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25 DAVID RAVEN James Ledward touches base with the man behind drag legend Maisie Trollette

26 B RIGHT ON FESTIVAL Photos from B RIGHT ON LGBT Festival at Phil Starr Pavilion 28 MEN TALK HEALTH Damian Friel and Davey Shields chat to Craig Hanlon-Smith about their new mental health venture for men

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GATWICK AIRPORT SPONSORS BRIGHTON PRIDE COMMUNITY PARADE 2017 Gatwick Airport, the UK's second largest airport, partners with Brighton Pride Festival 2017 to be the first ever sponsor of the event’s biggest attraction, the Brighton Pride Community Parade. first ever Community Parade sponsor. Gatwick enjoys close links with the Brighton community and has been a strong supporter of the Pride event. “With the airport just 30 minutes away by rail, we look forward to welcoming many of the international visitors who will once again be flying into Gatwick from the more than 220 destinations Gatwick serves.”

) Brighton Pride Festival takes place from August 4-6, 2017, with the parade taking place on Saturday, August 5. This premier LGBT+ community event has become the UK's biggest Pride festival with over 300,000 people participating in the celebrations across the city last year. This year’s event, themed Summer of Love, will celebrate the 50th anniversary of the partial decriminalisation of homosexuality in England and Wales. It is expected to a attract huge numbers of participants, spectators and visitors from across Sussex and further afield for what Tourism South East says is, "the biggest event and tourist attraction in Brighton". A spokesperson for Gatwick Airport said: “As a partner of Brighton Pride, Gatwick is proud to be leading this year's parade with our branded bus, as the



Last year's Brighton Pride Festival raised £100,000 for good causes bringing the total raised over the past four years for LGBT and HIV organisations and good causes across the city to £310,000. Beneficiaries of grants have included Allsorts Youth Project, Blue Print 22, Lunch Positive, LGBT Community Safety Forum, MindOut, Peer Action, Sussex Beacon and Clare Project. Paul Kemp, Brighton Pride Community Interest Company, said: “We’re delighted that Gatwick Airport has once again partnered with Brighton & Hove Pride. Pride has evolved over the years with more communities coming together to celebrate the diversity of our city. Many of our international visitors will fly into the event through Gatwick and, with grant funding no longer in existence, their support for the Community Parade is essential in enabling even more community groups to participate in Sussex and Brighton's biggest single event.” To purchase tickets online for Pride 2017, view:

BRIGHTON PRIDE CALLS FOR IDEAS TO CELEBRATE 50TH ANNIVERSARY OF THE SEXUAL OFFENCES ACT 1967 Young people’s charity, The Budding Foundation, have been donated a bag of 580 mint uncirculated old pennies from 1967, the year the sexual offences law changed. They are looking for an artist to use them for a piece to display as part of the Brighton Pride Arts & Film Festival in July, to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Sexual Offences Act 1967, which decriminalised homosexual acts between two men The coins could be used to clad a 3D sculpture, welded together to create a structure, set in clear acrylic to make a picture or something else. Proposals are invited from local artists. The Budding Foundation accept donations of items to be sold on or used to raise funds for the charity and any funds raised by this project would be designated for use locally in Brighton.

In the first instance please email Chris at:

BRIGHTON PRIDE ARTS & FILM FESTIVAL: SUMMER OF LOVE EXHIBITION ) 2017 marks the 50th anniversary of the partial decriminalisation of homosexuality for men in England and Wales. For more than 80 years this Victorian piece of legislation forced gay men to live their lives closeted and in the shadows. Meeting potential partners or even just meeting with friends socially was fraught with danger as vigilante queer bashers or the risk of prosecution and imprisonment by the police posed a constant threat. In 1967, thanks to the Wolfenden Report and campaigning by the Homosexual Law Reform Society, the law was finally repealed and the Gay Liberation Front and Gay Pride movement were established. Finally, gay men emerged from the shadows and began the long journey to acceptance and full equality for LGBT+ communities everywhere. To celebrate this landmark anniversary, Brighton Pride are looking for a few good men to take part in their Summer of Love exhibition. Curated by well-known photographer Chris Jepson MA ARPS, working alongside researcher and co-curator Kate Wildblood, the exhibition will feature some of the brave men who lived through those early dark years, whose only chance of social contact with other gay men was at underground clubs where the risk of discovery and imprisonment were ever-present. A celebration of their lives, battles and victories, Summer of Love will connect us to the reality of life before decriminalisation and reflect upon the rewards we all now enjoy because of their fight for LGBT+ equality. It won’t take a lot of your time. Chris will meet you at a location convenient to you or a venue that holds particular memories to take portraits, chat and possibly take a video. If you would like to participate, or would like more details, please email or call: 07885 958 953 For more information about the exhibition, view:





) The Government has posthumously pardon thousands of gay and bisexual men in England and Wales convicted of decades-old sexual offences. The socalled Alan Turing Law means about 49,000 men, who were found guilty of committing now-abolished offences while in consensual relationships, will be cleared. The pardons, first announced last year, have now been officially rubberstamped after receiving Royal Assent in the Policing and Crime Bill.

) Members from Older & Out and GEMS enjoyed a New Year’s lunch together at Pinocchios Restaurant on New Road in Brighton.


Sam Gyimah, Justice Minister, said: "We can never undo the hurt caused, but we have apologised and taken action to right these wrongs." Mathematician Alan Turing received a Royal Pardon in 2013, nearly 60 years after his suicide in 1954 following a conviction for gross indecency, after which he was chemically castrated. The pardon followed a public campaign which came to a climax in 2009 with former Prime Minister Gordon Brown apologising for Mr Turing's treatment. Turing's relatives later mounted a high-profile campaign to secure pardons for other men similarly convicted under the same historic indecency laws.

Lord Sharkey, author of the original amendment to the Policing and Crime Bill, said: “This is a momentous day for thousands of families in the UK who have been campaigning on this issue for decades. It’s a wonderful thing that we have been able to build on the pardon granted to Alan Turing during the Coalition and extend it to thousands of men unjustly convicted for sexual offences that would not be crimes today.”

George Montague, the 93-year-old, Brighton-based campaigner, affectionately known as the Oldest Gay in the Village, said from his holiday home in Thailand that his fight for an apology from the Government continues. George has been campaigning for an apology rather than a pardon saying that a pardon suggests that he had done something wrong. George was forced to resign in 1974 from his position as a Senior Commissioner in the Boy Scout Association where he ran camps for severely physically disabled boys from six southern counties in the UK, following a conviction for gross indecency. George delivered a petition to 10 Downing Street on Wednesday, November 2, 2016, with more than 10,000 signatures supporting his call for an apology.

CAMELFORD VALENTINES ) Special Valentines Dinner at Camelford Arms on Tuesday, February 14.


Tim Farron MP, Leader of the Liberal Democrats, added: “The Liberal Democrats continue to be the strongest voice on equality in Parliament. Although it comes too late for those convicted, the friends and relatives of the thousands of people who suffered under this unfair and discriminatory law will now have a weight lifted off their shoulders.”



John Sharkey, Liberal Democrat peer, whose original Private Members’ Bill was instrumental in securing a pardon for Alan Turing, reached an agreement with the Government in November 2016 to grant a posthumous pardon to thousands of gay and bisexual men convicted under long-abolished sexual offence laws. This followed a long-fought campaign by the Liberal Democrats who first raised the issue in Parliament in the early days of the Coalition Government.








) In an unprecedented development for the Church of England, the General Synod refuses to take note of the Report of the House of Bishops’ reflection group, GS2055. Both the defeat of the motion by the House of Clergy and the rebellion against it in the House of Laity sends an unequivocal message to the House of Bishops that their approach to human sexuality is lamentably out of step with membership of the Church of England and with the nation at large. The Lesbian & Gay Christian Movement, OneBodyOneFaith group, led the campaign to reject this report. Tracey Byrne, Chief Executive of Lesbian & Gay Christian Movement, said: “The homophobia present in the Church of England is evident when people feel afraid that, by talking about the person they love, they risk losing their home, their job and their vocation. For too long clergy and laity have lived in fear. The report promised no change but a change of tone; we need to see LGBT people in the Church of England creating this change on their own terms.” Jeremy Pemberton, Chair of OneBodyOneFaith, added: “We welcome the Archbishop of Canterbury’s aspiration to achieve radical new Christian inclusion in the Church. In order to achieve this, he will need to work in partnership with LGBT representatives with OneBodyOneFaith key among them.” OneBodyOneFaith celebrated the launch of their new identity as an organisation with a glittering celebration at the Institute of Civil Engineers on Valentine’s Day, February 14. Champions of the work being done to support and liberate LGBT+ Christians from all churches were showcased, making a stark contrast with the lack of vision in the House of Bishops’ report. Now that GS2055 has been rejected, OneBodyOneFaith looks forward to equipping the Church of England to lead the work that needs to be done to realise the Archbishop of Canterbury’s commitment to "realise more fully the Kingdom of God, building the kind of the community of Jesus of Nazareth, with room for all God’s children at his table."

For more info about OneBodyOneFaith, view:

RUN THE BRIGHTON MARATHON FOR THE SAMARITANS ) Brighton, Hove & District Samaritans need a different type of volunteer to sign up for the Brighton Marathon on April 9, 2017. They have five charity places to fill on their team and are looking for budding runners to join them in the race along the streets of Brighton & Hove, helping to raise money and the profile of the organisation along the route. Registration for the Marathon normally costs £138 but Samaritan team members can sign up for just £25. All they ask is for all volunteer runners to commit to raising as much sponsorship as they can for Brighton, Hove & District Samaritans and to wear the Samaritans vests to show their support. Spectators will then be able to cheer them on knowing they are running for Samaritans. If you’re interested in volunteering to run the marathon for Samaritans, email: and get your charity running shoes on this April. You can call Samaritans free anytime from any phone on 116 123. Alternatively: email, view or call Brighton, Hove & District Samaritans on 01273 772277.

ARCHBISHOPS OF CANTERBURY AND YORK RESPOND TO LGBT DEFEAT AT GENERAL SYNOD ) OneBodyOneFaith welcomes the Church of England Archbishops’ bold proposal for a new and inclusive process following defeat of GS2055 at the General Synod.



In response to the joint letter from the Archbishops of Canterbury and York, Canon Jeremy Pemberton, Chair of OneBodyOneFaith, said: “The joint letter from both Archbishops to Church of England synod members is a bold and welcome response to address the disjunction between the House of Bishops and Houses of Clergy and Laity in their understanding of and response to human sexuality. “We applaud the tone set by Archbishop Justin as he seeks ‘a radical new Christian inclusion’ and his affirmation that, ‘no person is a problem or an issue [because] people are made in the image of God.’ In this we find echoed our own vision, longing for Christ’s body to be one, finding unity in a diversity which includes all whom Christ has called, that they might participate in God’s mission, leading to transformation for our world.

will be represented those who would affirm OneBodyOneFaith’s statement of conviction: that human sexuality, sexual orientation and gender identity in all their richness are gifts of God gladly to be accepted, enjoyed and honoured as a way of both expressing and growing in love, in accordance with the life and teaching of Jesus Christ. “And that: it is entirely compatible with the Christian faith not only to love another person of the same-sex, but also to express that love fully in a personal sexual relationship; We believe that expressing our gender and sexuality with integrity is important as a way to grow in love and discipleship. “The Archbishops have set an ambitious task for members of the Church of England; they are right to. “Recognising its urgency the Archbishops have set an ambitious task for members of the Church of England to find a far more representative way forward which will include a process involving lay, presbyteral and episcopal members of synod. “OneBodyOneFaith maintains that the homophobia long present in the Church of England has skewed its population and that this needs to be taken into account in Diocesan consultations, in the development of pastoral practices, and in formulating the wide-ranging and inclusive new teaching document on human sexuality.

Tracey Byrne, Chief Executive of One Body One Faith, added: “Care needs to be taken that a process which focusses on synod members will represent and reflect the interests of the whole of the Church of England and is mindful of the needs of the nation. To that end, this process “We note with satisfaction the needs to involve Anglicans who are intention that the Pastoral Oversight not part of synod. The process group and the group that work on the needs to allow each participant to large-scale teaching document that speak without fear for their own will provide for ‘good, healthy safety or fear of recrimination. flourishing relationships’ reflecting a OneBodyOneFaith stands ready to ‘21st Century understanding of being resource the Church of England as it human and being sexual’ will be embarks on this process of ‘fully inclusive’. embodying more deeply the radical and transforming love shown by God “We take ‘fully inclusive’ in this in Christ which is for all.” context to mean that in both groups “For Bishops to consult with local synod representatives in how to establish a way forward on human sexuality that is ‘about love, joy and celebration of our common humanity’ will indeed be a significant change.





The application process is simple: the first round, which was open from January 23 until February 10 2017, started with organisations being encouraged to submit an 'expression of interest' form. Charities will then be shortlisted to complete a full application for funding. In August, interested groups and organisations can apply or re-apply when a second pot of £3million will become available. The maximum a project can receive is £20,000.

) After 20 performances the final curtain fell on this year’s Alternative Panto, A LADD IN, at the Sallis Benney Theatre on February 2. Starring Dave Lynn, Jason Sutton, Davina Sparkle, Allan Jay, Jason Lee, Sally Vate, Christopher Howard and Lola Lasagne, the panto, written by Andrew Stark and directed and staged by Quintin Young, received excellent media reviews. The production was staged by the organisers and performers of the Alternative Pantomime, in partnership with the University of Brighton, Brighton & Hove LGBT Community Safety Forum (LGBT CSF) and Gscene Magazine. This new partnership brings together LGBT+ students and academics at the University of Brighton with the city’s diverse LGBT+ communities, through use of the theatre facility, to help foster and develop the production of the Alternative Pantomime as a positive addition to the University of Brighton event and programming strategy.

Simon Kirby, MP for Brighton Kemptown & Peacehaven, said: “2017 could be the year for local charities to get a special project off the ground to benefit the local community.

This funding will be allocated to lots of different types of initiatives and it’s such a fantastic opportunity for local charities to get additional support.” Clara Govier, Head of Charities at People's Postcode Lottery, added: "£6million injected into grass-roots projects across Great Britain will have a tremendous impact in local communities. We encourage charities to put themselves forward for this funding and to have a look at the different Trusts to see where their project fits in.”


) Local charities looking to get a special project off the ground this year could benefit from a £6million funding pot, raised by players of the People’s Postcode Lottery. The funding, which charities can apply for a share of, will be allocated through three trusts, which support different categories of projects. There will be two opportunities for groups to apply in 2017 (January and August) and £3million will be available for each funding round.



Players of People’s Postcode Lottery have raised more than £168.4 million to date for over 2,800 good causes across Great Britain and internationally.

For more info on how to apply for funding, visit the trust’s three websites:


This ground-breaking affiliation sought to engage university students in the wide range of issues highlighted through the work of Gscene Magazine and the Brighton & Hove LGBT CSF, as well as Brighton University’s work with the awarding winning Count Me In research project, further work in LGBT+ research, and LGBT+ educational and community activity at the University of Brighton. £3,814.07 was raised from bucket collections at the end of each performance and proceeds from the sale of programmes to go towards the work of the LGBT CSF, an established independent LGBT+ forum of eight elected, unpaid volunteers working with the LGBT+ communities to address and improve safety and access issues throughout Brighton & Hove. The Alternative Pantomime was organised and developed in accordance with the terms and conditions of the University Theatre and Gallery, in recognition of the University’s Code of Conduct and Equality and Diversity protocols. Safeguarding policies were developed and delivered by LGBT CSF, enabling the University of Brighton to be a recognised partner that could be proud of hosting this iconic LGBT+ event. Next year’s Pantomime will be Jack and His BIG Stalk. Photos by Graham Hobson aka Captain Cockroach.



) The Trials of Colonel Barker, a new full-length stage play by Rose Collis, funded by Arts Council England and based on her book Colonel Barker’s Monstrous Regiment, makes its world premiere with a one-off rehearsed reading as part of the second (Brighton &) Hove Grown Festival, Sunday March 26, at The Purple Playhouse, 36 Montifiore Road, Hove. The play explores some of the most dramatic events in the extraordinary and complex life of Valerie Arkell-Smith aka ‘Colonel Sir Victor Barker DSO’, who veered from tragedy to farce, from fame to obscurity, but always strove to remain ‘a perfect gentleman’. Colonel Barker’s story is one of identity: gender identity, hidden identities, class identities and the conflict between the public and the private identity.

The rehearsed reading will be followed by a brief Q&A session with writer and cast, and copies of Colonel Barker’s Monstrous Regiment will be on sale (cash only). The play is written and produced by Rose Collis, performed by Rose Collis, Keith Drinkel, Philippa Hammond and Guy Wah and directed by Thomas Everchild. Tickets £8/£6 from





RECORD NUMBER OF CHILDREN CONTACT CHILDLINE ABOUT GENDER IDENTITY AND SEXUALITY ISSUES ) Childline, the helpline providing a safe, confidential place for children with no one else to turn to, whatever their worry, whenever they need help, has revealed counselling sessions about sexuality and gender identity rose by 47% last year, the highest levels ever seen at the NSPCC-run service. It carried out 7,729 counselling sessions with children and young people concerned about sexuality and gender identity in 2015-16, an average of 21 a day.

One young person told Childline: “I've been getting bullied for years now. It all started when I came out as gay but it's been getting worse recently. People in school call me disgusting and they tell me that I should die. It's really hard to take and I haven't been coping well. Sometimes I don't eat or I cut myself to help ease the pain of it all. I have even tried to skip school a few times. I have tried talking to my teachers but they don't do anything to help.”


Another told a counsellor: “I’m struggling with my gender identity at the moment. I feel more like a guy than a girl and have been dressing in guys’ clothes. I have felt this way for a while now but I have kept it all to myself. It's taken me a lot to talk to someone about this as I am so scared that my parents will find out. I don't want to speak to my GP in case they tell them.” Peter Wanless, CEO of the NSPCC, said: “Talking about sexuality and gender identity can be daunting for anyone, but especially for children and young people who are still trying to find their place in the world. Fear of being stigmatized or subjected to bullying can force many to bottle up their thoughts and feelings which can leave them feeling isolated, and can trigger serious mental health issues.


“It is vital children and young people feel confident and supported to speak openly about sexuality or gender identity without fear of negative reactions and abuse. Adults, be it a parent, relation, teacher or friend, have a key part to play by helping them navigate these difficult and confusing issues, encouraging them to speak out, if not to them, then to peers or Childline.” Dame Esther Rantzen, President of Childline, added: “I’ve met young people who were desperately unhappy because they couldn’t talk to anyone about issues regarding their sexuality and I’m so pleased that they feel able to talk to Childline and reveal their feelings without being judged or stigmatised. It’s not helpful that children use the term ‘gay’ as a common term of playground abuse. Furthermore, for years the adult world has created a taboo around these issues which effectively imprisoned young people and in some cases has even led to depression and suicide. Childline is calling upon the adult world to listen sensitively and support young people and protect them from this profound unhappiness and loneliness.” Any child or young person who wants to talk about sexuality or gender issues can call Childline on 0800 1111 or

) A major new study to investigate hate crime in the West Midlands and to shape the development of improved support services for victims is being led by the University of Leicester.

• Number of hate crimes in UK has risen in recent months • Study highlights importance of providing support services for hate crime victims • Research team looking for people in West Midlands to share their views through short survey or interviews “With levels of hate crime escalating, it is crucial that support services are accessible, effective and retain the confidence of victims” - Dr StevieJade Hardy, University of Leicester The project’s aims are closely aligned with the priorities set out within the Commissioner’s Police and Crime Plan which are to improve the quality of support offered to hate crime victims and to better understand victims’ needs through the criminal justice system. The research, which is funded by the West Midlands Police and Crime Commissioner David Jamieson, will be led by Dr Stevie-Jade Hardy and Professor Neil Chakraborti from the University of Leicester Centre for Hate Studies within the Department of Criminology between February and April 2017. The research comes at a time when numbers of reported hate crimes has risen across the country. The findings and recommendations from the research will be used to shape new and improved support services for hate crime victims in the West Midlands.


Childline provided advice and video content across its social media channels throughout LGBT History Month in February to raise awareness of the issues affecting young LGBT+ people, such as discrimination and homophobia. Homophobic bullying was mentioned in almost 450 counselling sessions and can stop young people from speaking out about sexuality or gender identity. In almost a quarter (24%) of counselling sessions about sexuality or gender identity young people said they suffered from depression, low self-esteem, self-harm or suicidal thoughts.


David Jamieson, West Midlands Police and Crime Commissioner, said: “It is important that we make sure there is proper support for victims of hate crime. West Midlands Police take the investigation of hate crime very seriously, I also want to make sure the correct support is in place for victims too.” DR STEVIE-JADE HARDY

12-15 year olds were most likely to contact Childline online or over the phone to talk about issues, including: coming out, self-acceptance, gender dysphoria and transgenderism. In a quarter of counselling sessions about sexuality and gender identity issues, the young person told Childline they had not previously confided in anyone else, many saying they found it difficult to talk openly with peers and family members.

Dr Stevie-Jade Hardy added: “With levels of hate crime escalating, it’s crucial that support services are accessible, effective and retain the confidence of victims. We therefore welcome this timely opportunity to work with the Police and Crime Commissioner to identify the support needs and expectations of hate crime victims.” The research team is looking for people to share their views either through a short survey or through interviews. To complete the survey, view: During February and March 2017 the research team will be attending different community groups and organisations to hear from as many people as possible. If you would like to be involved in the project and for more information, email:






FOREVER LGBT+ FAMILIES NEEDED FOR SIBLING GROUPS OF THREE ) Parents and Children Together (PACT) are searching for adopters to provide a forever family for groups of siblings who need to stay together. PACT supports families across the south-east through adoption, award-winning therapeutic support and community projects. Last year they placed 91 children with 58 families through their adoption services. PACT works with a range of adopters from all backgrounds, including those from black and minority ethnic backgrounds and the LGBT+ communities.


Harry and his wife Claire’s dream of a family was realised when they adopted three siblings, all under four years old, through PACT in 2016. He said it had been hard but that the three children had deserved to stay together. Harry, from Oxford, who will this April be running the London Marathon to raise funds and awareness for PACT following the help and support it has given his family, said: “To adopt a sibling group of three has been the toughest and single most rewarding thing my wife and I have done. This is why my tagline for life has quickly become ‘Will it be Easy? Nope. Worth it? Absolutely!’ Our children have been kept together which in turn has helped with their transition to our family whilst also helping to keep their identity. Seeing their smiling, excited faces when I come home from work or get off early and pick them up from school is more than I had ever dreamed of.” Jan Fishwick, PACT Chief Executive, said: “Finding adopters with the skills and space for three children is crucial so that brothers and sisters, who have often had an unsettled enough start to their life, can be adopted and stay together with a new forever family. Our teams are well-experienced at matching and placing sibling groups of three and in helping with the specific challenges such placements can raise. And, as is the case for all our adopted families, we will support families who have adopted three children for life through our specialist support and therapeutic services. “I would encourage anyone who could consider adopting a sibling group of three to get in touch with us and find out more about what is involved. Our friendly enquiries team will be able to answer any questions you might have, or there is lots of information available on our website” Names used in this story have been changed to protect identity To find out more about adopting with PACT, view: or call 0300 456 4800. For more information about adopting three children, view: To sponsor Harry to run the London marathon, view:


There are currently more than 2,000 children waiting to be adopted in England, many of them are in sibling groups of two or more. The charity is particularly looking for adopters who can take a sibling group of three children to enable brothers and sisters stay together.

be themselves. In policing we value courage and it is courage that many LGBT+ people have had to show just to be themselves.

