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May 2013 - May 2014 Gold Award Recipients

How do you make the world a better place? The Girl Scout Gold Award

Create a lasting change in your community. Go Gold at

A Life-Changing Experience. This publication is produced by the Girl Scouts of Texas Oklahoma Plains, Inc. 4901 Briarhaven Road Fort Worth, Texas 76109 800.582.7272 F 817.732.1261 Area Offices: Abilene 325.670.0432 Amarillo 806.356.0096 Fort Worth 817.737.7272 Lubbock 806.745.2855 Wichita Falls 940.723.4336

We know Girl Scouts do good things for the world. Help the people who need it most. Protect animals that can’t speak for themselves. Treat the environment with the respect it deserves. We know our Girl Scouts have great ideas, ones that make a lasting difference. And these young ladies are more than ready to work hard to put those ideas into motion. The Gold Award - Girl Scouting’s highest award - is their chance to make a lasting difference in our communities . . . and in the larger world. Each year, this award is presented to girls who have planned and executed Take Action projects in response to pressing community needs. In the process, girls gain skills in leadership, project planning, time management, and budgeting,

Board of Directors

plus confidence that lasts a lifetime. With a supportive environment, girls can do

Chair - Adrienne Cozart, Lubbock


First Vice-Chair - Cindy Martin, Lubbock Second Vice-Chair - Ny Lynn Nichols, Amarillo Secretary - Patricia Miller, Fort Worth Treasurer - Lois Weeks, Fort Worth

Members at Large Susan Alanis, Fort Worth Anna M. Alvarado, Fort Worth Alona Beesinger, Lubbock Sandra Daniel, Keller Reggie Dial, Lubbock Marcia Etie, Arlington

Parents find that their daughter grows into her best self. She’ll become more focused, a better time manager, and a more effective team player. She’ll grow in confidence. Inspire others and set the stage for a lifetime of achievement. Girl Scouts makes the world smaller and the girl bigger. On the pages that follow you’ll get a glimpse of our future generation of young women leaders, what they stand for and what they can accomplish alone and with others. You’ll see how Girl Scouts are changing the world! It’s a great way to get

Leticia Evans, Arlington

inspiration for your Gold Award . . . or just see what other girls are doing to impact

Julia Huseman, Fort Worth

their communities. And start changing the world today!

Parris Jones, Fort Worth Risa Jones, Lubbock David Kemp, Amarillo

We must remain steadfast to ensure

Melissa Meneses, Dalhart

positive opportunities for girls to achieve

Melinda Mitchell-Jones, Lubbock

their highest potential. As the largest girl

Shoshana Thoma-Isgur, Fort Worth Shirley Thomas, Amarillo

Senior Leadership Chief Executive Officer — Becky Burton Chief Financial and Administrative Officer — Cynthia Odom Chief Operating Officer — Susie Bell

organization devoted to leadership in our community, Girl Scouts of Texas Oklahoma Plains embraces our mission to build girls of courage, confidence and character who make the world a better place.

Chief Development and Communications Officer — Katherine Curtis , CFRE Girl Scouts is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. For more information on how you can support our mission please call 800-582-7272 or visit

—Becky Burton, CE O

The Highest Awards Give Girls an Opportunity to Take Action in Their Communities. The Girl Scout Bronze Award 4th–5th grades »»

Each girl must be a registered Girl Scout Junior and complete a Junior Journey.


Working as a team, girls discover a community issue and complete a Take Action project.


FACT: Eighty-two percent of girls who earn the Bronze Award go on to achieve the Gold.

The Girl Scout Silver Award 6th–8th grades »»

Each girl must be a registered Girl Scout Cadette and complete a Cadette Journey.


Working as an individual or small group, girls identify a root cause of a community issue and complete a Take Action project.


FACT: Ninety-six percent of girls who earn the Silver Award go on to achieve the Gold.

The Girl Scout Gold Award

The highest achievement in Girl Scouting 9th–12th grades »»

Each girl must be a registered Girl Scout Senior or Ambassador.


Girls must complete two Journeys (Senior or Ambassador), OR earn the Silver Award and complete one Journey.


Working as an individual, girls research root causes of a community issue and develop a lasting solution. Throughout the Take Action project process, girls demonstrate extraordinary leadership.

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Gold Award Facts and Figures »»

Gold Award recipients on average spend one to two years on their projects.


Gold Award recipients who join the armed services enter one rank higher than other recruits.


The average age of Gold Award recipients is 17.



Since 1916, one million girls have earned the Gold Award or its equivalent.

University research indicates that adding the Gold Award a college application is a critical element in the admissions decision process.


Girl Scout Alumnae Our alumnae are living proof that what we teach today impacts tomorrow’s leaders. Fifty-nine million Girl Scout alumnae are more successful in school, develop a stronger sense of self, and report greater satisfaction with life than their non-Girl Scout alumnae peers. We are transforming the world. These successful women include: »» 66% of professional women; »»

71% of current female U.S. Senators;


57% of women currently serving in the U.S. House of Representatives;

»» »»

5 of the 6 current female state governors; and Almost every female astronaut is a Girl Scout.


Girl Scout Gold Award The Gold Award represents the highest achievement in Girl Scouting; it recognizes girls 14-17 years old who demonstrate extraordinary leadership through sustainable and measurable Take Action projects. Since 1916, girls have answered the call to go Gold, embodying accomplishments and responsibility as a member of their community and the world.


symbolizes achieving the most challenging skills in the areas of leadership,

Seven Steps to Gold

community service, career planning and personal development. A girl must be a registered Girl Scout Senior or Ambassador and have successfully completed specific requirements before she may begin working on the Girl Scout Gold Award project. Planning and mobilizing resources to implement this special project brings together all that she has learned in Girl Scouting.

