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In The Valley Volume 5 Issue 10 • June 2017 • Take One

Fifty Issues!


Mountain Lake Lodge a local summer hidden gem

Guardians of the Valley a Mother-Son Adventure

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A Mother And Son Superhero Adventure

July 21 • Center in the Square

Hosted by Growing Up in the Valley

Letter from the Editor


Anika, Andrea and Evelyn in Philadelphia on a recent class trip. Facebook growingupinthevalley Follow Us on Instagram @Growingupmag Tweet Us on Twitter @GUPinthevalley Email The Editor andrea@ Story Ideas Share your story ideas with us by emailing

hat a start to the summer here in Roanoke!

We have kicked off the fun this year with the Roanoke Harry Potter Festival which drew nearly 10,000 people to Downtown Roanoke! We had a blast putting on our wizard’s robes and casting spells to transform Downtown Roanoke into Hogsmeade! A special thanks to Blue Eagle Credit Union for helping our committee, known as The Roanoke Ministry of Magic, to put on such a successful event! As we head into June, our Royal Ball is just around the corner! Helping dads spend quality time with their daughters, this event, now in its 4th year, is one of our absolute favorites! We have the entire atrium of the Taubman this year and Chocolate Paper has joined with us to provide each girl a special take away at the end of the night! We are looking forward to seeing all of the princesses come out to have fun with us and their dads this year! The Guardians of the Valley event, a Mother-Son superhero adventure, is now only a month away. On July 21st, mothers and sons will team up to save the valley by finding clues all throughout downtown! It will be a blast and we cannot wait to see all of the great costumes and super powers on display. We have several other events planned for later in the year as well, and we will be releasing that info as we move along throughout the summer! Bigger and Better - that is what we are aiming for with each event! Lastly, this issue marks our 50th! Can you believe it, because we sure can’t! We have met so many great people over these 50 issues, covered so many great local stories and businesses. We are truly humbled and honored to have had your support these first 50 issues. We cannot wait to see what the next 50 will bring! So, enjoy the warm weather and we look forward to seeing you and your family at one of our events or at the pool!

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Andrea, Josh, Anika and Evelyn

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June 2017

Have the Time of Your life Pg. 10 Features 10


Visiting Mountain Lake Lodge Discover this little known hidden gem in the mountains outside of Blacksburg, VA. Nifty Fifty! Celebrate our 50th issue with fifty fun things to do with your family this summer!

Learn and Grow 17


It’s A Money Thing Stock Market Trends & How to understand them. Ava Rosa: 3 Questions Our young journalist won an award for her work in the area, and she celebrated by asking more questions!

Resources 33 Go. Play. See.

School’s out! Time to find something to keep the kids busy!


Kids Eat Free What’s for dinner tonight?

Pg. ## Just For Fun 20

Throwback Craft: Paper Bouquets Our most popular craft by far, paper flowers! Perfect for Father’s Day, summer picnics or just adding a little bit of color to your home.


Throwback Recipe: Summer Berry Smoothie One of our most popular recipes is this refreshing blueberry summer smoothie!

Pg. ##

Three Questions with 9 Great Citizens On May 5th, I was delighted to have been honored for my journalism at the 19th Annual Citizen of the Year Awards. It was an amazing honor. There were some amazing community leaders and citizens in attendance at the event and I had three quick questions prepared for before the ceremony, just in case the opportunity arose. I talked with this great group of people: Mayor Sherman Lea- City of Roanoke Deputy Mike Cherry- Roanoke City Sheriff’s Office Councilman Bill Bestpitch- City of Roanoke Pastor Johnny Stone- Hill Street Baptist Church David Stewart Wiley- Music Director and Conductor, Roanoke Symphony Orchestra Tiffany Stevens- Public Safety Reporter, Roanoke Times Kenai Hunt- Graduating Senior, William Fleming High School Manuel Dotson- 3rd VP, NAACP, Retired Norfolk Southern Kennady Wade- Actress, Singer, Student, Wood Wilson Middle School

Here’s what they shared with me: Ava Rosa: What do you love about Roanoke?


Mayor Lea: I love its Growing Up • June 2017

people. I love the scenic view that you have. I love the interaction in the community. But, more than anything else; it’s the friendly people in the community. Deputy Cherry: What I love about Roanoke is the mountains. Coming from a big city, Washington DC, when I first moved out here, the mountains were really peaceful and calming. So, when I have a bad day, I look at the mountains, I go to Mill Mountain to the Star and just think and really decompress from all the stresses of life. It’s the mountains, for me. Bestpitch: The best thing about Roanoke is the people who live here. The people who make our community so welcoming and friendly and caring for each other. Stone: The mountains. The mountains. The mountains. I love ‘em. Beautiful mountains, and the people are very nice. I like that a lot better than Texas. Wiley: I love the people, I love Virginia’s Blue Ridge Mountains, but most of all, I love the privilege of making music here with the symphony. Stevens: I particularly like that people are very friendly, but that there is a mix of city and nature.

Hunt: I love that the city is small and everybody knows everybody, so it’s kind of like we’re all a big family. Dotson: The people, the beauty in the valley, and easy access to get anywhere you want to go. Wade: What I love about Roanoke is the diversity and how everybody is so friendly to each other and you can walk up to someone and they just give you a smile and you smile back at them. Ava Rosa: What does it mean to be a “good citizen”? Mayor Lea: To become engaged, be involved in what’s going on, volunteer- because if we are going to be a successful community, it’s gonna take everybody doing what they can do, to make it better. So, become engaged and involved in your community. Deputy Cherry: What it takes to be a good citizen is to be involved and be aware. Bestpitch: What makes a good citizen is staying informed, really understanding what’s going on in the community, understanding the issues, and understanding where you can get involved and make

a difference. Stone: Integrity, honesty, truthfulness, and being accepting of people based on who they are, not where they come from or position of status they have. Wiley: I think being a good citizen can mean a lot of things, but for me being a great citizen means serving something larger than one’s self, the larger community, taking risk, moving into circles that one is not used to, rolling in and taking chances. For me, that’s what being a good citizen is. Stevens: Caring about other people, but also trying to listen to problems that aren’t yours so that you can help people who have different situations than yours. Also, not making your way of life, the way other people (must) live. Hunt: In order to be a good citizen, you have to be humble and you have to be committed. Many of us get involved in things and don’t always stick with what we’re involved in. Dotson: I think you should vote, participate in campaigns of people who run for office as a civic duty, and obey the laws- as best you possibly can, and pay your taxes. Wade: I think what it means to be a good citizen is just giving back to your city and just helping it in the ways that you can help. Ava Rosa: What would you change about Roanoke if you could? Mayor Lea: I would change elections. I would make sure that all elections are held in November, the municipal elections that we hold in May, because of the low turnout. If I could change that right now, that would be the main thing I’d change. All elections are held in November. Deputy Cherry: There is absolutely no one thing I would change about Roanoke. One thing I will say is, we need to come together more often. It’s better to fight as an army than fighting as one, so we all need to come together more. If we come together in unity, then I think there’s nothing this area can’t do. Come together.

Bestpitch: What I would change is making sure that everybody has a job that pays them something that they can really live on, that nobody is homeless, that nobody is in poverty, and that the United Way didn’t have to work so hard to raise so much money to help people in need, because the needs would not be as great. Stone: One thing I would change is a better relationship with the youth and young people, things to do when their parents are not at home and in the summertime. Wiley: I think that if I could do anything, I would tell the world that Roanoke is a great place and that Roanokers have a more positive image of ourselves, not apologize for who we are. I don’t want Roanoke to be bigger. I don’t want it to be smaller. I want us to just be better at all the things that we do. Stevens: Well, if I could change anything, I’d probably want to change a lot of the income inequality, but I don’t even begin to know how I would change that. But just, I know I have a lot of friends who struggle to make ends meet some paychecks, not just in the newsroom, although that’s a problem there, too. So, in general I’d like to see my neighbor’s struggle less. Hunt: I would change the amount of activities that we have for youth to do. Many youth say they’re bored, so I would bring more activities for us to be engaged in. Dotson: I’m really surprised the way people in this community get along pretty well together, trying to be as inclusive as possible. I’d like to see more of that. Hopefully, we can get there. Seems like there are days that we can and days that we can’t. Wade: I would change people being so stereotypical, that judging people on the way they look and how they act. That’s what I would change.

Congratulations to Ava Rosa

for receiving the Citizen of the Year Award at the 19th annual awards presented by the Roanoke Branch of the NAACP. She is the youngest recipient of this award, ever.