) Chief Superintendent Nev Kemp, the former head of policing in Brighton & Hove, has been named ’Senior Champion’ in Stonewall's, 2017 Workplace Equality Index. For the sixth time in eight years Sussex Police are featured in the Top 100 Employers Index at number 79 and the Sussex Police LGBT+ Network has also been recognised. Ch Supt Kemp received the award for his work as the forces LGBT+ Equality Champion - while being the divisional commander in Brighton & Hove, which included regular liaison and engagement with the LGBT+ communities across Sussex, and in the city; supporting events such as Brighton Pride, the annual Stonewall Equality Walk and his work supporting the independent Brighton & Hove LGBT+ Community Safety Forum whose role is to hold the statutory authorities to account on issues of safety affecting LGBT+ people in the city.

The Sussex Police LGBT+ Network received an award as a Highly Commended Network Group. Ch Supt Kemp said: "This award means a huge amount to me and I know from having spoken to colleagues, it means a huge amount to Sussex Police too. I believe strongly people perform at their best if they can

“Making a stand as champion bought me into conflict on a personal level with a member of my family and sometimes the public and so I am sadly aware of the prejudice and discrimination that LGBT+ people have experienced. My own experience only made me more resolute. I have been proud to be LGBT+ Equality Champion, to be part of an organisation that values difference and I am overwhelmed to have received this award." Jane Carter, chair of the Sussex Police LGBT Network, said: "The inclusion of Sussex Police in the Stonewall top 100 as well as the network being recognised as a highly commended network group, is a significant achievement for the organisation. Both the inclusion and our placement in the index speak volumes about the efforts and initiatives that have taken place to promote and cement inclusion in the workforce. The Sussex Police LGBT Network is proud to continue to support this work and assist in any way possible to further encourage and reinforce the values promoted by Sussex Police." More than 430 employers entered the 2017 Stonewall Workplace Equality Index, the highest number of applicants since the index first opened in 2005. As part of the index there is a staff feedback questionnaire that participating employers can ask their staff to complete. This year Stonewall received over 90,000 responses to the staff survey making it one of the largest national employment surveys in Britain, with 16,186 LGBT+ respondents. Brighton & Hove City Council did not enter the Stonewall index this year. For the full results and more information about Stonewall, view: /files/top_100_employers_2017web.pdf





) The London Assembly Health Committee publishes findings and recommendations to the Mayor of London on how he can provide better mental health support for LGBT+ people.

) The Sussex ME Society who support those in the county affected by ME has welcomed a recently published guideline for medical professionals that are caring for those most severely affected by the disabling illness. Produced by a British Association for CFS/ME (BACME) working group that includes experienced clinicians involved in the diagnosis and management of patients with severe ME. It’s designed to help professionals dealing with those who are house or bed-bound to better understand the condition, and find a way forward in managing the complex illness to improve the patients quality of life.

The report finds: • Up to one-in-ten Londoners (over 800,000 people) identifies as LGB or T and/or other definitions of sexual orientation or gender identity. • Around 40% of LGBT+ people experience a mental health issue, compared to 25% of the wider population. • LGBT+ people are often overlooked when health commissioning decisions are made because of a lack of data and poor consultation. • Generic mental health services are not meeting the current needs of LGBT+ people. • Without specialist support LGBT+ people will continue to experience mental health inequality, stigma and discrimination.


The report recommends: • Hospital staff and GP surgeries, including frontline staff should be more LGBT+ friendly with improved equality and diversity training. • The Mayor should lead a public campaign to tackle discrimination against LGBT+ people in London and explicitly recognise the different groups within the LGBT+ umbrella. • In developing the mental health roadmap, the Mayor and the London Health Board should ensure that the specific mental health needs of LGBT+ people are explicitly set out. • The scale of the issue within LGBT+ communities should be properly assessed. Dr Onkar Sahota AM, Chair of the Health Committee, said: “During LGBT History Month we want this call heard loud and clear by the Mayor. Action is needed now to tackle the urgent mental health needs of LGBT+ people. Time has run out for some and the Mayor needs to take firm and decisive action on his mental health promises to LGBT+ Londoners. The Health Committee heard a strong and rallying call from a number of LGBT+ Londoners and organisations about prevention and ways he can support better mental health for those who have struggled against the system for long enough.“ To read the report in full, view:

persistent physical and mental fatigue, pain, cognitive dysfunction and other symptoms. At its most severe, ME/CFS can lead to people becoming housebound, a wheelchair user or bed-bound and dependent on family and carers for many or all basic activities of daily living for many years, although others return to health within a much shorter time. Colin Barton from the Sussex ME Society, says: “Sometimes those most in need are the most neglected and we hope that these guidelines will go some way to resolving that very unfair situation.”



Myalgic encephalopathy (ME) or Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) is an illness characterised by disabling

For a copy of the guidelines call 01273 674828 or visit

MBE FOR LOCAL LGBT VICAR ) Nigel Nash, Convenor of the Brighton & Hove Lesbian & Gay Christian Movement (LGCM), received an MBE in the 2016 Queen’s Birthday Honours list. The citation read: ‘For work with children and for voluntary work the LGBT+ Community'. The reference to voluntary work with the LGBT+ community refers to the 25 years Nigel has been convenor of the Brighton & Hove LGCM and includes his work on anti-bullying in schools and with individuals helping them come to terms with their sexuality. Nigel said: "A few years ago, people couldn’t even say publicly that they were LGBT+, or that they loved someone of the same sex, but now it’s included in a citation from the Queen. How far we’ve come, but within a couple of weeks of the announcement, we had the massacre in Orlando, so we’ve still a long way to go.”

Nigel, is photographed with his parter, Fr David Ingledew, his mother and sister on the day of his presentation by Prince Charles at Buckingham

Palace. He had no idea the Honour was coming. He was nominated for his work, and information was collected from various people in the community before being submitted to the Honours panel for consideration.








) New Scientist website reveals new HIV infections in gay men have fallen by nearly a third since 2015 across England. The drop may be due to people buying medicines such as PrEP online against mainstream medical advice. A similar fall was reported in London by four sexual health clinics. These new results, which are preliminary figures from sexual health clinics in England for 2016, reveal the trend is happening across the country.


This data was presented at the recent HepHIV conference in Malta by Valerie Delpech from Public Health England who told New Scientist: “Provisional data suggests that HIV diagnoses among gay and bisexual men in England has fallen, although it is not possible to confirm this at a national level until all data for 2016 have been received.” Until last year just over half of new UK HIV infections were in gay men, so ultimately, a fall in this group will have a big impact on the course of the epidemic. One explanation is that the drop is down to people taking medicines that slash their chances of catching HIV, known as pre-exposure prophylaxis or PrEP. However, these drugs aren't available on the NHS and cost around £400 a month when prescribed privately which results in many gay men buying online generic versions from pharmacies in India and elsewhere. Official NHS advice is that it is dangerous to purchase medicines in this way because they could have the wrong active ingredient, no active ingredient or an incorrect dosage. Many people continue to buy their generic drugs through a website called I Want PrEP Now, which works with NHS clinics to check the drugs are genuine. Doctors also provide the generics users with urine tests, to check the medicine isn’t causing kidney damage, as this is a possible side-effect. Other explanations for the fall in rates, include wider testing and encouraging people to start taking HIV medicines as soon as they’re diagnosed. This makes them much less likely to pass on the infection because it cuts the amount of virus in their genital fluids. Whether it’s PrEP or early treatment intervention that’s causing the fall it puts pressure on NHS England to move quickly to instigate their recently announced trial making PrEP available to 10,000 gay and straight people across the country.


Dr Michael Brady, Medical Director at Terrence Higgins Trust, said: “After years of high rates of HIV diagnoses among gay and bisexual men, it is really exciting to see these indications of such a sharp drop in England. It’s early days but this points towards what can be achieved when we utilise all the weapons in our arsenal against HIV transmission. This includes access to condoms, testing, PrEP and, crucially, diagnosing and treating people as early as possible so they can become uninfectious.

“This is extremely positive news for gay and bisexual men, who continue to be one of the groups most affected by HIV. However, it is no time for complacency and we must redouble our efforts to prevent HIV among other at-risk groups as well. “If we can build on this remarkable progress with continued investment in HIV testing and prevention, including a long-term NHS funded PrEP programme for all those who are at risk, a world without HIV transmission could be within our grasp.”

FORMER OUT LIB DEM MP SELECTED TO STAND FOR WEST OF ENGLAND METRO MAYOR ) Stephen Williams, the former MP for Bristol West, is to contest the West of England Metro Mayor election for the party. Mr Williams, a former Vice President of LGBT+ Lib Dems, has a long track record campaigning on LGBT+ issues, including leading for the party during the legislative stages of the Same Sex Marriage Bill. In 2001, he was the party's first openly gay candidate in a target seat, and became its first out MP in 2005. In Parliament he launched an enquiry by the Education Select Committee into bullying in schools, leading to the new Education guidelines on homophobic bullying. Mr Williams said: “Throughout my political life, I've never been afraid to stand up and speak out on behalf of the LGBT+ community, and to fight for equality. In particular, I've campaigned against bullying which can leave a lifelong mark on those affected. Whenever I visit a school and see a poster on the wall about how homophobic bullying won't be tolerated and how to report it, I get a warm glow of pride knowing I helped bring that about.



"Electing an out gay man as Metro Mayor will send a signal to those struggling with their identity that you don't have to hide who you are. Electing a Liberal Democrat will send a signal to Westminster that the West of England won't stand by if the Tory Government tries to use Brexit to reduce our hard-won rights, many of which have been secured through European institutions." Andrew Brown, LGBT+ Lib Dem Executive Committee member, said: "Stephen is passionate about equality issues and the liberal principles of openness, tolerance and unity are firmly embedded in everything he does. He’s the most experienced candidate in the election, and we look forward to helping him win and deliver those Liberal Democrat values for the people of the West of England."

EASTBOURNE HART RAISE £200 FOR OLDER PEOPLES GROUP The event was organised by George, Andrew and Gary from the Hart with songs performed by the very talented cast from the Hart Players who donated their time for free. More info about Eastbourne Rainbow, or text/voice mail on 07516 670654. ) Members of Eastbourne Rainbow, AGE Concern Eastbourne’s 50+ LGBT social group, have received a cheque for £200 from Andrew and Gary at the Hart, Eastbourne's premier gay bar. The money was raised from ticket sales for the sell-out musical evening, Till I Hear You Sing.

George, Gary, Andrew and the Hart Players regularly fundraise for good causes. Their next show will be The Transexualvanian Show on July 16, 17, 18, 21 and 22 at 7.30pm to raise money for a defibrillator for the town centre. Tickets are £10, for more info, visit:



The LGBT Community Safety Forum is an independent group of lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans* (LGBT) volunteers in Brighton & Hove. For more info visit:



Peer Action is a volunteer led support and social network that offers weekly activities for those living with or affected by HIV in Brighton and the surrounding area. Our events are aimed at reducing isolation and improving the overall health and wellbeing of our members. Listed below are just some of our regular events, we run many events in addition. Please go to our website for more information

MON Movie Monday MONTHLY SEE WEBSITE FOR DETAILS TUE Swim @ Brighton Swim Centre (12.30) EVERY TUESDAY Yoga @ Hampshire Lodge (17.45) EVERY TUESDAY WED Games Night @ Barley Mow (19.00) 4TH WEEK OF MONTH Planning & Social @ Camelford Arms (18.45) 1ST OR 2ND WEEK OF MONTH THU Pub Quiz @ Camelford Arms (19.30) 1ST & 3RD WEEK OF MONTH FRI


SAT Wellbeing Therapy Day @ THT (from 13.50) 4TH WEEK OF MONTH SUN Bent Double @ Komedia (19.00) 1ST WEEK OF MONTH Wellbeing Therapy Day @ THT (from 13.50) 2ND WEEK OF MONTH Bowling @ Bowlplex Marina (19.00) 3RD WEEK OF MONTH




















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Peer Action is always looking for new members and volunteers to help keep our activities running. If you have an idea for an event or want to get involved, please get in touch. You might even make a new friend or two.






Visit • Sign up at Or call 01273 855620 • Brighton & Hove LGBT Community Safety Forum is is a member of The LGBT Community Groups Network, funded by the Rainbow Fund • Listening Ear Service provided by the Samaritans • This Advert was paid for with a grant from the Rainbow Fund • Supported by Sussex Police & Rainbow Fund



h l


M 01273 855620





WHO’S THE BOSS BEHIND THE BAR? Chris Marshall has been managing the award-winning Charles Street bar for 11 years, making him the undisputed longest serving manager at the same venue in Brighton & Hove. ) Charles Street has won many Golden Handbag Awards under his leadership including: Favourite Cabaret Venue, Large Bar, DJs, Manager, Club Night and Bar Staff. Joan Bond currently is the holder of a record-breaking 10 Golden Handbags for Favourite Door Hostess. Charles Street first opened its doors 17 years ago. When Chris took over his number one goal was to change the direction and image of the venue. He did this with the help of his colleague Rupert Ellick aka as DJ Ruby Roo, by introducing regular cabaret, bingo and game shows on Sundays and Wednesdays and DJs on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays. Charles Street is now known for quality cabaret as well as being a great place to relax after work and enjoy half price happy hour drinks served by friendly bar staff. Chris is proud of the team he has around him who make everything run smoothly creating a great place for everyone to work. Last year saw the loss of one of the extended Charles Street 'family'. Michael 'Mouse' Burton, a barman at Charles Street for a number of years, died on Dec 12 aged just 37. Mouse was very popular with staff and customers and is sorely missed. On Dec 18 Gary 'Gloria' Swan also passed away. Gary, a popular doorman at Revenge and Legends died from heart disease. Both Mouse and Gloria were very popular on the commercial gay scene and Charles Street, Revenge, Queens Arms and Legends will hold a joint fundraising weekend at the end of March to pay for memorial benches for them in New Steine Gardens by the Aids Memorial.

NEW CHARITY SINGLE FOR RETIRED GREYHOUND TRUST ) The Retired Greyhound Trust (RGT) releases their debut charity single, Let’s Hear It For The Boy(s), performed by chart-topping artist Allan Jay on March 3.


Originally a No.1 hit for Deniece Williams in the 1980s, the song’s title is also the name of their current campaign which is to highlight the plight of male greyhounds awaiting a new home.

Chris was born in Hull. He spent time in Stoke-on-Trent studying for a BA in fine art and later moved to Birmingham to do an MA in fine art. Whilst in Birmingham he managed the restaurant at the Birds Custard Factory in the heart of Birmingham's Creative and Digital District, before moving to Leeds and other cities to manage company venues. One of the highlights for Chris was being given the opportunity to manage the iconic London gay bar, the Black Cap, for a few months where he got to work with the late great Regina Fong. Following this, he moved to Cardiff for six years to manage Wales’ oldest gay pub, the Kings Cross, where he did a great job rebranding the venue, improving its profile and turning it into a great place to drink. The owners of the King Cross had a bar in Brighton, Charles Street, and offered Chris the opportunity to manage and reinvigorate the venue as he had done at the Kings Cross. Chris accepted the challenge and 11 years ago moved to Brighton. He’s never looked back and says Brighton is an amazing place to live and run a business. He loves the scene here and even though he has seen it go through a massive change in recent years, he continues to adapt and focus on what the clientele of Charles Street want from the venue. In his spare time he enjoys gaming on his PS4 and PS VR, walking his dog, Bernie, and socialising with friends at the bar.

Male greyhounds waiting for a new home have reached an all-time high in the RGT kennels, equating to about 1,000 greyhounds at any given point, 800 of which are boys.

include Leona Lewis, Russell Watson, Jilly Cooper, Vicki Michelle, Twiggy, Uri Geller, Craig Levein and former Gladiator, James Crossley. James Crossley is the face of this current campaign and says: ‘‘I want to help break the myths that surround greyhounds and the males in particular. They make great family pets, fit in well to the home environment and don't need as much exercise as people think." A number of these celebrities own a greyhound and the Trust are engaging with them offering up opportunities to perform a cameo role in the music video accompanying the song. The awareness campaign is supported by members of the gay community, who will be adding a fun element to the music video accompanying the song’s release, which is being shot in Brighton. Allan Jay, says: “I’m delighted to be involved in this campaign and the lyrics say it all, let’s give the boy a chance and find the home that they so deserve”

Jo Blake, Operations and Welfare Manager for the Trust, said: “We generally work to keep a fifty-fifty ratio of males to females available for adoption but our waiting lists are now at least 80% male. People looking for a greyhound often come to us specifically looking to take on a girl, owing to preconceived ideas that they make better pets. We’re working hard to educate the public that every greyhound is an individual and there are no hard and fast rules as to suitability for homing based on gender alone.”

Around 8,000 greyhounds retire from greyhound racing each year and the RGT homes around 4000 annually. Racing greyhounds transition very well from track to sofa when they retire, forming an integral part of any home.

Headline names from the world of entertainment who have endorsed the Retired Greyhound Trust

For more about the campaign, view: k/letshearitfortheboys





BRIGHTON UNITY WEEKEND THURSDAY, MARCH 30 SUNDAY APRIL 2, 2017 Venues come together to honour former employees by Chris Marshall, General Manager Charles Street ) Over the short space of two weeks in mid December last year, two bright lights from the Brighton Commercial Gay Scene were lost forever.



Michael ‘Mouse’ Burton, aged just 37, and Gary ‘Gloria’ Swan, aged 58, were two very different people that had one thing very much in common, they were richly, deservedly and universally loved by all who knew them here in Brighton. Their influence covered much of the community and certainly most of the venues - where they both worked and socialised over the years.

Their passing has affected so many of us, so very deeply and I personally felt such an incredible sense of injustice and helplessness - such a strong urge to do something when maybe there was nothing left for us to do. But it would seem I wasn’t alone in feeling this and I certainly wasn’t the only venue manager. Andrew Roberts from Revenge got in touch in late December and expressed his need to do something! Something in their name, with us all working together to honour our lost family members. From that late night conversation the ball started rolling. We thought it would help people to have somewhere to go and remember them both, so we decided to raise the money for two memorial benches facing each other in the New Steine by the Brighton Aids Memorial, Tay, in the heart of the Gay Village. We wanted the venues to come together in unity for this - and we wanted to do it in one weekend! With the help of Barry Nelson from the Queens Arms, Tony Chapman from Legends, Toby Lawrence and Alex Baker the idea of the Brighton Unity Weekend was formed. Over the space of one weekend, Charles Street, Legends, Revenge, Revenge Bar and Queens Arms aim to raise the £2,500 needed for both benches and a years maintenance, with any and all excess monies donated to The Rainbow Fund for distribution to local LGBT+ causes. Please join us over the Brighton Unity Weekend and help us raise our target. I’m hopeful this can become an annual event and more gay venues, unrelated to Mouse and Gloria, will join us in Unity to raise money for the Rainbow Fund now that really would be a fitting tribute and legacy to them both!

JOIN THE MAYOR AND RAISE MONEY FOR HIS 27 LOCAL CHARITIES ) Cllr Pete West, Mayor of Brighton & Hove, is appealing for people to accompany him on a 50-mile cycle ride around the Biosphere Boundary in the beautiful Sussex countryside. He'll be raising money for the 27 local charities he is supporting during his year in office. The ride will start and finish at Hove Lawns on Sunday, April 23, going east on the seafront cycle path and undercliff, passing the white cliffs before heading to Lewes, Ditchling and Hurstpierpoint. He'll stop at the Sussex Wildlife Trust's site at Woods Mill for refreshments before returning to Brighton via Bramber and Shoreham. It’s a medium distance ride and reasonably fit adults should be able to complete it. The route does contain hills, but largely skirts round the edges of the Downs to avoid the worst ones. There are no Devil's Dykes or Ditchling Beacons on the route! Registration is £20 (covers event costs including refreshments). To register, view: More info about the cycle ride at: 94909113/

pathway for the enjoyment of all visitors to Brighton & Hove and residents alike. The walk will start in Saltdean and there are six clear stages, including one with disabled access. You can join or leave at different points along the route. The full route is just over 27 kilometers (18 miles) – one kilometre for each of the Mayor’s chosen Charities! Walk a little or the lot – it’s up to you. There is a suitable stage for everyone. Dogs on leads are welcome, Park Ranger/Volunteers will accompany walkers and there will be talks along the way at areas of specific interest.

To select a charity to support (or select all 27!) go to, and pay your £5 registration fee. Your chosen charity will then contact you with further details, including full route timing and how to raise sponsorship money or donate. The registration fee pays for the event The following weekend, Sunday, April costs. Any excess will go into the 30, the Mayor will be joined by Mayor’s Charities Fund. Your friends and supporters to create a sponsorship and donations will go new walking route while raising directly to the charity or charities you money for his 27 chosen charities. choose to support. The route will take in highlights of our lovely local downland. By pioneering For more info about the walk, view: the new Brighton & Hove Way, the Mayor aims to make this a designated 03042213/

BRIGHTON2PARIS CHARITY CYCLE RIDE 2017 ) Brighton & Hove Property Consortium will stage their 2nd charity cycle ride in May. The Mayor, his partner Geraldine and all registered cyclists, will leave from the i360 in Brighton on the morning of May 4 and head for Paris, cycling back to Brighton over four days via Versailles, Evreux, Liseux, Ouistreham and Dieppe, arriving back at New Road, on Monday, May 8 where organisers will stage a charity afternoon event as part of the Brighton Fringe Festival. There will be live music and entertainment from a military band, festival musicians, stalls and much more. Family, friends and colleagues all are welcome to a

celebratory party and buffet at the Spiegel Pub & Garden in Old Steine Gardens afterwards. Organiser are looking for cyclists and corporate sponsors to get involved. Sponsoring the Brighton2Paris cycle ride 2017 provides a unique opportunity to show your support for the Mayor’s 27 local charities and the ABF Soldiers’ Charity. Each cyclist registered will be set up with their own JustGiving fundraising page with all funds donated directly to the benefiting charity of their choice. For more information, view: 585481161/


DAVID RAVEN From assistant food hall manager at Selfridges in the 1970s to Brighton’s most revered listed treasure in 2017, David Raven, aka Maisie Trollette is still working and continues to pack the punters in. By James Ledward ) It was 1972, I was a young student on my first weekend living in London on my way to visit my first gay bar in London, The Royal Vauxhall Tavern. Standing on the Victoria platform at Stockwell station waiting for a tube, someone started walking along the platform towards me dressed in tight white trousers, which left nothing to the imagination and a bright yellow-flowered shirt


He got in the same carriage as me and got off at Vauxhall. Hmmm I thought, maybe I should follow this vision of gayness and maybe, just maybe he was going to the same place as me, The Royal Vauxhall Tavern. Indeed he was and just one hour later he emerged on stage as Maisie Trollettes, one half of the Trollettes.

That was my first memory of David and over the following years our lives crossed at different times. Mid 70s we ended up living around the corner from each other in Tooting Bec. David would come to watch me play football on Tooting Bec Common for the country's first openly gay football team, Lambda Utd, and among my happiest memories of the time were the wonderful Sunday afternoon soirees we all spent at Jimmy Trollette's flat, which was opposite where I lived.

Tavern and appeared together every Monday, Thursday and Sunday at the Royal Vauxhall Tavern where they packed the crowds in for ten years. David remembers those days at the Royal Vauxhall Tavern with affection. He says: “Even then all the gay entertainers were happy to help raise money for good causes. The charity nights at the Vauxhall Tavern were legendary. Stars including Kathy Kirby, Freddy Mercury and Jimmy Somerville were regulars and would get up and do a number. They were happy, happy days. The Vauxhall was a great venue run by a straight couple, Pat and Breda Murphy, who really understood what a gay crowd at the time wanted from a gay venue.” In the early 1990s David's professional work became more focussed in Brighton where the commercial gay scene was blooming and drag was becoming very popular with the locals. He bought a share of Rowland House Guest House (call 01273 606603) with his beloved partner Don, and the rest they say is history! Each Christmas, he continued working in panto with Jimmy Trollette, playing one of the ugly sisters in theatres up and down the country, and performed in the original Adult Pantos in London. David continues: “Over the years I’ve performed in around 19 different Adult Pantos including the first ones with Scott St Martin at Battersea Town Hall, the Union Tavern and then with Tracy Davenport at the Pavilion Theatre in Brighton.”