Choose an issue: Use your values and skills to identify a community issue you care about. 1.

2. Investigate: Research everything you can about

the issue. 3. Get help: Invite others to support and take action

with you.

As Gold Award recipients, these extraordinary girls are part of an elite group of women. Starting in 1916, the best and brightest undertook projects that improved their communities—and the world. The Golden Eaglet insignia, the highest award in Girl Scouting from 1916 to 1939, marked the beginning of a long tradition of recognizing the extraordinary efforts of extraordinary girls. From 1940 to 1963, the Curved Bar Award was the highest honor in Girl Scouting. From 1963 to 1980, the highest award was called First Class. And since 1980, the Gold Award has inspired girls to find the greatness inside themselves and share their ideas and passions with their communities. The Girl Scout Gold Award is an earned honor and must meet a rigorous review process. We are proud to honor these young women who have proven themselves as the next generation of leaders.

4. Create a plan: Create a project plan that achieves

sustainable and measurable impact. 5. Present your plan and get feedback: Sum up your

project plan for your Girl Scout council. 6. Take action: Take the lead to carry out your plan. 7. Educate and inspire: Share what you have

experienced with others.


Commonly Asked Questions:

Who can earn the Girl Scout Gold Award? A girl must be in grades 9–12, a registered Girl Scout and have completed the Gold Award prerequisites. What does it mean to have a sustainable project? A sustainable community project is one that continues after the girl’s involvement ends.

This Gold Award project empowered me to make a difference in the world and to hopefully lead others to do the same.

—Kristen Fort Worth Girl Scout Gold Award Recipient

2 Texas Oklahoma Plains Gold Awards 2013–2014

Are there college scholarships available for Gold Award recipients? Yes, visit If a Girl Scout didn’t earn a Bronze or Silver Award, is she eligible for a Gold Award? Yes, as long as she completes two Senior or Ambassador Journeys. What are the benefits of Going Gold? Girl Scout Gold Award recipients do well in life! They rate their general success in life significantly higher and report higher success in reaching their goals within many areas.

Robyn Battles

Claire Beckley

Benefiting: High Point Church

Benefiting: Keller Oaks Nursing Home

Keller, TX Troop 3374

Arlington, TX Troop 3551

Robyn has always had a love for math and

After volunteering many times at the

learning. When she discovered the lack

Keller Oaks Nursing Home, Claire noticed

of interest in reading and math within her

that they had an outside garden for the

community’s church, she used her passion

residents but realized that the residents

to create a free tutoring program known

were having a difficult time enjoying it.

as the Homework Helper. Robyn and

With the help of her team, she updated the

her group of volunteers made a learning

garden beds by making them into raised

environment that focused on one-on-one

gardens. This way the residents would be

teaching methods. Students in and outside

able to enjoy them, without physical stress.

of the High Point Church were invited to

She even worked with the maintenance

attend. Her program was so successful

supervisor to install a sprinkler system

that her group of volunteers has agreed to

within the beds, so that the garden could

carry on this tutoring program.

be watered on a regular basis.

Aashna Bharwani

Sarah Bhimani

Benefiting: Bryan’s House

Benefiting: MHMR Tarrant

Euless, TX Troop 1563

Colleyville, TX Troop 1563

Aashna has a huge passion for helping

Sarah saw the need to bring awareness

children and when she found out


about Bryan’s House, she wanted to do

mentally challenged individuals within

something for that organization. After

their community and how they should

speaking with Bryan’s House, Aashna realized the children had a classroom to attend but no books available for them to enjoy during their stay. With the help of her volunteers, she gathered books for





be treated with equality and respect, and to become aware of how they can make a difference in the world. So Sarah reached out to her local MHMR center and discovered they were in need of a children’s resource library within their

newborns to 10 years of age and built a

facility. With help from her team of

children’s library inside Bryan’s House. The

volunteers, Sarah built a children’s book

library is now a weekly treat for the children

area and an adult resource area for

to enjoy within the class schedule.

parents and children to utilize when going through the MHMR program. GOLD AWARD RECIPIENTS 3

Faith Bruton

Fort Worth, TX Juliette Girl Scout Benefiting: St. Joseph’s Mission, Swaziland Faith and her team of volunteers built a playground for St. Joseph’s Mission located in Mzimpofu, Swaziland. Her project addressed two issues. One was the fundamental lack of playground equipment, which creates a space for social and motor skill development. The second issue that her project covered was the awareness of Swaziland, its situation with poverty and lack of educational and





students. Faith not only was able to bring a playground to the students but also had them help build their playground which taught them the value of working for something you want.

Megan Buchanan

Jacqueline Campbell

Benefiting: Wise Hope Shelter and Crisis Center

Benefiting: Communities of Arlington, Grand Prairie & Mansfield

Keller, TX Troop 3374

Grand Prairie, TX Troop 2195

Megan’s project addressed the need for


comfort items for children of victims who


suffer from domestic violence and sexual

motivated to take action, she decided to

assault. Megan and her volunteers from the

create something to educate peers and

Keller United Methodist church – Sisters

parents how to overcome and prevent the

of Sewing Circle, created workshops

effects of cyberbullying. With the help of

where she and her peers learned how to sew. They created 50 children’s printed pillowcases with inspirational quotes on the inside. Not only did this project fill a need for the shelter but it will continue thanks to her church’s sewing circle.







counselors from her local church, school and hospital, she was able to assemble a support group and create an online support page about cyberbullying for her community. This page and meetings which have helped her community, will continue and be overseen by the East Broad Outreach Center.

