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Volume 5 Issue 7 March 2017 • FREE


Summer Camps for your family

Hiking in

SWVA Spring Break



Our local event calendar has everything you need to survive while the kids are out of school

Chris Hurst Interview Roanoke’s youngest journalist reports on local anchor’s career change

Brody, Proud Saver and HTB Kids’ Club Member

the power of


We are committed to serving people of all ages, starting with our Kids’ Club savings account. It not only provides our youngest savers with a place to keep their money, it also helps teach them about financial principles at an early age. We invite you to bring your kids (or your pets) and let us know how Homer, HTB Kids’ Club Mascot 540.345.6000 Member FDIC

we can help you succeed. And yes, we have treats for everyone! That’s the power of local banking.

LFA Kids Consignment Event

March 24-26

Berglund Special Events Center

FREE Parking & Admission! Find us on Facebook • Sponsored by

Letter from the Editor


Evelyn, Andrea and Anika in Times Square with our exchange student.

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t has felt like spring for awhile here in Southwest Virginia with temperatures in the 70’s the past few weeks. But spring does not truly start until our annual Summer Camp Issue arrives on the stands!

This marks our 5th Annual Summer Camp Issue and each year the issue gets bigger and better. We reach out to camps throughout not only Virginia, but the entire Mid Atlantic, to get our readers as much info as possible so they can plan the summer adventures their children will remember forever. So flip through the 2017 camp guide and find the perfect match for your family! We also our getting ready for our next big event, The Roanoke Harry Potter Festival! Working alongside Dash 2 Events in Roanoke and several other organizations, Growing Up In the Valley is ready to bring the wizarding world of Harry Potter to the streets of Roanoke. The fun begins with the movie series at Charter Hall every Tuesday night starting on March 14th. Come join the fun every week for just $5 and catch every movie leading up to the Roanoke Harry Potter Festival on May 13th. Lastly, we would like to say thank you to all of our 75 vendors and 2,000 guests who came out on February 11th to spend the day with us at our first annual, Virginia Family Expo. The event was a huges success and allowed families to come face to face with our advertisers and community partners to learn what they have to offer. We cannot say thank you enough to all of you who helped make this event a success! We are already starting to plan for 2018! As always, thanks for reading and making us your choice for your parenting news and information in our area. Happy Spring!

Andrea, Josh, Anika and Evelyn

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March 2017 Volume 5, Issue 7

3 Questions with Ava Rosa An interview with Chris Hurst.

Science Experience Make your own cloud and rain!

It’s A Money Thing

Blue Eagle Credit Union explains good vs. bad spending.

No Roof Left Behind

Find out how to enter Lynchburg Roofing’s yearly giveaway.

Plan a Successful Spring Getaway Make your family trip one to remember!

2017 Summer Camp Guide

The biggest and best listing of camps for you!

Kate’s Take 2016 was a pretty good year, find out why.

Virginia Family Expo

Over 2,000 people attended this great event.

Sneaky Sauce

Get your kids to eat their vegtables!

Outdoor Escape

Tips to make your home an outdoor paradise.

Hiking Soutwest Virginia

Tips to enjoy our beautiful region.

Local Guide Kids Eat Free Family Calendar Education Guide

42% of kids starting kindergarten who don’t know their ABC’s come from which family background: A

Lower Income


Middle Income


Upper Income

% of kids starting kindergarten 42 The answer is B and C*. who don’t know their ABC’s come from which family background: United Way of Roanoke Valley


Surprised? Most people are. But kids being unprepared to start kindergarten is an equal opportunity problem that affects a child socially, emotionally and intellectually with an impact that doesn’t stop at the classroom—or with that child. Children lacking positive early childhood experiences are far more likely to drop out of school, depend on welfare, become pregnant and commit crime. We are working to ensure SmartBeginnings for all of the children in our community—and you can help.

Lower Income

B B Middle Income


Upper Income

*Source: Early Childhood Longitudinal Study, Kindergarten Class of 1998-99, conducted by the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES), U.S. Department of Education.

Surprised? Most people are. But kids being unprepared For more information, please contact: Meg Fitzwater, Director, Early Learning Strategies / Smart Beginnings Greater Roanoke to start kindergarten is an equal opportunity problem / (540)283-2786 / that affects a child socially, emotionally and intellectually

The answer is B and C.*

with an impact that doesn’t stop at the classroom— or with that child. Children lacking positive early childhood experiences are far more likely to drop out of school, depend on welfare, become pregnant and commit crime. We are working to ensure Smart Beginnings for all of the children in our community— and you can help.

*Source: Early Childhood Longitudinal Study, Kindergarten Class of 1998-99, conducted by the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES), U.S. Department of Education.

From News Anchor to Newsmaker: 3 Questions with Ava Rosa and Virginia State Delegate Candidate for the 12th District, Chris Hurst

I’m here at the official launch party for the Chris Hurst for State Delegate Campaign, here in Blacksburg, right across the street from Virginia Tech. Almost exactly one year ago, I had the opportunity to meet Chris Hurst and tour the WDBJ studio for my second Three Questions with Ava Rosa episode. What a difference a year makes! Just a few weeks ago, Chris made the surprising announcement that he was leaving his anchor desk and moving on. A short time later, he announced that he was going into public service and running for the Virginia House of Delegates, representing the 12th District. I’m here to meet Chris Hurst and of course, I’ve got three questions. Ava Rosa: Thank you for meeting me today, Chris. You are my first repeat guest, but so much has changed in the last year. When we last interviewed you, you were the anchor of the CBS in Roanoke, WDBJ; which brings me to my first question: What made you decide to leave what many would consider a dream job, to pursue politics? Chris Hurst: I really felt like I just couldn’t stay at that station anymore. It was just too difficult for me to be there and, I don’t think it’s necessary for me to get into specific examples, but it was just emotionally too painful; but I didn’t want to leave Southwest Virginia. I knew that I couldn’t work at another TV station, because that’s the way the business works. So, what could I do to stay here, be with the people who supported me so much and tell their stories and be there for them? This seemed like a natural progression to me.

Ava Rosa: When you announced that you were running, Facebook lit up with people saying that they loved you as an anchor on the news, but because you registered as a Democrat, they would not vote for you. What do you say to the people who feel this way? Chris Hurst: Well, I hope that they will still give me a chance. I think that we’ve seen in recent elections that people are willing to switch sides and vote for somebody from a different party then they otherwise normally would. I knew that coming out and having a party affiliation was going to be something that would turn off and alienate some people and I expected that and I understand that and I respect them for that. I certainly didn’t have my anchor career influenced by any of my political persuasions or personal opinions. I tried all the time, to make sure that I was objective and neutral with my coverage, but when it came time for me to decide to run for office, it made sense for me to align myself with the Democratic Party and I’m proud to do that. Ava Rosa: One of the things that people talk about a lot in Roanoke is how local kids go to school at one of the best colleges for science in the country at Virginia Tech and then most leave the state to pursue their careers. What would you do to keep talented Virginia students in Virginia, after they graduate? Chris Hurst: Well, we need to make sure that they can look out at Southwest Virginia and project a future for themselves, for the people that they love, and their families. We need to make sure that our schools are properly funded and supported,

so that if they want to have children, they can raise their children and have them go to school here in Virginia. We need to make sure that the jobs are here that will challenge them and stimulate them, with those advanced degrees that they get from Virginia Tech and then we need to make sure that we have the amenities and the culture that’s going to make sure that we retain that amazing talent that we train and develop at Virginia Tech and Radford University and the medical schools up in Roanoke and all of the wonderful higher education we have in Southwest Virginia. Ava Rosa: Thank you Mr. Hurst. I promised just three questions, but as you know, I always give guests a chance to speak to my readers, many of whom, are probably hearing from you for the first time as a candidate. Chris Hurst: Well, thank you very much, Ava. I’m still very proud of all that you’ve been able to accomplish and I’m honored that you would choose me to be your first repeat visitor on your show. I want everybody to know who’s reading this, that this to me, became my plan B. This became the dream that I wanted to chase after and it’s amazing to see the support that I’ve been able to get as I continue to chase my dream. This dream now, is becoming a reality and I am very, very happy about that. I’m sure that many grown-ups find themselves thinking about what they would do if they quit their jobs and followed their dream. Chris Hurst is actually doing it. I wish him well and look forward to seeing what becomes of his plan B. It’s a bold one. For Three Questions with Ava Rosa and Growing Up in the Valley, thank you for reading. Growing Up • March 2017



in a Jar Science Experiment Supplies:

• Clear cup or vase • Shaving cream • Blue food coloring • Dropper


1. Fill the vase ¾ full of water. 2: Fill rest of the vase with white foamy shaving cream.

3: Mix a separate bowl of water and food coloring. Using a dropper, start adding the colored water to the shaving cream. 4: Watch the cloud hold the colored water until it becomes too heavy and the colored water starts to rain!

Why are clouds white? The small water droplets that make up the cloud scatter the light and appear white to our eye. The sunrise, sunset and shadows can give the clouds a pink or orange hue too.

Provided by Laurissa Grubb from Blue Eagle® Credit Union Use Psychology to Build a Budget You’ll Stick With: If you’re waging an inner battle of good vs. bad every time you whip out your credit card or peek at your monthly bank statement, it’s probably time to give your views on budgeting a shake-up. Start by losing the desire to classify everything as “good” and “bad.” There are good and bad ways to spend money, just as there are good and bad ways to save it. Following that logic, there are good and bad ways to budget. A good budget is one that, quite simply, works for you. Successful budgeting systems vary wildly in their approach and in the tools you need, but they tend to have the same three actions as building blocks:

budgeting system is what generates determination and stamina. Creating and sticking to a new routine is a pain if you think you have to or you should do it; it’s a lot easier if you’re mindful of why you want to do it. Number two: prioritizing your goals is a great starting point because it reminds you that you’re in charge. You have a say in where your money goes. Your budget is a collection of choices you make in order to create the life you want.


PRIORITIZE What it means: Prioritizing your goals means taking a little personal reflection time and writing a few things down. Prioritizing your goals should not be confused with categorizing your expenses. We’re not even talking about what you think you “should” be saving up for. We’re talking about what you want your life to look like over the next few years. Is it your dream to train for a new career? To have an adventure in a foreign country? To throw an awesome wedding? To start your own business? To raise a family? Allow your goals to be a judgment-free zone—goals and dreams are as diverse as the minds and personalities behind them. In most cases, goals reach beyond the familiar trifecta of “pay off student loans, buy a house, save for retirement.”