In the 1970s David Raven and Jimmy Court, collectively known as The Trollettes, were kings of the cabaret scene in London and the newly emerging gay scene’s biggest and brightest stars. They had residencies, all running at the same time at the Elephant & Castle, The Union

Just last month he played Nurse Nancy Ringworm in Sleeping Beauty & A Little Prick at the Old Ship Hotel, stealing the show with his rendition of The Man Who Got Away from A Star Is Born. On February 3, after two performances in the panto he went on to top the bill at Celebration! celebrating 25 years of the work of the Sussex Beacon, which took place in the Phil Starr Pavilion in New Steine Gardens. His performance of Who Can I Turn To? left few dry eyes in the house and illustrated how, despite his years, he can still hold an audience in the palm of his hand with his impeccable choice of song material.



As he approaches his 84th year, David continues to work in London at the Old Ship and Central Station. In Brighton he appears regularly at Legends, Queens Arms and the Grosvenor as well as the cabaret dinner events at the Old Ship and Queens Hotels. He’s just filmed a documentary about the iconic Royal Vauxhall Tavern, performing There's No Business, Like Show Business from Annie Get Your Gun, which was one of the favourite numbers he sang with Jimmy Court as the Trollettes. He’s also recorded a TV show marking 50 years since the partial decriminalisation of homosexuality for men in England and Wales with Strictly Come Dancing judge, Craig Revel Horwood. I asked him when he intends to slow down. He said: “I’ll be taking things a little easier over the next 12 months. I‘m not as strong as I used to be, but performing is in my blood.” On Sunday night (February 19) I caught up with him at the Phil Starr Pavilion, named after his friend and former performing partner. He was supporting the local women singers at DIVAS. It was a great night and illustrated everything that makes the man so special. He wasn’t performing himself, but was there to show support for the other artists who were donating their services to Rise, the organisation who provide help for victims of domestic violence. He gives his time, friendship and love unconditionally to the causes he supports. If he is free and not working he’ll always turn up and sing a few numbers to help any cause. Over the years he has provided unwavering support for the Sussex Beacon who looked after his partner Don, and along with many other Brighton entertainers, he supports a children's orphanage in Pattaya, Thailand. As he starts to slow down, finds more time for himself and takes things a little easier, I hope everyone whose lives he has brightened over the years never lets him forget the impact he has had on the Brighton gay scene, and furthermore celebrate the ambassadorial role he has fulfilled for the gay community in the City at large.






) The Brighton & Hove LGBT Community Safety Forum received permission from Brighton & Hove City Council to stage a festival celebrating LGBT History Month on New Steine Gardens a few days before Christmas. They had no funding or programme in place but somehow managed to raise the money, agree a programme and deliver 50 events in 17 days at the Phil Starr Pavilion from February 3-19, making sure that Brighton was able to mark LGBT History Month in style for the first time. It was a magnificent effort made possible with grants from Sussex Police, the Brighton Pride Social Impact Fund, the Rainbow Fund and officer time from Brighton & Hove City Council. On February 3, two much loved drag queens smiled in heaven as hundreds of ‘queens’ battled the elements on Brighton seafront to take their seats at the opening of the Phil Starr Pavilion while storm Doris blew a gale outside. Dockyard Doris and Phil Starr smiled broadly and nodded knowingly as they watched our straight Green Mayor, Cllr Pete West, waltz with an ‘out’ Tory, Christopher Sandland MBE. Only in Brighton could this happen and all to celebrate 25 years of the work of the Sussex Beacon. It was a wonderful evening and got the B RIGHT ON LGBT Festival off to a winning start.







During the 17 day festival, events such as Celebration!, Rocky Horror Sing-A-Long and Divas played to large enthusiastic audiences, while community events such as Soul Safari each Sunday, The HIV History Day, The Big Community Lunch and especially the Family Fun Day presented the opportunity for different sections of the community, who might never meet to come together in a community setting, socialise, make new friends and most importantly new contacts. My personal festival highlights include the moving memorial concert for Pablo Fernandez Arias Carzola by the Brighton Gay Men’s Chorus and the magical moments created by the Rainbow Chorus as they sang to young children at the Family Fun Day. I’ll also remember for a long time the Divas show as Aneesa Chaudhry, Gabriella Parrish, Hannah Brackenbury and Jennie Castell created moments of individual magic during their solo sets, highlighting the strength and depth of the highly talented LGBT performers and musicians in Brighton & Hove. The B RIGHT ON LGBT Festival was organised by Billie Lewis, the elected chair of the Brighton & Hove LGBT Community Safety Forum and his eight elected unpaid volunteers who work to address and improve safety and access issues throughout Brighton & Hove, undertaking cultural, educational and social safety community activities and any type of LGBT community/inclusion and accessibility initiative. Special thanks to Carole Todd who volunteered her time to stage manage Celebration!, Rocky Horror and Divas, to all the artists and performers who donated their time throughout the festival and James Tomlinson Lighting who provided first class sound and lighting for all events. Photos by Hugo Michiels, Graham Hobson and StellaPix













28 GSCENE involvement we asked her to do as many as possible. “Just talking about yourself and your own condition can get very insular,” Damian adds, “but with Eli there she can ask questions or give a woman’s point of view.”


It’s also interesting that, as Damian and Davey are both gay, Eli brings a heterosexual element to the podcasts in discussing her relationship and boyfriend as part of the recorded episodes. “Being two gay men, we’re already by default challenging that heteronormative stereotype, but we wanted a show for everyone and Eli helps us to achieve that,” Damian explains. “My hope though is to have a broader listener base,” says Davey, “yes to build on the support from the gay community first but the contact from the police for example, he’s straight and it appealed to him.”

Just how honest can two men with mental health issues be? Local gents Damian Friel and Davey Shields certainly try to be just that. Craig Hanlon-Smith met up with them to chat about their new venture, MenTalkHealth. ) Davey describes himself as a snowboarding, shirt lifting, media worker in his 30s, who has spent the last eight years trying to manage his diagnosis of depression and anxiety. Damian is a 25-year-old mental health nursing student and part-time barman from Derry, Ireland with a longstanding diagnosis of depression and anxiety, and more recently Tourette’s syndrome and OCD. As a barman in local runaway success, Bar Broadway, Damian is a familiar face in Brighton, not least of all following his appearances on TV discussing his mental illness and appearance on Channel 4’s First Dates. “The whole point of the podcasts,” explained Davey,” is to get men talking about their own mental health and we felt the best way to do that was to share our experiences, bring people on our journey as it happens and hopefully to find some humour in the darker moments. “We hope that the humour will be what does it,” Damian adds, “that through listening to that and hopefully relating to it, men in particular will talk about their own experiences too. We want to break the stigma.” I suggest to Damian that breaking any kind of stigma is no small task. “No, but you have to start somewhere and we’re starting by challenging the stereotype that men shouldn’t cry for example, through to it’s okay for men to have mental illness and talk about it openly.” Davey goes on: “We know that it works through my own experience. Talking through my own incidents of mental health, opening up to Damian, thinking about the humour in it all, making my experience funny – sort of makes what I went through worthwhile. I can honestly say that whilst working on this, which enables me to talk (and I can talk a lot), has in many ways started to make be feel better. We hope that translates to other people.” And it does. Both Damian and Davey have received countless messages of support and

I ask them both why they think that incidents of mental health are so much higher in the LGBT community compared to our heterosexual equals. Whilst one in four heterosexual people are expected to develop some form of mental health episode, it is thought to be as much as three in four amongst the LGBT population. honest feedback via social media, specifically Damian begins, ”I think it all links to society at twitter. One such example was from a former large. Whilst there are lots of everyday elements friend who now works with the police, sharing that now fall underneath the LGBT rainbow, we that he loved what they were doing and that in still have a long way to go in getting broader the workplace, whilst it can be a struggle to society to be more tolerant.” get people to understand issues around mental health, the mixture (in the pod casts) of I suggest that living in the deep and darkest humour and reality could be a real help. Davey wilds of the UK may be a different experience shares that others include ‘Listening to your than living in a large city and certainly conversations helps me with mine’. He says: “We Brighton. “Yes but even here,” Damian want to be a conversation starter to talk about passionately interjects, “there have been mental health in a way that’s accessible.” homophobic attacks and there are slurs shouted at you which if you’re already verging on the Both men are enthusiastic about the project vulnerable can impact on your self-esteem and from the moment we meet, chatting openly worth. There’s potentially a lot against you that and at pace. “We honestly believe that it many hetero people just won’t come up against makes the whole experience less scary using – internalised homophobia for example.” humour,” enthuses Damian, “people feel at ease. Nowadays people find that humour can I ask if either of them have ever had to access get them through adversity and really horrible any of the voluntary mental health charities in illnesses such as cancer and we thought, why Brighton, both on and off the gay-scene. “We’re can’t it be the same with mental illness? We massive fans of what they are doing and they want to say it’s okay to talk about it. The have supported us on social media. Although difficulty can be that when you’re in the neither of us has accessed their support middle of your own symptomatic period that directly,” Davey explains, “anyone we know who may not be the right time to discuss the has says they are amazing at what they do.” issues. You can feel ashamed of how you’re So where to go from here boys? Will you bring feeling – when you’re out of the woods, or in different people? “Yes, definitely. Other when you listen to others, you can hopefully people with different diagnoses to us but also feel people will understand. That’s the idea.” people who’ve looked after us, looking at the So far there are five podcasts and they have a challenges of mental health support on those chatty, discursive feel, almost like a pub around us.” Both have two best friends who conversation with a friend and certainly have have looked after them when they have been the effect of normalising the subject at hand. unwell. It’s important to look at the bigger Damian tells me: “After episode one we felt picture, keep the conversation going. that it was so discursive and chatty we’d better drink less wine whilst recording the next two!”


As the podcasts are centred specifically around men’s mental health, I’m curious to hear about the inclusion of their friend, Eli, who has now made an appearance in three encounters. Davey says: “It was our intention for Eli to drop in occasionally as she does in episode one, but we had such great feedback about her

) All podcasts from MenTalkHealth can be found on iTunes or via SoundCloud. More information on the pair and their venture is available at



ALBUMS ) Like a rabbit out of a hat spring is finally jumping and we have some mighty delicious tunes to accompany the light. Ease yourself sweetly into spring with Chris Coco’s sound spiritual journey of discovery Return To Good Karma on Chris Coco Music it will satisfy with its charming daydreams of Bali. As will the bliss beats of SCHiLLiNG’s Hella on Apparel Tronic. A magnificent mix of UKrooted beats, nu-jazz, and jungle that will definitely impress you. Others impressing us include the four-to-thefloor house and techno beauties of Octo Octa’s Where Are We Going? on Honey Soundsystem Records, the late night techno excellence of FABRICLIVE 91: Special Request, the welcome return of Jazzanova - The Remixes 2006-2016 on

Sonar Kollektiv, the jubilant brilliance of Africa Gets Physical on Get Physical and all-killer-nofiller thriller of Gradients on Astrophonica. A compilation to blow away the winter cobwebs. March wonders include the divine analogue ambience of Delia Derbyshire Appreciation Society debut album on Six Degrees Records, the masterful back to the good stuff Big Love beauty of Re-Loved By Seamus Haji - Volume 1, the dreamy ethereal techno and electronica of Xinobi’s On The Quiet on Discotexas and the sensational Mr YT’s Brand New Day on Apollo Recordings. From Balearic downtime to bumped-up funk March delivers it all. And we’re all the happier for it.


Catch Wildblood & Queenie’s Home Service on 97.2FM 1st & 3rd Saturday of every month at 7pm.

What kind of music do you play? Very open format / multi-genre. I really like to mix things up over the course of a set. If I had to choose one genre over the course of a night it would be house music.

Now March is upon us those nights out are beckoning more than ever! This month Queenie catches up with the gorgeous DJ Oli Leslie, a fella who is sure to put the spring in your step as you hop on to your nearest dancefloor! Where do you DJ? I DJ all over the South East of England with regular slots at Thirteen in Guildford, Anjelique Bar in Horsham, Boutique and Pryzm in Brighton, Unit 7 in Basildon and Club Chemistry in Canterbury.

All time fave tune? Haha good question, it's always hard to pick just one as a favourite song is not always about the song itself, it's about the memories it comes with! But I guess my true favourite is Infinity 2008 by Guru Josh Project. Best thing about DJing in Brighton? It's very diverse with people and clubs so it's got a lot of choice and a lot to offer both to the customers and DJs. Plus everyone just seems happier down here.

WILDBLOOD & QUEENIE’S MARCH 12” ) HERCULES & LOVE AFFAIR featuring Faris Badwan Controller Mr Intl They are back and they are magnificent. Time to be perfectly controlled. ) BEARCUBS Underwaterfall All Points Achingly beautiful immersive electronica that will always seduce you. ) SEVERINO ft Princess Magnifique Smoking Classic Music Company Right proper house music from two of our favourite disco queens. ) MEDLAR Shake It For Discos Only Bleeping brilliance destined to get you in a right sweaty spin. ) LETHERETTE EP3 Wulf Records Downlow grooves sexier than Barry White on full throttle. ) TOM JAY Fallen (Original Mix) Sense Traxx Fall for this house beaut and all will be well with the world. ) CHICKS LUV US & SERGY Pop It Cuff Come Up EP action so sexy you’ll be coming up till dawn. ) SEAMUS HAJI I Saw Your Face Big Love Strap yourself in for a session of seductive low-slung grooves. ) LEE GARRETT Mind Swerve Digital Brighton’s finest delivers a groove so delicious you’ll always want more. ) RADIO SLAVE Feel The Same Rekids A tune of anthemic proportions we can’t get enough of. ) RECLOOSE & SON OF SOUND feat Mara Spirit Knows TK AUS Quality house from AUS delivering plenty of soulful sunshine.

Ultimate dream gig? I'm a big fan of playing at festivals and I’d love to do more. Dream would be to play at Creamfields or V-fest – megadream would be Ultra or Tomorrowland. Your favourite gig so far? My favourite gig would have to be the Exit Festival in Serbia I did last summer. The fact that half way through my set Guetta starting playing on the main stage made me worried people would leave… But we still kept a packed out crowd. Tune you wish you’d never played? If you mean one I put on that I instantly regretted then fortunately that hasn't really happened. I played a current drum and bass track called Bricks Rolling when I was at Club Chemistry in Canterbury. Normally that song can give some serious crowd hype; however, despite hundreds of people on the dance floor only about five went nuts. Didn't take me long to mix in the next song. However, this question has two meanings to me because I thought it meant a song I wish I never had to play but did! Anyway, that would be Shout Out To My Ex by Little Mix. Think the whole time that track was popular I only ever played it at the end of a night once due to popular demand. I personally wasn't a fan! Guilty pleasure? I have many! Love a bit of cheese and classics all the way up to a dirty bassline, but I don't feel guilty about them at all. So they’re just pleasures. Describe yourself in three words? Tall, friendly, weird.




























) 11-12 Marine Parade, BN2 1TL, T: 01273 688826, ) OPEN daily from 10.30am–late ) FOOD Mon–Fri 11am–8pm; Sat & Sun 10.30am–8pm; Sunday roasts

) 10 Steine Street, BN2 1TE, Tel: 01273 609777, ) OPEN Mon-Thur 6pm-1am, Fri 5pm–3am, Sat 4pm-3am, Sun 4pm–1am;

12pm–sold out. Specials: Mon–Wed: main course from specials menu and a pint/glass of house wine £10; Thur Steak Night: rump steak w/ a pint or glass of house wine £12; Fish & Chips Friday: 2 fish suppers & a bottle of house wine £25 from 4–8pm; Sat & Sun: breakfast & Bloody Mary £10 from 10.30am–1pm. ) DRINK PROMOS Cobra £3.50 a pint in March; new house wine £10.90 a bottle.

) DRINK PROMOS 4-8pm every day, All Day Mon & Tues.

closed for Private Parties on Sat (4), Fri (17). ) ONE FOR THE DIARY Sunday (5) THE FIREPLACE SESSIONS presents Denise

) REGULARS Friday (3, 17 & 31) is Sally Vate’s FUN

FROLICS FRIDAY at 9pm; (10 & 24) is Jason Thorpe’s KARAOKE at 9pm. ) Sat is SANFRANDISCO with DJ Mick Fuller (Radio Reverb) playing chilled out soul at 8pm.

) REGULARS Wednesday is VOICE OF BROADWAY 2017 with host Jason

Information is correct at the time of going to press. Gscene cannot be held responsible for any changes or alterations to the listings


l BAR 7@CRAWLEY Fresh!: DJ Jazzy Jane 9pm l BAR BROADWAY Voice of Broadway 2017: host Jason Thorpe & prizes 9pm l BAR REVENGE Lip Sync For Your Life: Crystal Lubrikunt & prizes 9pm l BASEMENT CLUB@LEGENDS Ice: DJ Claire Fuller 11pm l BOUTIQUE St David’s Day Party:

Welsh cake & shot giveaways 4pm l BRIGHTON SAUNA Naked Day 11am l CAMELFORD ARMS Seniors’ lunch 2-3.30pm l CHARLES ST Mrs Moore’s Bona Bingo 9pm8909 l MARINE TAVERN Big Sausage Party 7pm l PARIS HOUSE live music: Fleur de Paris 8pm l QUEEN’S ARMS Sally’s Month of Madness 9.30pm l SUBLINE Happy Hump Day 9pm l VELVET JACKS Quiz: cash prize 8pm

BAR 7 CRAWLEY ) 7 Pegler Way, Crawley, RH11 7AG, Tel: 01293 511177, ) OPEN 6pm daily. ) DRINK PROMOS Tue, Fri & Sat drink specials all night ) ONE FOR THE DIARY Tue is CREWSDAY with DJ LEWIS OSBORNE. Bar 7 say: 'BRACE! BRACE! we're emergency landing in Crawley! Grab the first class bar, kick off your heels and head for the exit slides! Whether you’re crew, know crew, want to meet crew... or just want a good night out, Crewsday is for you!” ) REGULARS Fri 7-UPSTAIRS with all-star DJs pop/dance/guilty pleasures at

8pm, free till 11pm. Sat 7-SINS with all-star DJs from 8pm, free till 11pm.

Thorpe, Mr Original Voice of Broadway, £250 cash for winner and gigs at Bar Broadway and Brighton Fringe. ) Thursday is BAR BROADWAY’S QUIZ with Ross Cameron, cash prize, showbiz, news and general knowledge rounds at 8pm. Thur (2) is SHOWTUNE KARAOKE with Ross Cameron and Sally Vate after the quiz at 10pm. The dream team are back to get you warbling, so if it has a tenuous link to a musical, you can sing it. Ross says: “Sally is a joy to work with. After first working together on Sally’s Summertime Special, we knew we worked well on stage. Hosting Showtune Karaoke cements the fact that we bounce off each other; we’re a nice balance of fact and funny. As for Sally having the liver of the house brick... I, being from Scotland, like to think I give her a run for her money!” ) Friday & Saturday is BROADWAY JUKEBOX. Download the Bar Broadway app, click the track you want, and if they’ve got it, they’ll play it!


l BAR 7@CRAWLEY Total Request Thursdays: DJ FRESH Princess 9pm l BAR BROADWAY Quiz: host Ross Cameron & jackpot 8pm; Showtune Karaoke: Sally Vate & Ross Cameron 10pm l BAR REVENGE FOMO pre-party 9pm l BOUTIQUE CASA Boutique: DJ Lady Lola 10pm l CAMELFORD ARMS £300 Big Cash Quiz 9pm l CHARLES ST Throwback Thursday: DJ Ruby Roo & hostess Ms Joan Bond 9pm

l GROSVENOR BAR Mabel’s Bona Bingo 8.30pm l MARINE TAVERN Throwback Thursday: 80s Jukebox 8pm l QUEEN’S ARMS cabaret: Miss Jason 9.30pm l REVENGE FOMO: DJs 11pm l SUBLINE Brace Yourself 9pm l THREE JOLLY BUTCHERS Quiz: cash jackpot 7.30pm


l AMSTERDAM Sally Vate’s Fun Friday Frolics 9pm l BAR 7@CRAWLEY 7 Upstairs 9pm



Irish stew, Soda Bread & a pint of Guinness for £10, served till they run out! Sun (26) is MOTHER’S DAY so treat mum to a three course meal, including a box of chocolates, for £20 per person.



Black (Bad Girls, Queer As Folk, Coronation Street), performing her favourites, your favourites and songs from the as yet unheard Queer as Folk: The Musical from 8.30pm. Denise is best known for her siren TV characters - hairdresser Denise Osbourne in Coronation Street, Dingle heartbreaker Joanie Wright in Emmerdale, Denny’s mad, bad mum in Bad Girls and Hazel, the mum all gay men wanted in Queer as Folk. Other Fireplace Sessions this month at 8.30pm: Paul Diello up-tempo set (12), Jason Lee gets the party started (19) and Jennie Castell upbeat and uplifting set for Mother’s Day (26). Jennie says: “Expect to be entertained, not just by great vocals but off the cuff humour and cheekiness.”