“ I have had the luck of being

surrounded by people who believe I can do it- who have helped ME believe that I can. The best thing you can do for a kid or really anyone- is to help them believe in their own potential.  It is a gift and I am so grateful for it.  I accept this award on behalf of the hundreds of kids in our region who don’t know where they will sleep tonight and who need our community to see their potential too. “

Keep asking questions Ava Rosa! -Your GUITV Family


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Sw im

Learning to swim is an essential life skill that will benefit your children throughout their life.

Su rv ive

Knowing survival and swim skills can save your child’s life. Drowning is the leading cause of accidental death for children in the United States.


Summer Registration Open Now! 2007 Oak Grove Plaza Electric Road, Roanoke, VA 24018 (540) 989-0520

Having competent swim skills builds confidence in children leading to success in many other aspects of life.


Growing Up • June 2017





The Y offers classes for all ages, levels and interests. From yoga and strength training to cycling and water exercise, you’ll find a group class that’s fun, supportive and keeps you moving. Join us! Learn more:

Every parent wants to find a quality child care program for their child.

Do you know what to look for?

Every parent wants to find a quality child care program for their child.

Children in high quality child care settings are more successful in school and life,* so choosing a preschool or child care program is one of the most important decisions parents and families can make.

United Way of Roanoke Valley

Virginia’s Quality Rating and Improvement System (Virginia Quality) helps parents find high quality child care programs, so they can be confident their children are learning the skills they will need to enter kindergarten ready to succeed. Children in high quality child care settings are more

Do you know what to

*Source: Lifetime Effects: The High/Scope Perry Preschool Study Through Age 40.

successful in school and life,* so choosing a preschool For more information, please contact: Meg Fitzwater, Director, Strategies / Smart Beginnings Greater Roanoke or child care program is oneEarly of theLearning most important / (540)283-2786 decisions parents and families can/ make. Virginia's Quality Rating and Improvement Sysytem (Virginia Quality) helps parents find high quality child care programs, so they can be confident their children are


Mountain Lake Lodge Unplug From The World And Enjoy The Summer At This Local Hidden Gem. Article by Tracy Fisher There’s no TV. There’s no cellphone signal. There’s no lake. But that’s no problem at the Mountain Lake Lodge. I’m not going to lie to you fair readers, when I read on the Mountain Lake Lodge website that the rooms within their main building did not have TVs, I was a little worried. How was I supposed to pass the time all weekend? Surely they couldn’t entertain my family for long enough that we wouldn’t need to zone out watching our favorite primetime shows. (Masterchef Junior was having its two hour finale after all!) But upon arrival, the Lodge became the perfect, disconnected, getaway that my family didn’t know we needed.


Growing Up • June 2017

The Lodge is a peaceful getaway for a family who wants to disconnect from their electronics and reconnect with each other. The entire resort is designed to pull people away from their phones, computers and ultra-connected world. The mountain naturally blocks nearly all cell phone signals, rendering your teen’s Snapchat, Pokemon Go and Twitter apps useless. The initially scary lack of TVs in the room regains your younger children’s attention. And while the lodge has free wifi for its guests, it is just enough for basic email functions. Don’t even think you’ll be able to sneak off and stream anything on Netflix. With our phones cut off from the outside world, my husband and I were able to have a lunch without a screen between us. We both love technology but we noticed that we hadn’t

just talked about nothing together in a long time. We took in the details of the gorgeous dining room in the Harvest Restaurant. We both agreed that it was rustic but not cheesy or campy. We shared each other’s meals and wondered where in Virginia the chefs found bison to serve. (Not to mention locally sourced fish, chicken, vegetables and dairy products) Because the Lodge was used in the filming of the majority of the classic film, Dirty Dancing, We quizzed each other on our memories of movie, bemoaned the losses of Swayze and Orbach, and felt giddy at being in the same space once occupied by the great Kelly Bishop. (Okay, that was more me than him, but he indulged my broadway side for a moment.)

easily. For the rest of our trip we only brought out our phones to check in on our babysitter and take silly selfies; some habits do die hard after all.

“The Lodge is a peaceful getaway for a family who wants to disconnect from their electronics and reconnect with each other. The entire resort is designed to pull people away from their phones, computers and the ultraconnected world.”

The lodge took us back to when we were first dating and would just talk about whatever came to mind and let the conversation flow aimlessly and

Instead of spending my time browsing through Facebook, we took small hikes through the mountainside. We played tetherball, something neither of us had done since we were children. We commandeered a golf cart and toured the 210,000 acre property. Every turn lead to another beautiful vista or breathtaking scene.

You don’t feel like you’re just 20 minutes outside of Blacksburg, but rather that you have been transported into an isolated forest oasis. The area is well cared for and spoken about with kind of reverence from the lodge staff. Up a short drive from the main lodge building is their Adventure Center which hosts their ropes course and zip lines, archery tag, Growing Up • June 2017


zorb bals races, bubble ball soccer games and more. My daughter got to try out the famous zorb ball while my husband attempted to complete the ropes course and zip lines. (I was left out of the fun due to doctor’s orders, but I made sure to get tons of photos!) My daughter was able to get the zorb ball up to fantastic speeds and zipped all over the field. Adam and Matt, our tour guides, said that they have several obstacle courses and games they can set up for familiesbut mine was happy just to run around like a hamster. My husband completed the course with our tour guide Adam. From the course he could see glimpses of the lake bed and resort. While I love my husband, he is not what I would call athletic. This course was just hard enough for him to feel the pain the next day, but not so hard that he couldn’t complete the challenges. Mountain Lake Lodge is unparalleled in their dedication and devotion to their surrounding environment. The last owner, Mary Moody, established an endowment in her will to help keep the lodge available to families all year long and to preserve the natural beauty that she was able to enjoy as a child herself. All construction in the resort is simply done to maintain and preserve the existing structures. Despite the age of some of the buildings, nothing feels worn out or run down. A tennis court that was ravaged by the rain and cold this winter has been turned into a beach volleyball pit. The volleyball pit will be easier to maintain in good condition and allows for less impact on the environment while still providing entertainment opportunities for the resort’s guests.

You can feel the love the staff have for the area. I was taken on a tour of the lakebed (and a few of the more famous Dirty Dancing filming locations) and you couldn’t help but catch our tour guide, Matt’s excitement for the area. He and his fellow staff, were nothing short of incredible our entire stay. The staff shared the resort’s vision of the future with us. They are modernizing aspects of the lodge while still maintaining the picturesque beauty and traditions of the area. Gravel roads are being paved for the comfort of the guests, plumbing and bathrooms are updated to give your stay a luxurious feeling. They have mastered the balance between comfort and nature, giving their guests the best of both worlds. The lodge does take pride in its part of the Dirty Dancing movie. There are free half-hour long walking tours to see famous scenes, as well as a self-guided tour with plaques describing the location’s use in the movie. However, you don’t have to be a big fan to enjoy the beauty of the area that was the clear draw to the hollywood producers. As an older millenial parent, my own style of vacation is technology infused. I use my phone’s GPS to guide us to new locations. Yelp is bookmarked to help us figure out the best restaurants and points of interest. I am often posting to social media during the events and activities we have

What happened to the lake? In 2008 the Mountain Lake Lodge made the news when the iconic lake began to rapidly drain. The cause of the leaking is still up for debate among geologists but the effect is not. As of today, the once great lake is little more than a mere pond.


Growing Up • June 2017

Scientists from Radford Univeristy, UVA and Virginia Tech have studied the newly exposed lake bed floor along with historical documents that show that the lake is actually a one-in-a-billion natural phenomenon. The lake will actually heal itself over the next 20-30 years; slowly

planned. The Mountain Lake Lodge, and its design to get people put down their phones and focus on the moment at hand, was a refreshing change of pace and one I would do again. Instead of instagramming my daughter’s joy in the zorb ball, I was able to soak it in without a screen in the way. I was forced to wander around nature, to stop- breathe- and take in the beautiful view without wondering which filter I would use. Meals weren’t rushed affairs between activities but was an activity itself. We would savor the food, dicuss how the chefs masterfully balanced southern comfort food and haute cuisine flavors. So if your family is looking to reset their relationships, disconnect from technology, and spend their days having fun and nights relaxingMountain Lake Lodge is waiting for you up in the mountains.

moving the dirt and silt to plug the drainage and begin to fill again. You can take a tour of the dried lakebed and see how the environment has adapted itself to the change. Scientists have even been able to discover fossils and historical

artifacts that were once hidden in the lake. Currently the lodge doesn’t offer any lake entertainment options, but hopes to one day restore the docks, gazebo and water sports that made the lodge famous.

