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We’re so glad that you’ve chosen Vida Vacations as your travel partner. With your purchase, you’ve taken the first step toward a lifetime of wonderful vacation memories for you and yours.

WELCOME TO THE V I DA VACATIONS FAMILY This membership handbook is your guide to everything Vida. Inside, you’ll find information about how to make reservations and payments,

Take a moment and fill out your Membership

details about the Vidanta destinations, and

Quick Reference form so you’ll always have this

much more.

information handy when you make reservations.

To make your first reservation or to ask any questions about your membership, call the

Membership Quick Reference Contract Number: Member Number: Resort Hotel Membership:

Customer Care Center at 1-800-292-9446. Our representatives will be happy to help with anything. Let us thank you again for choosing Vida Vacations—we are here to make sure you find true happiness through amazing vacation experiences. Happy travels! —The Vida Vacations Family





BEGINNING THE JOURNEY Making reservations and maintaining your account


WHERE WILL YOU GO WITH VIDA? Exploring the world of Vidanta and beyond


GETTING TO KNOW VIDA & VIDANTA Terms and Frequently Asked Questions


CONNECTING WITH US Staying up-to-date with everything Vida & Vidanta



Beginning the Journey


Making a reservation through the Customer Care Center Now that you are a Vida Vacations member,

to make reservations and to ask any questions you have regarding your membership. The highly trained representatives of our Customer

it’s time to book your first vacation. It’s simple!

Care Center are all specialists in Vida Vacations


Visit to discover all the incredible

information you need to get the most


Choose your Vidanta destination and desired

Vidanta destinations that you can visit.

travel dates (check your contract to see what booking window you have selected).



The Customer Care Center is your go-to place

contracts and will make sure that you get all the out of your Vida Vacations membership. To make your reservations and to ask any questions, don’t hesitate to contact the Customer Care Center at 1-800-292-9446.

Call the Customer Care Center at 1-800-292-9446. The call is always toll-free.


Beginning the Journey

CUSTOMER CARE CENTER 1-800-292-9446 At the Customer Care Center, our friendly and knowledgeable representatives are ready to assist you with anything related to your Vida Vacations membership. Contact the Customer Care Center if you want to: • Make a reservation • Inquire about your contract • Share comments or suggestions

Customer Care Center Hours 7 am–8 pm CST Monday–Friday 9 am–6 pm CST Saturday–Sunday The call is always toll-free.



Beginning the Journey

MAKING YOUR PAYMENTS To make payments on your Vida Vacations account, you can choose from the following options: To pay via phone with a credit card, call: 1-866-888-0587 (U.S. and Canada) or +52 (322) 176-0660 (all other countries) Be sure to have your contract/agreement number and your member number nearby. We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express. To pay by personal or cashier's check, send to: Mail Services P.O. Box 56369 Houston, TX 77256 Please do not send money orders.



Beginning the Journey


With Vida Vacations, you will:

Discover what you can do with Vida Vacations.

You have exclusive access to the amazing world

For more than 40 years, savvy travelers like you have made Vida Vacations the most

Experience Vidanta of Vidanta—the most spectacular resorts in Mexico. For more, see pages 12–33.

popular luxury destination club in Mexico.

Travel the World

With Vida, you get more for your membership—

You are connected to our preferred exchange

more destination options, more luxurious

companies that offer endless opportunities

accommodations, more dining choices, more

for travel across the globe. For more,

dynamic activities, and more personalized

see pages 34-35.

service. But above all, you get an extraordinary vacation experience whenever you travel.

Build a Legacy of Happiness You will create a legacy of happiness in which

Your Vida Vacations membership offers

vacations become part of your family traditions.

you a whole new world of adventures and

And you can pass down your membership to

experiences—no other membership gives

your loved ones.

you so much.

We can’t wait for you to experience all your Vida Vacations membership has to offer!

To start using your Vida Vacations membership, call the Customer Care Center at 1-800-292-9446. 10


Where will you go with Vida?

THE WORLD OF VIDANTA Our Customer Care Center representatives are experts on the Vidanta destinations.

When you take your first steps onto one of the Vidanta resorts, you'll know you've come to a very special place. Things are different here: the greetings warmer, the colors brighter, the details sharper, the food more unique, and the

They can help you select the perfect resort

smiles wider.

for your next vacation.