TRACK What it means: Tracking your expenses means being aware of where your money is going as you spend it. Some prefer good ol’ pencil and paper, others swear by budgeting apps and spreadsheets, and some push more unique approaches like portioning your spending money into envelopes. The good news is that it doesn’t really matter how you go about doing it, but just that you do it. When you track your expenses, a couple of things come to light right away. You start to realize that every transaction, no matter how big or how small, is either contributing to a goal or taking away from it. There’s no such thing as “buying a pumpkin spice latte just because.” You will soon see that the cost of your fancy coffee comes out of somewhere—ideally out of your budgeted spending money, but potentially out of your vacation fund or your groceries or your student loan repayment plan. The second thing you’ll notice is that the longer you’ve been tracking your expenses, the more you’ll see evidence of your progress.

Why it works: Prioritizing your goals gets you buzzing about what your money can do for you. There are a couple of motivating factors at work here. Number one: by prioritizing your goals, you are asserting your beliefs and your values. You are also reminding yourself of why you’re willing to adopt a budgeting system in the first place. Studies show that you’re more invested in activities that you see value in, and including your personal values in your

Why it works: As it turns out, we thrive on being reminded that we’re improving. On the surface level, tracking your expenses helps you to identify your spending patterns and to course-correct when necessary. More importantly, by tracking your spending, you’re also tracking your efforts. You’re creating a record of your progress along with a record of your transactions. Before long, you’ll have tangible evidence of how your actions and your follow-

These building blocks not only help you organize your finances, but they also have the ability to boost your motivation (and there’s real science to back that up).

Get started: Grab a pencil and paper. Ask yourself what you want. Think about it for 10 minutes. Write the answers down. Realize they are achievable.

Growing Up • March 2017


At the Y, we provide fun and unique experiences that give children the opportunity to explore, meet new friends, discover new interests and create memories that last a lifetime. Join us for the BEST SUMMER EVER!

YMCA OF ROANOKE VALLEY SUMMER CAMPS Camp Kirk Kirk Family YMCA (540) 342-9622

Camp Woodrow Wilson Woodrow Wilson Middle (540) 344-9622

Camp Salem Salem Family YMCA (540) 387-9622

Camp Salem Salem Family YMCA (540) 387-9622

Camp South Salem South Salem Elementary (540) 344-9622

Camp Rockbridge Rockbridge Area YMCA (540) 464-9622

No Roof Left Behind

Nathan’s parents do everything they can to battle the brain and spinal cancer he had been diagnosed with over seven years ago. While Dawn and Bobby Norman deal with the travel expenses and demands on their time, taking care of Nathan and their three other children, they are still always giving selflessly to the community.

That’s why The Norman family were the big winners of The 2016 ‘No Roof Left Behind Program’ sponsored by Lynchburg Roofing, Roanoke and GAF. After being nominated by Nathan’s grandma, and chosen as one of four finalists for the program, thousands of community votes were cast to honor the family with a new roof. On May 20th of last year the family received a brand new roof at no cost. This is one of the stories shared by Lynchburg Roofing, Roanoke, a participant in the ‘No Roof Left Behind’ initiative to provide a new shingle roof for a deserving family in the Roanoke and Lynchburg regions. Now Lynchburg Roofing’s program is in its fourth consecutive year. Nominations are being accepted now through March 15th. At the end of the nomination period, four finalists will be chosen on for the community to vote on. The winning family will get a brand new roof from Lynchburg Roofing! “Whether it’s the result of illness, disability or financial hardship, some may not be able to afford a new roof.


That’s where Lynchburg Roofing comes in,” said Lynchburg Roofing owner, Chris Good. “Through the No Roof Left Behind program, members of the community can nominate someone deserving to receive a free roof. The Norman family was the perfect example of the kind of family we try to help. They gave so selflessly to their community, we wanted to give something back.” Nominations are being Accepted Through March 15th You can nominate anyone in the Lynchburg and Roanoke areas now through March 15th, 2017. Lynchburg Roofing and their team will select finalists from the nominations. Then the community will vote on the winner. Voting will end March 31st, and a winner revealed on April 5th. Lynchburg Roofing will then work with them to schedule the installation of their new roof. If you have someone in mind that you’d like to nominate, there are some helpful guidelines provided by Lynchburg Roofing: “There are a couple factors that help the nominees get to the finals. First, is the amount of detail provided about the family: who are they, how do they contribute to their community, and what factors contribute to their need for a new roof? Second, good photos can help voters to get to know you and your situation. Send us photos of your roof, any interior damage, and if you like, send us photos of your family.”

You can nominate a deserving person or family at

The Roanoke Adventist Preparatory School Fosters Academic Excellence Passionate Spirituality Outstanding Character In Each Student Roanoke Adventist Preparatory School has been offering quality Christian education at family friendly prices in the Roanoke area for over 75 years. Our school is a small classroom environment where students receive grade-level appropriate individualized instruction. RAPS is fully accredited and key learning standards are available by grade level.

Experience For Yourself: Kindergarten Round-up For prospective parents and children who will be entering kindergarten in the fall. Children should plan to come with the parents for activity time and to experience what our school looks like. 9:00 – 11:00 a.m. Thursday, March 23 Thursday, April 20 Prospective Student Days For students currently enrolled in a K-7 school program who are looking to us as a possible place to transfer 12:30 – 2:00 p.m. Friday, March 24 Friday, April 24

Schedule a FREE Educational Success Consultation or a Kindergarten Readiness Evaluation These free consultations focus on goals for your child, academic preparation and readiness and planning for future choices. These consultations will also help us, should you choose our school, to better serve your child.

Call us at 540-798-6061 or go to to set an appointment for any of the above opportunities. Registration fees are $300 until May 15.

After May 15, the registration fee will increase to $375. RAPS offers tuition rates that are highly

competitive and scholarship opportunities are available.

How To Plan A Successful Spring Getaway No matter where you live, spring travel is synonymous with the search for warm weather. While the sunshine may help keep the blues at bay, it takes more than just golden rays to make a trip unforgettable.

Look For Deals At Well-Known Destinations The best trips happen when you find a destination that everyone loves and you stay on budget. Start by researching areas that have something for everyone so no one feels left out. Myrtle Beach, South Carolina - with attractions, world-class dining and 60 miles of beautiful shoreline - is one of these gems that also happens to be affordable. You can find great deals in any season at Once you determine your destination, dig in to find the deal that’s right for you. Some hotels and resorts offer themed packages that also provide deep discounts on museum tickets, concerts and other special events. Or you can make your


Growing Up • March 2017

own trip, allowing each member of your party to pick their favorite mustsee attraction.

Try Something New It’s important to enjoy some R&R, but also make time to try something new on your trip. This will take you outside your comfort zone, which can stimulate the mind in new and exciting ways. What’s more, it’s how you create lasting memories. With growing interest in adventure travel, many destinations are offering exciting and fun experiences for all age groups. In Myrtle Beach, for example, you can try cable

boarding at Shark Wake Park, which allows you to wake-board without a boat, or indulge your inner speed demon by racing around a track in the area’s NASCAR Racing Experience.

Embrace Experiential Eating Eating is one of the best ways to truly experience what makes a destination unique, so be sure to eat like a local, and maybe even fish like one, too. Eating turns into a memorable experience when you’ve helped catch your main dish. Sign up for a shrimping, crabbing or a deepsea fishing excursion and enjoy an adventure plus a delectable meal. If you’d rather avoid the open sea, you’re not out of luck. Seek out restaurants that source ingredients

locally. That could mean eateries that boast a farm-to-table or sea-to-table experience so you enjoy the freshest fare available.

Become A History Buff Virtually anywhere you go in the United States, you’ll discover a fascinating history of how it came to be. When you make time to explore museums, walk stunning gardens and visit memorials, you’ll be able tell tales back home that you would otherwise have never known.


Becoming a night owl.

For an insider’s glimpse into history, check out National Historic Landmarks. For example, Hopsewee Plantation in the Myrtle Beach area was built an estimated 40 years before the Revolutionary War. In addition to beautiful scenery, you’ll experience the heritage of the area up close. These four steps will help you plan a vacation that your travel crew will be raving about long after you return home. Best yet, you’ll have memories that will last a lifetime.

Local Resorts & Vacation Spots Dollywood Resort Pigeon Forge, TN Massanutten Resort McGaheysville, VA Dunes Village Resort Myrtle Beach. SC

If you see it for yourself, we’ll help you get there. That’s the credit union difference.

The Member One difference. MEMBERONEFCU.COM

Great Wolf Lodge Williamsburg, VA


Membership eligibility required. Federally insured by NCUA.

Give a child the chance to soar!

summer camps

Now Enrolling for our summer session Award Winning Competitive Dance Company

AGES 5-8 Sculpt, Build & Explore: June 5 - 9 Clay Creations: June 26 - 30 Paint, Print & Play: July 10 - 14 Textile Adventures: August 14 - 18

Roanoke County

Foster Parent Program

Local Families - Local Solutions

AGES 8-11

#FosterLocal • 540-283-8850

Ballet • Pointe • Tap • Jazz Contemporary • Hip-Hop Turns & Leaps • Conditioning Classes available for ages 3 and up Professional Staff & Friendly Atmosphere 3513 Brambleton Ave Suite B Roanoke,VA 24018 (540) 774-0296

Clay Creations: June 12 - 16 The Art of Upcycling: July 17 - 21 Textile Adventures: August 7 - 11

AGES 10-14 Clay Creations: June 19 - 23 Drawing: Textures, Animals, Landscapes, Figures & Manga: July 24 - 28

To explore and develop at their own pace To be able to respond to teachable moments and student interest To engage in off campus learning and community enrichment For parents to be part of the educational process To play and be a child

The Art of Upcycling: July 31 - Aug. 4


Museum of Art Mon-Fri | 8:30am-12:30pm $175/week for non-members $150/week for members

$10 off each subsequent camp or sibling registration. Members who register on or before April 1st receive an extra $10 off.

Register Online Today! 110 Salem Ave SE, Downtown Roanoke

HoneyTree Early Learning Centers Summer Camp Roanoke, VA Ages 5-12 • (540) 344-4543

Summer Camps Find the perfect camp for you family

Day Camps Camp Bethel Fincastle, VA Ages 4-18 • (540) 992-2940 Join us for the best summer ever! Camp Bethel is an ACA-accredited, Christian summer camp offering day camps and singleevening family adventures. Adventure Camps and Trips include backpacking, canoeing, caving, equestrian, horseback, kayaking, mountain biking, river tubing, rock climbing & whitewater rafting. Bricks 4 Kidz Roanoke, VA All Ages • (540) 380-2485 Bricks 4 Kidz offers a wide array of week-long

day camps for all ages and interests. Each camp includes a custom minifigure as well as themed builds, classes and creativity. Childcare Network Summer Camps Roanoke, VA Ages 0-12 • (540) 989-3459 virginia-roanoke-va-65 Childcare Network’s Adventure Summer Camp Program is designed to provide a fun and exciting environment for your child, while continuing to help them explore and discover the world around them. While at our kid’s day camp your child will have the opportunity to participate in different weekly themes with engaging activities, educational field trips and projects with their friends.