Look at all the amazing events Flutter and the teams at Blue Eagle Credit Union and Growing Up In the Valley were a part of in May!

Invite us to your event! Contact us today! 540-251-1660 josh@growingupinthevalley. com

Growing Up • June 2017


Summer Decor Trends

1. Marble wallpaper A lot of the recent trends are about going back to classic styles, and it doesn’t get much more classic than marble. Few materials evoke high-end living as simply and effectively as marble, a global symbol of refined taste and sophistication. Marble was a big trend in 2016, and it looks like it’s here to stay. With faux-effect materials and faux-marble wallpapers such as this beauty from Murals Your Way growing in popularity, you can count on the soft, subdued design to be a top pick for accent walls, powder rooms, kitchens and more. It’s a seriously impressive way to dress up your walls!

table or floating frame, acrylic accents and accessories are this year’s clear favorite for adding a gleaming finish to a space.

2. Deep blues Though black has long been a decorating darling, designers are now recruiting deep blues for their go-to power hue. It’s a bit more approachable than pure black, and it has a lovely nautical vibe when used in conjunction with materials like rope, brass and wood. Navy velvet couches are a popular way to incorporate the color into your home. And if you want to keep your space light, wallpaper with blue accents is a great solution. Whether you go for indigo, cobalt, navy or some other blue hue, a dramatic, deep blue color will add interest to your space.

5. Greenery: Named the 2017 Pantone color of the year, greenery is meant to represent refreshment, revitalization and our connection to nature. It seems to be an instant hit for those looking for a back-to-nature hue that brings zest while still managing to work with warm wood tones. Greenery is an attention-grabbing color, and it can be used to add pop and contrast to the overall interior. The earthy tone is a welcome complement to some of the more neutral hues that have gained prominence in the past year.

3. Acrylic everything Acrylic was a trend that picked up steam in 2016 and will keep going strong this year. Because most acrylic is clear, it works with almost any type of design style or color scheme. Acrylic furniture pieces and accessories have been around for years, but they primarily came in very modern shapes that wouldn’t work well in a more traditional home. All of that has changed, and now you can find the best of both worlds with this more modern material being used in furniture with traditional designs. Bring acrylic into your space by choosing a larger piece, such as this coffee table from Wisteria, or simply use smaller accessories, such as an acrylic floating frame. Whether it’s a coffee


Growing Up • June 2017

4. Farmhouse chic Reclaimed wood, aged metals and distressed details are showing up everywhere in interior design and are not going anywhere in 2017. Farmhouse chic decor is a spin on the classic farmhouse style with an added soft elegance. Classic shapes, rustic simplicity and natural materials celebrate country-inspired charm, while soft and cozy neutrals evoke a luxurious and chic style.

6. Forget hygge: This year is all about lagom: The year 2016 was about reaching the highest level of coziness and comfort, an outlook encapsulated by the Danish term hygge (pronounced hoo-ga). Now there’s an even more sustainable and enjoyable lifestyle we’ll all be wanting in 2017: lagom. It’s a simple Swedish philosophy on everyday life that means “just the right amount.” The lagom home strikes the perfect balance between minimalism and cluttered, resulting in a clean, calm space that is also warm and inviting. This Swedish concept of “not too much, not too little” may just dominate in 2017.

Easy breezy: 4 ways to make summer lawn care projects easier tips today and you’ll have more time to enjoy your well-cared-for yard. Be smart about seeding. The dog days of summer are not the ideal time to reseed your lawn, so don’t waste the effort. Seed growth is more successful during cooler months, so if you didn’t seed in the early spring, wait until later in the season before doing so. You’ll get the same results without wasting the effort on an inefficient seeding. Summer is here and your lawn is a source of pride. However, it can also be a source of hard work, sweat and even frustration. So ask yourself this question: Would you be interested in maintaining your yard’s beauty with fewer headaches?

The perfect cut. Your lawn is the centerpiece of your yard, and nothing improves its overall appearance like the perfect cut, especially when that cut comes easy. A battery-powered mower that eliminates the need to mix and pour gas, letting you put that time back into making your lawn look great.

If the answer is yes, then you’re in luck, because this article is all about helping you find ways to maintain a beautiful lawn without all the unnecessary effort. Apply these five

Water smart. Just as with seeding, successfully watering your lawn is all about timing. And, like seeding, dragging a sprinkler around your yard during the peak hours of the day

will result in the water you expend evaporating before it does any good. To make the most of your watering sessions, water your lawn at dawn or dusk when temperatures are cooler. This increases the possibility that the water will stick around long enough for the grass to absorb it. * Add mulch to control weeds. The most beautiful planting beds lose their luster if their base is crowded with weeds. To eliminate this problem — and to save on the wear and tear of pulling the weeds yourself — add a 4-inch layer of mulch to the top of your beds. This mulch blocks out the sun, making it hard for weeds to grow. It also reduces your need to water these beds by slowing water’s evaporation rate. Summer is here, and while your lawn care is ongoing, there’s still plenty of time to make those chores more efficient to benefit yourself and your lawn.

Give your kid a room as cool as them!

LYNCHBURG 5401 Fort Ave

ROANOKE Tanglewood

ROANOKE Valley View Growing Up • June 2017


Give a child the chance to soar!

To explore and develop at their own pace To be able to respond to teachable moments and student interest To engage in off campus learning and community enrichment For parents to be part of the educational process To play and be a child

Roanoke County

Foster Parent Program

Local Families - Local Solutions

#FosterLocal • 540-283-8850

Provided by Laurissa Grubb from Blue Eagle® Credit Union The Secret History of the Wall Street Bull Bulls and bears can be considered the unofficial mascots of the stock market. They represent the upward and downward movements of the stock market over a period of time and have even come to describe investor behavior (optimistic investors are said to be bullish, while investors with a pessimistic outlook are said to be bearish). In a field typically known for its confusing financial terminology and often uninspired language, the bull and bear symbols really stand out—and this is especially true in Lower Manhattan. The Charging Bull (also referred to as the Wall Street Bull) is a massive 7,100-pound bronze sculpture located in the Financial District in New York City. At 11 feet tall and 16 feet long, the aggressive bull is an unmistakable tribute to power and prosperity. Over the years, it has been accepted as an iconic New York City monument and an international symbol of Wall Street. It draws thousands of tourists and selfietakers daily, and parts of the statue (the snout and horns, but also some inappropriate zones) have been burnished to a bright golden bronze by visitors rubbing the statue for good luck. What many do not realize is that the iconic Charging Bull has a relatively young— and rather unusual—history. Charging Bull has been guarding the streets of the Financial District for only a few decades. It first appeared in front of the New York Stock Exchange in December 1989, much to the surprise and confusion of New Yorkers. Why? The statue had not been commissioned by the city. It was an act of guerrilla art. For two years, SoHo artist Arturo Di Modica had been working on his bronze and stainless steel sculpture out of his studio. The artwork was created in response to the 1987 stock market crash. According to Di Modica’s assistant at the time, it was a way for him “to encourage everybody to realize America’s power.” One cold Thursday night, Di Modica and some friends rented a crane, loaded the massive sculpture onto a flatbed truck,

drove it to the Financial District and installed it on the center line of Broad Street, near a festive 60-foot Christmas tree. The following morning, Di Modica handed out fliers explaining the significance of his artwork-turned-Christmasgift to passersby. Hundreds came out to admire the work, but the police were less than amused—Charging Bull had been installed without a permit and without concern for the effect the statue would have on traffic and public safety. The bull was immediately impounded and hauled off to Queens. The resulting public outcry was so great that the New York City Department of Parks & Recreation reinstalled the statue a few days later in Bowling Green Park in the Financial District, where it remains on display to this day. New York City does not own the sculpture and so Charging Bull has technically been on temporary display since 1989. The cultural impact of the sculpture has spread far and wide. Replicas of Di Monica’s sculpture have found homes in Amsterdam and Shanghai. Charging Bull has helped set the scene in many TV shows and movies (Mr. Robot and The Wolf of Wall Street are a couple of notable examples). It was guarded by police during the Occupy Wall Street movement and remained barricaded for three years following the protests. Most recently, it inspired an additional artistic installation—in honor of International Women’s Day 2017, a bronze statue of a defiant little girl was temporarily installed facing the iconic bull (and yes, the statue of the defiant little girl did have a permit from the city). In case you’re wondering whether the bronze bull of Wall Street will ever be joined by his bearish counterpart, don’t count on it. When the notion was first suggested shortly after Charging Bull’s installation, Di Modica rejected it quickly—he didn’t think it would do as good a job at representing the optimism of the American people. Bull and bear markets get to share the spotlight in the stock market, but it looks like Charging Bull will continue to have Lower Manhattan all to himself.