4 Texas Oklahoma Plains Gold Awards 2013–2014


Caroline Carr Bedford, TX Troop 1527

Benefiting: City of Bedford

Caroline noticed the creeks and parks she explored as a child were being progressively polluted with trash and pollution from storm drain run off. She knew this would severely affect the urban wildlife and future exploration of the creeks and parks. With her team of volunteers, she brought this issue to the city of Bedford and organized a creek and park cleanup day and permanent pollution awareness signs with QR codes. The QR codes provided the community with education on how they can help prevent storm drain pollution. As a result of her Gold Award project, Caroline was awarded the top honor for the Don’t mess with Texas® Scholarship Contest.

Elizabeth Catanzaro

McKenna Cherry Keller, TX Troop 3374

Fort Worth, TX Troop 3374

Benefiting: Students of Arlington ISD

Benefiting: Students of Keller ISD

Benefiting: WildRescue, Inc. Rescued Rabbits

Arlington, TX Troop 1925

Elizabeth saw two needs within her community. One was seeing peers fall victim to technology dependency, drugs, alcohol, pregnancy and anxiety of life after high school. The second was seeing how difficult and increasingly expensive it was for theater teachers to get new performing material with little to no budget. With her passion for the fine arts and writing, Elizabeth worked with her school’s theatre teachers to script a play that brought awareness to teen issues and created performing material that could be shared with any high school at no cost. The play was created in such a way that each performance could cater to certain issues the school needed to address.

Bailey Coleson

As McKenna prepares for her future after

Bailey noticed a need for more sheltered

high school, one of the concerns she

cages to hold rabbits at the WildRescue

had was how to be safe on her own. After

facility. Many rabbits in need of shelter

researching what her community offered,

were turned away due to lack of housing.

she decided there needed to be more

So she assembled a team of volunteers to

information for students her age. McKenna found a program called “Just Yell Fire” which gave information on safety issues of dating, substance abuse, abduction and other potential violent situations. With help from the Keller Lions Club, McKenna brought this presentation to many peers

update and build more sheltered cages. Since her project created more housing, the organization was able to recertify as a partner with the ASPCA to provide emergency housing for up to 200 abused or neglected rabbits.

throughout her community, who after attending, left with the knowledge and skills to keep themselves safe.


Abigail Cuellar

Christina D’Aquila

Wendy Davidson

Benefiting: Amarillo Zoo

Benefiting: Safe Haven

Benefiting: Elementary students of the community

Amarillo, TX Troop 5099

Bedford, TX Troop 1544

Fort Worth, TX Troop 3015

The Amarillo Zoo was in need of a corral

Christina wanted to bring awareness

Wendy has a strong passion for books

for reptiles to roam in a safe environment.

about Safe Haven’s need for food. Along

and when she learned there was a

Abigail built a corral and this facility will

with help from her peers at Wedgewood

decrease in reading, she decided to

help children see the animals up close,

Academy, she created fliers about her

take a more technical approach. With a

and better educate the youth of the

hunger awareness drive. She sent home

group of volunteers, Wendy brought two

community about reptiles. In addition, the

paper bags with every student to collect

children’s books to life through voicing

project specifically impacted the turtles

canned food. She made presentations to

and animating the pictures within the

by giving them more sunlight and space

the student body about the importance of

books on video.

to roam, thus giving them a healthier life.

collecting and donating food. Christina was

these videos on YouTube for teachers to

This is also an excellent way for the zoo

able to donate over 500 canned goods to

use with their students.

to increase the the knowledge of these

Safe Haven and has secured a younger

reptiles in the classroom.

Girl Scout troop to pass on this hunger

She then published

awareness project for years to come.

Kate DesHotels Keller, TX Troop 4041

Benefiting: Students of Westlake Academy

Kelly Edwards

North Richland Hills, TX Troop 3374 Benefiting: Indian Spring Middle School

Stephanie Eubank Keller, TX Troop 1122

Benefiting: Baylor All Saints

Kate noticed the 5th and 6th grade

Kelly’s project addressed the issue of

Stephanie discovered that the room

students at Westlake Academy did not

the student to coach ratio in the tennis

where kids went to get counseling about

fully understand what patriotism and

program at the school. She saw that the

losing a loved one, or having a loved one

giving back to the community meant or

students who wanted to experience

go through a terminal disease, was in

tennis were having a hard time getting

need of a makeover. She worked with the

the most out of the class, since they only

hospital and a group of volunteers to paint,

had one coach. So to address this need,

decorate, fix the furniture and create

Kelly and her volunteers created tennis

shelving for the room. The new room now

some soldiers to speak with the students

backboards that the students could

has a more homey feeling and creates

about what receiving these care packages

use to practice on in between getting

a better atmosphere for the children to

meant to them. The in-service day was so

instructions from the coach.

have more successful counseling.

how a simple act could change so many lives. She created an in-school community service day. With her team of volunteers, Kate created care packages and sent them to soldiers overseas. She invited

successful, the school is already preparing for next year’s in service day. 6 Texas Oklahoma Plains Gold Awards 2013–2014

Miranda Fatum

Meagan Gardner

Benefiting: Grapevine High School

Benefiting: The Warm Place

Colleyville, TX Troop 1741

Keller, TX Troop 1741

With her love for animals, Miranda wanted

The Warm Place is a grieving support

to make the large animal pens within her

center for those who have recently

school’s ecology center more sanitary

experienced the death of a loved one.

and protected from the weather. After

Volunteers make up more than half of this

starting the project, Miranda decided the

organization and Meagan wanted to create

center needed more improvements. So with the help of her team, she created a larger walled-in pen, created pens with concrete floors with drainage, cleared and manicured the flowerbeds and walkways and fixed a drainage problem with the pond. In doing this, Miranda’s project was able to create a more pleasant ecology center for

a recognition wall for them, as well as a memory wall for the participants to use. Meagan and her volunteers designed, built and painted two displays for the center. The volunteer recognition wall displays all the volunteers’ names and the memory wall has locations where participants can display artwork they created to represent their lost loved ones.

the students and animals.

