy had felt a responsibility to report what had been seen as at the very least inappropriate and intimidating.

Across the highway the gay boy spotted a preacher woman. She sang forth her vexations without the aid of amplification, as the good Lord to whom she had devoted her life had seen fit to bless her with the lungs of Whitney Houston, now that the queen of the night no longer needed them herself. Slung around her neck like an Olympic medal, sat the good book Jesus that at length she paraphrased to her own ends. “There will be no man with man,” she gesticulated as if calling forth support from the heavens (or rainclouds if you’re a nonbeliever), “There will be no woman with woman,” she continued; “for they shall burn in the fire of judgement”. To be clear, “they shall burn in the fire of judgement”. Nice.

“The preaching was aggressive, the choice of language violent and therefore had the ability to incite hatred and reprisal”

Now the gay boy was a not an afeared soul, in fact he wore his gay across broad shoulders as if a latex cape of Wonder Woman proportions. Nor did the gay boy bear any malice towards religion. Brought up a good Christian soul and educated in the kindly shadow of the Church of England, he understood faith, peace and tolerance. He also remembered Jesus teaching that the centre of Christian faith is to love thy neighbour as thyself. Nonetheless, the preacher woman stirred in him a distress that was at best uncomfortable and in a moment of disquiet the gay boy stood in the middle of the floor, not going left, not going right, as both he and the preacher woman were joined in the moment as one – both losing their mind. At which point, as if a glitterball of hope had illuminated this dancefloor we call life, a glittering spark of social awareness ignited a passion in the gay boy and he said to himself, “enough is enough is enough. Blessed are the peacemakers and as this is the 21st century and

That evening, the gay boy received a call from a very important sheriff; a man of much greater stature than the boys in blue he had thus far encountered. “What do you hope to gain by this” said the officer of the law in a tone which was without question, challenging. “This woman is exercising her democratic right of ‘freedom of speech’. You may not like what she had to say but 1: she may be quoting scripture and 2: You may not like it but nor would she like you to encourage her to take part in a Gay Pride march through the centre of London”. The gay boy stuttered a little at the uncertainty of the exchange before being asked “Did this woman hurt you? Did this woman single you out for special mention and attack you in the street? I struggle to see what crime has been committed or what you are expecting us to do about it”. At this point the gay boy, (whom you will remember is almost 42 and of course no more a boy than he is heterosexual but make no mistake about it, he is as gay as the winter has been wet, gay gay diddledy gay gay.) felt very silly indeed. Perhaps he had made a mistake. He had been foolhardy to think the preacher woman inappropriate and confrontational or a threat of any kind. He was no more than an oversensitive poof to allow himself, during this encounter, to be overcome with feelings of shame and embarrassment. After all the policeman was right; she was not attacking him. She was only attacking the one million lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex members of this, our green and pleasant land (conservative estimate not taking into account LGBTi communities from outside the British Isles). And despite their progression towards equality in law, they would not only have to put up with it, they could potentially look forward to a world where it was seen as acceptable to expect these communities to “burn in the fire of judgement”. To be clear “burn in the fire of judgement”. Now that, your honour, is justice. @CraigsContinuum










In a few weeks I will be 39, entering my 40th year on this Earth. Twenty years ago at the age of 19, I never would have dreamt that I would be living in Brighton for 10 years, have a wonderful partner for the same length of time, and be civil partnered for eight years. Back then, only a handful of people knew I was gay and my partner was a secret lover. Nobody knew about him and few knew about me.

As queers we are a tribe with the potential to generate Joy and Love through the discovery of our unexplored purpose. By discovering and embodying our true nature we act as beacons of hope to those unfortunate enough NOT to have been born in the margins.

So now that 40 is only 12 months away I have started to really think of the future. Twenty years ago I was a student and living a pretty carefree life, enjoying all that youth offers and then more. I didn’t really have much of a plan or any real dreams for the future. I just lived for the moment and had a lot of fun. But now, being a little older and probably a little wiser, I do actually think more about the future. What will life be like in another twenty years? What will I be like at 59? Will I still be with the same organisation that I am working for now? Will I even be running it? Stranger things have happened! One thing for certain is I will be balder. I do have one idea. I have been seriously considered retraining. It is never too late, they say, and at 39 I think I can still turn my life completely on its head. So why not take some risks?

“At 39 I think I can still turn my life completely on its head. So why not take some risks?”

Take some time out today in a quiet space. Light a candle if you can. Breathe in through the right nostril and out through the left three times. Breathe in through the left nostril and out through the right three times. • Concentrate on the base chakra (around the anus and genitals) and imagine the energy of the Earth rising up your legs into it causing it to blossom into a deep red flower. This is the site of our lusts, appetites and capacity for self healing and is guarded by the Spirit of Earth in the North. • Now concentrate on the sacral chakra (inside the abdomen behind the navel) and imagine the energy rising into it causing it to blossom into an orange flower. This is the site of our sense of pleasure and balance. • Move your attention now to the solar plexus chakra (just below the rib cage). Feel the energy rising into it causing it to blossom into a yellow flower. This is the site of our power to create and destroy. It is guarded by the Spirit of Fire in the South. • Next is the heart chakra. Feel the energy rising into it causing it to blossom into a green flower. This is the site of our emotional selves. It is guarded by the Spirit of Water in the West. • Let the energy move into the base of the neck where the throat chakra sits. Feel it blossom into a blue flower. This is the site of our logic, rationality and egoic personality. It is guarded by the Spirit of the Air in the East. • Finally allow the energy to rise to the Third Eye chakra (in the middle of the forehead between the eyes). Feel it blossom into a beautiful purple flower. This is the site of our capacity to sense joy from the realisation of our true purpose. Imagine a white light above your head. The source of Universal Love. Let the light pass down over your body like a shower of warm water first passing over the front of your body melting away any stresses and strains and then over the back of your body taking with it any cares and worries. Enjoy the peace and quietness of this moment.

My partner and I are thinking about increasing the mortgage and doing some major renovations on our little terraced house. We had thought of selling and moving, but why move away from an area that you like and enjoy? Yes let’s do it! Let’s take a risk and convert the attic, redesign the kitchen and turn the cellar into a usable room (no Roger we can’t have a sauna!).

Now say the following: I have a dream... A dream of flight... To Eternal Universal Love Love for all Love from all Disappearance of Dualism Emergence of Unity Black-and-White Binaries banished Rainbow reality manifested Lusts and appetites melding with the Ineffable Joy of discovering our unexplored Purpose Melded with the Power of Authentic Emotion Ego subjugated to Heart

So if we are considering doing all that, why not take another risk and study law too? I have been thinking about it now for a year. Why wait another year? I have already wasted enough time. I don’t want my midlife crisis to involve an expensive car, learning a musical instrument, doing the four peaks challenge, or having a pointless and stupid affair. I think I want to look back when I am in my late fifties and think, yes, I did good. So, instead of ticking challenges off a bucket list (yes I did do one of those!) I want to actually try to achieve something big. It would be one thing that will help me further my career, earn me more money and make me happier, and it would probably make my partner happier too. One year from now I hope to be sitting here again, writing another article for Gscene and telling you all that I am a few steps closer to fulfilling my dream.