Each of the Vidanta locations has been designed

Call 1-800-292-9446 today. The most spectacular resorts in Latin America are now yours to enjoy. As a member of Vida Vacations, you are one of the few people who can experience Vidanta—a collection of luxury resort hotels along the most beautiful beaches in the world.

to bring you unbelievable satisfaction—luxurious accommodations, endless pools, world-class restaurants, activities for all ages, and a staff that caters to your every need. And of course, whenever you come back to Vidanta, there will be something new to discover. Each year, Vidanta expands its resort hotel offerings, builds new restaurants, creates new activities, renovates rooms and lobbies, adds a new show or exhibit—every Vidanta vacation you take will be better than your last.



VIDANTA DESTINATIONS Vidanta has reinvented the vacation experience:


• Spacious luxury accommodations MAZATL ÁN LOS CABOS

• World-class entertainment,


like Cirque du Soleil • Award-winning restaurants



• Golf courses designed by the greats



• Indulgent spas and salons • Gorgeous pools • Boutique shopping


• Daily activities for the whole family • The finest staff in Mexico


Exploring the wooden pathways at Vidanta Riviera Maya 14



NUEVO VALLARTA Nestled between the deep blue waters of the Pacific and the colorful peaks of the Sierra Madre, you’ll find a magnificent resort spanning over 2,500 acres of tropical beach paradise— Vidanta Nuevo Vallarta. Here, you have everything you could ever need for a magical vacation. Miles of wooden jungle pathways connect five resort hotels to an endless array of amenities—The Nicklaus Design Golf Course; The Norman Signature Golf Course; luxury spas, salons, and fitness centers; high-end boutique shopping; nightly entertainment; world-class restaurants; stunning pools; an Aqua Park, Lazy River, waterslides, and wave pools; activities, games, and sports for the whole family—all of it surrounded by immaculate gardens, lakes, and the golden beach.

See how magnificent Vidanta Nuevo Vallarta really is at 16


Discover more about the extraordinary experiences that abound at Vidanta Nuevo Vallarta by visiting Vidanta Nuevo Vallarta at a glance: • 5 resort hotels • 2500 acres of paradise • Over 1 mile of beach front • The Vidanta Golf Academies • The Nicklaus Design Golf Course • The Norman Signature Golf Course • 27 pools, Aqua Park, and Lazy River • 38 bars and restaurants • On-resort shopping at La Plaza and Mercado México • Gourmet Market • 2 spas and fitness centers • Daytime and nighttime activities • Kid's Club • Sea turtle sanctuary • Wooden pathways throughout resort RESORT HOTELS




RIVIERA MAYA At Vidanta Riviera Maya, luxury vacationing meets the pristine natural beauty of the Caribbean Sea and Mayan jungle. The days are filled with adventure and relaxation, and the nights bring excitement and magic. This unique vacation destination offers everything you need to experience true happiness: Cirque du Soleil JOYĂ€; five luxury resort hotels; world-class restaurants; spectacular pools; shopping boutiques; The Nicklaus Design Golf Course; wooden pathways connecting the resort; indulgent spas; beach games and sports for the whole family; and much more.

Explore the magical Vidanta Riviera Maya at 20

The Mayan Palace pool

Overlooking the Caribbean Sea at Chiringuito restaurant 21

Get to know the jungle mystery of Vidanta Riviera Maya at

Vidanta Riviera Maya at a glance: • 5 resort hotels • 1000 acres of paradise • Over half a mile of beach front • Cirque du Soleil JOYÀ • The Nicklaus Design Golf Course • 15 pools • 17 bars and restaurants • On-resort shopping • 2 spas and fitness centers • Daytime and nighttime activities • Kid's Club • Flamingo, crocodile, and sea turtle sanctuaries • Wooden pathways throughout resort RESORT HOTELS




LOS CABOS Welcome to a breathtaking peninsula where land and sea collide. Majestic rock outcroppings dot the waters and giant whales visit each year. Mayan gods welcome you into a world of luxury where you can find complete relaxation. Welcome

See how Vidanta Los Cabos has redefined luxury vacations at Vidanta Los Cabos at a glance: • 1 resort hotel • Beautiful beach

to Vidanta Los Cabos.

• 9-hole golf course

One of Mexico’s most luxurious vacation destinations,

• 5 bars and restaurants

Vidanta Los Cabos features a sprawling resort hotel set against a backdrop of stunning desert beauty. Shimmering pools extend to the edge of the earth and fire pits beckon guests on cool nights. And minutes from the resort, you’ll find one of the world’s most exclusive shopping districts and a whole world of outdoor adventures like deep-sea fishing and scuba diving.

• 4 pools • On-resort shopping • Gourmet Market • Spa and fitness center • Daytime and nighttime activities • Kid's Club RESORT HOTELS





Experience the beauty of Vidanta Acapulco at

Between the dramatic peaks of the Sierra Madre mountains

Vidanta Acapulco at a glance:

and the deep blue Pacific Ocean, you’ll find Vidanta

• 3 resort hotels

Acapulco. Magnificent resort hotels overlook the golden sand

• 450 acres of paradise

beaches and colorful gardens, pools wind from your doorstep

• Almost 1 mile of beach front

to the beach, and everyone is always smiling.