) 2 Boyces St @ West St, BN11AN, 01273 327607 ) OPEN daily from 4pm–very late. ) FOOD All day, every day till midnight. ) DRINK PROMOS Mon–Fri: bottles of Moet £50 & Veuve £60. Fri & Sat: five J-

) 75 Grand Parade, BN2 9JA, Tel: 01273 689966 ) OPEN Mon–Thur 10–1am, Fri 10am through till 1am on Mon. The Brighton

Bombs for £5 and 2-4-1 selected cocktails. ) ONE FOR THE DIARY Friday (17) is the ST PATRICK’S DAY PADDY PARTY

with Baby Guinness Shot giveaways and live bands on the terrace from 4pm. DJ Franco take over in the evening, spinning tunes to get you moving till the wee hours. Lady Lola bringing the best house beats to Boutique from 10pm. Lady Lola is an award-winning Brighton-based DJ who has been rocking our souls and minds with her fat bouncing beats. No stranger to transfixing dance floors at 5,000-attendee + large-scale events, such as Brighton Pride, Lola is a force to be reckoned with. Lola has entered the building! She says: “Expect nothing less than the best in current House everything deep, tech, jackin’ and funky!” ) Start the weekend with a bang every Friday with DJ Franco and giveaways/ competitions from 10pm: Zara vouchers for best dressed (3), cocktail shot samples on entry (10) and free entry for anyone quoting Gscene till midnight (24). ) Learn how to make your favourite cocktail every Saturday at the OPEN COCKTAIL MASTERCLASS in Bar 2 from 8pm. DJ Oli themes/specials/ giveaways from 10pm: VIP booth giveaway with a hour in the karaoke suit for the most fun-loving group (4), Birthday celebrations for free for groups over 10 or more (18), Glow Party with free LED glowsticks (25).

l BAR BROADWAY Jukebox 5pm l BAR REVENGE Pop-Tartz warm-up 9pm l BASEMENT CLUB@LEGENDS Glitter: DJ David Noakes 11pm l BOUTIQUE DJ Franco & giveaways 10pm l CAMELFORD ARMS Friday Club 6pm l CHARLES ST Fabulous Fridays: DJ Morgan Fabulous 9pm l DR BRIGHTONS House Rules: DJ Nick Hirst 9.30pm l GROSVENOR BAR Mysterry’s karaoke 9pm l MARINE TAVERN Jukebox Disco 8pm l PARIS HOUSE DJ Havoxx 9pm

) ONE FOR THE DIARY New monthly Monday events start on Monday (6) with

YOU TAKIN’ THE PISS water sports night; Mon (13) BEARS NIGHT from 6pm–1am; Mon (20) FETISH NIGHT for sports wear/underwear/rubber/leather; Mon (27) TRANSGENDER evening from 6pm–1am. Check the Brighton Sauna website and Facebook page for more info and updates. ) REGULARS NAKED DAYS are Wednesday from 11–1am and Sunday 12pm–close. You'll get a small towel for drips and a regular towel to shower with before you leave, but NO towels can be worn on these days. The Brighton Sauna boys say: “It's about letting it all hang out and feeling free! What better way to chill out at the end of the weekend than having everything on show. Give it a try - it's a fantastic day.”




l QUEEN’S ARMS cabaret: Jennie Castell 9.30pm l REVENGE Pop Tartz DJs on level 1; Anthem: DJ Tony Lawrence on level 2 11pm l SUBLINE Steam 9pm l ZONE cabaret: Stone & Street 10pm


Sauna is the perfect place to socialise and meet new people and you’ll be greeted at the door by a team of warm and friendly staff. TBS makes all newcomers to the gay scene feel at home and you can even chat to guys in the Brighton Sauna Chat Room before visiting, see: The sauna is modern, clean, and well presented, with new steam room, 12-man Jacuzzi, cinema, free hot drinks, smoking area, private cabins, filtered water, towels, use of a locker, computers, super-fast Wi-Fi, large lounge with a 70” TV, masseurs and a cafe & licensed bar. You will be safe at all times, and won't be pushed into anything you don't want to do. Some people just come for the facilities and nothing more.

l AMSTERDAM SanFranDisco: DJ Mick Fuller 8pm l BAR 7@CRAWLEY 7 Sins 9pm l BAR BROADWAY Jukebox 4pm l BAR REVENGE WTF warm-up 9pm l BASEMENT CLUB@LEGENDS Fusion: DJ Peter Castle 11pm l BOUTIQUE Open Cocktail Masterclasses 8pm; DJ Klipz & VIP booth

giveaway 10pm l CHARLES ST Fierce: DJs Lil Alex, Grant Knowles, Leeroy 9pm l DR BRIGHTONS Saturday Session: DJ Tony B 9.30pm l GROSVENOR BAR cabaret: Sally Vate 9.30pm l LEGENDS BAR Pre-club DJs 7pm l MARINE TAVERN Saturday Club 8pm l PARIS HOUSE Live jazz 4pm; TC’s Joyful Noise: DJ Kenny 9pm l QUEEN’S ARMS cabaret: TBA 9.30pm l REVENGE The Powder Room pres RuPaul’s Drag Race star Raven + Lydia L’ Scabies, Crystal Lubrikunt, Rococo Chanel & host Dolly Rocket 7.30pm; WTF!: DJs over 2 floors 11.30pm l SUBLINE Men’s Room: DJ Screwpulous 9pm l THREE JOLLY BUTCHERS live music: The Informers 8pm l ZONE cabaret: Spice 10pm


l AMSTERDAM Sunday roasts 12pmtill gone l BAR 7@CRAWLEY DJ Bullard’s karaoke 8pm







) 30-31 Camelford St, BN2 1TQ, Tel: 01273 622386, ) OPEN daily from 12pm. The most dog-friendly pub in town. ) FOOD Mon–Sat 12–9pm; Sunday roasts and select menu served 12pm–till

) 8 Marine Parade, BN2 1TA, Tel: 01273 624091, ) OPEN daily from 12pm ) FOOD served Mon–Sat 12–8pm. ) AFTER WORK HAPPY HOUR All drinks half price 5–9pm Mon–Sat and all night

gone; seniors’ lunch served Wed 2–3.30pm, two courses £9.50.

on Sun from 8.30pm, right after the cabaret. Offer excludes sparkling wine and cocktails. Cocktails 2-4-1 every Fri.

) ONE FOR THE DIARY Friday (17) is the ST

PATRICK’S DAY GUINNESS PARTY all day. ) REGULARS Sunday is the BEAR BASH with FREE FOOD and a RAFFLE from 5PM. ) Thursday is the BIG


l BRIGHTON SAUNA You Takin’ The Piss monthly event l CHARLES STREET Studio 150 10.30pm l LEGENDS BAR The Maisie & Dave Show 9.30pm

l PARIS HOUSE live jazz 2pm & 7pm


l BAR 7@CRAWLEY Crewsday: DJ Lewis Osborne 9pm l MARINE TAVERN Nat’s Quiz 8pm l REVENGE Bangers & Trash: DJs Toby Lawrence & Trick 11pm


l BAR 7@CRAWLEY Fresh!: DJ Jazzy Jane 9pm l BAR BROADWAY Voice of Broadway 2017: host Jason Thorpe & prizes 9pm l BAR REVENGE Lip Sync For Your Life: Crystal Lubrikunt & prizes 9pm l BASEMENT CLUB@LEGENDS Ice: DJ Claire Fuller 11pm l BOUTIQUE International Women’s Day: free karaoke 8pm l BRIGHTON SAUNA Naked Day 11am l CAMELFORD ARMS Seniors’ lunch 2-3.30pm l CHARLES ST Mrs Moore’s Bona Bingo 9pm l MARINE TAVERN Big Sausage Party 7pm l PARIS HOUSE live jazz 8pm l QUEEN’S ARMS Sally’s Month of Madness 9.30pm l SUBLINE Happy Hump Day 9pm l VELVET JACKS Quiz: cash prize 8pm

) ONE FOR THE DIARY Friday (17) & Saturday (18) GREEN WEEKEND for St

Patrick’s Day with DJ Morgan Fabulous, giveaways, drink deals & green glowbands from 9pm. ) REGULARS Wednesday is Mrs Moore’s BONA BINGO at 9pm. ) THROWBACK THURSDAY throwback tunes, throwback prices, DJ Ruby Roo

spinning 00s/guilty pleasures/90s/retro anthems, and hostess Miss Joan Bond from 9pm, entry £1 and drink deals all night! ) Saturday is FIERCE with some of Brighton’s best DJs playing dance/house anthems from 9pm. ) Enjoy the best cabaret every Sunday at 7.30pm with: Miss Penny (5), Lady Imelda (12), Sandra (19) and Davina Sparkle (26). Lady Imelda (12) was last drag queen standing on The Weakest Link (Celebrity Drag Queen edition), gaining the reputation as brainiest drag queen in the UK with self-deprecating humour, astonishing vocals and glamorous costumes. Lady Imelda says: “There are two Imeldas; one is corrupt and the other is corrupted. I love wearing butterfly-sleeved dresses and my jokes are based on everyday life or the news. It‘s all based on my character. Most of my jokes are politically correct and self-deprecating. It’s not putting myself down but I base it from my point of view.”


l BAR BROADWAY Fireplace Sessions pres Denise Black 8.30pm l BAR REVENGE Sunday Club: DJs 9pm l BASEMENT CLUB@LEGENDS Pop!Candy: DJ Claire Fuller 11pm l BRIGHTON SAUNA Naked Day 12pm l CAMELFORD ARMS Bear Bash, free food & raffle 5pm; roasts & select menu 12pm–till gone l CHARLES ST cabaret: Miss Penny 7.30pm; Sally’s Rock & Roll Bingo 8.30pm l LEGENDS BAR cabaret: Topsy Redfern 3.30pm; roasts 12–3pm l MARINE TAVERN Sunday roasts 125pm; Drag Open Mic with Stephanie Von Clitz 9pm l PARIS HOUSE live jazz 6pm l QUEEN’S ARMS cabaret: Martha D’Arthur 6pm & 9.30pm l SUBLINE Guilty Pleasures: DJ Screwpulous 9pm l THREE JOLLY BUTCHERS Jazz Roast 3pm; Sunday roasts 1-6pm


CASH QUIZ with a £300 cash prize, free sarnies and great atmosphere from 9pm. ) The FRIDAY CLUB is from 6pm.

) ONE FOR THE DIARY FABULOUS FRIDAYS are Charles Street’s start to the weekend with DJ Morgan Fabulous spinning party tunes from 9pm, free entry. Morgan Fabulous says; “Fabulous Fridays are with me, Morgan Fabulous, on the decks, playing whatever you desire, from commercial drum & bass, r&b and dance anthems, and sometimes a little cheese mixed in! Something for all tastes. Expect a mixed, relaxed and friendly atmosphere, with comfortable seating areas, sheltered smoking area, friendly bar staff and free entry all night! Don’t hesitate to come and say hello and request your favourite tune! Fabulous people, fabulous drink offers, fabulous music!”

) Every Sunday right after the cabaret, is SALLY VATE’S ROCK & ROLL BINGO with

big cash prizes.


l BAR 7@CRAWLEY Total Request Thursdays: DJ FRESH Princess 9pm l BAR BROADWAY Quiz: host Ross Cameron & jackpot 8pm l BAR REVENGE FOMO pre-party 9pm

l BOUTIQUE CASA Boutique: DJ Lady Lola 10pm l CAMELFORD ARMS £300 Big Cash Quiz 9pm l CHARLES ST Throwback Thursday: DJ Ruby Roo & hostess Ms Joan Bond 9pm







) 16-17 Kings Rd, BN1 1NE, Tel: 01273 208113 ) OPEN Mon–Thur 3pm–midnight; Fri & Sat 1pm–2am; Sun 1pm–midnight. ) HAPPY HOURS all day Sun–Thur; 1pm–close on Fri; 1–7pm on Sat. BOGOF

) 16 Western Street, Hove, BN1 2PG, ) OPEN daily from noon–late. ) ONE FOR THE DIARY Saturday is top-flight CABARET

Cocktails all day Sun–Fri and till 7pm on Sat. Free pool with every round every day. ) ONE FOR THE DIARY Saturday (18) is DOCTOR BRIGHTON’S 8TH


) REGULARS Friday (3) is HOUSE RULES with DJ Nick

Hirst’s decadent house classics from 9.30pm. VINYL FRIDAY (10) is with a selection of DJs spinning records-only from 9.30pm. Doctor Brighton’s say: “House Rules is back for a night of deliciously decadent classic house. Playing the tunes will be House Rules’ own daddy of the decks and we’ll have a dream team behind the bar. There is no better way to start your weekend so let the piano riffs and the big vocals commence!” Friday (17) is the DOCTOR’S PARTY NIGHT with 70s/80s/90s/00s tunes at 9.30pm. ) The SATURDAY SESSIONS are with DJ Tony B at 9.30pm.

l GROSVENOR BAR Mabel’s Bona Bingo 8.30pm l MARINE TAVERN Throwback Thursday: 80s Jukebox 8pm l QUEEN’S ARMS cabaret: Dave Lynn 9.30pm l REVENGE FOMO: DJs 11pm l SUBLINE Brace Yourself 9pm l THREE JOLLY BUTCHERS Quiz: cash jackpot 7.30pm


l AMSTERDAM Jason Thorpe’s Karaoke 9pm l BAR 7@CRAWLEY 7 Upstairs 9pm l BAR BROADWAY Jukebox 5pm l BAR REVENGE Pop-Tartz warm-up 9pm l BASEMENT CLUB@LEGENDS Glitter: DJ David Noakes 11pm l BOUTIQUE DJ Franco 10pm l CAMELFORD ARMS Friday Club 6pm l CHARLES ST Fabulous Fridays: DJ Morgan Fabulous 9pm l DR BRIGHTONS Reflex 80s Night: DJ

Adam Rice 9.30pm l GROSVENOR BAR Mysterry’s karaoke 9pm l MARINE TAVERN Pre-Scrum 9pm l QUEEN’S ARMS cabaret: Sally Vate 9.30pm l REVENGE Pop Tartz Whitney Houston Tribute: DJs & Elesha Moses as Whitney 10.30pm l SUBLINE Big Scrum sportskit night 10pm l THREE JOLLY BUTCHERS DJ Havoxx 7pm l ZONE cabaret: Kara Van Park 10pm


l AMSTERDAM SanFranDisco: DJ Mick Fuller 8pm l BAR 7@CRAWLEY 7 Sins 9pm l BAR BROADWAY Jukebox 4pm l BAR REVENGE WTF warm-up 9pm l BASEMENT CLUB@LEGENDS Fusion: DJ Peter Castle 11pm l BOUTIQUE Open Cocktail Masterclasses 8pm; DJ Oli 10pm l CHARLES ST Fierce: DJs Lil Alex,


BIRTHDAY PARTY under current ownership with DJ Tony B at 9.30pm.

with stars of the cabaret scene from 9.30pm: Sally Vate (4), Davina Sparkle (11), Dave Lynn (18) and Pooh La May & guests celebrating Mike’s birthday from 9pm (25). Pooh La May says: “From me expect glamour, fun, flamboyance and little, or maybe a lot, of campness! I have the voice of an angel, will be performing showtunes and a bit of swing and there will be lots of audience participation. The Grosvenor has a fab mix of clientele and I’m looking forward to seeing you there!” ) REGULARS Thursday (2, 9 & 30) is MABEL’S BINGO from 8.30pm. ) Friday is KARAOKE with Mysterry at 9pm.

Grant Knowles, Leeroy 9pm l DR BRIGHTONS Saturday Session: DJ Tony B 9.30pm l GROSVENOR BAR cabaret: Davina Sparkle 9.30pm l LEGENDS BAR Pre-club DJs 7pm l MARINE TAVERN Saturday Club 8pm l PARIS HOUSE Live jazz 4pm; TC’s Joyful Noise: DJ Kenny 9pm l QUEEN’S ARMS cabaret: Dr Beverly Ball Crusher 9.30pm

l REVENGE WTF!: DJs over 2 floors 11.30pm l SUBLINE Men’s Room: DJ Screwpulous 9pm l ZONE cabaret: Sally Vate 10pm


l AMSTERDAM Sunday roasts 12pmtill gone l BAR 7@CRAWLEY DJ Bullard’s karaoke 8pm







) 31-34 Marine Parade, BN2 1TR Tel: 01273 624462, ) OPEN daily from 11am–5am ) FOOD Mon–Sat 12–5pm; Sunday lunch 12–3pm. ) DRINK PROMOS Buy one bottle of wine get 2nd half price, Mon–Fri 12–11pm.

) 31-34 Marine Parade, BN2 1TR, Tel: 01273 624462, ) OPEN Wed, Fri–Sun from 11pm; free entry. ) DRINK PROMOS Wed select bottles £2, house spirit & mixer £2.50; drink promos on Sun.

) REGULARS Friday is with Pre-Club DJs spinning tunes from 7pm. ) Monday is the Maisie & Dave Show with not one but two legendary drag queens, Maisie Trollette & Dave Lynn, edging you into the working week with gags, chat and camp tunes from 9.30pm.

l BAR BROADWAY Fireplace Sessions pres Paul Diello 8.30pm l BAR REVENGE Sunday Club: DJs 9pm l BASEMENT CLUB@LEGENDS Pop!Candy: DJ Claire Fuller 11pm l BRIGHTON SAUNA Naked Day 12pm l CAMELFORD ARMS Bear Bash, free food & raffle 5pm; roasts & select menu 12pm–till gone l CHARLES ST cabaret: Lady Imelda 7.30pm; Sally’s Rock & Roll Bingo 8.30pm

l LEGENDS BAR cabaret: Dave Lynn 3.30pm; roasts 12–3pm l MARINE TAVERN Sunday roasts 125pm; Drag Open Mic with Stephanie Von Clitz 9pm l PARIS HOUSE live jazz 6pm l QUEEN’S ARMS cabaret: Miss Penny 6pm & 9.30pm l SUBLINE Guilty Pleasures: DJ Screwpulous 9pm l THREE JOLLY BUTCHERS Jazz Roast 3pm; Sunday roasts 1-6pm

) ONE FOR THE DIARY Friday is GLITTER with DJ David Noakes sparkling up the start of your weekend with chart & dance tracks. DJ DAVID NOAKES

Topsy Redfern (5), Dave Lynn (12), Davina Sparkle (19) and Lola Lasagne (26). Get there early on Sunday for one of Legends’ celebrated Sunday roasts, served from 12–3pm. Choose from beef, pork, chicken or wholesome nut roast, served alongside a delicious selection of seasonal veggies, crisp roast potatoes, homemade Yorkshire pudding and real stock gravy. Topsie Redfern (5), a class act with excellent live vocals, glamour, wit and a warm stage presence, says: “Topsie has been described as the Mary Poppins of drag; she’s warm and friendly, elegant and slightly kooky, single and a little bit desperate. Her ovaries are drying up and she wants a good man to be the wind beneath her wings and father to her third-world adopted babies. Topsie sings live, indeed people often praise her oral skills... “I do a real mixture of songs, pop, jazz, musical theatre. I don’t have a duet partner so I do duets by myself or enlist the help of the audience. I sing male-soprano so I throw a bit of girlie singing in. Make sure you bring your camp Shirley Bassey arms, you’ll need them - there’s plenty of audience interaction.Come and watch... please come and watch... pretty please? If being polite fails I’m offering you my body, yes I’m looking for a husband and it could be you! I bet you’ve always wanted to marry a drag queen... no?”



) ONE FOR THE DIARY Sunday is CABARET with top acts on stage at 3.30pm:

) REGULARS Wednesday is ICE with DJ Claire Fuller

melting the dancefloor with a hot mix of chart, house & r&b tunes. ) Saturday is FUSION with DJ Peter Castle spinning chart & club remixes to blow your mind from 11pm. ) Sunday is POP!CANDY with DJ Claire Fuller sweetening you up with a sugary mix of new and retro pop.


l BRIGHTON SAUNA Bears night 6pm–1am l CHARLES STREET Studio 150 10.30pm l LEGENDS BAR The Maisie & Dave Show 9.30pm l PARIS HOUSE live jazz 2pm & 7pm


l BAR 7@CRAWLEY Crewsday 9pm l MARINE TAVERN Nat’s Quiz 9pm l REVENGE Bangers & Trash: DJs Toby Lawrence & Trick 11pm


l BAR 7@CRAWLEY Fresh!: DJ Jazzy Jane 9pm l BAR BROADWAY Voice of Broadway 2017: host Jason Thorpe & prizes 9pm l BAR REVENGE Lip Sync For Your Life: Crystal Lubrikunt & prizes 9pm l BASEMENT CLUB@LEGENDS Ice: DJ Claire Fuller 11pm l BRIGHTON SAUNA Naked Day 11am l CAMELFORD ARMS Seniors’ lunch 2-3.30pm

l CHARLES ST Mrs Moore’s Bona Bingo 9pm l MARINE TAVERN Big Sausage Party 7pm l QUEEN’S ARMS Sally’s Month of Madness 9.30pm l SUBLINE Happy Hump Day 9pm l VELVET JACKS Quiz: cash prize 8pm


l BAR 7@CRAWLEY Total Request Thursdays: DJ FRESH Princess 9pm l BAR BROADWAY Quiz: host Ross Cameron & jackpot 8pm l BAR REVENGE FOMO pre-party 9pm l BOUTIQUE CASA Boutique: DJ Lady Lola 10pm l CAMELFORD ARMS £300 Big Cash Quiz 9pm l CHARLES ST Throwback Thursday: DJ Ruby Roo & hostess Ms Joan Bond 9pm l MARINE TAVERN Throwback Thursday: 80s Jukebox 8pm l QUEEN’S ARMS cabaret: Kara Van Park 9.30pm l REVENGE FOMO DJs 11pm l SUBLINE Brace Yourself 9pm



MARINE TAVERN ) 13 Broad St, BN2 1TJ, Tel: 01273 905578, ) OPEN daily from 12pm. ) FOOD daily from 12–9pm, Tue is CURRY NIGHT with curry for £1 served

7.30–8.30pm. ) ONE FOR THE DIARY Every Sunday sees Bee serve

up some of the most delicious roasts in Brighton from 12–5pm, booking advised. All food is fresh and cooked to perfection (and to order) with locally sourced lamb, beef and chicken or nut roast served alongside carrots, broccoli, creamy leeks, mashed potatoes, wonderful crisp roast potatoes and Yorkshire pudding. Each roast is great value: £6.95 each or two for £13. If you like to mix things up, then two meats are £1 per head extra. If you have the appetite, then why not go the whole hog and opt for the full three-courses? Starters are £3.95 each and they include: fish cakes, deep-fried Brie and soup of the day. Round off your meal with a moreish desert, £2.95 each – cheesecake, fruit salad, pavlova or ice cream.

l THREE JOLLY BUTCHERS Quiz: cash jackpot 7.30pm


l AMSTERDAM St Patrick’s Day Weekend: Irish Stew, Soda Bread & Guinness 11am-till gone; Sally Vate’s Fun Friday Frolics 9pm l BAR 7@CRAWLEY 7 Upstairs 9pm l BAR BROADWAY St Patrick’s Day jukebox 5pm l BAR REVENGE Pop-Tartz warm-up 9pm l BASEMENT CLUB@LEGENDS Glitter: DJ David Noakes 11pm l BOUTIQUE St Patrick’s Day Party: baby Guinness shot giveaways, DJ & live band on the roof terrace 4pm l CAMELFORD ARMS St Patrick’s Day Guinness Party & Friday Club 6pm l CHARLES ST St Patrick’s Day: Green Weekend: DJ Morgan Fabulous 9pm l DR BRIGHTONS The Doctor’s Party: DJ 9.30pm l GROSVENOR BAR Mysterry’s karaoke 9pm l MARINE TAVERN LGBT Pub Crawl 8pm

l PARIS HOUSE St Patrick’s Day Murphy’s Party: DJ Havoxx 9pm l QUEEN’S ARMS cabaret: Sandra 9.30pm l REVENGE Pop Tartz DJs + Love Shack: DJ Claire Fuller 10.30pm l SUBLINE Filth: mixed fetish night 9pm l THREE JOLLY BUTCHERS St Patrick’s Day Guinness Party 12pm l ZONE Annual St Patrick’s Day Party: Guinness, themed spirits, shorts & cocktails 11am; live music: Lascel Wood 10pm


l AMSTERDAM St Patrick’s Day Weekend: Irish Stew, Soda Bread & Guinness 11am-till gone; SanFranDisco: DJ Mick Fuller 8pm l BAR 7@CRAWLEY 7 Sins 9pm l BAR BROADWAY Jukebox 4pm l BAR REVENGE WTF! warm-up 9pm l BASEMENT CLUB@LEGENDS Fusion: DJ Peter Castle 11pm l BOUTIQUE Open Cocktail Masterclasses 8pm; DJ Klipz & giveaways 10pm







) 21 Western Rd, BN3 1AF, Tel: 01273 724195,

) 7 George St, BN2 1RH, Tel: 01273 696873, ) OPEN daily from 12pm. ) FOOD daily from 12pm–close.