Let Source be seen as the Way! Let the Way be our guide! So mote it be! Aho


KEITH SHARPE CHIPPING AWAY BISHOPS BASH SAME-SEX MARRIAGE BY DR KEITH SHARPE, CHANGING ATTITUDE SUSSEX Well I'm afraid things are going from bad to worse. At the start of the year we had the Pilling Report, the result of two years' work by a committee of bishops, which basically said the Church of England was not about to change its teaching that homosexual practice is sinful. It was happy to continue living with Civil Partnerships, on the Alice in Wonderland basis that they have nothing to do with sex, but equal marriage was a complete no-no because unlike civil partners apparently married spouses necessarily do have sex. But neither civil partnerships nor same-sex marriages would (ever? - we shall see) receive the formal blessing of our national church, though vicars who want to would be allowed to 'mark' the formation of gay relationships but without any public liturgy. Thanks a bunch, guys.


Now, however, things have deteriorated further. Horrified by the prospect of the first gay marriages the Archbishops of Canterbury and York and the House of Bishops have produced a Church of England 'pastoral guidance statement' about same-sex marriage which ignores the most important thing they are supposed to stand for as Christian leaders and teachers – the primacy of love in creation and in the life and teaching of Jesus. Instead they have prioritised other considerations in their statement, principally the need to avoid upsetting those with a deep prejudice against same sex love and intimacy, both in this country and in other parts of the Anglican Communion. Whilst they were planning this statement in England, anglican bishops in Uganda were giving their support to the notorious anti-gay bill sentencing homosexuals to life imprisonment. “I want to thank Parliament for passing the Anti-homosexuality Bill” said the Most Rev Stanley Ntagali, Archbishop of the Church of Uganda. Underneath all the usual waffle about so-called 'traditional' church teaching (which historically speaking is anything but 'traditional') there are in this statement four particularly nasty rulings: (1) That our national church will not allow any public liturgy to celebrate the formation of same-sex unions, whether these be civil partnerships or marriages; (2) That while individual priests may choose discretely to pray with a newly married same-sex couple they must on no account give any kind of 'blessing'; (3) That clergy in the Church of England are expressly forbidden from entering into same-sex marriage on pain of disciplinary measures being taken against them; (4) That anyone in a same-sex marriage is barred from ordination. There is absolutely nothing pastoral about the Church of England statement. It was produced, of course, with no direct input from openly gay or lesbian people. None of the bishops who are gay have contributed openly to previous House of Bishops’ discussions, and we have no reason to believe any of them found the courage to speak out

during discussions about this statement. Maybe some bishops did argue against the increasingly vociferous conservative evangelical block in the House of Bishops but they do not have sufficient leverage to persuade the House to act according to Christian witness and truth. So pragmatism and realpolitik triumph, and the integrity of the Church and the lives of LGB&T people suffer as a result. Many gay clergy have already contracted a civil partnership, some with the full knowledge of their bishop. And these bishops who licence clergy in civil partnerships do so without intruding into the personal lives of their clergy and know that a healthy sex life can be of fundamental importance in a healthy, loving relationship. Yet none of them had the bottle to stand up and say so when this odious statement was being discussed. For many people this will be a further nail in the coffin, proof that the Church has taken one more step away from Gospel truth and is becoming a more unfriendly, toxic place for LGBTI people. These people, with families and friends and colleagues and congregations who see no reason why they shouldn’t marry, are affected in different ways by the negative climate of the Church. And because it is the national church this fearful and arguably hateful approach to sexual minorities has a much wider pernicious effect in society.

“Horrified by the prospect of the first gay marriages they’ve produced a Church of England ‘pastoral guidance statement’ about same-sex marriage which ignores the most important thing they’re supposed to stand for as Christian leaders and teachers” Changing Attitude will continue to dig and dig and dig away at the shockingly un-Christian policy which has developed and continues to develop, and hope that thus we can both give courage to those bishops who are supportive against the odds and undermine the hostility of prejudice who claim to be upholding Biblical values. Their values may be Biblical but they are absolutely not Christian or Christlike. Gay clergy are going to get married. Some brave individuals have already announced their intention to defy the bishops' statement. We should feel profound joy that at last this becomes a reality for them, and also deep foreboding for the future of their ministry and the humiliation they may be put through. One bishop has already said he is going to become the first to take formal disciplinary measures against a couple. The process is going to make terrible headlines for the Church in this country and provide supportive propaganda for the atrocious Archbishop of Uganda and his brother bishops in Sub-Saharan Africa. Is this the message the Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby wants to convey to the people of England? Does he really think it is going to advance the cause of the Prince of Peace to impose medieval style discipline on clergy rather than nurturing deeply loving faithful relationships?

OPEN AND WELCOMING CHURCHES Changing Attitude Sussex is committed to telling the truth about Christian teaching on homosexuality, and works for the full inclusion of LGBT people in every province of the Anglican Communion and more widely in all Christian Churches. For more information, view: and








Buddhism believes that the world around us, Samsara, is not real. Our soul is shoved into a body, like a driver thrown into a car. The road of life is simply a series of sensory perceptions which interact with the senses of our body: sight, sound, taste, touch and smell. These are all illusions which interact with our vehicles but do nothing for the driver. It’s a bit like Neo in The Matrix.

This phrase is familiar to many as lyrics from The Rocky Horror Picture Show and words that came into my mind when thinking about writing this article. What do they mean to me and can I say that it is a mantra by which I live my life? After much reflection my answer to these questions are yes and no. I have come to the conclusion that the way I live my life is a complete anomaly.

The proof which Buddha provided for us is this: all the things we love or hate do not have inherent existence; they are all temporary. A handsome man will one day wither and die, a beautiful home will one day fall into ruins and all our memories and possessions will fade away. It is for this reason that we are never happy. We will never be able to permanently satiate our desires. We will always be thinking of the next job, the next partner, the next home or even the next holiday.

On the one hand professionally as the CEO of the Sussex Beacon I feel no fear in being true to this mantra. I am passionate about my work and feel privileged to be entrusted with driving the future strategy of the organisation to ensure that it continues to meet the needs of people living with HIV. My professional drive has always led me to implement change and push myself to the edge in order to deliver results.

With this is mind, he says that life is suffering. Furthermore, if we do not pay attention to the driver then, when our present car crashes or rusts away, it will be unwillingly jettisoned into the vehicle of another living creature. I guess that’s why babies always scream when they come into this world. Maybe they are thinking, Oh shit! Not this again.

On the other hand in my personal life, much of the time is taken up with dreaming and not being. As a member of the Brighton Gay Men’s Chorus I sit in rehearsals and performances and marvel at the people who share their talent with others through their performances, sometimes I have to admit with envy. So will you see me getting up and singing a solo at our Fringe show Nautical But Nice (May 2 & 3)? No that’s definitely in the ‘dream it don’t be it’ category for me. So why the different approach to things professional and personal?

“I’m discovering a new kind of peace which I’ve never felt before. I’ve found a source of peace which doesn’t include sex or alcohol” However, it’s not all bad news, if you are lucky enough to be born into a human body. Unlike animals, we have the ability to contemplate our existence and can, with practice, develop new tools to contact the spirit driver and teach it how to live without being in a body. It will be able to avoid fear and panic and pass peacefully into a heavenly existence of non-suffering called Nirvana. By using meditation and reciting the teachings of Buddha, mantras, we can teach our minds not to become attached to delusions. It can learn to be happy in empty space, without the fear of searching out for a new body and suffering all over again. I am new to all this but, increasingly, through reading the words of the Dalai Lama and attending drop-in sessions at the Bodhisattva Kadampa Buddhist Centre in Brighton, I’m discovering a new kind of peace which I have never felt before. I have found a source of peace which doesn’t include sex or alcohol. Unfortunately, my desires have worn my body out and there probably aren’t too many miles left on the clock. It will take a long time, perhaps another lifetime, to switch off my desires and cast away the illusions I feed on so hungrily. However, perhaps I have enough mileage left to avoid being born into the body of a rat or slug and can achieve human existence again, and can continue preparing my mind for Enlightenment. My dream is that we can all find peace and that suffering in this world will one day end, completely.