Growing Up • June 2017



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The Royal Ball A Daddy Daughter Dance

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June 16th June 17 th Taubman Museum 6 PM - 9 PM

$45 for Couple Ticket, $15 per additional daughter

Parent of the Month

Missy Light

I teach 3 year olds at a Christian school, I work with the PTA, am a room mom, help my son run a nonprofit, etc. etc. Seriously, the list could go on and on, but most of all, I am Alex’s mom (to most of the neighborhood kids too). I am passionate about taking care of others and instilling a service attitude in as many children as possible. My son started The Wonder Bear Project at age five. We collect bears and deliver them to children who need some happiness in their life throughout the valley and surrounding areas. We deliver to carilion children’s hospital, Ronald McDonald House, the Rescue Mission and Matthew’s child. (You can follow The Wonder Bear Project on Facebook!) Motherhood has made me see the world in a different light. I have always had very strong opinions about how we, as a people, can come together to make the world better. Being a mother has given me more sense of urgency in making positive changes in our community and the world because we are the ones who have to pave the future for our children. I have never found a good way to banish stress, but often times if I am at the end of my rope, I grab a book or go for a peaceful drive. If I can’t do

either of those, I do the tried and true, deep breaths and count to ten. I get most of my inspiration from my family. I have the best parents and brother. I came from a home where we always put others first and found a husband who always seeks ways to help others. His mother is the same way, and our child never ceases to amaze me. He was born with a natural awareness of helping and serving others. Watching these folks live their life in service of others inspires me to do more each day. I am most proud of the fact I am surrounded by so many amazing people. In my life, when there is a need for anything, I never have to search very far. I am proud of the fact that I am blessed to be able to raise a child so surrounded by love and caring people who are helping mold him into an amazing little person. Oh, and I am very proud to be a Hokie! As far as finding balance in my life, what’s that?! No seriously, we do a lot and spend a lot of time running around and taking care of business. However, we make sure our son is happy and that mostly involves sports and school functions. We always make sure to spend time with our parents and with God. We serve our community and friends as often as possible. We try our best to squeeze a little time in for each other and for our selves individually. It’s so important to make sure each little part of your life is

working or everything will fall apart! The only way to juggle is to watch each ball. My advice for other moms would be, first, never miss the small moments because they are small. Those moments often turn into something so much bigger. Always take time to recognize the wonder of those times. They go by so fast. There is nothing and I repeat, nothing that is more important than the time you spend with your family. Secondly, don’t take life so serious. Laugh, dance, cry when you feel like you want or need to. We only get so many days here, so enjoy every one. Finally, be sure to take pictures! Some day, they may be the one thing someone has left. My parenting style is simple. Praise them for what they do right, correct them for what they need to do better at, and always remember they are kids. I try to remember how many times and in what ways I messed up as a kid before I handle any situation. In most cases, I try redirection for now because he is still so young and full of energy and distraction. My favorite quote is from a great country song, “as long as I’m with you, it really don’t matter.” This is exactly how I feel about my family. They are my world and as long as I have them, I am a rich woman.

Expires Sept. 30, 2017

Growing Up • June 2017



Paper Bouquet

1 2


These spring flowers won’t wilt! This fun craft will bring a little color into any room. You can even try changing up the style by using recycled or patterned papers.


Check out other great kid craft ideas at Supplies: • Colored paper • Glue • Scissors

Instructions: 1. Cut paper into long thin rectangles. You will need 2 for a single flower.


2. Crease one long edge at about 1/2 inch width; then snip a fringe along the opposite side. 3. Roll individual pieces of the fring towards the creased edge, then set aside. 4. Cut the second thin rectangle in half.


5. Glue and roll one half into a tight stem. Allow to dry before moving on. 6. Place glue along the crease from the rolled fringe, and slowly wrap it around the green stem. Adjust rolls as necessary to cover the top half of the stem.


7. Using the other half of the green paper, cut to half the height of the stem. Accordian fold the paper. 8. While holding the paper in the accordian fold, snip one tip to a point and trim edges down.


9. Glue the base of the leaves on to the stem, being careful leave the leaves themselves glue free. Carefully curl them away from the stem and allow to dry before displaying! Growing Up • June 2017




Go ahead—renovate.


And borrow up to 100% of your home’s equity to do it.1 How? Let’s say your house is valued at $200,000, and you owe $150,000 on your mortgage. You might qualify for a home equity line of credit up to $50,000.2 And with no closing costs3, finally redoing that bathroom or sprucing up the landscaping is even more possible. Call, click, or come in today to make your home’s value work for you.

art venture Children’s Interactive Learning Space $5/Person • Members Free Children Under 2 Free

110 Salem Ave SE, Downtown Roanoke

GUITV June 2017 Ad v4.indd 1

5/23/2017 2:50:40 PM



LENDER Member One Federal Credit Union is federally insured by the National Credit Union Administration. 1 Home equity line of credit is 3.99% APR fixed rate for the first 24 months. After the first 24 months, the variable APR will range from a floor of 6% to a maximum of 15% APR. The APR will be determined by adding 0 - 1.5% to prime (percentage added based on loan to value). Prime is currently 4.0% APR. Property insurance is required. 2For qualified borrowers. 3Closing costs waived for loans under $100,000. If loan is paid off within two years of closing, the member must reimburse the closing fees (ranging from $280-$1,000).

Movies @ Grandin Theatre

The Grandin Theatre is hosting their free weekend movies again this year! Stop by on friday or saturdays at 10 AM for free Hannah Barbara cartoons and classic films like Shrek and Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory as well as newly released films like Sing!

Visit Dixie Caverns

Take a 45 minute guided tour and see the beauty hidden in the mountains. 13 years and up are $14, 5-12 years are $6 and cave explorers under 5 are free.

Swim at Splash Valley

Cool off at Splash Valley with two awesome water slides, a lazy river, and a huge water splashground. Splash valley offers themed nights and discounts for grandparents. Season passes are only $99 per person ($79 if you are a member of Green Ridge Recreational Center) Visit their website or Facebook page for more detailed information.

Enjoy a film at the Starlite Drive-In Theater

Time warp back to the 1950s and enjoy a recently released movie at the Starlite Drive In Theater in Christiansburg, VA. $6 per adult, $4 per child.

Celebrate summer with these


Family fun ideas!

In honor of Growing Up in the Valley Magazine’s 50th issue, we’ve compiled the Top 50 Family Summer Fun play dates, activities and businesses to visit while school is out for the holiday.

Bike ride on Greenway

Roanoke has miles and miles of greenways paved throughout the city. You can playground-hop along the Roanoke River and get your little biker off those training wheels in no time at all.

Visit Mill Mountain Zoo

This is a perfect sized zoo for families with young children. Youngsters can walk on their own along the mountain top zoo and enjoy the animals at a slower pace than other large zoos. Mill Mountain also boasts a great playground and is only a step or two away from the iconic Mill Mountain Star

Great for day trips and overnight packages! Six trains, three depots. Trains depart from Elkins, Cass and Durbin.

866.946.8287 • MTN-RAIL.COM


Growing Up • June 2017

Story Time at Library

Do not let the news tell you otherwise- libraries aren’t dead! If anything, the local libraries are just beginning. They have dozens upon dozens of programs for people of all ages and interests. You can join a story time class, learn how to use new technology, play board games, even listen to live music and have BBQs. Follow your local library on social media or check our their website for the full listings of everything they offer.

Build your own fidget spinner

Love ‘em or hate ‘em, fidget spinners are the newest Pet Rock phenomenon. Have your kids create their own with legos or spare hardware parts.

Ice Cream at Blue Cow

Beat the heat with the newest ice cream shop in townBlue Cow!

Beach day at Smith Mountain Lake

Spend the day at the public beach at Smith Mountain Lake. They have a large snack shack available, or you can pack your own food to bring along.

Play In A Sprinkler Ropes Course at Mountain Lake Lodge

Kids and adults alike will love the ropes course and zip lines at Mountain Lake Lodge’s Adventure Center. Not to mention their bubble ball soccer, zorb ball obstacle course, disc golf and swimming pools!