Monique Gassaway

Holly Green

Benefiting: Hilltop Senior Citizen Center

Benefiting: Camp Holland

Amarillo, TX Troop 5678

Poolville, TX Troop 8147

Monique’s Project Lots of Love involved

Holly created a nature trail in Camp

updating the Hilltop Sr. Citizens Center.

Holland. The trail identifies native plants

Her project included renovating the

and is for Weatherford and the surrounding

Fellowship Hall with fresh paint to update

area schools and other groups to use. The

the entertainment room and game area.

trail is a self-guided trail with plant markers

Monique’s team secured new furniture, computers and lighting that was donated and installed. Her team also renovated the main office and bathroom, and cleaned out the front garden where sustainable xeriscaping was installed. Additionally, they removed dead trees, painted the outside

to identify the plants that are native to the area; this will allow everyone who uses Camp Holland to discover the beauty of the local plants. It will be open all year round and available for educational and fun learning opportunities for many years to come.

building, and cleaned and organized storage buildings. GOLD AWARD RECIPIENTS 7

Sarah Guenther Benbrook, TX Troop 2507

Benefiting: City of Benbrook Cemetery Sarah always wondered how difficult it would be to find someone buried in the Benbrook Cemetery and she wanted to help people in the community by solving this problem. She was inspired when she

discovered that identifying burial

plots at the cemetery was cumbersome. Sarah worked with cemetery staff and volunteers to update the cemetery listing and database and to make sure the data matched the cemetery map. She also helped build a directory kiosk for the cemetery, which held this information.

Payton Hernandez Southlake, TX Troop 4007

Benefiting: Humane Society of North Texas Payton’s project addressed the issue of dogs having to sleep on cold, and sometimes wet, concrete floors in shelters. Payton assembled a team of volunteers to help her make raised dog beds to be donated to the Humane Society of North Texas. Peyton had to research, create and locate fabric that would be comfortable yet durable for the beds.

8 Texas Oklahoma Plains Gold Awards 2013–2014

Haley Hines

Heather Hines

Kellie Hunn

Benefiting: Medical Center of Arlington

Benefiting: Medical Center of Arlington

Benefiting: Northstar School

Arlington, TX Troop 2126

Kennedale, TX Troop 3504

Arlington, TX Troop 2126

Haley addressed the issue of NICU babies

Heather addressed the issue of NICU

Kellie noticed that children and teens

needing smaller hats to keep them warm.

babies needing smaller blankets to keep

these days are overcome by the power

Since babies who stay in the NICU are

them warm. Since babies who stay in the

of technology and she wanted a way to

not always in contact with their mother,

NICU are not always in contact with their

get them off the electronics and outside.

mother, they need extra care in keeping

So with the help of her volunteers, Kellie

they need extra care in keeping their body temperature warm. Hats that the hospitals have are almost always too big for the NICU babies. Haley was able to get multiple Girl Scout troops, her debate team and her community to help make crocheted hats.

their body temperature warm. The blankets that the hospitals have are too large for a NICU baby. Heather was able to involve the Mansfield nursing home and her community to help make crocheted baby blankets. After reaching out and teaching

After reaching out and teaching everyone

everyone to crochet the blankets, she

to crochet hats, she was able to donate

was able to donate over 100 extra small

over 200 hats to the NICU.

blankets for the NICU.

poured concrete slabs, set the poles and even installed a drainage system for a sand volleyball court. Now the school and the community have a place for everyone to enjoy - that does not involve being on an electronic device.


Arial Hunter

Emily Inglis

Baylie Jeppesen

Benefiting: Safe Haven

Benefiting: Fitzgerald Elementary

Benefiting: Students of Westlake Academy

Fort Worth, TX Troop 3015

Arlington, TX Troop 3504

Photo not available

Westlake, TX Troop 4041

Arial wanted to bring awareness to the

Emily wanted to bring a more hands-on

Baylie noticed how the 3rd and 4th grade

need for toiletry items for adults and

learning experience to the children of

students at Westlake Academy did not

after school snacks for the children. So

Fitzgerald Elementary. The gardening

fully understand what giving back to the

along with help from her peers at the

club has an interactive garden at

community meant or how a simple act

Wedgewood Academy, she created fliers

the school but Emily wanted to add

could change so many lives. She created

about her project and set up collection

another component by creating a bird

an in-school community service day,

stations at her school. Then with her group

observation arbor and feeding station.

of volunteers, she created toiletry grab

With the help of her volunteers Emily was

bags for the adults and snack grab bags for

able to construct the arbor and feeding

the children of Safe Haven. Arial’s project

area for the school.

with her project bringing awareness to homelessness within their community. With her team of volunteers, Baylie and the students collected books and toiletries for multiple homeless shelters

was so well received that her school will

around the area. The in-service day was

continue to collect items for Safe Haven.

so successful that the school is already preparing for next years in-service day.