Country Bear Day Care Summer Camps Roanoke, VA Ages 0-12 • (540) 774-2547 Camp Eagle Fincastle, VA Ages 5-18 • (540) 473-3117 A short drive away from Roanoke, Camp Eagle has been ministering to folks of all ages for more than 30 years through summer camps, retreats, and specialized group events. We desire to use the elements of Christian camping to provide fun and fulfillment for the present, hope for the future, and develop strong, impactful leaders who will turn the world upside down.

The Hive Summer Camp at HoneyTree is for school students who have completed kindergarten through age 12. A private swim club, plus special interest groups, arts and science projects, field trips, and more keep The Hive buzzing with activities each weekday. Local HoneyTree Centers serve as base camps, providing van and bus transportation to and from off-site activities. With over 35 years of service to Roanoke Valley families, HoneyTree provides a quality program in a safe, supportive environment. Treat your youngster to one active summer — and yourself to peace of mind — at The Hive. Girl Scouts of America Roanoke, VA Ages 5-18 • (800) 542-5905 You don’t have to be in a Girl Scout troop to enjoy the fun, friendship and power of girls together at Girl Scout camp! Activities include arts, games, nature study, outdoor skills, overnight camp-outs and lots more. Some camps offer swimming, boating and/or highadventure activities for teen girls. Summer Camp Leadership Training is also offered for girls currently in the 6th grade and above who wish to learn more about becoming a camp staff member.

Growing Up • March 2017

15 The new Digital Manufacturing Camp at the Handsmith micro-factory is where your child will learn electronic circuit design, multiple programming languages and design software, and create their own 3D printed projects. Handsmith is a local organization that works to create programmable artifical limbs. For $1000 your child will have an unbelievable two weeks learning STEM principles, work in creative collaborative groups and gain valuable experience and 21st century skills. This is a perfect option for a engineer-minded child who loves problem solving and creating unique solutions with technology!

Day Camps [continued] Overnight Camps North Star Childcare Summer Camps Roanoke, VA Ages 5-12 • (540) 366-3629 Roanoke Catholic School Summer Camps Roanoke, VA Ages 5-18 • (540) 982-3532

Roanoke City Summer Camps Roanoke, VA Ages 5-13 • (540) 510-4056

Roanoke County Camps Roanoke, VA All Ages • (540) 387-6078 roanokecountyparks. com Science Museum Roanoke, VA All Ages • (540) 342-5710

4-H Camp Southwest VA Southwest VA area Ages 9-18 • (540) 721-2759 Camp Bethel Fincastle, VA Ages 4-18 • (540) 992-2940 Join us for the best summer ever! Camp Bethel is an ACA-accredited, Christian summer camp offering overnight resident camps, for ages 4-18. Adventure Camps and Trips include backpacking, mountainsto-beachto-bay trip, canoeing, caving, horseback, kayaking, mountain biking, river tubing, rock climbing & whitewater rafting. Camp Blue Ridge Montebello, VA Ages 7-17 • (540) 466-1583

YMCA (Kirk Family) Roanoke, VA All Ages • (540) 342 9622 YMCA (Salem) Salem, VA All Ages • (540) 387-9622 salem-family-ymca

Camp Blue Ridge operates a non-profit Christian camp for the benefit of children, youth and families in a natural environment. Camp Blue Ridge offers activites such as horseback riding, canoeing, archery and rock climbing.

Our caring team of coaches impacts children’s lives in ways that go beyond the game of soccer. Our camps provide a great opportunity for children to learn and grow through playing as they develop social and motor skills. Daily activities include water play, free play, craft, lunch, and lots of soccer! * Spring programs also available.

Camps at Star City Soccer Center: June 19 - 23 | June 26 - 30 | July 10 - 14 July 17 - 21 | July 24 - 28 | July 31 - August 4 | August 7 - 11 Camps available for ages 3-8

Enroll at or 16

Growing Up • March 2017

Open House Saturday, April 8 10am-3pm

Choose from over 200 weeks of summer fun with Roanoke County Parks! From full-day and overnight outdoor adventures at Camp Roanoke and Explore Park to half-day themed programs and athletics camps throughout the region, we’re ‘ the area’s ‘ most trusted provider of camps. A Program Of:


See for yourself at our FREE open house in April.

County Parks, Recreation and Tourism

Overnight Camps [Con’t] Camp Carysbrook Riner, VA Ages 6-16• (540) 382-1670

Camp Eagle Fincastle, VA Ages 5-18 • (540) 473-3117 A short drive away from Roanoke, Camp Eagle has been ministering to folks of all ages for more than 30 years through summer camps, retreats, and specialized group events. We desire to use the elements of Christian camping to provide fun and fulfillment for the present, hope for the future, and develop strong, impactful leaders who will turn the world upside down. Global Youth Village Bedford, VA Ages 13-18 • (540) 871-0882 There is always something exciting to do at GYV. We provide a variety of activities for students – you can enjoy everything from your favorite sports, to new dances, to learning how to be a journalist and getting published in the GYV Press! Camp Strawderman Edinburg, VA Girls 6-17 • (540) 984-4738 Camp Strawderman is about riding horseback, swimming in fresh water streams and hiking on mountain trails. It’s about belly laughs and Indian stories, sitting by roaring campfires and igniting lifelong friendships. It’s about cuddling with four-legged friends, climbing mountains, and singing at the top of your lungs. It’s about being who you are and liking who that is. Camp

Country Bear Day School What a Difference! INFANT ñ TODDLER ñ PRESCHOOL ñ PRE-K ñ AFTER SCHOOL ñ SUMMER CAMP

Strawderman is a place you look forward to going every summer and once you visit, your heart never leaves.

Camp Virginia Jaycee Blue Ridge, VA All Ages • (540) 947-2972

Camp Tall Timbers High View, WV Ages 7-16 • (304) 856-3722

A summer camp located in Blue Ridge, VA offering overnight camp, family camp and day camp for children, youth and adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder and/or developmental disabilities. Activities planned at Camp Virginia Jaycee include: arts and crafts, music, boating, fishing, sports, games and Jr Lifeguard training. The evening will be filled with hayrides, dances, carnivals and talent shows – lots of safe fun!

Camp Twin Creeks Marlinton, WV Ages 7-16 • (914) 345-0707 camptwin Camp TukA-Way Blacksburg, VA Ages 8-18 • (540) 961-4100

Special Need Camps Camp Easter Seals UCP Salem, VA Ages 7-22 • (540) 777-5750


ith Us! W g


n i S , C ome

Singers should come prepared to sing the first verse of, “My Country Tis of Thee” and a short song of their choice. The audition is quick and fun and takes about 5 minutes. To schedule an audition, please call or text 540-RChorus (540-724-6787) or email after April 1, 2017 to set up an appointment.

Auditions are open for boys and girls ages 7 – 17. May 8 and 11, 2017 from 3:30 – 8:30 PM and May 15, 2017 from 4:00 – 7:00 PM Auditions are held at duPont Chapel at Hollins University.


Call our Admissions Office or Visit our website: (540) 774-2547 5220 Starkey Road, SW Roanoke, VA 24018


Growing Up • March 2017

Celebration painting by Eric Fitzpatrick

Directed by Kimberly R. Davidson

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DISCLAIMER: These materials and the activity described herein are not sponsored by the School Boards of: Roanoke City, Roanoke County, or any other public school system.

Sport Camps Brenda Schultz Tennis Camp Ferrum, Virginia All Ages • (276) 930-1916 This is the only camp to offer world class tennis instruction balanced with traditional camp activites such as canoeing, tubing, hiking, swimming, campfires, and more.

Divine Dance Center Roanoke, VA Ages 3+ • (540) 774-0296 Lancerlot Summer Camps Vinton, VA Ages 5-12 • (540) 981-0205 lancerlotsportscomplex. com/lancerlot-sportscamp

Advantage Ranch Blacksburg, VA Ages 4-18 • (540) 230-5698 ydaycamps.php

Little Leapers Blacksburg, VA Ages 3-9 • (540) 200-8573 thelittleleapers. com

Chatham Hall Riding Camp Chatham, VA Girls 10-16 • (434) 432-5605

Roanoke College Soccer Camp Salem, VA Ages 4-18 • (540) 375-4955 Our youth camps offer players from a wide range of ages and abilities an opportunity to develop at

Roanoke College. Sessions at the camps are created age specific to provide knowledge and enthusiasm for the game in a fun and challenging training environment. These camps will feature the staffs and players from the highly successful Roanoke College men’s and women’s soccer programs as well as top youth and college coaches.

Soccer Shots Southwest, VA Ages 3-8 • (540) 580-1861

Nike Collegiate Soccer Experience At Virginia Tech Blacksburg, VA Boys 10-18 • 1-800-NIKECAMP

Looking for something completely different? We have just the thing at the River Rock! Indoor rock climbing promotes confidence, coordination and balance, muscle development, teamwork, and problem solving skills. The social and athletic skills acquired through climbing will last a lifetime. We have camps for all age ranges that will keep your kids moving and having fun.

Roanoke Star Soccer Roanoke, VA Ages 5-18 • (540) 345-7820

Star City Soccer Academy Roanoke, VA Ages 7-10 • (540) 580-1861 River Rock Climbing Roanoke, VA Ages 5-18 • (540) 685-2360

Ferrum College Summer Enrichment Camp MP





JUNE 18–24 or JUNE 25–JULY 1

I t!

AGES 9–13 FUN • CHALLENGING • MEMORABLE EDUCATIONAL • AFFORDABLE ENRICHMENT CLASSES Bon Voyage en Francais I Hogwarts Academy II: N.E.W.T. Bon Voyage en Francais II Japan: Anime, Sushi, & Samurai! Cooking 101 Living, 1800 Style Crime Scene Investigators Mythology Drawing Summer Theater Engineering I: Rise To New Heights! The Ferrum Challenge Engineering II: Span Greater Distances! The Music in My Head Hogwarts Academy I: O.W.L. The Writer’s Toolbox

(888) 508-7822 | |

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Summer Camps for grades K - 12

Military acadeMy

June 25 to July 21 Register Today!

Day Camp & Resident Camp Shawsville, VA •540-268-2409

Don’t let your kids climb

the walls at home!

Discou if yo nted rate before u sign up May 2 7th!

Voted Best of the Blue Ridge’s Top Climbing Gym 3 years running!