) OPEN 4pm Wed–Fri; 2pm Sat & Sun.

l CHARLES ST St Patrick’s Day: Green Weekend: DJ Morgan Fabulous 9pm l DR BRIGHTONS 8th Birthday Under Current Ownership: DJ Tony B 9.30pm l GROSVENOR BAR cabaret: Dave Lynn 9.30pm l LEGENDS BAR Pre-club DJs 7pm l MARINE TAVERN Saturday Club 8pm l PARIS HOUSE Live jazz 4pm; TC’s Joyful Noise: DJ Kenny 9pm l QUEEN’S ARMS cabaret: Davina Sparkle 9.30pm l REVENGE WTF!: DJs over 2 floors 11.30pm l SUBLINE Men’s Room: DJ Screwpulous 9pm l ZONE cabaret: Tabitha Wild 9pm

12pm–till gone l CHARLES ST cabaret: Sandra 7.30pm; Sally’s Rock & Roll Bingo 8.30pm l LEGENDS BAR cabaret: Davina Sparkle 3.30pm; roasts 12–3pm l MARINE TAVERN Sunday roasts 125pm; Drag Open Mic with Stephanie Von Clitz 9pm l PARIS HOUSE live jazz 6pm l QUEEN’S ARMS cabaret: Drag With No Name 6pm & 9.30pm l SUBLINE Guilty Pleasures: DJ Screwpulous 9pm l THREE JOLLY BUTCHERS Jazz Roast: 3pm; Sunday roasts 1-6pm l VELVET JACKS live music: Mike Newsham 4pm



l AMSTERDAM Sunday roasts 12pmtill gone l BAR 7@CRAWLEY DJ Bullard’s karaoke 8pm l BAR BROADWAY Fireplace Sessions pres Jason Lee 8.30pm l BAR REVENGE Sunday Club: DJs 9pm l BASEMENT CLUB@LEGENDS Pop!Candy: DJ Claire Fuller 11pm l BRIGHTON SAUNA Naked Day 12pm l CAMELFORD ARMS Bear Bash, free food & raffle 5pm; roasts & select menu

l BRIGHTON SAUNA Fetish night l CHARLES STREET Studio 150 10.30pm l LEGENDS BAR The Maisie & Dave Show 9.30pm l PARIS HOUSE live jazz 2pm & 7pm


l BAR 7@CRAWLEY Crewsday 9pm l MARINE TAVERN Nat’s Quiz 9pm l REVENGE Bangers & Trash: DJs Toby Lawrence & Trick 11pm

) ONE FOR THE DIARY Saturday (25) is a CABARET FUNDRAISER for the Bear-Patrol with the ever-fabulous Kara Van Park pitching up from 9.30pm. BearPatrol, the Brighton-based LGBT community social and leisure networking group, was founded in May 2008 by Danny Dwyer to bring people together to become part of a Social Community Network, thus enabling them to meet friends and new faces in an environment free from attitude and stigma. Bear-Patrol continues to strive forwards, organising social and challenge events, gatherings, day trips, weekend breaks and fundraising opportunities. During these activities, Bear-Patrol members, friends and followers utilise their social skills, contacts and enthusiasm to raise funds for local & national charities and support groups. ) ONE FOR THE DIARY Bring Your Mothers to the QA on Sunday (26) for Jason Lee’s MOTHER’S DAY SPECIAL at 6pm & 9.30pm. Adamant to become an entertainer, Jason’s thirst for the big stage and bright lights first took him to Spain where he soon became lead vocalist of many big shows. Now back in the UK, Jason continues to entertain audiences up and down the country. He says: “For me, it’s not just about the voice - it’s about putting on a show. I love all kinds of music - soul, blues and artists like Ray Charles, Freddie Mercury or Sam Cooke. I like to perform all genres of music, and play to the crowd. One minute I’ll be singing a hard-hitting soul song, then a beautiful ballad or big musical number. I do them all with one thing in mind: to have a damn good night and get you on your feet!” ) REGULARS Wednesday is Sally’s MONTH OF MADNESS at 9.30pm. )

Thursday CABARET with top acts at 9.30pm: Miss Jason (2), Dave Lynn (9), Kara Van Park (16), Lola Lasagne (23) and TBA (30). ) Edge yourself into the weekend on Friday with CABARET at 9.30pm: Jennie Castell (3), Sally Vate (10), Sandra (17), Baga Chipz (24) and Drag With No Name’s Friday Special (31). ) Saturday has CABARET at 9.30pm: TBA (4), Dr Beverly Ball Crusher (11) and Davina Sparkle (18). ) Sunday is DOUBLE CABARET at 6pm and 9.30pm: Martha D’Arthur (5), Miss Penny (12) and Drag With No Name (19).


l BAR 7@CRAWLEY Fresh! 9pm l BAR BROADWAY Voice of Broadway 2017: host Jason Thorpe & prizes 9pm l BAR REVENGE Lip Sync For Your Life: Crystal Lubrikunt & prizes 9pm l BASEMENT CLUB@LEGENDS Ice: DJ Claire Fuller 11pm

l BRIGHTON SAUNA Naked Day 11am l CAMELFORD ARMS Seniors’ lunch 2-3.30pm l CHARLES ST Mrs Moore’s Bona Bingo 9pm l LEGENDS BAR Pre-club DJs 7pm l MARINE TAVERN Big Sausage Party 7pm l PARIS HOUSE live jazz 8pm


) REGULARS Monday is free LIVE JAZZ at 2pm and again at 7pm. ) Wednesday is free LIVE JAZZ at 8pm. Fleur de Paris perform Chanson from the 1930s–50s (1). ) Friday is PARTY TIME with DJs from 9pm: Havoxx (3 & 17) and Meryle (10). ) Saturday is AND ALL THAT JAZZ with live jazz at 4pm; TC's Joyful Noise with DJ Kenny at 9pm, free entry. ) Sunday is LIVE JAZZ at 6pm.


) ONE FOR THE DIARY Friday (17) is a ST PATRICK’S DAY MURPHY’S PARTY with DJ Havoxx at 9pm.
















6 & 9.30PM









) 5-7 Marine Parade, BN2 1TA, Tel: 01273 606064, ) OPEN Sun-Wed 12pm-1am, Thur 12pm-2am, Fri & Sat 12pm-6am. ) DRINK PROMOS 50% off all drinks Sun–Fri 5–9pm; from £2.50 every Sat. Buy

) 32-34 Old Steine, BN1 1EL, Tel: 01273 606064, ) OPEN Tue from 11pm, Thur, Fri & Sat from 10.30pm. ) DRINK PROMOS

a drink on Thur, Fri & Sat to pick up discounted entry passes for Club Revenge.

) ONE FOR THE DIARY On Saturday (4), THE POWDER ROOM presents

) REGULARS Tue is KARAOKE with Liz from 9pm.

l QUEEN’S ARMS Sally’s Month of Madness 9.30pm l SUBLINE Happy Hump Day 9pm l VELVET JACKS Quiz: cash prize 8pm


l BAR 7@CRAWLEY Total Request Thursdays: DJ FRESH Princess 9pm l BAR BROADWAY Quiz: host Ross Cameron & jackpot 8pm l BAR REVENGE FOMO pre-party 9pm

l BOUTIQUE CASA Boutique: DJ Lady Lola 10pm l CAMELFORD ARMS £300 Big Cash Quiz 9pm l CHARLES ST Throwback Thursday: DJ Ruby Roo & hostess Ms Joan Bond 9pm l MARINE TAVERN Throwback Thursday: 80s Jukebox 8pm l QUEEN’S ARMS cabaret: Lola Lasagne 9.30pm l REVENGE FOMO DJs 11pm l SUBLINE Brace Yourself 9pm l THREE JOLLY BUTCHERS Quiz: cash jackpot 7.30pm


l AMSTERDAM Jason Thorpe’s Karaoke 9pm l BAR 7@CRAWLEY 7 Upstairs 9pm l BAR BROADWAY Jukebox 5pm l BAR REVENGE Pop-Tartz warm-up 9pm l BASEMENT CLUB@LEGENDS Glitter: DJ David Noakes 11pm l BOUTIQUE DJ Franco 10pm l CAMELFORD ARMS Friday Club 6pm l CHARLES ST Fabulous Fridays: DJ Morgan Fabulous 9pm l GROSVENOR BAR Mysterry’s karaoke 9pm

Raven, the standout of two series’ of RuPaul’s Drag Race, with support from some of Brighton’s top queens from 7.30pm, standard/meet & tickets available from Fan-favourite Raven, who was known on the show for her wit, fashion sense, fierce runway walks and lip-sync performances, will be supported by Crystal Lubrikunt, Lydia L'Scabies, Rococo Chanel and winner of Bar Revenge's LIP SYNC FOR YOUR LIFE, Rose Gould, all hosted by the ever-fabulous Dolly Rocket! ) REGULARS Saturday is WTF with DJs spinning tunes to get you moving, drag queen hosts, bonkers décor, sexy shot boys and themed nights. ) Tuesday is BANGERS & TRASH with DJs Toby Lawrence & Trick celebrating the biggest chart bangers and the trashiest pop from 11pm, £3 with a pass from Bar Revenge, £2 NUS/student cardholders. ) Friday is POP TARTZ with resident DJs sweetening the dancefloor with the biggest pop anthems from 10.30pm. Friday (10) is the POP TARTZ WHITNEY HOUSTON tribute night with a special live performance from vocal powerhouse and one of the UK’s top Whitney tribute acts, Elesha, from 10.30pm, drink specials all night! Revenge say: “Our weekly celebration of all things pop shines the spotlight on the ultimate (and original) diva... Whitney Houston! Our guest, Elesha, has appeared on The X Factor and The Voice UK and will be belting out some of Whitney's classics!”

l MARINE TAVERN Jukebox Disco 8pm l QUEEN’S ARMS cabaret: Baga Chipz 9.30pm l REVENGE Pop Tartz DJs on level 1; Fat Lip: DJ Fifi on level 2 10.30pm l SUBLINE Steam 9pm l THREE JOLLY BUTCHERS DJ Havoxx 7pm l ZONE cabaret: Davina Sparkle 10pm


l AMSTERDAM SanFranDisco: DJ Mick Fuller 8pm l BAR 7@CRAWLEY 7 Sins 9pm l BAR BROADWAY Jukebox 4pm l BAR REVENGE WTF! warm-up 9pm l BASEMENT CLUB@LEGENDS

Fusion: DJ Peter Castle 8pm l BOUTIQUE Open Cocktail Masterclasses 8pm; Glow Party: DJ Oli 10pm l CHARLES ST Fierce: DJs Lil Alex, Grant Knowles, Leeroy 9pm l DR BRIGHTONS Saturday Session: DJ Tony B 9.30pm l GROSVENOR BAR Mike’s Birthday Cabaret: Pooh La May & guests 9pm l LEGENDS BAR Pre-club DJs 7pm l MARINE TAVERN Saturday Club 8pm l PARIS HOUSE Live jazz 4pm; TC’s Joyful Noise: DJ Kenny 9pm l QUEEN’S ARMS cabaret: Kara Van Park & Bear-Patrol Fundraiser 9.30pm l REVENGE WTF!: DJs over 2 floors 11.30pm


at SUNDAY SESSION with drink promos, free pool and DJ Trick spinning a healthy mixture of pop/ r&b/cheese/dance and requests from 9pm. Trick says: “I’ll be playing all your requests, pop, R&B, house and everything in between - from Dolly Parton to Tinie Tempah, Calvin Harris to Mariah Carey! There’ll be a cosy Sunday environment with space to sit and chill or get up and dance till midnight.”



) ONE FOR THE DIARY Heat up the end of your weekend






) 129 St James' St, BN2 1TH, Tel: 01273 624100, ) OPEN Wed–Sun from 9pm. ) DRINK PROMOS Fri drink promos till 11pm and bargain prices all night, Sat

) 59 North Rd, Brighton, BN1 1YD, Tel: 01273 608571, ) OPEN 12pm on Mon–Sat, 1pm on Sun. Private function room available.

drink promos all night

) FOOD Mon–Sat 12–9pm, Sunday roasts 1–6pm. Meal Deal: two specials for £15 Mon–Wed, 12–7.30pm.

) ONE FOR THE DIARY Friday (10) is the BIG SCRUM, the UK’s biggest sports kit club night. Do you like men in rugby and sports kit? Do you like an attitude-free, fun, cheeky and horny club night? If so then you'll love the Big Scrum! Entry is £5 in kit, £7 otherwise.

) ONE FOR THE DIARY Friday (17) is the ST PATRICK’S DAY GUINNESS PARTY with Irish fare and tunes all day. ) REGULARS Thursday is QUIZ NIGHT with a £50 cash prize at 7.30pm. ) Friday (10 & 24) is with DJ Havoxx playing tunes to get you moving from 7pm. ) Sunday is the JAZZ ROAST with chilled jazz at 3pm, free entry.

) ONE FOR THE DIARY Saturday (25) LEATHERMEN SOUTH bring together

the leathermen of Sussex, Surrey, Kent and further afield. Entry is £5 in leather, normal prices otherwise. Leathermen South say: “Our chief aim is to build and support the local gay leather community and to provide a regular place to meet in gear to indulge in our shared interests and for our own mutual enjoyment.” Their regular meetings take place in Brighton's premier gay fetish club, Subline, with top local DJ, friendly bar staff, coat check, changing room with lockers and dark cruising areas. There are 40 lockers, so arrive early if you wish to change into gear.




) REGULARS Ease yourself into the weekend on Friday at STEAM from 9pm, entry free for members before 11pm/£3 after, £5 for guests. ) Saturday is

MEN’S ROOM with DJ Screwpulous spinning tunes for those who like a night thick with testosterone and heaving with men from 9pm, entry free before 11pm, £3 after, guests £5. ) Leave your inhibitions at the door on Sunday (26) for the CUM IN YOUR PANTS UNDERWEAR PARTY, free entry for members. Unapologetically hot, horny and definitely uninhibited!

l SUBLINE Leathermen South 10pm l ZONE cabaret: Sally Vate 10pm


l AMSTERDAM Mother’s Day: 3course meal incl chocolates, £20 pp (booking advised) 12pm-till gone l BAR 7@CRAWLEY DJ Bullard’s karaoke 8pm l BAR BROADWAY Fireplace Sessions pres Jennie Castell 8.30pm l BAR REVENGE Sunday Club: DJs 9pm l BASEMENT CLUB@LEGENDS Pop!Candy: DJ Claire Fuller 11pm l BOUTIQUE Mother’s Day: live bands

on the roof terrace, pizzas & cocktail giveaways 4pm l BRIGHTON SAUNA Naked Day 12pm l CAMELFORD ARMS Bear Bash, free food & raffle 5pm; roasts & select menu 12pm–till gone l CHARLES ST cabaret: Davina Sparkle 7.30pm; Sally’s Rock & Roll Bingo 8.30pm l LEGENDS BAR cabaret: Lola Lasagne 3.30pm; roasts 12–3pm l MARINE TAVERN Sunday roasts 125pm; Drag Open Mic with Stephanie Von Clitz 9pm l PARIS HOUSE live jazz 6pm

l QUEEN’S ARMS cabaret: Jason Lee in Bring Your Mothers 6pm & 9.30pm l SUBLINE Cum in Your Pants: underwear night 9pm l THREE JOLLY BUTCHERS Jazz Roast 3pm; Sunday roasts 1-6pm


l BRIGHTON SAUNA Transgender night 6pm–1am l CHARLES STREET Studio 150 10.30pm l LEGENDS BAR The Maisie & Dave Show 9.30pm l PARIS HOUSE live jazz 2pm & 7pm


l BAR 7@CRAWLEY Crewsday 9pm l MARINE TAVERN Nat’s Quiz 9pm l REVENGE Bangers & Trash: DJs Toby Lawrence & Trick 11pm


l BAR 7@CRAWLEY Fresh! 9pm l BAR BROADWAY Voice of Broadway 2017: host Jason Thorpe & prizes 9pm l BAR REVENGE Lip Sync For Your Life: Crystal Lubrikunt & prizes 9pm l BASEMENT CLUB@LEGENDS Ice: DJ Claire Fuller 11pm







) 50 Norfolk Sq, BN1 2PA, Tel: 07720 661290 ) OPEN Tue–Thur 4–11.30pm, Fri & Sat 12–11.30pm, Sun 1–11pm.. ) FOOD Meat & cheese boards and wood-fired pizzas served all day, every day;

) 33 St James’ St, BN2 1RF, Tel: 01273 682249, ) OPEN 11am Sun–Fri; 10am Sat. ) DRINK PROMOS all day Sun-Thur, till 7pm Fri & Sat; 2-4-£10 selected

roast potatoes on the bar on Sunday. ) DRINK PROMOS all day every Tue.

cocktails 5–8pm everyday.

afternoon of LIVE CHILLED OUT TUNES with Mike Newsham and his guests from 4pm. If you’re interested in performing then message Mike on Facebook. ) REGULARS Wednesday is QUIZ NIGHT with a cash prize at 7.45pm for an 8pm start.

l BRIGHTON SAUNA Naked Day 11am l CAMELFORD ARMS Seniors’ lunch 2-3.30pm l CHARLES ST Mrs Moore’s Bona Bingo 9pm l MARINE TAVERN Big Sausage Party 7pm l PARIS HOUSE live jazz 8pm l QUEEN’S ARMS Sally’s Month of Madness 9.30pm l SUBLINE Happy Hump Day 9pm l VELVET JACKS Quiz: cash prize 8pm


l BAR 7@CRAWLEY Total Request Thursdays: DJ FRESH Princess 9pm l BAR BROADWAY Quiz: host Ross Cameron & jackpot 8pm l BAR REVENGE FOMO pre-party 9pm l BOUTIQUE CASA Boutique: DJ Lady Lola 10pm l CAMELFORD ARMS £300 Big Cash Quiz 9pm l CHARLES ST Throwback Thursday: DJ Ruby Roo & hostess Ms Joan Bond 9pm l GROSVENOR BAR Mabel’s Bona Bingo 8.30pm



) ONE FOR THE DIARY Sunday (19) is an intimate

) ONE FOR THE DIARY Friday (17) is the Zone’s annual ST PATRICK’S DAY PARTY with pints of Guinness, themed spirits, shorts and cocktails from 11am. X Factor finalist Lascel Wood performs on stage from 10pm. The Zone say: “Celebrate St Patrick’s Day in true style with this all-day party like no other!” ) REGULARS Friday is LIVE ENTERTAINMENT from 10pm: Stone & Street

(3), Kara Van Park (10 & 31) and Davina Sparkle (24). Davina Sparkle has show business running through her veins and has been a professional Drag Queen Comedian working on the cabaret circuit for over 15 years. Kara Van Park says: “There'll be naughty anecdotes and camp comedy and some tunes from the prettiest, ahem, drag queen in Brighton!” ) Saturday is CABARET from 10pm: Spice (4), Sally Vate (11 & 25) and Tabitha Wild (18).

l MARINE TAVERN Throwback Thursday: 80s Jukebox 8pm l QUEEN’S ARMS cabaret: TBA 9.30pm l REVENGE FOMO DJs 11pm l SUBLINE Brace Yourself 9pm l THREE JOLLY BUTCHERS Quiz: cash jackpot 7.30pm


l AMSTERDAM Sally Vate’s Fun Friday Frolics 9pm l BAR 7@CRAWLEY 7 Upstairs 9pm l BAR BROADWAY Jukebox 5pm l BAR REVENGE Pop-Tartz warm-up 9pm l BASEMENT CLUB@LEGENDS Glitter: DJ David Noakes 11pm l BOUTIQUE DJ Franco 10pm l CAMELFORD ARMS Friday Club 6pm l CHARLES ST Fabulous Fridays: DJ Morgan Fabulous 9pm l DR BRIGHTONS Vinyl Friday: DJs playing vinyl only 9.30pm l GROSVENOR BAR Mysterry’s karaoke 9pm l MARINE TAVERN Jukebox Disco 8pm l PARIS HOUSE DJ Havoxx 9pm l QUEEN’S ARMS cabaret: Drag With No Name’s Friday Special 9.30pm l REVENGE Pop Tartz DJs on level 1; Fat Lip: DJ Fifi on level 2 10.30pm l SUBLINE Steam 9pm l ZONE cabaret: Kara Van Park 10pm





l HAMPSHIRE BOULEVARD 1 Hampshire Terrace, Southsea T: 2392 297509 l OLD VIC 104 St Paul’s Rd, Southsea TEL: 02392 297013,


l EDGE Compton Walk, SO14 0BH TEL: 02380 366163, l ISOBAR 100c St Mary’s St T: 02380 222028 l LONDON HOTEL 2 Terminus Terr, SO14 3DT TEL: 02380 710652, Friendly bar with cabaret, DJs & food OPEN: Mon-Wed 12-11pm, Thur 12-12.30am, Fri & Sat 12-1.30am, Sun 12-11.30pm. FOOD: Mon-Sat 12-3pm; Sunday roasts 123.30pm l TITANIC Simnel St, SO14 2BE TEL: 023 8021 1879,


SOUTHAMPTON l EDGE Bar 150: DJs & karaoke 10pm


PORTSMOUTH l HAMPSHIRE BLVD karaoke till 2am l OLD VIC karaoke 8pm SOUTHAMPTON l EDGE Pop!: DJ 11pm l LONDON HOTEL Mellow Martha’s Music Box: karaoke 9pm


SOUTHAMPTON l EDGE Pop!: DJ 11pm l LONDON HOTEL Mellow Martha’s Music Box: karaoke 9pm


PORTSMOUTH l HAMPSHIRE BLVD DJ till 3am SOUTHAMPTON l EDGE Get Some: DJs 10pm l LONDON HOTEL Fairylea Friday: DJ Ruby Roo 8.30pm; cabaret: Davina Sparkle 10pm


PORTSMOUTH l HAMPSHIRE BLVD DJ till 3am l OLD VIC DJs all night SOUTHAMPTON l EDGE The Big One: DJs 10pm l LONDON HOTEL Guilty Pleasures: DJ Neil Sackley 8.30pm


PORTSMOUTH l HAMPSHIRE BLVD karaoke till 2am SOUTHAMPTON l EDGE Pounded: DJ 11pm l LONDON HOTEL London Podium: Tanya Hyde & Vileda Moppe 8pm; roasts 12-3.30pm



PORTSMOUTH l HAMPSHIRE BLVD DJ till 3am SOUTHAMPTON l EDGE Get Some: DJs 10pm l LONDON HOTEL Fairylea Friday: DJ Ruby Roo 8.30pm; cabaret: Rose Garden 10pm

PORTSMOUTH l OLD VIC Quiz 8pm SOUTHAMPTON l EDGE video jukebox 11pm



PORTSMOUTH l HAMPSHIRE BLVD DJ till 3am l OLD VIC DJs all night SOUTHAMPTON l EDGE The Big One: DJs 10pm l LONDON HOTEL Guilty Pleasures: DJ Claire Fuller & vocalist Eva Iglesias 8.30pm


PORTSMOUTH l HAMPSHIRE BLVD karaoke till 2am SOUTHAMPTON l EDGE Pounded: DJ 11pm l LONDON HOTEL London Podium: Lucinda Lashes & Wilma Fingerdo 8pm; roasts 123.30pm








) 2 Terminus Terrace, SO14 3DT, Tel: 02380 710652, ) OPEN daily from 12pm. ) FOOD Mon–Sat 12–3pm; Sunday lunch 12–3.30pm. ) ONE FOR THE DIARY SUNDAY NIGHT ON THE LONDON PODIUM features two of the UK’s top live performers tearing up the London stage from 8pm: Lucinda Lashes & Wilma Fingerdo (5), Tanya Hyde & Vileda Moppe (12), Mrs Moore & Nan (19) and Miss Penny & Dr Beverly Ball Crusher (26). ) REGULARS Thursday is MELLOW MARTHA’S MUSIC BOX with karaoke from 9pm. ) Friday is FAIRYLEA with DJ Ruby Roo and cabaret at 10pm: Rose Garden (3), Davina Sparkle (10), Lola Lasagne (17), Scarlet Diamante (24) and Kevin Cruise (31). ) Saturday is GUILTY PLEASURES with DJs from 8.30pm: Claire Fuller & vocalist Eva Iglesias (4), Neil Sackley (11), Tiny (18) and Dazza (25).