Danielle Johnson

Kristen Keane

Benefiting: Knights of Columbus

Benefiting: Trinity High School

Arlington, TX Troop 1925

Bedford, TX Troop 1527

Danielle’s project addressed the issue of

Kristen noticed how the Special Education

no proper storage container for American

students were always separated from the

flags needing retirement. The Knights of

rest of the student body and missed out

Columbus receives an abundant amount

on group activities around the school. So

of flags that can no longer be flown, and at

Kristen decided to bring an out-of-the-

times the flags cannot be retired as quickly as they are donated. With help form her volunteers, Danielle created a very large wooden chest that the Knights of Columbus could use to respectfully store the worn flags awaiting retirement.

classroom hands-on learning activity to the Special Education program. With the help of her volunteers, she created a community garden for the students to learn about protecting the environment, recycling and team work on a large project.

10 Texas Oklahoma Plains Gold Awards 2013–2014

Sarah Kleinwechter

Lindsay Lehman

Sarah Lindsay

Benefiting: St. Martin in the Field Church

Benefiting: Sherrod Elementary

Benefiting: City of Benbrook Cemetery

Keller, TX Troop 1705

Arlington, TX Troop 1604

Benbrook, TX Troop 2507

Sarah’s project addressed the back corner

Lindsay noticed that the outdoor learning

In the Benbrook community, the cemetery

of the Church’s memorial garden. Before

material on the blacktop at the school

is one of the few central aspects that

her project the corner was bare and had no

had become weathered and was no

has preserved the city’s history. Sarah

purpose. With a team of volunteers Sarah

longer functional. So with the help of her

wanted to contribute to her city’s history

was able to build multiple brick paths to

team, Lindsay repainted the hopscotch

preservation by creating a covered

different areas of the garden, including a

area, time’s table, U.S. map and other

newly added gate to different areas of the church. By doing this, church members and the community who utilize the garden can now access it with ease.

paintings. She also created flower beds underneath the school marquee and around the bus pick-up area.

kiosk that would contain the map and information on how to find those who are buried. With a team of volunteers, Sarah was able to gather all the building materials she needed to build the foundation and construct the kiosk.


Micayla Lynch

Holley Lynn

Miranda Maceyra

Benefiting: Students of Westlake Academy

Benefiting: Church at Quail Creek

Benefiting: City of Burleson

Amarillo , TX Troop 5099

Keller, TX Troop 4041

Burleson, TX Troop 3422

Micayla noticed how the 1st and 2nd

Bringing pride and a closeness back to the

To assist businesses in Burleson, Miranda

grade students at Westlake Academy

Church at Quail Creek was an identified

put together a “help your city day” located

did not fully understand what giving back

need. The worship room has always been

at Russell farm. There she had many

to the community meant. She created

a focal point for church activities, but the

activities for the community to participate

an in-school community service day.

outdated décor seemed to drag down the

in. During the event, participants brought

With her team of volunteers, Micayla had

congregation’s creativity. By updating and

pet food to be donated to the local animal

revamping the worship area, the project

shelter or books that will be donated to the

brought inspiration to the youth members

local library. Thanks to Miranda’s efforts,

to take action and serve once again, their

the Burleson Teen Court has decided to

church and their community. The project

take on the project for years to come.

the students create “birthday boxes” to donate to the Roanoke Food Pantry. Micayla presented the project to the students and sent home a list of items needed for the boxes. After the students collected the supplies, they prepared the boxes for donating. The in-service day was so successful that the school is already

demonstrated Holly’s commitment to her community through her renovation of the youth worship center.

preparing for next year’s in-service day.

Rebecca Matlock

Serena Meghani

Madeline Mendoza

Benefiting: Shackelford Junior High School

Benefiting: Landauer Child Care Center

Benefiting: Casa Senior Living Apartments

Arlington, TX Troop 1604

Arlington, TX Troop 1604

Euless, TX Troop 1563

Rebecca wanted to give back to her

Serena has a passion for our environment

Madeline decided to earn her Gold

Junior High. She discovered that the

and children so she decided to help a pre-

Award by giving back to seniors within

gym’s foyer was in need of remodeling.

school become eco-friendly. With the help

her community. The Casa Senior Living

With the help from her volunteers,

of her team, Serena was able to create

Rebecca was able to get the supplies

rainwater harvesters for the playground

donated, created the mural design, and

and garden, water-saving faucets for the

repainted the foyer with the school’s

bathroom, energy-saving window screens

colors and name along the walls. Without

in the classroom and educational material

She had enough supplies to leave for

Rebecca’s project the school would not

to teach the children of the school about

the maintenance staff to maintain the

have been able to update this area of the

being eco-friendly.

common areas.

school, due to budget cuts.

12 Texas Oklahoma Plains Gold Awards 2013–2014

Apartments was in need of a makeover within each floor of their building. With her team of volunteers, Madeline collected enough supplies to paint and refresh the five common areas on each floor.