• 18-hole golf course

In the heart of Acapulco’s famous Punta Diamante tourist zone, Vidanta Acapulco has it all—nearly perfect weather year round; luxury resort hotels; fine dining; a whimsical Aqua Park and Lazy River; a spectacular golf course; and a worldclass spa. And minutes away is downtown Acapulco where you can shop the boardwalk, take in some live music, and dance the night away.

• 10 pools, Aqua Park, and 2 Lazy Rivers • 16 bars and restaurants • On-resort shopping • 9 tennis courts • Spa and fitness center • Daytime and nighttime activities • Sea turtle sanctuary RESORT HOTELS



Find out what makes Vidanta


PUERTO PEÑASCO Vidanta Puerto Peñasco is a vacation world like no other— a beautiful, dynamic environment created by the shifting colors of the sea and the sands of the desert. You’ll witness brilliant sunsets and experience a night sky that opens up to the cosmos. And you’ll do it in luxury. Vidanta Puerto Peñasco is truly an oasis for vacationers seeking a different kind of escape. Here you can enjoy two amazing worlds. One offers adventure and excitement with indoor/outdoor pools, beach games and sports, and a Nicklaus Design Golf Course called "one of the 20 most interesting courses in the world.” The other world brings you peace and relaxation with a luxurious spa and peaceful desert surroundings.


Puerto Peñasco so unique at Vidanta Puerto Peñasco at a glance: • 2 resort hotels • 30,000 acres of paradise • Over 3 miles of beach front • The Nicklaus Design Golf Course • 5 pools and Lazy River • 5 bars and restaurants • On-resort shopping • Spa and fitness center • Daytime and nighttime activities • Kid's Club RESORT HOTELS




See why so many members love Vidanta Puerto Vallarta at

Tucked away between the Bay of Banderas and the peaks of the

Vidanta Puerto Vallarta at a glance:

Sierra Madre, you’ll find one of our most beloved destinations,

• 1 resort hotel

Vidanta Puerto Vallarta. You’ll be welcomed by its luxurious, yet casual atmosphere, and our friendly staff will treat you like a cherished guest. Just steps away from the beaches and pools of Vidanta Puerto Vallarta, the historic town charms visitors with boutique shopping and a romantic beachside boardwalk. Then at night, Puerto Vallarta comes alive with fine dining, dancing, and live music.

• Beautiful beach • 4 pools • 4 bars and restaurants • On-resort shopping • Daytime and nighttime activities RESORT HOTELS

When you stay here, you are also welcome to explore the world of Vidanta Nuevo Vallarta, just a 15-minute drive away.




MAZATLÁN Vidanta Mazatlán will forever hold the fondest memories for

Learn more about the destination that started it all at

us—this is where we came to understand the majesty of the

Vidanta Mazatlán at a glance:

Mexican coast and its ability to melt stress away and bring

• 2 resort hotels

families together. At our two cozy resort hotels, you’ll enjoy beautiful pools and beaches, a world of activities to keep the family smiling all day, and you’ll feel the warmth of the sun and the warmth of the people of Mazatlán, who are known for their kindness and hospitality. At Vidanta Mazatlán, you’re minutes from the historic town with its cobblestone streets, brightly colored houses, and

• Beautiful beach • 4 pools • 5 bars and restaurants • On-resort shopping • Daytime and nighttime activities RESORT HOTELS

the world’s longest boardwalk.



Where will you go with Vida?

EXPERIENCE EVERYWHERE Travel the world with our exchange partners. With Vida Vacations, you have the freedom to

Our exchange partners: To find out which exchange companies you can

travel when you want, how you want, and where

access with your Vida Vacations membership,

you want—Vida is your door to the world. While

please reach out to the Customer Care Center

most members choose to spend their vacations

at 1-800-292-9446.

at the magnificent Vidanta destinations, your membership also opens up endless opportunities for travel across the globe.

Interval International (II) Resorts Condominium International (RCI)

If you ever feel the need to travel somewhere other than a Vidanta resort, our exchange partners give you the freedom to roam the world. San Francisco Exchange (SFX) The Registry Collection (TRC)



Getting to know Vida and Vidanta

FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS What is Vida Vacations? Vida Vacations is a luxury destination club that offers you access to the Vidanta resorts

What is Vidanta?