If I reflect back on my professional life I’ve been very lucky to have been surrounded by people who have mentored and guided me. During the formative years of my career I worked very closely with Anita Roddick (activist and founder of The Body Shop). There is no doubt in my mind that without her influence I wouldn’t be where I am now. Her response to any of my ‘Shall I?’ ‘Should I’ was always ‘F**k it Simon just do it, how else will you know?’ She never settled for equilibrium, she always pushed herself and those around her to their limits and I try to be faithful to that in her memory – her voice is always with me.

“She never settled for equilibrium she always pushed herself and those around her to their limits and I try to be faithful to that in her memory” So is it because I don’t have any powerful role models in my personal life? I have an amazingly supportive group of friends let there be no doubt about that but somehow I don’t seem to have the same voice in my personal, as my professional head. Is that why I am single, don’t go to the gym and don’t sing solos with the chorus? Just as a postscript I am not publicly committing to address any of these issues, I am fairly sure that this anomaly will continue for the foreseeable future. I will however be more mindful of my friends and how I might be able to support and encourage them to ‘Don’t dream it, be it’.

If you'd like more information about the Brighton Gay Men’s Chorus, visit:


CHARLIE SAYS HEP HEP HURRAY! AIDS IS DEAD. LONG LIVE AIDS (THIS IS AN UNPAID ADVERT) BY CHARLIE BAUER PhD A great sadness is upon us. It’s official. AIDS is no more. It has no life. It means nothing. Zilch. A waste of time. The debate is over. Even the acronym needs a wellneeded once-over. But it’s already too late. Who wants to know about this anymore? Who cares? We’re devastated. Thank the Lord above, we’ve now moved on from HIV and AIDS. The money just isn’t in it anymore. It’s a lousy investment. Like Detroit with cars, or the UK with higher education, the ass has well and truly fallen out of the industry. I’m not suggesting that we, the drug companies, are placing anything else into the sexual activity market. God forbid. But we have a new buzz-word that we’re all really getting off on back here on campus. We click our fingers, wink and point to each other in the corridors; high five each other at the urinals, whispering the new name on everyone’s pension cheques – HEP C. Even the sound on the lips makes our grandkids’ bank account soar.

Okay, let’s not delay you any longer - here’s the deal. What we’re offering is only a one-off deal. Yes, I know you only need to take the medicine once to clear HEP C, but our marketers tell us that you guys LOVE an offer in the middle of the recession! On top of that - this just gets better and better - we’ll give it to you at a cut price if you get tested NOW and order the medicine within the next month! If not completely satisfied with our product, we will refund ALL, yes ALL, of your money, no questions asked. For a one-off payment of $49,990 we will deliver you from the evils of HEP C forever. Now isn’t that a small price to pay to keep f****ing? We’re giving you a full $10 cash-back incentive on the price we’re charging per-person for the cure! Now who says we’re not fair?! As always there are drawbacks, at this point it’s only going to be rich white people who can access this medicine – I mean, we are a business after all – do the maths! But there’s no need to despair - by the time the rest of our ever-growing HEP C community get around to financing, after all of those nasty side-effects seep in over time, we’ll be doing the unimaginable. You ready? We’re step-financing ALL, yes ALL, of the medications needed for those long term side effects as HEP C develops. Now come on, you can’t get fairer than that! In other words, we’ll help you pay for the worsening illness until you can afford the cure! Christ, it’s no wonder we feel like God sometimes…

We’re not sorry about the HIV community – how could we be - Hello! you sent our kids to summer camps and Ivy league universities for nearly 30 freekin’ years! Then you stupidly began to live, and we had to limit our store accounts and Lexus leases. But we’re not bitter. Although, I sometimes wonder why we should show you any sympathy when we actually saved your lives - yet you still talk about us so bad? But we know what forgiveness is. Here, we don’t believe in bitterness – it’s all just too negative. Sometimes it’s hard not to believe that we’re truly blessed.

“We’re not sorry about the HIV community – how could we be? Hello! You sent our kids to summer camps and Ivy league universities for nearly 30 freekin’ years! Then you stupidly began to live, and we had to limit our store accounts and Lexus leases” As with all new epidemics, we’re really excited about our new products. I’m happy to say that, with the patent now securely in place, we look forward to the happy global proliferation of HEP C. Unfortunately, as was not the case with HIV, we have a timeline on this one. I know - you can’t have everything! HIV was fantastic for us because nobody could see an eventual control or cure, and of course, when something heaven-sent like HIV happens, it’s time to install that new pool and grab a new car in anticipation of a LONG pay day. HIV was the ‘gift’ that just kept giving - you can imagine our office parties when those new figures were announced... but as we all know, good times don’t last forever.

As a caring pharmaceutical company we believe strongly in assisting the poorest diasporas struggle through this awful, dreadful disease. And we don’t dangle carrots either– the cure is available to EVERYONE. Come on - you can’t say fairer than that! Our success is based on our ongoing and passionate conversation with God. Why we have been chosen to be the earthly representatives of the sick and the lame, we have no idea, but we feel truly privileged that we are. We know it’s a question that Jesus himself asked his own father on top of that chilly mountain. We can only thank goodness that we don’t have to die in order for everyone else to live in these times - we can take installments instead! How could we ever live with ourselves and call us a humanitarian interest corporation, otherwise? When that dreadful Judas told Jesus to pull in the purse-strings and give to the poor, Jesus let him know the deal. ‘There will be poor always. Always struggling, ’ he said. Well guess what? We are going to help the struggling poor with what we call, ‘The One Payment Step Closer to Thee’ plan. Thee, in this case, is that all-important cure at the end of all your suffering. Next we’ll be raising the dead! And because we operate from our own campus, it means that all you lepers will remain outside! Just one trip to your GP or medical centre organises all! Now, you can’t say fairer than that!










Initially Kevin and I wanted children for completely different reasons. Kevin is from a large, close family, one of three boys now all with their own kids. Growing up in a strong family, with a mother who lived for her kids and a father who made sure they were provided for, Kevin wanted to (and does) provide consistent love and care to our kids. He shares the safety and stability that he was given by his parents to our two children. Love and kindness rather than a blood line was a more important way for the Spencer name to go forward for him.

As the current football season continues it seems appropriate to mention homophobic chanting - a common issue faced by officers, players and fans alike. Whilst things are changing for the better and players who would once have been damaging their careers in coming out feel able to do so, we’re still far from utopia. I will hand you over to my colleague PC Darren Balkham, Football Liaison Officer...

On the other hand I’m from a fractured, damaged family and as a result I grew up in four foster families, two children’s homes and a boarding school - none of which provided nurturing or boundaries, just abuse and neglect. So I wanted to get it right, to show a child who had experienced pain, neglect and fear, that adults should be a source of strength, trust and unconditional love. At first I had doubts and fears: not about being a parent, but about how things were now for children in care. With cases of severe child abuse and tragic deaths in the news I wasn’t convinced anything had changed from 30 years ago. I had been placed into the care of the local authority in 1976 aged six, with my sister aged eight. Our parents had separated after a very dysfunctional marriage - an alcoholic and a philanderer were never going to be a good mix. We were placed together, with a ‘very experienced’ couple in their 50s who had years of fostering behind them and five grown up kids of their own. I guess it was taken for granted that they’d have some clue about bringing up two young children but this wasn’t the case. My poor sister experienced the brunt of it from our tyrant foster mother, although bizarrely it was me who was removed suddenly one day after school and taken to a children’s home when I was just seven.