Macy Merritt

Lubbock, TX Troop 6102 Benefiting: Lubbock Meals on Wheels and the Dream Center Macy worked with the Dream Center and Meals on Wheels to collect donations of

My true inspiration to pursue

non-perishable food for Friday deliveries

the Gold Award was to fulfill the

to supplement weekend meals. Macy

pledge I made to my troop leader,

challenged businesses and individuals

Janice Faggan, and my fellow

in the community to commit to pledge

Girl Scouts. She pledged to us

food donations. The food pledges

that we were capable of earning

were compiled by Macy and she has

our Gold Award during President

since handed them over to the Dream

Obama’s second term. She was really struck by the fact that we

Center. Now the Dream Center can send

could be the first African American

out messages to the businesses and

Gold Award recipients in Amarillo.

individuals that pledged to donate and

It was basically Janice’s faith in us

their food pantry will be re-stocked on a regular basis.

and the fact that she was willing Veronica, 2014 Girl Scout Gold Award Recipient Now a student at Xavier University, New Orleans, Louisiana

to help us in any way she could to accomplish the Gold Award.

Megan Metcalf

Veronica Miles

Victoria Miles

Benefiting: City of Benbrook Cemetery

Benefiting: Hilltop Senior Citizen Center

Benefiting: Hilltop Senior Citizen Center

Amarillo, TX Troop 5678

Fort Worth,TX Troop 2507

Amarillo, TX Troop 5678

Megan’s project improved the appearance

Veronica’s Project Lots of Love involved

Victoria’s Project Lots of Love involved

of the Benbrook Cemetery with plants

updating the Hilltop Senior Citizens Center.

updating the Hilltop Senior Citizens

and section markers. With her volunteers,

Her project orchestrated updates to the

Center’s main office and bathroom.

landscape and porch area.


She installed an All-In-One printer and

improvements included cleaning out the

Neat Scanner which will help the staff

front garden, removing dead trees, painting

with faxing and filing. She and her team

the outside building, and cleaning and

installed computers with simple step

organizing storage buildings. She ensured

by step instructions that will assist the

Megan created stone markers for each row and worked with a fellow Girl Scout member to update the cemetery map with her markers. With this project Megan has been able to being much needed

that xeriscaping and the utilization of

organization to the cemetery.

desert plants and gravel installed in the front garden could retain soil moisture and withstand a drought, making it sustainable for the Senior Citizens staff. Her team also renovated the main office, bathroom, and Fellowship Hall.

seniors when exploring the internet. Her team also renovated the fellowship hall and front garden where sustainable xeriscaping was installed. Additionally, they removed dead trees, painted the outside building, and cleaned and organized storage buildings. GOLD AWARD RECIPIENTS 13

Lydia Miller

Autumn Mizer

Kimberly Overstreet

Benefiting: Safe Haven

Benefiting: Community of Boise City

Benefiting: City of Bedford

Fort Worth, TX Troop 3015

Boise City, OK Troop 5179

North Richland Hills, TX Troop 1305

Lydia wanted to bring awareness to the

With the rising number of obese children

Kimberly discovered that the creeks within

need for school uniforms and clothes

in the US, Autumn discovered the

her community were becoming more

for women and children of Safe Haven.

importance of helping them learn the

polluted with storm drain run off. Kimberly

So along with help from her peers at

benefits of being active and maintaining

knew her community needed to know the

Wedgewood Academy, she created fliers about her project and set up collection stations at her school and church. Lydia’s project was so well-received that her

a healthy lifestyle. Students in Boise City and Keyes, Oklahoma participated in her program, inspired by NFL PLAY 60, a campaign designed to tackle childhood

importance of what was going down the storm drains and how it was affecting area creeks and streams. With the guidance

obesity by getting kids active every day for

of the city of Bedford and help of her

school will continue to collected items

60 minutes through in-school, afterschool

volunteers. Kimberly was able to create

for Safe Haven.

and team-based programs. Autumn’s

awareness door hangers and permanent

project even inspired a young girl to play

curb markers for storm drains. She and her

football for her high school team. The

team were able to mark over 200 storm

program will continue to be implemented within the schools.

Melissa Parham

Lubbock, TX Troop 6226 Benefiting: Xere & Moiyabana Primary Schools in Botswana, Africa Melissa’s project addressed the need for books in Africa to improve literacy rates. Melissa collected over 2,000 books to help build two primary school libraries in Botswana, Africa. Melissa involved her local Girl Scout community by holding a Brownie badge workshop and talked with the girls about her project and the positive impact that libraries have on the citizens of Africa.

drains within her community.

Noelle Prax

Haslet, TX Troop 2747 Benefiting: Northwest ISD

Noelle’s project provided a day of girl empowerment for the students of one of her community’s elementary schools. With the help of volunteers and a school counselor, Noelle was able to create a workshop that gave girls insight into how not to fall for peer pressure and how the media affects how girls look at themselves. The church where the event was held was so impressed with Noelle’s message that they will be continuing the workshop for years to come.

14 Texas Oklahoma Plains Gold Awards 2013–2014

Abigail Raef

Salwa Rahaman

Benefiting: Saint Mary’s Cathedral School

Benefiting: Colleyville Montessori

Amarillo, TX Troop 5099

Colleyville, TX Troop 1563

The need for families to spend quality

Salwa wanted to give back to the

time together is greatly needed in today’s

Montessori school that she attended

society. Abigail’s creation of “Family Fun

as a child, so with the help of her

Night” was introduced as a way to bridge

volunteers she was able to renovate

that gap and create a lifetime of memories

major parts of Colleyville Montessori.

for families at Saint Mary’s Cathedral

They repainted all the walls, modernized

School. The now annual event introduces

the decor, deep cleaned and repaired

families to new and innovative ways

the bathrooms, replanted the gardens,

to spend time together. The inclusion

and repaired broken benches.

of publishing a family brochure and Facebook page will continue to support the project, and thus keep families in the school connected.