Tie Dye T-Shirts

Get messy with this summer classic!

Red Sox Game Night

You don’t have to be a baseball fan to enjoy a night at the stadium! The Salem Red Sox often host theme nights with extra goodies and activities for attendees to participate in if baseball isn’t their thing.

Make popsicles

Making your own helps you cool off and keep unnecessary sugars out of your diet.

Create own Slime

A little glue, a little liquid startch and some water and you have the beginnings of the slime craze that swept american middle schools!

Guardians of the Valley Scavenger Hunt

Join Growing Up in the Valley as they celebrate mothers and sons at the first Guardians of the Valley Scavenger Hunt! Details and tickets available on our Facebook page.

Trolley Ride

Roanoke City offers a free trolley between Downtown and Crystal Spring neighborhoods. The Star Line Trolley runs Monday through Friday 7 AM through 7 PM. You can cruise between Elmwood Park and River’s Edge complex without worrying about parking or traffic!

Splash in fountains at Elmwood Park

The Elmwood Park Fountains run from 11 AM to 5 PM on anyday there is not a festival or event happening. There are bathrooms located near the stage so you can change out of wet clothes easily.

Growing Up • June 2017


Dollar movies at Regal Movies Military acadeMy

This summer Regal Movies Cinema is holding their annual $1 movie on tuesdays and wednesdays through June 6August 2.

Growing Up in the Valley’s Summer Paint-a-Long

Join Growing Up in the Valley at Viva La Cupcake Treat Boutique for a kid-focused paint event lead by our creative director on June 10 & 24, July 29 and August 26 at 10 AM. $18 per painter, includes self-created masterpiece and a kid-sized treat.

Kids Eat Free Dinner

Enjoy a meal out, without worrying about dishes, grocery shopping! Our kids eat free index will help you have fun without breaking your family’s wallet.

Blow Bubbles Play mini golf

This activity has been a longlasting summer tradition for a reason. There’s two courses, one at Thunder Valley in Salem and Putt-Putt Fun Center in Roanoke.

Have a Picnic Donate your family’s outgrown toys, clothes, & books Road Trip to Wet-n-Wild Water Park Try out an Escape Room

A new puzzle craze is sweeping the nation- Escape Rooms. You work with a team of 8-10 people to try to solve a series puzzles to escape the themed room you’re in. Decipher Roanoke downtown offers two room styles starting at $20 per person.

Enjoy Bayou Snowballs

It’s a classic summertime treat, a Bayou Snowball! Now offering the Butterbeer Flavor from the Roanoke Harry Potter Festival.

Catch Fireflies See a Show

Mill Mountain Theatre and The Jefferson Center will be hosting several family friendly shows this sumer including the Jungle Book & the Cinderella Ballet.


Watch Fireworks Growing Up • June 2017

Splash into over 36 pools, water slides, lazy river and wave pool in Emerald Pointe in Greensboro, North Carolina. Tickets start at $30 per person, season passes at $69 per person.

Visit the VA Museum of Transportation

This museum is perfect for a rainy day. You can spend the whole day wandering through exhibits featuring cars, boats, planes, wagons, and more. The museum also hosts speciality event day, train rides and holiday celebrations.

Visit the Butterfly Garden

Spend an afternoon with beautiful butterflies and other creepy crawlies at the Science Museum in Center in the Square.

Read a book aloud

Go Bowling

Another rainy-day option for your family, and many local lanes offer a summer children’s program for affordable entry prices.

Watch a Sunset

take a moment from your busy schedule and just watch the day end in beauty together as a family.

Hike the Appalachian Trail

Connect with nature one on of the many trails the criss-cross our valley.

Write postcards to friends

simple cookie recipe and share the wealth with your neighbors as an anonymous good deed.

Have Dessert First

Or have only dessert, surprise your family with an ice cream sundae bar for dinner!

Try A New Recipe

Ask friends for a new recipe idea or subscribe to a recipe service like Hello Fresh! or Blue Apron to shake up your family’s dinner menu.

Go For A Boat Ride.

Between Smith Mountain Lake, the Roanoke River, the New River and Claytor lake, you have nearly endless options for watercraft entertainment!

Grab postcards from local gift shops at museums and send them to your faraway friends and family. Not travelling? Make your own postcards out of cereal boxes!

Go Geocaching

Make A Lemonade Stand

Have your family earn a little cash for childhood cancer charity by following Alex’s Lemonade Stand instructions

Ding Dong Ditch Some Cookies At Your Neighbor’s Door

Children love to help in the kitchen, make your favorite

Visit geocaching. com to find a local hidden treasure box near your home. You can use your phone or other GPS enabled device to find a box in a giant worldwide scavenger hunt.

Shop At A Yard Sale

Someone else’s trash may be your newest treasure!

Make A Puppet Show Try A New Exercise. Growing Up • June 2017


JUNE Schedule 1

June 2




June 3

Away 5


VS Frederick 7:05 PM



VS Frederick 7:05 PM


VS Frederick 6:05 PM



VS Lynchburg 1:05 PM VS Lynchburg 4/27 Make Up

VS Lynchburg 7:05 PM


VS WinstonSalem 2:00 PM


VS Carolina 7:05 PM



VS Carolina 7:05 PM


VS Lynchburg 7:05 PM


VS Carolina 7:05 PM




VS Lynchburg 7:05 PM


VS Lynchburg 7:05 PM

VS WinstonSalem 7:00 PM


VS WinstonSalem 7:00 PM



VS Wilmington VS Wilmington 6:35 PM 7:05 PM

VS Wilmington 7:05 PM



VS Wilmington 7:05 PM


VS Lynchburg 7:05 PM


VS Lynchburg 6:30 PM

VS Wilmington 7:05 PM


VS Wilmington 7:05 PM

Growing Up In the Valley on


Growing Up • June 2017

VS WinstonSalem 6:30 PM


Bark in the Park Bring out your furry friends for Bark in the Park Night! Fans wishing to bring their pups can purchase a “pooch pass” at the gate for $5 which will be donated to area SPCA’s. Guns and Hoses Night We recognize our local heroes with our annual Guns and Hoses Night. Come early for the Guns and Hoses softball game before the Red Sox game. Paw Patrol Night Bring the kids out to see Chase from Paw Patrol and enter to win great Paw Patrol prizes all night long!

June 7

North VS South All-Star Game 7:05 PM

VS Wilmington 1:35 PM

VS Wilmington 1:05 PM


Graduates Night Wth the school year winding down, we celebrate all of our graduates from elementary school, middle school, high school, college and grad school.

VS Wilmington 6:05 PM

Harley Night Riders from across the country will converge in the Roanoke Valley to celebrate their love of the road. Harley riders will be at the ballpark as part of their week long celebration.

Thursday Mornings 8:30 AM

Thank you for 50 great issues!

COMMONWEALTHGAMES.ORG Athlete Tailgate Party & Opening Ceremonies - July 21, at Liberty University

Growing Up • June 2017


Healthy Summer Berry Smoothie

Ingredients: ¾ cup of fresh blueberries ¾ cup of fresh blackberries 5.3 ounce package of plain Greek yogurt 1 cup of vanilla soy milk 1 whole banana, sliced Directions: • Add all of the ingredients to a blender. • Pulse for 30 seconds, stir and pulse for an additional 30 seconds. • Pour into two glasses and serve immediately or refrigerate until ready to serve.

Homestead Creamery’s Home Delivery Service is MORE than you expected! •Over 100 local & high quality products •Delivered to your door •Easy online ordering •From a local company you can trust

Weekly routes in the Roanoke Valley, Lynchburg and Forest areas!

Email or call 540-719-1020 to register today!


• Town Center Tap House All Day • 12 & under, 2 children per paid adult 90 Town Center St., Daleville (540) 591-9991 • The Barbecue Grill All Day • 10 & under, 1 child per paid adult 126 E Lee Ave., Vinton (540) 857-0030 • Firehouse Subs All Day • 12 & under, 1 child per paid adult Colonial Ave, Town Square & Salem only (540) 345-3131

Kids Eat Free Roanoke

Kids Eat Free Choose from over 35 restaurants for an affordable family night out on the town!