Camps for kids aged 5-12 For more information or to sign up call (540) 685-2360

or visit


DIFFERENT ACTIVITIES EACH CAMP, SO SIGN UP FOR BOTH! REGISTRATION STARTS MARCH 15TH! CONTACT CPLASTER@VMT.ORG Locations Throughout Southwest and Central Virginia Roanoke - Valley View Roanoke - Tanglewood Blacksburg Christiansburg Lynchburg - Wards Road Lynchburg - Lakeside

Soccer Shots

Roanoke offers many different athletic camps to help your wild child run down their summer energy. Everything from horseback riding to field hockey and swimmingcentered summer camps are available.

Soccer Shots is just one of them. It is an engaging children’s soccer program with a focus on character development. Their team positively impacts children’s lives on and off the field through best-in-class coaching, communication and curriculum. The coaches are highly trained and experienced. the curriculum is ageappropriate and aligns with childhood education standards.

Sport Camps [continued]

Our walls are professionally engineered and certified by the Climbing Wall Association. All our equipment meets or exceeds industry standards. Our River Rock Staff has been carefully selected, extensively trained, loves working with youth, and are certified in first aid and CPR. It is our privilege to work with your children. Valley AFC Ages 3-18 • (540) 774-7272

Music & Art Camps Melody Makers Roanoke, VA Ages 0-5 • (540) 989-9177 Stage & Strings Camp Abingdon, VA Ages 9-13 • (276) 676-6180 Stage & Strings Camp is a one-week summer residential theatre and music camp designed to offer youth a place to explore their creativity and hone their skills through the experiential learning. Stage & Strings Camp blends together both theatre and music with traditional camp classes like low ropes and archery, as well as, traditional camp activities like campfires, swimming, gau gau, and dances! We are currently accepting applicants from all over the country, with all levels of theatre and/or music experience.

Science Museum Discover, explore, and get your hands dirty this summer with a wide variety of fun science camps to choose from at the Science Museum of Western Virginia! These exciting programs occur at the museum where children will spend their days doing handson science under the supervision of experienced educators. You may sign up for as many camp sessions as you like, but please keep in mind the age requirements for each session. Below are descriptions of a few of our available camps. Time Traveler: Travel back in time with us to explore significant events and historical figures of science’s past. Explore the history of science by recreating early experiments and investigating the ancestors of today’s technology. Science Girls: This camp is just for girls and seeks to engage young women in STEM learning. Meet a variety of female STEM professionals as they conduct exciting hands-on activities and to tell their stories of pursuing careers in STEM fields. We

will also spend a day at the Virginia Tech campus in Blacksburg to work with some of the STEM professionals in their labs. Give Me Some Space: Join us for a week filled with engaging experiments about the sun, planets, and moons in our solar system. Explore what it takes to leave Earth by building and launching your own rocket. Travel with us to the very outer edges of known space to see what’s out there. Sharks- A Week of Discovery: Reptiles, fish, and sharks, oh my! Spend the week exploring aquatic animals and their habitats. Discover how different animals and plants interact with each other in some of the wettest ecosystems on Earth. Use your newfound knowledge to create an animal habitat for our science camp zoo! Impossible Science: How did that happen?!?! Join us as we conduct science and engineering investigations that seem impossible. Discover scientific principles while having fun!

Roanoke Children’s Theatre Summer Classes Roanoke, VA Ages 5-18 • (540) 400-7795 RCT Theatre Academy seeks to show young people a world where imagination and creative expression thrive: The theatre! Our classes are perfect for serious, aspiring performers as for students who just want to have fun. Register early!

Academic Camps Amazement Square WonderCamp Lynchburg, VA Ages 3-9 • (434) 845-1888 Active Learning Camps Charlottesville, VA Ages 5-16 • (888) 652-4377 active Create & program a unique Video Game at our Active Learning Video Game Creation Camp. Using our custom curricula, children learn Minecraft, GameMaker, Kodu or Scratch as they create their very own video games that they can actually play! Camp Roanoke, VA Ages 10-14 • (804) 822-0247 Massanutten Military Camp Woodstock, VA Ages 11-18 • (540) 459-2167 Massanutten Military Academy offers the safety of a structured learning environment, as well as the fun of a summer camp through a combination of classroom time and activities. This summer camp offers a unique

Star City Soccer Academy believes that young players can learn the principles and skills of the game at a high level. SCS Academy programs are offered yearround in a world class facility. Visit our web page for a complete spring schedule and more information.

Spring Season Dates: March 15 - May 25 Boys and Girls Ages 7-10 $220 per season, Scholarships available




Digital Manufacturing Camp at the Handsmith micro-factory 309 Campbell Avenue Roanoke VA 24016

CAMP DATES JUNE 5-15 GIRLS AGES 10-14 JUNE 19-26 GIRLS AGES 10-14 JULY 10-21 CO-ED AGES 10-14 Register at:

STEM & 21st Century Skills • Programming • Soldering • Learn CAD Software • Intro to C/C++ coding • 3D Print own designs • Electrical Engineering • Physics and Math

opportunity for students to explore the many facets of STEM education including hands-on experiences. Upon completion of the STEM Summer Camp, students will receive a certification of completion. Science Museum of Western Virginia Camp Roanoke, VA Ages 3-15 • (540) 342-5710 Discover, explore, and get your hands dirty this summer with a wide variety of fun science camps to choose from at the Science Museum of Western Virginia! These exciting programs occur at the museum where children will spend their days doing hands-on science under the supervision of experienced educators. Each camp runs from 9am to 4pm on each appointed day, and for an additional fee, before and after camp care is provided.

Summer is coming.

We’re ready. Are you?

VA Space Flight Camp Wallops Island, VA Ages 11-15 • (757) 824-3800 If it’s “brain-stretching” fun you seek this summer, and thrive on the science of space adventure, check out the Virginia Space Flight Academy’s Summer Camps. For middle school students, ages 11-15, it’s an opportunity to build and launch model rockets. You also build and program robots to perform specific tasks. Add some drone flying to the mix, and you have the formula for a fun week at summer camp.

North Cross School’s Summer Programs offer a wide variety of athletic, outdoor, creative, and academic day camps for children in preschool through ninth grade—all summer long. Our schedule is flexible and built around yours, with morning and afternoon care. Now, with online registration, we’ve made it even easier to win summer.


Online catalogue and registration summer-programs.html

Win summer. 4254 Colonial Avenue Roanoke, VA · 540-989-7299 Growing Up • March 2017


Kate’s Take A local high school teacher shares her family’s lifestyle, memories, traditions and thoughts.

I had a pretty good 2016. Here’s how I know. There were so many times throughout the year when I would have given anything to be able to pick up the phone and call my Nana. But I couldn’t. This is such a bittersweet thing. I miss her so, but am also grateful to have had someone in my life whom I love so much that it hurts. Throughout 2016 there were so many moments that I wished I could have shared with her, many of them having to do with football, as she was an extreme fan of the sport. In fact, she always said she got a little depressed when football season was over. She would have loved to hear about my son being pulled up to varsity and his team winning the state championship. She would have loved to watch the Dallas Cowboys have a top-notch season with a shot at the big stage, only to just fall short. And she would have loved to have celebrated New Year’s Eve watching my Clemson Tigers defeat Ohio State and earn a spot in the National Championship. She was a true Virginia Tech Hokie, but had a fondness for Clemson that grew when she came down to visit me at college a handful of times. She loved those trips and would bring them up to me often, relishing in the memories. So, I know Nana would have enjoyed how 2016 wrapped up. The football hype continued on into the new year. On Monday night, January 9, I stayed up a little too late, 2:30 a.m. in fact, on a school night, watching post-game coverage of the National Championship. It was worth it. Now, let me clarify that I realize there is more to life than football. If my team would have lost, I would have had to endure a little trash talk from the Alabama fans at my school, and then I would have moved on, still proud of my team. But that is not how this story ends. As cliché as it may sound, it has the plot of a “rags to riches,” Cinderella story. It also has


Growing Up • March 2017

my nana got a little depressed when football season was over. depth, likeable characters, themes, conflicts and suspense. This was more than a football game. So in case you missed it, or in case, to you, it was just a game, let me fill you in.

an ACC Championship, and a National Championship appearance. The Tigers, however, fell short in the matchup against Alabama, ending up as the number two team in the country.

Let’s start with one of the main characters—quarterback Deshaun Watson. He has been a superstar for Clemson from the get-go, but has had to overcome his share of setbacks as an athlete. However, this is nothing new for the two-time Heismannominated QB. Watson grew up in the projects until his mom took the necessary steps to earn a Habitat for Humanity home for her family, which has led Watson to become a spokesman for the organization. He is built to overcome. His freshman year he faced several injuries, including a torn ACL, but still helped lead the Tigers to a top 25-finish and big bowl win over the Oklahoma Sooners. His second year, he lead his team to an undefeated season,

Now to the 2016 season. The regular season didn’t exactly go as hoped. Several close games and a loss to Pittsburgh had much of the football community doubting the Tigers. Yet, after winning out and securing an ACC Championship, the Tigers were back in the playoffs. They easily rolled over Ohio State and found themselves on the same stage facing the same team, Alabama. Watson started the game off slow. He did not seem his typical calm and focused self. “Get it together,” I kept thinking. Deep down, I knew he would. He found his niche, and got the Tigers back into the game, ultimately bringing the decision down to the final seconds. As the clock wound down, Clemson was down by three. A field

goal would send it to overtime, but no. The team lived out its motto—All In. Time for one more play. A quick pass to Hunter Renfrow in the end zone and the rest is history. Clemson had won its first National Championship since 1981. Now, let’s talk about this Renfrow kid. The previous season, as a redshirt freshman walk-on, the 5-foot-10, 175 pound wide-receiver played a major role, scoring two touchdowns in the National Championship. This time around he not only made the gamewinning catch, but also made a major tackle after a fumble, preventing an Alabama touchdown and forcing a field goal instead. This kid could be the poster child for following your dreams. And what did this undersized, walk-on with the game winning catch do when interviewed after the game?—remained humble and refused for the spotlight to be on him. The mentality of these players, while most likely somewhat innate, was further encouraged by head coach Dabo Swinney. Swinney’s story is also one of humility and inspiration. He, too, was a football walk-on at none other than the University of Alabama. Getting there and staying there was not an easy road for him. From encouraging and forgiving his father who struggled with alcoholism to inviting his mother to move in with him and his college roommate, Swinney’s past reveals a sense of compassion and empathy that is hard to come by. His life was a series of overcoming obstacles, big ones, which makes his success story all the sweeter. He came to Clemson with a mission. He had his sights set high from the beginning,

realizing that there was no reason they couldn’t get top recruits and create a football dynasty. After the National Championship win, Swinney gave credit to God, but not for the win. He said it was only God that could have taken a guy like him and gotten him to where he is today. He then told the nation that the game’s deciding factor was love. He said he told the team at halftime that he knew they were going to win because they love each other. Wow. Not talent, not even hard work. Love. In fact, Swinney is known for saying that at the end of the day, it is just a football game. He is a football coach and a life coach. I could go on and on about this team and the likes of the fiery Ben Boulware, the spunky Christian Wilkins and the many other players and coaches. But the bottom line is that there was more to this win than meets the eye. I wanted this victory so badly for Dabo Swinney and the Tigers. They deserved it. They overcame, just as Dabo and Deshaun have done for much of their lives. And at the end of the day, maybe it was just a game. But all I know is, at the end of the day, I wish I could have called my Nana. Because this win was something special, just like her, and she would have loved every minute of it.