Baleigh Roberts

Madison Roe

Benefiting: Cimarron County Hospital

Benefiting: Cook Children’s Medical Center

Boise City, OK Troop 5179





Arlington, TX Troop 1612


Madison noticed that many local business

updates made to the very rundown and

would donate toys and games to the

outdated facility. The project connected

patients of Cook Children’s but many

Baleigh with the community and updates to the hospital were completed. After seeing the difference and impact her

items were not age appropriate for teen patients. Madison created a donation program called “Swag4Teens”, where local charity groups or organizations could

project made, the hospital has now

donate age appropriate items to be given

formed a committee to identify and

to teenagers admitted to Cook Children’s.

continue hospital improvements.

Madison created a Facebook page about Swag4Teens, held many presentations with community groups and created fliers, posters and t-shirts. Her project will be sustained for years to come by The University of Dallas College of Business with the help of Girl Scout troop 1612.


Rachel Sakakeeny

Melissa Sides

Benefiting: Briarwood Retreat Center

Benefiting: Global Training Network

Colleyville, TX Troop 1741

Lubbock, TX Troop 6141

The Briarwood Retreat Center had an

Melissa worked with Global Training

existing nature trail that was under-

Network to create salvation bracelets for

utilized. So Rachel made it her mission

women in third world countries. Melissa

to make improvements to this trail

worked with groups in the community to

and create an educational experience

educate them about the services that

for the campers. With the help of her

are offered by Global Training Network.

volunteers, Rachel was able to build a new

In rallying community members to help

entrance sign, 15 informational trail signs,

create the salvation bracelets, Melissa

birdhouses and a mailbox outfitted with

was able to help support the mission of

brochures and pencils for the campers to

Global Training Network, which is to equip

use while on the trail.

pastors and leaders around the world to effectively spread the gospel.

Anisse Sircar

Cierra Sollecito

Benefiting: Students of Westlake Academy

Benefiting: Keller Harvel Elementary

Southlake, TX Troop 4041

Keller, TX Troop 3374

Anisse noticed how the Kindergarten

Cierra’s project addressed conflict

students at Westlake Academy had not

between students at Keller Harvel

had the opportunity to experience giving



back to the community. So she decided to



bring community service to the school by

painted a conflict and resolution

creating an in-school community service

wheel for the teachers to use with

day. With her team of volunteers, Anisse

their students. She placed the wheel

decided to have the students create

outside on the concrete play area,

care packages and thank you cards for

so students can physically move

soldiers overseas. The in-service day was

around on the wheel to see what they

so successful that the school is already

can do to make better choices.

preparing for next year’s in-service day.

16 Texas Oklahoma Plains Gold Awards 2013–2014




of and

Aliya Somani

Sharmeen Somani

Abby Tisdale

Benefiting: Bryan’s House

Benefiting: Buckner Foster Care

Benefiting: GRACE

Colleyville, TX Troop 1563

Photo not available

Colleyville, TX Troop 1563

Grapevine, TX Troop 1741

Aliya’s project helped the children of

Sharmeen’s project addressed the need

Abby noticed that the volunteer and

Bryan’s House by organizing a back-

for an interior makeover in the foster

information video for Grapevine Relief



center. With her team of volunteers,

And Community Exchange (GRACE) had

she redesigned the outdoor area for

Sharmeen brought a much updated

become outdated and did not convey

students and families to enjoy, and

look for the teen area of the center. This

all the new volunteer opportunities the

created birthday boxes for the children

way the teens felt like they had a place

organization had, which in turn severely

of Bryan’s House. Aliya presented this

of their own and not just a building they

affected the number of volunteers that

project to her school’s community

were placed in.

GRACE received. So with her team of




service clubs to request they sustain this

volunteers, Abby was able to recreate the

project for the future.

volunteer video and update it with new volunteering opportunities with GRACE.

Megan Trantham

Nikita Uppal

Dawn Valden

Benefiting: Boise City Livestock community

Benefiting: Texas Academy of Math and Science

Benefiting: Safe Haven

Boise City, OK Troop 5648

Arlington, TX Troop 1852

Granbury, TX Troop 3015

Megan designed a special clinic to

After attending a semester at her

Dawn wanted to bring awareness of the

teach basic showmanship in sheep,

school, Nikita noticed that she and other

need for toiletry items for adults and after

goats, cattle, and pigs. She focused her

students were so busy with classes,

school snacks for the children of Safe

clinic on how to feed the animals, show

they would disregard their nutritional

Haven. Along with help from her peers at

preparation, and showmanship. Megan’s

health for the sake of time. To help

Wedgewood Academy, she created fliers

passion has always been in livestock,

counteract this growing problem, Nikita

about her project and set up collection

and agriculture is a large part of Boise

and her team created a Healthy Cooking

stations at her school. Then with her group

City’s livelihood. The kids learned about

Club, workshop and blog within the

of volunteers, she created toiletry grab

responsibility and the showing industry

school. Students learned to have a well-

bags for the adults and snack grab bags for

discovered that involving youth in their

balanced meal and still had time for their

the children of Safe Haven. Dawn’s project

local projects can make a difference in

educational responsibilities.

was so well received that her school will

the community and its sustainability.

continue to collect items for Safe Haven.


Serena Wadhwani Euless, TX Troop 1563

Benefiting: Rupani Foundation & Agahi Waldein Program As Serena did research for her Gold Award project, she discovered the problem with the lack of schools in developing countries. When she was on a trip to Pakistan, she found a group that was just starting out and their objective was to teach mothers to be their child’s first teacher and to introduce them to English. So with the help of this organization and volunteers,




materials in English for ages 3-6.