SOUTHAMPTON l EDGE Bar 150: DJs & karaoke 10pm


PORTSMOUTH l HAMPSHIRE BLVD karaoke till 2am l OLD VIC karaoke 8pm SOUTHAMPTON l EDGE Pop!: DJ 11pm l LONDON HOTEL Mellow Martha’s Music Box: karaoke 9pm


PORTSMOUTH l HAMPSHIRE BLVD DJ till 3am SOUTHAMPTON l EDGE Get Some: DJs 10pm l LONDON HOTEL Fairylea Friday: DJ Ruby Roo 8.30pm; cabaret: Lola Lasagne 10pm





PORTSMOUTH l OLD VIC Quiz 8pm SOUTHAMPTON l EDGE video jukebox 11pm


SOUTHAMPTON l EDGE Bar 150: DJs & karaoke 10pm


PORTSMOUTH l HAMPSHIRE BLVD karaoke till 2am l OLD VIC karaoke 8pm SOUTHAMPTON l EDGE Pop!: DJ 11pm l LONDON HOTEL Mellow Martha’s Music Box: karaoke 9pm


PORTSMOUTH l OLD VIC Quiz 8pm SOUTHAMPTON l EDGE video jukebox 11pm

PORTSMOUTH l HAMPSHIRE BLVD DJ till 3am l OLD VIC DJs all night SOUTHAMPTON l EDGE The Big One: DJs 10pm l LONDON HOTEL Guilty Pleasures: DJ Tiny 8.30pm

PORTSMOUTH l HAMPSHIRE BLVD DJ till 3am SOUTHAMPTON l EDGE Get Some: DJs 10pm l LONDON HOTEL Fairylea Friday: DJ Ruby Roo 8.30pm; cabaret: Scarlet Diamante 10pm





SOUTHAMPTON l EDGE Bar 150: DJs & karaoke 10pm


PORTSMOUTH l HAMPSHIRE BLVD karaoke till 2am l OLD VIC karaoke 8pm


PORTSMOUTH l HAMPSHIRE BLVD karaoke till 2am SOUTHAMPTON l EDGE Pounded: DJ 11pm l LONDON HOTEL London Podium: Mrs Moore & Nan 8pm; roasts 12-3.30pm

PORTSMOUTH l HAMPSHIRE BLVD DJ till 3am l OLD VIC DJs all night SOUTHAMPTON l EDGE The Big One: DJs 10pm l LONDON HOTEL Guilty Pleasures: DJ Dazza 8.30pm


PORTSMOUTH l HAMPSHIRE BLVD karaoke till 2am SOUTHAMPTON l EDGE Pounded: DJ 11pm l LONDON HOTEL London Podium: Miss Penny & Dr Beverly Ballcrusher 8pm; roasts 123.30pm




PORTSMOUTH l OLD VIC Quiz 8pm SOUTHAMPTON l EDGE video jukebox 11pm


SOUTHAMPTON l EDGE Bar 150: DJs & karaoke 10pm


PORTSMOUTH l HAMPSHIRE BLVD karaoke till 2am l OLD VIC karaoke 8pm SOUTHAMPTON l EDGE Pop!: DJ 11pm l LONDON HOTEL Mellow Martha’s Music Box: karaoke 9pm


PORTSMOUTH l HAMPSHIRE BLVD DJ till 3am SOUTHAMPTON l EDGE Get Some: DJs 10pm l LONDON HOTEL Fairylea Friday: DJ Ruby Roo 8.30pm; cabaret: Kevin Cruise 10pm



) Fox Lamp, £59.95 (Appendage, 36 Kensington Gardens, Brighton, 01273 605901)

) Sparkly Wedding Bow Tie, £24; Spring Wedding Tie, £18.99; Spring Flower Crown by Daisy@barbarylane, £34; Cheesy Collar Necklace, £12.50 (Barbary Lane, 95 St George’s Road, Brighton, and also on Facebook)

) T-Shirts from £22 (Prowler, 112-113 St James Street, Brighton, 01273 683680)

) Amy Winehouse Mug, £14 (Pussy, 3a Kensington Gardens, Brighton, 01273 604861) ) Monkey Money Box, £49.99 (England at Home, 22b Ship Street, Brighton, 01273 205544)

EYES WIDE OPEN Fabrica Gallery, Duke Street, Brighton, ) ORLANDO (Wed 15). The queer cinema collective presents a screening of Sally Potter adaptation of Virginia Woolf’s novel. Across four centuries, one figure strides, androgynous, beautiful, shapeshifting: Orlando. Potter’s film has Tilda Swinton taking on the eponymous role playing a young noble who is instructed by Queen Elizabeth I (Quentin Crisp) to stay forever




people work to feel fulfilled. Some people don’t work at all. For the last two decades, Katy Baird has been at the frontline of the customer service industry. From getting you high to supersizing your whopper meal she has done everything she can to make you happy. She isn’t sure if she has much left to give but, for this show (like the true professional she is), she will put herself out there one more time to give you everything you want. Join Katy for a very personal story of the ups and downs of what it means to serve you – the Great British Public. ) WORKING CLASS DINNER PARTY (Fri 17) You are invited to dinner with Scottee in which he and his guests will talk about the C word… class! Joined by acclaimed artists Bryony Kimmings and Selina Thompson, they will discuss growing up on council estates, working class identity and learning how to be posh in an art world dominated by the middle classes. ) LETTERS TO WINDSOR HOUSE (Sat 18). A loophole in the Postal Services Act says you can open other people’s mail under certain circumstances. This is that certain circumstance… The multi awardwinning duo follow up their smashhit show Women’s Hour with their

) RITUALS FOR CHANGE (Fri 10). This is a live theatre performance exploring themes around change, gender transition and transgender identity. Using combined practices of live performance, visual art and theatre, it is semi-autobiographical and created in collaboration with Eilidh MacAskill (Fish and Game; Gendersaurus Rex) and Myriddin Wannell (Wild Works). A free performance at The Spire, St Mark’s Chapel, Eastern Road. For tickets: ) YOUNG, QUEER & SKINT (Thu 16–Sat 18). Three days of themed works at the Marlborough Theatre, Princes Street. Tickets: ) WORKSHY (Thu 16). Some people work to make money. Some

Fringe First award-winning and Total Theatre award-nominated Letters to Windsor House. With songs, politics, dodgy landlords and detective work, this national housing crisis gets deeply personal in a ‘hilarious and heartbreaking’ (Sunday Times) show for Generation Rent. ‘A distinctive style of musichall agitprop theatre imbued with wit and heart’ - The Times.



Kings Road, Brighton, Box office: 0844 847 1515 ) X FACTOR LIVE (Thu 16–Fri 17). Your chance to see X Factor winner, Matt Terry, plus your other favourites, including: Saara Aalto, 5 After Midnight, Honey G, Emily Middlemas, Four of Diamonds, Ryan Lawire and Sam Laver.

) THE KING IS BACK (Sat 18). Ben Portsmouth, a multi-talented musician, singer and songwriter, had Elvis's DNA in his blood from an early age. His father was an avid Elvis fan and Ben grew up on a diet of Elvis songs. Having honed his musical talent, Ben started his journey as an Elvis Tribute Artist in 2005 when he formed the Taking Care of Elvis band. In August 2012, Ben made history when he won the Elvis Presley Enterprise’s 'Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Contest', which took place in Memphis, crowning Ben as the Worldwide Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist - the only artist from outside the USA to ever win this prestigious title. ) CRAIG DAVID (Wed 22). Craig plays tracks from his latest album, Following My Intuition, plus all his hits. ) PAUL CARRACK (Fri 24). Balancing his career between his solo work and guesting on the current Eric Clapton album/tour, his widely varied CV also includes Roxy Music, BB King, Nick Lowe, Roger Waters, Squeeze, Elton John, The Smiths and Ringo Starr.

Upstairs @ Bar Broadway, 10 Steine St, Brighton ) ONE N1GHT ONLY WITH THE BERSTED BOYS (7.30pm, Sat 11). ABBA REUNION All-male singing trio from North THE TRIBUTE SHOW Theatre Royal, New Rd, Brighton, Bersted with James, Michael and Box office: 08448 717650 ) ABBA REUNION - THE TRIBUTE SHOW (Sat 18). The show gives fans, old and new, the opportunity to re-live the ABBA phenomena that swept the airwaves and discos during the 1970s and 80s in a truly authentic, feel good, party-style tribute concert. From Mamma Mia to Dancing Queen, all the greatest Will under musical direction of Brett Wellcome. Their repertoire hits are performed with a finale features songs from stage and recreation taking you back to screen as well as popular and where it all began in 1974! traditional songs. Tickets £6. ) LAUGHTER IN THE LOUNGE BENT DOUBLE (8pm, Sat 25). Monthly stand-up Komedia, Gardner St, Brighton comedy night with six comedians Box office: 0845 293 8480 from London and the south coast ) BENT DOUBLE (Sun 5). An taking to the stage, entry £3. evening of fun and frolics





presented by Zoe Lyons with guests Lucy Porter and Cally Beaton.

young. When, magically, the queen’s wishes are realised, Orlando embarks on a variegated life that spans across centuries and sees the character inhabit both male and female genders. An angel (played by gay pop icon Jimmy Somerville) serenades us as we sink into the pageantry of this singular classic of British cinema, watching as Swinton effortlessly spans time, physicality and desire. Tickets: or on the door.








This month I’m concentrating on the myriad concurrent exhibitions at Sussex-based Pallant House Gallery in Chichester, which has a strong permanent collection to accompany its changing schedule of shows.

9 North Pallant, Chichester, PO19 1TJ, ) HUGHIE O’DONOGHUE: THE CRUCIFIXION (Mar 4–Apr 23) in the Garden Gallery. Coinciding with Easter this display presents a print triptych based on the crucifixion. This new acquisition has been donated by the Purdy Hicks Gallery in honour of Mark Golder and Brian Thompson. ) THE WOODCUT: FROM DÜRER TO NOW (Mar 8–Jun 25). Drawn from Pallant House Gallery’s acclaimed print collection this exhibition explores how the woodcut was used in a variety of styles, from Albrecht Dürer and the Japanese artist Utagawa Hiroshige to modern artists such as Edward Wadsworth, Ben Nicholson and Enid Marx. It also includes woodcuts by the contemporary artists Rebecca Salter, Bob and Roberta Smith and Emma Stibbon.

MYRA DUBOIS - SELF ADMYRA Komedia, 44-47 Gardner Street, Brighton BN1 1UN Tickets £12/£10 concs; Box Office: 0845 293 8480 ) SELF ADMYRA WITH MYRA DUBOIS (8pm, Sat, April 22). Former barmaid, actress and singer, Myra Dubois, hits the road in 2017 with her Self AdMyra national tour, combining her signature brand of acidtongued wit, razor-sharp observations, songs and maybe even a little dance if her hip is up to it. Rotherham’s least celebrated daughter will be bringing her unique style of pointed humour, as well as the odd musical number for good measure (hers is a double) to a theatre near you. Confused by other acts offering up shows about ‘things’, Myra’s show is all about her favourite subject, herself. Accepting that she is a fan of herself, less an exercise in self-help and more a testimony of ego, she is taking her rightful place amongst her AdMyras. Having mastered her craft performing to confirmed bachelors and their friends in South London, Myra performed on The John Bishop Show in 2015 and was hand-picked to support Bianca Del Rio for her sell-out run at the Clapham Grand. Myra was a New Act of the Year finalist in 2012, and went on to win a London Cabaret Award in 2013. She was contacted by Tim Rice following a rendition of one of his songs, which he described as definitive, and invited to perform for him at a private dinner he was hosting in Mayfair. Myra started out as a performer at the legendary Madame Jojo’s as an MC for Finger In The Pie Cabaret and starred in the Royal Vauxhall Tavern’s annual Christmas Panto from 2010-2014. Myra has performed all over the world, including Latitude Festival, and was flown out to the Seychelles to perform for Saudi Royalty. ‘Dubois delivers effortless control of a room, killer wit with a sick edge’ Time Out; ‘A display of caustic sensibility and razor-sharp wit’ Scotland On Sunday; ‘Hilarious… comedic timing that never misses a beat’ Edinburgh Festivals Magazine.

) VICTOR PASMORE: TOWARDS A NEW REALITY (Mar 11–Jun 11). In the late 1940s British artist Victor Pasmore (1908–1998), then one of Britain’s leading figurative painters, reinvented himself as one of the foremost exponents of abstract art. This major exhibition focuses for the first time on this radical change of direction in the artist’s career, later described by art historian Herbert Read as ‘the most revolutionary event in post-war British art’. Through 50 works the exhibition explores the progression of Pasmore’s work between the 1930s and mid-1960s, and his experimentation towards a new pictorial language and representation of reality. Quickly established in the late 1930s and early 1940s as a painter of lyrical landscapes, figures and still-life studies, and working under the private patronage of Kenneth Clark, then Director of the National Gallery, Pasmore was devoted to his art and teaching at the Euston Road School. From the artist’s own writings and those of his contemporaries and critics a fascinating picture emerges of the years from the late 1940s to the early 1950s when landscapes incorporating increasingly suggestive formal structures led to his first fully abstract paintings and thereafter to a series of authoritative collages, spiral paintings, and constructed reliefs made from pre-formed industrial materials. Victor Pasmore: Towards a New Reality is curated by independent curator Anne Goodchild with Neil Walker, Head of Visual Arts Programming at Djanogly Gallery. The exhibition tours from the Djanogly Gallery, Nottingham and is a partnership project between the Djanogly Gallery and Pallant House Gallery.






) BRITISH CONSTRUCTIVISM: THE CATHERINE PETITGAS COLLECTION (Mar 11–Jun 11). The display of sculptures, reliefs and constructions by Victor Pasmore’s contemporaries in the British Constructivist movement, includes Kenneth and Mary Martin, Anthony Hill, Norman Dilworth and John Ernest, drawn from the Petitgas Collection.

50 GSCENE What makes her music so special? LS: The music is just startlingly beautiful, and very different to what you might expect. The most obvious feature is what I’ve called her radical attitude to dissonance – while most early 16th century music is bound by rules that forbid harsh dissonances and ensures that even mild dissonance is used only sparely, the motets in this book just don’t. Our composer here just revels in juicy clashes and unusual cadences. On there other hand, there are also a number of pieces in which all five voices swirl around the same pitches in a hypnotic way.

CLASSICAL NOTES BY NICK BOSTON A PRINCESS, A NUN AND A COMPOSER… ) To mark International Women’s Day (IWD), I am featuring a new recording of 16th century motets, probably written by Lucrezia Borgia’s daughter, Suor Leonora d’Este (1515-1575). This release brings some beautiful long forgotten music to our ears, and also challenges our perceptions of 16th century music – women as composers and as performers, but also the significance of convents as places of music. It will be featured on BBC Radio 3 on IWD, as it clearly has national, even international significance. But there’s also a local dimension. Deborah

Why is it important to keep exploring music by women from so long ago – surely if it’s so good, we’d know about it? DR: Ha! I think not. History I’m afraid has largely been HIS story. The evidence has always been there but never made it to the history books until recently. One researcher, Craig Monson, published a book a few years ago called Disembodied Voices. It tells the story of a nun composer, Lucrezia Vizzana who spent her whole life, from the age of 8, in a Bolognese convent. The story is quite hairraising (and all true!). It tells of convent riots, relationships between the women themselves, power struggles etc.., but also just how important music was to these women and how far they would go to preserve the right to perform.

Roberts, Co-director of Brighton Early Music Festival is a founder member of Musica Secreta, and director of the Celestial Sirens. Fellow Musica Secreta founder Laurie Stras, who undertook the research that brought this music to light, and Deborah talked to me about the recording.


LS: Well, didn’t Virginia Woolf say, “Anonymous was a woman”? There are two things at play here. First, anonymous music is often passed over for exactly the reason you say: if it’s so good, surely someone would want to claim it? Well, no: Leonora d’Este, for instance, had three good reasons not to put her name to published music – she was a nun, she was a woman, and she was a princess. Second, it is a sad but pretty consistent fact that even if women are recognised during their lifetimes as excellent musicians, they do not make it into the grand narrative: hence the brouhaha over the A level syllabus last year, spearheaded by a courageous young woman; hence the popularity of the IWD programming on BBC Radio 3.

Tell us about Musica Secreta and how this recording came about? LS: Deborah and I started the group in 1990 to investigate music written for female musicians in the late 16th century. This is the fourth recording we’ve made together. DR: We founded the choir Celestial Sirens more than 10 years ago and it’s made up of female voices from the whole South coast region with a lot of Brighton members. Both groups have performed regularly at Brighton Early Music Festival, and will be again this year.

Was it important for this recording that all the performers were women? Did it make a difference to the process? LS: Since this music was so very different to the sort of polyphony we are used to, we had to find a new way to work with it: so we retreated to a barn in Sussex to spend a couple of days living and singing together, relaxing rather than wondering if the train would be late on the way home. This worked so well that we decided to make the recording this way, in the chapel of the Cuddesdon Sisters. We ate our meals with them, and stayed in their new accommodation block. We did bring our own prosecco, though…

How did you come across the music of Suor Leonora, who was she? LS: I was leafing through a catalogue of 16th century prints, and a motet title just leapt out at me: Salve sponsa Dei, which means Hail, Bride of God. It seemed like an obvious candidate for a nun’s text, so I ordered a reproduction of the book.

There’s nothing in the book to say that the motets are by Suor Leonora: in fact, the entire book is anonymous. But completely anonymous music books, particularly at this point in history, are extremely rare. It’s only through really close musical and textual analysis that I’ve been able to piece together evidence that points to her as the composer.


Leonora d’Este was the only surviving daughter of Lucrezia Borgia and Duke Alfonso I of Ferrara. She was only four when her mother died, and she was raised in the convent of Corpus Domini in Ferrara. She became its abbess when she was only eighteen. She was admired as a musician by some of century’s greatest musical minds.

Where next – is there music by women out there still to be discovered? LS: Oh, I’m sure there is: and there is loads more convent music that needs exploring. Our next project may even take us back further into the 15th century, to the beginnings of convent polyphony in the Renaissance. DR: The main thing I would add to this is that it’s not just music BY women, but what we are



What can this tell us about women and music in the 16th century? DR: That women were deeply involved in making music and composing and probably there is an awful lot of music composed by women that simply never survived. LS: If I could do just one thing for the way we understand the history of music, it would be to bring women’s polyphony back into the frame. The cities of Europe relied on their convents – not just for their spiritual health, but for many economic functions – and one of the ways a convent could become prosperous was through its music. Ordinary citizens couldn’t hear the music of the great court chapels: the sound of the convents was the sound of the Renaissance city. Large cities had dozens of convents, and even if they couldn’t see the nuns, ordinary citizens could enjoy their music through listening from the outer church.


The pieces here vary from short gems such as Veni Sponsa Christi, sung by the full combined forces of Musica Secreta and the Celestial Sirens, to the centrepiece, the fabulous Angelus Domini Descendit, sung by just four voices from Musica Secreta, accompanied as on most of the disc by Claire Williams (organ) and Alison Kinder (bass viol). Many pieces are sung with two voices to a part, with a perfectly blended sound, creating that hypnotic effect that Laurie mentions. However, in the pieces for solo voices, such as Angelus Domini and Ego Sum Panis Vitae, a much more intimate sound is created, making the dissonances here even more striking, and the individuality of solo voices is allowed to come through. They followed techniques that 16th century nuns would have used, with some transposition to match voice ranges, so that further variety is created, from the souring, crystal high soprano line of Sicut Lilium Inter Spinas, to a deliciously fruity low line in Iste Est Joannes. By any measure, this is striking music, and you couldn’t ask for more committed and expert performances. Highly recommended. For more reviews, comment and events, visit t @nickb86uk Email:


) Nicola Luisotti conducts Verdi’s La Traviata live from the MET Opera (Sat 11), with Sonya Yoncheva and Michael Fabiano.


) Then James Levine (Sat 25) conducts Mozart’s Idomeneo, with Elza van den Heever, Alice Coote and Alan Opie. ) Antonio Pappano conducts Puccini’s Madama Butterfly live from the Royal Opera House (Thu 30), with Ermonela Jaho and Marcelo Puente. In local cinemas, including: Duke’s @ Komedia Brighton, Cineworld Eastbourne and Connaught Cinema, Worthing.

BRIGHTON DOME, 01273 709709 ) The Brighton Philharmonic Orchestra, with conductor Cristian Mandeal (2.45pm, Sun 5), performs Enescu, Elgar and Korngold, with Chloë Hanslip (violin). Then Barry Wordsworth (2.45pm, Sun 26) conducts Kodály, Scriabin and Schumann, with Martin Roscoe (piano).



) The London Philharmonic Orchestra, conducted by Rory Macdonald (7.30pm, Sat 11), play Dvořák, Elgar and Tchaikovsky, with Igor Tchetuev (piano). KUNGSBACKA TRIO

NICHOLAS YONGE SOCIETY Sussex Downs College, Mountfield Road, Lewes, )The Kungsbacka Trio (7.45pm, Fri 24), play Boulanger, Ravel, Pärt and Schubert.


) SUN RA SINGLES: The Definitive 45s Collection 1952–1991 Strut. Bear with me a bit, for this set requires some explaining. American bandleader Sun Ra always claimed he came from Saturn, with the understandable argument that since he did not accept his birth name of Herman Blount, given its slave-given antecedents, he didn’t feel bound to accept his birth place either (in fact, Birmingham, Alabama). So once freed from earthly constraints, he travelled the spaceways with his multi-member Arkestra, all dressed up in shimmering space robes with elaborate headgear and playing every instrument imaginable, with every band member also a percussionist when required. The performances were often interrupted as the entire band, still in full musical flow, continued to play as they processed round the floor of the club or concert hall and sometimes out into the street. The shows lasted for hours, ending up with Arkestra members selling limited edition LPs with hand-decorated sleeves cranked out by Ra’s own Saturn (where else?) label. The music was a mixture of big band swing jazz, collective chanting about space travel, and experimental and lengthy free pieces led by Ra’s idiosyncratic synthesizer performances. The musicians in the band were all legends, notably saxophonists John Gilmore and Pat Patrick. As a sideline, the Arkestra released some 45s, some of which were pressed in as few as 50 copies. Quite a few of them existed only on paper and never saw the light of day at all, and none were intended to trouble the charts. This massive 3xCD set from Strut collects 65 of these singles and B-sides, starting with Ra’s earliest barbershop songs through the space bop of the Arkestra to the infinitely wonderful Nuclear War of 1982, replete with some of the most pertinent lyrics of all time: “Nuclear war, it’s a motherfucker, don’t you know. If they push that button, your ass is gotta go. … They gonna blast you so high in the sky, you can kiss your ass, goodbye, goodbye. What you gonna do? Without your ass?” All just wonderful stuff. ) ERROLL GARNER Ready Take One Sony Legacy. In complete contrast is this first release of 14 previously uncollected 1960s’ and 1970s’ tracks from piano legend Erroll Garner, best known for the hugely popular 1955 Concert by the Sea, recently re-released to great acclaim, and as the composer of the evergreen Misty. Garner was a virtuoso, sometimes florid performer who played with effortless swing and considerable insouciance. His favourite trick was to start with a whimsical introduction that left you guessing exactly which tune would follow, his signature style a dragging of the hands to accelerate and decelerate the music at whim. Anything by him is worth listening to, including this set. Here you get a driving version of Duke Ellington’s Caravan, a funky original blues in Down Wylie Avenue, and a languorous Misty. The varying rhythm sections provide judicious support.


doing is opening up a massive repertoire of music from as early as the 15th century onwards that was always assumed to be originally performed by all male choirs. Laurie’s research is discovering clear evidence that choirs of women in convents performed virtually all of this music. That anything which can be performed by all male ensembles is equally valid (and historically appropriate) for women’s voices!



COMICS ) After the lukewarm reception to the first two Wolverine spin-off movies something drastic needed to happen if they ever made another. Thankfully, care and consideration seems to have been taken with the Logan (such a simple yet great title), which is loosely based on the fantastic Old Man Logan, written by Mark Miller. The new movie takes place about 10 years after the end of Days of Future Past and finds Wolverine looking after a 90-year-old Charles Xavier following the closing of Xavier’s School for the Gifted and the sudden extermination of nearly every mutant. This all changes when they discover a young mutant girl who appears to have the same abilities as Wolverine and needs guidance so that she doesn’t turn into a murderous weapon. As he is now too old, Charles pushes Logan to be the mentor that this girl needs, something Wolverine is initially sceptical of but slowly comes around to believing. As this is possibly Hugh Jackman’s final appearance as Wolverine, let’s take a celebratory look at some of the greatest stories olde Canuckle head has appeared in since his creation back in the late 1970s.