Every Day


• Mama Maria’s 11 AM - 2 PM • 3 & under free buffet with paid adult W. Main St., Salem (540) 389-2848

• Country Cookin’ 4 PM - Close • 10 & under, 2 children per paid adult All Locations in Roanoke (540) 774-0199

• Golden Corral All Day • 3 & under free buffet with paid adult 1441 Towne Square Blvd., Roanoke (540) 563-8826

• Famous Anthony’s 3 PM - Close • 1 child per paid adult All Locations in Roanoke, Salem, & Vinton (540) 362-1400

IHop 4PM-10PM • 12 & Under All Locations

• McAlister’s Deli 5 PM - Close • 2 children per paid adult 2063 Colonial Ave., Roanoke (540) 204-4407

• Shoney’s All Day • 4 & under, free kids meal with adult entree purchase. Drink not included 2673 Lee Highway, Troutville (540) 992-6400

• Buffalo Wild Wings 4 PM - 9 PM • 12 & under, 1 child per paid adult All Locations (540) 725-9464

• El Rio Mexican Grill All Day • 10 & under, 1 child per paid adult 4208 Electric Rd., Roanoke (540) 685-4343 • Firehouse Subs All Day • 11 & under, 2 children per paid adult combo,dine in 800 University City Blvd, Blacksburg (540) 961-0371 • The Green Goat All Day • 12 & under, 1 child per paid adult 802 Wiley Dr. SW, Roanoke (540) 904-6091


• Brambleton Deli 11 AM - 9 PM • 12 & under, 1 child per paid adult 3655 Brambleton Ave., Roanoke (540) 774-4554 • Denny’s 4 PM - 10 PM • 12 & under, 1 child per paid adult All Locations Roanoke & Salem (540) 389-5074 • Macado’s 4 PM - 9 PM • 12 & under, $1 child meal per paid adult All Locations in Roanoke & Salem (540) 776-9884

• Pizza Hut 5 PM - Close • 10 & under, free buffet per paid adult 1016 Hershberger Rd., Roanoke (540) 362-3834 • Ruby Tuesday 5 PM - Close • 11 & under, 1 child per paid adult Electric Rd., Roanoke (540) 265-9301 • K&W All Day • 12 & under, 1 child per paid adult Hershberger Rd. Roanoke (540) 563-4977


• Dogwood 4 PM - Close • 10 & under, per paid adult 106 E. Lee Ave., Vinton (540) 343-6549 • Pizza Pasta Pit 4 PM - 9 PM • 1 child per paid adult. Drink not included. 1713 Riverview Dr., Salem (540) 387-2885 • The Quarter All Day • 12 & under, 1 child per paid adult 19 Salem Ave., Roanoke (540) 342-2990


• CiCi’s Pizza All Day • 10 & under .99 cents child buffet per adult buffet All Locations, Roanoke (540) 344-7711 • The Roanoker 4:30 PM - Close • 12 & under, 2 children per paid adult 2522 Colonial Ave., Roanoke (540) 344-7746

• Jerry’s Family Restaurant 4 PM - Close • 6 & under, 1 child per adult meal purchase 1340 E. Washington Ave., Vinton (540) 343-4400

Friday See Everyday Deals!


• Steak n’ Shake All Day • 12 & under 1 free per paid $10.00 adult 1309 Hershberger Rd., Roanoke (540) 400-8825

• Tokyo Express 11 AM - 3 PM • 4 & under free buffet per paid adult 1940 W Main St., Salem (540) 389-6303

• Ragazzi’s 11 AM - 4 PM • 10 & under with paid adult 3843 Electric Rd., Roanoke (540) 989-9022

• F.P.S All day • 12 & under, 1 child per paid adult 611 S. Jefferson St., Roanoke (540) 400-6879

• T.G.I.Fridays All Day • 12 & under 1 with paying adult 4869 Valley View Blvd., Roanoke (540) 362-1475 • Jimmy V’s Restaurant All Day • 4 & under kids meal only $2.50 3403 Brandon Ave., Roanoke (540) 345-7311

• Famous Anthony’s 12 PM - Close • 1 child per adult meal All Locations Roanoke, Salem, Vinton (540) 362-1400


• Pizza Den 5 PM - 8:30 PM • 10 & under free buffet per paid adult buffet and drink purchase All locations Roanoke, Salem (540) 389-1111 • Local Roots 5 PM -7 PM • 5 & under eat for free, discount for ages 5-7 per paid adult 1314 Grandin Rd., Roanoke (540) 206-2610

• O’Charley’s All Day • 10 and Under 1 free per paid adult Valley View, Roanoke 540-563-9870

• Steak n’ Shake All Day • 12 & under 1 free with paying $10.00 adult 1309 Hershberger Rd., Roanoke (540) 400-8825 • Moe’s Southwestern Grill All Day • 1 free per paid adult All Roanoke & Blacksburg locations • Firehouse Subs All Day • 12 and Under 1 free per paid adult Keagy Road, Roanoke 540-204-4471

Please Take Note: Restaurant deals change quickly and often without notice. Growing Up in the Valley strongly reccommends calling ahead to confirm any deal listed. This listing is for informational purposes only and does not guarantee a discount.

COMING THIS SUMMER... Become a Foster Parent!

on sundays

at participating locations

Foster children need parents like you here in Roanoke & New River Valley.

Embrace can help!

El Rodeo Orange ave El Rodeo Electric rd Rodeo Grande Valley View El Rodeo Salem El Toreo Brandon El Toreo Thiralane El Toreo Franklin Rd

Contact us today

George Mallory

TFC Recruitment Coordinator

How Is Your Story Going? Let Us Help You Add A Chapter!

80 years

Start Yo ur Stor y Wi t h Us

SALEMVAFCU.ORG 540.344.4419

Three locations to serve you!

112 West Main Street | 1970 Roanoke Blvd in Salem | 2042 Electric Road in Roanoke

Royal Ball Daddy Daughter Dance June 16

GO. PLAY. SEE. On-Going Events: Kid Yoga. 11 AM on first & third Saturday at the Life in Balance Center in Christiansburg. Join us for a relaxing yoga class aimed at children ages 5-9. Classes are $8 each.

City Market Saturdays. Every Saturday at 11 AM through 2:30 PM at the City Market Building in Roanoke. Head to historic downtown city market for fun each weekend with live entertainment, street performers, “how-tos”, and more. FREE

Pscyhadelic Saturdays. 8 PM through 10 PM at the Launching Pad in Salem. Jump in lasers and black lights and turn up the beat! All ages are welcome, $17 per person. Jungle Book. June 3 through July 1 provided by The Mill Mountain Theatre summer outreach production at different libraries, parks and theaters. The Jungle Book is a collection of fables set in the Indian jungle

using anthropomorphized animals to teach moral lessons. Widely considered a classic of children’s literature, the stories have been adapted numerous times for both film and stage due to their evocative setting and imaginative characterizations. As part of MMT’s continuing initiative connecting theatre and literacy, these free performances will include complimentary books for children. Visit millmountain. org for the full performance calendar.

Birthday Parties • Group Events • Glow in the Dark Parties • Fundraisers

Trampolines & So Much More!

Basketball • Dodgeball • Jousting Pit • Fidget Ladder Pit • Airbag Pit Launch Tower • Arcade With Redemption Prizes • Bumper Cars Snack Bar • Lounge With Free Wifi • Electronic Lockers • 5 Party Rooms

540-404-9235 L J I 1300 Intervale Drive, Salem VA, 24153

Growing Up • June 2017


Go. Play. See. Kids Make Art. First Saturdays at 1 PM through 3 PM at Wetherill Visual Arts Center, Hollins University, Roanoke, VA. Kids Make Art is a once-a-month first Saturday program offering opportunities for the whole family to connect with art. Children require parent/guardian supervision at all times, and we encourage everyone to take part in the activities – adults and children alike! Kids Make Art is free and for the whole family. FREE Family Fun Nights. The second saturday of every month at Amazement Square in Lynchburg. Families are invited to enjoy Family Fun Night at Amazement Square at 4:00 to 7:00 pm when admission is just $3. Family Fun Nightis made possible through the museum’s Sponsored Admission program.

Play over 45 Pinball Machines All Day Long No Quarters Needed #roanokepinball


Growing Up • June 2017

or (434) 845-1888 Art Gone Wild. June 20, July 26 and 28 at the Mill Mountain Zoo in Roanoke. ? This 2 hour class will give children the opportunity to use the zoo’s residents as inspiration for fun, colorful and unique art projects. Painting,3dimensional work and multi-media projects are just a few of the possible, critterthemed activities children will have a chance to participate in. Member: $15 | NonMember: $20. Classes for ages 6-9 and 8-12.