Abby Walterscheid

Lora Walterscheid

Margaret Watkins

Benefiting: Myra Park

Benefiting: Denton Presbyterian Hospital

Benefiting: Cook Children’s Medical Center

Muenster, TX Troop 4614

Muenster, TX Troop 4614

Fort Worth, TX Troop 1122

Abby’s project brought much needed

Lora saw a need at the Denton

Margaret’s love for literature was her

attention to the local area park in Myra,

Presbyterian Hospital to re-organize

focus for her Gold Award. When Margaret

Texas. She wanted to address the issue

the information closet. This closet was

discovered that the majority of patients

of Keep Texas Beautiful. She made the

intended to be used for pamphlets to


playground a safer and cleaner place for

be stored and handed out to people

always relied on an electronic device

children in the community to play. She updated and learned to repair broken playground equipment and gave everything a fresh coat of paint. Abby also made an agreement with the city to keep the park mowed and empty trash bins whenever needed. Abby said “I learned to assert myself as a leader, by doing this project”.

about their illness. Lora organized the closet, making it very easy for doctors and nurses to find the pamphlets they needed.

Lora also started a program

called the “Vials of Life”. This program puts the patient’s medical information into a bottle and places it on the top shelf of their refrigerator. This helps Emergency





for entertainment, she knew she had to create a way to make reading more accessible. With the help of the hospital and her volunteers, Margaret was able to create a bedtime reading program. Trained volunteers came in to read to the children. When there were not

Medical Services to quickly treat patients

enough volunteers, Maggie helped create

and contact family members.

recordings of each book.

18 Texas Oklahoma Plains Gold Awards 2013–2014

Community Impact The pursuit of the Gold Award is a remarkable time in a girl’s life. It’s a time when a young woman digs

6,290 hours

deep, works hard, and ends up making incredible impact. Each of our Gold Award recipients has completed amazing projects that will continue to have positive impacts on our 81-county service area for years to come. Working alongside their volunteers, girls who completed their Gold Award this year donated their time and energy to the communities they serve by completing an awesome amount of service hours.


Girl Scout Gold Award Project Beneficiaries The hours that girls and their volunteer teams put into Gold Award projects have a positive influence on entire communities. Most often, this impact is focused by working with established organizations like schools, churches, and non-profit organizations. The following is a list of organizations that benefitted from Gold Award Projects completed in 2013-2014: Agahi Waldein Program

Crisis Center in Decatur, Texas

Rupani Foundation

Amarillo Zoo

Denton Presbyterian Hospital

Safe Haven

Baylor All Saints

Dream Center

Saint Mary’s Cathedral School

Bedford Elementary students

Fitzgerald Elementary

Shackelford Junior High School

Boise City Livestock community

Global Training Network

Sherrod Elementary

Briarwood Retreat Center


St. Joseph’s Mission, Swaziland

Bryan’s House

Grapevine High School

St. Martin in the Field Church

Buckner Foster Care

High Point Church

Students of Arlington ISD

Camp Holland

Hilltop Senior Citizen Center

Students of Keller ISD

Casa Senior Living Apartments

Humane Society of North Texas

Students of Westlake Academy

Church at Quail Creek

Indian Spring Middle School

Texas Academy of Math and Science

Cimarron County Hospital

Keller Harvel Elementary

The Warm Place

City of Bedford

Keller Oaks Nursing Home

Trinity High School

City of Benbrook Cemetery

Knights of Columbus

WildRescue, Inc. Rescued Rabbits

City of Burleson

Landauer Child Care Center

Wise Hope Shelter

Colleyville Montessori

Lubbock Meals on Wheels

Community of Grand Prairie

Medical Center of Arlington

Xere and Moiyabana Primary Schools in Botswana, Africa

Community of Arlington

MHMR Tarrant

Community of Boise City

Myra Park

Community of Mansfield

Northstar School

Cook Children’s Medical Center

Northwest ISD

The girls’ dedication is evident in the quality of work, attention to detail, tenacity, and ability to mobilize the community to join in the effort. - Benbrook Mayor Jerry Dittrich

20 Texas Oklahoma Plains Gold Awards 2013–2014

The Girl Scout Gold Award Manifesto GO within. See yourself as pure gold, free to shine and way too good to play small. GO deeper, Into problems and places where help is needed, with the strength to spark worldwide change. GO ALL OUT, As a golden-gifted gi-normous force of nature owning your power to lead. Imagine what will happen if we show a girl the heights of achievement, Then promise to get her there. Her inner light will take on an incredible new hue. She’ll see so many paths she can take, She’ll join hands with girls around the globe– Learning, leading, lifting, climbing, shining. shaping the future, They’ll dream anew, in color. And together, they will go boldly forward. We’re inviting you to participate in the power of a billion bright lights. A world ignited. When every girl believes that she can GO GOLD. So how do we get her there? We ALL GO gold. We GO to her side with the encouragement she needs. We GO public with her incredible story. We get everyone talking about what Gold Award means so when girls seek out community support, it’s there. And for every Daisy, Brownie, Junior, Cadette, Senior and Ambassador we put Gold firmly on their radar, and in their hearts. We reignite the passion of Gold Alumnae, we get the entire community on the same glorious page with a clear-cut mission and a powerful rallying cry–a cry that will be heard, and felt, across this nation. Everyone, together, LET’S… GO GOLD.


2014 GS-TOP Gold Award Recipients  
2014 GS-TOP Gold Award Recipients  

The Girl Scout Gold Award represents the highest achievement in Girl Scouting.