WEAPON X Written and illustrated by the very talented Barry Windsor-Smith, Weapon X tells the story of Logan’s time with the Canadian Government and how he came to have the unbreakable metal Adamantium bonded to his skeleton turning him into a soulless killing machine. It’s this process that causes Logan to lose most of his memories as well as having false ones forced into his mind. Whilst it’s a story that’s hard to read, due to the raw and upsetting subject matter as well as the graphic nature of the art, it’s an essential tale for any Wolverine fan as it shows Logan’s true fear; that he’ll one day give up and become a feral animal devoid of humanity.

GAMES ) Nintendo’s latest console is finally here and man is it a doozy! The Nintendo Switch has a unique feature that separates it from its competitors in that it is a ‘hybrid’ console. What this means is that the main unit of the console is like a tablet that can be used portably, sort of mirroring what the Wii U game pad looks like only cooler and actually being able to leave the house with it. Most of the time though you will slot this tablet into a docking station, which allows you to then play your games up on your TV just like any other home console. So, it’s more of a home console that can be portable rather than the other way round, which is something Nintendo are keen to emphasise. Amazingly, this boils down to the fact that any game you can play at home with online capabilities you can play just as well whilst out and about by using the Switch’s sleek yet large 6.2” 720p touch screen -when docked, that resolution thankfully gets pushed up to 1080p. With the Switch console unit being a tablet, games are no longer on optical discs like they were with the Gamecube, Wii and the Wii U. Now they come on flash ROM cartridges, like the game cards of the Nintendo 3DS, which keeps the base unit nice and sleek with a little hint of sexiness. Arguably, it’s with its controllers where the Nintendo Switch is most exciting. These controllers, collectively named Joy-Con, work similarly to the Wii Remote and Nunchuk in that they can be used together as their own controllers but can also combine with the main Switch unit to become a gamepad ala the Wii U. Each controller has four face buttons (Joy-Con R has the ABXY configuration, whilst Joy-Con L has directional buttons which become like the ABXY buttons when used as its own controller). an analog stick which doubles as another button and four trigger-type buttons making each side its own complete controller. This means that two people can play either out and about using the tabletop mode, which props the tablet up for all to see, or at home with the base unit straight out of the box as the Joy-Cons can either be used together by one person or separately for two. Perfect for Mario Kart on the go, not so great for fighting games such as Ultra Street Fighter 2. Good luck playing that with a single analog stick!

HOUSE OF M If the Weapon X programme is what causes Wolverine to lose his memories, then it’s thanks to the Scarlet Witch (Wanda Maximoff) that he regains knowledge of his true past. After the world is changed into a mutant utopia, thanks to Wanda using her reality altering powers, she finally comes to her senses and utters three small words: No More Mutants. Instantly the Marvel Universe is set right back to how it was only now the mutant population has diminished from millions to only 200 worldwide. An odd side-effect is that Logan now knows which memories are real and implanted and sets out to have revenge on those who wronged him in his past.

ORIGIN Ever since his introduction in the 1970s, comic book geeks have wondered and debated just who this Canadian wildcard was and where he came from. Origin is a six-part story that finally lifts the lid on Logan’s history and family life. I won’t divulge or ruin the events of the story and what happens but it is a book that any self-respecting Wolverine fan needs to read!

Speaking of games, the launch list is kinda sparse. Some of these games are Just Dance, Super Bomberman R, Skylanders, 1-2-Switch, I Am Setsuna and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Of course, most gaymers will be happy just seeing a brand-new Zelda title on the list! This is an amazing time for Nintendo fans and the future of the company looks exciting once again after the lacklustre performance of the Wii U.

GSCENE 53 with Knighthoods, to be accused of paying homosexuals for sex by night, but throwing their pansy asses in the clink by day. Christine Keeler and Mandy Rice Davies? The respectable tip of an irredeemably sordid iceberg and the British Government, the Titanic. At least those men who did kill themselves have now been pardoned by the political descendants of those who used to f**k them for money. Their generosity knows no bounds.

CRAIG’S THOUGHTS Carry The Blame. Or Pardon me not. By Craig Hanlon-Smith @craigscontinuum ) When Alan Turing was granted a Royal pardon in 2013, members of his family spoke up for the thousands of gay men who (now), 50 years after the decriminalisation of homosexuality, still carried a criminal prosecution record connected to their sexual orientation. On February 1 this year, modelled on the Turing pardon, this was extended to all gay men prosecuted under the former law, including posthumously. Sam Gyimah, Justice Minister, said of the broader pardon: “We can never undo the hurt caused, but we have apologised and taken action to right these wrongs. I am immensely proud that Turing’s Law has become a reality”. My gut reaction to the news was to think that this wasn’t enough. That a pardon suggested forgiveness for wrongdoing in the first place and what a dreadful shame that many of those originally prosecuted, died with a criminal record ultimately for a sexual attraction to the same gender. Then, of course, my natural next step was to slip on my social media warrior gloves and do what many of us all too easily do in the 21st century, take to Facebook. As my finger hovered over the blue and white app I changed my mind and simply reposted the ‘Breaking News’ news feed but without comment. But days/weeks later, rest, I cannot. The words of the Justice Minister, “we can never undo the hurt caused, but we have apologised and taken action to right these wrongs”, will not leave me alone. I spent a year researching a play I am now writing, speaking to older members of the gay community, both men and women. The older the interviewee the more engaging and detailed their stories and I found the experience of meeting and spending afternoons, evenings, hour upon hour, with these people humbling, fascinating and an honour. All of the men, without prompting, talked of prosecution and of deliberate

entrapment. Of a time when as young men quite often the only place to go and meet others like them was a ‘known’ public toilet or secluded area of a local park. Of meeting another young handsome man who gave all the signs of mutual interest only upon reciprocation to find themselves shackled to other unsuspecting homosexuals in the back of a police truck on the way to be booked at the local police station, their names and addresses published later that week in the local paper. Such public naming and shaming at best resulted in social isolation, job losses, occasional beatings but also suicide. The irony is that some of those I interviewed talked of their younger days in the 1950s and early 1960s, arriving at Paddington Station in London, penniless, and finding immediate work via the countless pimps scouting the station cafés for future employees. Of being loaned out to all manner of businessmen and senior figures in British politics, some of whom held the highest political offices in Government. Whilst the hypocrisy is possibly not surprising, that the gay-male community has had to wait so long for any Government comment at all is at best disappointing if not shameful. In fairness, perhaps they had to wait for some significant deaths amongst their own number before they could associate themselves with such a public turnaround. Skeletons that have been buried more than six feet under or even better incinerated, tend not to come leaping out of the closet embarrassing the political elite. We wouldn’t want former politicians or indeed Prime Ministers, long since decorated

But this is not a narrative of sorrow, and of lives less lived in the shadow of hate and discrimination. You could be forgiven for thinking that this level of state-sponsored shame and intimidation would destroy a people. And whist it is truly tragic that some did buckle under the strain, the history of the gay liberation movement is one of celebration and community. Aside from a few well-aimed bricks at the Stonewall Inn in New York City in 1969, the international gay movement has always led a forward march with a smile on its face, an array of feathers in its cap or G-string and ultimately forgiveness in its heart even before the apology was offered. We are not a community that has asked for something more but an equal seat at the table. We are not an aggressive or hostile organisation that has attempted to force its message into the headlines with bombs that kill and maim, but with cannons of glitter and confetti that decorate the spectators of our parades with a fabulousness shared. We have not attempted to seal our borders against those that are different but have danced across political and colour lines encouraging anyone that wants to, to join us. In truth, your projected bitterness has set a fire in our hearts that can never be extinguished. Your entrapment, criminalisation, introduction of inhibitive legislation and sectioned clauses, your arguments in our elected chambers against our progress and right to be heard, have only made us stronger. For years we have been forced to carry your blame and so today appreciate, even more, our time in the sun. We sing for we are glad to be gay, and because we know how it feels to be hated we celebrate our gay love for our friends and partners every minute that we are awake, and we dream of them whilst we sleep. We smile wryly as you watch the television dramas we have written, dance to the music we have composed, and as you slip your ass into the underwear that we have designed, one might suggest that we were simply biding our time, and now it is us screwing you for money. You are of course welcome and no do not mention it, but please, do not pardon me, for I am not sorry.

“We wouldn’t want former politicians or indeed Prime Ministers, long since decorated with Knighthoods, to be accused of paying homosexuals for sex by night, but throwing their pansy asses in the clink by day.”

54 GSCENE how much money it would cost to lower EVERY street corner kerb to accommodate a wheelchair. No wonder we all hate the EU so much - with their straight bananas. They tell us to do it and we have no choice. Pah, well no more Angela – we’re gonna raise those street corners even higher and laugh at everyone struggling with their wheelchairs. Who do they think they are over there in Brussels? But hey – I don’t know any disabled people so therefore it doesn’t effect me. For me it’s all about Marmite!

CHARLIE SAYS The Spaz, the Crip and the Law by Charlie Bauer Phd

) It’s known that I, well, occasionally get a little trollied, and that I tend to make bad judgements whist being so, well, trollied. Sometimes I can go on for days and days, even at my age, being trollied. In a rare moment of lucidity two things came to mind, when I had to make the three-hour walk to the post office. Firstly, that last month’s article about disability was supposed to go out this month I’d even had a missive from God when I was so indisposed, stating that I should run and sign the Human Rights commission about access for people in disability chairs, scooters and frames to public buildings, as well as adapted private homes. I never thought our fudgy queer hometown council of Brightonshire would become a keen member of the failure to see the needs for our disabled comrades brigade. I was in the United Stages of TriUMPant arseholes recently and found myself recoiling when things of this matter were referred to as ‘Handicapped’. I couldn’t even remember that word being used last over here. Whilst I was there, I worked with a journalist who’d had a stroke the previous year and was making a great recovery (an unpaid or funded recovery I add) in a new flat he had to find himself on the ground floor (take note of the ‘himself’ part for all of you that moan…). It was not a public housing service, nor was it some private initiative or medical establishment like the NHS that helped him. This single, gay man had to do it all by himself along with a fresh disability. Whenever I’m over there, I openly cringe at the New York subway system that was built well before American disabilities were invented, 100 years ago next week. I hate to plagiarise myself, but 100 years is a hell of a long time

to wait for disabled access to public facilities. Maybe that’s also why they still refer to disabilities as ‘handicaps’ (I thought handicaps were all about golf and crap) but apparently not… Here’s a quote… “One of the things I ask everyone since June 23, 2016 (Brexit) to think about is this: every time you take an elevator in Westfield, or head to see a film or a play on the West End, every time you jump into the disabled toilet without anyone seeing, or you make a shortcut up a wheelchair ramp instead of the stairs, think about the EU…” This was of course about how EU disabled access pre-1992 looked a lot like New York City does today. At least there were escalators in the UK that some people with disabilities could struggle up alone. But it was the EU who brought the legislation in around disabled access to everything and every location. Not the British Government of course, let’s face it – like everything else, they could never be trusted to keep their own citizens interests a priority. And just as there were some non-white Brexiteers, there were some disabled ones (and queer too). Perhaps they all fell for the preHome Secretary’s lies about pumping all that cash into the NHS, and that their care would then be rubber-stamped for life. Take a look around and see what is actually in place for disabled people. I couldn’t imagine

But when we have the President of the Unified States of gloom making ‘handicapped/spastic’ gestures about a journalist who opposes him, we’re all losing. I’m sure it was meant as an attack on a journalist who just happened to be disabled but the struggle for any rights has been fought through, like everything else, visibility. When the visible becomes the inane, we’re all truly banjoed… Since journalists are only the toast of the Trumpian U-bend of existence, who cares. Since all you Brexiteers out there secured such a victory, now we have the Donald Duck ass of the West making ‘spastic’ faces. Thanks everyone. The various conferences that I never fell asleep in, or wanted to go Columbine against the academic delegates, were of course the Queer conferences. I’ve sat though many papers about queer disability and all things Crip theory, where the language around disability was reclaimed alongside the slang of the Queer mass culture. No more handicapped or disabled but cripple. Reclaiming those words back. The Queer Majority. Perhaps the Brexiteers should be shown those photographs of the mountain of leg braces at Auschwitz. I know, I know, it’s me being all hyperbolic again… Sorry. Actually, I’m not really sorry. Those of you who thought there’d be a few less Polaks on the street, taking all your plumbing jobs that you are not qualified to do, should have thought of the long-term effect of your voting actions. And to the rest of you who are so shamed that you let ‘Glad to be May’ take away all your rights to protest against it in the snoopers charter. ‘Okay, jee-sus calm down will you – it would never happen here…’ Well sweeties, it is. Just as it’s happening with the two blubberpowers that bookend us. And like the first stone thrown of a newer Kristallnacht, your vote has now led us all on the same road to hell, where even work might not set us free.

“It was the EU who brought the legislation in around disabled access to everything and every location. Not the British Government”






) If I asked you “do you think it's okay for someone to be gay?”, you'd say that it's a ridiculous question to ask. It's like asking “is it okay for someone to have blue eyes?” or “Is it okay for someone to have brown hair?” And yet the recent BBC documentary Transgender Kids: Who Knows Best? seemed to pose the question 'Is it okay for a child to be transgender?' I'm not joking.

) My first bus journey was probably in 1944 not long after I was born and only 30 years after the last horse drawn bus in London left Peckham for Honour Oak Tavern. My first memory of bus travel includes a conductress carrying a wooden ticket holder, dirty windows and a strange odour with hints of cheap perfume, BO and tobacco smoke.

I remember when I was a kid watching programmes about homosexuality. Someone who was gay or lesbian would be pitted against a pop psychiatrist or religious bigot. Listening to this debate I suppose the audience would then decide for themselves whether or not it was okay for someone to be gay or lesbian. Looking back I remember how awful it was to watch those programmes. The world was judging whether or not I had the right to exist, whether or not I had the right to be who I was. On TV. Dreadful. Sickening. I thought we'd got past that. Way past that. Not perhaps in less developed countries that still believe that cisgendered heterosexuals have the right to define sexuality and gender for everybody, enshrining ignorance and prejudice into law. But here in the UK, certainly at the BBC, I expect more. Much more. As a church body, Metropolitan Community Churches in the UK sent a letter of complaint to the BBC. A short while later we got a response. They said “With a rise in the number of children being referred to gender clinics, this programme sensitively presented different views from experts and parents on gender dysphoria in children”. I seem to remember the BBC saying something similar when outraged gays and lesbians wrote in to complain about similar documentaries in the 1970s. The BBC's 'sensitivity' gave equal airtime to homophobe and homosexual alike. My human rights as a gay man were debated. On trial before the world. No wonder so many like me have mental health issues. No wonder so many killed themselves. Yes, the BBC presented a number of different views. Hooray. The viewer was given the prized judgement seat, enabled by the programme's editor and guided by the narrator. Transgender children saw 'respected' experts on the BBC proposing that they were mistaken in their gender identity. They heard authority figures say that they should be forced into the gender role chosen by their parents. It was even suggested that their whole identity was simply the temporary result of a negative experience; or was an affectation, a fantasy, like wanting to be an animal. It was a fixed fight where the losers were inevitably the children. I really thought we'd stopped doing that. I don't like the world I see today. The far right cloaks itself in mock democracy and consumerism, but the underlying fascism is the same as always. Human rights suffer. Lives are debated like the quality of livestock at a fair. Degrading and unconscionable, on so many levels. Does every child who says at some point in their life that they want to be the opposite sex turn out to be transgender? Of course not. Does every young person who ever felt an attraction to someone of the same sex turn out to be gay, lesbian, or bisexual? Of course not. But that's not the point. The BBC just said that a child's right to claim their gender identity is open for public debate. That is the point; and I had expected a great deal more from the BBC.

Today’s Brighton buses also offer much more than mere transport. Board one and you become part of a transient theatrical experience. Those seated in the ‘auditorium’ on either side of the aisle have a clear view of the ‘stage’ at the front where passengers get on and off, struggle to find cash or their passes and cause annoyance with bags of shopping, suitcases and buggies containing complaining children. The silent judgement of seated passengers usually inhibits the development of a really good row. Even young mothers, unable to see that their crying child is, as we can see, being surreptitiously assaulted by its sibling, tend to quickly abandon shouted instructions in favour of food which is much more effective. Neighbours, unable to find well separated seats, are forced into banal conversation and grumpy teenagers stare at their smart phones. Yesterday. A hard faced mother with hoop earrings and a Croydon facelift ignores the old lady in the aisle hanging on to a pole and lets her 10-year-old son stay uncriticised in his seat. My mother would have pulled me off by the ear if I’d so much as hesitated to offer my seat. A Spanish student saves the day and then stands looking embarrassed while the effusively grateful pensioner sits down. A Chinese couple, displaying no signs of suicidal intent, dressed by Nike, hoping to visit Beachy Head are politely directed by the driver to a stop on the other side of Marine Parade. The driver displays none of the frustration their poor grasp of our language is causing him and he is vigorously thanked, as indeed he is by everyone who gets off his bus. Last on is an older man with wild hair, dressed by Oxfam, who stands next to a very pretty young mum seated next to her buggy containing a small silent baby dressed in pink from head to toe. “He looks just like my grandson,” he offers and then continues to talk with no encouragement from the young woman who clearly has the good sense to realise that he simply needs to talk to someone, anyone. The curse of the really lonely. Within two minutes passengers know that he spent Christmas with his son who’s moved to Milton Keynes with a new partner who’s Russian, good looking but “you know about those Russian girls…” All this before we reach the SeaLife Centre.

“Within two minutes passengers know that he spent Christmas with his son who’s moved to Milton Keynes with a new partner who’s Russian… All this before we reach the SeaLife Centre” This area of human behaviour involving small acts of courtesy and the expressions of gratitude they elicit between complete strangers strikes me as one of the better bits of evidence that most us will behave in a civilised way if we are given the opportunity. And perhaps an audience? Thank you reader.

56 GSCENE nothing at all to do with what we eat or drink, surely? Apparently, the UK spends around £300 million a year on vitamins and supplements. I too am spending a few pennies on tablets in order to boost energy and keep a certain level of serenity, because obviously living in a remote Hove suburb means I can’t access fresh fruit and vegetables. The only problem is actually remembering to take them. Not doing so doesn’t seem to make any difference but when I do, washed down with a gin and tonic, I feel a whole lot better, so they must work.

SHARP WORDS How time flies! Del Sharp looks on the bright side of life as she reaches her fifth decade. ) Sharp Words is starting to feel a tiny bit old. PMT has somehow managed to morph into HRT. My arms aren’t long enough to hold anything at a decent reading distance; I have finally started to willingly tuck T-shirts into my (already high) knickers so I don’t get a chill; and I suddenly realise just how important a good pair of tweezers can be. Plucking hell, is this what my fifth decade is all about?

of? I honestly don’t remember such criteria years ago when it had to look cool, however cold I might have been. But young bones perhaps just don’t feel the chill. I marvel at schoolchildren ambling along in short sleeves when it’s only a few degrees, while I’m wearing at least five more layers. Another sign of middle-age is that the groups of older ones wearing hoodies make me want to cross the road.

I feel like time has cheated me. What happened to the wonderful career and big house? Well, logic would tell me that I didn’t work hard enough and possibly didn’t deserve it. Illogically I plead that I didn’t know that time would go so quickly. Only yesterday I was 20 and thought I could do anything - there was always so much time plus I wasn’t half as hairy as I am now.

Perhaps I can now pin moodswings on hormones. I can get away with lots of things: hysterical, sullen, snappy, tearful, depressed, all the states I’ve ever been in can now be excused as part of The Change. I can be the person I always have been and not feel guilty about it because it’s a Medical Condition.

The verdict of reality lets me know in the strongest terms that I’m middle-aged and my sentence is going to have to get on with it all and there’s no going back. Only forward. And not for as many years as I’ve squandered already. Ouch, it’s rather sobering to feel grown up when it’s a bit late to enjoy it. But hey maybe I can... Only today I felt absurdly pleased about finding some reading glasses in a pound shop. Though I can’t actually see what I look like in them and it’s faintly liberating to not really care. After all it must be a better look than my pained grimacing over the tiny labelling that may well give me wrinkles and will make do until I can’t hold back the inevitable varifocal onslaught. On the odd shopping trip for clothes it’s now more important that things must be warm, is my bottom covered adequately? What’s it made

I’m cheered up already. Having afternoon naps and needing the heating on all the time is something I can finally justify. Flailing around in bed and sweating at night (when the heating is off) now has a new cause but has been resolved by a ‘magic cool gel mat’ to lie on which is indeed reassuringly chilly (I do love an online bargain). And apparently it’s suitable for pets too, though there’s been no enthusiasm from my little feline friend. An assortment of ailments and general feebleness can now also be blamed on age and

Did someone ever say that 50 is the new 30? Or maybe I’m just wishing a little too hard. I think I had all my mid-life crises rather prematurely so now I feel reborn. Now I feel I have to take time back. It’s my chance to live again, so what should I do? I must get on Facebook and Twitter. And Instagram. Or maybe I’m too old for that? Maybe I need to keep up with popular culture a bit more? A quick skim of the array of celebrity magazines made me realise I didn’t recognise any of the young girls in bikinis or posing with and babies and footballer boyfriends. No not a clue and no desire to know either. Although I did come across an interesting array of celebrities who’ve reached 50 and look ‘fabulous’. From what I can gather after studying the pictures carefully is that to look great after 50 the preceding 30 years would be best spent on being a model or being so famous they can’t afford not to look great. And I don’t care how much water any of them claim to drink. Actually I’m more interested in keeping track of my own life. It really is harder to know what I should be doing and when. I do write important dates on a calendar and in my diary, but again I just forget to look at them. Possibly an age thing? I don’t remember being as bad years ago but I may have forgotten. I know my phone has hundreds of organiser functions and alarms but I often have it on silent and forget to turn it off so that doesn’t help. I’ve found that a yellow Post-It (yes, a paper one) on my phone screen does the trick, technology is a wonderful thing - they’re just so sticky. I’m not going to feel old any more, I’ve decided. The latest Playstation has been purchased, I have my health, I’m not interested in people I don’t know, only the ones I do, and I’m just grateful to be alive… Oh I’m not happy with my teeth, but (everything crossed) I can worry about that in the next decade.

“I didn’t know that time would go so quickly. Only yesterday I was 20 and thought I could do anything - there was always so much time plus I wasn’t half as hairy as I am now”


NETTY’S WORLD BY NETTY WENDT NO BODY’S PERFECT ) Capability Brown was famously England’s greatest gardener. This man was a can-do kinda guy. It’s all in the name; Disability Brown doesn’t quite cut it, he can’t even cut grass. The social processes of labelling and othering, are what we humans do all the time. People deemed ‘disabled’ often find the very framework of society so skewed against them, they are trapped in a world that refuses to accommodate their needs. I’ve always wondered why we have steps when ramps and slopes are better for pedestrians and wheelchair-users alike. Disability is most soul-destroying when the little things in life turn into mountains. My partner and I have briefly visited the world of the disabled and are aware that we’re both suffering creeping age-related disability in various forms. There is a walking stick by the front door just in case her knee packs up again. People with disabilities campaign endlessly for equal access to the world around them; one way to combat stigma is to achieve greatness in the most hostile arena of them all. Sport. The 2012 Paralympics showed us all the power of the human spirit in bodies compromised by lack of senses, limbs or mental agility. “Faster, higher, stronger” is the Olympic mantra, and in this male hegemonic playground, just being female is a disability. Society judges disability in terms of capability for work. As I sat with tears in my eyes watching people with disabilities achieving more than most able-bodied folk could dream, there was that niggling thought… don’t let the Department for Work and Pensions be watching this, they’ll have you all in low-paid work by the end of the closing ceremony. There is a scene in The Man in the High Castle where the air is ashy on a Tuesday, because that’s the day the Nazis cremate the bodies of cripples and those who are deemed a burden on the state. The Third Reich was founded on the practice of eugenics and strove to create a master race. They perceived gay people as corrupted deviant beings, thus we joined the Jews, Gypsies, mentally and physically impaired and anyone else who didn’t fit the perfect Arian profile, crawling on our elbows in the gas chambers. Happily, there is no such thing as perfection, least of all in the realm of humanity. We are all of us disabled to a greater or lesser degree. I’ve known beautiful bodies that house broken brains and tortured minds, and people with Asperger’s syndrome who seem the life and soul of the party yet miss vital social cues, unwittingly upset people and find it difficult to navigate the choppy seas of everyday human emotion.