The 25Th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee. June 22-July 1 at Waldron Stage, Mill Mountain Theater. Six kids vie for a spelling championship while disclosing hilarious and touching stories from their home lives. This show will feature MMT’s Summer Apprentice Company alongside other professionalswith guest appearances by you, the audience! $15 per person.

StarCityGames.Com Invitational. June 30 - July 2 at the Berglund Special Events Center in Roanoke. This summer, hundreds of

competitors from around the world will converge on the Star City to participate in an exclusive championship tournament for the popular strategy game; Magic: The Gathering. Although competitors must have previously qualified for the invitation-only main event, hundreds of additional Magic: The Gathering fans from throughout the region are also expected to attend the event to celebrate their hobby and play their favorite game. There is no charge to enter the venue. For more information please visit FREE

Friday | June 9 Movies in the Market Monster Trucks. 6 PM at Market Square. Blue Eagle Credit Union teams up with Downtown Roanoke Inc. to bring you free movies this summer! FREE

Visit our full event calendar online at Saturday | June 10 Cinderella. 7 PM at the Shaftman Performance Hall in Jefferson Center. Performed by the Roanoke Ballet Theatre. The Ballet Theatre tells the classic tale of a girl who spends much of her life abused by her stepmother and stepsisters. Luckily, Cinderella is destined (with the help of her Fairy Godmother) to attend a ball and fall in love with the Prince of the land. Tickets are $22-$40, with a child discount available at the Jefferson Center box office. Cook Your Culture. 5 PM through 7:30 PM at Community High School, Roanoke VA. To directly benefit the Roanoke Refugee Partnership, Roanoke International Moms Initiative (RIMI) is hosting a multicultural food-tasting

June 9 Monster Trucks Rated PG

July 14

Rogue One - A

Star Wars Story Rated PG13

event. Cook Your Culture is a family-friendly food gathering. Community members will volunteer their cultural dishes and you’ll taste your way through Roanoke’s diversity. You’ll then choose three samples from a variety of cultural dishes, ranging from Ecuadorian ceviche to Cincinnati chili and all those in between. $10 and children five and under are free admission and will have a separate food bar with kid-friendly foods.

Friday | June 16 Growing Up in the Valley’s 4th annual Royal Ball Daddy Daughter Dance. 6 PM at the Taubman Museum of Art in Roanoke. Your little one will get to meet some of her favorite storybook characters, nibble on delicious snacks and create memories to last a lifetime.


Saturday | June 17 Breakfast with the Animals. 8:30 AM at Mill Mountain Zoo in Roanoke. Come for some delicious breakfast and stay to learn about the domesticated animal residents found at Mill Mountain Zoo. Once the keeper chat is over, children will create a crayon watercolor resist painting of their favorite domesticated critter and then do a fun activity sheet themed around these animals. Registration required. Members: $9 for Children/$12 for Adults/$35 for Family of 4 Non-Members: $12 for Children/$15 for Adults/$45 for Family of 4

Big Lick Burger Fest. 12 PM - 6 PM at Elmwood Park in Roanoke. This year will feature the Hollywood based band as well several local and regional bands to be announced plus multiple burger vendors from your favorite local restaurants and food trucks, best burger cook-off, large craft beer experience, activities for children and more! $10 and kids 12 and under are free!

Saturday | June 24 16th Annual Star City Motor Madness. 10 AM through 4 PM in Downtown Roanoke. Star City Motor Madness raises funds for the Virginia Museum of Transportation and other local non-profit organizations. FREE

In the Heart of Downtown Roanoke

Locally Grown


August 11 Finding Dory

Tickets are available online at Eventbrite for $45 a couple, $15 for an additional daughter.

for details!

Rated PG

Pre-Show Activities @6pm Movies at Dusk

Vegetables • Fruits • Plants

Fresh Meats • Baked Goods + Handcrafted Items Free Activities Every . Saturday on the Market! Visit for more Growing Up • June 2017


ACTING r join us fo



Camps begin June 19th. Call 540-400-7795 or register online!




The Game Room Activities presented by


Growing Up • June 2017

The Game Room Activities presented by

Growing Up • June 2017


Education Guide DAY CARE - Pre-K - K-12 Private Schools - For Listings email


621 N. Jefferson St. Roanoke 540-982-3532 Ages: 3-18, Preschool, After School, Private School K-6, Private School MS-HS We are dedicated to excellence in education and to the spiritual development of youth within the framework of the Gospel and the tradition of the Catholic Church. Our mission is the education of the whole person, blending learning with faith and faith with daily life.


4225 Brambleton Avenue, Roanoke 540-989-0144 Ages: 6 Weeks -12 Yrs. Preschool, Day Care, After School Come join us at Childcare Network #65!! We pride ourselves on being the working parent’s best friend!


5220 Starkey Road, Roanoke 540-797-1456 Ages: 6 Weeks -12 Yrs. Preschool, Day Care, After School Country Bear Day School has a thirty year tradition of offering an exceptional program for children ages 6 weeks through 12 years. A child’s happiness and development is our main objective, offered in a secure, nurturing enviroment with opportunities to grow. learn, and play. Your child’s well being is not only your top priority--it is ours as well. Please visit us soon to see why we lead in creative educational programs, parental service and an environment that is loving, safe and secure.


er One! b m u N re a We again!) again...and (Again...and

Best Preschool

Best Private Elementary School

Best Private Middle School

Best Private High School




to choose

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3585 Buck Mountain Road, Roanoke 540-769-5200 Ages: 4-19, Preschool, After School, Private School K-6, Private School MS-HS We are one of fewer than 200 school across the nation implementing a powerful & proven classical method of education that for over 2,000 years has developed some of the world’s finest authors, scientists, mathematicians, artists, philosophers, theologians & composers. At Faith Christian School students are encouraged to love God and be captivated by His created world. Check out our new indexed tuition program~private education may be more affordable than you think!


4524 Colonial Avenue, Roanoke 540-989-6641 Ages: 3-18, Preschool, Private School K-12 North Cross School is an independent, nonsectarian, college-preparatory school that serves children from early childhood through twelfth grade. North Cross provides a rigorous academic curriculum, competitive with the best college-preparatory schools in the Commonwealth of Virginia. While we explicitly recognize the importance of intellectual development and academic achievement, we also strive to promote personal integrity, empathy, and responsibility to self and community. Through this, our graduates will act as leaders in the local and global communities, persons of intellectual and moral courage, and scholars in the service of others.


2660 Brambleton Avenue, Roanoke 540-524-2491 Ages: 2-5, Preschool Grandin Court Baptist Church Preschool partners with families to provide a high-quality learning environment and to begin fostering an understanding and appreciation of God’s presence in each child’s life. As a VA Quality participant, we achieve this goal by providing environments and student-teacher interactions which promote a child’s natural curiosity and we delight and encourage them in their discoveries.


2011 Brandon Avenue, SW, Roanoke 540-982-2254 Ages: 12 Months - 5 Yrs, Preschool Noah’s Landing Preschool offers Mother’s Morning Out (MMO) as well as classes for 2, 3, and 4 year olds (Pre-K). Space is limited due to small pupil/teacher ratio per class. Our program runs from Labor Day to Memorial Day from 9:00 am - 12:00 pm Monday Thursday. We have an early drop-off at 8:30 am and an extended day Lunch Bunch program during the week until 1:00 pm for additional fees. Our philosophy of education is based on the belief that children learn and grow best through hands on experiences.






2660 Brambleton Avenue, Roanoke 540-524-2491 Ages: 2-5, Preschool Grandin Court Baptist Church Preschool partners with families to provide a high-quality learning environment and to begin fostering an understanding and appreciation of God’s presence in each child’s life. As a VA Quality participant, we achieve this goal by providing environments and student-teacher interactions which promote a child’s natural curiosity and we delight and encourage them in their discoveries.

2660 Brambleton Avenue, Roanoke 540-524-2491 2660 Brambleton Avenue, Roanoke 540-524-2491 Ages: 2-5, Preschool HoneyTree Early Learning Centers is the leading Early Childhood Provider in the Roanoke Valley for children ages 6 weeks through 12 years of age. We are locally-owned and operated and have been serving generations of families since 1979. Expect your child to receive the best, quality educational experience. We hope to have the opportunity to provide you and your family with all the pieces for a happy, healthy childhood!