“I grew up determined that I would foster and that I would get it right” In the coming years, I was moved away from my home town and my sister who I had a very strong relationship with. My foster families were a strange mix of being either inexperienced, control freaks or ‘in it for the money’. None of them should ever have been allowed to foster - from being locked in my bedroom for hours without food, to having a shed for my bedroom (yes seriously!) and it was funded by the social services. I grew up determined that I would foster and that I would get it right. I knew this without doubt when I was aged 13. My time at the boarding school was both magical and monstrous. Set in acres of East Sussex countryside, with bluebell woods and lakes, it was a young boy’s dream. I spent hours playing in the woods and day dreaming amongst the bluebells. Time in the school building was a complete contrast, there was a darkness and fear as a result of the abuse and neglect that most boys experienced daily. People ask why I’d want a child from a similar background? Surely their fears and emotional problems would bring back bad memories for me? Yes sometimes, but my time in care has given me a passion and an understanding. I can relate to the child’s insecurities about adults and teach them not to hate themselves. With Kevin’s experience of a healthy happy family life and my experience of survival and determination, we believe our two kids have the best of both worlds. Whether you’ve had the love of a strong family or the ups and downs of a life in care, you too can do this. There’s nothing amazing about us, we’re just like you - adults who have lived a life that’s provided the tools to pass on to another generation that deserves nothing less than love.

Now let me make it very clear, I recognise that there is other discrimination associated with sport and social groups. I use the word discrimination as it has a very broad meaning. It can be interpreted in many ways and some can use it to their own advantage where clearly they are not being discriminated against. This detracts from where there is clear discrimination. Brighton & Hove Albion play many games against teams from all over the country. They visit towns and cities which also have their own issues and challenges for each individual force. One thing I guarantee is that chanting of a homophobic nature will be heard at maybe 70% of their games. So what do we do about it? Well let’s be honest, if 500 people are chanting “does your boyfriend know you’re here?”, are we going to arrest them? No. Are the stewards going to eject them? No. Is it a criminal offence? I’ll let you answer that because I bet if 12 people answered that question not all would have the same answer. Sussex Police lobbied the FA to change the ground regulations, which already made it very clear that racist language was a breach and therefore, you were likely to be ejected or arrested if you made these comments. The ground regulations now state that racist and/or homophobic language is a breach. This is a major step forward. I’ve said this before and truly believe this. In dealing with homophobia, we’re 20 years behind where we are with racist behaviour at games. If someone is racist at a match then there would be more than one spectator pointing out the individual. If homophobic comments are made some people still think it is funny - like Brighton fans have not heard it before! A little while ago I was alerted to some quite vicious homophobic tweeting following a match. By the next morning we had identified the three individuals responsible. I also spoke to a fan who was particularly affected by the comments and who gave me a very personal victim statement about what had happened to them. The perpetrators were young adolescent males, and after consultation with those affected, the males were visited at home by the police and the matter dealt with in conjunction with their parents. Banter is fine in football and should be encouraged. It’s part of the fabric of football. Discrimination is not.

THIS MONTH’S FIGURES ) Between 27/01/14 and 26/02/14 there were seven reported incidents of homophobic and two reported incidents of transphobic hate in Brighton & Hove. Notably, Brighton & Hove Albion football club have played host to a couple of matches this month. Several males were ejected from the stadium for making homophobic gestures and were dealt with by officers.

CONTACT INFORMATION ) We both have Facebook profiles and a page – our usernames are: PC Rich Bridger and LGBT Caseworker Rory Smith, and Brighton and Hove LGBT Police Team. We tweet @PoliceLGBT. Social media should not be used for reporting incidents – please call us on 101, or if it’s an emergency 999.


SHARP WORDS SLEEP ON IT DEL SHARP SAYS SOME DREAMS SHOULDN’T COME TRUE... Sweats, moaning, twitching, dribbling, anxiety and despairing shrieks are supposed to be the thing of nightmares, and preferably (if they have to be had at all) should be experienced at night when asleep. Sharp Words tends to have them during waking hours which I’d much rather not. Ordinary everyday little things that should go smoothly and uneventfully just sometimes don’t... Like trying to help a worried workmate by printing out some helpful advice about chlamydia (at work, when the printer was in a different room, which got jammed). This was not one of my better ideas and unfortunately still hasn’t quite faded from my memory. The previous day’s er... undergarment poking out from the ankle of my jeans didn’t make me look too great either. I don’t want to even mention toilet cubicles with dividing walls that don’t touch the floor.

pillow next to me. Not my own pillow of course because I’d be worried about turning too quickly and hurting one of them, or getting my eye licked and swelling up because I can be a bit allergic. I always think I’ll have amazing blissed out sleep and wake with a smile on my face. Sadly after years of the kitten method I’ve never woken up grinning and good humoured after fluffy wide eyed feline entanglements, it’s more of a momentary groggy disappointment that they aren’t there after all. So that brings us back to being awake again, which let’s face it can be put up with as long as we have a few daydreams which are the best of all. These can be slipped into place as often as necessary rather than waiting for the random feel good experiences that slip away in the early hours just when we’re getting to enjoy them – and I did mean dreaming rather than any late night visitors. Isn’t the Lottery what we all fantasise about? It can be far more cerebral than you’d imagine. I never realised how many kWh of gas an Aga can get through and it’s almost a relief I haven’t got one nor a massive kitchen to put one in now I’ve done the maths. I can daydream for hours though about the rest of my new house, the houses my friends will also be able to have and my fit new body under the direction of my hot personal trainer. Now these are lovely thoughts that can wash over me while I toil away at a job I love a tiny bit less every day and wasn’t smitten with when I started.

Attempting to cross treacherous traffic-filled roads is enough to give me palpitations. After all, just because the odd pensioner and buggy pushing parent think it’s okay to march out on the crossing defiantly when the green man shows doesn’t mean it’s safe. So if I have my nightmares every waking hour, what kind of solace can I expect when I’m asleep? Very little it seems. For years I’ve entertained hopes of having the erotic dreams that I’m sure other people are having. The most that’s ever happened to me in one is kissing someone’s cheek very passionately who I happened to have a big crush on. She didn’t seem too enthused though - I do remember gripping her face a little too desperately which probably didn’t go down too well. I can be very overbearing. Twice I’ve dreamt of very exciting orgy kind of scenarios. The first time no-one was interested in me and the second time I just watched because I felt I was too fat to join in. I was literally and laterally kicking myself when I woke up. I must write a note to my dream self to either not undress when invited for group sex or just not look down (at myself) if I do.