1 | Vidanta Nuevo Vallarta

Vidanta is a collection of luxury resorts located

Located near Puerto Vallarta in Riviera

in seven stunning beach destinations in Mexico.

Nayarit, on the Bay of Banderas 2 | Vidanta Riviera Maya

Each resort includes different resort hotel brands, multiple dining options, daily activities,

Located between Cancún and Playa

entertainment offerings, shopping, spas and

Del Carmen in Riviera Maya, on the

fitness centers, numerous pools, beachfront,

Caribbean Sea 3 | Vidanta Los Cabos

and an incredibly high level of service.

and provides opportunities for travel around

When you travel to Mexico with your Vida

the world through exchange companies. Vida

Vacations membership, you will be vacationing

Vacations is the organization through which

at one of the Vidanta destinations.

Located in San Jose del Cabo, where the Sea of Cortez meets the Pacific Ocean 4 | Vidanta Puerto Peñasco Located in the desert of Sonora, on the

you purchased your membership.

Sea of Cortez

What is a Vidanta destination?

5 | Vidanta Acapulco

There are seven Vidanta destinations. We use

Located in the Punta Diamante district,

the term destination and resort interchangeably.

on the Pacific Ocean 6 | Vidanta Puerto Vallarta


Located in the Puerto Vallarta marina, near downtown, on the Bay of Banderas 7 | Vidanta Mazatlán 3


Located in the tourist zone, on the


Pacific Ocean


2 5



Getting to know Vida and Vidanta

What dining options are available at Vidanta? There is a wide variety of restaurants at all

FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS Does Vidanta provide transportation from the airport? Yes. We offer complimentary transportation from the airport to your resort hotel. Contact the Customer Care Center at ShuttleService@ five (5) days prior to your arrival to arrange transportation. Please note, Vidanta Acapulco does not offer this service and Vidanta Puerto Peñasco offers the service for a fee. Do I need a passport?

destinations, for all budgets and all tastes. Visit to learn about all of the restaurants. Upon arrival, you can make reservations with your concierge. How do I book my tee times for golf? You may schedule your tee time up to 60 days prior by calling 1-866-231-4423. Where can I buy tickets to the Cirque du Soleil show at Vidanta Riviera Maya? You can buy tickets for Cirque du Soleil JOYÀ on Cirque’s website or by calling the Customer Care Center at 1-800-292-9446.

Yes. All individuals traveling to Mexico must have a valid passport to enter the country.

Still have questions? For additional information about your membership, you can always call the Customer Care Center at 1-800-292-9446. 38


Online is your online source for everything Connecting with us

STAY IN TOUCH Email We send periodic emails with information about your resort hotel. Add CustomerService@ to your address book to ensure that you always receive our messages and that they do not accidentally get marked as spam. Social Media Join the conversation and stay up-to-date by following us on your favorite social media platforms:

Vidanta. You can find out all you need to know about the Vidanta destinations and what you can enjoy at each one. There’s always something new, so be sure to check back often. Contacting Vida For any questions or needs you have, we’re here to help. Just give us a call or send us an email. By phone: Toll-Free 1-800-292-9446 (U.S. and Canada) 01-800-543-7044 (Mexico) 0-800-096-9367 (United Kingdom) 0-800-025-8715 (Brazil) International call; charges apply. +52-322-176-1431 (other countries) By email: Our Customer Care Center is available: 7 am–8 pm CST Monday–Friday 9 am–6 pm CST Saturday–Sunday The call is always toll-free.



Connecting with us

IT’S TIME TO PLAN YOUR NEXT VACATION! We’re thrilled that you’ve chosen to become a Vida Vacations member, and we’re here to help if you ever need anything. Look through all the information we’ve provided, visit, and start dreaming about the first amazing Vidanta destination you want to explore. It will be the first in a lifetime of incredible vacations. When you’re ready to book, call the Customer Care Center at 1-800-292-9446 and we’ll help plan the perfect vacation.

We hope to see you again soon in Mexico!





Notice: Reservations subject to space availability. All the images are copyrighted and for illustrative purposes. The amenities and features comprised herein are for illustrative purposes and may change from time to time to improve your vacation experience. This communication is in no way intended, nor may it be construed as, an offer to sell or a solicitation of an offer to buy timeshare, lodging rights or any other product or service. This material and the benefits described within are solely for the addressee Member. All communication derived or related to your membership shall be conducted only by the authorized means and numbers included herein. Third party’s trademark and intelectual property is used under license from its legal owners. All matters relating to the subject matter of this announcement shall be governed by the applicable Mexican laws and the courts of Guadalajara, Jalisco, México shall have exclusive jurisdiction over, and shall be the exclusive venue for all matter related hereto.

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