Growing Up • March 2017





The Game Room Activities presented by

Connect the dots to complete the picture of Flutters. .


Growing Up • March 2017

HAPPY ST. PATRICK’S DAY Fill in the puzzle with the names of the object!

The Game Room Activities presented by





St. Patrick’s Day Word Search

1. Clover

5. Irish

2. Coins

6. Luck

3. Gold

7. March

4. Ireland

8. Saint

Growing Up • September 2016


70+ 2,000+ Vendors


Magic Show

200 Bagged Lunches






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Great Day For Families



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Great for day trips and overnight packages! Six trains, three depots. Trains depart from Elkins, Cass and Durbin.

866.946.8287 • MTN-RAIL.COM

Photobooth Balloons Party Supplies Favors Rentals & More! (540) 725-8200

“Bonsack Baptist WEEC has been a Preschool for 27 years and have a proven track record of nurturing children and readying them for Kindergarten.” 1409 S. Colorado St. Salem, VA

Bonsack Baptist WEEC 4845 Cloverdale Rd. Roanoke, VA 24019


Call Now To Reserve Your Party

Parties 540-525-7671 Areas largest selection of nursing bras and nursing tanks

(540) 798-5406 | 2305-A Colonial Ave, Roanoke, VA 24015 (besides Towers Mall)


Play over 45 Pinball Machines All Day Long No Quarters Needed #roanokepinball

Sneaky Sauce Hide vegetables in this childhood favorite to ensure that your family gets the nutrition they need!

Ingredients: Directions:

3 tbsp olive oil 1 cup of grated carrot 1 ½ cups of grated zucchini ½ of an onion, cut into chunks 3-4 celery, cut roughly into chunks 4 - 5 garlic cloves 1 can of diced tomatoes 2 tbsp balsamic vinegar 2 tbsp brown sugar Salt to taste ½ tsp cayenne pepper 3 tbsp chopped fresh oregano

You can puree many vegetables and sneak them into omlettes, muffins, sauces and casseroles.

1. Put the carrot, zucchini, onion, garlic cloves and celery in a blender. Process until you have pureed the vegetables together. 2. Heat the olive oil in a saucepan over medium heat. Add the pureed vegetable mixture and cook until the moisture has evaporated and it starts to caramelize and turn brown. 3. Add the diced tomato to the pan. 4.Add vinegar, sugar, cayenne pepper and a generous pinch of salt and simmer for about 20 minutes. Add the oregano and simmer for another 10 minutes. Season to taste as you go. 5. Serve with browned meat or on its own over your favorite pasta.

Roanoke City Public Schools is proud to have nationally recognized Fine Arts Programs:

• NAMM Foundation recognizes RCPS as one of the Best Communities for music education in the country • Students have access to music instruments, thanks to VH1 Save the Music Foundation • Middle and high schools have orchestras, bands, and choral programs

• Patrick Henry High School’s Concert Band will perform at Carnegie Hall in April 2017 • Fairview Elementary received the Les Paul Legacy Class Project National Award S T Growing Up • March 2017



Teacher of the Month Nomination Nominate a worthy teacher to be featured in Growing Up in the Valley’s Teacher of the Month by emailing or mailing the following questionairre to PO BOX 12263, Roanoke, VA 24024. Winners receive a gift card to Famous Anthony’s for a well deserved night out! Your Name:________________________________

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Homestead Creamery’s Home Delivery Service is MORE than you expected! •Over 100 local & high quality products •Delivered to your door •Easy online ordering •From a local company you can trust

Weekly routes in the Roanoke Valley, Lynchburg and Forest areas!

Email or call 540-719-1020 to register today!


How To Get This Look: 1. Add a POP of color. Don’t shy away from bright reds, oranges or even pinks. You don’t need your outdoor furniture to blend into your house color! Try these outdoor cushions from Target ($55 for the pair) 2. Surround yourself with greenery. Some of us aren’t lucky enough to have great views of the Blue Ridge Mountains and have to invite mothr nature in with potted plants and small gardens. Use plants of different hieghts to simulate that secret garden feeling. Don’t have a green thumb? Try thes faux potted plants from Ikea ($3.99$15.99) 3. Don’t forget lighting. You’ll want to be able to use your outdoor space at anytime, especially at night! Add candle-holders,

Outdoor Escape Create a peaceful oasis in your outdoor space to enjoy the relaxing winds, watch beautiful sunsets, and take a break for your busy life indoors.


Growing Up • March 2017

sconces or overhead lighting and enjoy the crickets songs. Try these vintage hanging lights from Wayfair. ($67 for two)

Pets & Pillows How to keep your furniture and floors clean when little paws are running around

Animal Proof Your Furniture By Using Covers.

Regularly Groom Your Dog to Cut Down on Shedding.

Protect your furniture with slipcovers or removable blankets that you can wash regularly.

Keep the fur from flying by grooming your pets regularly. Trimming their nails often also cuts down on scratched floors and furniture.

Avoid Bare Wood If Your Dog Chews.

Have Lint Rollers on Hand for Picking Up Fur.

While training your pup on what NOT to chew, invest in some bitter apple spray to deter him from gnawing on your wooden chair legs.

No matter how much you groom your dog there’s going to be shedding. Small lint rollers from the dollar store are a life saver inbetween vacuumings.





Invest in a Nice Pet Space. When your pets have a place all their own, they may be less likely to mess up the human spaces! Choose a Sofa With Removable Seats If you’re looking for a new sofa choose one that has removable seats.Individual cushions can be unzipped for washing, which is great for removing pet odors & stains.



Toddler Bed

Full Bed





5401 Fort Ave

1945 Valley View Blvd. NW

4235 Electric Road Growing Up • March 2017


Teacher of the Month Kimberly Slater Morningside Elementary School - Third Grade

How long have you been teaching? 2 years What made you decide to become a teacher? Ever since I was in elementary school I have loved learning and wanted to be a teacher. Playing “school” was a typical activity growing up with my friends. I have always enjoyed working with kids and delight in helping them learn. What Advice would you give to a new teacher? Make sure you establish your expectations from day one and enforce them consistently. Management is one of the most difficult aspects of teaching, but if your kids know what you expect of them, the classroom environment will be much more positive.

What advice would you give to parents with school aged children? Communicate with your child about what they learn in school each day. Go over returned assignments and tests with them—reading all teacher comments—so they can learn from their mistakes. Read with your child and model the importance of reading by doing it yourself when you have time. If you have questions or concerns about your child’s progress, communicate with their teacher. We want your child to succeed! What advice would you give to a student entering a new grade? It’s normal to feel anxious about starting a new school year. When you go into your new classroom for the first time, know your teacher is there to help and cares about you. Be open to making new friends and be kind to others. Have a positive attitude and know you are going to make mistakes and that’s okay! Mistakes are how we learn! Ask your teacher and peers for help, try your best, and you’ll be fine.

What is your favorite part about teaching? Seeing a student who has been struggling succeed. What would your students be surprised to know about you? I’ve climbed a volcano. What do you like to do when not teaching? Go hiking, play with my dog, and spend time with friends and family. What is on your wish list? Nabi Tablets, Alternative seating (bean bag chairs, exercise balls, etc.), Math and Reading Games, SMART Pals What are you most proud of? I am proud of my students when the really work hard on something and succeed. What is your favorite quote? “Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.” Where are you from originally? Spokane, WA. My family moved to Virginia my junior year of high school to be closer to our relatives.

What is the biggest challenge in your life? The biggest challenge in my life would have to be climbing Volcan Acatenango in Guatemala this past summer. It taught me a lot that I can apply What TV Show can you not to teaching. Climbing What’s on your iPod? miss? New Girl, Scorpion up 13,000 feet of rough terrain is a lot I actually listen primarily to like learning a new the radio, but enjoy all types What is always in your subject. It may be of music.. handbag? My phone! easy for some students and seem to come What’s your favorite movie? What is one thing you cannot naturally (like climbing Leap Year. live without? did for the Europeans I was My Dog...and Chocolate!



Growing Up • March 2017

with). Others may take a long time before they completely understand (or in my case, take longer than the average person to climb up). Students may need breaks when they feel frustrated or tired (in my case a break took place every 5 minutes). Whether it be in climbing a volcano or learning a new topic, if you believe in yourself and accept that you will get there—wherever there is—at your own pace, you will succeed. Not everyone will learn in the same way or at the same pace. Having faith in the end result is what is important. Even though I wanted to give up a thousand times as I was climbing, I wouldn’t let myself. This is what I hope to instill in my students—the determination to keep trying even when things get tough. All the while, I will remember that my kids learn at different rates and that’s okay. What community or charitable work are you involved in? Unfortunately, I am not currently involved in community service—I spend all my hours teaching my 3rd graders or my students in after-school. However, this past summer I was privileged to travel to Guatemala to volunteer with Ninos de Guatemala—a non-profit organization that provides high quality education to low-income families. I visited a kindergarten classroom periodically, where I was able to perform small tasks for the teacher and work with the kids a bit. Throughout college, I coled a program to the homeless shelter once a week to play with the kids.


in Southwest Virginia Southwest Virginia is covered with endless hiking and camping opportunities. From the Appalachian Trail to the Blue Ridge Parkway, and all the national forest’s inbetween and intertwined, the region

beckons you to get adventurous. The Appalachian Trail is 2,185 miles long, starting in Maine and weaving through a total of fourteen states all the way to Georgia. 554 of those miles are in Virginia. The Blue Ridge Parkway is a 469 mile drive crossing over into North Carolina that weaves through the Blue Ridge Mountains. The George Washington and Jefferson National Forest offers many trails to hike, such as Barney’s Wall that leads up to The Cascade’s near Pembroke. In Roanoke, McAfee’s Knob is the most visited and most photographed part of the Appalachian Trail. Tinker Mountain boasts it’s cliff’s, giving a glorious and victorious look into the Roanoke Valley. In Botetout County, Carvin’s Cove Natural Reserve provides a day worth of fun for young folks looking for adventure.