“Twice I’ve dreamt of very exciting orgy kind of scenarios. The first time no one was interested in me and the second time I just watched because I felt I was too fat to join in” I’ve never had the wonderful sounding flying experiences that I hear are so common. The nearest I get to transporting myself anywhere is trying to park a car, which is as hopeless as when I’m awake as I can’t drive then either, and is nerve wracking indeed as it tends to be on a motorway (I do know that you can’t actually park on motorways in real life by the way. You can’t, can you?) So my secret way of getting off to sleep after my stress filled waking days, and attempting to alleviate the possible irritations of the coming night, is to imagine purring kittens piled up snoring on the

However the creations can sometimes take on a life of their own and as Frankenstein found, can come back to bite you for daring to breathe life into them in the first place. I might miss someone out from a share of the money, the ones that don’t get the same amount might be resentful. The personal trainer might just point and laugh. I could have a personality change and buy fast cars and helicopters, live in a gaudy (rather than Gaudi) mansion, start going on holidays to dubious slave running Middle Eastern kingdoms and generally become a person I despise myself, let alone that other people do. Blackmail or kidnapping is there in the mix too. There are endless possibilities: winning millions must have its downsides surely? I’d rather not be concerned with them before I have the chance to prove them unfounded but I suppose it’s good to know and consider what might happen if an infinitesimal implausibility should occur. But as with all stresses of the day this is probably something I should just sleep on. Fingers crossed.










Food is at the heart of all our work at Lunch Positive. An enjoyable, healthy and affordable meal helps maintain health, provides a focus for people meeting, talking and finding friendship; and adds to an upbeat community environment.

Gasping at the wispy clouds as I plunge down towards the green and blue place before me I sigh and see my shredded wings slapping gains my broken body and wonder how such a thing could have come about, for I am a dragon, the oldest and wildest of the Clan, my golden scales reflect the glory of courage and yet now I fall, down, down to the abyss beneath me. I open my jaws and bellow with rage as the world comes rushing up to meet me and judder and wake on the beach, it was just a dream. I’d dozed off in the warm sunlight feeling its hot pressure on my eyelids and my minds had wandered. I got up and powered up the auxiliary support engine, which opened my other three hundred eyes, focusing them into the harsh ultra violet light of the twin sunned world I’d been fighting the Tral’ee on for the last three weeks. I was the last of the minded-machines, built from scratch by the Ancient Ones to map the galaxy and find evidence of life. I’d been successful, had found others but my mechanical overtures of affability had been interpreted as aggression and now I was the only one left, confused, hapless and exhausted, my remaining power levels showing even the emergency reserves depleted. I knew I had to shut myself down and wait for help. I opened trance protocol 7 Alpha 3.6.88, it had always entertained my programmers, felt the whirling iris on my many eyes close and drifted off.

It's all down to a hardworking and committed team of volunteers that this happens week-on-week. It's not far from Ready, Steady, Cook and the results of everyone's efforts are truly creative and fantastic. Every Friday we cook a three course meal for around 60 people. Our aims are to make meals enjoyable, varied, well-balanced, and packed full of nutrients. To keep the costs affordable to people who use Lunch Positive (£1.50 each) we rely on a whole range of donated stock which we hear about the evening before the meal. We have a think about what we can make from this and buy any additional stock we need. When volunteers arrive on Friday morning everything is in place for the day’s preparation and cooking. It's a constant challenge to think about making the best meal we can from unpredictable and sometimes unusual ingredients, but we never fail to meet it! We have three hours to prepare and cook our food. Volunteers bring their own ideas of what we can do with ingredients, how we'll present the food, together with menu ideas. We tend not to follow recipes strictly to the letter – because we often have more of one ingredient available than another, or need to substitute some items with what's been donated. We often work by sight – looking at quantities of each ingredient we have at hand, rather than strictly following weights and measures. Necessity is the mother of invention! We've come up with a whole repertoire of ideas and favourites, making the very best of what we've got. There's support and guidance in putting together each part of the meal, and everyone's happy to answer questions, show how things are done and lend a hand where there's spare time. With three or four volunteers working alongside each other in a small kitchen it's essential that people get along, consider others and are organised. These are things everyone does well – and it's equally important that there's also enjoyment and fun! There’s no place for Gordon Ramsay, but plenty for Delia or Nigella (or whoever your personal choice of friendly cook might be!). Above the clutter of pots and pans there’s always conversation, laughter and the inevitable comment about an odd shaped or unusual vegetable! It's a real team effort, and with everyone staying focussed, working tidily and safely, and remembering that a watched pot never boils, we have a great meal ready for serving at 1pm! The kitchen team includes volunteers who help wash up pots and pans and keep the kitchen clean and tidy. Everyone who volunteers at Lunch Positive takes turns to help with this essential part of the kitchen, and without it we'd have no service. It's important and sometimes hard work, and again – a true team effort. Does any of this appeal to you? We hope so! If you'd like to volunteer in our kitchen we're always keen to hear from you. We have 'try out' sessions to see if it suits, and you'll have all the support of our current volunteers – Arthur, Dave, Phil, Shelley, Steve and Michele. To find out more or come and see what we do get in touch at call 07846 464384 or take a look at Lunch Positive is a lunch club for people with HIV which runs every Friday from Dorset Gardens Methodist Church, Dorset Gardens, Brighton. To find out more about joining or becoming a volunteer visit • • or call 07846 464384.

“I woke up, head on the table, wig stuck to the plastic floral tablecloth” I woke up, head on the table, wig stuck to the plastic floral tablecloth. Looking out the window watching the traffic on St James’ Street and the endless busses driving up I wondered if this was all that life was, being a hung over drag queen, looking for love and fame in the back street gay bars of a seaside town. I needed coffee. I giggled to myself, groped for the radio and turned Doris Day up a few notches and went to wake up the tattooed trick I’d picked up from Grindr the night before. I was pretty good looking for 43 but weary as hell. He looked so cute wrapped up in the duvet so I climbed back into bed and feeling the weariness jump on me like a large wet bear I folded myself back in the dreams… A snap behind me brought me straight out of sleep, the large shadowy things chasing me had found me again, they advanced, breaking tree trunks as though branches, the stench of their fetid breath hot on my terrified back as I ducked and dived into the undergrowth to avoid their swirling claws. What did they want? Where were they from? Why were they chasing me? My mind desperately batted these useless questions from its urgent concentration of escape, that’s what was important, the escape, flee, flee! I turned to look as one of the hideous terrors caught me, tightening its claws around my chest and I woke panting in the chic minimalist apartment I shared with my sexy Latino boyfriend overlooking downtown Manhattan. Hah, I thought, dreams can be so convincing. I couldn’t shift the feeling of being watched today, like some giant pair of eyes scanning everything I was doing. Like it was written down. My life just a story. I smiled to myself, stretched and decided to do nothing but be exquisite and never explain.

56 GSCENE • Being out to your family without them rejecting you • Being able to get to the group on Tuesday even if that’s the only time I get out this week Sometimes it can feel like your dreams desert you, you don’t know where to turn, that nothing will come right again. At times like those, MindOut is here to support you to work out what might help you dream again, what your needs and wishes might be. Our online service is open out of hours, see the website for opening times. This is an instant, confidential chat service run by trained volunteers. Talk to them about anything at all.