“Greater visibility is the key to normalising any condition that has been subjected to eons of discrimination or ignorance” Greater visibility is the key to normalising any condition that has been subjected to eons of discrimination or ignorance. Let’s accentuate the positive. I love seeing profoundly disabled actors on soaps and adverts; it’s long overdue that CBeebies are exposing toddlers to a one-armed presenter. As superwoman Martina Navratilova said, “Disability is a matter of perception, if you can do just one thing well, you’re needed by someone”.




myself some wigs. Having wigs meant that I was able to grow my hair out and see where I was at. If I wasn't in a wig, I was in a hat so nobody got to see my hair. My wonderful friend, Matt, who’s responsible for the fabulous wigs I wear came up with some gym-friendly hair and I presented full time as my female self by November, even at work. I’m five months into having laser treatment to remove hair from my face and I love the way I look now with a smooth face, make up and a wig.

TRANSITIONING WITH SUGAR Hair today, gone tomorrow by Ms Sugar Swan ) I’ve had a life long battle with hair. It’s something that’s either made me very upset, or very happy. I remember a time in the late 1980s when I was in school and my hair was long and my mother said I needed it cut for the school photographs. Obviously, being a little trans girl I didn't want my hair cut, so, in an act of defiance, whilst my father, who took me to the barbers, was outside having a cigar, I asked for all my hair to be shaved off. Fast forward to one unhappy mother with "ruined" school photos and one win for me as if I wasn't allowed to present with the hair I wanted at school, there would be none whatsoever. I got in so much trouble from the school and my parents, but of all the school photos that exist of me deep down in a drawer somewhere in the family home, there’s one where I have a smile that outshines the rest, the one where I stood up for myself and wouldn’t be told how I should look. Being born at the beginning of the 1980s and growing up in the 1990s it was common place for boys to grow ‘curtains’. I was no exception, except I used to keep my curtains slightly longer than the other boys and I usually had them bleach blonde. I’d touch up my roots as often as once a week and I loved being a blonde bombshell until the unthinkable happened. My hormones started playing tricks on me and I went through male menopause, my testosterone levels decreased and I started going through female puberty and my breasts started to come in. By 18 years old, I was wearing a sports bra to hold them flat and my lovely long hair had started to recede. I tried many a hairstyle to make the most of my thinning hair but by age 20 it was too late. I lost the hair on the top of my head and I was resigned to clean shaving my head as it made

me look younger to have no hair rather than some. At the same time I grew a big full beard to hide my face and to adhere to normative standards of beauty. I covered myself in tattoos, went to the gym, built chest muscle and generally disguised my female looking face with a beard, my breast tissue with muscle and having a shaved head and tattoos to boot deemed me attractive. When I came out in January 2016 I knew that I’d very advanced hair loss and didn't want to lose the hair on my face as that would leave me with none. As a gender non-conforming (GNC), non-binary (NB) (Enby) person I experimented with female coded clothing and make up but I kept my beard and continued to shave my head. I saw no point trying to grow my hair out as having hair only around the back and sides of my head would age me drastically. I continued to wear a long beard, a shaved head and present as female in my clothing, breast forms and shoes etc. By this point, in August last year, I started to get depressed. I wasn’t happy. I wanted to look like other women, I wanted to be seen as other women are, to be equal to other women. I was encouraged by so many a friend that artists such as Sinead O'Connor and Grace Jones were able to rock the bald headed look so why couldn't I? But I knew deep down inside that I’d never be read as female by the general public if I continued to shave my head and keep my beard. So it had to go, the last bit of masculinity that I was holding on to, probably for sentimental reasons, came off and I got

I’ve no regrets but one thing haunts me - my hair. After four months of growing my hair under wigs and hats it became apparent that no amount of clip ins, hair extensions, hair pieces would work with the little amount of hair that I have left so it looked like I was stuck with wigs. Wigs that are painful to wear, give you headaches and rashes, are sweaty, uncomfortable and itchy and worst of all they’re not mine. I still have to come home and take them off at night. So, after a huge amount of research, by the time you read this I’ll be in Riga, Latvia, having a hair transplant. The clinic is at the top of its field and I’m staying in a 5-star hotel, but I’m somewhat concerned for my safety over the four days I’m there. I’ve been told not to leave the confines of the hotel unless when escorted to the clinic by one of the clinic representatives. A lot of clinics wouldn't touch me for one reason or another, many because I am trans *wtf!*, but mostly that I’m just so 'far advanced', as one of their doctors told me on multiple Skype consultations, but this clinic specialises in cases like mine and I’ll be in theatre for two consecutive days painstakingly having hair follicles removed from the back of my head one by one and transplanted into the bald areas. I’ll be awake during the procedure under the same kind of local anaesthetic as dentistry which will be injected straight into my head. I can be expected to be in theatre for up to 1012 hours a day. I’m so so desperate to have hair that travelling alone to a country that isn't particularly nice to transgender people, undergoing two 12-hour operations with only local anaesthetic and being warned not to leave the hotel doesn't actually phase me. What I’ll mourn is my femininity and my wigs. It’ll be two to three months before the grafts have fully rooted and up to 12 months before I have hair growth. During the early stages of healing I won’t be able to wear a wig as it’ll rub and put pressure on the grafts meaning that they may not take and I can't risk that. I know I’m going to hate how I look once more and become terribly depressed, but I have to look at the bigger picture here, as I do with my hormones and my breast growth, although sometimes that is bloody hard!

“I tried many a hairstyle to make the most of my thinning hair but by age 20 it was too late”


SAM TRANS MAN Dr Samuel Hall on what disability, whether you can see it or not, means for humanity. ) One of my boys likely has quite bad dyslexia. Actually there is probably more to it than that but we are waiting on tests. He finds writing and learning new complex skills really hard. But I think he is a genius. Soaks up information and is really good at maths. He has learning difficulties. But he isn’t stupid. Not at all. Unfortunately his schoolmates don’t necessarily take this on board, and because things are harder and take longer for him, he often gets called ‘idiot’ or worse. So much so that this is what he believes about himself. We are trying to take the sting out of this for him, by explaining that we don’t see him as ‘stupid’. I think it’s really important that those of us who don’t struggle with learning difficulties really understand that what is actually going on here is that some kids (well, a lot actually) don’t ‘learn’ the same way as the rest of us. We are ‘neurotypical’ and they aren’t. There’s no difficulty here except lack of understanding that those in the majority largely have. It is up to us ‘neurotypicals’ to educate ourselves about those whose brains work differently, learn differently, process the world differently. There is nothing wrong with my son’s capacity to learn. It’s just that he obviously learns in a way that isn’t entirely compatible with mainstream education. Hence the phrase ‘learning difficulty’ or its more sinister older cousin, ‘learning disability’. If you have a prescribed set of ‘ways’ of teaching, restricted methodology for learning, then obviously some people are going to fall foul of such a rigid system. If you then assess people according to an even more rigid set of criteria, then those who have fallen foul of the methodology will also fall foul in the results. They get labelled as thick, or stupid, until someone makes a diagnosis and resources get poured into them, when actually all they need is to have different ways of learning presented to them.

Some people learn by reading, others by whittling wood while they watch a screen, some need a quiet atmosphere, and others still could do all their learning by audiobook. The possibilities are endless and I suppose my point is that in a different environment there wouldn't be any need to diagnose or label ‘learning difficulties’.

“It’s up to us ‘neurotypicals’ to educate ourselves about those whose brains work differently, learn differently, process the world differently” It’s up to us to find ways that our son can learn. Because he does learn - it’s obvious. He has learned to walk, talk, use the toilet, read, express himself, hug, play and tie his shoelaces. He functions socially and emotionally at an age-appropriate level. If you met him you wouldn't know how big his struggle is. You can’t see this, it’s a hidden disability. He said this himself, out loud, in a school assembly. I was so proud of him. I wasn’t there but his mum tells me that his hand shot up when the headteacher asked for examples of disabilities. “Some people have disabilities you can’t see,” he said. Sort of outing himself and owning it at the same time. A sense of pride? Probably not yet, but I hope to instill it in him, even if it means bucking the trend and taking him out of school if necessary. I’ve done this before, for different reasons, and I’m not afraid to do it again. As a parent you just want your kids to reach their full potential, which in my book also means being able to name, own and learn to love

CLARE PROJECT WEEKLY DROP-IN is based in central Brighton in a safe and confidential space to explore issues around gender identity. Facilitated peer support is an important element, as well as providing access to low-cost psychotherapy and speech therapy.

We all have stuff that we have to learn to love about ourselves. Whether it’s our bodies, being gay, trans, bi or queer, the colour of our skin, our background, academic achievements etc etc etc. My son’s acceptance of himself and his limitations is key to his success in life. If I can teach him to love the way he learns, accept it as an issue of human diversity, and be proud of himself for who he is, then he can just get on with reaching his potential. It’s the same for me with respect to my gender dysphoria. The more I learn to love this ‘quirk’ of nature that makes me a trans man, the more I accept that this is who I am, and the more openly proud I am, the better I feel about myself, and the more I can grow towards achieving my full potential. A laudable goal for any of us. There’s a very high statistical correlation between gender dysphoria and autistic spectrum disorder. Somewhere in the region of 5-10% according to recent studies. It’s difficult to know whether this co-occurrence has real significance, but hard to believe that it doesn't when you’re one of them. I’m pretty sure I’m on the autistic spectrum. I’ve never been diagnosed but I know a few people who think it has to be true. They should know, they have to live with me. I know my gender dysphoria is somehow linked. I know that this is all about the hardwiring in my brain, and that the influences that resulted in me being me, started when I was still in the womb. I find this deeply comforting, and strangely liberating. I love that I’ve always been this way, was made this way, and can express myself this way. With or without a label, or diagnosis, whether it’s a hidden disability or clear for the world to see, we all owe it to ourselves and to our communities to appreciate what it means for humanity. It means that we are richly diverse, unique and individual, yet a part of the whole. It means that we owe it to one another to educate ourselves about things we don't understand in others, and above all, it means that we are all equal.



TUES 2.30–5.30PM


meets every


their hang ups. By which I mean things about themselves (ourselves) that they/we hate, or are ashamed of, things which we would do anything to change but are powerless to so do. Does this ring a bell?


GARDENS METHODIST CHURCH Dorset Gardens (off St James Street) Brighton BN2 1RL Except 1st Tues when there’s an optional meal out preceded by the drop-in 5–7.30PM



f Clare Project


60 GSCENE a wheelchair it doesn’t mean I don’t have children or was able-bodied when I was younger.

MINDOUT Mental health, disability and your rights. ) We know from studies like Count Me In Too (2008) that having a disability increases some mental health concerns for LGBTQ people, including serious thoughts of suicide. ‘Experiences of prejudice, suicidal thoughts, domestic violence and abuse, discomfort using services, and housing issues were more likely to affect LGBT people who are disabled or longterm health impaired, compared to other LGBT people.’ Disability & LGBT Lives 2009. It’s not hard to imagine why, and the firstperson experience of a MindOut service user below makes some of that clear.

LIVING WITH A DISABILITY AND IDENTIFYING AS LESBIAN WITH A MENTAL HEALTH PROBLEM I was able-bodied when I was younger and had two children before I became physically disabled. Since my 40s I’ve needed to use a wheelchair due to my health condition. I came out in the 1980s, which was incredibly hard for me. My marriage broke up, my kids didn’t accept me. I even had neighbours spit at me and shout homophobic comments. I felt I had to hide to keep myself safe. Having a disability and being gay isn’t easy – it links in with feeling judged and also with feeling like I’m invisible. I’ve always known I was gay, but I had to stay in the closet for so long that I felt invisible. Feeling invisible as a disabled person can send my mental health into a downward spiral really quickly, from 080 in an instant, where zero is feeling quite level, to 80, which is feeling despairing and having thoughts that there’s no point, feeling suicidal and wishing I wasn’t here. My counsellor says I seem to fit the description for emotional intensity disorder

(EID) and I’m going to see the psychiatrist to check this out. The symptoms do seem to fit with the diagnosis. Another friend said that if there was less discrimination in my daily life, then I wouldn’t need a diagnosis for EID. Sometimes I feel good, but then just going out can change how I feel because of the way people are. For example, people look at their mobiles when they walk down the street, and I can’t move otherwise my wheelchair risks falling off the curb into the road, but people tut at me for not moving and this really angers me. I think “Why should I bother even going out?” If I’m feeling good I can deal with the frustration with humour and might say; “I must be so small you can’t see – that’s a compliment.” I store my anger up inside and sometimes I let it out. For example, when I was shopping the other day I got so frustrated by other people that I threw all my shopping on the floor and stormed out! Then I think things like what’s the point in trying to lead an independent life? What’s the point in struggling? Going shopping can be really challenging because people don’t seem to see me, and they don’t listen when I ask for help. I do manage – sometimes I just leave the items I can’t reach, and some people are good and help. They offer help and that makes me feel really good because it shows that people are aware of disabled people and I’m not invisible in those moments. Buses are hard. Only one wheelchair is allowed per bus, so my friend who also uses a wheelchair and I have to go on separate buses. Often people don’t fold up their buggies, or leave their shopping in the way, which causes a lot of tension. Some mothers on buses have said to me; “You don’t know what it’s like to have children,” and I think: just because I’m in

“Only one wheelchair is allowed per bus, so my friend who also uses a wheelchair and I have to go on separate buses”

These attitudes link in with being judged, which happens as a result of being lesbian and having mental health problems too. People make assumptions, for instance that I didn’t have a life before being disabled. Sometimes people assume that I don’t know what I want in shops, and shopkeepers give my friend the change when it was me who handed the money over – they must think I’m not capable of looking after my own affairs. Wheelchair access to places like theatres is very limited, even when you book in advance. Similarly it’s not possible for me to go to lots of the pubs and venues that I’d love to go to. I feel this cuts off my chances to be part of LGBTQ culture and nightlife.

MENTAL HEALTH, DISABILITY AND YOUR RIGHTS Many people are not aware that mental health issues constitute a disability under current legislation. The Equality Act says you have a disability if you have a physical or mental impairment that has a ‘substantial, adverse, and long term effect’ on your day-to-day activities. The focus is on the effect of your mental health problem, rather than the diagnosis. So you need to show that your mental health problem: • has more than a small effect on your everyday life; • makes things more difficult for you; • has lasted at least 12 months, is likely to last 12 months, or is likely to happen repeatedly. You are protected from discrimination even if you had a disability in the past. That means that if your past mental health problem had a substantial, long-term and adverse effect, you should still be entitled to the protection of the Equality Act.

MINDOUT INFO MindOut services run in accessible buildings and all are welcome. MindOut staff and volunteers have had deaf awareness training and we employ BSL interpreters as often as funds allow. If you would like to talk to someone in confidence about any aspect of mental health and/or disability then please do get in touch. All MindOut services are run by and for LGBTQ people with lived experience of mental health issues. Our services are free, confidential, person-centred, impartial, nonjudgemental and independent. You can contact us: ) email ) call 01273 234839 ) see our website for our online service opening times.



) MINDOUT Independent, impartial info, guidance for LGBT people with mental health problems. 24 hr confidential answerphone: 01273 234839 or


LGBT disabled people’s forum. Safe, welcoming, support, activities, awareness 07981 170071 or email

Social/peer support group for FTM, transmasculine & gender queer people. Every 1st Wed 7-9pm & 3rd Sat of month 1-3pm at Space for Change, Windlesham Venue, BN1 3AH. For info see



Drop-in for LGBT or unsure young people under 26, Tues 5.30-8.30pm 01273 721211 or email,

Regular low cost yoga, therapies, swimming, meditation & social groups for people with HIV. or



Report all homophobic, biphobic or transphobic incidents to: 24/7 assistance call Police on 101 (for emergencies 999) Report online at: LGBT team (not 24/7) email: • LGBT Officer PC Sarah Laker on 07912 893557 f Brighton LGBT Police t@policeLGBT t@PCLaker

Support group for lesbian and/or gay parents 07951 082013 or


) BRIGHTON & HOVE LGBT SAFETY FORUM Independent LGBT forum working with the community to address and improve safety issues in Brighton & Hove.


) SOME PEOPLE Social/support group for LGB or questioning aged 14-19, Tue, 6-8pm, Hastings. Call/text Nicola 07974 579865 or email Neil or Nicola:

) VICTIM SUPPORT Practical, emotional support for victims of crime 08453 899 528


Help-line with email & webchat facility from 5pm daily on 01273 204 050. • LGBT specialist face to face low cost counselling service, • LGBT Older peoples' project, • LGBT HIP engagement project. • Volunteering opportunities 01273 234 009.

Christian church serving the LGBTQ community. Sundays 6pm, Somerset Day Centre, Kemptown 07476 667353,


Sussex HIV & AIDS info service 01403 210202 or email

Info, counselling, drop-in space, support groups. 01273 698036 or visit

) BRIGHTON GEMS Social group for gay men over 50 with several events every month inc meeting at Dorset Gardens last Fri of month 7-9pm. 07561 166 407 or email



) BRIGHTON & HOVE CAB HIV PROJECT Money, benefits, employment, housing, info, advocacy. Appointments: Tue-Thur 9am-4pm, Wed 9am-12.30pm Brighton & Hove Citizens Advice Bureau, Brighton Town Hall. 01273 733390 ext 520 or


Local social group offers friendship, social events, meet 1st Thur at Regency Tavern, 7.30pm. 07594 578 035

Free confidential testing & treatment for STIs including HIV, plus Hep A & B vaccinations. Claude Nicol Centre, Sussex County Hospital, on Weds from 5-8pm. 01273 664 721 or



12-step self-help programme for alcohol addictions. Sun 7.30pm, Chapel Royal, North St, Btn (side entrance). 01273 203 343 (general AA line)

) LGBT NA GROUP Brighton-based LGBT (welcomes others) Narcotics Anonymous group every Tue 6.30–8pm, Millwood Centre, Nelson Row, Kingswood St. 0300 999 1212

) LGBT MEDITATION GROUP Meditation & discussion, every 2nd & 4th Thur, 5.30–7pm, Anahata Clinic, 119 Edward St, Brighton 07789 861 367 or


Medical advice, treatment for HIV+, specialist clinics, diet & welfare advice, drug trials. 01273 664 722

) SUBSTANCE MISUSE SERVICE Pavillions Partnership. Info, advice, appointments & referrals 01273 731 900. Drop-in: Richmond House, Richmond Rd, Brighton, MonWed & Fri 10am-4pm, Thur 10am-7pm, Sat 10am-1pm; 9 The Drive, Hove 01273 680714 Mon & Wed 10am-12pm & 1pm-3pm, Tue & Thu 10am-4pm, info & advice only (no assessments), Fri 10am-12pm & 1pm-3pm. • Gary Smith (LGBT* Support) 07884 476634 or email For more info visit weblink:

Lunch club for people with HIV. Meet/make friends, find peer support in safe space. Every Fri, noon–2.30pm, Community Room, Dorset Gdns Methodist Church, Dorset Gdns, Brighton. Lunch £1.50. 07846 464 384 or

24 hour nursing & medical care, day care 01273 694222 or



Inclusive, affirming space where all are invited to come as they are to explore their spirituality without judgement. 01273 515572 or


For more info about these free services go to the THT office, 61 Ship St, Brighton, Mon–Fri, 10am–5pm 01273 764200 or • Venue Outreach: info on HIV, sexual health, personal safety, safer drug/alcohol use, free condoms/lubricant for men who have sex with men.

• The Bushes Outreach Service @ Dukes Mound: advice, support, info on HIV and sexual health, and free condoms and lube. • Netreach (online/Mobile App Outreach in Brighton & Hove): info/advice on HIV/sexual health/local services. THT Brighton Outreach workers online on Grindr, Scruff, & Squirt. • Condom Male: discreet, confidential service posts free condoms/lube/sexual health info to men who have sex with men without access to East Sussex commercial gay scene • Positive Voices: volunteers who go to organisations to talk about personal experiences of living with HIV. • Fastest (HIV Testing): walk-in, (no appointment) rapid HIV testing service for men who have sex with men. Results in 20 minutes. Mon 10am-8pm, Tues-Fri 10am-5pm. (STI Testing available) • Sauna Fastest at The Brighton Sauna (HIV Testing): walk-in, (no appointment) rapid HIV testing service for men who have sex with men. Results in 20 minutes. Wed: 6–8pm. (STI Testing available). • Face2Face: confidential info & advice on sexual health & HIV for men who have sex with men. Up to 6 one hour appointments. • Specialist Training: wide range of courses for groups/ individuals. Specific courses to suit needs. • Counselling: from qualified counsellors for up to 12 sessions for people living with/affected by HIV. • Informed Passions: Expert Volunteers project to identify & support sexual health needs of local men who have sex with men and carry out field research in B&H on issues affecting men’s sexual health. Extensive training provided. • What Next? Thurs eve, 6 week peer support group work programme for newly diagnosed HIV+ gay men. • HIV Support Services: info, support & practical advice for people living with/affected by HIV. • Volunteer Support Services: 1-2-1 community support for people living with or affected by HIV. • HIV Welfare Rights Advice: Find out about benefits or benefit changes. Advice line: Mon–Thur 1:30-2:30pm. 1-2-1 appts for advice & workshops on key benefits.

) TERRENCE HIGGINS EASTBOURNE Dyke House, 110 South St, Eastbourne, BN21 4LZ, 01323 649927 or • HIV Services support for HIV diagnosis, managing side effects, sex and relationships, understanding medication, talking to your doctor, finding healthier lifestyle. Assessment of support needs and signposting on to relevant services. Support in person, by phone or email. • Support for people at risk of HIV confidential info and advice on sexual health and HIV for men who have sex with men. Up to 3 one hour appointments depending on need. Sessions in person or on phone. • Web support & info on HIV, sexual health & local services via netreach and • Positive Voices: volunteers who go to organisations to talk about personal experiences of living with HIV.

) SEXUAL HEALTH WORTHING Free confidential tests & treatment for STIs inc HIV. Hep A & B vaccinations. Worthing based 0845 111345645


HELPLINE AT GALOP.ORG.UK 0800 999 5428 ) LONDON LESBIAN & GAY SWITCHBOARD 02078 377324 ) POSITIVELINE (EDDIE SURMAN TRUST) Mon-Fri 11am-10pm, Sat & Sun 4-10pm 0800 1696806 ) MAINLINERS 02075 825226 ) NATIONAL AIDS HELPLINE 08005 67123 ) NATIONAL DRUGS HELPLINE 08007 76600 ) THT AIDS Treatment phoneline 08459 470047 ) THT direct 0845 1221200


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Gscene Magazine - March 2017  

What's happening in Gay/ LGBT Brighton & Hove.

Gscene Magazine - March 2017  

What's happening in Gay/ LGBT Brighton & Hove.