Traditions are a big part of hiking the Appalachian Trail. It is custom for hikers to take a stone from their departure point in Maine and leave it at the end of the trail in Georgia. What ever trail you hike, take a stone from the starting point and leave it at the finishing point. Earl Shaffer, the first thru-hiker of the Appalachian Trail, nicknamed himself “The Crazy One.” Ever since, trail names have become increasingly popular. Hikers will give each other names that match what each person is interested in or looking for on the hike. For example, if your daughter is looking for bugs, her trail name can be something like “Bug Girl” or “Insect Chick.” When climbing McAfee’s Knob, it is customary to “hang” from the edge of the cliff. Have someone take a

picture of you standing or sitting on the outstretched cliff of McAfee’s Knob and share your accomplishment with your friends. A fun day trip would be to Harper’s Ferry. Located there is the Appalachian Trail Conservancy Headquarters. Hiker’s always take a picture when they stop by the “officially, unofficial halfway point.” The southwest region of Virginia boasts with opportunities to become adventurous. Whether you take a weekend camping trip or a hiking day trip, there are endless places to go and activities to do through the park system. Article by Rachel Conrad

Summer may be over...


Learning to swim is an essential life skill.


Drowning is the #1 cause of accidental death for children in the United States.

2007 Electric Road Oak Grove Plaza Roanoke, Va 24018 (540) 989-0520


Register today!


But we are just getting started!

Swim skills build confidence, help promote success, and can save your child’s life. Growing Up • March 2017


(540) 389-5074 • Macado’s 4 PM - 9 PM • 12 & under, $1 child meal per paid adult All Locations in Roanoke & Salem (540) 776-9884 • Town Center Tap House All Day • 12 & under, 2 children per paid adult 90 Town Center St., Daleville (540) 591-9991 • The Barbecue Grill All Day • 10 & under, 1 child per paid adult 126 E Lee Ave., Vinton (540) 857-0030

Kids Eat Free Roanoke

Kids Eat Free Choose from over 35 restaurants for an affordable family night out on the town!

Every Day


• Mama Maria’s 11 AM - 2 PM • 3 & under free buffet with paid adult W. Main St., Salem (540) 389-2848

• Country Cookin’ 4 PM - Close • 10 & under, 2 children per paid adult All Locations in Roanoke (540) 774-0199

• Golden Corral All Day • 3 & under free buffet with paid adult 1441 Towne Square Blvd., Roanoke (540) 563-8826

• Famous Anthony’s 3 PM - Close • 1 child per paid adult All Locations in Roanoke, Salem, & Vinton (540) 362-1400

• Shoney’s All Day • 4 & under, free kids meal with adult entree purchase. Drink not included 2673 Lee Highway, Troutville (540) 992-6400

• McAlister’s Deli 5 PM - Close • 2 children per paid adult 2063 Colonial Ave., Roanoke (540) 204-4407

• Lil Cucci’s All Day (Closed Sunday & Monday) • 10 & under, 1 child per adult meal 1396 Roanoke Rd., Daleville (540) 966-5923


Growing Up • March 2017

• Firehouse Subs All Day • 12 & under, 1 child per paid adult Colonial Ave, Town Square & Salem only (540) 345-3131

• Buffalo Wild Wings 4 PM - 9 PM • 12 & under, 1 child per paid adult All Locations (540) 725-9464 • IHOP 4 PM - 8 PM • 12 & under, 1 child per paid adult

• Pizza Hut 5 PM - Close • 10 & under, free buffet per paid adult 1016 Hershberger Rd., Roanoke (540) 362-3834

Valley View Location only, Roanoke (540) 265-4289 • El Rio Mexican Grill All Day • 10 & under, 1 child per paid adult 4208 Electric Rd., Roanoke (540) 685-4343

• Ruby Tuesday 5 PM - Close • 11 & under, 1 child per paid adult Electric Rd., Roanoke (540) 265-9301 Please

Take Note:

• Firehouse Subs • K&W Restaurant deals All Day • 11 & All Day • 12 & change quickly and under, 2 children under, 1 child often without notice. per paid adult per paid adult Growing Up in the Valley combo,dine in Hershberger strongly reccommends only Rd. Roanoke calling ahead to confirm 800 University any deal listed. This listing (540) 563-4977 City Blvd, is for informational Blacksburg purposes only and does (540) 961-0371

not guarantee a discount.

• The Green Goat All Day • 12 & under, 1 child per paid adult 802 Wiley Dr. SW, Roanoke (540) 904-6091


• Brambleton Deli 11 AM - 9 PM • 12 & under, 1 child per paid adult 3655 Brambleton Ave., Roanoke (540) 774-4554 • Denny’s 4 PM - 10 PM • 12 & under, 1 child per paid adult All Locations Roanoke & Salem


• Dogwood 4 PM - Close • 10 & under, per paid adult 106 E. Lee Ave., Vinton (540) 343-6549 • The Quarter All Day • 12 & under, 1 child per paid adult 19 Salem Ave., Roanoke (540) 342-2990

• Pizza Pasta Pit 4 PM - 9 PM • 1 child per paid adult. Drink not included. 1713 Riverview Dr., Salem (540) 387-2885

• Jerry’s Family Restaurant 4 PM - Close • 6 & under, 1 child per adult meal purchase 1340 E. Washington Ave., Vinton (540) 343-4400

• IHOP 4 PM - 8 PM • 12 & under, 1 child per paid adult Valley View Location only, Roanoke (540) 265-4289


• T.G.I.Fridays All Day • 12 & under 1 with paying adult 4869 Valley View Blvd., Roanoke (540) 362-1475

• Steak n’ Shake All Day • 12 & under 1 free per paid $10.00 adult 1309 Hershberger Rd., Roanoke (540) 400-8825


• CiCi’s Pizza All Day • 10 & under .99 cents child buffet per adult buffet All Locations, Roanoke (540) 344-7711 • The Roanoker 4:30 PM - Close • 12 & under, 2 children per paid adult 2522 Colonial Ave., Roanoke (540) 344-7746


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• Tokyo Express 11 AM - 3 PM • 4 & under free buffet per paid adult 1940 W Main St., Salem (540) 389-6303 • IHOP 4 PM - 8 PM • 12 & under, 1 child per paid adult Valley View Location only, Roanoke (540) 265-4289

How Is Your Story Going? Let Us Help You Add A Chapter!

• Famous Anthony’s 12 PM - Close • 1 child per adult meal All Locations Roanoke, Salem, Vinton (540) 362-1400

80 years

• Pizza Den 5 PM - 8:30 PM • 10 & under free buffet per paid adult buffet and drink purchase All locations Roanoke, Salem (540) 389-1111 • Local Roots 5 PM -7 PM • 5 & under eat for free, discount for ages 5-7 per paid adult 1314 Grandin Rd., Roanoke (540) 206-2610 • Ragazzi’s 11 AM - 4 PM • 10 & under with paid adult 3843 Electric Rd., Roanoke (540) 989-9022

• Jimmy V’s Restaurant All Day • 4 & under kids meal only $2.50 3403 Brandon Ave., Roanoke (540) 345-7311 • Steak n’ Shake All Day • 12 & under 1 free with paying $10.00 adult 1309 Hershberger Rd., Roanoke (540) 400-8825 • Moe’s Southwestern Grill All Day • 1 free per paid adult All Roanoke & Blacksburg locations • Firehouse Subs All Day • 12 and Under 1 free per paid adult Keagy Road, Roanoke 540-204-4471 • O’Charley’s All Day • 10 and Under 1 free per paid adult Valley View, Roanoke 540-563-9870

• T.G.I.Fridays All Day • 12 & under 1 with paying adult 4869 Valley View Blvd., Roanoke (540) 362-1475

Start Yo ur Stor y Wi t h Us

SALEMVAFCU.ORG 540.344.4419

Three locations to serve you!

112 West Main Street | 1970 Roanoke Blvd in Salem | 2042 Electric Road in Roanoke Growing Up • March 2017


Saturday,March 11th Downtown Roanoke

One of the largest St. Patrick’s Day Celebrations on the East Coast!

McDonald’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade

Parade starts at 11am at the corner of Elm Ave and Jefferson St

McDonald’s Kids Zone

12pm-5pm FREE entry, Games, Inflatables, Face Painting, & MORE

Shamrock Festival

12pm-5pm Wells Fargo Plaza: Free entry, Live Music, Adult Beverages

Celtic Celebration

Starts at 10am Outside Corned Beef & Co.

Details at


Join 10,000 athletes from 60 sports in world-class facilities



Cinderella is coming to Roanoke!

Local Event Calendar On-Going Events: City Market Saturdays. Every Saturday at 11 AM through 2:30 PM at the City Market Building in Roanoke. Head to historic downtown city market for fun each weekend with live entertainment, street performers, “how-tos”, and more. FREE Kid Yoga. 11 AM on every first and third Saturday at the Life in Balance Counseling & Wellness

Center in Christiansburg. Join us for a relaxing yoga class aimed at children ages 5-9. Classes are $8 each. Pscyhadelic Saturdays. 8 PM through 10 PM at the Launching Pad in Salem. Jump in lasers and black lights and turn up the beat! All ages are welcome, $17 per person. Kids Make Art. First Saturdays at 1 PM through 3 PM at Wetherill Visual Arts Center, Hollins University, Roanoke, VA. Kids Make

Art is a once-a-month first Saturday program offering opportunities for the whole family to connect with art. Children require parent/ guardian supervision at all times, and we encourage everyone to take part in the activities – adults and children alike! Local artists and educators design and lead art-making projects and movement-based activities for participants of all ages. Kids Make Art is free and for the whole family. FREE

LFA Spring Consignment Sale. March 24 through March 26 at the Berglund Civic Center. The LFA Spring Sale is back! Stock up on all the things you need for your little ones. Clothes, shoes, toys, furniture, and so much more! FREE The Velveteen Rabbit. March 25 through April 1 at Mill Mountain Theatre in Roanoke. The classic story by Margery Williams explores the ways love can transform lives. The book, first published in 1922,

Birthday Parties • Group Events • Glow in the Dark Parties • Fundraisers

Trampolines & So Much More!