DREAMTIME MindOut dreams big dreams and small dreams At MindOut we dream big dreams and small dreams, sleepy dreams and wide awake dreams. It’s vital to have the big dreams which guide us, in which we express our aspirations, and vital that we have achievable dreams, the small things which change the world, the small daily contributions which get us closer to those big, big dreams. Our best dream of all is a world without stigma, a world without prejudice and a world without discrimination. Imagine for a moment that there is no stigma about mental health at all. People who experience mental health issues are valued, respected, empowered. There would be real ‘asylum’ for those who needed it, a break from whatever circumstances are proving hard to deal with, enough skilled therapeutic support to make it meaningful. There would be choices of community-based crisis support. Choices about treatment, choices about care, choices about what sort of support you needed. Support would be available when you wanted or needed it, from those you choose to provide it for you. Everyone experiencing distress would meet with compassion and concern. Emotional literacy would be taught to children, and adults, all through their lives. No-one would have to hide or deny their mental health issues for fear of ridicule, loss of status, loss of employment, loss of respect. People would talk openly about mental health, happy to offer each other their stories and their wisdom. No-one would need to fear being diagnosed, being seen as less than adult, having all their thoughts and behaviours linked to an ‘illness’. No-one would need to fear that their sexual orientation or gender would make any difference to the quality of the support they

received; no-one would need to fear that not being heterosexual would be singled out as a symptom, linked unnecessarily to their mental health issues. Our utopia is not a world without mental distress (though that may surprise you). Everyone will encounter distress, everyone will meet with difficult, traumatic experiences, everyone deals with loss, everyone deals with prejudice and abuse. For some of us it all gets too much, things fall apart, coping gets too hard. Mental distress is not a bad thing in itself to be eliminated, it’s part of the human condition, part of what makes us the beautiful, diverse bunch we are. All we need is good support, respect, compassion. That’s the dream. These are our grand dreams, the mental health utopia we would like to live in. A dream of equality, respect for our rights, healthy dreams!

Our advice and information and advocacy services offers a telephone and/or in person LGBT worker who can help you find services and support and help you plan and negotiate getting what you want and need. Our peer support group work service runs a range of weekly groups where you can meet with other LGBT people with experiences of mental health issues and share, learn from, learn with and develop how you manage your mental health. Our wellbeing service offers a range of groups and workshops throughout the year on mental health topics including self-esteem, living well, personal safety, first aid, suicide prevention and mindfulness meditation.

MINDOUT SERVICES All of MindOut’s services are run by and for LGB&T people who have experience of mental health issues. All our services are free, confidential, non-judgemental and independent. Do contact us to find out more: • Email, • Ring us on 01273 234839 • See our website

Everyday dreams are just as, if not more, important to people who have experience of mental health issues in our currently less than dreamlike communities. Some of the dreams of people who use MindOut services include: • Dreaming of a safe place to live, where I can relax, come and go without worrying about who I’ll meet on the stairs • Feeling like I could make a difference for other LGBT people who have mental health issues • Hoping that one day I’ll feel less anxious and able to use the buses again • Setting some achievable goals when all your dreams seem unattainable • A day without wanting to die • Feeling useful in the world • Being able to speak up and ask for what you want from the GP

MINDOUT RUNNERS If you would like to support MindOut’s ongoing work to support LGBT clients and tackle mental health stigma, please consider sponsoring our team of 33 who are running the Brighton Marathon on Sunday, April 6. You can donate online here:


SAM THE TRANS MAN IN DREAMS... DR SAMUEL JAMES HALL ON DREAMS: THE GOOD, THE BAD AND THE DOWNRIGHT UGLY Dreaming is a necessary part of being human. It is the unconscious mind’s only way to deal with the unspoken emotions, events and happenings that life hurls at us. We live in a highly stimulating environment with constant exposure to things that we neither have the time nor the inclination to process fully. A proper dream is like an auto-psychotherapy session. Thankfully I don’t remember most of my dreams. I do have a recurring one however, that comes back to haunt me from time to time. Whenever I have this dream, I wake sweating with my heart beating way faster than it should be given the gentle and restful nature of sleep. I always know, when I have this dream, that I am reverting to some kind of long ago self, and trauma that I haven't truly processed. I always wake recognising it as mine. Ironically I cannot even remember the content of it as I write, but next time it creeps up on me in my unconscious state, I will know that it’s the same dream. Again. I’ve also had some deeply significant dreams, especially in the last few years. I suppose because transitioning is a highly traumatic time, and there is a lot of deep psychological change to embrace, if I tried to do it all consciously, I’d go mad. Not to mention have time for anything else. So my subconscious mind gets to work while I’m asleep, and does the stuff I can’t, or won’t, or haven't got time for.

trans folk, it hasn’t been easy, and I’m currently picking up the pieces in an attempt to rebuild it. My credibility and professional standing have undoubtedly been damaged by the process of transition, and I now have to go the extra mile to prove to my detractors and colleagues that I can still do my job properly. I have dreams for the future now which I couldn't allow myself to have before. Somehow, the things I wanted to do were beyond reach, and looking back I see that I couldn't picture myself getting older as a woman, it just didn't compute. The future looked blank. Living as a man at last I can suddenly see myself doing the things I long to do, well into old age. Isn’t that strange? My psychotherapist - on the matter of suicidal ideation - says its not me that needs to die, rather something inside me. Spot on. As I allow my old, false self to diminish into the background, and the real me to emerge, I don't change so much as a person but my potential changes. I have places to go, people to meet, ambitions to fulfil for the first time in my life.

“One of my biggest dreams is to run a gender identity clinic here in Brighton” One of my biggest dreams is to run a gender identity clinic here in Brighton. It’s a long way from my day job in the hospital as consultant anaesthetist, but I’m passionate about healthcare services for people like me in this city which seems to attract us like flies because of the growing community and support. Current provision is woefully inadequate and I sincerely hope we will see real change in the future. I truly believe that if you can conceive an idea, then it is absolutely achievable. So this is one dream I’m determined to turn into reality…

Recently I had a very vivid dream; I was in my old house, in my old pretend life as a woman, with a vicious intruder at the door trying to break in and harm me and my precious children. When I called the police to tell them, they refused to come, saying they didn't have a Sam Hall registered at that address. Of course they didn’t! Sam belongs to my new life. Here in Brighton, finally living as the man I am, I have no attachment to the person I once was - living a deeply held and painful lie. I feel as though I have pulled off a thick rubbery disguise. In the dream I was panicking because I couldn’t get the help I needed to keep myself safe. What a profound insight into the shape of my life in those days. I wasn’t safe, my marriage was dysfunctional, violent and unhappy. I was desperate to be me, and at the same time desperate never to come out and make this journey. Sometimes I marvel at how I’ve got to where I am today. “So brave” people say, and yet courage hasn’t really featured. I see transitioning as a life-saving necessity. You don’t need courage to have chemotherapy for your cancer - you just need fear of death. It was fear of dying, inside and possibly even for real, by my own hand, that spurred me into action. The decision to transition, to allow myself to live and be the person I truly am, has opened up a vista in my life that seems filled with endless possibilities. As though a door has opened in a dark corridor, and I am suddenly facing a landscape packed with promise, light, and new life. There are avenues to explore, both in my personal and professional life that I never could have conceived of, especially in the past few years. Some days I feel as though I have woken from a fugue state, and been handed my life as it is today, with a voice in my head saying “Here you go, Sam. Here is your life, with all its complexity and self-made messes. This is what’s been happening while you've been in crisis. Now get on and sort it out. Live!” My career has suffered tremendously over the past few years, and although I’ve been lucky and managed to stay in work, unlike many

Based in central Brighton, the Clare Project weekly drop-in is a safe and confidential space to explore issues around gender identity. Facilitated peer support is an important element, as well as providing access to low-cost psychotherapy and speech therapy. CLARE PROJECT meets every

TUES from 2.30–5.30pm at DORSET GARDENS METHODIST CHURCH Dorset Gardens (off St James St) Brighton BN2 1RL Except 1st Tues when there’s an optional meal out preceded by the drop-in from 5–7.30pm