7507 Plantation Road, Roanoke 540563-1724 Ages: 2-5, Preschool HoneyTree Early Learning Centers is the leading Early Childhood Provider in the Roanoke Valley for children ages 6 weeks through 12 years of age. We are locally-owned and operated and have been serving generations of families since 1979. Expect your child to receive the best, quality educational experience. We hope to have the opportunity to provide you and your family with all the pieces for a happy, healthy childhood! 7815 Williamson Road, Roanoke 540-563-5036 Ages:3-14, Preschool, Private School K-8 Founded in 1971, Community School is an independent, non-profit institution. We provide education of the highest quality for children of all racial, cultural, religious, and economic backgrounds. Community School provides a program that is unique in the Roanoke Valley and a rarity statewide, a haven for those who value experiential education over standardized test results. Our school nurtures children’s individual learning styles and fosters creative and analytical thinking. Our students develop personal responsibility for their education and a passion for learning.


3539 Peters Creek Road, Roanoke 540-362-1767 Ages: 2-5 Yrs Our purpose is to provide a warm, nurturing, yet challenging atmosphere in which children can learn and develop physically, socially, emotionally, cognitively, and creatively. We offer Lunch Bunch, Curbside Drop Off and Pick Up, Music, Weekly Chapel, Field Trips, Multiple Child Discount, and Referral Discounts.


4845 Cloverdale Road, Roanoke 540-977-0485 Ages: 2.5-11Yrs, Preschool, Afterschool Bonsack Preschool/After School is a faith based, developmentally appropriate program focused on Kindergarten Readiness for preschoolers, half and full day. After School Care for Bonsack, Cloverdale and Colonial Elementary Schools offered with priority on gym time, devotions, creativity and homework completion. Summer Camps available for both Elementary and Preschool


3743 Challenger Avenue, Roanoke 540-977-1282 www. Ages: Birth-12 Yrs, Preschool, Daycare, Afterschool We offer social development, preschool education, and after school enrichment for our community in a safe and engaging atmosphere. Our experienced and educated teachers foster and build upon children’s natural interest and curiosity to teach and engage them within their environment and surrounding community. Our curriculum builds upon the Virginia Foundation Blocks of Early Learning to fully prepare children to be successful upon entering Elementary School.


1530 Patrick Road, Roanoke 540-344-4730 Ages: 2-5, Preschool HoneyTree Early Learning Centers is the leading Early Childhood Provider in the Roanoke Valley for children ages 6 weeks through 12 years of age. We are locally-owned and operated and have been serving generations of families since 1979. Expect your child to receive the best, quality educational experience. We hope to have the opportunity to provide you and your family with all the pieces for a happy, healthy childhood!


4120 Challenger Avenue, Roanoke 540-798-6061 Private School: K –8 Roanoke Adventist Preparatory School (RAPS) has been offering quality Christian education at family-friendly prices in the Roanoke area for over 75 years. RAPS mission is to foster academic excellence, passionate spirituality and outstanding character in each student. Our school is a small classroom environment where students receive grade-level appropriate individualized instruction. RAPS is fully accredited and key learning standards are available by grade level. Tuition rates are highly competitive and scholarship opportunities are available.



1980 Electric Road, Salem 2111 Roanoke Road, Salem 540-769-2300, 540-344-6811 Ages: 2-5, Preschool HoneyTree Early Learning Centers is the leading Early Childhood Provider in the Roanoke Valley for children ages 6 weeks through 12 years of age. We are locally-owned and operated and have been serving generations of families since 1979. Expect your child to receive the best, quality educational experience. We hope to have the opportunity to provide you and your family with all the pieces for a happy, healthy childhood!


107 Corporate Blvd., Salem 540-387-1521 Ages: 6 Wks-6th Grade, Preschool Salem Montessori School - Bringing Joy to Learning! Children are eager, spontaneous learners, curious about the world around them. The primary goal of a Montessori education is to help every child reach their full potential in all areas of life.


125 W. Main St., Salem 540-389-5144 FUMCWesleyanPreschool ( Facebook) Ages: 1yr-Pre K, Preschool “Jesus grew in wisdom and stature and in favor with God and man.” Luke 2:52 This is the verse on which we base our preschool. Our State LIcensed Preschool’s purpose is to

3.We are affordable. A new source of aid can cut your tuition in half!

Research shows that children learn best in an environment that encourages them to explore, create, and discover without fear of making mistakes, or being teased. In a classroom at Salem Montessori School, children are encouraged to ask questions, develop ideas, and learn at their own pace. Learning is active and fun!

4. We prepare for what’s next. AP and dual-enrollment classes, 100% college acceptance rate, more than $3 million in scholarships.

Montessori educated children become self-confident young people, who face future challenges with optimism and who enjoy a lifetime love of learning!


1918 Washington Avenue, Vinton 540-890-7200 Ages: 2-5, Preschool HoneyTree Early Learning Centers is the leading Early Childhood Provider in the Roanoke Valley for children ages 6 weeks through 12 years of age. We are locally-owned and operated and have been serving generations of families since 1979. Expect your child to receive the best, quality educational experience. We hope to have the opportunity to provide you and your family with all the pieces for a happy, healthy childhood!

5. Individualized classes, endorsed teachers. From PreK-3 to Grade 12, our teachers hold valid Virginia certifications.


6. We nurture the whole student … with 26 middle school, junior varsity and varsity teams, plus Theater, Dance, Choir, Band, 3D Printing, and Visual Arts.


627 Westwood Blvd. NW, Roanoke 540-342-4716 Ages:3-5, Preschool Greenvale School’s mission is to provide affordable, accessible, top-quality, developmentally appropriate childcare and educational services for children of working parents, according to each family’s ability to pay. By promoting the highest standards of education and responsible behavior, Greenvale School’s program cultivates the growth of each child to his or her full potential. By providing a comprehensive range of services, Greenvale School supports parents’ efforts to build a secure and prosperous future for their families.


42 E. Main Street, Salem 540-389-4087 Ages: 18 Months -5, Preschool St. Anne’s curriculum is based on developmental learning and the Virginia Foundation Blocks of Early Learning. We are dedicated to the total development of each child; intellectual, spiritual, social, and physical. Our desire is that each child knows that he/ she is loved and accepted. Registration is now open for the 2017-2018 school year! Call today to register or schedule a tour!

1.We’re Catholic, but you don’t have to be Catholic. We reinforce your values: “blending learning with faith and faith with daily life.” 2 2. No SOLs! We focus on individual achievement, not standardized tests.

help your child grow cognitively, physically, spiritually , and socially/emotionally. We know that young children learn best through play, so all of our learning activities are planned to be educational and fun!



7000 Booker T. Washington Hwy., Wirtz 540563-1724 Ages: 2-5, Preschool HoneyTree Early Learning Centers is the leading Early Childhood Provider in the Roanoke Valley for children ages 6 weeks through 12 years of age. We are locally-owned and operated and have been serving generations of families since 1979. Expect your child to receive the best, quality educational experience. We hope to have the opportunity to provide you and your family with all the pieces for a happy, healthy childhood!

7. Uniforms! Save money and morning aggravations! Trust us … you’ll love it.


defend the galaxy!

The Royal Ball A Daddy Daughter Dance

sponsored by:

June 16th June 17 th Taubman Museum 6 PM - 9 PM

$45 for Couple Ticket, $15 per additional daughter

Join Children’s Trust for the second annual Rolling of the Bulls, a fun and frantic run through downtown Roanoke. Our “bulls” will be none other than the Valleys All Stars! Run for your life while the bulls chase you to Wells Fargo Plaza and try your hardest to reach the finish line unscathed! People of all ages are welcome, including those in strollers, but please leave your pets at home.

Saturday, July 1 TIMES: 9:00 Event begins 9:30 Rolling of the Bulls 9:00–12:00 Kidz Zone open LOCATION: Downtown Roanoke, Wells Fargo Plaza ACTIVITIES: • Food Trucks • Bouncy Houses • Water Activities • Flamenco Dancing (by Salsa Noke) • FREE ice cream (courtesy of Freedom First) • Magician • Mechanical Bull

no need to go to PamPlona, Come run with our Bulls! THE SECOND ANNUAL

Register at

haPPY Kids.


From our hospitals to our pediatric offices to the educational programs we offer throughout the region, Carilion Children’s is dedicated to the brave kids, the strong kids, the big and small kids—all kids. | 540-266-KIDS

Growing Up In the Valley June 2017  

Volume 5, Issue 10 - Our 50th Issue!

Growing Up In the Valley June 2017  

Volume 5, Issue 10 - Our 50th Issue!