Basketball • Dodgeball • Jousting Pit • Fidget Ladder Pit • Airbag Pit Launch Tower • Arcade With Redemption Prizes • Bumper Cars Snack Bar • Lounge With Free Wifi • Electronic Lockers • 5 Party Rooms

540-404-9235 L J I 1300 Intervale Drive, Salem VA, 24153

Growing Up • September 2016


March 14th: Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone March 21th: Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets March 28th: Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban April 4th: Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire April 11th: Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix April 18th: Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince April 25th: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 1 May 2nd: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 2

urges children to consider the philosophical question, “What makes something real?” In 2007, the National Education Association named it one of the top Teacher’s Top 100 Books for Children. MMT’s production will feature student performers, designers, and technicians. As part of MMT’s continuing initiative connecting theatre and literacy, free books will be available for students. Rated: G For Families. Sensory Sensitive Sundays. First Sundays. 9 AM at Roanoke Chuck E Cheese’s. For children with autism and other special needs there will be reduced lighting and noise, food and games and trained staff on hand. For more details call 540989-8193 Harry Potter Film Festival. Tuesdays, March 14 through May 2 at Charter Hall in the Market Building in Roanoke.

Watch all 8 Harry Potter Movies before the Roanoke Harry Potter Festival on May 13! Tickets start at $5 per person. Concessions will be available for purchase.

Thursday • March 9 Rodgers & Hammerstein’s Cinderella. 7:30 PM at Berglund Civic Center in Roanoke, VA. With its fresh new take on the beloved tale of a young woman who is transformed from a chambermaid into a princess, this hilarious and romantic Rodgers + Hammerstein’s CINDERELLA combines the story’s classic elements – glass slippers, a pumpkin, and a beautiful ball along with some surprising twists. More than just a pretty face with the right shoe size, this Cinderella is a contemporary figure living in a fairytale setting. She is a spirited young woman with savvy

and soul who doesn’t let her rags or her gowns trip her up in her quest for kindness, compassion and forgiveness. She longs to escape the drudgery of her work at home and instead work to make the world a better place. She not only fights for her own dreams, but forces the prince to open his eyes to the world around him and realize his dreams too. Tickets range from $37$69.50 per person.

Friday • March 10 River Rock Climbing Parent’s Night Out. 6 PM through 9 PM at River Rock Climbing in Roanoke. What a great night for Parents and Kids alike!! Parents can drop off their kids at the River Rock and enjoy an evening to themselves. Children ages 7-12 will enjoy supervised climbing games and activities. $20 per child wit additional siblings get

ACTING r join us fo



Camps begin June 19th. Call 540-400-7795 or register online!


Growing Up • March 2017




10% off.

Saturday • March 11 Saint Patrick’s Day Parade & Festival. 11 AM through 5 PM in Downtown Roanoke. The parade begins on Jefferson St. at Elm Ave., continues to Campbell Ave. and ends at Williamson Rd. Roanoke Symphony Orchestra. 7:30 PM at the Berglund Civic Center in Roanoke. This picturesque program takes us from the swirling rapids of the Moldau River to the dynamic American Wild West and down the road to Franklin County! Ravel’s reinvention of the Spanish Bolero concludes our symphonic getaway. Tickets start at $29. 5th Annual Narcolepsy Bed Race. 11:30 AM at the Covenant Presbyterian

Church in Roanoke. Have a study bed, wheels, and four fast friends? Then join us for an event which you will not soon forget! This one-of-a-kind activity raises awareness about the chronic neurological condition narcolepsy and funds for the national non-profit Narcolepsy Network, Inc. Teams of five people will race wildly decorated beds around a closed course while being cheered on by their enthusiastic fans. Trophies, and bragging rights, will be awarded to the fastest team, the best overall design, and the most money raised. Bring the entire family and enjoy the kids games, live music, food, and track-side dining. All while having a fantastic time and supporting a great cause. Team registration costs $50. Free to attend.

Happy St Patricks Day!

Join in the Blue Ridge Marathon fun with this family friendly, one-mile, non-competitive run. Get cool race gear and have fun as a family while being a part of this huge community fitness event!

Roanoke, VA (Elmwood Park) Sat, April 22, 2017 | 7:35am Adults: $12 | Youth: $8 | Family of 4+: $35 Register Today! Race proceeds benefit Y Splash water safety programs

Growing Up • March 2017


LEGO Batman Movie Event. 3 PM at Roanoke Barnes & Noble stores. At the finale for our three-month celebration of The LEGO Batman Movie, kids will be able to help Batman protect Gotham from the Joker by making their very own LEGO Batman Speedwagon! Kids can also collect the final two limited edition trading cards featuring characters from the movie. Join us for this fun LEGO Make & Take event. FREE

Friday • March 17 Father Daughter Night. 6:30 PM through 8:30 PM at Bricks 4 Kidz. Join us where Dads AND Daughters will experience hands-on engineering fundamentals as they build models using LEGO Bricks. Bricks 4 Kidz provides programming that introduces children to engineering, architecture and scientific principles, all while having FUN! Students’ imaginations will also soar during free-play building during the session. Dessert included. This event is fo Fathers and daughters aged 4 to 13. $25 per Daughter, $15 for each additional daughter, Dad are free!

Monday • March 20 Russian National Ballet 7:30 PM at the Bondurant Auditorium in Radford. The Radford University College of Visual Performing Arts presents a performance from the Russian National Ballet Theatre as part of their University Performance Series. With principal dancers from the upper ranks of prestigious ballet companies and academies of Russia, Riga, Kiev and Warsaw, they dedicated themselves to the timeless tradition of classical Russian Ballet. $15 for an adult ticket and $7.50 for a children’s ticket.

Saturday • March 25

Saturday • March 25

Family Film Fest: Beauty and the Beast. 10 AM at the Lyric Theatre in Blacksburg. Downtown Blacksburg Inc. and the Lyric Theatre present Walt Disney’s animated classic “Beauty and the Beast”. Beauty and the Beast is based on the French fairy tale and follows the story of a prince who is magically transformed into a monster as punishment for his arrogance, and Belle, a beautiful young woman whom he imprisons in his castle. To become a prince again, Beast must win her love in return otherwise, he will remain a monster forever. The film is rated G. FREE

FAME Allstars Mommy & Me Class. 10 AM at FAME Allstars in Salem. This class will focus on child/ parent bonding through positive reinforcement while learning basic gymnastic skills, tumbling and more. Boys and girls ages 3 and under, walkers preferred. $12/class

Thursday • March 23 Harlem Globetrotters. 7 PM at the Berglund Civic Center. The world famous Harlem Globetrotters, featuring some of the most electrifying athletes on the planet, will bring their spectacular show to Roanoke during their 2017 World Tour. New this season, for the first time ever, the Globetrotters will debut basketball’s first 4-point line. The 4-point line will be located 30 feet from the basket – 6 feet, 3 inches beyond the top of the NBA’s current 3-point line. Tickets start at $27.50

Friday • March 24 Billy Currington. 8 PM at the Berglund Performing Arts Theatre in Roanoke. Billy’s energetic live shows always invite the audience to what feels like a great family reunion that turned into a raucous party.Ticket start at $39.50. Parking is $5.

Sunday • March 26 Maker Faire at SciFest. Noon at Randolph College in Lynchburg. Come out and enjoy hands-on activities, amazing exhibits, locally made products for sale, food trucks, a group build project and more! This event is free and family-friendly. There will be activities for kids as young as 4, plus fun for grown-up makers too. FREE

Saturday • April 1 Romeo and Juliet. 7:30 PM at the Moss Arts Center at Virginia Tech in Blacksburg. Based on the William Shakespeare classic, with a mesmerizing score by Serge Prokofiev and original choreography by Pedro Szalay, this three-act ballet brings to life the feud between the Houses of Capulet and Montague and the passionate story of two young people who fight, linger, and love until the end. Tickets start at $20 for adults and $10 for children. Tickets are available at the Moss Arts Center Box Office in person Monday-Friday from 10 am - 6 pm and by phone at 540-231-5300. For more information, visit: artscenteratvt.

Bored during Spring Break? Plant something. Bake cookies for the neighbors. Explore nature & go geocaching. Act out your favorite book. Make lanyards. Visit the Science museum. Have a catch in the backyard. Build an indoor fort with some bed sheets. Play Frisbee. Head to the local library. Turn on the radio and dance. Play Simon Says. Dress up in last year’s Halloween costumes and have a have a costume parade. Put together a puzzle. Create papier mache. Make homemade play dough. Follow a no-bake recipe. Plan a scavenger hunt. String together macaroni for jewelry. Host an indoor picnic lunch. Learn how to tie-dye T-shirts. Wear funny clothes and have a photo shoot. Go bird watching. Create a time capsule. Write letters to soldiers. Play balloon volleyball. Have a potato-sack race. Arrange a Jenga tournament. Camp out in the backyard. Make up a secret language. Count how many times you can spin in a circle without getting dizzy. Make fruit kabobs. Create a smores station. Draw murals with sidewalk chalk. Construct an indoor obstacle course. Choreograph a dance routine. Host a movie night. Pull out some old socks and draw faces on them to make sock puppets. Play “Mother May I?”. Make a friendship bracelet. Exercise those finger-painting skills. Pull out Twister. Practice saying the 50 states in alphabetical order. Take silly pictures with a camera. Make up your own mad-libs. Host an at-home field day. Explore small areas of nature with a magnifying glass. Make a papier mache volcano and mix baking soda and vinegar. Learn a new card game. Host a tea party. Set up the basketball game of HORSE or just shoot hoops. Jump rope. Practice cartwheels, somersaults and handstands. Memorize all 50 state capitals. Construct a sun dial.Write a haiku poem.

Growing Up • March 2017


Education Guide DAY CARE - Pre-K - K-12 Private Schools - For Listings email


621 N. Jefferson St. Roanoke 540-982-3532 Ages: 3-18, Preschool, After School, Private School K-6, Private School MS-HS We are dedicated to excellence in education and to the spiritual development of youth within the framework of the Gospel and the tradition of the Catholic Church. Our mission is the education of the whole person, blending learning with faith and faith with daily life.


4225 Brambleton Avenue, Roanoke 540-989-0144 Ages: 6 Weeks -12 Yrs. Preschool, Day Care, After School Come join us at Childcare Network #65!! We pride ourselves on being the working parent’s best friend!


5220 Starkey Road, Roanoke 540-797-1456 Ages: 6 Weeks -12 Yrs. Preschool, Day Care, After School Country Bear Day School has a thirty year tradition of offering an exceptional program for children ages 6 weeks through 12 years. A child’s happiness and development is our main objective, offered in a secure, nurturing enviroment with opportunities to grow. learn, and play. Your child’s well being is not only your top priority--it is ours as well. Please visit us soon to see why we lead in creative educational programs, parental service and an environment that is loving, safe and secure.


3585 Buck Mountain Road, Roanoke 540-769-5200 Ages: 4-19, Preschool, After School, Private School K-6, Private School MS-HS We are one of fewer than 200 school across the nation implementing a powerful & proven classical method of education that for over 2,000 years has developed some of the world’s finest authors, scientists, mathematicians, artists, philosophers, theologians & composers. At Faith Christian School students are encouraged to love God and be captivated by His created world. Check out our new indexed tuition program~private education may be more affordable than you think!