COFFEE MORNING SAT 26 APR from 11am–1pm Welcoming all trans & questioning people to this event which will run every 4th Saturday of each month

More details: or find on us facebook under Clare Project. Email




Gardens, Brighton. Lunch £1.50. Tel: 07846 464384 or



Independent, impartial info, guidance for LGBT people with mental health problems. 24 hr confidential answerphone: Tel: o1273 234839 or



LGBT disabled people’s forum. Safe, welcoming, support, activities, awareness. Tel: 07981 170071 or

Regular low cost yoga, therapies, swimming, meditation & social groups for people with HIV. or

) ALLSORTS YOUTH PROJECT Drop in for LGBT or unsure young people under 26, Tues 5.30-8.30pm. Tel: 01273 721211 or,

) BRIGHTON & HOVE POLICE Report all homophobic and transphobic incidents to: • The Sussex Police 101 (for emergencies 999) email: tweet: @policeLGBT • LGBT Officer PC Rich Bridger on 101 ext 550727 • LGBT caseworker Rory Smith on 101 ext 550727 or 07775 546548 • Facebook Brighton LGBT Police



Social/support group for LGB or questioning aged 14-19, every Tues, 6-8pm, Hastings. Call/text Nicola Tel: 07974 579865 or email Neil Fidler or Nicola Marshall at Practical, emotional support for victims of crime. Tel: 08453 899 528


Phone Helpline, Hate Crime reporting, Counselling service, Proud2connect (relationship counselling in partnership with Brighton Relate). • Helpline from 5pm daily: Tel: 01273 204050 • Services info 01273 234009 • email • or

Sussex HIV & AIDS info service, available by phone Tel: 01403 210202 or email



) GEMS (GAY ELDERLY MEN’S SOCIETY) Social group for mature gay men, meet 7–9pm every last Fri of month at Dorset Gardens Methodist Church Hall. Tel: 01273 385000 or


) BRIGHTON & HOVE CAB HIV PROJECT Money, benefits, employment, housing, info, advocacy. Appointments: Tue-Thur 9am-4pm, Wed 9am-12.30pm Brighton & Hove Citizens Advice Bureau, 1 Tisbury Rd, Hove. Tel: 0845 1203710 or Free confidential testing & treatment for STIs including HIV. Hep A & B vaccinations. Out Patients Dept of Royal Sussex County Hospital, Eastern Rd, from 6-8m. Tel: 01273 664721 or

) LAWSON UNIT Medical advice, treatment for HIV+, specialist clinics, diet & welfare advice, drug trials. Tel: 01273 664722

) SUBSTANCE MISUSE SERVICE CRI / Sussex Partnership Foundation Trust. Open access drop in, assessment, support, advice, info on drug & alcohol issues Tel 01273 607575. LGB&T worker provides confidential, non judgemental outreach service. Support for people over 18 wishing to address substance misuse. Tel 07717 774 658

Local social group offers friendship, social events, meets 1st Thurs at The Regency Tavern 7.30pm. Tel: 07594 578035 (eve)

24 hour nursing & medical care, day care. Tel: 01273 694222 or



12 step self-help programme for alcohol addictions. Sun 7.30pm, Chapel Royal, North St, Btn (side entrance). Tel: 01273 203343 (general AA line)

) LGBT NA GROUP Brighton based LGBT (welcomes others) Narcotics Anonymous group every Tue 6.30–8pm, Millwood Centre, Nelson Row, Kingswood St. Tel: NA Helpline 604604

) LGBT MEDITATION GROUP Meditation & discussion, every 2nd & 4th Thur, 5.30–7pm, Anahata Clinic, 119 Edward St, Brighton. Tel: 07789 861367 or

) LUNCH POSITIVE Lunch club for people with HIV to meet/ make friends, find peer support in safe environment. Every Fri, noon–2.30pm, Community Room, Dorset Gdns Methodist Church, Dorset

• •



Social/support group for all female-to-male trans people. Every 3rd Sat of month, 6-8pm, THT Office, 61 Ship St, Brighton, BN1 1AE. For info visit: or contact

Support group for lesbian and/or gay parents. Tel: 07951 082013 or




Independent LGBT forum working with the Community to address and improve safety issues throughout Brighton & Hove.

Info, counselling, drop-in space, support groups. Tel: 01273 698036 or


For more info about these FREE services go to the THT office, 61 Ship St, Btn, Mon–Fri, 9.30am–5.30pm. Tel: 01273 764200 or • Venue Outreach: info on HIV, sexual health, personal safety, safer drug/alcohol use, free condoms/lubricant for men who have sex with men. • The Bushes Outreach Service @ Dukes Mound: advice, support, info on HIV, sexual health, personal safety. Free condoms, lube, tea/coffee from Outreach van parked next to ‘The Patio’ at the Bushes. • Netreach (online Outreach in Brighton & Hove): info/advice on HIV/sexual health/local services. THT Brighton Outreach workers online @ Gaydar: Thur 7–10pm, Sat 6pm-12am, chatroom HEALTH INFO THT. • Condom Male: discreet, confidential service posts free condoms/lube/sexual health info to men who have sex

• • • • •

with men without access to commercial gay scene in East Sussex. Positive Voices: volunteers who go to organisations to talk about personal experiences of living with HIV. Fastest (HIV Testing): walk-in, (no appointment) rapid HIV testing service for men who have sex with men. Pre & post test discussion with clinical staff. Results in an hour. 10 men max tested per session. Mon: 6–8pm. (Full sexual health screen available) Sauna Fastest at The Brighton Sauna (HIV Testing): walk-in, (no appointment) rapid HIV testing service for men who have sex with men. Pre & post test discussion with clinical staff. Results in 30 minutes. Wed: 6–8pm. (STI Testing available). Face2Face: confidential info & advice on sexual health & HIV for men who have sex with men. Face-2-face or phone. Up to 3 one hour appointments. Specialist Training: wide range of courses for groups/ individuals. Specific courses to suit needs. Counselling: from qualified counsellors for up to 12 sessions for people living with/affected by HIV. Informed Passions: Expert Volunteers project to identify & support sexual health needs of local men who have sex with men and carry out field research in B&H on issues affecting men’s sexual health. Extensive training provided. Lounge (Group for Gay Men Living with HIV): fortnightly peer support group for gay men. What Next? Thurs eve, 6 week peer support group work programme for newly diagnosed HIV+ gay men. HIV Support Services: info, support & practical advice for people living with/affected by HIV. Volunteer Support Services: 1-2-1 community support for people living with or affected by HIV. HIV Welfare Rights Advice: Find out about benefits or benefit changes. Advice line: Mon–Thur 1:30-2:30pm. 1-2-1 appts for advice & workshops on key benefits.

) TERRENCE HIGGINS EASTBOURNE Dyke House, 110 South St, Eastbourne, BN21 4LZ, Tel: 01323 649927 or • HIV Services support for HIV diagnosis, managing side effects, sex and relationships, understanding medication, talking to your doctor, finding healthier lifestyle. Assessment of support needs and signposting on to relevant services. Support in person, by phone or email. • Support for people at risk of HIV confidential info and advice on sexual health and HIV for men who have sex with men. Up to 3 one hour appointments depending on need. Sessions in person or on phone. • Web support & info on HIV, sexual health & local services via netreach and • Positive Voices: volunteers who go to organisations to talk about personal experiences of living with HIV. • Positively Social Informal peer support groups for people living with HIV, monthly meets in Eastbourne & Hastings.

) WARREN BROWNE UNIT Free confidential tests & treatment for STIs inc HIV. Hep A & B vaccinations. Shoreham based. Tel: 01273 461453

NATIONAL HELPLINES ) BROKEN RAINBOW LGBT Domestic Violence Helpline, Mon 2-8pm, Wed 10-1pm, Thur 2-8pm Tel: 08452 604460


) POSITIVELINE (EDDIE SURMAN TRUST) Mon-Fri 11am-10pm, Sat & Sun 4-10pm Tel: 0800 1696806


) THT DIRECT Tel: 0845 1221200



APR 2014


paintworks GAY PAINTER & DEC ORATOR * * * *

Competitive Rates Interior / Exterior Artexing / Coving Quality & Reliability Guaranteed

HOME 01273 589329 MOBILE 07973 839214

meridian plumbing & heating services All aspects of plumbing, heating & gas undertaken

Adam Collins

over 15 years experience

Est 1990




01273 722457


07749 471497

CITB Qualifie d

Guaranteed Work carried out by Gay Professional Man Painting & Decorating Interior / Exterior


Gas Safe No 560 172

07989 442508 01273 727156 01273 730653


07939 581 791

• Loft Conversions • Extensions • Brickwork • Paintwork Decorating • Insurance Repairs





Vast range of ceramic and porcelain tiles, glass and mosaics Stock tiles from ÂŁ7.95 sq m Full range of adhesives, grouts and trims Free 2hr parking outside

01903 251923 82-90 Newland Rd, Worthing BN11 1LB







37 DY










1 A-BAR 11–12 Marine Parade, 688825 2 BAR REVENGE 7 Marine Parade, 606064 6 CAMELFORD ARMS 30-31Camelford St, 622386 7 CHARLES ST BAR 8-9 Marine Parade, 624091 10 LEGENDS BAR 31-34 Marine Parade, 624462 33 NEW STEINE BISTRO 12a New Steine, 681546 13 PARIS HOUSE 21 Western Rod, 724195 17 ROYAL OAK 46 St James St, 621093 30 SMOKEYS 123-125 Kings Rd, 323888 19 THREE JOLLY BUTCHERS 59 North Rd, 608571




27 26 29



) SAUNAS 41 BRIGHTON SAUNA 75 Grand Parade, 689966 42 TBS2 SAUNA 84-86 Denmark Villas, Hove, 723733 45 LUNCH POSITIVE Dorset Gardens Methodist Church, 07846 464384 46 MINDOUT Community Base, 113 Queens Rd 234839 46 SWITCHBOARD Community Base, 113 Queens Rd 204050 (5–11pm)

) LEGAL & FINANCE 43 ENGLEHARTS 49 Vallance Hall, Hove St, Hove, 204411









33 31













44 17















36 14 18



















1 AMSTERDAM 11–12 Marine Parade, 688825 25 AMBASSADOR HOTEL 22-23 New Steine, 676869 26 AVALON HOTEL 7 Upper Rock Gardens, 692344 27 CAVALAIRE HOTEL 34 Upper Rock Gardens, 696899 28 COURTLANDS HOTEL 19-27 The Drive, Hove, 731055 29 COWARDS HOTEL 12 Upper Rock Gardens, 692677 30 GRANVILLE HOTEL 124 Kings Rd, 326302






38 JUSTIN LLOYD (Kemptown) 118 St James’ St, 315612 39 JUSTIN LLOYD (City) 111 Western Rd, Hove, 315613 40 JUSTIN LLOYD (Hove) 176 Church Rd, Hove, 315614


8 34

35 PROWLER 112 St James’ St, 683680 36 SUSSEX BEACON Charity Shop 130 St James’ St, 682992 37 SUSSEX BEACON Home Store 72-73 London Rd, 680264










10 BASEMENT CLUB (below Legends) 31-34 Marine Parade, 624462 8 ENVY (above Charles St Bar) 8-9 Marine Parade, 624091 21 FUNKY FISH @ New Madeira Hotel 19-23 Marine Parade, 01273 698331 23 REVENGE 32-34 Old Steine, 606064 24 WILD FRUIT @ SHOOSHH 214 Kings Road Arches




9 3












31 GULLIVERS HOTEL 12a New Steine, 695415 32 HUDSONS 22 Devonshire Place, 683642 10 LEGENDS HOTEL 31-34 Marine Parade, 624462 33 NEW STEINE HOTEL 10/11 New Steine, 681546 34 QUEENS HOTEL 1/3 Kings Rd, 321222






1 A-BAR 11–12 Marine Parade, 688825 2 BAR REVENGE 7 Marine Parade, 606064 3 BEDFORD TAVERN 30 Western St, 739495 4 BULLDOG TAVERN 31 St James’ St, 696996 5 BRIGHTON TAVERN 99-100 Gloucester Rd, 680365 6 CAMELFORD ARMS 30-31Camelford St, 622386 7 CHARLES STREET BAR 8-9 Marine Parade, 624091 8 DR BRIGHTON’S 16 Kings Rd, 208113 9 GROSVENOR 16 Western St, 770712 10 LEGENDS BAR 31-34 Marine Parade, 624462 11 MARINE TAVERN 13 Broad St, 681284 12 MARLBOROUGH 4 Princes St, 570028 13 PARIS HOUSE 21 Western Rod, 724195 14 POISON IVY 129 St James St 15 QUEENS ARMS 7 George St, 696873 16 REGENCY TAVERN 32-34 Russell Sq, 325652 17 ROYAL OAK 46 St James St, 621093 18 SUBLINE 129 St James St, 624100 19 THREE JOLLY BUTCHERS 59 North Rd, 608571 20 ZONE 33 St James’ St, 682249






















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Grade II listed Regency house situated in a quiet residential street just off the seafront in Kemp Town. The house is arranged over five floors. The lower ground floor offers further accommodation which lends itself to providing a separate self contained flat or additional bedrooms. 3




LD n



bj ec


SO t

Buy & sell with the experts.

£ 795,000



Bloomsbury Place, Brighton


ct ra


£ 575,000


S bj O ec t


Princes Street, Brighton



Four of our favourite properties this week. Visit our website at to view all our properties. St James’s Avenue, Brighton

£ 609,950


Beautifully presented and newly renovated four bedroom period house on a quiet street, in the heart of Kemp Town. Comprising: kitchen/dining room, living room, study area, shower room, four double bedrooms, one with en-suite shower room and family bathroom. The property benefits from a private walled garden to the rear.

ra ct






SO t




“My thanks to you for being exemplary throughout.”




Four bedroom period terraced house situated on a sought after tree-lined road just off St James's Street. The house is well presented throughout and offers the flexibility of being able to be used as one large family house or as a raised ground and first floor maisonette with a separate one bedroom flat on the lower floor.

Vendor comment, February 2014.




High Street, Rottingdean

£ 375,000 Situated on the third floor of a beautiful 'Art Deco' building directly on the seafront in Rottingdean. Comprising: entrance hallway, living room with south-westerly aspect and wrap around balcony giving stunning sea views as well as views of the South Downs, two double bedrooms, modern kitchen and a modern bathroom. 2

Highly Commended Real Estate Agency East Sussex

Call us now 01273 692424

Kemp Town 118 St James’s Street, Brighton BN2 1TH

The International Property Awards 2013-2013


City 111 Western Road, Hove BN3 1DD


Hove 176 Church Road, Hove BN3 2DJ



Gscene - April 2014  
Gscene - April 2014  

What's happening in Gay/ LGBT Brighton & Hove.