2660 Brambleton Avenue, Roanoke 540-524-2491 Ages: 2-5, Preschool Grandin Court Baptist Church Preschool partners with families to provide a high-quality learning environment and to begin fostering an understanding and appreciation of God’s presence in each child’s life. As a VA Quality participant, we achieve this goal by providing environments and student-teacher interactions which promote a child’s natural curiosity and we delight and encourage them in their discoveries.


2011 Brandon Avenue, SW, Roanoke 540-982-2254 Ages: 12 Months - 5 Yrs, Preschool Noah’s Landing Preschool offers Mother’s Morning Out (MMO) as well as classes for 2, 3, and 4 year olds (Pre-K). Space is limited due to small pupil/teacher ratio per class. Our program runs from Labor Day to Memorial Day from 9:00 am - 12:00 pm Monday Thursday. We have an early drop-off at 8:30 am and an extended day Lunch Bunch program during the week until 1:00 pm for additional fees. Our philosophy of education is based on the belief that children learn and grow best through hands on experiences.




2660 Brambleton Avenue, Roanoke 540-524-2491 2660 Brambleton Avenue, Roanoke 540-524-2491 Ages: 2-5, Preschool HoneyTree Early Learning Centers is the leading Early Childhood Provider in the Roanoke Valley for children ages 6 weeks through 12 years of age. We are locally-owned and operated and have been serving generations of families since 1979. Expect your child to receive the best, quality educational experience. We hope to have the opportunity to provide you and your family with all the pieces for a happy, healthy childhood! Growing Up • March 2017

4524 Colonial Avenue, Roanoke 540-989-6641 Ages: 3-18, Preschool, Private School K-12 North Cross School is an independent, nonsectarian, college-preparatory school that serves children from early childhood through twelfth grade. North Cross provides a rigorous academic curriculum, competitive with the best college-preparatory schools in the Commonwealth of Virginia. While we explicitly recognize the importance of intellectual development and academic achievement, we also strive to promote personal integrity, empathy, and responsibility to self and community. Through this, our graduates will act as leaders in the local and global communities, persons of intellectual and moral courage, and scholars in the service of others.


2660 Brambleton Avenue, Roanoke 540-524-2491 Ages: 2-5, Preschool Grandin Court Baptist Church Preschool partners with families to provide a high-quality learning environment and to begin fostering an understanding and appreciation of God’s presence in each child’s life. As a VA Quality participant, we achieve this goal by providing environments and student-teacher interactions which promote a child’s natural curiosity and we delight and encourage them in their discoveries.



7507 Plantation Road, Roanoke 540563-1724 Ages: 2-5, Preschool HoneyTree Early Learning Centers is the leading Early Childhood Provider in the Roanoke Valley for children ages 6 weeks through 12 years of age. We are locally-owned and operated and have been serving generations of families since 1979. Expect your child to receive the best, quality educational experience. We hope to have the opportunity to provide you and your family with all the pieces for a happy, healthy childhood! 7815 Williamson Road, Roanoke 540-563-5036 Ages:3-14, Preschool, Private School K-8 Founded in 1971, Community School is an independent, non-profit institution. We provide education of the highest quality for children of all racial, cultural, religious, and economic backgrounds. Community School provides a program that is unique in the Roanoke Valley and a rarity statewide, a haven for those who value experiential education over standardized test results. Our school nurtures children’s individual learning styles and fosters creative and analytical thinking. Our students develop personal responsibility for their education and a passion for learning.


3539 Peters Creek Road, Roanoke 540-362-1767 Ages: 2-5 Yrs Our purpose is to provide a warm, nurturing, yet challenging atmosphere in which children can learn and develop physically, socially, emotionally, cognitively, and creatively. We offer Lunch Bunch, Curbside Drop Off and Pick Up, Music, Weekly Chapel, Field Trips, Multiple Child Discount, and Referral Discounts.


4845 Cloverdale Road, Roanoke 540-977-0485 Ages: 2.5-11Yrs, Preschool, Afterschool Bonsack Preschool/After School is a faith based, developmentally appropriate program focused on Kindergarten Readiness for preschoolers, half and full day. After School Care for Bonsack, Cloverdale and Colonial Elementary Schools offered with priority on gym time, devotions, creativity and homework completion. Summer Camps available for both Elementary and Preschool


3743 Challenger Avenue, Roanoke 540-977-1282 www. Ages: Birth-12 Yrs, Preschool, Daycare, Afterschool We offer social development, preschool education, and after school enrichment for our community in a safe and engaging atmosphere. Our experienced and educated teachers foster and build upon children’s natural interest and curiosity to teach and engage them within their environment and surrounding community. Our curriculum builds upon the Virginia Foundation Blocks of Early Learning to fully prepare children to be successful upon entering Elementary School.


1530 Patrick Road, Roanoke 540-344-4730 Ages: 2-5, Preschool HoneyTree Early Learning Centers is the leading Early Childhood Provider in the Roanoke Valley for children ages 6 weeks through 12 years of age. We are locally-owned and operated and have been serving generations of families since 1979. Expect your child to receive the best, quality educational experience. We hope to have the opportunity to provide you and your family with all the pieces for a happy, healthy childhood!


42 E. Main Street, Salem 540-389-4087 Ages: 18 Months -5, Preschool St. Anne’s curriculum is based on developmental learning and the Virginia Foundation Blocks of Early Learning. We are dedicated to the total development of each child; intellectual, spiritual, social, and physical. Our desire is that each child knows that he/she is loved and accepted. Registration is now open for the 2017-2018 school year! Call today to register or schedule a tour!


125 W. Main St., Salem 540-389-5144 FUMCWesleyanPreschool ( Facebook) Ages: 1yr-Pre K, Preschool “Jesus grew in wisdom and stature and in favor with God and man.” Luke 2:52 This is the verse on which we base our preschool. Our State LIcensed Preschool’s purpose is to help your child grow cognitively, physically, spiritually , and socially/emotionally. We know that young children learn best through play, so all of our learning activities are planned to be educational and fun!


1980 Electric Road, Salem 2111 Roanoke Road, Salem 540-769-2300, 540-344-6811 Ages: 2-5, Preschool HoneyTree Early Learning Centers is the leading Early Childhood Provider in the Roanoke Valley for children ages 6 weeks through 12 years of age. We are locally-owned and operated and have been serving generations of families since 1979. Expect your child to receive the best, quality educational experience. We hope to have the opportunity to provide you and your family with all the pieces for a happy, healthy childhood!


107 Corporate Blvd., Salem 540-387-1521 Ages: 1yr-Pre K, Preschool Salem Montessori School - Bringing Joy to Learning! Children are eager, spontaneous learners, curious about the world around them. The primary goal of a Montessori education is to help every child reach their full potential in all areas of life. Research shows that children learn best in an environment that encourages them to explore, create, and discover without fear of making mistakes, or being teased. In a classroom at Salem Montessori School, children are encouraged to ask questions, develop ideas, and learn at their own pace. Learning is active and fun! Montessori educated children become self-confident young people, who face future challenges with optimism and who enjoy a lifetime love of learning!


1918 Washington Avenue, Vinton 540-890-7200 Ages: 2-5, Preschool HoneyTree Early Learning Centers is the leading Early Childhood Provider in the Roanoke Valley for children ages 6 weeks through 12 years of age. We are locally-owned and operated and have been serving generations of families since 1979. Expect your child to receive the best, quality educational experience. We hope to have the opportunity to provide you and your family with all the pieces for a happy, healthy childhood!


627 Westwood Blvd. NW 540-342-4716 Ages:3-5, Preschool Greenvale School’s mission is to provide affordable, accessible, top-quality, developmentally appropriate childcare and educational services for children of working parents, according to each family’s ability to pay. By promoting the highest standards of education and responsible behavior, Greenvale School’s program cultivates the growth of each child to his or her full potential. By providing a comprehensive range of services, Greenvale School supports parents’ efforts to build a secure and prosperous future for their families.


7507 Plantation Road, Roanoke 540563-1724 Ages: 2-5, Preschool HoneyTree Early Learning Centers is the leading Early Childhood Provider in the Roanoke Valley for children ages 6 weeks through 12 years of age. We are locally-owned and operated and have been serving generations of families since 1979. Expect your child to receive the best, quality educational experience. We hope to have the opportunity to provide you and your family with all the pieces for a happy, healthy childhood!

Growing Up • March 2017


All the time. No matter what. A long time ago, I was in control of my life. I had a good job, traveled, watched an entire television show from start to finish, and went to the bathroom all by myself. And then I fell in love and became a mother. And that’s where my life went off the rails. In a good way. Sort of. One year into our marriage, my husband and I asked God to bless us with children. Our friends who had started families warned us. These kids, they said, will drain you of every ounce of energy. They are dictators. You will never sleep. Your life as you know it, they said, will be over. We brushed off their warnings. We would be different, we told ourselves. As a mother, I would be the chief executive, and my superior corporate management skills would easily translate to parenthood. Uh huh, my friends said. We prayed for beautiful, funny, imaginative, active, kind-hearted children. And our prayers were answered with Timothy and Charlie. They are exactly what we hoped they would be. We should have been more specific in our prayer request. My children, these beautiful gifts to the world, have farting contests at the dinner table. They moon each other and the neighbors. They play


Growing Up • March 2017

fight club right before bed. They wander the neighborhood in their underpants and ask neighbors for snacks because “Mommy doesn’t buy us food.” They clog the toilets, draw on freshly painted walls, meltdown in the middle of the grocery store, sit on the toilets at the home improvement stores, and say inappropriate things at inappropriate times. They voluntarily put their heads in the toilet and pee in the bathtub. Our blessings have big imaginations and no common sense. And as their mother, I have no control. I am at their mercy. But I love them anyway. I love my children through the good days and bad days. I love them

By Peg McGuire

through their pants-less days and messy days. I love them through tantrums and feetstomping attitudes. I love them when they’re cute and when they throw up on my shoes. Because when motherhood blesses us with children — we are also given the capacity to love deeply, completely, unconditionally.

All the time. No matter what. It’s the ultimate love story.


moments watch me go!

Playing sports and going to summer camp are all about having fun, but you want to make sure your child is ready for physical activity. Carilion Clinic offers sports and camp physicals by appointment at all of our primary care locations. Or, for more flexibility, visit any of our VelocityCare locations—no appointment necessary. | 800-422-8482

Growing Up In the Valley March 2017  
Growing Up In the Valley March 2017  

Volume 5, Issue 7